Sagittarius Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Being in bed with a Sagittarius woman is a sexual adventure that’s spontaneous and unpredictable. Wild and erotic, a Sagittarius woman has no inhibitions in the bedroom so if you’re having outdoors or in the car in the dead of the night, this woman will seek new challenges just about anywhere. Sex is purely a physical act for her and she prefers diversity in the bedroom – even if it means being part of a threesome!

Sagittarius women are bold in their sexual gestures, and it’s the hunt that turns them on most while picking a partner. They need imaginative and intellectually sound daredevils who will offer highly erotic experiences in bed. A Sagittarius woman is funny and impulsive by nature, so she will throw witty remarks just to gauge a reaction. Someone who isn’t intimidated by her informal and brazen attitude is best suited for her.

A Sagittarius woman treats sex as physical activity so you shouldn’t be surprised if her emotions don’t fall out during intercourse. For Sagittarius women, being independent is a necessity so being possessive and intrusive can often drive them away from being intimate. A Sagittarius woman will cringe at the thought of moving in and won’t tolerate being pushed around. Not one to cuddle and sweet talk, a Sagittarius woman can remain oblivious to her partner’s needs especially once her attention is diverted towards another.

A Sagittarius woman will be barefaced while you’re having sex and will prefer a mentally stimulating experience that has little emotion involved. She has a high sexual stamina, wants to be pleasured inside out and will never linger on post sex. If you want your sex life to remain whimsical with a Sagittarius woman, give her space and surprise her with romantic gestures like a weekend getaway or a camping trip outdoors.

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