Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Exploring the world while learning things from her experiences and the different people she meets is a Sagittarius woman’s indulgence. Accompanied by her great sense of humor, she feeds her curiosity by experimenting with different things and is always on the lookout for a new prospect that will excite her. 

Personality Traits of a Sagittarius Woman


Not one to stay long in one place, a Sagittarius woman often receives a calling for a new adventure and greener pastures. Desiring the company of new faces and ideas is one of the reasons she makes such a great company. 

Do not expect her to ask for permission to pursue adventure, as she does what she wants, without caring what anybody thinks.  


While some may find her to be overly blunt, others appreciate her honesty. A Sagittarius woman is candid and straightforward as she prefers to get to the point. Besides being opinionated and ethical, she has high moral standards but does not hold back on dispensing advice.

Her frankness can get her into trouble since she shares her opinion and advice, even when it is not wanted. 


Meeting many people allows her to gain different perspectives but also to soak up information. She constantly learns, enabling her to stay ahead of everybody’s tactics, which makes her difficult to fool.

In conversation, she can provide valuable insight into an array of topics such as philosophy, religion, politics, and sport.


Her spirit is wild, carefree, and enthusiastic. Feeling blessed to be alive, she is a delightful companion and shows her outgoing, friendly temperament when in the company of others. Her enthusiasm reveals itself also in her storytelling skills.

What Keeps a Sagittarius Woman Interested?

Socializing and exploring new territories keep a Sagittarius woman on her toes. Show her the way to adventure, and she will gladly accept your offer. Her sense of humor always yearns for a good laugh, so joke with her or take her to a comedy show.

Her eyes will glisten if you take her traveling. She is an extrovert who loves meeting people and getting an insight into different cultures and lifestyles. A good party will unleash her desire to express herself physically, and she loves it when somebody lends her an ear to share her experiences.

Dark Sides of a Sagittarius Woman

Some people may perceive her as harsh since expressing her opinions is unfiltered and accompanied by brutal honesty. Desiring to constantly keep the ball rolling, she is impatient when things slow down and can get frustrated when they do not move at her pace. She will become restless when that happens.

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She is prone to careless exploration, putting herself and others at risk. Her carelessness attracts criticism from others. Being a good storyteller means that she can exaggerate, making her prone to using hyperbole and being boastful. Although decent most of the time, she is a time bomb that can freak out and say nasty things. Being an attention-seeker comes naturally to her.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman?

Be playful

Never be negative around a Sagittarius woman; it will put her off. She is a fun-loving person who enjoys interacting with people who are positive and fun. When in her company, go out of your way to show her that you are happy and make the experience enjoyable for her. Keep a smile on your face.

Her adventurous side is on full display when she is in the company of people who are on the same energy level as hers. Your playfulness will be contagious and will make her feel good. Moaning about your problems is one of the quickest ways to drain her energy.

Give her space

Her soul is wild and free, so do not trample on it by making her feel cornered. Clingy people are not her choice of company, as she feels that they clutter her freedom. A Sagittarius woman is independent and loves the aroma of freedom.

Trying to tie her down to one spot or your rules may have an adverse effect. By giving her space, you allow her to roam at her will, thereby piquing her interest as to why you do not need her. After seeing you are not clingy, she may want to fill the space between you two and may come running.

Talk about travel

Even if you have not traveled a lot, you should talk to a Sagittarius woman about it. It is a great opportunity to tell her about your experiences and the places you want to visit. Ask about her travels, then listen as she goes into the details about the people she met and the things they did.

A great way to bond with her is to suggest traveling together. Tell her the exciting things you two can do together and all the amazing people you could meet along the way. Talking to her about travel will show her that you are adventurous and love exploring.

Show her your humor

A Sagittarius woman has an irreverent sense of humor and is looking for a partner who can make her laugh. She desires somebody who can trigger her belly laugh, not just a chuckle. 

If you are not naturally funny, take her to a place that will ignite her laughter. Some of the possibilities include a circus, comedy show, or comedy movie. She will attribute the laughing and the good time to your company.

Top 3 Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You

She will tell you

Beating around the bush is unlike her. Being candid means that she tells you exactly what she thinks, so she will let you know if she likes you, even shortly after meeting you.

Keep in mind that she likes a lot of people. She means it when she says you are the one, but it is uncertain how long she will feel that way. Her tendency to be open with others also means that she will tell you if she doesn’t like you. 

She might ask you out

Stereotypical gender roles do not faze her. Waiting for you to make a move may make her impatient and frustrated, so she will ask you out. Do not put it past her to ask you for your phone number or to suggest a place for your date. 

She wants to know what you think

Worrying about what others think while expressing her wild side is the last thing on a Sagittarius woman’s mind. If she cares about what you think, it is a good sign that she likes you. 

When expressing her opinions, she will want to know what you think about them. Gauge her level of interest in you by the level of undivided attention that she grants you. If attracted, she will ask you questions about philosophy; it is her way of connecting with you on a deeper, emotional level.

Indications a Sagittarius Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

Passive aggressiveness is the game that she plays when no longer interested in you. Whereas she used to get in touch with you first, initiating contact with her will become the norm. If you manage to get hold of her, she will not express her opinions to you and will have no interest in hearing yours.  

Blaming you for things and unloading nasty comments will be other ways she will show you that she is over you. She will refer to you as her friend. Her direct nature may prompt her to spell it out for you by telling you that she wants nothing to do with you.

Sagittarius Woman – Family and Relationships

Although she teaches her children not to take life too seriously, she shares her passion with them and encourages them to build skills at a young age. The kids will receive an abundance of warmth and affection from mom, who will motivate them to think for themselves and to seek the truth, just like mom. She is prepared to do almost anything for her family.

Her passion and energy will shine through in relationships. Taking on a long-term partner is a big step for her, so when she does it, know that her whole heart is in it. She is proactive in relationships, so she will not wait for you to suggest an adventure. Instead, she will have plans already made and will tell you to tag along.

Sagittarius Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Using her mouth comes naturally, so a Sagittarius woman tends to be a great salesperson. Always one on the lookout for something new, she prefers different tasks and various atmospheres. Some of the professions best suited to her personality include travel agent, researcher, and ambassador.

Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm will likely make her money, but her desire to explore will make her spend it. She is not concerned about the details of how she will earn money again, as she believes the universe will provide everything she needs.

Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Being in bed with a Sagittarius woman is a sexual adventure that’s spontaneous and unpredictable. Wild and erotic, a Sagittarius woman has no inhibitions in the bedroom so if you’re having outdoors or in the car in the dead of the night, this woman will seek new challenges just about anywhere. Sex is purely a physical act for her and she prefers diversity in the bedroom – even if it means being part of a threesome!

Sagittarius women are bold in their sexual gestures, and it’s the hunt that turns them on most while picking a partner. They need imaginative and intellectually sound daredevils who will offer highly erotic experiences in bed. A Sagittarius woman is funny and impulsive by nature, so she will throw witty remarks just to gauge a reaction. Someone who isn’t intimidated by her informal and brazen attitude is best suited for her.

A Sagittarius woman treats sex as physical activity so you shouldn’t be surprised if her emotions don’t fall out during intercourse. For Sagittarius women, being independent is a necessity so being possessive and intrusive can often drive them away from being intimate. A Sagittarius woman will cringe at the thought of moving in and won’t tolerate being pushed around. Not one to cuddle and sweet talk, a Sagittarius woman can remain oblivious to her partner’s needs especially once her attention is diverted towards another.

A Sagittarius woman will be barefaced while you’re having sex and will prefer a mentally stimulating experience that has little emotion involved. She has high sexual stamina, wants to be pleasured inside out, and will never linger on post-sex. If you want your sex life to remain whimsical with a Sagittarius woman, give her space and surprise her with romantic gestures like a weekend getaway or a camping trip outdoors.

How to Resolve Problems with a Sagittarius Woman

Be upfront

Mincing your words when trying to express yourself will make her impatient. The best option is to be upfront and tell her how you feel. She will appreciate your candor, and it will show that you want her to tell you about how she truly feels. Resolving problems with a Sagittarius woman is easiest when she can express her true feelings with you.

Listen to her

Not one to hold back, she will express her problems but wants to feel that you are listening. Granting her your undivided attention will encourage her to get all the issues out and to vent. Try not to be hurt by what she says and avoid retaliating, as she may slip in a few harsh comments.

Top Ways to Get a Sagittarius Woman Back After Breakup

Give her space after you have been completely upfront and direct with her. She will need time to process the information. By allowing her freedom, you will show her that you are not clingy. Show her that you can live an exciting life without her. Nothing makes her giddier than seeing somebody live an adventurous and exciting life. It makes her want to be a part of it.

Gather a fun and social group of friends. Enjoy yourself with them, and it will be a matter of time before she wants to be part of your circle. Show her that you two will lead an adventurous and exciting life, filled with travel, once you are back together.

Snapshot Compatibility Table

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Sagittarius woman with Taurus manThe relationship will be filled with laughter and joy if they can sync their pace.
Sagittarius woman with Gemini manMake an incredible couple that has a strong intellectual connection. Giving in to their feelings and letting their fear subside will be crucial to experience a potentially magnificent romance.
Sagittarius woman with Cancer manShare a similar belief system but are rarely attracted to each other. If attraction arises, the relationship will be bitter.
Sagittarius woman with Leo manTheir passion and creativity connect them, but staying together will rely on listening to their softer emotions and remaining sensitive toward each other.
Sagittarius woman with Virgo manA happy-ending story is hardly ever on the cards for these two signs, as an emotional lack of understanding keeps them apart.
Sagittarius woman with Libra manRomance is possible if they respect each other and allow their partner to do what they were meant to do.
Sagittarius woman with Scorpio man An abrupt burst of excitement will keep things going initially, but they will slowly lose interest in each other.
Sagittarius woman with Sagittarius manFalling in love with each other is easy, but changing their minds about the other is just as simple.
Sagittarius woman with Capricorn manIn most cases, it’s not an ideal relationship that either will choose to stay in for the rest of their days.
Sagittarius woman with Aquarius man After both change their lives, they will get together and build a solid relationship.
Sagittarius woman with Pisces manThey will deem their romance as perfect love, but their changeable natures will diminish their infatuation with each other.
Sagittarius woman with Aries manNeither care about the opinions of others, and they have a tremendous amount of potential to be a lovely couple.


Roaming the world for the next adventure and meeting people is what a Sagittarius woman loves to do the most. Never one to be short of friends, she loves socializing but can rub people up the wrong way by being blunt. A man who understands her need for independence and excitement, not to mention laughter, will likely win her heart.

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