Scorpio Man : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Scorpio Man in Bed

A Scorpio man in bed seeks intimacy of the highest kinds – unbridled passion that’s filled with sex, and a lot of sex. Sensitive, and ambitious, a Scorpio man is an intense lover who seeks honest confessions from a devoted partner. He has excessive needs, will be vehemently impulsive and possesses a confident sex appeal. He loves breaking boundaries, especially in the bedroom so once he’s finished his scrutiny, your womanhood will be hammered against the bedpost, on the table and just about anywhere.  

If you’re dating a Scorpio man, then sex will be imaginative and the foreplay always carnal. If you love being dominated, a Scorpio man will finger your insides laboriously till you achieve extreme orgasm. Everything is black or white in his world, so his sexual energy is all consuming once you hit the bedsheets. A Scorpio man will prolongate his orgasm, just to watch you hit climax multiple times and will demand another round of zealous lovemaking if he’s in the mood.

Scorpio men are prone to over analyzing situations and can make for jealous lovers which often leads to petty fights in the bedroom. Adamant and curious, he will be infatuated with women who challenge his authority, in bed and outside. An unsatisfied Scorpio man will get grumpy, and emotional, especially if you’re asking for personal space. He will be a sadist in bed, only because sex is an amorous adventure and can try anything to attain pleasure.

Scorpio men can often be insecure, cynical and controlling in the bedroom. They admire an intellectual mind, but more than an erotic conversation, they crave undying loyalty from a partner. You may feel overwhelmed by a Scorpio man’s smouldering gestures, especially since he’s a slave to his own desires. But if you are patient, candid and accommodating, a Scorpio man will treasure you deeply.  

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