Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Leo and Capricorn basically have some communication differences, still they feel attracted towards each other but definitely with a different approach. Leo is insatiably expressive in love relationships, often impulsive, and very demonstrative too. On the other hand, Capricorn possesses a steadier and practical view towards relationships which is full of realistic behavior.

Capricorn man is very quiet, subdued person who is very dedicated towards his ambitions and frugal with his money. He is not much for the social life or the luxuries rather he is a simple man with simple needs. He is reserved with his feelings and chooses to keep them from the rest of the world. He has the patience needed to help him deal with controversy but generally likes to avoid such situations. He likes to see his lady in the role of woman only. He cares and protects his lady love with true devotion and loyalty but always keeps his upper hand.

Leo woman is strong, extremely independent and out going woman. She loves to be the center of attraction and always is the flavor of the parties with admirers all around her. She is impulsive and frivolous with money and luxuries are the one thing she buys for her royal taste at any cost. She expects to be worshipped but never fathoms the idea of doing so for others. A natural born leader, she is both glamorous as well as gregarious. She loves and respects her man in every possible way but expects the same from him, rather a little more admiration and command.

Capricorn man admires Leo woman for her natural poise and pride. He loves her for her graciousness. She is on her toes when it comes to the art of conversation and can manipulate her words to get what she wants and this is where the Capricorn man salutes her intellect and admires her. She seems to be on a much higher scale than her Capricorn man. Prestige and class follow her as well as envy and admiration from many others. There are a few moments when this attitude of Leo woman creates troubles for her Capricorn man as he is more an introvert and home bound person with traditional mind-set for women especially his woman. But her generous nature and willing to forgive grabs attention of Capricorn man and her warmth and courage is something he always need.

Although Leo woman and Capricorn man seem quite the opposites, they actually have qualities the other craves, which pulls them together. His laid back attitude in life and success with money make his thrifty mind envy to others around him. She needs a man who can carry her luxurious and royal temperament for her. She wants a lover who can keep her in her status and he fits well in that position. He is well equipped to gain such qualities. Capricorn man’s determination and loyalty is well favored by his Leo lady, however, she may think of him as bitter, impassive, selfish, and penny-pinching while he sees her as being vain, spoiled, self-centered and arrogant. But together they fulfill the missing part of each other, making their partner feel complete in all dimensions of life and love.

As these two very different lovers discover the magic of unconditional love, the Leo woman and Capricorn man love, learn and grow together in an exciting adventure. There is an eternal and compelling call of affection in their spirits that keep them intact. Leo woman always needs the strength and stability of her Capricorn man while he always needs her warmth and courage. They always experience thrilling moments in their relationship that make their lives a beautiful memory to be cherished till eternity. On one hand the Capricorn man promises his Leo lady a magnificent view of life from the top of success and love and on the other the Leo woman promises her Capricorn man some most amazing and lovely paths to be discovered. Their promises are sturdy and so is the essence of their unison!

When the earthiness of Capricorn man and fire of Leo woman match up physically, they create a pleasure ultimate oneness. His touch is gentle towards her. She may not feel the affection immediately through her vanity that becomes her, but over the time she does. He melts her heart with his gentle approach and shows her the hidden power of his sexuality. Luckily for her, he is patient enough to wait for her to realize just how wonderful lovemaking can be if she just relaxes and stops thinking about her so much. Perhaps then she is able to uncover the core of the deeply rooted passion and experience that he can truly give. He knows, his patience will pay off and he will reap the benefits of uncovering the eloquence he knows lies just below his Leo woman’s shallow surface. She is the ultimate untamed lover with strong passion and burning desires, and he just has the right qualities to unleash this from her. His extreme attraction toward her is the basis for this due to her need to feel truly enamored and desired. Through the time — they make their love making a better and wonderful experience — bringing them closer physically and emotionally.

One weak point in a Capricorn man and Leo woman relationship is his overprotective and controlling nature toward her and her need for independence. She may want to rethink being so self-governing, or at least consult him in what she wants to do. This may ease his frustrations a bit as she bounds away and into society without him. He has to learn to trust that even though she needs to roam free, she knows enough to return back to him unscathed and still as loyal as she was when she left and he has to do it with an enthusiastic tone. If she senses reluctance or unwillingness from him, it is not effective and the happy peace and harmony in their relationship is destroyed. While she needs to look for his needs and should spend much time around him sharing his dreams to make him feel secure and loved.

  1. Michonne April 2nd, 2023

    The analysis of the Capricorn Man and Leo Woman is on point. Great analysis!

    I love my Capricorn man and I know he knows it. He doesn’t express all the time that he loves me but he does say it from time to time and always let me know how he appreciates me. I love that. When he does tell me that he loves me it’s very special to me and he swears he loves me more.

    But when he gets mad at me bc of something I may have blurted out being angry due to something I don’t understand about him, he doesn’t speak to me for days or weeks and that drives me crazy. But I’ve learned how to be patient and wait for him to come around and do my best not to do it again because he’s always respectful, gentle, positive, funny and kind to me and others. A lot of times I realized I leaped to quickly, jumped to conclusions and then sparks of fire appear. And that’s all it takes is little sparks and he moves. Spiritually we are on the same page so that feels good. I’m more forgiving and apologetic because I understand life is short and unpromised. The making up part gets better each time. I think we will be the partners to do what it takes to respect, enjoy, appreciate and love each other faithfully. We both work hard and long hours beginning the days with great inspiration and falling asleep on phone at nights but should be having more fun together. So looking forward to when we can. No rushing the relationship to marriage and moving in, just being there for each other consistently is the name of our game until we are really ready. Well mostly me. I’ve let him know we need to wait a little longer. We both need security and loyalness and when we get it , we give 100% back in one form or another.

    It’s frustrating at times because he not like the average guy. Little harder to figure out. He doesn’t show himself to be so worldly like what I’ve seen in other men and you would never know he has money but I admire his stability, focused drive and consistency which is a little different from me. I agree with him that the personal growth is rewarding we learn a lot from each other. Maybe this works out bc we are maturer in age. Hope it continues to become greater.

  2. unsigned hype July 28th, 2021

    “Lifetime & BET” presents…. “Leona’s children of the cap-A-corn”

  3. golden beibe June 18th, 2021

    I don’t know what to say about the man, it’s really hard to me

    • Mandy February 28th, 2022

      I agree

      • Nasir March 1st, 2022

        Hi Mandy how are you?

      • dee March 1st, 2022

        How do we build a better connection.. he claims he busy with work but I barely speak to him now.

  4. Nasir May 8th, 2021

    Very good performance

  5. babygirllll May 8th, 2021

    I’m so I love with my Capricorn man and little does he know he’s stuck with this Leo

  6. Lesley February 9th, 2021

    Virgo men are worse!!

  7. T September 10th, 2020

    I got my Capricorn Sea goat balls Sucked by a Leo lioness woman today. I gotta think practical …. my balls got drained hard. Stay loyal

  8. Raghu August 8th, 2020

    Nice to Hear about me.

  9. Cierra Jones May 9th, 2020

    Capricorn men are very hard to tame in the loyalty aspect. But he can open up and give his all to u and it’s the best feeling ever. Always be there in a Capricorn manager because if you’re not he’ll remember that. And he will have it stored in his brain and won’t speak on it Then start to act differently.

  10. Yael March 14th, 2020

    Wao! Curious …i ve just met a capri…like 1 month and i carnt understand what is happening to me…i cant fall in love for.him but im starting feel more closed and it scares me.

  11. dee February 15th, 2020

    omg so i also in love with a capricorn man…. he shows no emotions when we speak. but at times when we see each other, i might see alittle bit of it.. well it doesnt help that fact we lived in different states. but this time he has bought me a gift an expensive one and it something that i like. i took it as a token of his love but now im back home it seems like he jus extra busy back to his same self.. he usually calls me at the end of his day after work n his friends and family things.. but i do get some text throughout the day but i jus dont kno…. im scared to come off so strong or rushing him cuz i do like him alot.. love him also but how do i handle this? i dont kno how to handle this.. cuz i dont want to waste time…

    • Edward Dumitru February 19th, 2020

      Dee, I’m not much of a [love guru]. I know this though, “in every relationship, there needs to be communication”. This is the biggest problem and creates disadvantages in a relationship. Second: comprimizing and living up to each others standards. Tell him, tell him that you need more closure, more straightforward answers i.e. (more affectionate practice), since the distance is the set back; make it noticeable, ask him to talk longer…..what he misses about you the most. Get his mind rollin, engage the electrodes in his brain to recognize, why he loves or takes time to keep in contact with you. I dont know any answer to love. But I know if you both love each other, work for it, Work together, Whether compaitable or opposite. It can happen. Love works in mysterious ways. Hope that helps. It’s my opinion, but I believe it’s one to take in consideration. Also, if you’re religous, or believe in god. Ask him in my experience, calling upon the “lord”, to guide me and mend my wounds, has made my life a bit more clear and visceral. Hope the best for you, god bless you.

    • M June 22nd, 2020

      What I have learned from my Capricorn man, I have been with for 10 years! 😅 he expresses his love in the form of buying me gifts 🎁 from the biggest thing of a car to the smallest cup of soda. He’s very shut off and is hard to speak on emotions and love, it’s very hard to get him to open up. As a Leo woman I need attention 😂 not afraid to admit it, but I have realized that I don’t need the attention when I step back and realize that he shares his love and affection through the things he purchases and the little actions he gives. Take all that he gives you as enough, including texts and every time you see that item he purchased (with his hard earned money that to a Capricorn is very valued) for you when he could’ve bought or spent his attention else where. Don’t under value his money because it’s one of his greatest possessions. The quicker you realize this the less arguments you will have with him as well as yourself.

    • T July 11th, 2020

      I am in the same boat hun, I feel your pain 🙁

  12. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Capricorns are amazing…lots of tension with my fire. Not bad though. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  13. A Leo July 13th, 2019

    Hi! I am a Leo Woman and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. This is pretty accurate for me. I’ve always been that Leo who only went for my highest compatible signs. But with my Capricorn I do feel loved in way that no other sign has achieved. I use to have shallow love, which of course Leos tend to attract to. But this love is more true because Capricorn’s see through the BS
    and love you for who you really are. Also having a more realistic partner as an adult is very important. A simply realistic relationship.

    • Thobile Porcia Nkosi August 21st, 2019

      Well I think am in love with a Capricorn man as well but it’s not easy starting of this relationship we have known each other for years nd not until recently we got intimate with each other nd I just don’t know how to approach things with him as he is so laid back nd down to earth I wish he could give me a chance to love him a bit

    • Yael March 14th, 2020

      You mean that you used to hang out with libra , sagior geminis…ahhaa

  14. Lauren April 11th, 2019

    A lot of it is true in this compatibility description, however, if you’re really in love you see the good and balance each other out. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. I’ve never felt this kind of loyalty and love from anyone. I bring more spontaneity out of my cap man and he brings me back down to earth when needed. He is very career driven, and in a highly competitive field. But with that, he makes me feel important and taken care of, he wants to achieve things for us and always shows me. That is one area we struggled with for a while though – love languages. He shows his love through “acts of service” toward me and gift giving. At first, I was frustrated thinking he didn’t feel for me as much as he does since he isn’t so open with his words. He shows me love in so many ways though. And knowing we are different we make sure to try to cater to each other’s needs and we’ve gotten really good. Also, our sex is the best ever, we have never felt so much and truly are making love every time. Fight for this relationship!! If you can get through the logistics, it can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you!

    • dee February 15th, 2020

      thank you so much.. u have shinned some light on my confusing love life with a cap man… omg he does make sure i was taken care of and i didnt have to worry.. he travels to c me and jus as i do… i recent got my 1st gift from him and love it cuz he paid attention to wat i like… our sex is great n he is sooo open except his car… lol which is new and i understand.. but he does make sure im good.. n if there is something i dont want to pay for… he takes care of it… thank you thank you thank you… some hope !!!

  15. CancerWoman February 27th, 2019

    I’m a cancer woman who is dating a capricorn man. His ex lover is a leo woman, they cheated on each other. It seems this is a recurring theme between capricorn man and leo woman. I’m sorry for the leo woman who have suffered from infidelity in the relationship.

    I have been dating my cappie for 5 years, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think he has cheated on me and if he did, it was probably a fling. Does it bother me? Not really, because I have his heart. He still treats me the same with his intense stare, caring and dominating nature, passionate love making, romantic trips every year, and very affectionate even though he can be very stoic at times. He tells me how he’s feeling, and I try to bring it out of him as much as possible. We both have high stressful jobs, he runs a company and I travel often as business consultant. When we’re together, I make it a priority we focus on each other wants and needs. I let the passion and chemistry take over. Just wanted to share my positive experience. Good luck everyone.

  16. Leo lady July 7th, 2018

    I am married to a cap man. At first, i thought our marriage was happy until his family intervened any decision i tried to make such as to what things we intended to spend our money on, where will we buy our house, etc. I miscarriage, his family didn’t even carr or simply ask how are you. When i raised this issue, he got mad and started saying things like he would choose his family over me and he better chose divorce me than believing it was his family’s fault. I was the one to be blamed no matter how right i am about things.

    To all lioness,
    Trust me. No matter how tempting a cap man is, choose to run! As fast as you can before you fall in love deeply with them. They will suck all the best quality in you with their prejudice and stuffs. Don’t marry them, they do cheat behind your back. Not only having an affair like saving his old gf photos and use it for orgasm when you’re not with them (LDR)! Disgusting! Moreover, your way of thinking will always be presumed negatively by cap man.
    Gemini even seemed better! However, gemini man will emotionally left you without saying a thing when they got bored.
    Don’t go with Libra either, they only care about your appearance.

    If you choose to keep your cap man, believe me. Please have a job to take care of yourself! Never leave your job for whatever sakes they want you to do! They won’t care with your financial situation when they’re not in a good mood with you! It’s true. Capricorn man is evil inside and calm outside. Stay away!

    • Leo Lady 2 May 26th, 2019

      I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I am a leo female with a capricorn male (8yrs) and he is so self centered it is unbelievable. As a Leo I adore giving and receiving love and affection and it absolutely delights me no end to see my loved one happy. Not him,he literally has sucked all the life force out of me. He will take ALL the good that comes his way but give nothing back,nothing.
      He has gone out of his way to make sure I feel worthless.
      What have I been left with…a moody,arrogant arse!
      I’m contemplation living in my car as a way to cope before I break big time.
      While Capricorns are well known to be hard workers and for the one I have that is very truehowever he has put work above me time and time again. I may as well be one my own because really I already am he just turns up three times a day for meals,clean clothes and somewhere to sleep.
      Look very carefully at the Capricorn traits before getting involved.Wish I had. Next time I hear the word male & Capricorn in the same sentence I will run like hell in the opposite direction.

      Good luck to all of you Leo women who have Capricorns as partners…you’ll need it!!!!!

    • Christa October 22nd, 2019

      Upon reading your comment, out of everything I have read, you couldnt be more spot on. To be honest it scared me to death. I am also a leo woman, and he is a capacorn man, we met over 20 years ago and are still together, if you want to call it that. Yes he has cheated on me and everytime when I jyst couldnt take any more and had to leave as broken ad my heart was, my side of the bed didmt even get cold before he was replacing me. I dod exactly what you said mot to do, I feel in love I wasnt looking for any kind of relationship at the time, as a leo dont know if you have this problum, but I have a huge (L) on my forhead welcoming any looser in sight, and for that reason I had chose to remain single and focus on my self and my children, I even tryed to hook him up with my sister, but he wasnt falling for it.
      At first he was the most loving, tentative, understanding, and generous man I ever met, the thought of abuse that I suffered my entire life scard me of any possable relationship, but he managed to win my heart but not shortly after I found out pretty much everything he told me was a lie. From his back ground, to not doing drugs. My life has been a rollercoaster ride, one witch after over 20 years is just about pushed me over the edge, my mential state is so very fradgle, but I am such a strong woman that I am detrimend to make this work. For the reason from the day I met him threw all the lies and deceit and the bad behaviour, there was somthing about him that made me feel he was my soul mate and to pe paicent the real him will revial himself, and everything I knew he could be or really was, would eventually be worth all the heart ake I has been put threw, and your right, for what ever reason I will never understand why, because I am a very loving and kind person, a lot what they say about leos it so is not me at all, maybe Im just different, but even his mother treated me like I wasnt goid enouph for him, never excepted my 2 children, however to him they are his own no matter what our separations or what ever, he loves my children, and was always there for them even when we were not together. But no matter what the resentment towards each other, we always kept in touch for the kids, witch in return is what always drew us back to each other. Things have changed he went to jail an addict and came out a sober man more loving the ever, but that to was short lived, and I had became extreamily ill before and after his relece, witch caused us to loose everything including our home, by the way, I just couldnt do it myself any more, but I waited for him, because I really do live him, but things just dont seam to get any better, it is a struggle on a dayley bases trying to keep our relationship together, they say yo up lift a capacorn make him feel loved, well can someone tell me when they will make you feel loved? I know he loves me, but what I dont get is how is it so easy for him when we are fighting witch is such a at least twice to 3 times a month and thats only because I am so submissive trying to keep down any kind of confrontation with him, not in fear of being physically abused, but it’s worse, the mential abuse is far more hurtful then any bruise trust me I know. But as much as he claime’s he loves me more then anything in this world, yet he will say well if thats what you want to do Im not going to stop ya. How can someone say they love you that much, but yet watch you walk out the door and never try to get you to come back, out of the 5 times we split up, I have always been the one that came back. Because I dont want to live my life with out him, but like you said dont quit your job for nothing, man are you right, because of my illness, I was forced to quit my job, and even though he will give me pretty much any thing I ask for witch is really anything, when it comes to paying a bill that is in my name it wilk be the last thing that he will pay but not before it gets shut off or canceled, and this is what I cant deal with, the loving selfishness the need to be right alk the time even when he knows he is lieing, my world has became pointless and full of no meaning, he is happy as long ad I agree with everything he says, and font question him. 3 months after we met he asked me to marry him, its been over 20 years and I havent walked down that aisle yet. Just 6 months ago that was alk he talked about that was at the top of his priority list he wanted me to be his wife by law, well not one mention of it sence. I know what you must be thinking, she has got to be one stupid woman, and you could be right, but I did the one thing I wish I would have known and that was run a long time ago, now I am 56 years old and so broken, I couldnt survive on my own if I tryed, because of my illness, and yet he threatens me constantly of how he is over all of it when he has had a bad day nothing to do with me, but I feel the void for who he is really mad at, knowing I gave 24 years of my life to him, and now when he has got me to the point to where I cant take care of myself financially, he says Im ready to walk out the door and not give a crap or he will out of the blue come home and say I want you out of here, Im done knowing I will be on the streets, but dont give a damn, but an hour later he will act like nothing was ever said and jyst be as loving s ever WTH? Why cant these capacorn men come with a worning sign, thank you for reading, and thank you for posting your story, I dont feel so alone any more.

    • Lesley February 9th, 2021


  17. Kriti March 23rd, 2018

    Leo here and I love this Cap guy so much … I feel so much for him … think about him … he is so handsome and a pleasing personality but when it comes to communication he disappoints me a lot … when I try to get close to him … he runs aways …never answer my call …I was so hurt and cried when he is so harsh towards me … I don’t know what he wants …???

    I have no clue but I feel attracted towards Cap guy … whenever I look in their eyes they are so mesmerizing …I wish I could be with this guy …

    • Aasvi August 2nd, 2018

      Cap men, look strong and trustful. In reality they are confused and need a strong support internally from friends or family. I have been having troubles dealing with my Cap husband being a leo woman, since 7 yrs. We are doing well couple, but I sometimes feel lot of emptiness when my feelings and even conversations are ignored by him. I just know we are not even near to the’ good’ type of couple…. Try looking for a Libra or Sagittarius…if you want to believe horoscopic matching… Good luck

  18. John March 7th, 2018

    People Need To Stop Reading This Sun Sign Crap And Look At There Moon & Rising Signs Too Because Not Every Leo or Capricorn is the same.

    I’m a Leo and can’t stand the spotlight but that’s because my moon is in cancer so learn Real astrology

    • Jill April 23rd, 2018

      I totally agree. It’s quite frustrating on so many different websites. I am a Leo female, also with my moon in cancer. I’m the introverted kind of Leo, not this social butterfly craving attention at all times – not even close.

    • Sha September 15th, 2018

      Facts im like so they dated 1 leo or capricorn anx made this judgement lol

  19. Cruise February 23rd, 2018

    As a Capricorn man my relationship with Leo women was very sweet and lots of respect for each other which I use to like it … but soon we figured out that we are poles apart she was very outspoken , spend thrift , no value of money and she likes people who talk more … i on the other hand was not able to appreciate her flirting with men in front of me even though she was very honest but I take this as a sign of no loyalty … she says I m loyal which I can believe but I don’t like ppl who show off too much this is the biggest turn off … but we ended up being just freinds and she has moved on and I also moved on to another relation … keyword is lots of respect but way of showing respect is different …

  20. kitty kat December 3rd, 2017

    hi guys! leo woman here 🙂
    its important to consider your cappie’s rising sign and your own, and in order to check that stuff out you’d have to read your birth charts. me and my capricorn get along really well but that’s because my rising sign is in virgo, which is for those who don’t know an earth sign similar to capricorn (his rising is in cap) – anyways we have extremely similar tastes in some things but then in other things we are quite different. we met around 10 months ago and he wooed me even though i told him i was not looking for a relationship, one thing with this man is that if he wants something he perseveres for it, and so i let him in and since then we have been dating. we have only really had one extremely bad argument which was around 1-2 months ago (in our total of 9months of dating) which was due to of course me the leo being irrational and jealous to the extent where i realised that i wasnt putting enough faith in my cappie, everything he’s told me (that he loves me and i’m the only love of his in his eyes), i would overlook simply because he spends time with female company alot. not saying that i dont spend time with males but i know for a fact im extremely loyal if i find the right person, anyways we had a falling out and after a couple days realised it was so insignificant to fight over something like that. the key to these relationships, in a leo woman you must overcome your pride for your capricorn in order for him to tame you – trust in him and love him, he may not show you love in the lavishing ways that we expect to be treated but the true love is seen through ACTIONS, my fellow lionesses! this is a relationship that can work but you have to be willing for change, if you are the life of the party type and love attention etc – your capricorn will most likely not be used to dating your type (my cappie has a thing for shy girls with brown hair and glasses lol) but always know, if you still love him and you feel like you had a strong connection with the person and the relationship WAS healthy then you have no reason not to go back – unless of course you have an alternative who is exceedingly better. but what i’ve found in my cappie is that i love him alot and he is willing to spend time with me and take time out of his day to talk to me, we are still sort of in the early stages of the relationships, the real hurdles come on in 12months+, but if you want to make it work lionesses, then you can! these goats are one of the few people that can tame us due to us not expecting them in the very least to be so successful at it.
    and i can confirm the sex with a capricorn is great so if you wanna bag yourself a cappie as a kinky lioness i’d also +1 that 😉

  21. Me September 24th, 2017

    I love love love this Capricorn man and always will. He not a coward like other signs he not intimidated by me he completes me. Tames the leo in me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • JNL October 29th, 2018

      Mine too.. We just met & I’m definitely trying to play it cool. He’s very direct & takes control in the sweetest way. His touch is out of this world. I will never be into a man more than he’s into me though. Ego just won’t allow it to happen. Seems like a dream come true, but I keep my shoes laced & ready to run. I love my freedom & I love being loyal…-Leo woman

  22. sandy September 10th, 2017

    the 2 weeks you had broken up you should of not bothered her at alll and after those two week texted her saying i want to be upfront why did we break up and why dont you want anything to do with me? being upfront is the best thng ever for a leo and giving them time to cool off.

  23. Leolady August 21st, 2017

    Each (2) Capricorn relationships I walked away from, left me feeling, highly self conscious! Their emotionally abusive without even knowing it ! If your looking for emotional stability, their not the route to take ! Yet they wonder why you lash out at them or date other people ! He will only give you 5percent of his time and attention, very little quality time, which is key to bonding ! Don’t bring this to their attention they’ll say that your clingy ! Might as well be alone, if he is never there! They believe relationships are suppose to hard but I plead to differ ! Why complicate things where it does not have to be and it’s been 20yrs and he still has not committed but gets mad as he’ll if I date other guys ! Also he told me that he loves me but I have not seen him in a year ! I could not go see him one time for really important reason ! He has been acting funny every since although he will not admit it ! I don’t want another Cap – dating them is to mentally and emotionally draining, it’s not worth the headache

    • Leo queen March 12th, 2018

      If a Capricorn man loves you he wants to spend as much time with you as he can

  24. Non your business July 18th, 2017

    You stupid Fucks takes this kinda dumbass shit seriously. I fucking love my Leo girl and she fucking loves me. she is my fucking Queen and my Angel. I am her man defends her till I die.

    • Non your business July 18th, 2017

      Oh btw don’t believe in this shit anymore. I just peaked out of curiosity haha.

    • Me September 24th, 2017

      Awwwwwwwww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This how I feel about my Capricorn Idk what they talking about.

  25. LoyalCap June 26th, 2017

    Sounds like you bitches are just falling for shitty men. They probably left you because you are the way you are, not because the way they are.

  26. Toni May 30th, 2017

    Capricorn men are the worse…..the majority if famous men that have left their wives for other women have been Capricorn men……examp,e, Steve Harvey, Muhammad Ali ,I can’t think of sienna Miller ex, but him……lol……the list goes in and on..avoid them, they pretend to be stable people, but,they’re not.

  27. Johnny May 7th, 2017

    You girls are fucked. Not every man cheats. I’m a cap. I am so super loyal. Lots and lots of girls cheat. And do it without a care in the world. I’ve had a leo girl play the field behind my back and I’ve never even window shopped. Maybe pick a better man without worrying about an astrological sign. How about actually dating. which is like a former of interviewing for the position.

  28. Shavonn May 7th, 2017

    You all are following these cap rules like they really mean something. When a Capricorn is gone for a week or even a month; he is cheating on you. Don’t like that hard working/loyalty stuff fool you!!! They are just like any other man! They have high sex drives, ask yourself? If he has a high sex drive than who was he making love to? Don’t get too comfortable I have relatives and friend CAP male who cheat like nothing is wrong and go back home. Baby ain’t no dick in the world that good and I had a cap, some of my ex’s are better than him in bed. But long story short, he’s cheating on you.

  29. leochic April 17th, 2017

    I’m a leo woman and I met my Capricorn about two years ago. We started out as just friends but ended up becoming sexual. I caught feelings for him even when he told me that he didn’t want a relationship. After 3 months into our friendship we decided to call it quits because we wasn’t getting along. He ended getting into a relationship with his ex-girlfriend shortly after we parted ways. Which upset me because he was willing to give her a relationship but not me. So I moved on sad and heartbroken. Four months later he comes back to me and tell me that he has broken up with his girlfriend. He also says he wants a relationship with me but he wants to take it slow and not rush. I still had trust issues with him so I felt as though he was just trying to lead me on so I kicked him to the curve and never looked back. He entered back into a relationship with the ex. Eventually I moved on and entered back into a relationship with a former ex of mines. A year later, he reaches out to my sister to get in contact with me. So we began talking again. He apologizes for everything he has put me through and tells me that he wants to be with me still. Crazy things is I never stopped loving him and although I’m still in the relationship with my ex, he still is willing to wait for me. He said I broke his heart when I left him and now he wants us to move on and be together. So now I’m about end the relationship I’m in to be with because he makes me happier. Man I love my cappie

  30. SHARON March 4th, 2017


  31. danielle brown February 26th, 2017

    Im a leo woman and i just broke up with my capricorn man. i goggled this article to see how compatiable we were and we was great together i just couldn’t see it at the time because we both have strong personalities…he was really what i needed and now i miss him very much…xoxo

    • Pakistani February 27th, 2017

      Go and get him stupid

    • Jada April 9th, 2017

      Do u live in Toronto Canada ?? ? Weird question but I’m going somewhere with this so answer

  32. Valeria January 17th, 2017

    Don’t want to be mean, but as a Leo woman (dating a Capricorn ?), when something’s over, it’s over ?…. I mean, my Taurus ex is still chasing me after 2years, but it’s over for me, in, like, my head, so there’s no chance for me to go back!!! I think if you split once, what’s the point to try again, what didn’t you get, the 1st time!??? And I believe that most of us (Leos) are like this…

    • michael January 19th, 2017

      Valeria, I’m a cap man. I must say, I find some truth in the article, but not 100%. In a lot of astrology, the illustrations must be viewed as “generally speaking”. These scenarios don’t fit into a tidy box of 12. Anyway, to state “when something’s over, it’s over”. This the box I was refering to. It was over because there was a choice at some point and decision that it was over, and a choice not top embrace any possibility of repair. When I hear of things like that, I throw the b.s. flag. It’s not an affair of the heart, but the head. “If you split one, whats the point to try again”. Thats shallow.

    • Jay March 3rd, 2017

      I know how you feel if you think about breaking up for one second it is practically already over.

  33. manish086 December 2nd, 2016

    I am cap guy and my ex was Leo, its been a month now since breakup and I was only searching for answers somewhere somewhere that she will return, for what I know I was away for two weeks and the day I was leaving her words were don’t go its not possible to live without you etc etc, when i returned she came to receive me and then she told we are not happy its better that I leave you, and she went away, I tried a lot but nothing worked it just made the situation more worst and now there is no contact she suddenly turned cold… and now I am searching everywhere to find the reason or what exactly happened….

    I just wish that someday she should return…;-(

    • Caitlin Williams January 7th, 2017

      As a leo girl, it sounds like she needs you to come retrieve her. Don’t let her slip away or she’ll never come back. Don’t expect her to drop her pride to come to you. She wants to see you be a man and pull her back. Give her no other options. Just calmly tell her that you are meant to be together and you need her and she needs you etc. Hope that works, it would work on me if I ever felt like leaving my cap man 🙂

    • Brit January 17th, 2017

      wow i am going through the same exact thing but he told me to leave and he wasnt happy i tired to fight for us. Now i am leaving hoping that if its meant to be he’ll find me

  34. lawalj84 October 4th, 2016
  35. RalphieMorgan86 May 7th, 2016

    Successfully dating a Cap requires a very mature Leo woman. I am a Leo and of course by nature I am a bit more spontaneous, free spirited, and extravagant but I also understand that those are qualities that Id like to improve and I realize that this Cap man could bring that type of balance and growth to my life. He and I initially hit it off because I am super ambitious– I work in the field that he’s interested in. I care a great deal about status, titles, and prestige and I strive for those things which he seems to admire. We are also very intellectually compatible. However it was not hard to tell that we had some major differences. The first most noticable was sex. One time after we were intimate, I put on a red silk robe and walked around with it half open. My Cap immediately came up to me and closed the robe as if he was appalled that Id walk around the house half nude. This concerned me because Leo’s are kinky and I’m worried that I cant be completely free sexually with him. its weird because at one minute he seems very kinky and freaky (even surprised me) but then the very next he seems prude. The second thing is his judgement and pessimism. In our first couple of dates I felt like I was being judged, heavily. He assumes the worst case scenarios, which as a Leo, I am completely turned off by that sort of negativity. His perspectives seemed so restricted and rigid and started making me doubt that he would really enjoy being with me since what makes me great is the opposmite of that, I’m a risk-taker and flexible. I was also concerned because he had a history of dating quiet, traditional, frumpy, and unattractive women. He is freaking gorgeous and tall but his past women seem to be so boring and simple looking. I am tall, slim, attractive, fashionable and outgoing with big long hair and an exciting personality. I am excited about him because I think he can bring some balance in areas of my life that I want to improve but I’m also nervous and insecure because I don’t know if he really likes girls like me. He seems to be unbothered by my personality now but I can see his seriousness putting a damper on my need to be exciting. I am mostly hoping that we can somehow bring balance to each other. He seems a little open to my spontaneous ways, not completely, but a little and I see his discipline and seriousness as a sign of maturity that I can admit that I lack at times, so I want to be inspired by that. All in all i would say that unless you are a Leo who is ready to make some serious changes, I would avoid Caps. I just so happen to be looking for more balance so my Cap seems very appealing to me as a partner currently. 

    • n1kk1padgett February 7th, 2017

      Oh man I’m a Leo woman and you a describing my situation to a T. And this is foinf out via telephone conversations. Let’s see if I can open him up some. #fingerscrossed

    • Elizabeth December 31st, 2017

      You can achieve balance in your life for yourself. No man can give it to you. You seem young. I have been on this planet for a long time. Get strong and get to know yourself.

      I am a Leo woman, considering dating a “Cappie” and after reading how controlling they are I will leave them alone and go on my merry way. You don’t need a man or anyone else to fulfil your life.
      Good luck!

    • dee February 15th, 2020

      hi… thank you for your response. im also a leo woman and my cap man jus started out… we know each other for yrs.. but i cant seem to figure out wat he wants.. there are times where i notice his gestures or comments but after that i dont c any….. my main concern is that fact we live in different places and he does travel often to c me and so do i…i really love him… i really want to make this work i jus never have dealt wtih a man like him.. need answers… he says things like ” i enjoy being with you”, ” I can make a baby at this point, ( not drunk at the time)” even has gotten me some jewelry, which he made the comment that i dont do this for everyone.. i took it as we really trying ot work together to be with each other but i need ot make sure before i invest the time…

  36. Shanie816 March 20th, 2016

    Happy to report I’m finally off punishment. After a week of no verbal communication my man finally called me. I told him I was going to a book signing he said he wanted a book too. I said ok. I don’t know if he believed I would buy him one and get it signed or not. He called out of the blue and just talked to me. I was stunned I was almost speechless. Later that day I got his book signed and sent him a picture of the book signed he was so happy. My friend told me that when a Cap forgives you to move on and be sure not to do it again.

  37. Shanie816 March 19th, 2016

    I am a Leo woman and I am or was dating a Capricorn man. I met him on an interracial dating site. Not only am I a Leo woman but a black woman so I have a little bit more of the drama mix. I am also a romance Author and hopeless romantic. My Cap is a white man. I joined a dating site in October 2015. I really didn’t do anything with it until February 2016. I noticed this one guy had said now three times that I was beautiful. I thought he was cute so I flirted back.( I was in a dead marriage and I had finally ended it the beginning of February 2016 before talking to my Cap.) He responded back and we began talking through the site. I asked him if he wanted to email me he didn’t respond to that then one day he said I could text him. At this point, he already knew I ended my marriage. After texting, he said I could call him. We just got along so well. We had a lot of stuff in common. We talked every day but mostly by text. One day after I had sent him some risqué pictures upon his request I texted him and didn’t hear anything for hours. I sent him the first harsh message to the dating app and text. He responded to me by text telling me he was working! I said I was sorry. He said me too. I pleaded with him not to stop talking to me. He said I’m cool. I said ok then we talked later that night. Basically, without getting to deep into our relationship is he didn’t want to be bothered with drama he made that clear. He said his last girlfriend kept accusing him of cheating so he stopped talking to her all together. I thought to myself he didn’t just abruptly stop talking to her after being with her for 8 months but yeah he did. This is his pattern he doesn’t deal well with confrontation. If he tells, you to not over think it than don’t over think it. He has been dumping woman for years like this hence that is why he is a lone. Anyway. We were back on good terms but the second I raised my voice at him he flipped out. You would think I cussed out his mother. I know why did I keep talking to him because he was a go-getter. Very passionate about his craft and very accomplished. For a Leo woman that is everything. One thing I can’t stand is a lazy man. As time went on, I sent him two more angry text. The last landing me here telling you not to do these things. A Cap man has to know you listen and pay attention. You need to remember their schedule because if he has to tell you something over and over again he will be pissed.
    The last message I sent he read it ten times. Yeah I F’d up. I called him a gigolo and told him he didn’t show me enough emotion while having sex. Why did I do that? He said several times I insulted him. I tried apologizing repeatedly but it was rough. I let it go then I told him the next day that I was sorry for insulting him. I ultimately told him that I fell hard for him and I was just hurt. He wasn’t trying to hear that. (They see black and white no grey) The next day I sent him a picture of myself he said I looked nice. The following day I sent him text throughout the day nothing back. I finally said I could bring him some dinner I cooked. He said naw I’m good. Later that night I texted him and said so that’s it huh. He responded huh what? Don’t start that crazy talk again. I will totally cut you off! I said I really just wanted to know how he was doing. He said then that is all I had to say. He said that text I sent the other day makes him see me in a different light. He said it’s going to take some time. He said we can text but no phone calls. We tried to talk a little but I was so upset I told him I was going to bed. I think he felt kind of bad because the next day he text me. Then the following day he sent me a picture of himself. Any time I would say anything personable he wouldn’t  respond. He kept it about our general talk about our work etc. We would still talk all day sometimes so you would think its ok but no phone conversation.
     As the days got closer to a week since I sent that harsh text he really didn’t carry on a conversation with me. I did most of the talking. He use to call me as soon as he got off work. I felt like now he was just asking what I was doing to pacify me. In the end, I am in love with a man who may never forgive me. Please take heed to what I said and watch your reactions. We had some fun times when we saw each other in person. Anyway,  I will keep you posted if he would ever finally forgive me.

    • Leo Love January 10th, 2017

      Lol wooow! Smh. I’m going threw the same thing I’m a Leo but we have a baby on the way it’s very hard.

  38. Preet1 April 23rd, 2015

    HUH !

  39. Preet1 April 23rd, 2015

    i checked all the compatibilities. every where its just women is asked to adjust and compromise , i m sure this analysis is done by a man… so predictable ! its time you changed your thoughts about how a relationship works and learn to live. Just grow up a lil bit.

  40. Preet1 April 23rd, 2015

    I hate you ! this is all rubbish. This article is totaly male centric. DARN YOU!

  41. RaeJameson December 10th, 2014

    I met my wonderful Capricorn over the summer. We were just friends but I was certainly interested in more but never pushed it. He called me up one day to proclaim he had some major feels for me. We started dating. He’s already looking at our relationship in the future sense. He talks about marrying me and says I’m the best thing that could ever happen to him. He says he loves me and he’s very intense but in a good way. 
    Our sexual chemistry is amazing. Like none other before him. We do get along great. He appreciates that I’m open minded, fun and actually even though I’m a Leo I’m actually more frugal than he is and he LOVES that about me. I show him ways of saving money and let him know where is having the best sales and give him coupons. I do not expect lavish gifts just to spend time with him. I admire his steadfastness and dedication. He does get mildly annoyed at all the male attention I get. But at the end of the day it’s just him that gives me butterflies and makes me happy. He’s very much of a family man and I admire that immensely as my family and I are not very close. He works hard with our future always in mind. He’s really the best thing that could ever have happened to me. He is amazing in every sense of the word. I hope to have many years of happiness. We are both mature in our signs as he is 41 and I’m 35. We are grounded and happy to finally settle down. Our life goals are similar and we keep our needs and future in mind. I love my Cappy and would follow him to the ends of the earth. He drives me crazy sometimes but I love him soo much. 
    Since we both tend to want to lead I’m more than OK to take the backseat most times and let him blaze the way. I’m his cheerleader and constantly encouraging him which he appreciates. I told him when he succeeds I also succeed. 

  42. Lilianne June 4th, 2014

    I think this is a good match. From what I know, both are outgoing party people, hardworking, and then intensely private at home.
    Can you say puurfect?

  43. mzgrwnndsexie December 8th, 2013
  44. mhlala September 21st, 2013

    I am a leo woman and i just broke up with my capricorn male. At the beginning of the relationship i feel so adored, loved, appreciated by him. He showered me lots of love and never fails to make me smile. He is very hardworking and focus. However, he is also over-protective and over-demanding, always wanting me to meet his exceedingly-high expectations. I am a person who is very emotional and have terrible moodswings easily. As he is rather sensitive and hid things to himself, he couldn’t take my emotions and felt that I’m pressuring him . He said that we should take a break from the relationship. He avoided me and occupied himself with work. I feel so neglected and hurt. I believed that we should meet up to talk about our communication differences, but he felt that things have gone beyond communication. He felt that my stubborn and independent character makes him irrelevant to my life as I fail to follow his orders. He has grown weary of my emotions while I did not receive the needed amount attention from him. There are just too many differences between us. It ended, although I still love him, there are just too many differences between us and I doubt we will ever get back together…

  45. _itsRedBaby July 14th, 2013

    Leo woman dating a Cap man, it has only been a couple of weeks but this man already has me wondering where he’s been my whole life, I have never met a man who actually wanted to establish a friendship as well as a romantic relationship with me, or a man who goes out of his way to do so much for me and not expect anything in return. I believe this is the men I have been searching for. Cannot wait to see where this goes.!!

  46. Gerri December 8th, 2012

    I am a Leo woman with a cap man and we fell in love at first sight 16 yrs ago. We have our differences. He was very controlling, but I interpret that as love. i am attractive as well as him and we can’t keep our hands off of eachother. The sex is amazing and gets better and better each time. I think that at times I can be over the top as far as expressing my feelings to him and he can be kind of distant, but he always expresses how much he loves me. He has a lot of admirers but never fails to mention that I am his soul mate. He works alot but makes time for me a priority. He is romantic and thrifty with the money he gives to me. He makes sure the bills are paid and wants me to enjoy my life. I set goals and he achieves them. I am the brains and he is the muscle. We complete eachother in every way. I am satisfied with our marriage. We respect eachother and are very playful. Overall, a Leo and Capricorn relationship is a wonderful match if the female is the Leo and the male is Capricorn. 

  47. almita_star@hotmail.fr September 19th, 2012

    hi, i’m a leo women, and my boss is a capricorn ,he’s such a boastful and arrogant men, proud,and irritating he think that he knows every thing and that he’s the best men in the world! i’ve been working in his company since 6 months ago, and he used to taunt on me for nothing! and i was always in fight with him too ,but now i feel that he has changed the way he acts with me ,he’s more careful about the way he treat me now, also he becomes o polite, i wonder how he has changed this way, i mean completly changed to another men! and  today he asked me to go on a dinner with him , it was magical! he acted like a gentilman , and he said that he loves me, i really respect him now, cause at least in his inside  there is  a good person,and no bad person can fall in love with a leo women! anyways i teld him that i accepted his love, and now i will see where are we going with this relationship…

  48. ThisKittyScratchesBitesNLoves May 8th, 2012

    I am a Leo woman in love with a Capricorn man. We have some history. We met 12 years ago, moved in together, had a son, some ups and downs, broke up, and then tried to be “roommates” to raise our child together (silly, when you consider we couldn’t stop humping). I ended up sending him away after I met a guy at work, thinking I couldn’t trust my Capricorn Love Muffin anymore. (We had some issues, for sure.) I married the guy from work and have never been as happy as I was when I was with my Capricorn love.
    My marriage with my Pisces husband is disappointing, though I do love him for the person he is, a good man who adores me. But there is just NO PASSION AT ALL. And I think I am too demanding for him so it makes him want to run (or swim away). Smart boy if he listens to himself. Leo women are trouble, I know this. 🙂
    So… in the meantime, my son’s father and I talk in emails and on the phone over the years and we finally realize that we still really love each other, and the passion is still there so I am on the verge of leaving my husband and going back to my Capricorn because I crave him with every fiber of my being. Gods help me.

  49. lioness_love March 29th, 2012

    I am a leo girl I am so very much in love with a capricorn boy.
    The first time I saw and talked  to my cappy
     we said somethings that got both of us a little mad and I called
    hem an asshole lol
    and he called me a b*tch, after that had happened
    I found myself wondering about hem more and more and even had a
    sex dream about him. But I didnt really like him because
    I felt he didnt and never would like me. About
    a month later that asshole was talking to one of my friends(boy)
    and I felt they was talking about me.
    They both kept looking at me and later on that day my
    friend told me that the boy he was talking
    to liked me, thats why I would always see him glazing at me.
    Im a leo so my ego can get in the way sometimes
    and I would never make the
    first move. But for that past week my friend would not stop
    telling me to talk to this boy. So I did and he had
    asked me out. Now like I said my ego gets in the way sometimes
    and I only said no because I like boys
    to work for what they want so I can see how bad they
    want it. After a couple of months
    he got sick of playing the good boy and he realized
    how much I was lusting after him. Once
    he stoped being a good boy he was able to tell me how much he
    really wanted me(sexual). I had no idea he liked
    me so much and made me want to go out with him.
    I told him if he was to ask me out again (which would
    be  the 4th time). I would say YES in a heart beat!
    We was not together for long, (he broke up with me) the minute
    he broke up with me I knew
    I had to make him take me back. He said he wanted to be friends
    with benefits but about
    a month later he took me back. We have bein together for
    soon to be ten months.
    At this point even if I wanted to leave him (which I have tryed
    many times)
    I know I would not be able to live without him.
    So what I say is you should make her yours IF you can always tell
    her how you really feel about her.
    That seems to be the big problem in leo woman and capricorn man
    I have read so many comments by leo woman and capricorn
    man and that is the only reason
    why they have problems. Im not saying he tells me
    how he really feels about me(because he really doesn’t) but I have
    an idea and if you
    know your doing something that alot of people dont
    understand or
    know about you plz tell her because she will never get it Never Ever!
    I really hope I helped  
    you and if I did plz let me know. I would love to hear it 🙂

  50. leolady September 23rd, 2011

    any slower and there wouldn’t be a pulse
    capricorn man…Im a leo lady and have just started seeing a capricorn man, hes so self absorbed but at the same time very persistant with a motivated character he oozes with patience which i lack, i like things done where he has told me numerous times, he just likes to take his time , i have ended it with him like 5 times coz he does my head in yet he still comes back like nothing has happened and expects me to just let him back in my life hes annoying, we basically are very different why i ask myself why do i let him back in?? the sex is great hes a great lover always satisfies me but i just feel as though we r very different i have feelings for him i dont know how to end tis massacre i times i feel like he just doesnt care and at times when we are togther he is my world
    speak of the devil hes calling me

  51. Linda-May April 22nd, 2011

    I am a Leo woman who loves to be loved and knows how to love back very well..With that said.I ran into a cap man I knew in high school..who was giving me his time, heart, and mind and so many laughs..and the love making with my lover cap man was the icying on the cake woooooo!!! need I say more mmmmm!!!The only thing that was missing from my lover cap man..was being able to take care of me..”I just couldn”t see the saving of money in him..So as A lEO woman I need to feel safe when it comes to money as well as love..So I found that in someone else..without LOVE in his heart..(I guess that saying “Grass isn”t always Greener” is true…so 7yrs has past..and we met up again..as I am going through parting ways with my xhusband..I can feel the need to love me again as it was before but better..but I feel like he is holding back his heart alittle from the pass. My cap lover has said I did hurt him when I left..but he is living in the now..and I feel like he wants to see if I will have him this time..without any ties wow..what to do..Because has a lEO woman WE WON’T SHARE FOR NOTHING..IT’S US OR NOTHING AT ALL..WHT TO DO?..or my cap lover man..might just want to see how much I am willing to do..before he gives me his heart again..wht to do?..He better get it together..because as a Leo woman..we don”t have time for the games

  52. Jesus Hesusis March 23rd, 2011

    Fuck you cocksuckers

  53. C., Nino February 23rd, 2011

    I am sorry Kat. That you feel that way. But I know for a fact that if I ever got a chance with this Leo I would be pretty faithful. I’m not gonna lie to you neither, it’s probably because he has commitment issues. For the past 6 years I haven’t open up to anyone since my first relationship. I meet this Leo and she’s the only one that makes me forget about my feelings with my Ex. Who BTW is a Taurus. I often think about this woman even long after we haven’t see each other. That’s my Capricorn side that I always read about tho, I’m trying to get myself together. I don’t know what it is. She inspires me on so many levels. She is definitely my Muse. Like any Leo, she is a Star. She is usually the center of the party, so out going, so sweet and full of emotion. I can never get her out of my mind. I have known her for about 3 years. I keep my distance because I don’t want to be the reason her engagement breaks up. Am I obsessed? Maybe, but I don’t stalk her. I don’t follow her and try to be where she’s at. That’s not how I want to be. But I do run into her on occasion and I just always feel something. That’s me.

  54. Kat February 11th, 2011

    I was with a cap man. I’m a leo female. Our relationship didn’t work. I know part of it was my fault. Also my cap man had other women waiting in the wings and he didn’t think I knew. As the months went on, he lost interest. I miss him but I had to end it or I would have continued to get hurt. First the phone calls became less and less and I received zero texts, even though I was getting them earlier. I couldn’t take the distance any longer. He was a widower as well and I believe he was trying to recreate his deceased wife. She was a demour cap woman. We understood each other in the beginning but the controlling behavior was a bit much. And this wasn’t the typical controlling behavior..this was a bit much. Like if I didn’t call him back after he called me he would call and say “we don’t have to call each other daily.” There was always some kind of punishment and/or something being taken away for me being a bad girl. Or if he got mad at me for having a girls night out he would change the status of our relationship. I think he wanted a Pisces or someone who wouldn’t say much or raise questions. I’m not that way. If your late for a date I want to know why. If you don’t have time for me all week but your buddies are over all the time I will question that, especially if I had been going to your place on the regular. So when my grandpa died on Dec 22nd of this year and he was supposed to take me to breakfast and never called or came by to get me I got my answer. To this day I know there was someone else. I’m not paranoid I just know. He was a flirt and he had a big ego. He’s my third cap man and I will NEVER do it again. For me its not astrologically compatible. Now for a booty call Yes! All day eryday for that but relationship. Naw. I’d rather be anally probed with a broken champagne bottle. Its too deep in the beginning and then once you get to the core, there is nothing there.

  55. Stacee January 13th, 2011

    well turns out that theres this guy who is a capricorn man who i’m in love with. I know myself can be very stubborn and rude as all lioness are but thats how i am. He’s the type of guy who is very funny and stands out , he has moments were he can be very rude or mean. But this one guy something about him , the fact that he doesn’t take any b.s from anyone makes me admire him . I know from my past relationships i had all the control because i felt that my pride was what mattered the most to me. I wanted to be the one girl who can change up a guy like that. But when i was seeing this capricorn man it seemed impossible. I know he liked me as well as he knew i liked him. At the beginning we were inseparable but i felt that i couldn’t trust him for some odd reason. He didn’t trust me at all, he thought i was a girl who would play games and have all these guys waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen. He figured me very quickly which in other guys that i dated couldn’t do. He is very laid back and tends to pick on me all the time but when he shows affection to me my heart drops. I never felt such an intense feeling to a man like that. the fact that sometimes not feeling wanted makes the person keep trying to get what she wants. He doesn’t spoil with affection or with money. I know he’s been hurt by his past relationship and he is very careful not to express his feelings to no one . Which that kills me because i would love to know what he feels about me or certain situations but he keeps them to himself. I know i love him because of his personality its not because of image, but his way of being is so amazing that sometimes i’m scared that i might even hurt a good guy like him. i’ve always been faithful i know for sure i would never do anything that would hurt him. But he has tons of trust issues which kinda makes me give up but overall i hope me and him can be happy together someday because i’m in love with him and he means the world to me .

  56. cici December 15th, 2010

    I am a leo woman. I fell in love with a capricorn three years ago. We moved in with each other four months after meeting. I thought he was my soulmate…I am nearly to the T the average discription of a leo, as stated above. He has particular traits of being silent but ambitious, hard-working but stingy..def stubborn and hard-headed as myself..Anyway we hit it off immediately. His friend at the time was going for me, he had made no advance but that was my “challenge.” Our love making was amazing, he seemed to know me like the back of his hand four months in. He was very caring, passionate, forgiving..we now have a child together. I still love him, and he still cares for me but we messed up. In many of the caution areas stated above. I was that lioness that needed to run wild and free, he needed to trust that my loyalty was always to him. He needed to show me that he was at the least prestigious, but ended up sitting on my couch for six months of our relationship. There is no doubt in my mind whether a leo/capricorn relationship is compatible..I think the biggest thing is that each one just needs to be appreciated by the other for what each has to offer and each one must also give their all. Good luck to anyone in this combo. It was the greatest while it lasted. I only wish our love and joy could have withstood our faults.

  57. XJohnxLovesxKimixSecretlyX December 6th, 2010

    Iam a capricorn male(25th dec).,im a typical one i guess. i love(dunno,maybe) secretly a girl,heard that she’s a leo(4th aug).bt unlike wats written Bove about leos,she’s so silent n timid…we are at same class. she’s pretty and admired by all the boys n girls. she’s also a fren(i dnt knw maybe realy gud frens) of 1 of ma fren(boy),who’s also a capricorn(23rd dec)..bt he’s a bit unlike me or more.,im tha typical one i guess! i dnt care bout love stuffs rite nw(im 17) bt i realy like n admire(maybe love) her. No 1 knws bout it,nt even ma frens(includin the mutual 1 as wel)..we have never talk wit each other,bt had eye cntact wit each other several times(searching 2 see each other i guess)..I dnt knw she likes me or nt,bt hope she does! i dnt knw if im capable of her or she’ll be gud 4 me..bt she’s tha kind of gurl i like,i guess..so i dnt wnt 2 let her go..Im too shy/afraid 2 propose her(afraid tat she mite reject me,wich i cnt take) pliz tel me sme1 wat shld i do?? i need help n advice…

  58. foxy November 25th, 2010

    I am a leo woman who has fallen head over heels for a capricorn man. He is strong, subdued, and very cool. A huge turn on to me is his take charge attitude and personal confidence in himself. The sex is phenomenal! I hope we will be together for the rest of our lives. I will be faithful and loyal to him and I know that he will be there for me also.

  59. star4fyfe November 11th, 2010

    I’m leo woman and I fell in love with capicorn man we were intimate before any commitment. I just thought that will be next. he never ask me to be his girl but want still be intimate just be patince. I just think that was right and I end the sex and we been apart every since I want back but the right way. will that every happen I need so help.

  60. confused November 2nd, 2010

    Capricorn male admires Aquarius female for her natural poise and pride. He loves her for her graciousness. Her generous nature and willing to forgive will get to him and her warmth and courage is something he will always need.
    I thought this was about LEO FEMALES! -____-

  61. Allure sesarles August 10th, 2010

    First i want to say that the reading was very good and i also think that love true love that is can conquer anything or any situation i met the man of my dreams and he means the world to me and i love him for the person that he is i appreciate him respect him and i love him but he is the love of my life and he is an inspiration to me he helps me to stay strong and love’s me for me and i could’nt ask for anything else so im just so blessed and greatful to have him in my life i thank my father jehovah god and jesus christ for bringing him into my life and also i think a leo woman and a capricorn man could have a great relationship and work together as a team they are both loyal and faithful so they can bring the best out of each other if they stand strong and overcome obstacles they will be good together.

  62. Emma August 4th, 2010

    I just want to say – true love can do anything, break difference, give you new look towards life, everything feels like you are in haven. I can do anything to make my man happy , my day my night every time only for him to make him happy but never push or force him to do anything if he don’t want , I think true love is give freedom and care, if needed die for it.

  63. candice April 7th, 2010

    i disagree, im a leo women i totally agree with the reading. but i would have to disagree with jarrell lavish ur woman that would also make her happy. **!!girls just wanna have fun!!**

  64. jarrell November 23rd, 2009

    My name is Jarrell and i have a leo woman. Everything about her being the type to be into luxury is correct. But me being a capricorn i would rather enjoy the finer things in life rather than having to go deep in my pockets all the time to prove love. When i buy her gifts yeah she is more humble to me but like a running river, ” it never ends”. Her wants and wants over shadow her needs and if i let her win she’ll never be happy. It’s my job to show her what really matters. love. She tries to be head of this pact but that’s just her way of seeing how much of a man i really am. Sometimes requires hurting her feelings but love always wins. Remember this and caps will always keep there lions tamed like they would rather it to be in their sub-conscience. Who ever admits to needing there bosses? without them can you pay your bills if you don’t work for yourself? Try to keep your lions tamed without always giving gifts that is the secret.

  65. […] “At first it may seem that their basic natures are directly opposed but each possesses qualities desired by the other. He’s secretly fame and success and obtains great inner satisfaction from possessions of utility and value which other people admire and envy. The typical Leo woman always possesses some measure of prestige and status. She is almost always admired and envied by both her peers and her inferiors. She on the other hand requires a man who is not lazy, has the means to keep her in comparative luxury and the manners to suit her royal disposition. A Capricorn man possesses all these qualities. His quiet ambition and driv¬ing determination finds royal favour in her eyes. She’ll appreciate the fact that his cool, hard head matches her cool, languid poise. His normally dignified behaviour will meet with her regal approval. On the other hand he may accuse her of being vain, smug, spoiled rotten and selfish she may accuse him of being cold, cruel, stingy, unemotional and selfish.” [Link] […]

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