Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Libra woman and Capricorn man can have a beautiful relationship with mutual respect and commitment.
  • Their sexual relationship is a blend of Air and Earth, which can be intense and fulfilling.
  • Libra woman can attract Capricorn man with her softness, charm, and positive nature.
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Though, the relationship of Libra and Capricorn is not an easy one, still the mutual respect and commitment helps to maintain it beautifully. Libra’s willingness to adjust and adapt to things brings a definite strength to the relationship, and Capricorn always appreciates and acknowledges this quality of the Libra partner.

A Capricorn man is quite sentimental, adores the arts and music also. He is also extremely opinionated, grounded in his beliefs and stubborn as an ox. He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor but he is highly dependable and never lazy. His strength and self discipline creates an appearance that he is not a warm creature but deep inside he is very warm and loving person and very protective towards his dear ones. He is very stable and does not appreciate changes at all. In a relationship, he is a truly committed lover with strong qualities of caring and protecting his lady love.

Libra woman is innately positive and lives to pick up the ones who are down, radiating warmth and cheer to everyone around her. She loves the art, attractiveness and the comforts of life. She is charismatic, delicate and has this warm nature that is so sentimental. Being a woman of independence, Libra woman has a hidden drive in her that coupled with her warm smile cajoles almost any man into willingly doing things the way she thinks they ought to go. In a relationship she usually proves to be a perfect match because she gives her man the supreme power and stays beside him to love and support his deeds.

Libra woman has an inbuilt softness and charm that makes Capricorn man feel easy in her presence. He needs to feel her gentle touch and sense her warm temperament to be able to let go of the things that make him self conscious. She gives him the love and respect he craves for and introduces him to new prospects of life bringing joy and spark to his life. She gives him the freedom he loves and supports him in all areas of life. She makes him understand the importance of interaction and makes him more social than he ever before was. She is just like a cool breeze in his life with all new fragrance to light up his personality. But Libra woman can be sometimes bossy or masculine in her attitude that is not appreciated by her Capricorn man. But to pay this honor to her in return of what she gives is always a good deal for him.

The initial attraction that Libra woman has for Capricorn man is not normally a good one. It is full of negativity in that she sees him as stubborn, dull, no sense of humor, a lot like others see him, depressing, opinionated, cold and disheartening. Since she is intelligent and decent woman, however, she won’t stop there. She looks deeper into him and sees just what this man is made of. His good virtues could outweigh the first impressions and results in a wonderful lover and husband. Libra woman soon realizes he is not a selfish man, nor is he impulsive or impetuous. Deep down he does have a sense of humor. He is very protective and loving towards her, who may be the first person to actually understand him. He gives his woman everything she misses in her personality making her feel complete.

As the days of life keep drifting with love and bliss, the Capricorn man and the Libra woman truly accept the others’ way of thinking and functioning of their relationship becomes cozier. She teaches him to be a bit more easygoing and he teaches his lady to be more dependable and strong. Together they make a wonderful bond of understanding with the colors of both love and friendship sparkling elegantly with a harmonious tune to make them feel closer. As they walk through the woods, enjoying their elements of Air and Earth on summer days their spirits talk and their minds become peaceful with the trust in their heart of everlasting togetherness. All their wounds and bad memories are healed by their unconditional love and life reveals an open path for them to walk on each other’s side forever.

The sexual relationship of Libra woman and Capricorn man is a blend of Air and Earth which is indefinable the first or second time as is their initial main attraction. Capricorn man’s reserved nature influences his style of lovemaking and may cause her to question his love for her as she feels a sense of rejection. He, in turn, reads her rejection as detaching herself from him. They both need to read less into the others actions or reactions and be more persistent in what they want and in what they feel. Her initial response to his reserved nature at first irritates her, but with a second look her curiosity gets the best of her and she wants to delve into the depths of his being to figure him out. Libra woman never completely do so, nor does Capricorn man ever completely figures out her true desires, but the process of it all can intensify their relationship as long as the frustrations of trying to figure each other out does not dominate. And as a result they can altogether have a wonderful sexual intimacy which is fulfilling in many ways.

The relationship of Libra woman and Capricorn man has a few problems to be taken in consideration. He may seem to be cold to her as his emptiness looms on his expressions though he longs for her to fill that void with her affections. He may not even realize himself just how much he needs his Libra woman. His initial attraction to her enthusiasms — later tends to irritate him — and her initial love of his stability — later grows stagnant to her. Moreover, the domineering nature of Capricorn man and light nature of Libra woman can create tough times for them. The relationship between them is the one that can go either way. But with some compromise, especially on the part of the Libra woman since she is more flexible, the bond between them can be strengthened. She has to blend her personality with his to find the peace and harmony needed to love longer and stronger.

  1. Cisco Jenkins November 16th, 2023

    Well I have known him over 30 years and we are compatible and enjoy each other but sometimes we DON’T see eye to eye and I mean and bossy I’m the Capricorn woman he is a Libra

  2. blossom word game May 13th, 2023

    Capricorn Man with Libra Woman Love If both spouses are prepared to make concessions, communicate honestly, and value one another’s differences, compatibility can succeed. If both partners are dedicated to making it work, the relationship can be strong and lasting even though it may require some effort.

  3. Rr May 8th, 2023

    Libra female, October 19. Married Capricorn male December 23.
    Married 36 years together 38.
    He is a fantastic provider, solid, hard working and dependable.
    Also controlling, selfish and self centered, verbose, and narcissistic.
    Our marriage is me bending a lot, and putting up a fight when I have to to maintain boundaries. I’m a VERY Alpha female type, he as well.
    Now…we have had our fair share of troubles. But this nan could not live without me, and when push comes to shove…he does what he needs to to keep our “equilibrium” as THAT IS MY THING.On my epitaph it will read “she just wanted everyone to get along”.
    Now, I am facing metastatic breast cancer, and he is in a tailspin.
    He’s PETRIFIED of losing me, I actually feel worse for him than for myself. Go figure.
    He’s a very strong man, but IN TRUTH it is I, the gentle loving empathetic Libra that is the strength in our marriage.
    When we really desire to make each other happy, and invest in that, any pairing created in the heavens can be wonderful…and worth all the trouble. That sums up my marriage to my Goat.

  4. Favour March 12th, 2023

    Cap man is asking me for a relationship but demanding on sex first .

  5. Aysha January 6th, 2023

    My husband is a Capricorn and I’m a Libra woman and I can tell you this is the worst relation match of all signs , unless the Libra compromises her existance this relation is doomed. A friend of mines who is into astrology warned me before getting married to him but I didn’t listen and I regret for life. They wear a fake facade initially to impress you but wait till you tie the knot. Capricorn men are cold and calculative with no emotions and care. Very selfish and only think about their benefits.After 11 years of misery and no kids because of a hating relation, we are finally going for separation. I am tired of compromising my life , no more. Never seeing a capricorn man.

    • Ee February 17th, 2023

      Reading your comment gives me shivers. I was with a Capricorn man for 11 years and was heading towards marriage. But deep down I knew I couldn’t marry him and he is not the right person. He is also cold and calculative as a person with no emotional care as you mentioned! I was in a love hate relationship for the last 6 years of the relationship and I have no idea why I stayed on and dragged it out for 11 years and I have the same mindset that I cannot have kids with this man. But am glad I got away. Wishing you the best.

    • Tashi May 12th, 2023

      Its not just about capricon You should have seen his Venus sign and where Saturn is posited if he is moon capricon,where is his Moon placed??where is his 7th Lord sitting with wich planets malefic???So don’t say All Capricon’s are like this many a times Capricons are Misunderstood.

  6. Kaygee December 18th, 2022

    I’ve just recently started dating a cap man. Amazing person. Sweet, calming, caring, Re-assuring. He’s there for me with anything nomatter how small. He just always wants to make my life easy. He’s amazing. So far Sssso good

    • Jas November 11th, 2023

      How is it going now wanna know since its been a considerable amount of time and i can relate to this

  7. Shaniqua October 27th, 2022

    Im a libra women dating a cap male honestly our communication skills is the best i have ever had with anyone one i have been with although he is on the cusp of sag/cap he is more spirtually connected to his cap then sag i love his personality and the deep bond we are building with one another .. he listens to me although i can be dominant at time he balance out truly want this one to work because i trily feel like i have found someone who gets me ..

    • Christa Alyssa November 13th, 2022

      I feel totally the same with my Capricorn male. The best communication ever. He actually listens and takes my advice when it comes to things. And I’ve never had that before. I feel really truly loved. We are taking it super slow though. And I’ve come to terms with taking it slow. Normally I rush through all the best things. But with how he is with me, I feel safe and like I can trust him. That means a lot to me.

  8. kyleigh September 5th, 2022

    I am with a cap and he is so nice and funny he treats me so well better than anyone i have ever been with i smile all the time when i am around him and my family likes him. he makes me feel loved even when i am not in a good mood or want to feel loved or happy.

  9. Cynthia July 28th, 2022

    I just started dating a cap & I’m Libra . He’s so open and talkative and I like how he expresses himself. I’m intrigued about him so far and I have been asking for a “real man “ so far I’m seeing that. Looking forward to our progression in the relationship.

  10. Ava July 20th, 2022

    I’m a Libra (F19) and my partner is a Cap (M32). I can agree on quite a few points above. But he is the most funny, caring and loyal person I know. He’s fiercely loyal and will do anything for me. Whether it be when I am sick or going through my very common mood swings. (I have bpd and he has bipolar) and vice versa. He’s extremely driven and very stubborn but it’s a quirk that I love about him. Not to mention our sex life is insanely good, very passionate and full of emotion. We click together like pieces in a puzzle. We do however go through a lot of ups and downs and we do clash a lot. But we work through it together. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. We fell in love with each other the moment we met. And we’ve been together almost 8 months and are as strong as ever. Everyone always says we won’t work out. Oh we’re “too different” or “you’re age gap is too big” or “caps and libras are a terrible match” but I beg to differ. I fall in love with him every day as does he.

    (Sorry for the long comment. It’s rare that I get to express myself freely without getting any hate or stuff like that)

    • Deb July 22nd, 2022

      What is your age difference? I am older then my cap guy. We have been getting to know each other for 4 years. I can tell now that he is in love with me. I am the initiator in just about everything. My cap guy is funny and jokes with me and I know he would do anything for me. He’s kind, gentle, soft spoken and a gentleman.

    • Carolina August 2nd, 2022

      Aww thank you sharing 💕 . Sounds like my Capricorn !! Sweet caring shows so much affection.. i don’t know him that long but so far he’s surpassed my expectations.. gentleman and calm, as a libra i need someone that just gets it and he does 🙂 Goodluck with ur boooo! And don’t listen to anyone, sounds like u guys Have a genuine bond 💕💕💕

  11. Caitlin October 25th, 2021

    I love my cap man! Very dominating the way I like it. Beautiful creatures.

  12. Kesmoh October 25th, 2021

    For those who experience a bitter experience in their Cap-Libra relationship, please note that just as there are different shades of same colors, same zodiacs have shades. This typically depends on the very date a person was born.

    For example I was born January 6th, and my friend born January 3rd, we have similar traits but differ also largely in certain behaviors..

    So take of the specs of seeing a zodiac from one point, dates matter a lot to change the behavior of different people within same zodiac sign

  13. Kesmoh October 25th, 2021

    The other way round is also very true. Cappies are hardworking, intelligent, caring to almost everyone. Why will not other zodiacs get attracted to Cappies for his alluring qualities?

  14. braydong October 14th, 2021

    capricorn men are hilarious, dont get it twisted but word to everything else

  15. Angel October 6th, 2021

    The oracle forgot to add that most Capricorn men have eye for other women. It’s hard for them to stay faithful in relationship which is a big turn off for me as a libra woman.
    Libra women are very protective & jealousy hence the loose end between the two stars.

    • Kesmoh October 25th, 2021

      The other way round is also very true. Cappies are hardworking, intelligent, caring to almost everyone. Why will not other zodiacs get attracted to Cappies for his alluring qualities?

  16. Arya September 12th, 2021

    I am cap man, and those comments were true, and I agree that we don’t open up because we feel insecure about it, and btw u guys also don’t open up tooo, I have had crush on a libra since almost 6 months and I’m always jealous of u people talking to leo or gemini or scorpio men and I think that u guys don’t even have more than friends feeling of us
    In my opinion……
    And give us hints like by touching us in a friendly way or hold our hands
    Thank you for reading this

  17. Lisa August 2nd, 2021

    This is exactly what I’m going through. I’m (Libra) in the initial phase of knowing him (Capricorn) and at times it’s a final feeling of letting him go because he just won’t express, but then I’ve also experienced the depths of understanding that he holds which makes me stay. It’s annoying but I know he’s a good person, but then I also question myself that if someone is good as a human, are they also good as a partner for you?

    • Lillian August 20th, 2021

      Same here . I’m a Libra, he’s a cap and he doesn’t express himself or open up and idk what to do anymore. I’m just giving up & it hurts.

    • Ari G August 22nd, 2021

      Girl I feel the same. I’m libra woman messing with a cap man . .he may not express easily. But when he does it’s at very quiet moments. And he won’t give much detail. But you’ll know it was very real. Everyone sees him as cruel and cold hearted. But deep down I know his soft side.

  18. Shazi Alam May 8th, 2021

    My man is a Capricorn and i cannot agree more with the article above everything is to the point and exact so impressed with the writer also to mention its four years relationship so i can assure everything said above is true

  19. Linda Martin February 26th, 2021

    Hi I am a libra woman and my Capricorn husband died 8 months ago.we were together 30 years.since we were 18.we have 2 kids. I am 48.If you can both reach an understanding. .communicate well and have a good sex life it’s all good!..but I do agree with certain things so if u don’t enjoy each other anymore and it’s not working get out don’t let it go on too long u will hurt each other more in long run.

    • Mirrah February 28th, 2021

      I’m very sorry for you loss that’s beautiful the years you had cherish your children

  20. Brianna KING January 29th, 2021

    I’m a libra woman he’s a capricorn guy and he doesn’t believe in astrology and zodiacs so I haven’t read one about us until now after a disagreement we have great communication we just are very very different people

  21. Jazmine January 19th, 2021

    I’m attracted very strongly to my boyfriends friend . He is a Capricorn and i am a Libra . So i had to google this 👀 .. Ugh.. can’t stop thinking about him and fantasize about him

  22. Vignesh January 16th, 2020

    My Wife is Libra and myself is Capricorn we have good understanding

  23. vante9505_. December 28th, 2019

    Capricorns need to be understood as well and they need trust in a relationship. It’s hard but a Libra can handle it, okay I get it! 🙂
    I’m a Libra and my Tae is Capricorn uwu. So Taehyung is perfect for me, yesss!

    • LadddyLibra May 31st, 2020

      Crazy…but deep. Im a libra nickname is tay…. I love my capricorn black male too much…and i will never let him go. We are very strong bonded

      • Teresa January 4th, 2021

        Why did you have to say hes blackLol ?

    • Ladddy Libra May 31st, 2020

      Very niccce! My name is Tay and im a libra women. I have a capricorn male whom i love too much. He has very traditional values..protective, honest and he has given me his heart! Im very happy all the time.

    • Kari April 20th, 2022

      I get this but how about when you show the trust for your cap. And they constantly don’t apparently see it

  24. Ethan December 14th, 2019

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  25. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra need love/peace, as they are ruled by Venus.
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  26. Queen December 3rd, 2019

    Iam a Libra woman and my guy is a Capricorn man & we have been dating on and off since 8th grade. Now that we are grown we have decided to take things a little more seriously and omg I love him now I’ve dated a Gemini before for 9 years but I’ve never felt the love from him like I feel for this Capricorn man . He’s so strong and he listens to me I mean showin me affection is all about me and what I want . I think about him constantly when we together he tells me how I’m his comfort zone and love the way I make him feel as a person yeah we had little disagreement but we hear each other out and we’re fine but that’s my bae I wouldn’t trade him in for the world

  27. Tressa October 17th, 2019

    I am Tressa I’m with this Capricorn man and we have had problems but we’ve always been able to solve them he supports my choices he sticks with me even when I’m wrong. I love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lilan Bach October 30th, 2018

    It’s funny how you find true love , from my past I only had 4 boyfriends, this jerk lied to me by telling me but l am lucky enough that we finally found each other, I am a Libra and he is a Capricorn we get along great with each other and we also have a daughter that is a Leo .You’re probably thinking how is that possible but were really happy with each other. I am very thankful that we have been together for 32 years total we known each other since we were kids since then , we never left each other’s side ever again. Lilan Bach.

  29. R Oswal October 15th, 2018

    I just met a Libra woman. The day I met her I told myself I was going to meet the woman I’m going to marry..and then she appeared later that day. We went out on our first date today. Honestly, I know it is very early on, but I felt like I’ve met a soulmate. I feel I can learn so much from her about the deeper, spiritual things in life, and she can learn from me how to build into a passionate career. I’m usually hazy in terms of long term potential with women I meet – not at all with her. One caveat, is that I am 20 years older. She is 24, I am 44. But it really feels like we are old souls.

  30. Ayush Biswas July 18th, 2018

    I’m Capricorn male… partner is Libra female…..
    I have no complains against her…..neither she has against me……we both are very pleased with our relationship…. Its the first relationship for both of us…….and we are really blessed with extreme level of understanding between us…..she sometimes plans with her friends to make me feel jealous…..but I’ve never seen such a loyal and trustworthy girl like her…she really loves me….and I feel it…..we both can blindly believe in each other …..and we share everything we did in a particular day or at an event or at a particular time, with each other….unlike most of the couples we always enjoy each other’s company….and have almost no sexual attraction towards each other…..but love,affection,respect,care,trust,friendship,loyalty are the base of our relationship…

  31. libocherry March 23rd, 2018

    Libra Girl here I am frustrated with his lack of emotions although I admire his responsible attitude but its not always the case … I feel like I am dating my dad he is so serious ufffff … and its true I can be bossy too …lets see how it goes if he behaves well

    • Rhia July 27th, 2019

      I get that completely

  32. Regy February 23rd, 2018

    I m a Capricorn male and before dating libra women I heard this is the worst match for Capricorn, I regret now that I should hv listened to ask Oracle and astrologers in general , please never libra again , a manipulative, beautiful , evil little diplomatic libra was my worst choice , as a Capricorn I like Leo’s extravagance much better than crafty libra ho … please never again libra

    • Jennifer September 29th, 2018

      👎🏼 No idea what kind of Libra you dated sounds like a Leo to me they’re pretty manipulative. Libras like to keep peace and harmony and usually give too much of themselves sounds like you’re a stubborn Capricorn who does not like to compromise kind of reminds me of a Virgo I dated in the past ugh thank God for my Capricorn

    • Josc December 24th, 2022

      I get it. I was with a real shitty Capricorn who only tore me down by calling me names, telling me to lose weight when I only weighed 150 and then he filled me up with sweetness and kind words instead of actions so I would stay. And it worked for awhile, 3 years to be exact, but I found the courage to leave and find the love I knew I deserved, but now I’m dating another Capricorn and he’s such a funny, caring, sweetheart and he’s the most healthiest relationship I’ve been in. So it’s not all Libras, so don’t diss a whole sign because of one person.

  33. Jemyla fuller January 15th, 2018

    My soul mate

  34. bonnie August 23rd, 2017

    Mike Cross who Is the quintessential capricorn male 😉

  35. TaeNae August 11th, 2017


  36. TaeNae August 11th, 2017

    yay so my taehyung is perfect for me <3

  37. Bilu May 16th, 2017

    i am A capricornest

  38. Amber Fultz April 9th, 2017

    This describes my husband and me so perfectly.

  39. Kellie Alrbaee April 1st, 2017

    Amazing how this describes myself and my husband. I’m a Libra and he is a Capricorn.Thank you for giving me more insight on our relationship

    • dee June 14th, 2017

      pleassssse tell me how you guys do you 2 get along I am libra like my soon to be hung by his balls fiancé is a Capricorn im tryin to fihure out why is he such a asshole !…..#mightnotbeweddingbells

  40. LadyLibra March 29th, 2017

    This is so true cause me and my Capricorn fiancé is jus like this, even though we have our moments, we learn to get through them by communication, it’s tough at times but it’s worth it when you spending the rest of your life with the man of your dreams

  41. Blessed February 1st, 2017

    Wonderful I am a Libra woman married to a Capricorn man and this is so right. I Love him so much we’ve been married 5 years but have been friends for forty years omg what a relationship I can say I’m very happy and blessed to have the man of my dreams even though he can be a bit much but he’s my much thank u again.

  42. LovetobeinLove58 June 7th, 2016

    Let’s suppose you’re a Capricorn. You’re very intelligent, very practical… pragmatic is a great word! You’re careful with money and highly ambitious with your career. Let’s say that you have some idea about astrology. Why oh why then, being the practical, careful person that you are, consider a relationship with a Libra? Surely you’re not one to suddenly fall into being a bleeding heart are you?
    You know that eventually you and the Libra are going to head for splitsville – there are very few readers comments sections anywhere on the internet that have happy endings – maybe you would have bought a house together, started a family together, so you KNOW you’re condemning your kids to single parent / custody battle territory as well as agony over splitting up assets. Truthfully, that is a HIGHLY LIKELY outcome if you are a Capricorn getting involved with a Libra. Are you really going to go there on an emotional whim or because ‘someone was attractive’? It doesn’t make sense.

    By the way, so many of the Libra ladies here are feeling very distressful when you up and leave… especially without sitting down and explaining… of course Capricorn shows by actions… but is that your end goal? to marry someone, or have long term relationship, maybe have kids, then cheat and leave? makes no sense to me. I know you aren’t bleeding heart shoulder to cry on sort of guy but that surely is a chaotic way to lead your life – best be left alone, this pairing

    • CappaCappa January 6th, 2017

      @septermberlibranm ok i’ll play the debate game. It’s good that you have everything figured out and that everything is set in stone. I’m surprised as a libra you don’t present the positive side as libras are known to view both sides of the issue. Are you sure you aren’t a capricorn pretending to be a libra?
      You’re first argument is incorrect or a misunderstanding. You mistake the reason capricorns are practical and careful. It isn’t for the sake of pragmatism although that doesn’t hurt. Why would a cap care enough that someone is taken care of and protected? Think about it.
      Your second argument is also flawed. You condemn this pairing without looking at the facts. There was a marriage divorce study between signs done a while back. Based on the stats the libra woman capricorn man doesn’t divorce anymore than any other combination for the libra woman. There wasn’t any case for the libra woman where divorce was statistically significant for any pairing. The libra woman cancer man pairing divorce was a little higher, but I’ll leave that for interpretation.
      Your last argument also assumes a blanket statement that all capricorn men are the same without considering other factors: age, maturity, experience, education. For all the stories that have failed, if I find a website where everyone all the reviews are positive does that mean “all” libra woman capricorn man relationships are destined for greatness?
      Bottom line is you come across a fork in the road. You take it. The outcome is not written down or why bother getting out of bed?

  43. […] Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – I’m a Capricorn man in a new relationship with a Libra woman. I have to say having read some of the comments about how difficult such a relationship can be that I … […]

  44. wrenbird21 March 5th, 2015

    Im a libra woman dating a capricorn man for a year(known him for 5+) its true that im very loving but I can also be bossy. My man can be very lazy,makes spontaneous decisions,and puts important things off which irritates me because I like things in order and I like to plan and think of the “what ifs”. He has a problem showing emotions such as sadness so he draws back instead of talking which leaves me feeling cold at times,but for the most part hes respectful and affectionate. He doesnt always appreciate my bossy ness but its just me encouraging him because he can be hard headed and make child-like decisions. So down side is hes hard headed and emotionaless at times,but hes also loving respectful and patient.

  45. jazzyjuicyj October 8th, 2014

    I am a capricorn man. Who is completely in love with my libra woman. We’ve only been dating for two months. I’ve never felt a connection with anyone how I do with her. She is my queen best friend and partner in crime. Good luck to others. 

  46. Capkev69 July 16th, 2014

    I’m a Capricorn man in a new relationship with a Libra woman. I have to say having read some of the comments about how difficult such a relationship can be that I wondered if we were doing the right thing!! We met online via a dating site and after messaging each other for a couple of weeks we (she) asked if I wanted to meet up. I have to say that when we did it was just so nice, we enjoyed each other’s company and what was supposed to be a wee coffee turned into dinner and a stroll around a local park just chatting. There was a connection between us from that first date, a connection which has only become stronger as we have seen more and more of each other.
    Afte a couple of weeks I just had to tell her how I felt about her, I didn’t want to scare her off and maybe I’m not a typical cap man but I very much wear my heart on my sleeve and I told her that I loved her. To my delight she admitted she felt the same. Maybe it’s because we are older (both mid forties) that we are relaxed and happy in each other’s company. I can tell you this much people don’t be influenced by the experiences of others, keep an open mind and if you’ve come from a bad place park the hang-ups and pre-conceived ideas about the opposite sex and just enjoy and appreciate the person you love.
    Relationships are built on honesty, love and mutual respect, you don’t have to agree on everything neither do you have the right to impose your views on your partner. Celebrate the differences and open your mind to new possibilities.
    As a cap male I’m well aware that we can be too overpowering and pedantic about things, I ask my lady her opinion and take into account her views as she does with me and it has taken us somewhere beautiful!! 
    All relationships require hard work and commitment, ours is no different but good things come to those who are prepared to go out and work for it.

  47. saam11111 March 12th, 2014

    I am a Libra woman, and I’m currently romantically involved with a Capricorn man. Compared to my last boyfriend being a Leo, he extremely different from anyone i’ve been with. He’s very hidden with his emotions, and he doesn’t express much (a big difference compared to a Pisces!) but when he does, it’s always interesting. He’s only confessed feelings in very subtle ways, and although it’s frustrating at times, I find it’s easier to let him come to me, rather than try to pull emotions out of him. All in all, he fascinates me, and i’m drawn to him for some reason.

  48. kista March 6th, 2014

    I am a Libra women and current dating a capricorn man.. Its quite funny because in our relationship it was always me(libra) having a hard time showing him that I love him..while he would say to me”I love you” and I dont respond at all.. between my relationship with him he has always being this funny,happy,smiling and carefree person while I seem to be lacking these traits… I am always working and studying all the time, I am not at all lazy and i dont like to spend money that carelessly and I am not much of a socialize person.. I had never said to him “I love you” because its so hard, i can’t even express my feeling to him that well.. I love him with all my heart but just don’t have enough courage to say it to him.. So i kind of hoping if anyone have any suggestion..pleaz write

  49. Sateva February 23rd, 2014

    I’m a libra female. My Capricorn boy and I fell flat on our faces for each other.
    We met during one summer. Things got loose. We got drank a lot. We played on the beach. We went hiking up mountains. We went on fun adventures together. We didn’t have sex for the first month, but we got incredibly close.  
    When we got home one night, we attacked and destroyed each other.  Mind-blowing.  I’m  pretty sure both of us thought it was going to be a fling. Neither of us wanted a relationship, but boom!
    My Capricorn is good at all the shit I’m bad at and vise versa. It works so very well. I love that he is so masculine and takes care of all the boring things I hate doing.
    I thought he was pretty average looking when we first met, but now every time I see him, I just think ‘daym’. He’s my favorite person an if this end up not working out … I’ll be getting many, many cats  🙂

  50. MeekHair January 17th, 2014

    I’ve been in a relationship with my ‘capricorn boyfriend’ for two months now and he was so affectionate to me, but he has his moments of silence and I’m one of those girls who feels guilty or like iv bored him to death the 2nd to last paragraph makes feel alittle bit better and reasures me that he’s not just bored of the relationship…hopefuly… anyways that’s all iv got to sau

  51. Gingerbread25 December 28th, 2013

    I am libra woman and in a relationship with capricorn for over a year now.. we started as a friend for 2 years, he is amazing!! We are madly in love with each other. Everytime we fight, we fight hard but then we always work things out because we want to be together..
    I have friend who is also a libra and have a capricorn boyfriend for 6 years, they are also doing great!
    capricorn can be cold but then be the sweetest person ever and that what makes him interesting. He is very patient and calm, but he is very very lazy and stubborn. 

  52. amnaamir December 21st, 2013

    Hi guys! iam a capricorn man who was  met social network in Libra women. We are having relation ship now more than a month. She is  from another Country. I feel she is very much like me. Before one month my friend went her country for his business purposes. i  gave him a percel and asked him to post . she got my present and and told she is very happy now and trust me so much. Still we are chatting in skype. maybe 4 or 5 hours every day. but i feel somtimes small things she off mood quickly. if that happen i am telling joke and within 5 or 6 min she came to good mood. and i feel she love me too much. still our relation ship is very good, when i was not in online, she sometimes send SMS to me and said “i am online now”. When we are online i feel no bored to talking her. and she also very nuch like talk to me i feel. also she never ask to give a things, and money also. Can any body tell me this Relation ship will be success?.. I am trying to visit her country nex year. She said she will expecting me.!! .Sorry my english is not good.

  53. edgar0111 September 12th, 2013

    I am a Libra woman whose just met a Capricorn male about two weeks ago.  After the first week, he asked me to be his girlfriend which I declined as we are so new. I’m thinking it’s because he’s much older…52 and ready to settle down. He has given me a time limit on of Thanksgiving for me to make up my mind whether to be exclusive or not.  Libra’s love commitment, but this is a bit to much for me. 

  54. vanillaK May 2nd, 2013

    I fell in love with my neighbour he is a capricorn man and i want to know how to attract him and i think that he maybe likes me and sometimes i think that all this my mind is inventing it and its just my imagination HELP please i need a few tips to attract him 

  55. Gerri December 7th, 2012

    @Jess1008they do play the woe is me game and they do throw their mothers snide comments into the mix whenever confronted with their infidelities or other untruths… I was pulled in by their loving words. He used to write me poetry and buy little gifts and had me head over heels but when he cheated with a coworker he brought her to our home and introduced her to our family as a good friend and I trusted that… I believe they like to play games with people to test their loyalty for their ego… I am stand-offish now and now he wants to reconcile the situation, but I am past the kind gestures and professions of love. I just want him to take care of our family and be kind to me in front of his children. your heart can’t break twice for the same person. I am over it!

  56. Gerri December 7th, 2012

    I am a Leo currently married to a Cap for 8 yrs. 3 years ago, I found out that he was cheating on me with a Libra female from work. I noticed that he was very distant to me and loyal to her, but she was not loyal to anyone. He genuinely had love for us both. I am not embittered towards Libra females, but I will say that they have a gift for getting to know someone really well and accentuating the good qualities in a person. I will say that Capricorn men are very a secretive and can be deceptive. They will lie with a straight face if it suits them and can be very mean and say the cruelest things… However, if they want sex, they are skilled at pretending that they didn’t mean what they said, only to turn around and say the same thing again if you confront them with a lie they’ve told. Capricorn men are not for the faint of heart. These men have to be drawn out of their walls only for you to be embarrassed and kick yourself for making the effort when the hurt you deeply. Good luck Libra women! You’re going to need it!

  57. brten November 21st, 2012

    I just wanted to share this. I live half an hour train ride from my capricorn boyfreind. He always is willing to help me and be there for me when i am having problems. I textred him the other day and was feeling horrible. He asked me what was wrong why i was feeling so down. I told him and that i dont want to be a drag to him. Which he replied: Youre never a drag. Only a blessing. I love helping you. Its the best part of my life. You are my love,,my destiny, my everlasting thought,my dreams made reality. I love you. So tell me whats wrong?.. He says things like this all the time. He says the most wonderful things to me in a way that no one else can put into words. I have met a capricorn guy before and he had a way with words that caught me and ive found my boyfreind is exactly the same.
    And he is 25! and i am 30.
    They may be aloof but when you open up to them they are all yours-thats when they truly open up with their feelings for you and if they love you they will be very strong feelings.
    Im sure only a capricorn could do this. lol

  58. Jess1008 November 19th, 2012

    I’m a libra female & have been with a Capricorn man for over 5yrs. Before him I was w/a Scorpio male for 10yrs. The first relationship taught me so much & when I met my Capricorn I thought my prayers had been answered. He was wonderful, stable, a great listener, we had all the same things in common & he professed his love for me & my free ways. He persuded me for 6months (which was flattering) but I wouldn’t budge. He was 5yrs younger then i & i was a bit jaded & closed off. He begged me to let him warm my heart & show me what real love can be like. I couldn’t refuse his beautiful face & clear baby blues. I began to let my guard down. The sex was amazing! I never exspected that in a million yrs! It sealed the deal,along w/all his wonderful caring traits i was smitten w/him. We were ensync w/each other. I told this man things I have never told any one not even the 10yr Scorpio. I was blindly in love w/him & could see no bad in him till little things started happening. He no longer liked my free thinking. He didnt want me having a job. I needed to bake & clean all day like his mother. No more astrology, no more tarot cards. Then the worst was being shoved in my face a few yrs & one son later (his spitting image) His infidelitys pile high enough to reach the clouds. He fancied himself a cowboy casanova as soon as i was outta sight. When confronted w/proof this man woul hide his head,tell me I was mistaken or the favorite “you’re crazy! My mom told me you weren’t any good for me!” (they all tend to cling to their mothers skirts till death do they part. My brothers & brother in law are the same way.) Finally I gave up, I let my bitch out. I wasn’t taking any more. He begged to stay, said he didn’t want to start over. Didn’t want to give up what we have made in 5yrs. I sat & looked at it from a business point of view, my emotions now on ice. I do like his work ethic, I do like the money he makes, my son is very happy as we both agree no fights in front of our little sensitive Gemini, he has made me quite comfortable & enabled me to help care for my aging father. So I have stayed. W/the understanding he is to stay away from me unless i come to him. He has 6month appointments like clock work & when people ask what happened to us i force him to tell the truth. (Capricorns love to play poor me in their tall tales when you’re not looking.) We get along a bit better now having no expectations other then carving a life. We even talk more & laugh at each others jokes. Maybe one day it will be something like in the oldstaying love because your all each other has left. If I had known who he was in the beginning I would never have given in. I still smile with friends but I’m not the same any more. I don’t believe I ever will be. I love my son deeply but this wasn’t what I thought I was getting. The plus side is he has changed a bit but it took me forcing myself to be demanding,cruel, & cold. Take your time w/a Capricorn libra females, if you can except an arrangement later in your future then go for it. Btw my sister,sister in law & friend now have these same arrangements. So it’s not just I with these capricorn male issues.

  59. brten November 10th, 2012

    I am a libra woman who has been with a capricorn male for about a month and a half now. We live a distance apart-i see him once a week i go visit him on the train and stay a night with him. I have a son to my previous partner. So its abit difficult for us-with the distance and my situation.
    BUT i have to say from reading all the previous comments capricorn guys do seem to be pretty much all the same. The comments of libran women of their capricorn guys sounds exactly like him.
    Ive never been with a capricorn guy before but i have always had best freinds growing up-who were capricorn.
    I am the typical libra woman and he is the typical capricorn male. He is younger than me. But the aloofness thing kind of does bother me. And not fully sharing his feelings. Being distant. I dont get it because he is very loving and seems to have this really good understanding of how im feeling and expression when we are together and talking. He is very intellegent. The thing i noticed about capricorn males is how kind of straight forward and anal they seem. Like bordering on geeky. But they are not. Theyre really hard working and very reliable. But the cold distant thing is so true. Like we will have this wonderful time together, at a distance he is so hard to read. LIke he’ll hardly text me and when he does it feels like he wants something. Like to me, it feels like he just wants to see me because he misses female company or something.
    So we”l have this wonderful time together he is very yeilding and understanding and patient with me.
    And then he’ll say he’ll text me and he never does. It is only near the end or middle of the week coming up to the time i go see him that he will text.
    Its like hes had his ‘fix’ of me and he needs his space to do other things and deal with everything else. Like everyone and everything fits in neat little compartments of time or  something. Like the organising thing capricorns have. Its very anal in a way.
    But really i know that he does love me and at first he was the one who said i love you. And i had been umming and arring for a while because he was soooo full on from the word go. Like very serious and he always talks about ‘our future’ together. LIke he has it all planned. And i know he is serious. I always thought id find a guy like this perfect. But now hes with me i find it abit scary to be honest. We are so different but we have htis mutual respect and i find the way a capricorn male is a real turn on to be honest because it is so not like me. The stability and sureity he has is very comforting but at the same time-i wonder about him. He appreciates females–and has told me many times that he loves a ‘strong’ female. Like mentally strong.
    I can be strong yes but not really. I mean i have been through alot and i know he respects me for that-but really im just a mushy romantic libran woman who does have a massive imaginiation. AN di like rose coloured glasses it seems so natural to me-but at the same time i see the realities.
    We both yeild to each other really well. And i know he is true to his word. Its just the cold distant thing i dont really get.
    But then thats a capricorn for ya…they seem to have two very differnt sides. LIke real cold disstant and serious but stable relaible very hard working.
    Then the caring loving side. But like, only when they want to give it or are ‘feeling ohk’.
    Where as we libran woman are happy to give all the time.
    I hope he doesnt start taking me for granted:(

  60. Queen-Jodi August 30th, 2012

    Me: Libra,My husband:Capricorn,Married for 30 years.
    I truely believe in Zodiac signs and their descriptions of the people born under their prospective signs. YES! Capricorns are workaholics,cold and would rather be alone at times. and YES! Libras are artistic,sociable and sensative,there differences can create havoc in a relationship-no matter how long you’ve been together. For years I felt like a “single wife” because whenever there was a family function,etc.-I would take the kids and go-while he stayed home alone.Some people even thought I was divorced,but that was a long time ago-now he is sociable. He has never been affectionate-or expresses his feelings-but don’t know if that is because of his upbringing or the capricorn in him. I know he loves me,and would do anything I asked (but usually puts up a fight,or procrastinates before he actually does it).Then calles me  nag-but if anyone else asks him for something-he can’t get up off the couch fast enough! I think he would rather help-out a stranger than help me! I don’t understand-cause I am always appreciative and thank him,but I feel he takes me for granted when I do things for him-and just expects it. Never has been a “romantic”-which a libra woman needs. We are compatable in ways and in other ways-I don’t know why we are still married.

  61. indahra July 27th, 2012

    Capicorn and Libra can work, and really provide each other with things each are lacking.  I am a Libra woman who has been with my Capricorn man for 8 years now, and married for 1.  Capricorn brings to me decisiveness (boy did I need some help there), goals, and direction along with stability.  Those are definite things I felt I was lacking on my own, and traits that I appreciate. I like to think that I bring him a general joy and optimism for life.  Some of the things that are difficult: He does like work, and he is very much into climbing the ladder to get where he wants to be (that is definitely not what I am all about as a Libran). While HE is my focus, sometimes I feel WORK is his focus, but I get over it quick.  Capricorns are not good at telling you they love you, but they are good at showing you if you just pay attention.  Nearly every day. He doesn’t work because he likes work actually, he works because he loves me.  Every day he shows up to work that is his way of showing me he loves me.  Yea Librans, that is so backwards in our heads it’s mind boggling, but as soon as you figure this out about Capricorns life will go more smoothly.  Don’t expect romantic gestures like roses, or I love yous every hour of the day, but pay attention a little more to the little things he does that make no sense as to why he is doing them otherwise… Wait why is he buying life insurance when he is 27? That is his grand gesture of love… If you don’t pay attention and appreciate him, that is how you lose Capricorn.  He expects you just to know that this is his way of expressing it, and in turn, he expects gratitude.  This relationship can work if you make it.  The intellectual and friendship side of Libra and Capricorn is great – and those two things alone can make the love side of it work, if you want it to.

    • Brook September 30th, 2018

      I’m in a similar situation. I’ve known my Capricorn man for about 12 years (I’ve managed/bartended restaurants he’s been a regular at the whole time). It was only just a month ago he actually, truly asked to take me out. (He’s wanted to for 10 years, apparently). I don’t think I have ever gone on a first date so exquisitely planned out (he knows me well enough to know what I love)…full moonrise boat cruise, a town I love the day after (we had two rooms that night)..

      We had a fall-out this week. Big one. I’m a successful woman, normally…I would’ve just walked away. On top of being a Libra, I’m a Fire Dragon in Eastern Astrology. My independence is huge. I expected him to walk away as well. He compelled me for a phone call, and through a few long silences, we let down our guard. And talked. REALLY talked…he asked if we should get together. I said no. I don’t normally open up about my feelings, and was feeling a bit emotionally raw. He said he understood.

      The Harvest Full Moon is my favorite full moon of the year…sent him a link to Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’s, explaining that the Harvest Moon is my favorite of the year.

      The day after our talk, he picked me up. We had no plans prior. He legit, upon me getting in the car…we have enough time to get to the beach, go to a certain place, and have a bite to eat while watching the Harvest Moon rising over the beach. He also pointed out that it was one month, exactly, since our 1st outing.

      It is very true. They can seem distant, work-driven…but if you understand them, they are always thinking.

      I really look forward to what we bring for each other in the future…

  62. ohemgeeneva July 23rd, 2012

    I am a Libra woman, and I’m currently romantically involved with a Capricorn man. Compared to my last boyfriend being a Pisces, he extremely different from anyone i’ve been with. He’s very hidden with his emotions, and he doesn’t express much (a big difference compared to a Pisces!) but when he does, it’s always interesting. He’s only confessed feelings in very subtle ways, and although it’s frustrating at times, I find it’s easier to let him come to me, rather than try to pull emotions out of him. All in all, he fascinates me, and i’m drawn to him for some reason.

  63. Yogaarch July 14th, 2012

    OMG! This is a 100% true assessment of me and my Capri husband. Capri,s make a great partner as far as their basic demands are met n is satisfying. Great stuff!

  64. YellowFever June 23rd, 2012

    I am a Libra woman in a relationship with a Cap. We are early into our relationship but we have been friends for about 3 years. One of the traits we share is a very goofy sense of humor so when we are together we just laugh for hours. When he begins to get cold or somber I give him his space because I have never been one to badger or nag a man. I extend myself to him in every way, which worries me because I don’t want to feel used. When I care about someone, I tend to do things for them without expecting anything in return. I do his homework for him, buy him shoes, send him money & get him out of his somber moods by providing entertainment. I don’t mind doing any of these things, because I love him. However, I don’t want a man to be with me or feel the need to stay with me solely because of what I do for him. Any advice?

  65. robertgps June 21st, 2012

    Im a capricorn man and my wife of 15 years is libra. I love her ability to care for the kids and be a mother but in the relationship i feel she doesnt want to take responcebility for her actions or her part in the relationship. at the core of the matter. I really believe that she just doesn’t want to be as honest with herself.which can be scary at first, but is an essential part of life for a Capricon. When it comes to getting what you want in the end. Even though she apologizes many times to make the relationship work. At the end of the day, she has very little interest in my work ambitions or career goals which are essential elements for a Capricorn to relax and enjoy life. She is constantly accusing me of being a workaholic, and not being thoughtful of her enough. however if I spend all my time trying to comfort her then there would be almost no future left for our kids.

  66. Leayah June 14th, 2012

    well i have been unknowingly dating a capricorn man for a little over a year know and i finally understand why i didnt get him for so long. for most of our relationship i thought he was a libra like me only to later find out he wasnt. long story short we found out he was actually born in january and not september. this whole time i kept comparing him to myself and t other libra charateristics when really he is a capricorn. I think it will really help our relationship since i can finally understand him fully and why he acts the way he does. i realy believe hes the one for me we just have a lot of things to work on but i know well make it 

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  68. 2honest April 14th, 2012

    concerned.. libra woman – cap man marriage wud survive?

  69. libra43lovescap35 September 26th, 2011

    I can truly relate to what you are saying because my relationship with my cap is a new one and i have never dated a cap before. We worked together several years ago when he was a teenager and I did not even look at him twice then. We are also seven years in age difference,me being his senior and because of so many things we have in common we know it was meant for us to be together since we have reunited after all of these years,by coincidence i might add or maybe not? but i have fallen in love with him and he has told me today for the first time after dating for less than a month that he loves me and wants us to spend our lives together. we know and appreciate that this was fate and not just coincidence and I really do love everything about him and believe that if you want something bad enough and work for it, you will achieve it,and that includes love also. Good luck with your relationship! coincidence@cartoon_autopsy

  70. Prolific June 1st, 2011

    It’s really not as hard as people think to figure a cap male, out. If your having problems with with the male counterpart look at you. A relationship, courtship with a cap male is like tatical game of chess, if you fold your king we have no respect for you because your will didn’t protect your loving nature the queen. We absolutley hate cryers, whiners, people who give up and people who say they forgive us but it seems like it takes the other decades to get right again. we can take things on the chin and if we hear a truely sincere apology and they explain in full detail why there sorry everything will be at peace again. If we hurt you we will give a sincere apology. If you don’t believe it was sincere-everyone’s perception is different or maybe he is lying. In which case try to ultimatley make it work, if it can’t be done then tell him straight up no holds barred. For us it’s more damaging to us to not hear the whole truth. We want to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even when it will hurt. I hurts less to tell it like it is, if you want to shame on evil tell The Truth. We are so serious even when were joking, because we seriously joke.

  71. libragurl April 8th, 2011

    Do astrological signs define us, or do our experiences define us?! It’s the age old question of nature vs. nuture. As for you Mark, not all Librans are that indecisive. Sure sometimes it may take me awhile to come to a conclusion, but once I have made up my mind, you’d be hard pressed to change it.
    In my humbled opinion, I believe that if you want it to work it will! If you second guess the strength of the relationship, it will fall apart. We create our own reality and even our thoughts and feelings play an active role in determining the outcome.
    I may have rose-tinted glasses on, but why can’t we all have a happily ever after?…as long as we understand that it will take alot of work and dedication. I am new to a Capricorn man, but so far it has been the most incrediable experience of my life!! I have complete faith that he and I will work, and be able to stay strong. Besides, it’s what we’re both seeking. Our common goals and interests out weigh what our zodiac sign dictates…….

  72. Janie March 27th, 2011

    Ive been in a relationship with a Capricorn man for about 2 years now. I use to avoid them, though always seemed to attract them. My current boyfriend is very much a Cap in every way possible. No one seems to understand his personality, very cold, rarely smiles, he is a flirt at times, but he is very controlling, and unemotional. There is something about him I love, he is a good man with same ideals as me (Im a libra). I couldnt figure him out for the longest time, but I was insistent (I saw a good man under his cold exterior), Im still learning about him and we both believe our personalities can eventually work well together as long as we compromise, communicate and be open to each other and our differences.

  73. angel January 31st, 2011

    Hi everyone.
    I don’t know if I am at right place to seek advice.
    I don’t know where to start from, to explain my issue. So I am writing every thing in detail. Sorry for the long long story.
    OK. I am 24 yr old South Indian Hindu gal and the guy I have issue with is 21 yr old a Catholic from Kerala. We both are in Canada. I have described about this guy in one of my last paragraphs.

    In 2006, I started a part-time student job at a restaurant as front staff. Then this guy started working at the same place in 2007 as part-time student too. In the beginning, we were just friendly to each other sometimes jokes, arguments, teasing each other etc. Then after a year and a half or so, he changed his attitude towards me like talking less, showing kindness, sometimes smiling, sometimes serious or sometimes just staring. Then one day while i was just talking with one of his friend who is also my co-worker slipped out of his mouth that this guy has crush on me. I just heard it and went away from there. I didn’t take it seriously at all as I thought it must be like one of his stupid pranks. I pretended as if I haven’t heard it properly. Even though if it was kinda true still I didn’t wanted to accept it. I have explained the reasons for this in one of last few paragraphs. Then, as usual the same attitude was continued.
    Then I went to India for a month of vacation. When I came back from India, I noticed some kind of happiness on his face when we saw each other. Even myself. I don’t know why. And he continued the same attitude again. Yet, I was behaving normally with him as I used to. Then, whenever I had a shift to work and he doesn’t, he started staring at me sometimes from outside the store through a glass window where he used to park his car at distance in a parking lot right across the window. Days passed away like that.
    I don’t know exactly what he meant for his staring whether as a joke or serious. I have to admit that he hadn’t any bad intentions with that staring. Coz, much against my wish, I eventually get lost in his eyes whenever we make an eye contact. At that time, my heart falters in doubts of hope and despair. Wish I cud read exactly the language of his eyes.
    Then, sometimes we used to have shifts at different days and different timings. At those times I started having this strange feeling. Like i used to miss him, eager to see him. When I see him I used to be happy. And sometimes when we used to work together, I used to ask him to help for silly things. Despite of that he still used to help. But, Still we didn’t communicate with each other that much.
    Then in 2009 beginning of the summer, I got admission from a university(which is very far away from that place) to start from September. So I informed my manager about it that i have to quit the job in two months. Somehow all the staff came to knew about it including him. Then I noticed that he seemed so upset. He didn’t try to show it but i kinda read his face. Everyone were asking questions about me leaving them but he didn’t utter a word. He started taking night shifts and I used to hardly see him at work. Then on the last day of my job, everyone came to the workplace to say me bye even his friends. I was looking throughout my shift if he comes and says bye to me. But he didn’t. I thought he just has no courtesy to say bye. My shift was over , my dad came to pick me up. And as i stepped outside, what i see is, he is sitting in his car next to my dads car, just seeing me leaving. That last eye contact continuously for like a min was extremely painful for me. I couldn’t speak to him coz my dad was next to me.
    It always questions in my mind that if he was along with his friends on that day then why did he come inside with them to say me bye. Instead he sat in his car until I left and watch me going.
    But when we had an eye lock moment at those last few minutes was breathtaking like I almost stopped breathing for a moment. As hard as I try to describe what I saw and felt in His eyes, I fall short every time. I heard nothing, said nothing. Yet, why I was restless at heart?
    ABOUT HIM: Basically, as far as I know him at workplace for like 3 years, what I came to know gradually in these 3 years was that he is sort of a different guy among his friends. He and his friends are well known to my other coworkers. What i came to know from them was that, while all of his friends have girlfriends and always talk about girls and etc. etc., he doesn’t even have one girlfriend. But he is normally very friendly and helpful to everyone as I noticed. And always cracking jokes sometimes silly.
    Now at present since i have come here so far. Its been a more than a year and, I keep thinking of him always, dream of him, his eyes. A strange feeling torments my heart. But I cannot contact him neither can he as i don’t know his phone no. I cant even go and meet him as I live so far now.
    REASONS: At one side I wanted him but at the same time I didn’t want to fall in this pit as :-
    1) our relationship will not be accepted at all by my parents coz of age difference and different religion.
    2)I don’t know if he still likes me or not and if he does is it more than just a crush or not?
    3) I have no clue where to start from to know about this. I don’t know if he is still working there or not.
    4) I had this thought in my mind that even if i accept him now, it will be fine for sometime coz we will be together as wanted. But, later on, when it is time to tell our parents about us, they wont accept it. And the pain that it will give of falling apart will be more painful than it is right now.
    But now i am helpless. Why I keep thinking of him, dreaming of him? I feel like something is dragging me.
    Can this be love or is it something else?
    please give me suggestions.

  74. ivanko January 12th, 2011

    Libra Ladies,Astrology has nothing to do with real life. There are many homemakers/housewives who are capricorns,while there are many successful people who are libras.You can see many successful female politicians who are libras such as Margaret Thatcher…I know it`s different situation,but I read it from magazine article that says Lyudmila Putina(capricorn)has been waiting for Vladimir Putin(libra)for 2 hours on metro station when she was young.Isn`t libra considered charming,soft,smiley,marriage oriented? Do you think he is innocent and sweet? I know it will sound quite funny,but unfortunately astrology is not always true

  75. Maureen December 31st, 2010

    I’ve been married to a capriconian for about 25 years now and Find him so dependable and he has always been ther for me, stood by me throughout my travails. Although at the initial time he did put me off by his unappreciative and depressive moods.He was always critical of me and always felt intimidated by every initiative I took for the progree of the family. When it comes to romantic love and being ecstatic, elegant, regal , warm, romantically loving, charming, artistic with interior deco, having very good clean environment, etc, a capriconian is no a goob blendfor a libra woman. Capriconians are usually argumentative and always want to prove they are more knowledgeable. I do not know why I find some of them very irritable and sickening. I cannot deny the fact that they very energetic and hard working.

  76. Miriam November 23rd, 2010

    I am a Libran woman dating a Capricorn male for the past 1 1/2 year. We were friends for a year who got to know each other very well when suddenly, he expressed his love for me. As friends we did everything together and really got along handsomely. He wanted to spend every moment with me. Now that we are together, we have been through a really rough patch of issues. He is at times, inattentive, a loner, unaffectionate, selfish and appears to be uncaring. He is money hungry, materialistic and a work-a-holic! He is not very sociable and would rather stay at home with his dog and watch tv (minus me),and is not very expressive when I need him to be. However,we get along on many levels and have a lot of fun together. He is not as affectionate as the men I’ve dated in the past and doesn’t always express his feelings as much as I would like but, somehow it works out! He may not overtly confess his love for me but, he does really nice things for me and my children and never fails to tell me he loves and needs me. Whenever we have a disagreement, he is usually the one who apologizes first and promises to work to make things better and I happily accept. Although, there are many times when I will apologize and lean to him just to keep the peace. I am a typical,straight to the script, Libran and his picture should be next to Capricorn male. But, we work, because we work at it very hard, consistently. We are not perfect but we love each other and make concessions and are devoted to making us work so that we stay together. I believe very much in astrology because much of their descriptions/characteristics read accurately. However, just as life is what you make it, so are the relationships in which we choose to be. He does not believe in horoscopes but that is fine with me, I’m a realist. Besides, he looks exactly like the man from my 20-year recurring dream, so I’m gonna go with it! Good luck to all you hopeless romantic Librans out there in love with love, don’t give it…love is real!

  77. wishy October 10th, 2010

    I have known a Capricorn through a social networking site.since then I have a feeling, I could never meet another guy like him.HE is amazingly practical,focused,single minded,positive and determined.., I lack all those in me!and he gives so much of attention and strength, I cant stop admiring his qualities.I have fallen in love with him, though have not met him in real.But I still hold a fear of rejection, and dread seeing him wondering if the whole thing changes when we get to see.
    Anyways,All the luck to all those lucky librans who are with Capricorns!!

  78. Robin October 3rd, 2010

    Love is not base on signs and what sign is compatible with another. It’s based on compromise and willingness to love a person dispite their flaws. If you got into a relationship with a person because of their zodiac sign you are missing the person. I have a cap boyfriend and we were friends first, this gave me a chance to see him for who he is and not what I want him to be. I am a libra full libra no cusp and I am very difficult, indecisive, stubborn, passionate and naive. My man is stubborn, hardworking, compassionate and emotionless. Capricons are not talkers they are doers, libras are both talkers and doers. If people would stop expecting them to communicate with their mouth and pay attention to their actions they would see how they feel,and that is what my man do he shows me. I always thought talk was cheap any way and perfered a doer.

    Love is not zodiac signs, compatibility test, horoscopes etc. it is compromise,patients, understanding, the ability to standby your partner through anything. No one can tell the next person how to be their self, so good luck and be open and willing to love dispite flaws.

  79. ANNONYMOUS 2 August 13th, 2010

    Hello to all- Ok I am currently seeing a Cap man and I am a scorpio!Well i’m on the cusp of a Libra and a scorpio and let me tell you!!!!First his woman is a Libra!yes i said his woman~However he is not loyal to her at all…Well maybe when it come to the family life…But anyway he and I have been seeing each other for 3 years…we only hook up for sex!!!and wow its the best i ever had…He did come off very distant and emotionless at first however when i see him he now tell me he loves me and never want to loose me as a friend.The damn capricorn men are very hard to figure out!But they are the best lovers you want to meet!!!!!!!Good luck to all of you!

  80. BARRY August 8th, 2010

    Hi to all here and thanks for your comments.

    I am a cap guy and i met this libra girl and i think she is awsome so far. I can feel her sincerity although we have only went on two dates. She feels good in my arms and i love making her guess what i will say and do next!

    I taught her how to play darts and she kicked my butt the second game!!!

    Contrary to what the others are saying, i love being honest about how i feel and i am very affectionate with my woman.

    I think if we all can get around our personal expectations and desires and just recognize and respect the inner being in our loved ones…we can all be successful in love and life.

    My libra is not ego driven and she gets the best of me.

    Other guys only see body type and think that if its not looking like what they see on tv and magazines its not right!

    My heart has eyes and it see’s the love radiating from this venusian goddess…my only thing is to help her see beyond my personal limitations and hers so we can keep this thing fresh!

    This is my first official libran gf but it has sparks like no other i have entertained and i want it to last!

  81. ALi August 6th, 2010

    I’m a Capricorn male and i fell in love with a very good female Libra friend of mine… We started off on a social networking site… In fact, she approached me randomly there… I never started it (as the basic traits of Cappy guys reveal)… After a few days of interaction wit each other, i realized that she was a very gentle, mature and decent person… but she hardly shared anything with anyone in her life… She shared a lot of secrets with me and trusted me… I just couldn’t stop falling for her because of similar issues / past that we shared…

    after a few months, i expressed my feelings for her… and she was AMAZED… I got so much hurt when she said that “We’re only good friends,I can’t be your shoulder…” This statement really broke me… I gave her everything she needed, my time, my sincere suggestions etc etc… at times, she appraised my supporting behavior but she never realised that i have special feelings for her… Now she says that she’s committed with another man… and it was a disaster for me… I just don’t understand where did i go wrong… she never hid anything from me but her current relationship was a surprise for me… I just couldn’t accept this… she wants me to be her good friend… but it’s not what i want… but i don’t have any option left… i can’t see her in trouble… i know the person she’s involved in is not the right one / sincere with her… but she doesn’t seem to understand this… i really don’t quarrel / insist with her for this she’ll feel that i’m jealous……………….. I’m just afraid of losing her… n i can’t see her in trouble………. really don’t know what to do………………………………

    • Kathy May 28th, 2017

      It’s hard to accept, but the best choice is to let her go.. They say ‘il you don’t want to loose someone, let him go!’. She will be back one day if she’s the right girl for you, after having learnt from her relationship with that other guy! Keep calm and carry on (i am a Libra woman and know what i say lol)

  82. libra inn love July 26th, 2010

    i have never been 1 for capricorns but this one has got me head over heels!!! the way he talks to me like hes inside my head, the way he touches me like im the most delicate and beautiful thing in the world…the way he treats me is like im the most important thing in his life…i have never been treated this way before…its exciting and breathtaking….but we are so far apart…hes in the army and im still here…. i kno he wont cheat on me…but im wondering can it last???? we’ve never had sex yet but what we have dun is was just AMAZING…he wasnt to rough or tough gentle….but now he comes back in a couple of months and we’ve tlked about making love to one another….does he just want to get in my pants or does he really want to show me how much he loves me??? he is the first one to tell me he loves me and really MEAN IT!!! is this a sign of marrige??

  83. Angelica July 14th, 2010

    Im a libra who was engaged to a cap, about 3 years ago….i think we were both madly in love with each other, and he went far and wide for me, but things were goin too fast, and i wanted to so things that 19 yearold girls do, he was very progressive and already sure of himself, and me? i didnt know what i wanted, i ended up cheating on him, it was the biggest mistake ever, im not one who cheats, but we have kept in contact and still talk, he married a year after our split and is now divorced, and there may be something still there between us, he’s successful at work as usual goin down the path he’s always wanted, and im starting a new career path as well….thinking that maybe our paths might cross again, we have talked about “second chance” now that we both know what we want from a partner, i just hope he’ll accept my baggage….and my child, but if not, we can always be friends, he’s the only man i’ve dated that has so much ambition and drive, and lives…he lives…i love it

  84. Naquia July 11th, 2010

    I have been dating a cap man and he shares his feelings for me when I ask him what he feels. This relationship is going well. Every relationship has their down falls but I feel like this one is a winner 🙂

  85. Cbeauty July 6th, 2010

    I am a Libra woman and dated a Cap man for 10 months. He said he loved me and treated me so nice for the first 6 months then he started to disappear for the smallest disagreement. I would reach out to him in everyway possible and for whatever reason he would return. Just a month ago he just left and never came back. When he finally answered my begging calls, texts and letters he said he had someone else. I’m not sure if I believe this but if it is true he was never honest about what he really felt. I lashed out at him and insulted him in many ways and I am sure that he will not call me ever again, but then again I feel like he will! I’m so broken hearted and don’t know how to get over it!

  86. riche June 23rd, 2010

    i wanna to add-on bit!!! are you sure that you are having his heart??? because you are talking something about breaking his heart…..other-way-round, he may become more happy man….:) if you are gone….don’t mind my saying; Libran girls are famous for their charms, but on other-side are also famous for their indecisive, confusing and fluctuating personality….:) which i can see in your quiry too……n please don’t make this point that he treats you good, because capricorns, in general are good natured, neutral, harmless persons and treats everyone nicely…..i’m sorry to say that your boyfriend is clever enough to give his heart to a correct woman…….whatever the sign is, just remember that boys will be boys……:)gudluck with your aquarius man.

  87. riche June 23rd, 2010

    i suggest u should listen to ur heart n go to the aquarius man…also libra n aquarius can be great together….:)

  88. Libra June 17th, 2010

    My boyfriend is a cappicorn. & i’m a libra women myself. At first he was a smartass..kinda rude…& never listen’d to me. But ithouqht he was just flexinq so ikeep talkinq to him. After awhile ifound out he was lovinqq, funny, smart, freakyy :D, & so many more. He treats me so qood. But lately i’ve been havinqq second thouqhts cause there is another man ( aquarius ) & ireally like him. & known him for years. But idon’t wanna break the heart of my boyfriend. I feel like he is much a qreat boyfirend. & i’d b stupid to break it off with him. But my heart wants the aquarius man. Idont no what to do.. D :

  89. cartoon_autopsy June 8th, 2010

    I don’t know what all this talk about Capricorn being unloving, cold, skeptical or untrustworthy is about.

    My boyfriend is a Capricorn. He was quick to profess his love of me after we dated a month. Usually I would define only one month of dating as too soon to say ‘I love you’ but it was perfectly fine, considering how compatible and well-suited we are.

    I’m not trying to claim perfection–at times there are minor obstacles I face with him–he can be inconsiderate whereas I am eternally patient with him.

    All in all, this experience is a testament that not all Cap-Libra relationships follow the same dismal path.

  90. Mark March 17th, 2010

    I would like to point out a few things to all these poor neglected Libran ladies from a cold Capricorn man.
    Firstly I love libran girls,initially. They are beautiful,sexual,bright,bubbly etc
    Conversely I find them fickle,indecisive (maddeningly so),contradictory,moody etc.
    The mother of my daughter is Libran,my current beau is Libran and I have a few friends (girls) that are also libran and not one of them has been able to handle my cold aloofness,my detachment,my decisiveness and desire and love of working.
    Every one of them has compromised themselves to the point of losing sight of who they really are in order to make a relationship where she is madly deeply in love and he/me am not that sold on it.
    I think if Libran girls removed the Disney Rose coloured glasses they might see that Capricorn really is not that consumed with gossip or stories,they`re more interested in the here and now or in the distant future which is where they fully intend to reach whether through hard work or sheer stubborn determination.
    No offence libran girls xx

  91. fifi March 16th, 2010

    I think the thing that attracted me initally a year and a half ago, was he was ‘take charge’ and intelligent and very good lover. But at times I feel he is controlling now too and I liked that he was skilled worker at his trade, but I find he tends to lean towards work alcoholic now, a bit more of a lazy lover now that he has me. And I do like that he is practical, but I do like to do fun things sometimes and its hard to drag him along, as it is a ‘waste of money’ or he is working etc. Often the things that attract you in the beginning are the things that repel you in the end…lol. But he is a good partner and I dont find him romantic at all!!!!! And not kind and gentle, but I KNOW he cares and loves me, its just a more practical, perhaps capricorn way. Not sure if we will last forever or not. I still feel sad and miss my ex husband sometimes, we had a more comfortable connection. He is a scorpion. But we broke up because of other issues, and it was in my best interest to leave that relationship.

  92. Rene March 2nd, 2010

    To all you poor libra ladies involved with a cap man, I to dated a cappie for 8 years. Talk about taking things slow, it took him almost 3 years to profess his love{which was a little frustrating}for me but when he did it took me for a loop. That was the happiest memory to me in our relationship {there were many many others]. Im not gonna get into how it ended, but it wasnt pretty. I dont know what it is about ALL of these cap men, they seem to have the same characteristics. If you Surf on the other astrology sites the stories are all basically the same, its just a different cast of characters, its pretty scarey really. I was very much in love with my guy, I would probably have to say now that is was my fault{in a way} that we didnt last. I think I loved him so much that I spoiled the hell out of him, which in turn made him take me for granted.Thats just {or used to be} my way of showing I care. Well, here are a few words to describe him, and not necessarily in this order: extremely selfish, couch potatoish, mean words,lazy lover{maybe twice a mo. if I was lucky?} cold, emotionless{except when mean} uncompimentary, bossy,etc… But the most annoying one of all, tell me if im wrong girls, the cold shoulder treatment. Isnt that the worst? After an argument, which was always his fault whether it was over his jealousness or just being mean for NO reason, he would go days, weeks, even mos without contact. I always had to be the one to break the ice, with lots of phone calls and love letters, begging him to talk to me, boy did I make an ass out of my self. But, we broke up about a year ago because guess who didnt call or write. I was done at that point, tired of being the only one in the relationship! I will tell you this, that was my first cappy boyfriend and my. One is all it took, I dont have in me to go thru that again.

  93. Chevonne February 23rd, 2010

    Dear Anonymous, there is nothing that you or anyone else can do to stop a person from doing what he/she wants to do. If that man wants to continue cheating he will.

    On that note I dealt with a man born on Dec 23, he was my heart’s desire from the moment I laid eyes on him and partially continues to be which is kind of sad. There are so many things I can say about 5 yr dilemma/relationship/whatever. It was exhausting, intense, complex, passionate, feverish, dangerous, brutal, empathic, deep all of it. The Cap that I know has potential to be a great guy….he is not living up to his potential at all. He is a contradiction and manipulative. He has problems making genuine connections.

  94. Anonymous February 19th, 2010

    I’m a libra woman dating a capricorn man and things seem to be going pretty well. The only thing that gets me is that I’m so afraid to trust him. He’s cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had and I’m scared he’ll do the same to me. Can capricorns be trusted? and if not, can a libra woman make them stay faithful?

  95. Jessie January 24th, 2010

    I am a Libra woman who has been friends with a Capricorn man for over 10 years. He is a very good friend of my ex husbands. We’ve been divorced for 2 yrs. We have always had a mutual attraction & recently ran into each other at a party. He confided in me how much he has always admired me & what a good wife & mother I’ve been. I then confided in him how gorgeous I have always thought he was but obviously never put out any signals as I was a loyal wife but now that I’m single……..I am definately interested! What followed was a few texts in the midnight hours he even told me he has always loved me!!! My heart pounded & I became weak in the knees. The next day however I felt him pull back as I think he is afraid of the fact that he is friends with my ex husband even though my ex husband is in a relationship!!! I don’t know what to do….I have pulled back til he makes the next move but I don’t know if he will 🙁

  96. Laura October 28th, 2009

    I am a Libra woman who was married to a Capricorn man for nearly 27 years. He was the son of a Libra woman, and he had a zest for life and fun which made the marriage incredible in the first few years. He was a master at hiding his feelings, and it would take all of me to pull out of him what he was feeling, for me or for anything else. Sometimes he would surprise me and confess his love, but he was such a cold and unemotional man; I came from a family that was very loving and expressive. After our son was born, I was able to teach him more about being more open with his feelings, which he gravitated toward easily. Many times, I felt loveless, however, I know that in his own way, he did love me, and it was just difficult for him to express it. Our marriage ended with an affair on his part, which broke my heart. In the midst of us getting divorced, he was killed in an accident. While we were separated for two years, only DAYS before he was killed, I met another Capricorn man who resembled the exact same traits as my husband, however, at first glance, he seemed somewhat different in nature, particularly with his ability to share his feelings. I soon learned that in many ways, he was EXACTLY like my husband; I adored the parts of the new man in my life that reminded me of my husband, but I also feared that I was getting into another “loveless and unexpressive” relationship. I am a touchy/feely type of woman that is very expressive and I enjoy being a woman and I enjoy catering to the man that I love. While the new man in my life adores this about me, there are few rewards and reciprocations on his part, just because of who he is. I have decided that the new man in my life is definitely the man that I will marry next, however, I am teaching myself to love the things about him that he cannot change, and embrace who he is and the other things that I love about him. Zodiac relationships usually report that Capricorn Man/Libra Woman matches can be disasterous, however, I disagree. Because of our nature to adapt and change and work on making relationships work, it is completely up the the Capricorn woman on whether or not the relationship will flourish. For this reason, I am staying with my Capricorn man, and I will marry him someday. I strongly believe that my marriage prepared me yesterday for the relationship that I have with my new man today.

  97. Lara September 30th, 2009

    I’ve recently begun a relationship with a Capricorn man. As a Libra woman, I’ve found it refreshing in every possible way (he’s the first Capricorn I’ve been with) and he’s incredibly patient, kind and loving. I have never felt better-suited for a partner. I feel as though he understands me – and wishes to understand me – like no other man ever has. He is gentle and very affectionate, sweet and tender – not extremely expressive with his emotions – but definitely says what needs to be said when it matters most. I’m completely in love!

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