Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Sagittarius and Capricorn have a difficult combination but can offer each other a lot.
  • The sexual attraction between them is powerful and sensual, but they need to work on communication and understanding.
  • The woman can attract the man by being patient and understanding, and by showing him more affection.
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The relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn is somewhat a difficult combination but a lot to offer as well. Capricorn wants to garner some sort of security from the plans for relationship, while Sagittarius prefers to “wing it”. Sagittarius can loosen up Capricorn, offering a freshness and encouragement that is hard to find, while Capricorn can help Sagittarius to see the value of planning ahead.

A Capricorn man is a very practical and wise person. Although he aims high and strives for success, he believes that dreams are for the dreamers. With his feet firmly grounded, a Capricorn man chooses the tried and true over a risky adventure almost every time. He appears to be drawn back and quite cold, but it is only because he is afraid to show his true emotional colors. Deep inside he is tried and true to his kin and does anything necessary to protect them. Being in a relationship brings out the very traditional and protective lover in him who firmly holds his lady and provides her with everything possible.

A Sagittarius woman is quite an honest individual, sometimes so much that her words may cut like a knife. It is merely in her nature to be as honest with others as she can be and doesn’t mean to be so crude at times. Being a very independent person, the family is a part of Sagittarius woman’s life but only a small part. She is more than likely to go off and do things on her own early in life. In a relationship, a Sagittarius woman is a passionate woman with lots of fun to experience but she gives priority to her independence.

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman are so into the tried and the true as well as the honest and the truthful, that when they get together they seem to explode in this area. Although they see the perspective of the world together from a mature and realistic level, underneath it all they are thrilled at the intelligent level they can share such things on. If Capricorn man seems to grow suspicion toward something, she turns about and shows quite a natural insight in showing him that there are other positive ways of looking at things. Capricorn man falls so in love with Sagittarius woman, feeling so proud that she is on his arm. She should try talking with him about what troubles her as he always likes to solve problems of his dear ones, but she needs to soften her blow that she initially is in the habit to use.

Capricorn man fits to the intellect levels of the Sagittarius woman. They learn to pursue the best qualities in each other and respect grows between these two lovers that are not easily extinguished. They learn that they have mutual qualities they share that most others would not possess. Capricorn man makes the conversation stronger with his Sagittarius woman so that they learn to adapt themselves to each other so much, so that their circle of friends and family fuses together along with the two that stand directly in the middle of it all. Although she may see him as not so romantic, this is not the case at all. It is merely clouded by his shy side. He is not immature in the least, he is simply holding back from what he truly feels. It is the one thing she needs most from him, so being patient with him is the only way for her to go on.

With the powerfully increasing passion in love of Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman, they both experience the difference in the compatibility which is rare to be found. Their minds are so much matched that their hearts soon start beating with the same rhythm. The Sagittarius female with her patience and loving passion, teaches her Capricorn male to become more expressive and romantic and the Capricorn man brings her closer to family ties and practical approach. Everything they do, and every field they take has brighter approach for them. The warmth of their love blesses them with strength to live up the tough times and enjoy the happy and romantic moments of their lives together.

In the sexual nature of this relationship, the initial intimacy is one of trembling touches, powerful passions and magnetic curiosities. The exploration of each other by Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man fuels any fire they may have and cause an explosive moment of sexual pleasure both physically as well as emotionally. The attraction between the two lovers is quite powerful and sensual. During the transition from ‘new’ to ‘comfortable’, the edge is softened but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Comfort in a good sexual relationship can be wonderful with the right compassion and giving on both parts. Capricorn man can supply a bit more imaginative ideas to the relationship while Sagittarius woman can show more tolerance. Given this, they can be just as happy being sexually comfortable as a deep passion forms between them as they were when their initial touches brought trembles to their curious souls. If he can keep himself from the emotional awkwardness of things and reach out to display his affection for her instead of rolling over to fall asleep and if she can keep herself from cutting into him with her sharp and harsh words, the bond formed between Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman is a strong one.

When controversy does arise in the relationship of Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman and she feels compelled to tell her Capricorn lover just what she thinks of him, she may want to rethink the way she goes about this. He too needs to be a little more expressive and give his Sagittarius woman what she craves for. If she is patient with him and learns to work with him and coax him along as he learns to trust her more, she can clearly see the mature and romantic side of him in no time. As Sagittarius woman is doing this, he can also choose to work with her in developing and nurturing her somewhat immature level of passion. If done right, he can help her create a deep passion and more satisfying ecstasy they can both indulge in. She must realize that he needs room to react to things within their relationship as well as needing the acknowledgment of his successes whether they are public or private and he should understand that she needs more display of affection.

  1. Jesus August 27th, 2022

    True story with my Sagittarius woman

  2. Anne May 19th, 2022

    Ok, this is my story with a capri boy! I’m a sag girl. I have known him for 15 years. He is the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met. He always has bad jokes that I love and make me laugh. We were flirting when we were very young and… that’s it. I really loved/love him but he just ran away. He would usually text me to ask how I was doing late at night…but that’s it…again.

    I just don’t want to try anymore. I always think that something is going to happen between us and it never does. I think I’m crazy because I can’t forget him. After 10 years I still love him.

    By the way, I really think he’s not the nicest person I know, but I think that I, being a sag girl, need to idealize him. Because idealizing is something that sag people love to do, like idiots.

    In short, a relationship between a cap boy and a sag girl is something ethereal, dramatic, intense, magical or, in other words, an “almost something” that sucks, really sucks.

    • BossLadiie September 20th, 2022

      I Am A Sag Female And My Capricorn Was And Is My First Love Since I Was 16…. Every 6 Yrs He Popped Up Out Of Nowhere And Found Me, We Both Ended Up In Relationship And Had Kids And Just 6 Yrs. Before Now We Ran Into Eachother Not On Good Terms But Because Of A Death In His Family…. But Guess What For The Last 2yrs We Reconnected Once Again We Just Been Talking And Writing And I Still Feel The Same Way I Felt About Him When I Was 16 Now We Are 38 yrs Old And We Finally Are About To Give Our Selfs A Try On A Real Relationship…. I Say This To Say Don’t Ever Give Up Because If You Guys Are Truely Meant To Be Then You Guys Will Be.

      • Heart February 15th, 2024


  3. Anne May 19th, 2022

    Ok, this is my story with a capri boy! I’m a sag girl. I have known him for 15 years. He is the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met. He always has bad jokes that I love and make me laugh. We were flirting when we were very young and… that’s it. I really loved/love him but he just ran away. He would usually text me to ask how I was doing late at night…but that’s it…again.

    I just don’t want to try anymore. I always think that something is going to happen between us and it never does. I think I’m crazy because I can’t forget him. After 10 years I still love him.

    By the way, I really think he’s not the nicest person I know, but I think that I, being a sag girl, need to idealize him. Because idealizing is something that sag people love to do, like idiots.

    In short, a relationship between a cap boy and a sag girl is something ethereal, dramatic, intense, magical or, in other words, an “almost something” that sucks, really sucks.

  4. Ce’ Mathews March 7th, 2022

    Hello ,

    I’m A Sag Woman & I’m Dealing With A Cap Male. One Thing I Can Say Is That We Attracted Eachother Very Freely. When We’re Instantly Attracted To Eachother Very Fast. Our Sexual Chemistry Is Very High & When We Are Together We Are Very Open & Vulnerable To Eachother. As Of Lately He’s Been Really Isolated I Haven’t Seen Him & I Barely Talked To Him. He Says That He Wants To Be With Me But He Wants To Build A Solid Friendship With Me First. He Doesn’t Wanna Rush Into A Relationship (Due To Past Heartache) I’ve Been Real Patient & Considerate Of His Feelings , But I’m Starting To Have Doubt Because As A Sag Woman I Need Reassurance. I Haven’t Been Getting That Lately. So Idk. We Will See How This Goes

  5. shy December 18th, 2021

    i’m a sag woman and have been dating my Cap BF for 5 years now and boy let me tell ya, the problem in our relationship is that i want so much more openness between us, being able to have differences and just having normal conversation about it, talking it through. If you know anything about Cap men is that they have a hard time opening up and expressing how they feel, it’s important to point these observations out for them to be aware. Change your approach towards them as they get put off very quickly and will shut down just as fast. I personally require a lot of emotional support which i lack from his end, but i love that i can communicate with him to let him know how i feel, he’s been there for me in more ways than he knows even if he’s physically not there. The best advice i could give is, talk it through! without any biases and finger pointing, hear each other out.

  6. David December 5th, 2021

    I am Capricorn. From my experience dating a Sagittarius lady. I met her in June 1995

    She was too difficult to allow me take the lead.

    Boy, Capricorn mens are so ATTRACTED to Sagittarius ladies like some of you said.

    When I tempted to turn her on. She failed to signal me that we are good to go in relationship. After 4 years of being there at her side, meeting her families,friends, finicial support, giving,etc…

    She runs out to marry a redneck fellow behind my back…A year later, He dumped her, So, I gave her second chance…Nothing works out afterward.

    So, in 1999. I finally got to my wit’s end and had no choice but to disappear from her life.

    Then, in 2011 I found her name on Facebook and thought…probably she matures by then, So, I got in ahold of her.

    Pretty much a surprise that she didn’t mature and she kept it a secret that she remarried other older smoke chain fellow BEHIND my back while we hold several conversations on Facebook.

    So…again, There’s no point in attempting to win her out at all.

    One strange catch is that I still have deepest feelings for her because I KNEW from my heart, guidance from god that she is right person for me.

    I am at loss for a word at times. My thoughts is to turn tables around onto her making her SEE the picture how hard, time consuming, frustrating process it is on my behalf. Gotta have to play it HARD regardless if she like it or not.

    Payback is called a b****!

  7. Jam November 6th, 2021

    Not boring at all! I know being a Sagittarius, inner dialogue is my best friend. Not everything I’m thinking…has to be said. I think I could date a Capricorn. Thanks H, for your advice!

  8. Shannon Card September 19th, 2021

    Just a reminder I am with a Capricorn have been for 25 years we are on the edge of looking the great love we built together I’m holding on with every thing I have and it just don’t seem to be enough for him things as one sided with his right now so believe when I say I feel super broken like I’m being tore apart I don’t want to loose him at the same time I am out of options to help us the reminder its not always peaches and cream and to put them together is harder than one knows I am a Sagittarius if you any advice please do second as I could use a word or two feeling alone all the time

    • Prince November 3rd, 2021

      tell him how you feel, capricorns admire you opening up but be kind about it cos sags sometimes get brutally honest. Explore life more travel and go on vacations and address this issues there find out the roots of why he acts the way he does cos remember childhod is patieent with him cos capricorns are old traditional souls who are grounded and sags like exploring so when exploring with him show him you acknowledge him without judging him

  9. H March 7th, 2021

    Hello everyone! Sagittarius women here, as I read through the comments I think a lot of how complex a relationship between a Sagittarius and Capricorn are. Capricorns are known for their work ethic in the horoscope they are the ones who usually create a structured and smooth routine in their workplace. They are extremely logical and practical, and are extremely emotionally quiet. If you ever met a capricorn they rather be the ones looking from the inside out then having to be the centre of attention (this is my opinion…Only because I am engaged to a capricorn and I have so many in my life!!) Oh and capricorns are known for getting shit done and getting it done right which I have to say is EXTREMELY true. You have to remember if you are with one they are extremely determined into fulfilling their goals; for example: Work. They have a job that is truly making them happy they will go above and beyond to make it known that any task at hand can be completed, not only completing but showing strong organizational, logical and sometimes a leadership role in their career. Remember what it is said about them out of the whole horoscope they are known as the workers…. so ladies and gents if you are looking to be with someone who has a strong work ethic be prepared to understand that their career is a very huge part of them and typically if they are with a partner or have children they will work even harder to provide for their future with you/family (in some people with this sign…I’m speaking of the general capricorn) As a sagittarius I love the learn and have a sense of freedom to my life (no that doesn’t mean running away and travelling the world) I work as an artist and I love the fact that I am my own boss, that I can have the freedom of choice of making my own decisions. Sagittarians are known to being the teachers of the horoscope, what they learn is what they teach to themselves or others if they wanted to hear advice or just chit-chat about life. We have a very laid back yet impulsive approach to life which I will agree I am so incredibly happy to have my capricorn man to pull me back and think before I jump…hehe 😅. Also we are known as fire signs so we love SOCIALIZING, sometimes. It really depends I feel as a sagittarius I have so many thoughts and I am always thinking of our future and not really living in the now so sometimes I can be socially distant. Okay enough of the deep stuff, there is one thing I need to get off my chest, I always felt because I’m a sagittarius that there is this dark cloud around our sign. That is being “ unfaithful in a relationship” let me clear something up! I have been with my fiancé for 11 years… was it hard? Yes, did we make mistakes? Yup. That being said it wasn’t anything scandalous just two people trying to figure out a relationship and seeing if this was going to work out or not and I’m so happy it did, we both want a family and a structured life…Sagittarians have so many red flags and it depends on the person for sure but speaking about myself and other Sags is that once we find the right person to share our goals and dreams with it becomes an easy relationship to work with. Do not forget if you know a sagittarius they need their freedom and space, we can’t help it the independence just runs through our veins. We need outlets so if we want to be alone and draw let us or go for a walk and or just exercise lots okay we still love to be with our partners it’s because we think a lot we need to have time alone to figure out what we are thinking and feeling. If their partner doesn’t understand this and tries to control them or gets angry at them for not giving 100% of there attention to them it may not work out the relationship… but as I said it’s about finding balance and both sagittarius and capricorn are signs that do try in a relationship if they feel like this person is the one they want to work it out with. I think the beauty of a Sagittarius Capricorn relationship is the fact that once you find the even grounds between the two it is a very beautiful, heartwarming, a lot of laughing and solid relationship. We are still so different but I love the fact that we can keep growing together and learning from one another everyday. He has definitely put in so much effort when it comes to understanding me and the fact I am very emotional, One thing that can be frustrating about Capricorns is that they don’t show a lot of emotion they have to really feel a trust between you to be that vulnerable in front of somebody. Over time though I got him to understand that his feelings are just as important and it’s good that you talk about something if it bothers you. I am so happy to be in this relationship with him and excited to see what the future has in store for us , but again this relationship took a very long time to find a happy medium between two very different people. I’m basing this off my own personal experience and horoscopes (cause I love reading and understanding what the signs mean). Being in a relationship is difficult so just make sure that whoever you are with respects and loves you for who you are! Take care people hope this rant wasn’t to boring to read.

    • Enoch June 14th, 2021

      Yo I love you much lmao I am dying laughing You broke it down so well I’m crying!!! Guess my sign (male) person we love you all!!!!

    • Molly English August 26th, 2021

      Thank you for sharing….it’s so funny to read your thoughts and it’s like your in my head lol .. curious as I was reading the post it seems as though patience kept coming up… Super hard to have patience…

    • Prince November 3rd, 2021

      this was very insightful and very accurate , im a young capricorn man in my early 20’s and this was so accurate i have the deep connection with a sag ..we rarely talk but we have a crush on each other and i feel you could give me better insght and i also have a lot of questions to ask you on hw these 2 signs connect with your experience…can you please pass me any of your socials even an email please

    • Jam November 6th, 2021

      Not boring at all! I know being a Sagittarius, inner dialogue is my best friend. Not everything I’m thinking…has to be said. I think I could date a Capricorn. Thanks for your advice!

  10. Dequeena February 23rd, 2021

    I’m a female Pisces and my child father is a Capricorn, him and I left on bad terms I mean bad. He’s now with someone else who also has a kid with him and it seems like he’s happy. Honestly I miss him, I wish I could take back the things I said to him. He had his flaws of course like everyone else but he was just so AMAZING to me, I loved the fact he paid attention to me, he did little things that showed me he really cared for me. He listened m, he gave good advice, omg he was sooo PATIENT with me. He’s a good person, selfish and insensitive at times but still a good guy.I honestly wish we could start back over again, but what if it’s too late for that? What if he’s very content in his relationship. We hurt one another so bad which wasn’t right or cool at al smh I just wish he forgives me very soon and we work on our problems and fix them for the better. I would want to know if he hates me for life?

    • Rick February 25th, 2021

      As a Capricorn man, he’ll never stop caring, if you did him wrong he will never forgive you (depending on the situation) but as a male Capricorn I know damn well it was his fault. He probably misses you a lot more than you think. If you talked to him and told him how you felt it would most likely be like “why would you tell me this now?” and then he would most likely go for a bit then tell you how much he wanted to hear that. Also good thing to keep in mind, we’re not good at arguing and will most definitely tell you mean things that you’re insecure about only to let you know we’re hurting as bad as you are in that moment, don’t ever take offense to anything mean he says.

      • Gracanne Powell August 20th, 2021

        My Cappy and I are HS mates haven’t seen each in 35yrs texting for a month every day & he calls . Summer time works crazy hours. He lives in another state not far. We send pics can’t see each other until November. What can I say without being emotional.

    • Rick February 25th, 2021

      But that’s just what I have noticed as a Capricorn and also having a best friend that’s a Capricorn, it might not be astrological, but those are things I’ve picked up on.

    • acousticbreeze March 5th, 2021

      Take the lesson and Move on sis…

    • Savi April 17th, 2021

      Hi, it happens, hard to let go. I was married 26 yrs, Ending marriage was devastating, yet I got over it in 4 yrs time. As bad it hurts, it could be him who treated you badly, but now since he is not with you, you don’t see his worse side. What if he rejects you even after you tried to win him back? That’d be humiliating, don’t you think? I also think, you wanting to win him back is selfishness. What if he and his new woman really love each other and you doing, saying something would hurt her and their child! My own experience, once broken, it is hard to fix. If I were you, I’d close that chapter and find another person. I know it is easier said than done. But not impossible. Best wishes.

    • Prince November 3rd, 2021

      he will never hate you but if you really wanna touch his soul , apologise, make sure you really apologise face to face a very detailed apology and show him you are really sorry. capricorns are very emotional even though they dont like showing it so doing that will somewhat heal his soul from what you said , we capricorns dont take disrespect lightly so if you get a chance make sure you never repeat that again cos we only have limited chances

  11. Angelina January 4th, 2021

    I’m a sag women and some of the things they described a sag woman is not always true for some of us, like adventurous, I am an introvert. In other ways I like to be adventurous sexually but to travel does not come naturally to me because of anxiety. But we love honesty through and through, we’re probably bad liars. Give us the respect we deserve and we will treat you like a king or queen 👑

  12. dalton August 31st, 2020

    Cap men like to be acknowledged for even small accomplishments. We are the givers and lovers but ignore us and we’ll go off sulking wondering why we’re even in a relationship because quite honestly, we’re good with ourselves.
    But compliment us, we’ll give a world of love like you can’t even believe. Telling us you love us won’t cut it but show us, your love will be returned 10 fold over.

    • Abhishek February 12th, 2021

      This is actually quite relatable.. some points even down to the last words..

  13. lalala July 10th, 2020

    im a sag just broke up with my capricorn man and now im missing him wtf i jusy want hin back but i dont want him to think im playing with his emotion.. first before i make a move i wany to know if how capricorn man handle breakups. Will they easily moved on??? oh, after we talked he send me his drawing w/c my portrait i am soo touch my heart melt 🥺🥺🥺 and then i realize there more about him i didn’t thought he is a great artist on the other side i just know that he is really good in acads. Someone caps man reply to me? i will really appreciate it thanks lot

    • cainjoseph43 July 16th, 2020

      Well if you want him back you’re going to have to swallow your pride and take the leap even if it means being rejected. As a cap male I would say we have alot of confidence except for when it comes to relationships we prefer stability over everything. So my advice is that if you truly want to be with him after breaking up show and do things that demonstrate how much you care. Be dependable, and if you really want to be nice compliment him on his abilities. We love adoration about our internal qualities especially if it is tied to our ambition.

    • jonjon July 23rd, 2020

      As a cap guy, I think he can still have a small spark of interest in you as long as it was left on decent terms. If there was some resentment or betrayal leading to the breakup, good luck mending that.

      I agree with the person above, I admire someone who keeps me in line, but allows me to feel relaxed even when I’m a homebody and not be offended by that (Someone who is rational). Cap guys like compliments and positive feedback if they do something even in the slightest. Definitely are goal driven and can be independent emotionally with or without someone, but definitely don’t mind the company. You have to prove to him you aren’t playing with his emotions with kind and nice gestures, and he’ll reciprocate your kindness with more kindness.

    • Seyram August 28th, 2020

      Hey, I find myself in a similar situation!
      Wtf I want him back though his actions caused me to leave….now I want him back & he’s not ready for a relationship. What do I do? Still try or move on

    • William tan jw December 12th, 2020

      I am a cap man here , once we are hurt is hard to get back looking forward towards other goals but the heart do stays at the previous relationship , I tend to forgive but needs time to adjust back
      Capricorn man takes sometime so have patient , but he will gives you the best once he is open up again

    • MRHV December 27th, 2020

      Trust Me, being a Capricorn male, it takes forever to fall in love and forever to get out of it.

      Don’t think so much, am sure he’s just waiting for you. Just talk to him and express your love.

      That’s all it takes!

    • V January 23rd, 2021

      You definetly need to tell him what you still feel Capricorns respect honestly more then anything.

  14. A July 10th, 2020

    Im a sagittarius and I just broke up with my capricorn boyf. now i miss him so much we didn’t talk like we used to.. I don’t want to bother him bc he might think im playing with his emotions and now i dead serious i WANT him back but i want to know first if how capricorn man handle break up or will they easily forget the one they loved? and oh, after we talk he show me his drawing made me a portrait. my heart mealt 🥺🥺 its really amazing i don’t know he has that side of being artistic

  15. medusa June 17th, 2020

    Hi! I’m a sagittarius girl I’ve been in mutual understanding with a capricorn man 4 yrs ago we last like just 3 months only but im still into him now i always think about him even if we’re not talking for that 4yrs long… deep inside i have a feeling i want him back bc the relationship we had before is like ALMOST.. (Almost is never enough lol) and we are 18 that time and now we’re 22 i think this time im really sure to commit with him… he is too good to me and im just really impatient towards him i still have that feeling when he views my story on facebook i feel happy… back then he is intelligent and really good at lewd things we get along together with that we really are compatible he’s TOO GOOD and when im with him I feel secure the fact that he didn’t easily attracted to girls and very loyal and honest, we vibe very much and we communicate so easily yes caps are very shy and introvert yet we sags have this big clownery energy, i still love him he is the man who made me feel like no one can.. he understands me.. im seeing guys now who wants to date/ court me but i end up friend zoned them.. as what they say you can’t say you have moved on when u didn’t meet a person who can do greater that he did.. so i guess i didn’t moved on i still wany him..Funny isn’t it? I held to this for too long to realize i still want him and the fact we only dated for 3mos!! Yes He made me open up quickly and we get comfortable with each other for that short period of time we know each others attitudes and many things happen we go for adventure and he is so honest I admire his honesty so much and his consistency, stability and calmness of course we really had a great sex i would never forget that he is my first and last guy i invested my feelings. He is the best thing thats ever been mine~~~


    • Mo June 20th, 2020

      Hey i think that is amazing…I think you should let him know that you have feelings for him again. You only live one life and you never know what can happen. Im sure he thinks about you too 😉 But honestly, go for it. and hey…if he turns you down you can say At least you tried and you can move on and find someone so much better.

    • Audrey July 2nd, 2020

      Hey sweetie,
      Same story with my man! We were a couple 4 years ago (we were both 22y/o) and I couldn’t stop thinking about him as well.. I just wrote him via WhatsApp and we started talking. I just suggested a catch up and things went great. We are back together now and it’s soooo beautiful! Take the risk!

    • J July 2nd, 2020

      Hey there, I’m a Capricorn male and I love a Sag Female. Your story is quite similar to mine, yet the girl has requested for a months break. I dint know what happens in this one month. Is she going to come back. But, I promise, he totally thinks of you, if Caps are totally into someone, they don’t easily forget them.

      Just catch up and I’m sure, things will be like, nothing had happened. Maybe, initially he might act as an angry man, but deep down he loves you, wants you back too.

    • Herambh July 12th, 2020

      Hey! Go for it!, your feelings for him are true just go and confess him your love! I’m a Capricorn myself lol

    • Sue October 27th, 2020

      Don’t chaise love.
      Let the love find you.

  16. Tree June 10th, 2020

    I’m a sagittarius Woman and I been with this Capricorn man and we only been together for 6th months at first we won’t talk all the time no matter what we jest would but I Have very very bad trust issues and around the time I was thinking about putting my trust into him a girl I don’t even know text me saying he’s cheating on me and right when I seen that my heart fell in my ass and the shi that she showed me was way before we started dating but when I asked him he lied to my face more then 3 times and it hurt me and I don’t let most people hurt me and ever since then I can’t put my trust in him and trust is a very BIG part of my relationships and I think that’s been are problems Bc he wants me to open up but I can’t open up to anyone I don’t truth like it hurts me to feel like this me and him have are good times and bad times but I feel like he don’t want this relationship and all I want is the truth And sometimes I feel like jest leaving the relationship but I jest can’t and it’s Bc I have feelings for him but he talks about how he can leave and go find so way better and that shi really hurts me deep in I really want my relationship to work Bc i jest know that me and him can have a amazballz ass relationship but I don’t know how to take a big step without knowing how he really feels about me .

  17. Tt April 26th, 2020

    So true oh my god..

  18. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their heart is wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  19. Jacqueline October 9th, 2019

    I’m reading that a Capricorn man is good for a Sagittarius woman. I’m a Sagittarius woman that’s been dealing with a Sagittarius man for a while do you think this will ever grow any further after we broke up 4 years and not trying to put it back together tell me what you think

  20. Nina Paulsen September 25th, 2019

    I have got to say, as a GIGANTIC sceptic and non religious woman, I am actually amazed at this. Not because it fits what I want, but because it somehow fits US.
    He is more calming, I am more fiery. I am always first with my sharp tongue, he is more sensitive and loving than he seems.

    It is so eerily fitting, I have got to send it to him…..

  21. Kenny Webb August 24th, 2019

    I’m a Capricorn man with a Sagittarius woman has been together for 35 years ago relationships are a job got to work on to make stronger

  22. Mel March 15th, 2019

    I’m a Sagittarius women and my partner is a Capricorn man… reading a lot of articles about how this relationship isn’t a great match but to be honest I think threw time and patience it becomes a very secure fun loving relationship… I have been with him for 8 years now and trust me in the beginning it wasn’t easy he was stubborn and I was impatient so it took us a long time to balance out our relationship but today I don’t ever regret meeting him he gives me security and keeps me fucoused on my goals while he tells me that I help him feel motivated and positive. Like any relationship it does take time but in our scenario it was worth it!

    • Haleigh Podrazik July 19th, 2019

      Hi Mel , id love to talk privately with you about your situation as I am going through a similar situation with my Capricorn bf.

      Much appreciated

  23. Sabryna February 5th, 2019

    Can I just say … here’s to round two may I have learned to be nicer with my words.

  24. Zara allysha January 23rd, 2019

    Capricorn man is BORING .
    Work work work.
    I cannot text him during working hours might as well BLOCK HIM.

    He’s also DISORGANIZED.
    Leave his spenders clothes everywhere in the house. I like neat and clean places.

    He follow celebrity on Instagram.

    waiting for the right time to DIVORCE HIM !

    • robert May 7th, 2019

      Wow, you sound like such a loser. I am sure that he spends more time at work just to be away from your nagging. Do him a favor and leave now so he can find a real woman.

      • ANDREA VALVERDE-TAPIA May 7th, 2019

        Stop being so negative torwards her, You leave her alone, Maybe that’s not the reason why he is always at work.

      • ANDREA VALVERDE-TAPIA May 7th, 2019

        I didn’t even said anything bad So go fuck yourself I’m not a loser

  25. Bongani August 14th, 2018

    the comments have been helpful cos i recently got into a new relationship and she is Sag, like Jerry experienced. i m having an experince from hell, she’s always flirting with different guys and meeting up with some of them. Was so ready to make her my world but after those things i saw i m just slowly backtracking and pulling out.

  26. Iona March 23rd, 2018

    I never loved any man in my life except this Capricorn gUY .. TALL handsome dark ,all I could ever think off was him … we got engaged and he knew my family very well …. I felt like this man completes me… he was my first love and I can’t get over him ..

    But when we broke up … I was so devastated … that I wanted to end this life … I remember I was on the same beach where he proposed me but when I don’t see him I feel incomplete … I felt God was not kind towards me …

    I started drinking excessively to forget him forever … I made myself happy … I have moved on with a new life and new place but I would never feel for anyone what I felt for him …

    I feel love breaks you apart … never love someone so much bcoz when it does it hurts you badly luckily for me as a Sagi girl I see everything positively and I hope whatever comes in my life whether Capricorn or gemini IDGAF !!! I am happy with whatever almighty has given me and will always be happy 🙂

    • Eagle July 24th, 2018

      Hello Iona,
      You have touched my heart with your words. You are an amazing person and I can feel that.
      Be strong and be definitely sure that you have people around you and love you.

    • DrLexy November 18th, 2018

      There is beauty in brokenness and you will find how resilient you are in your rawest form.

  27. sarahwyles1 March 6th, 2018

    My kids dad is a Capricorn and it’s been to say the least a love/hate relationship between us for the last 6 years. We love hard and we hate hard. The compatibility test was 100% dead on.

  28. Jerry February 23rd, 2018

    Me a Capricorn guy I feel that Sagittarius girls are poles apart not recommended as I had a very short relation with sag girl for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks she in front of me got a new boyfriend WTF ! I was so pissed off …. sag girls are way too fast for cap male …

    • ANDREA VALVERDE-TAPIA March 15th, 2018

      I’m a Sagittarius girl and I wouldn’t do that so not all Sagittarius girl are like that.

      • Jerry March 23rd, 2018

        True , not all sagittarius girls are same , I got to know my co worker recently who is more of a friend to me is sagittarius girl and she is very religious and very respectful person .. bcoz of her I started going to church every Sunday which is unusual for me …she shares everything about her family and her life … and she keeps me so happy with her sense of humor … work seems more fun now instead of boring shifts… I think I am starting to like her as a person and co worker … may be with time we will know where our friendship goes …. I think we Cappy need to open up more and share our feelings otherwise Sagi girls will move on …I am soon going to tell her that I like her very much otherwise like my previous fling people will move on and I don’t want that situation to happen …

  29. ANDREA VALVERDE-TAPIA October 9th, 2017

    Im a woman Sagittarius
    And I like a Capricorn guy….
    I don’t know what I fell about him
    And I’m 17
    And I got to know him when I was 14 or 15

    • Clay jhonson October 31st, 2017

      You just love him…
      Actually I’m a capricorn 19…. and I’m in oneside love with a 18 sagittarius…
      I’mloving her from last 5 year’s with honest and true heart…. I believe in this bond… you just tell him… all the best

  30. Kay September 18th, 2017

    I’m sagittarius woman, 18, my boyfriend is the capricorn whose 20. Our relationship is freash not gonna lie, and its been bumpy, but i really love him, i can tell he still is withholding his emotions from me but nonetheless i try to show him how much i care and want to be with him and its gotten better results each time we go through something. I know i’m a lot to handle but he hasn’t given up either, even after how quick i am to say something to “cut into him” he still tries and i think that says something.

  31. Stephanie September 13th, 2017

    I’m a Sagittarius female and this can’t be more true.. me and my boyfriend been together since 8th grade and I am now 20. We been thru it all together. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care so I say how I feel and he can never handle it. I’ve been learning to be patient w him and it is definitely working. now I know why he just goes to sleep on me when I just want to stay up🙄😂

  32. Mandy Shirley July 20th, 2017

    This sounds exactly like my boyfriend and I we’ve been together for five months I’m trying really hard to be patient.

  33. A. S. B. H. June 24th, 2017

    I’m a Capy and was shocked to find out that my girlfriend’s a Sagy! This was due to discouragement from Astrology.

    However, this is a matter of the heart and she even is interested in me! Much as Astrology claims we are incompatible in all ways, I am ready to give in.

    • Scarlett Parrish July 9th, 2017

      I am a sag women and my husband is a Capricorn we were friends before lovers and we’ve known a total of 6 years now been together for 3 going on 4yrs married for 1yr now we tend to have our highs and lows but we never give up on one another definitely give in it will b challenged but well worth it also we have two sons together its a beautiful feeling growing old with someone

  34. Mary May 6th, 2017

    Is it really worth being with a Capricorn man? I have a friend that is Capricorn and we’ve been friends for 3 years and I feel like we can do anything and achieve anything together. But he doesn’t have the same affections for me. At least none that I know of. But I don’t know if we should start dating even though I do really like him.

    • Rita July 10th, 2017

      I am a Sag woman, I’ve been dating my Capricorn boyfriend for going on our second year, my spirit is wild and free though his is calming and cooling, but if you are looking to settle down, and quit the unintentionally flirting, a Capricorn is the way to go, they are quite and shy but that is only because there is alot going on in the Capricorn mind, but this is the stimulation we Sagittairans crave, Capricorn are great family men, very ambitious in their future for themselves and their family, once they a certain they have found the one they will be committed, loyal, and over all just simply wonderful, but in return a Sagittarius woman must commit and be patient with the Capricorn, when both parties are willing to take the patience and time for one another the feeling is magnetic and amplifed every passing day, he will be in awe of you and your free sprit as you will be in awe of how he roots you down and changes your perception on and you’ll do the same, it’s a very beautiful relationship, because your signs are so different, one fills the other, and passes back in forth, I have to say I’ve never been so in love with someone so different

  35. Annastasia Anderson April 17th, 2017

    I’m a 22 sag women with a 26 cap man it is the longest and strongest relationship I have ever been in I am currently pregnant and we do agrue sometimes but we never give up on each other just makes us stronger I love him and can’t wait for our son I have explored all over and haven’t had any real relationship but he never left me I am patient with him and I couldn’t be happier he is a strong smart man that teaches me alot I help him with his temper and adventure I love this

  36. Ains February 24th, 2017

    I think sagi and capi should better be friends honestly

  37. Indy January 7th, 2017

    I am a 26 year old Sag woman dating a 23 year old Cap man. He’s very sweet, very unto his work, focused on success (met each other in senior year of biochemistry) I envy his intelligence and how grounded he is-but we do have different approaches of what the pursuit of happiness consists of.

  38. Molecular December 17th, 2016

    We’re holding together for a five years now and that’s the longest relationships i’ve ever been, so surely there is a lot of things Capricorn man can teach to the Saggi woman. Although as saggis are more changable and spontaneous, adapting to serious and principal Capri is up to us. It is taking something, like spontanity and adventurous spirit, and also in a long run you can get tired of your capri beign always sceptical about things. But in exchange you get very intellectually sharp, interesting, very funny and humorous person around you, which has absolutely turned my worldwiew around, in a good way, which will always supply you with the stability and security at the same time not being too jelous and letting you explore the world what you wish. And it’s not that there is not adventures and emotions- there are, just that they are planned ones. ? If talking about sex, that’s the best sex i ever had and with time it somehow gets even better. There sulery is very explosive attraction and my strong and very masculine, even a bit brute, but just the right amount of it,muahahh, ? capricorn always takes care about me first, also teaches me new nasty things in bed and as a reasult.. Well i never believed if i wasnt tested myself, how good sex can be EVERYtime, it’s just the nuances between good, very good, fantastic and explosve!! ? So yea, capris know how to balance the lack of something (like dreaming and to sweet romance)’s up to us, playful saggi ladies, to decide..what we want to do with these strong and serious capri creatures.. ? it can surely work and the connection can be really strong. But it takes work!! ? (i also can say that this combination is one my parents have, already lived together for a 30 years and im sure it will continue to the rest of their lives) ? So Good luck everyone!! ?

  39. sagiox April 5th, 2016

    Tell him … Be honest… it will save your sanity
    you know all the rest are nothing, your dates and else with others, a sag in love is not wavering. Tell him honestly that you love him and loyalty is primary to you.
    the best thing about capricorn men (that I know) is that they do not shy away from difficult discussion and neither do they look down upon feeling expression.
    You need to tell him that he is primary in your live and want to be his one and only. and yes, … it is NOT CLAIMING – it is BELONGING.
    I am not with my cap man, and I miss him every day of my life. I wish you the best of luck.

  40. Fashiongirl718 March 8th, 2016

    Oh Boy! I was in an awful relationship with a disgusting, needy, weak, jealous, lazy,  pisces!
    2 months after I met the Capricorn and woww. LIKE HITTING THE LOTTO- Instantly magical, sex amazing, out of this world etc… 
    REWIND. First two months of our sexing, dinner, dancing, HE WAS INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER! 
    living with someone and I had no fuckin idea. Well I felt something but we all deny. 
    It was crazy because he was always around me staying over blah blah.
    I FOUND OUT ABOUT HER- Because the crazy jealous pisces did some internet diggin and exposed it!!!!
    I was talking to other guys the whole time during that and had some dates of my own, so I kinda of excuse it but still secretly hold it against him.
    however finding out about her made me jealous and I demanded he leave her because WE were meant to be. 
    he claimed I tallied that no boyfriend ever shit – so why this now… because he made me fall in love duhhhh… why do that than??
    He agreed  our relationship  is too perfect…  we never argue not even when I confronted him… which is insane because I’m explosive . we are getting a house in the suburbs together… He is so perfect and so sweet and does whatevr  i ask – and this works because he craves sucess and I know how to achieve. 
    It just feels so perfect…  but my sabotage sag ways have me:
    thinking its bullshit 
    hes still seeing her… maybe others 
    hiding my true feeling feigning aloofness 
    and worst of all: still flirting texting and talking to others – ninsex though.
    He claims he is ready for the fairy tale am I? will we make??? 

  41. lilbaby37 December 8th, 2015

    Update! Well he end up getting a new job! I told him before he left that I was not going to see him no more. Which was true he avoided me, stop texting me. I would call him would not answer. I would call from a different number he would hang up when he would hear my voice. My last contact with him was in early part of July. I emailed him on Facebook late November and requested him as my friend. I was shocked he accepted my friendship! I went a step further and followed him on Instagram. Normally I would be mad if he take too long to follow me back! Lol! But 2 days later he followed me back. I use to texted him every two days. I am proud of myself! Maybe now I can except just being friends! Thanks Everyone comments! I see he was not lying about not liking me more than friends.

  42. QuietlyWatching October 17th, 2015

    Most Cap men arent forth coming. Chances are he may like you.
     If he is bringing coffee, doing lunches between you and him, then its pretty clear he likes you. But hes not going to say it outright. Instead, he lets his gestures do the talking. Now if you pick it up, then great. If your missing it, look closer. He may be telling you without telling you. Cap men take time and assess who they like..

  43. sagiox June 4th, 2015

    This will only work perhaps when the sag has had her heart broken many times, has learned that a rolling stone will gather no mass and generally found the focus in life. (I am guessing in the 40s.. best for second or late marriage)
    I have been with gemini (could never trust), virgo (exacting), libra (too clever and manipulative), leo (temper), aries (not enough depth), scorpio (they lose interest when I get interested), pisces (not my cup of T, too fragile)… other than Cancer and Taurus all the signs
    the best one for me was Aquarius … (ouch)

    coming back to Capricorn Man..
    he is amazing, gentle yet strong. As intelligent as I am (which is to say something); courageous, witty, funny… and most importantly very grounded
    he is like a rainbow of colors and I am like a child – mesmerized (well he says the same to me).
    Caps will test you. Every word and sentence you utter will be deeply looked into. Their emotions are deep, once they open up – oh my god .. they have no problem expressing themselves, they just want to be certain that they can trust and that they will be still respected if they show all their love.
    We are friendly but Caps are Social …
    We are brave and they are courgeous..
    We are philosophical and they are sage..
    it looks same but is very different, I love him and he is in love with me. With caps, the first and foremost is the ‘trust base’ .. they need to be able to trust you, no fickle behavior (caps are not looking for perfection, but consistency. they are not libras or pisces.. they see the true colors and want stability in imperfection)
    it is a great match, if you are sober enough for it, ready for it. and cap also need to be settled (if he is trying to find success, then he may look for other aspects than companionship); It can be 10/10 match provided both are settled mentally & priority-wise, and ready to settle.

  44. J-Mela June 2nd, 2015

     Hey I’m a Sagittarius female, 12/12(22), here to provide a more realistic view of a Sagi-Capi relationship, text messages included.
    Just recently started back talking to my ex, 01/07(23).We’ve been on/off for 2 1/2 yrs. My longest, his longest. Seems like every 3 months we’re back “together” after its “ended.” I was the one who pursued him, me being the impatient one lol.
    And in the beginning it seemed like we were completely similar. Just to find out we are compleeetely polar. But the more we know each other the less “explosive” and more mature our arguments are seeming to get… Believe it or not. 
     I’ve definitely learned that Capricorns know what they want but they like to test people rather they do this subconsciously or consciously and they will naturally test our patience alot… Because we Sagis’ have none lol and Capricorns can be really headstrong & stubborn, especially when it comes to their SUCCESS (or Family), which conflicts with their emotions because they usually like to keep them to themselves, and Sagittarius usually react off of our emotions instantly, & more intensely. This is what keeps us attracted because Sagi likes a challenge too, but we’re not weak, plus deep down we like a person more “stable” person than us. And Caps can’t get enough of us, if a real Sagittarius, cause we’re lively, open, & independent. We see everything we want in each other that we don’t have in one another that would fit JUST perfectly if we understood each other more with our DIFFERENT APPROACHES in life.
    I feel like the “less evolved” Sagittarius & Capricorn relationship have to grow together, but apart as well, to really be able to come together, and stay together in the end.. with 1.PATIENCE & 2.UNDERSTANDING.
    But I’m just assuming.
    Now here are some messages to back up what I said. Our last argument: 
    Me: I never want to talk to you or see you again.
    My Capricorn:
    “I wish we could understand each other… I never mean to hurt you but I always do… We always have two different ideas about shit… And when they differ, it’s catastrophic. But when they’re the same…. It’s magical… It’s just how we’ve always been with each other…
    Sometimes I feel like I don’t explain myself good enough for you and sometimes I feel like you don’t listen to me…. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this, but i just feel like i have to say SOMETHING.
    I don’t want to leave you right now… I feel like we kinda need each other right now… I know you could use a friend and I need someone to talk to too… Sometimes when you ask me “why?” I freeze up and the dumbest answer comes out first… Which is why i like to think before i 
    speak because i fuck shit up sometimes and i say shit that just comes off wrong…I feel like i have to explain myself because I never do and i need a little time… And sometimes the thought of dealing with my feelings for you makes me procrastinate ever saying anything… And by the time I actually come up with something to say, i’d rather just drop it and just move on…
    I’m just stupid and I fucking HATE making you cry….If you want me to delete this number, i will… But i really want to help you get back on your feet… So if you ever need ANYTHING, just let me know… 
    Goodnight. :(” 
    Me: I don’t know rather to be happy or stay sad…. By your messages, but that’s all I ever wanted so I feel happy but I’m still really hurt by this…. I’m glad you sent me these messages it makes me feel better. I’m just really sad right now.. outside of my family you’ve always been my #1 everything and I just feel kind of betrayed right now emotionally.. And we can never be friends outside of sex. So I’m tired of you saying you would still be here for me because once you & I are done we are done. 
    My Capricorn: I’m so, so, SO sorry Jamela…. And I wish we could… I’ll stop suggesting it though… 
    Me: Never gonna happen You can share your new girlfriends with your friends
    My Capricorn: “…. I said it’s not like that.” 
    Me: U said you’d start dating. I won’t be around for ANY of that. U and I can never be JUST FRIENDS in every aspect of those two words. Especially not me. You should know this by now. 
    My Capricorn: “… I hate it… But I understand..” 
    Me: Well I would hate for it to be the other way around too I’m really upset right now so I guess this is goodnight 
    My Capricorn: “Yeah… I’m gonna get some rest. Goodnight.” 
    Me: Bye 
    My Capricorn: “❤”

    • Shamas September 24th, 2018

      When your capricorn’s birthday?

  45. lilbaby37 October 30th, 2014

    continue! I told him i love him as my friend and i want us to be the way we were prior to my feelings. Moving On! he told me we are cool and that yes he miss our conversations and prior to that he told me he love hanging with me. we had a good day once i cleared the air. next thing i know that we were talking and he looked me deep in my eyes. i had looked away from his gaze because i really want to be his friend because he just dont like me in thst way. i am really trying to be good here. when we were at work i looked iver at him while he was looking at his paperwork and he was flicking his tounge. i told myself not going to read to much into it. when he was going to lunch he had hit me lightly 3 times on my ass to the point i thought i was tripping. i said i am not going to read to much into it. the next day he work another area and our break person came over and inform me that he told her to give me a kiss on the cheek from him, and slap my ass from her. she is gay but i am straight. i want to know why would he say that and do that after i gave him the friendship he was seeking knowing that i like him. i am lost! please help!

    • Shamas September 24th, 2018

      When your capricorn’s birthday?

  46. lilbaby37 October 30th, 2014

    I am in love with a Capricorn man! My Birthday is 11/22, He is 01/08. I am 37 and he is 27. First of all we get along so well majority of the time.We work together for a whole year side by side and I never paid any attention to him. I have been single for 9 years going on 10, I have not been intimate at all. Part of me feel as if I am desperate and seeking any type of attention. How the ever I started talking with him at work just casual conversation. I had a wedding coming up so I could not bare going to a wedding alone. I ask him would he go with me he agreed. I was shocked how the ever I looked into his eyes and I started to feel something for him. Now prior to the wedding I asked him would he date someone like me. I must say I was not keeping my apperance up like I should because I was in a self loathing mindset. He respond no I am not his type. I consider my self a scorp/sag I dont except no! I went and got my hair done eyebrows arch! went to work all eyes on me. Before i did all this I asked him would he like to go out to dinner, he said yes. I was going to cancel the dinner because I did not have no money due to getting beautyfied. He responded by sa ying I have it. Moving on! we went yo dinner had a good time good conversation. i am really starting too have feelings for him i told him that i want to be more than friends. he told me that he dont look at me in that way. yet he is always staring at me, look me deep in my eyes. we have had a few spatts because basically i wanted him to screw me and he denied me that. Moving On!  I dont take no for answer! i decided that no matter how i approach this he is not going to give me nothing other than friendship. i have said bad things because i was mad. recently i realized that he was place in my life to teach me patience. I could not wait until i got to work because i wanted to fix our friendship. i told him that I was sorry for the way i have been acting towards him for the past 3 months. i told him that i really value our friendship and i am grateful to have him in my life. i rather be friends over being lovers because at least he would still be apart of my life. i told him when God bless me with my husband i hope he is like him because he makes me happy. he always treat me to lunch , surorise me with my coffee. i also do the same for him as well

  47. katiebee October 27th, 2014

    Im  currently dating a  Capricor (I’m a sag) n and its whimsical!!! I currently dated a Scorpio for 7 years first time dating a Capricorn so far so good he made me open up really quick he also keep me claim I have  a quick temper but he make me think before I react with anger I need the balance. Oh I forgot he’s younger than I was very skeptical bcuz of our age difference but he makes me feel complete so im getting over it. He makes me ready to settle down …not a sag traits!!!

  48. darkfrostgirl September 10th, 2014

    okay most people say sag and a capricorn are not ment to be that is false because they do help each other know what love is and help realize how the person is my brother is a sag and I’m a capricorn we have a great brother and sister relationship we are always there for each other no matter what we always communicate.
    Well anyways I’m with a sag male he has been there for me always every single day he calls me beatiful when I don’t feel that way he talks to me when I’m done our relationship is great don’t get me wrong we have or up and downs and at times my feelings drop but I realize that is because of stress and we do the same routine over and over but I realize with him he makes me a better person we have been together almost 2yrs in a relationship there would be up and downs but if yall love each other enough talk and take one step at time work it out what we doing. I heard many bitch signs that ain’t ment to me work out so well if you stick and love each other there will be days when you can’t stand them but you know you still love the person but also remember if yall love each other take one step at a time my dad and mom right now birh signs opposite and there no match but they love each other so deeply and been together for awhile now I also heard birth signs when there the same it can be difficult for a relationship well not if your mind sticks with it maybe some what you read is right about relationships but stick to your heart I know I will because he is wonderful the kissing cuddling his voice and eyes and yes he is great in sex so I will say just follow your heart.

  49. Kiki94 October 3rd, 2013

    Hell no ,I’m a sag women and my first love was a capricrorn we have 1 child together & before the baby our relationship was great untell he cheated on me so I cheated on his bitch ass he cried like a girl when I hurt his feelings but when he hurt mines he didn’t gaf. The sex was ight its not as good as my new boyfriend (cancer man) besides he didn’t want to open up to new sexual things we were together for 3 years one time we had broken up for good then I found out I was having his baby during my pregnancy he cheated me and we broke up again when it was almost time to have the baby he wanted to be in love with me and shit after the baby got here we stayed together for like 5 months then I  decided I was done with him & I moved on biggest mistake ever he wants me back bad but I can’t go down that road again he hurt me to bad plus I’m in love with someone else & I wouldn’t give him up for his lien cheating ass good luck though . 

  50. […] gaje di blog ini yang soal-soal zodiak, sebenarnya dikutip dari sini. Jadi jangan tanyakan ke saya mengapa. […]

  51. In2ition November 6th, 2012

    I am a Sagittarius Female.I just want to start off and say when me and my EX Capricorn male dated in the beginning it was PERFECT he was like my prince! He was very romantic, he was always there for me, he was not cheap, thoughtful, he was always down for an adventure…he was FUN yet boring at the same time. HE CHEATED ON ME.& that’s when things went down hill. This so called prince turned into a devil disguise.He’s a *Beeping* Asshole.Funny how love can turn into hate.My first love broke my heart for the first time. (Justin Bieber song lol)Love is pain.
    I must say…The SEX is what kept us together…damn the sex was amazing I deff can’t complain about that…
    He was emotional as hell, cried like a little bitch a lot.He was annoying as hell.I couldn’t stand him majority of times.But anyways…We were not compatible.TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.Good Luck.

  52. sweetlilly May 6th, 2012

    I have been in a relationship with a Capricorn man for almost 2 years. He is the best thing (next to my son) that has ever happen in my life. I am a Sag woman and I have never met anyone who completes me more. He keeps his emotions close to him, but in time he has open up more. What I find most desirable about him is his relationship with God. With that he has helped me grow closer to God myself.  He is straight forward and to the point and does not worry about anyones opinion of him. I love this man so completely that it would throw my life into a tailspin should I ever loose him.. I am proud to be his girl and to know he thinks of me as his partner. He makes me feel like the luckest woman in the world.

  53. allyally February 27th, 2012

    Oh that is so funny, heehee

  54. laterrika October 27th, 2011

    Im a Sag woman and i was in love well still is in love with a Cap male he was my first love bt we broke up bt i want him bck bt he has seem to move on back to his first love we still try to be friends bt my feelings for him is still strong but my emotions for him is so mixed up.. Idk wat to do can someone help me.

  55. lllllJaelllllthelllllkrayzeelllllcapricornlllll August 24th, 2011

    did u ever get him back natasha? my sag girl did me wrong but i HAD to take her bakk…and u dont even know the half of how wrong she did me. but the feelings between us are too much to ever throw away.

  56. August 19th, 2011

    plz help me i love someone i have to marry with him after my 18 age and i told to my mother that i fall in love then she shout at me

  57. archer_crissy July 1st, 2011

    I hope he’ll do that for me. But I think, if you’ll ask me, if i want to…NO. i dont. Im not ready to face his family. Surely everybody around us will get mad of us.

  58. Author
    Ask Oracle June 30th, 2011

    @archer_crissy (crissy)
    Since he wants to share his life with you, ask him to introduce you to his wife, kids and friends and family.

  59. archer_crissy June 29th, 2011

    Guys, can you help… i have no one to talk to. I’m having relationship with 34 year old Capricorn. He was born 14 Jan 1977. He’s 10 yrs older than me. And I believe he’s married and having 2 sons. He want to spend his life with me and he’s telling me that i should not worry if i might destroy his relationship with his wife because there’s no longer for me to destroy. What should i do??? I love him too.

  60. archer_crissy June 24th, 2011

    Cap male is really sweet like my bf ryt now. im a Sag female by the way. we mostly have a great time even before we were dating as friends

  61. Alex - Cappie April 10th, 2011

    I am a Cap guy and have never been romantically involved with a Sagittarius. However, I’ve always gotten along with Sagittariuses very well.

  62. Annie March 19th, 2011

    This is eerily true… I am in love with a capricorn man… I only wish he felt the same. We met too late in life to become more than friends (he is already with another)… Our friendship means quite a bit to me and I don’t want to risk it for anything. I can’t tell how deeply he cares for me because he hides his emotions, but something in me says that he cares and can’t or won’s act on it… I hope that one day we can explore more intimate possibilities… I think he is the one for me…

  63. Natasha March 13th, 2011

    I was and still am madly in love with my Cap boy. I made a mistake and I can’t take it back. Our chemistry was magically and it just worked, I can’t explain it. I really hope he will take me back ..

  64. yetta March 12th, 2011

    I’m off & on with a Cappy now. Although I tend to make him feel as tho he doesn’t matter…he does. We’re day & nite and it bugs me alot but I’m quite fond of him.

  65. darla March 9th, 2011

    Darla and Yusef

  66. Raja Sajid December 6th, 2010

    I am a cap man and my love is sag woman .we have a pure and admirable relation. Soon we get marry. We proud each of both

  67. sag-girl2 October 28th, 2010

    This is soo true. I (sag/woman) have been in two capricorn (capricorn/male) relationships. I am so intrigued by them. They make me feel so loved and safe. They force me to see things as they really are and to be mature about issues. I have alot of scorpio (Mars, venus)in me and that helps to be compatible with them. Not all Capricorns are the same but i have to say that i truly love my Cappy.

  68. Altaf March 16th, 2010

    My saggi girl (Pooja) is just an angel, and she feels lucky having me as her partner. Guys, it just works between us. I end up saying YES to everything she says… My Pooja is just a darling.

  69. Raema March 3rd, 2010

    I was…well still in love with a Capricorn man. It’s true especially the sexual part. I know we are made for each other and i still have faith we might be together one day.



  70. Karma December 26th, 2009

    Ok, who the heak is Nano?

  71. Rosi November 27th, 2009

    Nano is soooooo hot! I want him naked now. Mmmm…nano i hot and he’s got…a lot.



  72. Rosi November 27th, 2009

    I eat like a fat mule.

    thank you.

  73. Rosi November 27th, 2009

    Dear Sags,

    We are immature and smelly old farty women. We smell like butt. Nano is a hottie and is hung.
    Thank you.
    Rosi – crazy ass.

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