Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Leo man and Sagittarius woman share a fiery approach to love and have a strong bond, but may face challenges due to Leo's possessiveness and Sagittarius' dislike of being fenced.
  • Their sexual relationship depends on their daily compatibility, with potential for strong passion but also dissatisfaction due to different needs and expectations.
  • To attract the Leo man, the Sagittarius woman should be herself, speak her mind, and initiate romantic gestures, while the Leo man should work on his arrogance and insecurity.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 111 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Leo and Sagittarius share a fiery approach to love as they both have fire element. Both of them fall in love intuitively and share a common love of action and high-spirits. Off to a good start, there can be a few snags along the way as Sagittarius dislikes the feeling of being fenced and Leo is too possessive to set the partner free.

The proud Leo man regards himself to be above others and pushes to show this. To uphold such an image and be told the same by others increases his pride and add to his generous nature. He has royal taste in every aspect of life and he maintains his decorum with all his power. He likes the spotlight and boasts of successes he has made. His audience should be one of admirers. This is only to appease him as he likes the attention. In a relationship, Leo man is loyal by nature and although stubborn, he treats his lady like a queen if she dedicates herself to him.

A Sagittarius woman is very straight forward, is down to earth, humble and quite pleasant. She is blunt and to the point but in a friendly way and her intellect is something to be admired in all the fields. She is not much for arguing if there is a compromise that can be worked towards. Falling in love with a Sagittarius woman is no less than ‘a dream come true’ as she is a real dedicated mate with no much demands who always respects her man and stand by him in all ups and downs of life.

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When Leo man and Sagittarius woman get together and fall in love it will be a virtually unbreakable bond. The spark and friendliness of Sagittarius woman makes the Leo man feel weak in his keens and even though he sometimes has to face her blunt comments but he cannot escape melting in her true admiration for him. Even if it seems as though they are slamming each others characters into the ground, it is just that they are merely testing each other’s loyalty and devotion as well as their possible deception. Leo man is naturally more loyal than his restless Sagittarius partner. But this doesn’t mean that Sagittarius woman is promiscuous, it simply means that her restlessness can threaten or leave her Leo man feeling insecure. Since she is true in her heart, she always returns to her Leo man with same respect and admiration that she has for him deep inside her heart.

Leo man captures the heart of the Sagittarius woman in the first meet itself, as she finds him the exact person she had been looking for. Instead of wasting valuable time figuring out whether they are good enough for each other, they could love each other with a passion and affection they are capable of giving to each other. He has a romantic way of expressing his liking for his Sagittarius woman. He pampers her with compliments and broad shoulder to rest on after completing her restless day and above all he brings the magic love in her life. On the other hand, the proud Leo man is a traditionalist in that he loves to court his lover. Sagittarius woman deems this mundane and quite boring opting for improvise and making things up as they go along. She interprets his pride as conceitedness and considers him pretentious.

The loving nature of Leo man and the friendly behavior of Sagittarius woman make their relationship a beautiful combination of love and friendship where romance and arguments go hand in hand without giving even a single scratch to the relationship. As love makes its path in their hearts, the Leo man, and Sagittarius woman experience the blossoms of romance, rains of affection and warmth of togetherness with each other. They make their dreams come true and relax securely trusting their faith in each other. He brings some stability to the life of his Sagittarius woman while she teaches him to be less insecure and more humble. When they are together, they are at best of everything and when they are far away from each other they just miss their ‘better half’!

The sexual relationship of Leo man and Sagittarius woman completely depends upon their daily compatibility with each other. Leo man and Sagittarius woman, who face conflicts from the beginning, never come together mentally, physically or emotionally. They look at each other in sheer boredom. On the other hand, if they choose Love over arguments, find a magical attraction toward each other full of dreams, ideas and morals. Their needs are compatible from a gentle touch to an intense fire, to a meeting of the minds and spirit and their passion is strong and powerful for each other. Although they stimulate each other physically, mentally and spiritually sometimes Leo man may not find complete satisfaction in their sexual meeting and Sagittarius woman may think he is a bit overemotional and artificial in his love making. But with little more dedication sprinkled with passion, they both can create the magic of oneness which gives them fulfillment both at physical and spiritual level which they will enjoy forever by making their every next meet more passionate, increasing their closeness emotionally as well as physically.

To keep the peace in the relationship, Sagittarius woman should step up and initiate from time to time. Leo man does not like backing off and apologizing for initiating something that Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to participate in. She needs to be herself and speak her mind, tell him how she really feels. If she does this, he follows through and admits his wrong doings and mistakes and apologizes to her. That’s all that needs to be done to accomplish a more solid and satisfying relationship for the both of them. Also quite often Sagittarius woman crumbles Leo man’s ego with her truth and reality. She may not always admire him as much as he would like for her to do. For a stronger and lasting relationship, they need to work through Leo man’s arrogance and Sagittarius woman’s skepticism and work toward a common objective in creating a warmer passion from him and a renewed confidence from her.

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. bob December 16th, 2023

    I peed red.

  2. Jermonica Pennington October 15th, 2023

    My leo man and I think you should give it another try.. ❤️

  3. Lily November 16th, 2021

    We are currently in a relationship . Ahh it has been hard for us to stay in relationship . From the begginng I didn’t enough understand him and that’s when the things went wrong . He feeled so insecure and jeasouls that he don’t even care now”he said it’s like habitual so doesn’t matter”that hurts me alot . We had a fight today too . We fight often these days . Idk how to understand him even tho I thought oh yeah I understand him enough it’s not always like that i need to understand him more Nd more . Well that’s not end of our relationship we will try to work on our relationship and I will understand him more in future . To all the people who thinks their relationship can’t be continued now . Plz think nd reconsider the things that uh guys had done together . Relationship is beautiful until nd unless ur opposite partner feel jeasouls nd insecure . Make sure to tell him wht uh want instead of being scared “oh wht if I hurt him” I hope you guys had a great day with ur partner nd my partner just replied to my mssg so I’m happy 🥺. Bye I’m going now ☺️

    • AMANDA December 23rd, 2021

      This is so spot on to how the Leo man and Sagittarius woman is. I have an ex Leo that I have still stayed connected to as friends after almost 5 years. He was not what I was expecting but he is a girls dream. Such a gentleman,handsome as hell, funny ,kind and generous with a kind heart and so romantic. We were a expecting a child together that sadly did not make it. But the bond we share is so strong still. We both have tried to move on but seem to always gravitate towards one another. He is the best I’ve ever had on every level and so mature for someone younger than me. I honestly miss him but happy if he finds someone who is right for him. He will always be my what if. There is no one like a Leo man. No one can replicate him, or be him they’re one of a kind.

      • sag gurl February 8th, 2022

        Hey Amanda.

        Sorry to hear about your loss. How long has it been since you lost the baby? How long were you two together?

      • Nefertiti April 16th, 2022

        I once had a Leo lover over 15 years now. And I can say for sure that there is no one like him.
        I really wish I could turn back the hand of time.

      • Blake Sweat October 1st, 2022

        I’m a 35 year old leo male 8-8-87 and I’ve only dated one Sagittarius women before!! I was younger then I would say 29 about 6 years ago! Honestly out of most of the females I’ve dated we hit it off right away!! She pursued me hard which I liked that she went after what she wanted and it for sure got my attention!! We never fought much but she did always wanted to travel everywhere like a free spirit and I worked 7 days a week to try and give us the world!! I’m the one that kinda fucked up the relationship because I violated parole and opened a door for her to fuck up as a bartender but I told her from the jump if she ever betrayed and/or cheated on me we were done!! She ended up picking me up after parole in another dudes benz and that was that!! I knew in my heart something had happened while I was gone but she had also felt betrayed after I promised her I wouldn’t leave her and I would always keep her safe and then I got locked up again!! We didn’t work out, but yes while we were together it was different!! I can’t explain it, I still have love for her today and think about her from time to time hoping she’s living out her dreams!! Sex was amazing!! We always pushed each other to be the very best we could be!! I felt in my heart as if my soulmate forsure if not her had to be another Sagittarius!! If that kiccup hadn’t accured her and I would still be together because our spiritual, emotional, and physical connection was so strong!! As for myself I’m very loyal, will treat my women as my queen, I do love to be noticed, complimented and treated like her king!! I take pride In my body making sure I look good for myself and her!! I always tried to spoil her with the very best!! Yes I don’t have a little bit of a temper but it’s exactly why she felt safe with me because I made sure no one fucked with her or me!! I made sure I was the dominant male everywhere we went not through cockiness but through confidence!! I truly believe in my heart I was destined as a leader to be successful at everything I do and have the work ethic and drive to accomplish almost anything I put my mind to good or bad 😂 I would say ♌️ Are one of a kind!! You’ll for sure never meet another like me and I pride myself in walking my own path, not following the masses especially when I know they are headed the wrong direction and by doing so others take notice and start to follow me!! The good news is I just met another Sagittarius about a week ago randomly and neither of us were looking I was dating someone at the time whom I thought I was going to have a relationship with and when I met this saq she was also 35, no kids like me, blond hair, blue eyes just like I’ve always wanted and when we spoke to each other we both just knew!! Shits crazy!! I’m seriously considering leaving the chick I’ve been dating because they way I light up and the connection we both feel especially me when I’m with this new saq is far more powerful then the chick I’ve been dating and we just met!! This is how I know in my heart and soul a Sagittarius is my soulmate!! We met randomly and neither one of us has to try and impress the other, she met me for sure not at my best being random I wasn’t prepared and it didn’t matter our conversation flowed, we both were on the same page, both of us super attracted to each other and both of us just knew this shit felt different!! So I went for it and told her that I felt this instant, deep connection with her and felt the immediate chemistry right away and she said she felt the same!! She knew I was taking to a female and didn’t want to be disrespectful which I respected but also told her I don’t feel anything close to this connection with the female I have been dating and would have to force myself to try with her being a cancer like my mom it kinda Trips me out a little bit, but with the sag I don’t have to try at all or force anything it’s immediately there from the jump and it was our first time meeting!! Moral of the story as a LEO male I’ve dated Taurus, cancer, Sagittarius and few others and the only one that has ever stopped me in my tracks in awe like that’s the one for me m, fuck it I’m going for it is a Sagittarius❤️💯🤷‍♂️ If it feels right and you know don’t be scared to go for it!! I would rather go for it then live the rest of my life saying what if👌

      • Jermonica Pennington October 15th, 2023

        My leo man and I think you should give it another try.. ❤️

      • alina January 30th, 2024

        oh my gosh im so sorry for your loss 🙁 thats terrible.

  4. sag-gurl September 9th, 2021

    I’m a sagittarius woman, aquarius moon, gemini rising. He is a Leo sun, pisceas moon and aquarius rising. We kinda hit it off but then fight due to his ego and not being open. things were so sweet between us. I really don’t know why we did not last. Oh yeah, because he cheated, lied, temper. He calmed down the more we were together. but it was a lot of off and on. But it was like we couldn’t leave each other alone. It was awful but feelings were deep. It was not just the sex, for me, i loved loving on him. I loved being in his arms. He made me feel so safe. He cooked and took such good care of me. We were so stable and boring together. I had to set dates and things for us to do because he liked being home. But he was down for whatever i planned. Somehow, other people came between us. The trust left our relationship and I gave him hell for that. He really hurt me. it was like everything was ruined. I cried almost every day. we are no longer together because I had to take my power back but I still care and wanted to be with him deep inside.

    • Saglady0707 November 1st, 2021

      I’m also a Sagittarius woman. December 7th. In love with an amazing, kind, loving, protective, charming, stubborn leo man! July 24th. I’m deeply connected/wired to him spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally! My soul is on fire when we’re together. The experience is magical and breathtaking to say the least. The sex is amazing, we share so much passion in the love we have for each other just happens naturally. I can look at him all day and feel my soul become lighter. I feel safer than I’ve ever felt with anyone, I trust him and I chose to do it. It was so scary and I’m happy I did. We’ve been dating over a year so I’m not as patient as I used to be. We’re not in a relationship and I want him to want that, and it doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m a Sagittarius so I can’t just be depressed and the whole thing has become sad and uneventful. But I know deep in my heart I will not be over the man who I’m currently in love with for a long long time.

      • Sarah M November 11th, 2021

        I’m a Sagittarius woman and my boyfriend is a Leo. His birthday is July 23rd, mine is December 8th. I feel the exact same way with him! Everything you wrote is exactly like our relationship! Crazy!

  5. Sarah Calis August 15th, 2020

    Remember, the reason Sagittarius and Leo sometimes are not completely compatible is because thats just the sun sign. Look up your moon signs as well. My new guy is a leo sun/Pisces moon and I am Sagittarius sun/cancer moon. So we are 100% insanely compatible. Because Pisces and cancer and good together to. This astrology stuff is pretty amazing. Just don’t read day to day horoscopes lol. That’s not real.

  6. Sarah Calis August 15th, 2020

    Remember, the reason Sagittarius and Leo sometimes are not completely compatible is because thats just the sun sign. Look up your moon signs as well. My new guy is a leo sun/Pisces moon and I am Sagittarius sun/cancer moon. So we are 100% insanely compatible. Because Pisces and cancer are good together to. This astrology stuff is pretty amazing. Just don’t read day to day horoscopes lol. That’s not real.

  7. Lolitah July 30th, 2020

    I’m a sag woman and my Leo man is amazing to me and loves me very much and we trust each other and i just ~wanna cuddle him~

  8. John June 9th, 2020

    It’s been 3yrs since I brokeup with a sag lady… it’s like a war between us everyday , something of mature leo- childish sag feud. She constantly tries to put me down in front of others, unnecessarily flirting with multiple men in front of me ..making me feel how pathetic my life actually is, though I don’t air that any day … I’m engaged to a sweet cancer now that may have fueled her scorp moon I guess! I’m really trying to start new business outside the city and get out of her proximity

  9. Molly May 23rd, 2020

    I am a Sagittarius woman and met my Leo man on a dating site when I last visited The Netherlands .We started chatting and after few days we realized we just had to met each other.We meet and decided to live together until my visa expires. I left a relationship 6year and had been single for 4months before meeting him and I was not looking for love at the time but someone to talk to ,whilst he was in an unstable relationship.I had to go back home because my visa expired and am trying to reapply.After I left we tried to keep in touch all the time until he showed me a picture of a woman him brother saw on the site and he believes is me .After we met in person we both decided to delete ourselves from the site which we both did.I just don’t understand why he doesn’t trust me and believe his brother.Have shown the picture of the other lady and few people say the resemblance is there.What do I do

    • Mea September 3rd, 2021

      Are y’all still together today

      • Molly September 4th, 2021

        Yes we are

  10. Britney March 22nd, 2020

    I’m a 31 years old sag who has had few failed relationships. I went on a dating site and met my Leo man who is 30 years my senior. I originally just wanted someone I can see occasionally and escape the everyday life and he wanted the same after a terrible divorce. We started by chatting everyday for weeks then we decided to meet for coffee one day. From the moment we first met it was love at first, we ended up chatting for 5 hours. From then on we’ve been inseparable and it been 3 years now. I have never felt like this for any man, it like with each passing day I love him even more. My Leo is straight to the point sometimes and has very sharp tongue however his loyalty and love runs so deep that it overpowers everything else. We’re due to get Married this summer.

    • Sarah Calis August 15th, 2020

      awe thats so sweet. Do you know your moon signs? That makes a huge difference. My Leo guy is a Pisces moon and I’m Sagittarius with cancer moon.

      • Dominique September 23rd, 2020

        I’m a Nov 29th Sag with moon in Libra my boyfriend of 6 years is a Aug 11th Leo with moon in Gemini

  11. Emily February 17th, 2020

    Kion Lewis, are you Leo und she Sagittarius?

  12. Emily February 17th, 2020

    I’m a Sagittarius woman. I think all Sagittarius aren’t similar. I’m not a very sociable person, lm happy often just with my Family. I’m not flirty, even a little shy. I prefer Familys Bond than free spirited. I’m basically a warm and passionate individual but can cold und unsentimental if a Relationship don’t work out more. I was not a cheater or how Butterfly /bees but my partners(in past) and my man did cheat on me (all waren Cancer mans). If a person is very Active, sociable or free spirited , that’s not mean, she cheats. Of course I cannot Speak or write about all Sagittarius Woman just my self.

    • John April 3rd, 2020

      What’s your Moon and ascendant if a may ask..

      • Emily April 3rd, 2020

        My moon sign is Aquarius, my ascendant (rising) ist Cancer.

  13. Kion Lewis February 17th, 2020

    I fell in love with a beautiful
    Women who is the love of my life even though she gets on my nerves here and there but even though she does I still love her and we both work together and come to make our relationship even better than what it is so we can push forward an continue to have a dream come true relationship

    • Emily February 17th, 2020

      Kion Lewis, Are you Leo und she Sagittarius?

  14. Nadeera Higgs December 31st, 2019

    Im in loveeee wit a Leo man dat i met in a city that i did not wanna be in..I only was staying wit my mom @ da time because i was promised a job in that particular town. While waiting on the job(Dat neva came thru) I meet him on a walk to my brother home(Which is Literally 2mins from my moms house) We kicked it I end up spending the nite wit him which turned into the next 5nites and now im back in the city which is 70miles away from him. We talked and text faithfully.. But lately he sounds upset because im not there. He wont say it but i can tell he feels like i shud be there wit him. He always say to me””U Do kno I will take care of you””.. Lately if he call and i tell him im working and he seems to be more irritated and the texts and calls are less now..Im in luv wit him..He told me the same but i feel like Im losing him…My Question is …….Is there a possibility dat i will 😥???

  15. Louise October 4th, 2019

    I meet my Leo man over 25 years ago, we sparked immediately, the Sag female that I am was in and out of love quickly, but we stayed friends over the years and my prayers to Christ were answered when I asked for my true love to be given to me because I did not want any more failed relationships and I wanted to experience an amazing spiritual connection . Well my prayers where answered, every cell in my body whispered his name, so I told him that I beileved I still loved him and he said he felt the same, we have been dating again for about a year and I am looking forward to getting to know my Leo man and having him as my greatess love story. I rely on a lot of pray and reading of our charts to stay on course and grounding. #LeoSag4ever

  16. Anna March 23rd, 2019

    I’m a 30 ye old sagg woman who had a wonderful year with my 28 yr old Leo man, due to his trust issues and past demons from relationships he requested to have my location at all times, would go through my social media, phone messages and anything else. Many fights were had about past messages before we even met. A lot of assumptions and accusations were made that I had to reassure and be patient with him which I was. At one very stressful moment in my life, knowing that he’d go through my phone I chose to delete something bc I didn’t have it in me to argue about something so innocent but didn’t trust his trust in me to be honest. He found out and then broke up with me, I tried to explain how I came about such an unlike me decision in hopes he could see where I was coming from but stated he could not be with me right now and didn’t know if he ever could again. Is there a chance he’ll come around?

    • Cynthia L Smith March 31st, 2019

      I say don’t bother. His issues are too deep. If he doesn’t trust you its doomed.

    • Gage April 3rd, 2019

      As a Leo man I would say the trust issues come from because you didn’t tell him to trust you not worry about once you do that he’ll trust you. Also if he saw something unusual whether it’s you cheat or not he’ll lose he trust . For Leo man loyalty big thing. In your case give him sometime alone but show him how you loyal you’re meaning, Post some pictures on social media that you’re alone or with your girlfriend something good. Not with boys or anything… just to bring the trust. Once you do that guarantee he’ll be back.

    • t November 4th, 2019

      stop cheating lol if you lie to a leo and he finds out its over with as far as trusting you ever again

  17. Jeannette Parker December 8th, 2018

    I’m a Sag in love with a Leo man. I love him. He can be sweet and loving but mostly, he’s arrogant, selfish, rude and egotistical. He thinks he know everything. He never sees anything he says or does wrong, only what I do wrong. He can say the meanest things to me and really hurt my feelings and never apologizes. I don’t know why I still love him. He has a sweet and good side to him and I know he really loves me. But I just want him to be more caring of my feelings. But he thinks he knows everything and I just can’t seem to do anything right by him or enough for him.

    • Richard December 30th, 2018

      Dear Jeanette. I am a Leo and know exactly what is going on. Something is bothering your Leo man but, he is too stubborn to talk about it. It will be a sign of weakness if he did, He wants to fix those say, problems by himself. I think he can’t find the exact words to express what is going on in his mind and it bothers him. No matter what you do or say, it will always be wrong. He needs to tame his ego and start to voice his feelings. Leo tends to balk a lot so, be patient and use ALL what I’ve wrote to start a conversation. He needs to learn that everything is earned, not owed. I am deeply sorry if I made some spelling errors , English is not my mother’s tongue.

  18. W October 2nd, 2018

    I am a leo, I know a sag woman. We know each other for almost 4 months. On day one I felt something for her, possible she felt the same for me. She drives me crazy with her comments some are hurtful, but I just let it go. I stopped talking to her, then a week later she texted me. saying “Hi Leo how are you” . She knows I am crazy about her, but I try to hide my emotions. I can’t hide it, she knows where to find me. Sag are playful, leos too. I wish we can be together.

    • Dee S. October 3rd, 2018

      Sag. women love honesty. I am one myself. My minister in my early 30’s mentioned to me be honest with a (little honey) on the words. Don’t use spark cutting mean words. So, use psychology when talking with her. If she hurts you with words. Say, would you like me to use those same words you just used on me to come back to you?? How do you think that would feel? Well, it hurts!?? Right?
      Be honest with yourself first. Verbal abuse or any kind of abuse is not to be tolerated even with the once you love that goes for small or grown adult kids. Respecting one another is the “Foundation” to any style relationship. Best to you Mr. W.:) & God Bless…. Stay grounded be yourself with “confidence” without the ego.
      I wish I could find a caring Leo man which I have never found one & I am now in my early 70’s:) Hope is not forgotten with this sag.

    • Lovely November 25th, 2018

      I have teased with my Leo man on his ditzy moments but I let him know I’m playing around and that I’m ditzy to myself. I always tell him how amazing he is to so he’s well to make him aware that my playful comments isn’t how I truly feel about him they are just to get a playful reaction.

  19. Monica June 9th, 2018

    I just found my leo man and our relationship is everything they say i never been so happy we really are in love

  20. Manju Chhetri February 15th, 2018

    To my leo man, I’m extremely happy that I found you. Yes we do argue alot but we choose love over ego and our bond becomes even stronger. Iloveyou ❤

  21. vicky February 13th, 2018

    I just found a Leo man and I cannot stop thinking about him . feel like I cannot breath when he not with me . I never felt like this . trying to control myself. I am a sag .

    • JK1 July 8th, 2018

      I’m a leo man who met a Sagittarius women @ work approximately 5 years ago. It’s been quite an adventure. We’re going through our second really long NO COMMUNICATION chapter. It’s not easy i’ll tell ya…lol. If our friendship is over for good this time, I still wish her the very best & ultimately just want her to have much happiness even if it doesn’t include me. I still believe in her & the goodness of her heart.

  22. Mark December 22nd, 2017

    On my personal note as a leo… Dear Sagittarius girls try to be more faithfull in a relationship there are many things in being in love and be settled and you cannot fight the world alone. In general a person too has self esteem and you guys are not the only one in entire universe to mingle with…
    After being witnessing the worst breakup

    • Dee S. May 25th, 2018

      Mark, you are on the right track about relationships. Loyality & honesty is the foundation to any relationship. Some people men or woman are selfish & is all about them getting what they need threw not being truthful. I am speaking threw experiences of my own life. Now being 72 for being a sag. who has always respected “myself” with confidence & maturity starting from 18 yrs. old. Bottom line ladies & gents have respect for who you are & first love & be honest with yourself before you can be honest & loyal to your partner. Best to everyone.

    • Jennifer September 9th, 2018

      As a sag women, we need to feel free but when we love someone deeply, even as we are free, that someone still has our heart. Not being restricted, does not mean unfaithfulness 🙂

  23. Jamie October 9th, 2017

    I have never been more in love than I am now I am a sag in love with a Leo it’s been 9 years. Every now and again I have to speak up about his possessive nature, he has to say stay home for a few, some days we cuddle and some days I swear if he keeps looking at me the way he does I’ll be pregnant by the end of the night. It’s a wonderful relationship. We are both silly old hearts that love living in luxury.

  24. Silvi9 February 7th, 2017

    I am a Sag and my Leo man and I just decided to give a go at a relationship after being sexual partners for about 5 years.Distance kept us apart but we still managed to see each other every year and it always felt like te first time we met.My Leo man is very calm and is so fun to be around,he is not possessive at all.I like that he lets me live my life as I value independence.We feed off each others energies and rarely argue.Communication is key.The sex is something I never felt before.

  25. Shady December 16th, 2016

    Fuck! The same happened to me….. God I’ve fallen for a sag lady she’s older than me.. and I don’t … But she might be in a relationship and his ex is like my friend and I don’t want to interrupt anybody. It’s true that I too got a gf but ( it’s kinda not working) I seriously have feeling for my sag. As of now she is bit alone I can see it. Our meeting is accidental and once I took her to Our clg party that was almost 2 yrs back…. Nd the last time we ever talked. I just want to be with her. Talk to her pls anyone could try to help me out….

    • Marty December 16th, 2016

      Go for it! You only live once but just now it may not turn out as you want it to.

    • Sasha January 15th, 2017

      The same thing happened to me and my Leo, I am older than he is and he is talking to a female but if that does not shut down soon I am out. I have fallen in love with him and the sex is magical but I don’t want to force him nor do I want to waste my time

    • Simi August 16th, 2017

      Saggis are very friendly, she will never respond badly even if she does not love you. You can tell her how you feel. In fact we saggi women appreciate men who have the guts to approach us and tell us they love us.

  26. [email protected] November 6th, 2016

    Wow..how true about Leo man..he is like living in a castle of invisible dream rocks clashing with Sagi lady rational realistic approach….oh boy!

  27. [email protected] February 13th, 2016

    I confessed my feelings to a leo male
    Help me dude!!
    I confessed my love to him.
    one of his friends is my close friend says that he’s shy and conscience that I gave him an expensive chocolate. And now his avoiding me. I want to say hi to him but I’m so nervous. I’m scared what if he ignores me. What will I tell to make him interested in me?
    I’m a sag. 
    I don’t know what to do. 
    Btw. I’m type of a doer and a straight forward so I wrote my feelings in a letter. 
    I laughed so hard cuz my love letter is so embarrassing. So cornyy gosh I’m smiling like an idiot right now ??

  28. KitKat333 April 29th, 2015

    So I read a lot of the comments on here and I have to comment just to even out the playing field a bit…
    I am a Sag woman in a relatioship with a Leo man. Our relationship actually started out just based on sex but feelings developed very quickly and we realized how compatible we are and it kinda of evolved from there. 
    There is one thing that I feel I need to point out because people on here don’t seem to be aware of. It matters greatly what the ascendant of each individual is as well as their sun sign. So while he’s Leo and I’m Sag, his ascendant is in Cancer and mine in Scorpio. The watery elements of those signs balance out the fire in our sun signs and greatly influence temperment and communication. I do believe that we are compatible and stable because of that interaction. I don’t think that the Leo-Sag relationship is compatible under any circumstance. He’s the only Leo man that I’ve known that I liked for more than 2 minutes. I find most of them to be very pretentious, rude, and egoistical. The ones I’ve known before him were far more immature and didn’t really care or listen to anything I’ve said. My Leo pays attention to every word that comes out of my mouth (possibly moreso than I do with what he says at times…). He would never call me names or get into a screaming match with me (not that I would like one, mind you). That fiery aspect that most people are describing on here has to do more with the ascendant than the sun sign. If your Leo has a fire sign as his ascendant, I guarantee chaos. You just can’t have that much aggressive personality in a relationship and see it work. 
    Also, communication is big in any relationship, but especially in this one where mindsets and priorities are different and things can often be assumed and misunderstood. 
    My Leo and I had that mantra from the beginning. There is no lying in our relationship. I should also add though that we’ve never put the constraint of monogamy on our relationship. Mostly, this has reassured me of my individuality and freedom, but it does also offer him the ability to see other women which he hasn’t exercised yet but I imagine it feeds his ego to be able to flirt with other women occasionally and that makes him happy. I know that at the end of the day, he comes home to me, and so I’ve never felt the need to be possessive or jealous. A lot of the Sag women commenting on here have mentioned that they have more friends with beenfits type relationships with their Leos than actual dating perse…it may just be that both signs need to feel free. It doesn’t have to be FWB though if you define the relationship appropriately. It not a good idea to try to fence in a lion or a centaur…we’re both very vicious creatures if you put us in a cage. However, if you spend the time and effort to earn our loyalty, we’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Something to remember 🙂

  29. RickToye December 8th, 2014

    I am a Leo man, true to the egotistical Leo description that you have all heard and read about.  The world truly revolved around me until I met this Sagitarious lady.  It started as a great friendship, then friends “with benefits”, then a serious relationship, and up to now, a 35 year marriage!  NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER FROM EITHER OF US! A lot of work, but so is anything else that is worth having.  She is my wife, my Queen, my soulmate, and I feel so blessed to have her.  Happy birthday Bernie!
    Rick Toye

  30. Jameeeeela August 22nd, 2014

    ^ Replying to       -Mnement- : 
    Lol, if you do your astrology research you will find that we Sagittarius’ are the Bachelorette, Bachelors, Kings & Queens of one night stands, and that we get bored easily, Kinky, and don’t care about what people say, etc. And I will say that in MOST cases, this is true, but also, for the most part we are loyal people, and honest.
    So honest (and sweet) that we may in fact feel bad if we cheated (especially without atleast warning you first lol) cause we’re all about honesty, straightfowrardness, and anything but hypocrits. so either we would tell you soon after or not do it again. Or both. Maybe even just leave you, because obviously we aren’t interested enough, or we don’t want to hurt you more. 
    But we don’t go around doing all that shit while we are in a relationship though, for the most part. Because we wouldn’t want one to do it to us. That’s why we are wary before getting into a relationship in THE FIRST PLACE, because we don’t know if all of THAT will happen to us (them hurting us in someway); BECAUSE when we do trust and love, you see what you get. And we are devoted and caring lovers, and we dont like to hurt people at all. Unless, you’re asking for it! We don’t play no games, no tricks. We are too impatient for that (bored easily/quicker), and we aren’t superficial either.  She probably really is busy. Or she want to back away some because she doesn’t want to show you how she really feels (in a good way though), she may even be more career – focused at the moment like I am, and trying to shy away from “distractions.” 
    Well, I got a Skype date with this Leo guy later on that my Capricorn girl trying to hook me up with… -_- gonna see how this goes. Cause I just want friends at the moment. Nothing more. I’m busy & focused. (And I’m not proofreading all this lol)
    Goodluck to everyone’s life! 😉

  31. Sleeper00 August 16th, 2014

    I am a Leo man and I have started dating a Sag woman. We’ve only went out a couple of times. When I’m with her, there  and then, I feel awesome, I enjoy her company immensely and, unless I’m horribly misinterpreting the signals, she is enjoying herself as well. But then when we are  communicating via messages she often disappears from chat and takes a couple of hours to reply, sometimes even a full day! In next 2 weeks I have only one day when I’m free (there are other days but there is not much time and I really don’t like rushing through these dates). I told her about this, and over last week I mentioned it a couple of times just so she wouldn’t forget and make plans for that day. Now she tells me she is fully booked for that day, planned out from morning till evening… I think of myself as fairly understanding and tolerant fellow (actually I am quite atypical Leo according to the previous comments… I have no problem appologizing and I don’t mind yielding in an discussion if the oposing agrument seems reasonable and logical to me)… Anyway I really can’t understand her… I gave her notice several times, made it clear that I won’t be able to see her for more than two weeks if we miss this date, is she doing this on purpose to test me? Test what exactlly???
    I don’t know what to think… So I took a look at her zodiac and our compatibility. I don’t believe in astrology per say, but I do believe it gets the general characteristics of people under a certain sign quite well. And she seems typical Sag… extremely sociable, active and free spirited. Which are the things I think I can learn to live with (I’m not exactly the most sociable person, but I’m not a loner either… just selective of my company, also not as active as her, but I can adjust). The thing that alarmed me was a multiple mentions on various sites of this apparent promiscuity that Sags seem to manifest. Some sites quite openly say that sags can be like bees (flying from one flower to another)… This terrifies me, even the possibility of something looking like a fling. One thing that is typically Leo about me is that I value faithfulness  above everything else, there isn’t any excuse for infidelity,ever. Also, as one guy pointed out in his comment. Leos go all in, either 100% or nothing… And I’m just don’t want to end up broken hearted, then again, I don’t want to quit either, this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me often, and I’ve been waiting for someone like her for a long time now…
    If you’re reading this and you are female Sag or someone who has been in a relationship with one. Please comment on this alleged promiscuity. Is there any truth in it? Scold and damn me all you want, just please be honest.

    • Queen Eugene February 6th, 2017

      Hi Leo,

      I read your long comment with every enthusiasm I could muster. I’m a Sag woman. Promiscuity Yes! Promiscuity: Largely No. I’d like to take the No part. We ‘sages’ are masters when it comes to loyalty and honesty…unless we are not INTERESTED. We are very impatient people especially with LIES, TRICKS, DILLY-DALLYING. We like it straight and to the point… So? Open up! Show her you’re TRUE and you’d be pleasantly shocked at her love outpour, going forward. She seems so far away because of your own fault —arrogance tendencies (and which you remain too proud to acknowledge). Don’t manufacture us drama, lest, we run for cover!

    • Simi August 16th, 2017

      Saggi been in and out of a lot of relationships, there are only two reasons a saggi women will not respond to u advances, one – she is not interested, two – she feels she cannot trust you and you are there just to pass time, for which she doesn’t have the inclination.

      Yes, we are the called the bad girls of the zodiac, we move on from person to person, because unlike most other zodiac signs we do not settle, unless we feel that love which ca bind us by its simplicity and truthfulness.

      The moment we recognise some one is genuine, we will eb the most doting lovers you can find. And btw, our love is not aabout talking, it is in our actions and our eyes.

      A die hard romantic Saggi female.

    • Roger October 16th, 2018

      Hi Sleeper00! I’m an older Leo with a younger sag woman (I think lol). We’ve been seeing each other coming on 4 months now. I’m still in the same boat as you waiting hours for a text reply sometimes it will be the next day. This can get the Leo fuming as we are 100% all or nothing and like to be in control. We have gone out many times and have even gone to a dream destination. After doing some research on the compatibility I realized trying to emphasize on the time you need with them or trying to plan a date almost will never fall through because they don’t like to feel fenced in. This drove me crazy and ended up becoming our first quarrel. After she gave it to me straight I apologized for being me and I took a backseat which the Leo despises to do. I waited to see if she would contact me first and it took 4 days. She explained to me her feelings and I told her I wanted to be there for her. I let go of her reigns and guess who she calls whenever she’s in trouble. I let her call the shots when she wants to go do something. When we’re together it’s incredible for the both of us. Patience is difficult for the Leo man and being with a sag woman only intensifies this. I must admit it is a humbling experience. If my mother wasn’t a Sagittarius I probably would have bailed long ago. My mother is 60 yrs old and still can’t sit still but she is the most outgoing, free-spirited, most caring person I know. Sagittarius are the greatest women in my opinion but being a Leo in love is the way to put your ego aside and let your Sagittarius run around you and if they keep coming back means you’ve won

    • Tia November 13th, 2018

      I am a female Sagittarius. I must say she probably lost interest in you fast because we need attention. Sagittarius women love for their man to be attentive and if you only have one day out the week to see her and then you won’t see her again until 2 weeks later she probably feel like it’s a waste of time. Also if you are a shy type of guy and don’t take charge she doesn’t like that either Sagittarius like men who are certain of themselves and no how to take charge and lead the way.

    • Sara January 24th, 2020

      I’m a Sagittarius woman. I think all Sagittarius aren’t similar. I’m not a very sociable person, lm happy often just with my Family. I’m not flirty, even a little shy. I prefer Familys Bond than free spirited. I’m basically a warm and passionate individual but can cold und unsentimental if a Relationship don’t work out more. I was not a cheater or how Butterfly /bees but my partners(but past) and my man did cheat on me (all waren Cancer mans). If a person is very Active, sociable or free spirited means that not, she cheats. Of course I cannot speak, write about all Sagittarius woman.

  32. NaNa1988 July 16th, 2014

    I love your comment! Same thing happing to me

  33. ArianaPearl July 15th, 2014

    I met my Leo man on a cruise ship. Only problem is that Im 19, hes 41 and has a wife and kids. Basically we met in a spa and clicked right away, talked endlessly, had loads in common even though my generation was completely different to his. I noticed myself starting to get a crush on him and I thought it was the fact that he was just really nice and intelligent, or the fact that it made me feel naughty because he was much older and had the whole luggage with him. I thought I was just going through a teenage phase. I couldnt help but make my liking towards him a little too noticeable, I was thinking he would back away but no, he played the game. Made me feel like a princess, kissed me like no one ever has. Havnt slept with him yet as we havnt had the time or place.I had never had this experience in my life. As a sagg woman, ive always loved my independance and freedom but, he just made me feel so loved and Im caught up in him.He asked me if it bothered him that he was married, I said to him no.. But now that I like him a lot more each day I think about him it is slightly  bothering me.. But I know there is nothing I can do about it. Also distance wont help, I must cross a sea in another state to see him…. Maybe the whole thing will be short but I do hope for it to be special and sweet. I cannot wait to see him next month.

  34. Lala-lee-lee August 19th, 2013

    Wow after reading every comment and being blown away by the  similarities of me and my Leo especially I have to say Doug the best was truely last..Your story really moved me and coming from a male perspective was very refreshing!im a saggi who has picked the wrong type all my life 
    I met my Leo beau because I was stalking an ex with the same surname on fb!
    My Leo responded 2 months later out the blue and we hit it off like a house on fire instantly.  We made plans for babies and marriage within the first week!
    Being a typcal sag I wanted to run at times because it was so intense and over whelming. ..but deep down we thrive on it!
    The few times we have argued or tried to break it off has been awful feelings of regret n pain! So where sticking it out and waiting for each other until we can afford the expensive airfare . I plan to relocate in a year or 2 to be with him
    Because I feel we are made for each others.  And when you know ..you just know. All other frogs I kissed led me to my royal lion king and he adores me as his Queen!  Wish us luck!! And good luck to you all! Love this thread! 

  35. MrGotfu July 24th, 2013

    I was first in a relationship with a sag about 5 years ago. It lasted 4 years. 4 years of total hell. Constant fighting. it felt like there was no love at all. During the last year of that relationship I was getting coffee at a local Starbucks And saw this woman working there. Time slowed. Everything around this woman blurred. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was the woman of my dreams. But being loyal I didn’t do anything about it. Put it in the back of my mind. Until one day after being broken up from the 4 year relationship. This woman spoke to me. Usually our encounters were just a series of intense, flirty looks. I can say that I drove away a happy boy. Over a few months we spoke from time to time. Just simple things until finally we swapped numbers. The next day we hung out. We talked all night. Very innocent. Very amazing. Zodiac sign didn’t come up. Maybe two or three days later I asked her when her birthday was. It was the exact same day as my ex. at first I thought she was messing with me, but no. She had already made plans to move to another state when we had met. The exact same city that I was planning on moving to when I finished college. So we spent every day and every night together. Needless to say I fell in love with her the very first time I saw her and was just waiting for the bad to come. It never did. It still hasn’t. This woman is everything I read about sag. To a T. And the way it affects me as a Leo is exactly like I read. She gives it to me strait. No BS. And instead of it making me mad it humbles me. and the little tiny disagreements we have are very very short lived. Minutes. No yelling. No insults. The love takes over completely. We are currently separated and in around a month we will be together again. Neither of us can wait. And in saying that this time apart, we both agree was good. I got to focus on my school which I needed badly. And she needed to go be somewhere new. We talk everyday either by text or phone call but I seriously feel the love. It’s really powerful and both of us already know that we will be together for a very long time. Both of us have the same feeling of, we went through so much shit to get to each other that at first it almost felt unreal. Like where did this come from. It’s been a serious breath of fresh air. has have had so many nights where we planned on watching movies. And yes, two or three movies got played, but we never stopped talking enough to even notice the TV. She is 10 years younger than me and yet we share so many ideals. It’s truly been a blessing. And the love making, best I’ve ever had. Intense. Sensual. Amazing. Lyd if you are reading this I love you.  This Leo sag match can be exactly that of true pure love and respect. I figured being a Leo man I should chime in. Have a good one every body. I wish nothing but the best for all of you. 

  36. SW July 3rd, 2013

    @Nicolee so know where your coming from 100000000000% heres to a happy future for both of us with our leo men…

  37. SW July 3rd, 2013

    WOW what alot of awesome reading, i recently by chance met my leo man, from day one he captured my heart & soul..hook, line and sinker…..so much so 6mths later ive left my job, packed up my belongings and im now moving to another country to be with him…..im extremely aware of how i behave as a saggi woman and how I can come across harsher or more critical than what i really am and im going to do my utmost best to tone myself down…he indeed treats me like a princess and absolutely adores me…as i him….ive seen the hints of his jealousy & his stubborness and oddly enough i find it endearing after my previous relationships…………so far hes everything ive ever wanted in a man and hes incredibly sexy at 5yrs my junior…i cant wait to be with him, marry him & start a family with him, hes literally tipped the world as i know it upside down and i love him for it……..

  38. taken June 29th, 2013

    @Nicolee you are my pen coz what you are saying is my leo too up i love this man so much now i realize it its being 2 years and i have been so blind all this time signs were all over i ignored him this man followed me every step of my life i have just realised it that i love him so much nicolee everything you say discrides us i love my leo so much i breath him he refuses to say the word but i just feel him all over me i rejecteted him lots of times without me realizing how much he loves me,i will keep this man for the rest of my life i just want to tell him am sorry alot of times cos i just shut my self of love i love my leo man so much i think am crazy in love with him 2yrs my leo was chashing me and i was in my crazy world lol I LOVE HIM,he is my man though he refuses to say the words but its ok coz i know how he feels,i live with soemone else i know how my leo feels [poor sweetie]i want to devorce him so i can be with my leo man this man leo make me feel so happpy i want him in my life forever.I LOVE MY LEO

  39. Nicolee June 6th, 2013

    I am a sag woman dating a Leo ! It’s only been 2 months, but we feel like its been years :). When I first met him, my exact thoughts were … Lust and love at first sight lol. We work together … So I would constantly blow him off , but then I got crazy jealous when I heard he took another girl out. So I went for it … And needless to say we have been inseparable ever since. love when we argue, it last for 2 minutes, before we even finish the argument , one look at each other and we forget why we’re mad… We’re already on the make up part . He can finish my sentences and he doesn’t even have to speak… I already know what he’s going to say. When I’m not around him it seriously hurts. There is an ache in my chest that only disappears when were together again. I know it sounds crazy … But I don’t care… I love my Leo!!! I trust him with my life and its always been very hard for me to ” settle down ” I am a sag we tend to be adventurous … But with him … I am all thee willing. I seriously believe he was made for me . Yes he’s a pain in the ass and can be quite the d***… But he always makes up for it in the best ways. I don’t no what he sees in me…. But I love it and don’t doubt him at all. I always look at these things in the early stages of a relationship… Just curious … But I totally agree with some parts, and I think the two signs are amazing together 😉

  40. mia81 May 31st, 2013

    My hubby is very controlling and has bad temper. He gets angry really quickly and comes to raise his hand on me if I talk back or speak loudly. I am tired of fighting and making up for 6 yrs so I moved out. I have two kids with him. I told him to get help; like go to a anger management class or therapy. But he said he won’t go unless I come home. Again, he is trying to control the situation. I just don’t know what to do. Should I go? I am afraid if I go he won’t get any help. I still love his sweet part but not his anger problem. I can’t be submissive. Thats just not my personality. But if I stay with him I have to be like that. He makes me feel low like I am nothing. I thought leos are suppose to be compatible with Sag but I was wrong, very wrong. I know I made a mistake when I  married him but am I making a bigger mistake if I divorce him? Tell me…

  41. fleeebeee April 10th, 2013

    Hey guys and girls,
    I have been with my Leo guy for just under two years, we meet at a time where I was all about travel and freedom and all that fun stuff that doesn’t involve being in a relationship. The night we meet I said to him, “ don’t go falling in love with me I’m of to aussie in a month or so to live I just want to have some fun”  well nearly to years later and im still in new Zealand getting married next year and trying for a baby.. Me and my guy fight almost everyday!!  We drive each other absolutely nuts!!! we have what I like to call a love hate relationship. He never listens I swear! He always has to argue with  me, he can never just do as I say or ask without kicking  up a stink which drives me nuts!! ill say potato  he says Patoto (I’m sure just to wind me up). His way is always best. I can swear black and blue sometimes I cant stand him only to be back madly in love with him 10mins later.
    You can tell the fire on fire has its part to play. Even friends of ours have comment, “you guys bicker a lot” and yeah bicker we do but with us what you see is what you get!! No beating around the bush!. I absolutely love my Leo for everything he is even when I feel I hate him im still madly in love!!
    I totally loved reading all the story’s about sag lady’s and Leo guys as its so spot on to how me and my Leo operate lol.. And personally I do think sag and leo go hand in hand. Its a lot ov work believe me I no!! but totally worth it.
    All the best to you all x

  42. Mjaafari January 25th, 2013

    Hi there,
    Back to your story with Leo man that you had a relatioship with his brother? Looking at all elements that you mentioned,first of all NEVER go in relationship with a relative or best friend of your ex since  this kind of relationships end up with big disappointment, and put in in a weak position.
    “Leo Men” or whatever men are Men In the end of the day, its all about family life and couture, I do agree that Leo min has something in common, but it could be different from one to another, chose any man and accept him, since acceptance Is the key for any life issue, in addition to open conversation.
    Happy 2013 to all

  43. FutureG November 16th, 2012

    Hi Guys!
    I have a question for you and i am hoping someone can provide a more objective insight. I am a Sag girl with venus in capricorn (Which is why i am not a commitment freak; i do take my time). I like a Leo guy with venus in cancer. I was in a relationship with his brother for a long time before i found out that the brother was a player (Aquarius, venus in sag). Well, the Leo helped me in a tough time and we became really good friends. But, we also had intense attraction. He wanted to move things forward but i wasn’t sure as i had been in love with his brother and i was also moving to another country. He really liked me and also said that he loved me. However, when i went away, just before that he said he was going to start things with this Scorpio girl because he needed someone and couldn’t be alone. I didn’t feel good about it even though i knew it wasn’t my place to stop him. I did feel that since he had said he loved me, he could have been more respectful towards us by not jumping into anything fast. I like him a lot. He said he couldn’t be in a long-distance as a cancer girl left him hurt before. Though he said this only after i started showing some feelings for him. Before i went away, he had said if i gave him commitment, he would wait. It’s dichotomous. Now, he is involved with the scorpio girl physically and he says it’s just a fling, will end as soon as she goes away and she knows it too but i feel deeply hurt. More like, someone’s invaded our friendship/rp. I am considering cutting down on our contact as i don’t want to listen to him tell me details about his physical intimacy. He tells me everything. I am wondering if this behaviour is in keeping with his Leo tendencies to explore? Or does he still loves me? I don’t want to start things right now. Especially, since i don’t like what he’s done. But, what would be a good way to know what he wants? I asked him directly, but he avoids a direct answer at the moment. (I get the feeling he wants me around, to be in touch but no long-distance thing) Any insight into the Leo’s mind would be great. Any Leo men out there who can suggest something perhaps? Other inputs are welcome too.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  44. onlyevan November 8th, 2012

        Okay listen all you sags and leos!  Im four years younger than my sag.  We both had divorces in our life, and are single parents.  We got together following my magical aura, and with her reality and gentle heart.  We are not married but have blended our family and children.  Usually she believes I am never serious and thinks the whole world is a game to me, I usually think she never has time for me.  Its rough as hell, pretty sure thats why she decided she needs a man like me.  I would say as far us we go its like this.   100% of our fights i start.  This is usually because I feel unimportant or uncared for.  She loves me so much differently than how I love her.  She loves me as the same as she loves the kids (mine and hers), I love her like its the first date every time.  I desire so much more physical things than she does.  But i forget she gets affected by just about everything in the world, and for me all that matters is what is at home, Mainly us.  She works her butt off, way more than me, but generally I create the peace.  Leo and sag has to be the best combo out there, I know it.  But understand sags us leos have to be physically loved way more than you want to give us.  And leo, stop perstering your honey, other things exist in the world.  🙂
    Sag just be nice, us leos only see what we want.  generally, she has more success when she takes a more authoritive role.  I dunno, maybe I listen better because it sounds challenging.  Remember all the games you play with each other when your first dating??  

  45. fisi November 7th, 2012

    I am with a Leo man for 6 months exact now and we are best of friends. No secrets we just share about everything and no shame. He goes all the way to make me feel special, the only 2 things that turns me off are his BIG EGO and need to always compete!!

  46. buglous April 22nd, 2012

    Wow.. This Actually Helps Quite A Bit. As A Sagittarius Female, Being With A Leo Male, I Sometimes Feel Very Confused By His Actions. He IS Possibly The Best That Has Been Mine In Forever. We never Argue, But Instead Sometimes Feel Tension Between Us. When Im With Him, I Feel Simply Invinsable. I feel Like Together We Could Take Over The World. I Adore Him Too The Most, But Ofcourse I Have My Doubts About Him, and How He Truly Feels, At Times. He Knows Im Here 100%, And Im Sure He’s Here For Me As Well. I Just Sometimes Have A Hard Time Understanding His Actions. so, I’ve Been Trying To come Up With Possible Ways For Me To Understand Him More, TO Possibly Enhance Our Passion And Compatability Torwards Eachother, and This Really Helps.

  47. 1282163 September 29th, 2011

    im Wth aH leo for 8*months Noww Andd I Love Hym So Muchh:)Somethinq Hye May annoy You somethinq but hye love You More Than You Think Yuh Jst hve To Give Hym SomeTyme And Yuh Will see For Your Self. #Lovinq Myy Leo BBy:)

  48. beautifuldollie June 22nd, 2011

    I am a Sagittarius woman, who recently met her Leo. I have known him for 2 months today now, and we still aren’t “official.” He loves to brag and he cracks jokes, he listens to me and admires expensive luxuries. Normally, I don’t believe horoscopes but I’ve been paying more attention to them lately and I’ve noticed all my exes are Leos as well. (Coincidence much?) Our attraction is off the charts.. Although he does annoy me sometimes with his arrogant manner. But needless to say: it was love at first sight, and at the most unexpected time too. There was an instant attraction– there still is. Something about him just draws me in like a thirsty deer next to a glistening lake…

  49. Author
    Ask Oracle May 26th, 2011

    @brownbutterfly (Carmen)
    His such attitude simply indicates he still cares for you and loves you. If he didn’t, he would not interfere so much in your life.

    Something might have happened in the past which made him insecure and unsatisfied with the present.

    Here are a few ways you can try to fix up things –
    a) Feel free to express your feelings/needs to him in a way that is non-demanding and non-controlling.
    b) Take up a daily body exercise routine, this will not only make you more healthy and attractive to him but will also help you have a clear state of mind.
    c) You can only win his heart again by choosing to serve him. No matter what happens, come what may, you treat him like a king. Gratitude, gifts, sweet talks and anything else that might please him. Basically be submissive.
    d) Choose Silence over rudeness/rough talks.

  50. brownbutterfly May 25th, 2011

    Where do I start? I have always wanted to date a Leo Man because I am a Sag woman and I have always read and heard that they are compatible. Since my past relationships had never worked I just knew this was going to be the one. We met and the next thing I knew 8 months later we were married. It has only been a couple of years and I am already thinking that our relationship is not going to last much longer. I know I can be a bit blunt with my words a bit selfish and controlling but my Leo husband is just plain mean. He accuses me of seeing and wanting to be with my ex’s, my boss and other men. He has called me bad names, he brings me down and talks to me so bad. My family thinks he is an angel because he always so funny, sweet and considerate around them but he throws fits, points out my flaws, says mean things to me and then goes in the other room and pouts. How much more I can take? I just don’t know. How can he be so sweet sometimes and then so damn evil other times? It’s too much for me.

  51. Angeleyes March 30th, 2011

    To clarify, the LEO MAN was WAY BETTER than the ARIES GUY. Sorry I was typing too fast!

  52. Angeleyes March 30th, 2011

    I agree with most of this. I am a Sag woman and I dated a Leo guy for about 4 months, but we were friends (he was chasing me also) for 2 years before we started dating. I dated an Aries before him and he was WAY BETTER emotionally, physically, everything. Also it is true that when a Sag speaks her mind he will tell the truth and apologize! I found out he had a gf he lied to me about and I got pissed and told him I didnt want to be with him anymore. 3 days later he came to my house and kept calling me and I was still stern with him, even though deep inside I wanted to hug him. He apologized so much and told me EVERYTHING he ever did wrong. But the stuff about Sag woman thinkin he’s too conservative, and us being uncommitted is so generalized. We actually want to be committed and fall in love but it is hard for us to trust. Go to iloveindia.com Leo’s if u r interested.

  53. Shemika March 29th, 2011

    I”ve been on n off wit mi leo man 4 2yrs…broke up n nows he”s back n mi world. Idk how that happen but he”s here. Im a true sag real blunt n has no patience for a man that lies 2 me n I can feel it…I can read him sumtimes n sumtimes I can”t.. I hate playn games..a leo man its like u hav 2 kiss their buts jus 2 get their attention: I hav no problems gwttin his money r him treatn me like tha queen I am: am jealous wjen it cums 2 him…I knw wat type of person he is when it cums 2 woman, cuz I knws how he treats me…I jus cant stand.it whenhe doesnt not commuciye 2me..n he acts so jealous when he sres me talkin 2 a man…So immature…but inlove wit his mauseline side of being a man for his queen: gottaa be strong n mind when u dealing wit a LEO::

    • t November 4th, 2019

      @shemika i ant saying shes a gold digger but if i was your leo i would leave you all you want is money and you sound selfish

  54. Shemika March 29th, 2011

    So funny wat tha horo say”s bout a sag n leo man: cuz I truly believe a leo man n sag woman so as my self is only campaitablie n tha bed room…lol Far as getting a long wit LEO tha Liar…is a waste of mi tyme. I gotta lov his ass frm a distant…n call him for sex only…Im tired of a leo man taking me for grant…but he knws im a sag n I woll get him rite wer he needs 2 be…

  55. sagprincess March 20th, 2011

    i hope som1 can help me out with this situation, i was in this program, then i fell for this leo man , i nva got a chance to talk to em , although i found-out tht he has a gf which happened to b one of my not so close frend,… so i didnt look back as much,afta a month he hav broke up wid her and i hav realized tht i still hav feelings for ths guy… a week afta ther breakup v begun to talk much on fb long chatz! then after a break he stopped talkn to me , it felt so bad!i strongly grew my feelngs, love em, i skipped sleeps, hunger, jus to talk to em:o this is not a complain….i felt like i did this all jus to grow my love 4 em !

    the chats v used to hav was amazing and soo deep aw! i jus fell into it , he made me smile …

    it drove me to tears wen he stoped takn to me like b4 , ive always wondered y , ive always looked at em not any other for 2/3 yrs …. it may sound crazy
    , but yeah he hav mentioned tht he doesnt wants a girl at this moment! but i beleve in the compatible …the strong bond between the 2
    …… my questions ,wer leo mens eva shy(about a strong feeling) ?…do dey like suprissing

    do they chat alot at once and thn chat after a week or so ,

    will leo / he eva love me / sag girl sooo deeply jus like i do …. 🙁 LOve leo , one OF THE kind! i do hava life!:)

    are leo mens

  56. knowledge March 18th, 2011

    I’m a Leo And I’m not the one to have my time wasted for any matter in a relationship .I’m all heart and soul . I do believe and work in any relationship and my spouse has to put in work to as well. My spouse is a sag. and i do see her ways of how she act blunt mouth and not caring what she say’s and what she do hung on a sign and for-feeling her ambitions .I’m a very nice person and i stay on my p&q’s and I’m 100 percent real at what i do . I love to be love by one person and only that one person and no one else . no matter what sign they might be . But i don’t want a fake nor a woman that is hung up on her sign of what she is to carry the myth on. I was born July 25 , me and my dad share the same b-day .Leo is my sign but I’m not a sign . I’m human and i don’t go around trying to compare a zodiac sign to my life .I choose my destiny threw God .All women should be Queen’s and all men should be Kings . As human we should all not let a zodiac sign take control of were our destiny will have us if this person is good for me or not! zip your pants up , and put your thongs back on and let God show you your real sign and its called Child of God .That’s my sign from birth to death ……… Good night !

  57. mandapanda January 15th, 2011

    This article is us to a T! I’m blunt and definitely a free spirit. He is very old school and mostly reserved/quiet–even when I don’t want him to be. But, the overall message here is that no matter how different we are, as long as we want to work it out, it will work out naturally!!! So so true. We always fix our problems. He has his ego, I have my opinions! We’re not perfect but, we’re perfect for each other. cheesy I know. The more we fight, the more we make up! wink wink. Also, ladies, just remember our Leo men don’t think like women. Try to listen, stroke his ego–it won’t hurt you (promise), make him feel like a king. He naturally will take care of you!

  58. Leo-tamer January 10th, 2011

    I’m a sag women in somewhat of a relationship with a leo man. He’s funny, sweet, charming,makes me feel like I’m the winner of a beauty pageant sometimes when I’m near him.He can be pouty at times. I find that so funny..anyway I adore him. When I walk in a room and he’s there, my heart skips a beat..a wave of excitment and lust just overwhelms me, that I have to gather myself so no one will notice..He makes me laugh. He let’s me be me,.quirks and all. I sooo despise myself when I hurt his feelings..I don’t mean to tho..I would love to give myself utterly and completely to him. I want to share my world with him. I want him to know how special he is to me on so many levels..He’s so wonderful. So kind, so pleasant, and easy to be with..oh honey..I’m about to call him right now.

  59. ritu November 29th, 2010

    I am a Sag women and one point i felt tremendous attraction for Leo man.He was very warm initially but latter dont know what happened.May be his true identity emerged.He neglected me,didnt reply to my messages,flirted with other women.I was hurt and felt insulted.He was typical Leo,headstrong,egoistic man who never said sorry for anything.
    At some point my inside Sag woke up.I gain my control back.He was still there but never my fist priority.I concentrated on my carrier and myself.Took care of me.Made my name.Flirted with lot of other men and enjoyed it.
    It became power game where neither he nor me ever can won.He is still there.Sometime talk to me and i give as short reply as possible.I cant put down my pride and he cant leave his Leo ego.This story has no end.

  60. lesley tao September 15th, 2010

    I am a free spirited typical sagitarius woman in love with a headstrong Leo, whom I love and will always love. He came at a time when I never expected to find love and for me he was a deadly magnet. I remember the first time I saw him….beeping at me from his porsche, staring at me with those intensely flashing passionate eyes. Never in my life have I craved someone so much, he was my oxygen, my anchor, my world, on my intellect level, stimulated me to the bone and I lost myself to him…he was a piece of me…However, we fell out big time, trust was burnt, families and friends involved, hurrendous ugly words were exchanged…..prison was mentioned and “if im going to go down…so are you…” My world had collapsed at one point and i had to slowly build up what was left of me…and then after many many months…the Leo decided to come back into my life… I dont know how things will work out…as the typical sag has decided to go travelling. But i do know, i love my Leo and will always do….he will come back…because he loves me too xxx

  61. lesley tao September 15th, 2010

    I am a free spirited typical sagitarius woman in love with a headstrong Leo, whom I love and will always love. He came at a time when I never expected to find love and for me he was a deadly magnet. I remember the first time I saw him….beeping at me from his porsche, staring at me with those intensely flashing passionate eyes. Never in my life have I craved someone so much, he was my oxygen, my anchor, my world, on my intellect level, stimulated me to the bone and I lost myself to him…he was a piece of me…However, we fell out big time, trust was burnt, families and friends involved, hurrendous ugly words were exchanged…..prison was mentioned and “if im going to go down…so are you…” My world had collapsed at one point and i had to slowly build up what was left of me…and then after many many months…the Leo decided to come back into my life… I dont know how things will work out…as the typical sag has decided to go travelling. But i do know, i love my Leo and will always do….he will come back…because he loves you too xxx

  62. Tramaine Alexander September 14th, 2010

    I am a sag woman and though I am not in a relationship my father is a leo, so you can say I’ve had a lifetime relationship with a leo man. My father and I are both very talented and creative and he will give to me when he wants to and other times is ridiculous and completely selfish. He wants me to be his biggest fan and when I am it’s still not enough. He has to have a freakin fan club around him the majority of the time and if I happen to suggest something to him he shys away like he’s the child and I’m the parent. He does things that are so childish sometimes like having outburst and hissy fits but……..When we are cool and things are going well, we really hit it off! He’s like my best friend. What’s worse I love him to death and I really am his biggest fan!! Even when he does things that make absolutely no sense and everyone around says “you need to leave your dad alone for a while, he aint s@**”. As far as companionship with a leo I dated one my last year of high school and only recently found out he was a leo. He was really a nice laid back dude but I wasn’t physically attracted to him. He was very giving, he never gave me anything expensive which made him even less attractive to me but…..he seemed to understand my need not to be tied down and pursued me blindly until I fell head over hills for the father of my children and ignored him. He doesn’t seem to be one that friendly after he feels betrayed because he won’t even speak to me now. Regardless of these sag woman/leo man tails….if I was attracted to a Leo I would go for it! I’m pretty reasonable and can work with flaws but the Leo will have to be mature enough to want to compromise and understand that growth and sharing has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you’ve made or how large your “fan club” is. I think there’s a way to make any relationship work no matter the astrological signs but I do find myself attracted to Leo’s before I realize that they are Leo’s so there’s something to that.

  63. mamta August 26th, 2010

    I am madly in love with a leo . he is a true leon,lovable, sweetheart, handsome, awesum voice, siductiveand of course very very stubbon. But above all i love him the most for He is The kind of Man any woman wud like to possess. He is a darling in bed most caring and an ardent lover’ I am proud of my Leo Man.

  64. S girl August 19th, 2010

    I’ve been going out with my Leo man for 4.5 years. We met at university and from the beginning there was this instant magnetism. In the beginning we were inseparable constantly going places together especially different countries. During the last couple years we went through a rocky patch he told me he wanted to have a ‘break’ and I was devastated…however we got back together but ever since its been up and down, explosive arguments one minute then making up the next. He’s broke up with me a couple times then immediately rings me up after telling me how hasty he’s been and that he loves me. Although he doesn’t tell me he loves me very often when he does it melts my heart and most of the time he doesn’t need to because his actions speak volumes. Recently we’ve been getting along just fine and i want it to stay that way but then he manages to say something that gets under my skin. How can someone so adorable and annoying live in the same body? Anyway the moral of this story is to work at it, there will be ups and downs but as an ever optimistic sagde i say where there is love, hope and room for growth stick at it.

  65. Miky July 30th, 2010

    I am a Sag… and one of my best freinds whom I love so much is a Leo. We met 6 years ago in university. We were straight away drawn to each other.. we went out, broke up, didnt speak to each other for a year, met other people, became even better freinds… and then he moved and for the last 4 years we meet up at least twice a year when he comes home or I go to see him in London… and I feel something for him which i cannot explain…and i think he does too, except when I try to bring up the topic he’ll completely deny everything… yet we continue this drama.. roller coaster ride. He is fantastic but I wonder if he will ever tell me what i believe have known for years..and it is so hard because we lead two different lives.. in two different cities.. seeing two different people.

  66. Mifunside June 16th, 2010

    I have read all the comments about Leo’s and honestly its helping to keep me strong right now. I met my Leo at the gym. Something about him captivated me. Long story short, it turned into a FWB situation. I NEVER intended for it to go this way. There is something that draws us to each other. We can’t seem to stay away. My feelings have grown deeper for him. I NEVER would have given someone like him the time of day in the past. But SOMETHING about him clicked. Now he is the bench mark for other men. Its the edge, style, class, masculinity and confidence he has. I have read more books… researched more ideas on how to… I don’t even know any more. I guess, figure him out?? We have gotten soooo close, sexual chemistry is off the charts with him. There are feelings on both sides. Although neither of us has ever said anything (I refuse to say it first!!), his actions speak novels. I finally though, had enough and cut him off cold turkey about two weeks ago. He is SOOOO upset with me right now. I gave him no warning. There were no prior issues, no hiccups. I just told him I was done. He gave me a chance to talk to him in person and I clammed up. I know he is pouting right now. I KNOW if given the opportunity, he will pounce on me. Im not even giving him the chance. He is like an addiction to me. I crave him. I want more of him. Sadly I don’t want anyone else as much now. I just can’t let him have all this control over me. Its not my style. Its been such a change for me to be submissive… but Im finding that it has become suffocating. I want him to need me back, but from what I am reading here, there is very little chance that his ego will allow him to come to me and talk about “US”. We have been talking as friends though… and I know that he is waiting for me to apologize and see the error of my ways. I can’t. But I have to wonder if he will try and win me back. Im just not holding my breath.

  67. SAG WARS March 31st, 2010

    I am a SAG woman and have been involved on and off for 11 years with a LEO. Our relationship started out young and sexually charged. The attraction was intense and immediate. But the difference in us quickly arose. There were times I dated his friends, he dated mine. We maintained a “friendship” throughout. Then I left home and almost married another man. He and I had an affair and my engagement ended. Which changed the way he and I are with each other now. I the SAG am always exploring the depth of a person and my LEO is my favorite excursion. I push the limits of his LEO self imposed barriers and then I pout that he wont give into me. In my usual self righteous ways I explode on him and call him every dirty name in the book till I feel I have successfully tore apart his ego. In response he tells me to get lost and with my pride hurt I vow never to speak to him again…That never lasts. I am usually the one to break down and profess unwavering love for him which he never reciprocates. However now a days I am so over our cycle that when my other affairs end I go back to him out of comfort. Fights over his former love interests, mine, him talking out of both sides of his mouth, our unspoken relationship and the dead end which we have hit, leads to one of our legendary fights. My usual apology and love profession isn’t said anymore. He is now the one that seeks me out. When I resist and hit him with a 100 questions as to why I should waste my time again, he will open up about how he feels about me. Our most resent fight was last night, it was instigated by me and when I had exhausted every horrible thing I could think to say to him, he responded with, “I love you. You are an idiot”. Marking only the second time in 11 years he said I love you to me. I love my LEO more then any man I have ever been involved with. 11 years and he still captivates my imagination, inspires my dreams, and fills me with excitement. But our proverbial bridge has been on fire for a long time and is destined to crumble.I don’t care any more and when a SAG stops caring, a LEO despite his loyalty and egotistical charm can’t win her back. We only speak these days because I still enjoy a good fight but I am back to dating different men and am ready to settle down, which he could never do with me.

  68. Easy E February 25th, 2010

    I’m a LEO male who went out with a Sag for just over a year. She basically broke it off about 2 months ago but i was so hurt by the suddeness of it all. Now i find myself reading all this astrology stuff about Leo/Sag and i must admit it’s not ALWAYS what you want to read or hear nor is it always the same views from different sites. Anyway, this woman left a HUGE impression on me and i cannot forget her. In fact we still sleep together from time to time and WE ARE EXPLOSIVE IN BED and still soooo highly compatible in everything else as well. It amazes me that we not back together “officially” as well. What scares me is that alot of the articles seem to suggest that SAG woman will sleep around casually because of committment phobias or because they enjoy the intimacy without the intracy or that they will sleep with you because you are “friends”. This scares the shit out of me because i know she is not like that. We were both extremely loyal and respectful of each other. We did have some communication issues – admittedly from my side mostly as a typical Leo – but we can now talk so openly and deeply about everything. It’s true what you say in that i feel like i can now tell her anything. However, one day it seems like we can just run right back into each others arms and the next day i can just feel the difference without anything having changed or been spoken. Unfortunately I cant L*V* (i refuse to use the L word nowadays) her any less as i either go 100% into something or not at all if i really do care. She also admits to being jealous just at the thought of me being with someone else because she knows i’ve been good to her and those around her. I hope we can get back together again. Dammit man, i just cannot understand where it all went wrong….

  69. SOphia Coronel February 5th, 2010

    Im a Sag woman who has a dated a Leo man on and off for the last 5 yrs of my life. He is definitely the arrogant a-hole, who feels hes perfect and the world should worship him…but ive discovered that its mainly his front. Behind closed doors he acts like a total 10 yr old. He always made a horrible impression on my friends. My friends couldnt understand why we were still even talking. I started falling for him when i brought him around my family. My mother (also a Leo) and him bonded & I was beyond impressed. Ive tried to call it quits MANY times but he always finds a way to get back into my life somehow. He does apologize when he knows hes done wrong but its only after he thinks all hopes are gone. Weve never been official. The word “love” hasnt been exchanged. His mom really likes me and my mother likes him. I know theyve had a BIG influence in why were still even talking. Maybe they see something i dont? Alot of the times i feel like Im wasting my time as I wait for him to “get it” or “see” what ive been feeling for him quite a while now. Were spending Vday together for the second time this yr. Im not putting any effort in trying to make it perfect. Surprisingly, hes been planning my weekend with him which makes me smile. I dont want to get my hopes up again, so for now Im just going with the flow. I really do hope that this astrology thing is correct and that we are the perfect match for each other. Mainly all the storied ive read above though, dont give me much hope. Especially when it comes to his attitude changing anytime soon. But regardless, my hopes are still high 🙂

  70. Tina January 22nd, 2010

    I can say that I am in love with a leo and I can not figure out if he loves me or not. We have been dating for seveal months and I send him messages on my page and he just looks at them and He knows that I have feelings for him but he never comment on it. I am Sagittarius woman that like to travel and be adventous and love to please my man and I would honestly do anything for hm and I hope that he would do the same for me. I can say that my leo love fine resturants but he has never bought me anything expensive. Sometimes i get mad at him and find myself telling him that i can do this anymore and I need quaility time and understand your job but I need to feel that you want me other wise I can say it will make a sagittarus think things they shouldn’t think and this is something that I try to prevent. I just want to love my man and that is it and vice versa.

  71. LOVING MY LEO December 26th, 2009

    Well I am a Sagittarius woman loving a Leo man. My only thing is commitment but we are the best of friends. He has did some things and I have did some things that would have made most people walk away. But I still feel the same way I felt when I fall which was over 2 years ago. Generosity was never an issue because off the rip. He told me that you are the first female that I can say whatever you need and it is in my power to give you I will. Now we have our rollercoaster moments but I he means to much to let him go and has set the bar for other men.

  72. Unknown December 19th, 2009

    I’m in love with a leo man/boy and im a sagittarius woman/girl goddd i don’t know how i can express my feelings to him i love him so much even tho i’ve only talked with him like 3 times. This time i want him to talk with me but i don’t know i mean should i go up to him ..again? cause he looks like the kind of guy ican get along and also very VERY decent. what should i do?

  73. leo-xhausted December 16th, 2009

    karen, theres an old saying i continually remind myself of when my guy and i are on negative terms: you don’t have to LIKE someone to LOVE them. thats to say two people in long term relationship arent always going to get a long, there might even be a couple years where they struggle to stay togheter, but that doesnt mean they dont love each other. as long as theres love, theres hope. i first heard it from a popular divorce judge who like me thinks people throw up the white flag way too early and call it quits without at least trying to work on it. if youve built a life with him, still have some love left for him, and hes willing to hear you out, then go work on it together. astrology wise, it doesnt surprise me at all you say hes arrogant and selfish. mine too. just who he is. but for better or worse, as long as hes not selfish 100% of the time. nobody can live with that, of course. imo they also severely lack good communication skills and reasoning in arguments. mine drives me especially nuts in arguing, he thinks its all a joke and hes king on high with rose scented crap and not a single mistake. pfft, yeah, right. this attitude is what usually leads to unnecessary fights and fights that go unresolved since you know who won’t admit to his mistakes and apologize.

  74. leo-xhausted December 16th, 2009

    i strongly disagree with the last bit about her speaking her mind and the leo guy will admit his mistakes and apologize. in 6 years of marriage, he has *never* apologized for anything, and let me tell you there have been some doozies over the years. knock out drag down fights, for sure, but for whatever reason we get over them within literally 10 minutes or less usually. like it never happened. it usually starts over stupid crap anyway (that HE started, might i add!) he can’t stand it when anyone points out a mistake hes made, or for instance when he “jokingly” called me “Stupid” this morning and then claimed he was just having a laugh. i told him it wasn’t nice and hurt my feelings (exact words, hows that for speaking my mind?) and look what it got me! yet another argument, yet another day of his typical-leo-pity-party-pouting. but its just us i guess. we’ll always be the little old couple at each other’s throats one minute, songbirds the next.

  75. Karen Artis December 16th, 2009

    I am a sag who has been dating a Leo man for more than 10 years. In the beginning of the relationship I was laid back and submissive and adored everything about him until I learned that he was obnoxious, a control freak and never listened to a thing about my life that I shared with him. Within the last couple of years family who was at a distance began to more near me. My daughters, now my mom and I recently had a grandson. These relationships required a great deal of my time and attention. He just cannot cope. He is jealous, unexciting, non-adventureous and down right unable to control his emotions, which I few as arrogant, weak and selfish. I have found out more and more that we are only compatible physically, which is very difficult for me. His emotional, spiritual and mental growth was just a farce. I have recently just walked away and trying desparately to stay away. What could be wrong here? Everything that I thought we had has turned out to be a lie. I thought Leo would have been right for me.

  76. Patrice December 10th, 2009

    I’m a Sagittarius and my guy is a Leo, whom I love dearly sometimes we get on eachother nerves but we love eachother so much. We started off as friends, we did deny any deep feelings until he started expressing his feelings for me it was so sweet & amazing feeling. We are still 2gether after 2 yrs knowing eachother. He’s amazing guy I wish other Leo/sagittarius relationships success 🙂

  77. Dawn November 14th, 2009

    I am a Sagittarius and I had been in a relationship with a Leo that I loved so much long time ago. Some people say that we were meant to be together forever, but there was always my personal need to get away, to have my own moments and thoughts. I guess I was always afraid to let him know that. I was overwhelmed with him always trying to be the best, that it just turned out to be wrong. We broke up on his birthday, I will never forget that night… Each year I send him a short message to wish him a happy birthday, and he even sometimes replies. I just don’t want him to hate me, just because it didn’t work with us.
    I wish you more luck and happiness than the one we got.

  78. Ann October 5th, 2009

    Wow..this is so true… I’m in a relationship with Leo man for a year and yes, we adores each other but we also try to hide some deep feelings too. But we both share alot in common and we can’t lose each other. Falling in love is not in the vocabulary now…but i think we both are in it….but we both denies it. LOL…typical Leo and Sagittarius… Good luck guys!!!

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