Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

As the Leo and Scorpio falls for a love relationship, they become possessive of each other, which creates big issue between them. Each of them finds much to appreciate in each other and none shies away from a relationship when it gets intense. Leo appreciates Scorpio’s emotional commitment and Scorpio respects Leo’s strength.

A Scorpio man has magnetism in his personality which makes him different from everyone, wherever he goes. He is a man who is calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows what lay beneath his surface. It is usually a burning passion to achieve his goals or to get something he desires desperately. Getting in a relationship with Scorpio is no less then a dream come true for any woman as he is one man who gives loyalty, admiration and tender love altogether making a woman to live her life to its fullest. Never deceive a Scorpio because his rage is the last thing one will want to experience.

A Leo woman is generous, warm, caring and extremely social. Her independence and persona are very attractive and deserves applause. She tends to be social to appease the insecurities she has deep within. The admiration she gains from others keeps her on top of the world and feeds her pride. Her anger is ferocious and pampering her is the best way to maintain peace. Even in a relationship though she admires her man but she needs to be her own person. She can be a wife and a mother, but only for a while until she needs to spread her wings and fly.

Scorpio man always feels a strong attraction towards Leo woman who is so sensual and warm from the first day. Both of them hold on relationships and value them, so it is quite likely that their relationship lasts longer than the others. However, neither of them is particularly flexible, and both of them are quite proud. As a result, jealousies and clashes are very possible with Leo woman and Scorpio man. Yet there is a lot of passion between these two, as both of them finds much to appreciate in each other. Her insecurities do not allow her to think that she can completely fulfill his insatiable need for sexual pleasure. She despises the fact that his deep gaze and intellect tries to pick her apart and analyze her further to find out what makes her tick.

This is an intense, often rocky, and passionate pairing. A relationship between Leo woman and Scorpio man is a passionate meeting full of power and pride. It is a very public type of relationship because of all of its sex appeal. His faith and loyalty are pure to her, regardless of her suspicious nature toward him. He is obsessed with sex and with Leo woman, his best qualities shine through the brightest. But his desire goes beyond just being hungry for sex. He explores the mysteries of his deepest desires to bring his experiences to new levels. He needs to do this to reach the new levels of ecstasy he so craves for. Her skepticism and jealous nature gets to him as he constantly needs her warmth and affection to keep him happy. If he doesn’t get this, he tends to get a bit skeptical and jealous himself.

Leo woman and Scorpio man shares same intensity in their relationship making it special with every passing day. There is something that they always can learn from each other making their togetherness an experience full of learning and excitement to be shared. He makes her more stable and makes her understand the meaning of deeper emotions while she gives him the lessons to make him more expressive. With element of water and fire blended together, the warmth can be gained easily once they both understand the value of unconditional love and devote each other like never before. Golden are their days and silvery are their nights, there is happiness in their words and eyes have glittering light.

The sexual relationship of Leo woman and Scorpio man has a delicate blend that in the beginning touches the romantic side of Leo woman but over time, her need for a deeper and more affectionate and imaginative devotion takes its place. Her frigid nature and jealousy that rears its ugly head from time to time only sets to excitement of him making their sexual life even more complicated. If she doesn’t learn to play along and he is rejected too many times he simply loses interest and punishes her by turning his back to her when she needs him the most. To make the love making interesting she has to take the first step and become less dominant and complaining. This will intensify the passion of the Scorpio man bringing out his best and satisfying her with the best she could ever imagine. The best way to arouse him is to become a good receiver and let him has his way to make her feel special and loved.

Jealousy, stubbornness, possessiveness and resentment are qualities that are instilled into Scorpio man just as deep as they are instilled into Leo woman. Argument could be over money. She likes to spend it and she spends it on lavish items, items that makes her feel good. Scorpio man likes to abundantly spend his money also, but he hates being dictated by anyone in this matter. The best and often only way, to settle this quarrel is to not even start one in the first place. A separate finance for each is the only way to go. With some calming effects and separation between them, Leo woman and Scorpio man can have a beautiful and lasting relationship. In this case, an outside source, such as a mutual career or target is beneficial in the unity of these two. A child is their best bet. One step at a time to help bridge the gaps between them.

  1. Lioness September 6th, 2019

    Thank you so much for the response!

    I have never considered myself needy per se. I grew up with no siblings on a farm, so I learned quickly not to rely on other people, to be independent, and to entertain myself. I am also very candid, though, and I don’t have time for games. I have expressed how I feel to this man without actually saying that I love him to him or that I’m falling in love with him. I have never said either one of those things to him. It is possible, though, that when I ask him straight out what his thoughts are, that that comes across as needy, because after I ask him those things, he disappears for a bit.

    He has said that he does not intend to be standoffish and that his intention has never been to shut me out. He has said that he is not very good at expressing his emotions. His words not mine.

    When we have been together, one of the things we did was open this bottle of tequila, because I had never had tequila before. He has periodically sent me photos of this bottle of tequila referencing how there is still only one shot taken out of it. He has sent photos of an opened bottle of Heineken on his counter that he’s drinking. He doesn’t drink Heineken. I do. He hasn’t photos of the business card from the first place that we met. He remembers what I was wearing that night and described it to me the other day. We met several months ago.

    I am comfortable and confident in my own skin. I love who I am. I am proud of who I am, I am far from perfect. When I have made mention of this, he says that I am. Tells me i’m amazing and that he’s impressed with this, that or the other; that I’m beautiful – well, he says smoking hot, but that’s neither here nor there. Yet when I described how I felt about our last night together and how I wanted to do it again, he comes back with “it was not at all a bad night!” Mixed signals.

    My point is I have these little areas of validation from him, but then there are times when he’s just gone, doesn’t send a message or anything for a week, sometimes two. There have been a couple of times when I thought he was fine talking altogether so I have sent farewell-type messages. Nothing mean or manipulative – nothing like that. I love him, and I don’t like ending things with anyone on a bad note, so when I felt that he had totally washed his hands of us, I have sent a message or two telling him I think he’s amazing and wishing him the absolute best. But here we are, still talking, stop FaceTiming for hours every now and then.

    My heart of hearts tells me that he thinks fondly of me too, but that he is guarded from me. He doesn’t trust very easily, so that’s probably part of it. Maybe part of it is the distance and his practical side is saying that it wouldn’t work. But if he expressed interest in an us, I would go to the ends of the earth for this man and I would see if I could find a position with my company closer to him.

  2. Leo Lady September 5th, 2019

    If anyone can provide some insight into this, I would really appreciate it. In October 2018 I joined an online dating app and in November 2018 I started talking to an amazing Scorpio man. He’s quiet, very reserved, modest, humble, yet at the same time strong, hard-working, diligent and smart. All of these traits are extremely sexy to me. By “talking” I mean messaging within the app and then texting. We sent pictures back-and-forth but not many and certainly nothing risqué. We didn’t meet in person until January or February 2019. He just seemed very apprehensive about it.

    I have, I guess you could say, a fear of public speaking, but in many of our conversations we discussed our interests and one of mine is music. I mentioned karaoke and that I had never been and he said that if I went he would go along for moral support. So in January or February 2019, we met for the first time. He picked up a business card from the counter there and still has it to this day. Anyway, I thought our date went great and we ended the evening with a hug in the parking lot.

    We continued to talk over the next few months many times a week over text. In June 2019 I made mention that I might be moving due to a job offer across the country but I wasn’t sure about it yet. At that point, we decided to meet again. We met at his place, had drinks, and talked. As I was getting ready to say good night, he asked me to stay and I did. It was at that point that we had been intimate for the first and so far only time.

    Before I left that night, we talked for a little while longer and he asked me if I could stay instead of moving. Unfortunately, in July 2019 I started a new job that took me across the country. He and I still text often and have spoken on the phone a few times as well as FaceTime, And from the first few times we communicated until now he has consistently been so kind, thoughtful, and charming, telling me I’m beautiful or smart or sexy and basically how proud of me he is.

    Personally, I have fallen in love with this amazing man. I don’t know where his head is at, and every time I ask him he fades for a week or two, but he always comes back. He has expressed interest by saying things like he must be really interested in me because we have communicated for so long. He seems to be the most communicative on the weekends, sometimes after he’s had a couple of drinks. I’ve been battling with whether or not I am OK with just accepting how often we talk and the things that he says to me instead of trying to have him tell me how he feels and risk him fading again, but another part of me feels lost. I have been around the world many times due to my career and I’ve never met anyone like him. I’d like to say that I don’t wanna lose him, but I don’t know that I have him to begin with. In either case, I know I don’t know everything about him, but I know enough to know that I want to know more. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

    • Lioness September 5th, 2019

      Sorry for double post!! I didn’t think it took!

  3. Lioness September 5th, 2019

    If anyone can provide insight into my situation, I would appreciate it so very much. I started an online dating profile in October 2018, and I started talking to a male Scorpio November 2018. Up until about January 2019 our contact had only been in the form of text messages, but we hit it off really well. He’s funny, charming, handsome, smart, etc., but there’s something about him that’s different than anyone I’ve ever met. Anyway, I have this fear I guess you could say of public speaking but I have always wanted to do karaoke, and he said that if I went he would go with me to offer moral support. So, in January 2019, after we had been talking for a few of months, we finally met in person and had what I thought was a great time. After that, we texted a few times a week, sometimes daily for 3 to 5 days at a time, but did not meet in person again until June 2019, just after I told him I was looking at moving to another part of the country for work. (Just a sidenote, he doesn’t like to send pictures of himself, which was fine, but I had sent pictures of myself – just regular ones, nothing risqué.). In June 2019 when we met, it was at his place. We talked for a while and had a couple of drinks, and when I went to leave he asked me to stay. It was at that point that we were intimate for the first, and only, time, and he asked me if I could stay and not move. Unfortunately, I had to move from the area in July and have not seen him since, but we talk often. Communication is huge for me and I would really like to know where his head is at, but every time I ask him, he fades for a bit, but he always comes back. It may take a week or two, but he always comes back and tells me I’m amazing or I’m this or that, that he misses talking to me, that he feels he’s been very interested in me, especially because we’ve been communicating for so long. Says things like he wants to see me, and then he calls and we FaceTime. So does “wants to see me” mean just FaceTime or does he want to see me in person? Getting him to answer these questions has been like pulling teeth, so I’m at the point where I would rather just appreciate what we have rather than trying to figure out where he is and subsequently pushing him away, but at the same time I’ve already fallen in love with this man and I feel a little lost. Insight, please?

  4. Lions May 20th, 2019

    Leo woman Don’t waste your time Scorpio man I are Know good Point blank they cheaters they were deceive you like no other please save the hard ache

    • Nik May 28th, 2019

      Scorpios are loyal beasts unlike your lying and proud ass for nothing but giving up shit

  5. LeoFemale May 20th, 2019

    Looking for guidance: I am a young 24 year old Leo women that has recently met a Scorpio male who is 26 years old. We know each other for a few months now but have went out on our first date this past Saturday, we sure do have a lot of chemistry but the issue I am having is that he is 1.65 and I am 1.73 in height 🙁 also another point is that he wants to be more serious and I am still focusing on my career and do not really want to rush into anything of such, please help me by letting me know what I should do regarding this? He does have an amazing personality but I do feel that he likes to be right in certain aspects. I feel like he wants much more commitment which I am not giving him and do not want to, what should I do? he wants to go out on a second date this week Saturday !

    • Loyal_Pewdiepie_fan May 26th, 2019

      Fuck this reply just missed the Saturday date deadline, wud like to hear what went, did u both go out or not. I’m a Scorpio male. The height thing is a subjective matter, I mean if u think he’s really worth it, he’s special enough, then it shudnt matter. But the reality is looks matter to everyone, no point in being “liberal” or “nice” abt it that beauty is in the soul blah blah, all of us notice the looks first & his height will always be negative. Now if he’s too insecure abt his height despite u not having a problem with it, then it won’t be good for u & ur relationship *if u get committed. Or despite him having a great personality & both of u having an awesome chemistry, if u still can’t ignore the height thing, then u are not good for him & u shud make it clear that nothing would happen

    • Kimberly July 30th, 2019

      Tell h you have an lifetime to look forward to and don’t have time for anything serious and if he doesn’t get that….than he ain’t for you!!

  6. Yani Lioness April 23rd, 2019

    I get over him than I like him is my story I know he watches me on social media and don’t approve of things I’ve posted but I’m single right well I Hurd they watch you from a far I think he cares a great lot but just scared I may hurt him he loves cuddling and kissing he just disappear and reappear a lot idk I don’t wanna put to much effort matter fact none just hoping he will come close to me and never leave I need and want him so bad I get hella horny thinking about him omg I’m lost

    • Nik May 28th, 2019

      Being a Scorpio, I have an advice which might hit your ego so bad as you’re a leo. Look for him, make him feel wanted and let him know you’re only to be his. Communication with a Scorpio can be quite difficult as we are deep people and you are straight forward small talk people, but you need to swallow your pride and be open about your love ( even if it includes how horny you get thinking about him ) he will love it, I promise.

  7. sandeep April 19th, 2019

    Hi,i sm sandeep if you want forever friendship then message me waiting for your kind reply

  8. Juju February 16th, 2019

    Hi guys, I’m a leo woman and I’m seeing that scorpio guy for weeks. We really get along, we are having lots of discussion, he makes me laugh I make him laugh. We have a perfect connection like it’s the first time I’m having that kind of connection with someone. My wonders are that he wants to have sex with me, but I dont know if I’ll look too easy cause I’m really looking for a long term relationship. Should I wait still and how much time should I wait to make him feel like I really want him, but at the same time I wanna make a solid relation between the two of us. HELP PLEASE!

    • Matias February 19th, 2019

      You can wait about the sex. He will just want you more. About the long term it is not that easy for you two. Check your compatibility.

      • Juju February 19th, 2019

        Yes true maybe it won’t be easy but tell me something that is easyEnvoyé depuis mon téléphone intelligent Samsung Galaxy.

    • LeoFemale May 20th, 2019

      Hey Juju 🙂 I am a Leo female as well and having this very same experience with my Scorpio male.

    • Nik May 28th, 2019

      Being a Scorpio I suggest you to be open about it. If you feel sexually attached to that person give it to him but not just in a way of sex, in a way of making love to him. We Scorpios never take sex so casually we run in deep emotions even for sex that’s what makes us more passionate than any sign out there. So while you are in the moment look into his eyes and open your crazy desires of love to him but not too fast and not all of them. We Scorpios are a little reserved people so to open us up you need to take slow little steps with patience. That will give you a long term relationship with him. It will take him a little time to adjust with your openness but trust me once he gets there, your relationship and sex life will be sooo freakin’ good and will turn into adventures. Be dominant and let him take control to at the same time and y’all rule the bed.

  9. HopelessLeo February 15th, 2019

    Needing some advice. I’m a Leo woman and have spent the last few days at a national ‘gathering’ of sorts getting to know a Scorpio guy. We’re both in our late teens and we’ve been flirting a lot. Admittedly I’ve fallen pretty hard for him, and I’m getting the vibe that he at least has some interest in me too. Unfortunately we had to go home yesterday, and in a tragic ending we didn’t get to say goodbye to each other at the airport (after I ran literally from one end to the other to the wrong gate!) Fortunately, we live only a three-ish hour drive from each other, one I do pretty regularly. We have such amazing chemistry and I can’t stop thinking about him, but I don’t want to start a relationship over the internet. I’m not really sure what I should do from here! I don’t want to be too overbearing by messaging him constantly but I don’t want to lose contact either.

    • Matias February 16th, 2019

      To HopelessLeo I’m a Scorpio guy. Don’t run after him because he does not like it. Maybe a short harmless text and let him come to you. If it is to easy we don’t like it. It has to a challenge.

    • Nik May 28th, 2019

      Tell him how you feel and he will show you the way. We are a loyal beasts so you wont have to worry about cheating but also you have to make sure if he is really into you that’s the only way he’ll put everything in this relationship to be working. Every solution to a problem between couple is communication, be open about your feelings to him.

  10. LovingLeo September 18th, 2018

    Looking for guidance. I am a Leo woman divorced involved with a never married or in a serious long term for a looooong time Scorpio male. We are both around 50. We have been friends for over a decade ( he is friends with my ex too) and shortly after my divorce 2/12 yrs ago we became involved. Starting off with flirting then fooling around like 15 yr olds then into amazing sex. It started out I think as something fun and has evolved into us being great friends, sharing a lot of intimate details from time to time. We have been traveling all over the world, know each others families and friends. Basically sounds like the perfect relationship on paper. However, he always tells me he does not want to be in a ‘realtionship’ or have a GF. At 50, I am not really hung up on our ‘status’ but I can tell my feelings are changing and I am falling for him. I find myself missing him when we are not together. He does disappear from time to time, which for me is weird after coming out of a 30 yr relationship were we always were in touch. I have floated out my feelings have changed and he knows I am about to say I think I am falling in love but he stops me and says don’t say it. This by the way if right after we have had amazing sex. Is this just truly a guy ( from the Scorpio perspective) who does not want to be involved. I read time and time again listen to what a guy says. Or is this just some Scorpio trait of being scared that I just have never experienced. Is this just a great friendship with benefits and nothing more? LOL — lost!

    • Not shady September 18th, 2018

      Seems like you two have something special going on. Keep it that way and don’t push it too hard. He might be guarded for various reasons, and just maybe not wanting to lose what he currently has with you is one of them. Be patient. Appreciate the moment, enjoy it to the fullest. if he needs time off for himself give it to him, be it work, friends, hobbies, etc. Give him a chance to miss you. perhaps one of the reasons you have this chemistry is because of two of you being so independent, well defined and developed people. If he needs time or space to himself, let him have it with no prejudice about his motives. It does not mean he doesn’t want to be involved, or the relationship or the status or the great times you have. It might mean he wants to appreciate what you now have, enjoy the moments together, let it grow to the next level, and still have his life in balance.

    • Art October 27th, 2018

      As a Scorpio man I would say that a fwb is the second most desirable arrangement we look for, as it presents all the benefits of a relationship without the responsibility of committment. However, the arrangement we crave the most is a fully committed relationship where we can freely and openly declare our love to our partner, the problem is that in order to do that we must feel a deep sense of trust with the partner, something we find very hard to do. I’m not implying we don’t trust at all, we do, but trust with us is like a layered cake more than a pancake. To get to that bottom layer where we finally are ready to fully trust and commit takes time and, sorry to say, since intimacy has already become a part of the dynamic, it will be very difficult at best to ever get there. With us, withholding intimacy until after we have committed is probably the only way, because if sex comes before the committment then deep inside we know we have won, and the incentive to reach the point of commitment is greatly diminished. Getting to the point of committment is not impossible, but it has likely become much harder to reach. We need to feel there is still something to be conquered in order to remain interested long term.

    • Random January 31st, 2019

      So from a Male scorpios perspective…. it is impossible to know what stage of “evolution” your scorpio male is in. Read up on the 3 stages of scorpios… snake, scorpio and Phoenix… it’s basically the most “using/exploiting” form of a Male scorpio to the most honest and truest form of a scorpio. The hard part is that without knowing him well enough (and I do mean k owing within yourself) which he is, you can not tell his intent. We are very very good at decieving if we want; or it could honestly be our natural protection of our emotions if evolved enough to understand and not want again. I can say that while I’ve never been one to simply pursue sexual desires, it would not be hard for me to trick a lady into believing whatever I wish her to believe. I can also honestly say (from the perspective of a scorpio male who has been emotionally hurt twice) that we are very protective of showing our “vulnerable” side as well. We do not like to be hurt or proven that our basic thoughts of false relationships are true. Pay attention to his smallest details (not the ones you know he wants you to see).. ask yourself if he shows signs of being protective or afraid of opening up, or is he a peacock boasting his feathers. If you genuinely feel he is only afraid to open up, then in most cases it is bc he has true feelings but is afraid of showing them. It is a fault of ours, but to me it shows a genuine/sincere emotion more than other signs. As a scorpio, being protective by nature, we do not like being hurt when we are being honest. If you feel he is protecting himself then find ways to show he can trust you (I can not give you a set answer in how to do so as we are all different in some way) and when he opens up to you, know he will always be there for you. If he shows no signs of fear for his emotions and you can tell its true…. he is simply in a less evolved form that is more focused on his carnal nature than he is focused on his emotional understanding. I am currently speaking to an old friend and possible partner… I have no reason to not trust her bc everything she does shows me she is honest. However, bc of my past, I can not trust her bc of past relations enough to be fully open and show her my deeper side.

  11. Becky August 11th, 2018

    To much damage has been done for us yo get back together yes I’m hurt but I have to leave this as a dead end

  12. Troy August 7th, 2018

    Just call him… Scorpio Male here….Older Scorp…. If you empty your guts…. He will be back in contact in a heartbeat.

  13. AG July 21st, 2018

    @Aj – I’m a Leo Woman who has recently met a Scorpio Man. He’s very expressive, and reaches out to me constantly but I’m a little cold and distant with him. Something inside me just holds back. He moves very fast, and I like him and am into him, but I just don’t move that fast emotionally. And the whole thing confuses me internally, and makes me feel skeptical and question his intentions and I pull back. He seems genuine, but Leos are excessively emotional which makes them guarded sometimes. I think just give her time, and be there for her, and if she commit, she will mean it and will eventually let her guard down and melt. But if it doesn’t happen soon enough, then don’t keep wasting time, and just withdraw to test if she truly cares or not. If she does, she’ll commit, if she doesn’t truly care, she’ll leave. I know game playing sucks, but it will help her realize your value and commit.

  14. Secret July 19th, 2018

    I need advice from a Scorpio man I am falling hard for a Scorpio I’ll admit I wasn’t all intune at first I was cold and distant but after sometime I started developing feelings: I’m not to long getting over another Scorpio and for four years no one could take my mind off him until, I met the new Scorpio we only been talking for a few months and he told me he loves me I never told him back or showed much emotion or interest I strictly only wanted sex until one day these feelings develop out of nowhere well recently he seen my phone and seen how many options I have and he asked me why I chose him and I said he was special I was cocky and acting as tho he was nothing now he’s ignoring me, I think I upset him cuz I was being cocky and wouldn’t even kiss him now I’m sad I miss him and want to show him how good I can treat him help….

    • Never give up July 20th, 2018

      Send him a message/email telling him everything you’ve just wrote. Be disarmingly honest as any half truths or made up stories will be instantly recognized.

      Tell him that you are sorry and that you value the relationship more than your own pride and ego.

      Admit to your issues and weakness and tell him that you will and seek therapy/counseling.

      Good luck

      • Secret July 20th, 2018

        Therapy counseling😂😂😂 Thats a bit much I’ll pass

    • Matias July 20th, 2018

      The connection between Scorpios is undeniable. We usually say:’ I love you”
      pretty fast. He feels it, but it can also be forgotten as it came. We are really amazing, except for the jealousy It’s bad and we cannot fight against it. We feel it and express it. We and you are the strongest in the zodiac, no doubt about that. Regarding your relation to him…. Sex will be from out of this world. Conversation too. I don’t think it can last long.
      Both are very sensitive, passionate and intense. One may get hurt quite bad. Probably is going to be him. We don’t like so much tough in women. We prefer a Piscis with their joy or a Cancer with their big heart. Many others. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    • ScorpioDom September 30th, 2018

      You tried playing games, but Scorpios only play the games they like. It’s too late now, he’s gone.

  15. Aj July 12th, 2018

    Anyone can give me some advice?? I met this sexy leo who I’m digging but I can’t tell if the feelings are mutual we already had sex and Mann was it intense only thing is she a little distant with affection I wanted to make love and she’s more ruff,she seems like an attention whore and a little promiscuous I’m afraid I cannot keep up with her Wild Way’s one minute she seems interested and then the next she doesn’t she’s very flirtatious and has alot of male friends I really don’t know how to feel about the situation if I continue to sleep with her the feelings will grow deeper I read somewhere if a leo woman is attracted to you she will show it but I’m always the one initiating all the phone calls and text but yet she always available for me I told her I loved her within a month and she laughed it off I don’t think she believed me when I’m around her I’m shy and not saying much but the truth is I want to grab her and hold her tight and kiss her I just don’t know how she’s going to react I’m not sure if I should run or stay I hate to put myself out there and then get rejected any advice will help…

    • Been there done that July 12th, 2018

      From what you write here, here it is-
      Ride this horse while it’s kicking but commit this to your head:
      1. Don’t develop feelings, but if you do, don’t show it. Don’t get emotional. She will play you like a needy little puppy that you are; If she doesn’t show her feelings most like it’s because they are non existent.
      2. When with her, always use protection. She seems to have been around and probably gets around even after being with you;
      3. Don’t knock her up, period.
      4. Always have an exit strategy and be open to meeting your true love while you are fooling around with her;
      5. If she asks for financial assistance, help but just enough to keep you two going (if you want to). Don’t be over generous as that will not be appreciated in the long run;
      6. Be ready to possibly be ghosted after some time. If you sense it’s imminent, do it first.
      These are just my two cents
      Enjoy the ride

      • Aj July 13th, 2018

        Damn I’m in a bad situation but I’ll take notes and see how this ends up

    • ShareBear July 21st, 2018

      Ugh I’m sorry. I’m a true-to-form Leo and what you’ve heard is true — even with all our pride, when we want you, there’s no doubt about it. We get tunnel vision…it’s where that infamous loyalty comes from. Once we’re stuck on you, we’re stuck. Based on how she’s responding to you in your statement, her heart isn’t with you. Doesn’t mean it won’t ever be, but she’s maintaining a distance for a reason. That being said, as long as you do have her in your life, do be bold and grab her for that hug and kiss. We’re affectionate and love that kind of assertion, so do it! But keep your heart guarded, on the off chance that she never thinks to turn around and give you hers.

  16. Terrence July 3rd, 2018

    Leo woman are Beautiful Creatures yet so naive and freaky if anything I can’t say the sex is incredible with leo woman but that’s as far as it goes I’ve tried to date multiple Leo women and it never worked out major power struggles control freeks who’s going to be the boss but the sex was always amazing and very hard to stay away

  17. lioness princess June 27th, 2018

    That’s just normal typical behavior for a Scorpio man I’m pretty sure he probably likes her back

    • Virgo girl June 28th, 2018

      I think he likes her. Like his feelings are developing for her.

  18. Virgo girl June 26th, 2018

    Hi all beautiful leo woman. I am virgo girl and my best friend is leo. She is crazy for a scorpio guy and its like the scorpio is any celebrity and she,his fan. She is like crazy about him. I sometimes get sad because knowing the fact she loves him very much…but i dont know if hes playing. What are some signs that the scorpio likes my bestie. And how to help leo girl from getting over this scorpio?

  19. Leo May 22nd, 2018

    Wow coming from a mature leo woman who dated many Scorpio man I can tell you this a lot of the reasons why we never worked out was because they love to pull the silent treatment and disappear when they’re upset sometimes you will not know why they’re upset and they expect for you to figure it out a confident leo woman will not call you out on your actions we will just walk depending on How many options we have or interested we was disappearing or the silent treatment is a big No-No for the leo woman it automatically gives us the sign that you’re not interested therefore we will not put much effort we need to know for certain the feelings are mutual now if you’re in a relationship with leo woman and this is the behavior that you do (Scorpios) that my friend is the reason why she is probably acting like a slutt she’s simply feeling unwanted and crying for your attention that you my friend are not given, Leo women are very loyal to the man who make us feel complete I know it’s hard for a Scorpio and Leo to understand each other we both view love very differently but you have to show her attention and whatever you do,, D not pull tha silent treatment because all you will be doing is pushing her away

    • Atp May 22nd, 2018

      Excuse me miss- just to sum up your post- as long as you pay her attention making her feel wanted she will stay loyal. And the minute someone else does that better or more intensely she will basically jump on his dick. There could be many different reasons attention goes away. Also love matures and evolves to different levels, love after 50 years together is a different kind of love than it was when you just met. Loyalty is much bigger than attention and feeling wanted. And you are right, this could be one of the many reasons these relationships work out the way the do.
      Always stay positive

  20. ScorpioPoice May 20th, 2018

    Well I pretty much iced her out until yesterday as she popped up at my house, inn the pouring rain knocking at my door for at least 10 minutes before I decided to open it she was crying and distraught explaining to me she trying to work on herself in order to make things work out we both had a deep conversation that let us to sleep with eachother as I held her in my arms all night I am not completely giving in I’m still going to keep my distance and not be as connected to her as I once was until I see change meanwhile I’m going to continue do me hope she realizes she can’t carry on with this Behavior I see her as my wife and the mother of my kids one day and feel a deep connection with her i know she has the potential to be a better person time will tell to be continued

    • Matias May 20th, 2018

      Just in case…icing them works?

      • Atp May 22nd, 2018

        No, icing out doesn’t work. Most likely she will come back at you with million calls and messages begging as she realizes you were the best she ever had. Best is to change the number, have an adress she doesn’t know and get a new gf.
        Good luck
        Always stay positive

    • Atp May 22nd, 2018

      Damn she put you to your place real fast lol. We all here obviously wish you two all the best and many happy endings, but just in case- we will be here next time your ass needs to vent out after she manipulates, uses, abuses you. Good luck

  21. ScorpioPoice May 19th, 2018

    I am currently seeing a Leo woman..We’ve been together for 4.5 years the problem lays between her promiscuous deceiving conniving ways🤥 This girl cannot stay out of the club in loves male attention I have stopped talking to her numerous of times,we have gone months without speaking and we always get back together usually is her who caves in but I’m always reluctant to take her back because I love her very deeply I’m just tired of her ways I do not like her as a person she dresses like a slutt and acts like a slutt she does not know when to come home at a decent time and she is all over the place, I am trying to leave her but she will not allow me when I stop talking to her she stalks my phone by calling me a hundred times leaving me messages back to back I don’t want to be with her anymore I’m done giving her chances for her whorish ways she always plays the victim no matter what she’s a manipulator and when she is in the wrong she’ll turn around and make it seem like I’m the bad guy I’m out of here Scorpio men run get you a pisces or cancer

    • Leoanna May 20th, 2018

      Not all Leo women are the same. I am a leo woman and I am nothing like that. Maybe she’s nit ready to ve tied down. I am in a relationship currently with a scorpio man and its intensely lovely. However, her slutty ways are a bit disrespectful and Im sure there is someone better for you.
      How about you get your number changed and move on

    • Matias May 20th, 2018

      I see what you say. Maybe this one is like that, too.

    • Matias May 20th, 2018

      I see what yo

  22. Matias May 19th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio guy. We just met. She is younger but looks mature and healthy. I’ll see her for the second time in 2 days. I understand she likes loving, strong, independent and real. I’m like that, maybe. Any advice?

  23. Queen May 9th, 2018

    Scorpio man leo woman only good for sexual desire nothing more nothing less all you guys will do is fight have sex but the fights will be much worse and then you guys will break up over Pride Scorpio needs to learn to let Leo win and put his pride down and Leo needs to learn to do the same as well

  24. Cinnamon May 2nd, 2018

    As a Leo woman, you don’t have to hurry and pick up a job just to get her attention to think that she going to date you. One thing about us, yes we love someone that has status but knowing that man is not the type of guy to be sorry and depend upon us to take care of him excites up. We want someone that’s going to be able to treat us out to dinner like we would with him. Trust me, I believe she already want you. But a hushed mouth will not get you to her. Tell her how you feel and your future career job so that she will know. She will respect that and open up to you to let you know that you don’t have to rush into getting a high status to make her happy. Long as you plan on working and being that real, loving, strong, independent man that she is looking for she will be satisfied. Don’t sweat yourself out, remain calm and go talk to her. She will listen and tel you her honest facts about it and I promise you it will be what you want to hear (positive talk).

    • Huh May 8th, 2018

      assuming that u replied to me, must be some error it dint go to the reply box.. thank u for ur input ma’am. I think I dint properly make it clear in my post, it’s not abt status that “oh will she be mine if I come out to her with money or status power” … the current situation is that neither she nor I wud want to get involved, I know it..I know her, not a good idea.. what I meant was wud it be fine if I reach out to her once I’m self made( not a job, an officer post which is quite good) like the age gap thing, that concerns me, obviously I won’t just suddenly jump out of no where, this so called unsaid stereotypical “romance” of ours will continue simultaneously for the next 2 yrs at least ( I ll make sure that happens anyway)…how wud a real leo woman react in that scenario, needed thoughts here so that I cud understand the mental process of leo females more, these small things always help. Btw thank u again on behalf of everyone, you are really helping here I saw, putting efforts to advise everyone, that’s quite cool.

    • Huh May 8th, 2018

      assuming that u replied to me, must be some error it dint go to the reply box.. thank u for ur input ma’am. I think I dint properly make it clear in my post, it’s not abt status that “oh will she be mine if I come out to her with money or status power” … the current situation is that neither she nor I wud want to get involved, I know it..I know her, not a good idea.. what I meant was wud it be fine if I reach out to her once I’m self made( not a job but an officer post which is quite good, one of the toughest exams) like the age gap thing, that concerns me, obviously I won’t just suddenly jump out of no where, this so called unsaid stereotypical “romance” of ours will continue simultaneously for the next 2 yrs at least ( I ll make sure that happens anyway)…how wud a real leo woman react in that scenario, needed thoughts here so that I cud understand the mental process of leo females more, these small things always help. Btw thank u again on behalf of everyone, you are really helping here I saw, putting efforts to advise everyone, that’s quite cool.

    • Huh May 8th, 2018

      wtf this site’s errors…Reply cmng twice & can’t delete wow

  25. Huh April 7th, 2018

    Please read this lengthy cmnt Leo women..I wud be really grateful of ur help…I like a woman who happens to be a Leo…. I had literally “wished” for a female like hers expecting that it won’t happen anyway(was a joke in some other reference) but it happened. It was the first ever time when I saw her & was what I had wished for a moment ago like the Universe had heard me & we share an incredible chemistry, if a thought comes to my mind abt smthng, she speaks exactly the same thing at that moment & we have this eye contact thing it’s idk just too intense …We luk into each other’s eyes &it’s “magick” …But everything is very formal & bounded. My deduction was her to be a Capricorn, but I cud also notice the fire thing in her, I stayed wid my Capricorn conclusion. Idk why but scorp men tend to get attracted to leo women too intensely.. another reason, may be, for all this. Her moon sign is Capricorn btw so I was not all wrong. She’s 30, self dependent & I’m 20, still a “boy”. Now, I’m very much aware of all the stuff that ” it’s a hormonal thing, kid” “ur immature” etc & I’m not some stupid boy “dreaming” abt the woman who’s way out of my league…I’m very much aware of everything & I dnt tell such stuff to others, typing it here so I cud get some opinions. I tried to avoid all the magickal nonsense bcoz of this but somehow, we land up together & she notices me always, plus the formal relationship where she’s in a higher position dsnt allow her to call anyone from our lot by name, but she did, the first & only name she spoke was mine. **It’s not that anything has gone over my head, I’m fully practical**. I’m pursuing smthng very difficult which wud make me a high ranking civil officer (if I crack it), by end of 2019 I wud be done with college. Wt I’m asking is **if I become the officer (by 2021) & then come into her life, self made. How wud u react if in her place as Leos? Please cmnt wtever u feel. She’s “The Woman” for me & wud always remain that.

  26. Huh April 7th, 2018

    Please read this lengthy cmnt Leo women..I wud be really grateful of ur help…I like a woman who happens to be a Leo…. I had literally “wished” for a female like hers expecting that it won’t happen anyway(was a joke in some other reference) but it happened. It was the first ever time when I saw her & was what I had wished for a moment ago like the Universe had heard me & we share an incredible chemistry, if a thought comes to my mind abt smthng, she speaks exactly the same thing at that moment & we have this eye contact thing it’s idk just too intense …We luk into each other’s eyes &it’s “magick” …But everything is very formal & bounded. My deduction was her to be a Capricorn, but I cud also notice the fire thing in her, I stayed wid my Capricorn conclusion. Idk why but scorp men tend to get attracted to leo women too intensely.. another reason, may be, for all this. Her moon sign is Capricorn btw so I was not all wrong. She’s 30, self dependent & I’m 20, still a “boy”. Now, I’m very much aware of all the stuff that ” it’s a hormonal thing, kid” “ur immature” etc & I’m not some stupid boy “dreaming” abt the woman who’s way out of my league…I’m very much aware of everything & I dnt tell such stuff to others, writing it here so I cud get some opinions. I tried to avoid all the magickal nonsense bcoz of this but somehow, we land up together & she notices me always, plus the formal relationship where she’s in a higher position dsnt allow her to call anyone from our lot by name, but she did, the first & only name she spoke was mine. **It’s not that anything has gone over my head & I’m fully practical**. I’m pursuing smthng very difficult which wud make me a high ranking civil officer (if I crack it), by end of 2019 I wud be done with college. Wt I’m asking is **if I become the officer (by 2021) & then come into her life, self made. How wud u react if in her place as Leos? Please cmnt wtever u feel. She’s “The Woman” for me & wud always remain that.

    • aunt harry April 8th, 2018

      dude, the first thing you need do is to stop obsessing over her. sadly, but truly the hungry dont get fed. so stop chasing her and let the universe sort shit out for you. besides knowing her age and her calling you by your first name in some official/job setting you dont seem to convey that you know her at all. as of you saying u feeling this “magick” its like me feeling the “magick” with the cashier in my trader joes. chill out, focus on our shit, build up your life, finish your classes and stop speculating where she will be and what you will do 3 years from now. get a life, take a vacation with friends and fly to caribbean or vegas, build yourrself and i guarantee you will have many magical relations you can handle.

      • HurtLeo April 10th, 2018

        I cannot take you serious and I most definitely will not take advice from a Taurus woman cuz most horses I know have big mouths and crazy as f*** the nerve of you to come on a Leo Scorpio site and judge your opinion Girl by I’ve dealt with many Tauruses who are abusive and talk hella crap they way worse than real woman could ever be I was mistreated. Point Blank know your facts before you ever come at me about how to deal

    • Queen of the Jungle April 10th, 2018

      Ah !! I could relate to some stuff from your comment. I’m assuming you’re different & more mature from your age group( it seems from your comment). But the truth is your only chance of getting her is when you do whatever you said about your career. You’ve to do that “magick” boy & the Universe may listen, right? I have a scorp cousin who had a similar case like you, “the one” (as you scorps call it) for him was also a lioness & 8 years older than him and she was his teacher. He had asked me something like this about lioness nature, but I had made fun of him. Ten years gone and both of them are happily married presently…I get it okay what you mean by “after becoming something you come to her life” ..It’s one of those scorpio long term shit, right? So work hard that’s all you can do anyway.

    • Huh April 11th, 2018

      right, I shudnt have used the words
      Magick & Universe. Cliche & cheesy. I don’t go on smiling like an idiot when she looks at me or smthng..Instead I try to avoid it & the name thing.. Off course the relationship is not informal…It’s just very simple..We understand each other like smthng else, that’s it. Informal talk is not a good option as of now.. that’s the whole point if u got it. I had written smthng in my work which was simple, yet different with the feeling that only she wud get it. The result was she not only got it totally, but she went crazy ..somehow found me & went on praising me & asking more abt me. Now that’s genuine appreciation from one perspective..but I knw there is that “magick” which we both feel but are sensible enough to not let it get over our heads. It’s different..she’s different…different from all the cancer around in the form of humans. U see we both are not varri koool like everyone else 🙂 🙂 🙂 rip

    • Lannister gal April 12th, 2018

      😂😂😂 you’ve got a good sense of humour, if you really want her then do the career thing because you may not have much time left. I mean what if she gets with someone else etc. Don’t think about the age gap, not a big deal if you both have mutual feelings. I’m 26 & would be open to date someone like you -if it’s worth. Yes the 20-30 age gap is always a bit problematic than any other group of ten year gap. But your feelings for her seem to be true….All the best !!

  27. Khayla April 3rd, 2018

    Help when does a Scorpio call you babe.

    • aunt harry April 8th, 2018

      i asked my friend and he told me that he calls you babe when hes really into you. good luck

  28. HurtLeo March 23rd, 2018

    Basically I was so stupid to allow someone I knew did not make me feel loved he drag me and this went on on for 4 years. Before i met him I was very confident beautiful intelligent woman after I was done with him I felt ugly and unconfident in myself that’s how bad he made me feel he would make me so angry that I would say things like his penis was small and his breath smelled and horrible things about his family which I never met the for years I was with him he bring out a very evil side of me not knowing that he hurt me so much I just wanted him to feel equally pain I didn’t mean what I was saying he had so much control that if I said anything that he didn’t like he would hang up on my face and I will call him back only to get hung up again and I will call him back and blow his phone up he constantly ignored me he constant gave me his ass to kiss he’s even hit me yeah I was stupid and mad at myself i alllowed a person to treat me the way he did how could I a lot of self-doubt about this situation that has happened to me I really don’t want no one to experience what I have went through in the torture and the pain that I still feel in my heart but I know the best thing for me to do was to walk away and the hardest thing to do is to walk away from someone who you still love but you know that they’re toxic and no good for you and will never do right by you the only things that eases my pain is the fat I know, we’ll get him I know God will not give him the pleasure to enjoy a relationship and live happily ever after he is going to have to pay for what he has done to me and many other women I also know sometimes a person doesn’t realize the pain they bring upon a person unless it happens to them

    • aunt harry April 8th, 2018

      i am a taurus and am only here cuz my best friend is in leo/scorp relo. but it seems to me that your big ego and even bigger mouth got the best of you. from what and how you are telling this, it sounds like you turned into this loathing, angry, and negative person who would say things just to get someone hurt for the sake of getting even with the perceived wrongs that were done to you- huge anger management problems. on the other hand, this guy seems like a dope in his own way by keep giving you chances. if it were me, you would have been booted out of my life the first minute you spew your venom. going forward i would say work on your anger management, lick your wounds, hopefully learn your lessons, and most importantly- ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE

  29. HurtLeo March 23rd, 2018

    Leo woman please I beg you do not I repeat do not date a Scorpio man they will leave you feeling depressed and not beautiful have your emotions and self-esteem feeling very low they are manipulative and they play a lot of Mind Games a lot of them know that we are weak for them once we fall in love and then the games begin we love so hard we turn them off to the point where they drag us and don’t appreciate us you know when you meet him he’s texting you everything is good and then boom slow texting begins and then boom he’s not texting you at all for a few days and then it comes back Leos that’s not the type of man for us we need a man that’s more consistent not men that withdraws if you knew what I know you would not dare now that I have been completely heartbroken from a Scorpio I will never date another one and I have my guards up he has most definitely made it hard for the next man I learned a lesson as well never to give my heart to anyone before I know how they feel about me first love should be mutual love shouldn’t be something you have to guess it should be something you know and feel I feel bad for a lot of my Leo ladies because Scorpio men seem to constantly drive me all women I dealt with mine for 4 years on and off this man will get mad about the slightest thing and disappear not only but weeks but months at a time and then come back and my stupid ass will allow him to the last time we seen each other was in February I was already upset with him for him leaving me but I allowed him to come back he bought me a ring that look like it came from the bubble gum machine but I was trying to be nice and say it’s the thought that counts then not even after that two weeks later he breaks up with me and telling me he just wants to be friends I was distraught and I realized you never wanted me the whole time it’s just a game to him I allowed him to play me like a puppet anytime it got too intense or too much for him he backed away Leos we deserve so much better and somebody who was going to love us unconditionally if a man withdraws from you just because he’s upset you don’t need him it could be an emergency you could got into a car wreck and you can be in the hospital and they will not pick up because they’re mad at you they’re not reliable for Leos we need consistency so when we deal with Scorpio we’re constantly chasing for that next high of love that they refused to give Leo ladies have more confidence and love yourself and don’t put up with a Scorpio man don’t do it to yourself trust me

    • ScorpioAq May 16th, 2019

      Don’t assume your experience with a Scorpio is the archetypal one. Reading your story, you’re very condescending. The fool you were dating is obviously weak when it comes to women, by putting hands on you. He shouldn’t have ever let someone capable of your level of toxicity become a staple of his life in the first place. Just because you, of the near hundred fifty comments on this thread, had a bad experience, doesn’t mean the rest of the Leo female population should have consternation over the possibility of something similar. Take your nonsensical, callous hearted, diatribe spewing, fallacious opinion having, broken self and go somewhere.

  30. ScorpioKing Lover February 28th, 2018

    This leo woman is been driving me nuts for the last three years the arguing her always wanting attention me avoiding her but yett I need and deeply love this woman and can’t go long without her Sex

    • Erin Davila March 7th, 2018

      this made me laugh. So accurate 😄

      • Erin Davila March 7th, 2018

        Just stop avoiding her, give her the attention, and you’ll get the sex lol

    • Cinnamon May 2nd, 2018

      That’s how we Leo women operate lol.

  31. Nikki February 27th, 2018

    I’m a leo woman and I don’t know if it’s love but I really do like this guy who is a Scorpio… he doesn’t know me tho, I send him messages from my fam account and he looks at my messages but then never replies….

  32. atp January 4th, 2018

    i am a scorpion man and have been stalked by a leo woman. she was very determined and relentless. i couldnt shake her off.

    we initially met 4-5 years ago. she needed directions on the street and i gave her, i also gave her my number in case she get lost again.

    a few days later she texted me back thanking. we chatted a bit. i felt we didnt quite fit together as we both are very strong-willed individuals and rarely give in to each other. so we wished each other well and called it quits. about 1 year later we randomly meet again. i dindt recognize her, but she recognized me. we chatted a bit and i gave her my email. next day she sends me an email saying how crazy that we meet again… yadayadayada… she then says if we could meet up as she wants me to help her with something. so we meet, we chat, we go for a coffee. after a few meetings i dont feel its working for me, so i gradually go passive on her. she travels away and it all dies down…

    until 2016. at that point, out of the blue she sends me an email– hi how are you?…. i dont respond until later asking how has she been and if everything is good with her… she says she wanted to talk to me but wasnt sure if i wanted. she then suggests to move it to a chat app… asks me if i am married etc etc… so our chats continue and sometimes get quite intense (sexually) but other times we dont quite fit well.. she becomes very determined to the point of wanting us to get together and even marrying at some point. she was very explicit and clear about it. but i have never felt her fitting me well, or me to her. i told her that but she insisted we could work everything out, together. that she could be happy with me. at some point we do get together and its steamy hot.. she’s shaking from my touch… for me, on the other hand- not so much

    i continue giving us a benefit of the doubt seeing how determined and committed she is about us. we do get fights and they all out wars. but then later we do make up and carry on. however i do find her manipulative and constant nag on attention. many times she make outrageous threats of ‘leaving me’ to which i say, ‘go, not holding, take ur stuff and disappear.’ but she lingers on. later admitting she never wants to leave me, she was just angry. when i dont pickup calls or return messages she goes ballistic and calls a million times to ‘make up.’

    these rollercoasters with us overwhelms and takes away my focus from work. i am still not sure what i will end up doing with her. yes intimacy could be great for her and we do look great together, everyone says that. but i need more from the relationship than that. i dont want these intense arguments (that would take away my dignity if i were to humiliatingly suck it all up to her). one way or the other, i do hope it will work out for us as i want us to be happy (with or without each other).
    anyone who has been married/committed for a long time, how did it go for you?

    • mewo February 6th, 2018

      atp, you still with her ? are you living together

      • atp April 24th, 2018

        mewo, not any longer and yes, we used to, sort of. it didnt go down well. but i am ok now.

        it all started out right after our trip to europe, where we stayed in a few airbnbs and traveled around on a rental car. overall we had a great time. right after our return, she decided to move into my place, which i felt was a bit pushing it, since we did not discuss it in advance. i got upset as she literally just called me asking me to pick her up at the airport in 2 days with her having no place to stay. i felt it was very irresponsible on her part. luckily, i am in real estate, so i was able to find her something on a short notice, while i sort everything else. however, i had to lay out the dough for that. not mentioning the monthly student loan payment that i was helping her with.

        besides our viscous fights, there were a few things that bothered me from the start. she told me a few major lies about things that were important to me. but i let it slide thinking that with time she will be able to open up and be honest with herself or me, or both of us. but that never happened, however close we became in every other sense. and when i would give her the hints about it, she would just double down on her looney stories as if trying to stay consistent.

        also, right after her move, i noticed prenatal vitamins in the fridge and her timing us around her ovulation. i got suspicious that she was trying to get preggo. now, i dream about kids and hopefully be blessed with a handful one day, but i would like to put more thought into that and be married and with the right person before starting to pop them. the last thing i want is some family court litigation over the finances and shared custody.

        suddenly i felt that the latest developments had put many things in perspective for me from then on. so i decided to act. i did some research about the stuff she was lying to me about and i had screenshots saved on my phone hoping that at some point we could talk openly about it. its not the stuff that bothered me more than the thought of her thinking that i am an idiot buying into her smoke and mirror stories.

        gradually, i felt resentment building inside of me and i couldn’t even talk to her about it cuz she kept on regurgitating the same old BS. that resentment put major stain on our relationship as my affection and attention to her started to ebb. despite my assurances, she started suspecting that i was seeing someone and even insisted on knowing every minute of my day and accompanying me to the gym. at some point, when i wasnt around, she went into my phone and saw my pictures folder with the screenshots i saved earlier. she realized that i never bought into her lies and started accusing me of betraying her trust by going behind her back and not believing her (as if she didn’t violate my trust by going through my phone even though i never had anything to hide and always been very upfront with her.) from then on it all unraveled and her behavior became aggressive and unruly to the point of getting violent.

        this situation and her reaction exposed flaws in the logic of this whole arrangement- you can’t be honest with the person you are trying to get tied for life via a kid? or is it that you cant be honest with yourself in the first place? suddenly i wasn’t sure about her true motives and ultimate goals here- was it a sincere, committed and everlasting relationship or a trap baby who would fund her lifestyle and pay her student debt? either way, time was up and i was out. so after one of her vicious and violent anger outbursts, i picked my stuff from the apartment and told her that starting next month i will not be paying the rent and out i went. i also changed my number as blocking doesn’t work, as she calls from different or unknown numbers which you cant block. that was a few months back.

        since then, i dove into my business that has been neglected for a long time and been busy ever since.

        to all guys out there, make sure you know the person you get involved with. make sure you understand their true motivations and goals and not just soaking up the words you wanna hear. many people might come out honest and trustworthy, but will not have the same goals as you.

        to the ladies, if you truly love the guy, be honest with him no matter what. if its love, it will only strengthen and draw you closer together. it will also show that you trust and respect him and are not treating him like a dopey who is too stupid to realize. stay true, stay loving. good luck and be happy y’all

    • Leo February 26th, 2018

      Ewww u a cocky asshole probably just trying to make yourself seem important

      • atp March 4th, 2018

        now that you sayin it- maybe I am that… IMPORTANT… apparently

        I don’t see how you can hate from behind your little screen and keyboard.

        But do yourself a favor, stop trollin and hattin on these blogs and GET A LIFE!!

  33. Leoanna December 18th, 2017

    I am a leo woman 8/1 and I was married to a scorpio man 11/5 the worst marriage ever. He was abusive physically emotionally and mentally but refused to let me leave. He was extremely jealous and very moody I finally decided to leave and file for a divorce. I am currently involved with my fist love who happens to be a scorpio 11/18 and he is total opposite from how my husband was. I sometimes feel like it depends on how a person was raised. My husband revealed to me recently that’s he’s addicted to me but I am not interested in loving him anymore. I am in love with my new scorpio.

    • Scorpio10 December 29th, 2017

      Can someone elaborate on a time when a Leo woman may need the Scorpio’s help? Like what kind of situation?

  34. JOE DIRT May 25th, 2017

    im a Scorpio man and i still have a hardon for that Leo women!!

  35. Priti May 22nd, 2017

    I’m a leo woman n I love Scorpio man. How do I express my love to him.

    • Red June 1st, 2017

      I’m a Scorpio man and I am inlove with a leo woman for more or less 11 years and I already told her my feelings alot of times but it seems that she is just uninterested in me tho i still love her till now. And as a Scorpio man you can express your love by just showing him that you care, show him that he is special that he meant something to you. A scorpio man may seem uninterested but it’s but it just because they dont want to jump into conclusion to avoid getting hurt. this is just base on my personal experience tho. I dont know about the others

  36. Uui May 18th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio man in love with a Leo woman this is very helpful and very true to those of u who do not understand what it means to be like us

  37. lacey May 12th, 2017

    i am a leo girl and i amd ateing a scorpio man

  38. MissM January 14th, 2017

    Scorpio man: Anakin Skywalker
    Leo woman: Padmé

    It’s very passionate and they are both extremely loyal and loving but Scorpio is tempted by the dark side while Leo has a solar personality…

    If they can balance each other, it has a bright future. Match made in heaven.

  39. Mehar December 22nd, 2016

    I am a leo girl.I have never dated anybody yet….when i was in X std ….I liked a guy very badly….but he didnt feel the same way….moreover when i confessed my feelings he insulted me in front of his whole class….i felt shattered….i hated every guy….but last year when i was in 2nd year accidentally i saw a guy ….from dt first sight i felt truly attracted….He is a scorpio…..i truly want him to be a unbreakable part of my life….but i am truly afraid to confess beacause of the past incident ….i dont want to feel it again it has been 1.5 years waiting for me….last i saw him on the occasion of vaisakhi 14.04.2016 n till now i am just waiting………..what should i do?????

    • Eugene December 22nd, 2016

      Im a scorpio man

      the best advice for you is to take the first step , as for what they mention scorpio and leo have pride issues so if u can lower down ur ego and pride everything will be just fine.

      • Ruby April 27th, 2017

        I am a leo woman. My only advice to you would be to start off as friends and slowly let the layers of ur emotions peel off step by step….for all you know he could be the one to propose much before you do as Scorpio guys are quick at getting hints

    • VIPIN MOHAN January 15th, 2017

      Being a scorpio myself, i like to see myself intimated. Through around a few rocks, let him know someone’s interested and give clues. But don’t give yourself away. Help him find his way towards you. Leave him clues. I always like to play detective for the prize, and its a scorpio trait, he’ll be no different. And dont forget to wish him on his bday, 12:am message or fb, a morning call, and if possible wish him face to face. Just simply tell him that you really like him. One more thing, scorpio likes no better gift than a loving hand made gift.

    • Vanessa February 15th, 2017

      I’m Leo to and that has happen to me as well and I love this guy who is scorpio as well

    • john conine April 12th, 2017

      be honest an open with him.scorpio men love when some one want them and proves it plus it show your strength and a uniqness wich he will love

    • Queen April 28th, 2017

      Go get him Girl.. Scorpio man is just waiting for you to make the first move.. Leave them the rest

    • Red June 1st, 2017

      I’m a Scorpio man and I am inlove with a leo woman for more or less 11 years and I already told her my feelings alot of times but it seems that she is just uninterested in me tho i still love her till now. And as a Scorpio man you can express your love by just showing him that you care, show him that he is special that he meant something to you. A scorpio man may seem uninterested but it’s but it just because they dont want to jump into conclusion to avoid getting hurt. this is just base on my personal experience tho. I dont know about the others

  40. Leogirl79 December 21st, 2016

    Leo woman here, forever in love with a Scorpio man. I met my Scorpio through a mutual friend, our first encounter was through chat and it was just to be friends. I had recently ended a relationship with a virgo (wish i was more attracted to him because he was a really good guy) . So we chatted he listened to me go on about my failing relationship and when I asked him if i sounded like i was feeling sorry for myself he said (a little). I laughed, I liked that he was honest, and when he asked for my number i declined at first. A few days went by, a couple more chats and i received a phone call. I was shocked, i didn’t give him my number, he apologized and said my friend had given it to him. Invited me out to a house party and I agreed. Mind you we had never seen pics of each other. Later he picked me up in his z28 camero and before i opened the door to get in , i bent down and looked in to see this beautiful man. We instantly felt an attraction and from there we went from dating to falling in love! Less than three months and we were married (yeah crazy ) we were young and crazy about eachother. The sex was amazing, we were that type of couple that hardly could go without touching (I hate pda, but we would sneak and ve naughty ). But all good things must come to an end…???. I am bipolar, not the crazy way they depict mania in movies but the more depressed side. I hit a wall so hard with depression, i still loved him but I let that darkness still the light. I started to get really suicidal, eventually i tried to kill myself, he found me, we were never the same after that. We mustered on another two years, i resented him for saving me, he resented me for taking away the woman he loved. I honestly know it was all my fault, he was/is a great man but even they can’t live in turmoil forever. So he had enough, he called my folks said he needed a break, i stupidly listened to my abusive mom and thought he ditched me. So I told him i wanted a divorce. Bottom line, people are not their zodiac sign, illness, or short comings, learn to communicate, compromise and let people have their space. I am not that same person, i am stronger now, but in a perfect world I would be in his arms.

    • Scorpion_King69 January 2nd, 2017

      Meth is hell of a drug

      • Cinnamon May 2nd, 2018

        OMG I laughed so loud when I read your comment until I woke up everyone on my job on graveyard KMSL.

    • Scorpio10 December 29th, 2017

      Please it would help me a lot to relate to your experience if you elaborate a bit more. Why would you resent him for saving you? Is there something in the manner that he did it?

  41. Diancan December 17th, 2016

    I’m a Leo woman. I have a Scorpio son (who is extremely intense) and recently met a Scorpio man who I’m attracted to (even tho he’s not gorgeously handsome). I am so so so classically Leonian. Proud, demanding, jealous, warm hearted, kind, giving, mistrustful, confident (at least everyone thinks I am) yet terribly insecure. He surprised me by expressing interest in putting up my Christmas tree. I am so hesitant to bring him into “my world”. My husband died 4 years ago of brain cancer. I am trying so hard to move forward with my life (we were both 49 when he passed). I am scared. Any comments????

  42. Tayba Erphan May 21st, 2016

    OMG…!!!!! it’s true… am a leo girl and i love a scorpio boy truly and unconditionally but i have lost him .. we met on fb we become good friends then intimate then by mistake i told him all the boys that came in my life in my past and then he go away from me slowly and he left all the romantic talk with me and text me rarely and then i became angry at his changed behaviour and i told him that how much i love him and say good bye and then blocked him on fb but after few weks i unblocked him but now we are separate and i love him so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that has no words to explain that how much i love him but i have lost him… 🙁

  43. leo8883 March 21st, 2016

    im  leo started getting close and very intimate with scorpio but he was spending time with another girl also i do not believe in contolling but once i learnt he was flirting with this girl my jealousy raged badly but started seeing a horrid manilative side to him wen i got him to cut off this girl as it was hurting he started getting very controlling and doing my head in with the games assuming i was too with a lot of males to the point i didnt know who i was and wanted to cry love this guy and the depth him and our intimate moments but is he trustworthy he keeps telling who hes sleeping with to upset me ad tells me i should do the same i did but backed off quick from following through. im wanting forever happiness wat do u guys think??Leo loosing it

  44. KikkyJ March 6th, 2016

    I’m a Leo female & have a Scorpio husband.  We started out as best friends & when we became intimate, it was mind blowingly incredible! No other astrological sign compares to the Scorpio man! It’s never boring! We are truly soul mates on all levels! 

    • 1Scorpio December 17th, 2017

      How long have you been together?

  45. anita jency February 18th, 2016

    Scorpio is the real king for queen LEO… Perfect match… Made in heaven… I love Scorpio guy

  46. leo9 December 16th, 2015

    I’m a Leo . the same situation going in my life. I’m avoiding my Scorpio like this. But I’m loving him a loooooot but I CNT to show him what is reality?of mine.. Because my situation like that.. Our religion is deffer my family not allowing this then I hv personal things connected with my family… No one knows about my under going feelings.. CNTtell anyone.. I really want my Scorpio man… I’m not happy Without him.. I pray god inside my heart for he come back to my life and ask my hands to my family for long life. If he doesn’t do it no life more between us.. And me…

  47. ford88 August 24th, 2015

    Hi im a Scorpio male and im interested in a leo woman. i really want a leo womans advice with my situation please :).
    I met her a year ago and was very shy around her,she intimidated me in a way,so pretty,says very little and strong natured lol. I had a major connection with her when i dropped my fears one day last month and spoke about my spirituality as per her request.she showed interest in me and she was so warm and non judgemental.I got lost in her eyes and an instant crush emerged. Im positive she felt the same conection aswel! 😀 I then asked for her facebook and she said yes.the next day i wrote her a message and asked if we can spend time together one day as friends.i didnt want to come on too strong because i have screwed up many times in the past being way to passionate and needy.she replied bluntly saying that the timing is bad especially right now. I felt a bit let down at first but my gut said not to give up. Recently i went out and bought a thoughtfull gift for her birthday and sent it to her work. A few weeks later i got impatient,hadnt recieved any feedback so i text her to see weather she recieved the gift. She replied and said it was lovely,she apologized about not messaging me and then she said that she did feel a little awkward because she cant give me anything more than just friends right now.i then sent a heart filled message about why i got her the gift and meaning behind it, i urged her not to feel awkward about it because thers no need for that. She loved the message and said that i am incredibly sweet and lovely..but it was very short and sweet reply
    My question to all you gorgeous leo women is-
    should i back off now? Does she like me?
    Should i be waiting for her to make the next move?

    I cant stop thinking about her. Im 33 and she is 21. We are both Dog signs in the Chinese zodiac. Im water shes wood. 
    Im very drawn to her. I havent felt this way about anyone in a long time. I know patience is called atm. but im confused about how much courting is required on my end. Should i keep sending the occasional message to say im thinking about her? Or do i just wait for her to meet me half way?.

    • Sthenah December 21st, 2016

      Give her space to miss you once you stop giving a Leo woman attention we get crazy… just chill If she’s a smart girl she’ll come to her senses and give you a chance.

  48. cherry1116 August 6th, 2015

    @Princess– this is true. Scorpio men are mostly players. from my experience anyway xD 

  49. cherry1116 August 6th, 2015

    This is true so far, though we have only been skyping for about a year. he has not done anything to reject me or cheat on me. we have met about two times. he is a close family, friend. though the age gap is a little big, we can work it out just fine. he is nice protective and very generous. I love him with all my heart and cannot seem to let go. I am sure he feels the same way. 

  50. Lburg004 April 22nd, 2015

    I have to say I do believe that Leos and scorpios are the perfect match. I’ve known my scorpio man for 5 years and I know Leos can be hard to deal with. There’s so many different elements to that fire sign that essentially rules the earth lol as well as all other signs, but scorpios can find that loop hole that’s very calming and he can tame the lioness.

  51. Gisselle March 20th, 2015

    Where do I begin…I really really really love my Scorpio man. The way he looks at me, the way he talks to me..I just love everything about him. Actually we both don’t fall easily in love but after our several deep conversations he said that he loves me..I ignored it lol because I was not sure…then a few weeks later he said it again and I realized that I love him too..We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we still find together. Our feelings are so strong and intense..we can’t live without each other. He is very charming, loving, affectionate, hypersensitive, observation, bighearted, seductive, mystery and and and…I could talk about him for hours. Scorpio man and Leo woman = Best match ever!!! 
    Love him to death!

  52. Ms.iceangelleo March 8th, 2015

    Wow. My scorpio man and I have had the hardest time, but we both got together coming from bad marriages and wanting to get what the other one needed that we didn’t get before. Do we have taken extra care with understanding g each other and our differences. We are every bit of this Article. I love affection. I need his attention, his time. I need that bond. I need to know he cares. I love hard and all I want is for him too appreciate me for the love and loyalty I give by doing these simple things in return. Simple right? Well he is so driven. He is working on his Doctorates. Working full time, so his attention in limited. He is so stressed with providing for me and my daughter, that our sexual life hasnt been the best. I didn’t know he was going through all this bc he doesn’t show it. I blamed his struggles on his lack of organizing and prioritizing. He moves slow and precise. I move way quicker with just as much precision. So I’m a little impatient With him. And it drives him crazy that I can lay around all day long then jump up and do things with with ease. Lol. He is jealous, especially when I’ve voiced my concern about his lack of affection. In which he tries desperately to get me to understand that he has so much to do, but of course, I school him on how to successfully fill my need to feel loved. But despite my constant criticisms, I make sure to let him know I love him with all my heart, how amazing he is, and how much I need him despite my independence at times. when we fight we really fight. And over the simple things most couples fight over. So that’s normal, but we have learned that what are issues are are no different then other couples, but how we handle them can be. It’s been a year, the hardest year bc we live together.  But we finally broke thRough. We have learned to argue without ruining our peace of mind. Without losing the love and passion we have. I’m confident in our union bc I’m confident that we have learned to fight friendly. It took alot of work, and about 50 breakups that lasted about 1 day. But we finally got it. I can honestly say we had some real big challenges, ex wife drama and even dishonesty about his issues with me, that has put us through the fire. And I can honestly that as long as there is no infidelity, and a major commitment to communicate past the hurt, disappointments, and even headaches from the stress union can be the best. My proof is in how we argue now. Good Luck.

    • Cinnamon May 2nd, 2018

      You guys should have gave each other time to heal before hoping into a relationship with each other. Sometimes we jump into a relationship with the first person in sight after a bad break up or marriage before while trying to heal from it and end up hurting the next person due to the hurtfulness that we have just went through before this current relationship came along. Become friends and let those levels raise from friends to lovers from lovers to marriage. Never rush into nothing after a hard break up or divorce from the previous relationship (even if we crave for some love at the moment). Let that open sore heal first and then move forward. With the past being brought into the future with the next person, it will always led to disaster.

  53. mzteryman September 15th, 2014

    I am a Scorpio man married 7 years to a Leo woman, now both in our early 50’s. We love each other with such an intensity I wouldn’t wish it any other way. She knows I am fiercely loyal and protective towards her and I know she is to me too. We have never had a joint account. I’ve always insisted we keep finances separate and other than sharing bills we are spendthrift and happy with the financial independence. It’s always worked for us both. She feels I am complicated, I read too much into things, and I can easily kick off if I feel I’m being ignored or being told what to do – nobody tells me what to do! She can be a typical complacent lion; lazing, yawning, and other than preening herself not doing much at all because life can be too much effort. But suddenly she will spring into life and when she is focussed on something her energy goes into it 100%. She can be easily wounded and can be vocal about insignificant slights and matters, and sometimes scarily confrontational. It takes a lot for her to see her wrongs. When we fight neither of us give an inch and most of the time it is her, not me, who breaks the ice with a satirical comment. We can both be possessive of each other which is a quality we both love in each other. She is my soulmate and yes indeed there is raw passion between us and despite any negativities we each have and how frustrated we make each other feel, we are always there for each other for the rest of our lives.

    • Scorpio10 December 29th, 2017

      This is a big issue for me as well. What tips did you suggest during his work to still find time to meet your needs?

  54. Glam-leo September 1st, 2014

    I am married to a Scorpio & shouldn’t be! I get no compliments, no affection no conversation! He’s very secretive & NEVER expresses how he really feels ! Keeps a plastic smile on his face until he explodes when he reveals his true feelings (months after a situation has been over)!! I feel your pain! Leo women & Scorpio men are polar opposites in my opinion! 

  55. Princess-leo August 9th, 2014

    The worst experience I have ever had in my life . 
    I’m a leo woman and he was a scorpio man, at first everything was great he tarted me like a lady, was charming and totally irresistible !
    He had everything I was looking for good looks , charming and his intelligence was mind blowing. Then the games started I have never been made to feel so insecure so worthless and so used in my life. He always use to sit and talk about future plans with me, pay me compliments and generally seemed interested in me.
    One of my family members passed away and he shew no support and basically said that he had his own issues to deal with.. Then started to ignore me for absolutely no reason. 
    My advice is that leo woman should not date a scorpio man the depth is not the it’s just a game for sex once they are bored with you they will dash you to the side like you never ever existed . 

    • Sthenah December 21st, 2016

      That sounds like you were dealing with a Narc psychopath… cause you just described my ex who is an Aries.

  56. fal1026 December 31st, 2013

     My 1st love was a leo woman & oddly enough the infidelity behavior usually associated with my side (scorpio man) was the case on hers & the signs were there but I couldn’t see them at the time (she was 2 years older then me & my 1st). suffice to say after reading this it hurt cuz it’s exactly how I felt (except from the money issues & jealousy) with her & when I found out she was cheating on me on 3 separate occasions, she manipulated & apologized to me until it didn’t work anymore, when she left me I also lost my job shortly after & if that wasn’t enough she had a child the year after we separated (we discussed it heavily when I thought we were in love). suffice to say I was utterly destroyed. Now I find myself severely attracted to another leo woman & all her qualities match her beauty but I’m a complete mess emotionally & financially (unemployed). we became friends & I feel we had a few “moments” together but I feel my current state of mind has kind of scared her off cuz I never really got closure & my life has gone down hill since 2010. I’m very depressed, have trust issues & literally alone most of the time. This leo girl is much younger but extremely mature, intelligent, fun & successful. I feel if I had her in my life she would bring a light into my life that is needed so badly but on the flip side I feel like a burden that would make her unhappy & I don’t want that, I’m so torn about pursuing her…

  57. mmh October 15th, 2013

    Wow this is pretty accurate! Im a leo woman and ive been with my scorpio for over a year and this is like our reationship, give or take different things.

  58. sexy2 October 6th, 2013

    Am with a leo woman with a scorpio man, My leo man is very caring passionate and very intelligent which i find very sexy and attractiveon the other end he is very posessive and jealous he wants to take control of my life but over my dead body. He’s vey social he makes me jealous at times alway talking and flirting with other women when am around, i tried talking to him about it but its seems  he has taken it for a joke so i would go out of my way at times to make him very jealous as well. He is very Stubborn so i have to finds ways to manipulate him so that he does exctly as i say.
    I’ve been in this relationship for 2yrs now the is sex is great best i every had and he is very humours feisty at times but humerous. Each time i try to venture out to do my own stuff he never encourages me and i like encoragement form my partner i get this feeling from him as if he doesn’t want me to anything and i hate it, he would give me a little bit encouragment at times but its not from his heart because i can read him like a book UCK….
    Anyways i will stand by him and hope for him to cahnge his ways i know that no one is perfect but this guy is a full time job.

  59. mc-bee July 20th, 2013

    i am a leo woman datng a scorpio man indeed he’s a secretive persn @ tmes , bt da sex is great n i feel so secure n easy to be around him , we had our moments when we talkd fo lyk hrs ..share mny stories, laugh togrda yeeeh man.. I’m so happy hve him ….cn’t say mch abt canser we don’t get along…..

  60. leo96 June 8th, 2013

    I am dating a Nov. 18 Scorpio and it has been an enjoyable experience.
    First we started off as … two people who knew each other and ocassionally spoke.
    One day I broke down in front of him and he took care of me. I am a July 25 Leo who has a hard time trusting the right people because I am very loyal. I went straight to him with my issue. I didn’t care too much for him because he seemed like an annoying person. I was friendly him but some days I was like why do I try?
    After that we spoke often and stayed up late talking. I spent time with him and three days into our friendship I admitted that I liked him. He asked me if I still liked his friend and if I liked anybody else. We were open with each other even though we liked other people.
     I felt secure with him. Then one night we’re a having a conversion about how he felt we were moving too fast? Yet he was already telling me that he loved me and I back? The second week he buys me a gift and we planned for him to meet my parents that weekend.
    I felt so strongly for him and when I was angry with him I was hoping that he would come to Mr showing that he cared that my feelings were hurt. My Leo ego was already thinking up ways on how to replace him so it wouldn’t hurt as bad. He apologized and he expressed how he was upset with me that I was upset with him. He wanted to do the worrying.
    (Earlier that week we kissed after he asked for permission)
    Next week we started dating and let me tell you! He is my favorite Scorpio. I have dealt with two other Scorps as friends and crushes and one was the typical moody scorp while the other seemed chill with life. It seems like all Scorps have a side that you least expect and I didn’t expect that with all three.
    My Scorpio is very loving and protective and sensitive. Before we started dating but after we kissed he started getting a little clingy for me. He always wanted to spend with me and dropped what he was doing for me. I didn’t want him to do that because he still had a life past me … Which he said he was open to dropping just to be with me.
    He is perfect and now I need him more than ever but he’s expressed how he needs me more than I him. Already he is talking about marriage and living with each other and anniversarys.
    I wish he would loosen up a bit and not get upset when I get upset because I don’t want him to stress. We are both emotional people and he gives me the affection and attention that I need in a partner. I’ve seen him withdraw and get angry but it seemed like through all that he still wanted to be near me when we could be. He’s apologetic when he gets in a mood and I appreciate that. I have grown up in a household where the guy didn’t apologize for his mood and we were the reason for it when we weren’t. So that was least expected.
    I struck gold when I found him and he likes to say that I’m his angel. We are perfect for each other and I greatly appreciate the universe giving me this calm and sweet Scorpio! I never find myself in a mood with him unless I’m angry and he’s there for me. We both live similar lives so it’s easier for us to understand each other.
    He made it easy for me to trust him. We are both long term people but I feel like he doesn’t see clearly sometimes. He speaks about us getting married and living with each other when we’re in college. I see all sides of our relationship and that we might split when it’s time for college. Anything can happen and he doesn’t want to see it. It’s okay though because we live one day at a time.
     He is my first love and I can see us together for the long run. He’s very curious and weird in his own way. He loves mind games and adventure and he has a little freak to him 😉 I am very nasty and get turn on by just the way he feels my thighs or way we hug. He compliments me but I feel insecure around him because I want our experiences to be enjoyable. And there is that gaze that makes feel timid but I take it in stride… 🙂

  61. Afrolash November 4th, 2012

    I am dating a scorpion man. I dont know what is going on sometimes I think I will let him date other females because he is always coming to me with stuff he doesn’t like that I do and it’s like seriously find someone else that is perfect for you. I don’t sit there all day talking about things I don’t like about him. We do cuddle alot lol and it’s really good but i don’t know if our personalities match at least for us to be together for a longtime. He is not possessive like I can pretty much flirt with whoever & probabbly screw whoever and he will just be there or maybe he is acting as if he is not. He doesn’t want to be public on fb and I even had my ex as my bf on fb and that didn’t even make him want to put me up there. Maybe we should just be friends with benefits. If I’m with someone I want the whole world to know it lol fb everywhere I don’t care. And acting a lil possessive wouldn’t hurt at least I know you don’t want to share me with someone else but he is just ugh sitting acting like everything is “laissez faire.” If I’m quiet, I get why are you so quiet? if I’m loud, I get why are you are being loud. Should we take a break?

  62. whtwzzrd88 October 1st, 2012

    Dear Leeza: 
    Scorpios are very persistant in what we want. Its takes a very long time for us to give up on someone even if we know we should. Its a curse. But there is something about you that attracts him and he is willing to fight for it.
    I say you should let your wall down and purr for him lol. I just now read your thing and maybe you already decided but hey there is my opinion lol

  63. LavaScorp September 24th, 2012

    I was with a Leo girl for about 3 years in my early 20s. Seriously, a powerhouse dynamic. All the frills of a great love life, plus a woman whose cooler and stronger than any of your male friends.
    *Spoiler Alert*
    The “both are very stubborn and proud” is a no joke warning. When this one comes to an end, it is war, gentlemen.

  64. jcole September 13th, 2012

    im a scoripo man and i am really n2 this leo girl, we have been talking alot she says she likes me but i just dnt kno if she is really just being nice when i fall for sum1 i fall hard and i have never felt this way about another girl i really wanna make this work im n it for the long run or i wouldnt even bother at all ive been telling her how i feel im a lil scared i came on too fast n strong but i just cnt help myself she is so pretty but its her personality that really attracted me to her how can i make her mine ive been doing everything i can to win her or should i just back off now so i dnt get hurt i kno we should rush things but i need to kno if im makeing the right choice to chase her plz help

  65. srivibala August 9th, 2012

    This is damn accurate I am a leo woman married to a scorpio man for 13 years. We have a beautiful daughter and life is at its best. But money matter is sooo true. But I have learnt to keep my ego in check because noone can be as loyal and as passionate as a scorpio man. Love scorpios!

  66. Leoroar June 25th, 2012

    I’m a Leo girl and I met this Scorpio man years ago. He was my classmate. I had a crush on him and I told him about it. LOL Leo’s are open and vocal when it comes to their true feelings. I told him everything. that time I don’t care what he’ll think because for me it’s now or never. We’re friends, even before I confessed to him but sometimes I think he feels awkward when I’m around and so am I! After I confessed he becomes more sweet than before, he would look at me, touch my hand, sit beside me, tease me, text and call. But he NEVER said that he likes me too. Sometimes he’ll text me first, sometimes no. sometimes I’ll chat him and he’ll reply then other times no. I’m confused! there’s also this time when he went to my house(we live in the same village btw) called me and said to go out but I didn’t cause I was surprise. I asked him why, he said he visited a friend near our house. Do you think I hurt his ego when I didn’t go out? My bff asked him if he likes me, he said NO. I’M CONFUSED! I don’t get him. Do you think he’s just making advantage because he knows I like him?

  67. eleeza February 9th, 2012

    Hmm…I actually have known a scorpio man for about 1 1/2 years now.  I’ve consistently given him hell over this period of time.  We’d talk for a while, I’d reject any moves he made on me, then we’d stop talking.  He’d seek me out later, and the same thing would happen.  But now I’ve gotten to know him a little better, and I’m taking him more seriously and considering the possibility of taking the situation more seriously.  I honestly can’t believe that he’s been so persistent over all this time.  The first hint of jealousy occurred the other day when I told him a male friend was coming to my house for a visit.  We are definitely not in a relationship, but he asked me if I like the guy, LOL.  I still don’t know where to take this, but I do see what this says in our relationship so far.  I am willing to take my wall of pride down and be a purring kitten for him, but I wonder how his intensity for me would change if I actually give in to him.

  68. leogirl January 15th, 2012

    Dear Scorpio 27:  The Leo girl often needs attention….it is mainly due to her insecurities….believe it or not…it is true! She would love to get it from the person she is with, rather than search to get it from somone else.  I think you should always follow your heart……and you guys should give each other a chance. When it comes to being intense…..well Scorpios are exteremely intense, leos just intense……and leos do not like to be controlled, perhaps you were trying to control her too much. Nevertheless she likes you.  You two should talk openly about your expectations.  And finally, do not ever listen to friends, or pseudo friends, etc, IT IS YOUR LIFE! You need to make a decision. If you are not ready for the sparks, for exciting, passionate relationship, go for some domesticated signs…and you know who they are.

  69. JordanLeigh January 10th, 2012

    It’s no problem at all, good luck to you.

  70. Scorpio27 January 10th, 2012

    Thanks a lot for the reply. 🙂
    Would you believe me if I said that the argument 2 years ago occured because I found her immature and voiced it? I was hoping she changed in those two years, but I’ve talked to her a bit after that post, and saw nothing to encourage me…she’s that same person. I’ve asked a couple of really close friends their opinions, and they both strongly objected to me going into this again. That’s saying something because both of them know the leo girl very well. I’ve decided not to go into the same mess again, and stopped communicating with her altogether. Now your post just helped my cause even further.

  71. JordanLeigh January 9th, 2012

    I see this is a later post, but I just wanted to give you my two cents so far as your predicament. I am a leo female, so I feel safe in saying that I know how the leo girl works. From what you’ve said, I think the reason she suddenly started flirting with you is because she sees you as a reliable source of attention. I know, b/c I’ve been that girl, I’m sad to say. It’s a sign of immaturity, which may or may not go away. It depends on whether or not life manages to humble her. If not, she will be bad news, for you. She may be turning you into her old reliable attention giver, and in that event, this will be happening over and over again, so long as you’re available to her. I would approach this with caution. I’m not saying there’s no chance, just to keep your eyes open, and don’t let her distract you with batting eyes.

  72. Scorpio27 December 13th, 2011

    I’m a Scorpio Who’s dated a leo girl for about 6-8 months…it was intense from my side but she apparently was never into it. This caused me to reach boiling point and we argued once, only once and that was the end of our relationship…That was over 2 years ago. I was hurt by that so badly that I think I completely lost faith in womankind and romance. I say this because a cancer and later a capricorn spent some time with me with romance in mind, but I just never felt anything…it felt like I was dead inside.

    Now for the last month or so the same leo woman is trying to be really friendly and flirting around with me again. I’m really confused as to what her motives may be. If someone goes from ‘acting like you didn’t exist’ to ‘I’m so into you’, what do you do? I’ve never been adventurous, and it’s putting me on red alert. What would you suggest I do? I think I realized she was never my type…flair and fashion never interested me, but it’s getting harder for me to stay away from her. I’ve read almost everywhere that once a leo-scorp couple breaks up, they never get back together.

    What’s going on? Should i indulge her? Or high-tail it before something worse happens? why’s she acting like this? My head says ‘beware’, but my heart says ‘give it a go’, who should I listen to?

  73. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    @Marvin ..thnax marvin..i know now, what lies ahead for the marriage which even before i said ‘ i do’ i know would never end in divorce..

    for you..quiet cancer n flirty pisces gals would have made your life hell becoz scorpio is loyal and asks same..telling by experience..fights r spice of life

  74. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    @Maressa ..true, being leo-virgo cusp both on moon n sun sign, i agree..a scorpio fits best with a virgo hint

  75. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    Lovely…my scorpio is just like described but i’s fun to be desired to the edge of possessivness by someone whom all try to hitch but he has eyes only for u, powerful as if he’s gobble u up…

    loveliest part is when i get annoyed he doesn’t leave till i give him a smile and all that without words just silly jokes.

    for leo lady’s remember..never hurt his ego or his manliness and he won’t let you forget your royalty.

    his devotion is unparalled and its worth all his outbursts-yeah, violent too..but if u keep mum he won’t let you stop smiling

  76. Maressa August 2nd, 2011

    I’m a Leo woman married to a Scorpio man and I have to say this is very, very accurate. When I was in a relationship with an Aries though I was very unhappy, he was a liar and a cheater, my father is not very different in this and he’s an Aries too. Back to Scorpio. We don’t have and never had any money issues at all even though we’ve had an account together for 2 years. We’re both reasonable in terms of money. Maybe it’s because my ascendant is Virgo? I don’t know. Anyway, our relationship is very deep and intimate. He is very affectionate and not afraid to show his affection for me in public. He loves me as I am and I love him as he is. I do have jealousy issues but we’ve had our share of fights and even a little violence from his side. BUT I have to say even though we have big fights we rarely have them. And it got less with time, he learned to control himself and I learned not to provoke him. The communication is great and very deep. For him I am the only person he really feels comfortable telling everything to. That’s what he told me recently. He’s pretty shy around others and doesn’t like talking at all but when he’s alone with me he’s a completely different person. Warmhearted, funny and lively. He needs to feel trusted cause he is a person I can trust. So an advice for you Leo girls: NEVER lose your jealousy completely but NEVER suffocate him with it. Got it? Then you’re ready for a lot of passion in bed and in romance, Mr. Scorpio is the perfect catch!

  77. La.Chiiquiis June 24th, 2011

    WOW, all this is so shocking. My sorpio man and I have been together fpr 8months, and although I think everyone is different and unique in their own special way… THIS IS WAY TOO ACCURATE.!!! It’s just almost exactkytthe way we both are with eachother except we’re not as public even if we want to. Considering my parents, but he’s dedicated and patient. He alwaysnmakes me feel beautiful, charming, and like it’s the very first day. Even when i feel and look my best. I read this and thinkyes this is how a Leo woman and Scorpio man are with eachother. I maybe young, but with him age doesnt matter. He gives me my space and time and hes faithful. He’s all I want in my “Dream guy”

  78. royce June 17th, 2011

    This is TOO on point!

  79. Luckyyiam May 23rd, 2011

    I’m a Leo woman with a Scorpio man, and I must say this is the most rewarding relationship I have ever had. The passion we have, is amazing, and we both can be stubborn, but we can talk to eachother about anything. Having my Scorpio man makes me want to better myself.

  80. sobaramasami April 19th, 2011

    i’m scorpio. In the past ten years, I had met three charming women who are leo, and all of them kept on hitting on me and were extremely attracted to me without even saying a word. On the other hand, when we had tried to build a long lasting relationship, they became extremely jealous and suspicious/trying to possess me.

  81. jhez1thickLEO April 2nd, 2011

    i jhez met a scorpio male…im really eager 2 c how this goes…attraction couldnt be any better b/n the 2 of us…my ex was a scorpio nd 2 b honest i luv every bit of it but i kind of think i was more of a creative sex partner 2 him than he was 2 me but i guess we manage because he always was readii back 2 the new scorpio boy am i nervous about him mainly because i have a wall up but because i catch myself letting it dwn because he’s always eager 2 c me…still kind of scares me because im not sure if he jhez out for the sex or sumthn serious but n the back of my mind i really do imagine the sex but who knows this site has been dead on about me hope i can get a couple tip jhez so if i c signs ill either know how 2 block them or inhanced them…hmmm SECRETLY!!! im anxious

  82. LovelyLeoLady March 27th, 2011

    Ah, but one thing not mentioned is that if Leo/Scorpio form a bond it is a lasting bond and a bond for life…I met my husband (Scorpio) in 1998 and we’re firm friends to this day…we can read each other’s thoughts and pre-empt and so on. I have to agree about the separate bank accounts though…much more rosy in our garden when we finally did that after 8 years!! I love my Scorpio man, always will.

  83. intelligentladyleo March 20th, 2011

    i just met a scorp man …and he is milatary so far is quiet and serious/ but doesnt hesitate to tell me what he is attracted to…has a sneakiness to him! So i guess we will see!

  84. leofemale March 19th, 2011

    WELL! If this doesnt describe my reltionship to a T…

    My scorpian and I have been together for 10 years. ALL of this is so true its scary. We knew better as far as money goes. Maybe one reason we have been together so long is because we have always had separate bank accounts.

    We have a child together and I truly hope we can work things out for their sake.

  85. Tam March 17th, 2011

    Jeeze, Guess I should have read this 4 years ago before I got married. lol. Me and my husband to the T!

  86. beautiful March 11th, 2011

    I’m a Leo lady and my boyfriend is a Scorpio man. The sex is so goood….

  87. LeoGiRLy March 9th, 2011

    I am a leo lady and just was looking around google and found this.. I just got outta of a messed up relationship with a scorpio man. He wasn’t a bad person but just a big CHEATER!! I am very upset but i guess i had it coming to me since i knew he would do such things. I heard that Leo’s go better with Taurus men.I was once with a Taurus man way back in high school and it was a very great relationship but we just moved far away and couldn’t make it work. I hope to find someone soon lets see if it is a Taurus man this time.. but for now i feel like i should be alone for now this scorpio creep took alot of my energy and time that i am all worn out. well good luck everyone!

  88. naresh March 7th, 2011

    i am scorpio man and my lover is leo woman is it aplicable for merrage because we love each other , pleas suges us. I request u….

  89. onenatasha November 18th, 2010

    I am with a scorpio. We’ve been dating for 6 months now. I live in Minnesota and planned on relocating to Atlanta with him. I am not so sure I want to anymore because he is very quiet sometimes which makes me feel like he is sneaky and has something to hide. He does get jealous and acts as if he is not. I am getting to the point where I don’t like to ask him questions because he is gets impatient with me causing me to shut down and not ask him anything else. When I’m quiet, he wants to snuggle up to find out what I’m thinking about, inquiring if it is about something he did. I really don’t know if this is going to work because I can request something and he automatically thinks I’m being demanding. I am really skeptical!

  90. Mzprttybrwneyez October 26th, 2010

    OMG! This has been the most accurate I have ever read for Scorpio man and Leo woman. I am a LEO woman and I’ve known my scorpion for 5yrs dated on & off for 4 and now been exclusive for the past 6 months. He says he doesn’t want a girlfriend but damn if he doesn’t play the role of “boyfriend” and clock my every move as if I am “girlfriend”. lol I am very feisty and set in my ways but he does everything to keep me calm and smiling and I do love him for that. He’s very quiet at times and it makes me wonder because he doesn’t show that much emotions but every once in a while I can see a lil jealousy when he makes comments about other dudes trying to flirt with me or say something on my FB page. Sex is beyond intense and he’s very family oriented. I can see he doesn’t always want me around his boys but I don’t mind because he always makes it clear how “f-ing sexy” I am so I figure he don’t want them near me. lol I love his aggressive side that surfaces at times because like I said, I a LEO and if you can stand up to me, I’ll love ya like no other!!! I plan to (like Keith Sweat sings): “Make it last forever” lol Good luck Scorps & Leos!!!!

  91. Arnold October 20th, 2010

    Everything here is so accurate if it were a baby’s bottom it would be squeeky clean. Im a scorpio male currently trying to find a way to make it work with a leo. I can tell she’s into me but her personality is so rock hard that its rare for me to read her motives. This only fuels my intuision to know her more…and i never backdown from a challenge!! Here I go!

  92. J Lavette October 14th, 2010

    I date a scorpio man and Im not sure about the financial aspect…but he is the most sensual lover ever and gain his heart…

  93. Achilles October 3rd, 2010

    I date a leo woman, she stubborn as fuck. But truth is so am I, you got all the key points right. Especially this part: “But how dare she try to tell him how to spend it.” 😉

  94. Marvin September 13th, 2010

    Wow! How unbelievably accurate!

    I’m a Scorpio man over 40 and have been with my Leo wife for 15 years. We can not get past our differences, but it’s our children and our stubborn loyalty to, not each other, but to our situation that keeps us together. The money situation is so…ON THE MONEY, and we did evenually get seperate accounts. I really had to put this in action. My wife tries to be crazy controlling with the money. We both like to spend and save, but the difference is I don’t bicker about money. Let me add I do bring home three times the money.

    There seems to always be a power struggle and nothing ever really gets resolved; just dies down. So we’ve lived years with the same issues. I try to explain things about our characters and why we may have these issues, but narcissism is always saying, “No. It’s your fault. There is thing wrong with me.” And God forbid I mention astrology and how it may effect our behavior towards each other. This is in effort to perhaps see into ourselves, so we can pause and think about what we are doing and how we are damaging the opportunity to come out of a dispute clean and unhurt. It rarely works. So I go back to fantasizing what it would have been like to enjoy a relationship with a Pisces or Cancer.

  95. ashley April 7th, 2010

    the reason their are probably not any comments for leo woman and capicorn man is because like me, they were aw struck by the truthfullness. omg,this sounds exactly like me and my scorpio friend.I cant wait to show him it creeped me out even looking at this. Who ever this is writing this is truly amazing, im going to definately recommend the sight.

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