Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer man and Leo woman share a great connection and understanding.
  • They have a strong physical relationship based on compassion and shared desires.
  • The Leo woman can attract the Cancer man with her grace and generosity.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 226 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Fire and Water make an astonishing amalgam of passion and calmness between a Leo and a Cancer. There is likely to be an enormous attraction between the two and warmth of expression which both the signs need to feel comfortable in a relationship. But sometimes Fire may horrify the Water, leading to devastation.

A Cancer man is basically a strongly focused and determined person with great sense of humor and pronounced leadership skills. He is quite enduring and shows a lot of compassion. Once he aims for something, he hardly looks back or regret on his decision. In love with a Leo woman, he can play the role of an ideal romantic lover effortlessly. He easily woos his Leo woman with his loving nature and perfect gentleman attitude. But his possessiveness can make her uncomfortable and his mood swings may also confuse her during their courtship.

A Leo woman is an extremely graceful woman with all the tantrums and delicacies possible. She loves challenges and takes them head-on. She is full of pride and elegance and doesn’t stand to any ridicule. Generally she is an exceptionally generous and warm lady with all the qualities of leadership. When in love with a Cancer man, she gives passion and strength to their relationship. She respects him but in return demands equal respect and some more devotion from him. She is fairly a lady of high dignity but if she doesn’t get enough attention, she goes around to other places to have it. This flirting nature of hers can make the Cancer man insecure at times.

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A Leo woman is a magnificent mate for a Cancer man. She is very kind and active partner who brings cheers and fervor in the life of the Cancer male. The mood swings displayed by him can annoy her but being a generous person, she tends to forgive quite easily. She always stands by him to support him during all the thick and thin. She provides her man with the much needed emotional security through her warm and generous nature and her passionate way of loving him. The great sense of humor of Cancer man keeps the spirits of his Leo female high as a result of which she gives him complete devotion and dedication.

A Cancer man perfectly makes the man of a Leo woman’s dreams. Though at times she finds him strange due to his insecure nature but his sensitivity always impresses her. He provides a cocoon for the Leo girl to protect her from the people who are most likely to hurt her and make her feel very secure in his presence. He never dominates on his lady and let her make her own decisions. Most of the times she has an upper hand in making decisions, but when her thought process becomes too capricious, then he takes charge of things with all his power and wisdom. He expresses his displeasure towards his Leo love in a very subtle manner instead of losing his temper. His composed attitude helps her to become more loyal and take the relationship more seriously.

The compatibility between the Cancer man and Leo woman can be extremely good as lovers as they give up all the grudges and fall deeply and selflessly in love with each other. He who is totally in love with her supports her to take the leap in to a career which interests her and he also let her take the reigns of the house. At the same time, she respects him and follows his lead with complete devotion. She inspires him to become more experimental in life and fill warmth of love in his heart while he teaches her to be less aggressive and cools down her arrogant fury with his calm watery approach.

The Leo woman can gladly let the Cancer man take the lead as far as the physical aspect of the relationship is concerned. So it’s like that she rules in day time and he rules in bed time. They will have a great physical relationship as both of them have similar kind of desires. The emotions exuded by both of them will make their physical relationship a lot more interesting. She will sometimes display a cold exterior if her ego gets hurt in any way, and he can frequently adopt an indifferent attitude if he is rejected for certain reasons. Compassion serves as the foundation for the physical relationship between them. Lack of compassion may make their physical relationship lackluster. It would help him in bed if he, once in a while, gifts her some sexy jewelry or her favorite dress or something. She always feels so feminine, so girlish, so adored when she wears them. In turn she gives him a very good, unexpected show. She could feel the excitement coursing through her veins and her heart pounds as he looks at her with love and desire, equally.

A Cancer man loves his Leo woman graciously and with complete sincerity. He never tries to dominate her but definitely tries to manage her life in a better way. On the other hand she worships him for the immense security and support he provides in all aspects of life. She gives him the devotion he craves for and provides a very stimulating partner. But the mood swings of the Cancer man can confuse her and she may feel offended at times. Moreover his insecurities and possessive nature may make her feel restricted at times. What irritates him is generally her extravagance as she loves to live like a queen and her flirting nature which she enjoys to get attention from other men. This attitude of her turns him cold and there can be problems in their relationship. To get it back on the right track she just needs to give up some of her false pride and he needs to be more trusting.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Needs Work
Ask Oracle Rating: Good
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. SoundofText November 17th, 2023

    Interesting read! I’m curious to know more about the compatibility between these two zodiac signs in terms of love and relationships.

  2. Tk November 29th, 2022

    Wouldn’t say I’m flirty. Leo woman seeing a cancer male. I only want my man attention.

  3. Angel August 19th, 2022

    I met my Cancer man 23 years ago while working on the road fell for him and lost him for when I returned to my hometown so did he I thought of him often even though we both had children and I was married and hurt 23 years later my love has found my heart and I am falling more in love with him every single day we are engaged he is my Home and I am his Home I found out that he has also prayed for me as I did him Other than the children i wish i would have told him i loved him then! I am truly blessed for my love has been returned and I am going to do my best to show him what he means to me until the end of time.

  4. nana_p June 25th, 2022

    Update: ugh. He ended up ghosting me after 1 month 1/2 of dating :/ I am confused and kinda broken about it now…last time we spoke I called him and he actually answered (it was always a mission getting a hold of this guy. He worked a lot, according to him, we would mainly text but he wasn’t quick to respond there either). I confessed in our last phone call that I was developing feelings for him. He sounded hesitant but then said he liked me too, “you should know I do” he said…He cut me off mid sentence as I tried to continue the conversation and asked him where he was with things. He said he had to wake up at 5am the next morning for a new work project he had just landed (he owns his business) and that he would call me the next day during his work break to talk. I said okay. He never called. I texted him the day after he said he would call but never got a reply. It’s been two weeks now and nothing. He disappeared. He’s gone. How could someone just do that? Just shut the feelings that got built up and walk away like it’s nothing? Was the fire and the connection and the affection he gave me not real? It just sucks. I knew I was afraid of liking him since the beginning and I did tell him I thought he was emotionally manipulative but still there I went and plunged into him, losing my head and following only heart – my senseless little heart that breaks yet again. Trying to do things to pick myself up again, I guess it’s obvious: I confessed feelings and he ran away, it’s not what he wanted. I try every day now but he still breaks into my mind, stealing all order and logic… today I did discover that he follows women that are like sex escorts, selling themselves on Instagram. That did help me realize what kind of person I was truly dealing with and that maybe it is better this ended after only 1 month rather than years. But still it sucks. Sucks when something that looks like love isn’t… gosh now feeling like im 14 and I fell for the easiest trick in the dating book…cancer men you need to stop lying. Stop using your emotionality to make women love you when you have no intention of loving them back. Just don’t.

    • Tart November 13th, 2022

      YOU ARE SO DEAD ON WITH THE LOVE BOMBING! Emotional manipulation! Secrecy and LYING!

    • MommaLeo December 28th, 2022

      Before the new year starts. I couldn’t help but see this lil lion club. It’s not the cancer side that lied it’s the individual. Nothing in highschool should be taken seriously because none of it will last once you outta school n live life as a real adult. Enjoy the now but you won’t see the love of a cancer unless their in love with you. Trusted I lived it lol. You got this n happy New year 💚

    • Colleen Cahill March 5th, 2023

      Keep your head high. We may fall down, but we will always rise back up again, stronger and wiser than before

    • Cancer Man March 13th, 2023

      That man’s a coward for leading you on like that. Believe that karma will get his ass in the end. You really got to stop talking to him and pour the energy back into you. You are right about Cancer men using their emotionality to garner the love and affection from women but that is probably a mask to compensate for his insecurities. We all need to keep magical thinking in check and let folks actions speak louder then their words. Take care of your self…

      Cancercian Man

    • Colombo September 13th, 2023

      It takes about 6 to a year to grab a cancer man attention! You might have to spend time have conversations looking him in the eye and having fun at the same time.

  5. nana_p June 8th, 2022

    Started seeing a cancer male. I don’t know, something about him, I feel an obsessive connection with. He’s just so perfect with the things he says it’s like he speaks my thoughts without me even sharing them to him, he talks more than me most times haha he’s amazing so far but I’m just so scared about dating the wrong guy again, my picker is broken (cusp fem with Leo and Cancer). It’s always a challenge finding someone for myself; this guy surprises me with how well he gets my language that the whole f*cking world seems to misunderstand. I made the mistake of giving him sex early in our dating phase which I never do (I just wanted it with him lol…) and now his texts are getting sexual. From what I’ve read here, I really hope this isn’t all he’s interested in bc I really like him and would like to pursue something serious with him. I guess I will have to ask him directly if fwb is all he wants…

    • Nikki B. June 21st, 2022

      I feel this exact way like I wrote this myself! Best of luck to both of us 🥂.

    • Angel August 19th, 2022

      Be honest to him don’t hide the way you feel!!! Best luck 😇

  6. Lady February 16th, 2022

    Mmmmm I’m happy right now as I’m dating once again another cancel this one is completely opposite from the other one but I still have my guards up because I do know they can be very good manipulators but all in all he’s a good guy but this other cancer I dealt with whose birthday was on July 22 was a piece of shit narcissist he was horrible horrible to be honest I hate that I have that man all in all night all cancel that are that bad I guess they will cheat and yes they are insecure but not all of them are that bad

    • Amber March 15th, 2022

      I’m currently in love with a cancer man. When we first met he was the sweetest man I’ve ever met . Conversation was consistent. Humor was live . Just all around charming . I instantly knew I could be submissive to this man. Long story quicken- I fell in love ( like an idiot) However as of NOW he treats me like a calendar girl. He talks to me whenever he feels like it. When we first started talking he was the sweetest person I’ve ever met ( which Made me fall ) the sex was AMAZING. I was living long distant at the time so during the course of me being gone , our communication decreased tremendously however we would still talk but at this point everything was SEXUAL. I didn’t like that . I want the same energy you gave initially. He stopped doing thing he did previously. I ended up moving closer and nothing is getting better . Now he’s dodging my calls. I’ll text him he won’t reply unless it something sexual- even with that he’s acting strange. He says he’s not but I feel like he’s hiding something from me and or I’m a relationship with another woman and just doesn’t want to tell me . It’s hurting because I legit care a lot about this man and he just treats me like shit 😔 I don’t wanna give up but I’m just at that point right now .

      So my question is what’s the best way to get over him .

      • HurtLeo March 15th, 2022

        To be honest the best way to make a cancer man act right is to be limited with him never show too much emotion for some strange reason it turns them off we have to be a challenge have to act like you have other things going on in your life therefore he will treat you that way the same thing happened to me that exact same way but I bossed up on him and now he won’t leave me alone but with you and him it’s probably too late he knows how much you want him so nine times out of 10 it will never be the same because now he can sense your energy I’m dealing with another cancer now that treats me like a princess because I don’t let him get the best of me and I’m a challenge hope this helps

      • Olivia March 15th, 2022

        I don’t want him anymore but i do need to get over him. It so much I will deal with and once I start feeling the way i do now it’s wrap – now I’m becoming cold hearted

      • HurtLeo March 16th, 2022

        It’s only best I hope you heal peacefully and don’t let him manipulate you because he will get you back into the same thing

      • Audree March 15th, 2022

        Your story sounds exactly like mine minus a couple things. My Cancer guy only wanted to talk about sexual stuff and I started to feel used and he was very closed off and sneaky I thought he was cheating and he kept denying it. My advice after dealing with this nonsense for two years is to move on. You’ll have a heartbreak for awhile but it will pass and you will find someone better. Cancer men are the worst.

      • HurtLeo March 15th, 2022

        See ladies when we love we love hard but we show a cancer that we’re not into them like they are us things won’t happen that way to be honest it’s hard for us to do it when I met my partner now I wasn’t interested in him like that so it wasn’t hard for me but when I started to fall for him I still didn’t let him get the best of me and we are doing just fine just stop showing them your weakness and that is hard to do

      • Olivia March 16th, 2022

        Yes. I made sure I uplifted this man . Let him know he was wanted .
        Important, he meant something -all the above . Made him gifts from the heart . Always checked on him … the whole thing just to get treated like PURE SHIT , the shit hurts like HELL.

      • Olivia March 16th, 2022

        I’m definitely trying to get over him . I really am . I know I deserve better .

  7. Brit January 22nd, 2022

    Leo woman here. Dated a cancer man for 3 years. It was like a story book romance. I thought he was the one. He was empathetic, kind, caring, amazing sex, always offered postive encouragement. We never fought. Showered me with admiration and gifts, which leos love. BUT I was blind to his deep rooted inecuritues. He never communicated them to me or any concerns he had. Leo personality might have been too much for him.I let his kind ways blind me of who he really was. He was cheating and got someone else pregnant. ( she had an abortion) Cancers are insecure, emotionally selfish master manipulators.

    He tried for 2 years to win me back, gifts, therapy, endless apologies… all for me to forgive him and have him go through my stuff and read my journals like the insecure little bitch he is. He never changed. He couldnt handle what he read and hurt me again and ran. Insecurities are the driving factors behind a Cancers man every move. Don’t be fooled by their kind words, they use their emotions to manipulate. I had to put myself in therapy over this asshole. 100% blind sided by the whole situation.

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit January 25th, 2022

      Similar pain here…so cancers r out of list like saggs n Aries…Leos r great with these two fire signs but when it comes to honesty n loyalty-saggis r hopeless n when it comes to take a stand n brave like Leo – aries r embarassment Scorpio suits us but for that tonnes of patience is required but it pays well

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit January 25th, 2022

      To sue Finally after 2yrs…no more tarot readings for me 😀

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit January 25th, 2022

      To sue Soul mates can be ended if v gather courage…anybody who hurts should be out

    • Monica February 4th, 2022

      Oh wow Brit, leo woman here too and I just met a cancer who is wonderfully emotionally but getting the feeling of master manipulator too. wow glad to read your post.

    • Arjun Jan February 6th, 2022

      Not every cancer men are same,there are both good & bad ones in each and every zodiac sign.

    • Lou February 9th, 2022

      Sweetheart I don’t think him being a Cancer man was the issue. You were dealing with a narcissist.

      • Cancer Man March 13th, 2023

        What Lou said! I’m baffled by hearing about these cheating ass Cancer Men… Giving us a bad name… I’m a June Cancer and yes we can be a little manipulative but it’s usually to keep the woman not to gas light and have a woman on the side. I always thought us Cancers to be very loyal, as am I. Please don’t put us all in the same basket.

  8. Sue December 18th, 2021

    I’ve experienced what most of you have put down so much so I ended up getting a tarot reading done 🥴 lol…and surprisingly a few of the readings (because the first one and one I had done about my parents were accurate without giving information except names and date of birth) . I was told that my ex-cancer is my soulmate and while there’s no commitment it’s because I made him comfortable with not doing what he’s supposed to do and treat me the way I deserve but in addition there’s personal things I need to work on within myself . However, with all this talk about Leo and cancers not working I wonder if he’s my soulmate in a different way even though she didn’t say it. Thoughts?

    • Audree December 23rd, 2021

      Don’t dwell on it or him. Look forward to a future with someone else. There’s no such thing as a true soulmate. I thought the same about my Cancer man. I allowed him to get comfortable treating me any kind of way, not giving me what I wanted in the relationship and he thought I’d always be there.

  9. Jade December 8th, 2021

    I am a Leo woman (on the cusp of Cancer) who has struggled in a relationship with a Cancer man for almost two years now. He is a very smart and sexually uninhibited which I love but he has insecurities and the worst communication on the Planet; he communicates when he wants to but prefers not to. The lack of communication on his part has destroyed us. He is out of touch with reality. Not only that but because of his insecurities he has pretty much fed me constant lies about who he is, what he has, what he does. We have a long distance relationship and I suspect he has someone in Europe. He likes to think he’s a good lover but he’s terrible in bed too but that could be a British thing because American men are excellent. I suspect we won’t be together much longer. He disappears for days at a time and I’m done with the games and BS. I understand Cancer men now and they are too complicated and lack communication which is necessary in a relationship especially a long distance one. He is dishonest, doesn’t keep his word and doesn’t communicate. I will never date another Cancer man. In two years he and I have never had a conversation that lasted longer than 5 or 10 minutes and it sucks because I don’t feel like I really know him. I don’t think I’m wrong to feel the way I do. I understand men are different and often will retreat into themselves rather than talk about it but when you have a partner of two years it is unfair to keep that person in the dark, use them to get your jollies and not be committed to the relationship and if you can’t do that walk away.

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit December 9th, 2021

      Leos can’t take dishonesty..that’s the breaking point for them ..cancer don’t get this also unlike leo, cancer r self absorbed. They can’t think how other feels as they love self pity

  10. Joy August 30th, 2021

    I’m a Leo and the sex with my Cancer is so damn good I daydream about it days after I love that dick😂

  11. Emanuel August 28th, 2021

    Cancer man here who been dating a Leo on and off, due to are Differences we tend to bump heads a lot over who is right or wrong. Over all are relationship is good I like how she is always There through the good and the bad she never crossed me when it comes down to loyalty I completely trust her and it makes me feel secure on that note, but the trust is horrible She does not trust me she likes to pick arguments with me frequently from her insecurities then she makes me feel insecure so it makes us have time apart from each other and nobody is willing to give in It’s usually her who reaches out first But the time apart is overwhelming for me because I hate it, sometimes it can take up to a month for us to speak again, I love her in I don’t have any desire for anyone else but her. But if she continues to be accusing me all the time I’m going to have to end it, then again I know I will miss the shit out of her if I leave this relationship, this is toxic yett So intriguing, She’s a little more mysterious than most Leo’s I’m always wondering what she is thinking or guessing, she’s a wild cat and I am a laid-back kind of guy it’s been one year and hopefully more to come we just have to get to a better place with are Communication, This Combo is a 8 1/2 And can be a 10 depending on your maturity level I wish all of you the best of luck.

    • SJT November 18th, 2021

      I am going through the same thing very same thing with my cancer man, why are you guys so difficult in opening up?
      If my guy is more open with me as I am with him I think it could make us better, hope your relationship works out, and best of luck to everyone else

      • Kristin December 8th, 2021

        I am going through the same with my cancer man

  12. Nene August 24th, 2021

    I just wish for once in my fucking life I can have what I want besides a damn heart 💔 I love him so much 🥺

    • Jade December 8th, 2021

      He isn’t going to ever be what you want so walk away and find someone who will.

  13. Troy August 22nd, 2021

    Cancer man here who mostly dates Leo’s and I can tell you the reason why it never works. Leo Woman like alot of attention, entirely way too much even in a committed relationship they just seem to can’t help it and being a cancer that don’t sit right with me I’m always thinking they’re doing something behind my back so it changes my behavior towards them they get a different side of me than usual I’ll admit I do like them a lot they just boost my insecurities so I’ll settle for a earth or a water sign No more Leo’s for me

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit August 22nd, 2021

      Thanks tonnes ❤️

    • Cassandra August 26th, 2021

      Awwwwe you just haven’t find the right Leo for you don’t give up. You seem like an amazing guy

    • Charles August 26th, 2021

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It just helps to abort a forward looking adventure with a Leo.

    • LeoQueen September 6th, 2021

      Your seriously insecure a typical Cancerian trait

  14. CJ August 20th, 2021

    Leo woman are Very good in bed. I don’t know about relationship wise because I could never trust them, but they most definitely hard to resist sexually and I mean that wholeheartedly I rate them as the best when it comes down to sex almost lost my mind with this last one but I’m a pimp so I had to cut her off

  15. Jackie Olivares August 19th, 2021

    I’m in love with a Cancer man and there is no doubt now that he is my soulmate. Even though I’m a Leo woman I’m not flirty with other guys I actually hate being starred at by guys because it makes me feel uncomfortable which I know he appreciates and he is just mildly possessive just enough to make me feel wanted but not to the point it would make me feel too controlled. He is very sweet and romantic and his mood swings aren’t that bad at first it would throw me off but now I gotten to get to know him and I know he is just like that by nature so it’s whatever and he is very humorous and funny so it makes up for it. Although he is so damn manly, protective and hardworking he is so sensitive and soft at heart so I get the best of both worlds ❤️. And we both super passionate in bed and it’s something not from this world it’s that amazing and passionate and loving although at times it can be crazy and wild too so I love it. As a Leo woman we need a partner that worships us and is up to make love often too and make us feel safe although we can also give those things in return so he gives me all of that so it makes me feel so lucky that we are together and can’t wait for the day he makes me his wife.

  16. Leo August 18th, 2021

    I’m in love with a cancer man and I hate I am

  17. Rebecca August 18th, 2021

    Whewww Where do I start, So I am in love with a cancer man and things have been not so good at first it was perfect for the first several months down he was good to me he was with me every day but I knew deep down he had something going on he has a baby mom and a child with her that is 13 years old so they been together for a very long time I believe that he got caught up with me but once reality set in he left he didn’t tell me why he left But I knew what it was I’m not the type that likes to be second or share but I feel so in love with him that it became extremely hard to resist The beginning of our relationship started off as a fling we was not supposed to fall in love with each other I believe he was having problems at home and I was comfort but after a while I started to trip on him and he did not like that I was his escape but when I started acting like a crazy person he backed off in ghosted me a few months later he did come back but it was never the same again it’s like he loves me but he knows that he cannot give me what I want so he stays away from me and then he gets these urges to come back around and I am OK if it’s just sex I love making love with him is the best I’ve ever had literally I really don’t know what to do with myself I know I need to leave him alone but after a couple of months I miss him nobody can compare to him at all I’m losing my mind I wish we could be together but I know we could never I just wish things was differentThe last time that we made love we had unprotected sex and I could tell he felt extremely guilty about it after I believe he trying to work things with his baby mom but he cannot help but to cheat on her with me and it makes him feel bad because he trying to be good but he can’t all in all I wish you guys the best of luck I wish I could have him out of myself But I know I can’t so I am going to back off and except things for what it is because I know if I continue to hold on I will never meet anyone else

    • Jade December 8th, 2021

      Leos and Cancers cannot seem to resist each other sexually it’s like cocaine; you know it’s bad for you but feels amazing and that climax is amazing.

  18. Courtnee August 7th, 2021

    A beautiful cancer man proposed to me some months ago! But it’s been a rocky road for us. Sometimes it’s like we don’t understand each other. I feel that I must really really watch I say because I can easily offend him without intending to. So we’ve been fighting lately and I honestly don’t know what to do. Our communication is very off— I talk and he’s offended or he says something and I’m offended and then we argue. With us both being very emotional people, it’s sometimes hard to get back to the loving. It say cancer men are gentle but mine isn’t that gentle. I can get him fired up so easily and it’s never my intention. Just wish I could love him the way he needs.

    Any advice would be great. I think he’s the greatest man on earth. A gift to me! But it’s falling apart it seems.

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit August 7th, 2021

      Courtnee As per my experience n as I read that when cancer men fear losing their woman they behave aggressively…I have noticed this as true as when mine got insecure due to my growing closeness with other men he would b incensed.U need to keep comforting n reminding that he is special n none can take his place.Usually insecurity is due to some past cheated on so it takes time to regain trust but it is easier if u can keep comforting 

    • Leon Lee August 8th, 2021

      Hi Courtney, Im a Cancer man and what Rachana said is very true. Cancer guys needs comforting & devotion to know that they would not be replaced. You give him that, and he will give you the world.

    • Hk August 16th, 2021

      Im a cancerian and Ill tell you this. Be nice to him with words especially and give him some space for a bit. Cancerians are suckers for nicen words and praise. If possible praise him in front of his friends or family. Seee how it changes things fast.

      • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit August 16th, 2021

        Exactly the way third party, home breakers break a cancer n his spouse love bond ..taking advantage of few squibbles

    • Jade December 8th, 2021

      After dating a Cancer man it was freaking exhausting. Cancer men are incredibly sensitive and some have tempers. If you want to stay with a man like that read up on Cancer men. Cancer men like to praised and doted upon. It’s really a one way street with them. They do not return a lot of the favor to their woman they want to feel like a King because of their insecurities. The more you try and talk to a Cancer man the more you agitate them. When I poured my heart and soul or complained to him the more it pushed him away. So I stopped confiding in him, stopped trying to have heart to heart convos with him. I really just stopped caring. He didn’t seem to notice and once I stopped talking he was happy with the way things were and I knew I would never be happy with him because we are too different; I am like this bubbly ray of sunshine and he was secretive, quiet and dark. It’s up to you to decide if you want this type of man in your life. Cancer men are one of the worst signs in the Zodiac. I think my Cancer man had traits of a sociopath or narcissistic person, maybe not all Cancer men are like that but he was a typical insecure Cancer man. I guess it didn’t help that his penis is small and I told him that. I just wanted him to be normal and it was never going to be that way. You are wasting your time with a Cancer man they are too self-absorbed and not all lovey dovey.

  19. David August 6th, 2021

    I’m madly in love with A Leo woman, but I did something to upset her and don’t think I will ever get her back. I’ll admit I played a lot of games with her not sure if she was the one and she tried to get me back numerous of times until she stopped, it’s been months now and I can’t get her out of my mind I miss her I wish I had of did thing different and now I don’t think she will ever forgive me. I am wanting to get on with me and ask her to marry me I don’t never want to lose her again I love this lady that much

    • Rachana Ravindranath Purohit August 10th, 2021

      Just try saying sorry in person…it will work…Leonines melt at sorry

    • Jade December 8th, 2021

      David being a Leo woman I’ll tell you this. When a Leo woman is done she is done and there is no going back for her. It takes a LOT for a Leo to turn her back on someone and walk away; we are very loyal and committed so if you played games and brought on BS and she’s gone you will never get her back. I guarantee you did something really fu*^ed up because Leo’s don’t give up easily on people they care about. But after dating a Cancer man I can say I hate Cancer men you weasels.

      • nana_p June 8th, 2022

        Lol ugh…In the beginning stages of dating a cancer again for the second time in my whole life and I am really very scared bc I already like him so much…infatuation at a different level which I cannot control no matter how much I am trying. I think about him more than I would like to. Feels good and sucks at the same time, definitely an ambivalent battle within myself…

  20. BLAiR June 30th, 2021

    I like this. It’s sounds as if the walls been talking. I’m a cancer CAREBEAR with a Leo lady. AND I LOVE HER. I’m definitely gonna reflect more on this

  21. Monica February 26th, 2021

    This is so true for me and my cancer husband we have been married for 16 years and I love this man like I did when we first fell in love. He is caring, helpful and totally committed he has NEVER cheated on me. He does control my life in subtle way by not being chauvinistic instead he’s very suggestive. He always calculated and think things throughly so he always suggest what I should do and I just go with it. This does frustrate me sometimes and I find him bossy but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Now his moodiness got on my nerves for a while he would get really down (for no reason to me) but he has really gotten better over the years. Security is very important to them whether it’s financially or emotionally it is important for him to be secure (especially if you want his moods to stay at bay). Sex with him is AMAZING every time we make love (which we try to do daily) it is an amazing emotional roller-coaster he is an wonderful lover (hints to why I married him). I wouldn’t change or trade him for the world flaws and all I love this man.

    • Jermaine Dunlap June 17th, 2021

      I’m a Cancer man. I love my lady with everything in me. She thinks that I am controlling, but I’m not. I’m just cautious about people, places or things. When I say that I got your back, I GOT YOUR BACK. Yes I have mood swings, yes I get mad at her, and it turns into a big argument because she feels as though it’s all about her and not us. She has this “I DON’T CARE” attitude. We have been friends for over 20 years, we’ve never argued with each other like we do now. What can I do to change that “I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE” in her?

      • Elizabeth July 19th, 2021

        You should take care of her more

      • Sally August 10th, 2021

        This I don’t care attitude might have come because of some reason. I m a Leo lady and when I care for a man..I can’t..I don’t care…try to find reason.. saying sorry and listening to her will work..

      • Audree December 23rd, 2021

        Jermaine Leos want to feel valued, respected, appreciated and listened to. If she has that “I don’t care attitude “ it’s because she feels like you aren’t showing her the love and attention that Leos need. Communication and transparency is key in any relationship but especially with Leos. Leo women love romance, surprises and a man who puts forth the effort to communicate even the small things and include her in his life. If you two are fighting it’s most likely due to lack of communication on your part and your lack of ability to show affection to her. If she doesn’t care it means she’s exhausted at trying to make it work.

    • Ms.Fe 🍎 July 26th, 2021

      OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! My Venus is in Leo and his Venus is in Cancer so I’m hoping I can apply this to our relationship accurately. It’s DEFINITELY RELATABLE.

  22. Alma January 9th, 2021

    My late husband was a Cancer ♋ guy. He brings out the best in me. I think he was my soulmate if not my twin flame. He makes me feel like a woman I am, and I feel so safe and secure with him.With him, I don’t have to be masculine. I can be ME. Playful and sweet. He was the ONLY MAN who brings out my playfulness.

    • Lyn January 18th, 2021

      Wow that’s a lovely story 💕 So so sorry for your loss xx Can I ask are you a Leo? I’m a Leo lady currently dating a male Cancer . We were friends years ago we worked together but it just feels right when we’re together .. He does blow hot and cold a lot though and moody so I just leave him off for his space and try not take it on board too much x I’ve a good feeling about this one though 🤓

      • Alma January 19th, 2021

        Yes I am August Leo and he was June Cancer. He always calm me down and thought me to be more patients. We never fought because whenever I am angry at him, he never talk back. We Leo are smart mouth and sassy. He will just tell me that he will just leave me alone until I have calm down. Then he will sit with me and have a heart to heart talk. He always want to resolve anything that triggers me and talk about it.

      • Kevin February 10th, 2021

        I have a question, so you said you worked together and started out as friends. How did you guys go about crossing the friend line? I’m going through a similar situation to exactly what you are describing with the just feeling right being around each other and when we aren’t it feels like something is missing. How do you cross that line without potentially ruining everything? Also a male Cancer female Leo situation

      • Jade December 8th, 2021

        Lyn throughly read up on Cancer men they are the worst, absolute worst when it comes to communication and very narcissistic. 😬

  23. Troy January 5th, 2021

    Dating a leo is not for the weak: I love my girl it’s been two years and till this day I still get Goosebumps when I’m around her.

  24. Audree December 29th, 2020

    Dating a Cancer man after having a Cancer guy friend forever and had a hate/love relationship with the guy friend and swore I would never date a Cancer guy because of how my guy friend is but here I am. My Cancer boyfriend and I are long distance. It’s strange I initially thought he was a Leo because we are so alike, we like the same things. Things I don’t like about him is he is not talkative, seems secretive and doesn’t give me the attention a Leo woman needs. I think he wants me to lead the relationship while he dominates in the bedroom. We often bicker because he doesn’t talk as much as I do or call and it irritates the hell out of me. I can be fiery I understand and he begs me to trust him but he gives me nothing: no communication, no affection, no gifts and he hasn’t told his family about me, never sends photos, never includes me in his life. Are Cancer men like this?? I build resentment against him and this isn’t healthy. I want a partner who is open and upbeat and who excites me. WTH is this? The Cancer guy friend I have is upbeat, compassionate, affectionate but does have mood swings and a jealous streak. Why are the two guys so different? I often feel my long distance boyfriend is hiding a double life which could be the case or he really is that closed off I don’t know.

    • Chey December 31st, 2020

      He is definitely living a double life. Coming from someone who had been in a 5 year long distance relationship with someone who had been living a double life.

      • Audree December 8th, 2021

        I have an update a year later and 2 years of dealing with him. The pandemic has kept us apart and that he probably has someone in Europe. Only months after we met I lost my home due to a legal dispute & instead of being there for me while I suffered from depression he asked continually for nudes. I have a young daughter who I didn’t want to give up for her sake so I worked throughout the pandemic and a year later my bank account is at a nice $200k. He claimed to be worth millions which was a lie and I never forgave him for letting us suffer through the pandemic. I grew to resent him because of all the lies too. His sex fantasies are dark like choking, slapping, shyte, etc which none I would ever do. I realized during the pandemic it was hard for him to talk to me openly. I have never been introduced to his family or friends. I know he’s seeing someone or multiple who knows. Now that the restrictions were lifted in the UK he suddenly isn’t available to talk except sporadically. I am done with him but I was trying to find a way to expose him. Btw this man gives me nothing emotionally, physically, financially. In two years our conversations were between 3-10 minutes. I hate him honestly and he doesn’t understand why. I don’t know what he is but there’s something sinister about him. A personality flaw? Cancer trait? Or something else??

    • Lalala789 January 5th, 2021

      This definitely sounds like you’re dating a Gemini cusp. Also – are you absolutely certain you’re not dating a Gemini Man? His moon sign could be in Gemini too. This doesn’t sound very Cancer like.

      • Audree December 8th, 2021

        Honestly I don’t really know he has lied to me so much about everything that I don’t really know what is true or fiction about him.

    • Megan January 9th, 2021

      Audree, in the beginning of my relationship with my cancer guy, he was stand offish but promised that he was ready for the relationship. As time went on he became more hands on. I asked him about it and he said that he wanted to see if I was serious about him. So with that, don’t give up on him if you see the potential in a lasting relationship. They are really not cheaters when they are really feeling someone.

  25. Kate November 16th, 2020

    Okay so I was dealing with a cancer guy until a few days ago this is going to be long so when I first met him I was not interested but he swept me off my feet Within 2 months everything was okay thing is I’m very popular on my Instagram and I felt like if we’re going to be in a relationship I just wanted to block him so he didn’t see how guys leave comments on my post so I blocked him will never stop dating after I blocked him but he did mention that he felt like I was trying to be sneaky wish I wasn’t so we got past that but I do think from time to time he was spying on me because I don’t know where sometimes he will act like something was bothering him but he wouldn’t tell me so we got past that well he’s been being a little distant so my insecurities kicked in and I started questioning him about his loyalty and he insist me that there is no one else well I kept nagging him quite often I think he goes and get a second job and really have time for me so I start complaining about that I’m becoming more of an Eric all in all he ended up blocking my phone number now I have no contact with him whatsoever and I’m scared he from forever I miss him it’s only been they too but he been ignoring me then when I finally called I realize I was blocked someone please help me insist on what I can do

    • Ky December 10th, 2020

      *67 that mf

    • Xander December 11th, 2020

      Jesus that was insanely hard to read. Try using punctuation?
      And be truthful about your “influencing” on the Gram… Lol we get it, you post a ton of pics of yourself because you like the attention from people and especially guys, Am i wrong? It’s Gonna take a very secure guy to handle that and be ok with it and not get jealous. But when you hide shit about yourself and question his loyalty thats a huge turnoff and red flag to a guy.

  26. Sheena September 17th, 2020

    My husband is a cancer man – ten years to date. He can have quite the mood swing and when I don’t have the patience for at that time can turn into a fight. Very devoted family man, has a sixth sense about me usually knows instinctively when I need more attention. We have oodles of chemistry as long as we are not mad at each other – can’t stand being in the same room type of anger. I forgive, let him vent with rules and he calms down eventually like water does. He is possessive by being suspicious of other men outside of family that I talk to – lots of questions to answer. I do get annoyed by it but it’s not very often. He’s very entertaining, learning lots about myself by being with him and of course I love him to bits, at times, in an obsessive way

  27. Donna January 9th, 2020

    I am currently dating a cancer man. I like everything about him especially his nurturing side I don’t see him as being weak at all. It’s been 1 year now and I wouldn’t mind spending forever with him.

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