Cancer Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Cancer Woman in Bed

Sensual and romantic, a Cancer woman in bed likes sex to be slow, erotic and filled with anticipation. A Cancer woman loves comfort in the bedroom so if you take her to a place where she feels at ease and most connected, then your sexual experience will be long lasting, and pleasurable. A Cancer woman is actively emotional in a relationship because she is a traditionalist. She will be submissive in bed, and will orgasm multiple times just during oral play. 

Cancer women are calm, collective and intuitive so don’t be surprised if she craves an emotional connection in bed. Role play is a natural sexual act for a Cancer woman, even if it means teasing you with innocent expressions. Small gestures of love will entice the Cancer woman to play out your wildest sexual fantasies. She likes being spoiled before a sexual encounter – red roses scattered on the bed sheets or a glass of wine waiting to be consumed. 

Cancer women don’t like emotional confrontations, and often withdraw themselves from arguments to maintain harmony. Cynical and terribly insecure, a Cancer woman isn’t easy to bed if you’re used to fooling around. She expects loyalty, and craves commitment in her relationship so tread carefully while you’re wooing her. A Cancer woman is fairly gullible, especially with individuals who are either family, or close friends.

If you’re in love with a Cancer woman and want to be more creative in the bedroom its necessary to always treat this lady with affection, and romantic gestures. For a Cancer woman, sex is much more than just a physical act so avoid crass assumptions, and be attentive to her needs. A dynamic Cancer woman in bed would mean plenty of wet kisses, erotic massage sessions and plenty of nipple play will certainly be a turn on. 

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