Scorpio Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Scorpio Woman in Bed

A Scorpio woman has an intense sexual drive so resistance is futile because she loves to dominate in bed. Mysterious and enigmatic, Scorpio women know every trick in the book to seduce and charm their partners. Scorpio woman is a skilled lover, and looks for a loyal partner who is equally vivacious in the bedroom. A Scorpio woman is both a giver and taker, and will want a sexual experience that is filled with undeniable passion.

Always up for trying something new in bed, a Scorpio woman craves intellectual conversations and romantic gestures. She will express herself through her amazing lovemaking skills, so be ready for an intense Scorpio woman who will drive you crazy with sensual massages, and erotic play. A Scorpio woman in bed seeks a submissive partner however challenging her dominating side is also a major turn on. She is lively and lustful, but will remain secretive, that makes her all the more appealing to the eye.

A Scorpio woman can be quite manipulative if she prefers getting her own way in the bedroom. She can be cynical and insecure at times if you don’t pay attention to her needs. A Scorpio woman can be intrusive and obsessive that leads to petty fights and misunderstandings. Scorpio women are also jealous lovers and often jump to conclusions in the relationship. They are picky, and usually prefer partners who are serious, fiercely protective and ready to experiment in the bedroom.

If you want to keep a Scorpio woman, it would be best to always be blunt and honest about your intentions. Since she is very intuitive, there will be moments when you’ll have to deal with her mood swings. So reassure your Scorpio woman by indulging her wants with a spontaneous dinner getaway, or bathe her in aromatic scents, just to show your affection for a meaningful sexual experience.

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