Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Leo woman and Scorpio man have a passionate and intense relationship, but their pride and jealousy can lead to clashes.
  • Their sexual relationship is initially romantic but can become complicated due to the Leo woman's need for deeper devotion and the Scorpio man's possessiveness.
  • The Leo woman can attract the Scorpio man by being less dominant and complaining, and by letting him take the lead in the relationship.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 217 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

As the Leo and Scorpio falls for a love relationship, they become possessive of each other, which creates big issue between them. Each of them finds much to appreciate in each other and none shies away from a relationship when it gets intense. Leo appreciates Scorpio’s emotional commitment and Scorpio respects Leo’s strength.

A Scorpio man has magnetism in his personality which makes him different from everyone, wherever he goes. He is a man who is calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows what lay beneath his surface. It is usually a burning passion to achieve his goals or to get something he desires desperately. Getting in a relationship with Scorpio is no less then a dream come true for any woman as he is one man who gives loyalty, admiration and tender love altogether making a woman to live her life to its fullest. Never deceive a Scorpio because his rage is the last thing one will want to experience.

A Leo woman is generous, warm, caring and extremely social. Her independence and persona are very attractive and deserves applause. She tends to be social to appease the insecurities she has deep within. The admiration she gains from others keeps her on top of the world and feeds her pride. Her anger is ferocious and pampering her is the best way to maintain peace. Even in a relationship though she admires her man but she needs to be her own person. She can be a wife and a mother, but only for a while until she needs to spread her wings and fly.

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Scorpio man always feels a strong attraction towards Leo woman who is so sensual and warm from the first day. Both of them hold on relationships and value them, so it is quite likely that their relationship lasts longer than the others. However, neither of them is particularly flexible, and both of them are quite proud. As a result, jealousies and clashes are very possible with Leo woman and Scorpio man. Yet there is a lot of passion between these two, as both of them finds much to appreciate in each other. Her insecurities do not allow her to think that she can completely fulfill his insatiable need for sexual pleasure. She despises the fact that his deep gaze and intellect tries to pick her apart and analyze her further to find out what makes her tick.

This is an intense, often rocky, and passionate pairing. A relationship between Leo woman and Scorpio man is a passionate meeting full of power and pride. It is a very public type of relationship because of all of its sex appeal. His faith and loyalty are pure to her, regardless of her suspicious nature toward him. He is obsessed with sex and with Leo woman, his best qualities shine through the brightest. But his desire goes beyond just being hungry for sex. He explores the mysteries of his deepest desires to bring his experiences to new levels. He needs to do this to reach the new levels of ecstasy he so craves for. Her skepticism and jealous nature gets to him as he constantly needs her warmth and affection to keep him happy. If he doesn’t get this, he tends to get a bit skeptical and jealous himself.

Leo woman and Scorpio man shares same intensity in their relationship making it special with every passing day. There is something that they always can learn from each other making their togetherness an experience full of learning and excitement to be shared. He makes her more stable and makes her understand the meaning of deeper emotions while she gives him the lessons to make him more expressive. With element of water and fire blended together, the warmth can be gained easily once they both understand the value of unconditional love and devote each other like never before. Golden are their days and silvery are their nights, there is happiness in their words and eyes have glittering light.

The sexual relationship of Leo woman and Scorpio man has a delicate blend that in the beginning touches the romantic side of Leo woman but over time, her need for a deeper and more affectionate and imaginative devotion takes its place. Her frigid nature and jealousy that rears its ugly head from time to time only sets to excitement of him making their sexual life even more complicated. If she doesn’t learn to play along and he is rejected too many times he simply loses interest and punishes her by turning his back to her when she needs him the most. To make the love making interesting she has to take the first step and become less dominant and complaining. This will intensify the passion of the Scorpio man bringing out his best and satisfying her with the best she could ever imagine. The best way to arouse him is to become a good receiver and let him has his way to make her feel special and loved.

Jealousy, stubbornness, possessiveness and resentment are qualities that are instilled into Scorpio man just as deep as they are instilled into Leo woman. Argument could be over money. She likes to spend it and she spends it on lavish items, items that makes her feel good. Scorpio man likes to abundantly spend his money also, but he hates being dictated by anyone in this matter. The best and often only way, to settle this quarrel is to not even start one in the first place. A separate finance for each is the only way to go. With some calming effects and separation between them, Leo woman and Scorpio man can have a beautiful and lasting relationship. In this case, an outside source, such as a mutual career or target is beneficial in the unity of these two. A child is their best bet. One step at a time to help bridge the gaps between them.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility Rating

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  1. Lynxa October 18th, 2023

    Leo woman here with a scorpio man who goes against the norm. He is not faithful but moreso takes the game-playing role much more important to him. His magnetism is his downfall because his ego loves it too much to quit when Leo gets jealous of him giving allllllllllll his attn to all his “friends”. They tell me its me, you’re the one, but I see differently. If he can’t contain himself to save for me what I need then he is no use to me. I’m not getting what I NEED. & he has shown me more than once, i just doesn’t matter. So, I come back at him with the lioness’ ferocity and it never works of course, because as everyone knows, scorpios feel theyre never wrong. I’ve had enough for this leo woman. His mind is too set in his ways. He believes he’s the shit & even tho I know he is, if I don’t get what sustains me, I cant go on with it.

  2. Ashleyy January 17th, 2022

    Hello, im leo woman . Now dating with scorpio guy.
    Want to ask.. please give me advice..
    Is scorpio guy love to drink alcohol and go to party?
    What really scorpio desire?
    From i know scorpio love to stay in the quiet place
    But somehow stilll want to go party?
    Im typical leo girl who loves peace and calm.
    Im confuse with my scorpio. Help please.
    Just want to know thanks

    • Aug February 3rd, 2022

      Going to parties & drinking alcohol is an extremely subjective+situational thing. Someone’s sun sign wouldn’t tell you anything about that. Sun signs are not even the tip of the huge iceberg which the birth chart is. People’s moon signs are equally important as their sun signs, or even MORE important arguably.

      Treat people as individuals, NOT as zodiac signs, and if you still want to use astrology, then use it more responsibily… like being well versed on basic astro stuff(ascendant, sun-moon combo, inner chart etc).

      Here’s an example. There’s a really cool person I know, he’s a Scorpio with an Aquarius moon…. he’s INCREDIBLE at reading people, being psychic, guessing people’s signs etc. Me & him were once talking about some leo sun lady, who is an artist. I knew this lady, he didn’t… he only knew her by face. We were talking about her for certain reasons, and I showed him her art, and after looking at her art, he quickly remarked “is her birthday in September or something… this (her art) some virgo shit right here.”
      The only info here he had was her body language+face(coz he had seen her a few times), and her art. I replied that no, she was a leo & her birthday was in August.
      He slightly frowned, looked randomly somewhere rolling his eyes(like he was processing/thinking)…. He then said, let’s check her(the leo sun artist’s) birth chart.

      To my shock, that lady’s moon sign, mercury sign & venus sign WERE ALL IN VIRGO. That’s why she never seemed “leo enough” to me. Since that day, I decided to NEVER indulge in surface level sun sign cringe. There’s so much more to all of it, and people are individuals at the end of day, not signs. You should treat your dating life like that, don’t try to label people,… though you can use astrology as a reference mechanism.

      • Ashleyy February 7th, 2022

        Hello , thank you for your story. Its mind blowing..
        and thankyou to open my mind.
        so as your mention, its mean moon, mercury, venus more relate to individual character rather than the rising sign?

      • Aug February 12th, 2022

        @Ashleyy what I meant was that all those placements come into play, including the rising sign. And even after all that, people are individuals, it’s their own personality/freewill which will decide what merits or demerits they utilise from their birth charts. What you can do is to study those placements & study how the combination of placements work. But never start labelling people into X or Y. Drinking alcohol & going to parties can be loved or hated by scorpio men equally, some might like it, some might not & some might be just indifferent towards it. You should figure out the answer to your question by observing the guy you’re referring to, or ask him if likes it or not…. You didn’t provide more context… What did you mean by “typical leo”…. Did you mean that you party & drink alcohol? Does that bother your scorpio? If yes, then he probably doesn’t like this lifestyle of yours…. More context is needed, may be he’s okay with partying & drinking, but if you do that excessively,.. he might have a problem with that. I mean a lot of people will have problem with such a lifestyle, regardless of their zodiac signs. Moon sign btw is important af, some view it as more important than sun sign. The combination description of sun sign moon sign of a person is quite informative too.

    • Miichelle February 12th, 2022

      Hello Ashley I been dating my husband for 12 years now he’s Scorpio and I’m Leo woman , my opinion my Scorpio doesn’t like going to parties if hes going to drink he does it home and just spend time together , he desires to achieve in he’s goals and not fail on he’s family I’m also a calm person but it’s a bit difficult because I like the fun and enjoy life and Scorpio is more like keeping it to himself one thing I don’t like since day one is that I always show my love sweet side towards him and he’s so hard to show the love he got for me I know he loves me but Scorpio don’t show what they really feel but one thing they are sure of what they want in life they get mad easily jealous etc. And when it comes to intercourse it’s fire the best that can happen … As long as there communication loyalty love they should be no problem .

      • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit February 12th, 2022

        Thanks Michelle Agree completely as same combination here…loved your beginning “dating my husband since 12yrs”
        Happy valentine’s day to both of u My 6th valentine with my scorpio n me his leonine

      • Ashleyy March 2nd, 2022

        Thank you @aug for your information . How exactly know moon sign is bad or good towards character? I mean i read another story on other article there is specific moon sign of scorpio sun that is bad traits & good trait . Do you agree with that? And mention that leo and scorpio is bad combination.. sometimes if i read those bad news i feel it come true to mine. Sadly..

      • Mans Venus n woman’s Jupiter signs should match …that’s most impt..rest one can’t predict marriage…it’s different from love even in charts

      • Ashleyy March 2nd, 2022

        Hello Miichelle, loved your story 🙂 .
        Im already 10years with my scorpio man as boyfriend and soon we will going to marriage together.. can’t imagine we can hold on this far.. i hope we can go for thousand years together 😀
        And same to me! My scorpio man won’t talk too much. i learn to know him by silent. If i am true he still don’t want confess it.
        Used to be he didn’t like show his feeling in front of people, but then now thanks God he already upgrade for abit show his love in front of people..

        But stilll.. how to make scorpio become a communicative man? Sometimes i still can not understand what is going on in his mind and what is he wants. He dont even tell me.. i feel like wtf, im not a master mind person i dont even know what he wants.. haha

        can someone teach me how to make scorpio man spill or tell me what their want exaclty? I hate he keep silent too

        And same to me. why scorpio so easy get mad? I feel like do nothing but he easily get mad. How do you take care of your man if they easily get mad?

      • Make him laugh a lot…that opens them up n Leos r master humorists

      • Ashleyyy March 2nd, 2022

        Hello Miichelle, loved your story 🙂 .
        Im already 10years with my scorpio man as boyfriend and soon we will going to marriage together.. can’t imagine we can hold on this far.. i hope we can go for thousand years together 😀
        And same to me! My scorpio man won’t talk too much. i learn to know him by silent. If i am true he still don’t want confess it.
        Used to be he didn’t like show his feeling in front of people, but then now thanks God he already upgrade for abit show his love in front of people..

        But stilll.. how to make scorpio become a communicative man? Sometimes i still can not understand what is going on in his mind and what is he wants. He dont even tell me.. i feel like wtf, im not a master mind person i dont even know what he wants.. haha

        can someone teach me how to make scorpio man spill or tell me what their want exaclty? I hate he keep silent too

        And how you manage your scorpio man when he easily get mad??

      • U keep calm or i as Leo revert with same force back ..n he doesn’t want to mess us up so shuts up 😊

      • Ashleyy March 2nd, 2022

        Hello Miichelle, loved your story 🙂 .
        Im already 10years with my scorpio man as boyfriend and soon we will going to marriage together.. can’t imagine we can hold on this far.. i hope we can go for thousand years together 😀
        And same to me! My scorpio man won’t talk too much. i learn to know him by silent. If i am true he still don’t want confess it.
        Used to be he didn’t like show his feeling in front of people, but then now thanks God he already upgrade for abit show his love in front of people..

        But stilll.. can someone tell me how to make scorpio become a communicative man? Sometimes i still can not understand what is going on in his mind and what is he wants. He dont even tell me.. i feel like wtf, im not a master mind person i dont even know what he wants.. haha

        And how to manage your scorpio man when he easily get mad? Thank you

      • Read his actions…his subtlest smiles n eye sideways when he doenst approve

      • Ashleyy March 3rd, 2022

        Hello Miichelle, loved your story 🙂 .
        Im already 10years with my scorpio man as boyfriend and soon we will going to marriage together.. can’t imagine we can hold on this far.. i hope we can go for thousand years together 😀
        And same to me! My scorpio man won’t talk too much. i learn to know him by silent. If i am true he still don’t want confess it.

        how to manage your scorpio man when he easily get mad?

        And for me as leo lady, im worry too much..
        can someone tell how do i know that scorpion man didn’t flirt? As i am know some article said that scorpio like to flirt another girl..

      • Ashleyy March 6th, 2022

        Im so sorry, couple days ago the signal gone bad , i double click the comment not show up.. but later on it showed 4th time 🙁

    • Manaya January 29th, 2023

      Yes, I’m “talking” to a Scorpio man. He does drink and parties a couple a times a week. But, I wonder if he was in a committed relationship would he be different. Who knows.

  3. John August 30th, 2021

    Really? This article is fawning over a Scorpio man, completely ignoring his shortcomings in a relationship and putting all the blame on Leo woman. Not even one negative thing was said about Scorpio man but plenty about Leo woman. We all know that there’s two to tango and this article is extremely biased.

  4. Guinnivere March 16th, 2021

    I’m a Leo woman. I dated a lot of Leo men and my first husband was also a Leo. It was a battle royal for the throne everyday. Which is exciting when you’re young but not when you get older. My current husband is a Scorpio and he’s amazing! Scorpio is so intense and smoldering. It can be overwhelming at times but I’m so much happier with him then I ever was with Leo men. We never have royal battles. Scorpio has their own throne. Scorpio is like King Neptune or maybe Hades. Very powerful, but in their own way. I love it and I’m very happy with my Scorpio hubby.

  5. Ashley March 7th, 2021

    I’m a Leo female. Not like the one described. I don’t like to spend money, I don’t like to be center of attention. Just a few things in here that just aren’t me lol. Anyways, I met my scorpio man when I was 12. I was like a little girl crushing on her favorite celebrity haha. We were best friends from the day we met. We kept our “relationship” a secret.. because it would just cause alot of drama for us. But we let the other live their life, then everytime we saw each other..it was like we were together. But finally, he asked me to stay the night after a party. (I was like a high-school girl walking into her crushes room) I had been waiting for SOOOOOO long for this night. Only to have him not try ANYTHING with me. I was devastated. Thought there was something wrong with me. I ended up having to move in with him cause my family was moving away and I didn’t wanna go. After a month of sleeping in the same bed, it finally happened. He told me he didn’t want just a physical relationship. Which was so cute. Now, we’ve been together 15 years.. and have three beautiful children together. Hes the most amazing man. After having our third child. I died giving birth to him on our bathroom floor. My husband was devastated. The emts brought me back to life and rushed me to the hospital. I ended up having preeclampsia. (Really high blood pressure) I died once again at the hospital. The last thing I remember was my husband looking through the little window as I dosed off. I still remember his face that night. When I came too. The nurse told me it’s a miracle I’m still alive. I ended up losing feeling from rhe waist down. Had to learn how to walk again, use a walker. I ended up being blind for 6 months. And before all of this.. I knew my husband loved me. But during all of this… I got to see that this man would literally do ANYTHING for me. He picked me up and carried me everywhere on the days I just wasn’t strong enough. He took three months off work (which he won’t even take a day off when he’s puking his brains out) during those three months.. he took care of three kids. While still picking me up 100 times a day. Picking me up 15 times a night so I could go to the bathroom. He bathed me everyday. I just.. idk what I did to deserve such an amazing husband and father to our kids. Hes so good to us. Three years after all of this. Hes still busting his ass everyday, and coming home and still asking how I’m doing. (I’m stuck living with severe nerve damage in my legs. So some days I can’t walk or do anything.) Hes just so caring, always puts us first. I try to always do things for him, and he just won’t let me lol. Anyways sorey for the long story. I just love my scorpio man.

    • Aug March 14th, 2021

      OMFG this made me cry. DAMN, you got a Phoenix for sure. You do realize how RARE that is!! What a beautiful love story omg. Catch him out of the blue, pull him in a corner & just look into his eyes, tell him how much it all means to you, tell him how deeply you love him. He’ll be so happy. Damn, such EPIC love stories, it’s ALWAYS on scorpio men forums that I read them. Wow

    • Chris Boucher April 10th, 2021

      Amazing! I appreciate the long story! I couldn’t stop reading! I’m glad you’re ok and you’re husband is a bad ass! All the best from a Scorpio dude in Canada! Honestly though, what a beautiful story before I call it a night. Thanks for sharing it. 😊

    • Nicole April 14th, 2021

      ❤️ Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, I am in the beginning of a new relationship with a Scorpioan man, and I’m a Leo too, I’m more like you, I’m not lavish, I don’t spin money, I’m not flamboyant in any manner, but I do believe in beautiful love. and you are so lucky to find such a great man.
      many blessings sweetie.

    • Shonta July 27th, 2021

      OMG!!! I love this. I’m a leo and I am not any of those things you named either. I met my Scorpio last year. (Yep claiming him already) I don’t know what it is but it’s something between us that I can’t explain. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with us

    • Fiona Stanley August 30th, 2021

      I don’t think an apology is necessary. Reading your story made my whole heart smile. I’m a young leo woman, single mom, and I was starting to lose hope in finding someone that would love me and be with me “forever” . I was starting to lose hope in a happy ending for myself. Until recently I met a guy who is all together just amazing oh, so sweet and kind and caring . I haven’t ever felt an emotional connection with a guy like this before. It makes me start to feel like I’m a silly teenager getting all bashful and giddy around him LOL and he gets just as bashful and giddy around me to he’s so cute. Reading your story was just one more thing to give me hope in my happy ever after again… I hope that maybe he just might be it. Thank you for sharing 🥰

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit September 7th, 2021

      About that no off from work..mine is similar…it really annoys me that even if he has a broken leg he would go to work…thanks …scorpio men really know how to b devoted in love n that’s every woman’s dream

    • nazanin May 29th, 2022

      sorry what is ur birthday and ur husbands birthday?

  6. Q February 16th, 2021

    I recently met this scorpio guy & I have known a few sun sign scorpios in the past, but there’s something about him, i cannot put it in words, something other worldly. My heartbeat starts to explode each time I see him. Butterflies in the stomach, getting nervous etc. I have never felt like this before. I feel naked when he looks at me, actually everyone gets that way around him or when he talks to them…. people easily open up to him & I can confirm that myself. Our first interaction was four of us common network friends ending up together due to a certain situation… What was supposed to be a 30-45min chit-chat, ended up being a 4hr long talking. Him being the most prominent reason for that… OMG now that I think about it, four of us developed an actual true friendship sort of bond in those 4hrs, I wouldn’t even have had that experience if it wasn’t for him,
    we wouldn’t have been able to know each other at all. It’s just so damn comfortable around him. It’s a feeling of life.. if that makes sense, I can’t express it in words… there’s something about him, how can someone be so good & sensible. Made me rethink my whole life. I remember that my plan was to just pass the time quickly so that I could get out of the situation that day, but everything went out of the window the moment he looked at me with those watery eyes. Four of us have been great friends since. I am a mature Leo or evolved Leo, however you wanna put it. He has a an ENORMOUS amount of knowledge, but loves to act like a idiot LMAO because there’s more fun in that, doesn’t like showing off, but can talk about shit if you are of similar caliber. I also have interest in all the stuff he talks about & we both have a similar thought process. And ooofffff let me don’t even begin talking about the sexual tension, damn I have never felt so turned on by someone. It’s not about just the looks if anyone reading this is assuming that he’s “extra good looking” or something… He’s 5’9.5″ & yes he’s fit & handsome, but it’s his terrific personality which makes him attractive. I an alpha woman but with him, I trust him to take the lead. He makes everyone feel special, it’s the little things he does, but makes me feel extra special because of how protective he’s of me. Once we were walking down a path in a group & it was dark, all of us were busy in our conversations with each other, I didn’t notice a bigass pothole in front of me coz of the dark & just like that, he didn’t say anything,.. pulled me to his side so that I wouldn’t fall in it, I immediately saw the hole, didn’t think much & continued talking. Lol felt like a couple moment. It’s these little things, neither I said anything nor did he… like a mutual trust or chemistry we have. I am planning to ask him out. Lets see :’)

    • Qs March 2nd, 2021

      Did you ask him out? How’s it going?

    • Qs March 2nd, 2021

      Did you ask him out? How is it going?

    • Krys March 2nd, 2021

      I am home experiencing this right now. I’m also a leo woman, and getting into a relationship with him feels scary and exciting at the same time. Makes me giddy just when I think about it. And I don’t know why, but I just feel so drawn to him. Anyway, I hope this leads to a good and lasting relationship, because I have never felt this way before.

    • Aug March 4th, 2021

      OMG you’re lucky !! What are your moon signs??? And are you from the millennial generation or GenZ? Rising signs & other stuff would also help.

      Please Ignore that I just got carried away with excitement & happiness after reading your comment🤪🤪🥴💩

  7. BK_0708 October 27th, 2020

    Any leo girl here who dated aries and libra men?? Well I did and they are supposed to be my compatible matches. But it never worked out, aries & libra are part of the same axis, and my experience with A LOT of them is them being selfish bastards, whinny cry babies, self proclaimed VICTIMS, beta males who don’t know how to EVER man up & insecure little bitches. It’s for those crap experiences reasons that I got into astrology & let me tell u that “knowing” that these are typical traits of the aries-libra axis DOESN’T HELP. Just makes me more aware & tolerant of their behavior, but that doesn’t mean I have to stay with them… when those sensitive little princesses can’t seem to care about anyone else but themselves.

    I got more into zodiac & read about all the other signs too, also how their compatibility with my sign Leo works out. I’m not one of those self centered narcissistic annoying stereotypical leo bitches… I’m an evolved Leo, I have mars, venus mercury also in Leo, but I have a Capricorn rising & Capricorn moon, Neptune on the ascendent. Never had any Scorpio experiences,.. from what I read & watched, one common theme & REALLY the strongest characteristic of Leo-Scorpio match is the BANG ON SEX. Well, some signs are more popular, while others are less… you could see that from the sky rocketing number of views/comments on scorpio videos/articles, compared to all the other signs. And I ain’t no small cookie either😎, so naturally I got more interested in this sign to figure out what was all the hype about. And yeah, the whole vampire description of them did make me interested enough to want to have at least one scorpio experience. But nothing happened around that time, no scorpio entered my life, like literally I don’t even have scorpio acquaintances. Am forever surrounded by Virgos, Cancers, Taureans.

    It’s indeed a correct saying that only when you stop expecting/looking for something you want, it comes to you when you least expect it. Recently, the lockdown has been slowly unlocked through out last few months, I started going out for exercise to a place in our city. Basically, out city is near mountains, has lots of parks & that place is more of a forested centre where people come for recreation, walking, jogging, cycling.etc. I go there every morning & on weekend evenings too. There I met my scorpio guy. So it went like this, I used to walk around & I started noticing this guy with his friend (sometimes two friends) walking around, ALWAYS Discussing SOMETHING. Like you would look from the outside & the impression you would get is they are busy talking about the most important thing in the world. Each time I passed them, I would hear some words, “interesting words” which made me even more fascinated like WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT I WANNA KNOW. Like what would you expect me to be, IGNORE IT when I’m normally going by my workout & hear out of nowhere words like ATLANTIS, “Age of Aquarius” & “Indo Europeans from North India to Ireland”… Like it’s enough to make anyone WONDER what’s going on & these are just a few bits, I haven’t even begun. Probably the first time in my life that I chased a guy. He too noticed me, we somehow ended up interacting because we were just crossing paths way too many times to not talk.. our region’s culture is still very social, not everyone’s addicted to technology & I know he won’t say it out loud, but he LOVES to look at me… Uhmmm it makes me blush & horny when he stares at me like that😋😍… Btw I’m 5years older than him… The bang on sex rep between our signs was true, I can’t keep my hands off him & he finds me too damn sexy. He whispers some REALLY REALLY naughty shit in my ears, I have never had sex like this before. I get out of breathe when we kiss, each time I lose my mind. He has a sagittarius rising(Pluto on the ascendent) & aquarius moon. He does act like a mad scientist, that’s some comedy when he is being like that, he’s super intelligent … although scorpio is still the most dominant sign in his chart(Venus, Mars). When he’s intense, it’s INTENSE. He looks into my eyes my soul & all I can think of is trusting this man with everything. He truly loves me, it’s like some deep invisible bond or connection we have, I have never experienced this kind of romance before, it’s unreal. Let’s see how it goes, hopefully I’ll be his wife some day 😉

    • Batman's_WonderWoman November 22nd, 2020

      I have a good experience with aries men & libra men. From what I can tell, the annoying childish behavior is the main characteristic in both of them…which is not surprising, considering they are opposites of the same axis. I like aries men in the way that at least they are annoying & stupid right from the beginning. The other person knows what they are getting into with aries men. We should be compatible, but idk if it’s just me or other leo women share similar opinions, but I would not like them as romantic partners…even though I know where all that FIRE in them comes from. I’m sure there must be highly developed great aries men out there, who dont act like cry-babies. Libra men on the other hand(those I have known/met) are super fake & deceptive, not to forget the INSECURITY. Both aries libra men males (as well as females) DO LOVE TO GOSSIP. I mean libra men are worse than girls. The stereotype about most girls usually being back bitting bitches who can’t be friends with each other is true, but at least one can still find awesome girls who aren’t like that. Can’t say the same about libra men (or libra women). No offense, but honestly libra are pu**ies😛… , Sorry, I should avoid generalising them all…because stereotyoes exist for my own sign too. Not all leo women are sluts or drama queens. Although I come across as a dominant individual in any situation, but I’m a really shy person. Same rules applies to other signs too. They say scorpios are all bad & cruel… my scorpio boyfriend is the funniest person i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His hot hot super hot intensity only comes out during sex or when he’s working or when he’s angry. I know many other scorpio males & females, they all fit in all the different symbols of Scorpio. Only my boyfriend fits the Phoenix stage so I guess…. JACKPOT😎🤪

    • Som March 2nd, 2021

      How’s it going now?

  8. Todd October 7th, 2020

    I am a Scorpio man in love with my Leo woman. We have already had our battles and differences. We have found that happy medium on a few subjects. She still fusses at me trying to help her in every day things. She is very independent and headstrong but the way she loves me is my dream come true. We’re both jealous types that distrust those around us, but we know deep down that we’re loyal and faithful.
    She is my good side for in a straight up outlaw. Love for us seems destined and I’ve no doubt that we’ll be together forever. She really does compliment me in every way.
    Communication is key to make it, and No Secrets! Leos and Scorpios to me is the ultimate match. Fire and water make power…

  9. Pam September 28th, 2020

    Well. Some leo woman are very inmature, possesive and narcissist.
    I am a leo woman but I think. She has lost the interest about you in that relationship.
    She didnt love you not because you have any problem.. Because she didnt know what love means.
    She are very unrealistic person who wanna everything going perfect because after all she is the qeen and who can domine a leo woman?. Seriously no one. Hahahhaa. She needs to love truely and feel the same rejection as you have felt and one day when she feel like normal person feels then she will realized how much love you was giving her and how much sadness and dissapointed a person who loves feel when the love one is rejected.
    My advice is: Talk seriously with her .. You seem to be a good scorpion man. Tell her that you are tired and you wanna give up and its Ok still friend if you want.
    If she appreciate you.. She will think before you go. If she act as normal and accept.. Just leave her and dont ever back again. Love is not a egos play.. Love is for strong people with a empathy this is one scorpio man tought me. Thats why now I know I truely love him. 💕💕💕. Good luck and all the best!!

  10. Ennah May 19th, 2020

    Hi I’m Ennah I’m into relationships with Tony.. Well he is.. A man I wanted and waited but honestly were too far from each other now.. But all the traits and attitudes I read and learn from this is all true.. He is the man that would love to give you all pampering you with there love material things and I wish I could be with him… Yeah we almost got lot of arguments but I’m always adjust and being patient Cox I love him. And I know even his come from a toxic relationship before I learn to accept the way he is.. I choose always to stay and keep him coz I know he is loyal to me… Hope our relationship get last and come to real.. And pray that God guide as until we meet…

  11. Jessica April 26th, 2020

    I am a Leo and my boyfriend or ex whatever you want to call is a Scorpion much older man. In the past being in a relationship with him was my joyest moments. He said went can’t be together because of the family. I remember I couldn’t eat for days and just suicide. Friend and family saw that I was a complete different person. I’ve cancel show appearances. So one day started slowly healing and it took years and still is taking me long to heal because I’ve ghosted him. Meaning I’ve disappeared out his life and my family’s life. I’ve travelled and got myself back together. He has not heard from me for 6 long years. Within the 6 long years after cutting him out. Last year 2019, I decided to call him. We talked long. He promised to pay a visit to me. Never showed up so I cursed him out. Every ugly low negative name you can never think off. Then he called me a week later to see if I am calm down. I said yes, we chatted and chatted finally getting somewhere then he wanted to meet for real but only this time with a girl who he has fully been with. He said he has a girlfriend but the one coming he never slept with her. I never believed him. I said ok let’s meet. I felt awkward. Since then we met distrust meeting. Then we talked again on the phone. From there weeks in and and weeks out on end he would send me his music and interview stuff. I never listened till one day I did. I started crying regretting OMG why did I contact him. I called him as he was waiting for my call we talked so long close to an hour about life. I missed he will always remain in my heart. But I went to a pyshic she said the reason he is nice so he can have a second chance with you but then another psychic said. He does not want to missed another opportunity with you. You both will become stronger. Tony Anthony has so many choices but he chooses you. Call him. And I did. We were getting somewhere. That’s my story. His the only one, I appear strong but I’m not. His the only who can calm me, protect me and to reinsure me.

    • HurtLeo April 26th, 2020

      I’m a Leo woman and I’ve had so many Scorpios that I’ve dated do yourself a favor and stay away from them they ain’t no good are they going to do is play my games come in out your life and Leo’s are the perfect Target to do it to at this point I don’t even deal with them you tell me you were Scorpio and I won’t even think twice talk to you I absolutely hate that zodiac sign

      • Brain September 28th, 2020

        Go float urself

  12. Allyecandra Clarye(Leo ♌🌹) April 11th, 2020

    Hi, i’m a Leo girl, and i’m 13 years old. To be honest, i am in a relationship with a Scorpio boy this year. His name is Hiezael Farrel, and he is 14 years old. Bye the way, i was happy i am together with him for 2 months!🤩 I also like how the way he respected me and giving much more attention to me! At school, both of us would stay away from each other for a but while because people have been talking about both of us in the school. So, we made up a plan to let them think that we already broker up, but we we’re not!😂😅 Some of my friends in the school were asking if both of us broker up, and i lied, saying yes!😂😂😂 They actually believed in that lie, but some of my friends also knew that me and him are still together, but i kept on lying!😅🤣 He was the best guy i’ve ever met in the whole world! If i don’t have a guy like him in the first place, i would be in depression forever, hahaha!😂 He is also caring, kind-hearted and he can sometimes be jealous, and when he’s jealous, he can get really protective!🤗💝 Now, he is the only one that i really love until the end…😍 I hope my relationship with him will be long…okay, that’s all for today, goodbye and have a nice day! Stay safe and stay at home!🙋🥀

    • Brian September 28th, 2020

      Ur gonna go far..good luck 🙂

  13. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Leos are like gold, shining brightly. But they might be better off learning to “let go” more.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for LEO: https://youtu.be/3S5PqjeTBVE


  14. Niyah November 13th, 2019

    Well I had energy to wright this long paragraph but I changed my mind moving forward I’m a Leo lady and I am not going back to ah Scorpio to save my life.. He and I been on and off for many years but the last time I left it was eight months and I was able to let go of the deep feelings well (Scorpio) Wantec to come back around me (Leo) With my guards up ended up giving in he was pretty convincing only to tell me he’s not ready for a relationship 🤬🤬🤬 … Are you serious you did all that Gaslighting to this I’m over it crazy thing is I’m numb to his bullshyt so I I’m not hurt I didn’t trust his actions anyway, Ontop of that I’m completely fine with never speaking or seeing him again.. Good luck to all ps the communication got better but after 6.1 Years

    • Ev December 6th, 2019

      OMG! I went through a very similar situation! I am a Leo woman and he is an Scorpio man. We were together on and off for three years. Communication sucked. It was the worst I have ever dealt with in a man. We tried so hard to make things work out but he was very stubborn, proud, ignorant, and resentful. Don’t get me wrong, we also had our great moments that convinced me of possibilities that maybe things between us would work out. Anyway, whenever we’d break up, it was because he wasn’t sure he was ready for a relationship. And that was because it was so hard for him to be a stable. He always felt as if he was never good enough for me. All of this insecurity lead myself to mentally prepare myself for a separation. At the end, I was able to walk away knowing that I gave it my all. I gave him so many sources to read so that we could improve. And all I got from him was telling me “sources are boring”. And because I felt a lack of effort. I knew than, that leaving was the right decision to make.

      • atp December 7th, 2019

        Oh noooo evie!!!!
        I am so sorry you went through this.
        Was he a stuck-up cocky bastard with an egomaniac tendencies??
        What was he resenting????
        when people say they are not ready it’s usually a polite way of dumping.
        Both sexes do that. But don’t you worry, we all deserve better. xoxo

      • Amour January 23rd, 2020

        I’m a Leo woman and I love my scorpio man but when I tell yalll our communication is terrible. When were god it’s great but when it’s bad whewww chile We’ve known each other for 11 going on 12 years and dating on and off for geesh about four

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