Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer woman and Leo man can make a sensitive and warm relationship if they balance their different traits.
  • They have a strong sexual bond due to the Leo man's intense emotions and the Cancer woman's gentleness.
  • Cancer women can attract Leo men by flattering and respecting them.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 118 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

As the Fire and Water unify in a love relationship, they make a very sensitive association where excess of any one can be harmful. As the tender Cancer provides thoughtfulness and compassion in the relationship, the Leo provides passion and intense desire to make the relationship warmer.

A Leo man is magnanimous and gallant suitor with tender protectiveness and mawkishly affectionate towards his near and dear ones. Whatever and wherever he does something, there is bound to be an audience. He is proud but at the same time a die hard romantic person who cannot stand domination and ignorance at any cost. He is very generous in terms of finances to maintain his royalty. He can easily fall in love with her who can flatter and respect him. He provides her with protection and standards that are rare and worth admiring for a lovely lady like her.

Cancer woman is just too sweet to be avoided. Her caring nature and strong devotion can make anyone fall for her. Though she is approachable and seldom openly aggressive but at the same time she is very particular with decency and cannot stand any kind of cheapness and vulgarity. But she also has some dark fears, which are to get rejected or get less love in return of her supreme devotion. She primarily reacts in two ways when she falls in love with the strong Leo man, either she turns out to be very gentle and womanly shy or she feels that she is not good enough.

The Cancer woman makes a very gentle pair with a strong Leo man. She nurtures, respects and appreciates him wholeheartedly making him more confident and a better person. He always finds her fascinatingly wonderful lady with a taste that can stimulate his spirits. She provides him with all the lovely traits he wants to see in his lady love and gives him a pampering which he always craves for. She never tries to upstage her majestic lover but definitely enjoys the role of queen in his life with full enthusiasm and grace. The sacrifices made by her are always valued deeply by him. But being a Cancer woman she has her long moody phases and tears. Also being insecure in her nature, she may become over possessive making him uncomfortable and unstable.

The Leo man provides security and warmth to the Cancer woman with a touch of royalty in his actions. He is generally a strikingly good looking man with all the passion to keep his Cancer woman intact. He adores his Cancer damsel for her funny, bright and alert attitude. He soothes away all her fears with his love and nearness and makes her comfortable around him. In his king size world, he keeps her as a tsarina with an exceptionally generous compassion. Though at times he is very arrogant and unkind and he may also turn out to be very indifferent if he finds her over shadowing him or disrespecting him. This can hurt the sophisticated Cancer female deeply giving her tears and even sometimes life time bruises.

Leo man and Cancer woman make one of the most beautifully romantic relationships in the world. They both deeply and genuinely admire each other’s minds, talents and accomplishments. The Cancer woman personifies the mystery of womanhood and all complex yearnings and the Leo man personifies the conquering charisma of manhood, wisdom and strength. Their togetherness forms such a miraculous statement of love both emotionally and physically that they experience the heavens on earth in each others’ arms. A Cancer woman is likely to bring out every ounce of passion in a Leo man while the Leo man makes her more beautifully confident and secure woman. The kind of love and oneness they share describes the overall existence of life on earth with the importance of the elements of Water and Fire giving both of them a fulfilling experience that last till end of the horizon and till the time they can walk in the eternity of their love.

As the Cancer woman and Leo man accept the differences in their personalities, they make one of the most physically appealing couple to each other. They will have a great physical relationship because the Leo man is very affectionate and the Cancer woman can aptly reciprocate his feelings. The Leo man can become very demanding in a physical relationship which is usually fulfilled by his Cancer woman, whereas the Cancer woman is quite sensitive which is provided by the passionately emotional side of the Leo man. They have a strong sexual bond because she is quite gentle whereas the Leo man has very intense emotions and this combination can prove to be a very good foundation for their relationship. She can hurt the Leo man with her changing moods due to which she may become less responsive to her Leo man at sometimes during their love-making. While the Leo man can become aloof and the Cancer woman might think that he has become indifferent. The Cancer woman feels safe in the haven of his arms because it gives her a strong sense of security and makes her feel loved and needed.

The relationship between the Cancer woman and the Leo man can take many forms depending upon their compatibility and understanding. Either the Leo man becomes dominant and she turns out to be more moody or due to the constant nagging of Cancer woman, Leo man loses his confidence and becomes very silent. Though Leo man is very generous and warm and Cancer woman is very loving and sensitive but the arrogance of Leo man and over cautious nature of Cancer woman create troubles in their relation. It takes a lot of love and patience for them to gradually trust each other, for their dreams, their goals are very different. To have a lasting relationship, both the Cancer woman and Leo man needs to adjust with each other and compromise with their differences.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Good
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Cara mcintosh February 3rd, 2024

    Hi i am totally confused im a cancer woman and have been in a relationship with a Leo man for years, I read his traits n the rest but my Leo is selfish he constantly lies. He is not generous its the other way I share everything with him gifts all the time clothes and im very sexual I love to dress up for him but he’s had a hard life and used people alot but come on not an excuse to use me manipulate me and make me feel worthless n ugly as he sexts other woman and thinks its acceptable. And now iv lost my confidence as years went by and I lost my mum he wasn’t helpful or protective he was nasty I am emotional but if ur lied to continuously and made out ur mad or over sensitive i will cry but force myself to stop. I still love him what is wrong with me

    • Queen E February 15th, 2024

      please, run. he does not like you and he is showing you

  2. Queens January 16th, 2024

    Many astrologers say this is a match, and perhaps it is, but this is my experience… I am a cancer female and I just dumped my Leo man. I am tired of modern dating; the “situationship” is running rampant, and cancers don’t like it when people play with our emotions!

    I dated this Leo man for 3 months. Met him on a dating app and he initiated the dates. Nevertheless, I was putting in the most if not all the effort, buying him dinner, buying him gifts, and driving up to see him since I didn’t have my own place. Also, my car is electric (it also drives itself), and I get complimentary charging. There’s one aspect of the relationship that he felt insecure about: I made significantly more than him. As if it should matter, he comes from a wealthy family. Although this man is CHEAP… He would ask me to chip in on uber rides, HECK NO. You wanted to go out! I came out to see you! And we usually go 50/50 on dinner and drinks. He talks about himself a lot! He’s a deep thinker; doesn’t follow the herd. He seems to love drama and puts himself in one by confronting people (which I find distasteful). He’s loud and rowdy and enjoys being the center of attention. He got hit on by a cute cashier (I was 2 seconds from ripping that girl’s hair), but he played dense and denied it. At least he was loyal, he had no interest in her (or it seemed so). He’s an aggressive drunk. There were times he would snap at me, and I had to be compliant to calm him down. It is a REDFLAG, it is a matter of time when he will put hands on me. It was nice that he introduced me to most of his friends and showed me off. At least I was good enough to be arm candy — the plastic surgeries paid off!

    The lovemaking in the bedroom was AMAZING. He has the body of Thor, and we will be at it throughout the night. He dominates in the bedroom and I find myself naturally submitting. Yes to multiple orgasms! It was a little too much sometimes. Leo man will put a baby in you, just be careful ladies!

    There you go, that’s my experience dating a Leo man. If he likes you enough, he might throw some chump changes your way. And if you take anything away from this, Leo man is a freak in the sheets. Try it but don’t get hopes up for anything long-term. Words of advice for the ladies: DO NOT put more effort into a relationship than a man, this will change the dynamic of the relationship, this is where I effed up. DON’T DO IT.

    If you want to be a diabolical queen, buy a man an electric toothbrush especially if he never used one before. I bought him a $200 electric toothbrush, and I cross his mind every time he uses it. Good to know someone is thinking about me at least…. And who knows, if you keep the relationship going, it could be long-lasting since Leo men tend to be very loyal and generous, but my Leo man had all sorts of red flags, and I had to end things abruptly.

  3. Salma March 9th, 2023

    I don’t know how dating a leo is lm cancer and l don’t know if he really likes me or not lve been reading the comments above and l find it hard to love someone so l wish he can turn me on and makes me love him if he feels like loving me back and l don’t know if it will work

  4. Annie January 19th, 2023

    Its not an easy ride. I’m a cancer woman married to a leo man for the last 15 years. Yes a Leo man is masculine and confident and a cancer woman is feminine and creative and homebody. But that’s where it ends and the differences begin. wants attention and praise all the time and is super self centered. While a cancer woman is all about self less service kind of behavior. If she gets busy in kids or work and gets too busy to give him attention and praise 24 by 7 then he starts getting loud and angry and dramatic. If children are involved they get caught in this emotion and anger vortex and cause a toxic circle. Not fun at all! Its literally too much fire and too much water will hurt the other kind of situation. Better for cancer to find their soul mate jn other water or earth signs and better for leo to find their match in other fire or air signs.

    • Lil January 20th, 2023

      sounds like you need to leave this man…

  5. Anna July 18th, 2022

    Aww this is beautiful 😍 ❤ it nothing like being happy in a relationship with the one you love and that 1 love u..

  6. Mark Alan Johnson May 15th, 2022

    I am a Leo man, I married a Cancer woman, but not for much longer since the relationship sucks! Yes, I have filed for divorce! I just can’t take it any longer!

  7. Tanisha January 10th, 2022

    OMG I am a cancer woman whose deeply in love with a Leo man. We were dating for 2 months then my mom put me out of her house and he was barely making ends meet for himself but he took great care of me and told me I didn’t have to work but I really wanted to. I didn’t even have to wash my own clothes or cook as much as I wanted to. He’s an amazing and encouraging man and I wish and pray God bless me with something or anything to show him how much I really appreciate him. I wish

    • Anna July 18th, 2022

      Aww this is beautiful 😍 ❤ it nothing like being happy in a relationship with the one you love and that 1 love u..

    • Philip Hudson September 15th, 2022

      Thank you for sharing that , I’m a Leo man and you described me to a T !

      I’ve just met this cancer lady , the second I met her and heard her sweet voice I fell ( not sure where I fell ) lol she’s blown me away with her most beautiful energy that I’ve ever felt from someone.

      Thank you xx

  8. Oni Temitope October 8th, 2021

    Please I need an advice…I’m a cancer..can I go on with my Leo partner…is there won’t be problem in future…id there won’t also be spiritual problems in future like maybe that am a cancer will quench Leo…all because cancer is a water and Leo is a fire

  9. Joanne Lynch September 20th, 2021

    This really is me and my Leo. When I first met him it was an instant attraction for someone to be so confident and bold. We have had some blips as I am very sensitive, BUT we overcame them and as it states above, compromise is the best thing. I adore him and he adores me. 8 years and we just get each other. I would be lost without him. He gives me the confidence in standing up for something that’s not right instead of just accepting and putting up with it like I did before I met him. Cancer and Leo can work 💙

  10. Susanna August 23rd, 2021

    I too am a cancer woman, who fell in love with a Leo man.
    We seem to get along quite well.
    I have a lot of insecurities which he never fails to insure me that I am his queen.
    He is both passionate and loving, and I love spoiling him.
    He has become my everything.

  11. Tori May 21st, 2021

    I’m a cancer women and im dating a Leo and sometimes we get into some pretty nasty verbal fights it never gets physical though and he’s the love of my life actually he’s my middle school/highschool sweetheart and we are in seventh grade I love him so much and he doesn’t understand that no matter what the hell he looks like I will always love him and vise versa but with me its not being good enough but anyways he’s the love of my life and he’s amazing super sweet and generous and I hope we last for the rest of our lives and so does he

    • Tori June 13th, 2021

      Awwww your comment is beautiful. My name is actually also Tori and a cancer woman June 22. Dating a Leo man now and we actually get along very very well it’s amazing. Goodluck to your marriage and I wish you the best!

      • Tynia June 30th, 2022

        Omg happy belated bday I’m june 22 too just met an Leo august 5th we like each other so much it’s crazy. I see a whole future with him lol

  12. Chan February 10th, 2021

    This only applies to a Leo man who falls in love with a cancer. If you have you could relate but your not just gonna fall in love with someone because their a cancer but if you do this is how it will feel.

  13. Leoaries November 10th, 2020

    It’s a hit or miss kindof situation, as simple as that! As a leo myself I can say that leo is archetype/stereotypical male and cancer , in specific female are well …. feminine, I don’t read much into astrology but this arrangement will get troublesome at one point or another, the clash is eminent. I was involved with cancer, started to loose interest so I left it for good!
    Leo cancer couples have to compromise a lot to match their different personalities, but why we need to compromise in the first place? You get only one life.

    • Boo December 8th, 2020

      Oh my I’m dating a cancer now and im a libra women let me say that I say the same thing to him everyday and he’s saying well you want true love well no I don’t want true love but why waste it comprising?! I’ve been in some really good relationships and man I just want him to understand what I don’t get someone else will and I cannot for the life of me deal with his crabby ways

  14. Winnie September 20th, 2020

    I love my Leo man so much,even though he’s annoying asf,always annoying me but he’s protective and loves me,he’s a really jealous type and it often baffles me but I love him that way, though he’s a really busy person who hardly have enough time to give me attention, it hurts but he makes it up to me,I love him

    • Weldon Rodriguez November 10th, 2020

      As a Leo man who’s in Love with a Cancer woman, I can see where you’re coming from. I think we feed off each other’s energy so intensely that if one of us gets into a funk, we both do which can really test a relationship! Leo’s never give up though… So even in the toughest times, we try to take the pressure for both. My Cancer woman definitely has needs to be met, and if I do not show affection, she really takes it to heart and will become distant. But what you explained sounds very familiar n

  15. aMw September 15th, 2020

    I hate my Leo man he is a pure LiAr at heart always pointing the cheating finger insecure he is egotistic it’s annoying and embarrassing who tf goes out there way to be a dumb ass Johnny bravo anyways I don’t give me sex I don’t buy him gifts I don’t do jack for him and I don’t plan on it I ignore him and I intend to make him feel like I hate him so he can leave me alone he always cry’s and crawls back to me I done called the cops 20 times and got a protection order against him I hate him truly do and he just is In love with me but before u start calling me a ASSWHOLE I did it because he hides secrets from me like talkin to past friends n friends I have and I don’t even trust my dirty ass female friends cus they feed into his shyt anyways I can’t wait til I move on this is not the match for me I hope he cry’s everyday by the ignoring silent ignorant treatment I give him I wanna let him know he’s not welcome anymore and ain’t gone get my loving side anymore he mind as well just move on cus talking to old friends n friends of mine secretly behind my back ain’t gone help it just gone make em me wanna best his ass but he lucky I can’t fight him or I would of been jumped on him I hate betrayal and I hate liars and talking to my friends behind my back is foul as f and I refuse to watch it everyday and u can suck my ass out a straw I still won’t give u any sex idc if u roll over n cry and million tears let’s just say I hate my Leo man and hope he finds somebody else

    • Leoaries September 20th, 2020

      It seems made up, just saying… Probably by some guy… The facts just doesn’t up, if already cops are involved he would not even be allowed near you…. any guy in that situation, leo in specific would not be stuck, if he gets that ton of no no from a girl, he’ll find another one or be singhle instead of being just in toxic relationship… If you’re real and really need help here is the number – 911

      • Akb October 23rd, 2020

        I wrote this when I was mad at him … but we are still together my love is genuine and real I cook I clean I take care of our kids and he constantly is a bitch to me nobody understands how I feel about him and how toxic our relationship he’s going to push me away I’m very smart beautiful and have a great job a great mom but it burns me inside how he treats me he never seems to get it always in one ear out the other I’m just fed up ready to move yes if I did call the cops he wouldn’t b aloud near me but he makes his way in my crib n i live in the hood so it’s really easily to get in I have no support system u can say I’m lying but I’m not he hides his true colors very well he is wat u call a narcissist

      • Cancer lady February 11th, 2021

        I’m a cancer woman in a relationship with a Leo man. We live together, we’re both relatively successful and enjoyed each other’s company. The lying from his is so toxic that I’ve tried to break it off with him many times. He’s promised to change multiple times until I catch him lying again. He also has a drinking problem but has “cut back”, but becomes a real a*hole when he drinks. I’m emotionally over the relationship because trust is a huge deal for me so I understand where the OP is coming from. I also called the cops on him because he refuses to leave me alone when he’s drunk. It’s gotten way to messy and I’m not sure how to break up with him. What I’m saying is, I get it.

    • Weldon Rodriguez November 10th, 2020

      Seems to me like you feed on the drama! This doesn’t sound like a Leo Cancer problem… It sounds like a Ghetto Hood Rat/ Fuck Boi problem!
      I’d never act like that, and if my girl got on here talkin’ shit about me like this is we’d be Finito!

  16. Dragon Leo♌ August 28th, 2020

    It’s so true for my relation with my cancer woman.

    Wish my cancer love sees this post and understand that I have got it all for her and I am ready to give it all to her with no demands as she is perfect for me. I wish and pray every moment for us to be together forever… My Sweet Cancerian Love, pls accept my love and be my Queen… We will sail through the ups and downs…

  17. Alisha Acosta August 25th, 2020

    Wow!! Everything I read here is so true with my husband and I. We have been together for 10 years and everything listed is so us!!

    • 503_Leo November 10th, 2020

      Sometimes it’s freaky how true it is!

  18. E May 29th, 2020

    Go get her

  19. Ruby March 31st, 2020

    I found this article very true. I am a cancer woman and been married to a leo man for ten years. Though we are vey different in nature, we complement each other very well. He is the most lovely and kind person not only as a husbant but also as a father as well. Have great sence of responsibility. Though we don’t talk always, but we have the love, respect and friendship to continue a good relationship. We have shared interest as well. The only issues I have faced in my marriage is he been arrogant and stubborn sometimes. And at the same time he faced problems for me being over emotional and over sensitive. But it took some time to find out how to deal those problems. I would say, if someone looking for marriage and want to start a family together, it’s one of the best pair to go for! They both make lovely partners who is trustworthy and loyal, also lovely parents together. 🙂

    • Samantha ames July 24th, 2020

      I am a cancer woman with a leo man. Going on 7 months now. I feel I’ve never honestly loved someone after meeting this man. I’m 29. He is the greatest person I’ve ever known. I met him on pof. Oddly. I was in idaho and he was in montana. I moved to montana to be with him and it dosent get any better then this!

    • Kinte August 7th, 2020

      I’m a 17yo male Leo, with a complex understanding of life. I realized as i am dating a beautiful cancer (the same age), that this is in fact the best pair that can be made. The light from the leos sun is reflected by the cancers moon to chase off the darkness; However, there are times where the sun hides behind the clouds and the moon does not reflect. We must always remember that without the sun and the moon, the world in-between wouldn’t have life.

    • TaNesha Lockett November 10th, 2020

      How did y’all make it work? How’s you stop the back and fourth?

  20. Marion Fontaine August 4th, 2019

    Veeterena I am a Cancer and you are so wrong with your description of a Cancer. I don’t like to stay home I love to go out and have a great time. And I am not Moody, And my best Friend is a Cancer and she is nothing like your discrimination either. We are both very outgoing People. God knows what is wrong with your Friend. It is abuse you really don’t know to much about Cancer People.

    • John March 20th, 2020

      Idk… Why cancer can’t take reality…. It all depends on their mood Everytime…. Got a cancer friend having moon in leo and God his ego is off the rope.. as in he knows he needs me but it’s like so much pain to accept the fact… a total homeboy . Though, I too hate people but least come out with me to enjoy the nature
      I’m a leo male btw

      • John July 3rd, 2020

        Regardless of what I said, came back here after a long time… As a leo myself, cancer women are the best there is… Their personality is exactly what every Leo men idiolizes in a women. Cancers accept Leos with their madness and as they are in all the zodiac s.

  21. Veetrena May 10th, 2019

    Leo and Cancer are you kidding me those are my friends are Leo an cancer .and they do not get along for s***. Excuse my French. To me Leo and see outgoing social butterfly type of person very protective and we’ll get in your face if you ever mess with your family member or any of their closest friends. Leo can spot a fake person through a and cancer their fun and outgoing but not a social butterfly like Leo. Cancer people tend to stay home alot they only go out when it’s comfortable for them. And mind you they are Moody ASF . Sometimes cancer people always have that attitude. and yes they are friendly but the cancer I know has a moody attitude.. they are homebodies. Leo’s are awesome people to hang with and go out and about with ..they always have fun n adventurous. The best dress goes to leo.when they go out in public people be wanting to be they friend..Leo’s don’t trust to easily.that why I love me some Leo .if you want to know them beautiful awesome Leo. be real and just be yourself when around a Leo .cancer they aiight I guess.but can be a moody and a little selfish sometime.they always cry n come home and take it out on the people that love them most .they can cook to but when it comes to house cleaning nope .they do a half as job when it comes to clean!!!..but they really go out of there way for there significant other.. even when they get abused. That’s why they are moody every time Icome back home. Don’t get me wrong about cancer they are very good people they’re not all that bad. They do have a caring heart they love spending time with family they are always there for certain people in their life .. anyway on the other hand Leo’s they are on point good looks strong personality. They are not afraid to speak their mind they will literally be in your face if you’re threatening to them.I love when leo becomes protective towards their family members .and closest ones to them. I feel like Leo and Cancer ummmm not so much ..but hey u never know though.i guess.lmao😁😂

  22. K March 2nd, 2019

    Cancer woman with a Leo man…..found the male version of myself. Physically, mentally, and emotionally on point- even with the way we relate to the rest of the world. Hopefully this is more of a blessing than a curse.

    • Renee September 16th, 2019

      I met a Leo man and I agree I have met the male version of myself, and the passion is so strong we can’t be without one another.

      • Jay March 20th, 2020

        Same I’ve literally met the male version of myself and the passion. And chemistry is so off the charts that it hasn’t failed me yet but in the same sense he and I know we’re a match made and he’s admitted to it but idk what’s missing he admits it fireworks for him every time we speak or see eachother but idk

  23. Yolanda Fuentes January 25th, 2019

    My darn luck. I’m a Leo woman w/ a Cancer woman. We are almost a year in and lemme tell y’all something.. house arrest has nothing on the overbearing nature of Cancer woman. Dude, I WANT OUT!!

  24. Jay November 10th, 2018

    I’m a cancer and have been “dating” this Leo guy for close to 2 years when I say I’ve never met anything as close to perfect for me! I’ve never been so attracted to someone in my life our chemistry is strong all across the board the passion is there the sex is nothing I’ve ever had he’s the dreamiest guy I’ve ever seen and what sealed the deal for me is I can talk about how I look if I don’t like it or say something negative about myself and he NEVER puts me down always let’s me know how beautiful I am or that nothing is wrong with me he never says anything to upset me in that way. I love how people love him and adore him because I do as well. I feel we make up for what the other lacks what I am not he is what he lacks I am I’ve just never loved or adored someone so much 🙁 he’s is keen and I don’t mind doing anything for him this man could make any of my worst days better but we’re not together just still dating I want more so much more and I can’t help but to think we are made for each other but we are still just dating any advice?

  25. M October 13th, 2018

    I’ve be seeing a leo man for 8 months now. I have fallen deeply in love with him. I think he feels thing’s for me as well. When he text me he opens up more than when in person. The sad thing is we can never truly be together. We are both married to virgos. I’m not happy in my marriage. He claims he isn’t either. But we agreed we can’t leave our spouses. I know we are hurting them by cheating. It’s a loose loose all the way around. But I can’t not have my wonderful leo in my life. He makes me so happy. The sex is mind blowing and full of passion. I will wait for this man till I die. I wish we could have met earlier in life. I know I’m going to get hate feed back.

    • Tamanna February 15th, 2019

      When people in true love there is no right or wrong…

  26. James August 19th, 2018

    I’m a leo man who has pursued a cancer woman for 11 years. She took my breath away from the moment I first laid eyes on her. She is strong, highly intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous. I can talk to her for hours about anything. She is also stubborn as a mule and headstrong and when she says she’s going to do something, she absolutely does it and I love her to death for that. Because I’m a stubborn mule too and I need a strong woman who won’t put up with my bullshit.

    I have never met such a force of nature and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her for the world and I don’t care if it takes my whole life, I will marry her one day.

  27. Kandie Nevarez December 31st, 2017

    cancer woman leo man so far we adore everything about each other!

  28. D December 25th, 2017

    I m Leo man and really happy that met my Cancer K, she s woman I was looking for. When with her I always want to make her happy and smile, the most beautiful smile in the world <3

  29. Jasmin Wright June 6th, 2017

    I’m a cancer woman in love with a leo man. We r both in the same class for math and for physical education . The thing I just first used to like him but I love him I keep denying it because I don’t want to get hurt. Plus u can sort of say that he knows i like him . Even though we’re not dating or anything I still love him and I don’t give a damn of what anyone says ???

    • Matthaus August 31st, 2017

      Im a Leo man and use every to like a cancer!! Just be your “cancer” self. If he’s anything like me he’s attracted:).

    • soccerstaley04 August 31st, 2017

      I’m a Leo man and like a cancer:) just be yourself. Make sure you talk to him and laugh with him, a lot!

    • Marie November 24th, 2017

      Da Fuq?

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  36. LovelyL April 30th, 2015

    Leo woman/Cancer man. Not a good match. Friends yes. No communication,  very selfish, disloyal and cheating ways. Just my experience but we have a son so trying to be friends for him and that is all.

    • James August 19th, 2018

      I can see that. Cancer men get too emotional for a Leo woman’s taste. My brother is a gemini and his fiancee is a leo and they are wonderful together. Leos as a whole don’t like drama and whinyness and are usually strong in the face of problems, (I’m a leo and have many female Leo friends), Leo man/Cancer woman works because when the Cancer woman gets emotional, it doesn’t break gender norms like a Cancer man getting emotional does. Leos like to be the rock in the relationship and a strong leo woman is not going to put up with her man acting like a little child.

    • Leo Man October 28th, 2018

      I agree that there is less comunication in this match. I was with cancer woman for 3 years and for whole bunch of positive things on our relationship I felt always little bit bored when talking together. Comunication was dying out after few sentences… 🙁 but there was tremendous amount of love and respect on the other hand. For working relationship I think all is needed..

  37. TheLazarus March 19th, 2015

    WOW Scary accurate, I have literally experiences tit for tat exactly the articles scenarios, even down to the possiblel problems. The problems like every single relationship will resolve them selves if both are willing it. Me and my girl had LITERALLY the best sex of our lives, it was like a slow motion orgasm that lastest 10 minutes. We felt like we were trancending love, there just are no words to describe it except for INSANE!
    Never read anything so accurate and specific, my advice is, if you are after a Leo man or a Cancer women; I suggest you go through anything it takes, If there ever was an example to point to for soulmates these 2 are it.
    I truly dont think this relationship can be described with words, it can only be experienced. I am an athiest and for lack of a better words, (Religious Experience)

  38. […] Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run …… […]

  39. […] Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run …… […]

  40. D-Boi December 6th, 2014


  41. […] Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run …… […]

  42. […] Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run …… […]

  43. […] Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run …… […]

  44. abhishek321 March 8th, 2014

    @vipul sethi dont think about sun sign bro just go for it 

  45. oxijin October 18th, 2012

    also i saw sommething about us cheating on women this is a true for a cub leo.i myself went through this its when we relize we can have our way with women im sure some leos dont mature as fast or not at catious of the cub but also be understanding that there a baby no matter how many years of age they are there personality did not follow. once we hit later stages the cheating stop again believe me.

  46. oxijin October 18th, 2012

    oh and also i have not seen anything about the three stages of a leo.they are stages of maturity,wisdon,and caring.first is cub if your leo is a cub he cannot i repeat cannot handle the complex and constant needs of a cancer!!second is the lion u gut a decent shot with this guy he is loyal and protective like a good king should be but he is a young, controlling, agressive king at times also over ambitous.last is the phinx symbolic of wisdom this is what a leo should strive to obtain the phinx is everything people are looking for from a times a phinx can be disconnected,trapped in thought worrying about how he can better his kingdom and increase care and protection of his loved ones.this leo genuinly cares even if it seems he doesnt. believe me!

  47. oxijin October 18th, 2012

    i am a leo male 23 years old my girlfriend is 20 we have been together for 3 years and 8 months.we do argue often because she does not feel loved by me sometimes.truth is i love her with all my heart,the constant mood swings of cancer are confusing to a leo male.leo males are more stable(unless it comes to anger or jealousy)i usually dont get sad honestly sadness confuses me i dont understand the logic behind upsetting yourself. what im saying is cancers be patient with your leo when hes disconected hes probably just think of better ways to take care of you or how he can show u he loves you with out softening his masculinity. i believe whole heartedly me and my cancer queen will spend the rest of life patient cancer!!!!

  48. HoneyButterfly September 27th, 2012

     when I read the Aug 11th,2012 it sounded vaugely familiar to the situation I’m in with my Leo…It made me sad to hear this and I can’t lie it made me shed a few tears…beacuse its sounds exactly like what he maybe going through and perhaps I should reach out to him and try and fix things… We never fought either and got along so well…I’m 25 and he’s 31…I  love him so much….more than anyone in my whole life and we’ve been on and off for 5years….he had a kid while were were apart and it hurt to find out…cause we had plans for that…but I still love him and would welcome his daughter just the same…Lately he’s been distant…I noticed when we see each other the time apart that follows he disappears like hes licking his wounds from the pain of seperation…fyi he is in a state away from my state…but when we are together….theres nothing like it…I was engaged while we were apart but called it off because I had feelings for him still…however he doesnt know that…Perhaps it would help to tell him… I’ve been disapointed in  alot and I never really opened up to him in fear of having my past pains used against me…So I hide my feelings and I dont say much…This crab is going to try and come out her shell of protection if that means fixing and making my Leo more secure…

  49. LostLeo August 11th, 2012

    I am a leo male, my relationship ended with my cancer girl nearly 2 years ago and I am still every bit as devistated now as I was then. She crosses my mind nearly everyday… I can’t seem to move on, to me it was the perfect relationship… better than any other I’ve had by a LONG shot! She was my best friend, she meant everything to me. I am 6 years older than she is, I have been through A LOT in my life where she had been extremely sheltered. Me being a leo I have a desire to protect people from things I see coming, she needed to experience those things so we ended. We literally never fought or bickered, everything we did was nothing short of a great time. Towards the end she cheat which crushed trust between us, trust means the world to me. Even after that, we managed to remain friends but other people spreading rumors ultimately tore us entirely apart because I couldn’t help but question if there were truth in what was said. Prior to this, there was zero jealousy or trust issues. I don’t know what to do, I’ve done everything I can to admit to myself shes gone but my heart bleeds when I lay alone at night… even in the company of other girls I think of her. I have never been in love prior to her, everything from humor to sex was perfect… absolutely perfect. I say that with open eyes realizing that niether she nor I are perfect, just that we were perfect together. Our issues stemmed from life experience and not personality conflict… after reading what everybody else has had to say, it would really seem this is a better match at 30+ so both mature enough. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact its long since over… I’m so affraid that I wont find another girl that I care for on this level and I’m at a point in life that its not even worth being with someone if it doesn’t feel that way. I want something amazing or nothing at all.

    • anutik.luv August 21st, 2018

      I almost cried reading it. Hopefully you are doing better now 😉

      • Avary October 15th, 2018

        LostLeo – Me too. Please update.

    • Maria October 29th, 2018

      I’m soo sorry for your heartache….I am a cancer women and my relationship with my Leo man is definitely Heaven on Earth. I can’t imagine my live without him, and vice versa. I do hope you find someone who can make you feel even better then before, and it may not be a Cancer woman, JUST a Wonderful Lady.

  50. [email protected] August 3rd, 2012

    I am a cancer woman, totally in love with a leo man…not only do i have this against me, im also 18 yrs. older than him….He can be very passionate and very good to my children, then the next second he is going off on me about something that is very petty…reading this website is so true of our relationship, we totally love each other, but sometimes he can shut down and go off at the slightest thing, i start wondering if hes bi-polar..he makes me cry alot, but he usually comes back and apologizes and realizes he was wrong, i really want this relationship to work and hopefully he and i can talk through our problems… 

  51. Threeluvs July 8th, 2012

    I met my Leo man in 2006. We have been together since 2008. There are factors that make us compatible, not just our Sun signs. We balance each other out in areas where we differ. I love him bcuz he’s always protective of me. Always asking if I’m ok. We have amazing sex! He fulfills my emotions which makes me wild for him. We both meet the other’s needs. He always tells me he loves that I am so smart. Occasionally he loves when I get bossy with him and thinks its funny. He likes a woman who stands her ground like his queen. Not someone who gives in easily and does whatever he wants! I have a Sagittarius stellium in my chart so together, we are a lot of fire to keep our flame burning bright. Leo men are a little distant sometimes and that is just something you have to accept. My Leo doesn’t like to verbalize or discuss his feelings but he let’s me know in very romantic gestures. He opens up to me more and more each passing day though. But I really feel his love in the bedroom! My Leo is sensitive and it is easy to tell when his ego has been hurt. It’s very important to keep your fun and stay upbeat bcuz he will feel the weight on his shoulders to make everything better and that can be overwhelming for him. Be interesting and different. Be that helping hand in his life when he needs it and he will forever be grateful having dedicated such devotion to him! True Cancer women… Don’t push your emotions on him. Just shower him with affection and good times… Try new and exciting things with him… A little distance can be good, especially when it involves him being missed and wanted! By the way, we just had a son together in January and he is a WONDERFUL FATHER AND PROVIDER! It was his idea to start our family… ❤

  52. Bazbar2 July 3rd, 2012

    I am a Leo man dating a Cancer women. All of the article is completely true in my opinion but Cancer women need to remember that our insensitivity peaks when we are not shown enough affection. I must say it is a curse desiring such affection and i feel the burden i place on my girl friend although she understands that i require it. If there are any problems in this relationship you need to make sure that the your other half knows all of your desires and understands your zodiac completely. Of course my girl friend may be annoying and i may bug her but no relationship is perfect! They all need working with and honestly no star sign can comfort a Leo like Cancer can, its something so beautiful that people forget with time. I believe honesty and a lot of talking about everyday occurrences are a huge requirement for this relationship. Remember a Leo likes to think he is king you dominate him and its just not going to work. I know we are not perfect at all but just remember to talk to him.My best to all. 

  53. meemee June 13th, 2012

    My life is so peace before seeing this leo man. I am cancer woman. Me and this leo man are working together. I like him since I first met with him and I can sense that he likes me. But changing..sometimes, he payed attention to me caring me than others but sometimes, he seems to negelect me. I don’t know how to handle this and let him know that I love him..

  54. mscancer88 December 10th, 2011

    I have had my eye on a guy and from what I know about him so far everything seems to be so TRUE! even down to the part of the cancer woman being shy or feels like she is not good enough. This guy and I seem to have a lot in common… and I don’t wasn’t to just let this “opportunity” slip away. How do I approach him to let it be known I am interested? I just don’t want to keep wondering what if.

  55. trent November 30th, 2011

    all i have to say is, its all true. im in a relationship with a leo and im a cancer. im going through everything i just read about our horoscope. there’s alot going on in the relationship and we’re not together but we’re still working things out right now. we broke up not to long ago and now im right back in his house again. i cant leave him alone and he cant leave me alone. i love him…..

  56. Dmacboi September 12th, 2011

    @Fancy, Hi am a leo man and i ll go out of my way to give you a little tip on leo men.. I have a cancer girlfriend and i could swear, i have never met or dated any girl like her, the physical attractive is close to nothing i have ever had. Sometimes i feel like she can read my mind and knows what i want.. But for some reason i don’t wanna get too attached to her even though every atom in my body tells me to “go for it!”. Now listen attentively, We Leo men, are extremely jealous but we never show it and if a cancer woman can learn to use that against us i think they could totally own us and one more thing Leo men loves being adored and pampered which is the main reason we love cancer women alot, try not to give it to us as much, just like reverse psychology it will make us want you more, even though we might be indifferent about it, WE DO CRAVE BEING PAMPERED AND ADORED.. “Hope my GF won’t see this comment” lol

  57. scionix August 24th, 2011

    If cancer woman is not very secure with herself she will not be able to hold the loyalty or admiration of Leo man for very long. I had a horrible experience with cancer woman. She could not open herself to me. I never could trust her and was never satisfied. Stayed with her for the sake of our daughter but was very relieved when she gave up and left. Just met a Gemini and so far, it’s been magical 😀

  58. t.eye August 12th, 2011

    I don’t think there are any ‘rights or wrongs’ on this board. We must keep in mind that with the passage of each day within a particular sun sign brings with it an adjustment, an addition or subtraction that changes the entire construct of the sign, so all Leos are not the same neither are Cancers or any other sign. Plus you must factor in the moon sign. It’s a comlex situation to say the least. Having said all that, based on my three in-depth experiences/relationships with Cancer women, it just doesn’t seem to be the right mix for me…Aries, some Geminis, Pisces, Virgo and some Saggitarius(s) work better (for me). In my situations, the Cancer’s water seemed to always be working against my fire. I appreciate the loyalty that I feel/felt within these experiences but that was about it when it came to the attributes that keep me connected with a woman. I happen to be one of those type of Leos that are loyal to the death and uber-appreciate the loyalty of others which is hard to find. Other than that, there was very little that interested me and in two of the relationships, the sex either was never good at all or it started with a smorgasboard of promise to eventually wane into nothing more than snacks and appetizers [read: quickies and 15-minute workouts]. The third experience didn’t involve sex at all…she was simply one of those women that happened to be a Cancer that needed someone to be a venting receptacle, seven days a week. I’m the type that can listen to a person during a conversation and not but-in every 10-15 seconds…I appeciate the ability to be a good listener. Maybe that was one of her main attractions, I guess, that turned into a rather draining experience…and that also applies to the other two but on a smaller scale. Honestly, I want this current relationship I’m in (with a Cancer) to work, I really do, but when yu’ve been in relationships that were inspiring and easy, inter-active, synergistic and a joy to be in most of the time, it’s hard to settle for anything less. I like things done right – I ask of no one anything that I’m not openly willing to do myself – but there’s a bit too much wrong with the relationship right now, i.e., communication and the lack thereof, for starters. Being that that’s the case, by nature, I am going to continue to work at the things that need improvement by me and her alike; however, she has already shown me (on several occassions) that she doesn’t have the time to work on things because she would rather spend it nourishing every other endeavor that has to do with everyone else except herself, number one, and me. I think the signs are there. Just some thoughts and another perspective for others.

  59. Brians August 10th, 2011

    I’m a Leo who’s in love with my Cancer woman. She is my soul mate and wife and my everything and nothing and something woot woot! I wanted to reply after reading a few of your posts. This article is very correct about Leos and our feelings and thoughts and actions and about our good/bad. The best thing I can tell you all (because I hope the best for everyone and want everyone to have the best in life at all possible) is this: Please pull your man aside into the most quiet serene peaceful place possible with no noise or interruptions for as long as possible (5 hours for us was great with no cell phones or technology or people around) and have a heart-to-heart eye-to-eye soul-to-soul conversation with him about your !!! FEELINGS !!! for eachother. Be real with him, real with your feelings, real with your thoughts, open up to him as you see him open up with you. Do it in a loving manner in peace and happiness and joyful attitude, maybe you’ll have some laughs and hugs and all that stuff. Just feel it out as the conversation goes, you’ll know what to say at the time because you’ll just be yourself and say what you feel is right at that momemt. I told her “From what I know about you already I think I could live the rest of my life with you.” She said “ditto” I said “Can I move in with you?” She said “yes” I said a week later “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” She said “ditto” Then we realized we’re soulmates. It’s wonderful! She makes me so happy! This is my advice to you, to be honest and true to yourself and to him. The truth only leads you on the right path in life. So when you tell him the truth of how you feel and what you need and what you want and what you think about and wish about and dream about, whether you write it in a letter and then print it out then read it to him during your quiet time, just doing that will release anxiety or stress or worry from your shoulders and it will no longer be hidden from his ears, and then he can open up to you… Someone must take the first step to fully open up, since you’re reading this… may it be you! Have courage and smile, it will only lead to good things when you are honest and truthful with yourself and others. It is a principle of life.

  60. Holanah July 18th, 2011

    I don’t think that a cancer woman should ever date a leo…just got out of a terrible experience with a lea male. Leo males are just like the king of the jungle…which means he has many mates….he is flattering and sweet. Draws you into his nest…once there leaves you to find another mate….the Leo male is known for their cheating.

  61. ultralucky July 14th, 2011

    Leo and Cancer is a Beautiful Match exactly as it explains and all you people that are saying cancers dont work are probnally cause you got the more stuck up flirty leos, But all I can say is, WATCH OUT FOR SAGGITARRIUSES. they will steal your Leo man. They Will TURN your Leo man AGAINST YOU, Turn them VIOLENT, HATING, And end up changing them to there liking and to admire them. NEVER trust either of there words if a sag comes along…

  62. Real-time June 30th, 2011

    I am a Cancer woman who is just starting a Leo relationship. I found this article to hit our characteristics on the nose. This is the first relationship I had with a Leo, and it helps me understand how we will function in the long run. There is a spark and connection between us that I can not deny between us. As Kayla mentioned a Leo man can “put it down in the bedroom”.

  63. Kayla April 6th, 2011

    i am a cancer woman and im currently in a relationship with a male leo and our relationship is on point although weve had our ups and downs one special thing that im sure all of us ladies will love is that the leo man puts it down in the bedroom so the sexual chemistry is definately there

  64. Lannie "P" March 30th, 2011

    I can not believe how real this information is when pertaining to me an my cancer woman lol. After reading this i honestly can admit that i understand our relationship and the reasons we may bump head “although rare”. i really like the statement:”She can hurt the Leo man with her changing moods due to which she may become less responsive to her Leo man” and the statement: ” Cancer woman is just too sweet to be avoided. Her caring nature and strong devotion can make anyone fall for her. Though she is approachable and seldom openly aggressive but at the same time she is very particular with decency and cannot stand any kind of cheapness and vulgarity. But she also has some dark fears, which are to get rejected or get less love in return of her supreme devotion. She primarily reacts in two ways when she falls in love with the strong Leo man, either she turns out to be very gentle and womanly shy or she feels that she is not good enough.” After reading this it all makes sense now…

  65. Ginnie March 26th, 2011

    I’ve been involoved with a Leo man who I work closely with, we came to an agreement that our relationship will be only for physical fulfillment as he said he’s not ready for any relationship and due to work related…although he’s not my boss! but is worried that things would become awkward if we break up..etc. I’m so in love with him and agreed to the arrangement as I don’t want to lose him. I realised this is totally silly and possibly desperate idea to keep a man. I can say that I am a better looking between two of us and he admits that he’s not a stud…part of me wants to give up on him but deep down I want to wait until he’s ready to trust and be able to love a woman (hopefully me) again…any advise?

  66. sez March 16th, 2011

    Ive met a leo guy, that has spun my head, heart my every being.I think sleep eat and drink this guy. we have been close and it was just totally unbelievable. I would love to be with him and get on with life, id be very happy with him by my side. i feel like ive been hynotised by him, i yearn for his morning txt and the last txt at night, i just love him to bits. but apart of me tell me i cant be this lucky to keep a guy like him, it just doesnt happen to me. This saddens me. If we hadnt been close i could of walked away, still hurt but i feel like ive had my soul taken from me, life is meaningless without him.

  67. soujanya February 3rd, 2011

    i met a leo man,he cheated me and i came to know told me that he is married and has one child,i got shocked with that news,he also had relationship with other woman before marriage,i got deeply hurt with that man.why do men decieve woman even knowing that they are married and dress up like unmarried men and attract women,how to know that a guy is married?

  68. Cancer Female January 31st, 2011

    I’ve been with a Leo man since 2006,yes we had our moments when we just wanna give up. We both couldn’t, we love each other too damn much. Begining of our relationship was the best, we couldn’t get enough… damn. I became too needy and selfish after a year later, our relationship turned ugly. I had to learn to behave, be less needy and control my mood swings. Now Our relationship is getting stronger, we have one child and expecting another baby. Oh yeah! lol I know he loves me so much and Im thankful he didnt gave up on me. When a leo man says he loves you, he loves you for real. He also loves compliments, tell him he looks good and sexy whenever you can. lol

  69. Cancerleoluv January 9th, 2011

    I am a cancer woman who has been in a relationship with a Leo man for almost 10 years. We are engaged and getting married this year. Our relationship is the best its ever been. In the beginning our relationship was bliss. I went everywhere he went and he went everywhere I went. A leo man wants to be adored, and I did that and he easily reciprocated. It wasn’t until I went away to college. Our relationship took a turn for the worst. We’ve been to hell and back. But now that we are both stable in our careers, our love is renewed and better than ever. We have grown into a mature couple, and are very different individuals still. He loves to go out w/ friends, but most of his friends are my friends so we go out together. Our friends also visit us at our home, where we love to host. The relationship is great. The sex is great. I believe our marriage will be great. Leos aren’t good as boys, but they are great as men.

  70. Candi December 31st, 2010

    I’m a Cancer woman in a relationship with a Leo man and it is delicious! We have been in a relationship for 20 years and it still feels like we just met. The sexual part is off the chain! Intense, passionate and always leaves us wanting more. The mental/emotional part is also off the charts. We laugh, and can talk to each other about everything. He is actually my best friend. If you are confident in yourself this relationship works…let me tell you. He is aggressive, very passionate, and sexually domineering (in a good way). I’m the same but just a tad bit shy. He brings it out though. LOL. In a nut shell this relationship works believe me!!

  71. Caitlin December 20th, 2010

    My Leo Love and I have gotten back together after an 8 year “time out.” I appreciate his good qualities more now than I did, and he mine, and it shows in both of us. So, we don’t push too much this time for what the other is unable to give or be. If only we could have heeded all the warnings in this article the first time around! Good luck to the rest of you, and take this advice to heart!

  72. anne December 18th, 2010

    I don’t think a cancer woman and leo man is a great mix..In college I was heavily involved with one I will admit great while it lasted but when leo men are still young there ego is to big to be tied down to one woman also Cancer begins to feel unwanted when Leo begins to get a little tired of the routine cancer girl has put together for them leo’s don’t take well to routine where cancers can’t function without one these signs are totally different… To this day Ithink that leo man at one time was really was infatuated with me but his ego got the best of him deffinitly with leo’s usually being the “players” Ithink to many ppl was picking on him abt being tied to one girl that thats what blew us so if the relationship was fully mature than maybe… there is a chance

  73. himanii November 26th, 2010

    i m in vry much love wid my leo man………he z juz d best n m wat a typical cancerian gal is n i admit to ol things wata leo man wants……….they r loyal n love u trulyyyyyyyyyy

  74. Atiba November 8th, 2010

    ” The Leo/Cancer is really, really a bad mix. I’ve had bad relationship with all Cancer women, unbeknowest to me. My Step Grandmother (Bane of my existance) was a Cancer, and another young Lady, and I’ve traditionally have. I never paid attention to the relation until recently. I married a Cancer woman, 6 years ago, in a relationship for 9…it doesn’t work…communication terrible, being able to agree on the simplest of things,…impossible…I knew we had some issues, didn’t realize they would fester into Gigantic holes…that would eventually sink the relationship…to different people…water and fire don’t mix

  75. katie October 1st, 2010

    hey all dears…!
    i just want to tell u all that love is unconditional so i used to think my leo man also loves me or not but my thuoght have been changed now no matter till how long i will be with him i will give my best to keep him happy cause i love him a lot.and i dont care what will happen in future cause we wont know what will happen in being practical and thiking about future is good but sometimes we have to let it go and leave it as it is .it makes u and him both happy till the time u are if u love him or her then dont demand just love unconditionally cause it will take time to have trust in each other ,so give him time and take ur time as well. 🙂

  76. Fancy September 12th, 2010

    I find this article very true. I’m a cancer woman inlove with a leo man and the bossy/stubborn part hits the mail on the head for us %100. Its like Im ultra-feminine and he’s ultra-masuline. Im too emotional and he has no emotion. We bicker alot in terms of the emotion me needed the emotion and affection from him and him not wanting to put forth the effort, he wants to be waited on the whole ego/arrogance thing, he needs the adoration which I love to give but as a cancer woman I also need that adoration and the knowing that Im important/wanted. on the other hand our super opposite nature is a very beautiful thing its like watching my grandmother and father and how the dynamics were between them. The mother tending to the homw and children and the father doing sports and yard work and that whole deal its wonderful to step back and play the roles God intended for a man and woman. His “man nature” makes me want to be more docile and sensual and gentle and I love feeling that from him. He put it perfectly that I am the original woman. The problem is soley in the emotion and affection factors of this relationship, he wants but does not want to give so much. I can relate to the sleepless nights and crying alot, however I tell him and he knows exactly what the problem is, he’s just so self-consumed with his wants it takes alot out of him to just take off his cool and let go into “feeling”. I love him very much and I know that he loves me I want to spend my life with him and he feels the same Im just afraid that if we dont find a compromise on both parties being satisfied we will eventually loose interest and make a moment mistake that will last a lifetime. He is just so passive about everything it makes me force myself not to care, for a cancer woman not carring is hard to do we love with our heart and it seems they love with their mind. I love evrything about him I just need the passion he lacks and I dont want to look elsewhere for it, he loves everything about me he just wants space, which is hard for me to give considering his very passive nature about everything in life. My heart tells me to stick it out and continue to be persistant, Im very persistant and do not give up until I get my way. It has been a working challenge so far but its sort of getting old, unsure of what to do dont want to wait forever and work forever to be hurt in the end. Any advise especailly from leo men, please and thank you.
    Confused cancer

  77. keisha August 21st, 2010

    I’m in love with this leo man we have been together for five years going six, but we have a fight, because i found out he was cheating on me, we use to have a strong sex life, but he like to bring different girls in our relationship, i go ahead with it, because i’m so in love with him, but tried to take it over board i couldn’t take it now more, so we had a huge fight now he don’t want to talk to me. i’m feeling so hurt.

  78. Chloe'x August 5th, 2010

    im a cancer girl, i got a huge crush on this leo man. he says he likes me too, but i dont know if hes telling the truth or not. were good friends, and when im with him, its like hes the only person on this planet. i found this article quite true, and i laughed at the bit ‘shes bossy and hes stubborn’ ’cause thats so true. i love and hate this leo man though. he drives me crazy </3

  79. CANCER WOMAN August 4th, 2010

    I LOVE THIS LEO MAN ….HE IS NOT IN TUNED WITH MY EMOTIONS AT ALL…i HAVE SO MUCH PASSION AND FIRE FOR HIM…ITS UNBELIEVABLE…HE SAYS THAT HE LOVES ME…i DONT SEE IT OR BELIEVE HIM…I want to take it further than what it is…which is just sex…I’m starting to think im just his play thing.

  80. CMHL July 28th, 2010

    TO vipul sethi:

    I was in a relationship with my leo man in college…it ended badly, bc he didn’t know how to love and he didn’t prioritize me…don’t get me wrong, I’m concerned about it still, but we were 20…and now, 15 years later…here we are again…as adults we are better…the both of us…and the connection is so unbelievable, it’s indescribable…His exact words to me about his relationships after our 1st one was, “our relationship was a template for every relationship i’ve had since you and i…friends first…”

    So I say to you vipul, GO FOR IT!!!!

    TO EVERYONE ELSE: Hey…people are different…zodiacs give us insights but they don’t define each individual person…we are all a product of our environments/careers/educations/life’s experiences/etc. So maybe it’s not the zodi, it’s simply that particular man (or woman)…

    Good luck with love…Cheers Everyone….

  81. Nickkii July 21st, 2010

    I got out of a relationship with a leo man about a year ago and Im a cancer woman. We were on again off, again for over 4 yrs. We butted heads constantly, but the emotional and physical connection I shared with him always drew me back in. We’ve recently decided that we will never work being in a relationship, but have chosen to remain friends because of the bond we shared during that time. Reading the article hit our relationship on the head precisely. I definately could not stand when he criticised me, and he couldn’t stand when I was trying to be the dominant one. Some days I really couldn’t understand him, and thought he was shutting down because he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Our physical relationship was fireworks all the time. He was always very affectionate and I loved every minute of it. In the end, I think I was too insecure with him and worried about him leaving me too much. We’ve recently decided to become friends again, and see where things go from there. Reading our compatibility has definatley helped me to understand him more, but as far as a long-lasting relationship, I think only time will tell.

  82. vipul sethi June 24th, 2010

    Hello Friends ,

    I am a leo man who is about to enter in a relationship with a women who has caner sun sign and I m going ahead in it !!

    I know this article speaks a lot of truth about Leo man, because I am also like that for all yours kind information , leos are very very romantic and the writer has not mentioned it and they protect there love ones like anything !!!!

    I am going ahead with the women I love , no matter fom which sun sign she belongs!!!!

    any comments from anyone,most welcome !!!

  83. Anna June 11th, 2010

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Leo man for several months. The sexual chemistry is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. He needs to know what I’m thinking and what I want on a constant basis. He needs reassurance and compliments for things I think he obviously does well. I’ve had to explain that it’s not typical for me to share everything that’s going on in my head and heart. Yet he still wants to know it all. I’ve had to change and go outside of my comfort zone; in return I get all I need from an emotional and physical level with this guy. I like my independence and he accepts that. I’m determined and have will-power, and he admires that. I have tons of respect for his observant and complimentary style, and need to forgive his lack of sensitivity on other things. As a Cancer girl you need to let him know how you think/feel to get what you want from an emotional level, and then see if he reciprocates. It will help determine if he’s into you enough to put the work in or he’s out. It’s better to know now and move on your terms than get hurt by the fiesty Lion later.

  84. Marci May 3rd, 2010

    I am in a new relationship with a Leo Man. I found this article VERY interesting. The sexual chemistry is off the charts! There is a strong urge to bond with him. However, his emotions are off & on. He can become distant and hard to even catch by phone. But when we are together…. WOW! But I dont know how he feels about me and I really wish I could just get him to tell me so I know where I stand. I am affraid to ask because I don’t want to get hurt. Being with him feels so good, I don’t want it to end. But at the same time my common sense is screaming for affirmation! I need to know we are headed in the same direction and that I am not alone with the way I am feeling towards him. I need to know a man wants me. Its a wierd mix of excitement, confusion and worried that I will get hurt by this Leo Man.

  85. BESSIE April 22nd, 2010


  86. Cancer girl April 20th, 2010

    This article is so true because i am in a relationhsip with a Leo man and i perfectly understand this. This article has explained each bit of it. We have managed to understand and adjust with eachother and things work smoothly with us. He and i understnad eachother and when one is on the verge of loosing their mind the other automatically takes a backseat and i think i am glad my bf is so understand and things are going well for us.

  87. Vinita Joshi April 19th, 2010

    leo man and a cancer woman should be just friends not lovers or spouses. They are too different from each other. In the long run both will tire of each other and run away. A water sign can extinguish a fire sign quite easily, tey are natural enemies of each other, fire most compatible with fire or air, water with water or earth

  88. lady in distress March 22nd, 2010


  89. Jaan July 31st, 2009

    I strongly agree with the article.I was sad as i had a quarrel with my leo man last night.I just wanted him to take me in his warm shoulders.But i always yell for such affection but remain dissatisfied very often.I also know that he is aloof of my requirements and doesnt do all that knowingly.But as i remain away from sharing my feelongs with him, i get disturbed and cry a lot.Spend sleeples nights ..seeing him fast asleep besides me. If I control my emotions i can overcome and stop expecting these things which he doesnt even know how much important they r to me. Its all messed up but in my heart I know he is the only one for me.

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