Cancer Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Caring about her home and family matters comes naturally to a Cancer woman since she is emotional and sensitive. Known for being sympathetic and close to people, she is not one for confrontation. Like a crab, she shows her hard shell by disciplining her children and her soft body by doing it out of love. 

Personality Traits of a Cancer Woman

Values Memories

Emotional intelligence is her forte. Her tendency to use feelings prompts her to use language that shows how she feels, instead of what she thinks. Although that may not always be a negative trait, Cancer women think with their hearts, not their heads.

When in an argument, she will tend to veer from logic and express how she feels about the matter. The upside of her using her heart instead of her head is that she can be extremely generous.


Being called a psychic is something that most Cancer women have experienced. They can perceive ideas, relationships, and motivations before getting to the crux of a conversation, making it challenging to interact with them.

Circumventing serious issues by making small talk will irritate them. Small talk is their pet peeve, especially in social gatherings. Their preference is to converse with someone who is on the same page as them.


A Cancer woman tends to make a great spouse since she is loyal. She requires time to build trust, but once culminated, her trust will last a lifetime. Her children will feel loved since she takes family responsibility seriously and does everything necessary to protect them.


Engaging in philosophical conversations makes her a great friend and a leader, but she tends to overreact. Once insulted, she quickly retrieves into her shell and beats herself up over it. Living in her memories and imaginative world is where she finds comfort.

What Keeps a Cancer Woman Interested?

Exploring the unknown by using her imagination is one of her favorite past times. A Cancer woman is interested in fantasy, as well as nurturing people, animals, and plants. Since she is sensitive and caring, volunteering at an animal shelter and doing random acts of kindness are her hobbies.

A Cancer woman might find joy in cooking and gardening but will also enjoy having a meaningful conversation. Her home is where her heart is filled the most. It is where she rejuvenates and seeks comfort. A quiet place is her preference, as opposed to the bustle of a city.

Dark Sides of a Cancer Woman

Classifying a Cancer woman into a specific category proves to be challenging since she is multi-faceted. Besides overreacting, she is moody, sensitive, and flamboyant. It’s not uncommon for her mood to grow darker and darker. Holding a lifelong grudge and suffering from low self-esteem are her norms.

Overindulging in her imagination results in her clinging onto a matter until she has all the answers. Turning off her feelings once ignited will prove to be a challenge. Her mood swings make her unpredictable, which can leave one confused. Building up resentment to the point of explosion can stem from trivial matters.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman?

Make the first move

Naturally gravitating towards her shell means that a Cancer woman can be an introvert. Getting her out of it will require you to make the first move. Initiate a conversation with her by introducing yourself, but do not be aggressive.

Ensure that you maintain enough space for her to feel comfortable, as invading it might make her retreat into her shell. Engage her in a friendly conversation to make her comfortable, then express your feelings. Tread carefully with her as you do not want her to feel overpowered.

Show her your romantic side

Use a traditional approach to love since she prioritizes traditional values. Since she is faithful, she expects you to be loyal and genuine. Your looks are the least important to her; instead, focus on planning a candlelight dinner or taking her to a retreat.

Remembering occasions that are special to her will show her that you are special. Apart from needing to chase her constantly, you will have to let her know your intentions in a relationship. Satisfy her need for safety and security while being gentle. A Cancer woman loves a traditionally romantic man, so showing her your loving and caring side.

Talk about family

Delve deep into a conversation about her roots since family is first on her list of priorities. She will appreciate your inquisitiveness about her family, so ask about their background, as well as their wellness.

After listening to her family details, play open cards with her about your family. Leave no stone unturned. Mention as much as possible about them, especially how important your family is to you. A smile may flit across her face as you share family memories and experiences while not forgetting to ask the same of her.

The way to her heart is through her family’s heart. Get close to her family and win them over to get her.

Act slightly helpless

Perceiving you as slightly helpless will trigger her nurturing and caring temperament. Although you may be emotionally strong, show vulnerability to get her tender loving care. Confide in her about some of your issues and express your feelings. Her soft-hearted nature cannot resist a sob story and the need to nurture you.

Find a substitute mother in her arms by acting like a child who needs care.

Top 3 Signs a Cancer Woman Likes You

Talks to you at a social event

Preferring to stay in her shell, a Cancer woman will sit to the side and not talk to anyone when dragged along to a social event. When approached by somebody she does not know, she will say enough to avoid being rude. 

Engaging you and encouraging the conversation is one of the ways she lets you know that she is interested. On the other hand, she might say little, even if she is interested. The difference between limiting her speech and avoiding rudeness will be evident in her flushed face or a stammer.

Looks after you in subtle ways

Her nurturing is not bound to relationships. She reveals her caring side during the early stages of dating. The subtle ways her nurturing creeps in is by noticing when you are upset and consoling you or asking if you are hungry.

Her empathy reveals itself when you tell her about your problems. Showing you that she is concerned is her way of expressing interest in you.

She will want to be around you often

Being an introvert means that she prefers to avoid big social gatherings, but she will want to be in your company often if she likes you. In most cases, her social group is small and intimate. Welcoming you into that circle is one sure way of her letting you into her life and telling you that she wants to be in your company as often as possible.

Signs a Cancer Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

Expressing feelings does not come easy to a cancer woman. Remember that she is non-confrontational, so she is a great listener but will show her frustration about you not figuring out her issues. An immature Cancer will stop taking your calls or replying to messages if they do not live with you. 

Since a Cancer woman is not direct about her feelings, she will use subtle ways to let you know that she is uninterested. She will no longer be nurturing and will not care about your affairs. Once in her shell, she will ignore you and not attempt to engage you in conversation.

Cancer Woman – Family and Relationships

Her family will receive undying loyalty and dedication. A Cancer woman is family-orientated, and she will instill discipline into her children because she loves them. She is intuitive about her children’s needs and tends to obsess over them. In most cases, she will splurge on gifts for them.

Expect her to shower you with care in a relationship. Knowing for being gentle, a Cancer woman will attend to your needs and enquire about your day. She is known for her loyalty but will expect the same from you. Satisfy her desire for safety and security, and she will stick by your side.

Cancer Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Genuinely caring for her co-workers and rolling up her sleeves to complete a task are some of the reasons that make her a valuable team member. She provides emotional support and works harder than almost everyone on her team. Her preference is using her hands to complete a task than staring at an Excel spreadsheet.

Making a tireless effort to complete tasks means that she does not struggle to earn money. She values savings and looks for ways to invest it so that it grows. Resourceful at managing money usually means she is in charge of the household finances.

Cancer Woman in Bed

Sensual and romantic, a Cancer woman in bed likes sex to be slow, erotic, and filled with anticipation. A Cancer woman loves comfort in the bedroom so if you take her to a place where she feels at ease and most connected, then your sexual experience will be long lasting, and pleasurable. A Cancer woman is actively emotional in a relationship because she is a traditionalist. She will be submissive in bed and will orgasm multiple times just during oral play. 

Cancer women are calm, collective, and intuitive so don’t be surprised if she craves an emotional connection in bed. Roleplay is a natural sexual act for a Cancer woman, even if it means teasing you with innocent expressions. Small gestures of love will entice the Cancer woman to play out her wildest sexual fantasies. She likes being spoiled before a sexual encounter – red roses scattered on the bedsheets or a glass of wine waiting to be consumed. 

Cancer women don’t like emotional confrontations and often withdraw themselves from arguments to maintain harmony. Cynical and terribly insecure, a Cancer woman isn’t easy to bed if you’re used to fooling around. She expects loyalty and craves commitment in her relationship so tread carefully while you’re wooing her. A Cancer woman is fairly gullible, especially with individuals who are either family or close friends.

If you’re in love with a Cancer woman and want to be more creative in the bedroom it’s necessary to always treat this lady with affection, and romantic gestures. For a Cancer woman, sex is much more than just a physical activity so avoid crass assumptions, and be attentive to her needs. A dynamic Cancer woman in bed would mean plenty of wet kisses, erotic massage sessions and plenty of nipple play will certainly be a turn-on. 

How to Resolve Problems with a Cancer Woman

Take charge of the conversation

Her tendency to avoid expressing her feelings means that you will have to step up and take control of the conversation. She will respond to your certainty, so act like you know what you are doing. Staying present in the conversation and affectionate will help to get through to her.

Do not show her contempt 

Belittling her is one of the easiest ways to infuriate her. Contempt is also shown in non-verbals such as rolling your eyes. Instead of contempt, try understanding where she is coming from. Taking her perspective decreases the chances of bursting out into anger during the conflict.

Top Ways to Get a Cancer Woman Back After Breakup

Showing your sensitive side will get her to listen. Offer emotional security to appeal to her nurturing temperament by telling her your desire to raise a family with her in a home surrounded by a picket fence. Offer continuous tender loving care. A Cancer woman loves to bathe in TLC.

She will need space to brood, so give her time to come out of her shell. Once she emerges, wear your heart on your sleeve by telling her your role in the conflict and how it hurt you. She will be sympathetic to your pain and may open up by telling you what she did wrong.

By taking the humble and giving route, she will allow you to beg for reconciliation. Take that opportunity by showing her how much you care about her by taking her for a picnic at the park.

Cancer Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Cancer woman with Taurus manBoth are believers in intimacy as they share an understanding of the importance of giving and receiving, making them a great match.
Cancer woman with Gemini manDespite having different views about their emotional sexual life, they are compatible if a Gemini listens to her, and she gives him space.
Cancer woman with Cancer manHaving compassion for each other makes them an ideal couple that wants to have a family.
Cancer woman with Leo manLeo is Cancer’s best match due to both recognizing each other’s uniqueness.
Cancer woman with Virgo manShare an amazing connection and find a mutual understanding of sexuality. Conflict may arise due to her emotions and him being reasonable.
Cancer woman with Libra manTheir restriction lies in what they expect from each other. A cancer woman wants a responsible man, whereas a Libra man wants somebody full of life.
Cancer woman with Scorpio man Going from one extreme to another in the relationship is likely and stabilizing it will be challenging.
Cancer woman with Sagittarius manRarely find each other attractive, but if they do, the relationship is an uphill battle.
Cancer woman with Capricorn manHis sensuality and passion make them compatible intimately, and they share a strong emotional connection, making them perfectly suited for each other.
Cancer woman with Aquarius man Their romance can prosper if she understands his love for freedom and he practices finding joy at building a life at home.
Cancer woman with Pisces manThey establish a connection through emotions and stand a chance of falling in love at first sight.
Cancer woman with Aries manCancer’s emotional serenade will overwhelm Aries, but his impatience will fail to impress her.


Nothing excites a Cancer woman more than the prospect of meeting a sensual partner who understands her nurturing side. Raising a family with a man who expresses his vulnerabilities and cares for her is her ultimate goal. She rewards her family with loyalty and smothers her children with love.