Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Leo woman and Sagittarius man are a perfect match, with a passionate and adventurous relationship.
  • Their sexual relationship is intense and playful, but can be affected by the Sagittarius man's bluntness.
  • The Leo woman can attract the Sagittarius man with her sunshine smile and cool poise.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 113 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Any relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is sure to start quickly and passionately. They most certainly share some fantastic times together as they both fuel each other’s spirits, inspiring each other to reach new heights in love. But Leo is naturally more loyal while Sagittarius is restless, causing insecurities in Leo.

A Sagittarius man is quite straightforward, honest and sincere about most things of life. He loves adventure and is always restless to move around. Although he can be charming, he is also clumsy and naïve yet clever and idealistic. The innocent and playful qualities that he possesses, makes him quite the loveable creature. The Sagittarius man may have a quick to flair temper but it is easy to extinguish with a bit of a push in the right direction. Being in a relationship makes him excited and he is no less than a best friend for his lady whom he loves and adores with all of his soul.

A Leo woman is naturally gracious and compassionate. She is a born leader but likes to play games, games that she always wins. She is a go-getter and an extrovert and stops at nothing in getting what she wants and knows she deserves. These traits make Leo woman an exciting companion to be with. The Leo woman also has a very sensitive characteristic in that she is extremely proud whether it is true pride or not, she is more often than not, arrogant and quite demanding. But she has a sensuality that always keeps her man on his keens.

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Leo woman is graceful and beautiful which such a delightful aura that makes Sagittarius man crazy about her. Together, their relationship is a colorful burlesque of acrobatics, language, parades and cartwheels. Their dreams are bigger than what they do but whatever it is that they decide to do together, they always have a phenomenal time. She shall constantly be trying him with tests that no one could accomplish. She finds herself attaching herself to him and even though she desires the attention of others, she is always faithfully loyal to him. He is quite the flirt also, but knowing what it does to his woman should be enough to detour him from doing so. Other than that, Leo woman and Sagittarius man are both so very positive in their other qualities that it only adds to their relationship.

Sagittarius man is funny, whimsical and quite the entertainer which attracts the Leo woman strongly. They produce a wonderful relationship that is both extravagant and fantastic. Their time together is full of play, events and social gatherings. He is her savior and defeat the excess of problems for her while showing his loyalty and intellect. He exhibits extreme faith and passion for her, bigger than she had ever thought possible. One possible problem that may exhibit itself is his inability to put him at her feet. He loves and adores his Leo lady; he is loyal to her and has loads of fun with her. He sees her as his equal and never look down on her, but he never look up at her either. Most Leo women like this type of display of affection from their lovers and when it is not present they can grow cold and angry.

With the wonderful association of Leo woman and Sagittarius man which is blessed by the warmth of love and happiness of togetherness, they both create a magical bonding which keeps them intact forever. The sunniness and trembling intensity of their love help them to send unsaid messages to each other’s heart bridging all the distances of human world, taking them to the cloud nine where they worship and devote to their ultimate oneness. She captures his heart with her sunshine smile and cool poise while he keeps her around with his intellect and admiration for his Leo lady. Whether it is a crispy morning, breezy evening or starry night, Sagittarius man and Leo woman enjoy it best in each other’s arms with love in their hearts and dreams in their eyes!

The sexual relationship between Leo woman and Sagittarius man is more of an Olympic event than just satisfying sex between two lovers. They love to show off to each other and get each other going. They show the freedom they desire to show and dare each other to exhibit more. Wherever they are, they perform and nothing stands in their way, whether it is in the woods, at the poolside, in the back of a car or in the backyard. They are playful, physical, new, and tender and at the same time they are crazy for each other, untamed and naturally desire each other without abandon. There may be a problem when Sagittarius man becomes a bit too frank and it shows in Leo woman’s wounded ego. If this happens then she turns away and become cold and seemingly disinterested physically, sexually and emotionally. Except this they share a highly passionate and intense physical relationship which is fulfilling for their soul and flesh but also leaves them craving for more.

Although these two seem to be the epitome of frolic, fun and spur of the moment endeavors, their problems need to be addressed to keep this crazy relationship on the upward movement. He tries Leo female’s patience by pushing her jealous button every chance he gets. He refuses to look up to her or give her any inkling that she should or could be any better than he is. Sagittarius man treats her like a baby from time to time and this irritates her to no end. She is the last one to admit she needs his security. Leo woman, on the other hand, expects too much admiration and devotion from her Sagittarius man which irritates him. He also feels bounded by her over-possessive nature. To make the relationship work in the right direction both of them are needed to give each other the desired respect and space.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. CW December 28th, 2023

    Omg im a leo i met my Sagittarius man back in 2020 the first day i gave him my number we talked on the phone the first day and we fell asleep on the phone that night we was so thirsty to see each other that next day we went on a date and we spent the whole day today it was so beautiful and magical it felt like i knew him already for years…i knew then he was my soulmate! Here we are 4 years strong and im so excited and happy to see what the future brings for us everyday he makes me fall deeper in love! I can’t see myself with nobody else i never been in love and to be in love with someone who is my soulmate my homie my lover and my friend it just makes my heart full!

  2. Jeanette Collazo February 15th, 2023

    Leo women love to pay for everything the Sagittarius man is only good for sex they will cheat on you and you love it my Sagittarius ex-husband is a kept man the Leo woman broke up my marriage so she is not as good as you think she is as long as she can buy your love everything about them is gross 🤢

    • Amanda September 9th, 2023

      Lmao Leo female took your man cause you wasn’t doing everything we do lol deff didn’t buy his love. It’s the bomb ass sex lol u didn’t have an ur mad

      • Leolady September 28th, 2023

        😂 that is so mean

      • Holly November 19th, 2023

        Yesssss girl! 🦁

  3. E January 28th, 2023

    I love this, and just started a relationship with my sag man, and I feel a lot of what you said. We are 5 hrs away from each other but I believe he is my soulmate.

    Hope it’s still going strong!

    • JUANITA June 16th, 2023


  4. RB September 16th, 2022

    Soooo freakishly true, 100% agreed, upon first hand experience!

  5. hectorpablo.ortiz July 23rd, 2022

    I don’t think this description really captures… at all…. the explosion of passion a Sag and Leo share lol. Somehow every girl I’ve gotten along with from the get go always seems to be a Leo. The 2 Leo women I’ve dated were full of passion. In the bedroom… I could only describe as a 100% pure connection, the competition to outdo the other in making them feel good. Outside, the adventures, the laughter, the blunt honesty between the two. Its a great connection honestly. And while Sagittarius men love freedom, we are devoted to our strong connections.

  6. Mayra Ruiz December 4th, 2021

    Im a sagi woman with a Leo man. We been having so many issues the past 3 months and he broke up with me last month. We will live together and we still have sex here and there. We get a long great but he’s so stubborn and doesn’t want to give us another chance. I don’t think I can love and be loved like this ever again.

    • Grace July 10th, 2023


  7. CKotcvill August 8th, 2021

    I don’t know if my Leo sister in law really enjoys financially supporting my Sag brother who has only had a job once for 4 years in his 67 years…

    • Your brother March 6th, 2022

      Yes, she enjoys it, because he pays with his cock al the financial supporting. Go fck yourself.

      • Erica April 12th, 2022

        As leo woman who dated sagittarius man…..
        They are big player! And hates commitment, lack attention not romantic. They prefer spending their times with their folks and enjoy their freedom more than anything. They are very serlfish …

        Far from being gentleman.
        Not good option as husband material ….only fir casual relations

  8. Anji July 18th, 2021

    I’m in a relationship with a Sagittarion. we love each other very deeply, and don’t want to lose each other. we spend time on deciding names of our future babies, sometimes we get quarrels about names of babies 😂😂. We fall in love a month after we met . We are really very happy together. Love u dear❤️❤️

    • Ahana Paul August 22nd, 2021

      Aww I also love a sagittarius❤️🔥

    • Ahana Paul August 22nd, 2021

      Awww really! I also love a Sagittarius Man…❤️🔥

  9. Leo Woman June 26th, 2021

    I have been loving a Sagittarius man off and on for 18 years. It takes a lot of work for a Leo to be with a Sagittarius but so far it is well worth it. Been together 8 months. This time our relationship is on a completely different level than ever before. We built a true friendship first. Then relationship.

    • Ahana Paul August 22nd, 2021

      Aww Great🔥❤️

  10. Colette June 24th, 2021

    My best friend is a sag and I’m in love with him. He doesn’t know it. We have this connection. However, we are both married and have to remain friends

  11. lEo womAn June 17th, 2021

    I’ve been dating a Sagittarius man for a whole year now, I have lost interest in him cause of him being busy all the time, he was begging me to stay with him everyday till I fell back for him but after I fall back for him I have fallen out of love again and started loving my Virgo best friend. At first he didn’t care then he was jealous and go on Yandere mode and said “I WILL KILL EVERY MAN THAT LIKES YOU” and I was like “uh-” but having sex with a Sagittarius man is great for a Leo woman like me. Sagittarius man can go crazy sometimes for their loved ones. So be careful 😅

  12. Leo woman March 16th, 2021

    I am inlove with a sag man…I pray it leads to marriage sonnest

  13. Hi December 11th, 2020

    I just snagged a sag and it was all that’s expected. Intense and renewing. Love was instant. We are so new and it’s so exciting. I’m just so happy!!!!! I’ve never felt closer to god or more grateful for putting this man in my life. All grace to you god. To you baby, I love you, I feel it. You feel it. Twenty twenty one and beyond is ours. God is good!!!!!!!!!! My sexy pro athlete and his lion queen. I see indigo everywhere we go

  14. Zee December 11th, 2020

    I got a clingy Sagittarius guy tho.

  15. Leowoman September 12th, 2020

    God I loved him so so much I guess I was being too jealous and crazy

  16. Sdons August 28th, 2020

    Keep trying.

  17. leowoman August 5th, 2020

    Dont know if it will work I have my Sag man.I love him so much but the zodiac relates so much he is Frank and Im getting cold😪

  18. Sanjukta Majumder June 26th, 2020

    I am a Leo lady. I love my Saggitarius man. We met at office and he helped me get over my break-up with my ex-boyfriend. We give each other the required space and request. We are very good friends and I want to unite into a marriage with him. But he says he decided not to get married for life. Don’t know what to do..

    • Leo Woman June 26th, 2021

      If you want marriage and he doesn’t it’s time to go. No need to waste each other’s time. I dated a Sagittarius that said that and the reason was he had a horrible first marriage.

  19. Leoness March 17th, 2020

    Me and my Sagg met at a party. A conversation started and next thing we were in his car having passionate sex. We have been inseparable ever since. He even left his girlfriend for me. We love each other so much. He spoils me rotten, respects me treats me like a queen. The sex is explosive.

    • Leoness my ass June 18th, 2020

      You sound like a shitty homewrecker hooking up with someone who had a girlfriend. Karma exist you know? Once a cheater, always a cheater. You give Leo women a HORRIBLE name.

  20. RashiAvinashMudhiraj February 25th, 2020

    me dating him and my love for him is perfect…and he loves me for what i am… He is a true gentle man and i love him forever.

    • R. March 2nd, 2020

      He’s been missing you for years to I know your situation is complicated. But he is a soulmate he will be understanding and will work with you if you ever decide to make a move before it’s too late

    • Breanna June 15th, 2020

      Just met my sagg…. we’ll see how this goes 🤞🏽

  21. Christine Lewis February 11th, 2020

    I’m sorry but my Sagg was luring to me but after getting to know him he is the cruelest tactless person ive ever met. Ive never hated an ex but this was my first time dating one and definitely my last. Im a Leo woman whom deserve love and admiration not falseness and infidelity.

  22. A. February 11th, 2020

    This is so on point.
    I am a Leo woman and have been in love with a sagittarius man my entire adult life. My sagittarius man adored me and looked at me like I was a god send. Which is what I needed as a leo woman.. as I lifted his spirit with my sunshine. As I equally adored his intelligence and funny extrovert personality. I felt so powerful next to him. It was the perfect love story until he kept pushing my insecurity buttons, & in turn I shut down and turned from him. The sagittarius man treating me as a child was legit too. We have been broken up for years now but I do still feel the connection there from such an intense love.

  23. Aly February 11th, 2020

    This is so on point.
    I am a Leo woman and have been in love with a sagittarius man my entire existence. We met at a party when I was only fifteen & it was the strongest connection I’ve ever felt instantly, I had never wanted a man as much as I wanted him. My sagittarius man adored me and looked at me like I was a god send. Which is what I needed as a leo woman.. as I lifted his spirit with my sunshine. As I equally adored his intelligence and funny extrovert personality. I felt so powerful next to him. It was the perfect love story until he kept pushing my insecurity buttons, & in turn I shut down and turned from him. The sagittarius man treating me as a child was legit too. We have been broken up for years now but I do still feel the connection there from such an intense love.

  24. Slim January 22nd, 2020

    Leo woman dating a sagg so far so goof

  25. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Sag men tend to never have their feet on the ground…Fire with fire also tends to create some tension. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  26. Ashley Renee Doss April 17th, 2019

    That’s got to be some of the truest/realiest astrology I’ve ever read…… Amazing! Sends chills down my body seeing how much it’s ON POINT!!!! love this!!!!

    • Christine Lewis November 19th, 2019

      I wish i can agree i hate my sag boyfriend he is obnoxious an self centered and way to friendly for me. I get the hardest time but he is so forgiving of others and loving. I just find this relationship frustrating.

      Leo woman

  27. Edmund Marvis Mutungi February 19th, 2019

    Am Sagittarius Man and madly in Love with my Leo Woman who is Loyal , Gracious and a born Leader . We both Love each other and care about each other alot and know how to bring the best in each other . Next year we just planning to get married and start a family of our own soon.

    • Ms October 21st, 2019

      Is the marriage still on? You give me hope…

  28. mayuri December 9th, 2018

    M a leo w married to a sagg man.we dated over for a year n it was full of ups n downs…now even after marriage my husband likes to chat with other girls which i hate to the core..I now seriously feel that i made a big mistake by marrying him..He flips around most of the times.At times i feel he has got split personality syndrome.He is an extrovert n loves travelling around..n even spends lavishly for unnecessary things..where as i believe in savings for future..we constantly fought for this reason n with such huge diff of opinions i had to leave him n come back to mummys home..now our relation is on the verge of divorce…

  29. Samantha November 16th, 2018

    My Sagittarius man is a great generous loving man, very kind but has a huge shocking out of nowhere temper. Extremely jealous and posessive. Is not very dependable at times and not consistent. Definitely a liar and a flirt. Has very good qualities and very bad qualities. Im a leo and i threaten to leave him all the time. He acts like he doesnt care but always comes crawling back. Stand your ground and watch your heart and use your brain and instincts with these men. They can be youre greatest nightmares. Lol.

  30. Leolady September 9th, 2018

    I’m a Leo woman in love with a sag man we had a long affair we were madly in love I left my family to be with him and he was willing to do anything for me but I went home cause I was scared for my children he was very flirty with everyone that’s his nature so u was always worried he would cheat on me one day and I did this for nothing , he moved on really quick within weeks he was online dating and he has been ever since,he said it was a distraction and he had to do this to move on and he won’t be physical with me anymore to protect him self it’s been over for a year we are still great friends but I pretend to be ok my heart aches everyday he has different women all the time searching for a long term partner recently he is showing that he may still desire me and I’m hoping he will be available wen I finally leave my husband for good which won’t be much longer to wait , have I lost this saggie for good ? Are we just best friends now? Has he really put me in the friend only box or can his mind be changed at the right time ? Please help

    • Super_Flash November 27th, 2018

      He came back to you, I think, it’s better to give a chance Besides, you said that he still showing you that he needs you. Sooooo, why are you being shy or scare? , Just speak up and discuss this problem and solve it out. If you won’t express than he will keep thinking that you still consider him as friend only.

      Discuss your problem, come together for nice, polite & for good talk. I’m sure that it will work as bandage over your wounds as well…✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

      • Christine Lewis November 19th, 2019

        It is hard to discuss problems with a sag male he doesn’t care for non of my perceptions or ideas if there not his own it really is getting old.

        Leo woman

    • Edmund Marvis Mutungi February 19th, 2019

      Look forward to a new Relationship With a new person who will love and respect you dear

    • Isabelle February 9th, 2020

      Hope you’re ok!

    • Paul September 7th, 2023

      You are married and blame him for looking around? Wtf

  31. Melissa Swan June 24th, 2018

    I am a 57 year old leo woman who is with a 34 year old sag man. I’ve had two horribly abusive marriages and didn’t think I would ever be in another relationship. This man is a prince. He will show his affection wherever we are. And in bed? Omg, i never knew sex could be so fantastic. I think I will keep him…just say in.

  32. surprisingly40 May 5th, 2018

    I’m a Leo woman. Yes, sag men will turn your life ups and down. But honesty? Nope. My sag man is big liar. He lied to us, his children, that he’s been with a girl for a very long time. Caught in the act, he still stand for all his liars. Nope, some sag men are not honest.

  33. Kimberly denise riddle April 6th, 2018

    Ive dating a sag off & on for 12 yrs & i think its time to hang it up😒

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  37. Beckett15 August 15th, 2015

    I am Leo woman dating a Sag man.. OMG!!! I have never 
    felt love like this in my life. We connected spiritually before we even seen each other. And once we seen each other in the flesh it was amazing!!! He treats me like a Queen his touch, kiss, just the way 
    he looks at me is amazing. We are already speaking of marriage.
     I love this man with all my heart and he loves me as well. There is not a doubt in my mind that I will  marry him. Oh how I love him so!!! He’s God sent 

    • Miss Cole April 11th, 2018

      Oh wow I’m just meeting a Sag man and I feel different towards him I’m a Leo and I think he may be the one to I’m so excited for you Congrats!

  38. Tanbbiy June 12th, 2015

     Im a leo and this sagg man has taking me some place I have never been. I dont know how i got here in this world called LOVE, its werid.  One day i woke up and he was there in my thoughts, my heart, my soul, its like he became a part of me. When I say he is the only person made me feel such a way, The ONLY!! I feel like he is made for me. But I also  feel alone in this as well……. I cant never said i never Felt what it feels like to be in love . Right?  So I am walking away!!! 🙁 !!!! 

    • Miss Cole April 11th, 2018

      Why are you walking away? I don’t understand? I felt the excitement through your post??

    • Popsht4$ November 17th, 2018

      Girl you not alone!!!!! I am feeling this exact way

    • Super_Flash November 27th, 2018

      If you feels good by being with him and you’re talking with him than go on, no need to walk away.

    • Christine Lewis November 19th, 2019

      RUN!!!!! for some reason they dont know how to show the love back the way we want it but can when flirting with everyone else. I just cant break loose myself because i feel that i need him and he loves to tell me i cant make it without him playing on my fears and esteem. i just wish i never met a sag male.

      Leo woman

  39. sigg8 September 14th, 2014

    hi,does this work if i(Sagittarius man) and a Leo woman are 15 years old? :p I am really interesedxD

  40. annmarie83 May 19th, 2014

    I am a leo W, and for the past 6months i have been seeing a sagg M. And i cannit begin to describe the feelings we have for one another. He is my soul mate. My one true love. We had both experienced awful relationships immediately previous to our new unified one, but this has not caused any problems in our relationship.
    I trust him completely, i know him inside and out, this is felt on both sides of the relationship. And as we are 30yrs old, we have learned enough about life, which has given us both the wisdom, and tolerance, to make our relationship a fantastic one!
    Also, patience, and clear communication is key, to ensure a harmonious partnership.
    He is my saviour, and i have said to him, on numerous occasions, that i never thought a man could love and adore me the way he does!
    I have accepted his tardiness, to where it is just an adorable trait. I am an acceptable person, which sometimes is my downfall, but, i always live by the saying ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’ and my sagg man loves this about me.
    It is a perfect union, and just wish we had met earlier in our lifes, so we didnt have to be put through s@#t by our exs, but, we have each other now. And thats all that matters!

    • Miss Cole April 11th, 2018

      I’m so excited I’m a Leo w, dating a Sagg man and it hasn’t been a week and my heart and mind is all over the place… I’m scared because I’m afraid of getting hurt..Then it’s like is this to good to be true??? Your post is so beautiful my love and blessings to you guys!

  41. Santanac123 April 12th, 2014

    I am a Leo and have been dating a sagg man for 8 years. Alot of this is true. he does have a temper which also makes me feel like he is controlling. I think his temper and his jelousy are the worst things about him. A temper is fine sometimes but when you are with someone constantly whom is constantly mad about something it tends to make you feel discouraged about the world also. All that being said i think i would spend the rest of my life with this man if it wasnt for our age difference tho. He is 20years older them me which I have never done before but it actually attracted me to him at first because he treated me like I was a godess and he still had lots of energy when we met. The sex was the best I ever had. But after almost 10 years of being together energy levels change. I am a Leo and that means family is the most important. So if you are a sag man in love with a Leo woman be prepared for family. That is our other big problem he doesn’t like my family and doesn’t really try to hide it either. But like most Leo relationships because we do have a flare for the dramatic we are brake up to make up and no man will ever court a leo woman alike a sagg.. I read Thea different site that if a man makes a mistack while courting the leo she will move on quickly. This is true for me anyways. I can find a flaw in the first hour of taking to most guys. But a sag They can break down our walls like nobody’s business. I love my sagg but for me I think I just need to find one my own age 🙂 happy hunting lol

  42. manjeetdeepak February 3rd, 2014

    I am a sag nd I love my leo gf very sincerely but one day I hurted her feeling by my mouth nd then she even not now for past 4 months she is not talking to me nd she is in love with a stupid cancer guy I really hate that fellow but I dont know how to forget her.  she loved me so much that even I had no comparing of my mothers love she is my sweet angel lekha plz come back I jst wamt u for life time I want to see her eyes kiss her cheeks hug her arms nd rest in her lap I love u lekha

    • Saggimale July 27th, 2018

      Find her and get her back!!!! she loves u deep down but u got to go all out and extra extra…. don’t u ever ever loose her….she’s good for you. Hope it all goes well….just dnt be a dick about it like going on posessive….strong suttle moves….leos like to be chased.

    • TRush September 5th, 2018

      Go get your woman! Don’t give up so easily!!

    • Deemy November 12th, 2018

      Go Get Her, She Fucking Loves You Deep Down. Leo’s Love A Chase! I Hope Your Together ❤️

  43. MissTuna December 24th, 2013

    Sagittarius, you know how to chase a lioness, and when the arrow hits- both can get addicted to eachother. Nothing else matters, not even if one of us is in a relationship or not. We just know. We just accept, we like to play with words, dance around eachother and just have fun. Thats how a relationship between us should be…if she is prepared to give her sagittarius space and if he is prepared to admire his lioness, it all goes naturaly and as return both gets lots of energy back. Thats my experience with two different sagitterius guys. I just love them. I don’t know for sure if i could have a relationship with one, but i do sure enjoy your company x  love, from another lioness 

  44. LilJamacia December 20th, 2013

    I always want to stay on top of things went looking up.a leo and sagitarius relationship. I am a LEO of course an and my boyfriend is a sagitarius we have been dating almost three months. Every comment i read is like what me and my boyfriend are the qualities we have. I my boyfriend was in a relationship for four years and then been single for a year. Our relationship is beautiful and i cant believe I told him I love him already. But he hasnt said it back yet? I cant lie sex is amazing but I have been holding back from bsing passionate 

  45. jakelibbeh September 2nd, 2013

    @Hourglass89 i know your pain the leo im madly in love with is 2 hours away i havent seen her in a month. 

  46. fulllove999 October 1st, 2012

    Leo and sag has pefect 5/9 connection

  47. RobSag July 12th, 2012

    I met a Leo woman in Benidorm a few weeks ago, she’s married with 3 kids, she was on a girls holiday and we ended up kissing, she was there for 3 nights and we got together each night and shared a kiss (Nothing more) since we’ve been back i’ve thort of her but dismissed it as i will never see her again, but yesterday i had a Friend request on Facebook, she’s found me and we’ve been messaging non stop, i get butterflys in my stomach every time i get a message, i know i cant have her and i know nothing will happen physically, but she’s one of 3 girls in my life to make me feel this way, im Sag and i’ve had many girlfriends, 3 at a time when i was younger, but never felt that feeling inside that just makes you smile when you think of them, im 33 and this leo is 43. After reading this i know she will be faitfull to her husband and i respect her more for this, i  wouldnd go through with anything physical cause she’s got a great family and looks so happy on her Facebook, but damm how she has made me feel is crazy! So crazy im googling it and actually commenting on this! Im just satisfying her lustrious needs, but for me i know i should just say dont message me cause i dont like feeling like this about someone i cant have, but i want to keep on texting her! madness!

  48. sag_rock June 16th, 2012

    Hello – For all Leo woman out here. Maself Sag guy born on Dec 4. Let me be very honest wid you – Sag guys are honest and love truth to the core. Even if it hurts them, they want to listen to only truth. Keep this in mind. Speak it out and they will love it.
    For Leo woman filled with pride (my wife is Leo) let me tell you, do not ever let your pride cost you your relationship with Sag man. He will love you, crave for you, die for you, do nethin for you that you cannot even dream of with any other zodiac sign men. He will bring entire world to your feet just becos he loves you….thats it.
    Do not hurt Sag man with your pride too much (as all Leo woman normally do). Remember this – Inspite of your hurtful comments and long lectures, scoldings he will still love you. But neday, netime if Sag feels thats it – this is the end. Then there is no turning back….no matter what you do you Leo woman, he will not turn back to you. I will Pledge this. Once Sag man makes up his mind that I cannot live with this Leo woman and decides to move-on….you better forget him, for Sag has already set his sight on farthest destination than you cannot even imagine…..you can only dream of holding him back….will he stop?? No Never.
    Be careful about this and do not show your too much pride to Sag man….I am only telling this to you all Leo woman so  you can preserve your relationship with your lovely sag guy (I know how much you love your guy 🙂 )
    All the Best…..
    Sag Male…always Loving!!

    • Deemy November 12th, 2018

      I Love You, Thank You For This. I Hurt My Sagan Recently Now He’s Just Doing His Own Thing. We Still Talk But The Efffort He Made Was Amazing Now It’s Not There I’m Learning Now. We Still Love Eachother Tho But Thank You So Much For This ❤️

    • Christine Lewis November 19th, 2019

      i cant see this being true he so contradictory. Breaks up with me everyday but then wants to fight me if he thinks i’m leaving him. And the day he wants me to go is when he thinks hes hurting me and putting me out so to say. I’m governed by a different set of rules then all of his family and friends. I don’t like it. he always think i’m going to go to another man when in fact he has turned me away from relationships. I really don’t want another man nor choose to be gay. He has drained my spirit with his lying and his controlling behavior. Sex is awesome but not worth the headache.

  49. luckylioness April 12th, 2012

    i am leo working women merried with sag man last 27years we have 2 grownup sons. and i am v much happy with sag.man.i truely believed that leo sag. match is one of d natural & best compb.loveing zodic among others. yes onething i experienced wid sag. man is that, sag man r freedomseeking & most wild wanders in dis world. they are funny but little violent in temperd. we both are tought fighter,hot argumental & not eaisly give up.my experience wid sag. man is that whatever we r doing it is extrem.like fighting, love sex .speacially till today i am enjoying great sex with my sag man.we both r romentic, strong hot & good stamina.our sex life is roking.yes there r some weakness is that they want maximum freedom & its v.hard tomake sag.to be comimit.they never want to commit eaisly. but once they committed than they are loyal to their partner. secoundly they are little flatrious in nature but only leo women has strong quality to keep sag. man under control.it is a fantastic life wid sag. man, we both r funny, travelers,& romentic. yes in some manners sag r tactless & foolished while lioness r smart intelligent & tactful. but our life is good because we both r enjoying maximum space & freedom. sag. man r always a good father also. he also give space to his childrens also. i think we hv megnetic attraction wiyh each others.ouris good chemistry.

  50. Slay March 17th, 2012

    Kelsehe sexual relationship between Leo woman and Sagittarius man is more of an Olympic event than just satisfying sex between two lovers. They love to show off to each other and get each other going. They show the freedom they desire to show and dare each other to exhibit more. they perform and nothing stands in their way, whether it is in the woods, at the poolside, in the back of a car or in the backyard. They are playful, physical, new, and tender and at the same time they are crazy for each other, untamed and naturally desire each other without abandon. There may be a problem when Sagittarius man becomes a bit too frank and it shows in Leo woman’s wounded ego. If this happens then she turns away and become else met dro….n we became homies by burnin, pregamin in the rain and chased that shit with orange juice.NowAshe sleepin in my bed

  51. annami February 16th, 2012

    I am a leo (29) woman in love with  \ ( ‘ _ ‘ ) / who is a Sag (31). My moon sign is Aries and his is Leo. Though I found out I can be a pain in relationships because I am hot headed and dominating: “that you may end up alone due to this reckless expression of your mood”, i want to give this a go. He is passionate, not cheesy, not overtly emotional, maybe moody at times but he tells me how he feels which is great. I am not very good at being intuitive with others’ feelings which is why I stay the hell away from water and earth signs. I am scared to verbalise how I feel for my Sadge lest he runs away and I sound too clingy. This has opened up so many creative opportunities for me to express myself. 

  52. Hourglass89 October 16th, 2011

    I’m a sagi and I recently reconnected with an old friend that I once shared feelings with and intimate times with. We deprecated for a few years, and I’ve become slightly successful. This girl has seen me at my worse, but never at my best. She’s recently started hanging out and going on dates with me, but I’m slightly worried what’s going to happen between us. We live 3 hours away, but I drive out to see her every chance I get, she is coming to visit me in a week and ive made plans for an astonishing weekend. I even built a custom flower set for her using very nice flowers, but I don’t feel like its gonna be enough. Anyone wanna offer some advice. It just seems like all my feelings for her have returned and intensified since we was last together.

  53. itshardbeingafox September 14th, 2011

    I have started dating my Sag guy and he couldn’t be more perfect for me. We met years ago and instantly noticed each other when I walked in. We became good friends since we were both in relationships. Finally 4 years later we are together and I may never date another sign. My best male friend is a Sag and now my boyfriend is too.

  54. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    @Victor i know yur pain as i red linda goodman’s love signs..must read-she says’its sagg man’s desire to die in leo woman’s arms’…i know becoz of my ex- sagg guy..but sorry baby, u guys r flirts, u wanna keep us at home, your queen but have fun outside..not allowed. dont waste your time, go for scoprio gals, she;l fill u more thaouh read linda to bed

  55. Sher March 2nd, 2011

    Am a leo woman & have date a Sagg for 7 years. We loved each other passionately, we supported each other & we were loyal to one another. He loved to make jokes & I thought he was quirky lol, but that’s what I loved about him, he was him & never tried to be someone he wasn’t. He was everything to me until he went away & met someone else. When I confronted him he said he never cheated. He came back & asked me for a second chance & I gave it to him because I loved him more than anything & I knew he was the one I wanted to be with. Yes am a bit hard-headed but he is very rude & will do stuff to piss me off & hurt my spirit. He then started seeing his co-worker, secretly texting & calling her. He became the biggest lier I had ever met & I couldn’t trust him anymore. He kept denying it although I had proof & then he asked me for space like I was the one cheating. So guys please don’t start saying that Sagg males dont lie & dont cheat. Leo women are strong, yes we are flirtatious as well & when we say no we mean it, but when we decide to love that one we give it all we’ve got, until we can’t give no more & end up getting hurt. If it works for most of you then cheers, but for those that don’t work out, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Go out & try other signs, you never know who you could end up with.

  56. L10N355 March 1st, 2011

    I’m a Leo woman happily married to a Sagg man for over 17 years. When we fight, my claws come out and his temper flares, but when we play, OMG, it’s heavenly. Two problems: I can be a drama queen and he likes to baby me…GRRR! He has always expressed his love for me and willingness to be my knight in shining armor and I’ll be there for him till the end – no matter what. To all of you Leo/Sagg couples, congrats! YOu’re in for a beautiful ride!

    • Deemy November 12th, 2018

      Awwwwww I Believe You ❤️

  57. Kiki February 5th, 2011

    i think that the 2 have to obtain there separate commas with eachother
    And know there boundaries. If not the Leo will not know who she is….

  58. MiiSS iiRENE DiiVA... January 28th, 2011


  59. Miss K January 16th, 2011

    I dated a Sagg male over 13 years ago. We completely enjoyed each other. Every trip, every intimate moment and every event we attended was intensified by the love and affection we had for one another. It ended for noble reasons, but now, 13 years later we’ve re-kindled the love that we once shared. He’s so perfect for me in my life right now. He’s attentive, loving, affectionate, passionate and a complete gentleman. The intimacy I have with him is magnified to where we can’t get enough of each other. Sex Marathons is what I call them, INSANE!

  60. jaide January 14th, 2011

    i am leo woman and i was dating a sag guy for almost a year, it was probably the best relationship if ever had because we connected instantly when we met.The only problem in the relationship was that he would joke alot with his female friends and i would get seriously jealous to the point where i had to break up with him.He tried to win me back by being more romantic and affectionate but at the time i had started dating someone else.During that relationship, all i did was compare and think about the sag. guy the whole relationship because i realized that sag. guy had loved only me and only me. so when that relationship ended i tried to work things out with the sag. guy but he wasnt as affectionate to me as much as he did when we were dating. I still wanna work things out with him because im in love him and i only want to be with him and i know he still feels that way with me.

  61. elenaleo January 10th, 2011

    i was dating a sag man even we lived together, but he was dating/ no sex/ he said i never will know why he did it. I left him. in 4 month later i met a business partner and he is a sag. i’m so happy for it. the best unit sag-man and leo-woman. Miracles!

  62. renne_pay January 5th, 2011

    In the past I have been with a sagg and he was the best. It ended because he was a littles jail bird. Anyway. About ten years later I have met a sagg and he’s cute,funny,tall and very blunt. He aske me on date and I’m nervous. I mean its been so long since I interacted with a sagg man iam a leo women. And I hope it works out, I mean he’s personality is amazing.idk any advice

  63. Victor December 27th, 2010

    I’m a sag man, and what I’ve read above is true. We don’t lie and hate being lied to. I’ve been dating a leo woman but she recently ended it with me. She says the sex is great and enjoys spending time with me,not really sure why she’s ended it. I’ve fallen hard for this woman and really don’t want another woman on the planet, she’s definately the one. She has been talking to me again and I hope she reconsiders and gives “us ” a chance. For all you sag men out there, Having a leo woman in your life has got to be the best match for any of us. And as I look back over my pas, Leo women are absolutely the best sexual partners for us. It’s like the ultimate competition to see who can please the other the most. It’s mind blowing!!! I’ll only date Leo’s for now on if she doesnt take me back.

    • Deemy November 12th, 2018

      I Love Hearing From The Sagg Man Point Of View Us Leo Really Love You Guys & You MUST Go Allllll Out To Get Her Back & That You Mean Business Trust Me I Love A Saggy Man & I Have To Teach Him Some Things Sometimes ❤️

  64. Lydia November 24th, 2010

    i recently met my sagg man.. he is everything i have dreamed of in a guy. he knows how to please me in nd out of the bedroom. we talk nd text all day nd everyday.. even when we are together we never run out of things to say. i will never lie to him cause im an hoenst girl nd i know he will be able to handle that. im falling for him hard but you have to take your time. i pray that he is the one i end up with in the end ♥

  65. Michelle October 24th, 2010

    Me and my sagg man have gotten into alot of dissagreements but they just keep getting worse. And I love him so much! When he’s wrong he doesn’t admit he’s wrong . Sometimes I become very distant and that starts a agreement ! 🙁

  66. Remy October 22nd, 2010

    i just met a sagi not to long ago an im catching feeling for him way to fast.He is amazing in bed and has the most gorgeous body ever.He is a major flirt and has had me waiting on him before.i have alot of pride and feel like we would never work in a relationship but i cant leave him alone..

  67. Candy September 16th, 2010

    I’m a Leo falling deep for Sagittarius. He has not stood me up. Infact he drives miles to come visit and play. I want to say this could be a good relationship. We have dated 2 months. He barked once, i’m sure i will eventually. We could very well complete each other. I’m excited and can’t wait! Girl, no one likes to be lied to. You treat how you would like to be treated. I think this goes both ways for these signs together. Awwww. I think the universe knows whats up. Good luck- All relationships take hard work. And they can also be lots and lots of fun. It’s what ever you make of it.

  68. Sirisia September 7th, 2010

    I am a Leo and I am deeply in-love with a Sag! Words can’t begin to explain the way I feel about this man. We clicked instantly and that’s what scares me. Things that have came so easily in my life have not always worked out so great. I pray on this union each and every night. May God continue to keep us. Right now that’s all I have. We’ve been in one disagreement and I pray it never happens again. That Sag has a temper on him. But, I guess I have to accept that if I want to be with him. I love that man…

  69. Tori August 17th, 2010

    Im A Leo Girl And i Have The Biggest Crush On This Sagg Boy ! We Text Now And Then i Been Knowing Him Sence 2nd Grade! Every Time iSee Him iJust Get So Happy ! He Is Very Funny Keeps Me Laughing & Loves Having Fun Just Like Me! Only Thnig Is… He Always Say He`s Going To Come And See Me And i Be Like Ok ! iWait And Wait & Ne Never Comess ! & That Really Just Turns Me Off ! To The Point iDont Want To Talk 2 Him No Moree ! It Makes It Seems Like He`s Lieing To Me ( & I Dont Like Liars ! )It Makes Me So Angry 🙁

    • wearegreat August 8th, 2018

      sound like movie story he will come he will come i wait wait but he never come so he was liar haha btw it was online date or real life date . did he commited relationship if no then you are the fool . sag once commit never break at any cost unless it online date haha sorry online date is not in our control

  70. oh August 15th, 2010

    its funny, most of the celebrities males i fancy were all sagittarius 😀 so now im thinking its a pattern 😀

  71. m816 August 11th, 2010

    🙂 i completely agree with this. my boyfriend’s a sag and he IS JUST AMAZING. it was like he was born for me or something. i dunno. haha

  72. Kevin July 13th, 2010

    To Maria,
    I am a Sagittarian man and have to say: Don’t lie to a sagi, they just can’t stand it. A sagittarian will not lie. Don’t know how you will get him back, if it was me, you wouldn’t.

  73. jackie July 2nd, 2010

    I am a Leo woman dating a Sagittarius man. We have been dating for awhile now and things are going really good, but he does have a hot temper when its just a little thing he is always the first one to leave, which is different to me because thats usually me. Although he is an amazing man, he can be very rude when he doesn’t think it through and it does hurt my feelings and kind of makes me feel uninterested in him. But i really do feel a deep connection with him that I never felt with anyone else. And I think we can work through anything.

    • ariesrule August 8th, 2018

      i am for you leave him and be with me i am aries more good then ur bt

  74. trudy February 20th, 2010

    yes, i met this great saggitarius he wants to date, we talk all the time by phone and email. he set up time to be with me however he never follow thru.

  75. Risha February 10th, 2010

    I met a Saggitarius man who says: “He wants to court me.” He has a well paying job and wants to take me places I have never been before. He is willing to take care of me and hopefully one day make me his wife.

  76. Maria May 20th, 2009

    What if the sagg man is mad at leo woman for lying to him multiple times? How does she fix this if he told her he didnt want to be a part of his life anymore while in argument?

    • Leo Woman June 26th, 2021

      She has to show him she is telling him the truth now and earn his trust. It will take time and work but for me doing the work for a Sagittarius being a Leo it is worth the work.

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