Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Scorpio woman and a Saggitarius man can have a rocky but stimulating relationship.
  • Scorpio woman can attract a Saggitarius man with her magnetic personality and passion.
  • Saggitarius man needs to be more tolerant and tender towards his Scorpio woman to have a long lasting relationship.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 89 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

The relationship of Scorpio and Sagittarius can be rocky but at the same time highly stimulating. Scorpio thoroughly enjoys the fresh air that Sagittarius breathes into the relationship. Life is always exciting for these lovers! Sagittarius considers Scorpio wise and appreciates the depth of perception Scorpio has.

A Sagittarius man is a very open and honest creature almost to a point of being too honest sometimes. He gears himself towards the truth almost every time even if it can hurt someone. He is an optimist and quite friendly and sees the hope in any situation no matter how terrible it may seem. To him, the process of being in love and losing that love is as natural as the test of time.

A Scorpio woman is a charismatic and glamorous woman, who can seduce almost any man on this earth with her single glance. The depth of her will and the grace of her persona are incomparable and definitely appreciable at all levels. Although she doesn’t care to be around people too much, Scorpio female is very confident in her decision making and never changes her mind once she has made it up. She is stubborn, jealous, suspicious and possessive; however, her ability to love has a deep desirous passion that is hard to keep away from and the man who gets it is definitely lucky.

Scorpio woman easily attracts the Sagittarius man with her magnetic personality and captures his heart in just a flash with her passion and intensity. These same raging feelings also trigger a devotion within her that makes him feel like there is no other woman on earth he could ever want to be with. There is higher tolerance in the relationship as well as an admiration for her and her strong character. The key for Sagittarius man to have a long lasting relationship with his Scorpio woman is tenderness. He can also show her that perhaps a little bit of jealousy is healthy in any relationship, but to bring everything and everyone down with the same antics time and time again just brings misery and unnecessary fear and suspicion. She has to take a bigger role in motivating him towards a good career move and help him discover his real potential to formulate things.

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In the beginning of the relationship, Sagittarius man makes his Scorpio woman feel the things she had never even dreamed of. It gives great push to their relationship but the flirtatious nature and positive energy flow of Sagittarius man irritates her and jealousy surfaces in long-term togetherness. He needs to support his Scorpio woman if he loves her at all and try not to be nonchalant about what she wants or needs. However, she can learn from him, and she knows exactly what she needs to learn as she can sense what he knows, she can be the better person for it. As far as their financial relationship is concerned, it is easily taken care of if dealt with from the very beginning. He tends to be a bit over the top with his purchases. But if he earns well, it won’t be much a problem for her.

As the passionate Scorpio woman and jolly Sagittarius man start accepting their differences to a level of appreciation, their love turns out to be a dazzling experience for both of them. Soon she starts understanding the dreams of her Sagittarius man; his nature expands to its highest level making him an enthusiastic and devoted mate. He also learns to make her feel loved and attended by spending more quality time with her. The honesty and loyalty of these two blushes to red and make them trust each other and feel comfortable even in the absence of their partner. With every passing moment their relationship becomes stronger and warmer with the soft colors of romance and jiggles of joy.

The sexual relationship between Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman is vastly different, but not necessarily in a bad way. He is a definite fire and she is passionate water and with some efforts they make a successful and gratifying sexual bond. Sagittarius man always tries new methods of love making which can be disappointing for the Scorpio woman sometimes but most of the time she welcomes them as it brings newness to her sexuality too. His fiery passion can sometimes come across as immature and idealistic whereas she wants the feel of a sacred and all consummating love between them. The weak areas in this bond occurs when he decides that it is a good time to bring up something that has been on his mind. But that might not be a good timing to her. This, in turn, causes her to do the same, but on a bad note. She turns cold and conjures up things in the past that he had done to hurt her causing any passion he did have to die out completely.

Although they are both such different creatures, Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman can learn to have a vivacious and colorful relationship with a little compromise from each of them. She can teach him self control — he needs to ground himself a bit more in his bouts of lashing out bad remarks toward her and hurting her feelings — and be able to show her that life doesn’t have to be so serious. She doesn’t appreciates him frolicking about the women as he flirts away and he does not tolerate too well her ties that want to bind him to her and only her. If he can be more tolerant to her feelings and go a bit out of his way to show her more love and tenderness, and she can perhaps not be such the jealous monster each time he may flirt a little here and there, they can learn to strengthen the bond between them.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Needs Work
Ask Oracle Rating: Good
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. JuLyXx T.D.A.P.S G August 9th, 2023

    Yo estoy con un chico Sagitario y yo una chica Escorpio!!! ¡Es increíble! Ambos nos amamos un montón :’3

  2. Joy May 26th, 2023

    Just met a Sag man that made me to feel all my “feels”. Bt all of a sudden, I got bored. All I want to do presently in my life is to love and to love until there is no more love to give out. Maybe that’s want he saw and appreciated. Bt his need for freedom is insane. He can leave me sitting alone for minutes when we go out. He is nonchanlant to my need. Our sex life is mind blowing bt I need more than this. I need a 100% commitment. And I got that from my ex virgo partner. I’m just unsure if this sag man is my dream come true.

    • Tanya September 16th, 2023

      I was with a Virgo for 22 years he was my soulmate.

  3. Tina August 2nd, 2022

    I’m a female Scorpio! Almost all Astro readings rate Scor and Sag very low rating and not so accurate reading. From my personal experience, I couldn’t find the truth in any of them, some facts here and there. This readying resonates exactly how I have experienced a relationship with Sag (male). Both of us fall at cusps 25 Oct, 25 Nov, and another coincidence is our names which I won’t mention here. This is the first and only Sag relationship I have had, and Sex is sizzling for me, I like to get in touch with his soul and that scared him the first time when I got intimate and after a deep passionate kiss looked him in the eyes, he threw me off asking what is this lol. Sexual exchange is powerful between Scorp and Sag unlike what Astro readings say. It is powerful, it is the best I have ever had, I can’t have it better really, I don’t want any other, this is what I want. Also intellectually we are so stimulating, I enjoy him and he enjoys my depth of perspective. They say Sag is commitment phobic, but he has been the most serious between us, he has brought up the issue of marriage so many times, it has been me who has teared up on the thought of it it has scared me, probably just seem to early to give up my freedom haha, but for him I ready to give it up. This was a distance relationship between two different countries but the same border, so traveling was 5 hours drive, he came to visit. COVID forced lockdown and as it continued we grew intolerant both of us, with life responsibilities pressing we couldn’t take it so thought it would be better to break off. And he normally calls big decisions, so he enabled it and I agreed. It has been 2.5 years but memories are still as fresh and I haven’t found closure, heart pains but God will prevail and I’m learning to surrender. He has started dating an Aries girl I recently learned from FB, and send him my best wishes so I can find release and move on, can’t wait at 33 anymore, need a life and a life-partner.

    • Kae March 17th, 2023

      I agree with everything youre saying, even though all the sites say sag and scorpio is not a match I dont believe it. I too have experienced exactly what you have. I am a Scorpio Woman as well but this Sag guy is so 😍😍. We cant take our hands off each other and he keeps me grounded in my emotions. Usually I run away and isolate myself but I want to be around him, comforted by him, held by him like no other man before. From the first night we met we have been inseparable since then and Im one who is independent and usually doesnt care for the opinions of men but he is a MAN like a real man. He is very protective of me, always so loving, he makes me food ( which I love) and he doesnt pressure me to be a traditional woman” even though I have the qualities. We have intellectual conversation and I feel like this is a true genuine connection. He also talks about us getting married and having children. Girl I say give it a second try with him that Aries girl will become a bore and you can swoop back in. Don’t give up and best wishes ( to both of us)

  4. T April 19th, 2022

    Im a sage guy since no one else is gonna say it i will i fall out with scorp women bcuz they freely waste money and they usually have male friends tucked away in the background who play their role. So i fall out with them not bcuz of that but bcuz they want to be the only sneaky ones in the relationship. Sagittarius come off as narcissist cuz we super smart. So ppl try to gaslight us bcuz they cant believe we are on the mark with our intuition. Scorpio women want to appear submissive while running the show that dont fly with me. Sagittarius men dont do one sided situations. So as a scorpio if you know your like this expect it to fail with us we not stupid. Just acknowledge that we are equals when it comes to clever and wittyness and everything will run smooth. Sagittrius likes things to be balanced if u on sum sneaky stuff dont call us on ours if u like to waste your money dont involve us in your matters to replenish your funds. Handle it yourself. Yes i have a free spirit but its not irresponsible its more free in the sense of getting up and doing whatever without putting too much thought into it. Or free as in getting along with diff caliburs of ppl not being directed how to behave so I can appease uppity ppl. Free as in no curfew thats why we usually alone. We allergic to the word curfew if we can have our freedom while with the scorpio we eventually cut that stuff out and see this women is trying to learn us. Then that gives us a reason to return the favor. We dont pry into other ppls biz so return the favor. We are affectionate soon as we meet but we aint give up our heart yet until we see we are understood 1st. Once we see that we put in the work to understand our mate. If this sound like chinese then a sagittarius wont work for you. We appear aloof but we are makin precise moves when ppl do stupid stuff we know we have blunt mouths so we stay silent and start moving funny… so learn us before you earn us…and we return the favor!!!

    • Ari May 1st, 2023

      I absolutely agree I am a Scorpio myself. I was with my son’s dad for almost close to 10 year’s. He has spent so much money on myself over the year’s before we had children. I had to learn to really sacrifice those thing’s I really didn’t have. Us scorpio woman we tend to attract men. For me the compatibility, the sex, the loneliness I felt with my Sagittarius man was just not enough. I felt like I was pleasing him but I wasn’t getting mine in. In my opinion Sagittarius are very argumentative. I do not like to argue and will definitely admit. It take’s a lot of compromising and communication to get a Scorpio woman and Sagittarius to really be that amazing couple. Everything isn’t a debate for me and I absolutely dislike my ex Sagittarius didn’t and still don’t understand this. Also have you ever tried to get a Sagittarius to admit there wrong doing. It’s an absolutely nightmare! See us Scorpio woman we can admit we sometimes go over that spending limit right. I am also a big believe in working together to compromise so I can communicate and possibly commit. I completely fell out of love with my Sagittarius. I wasn’t getting what I needed which was emotional support and good sex. I went year’s satisfying this man until I finally couldn’t do it. I felt bad for not telling him earlier on by listening to these young minded woman. Who would tell me not to leave cause he had his finances together. Whelp I did it left and still 15 year’s later he still sees hope in us. I just don’t believe Sagittarius men and Scorpio are a great fit. Us water sign’s need to stick with our compatibility and then fire sign’s should and would make a beautiful life with other firey signs.

  5. Helen December 12th, 2021

    Jenna this is not a star sign thing he is a cluster B pathological narcissist that’s what you have to focus on. People discuss these people on quora. YouTube. Research to empower. He’s not a mature man..he’s there to feed off you energetically and I know its hard but you need to fuk him off will look at pics of him years after when you are free and think he’s gross why was I interested in a weasle like him personality counts loads
    .hope you’re okay love..

  6. Jo Dominquez July 26th, 2021

    I am a Sagittarius man, I have been talking to a scorpio woman for a year. She is hot and cold we have a great time together and then pulls away for days or weeks at a time. She keeps coming back though. I am in my early 50’s she is in her early 20’s, 29 yrs gap. I really I adore her and when we are together she seems to be there. No is not money what she is after, I had proposed her to take care of her a couple of times and she rejects my help, as a Sagittarius I shower her with presents but she never asks for anything.

    • Sasha July 31st, 2021

      The pulling away is normal, she needs to feel like she is strong enough to do everything herself, don’t try to help or save her, she’ll do great alone, be her friend and listen to her, what she truly asks of you, instead of showing her your masculinity

  7. Jenna July 24th, 2021

    I met my sag boyfriend three years ago. It was instant charisma between us. We saw each other a few months and then I left. I called him within 3 months because I missed him desperately. He had missed me too. We moved in together and it was bliss at first then he became a narcissist who was emotionnally abusing me. He had me like a puppet. I got away freely but he beckoned me back and I went. One year later and I can’t seem to pull away from him. I cry all of the time and know this isn’t right. I love him so much yet despise him. I want it over but it grips me with pain and fear to even think of never seeing him again.

    • S July 28th, 2021

      Everything you are saying resonates completely with my past. I am a Scorpio and I dated a Sagittarius for two years. It was wonderful at first and then pure hell. It was scary to leave and the thought of it was unbearable at the time but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I encourage you to put you first and get out of that mess. You deserve better.

    • John July 31st, 2021

      I’m a Sag man myself and I can tell you this he’s not thinking about you the way you are about him esp the way you describe him he’s the worst of our kind. If you truly love yourself then delete delete delete his ass Sag only comeback if they feel like they can control the situation don’t let him. Hopefully you read this and your okay.

  8. Scorpio_sis July 1st, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio woman married to a Sag man. This article touches on a lot of our personality differences. The article touched on why I fell in love with him in the first place.
    We’ve been together long time (15+ yrs) and I love him to death but if I had to do it over, I probably wouldn’t. We have major differences in how we view or interpret everything. Small issues turn into huge issues because he tends to be nonchalant about everything that isn’t important to him.

    We’ve had some issues with trust and boundaries (that whole flirty thing of theirs) as well. It’s gotten better over the years but when I look back on how much work it took, it’s exhausting. As we’ve gotten older (in our 40s now), I’ve started to realize how totally different we are. Hubby is impulsive whereas I like to have a plan. Hubby is a social butterfly always wanting to be in the center of the action, I have a lower social battery.

    We’re learning to be accepting of each other and to compromise now, but we’ve had some challenges throughout the relationship.

  9. blingbling February 14th, 2021

    Feeling like home reading these Scorpio ladies’ comments. I’m also dating a Sag man (he is a Sag moon and Sag ascending so all these traits still sound so damn true). And I’m a Scorpio venus.

    We’ve only been together for several months now and it’s becoming more and more rocky for us to understand/ tolerate each other lol. Especially the flirty part and the commitment phobia from his side. And the trust issue and extremity from my side. Sounds like a disaster for these 2 opposite ends to come together.

    Ladies, how have you handled it? lol. Are there any forums for Scorpio woman / Sagittarius man for discussion and sharing?

    • scorpiowomenbyheart April 12th, 2021

      omg same. i’m dating a sag man and in the beginning, we were just friends, but i developed feelings before him and not telling him because i didn’t want to ruin our friendship. ( this was the first guy i ever had a real friendship where as if sex wasn’t an option, the friendship would still be strong) he then expressed his feelings for me because he was trying to make sure i wasn’t just a rebound or something just for fun. (i know, my heart cracked a little when i heard it too) but i understood it because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t wasting his or my time.

      so we was in this weird talking stage then i started to feel like i was wasting my time on someone who was unsure of his feelings; as soon as these thoughts processed through my head, he told me he loved me. i was in shock and confusion because i honestly believed this man can read my mind or something. lol our connection and the way they think are too alike and honestly thought this wasn’t real life.

      but i feel like he doesn’t fully understand my past, nor do i and i feel like that’s something that should be discussed some time in the relationship. however he has a tendency to act like his nonchalant jerk and act as if he doesn’t care and i know he does, but i prefer to actually hear and see it. i feel like it comes to a level of respect and the true understanding of loyalty and commitment.

    • Karie May 22nd, 2021

      Have any of you ladies researched Narcissistic Personality Disorder? If not, I highly recommend doing so and maybe you will get some answers to questions you’ve had for a long time. What was written in this article sounds exactly like my ex except he was a Virgo but the mentality part is 100% spot on. They all have the same play book, the same brain even. If you ladies are saying your significant other is like what’s in this article, research NPD… and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder …. Cluster B Personality Types.

  10. Lyl January 18th, 2021

    I’m also with a sag man for close to two years and I’m a Scorpio woman. Initially he is always a mystery to me which intrigues me. I’m always wondering what his free spirit is up to. I can’t read him and usually I am able to read people well. He seems aloof initially and doesn’t show his feelings always with straight face. And of cos the flirty part gets to me and he does it on purpose. He needs to be told that it’s hurting and he stopped. Sag man needs to be told what we like and don’t like. Slowly he let me into his world and though he doesn’t express himself, he do small little bits of actions that shows he cares. I never had a partner like that. My previous partners are Aries and virgo. While the Aries men are more expressive but does otherwise behind. Virgo men are more critical. Sag man shows his tenderness in a funny prancing manner. More tender in the way he treats me and lovely as time goes by. I’m pretty happy 😃 wish me luck

  11. Scorpiogal January 13th, 2021

    Since 6 years with my sagg man…lol this is so true. Challenging at first but if you keep going you’ll end up with a man that loves you forever and everything about you also the imperfections, the attitude, the jealousy, the getting mad for no reason. My man laughs about it and that makes me come back to the ground and realize that i was acting stupid.

    Our first problem was his flirty attitude. After i got mad plenty of times he did realize what makes me mad and sad. When he understood lets say after like a year he stopped. Now that we learned how to trust each other i dont care if he flirts a little here and there. Because its not always flirting its just that he is very open and friendly to strangers. Complete opposite of me. And a first impression of a sagg is just BOMB. Be happy that your man can make others feel good and special after 2 seconds thats something nice 🙂

  12. Joy January 8th, 2021

    I am a scorpio seeing a sag guy. It’s been a wonderful experience for both of us. He has told me severally that my ex must have been stupid to have let me go.

    And tells me how blessed he is to have found me.

    We’ve been together for some months now and our love is growing stronger. He tells me how he can’t wait I settle down with him.

    But the only problem I have with him is that most times, after agreeing with me on a subject, he goes on to do the opposite and then I feel disappointed and worry that I might not be able to trust him if he keeps doing this. And for me, being able to trust my partner is very important for my sanity as a scorpio lady.

    I’m hoping that this character is not common with sagittarius men and that my man gets to change from it overtime as he had promised me.

    Wish me luck 😃

    • J E January 16th, 2021

      It is a common character. I am a Sag and I can tell it’s that free spirit, let’s see what’s on the other side of that mountain spirit. You have to sit him down ( not sure how you’ve been seeing each but the also might scare him of if it’s early) and explain your concerns. ALWAYS be upfront and call it like it is. BUT don’t coral him , read or search Sagittarius attitudes and character.

  13. Scorpio Female January 4th, 2021

    I’ve been seeing a sag man for a few months now, and we’re as close as we can be i feel like he’s the one .

  14. Scorpiofemale December 11th, 2020

    I’m been seeing this Sag for a couple months. He got mad when I asked him if he was seeing other women. He said it was none of my business what he does in his personal life. Then I told him to stay away from me.

    If he apologizes i will forgive him, because he insulted me.

    • J E January 16th, 2021

      If you’re not boyfriend or girlfriend, you can’t ask what he does or who he sees. You’re trying to control him early in the relationship, you’ve probably already lost him .

  15. Mike July 4th, 2020

    I’ve been married to a Scorpio woman for 10 years and together 13. It was hard at first due to my mainly having female friends at first. Once she weeded out the real friends from the other with intentions, things got way better! Sex life probably kept us together during year 7 and part of 8. Communication and trust is key. I always say its how its said. You can’t come at someone crazy and get a crazy answer.

  16. Mimi April 21st, 2020

    Not a good couple in my opinion. Sag men are not the most transparent despite being very harsh when it comes to the truth and Scorpio women are suspicious by nature. Also Sag men have very frail egos that Scorpio women have to constantly feed. My parents were Sag/Scorpio and it was the nastiest relationship I’ve ever seen. It can work but only if both partners have great communication which is hard for every relationship.

  17. erica April 20th, 2020

    i have been with my Sag for 2 months now, and he definitely is a breath of fresh air, consistently open and honest. i am more reserved & it’s hard for me to open up. This has been a problem bc bc he wants me to show him my feelings. Sex is amazing! So much so that he wanted to tell me he loved me right after our 3rd time. Another thing that is a challenge is the fact he does like his space. He has said during the week we should focus on work & on weekends we can see each other. I am fine with it but I do wish he would text me more call me or just show more affection

  18. Keisha heywood February 6th, 2020

    I’m a Scorpio n my boyfriend is a Sagittarius we get along sometimes n we argue a lot I get fed up most of the time n threatened to leave but I love him a lot he tell me he love me almost everyday but personal time with him I hardly get sometimes we are together for 5 years we are both 25 living home n started reading of our signs n its making me think a lot or I’m starting to regret reading it.. But I think of my relationship alot

    • Ann-G December 28th, 2020

      I’m a Scorpio and my guy is a Sagittarius. We’ve known each other since we were 14 dated when we were in high school and been together off and on for almost 3 years. I say off and on cause we took a break for 3 month break after I found out he was cheating while carrying his child. It hurt a lot but I missed him so much . Our child was born in June of this year which brought us back together but I’m not gonna lie , its been tough but he’s been there for me in ways nobody has ever been.

  19. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Scorpio ladies, have fun but be careful of Sag men… they wander in many more ways than one. I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

  20. Malo August 23rd, 2019

    I’m a Scorpio woman dating a Sagittarius since April 2019 it’s now August we’ve been on Nd off because he likes to disappear for time to time to feel free im guessing but when we first started out it was unbelievable I’ve never felt some one be so genuinely them self with me it felt like I’ve known him for years called me everyday seen him everyday sleep on the phone even while at work but soon after I lost my job things started going down hill because I was pushing for support which I was getting Nd lashing out because of my stress which made him push back but even though I lash out he is still here loves my goofy bipolar self just not how he use to in my eyes we both have a lot going on Nd as a Scorpio I don’t open up as much as him Nd it cause him to be idk were weird but it works for me clearly 😊 sex Is like never a problem honey moon sex each and every time even if it’s a quick but he feels I use him for sex but honestly I’m just attracted to him that much

    • Tiara November 19th, 2019

      I’ve been dealing with a Sagittarius man as well off and on for the last few years he’d do the same thing to me as well but now he said he’s grown up and is better we shall see .

    • Tamara A Shende August 19th, 2020

      Goodness this sounds just like my Sag man and I! Been together since Sept 2019 on off on off… he gets so frustrated with me and then comes back. Ugh

  21. Queen May 9th, 2019

    I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve been in a relationship with a Sagittarius man for 5 months now. When we first met we connected instantly! We knew we wanted to build a life together and we moved in together after 1 month of dating! Everyone thought we were crazy but we didn’t care lol. As far as the bedroom… I’ve had sex before but I’ve never made love (passionate sex) until I met him. He makes me feel things I’ve never felt with anyone else. However, we do have some major ups and downs. When things are good we are like best friends who can’t stop touching each other lol. But when things are bad, it’s REALLY BAD! My two main issues with him are he can be a bit rude when he’s upset about something and he likes to gamble… a lot. For the past 2 two months we’ve done nothing but argue and makeup. He’s tried leaving, I’ve tried leaving and no matter what our relationship still doesn’t end. He thinks I’m crazy lol but in reality he admires my strength and discipline. A Sagittarius man can be a lot to handle and they’re not built for a weak woman. Compromising and understanding is a must for this bond to work. Also as the article states, you have to break your Sagittarius man’s bad habits in the beginning! Don’t wait months or years to tell him about the things that hurt you. As of now, my sag man is much nicer with his words when we argue and he’s hasn’t been gambling as much and spends more quality time at home. Yes, he’s extremely flirty and charming but underneath all of that he’s very loyal.

  22. lasagna January 2nd, 2019

    im (im a scorpio female) friends with a sagittarius male and i like him but im pretty sure he was into me but he stopped since he met my friend who is a capricorn female. usually we would hangout together and talk but he seems more interested in my friend who is a capricorn. i’ve tried everything to make him like me back but no hope 🙁 any help??

    • Nye February 10th, 2019

      I’m a Sagittarius black man and I’m with a Scorpio woman…we are super smart and know exactly what we’s not her he wants and knows you want him by now..we tend to bring the best or worse out of our woman whatever it takes and he either feels your doing too much or not enough.. Scorpio woman make the mistake of trying to be spot on and trust me it doesn’t work in your favor..he wants to make you jealous so you can just tell him the’s really that simple…we flirt with all woman and it means nothing towards you

      • Rhi April 26th, 2019

        Really is that true that y’all just want to make us jealous? Cause i have a sag male friend who used to show interest jn me first.. we were idk if we friends or in a relationship but im sure we weren’t only friends. He showed interest in me as far as he bought me gifts on Valentines and all..even when he couldnt see me for some long time, he’d always say he misses me..he went for school to another city for a while, after he came few months later he told me he likes a girl who was kind of friend and we’d hang out with our group of friends. I really hated it but i still listened to him talking about another girl. Its hurts tho, i didnt know what being heart broken means until when she rejected him few months later he said he likes my COUSIN f*@#$ man..he just said he likes my COUSIN who was one of my BESTEST*t it hurt so much. I didnt know what to do. I tried everyway…but it didnt work..i started to hate both of them..but at some points i couldnt hate my bff..she was my bff for so many years and i thought he really isnt worth it which he really making a lil bit jealous is ok but you cant just go that far..for f*@#$’s sake he just flirted with me for almost 2 years..i mean he could say it from the first..i wouldnt mind but i felt like a fool. I thought tk myself how stupid i was..he destroyed my belief in love, he hurt me so much that its hard for me to trust anybody now..he was such a jerk..and if any other man ( doesnt matger what sign) does that to someone, hes a jerk. A complete a**hole…like you cant just appear in someones life out of nowhere,make them fall in love witb you and when they’re finally ready you suddenly leave them all alone and gone forever…the saddest part i didnt tell him thst i felt for him but i always had this feeling he knew..and even when i asked him why he djd this..he wasnt even sorry. And the funniest part is he said ” i just want tk make friends”… FU make friends like that? With flirting and then you say youre only friends? Like i still hate him for what he did to me. Sorry for cursing, but idk…im angry, hear broken..everything at the same time..

  23. EC October 12th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio dating a sag man. we’ve been together for 6 months now. its really super insane roller coaster ride with a sag man. when its good, its effin bloody good. but when its bad, all hell’s loose. we’re in sort of a long distance right now so it has put shit tonnes bucket lot of toll on it. think twice before you get into a relationship w a sag man because once you’re in it, it’s very difficult for you to get out. I have never in my life tolerated another guy this much that it hurts me to be this tolerating. you feel as if you love him more than he loves you and probably this is why you feel as though you don’t have a say in the relationship. as a Scorpio woman, you feel as if you need to dominate in a relationship but if you’re with a sag man, dominating him is never in the picture. he will always wanna be the man of the relationship (100%). so please, give me any advice if you can. part of me just wants to give up so bad.

    • cc November 2nd, 2018

      Wow this is so true. My ex is a sag and our relationship was exactly like this. Us scorpios need to dominate and control the relationship in order to feel secure that the other person is for us and only us. Sag will not give this willingly and you never know on what terms you are with them. I always felt like we were on the edge of a breakup, or that he would go out and d something stupid. We try to control our men because we want him to only have his eyes on us… if you communicate this to sag he can provide it…. while he is around.

      But you are also right in that it is hard to get out of this relationship. Sag has a hold on scorpio, and you put up with so much just to try to win his love… because when it’s good, it oh so good! It’s weird because I don’t think this is the most powerful love I have felt for a man but i was the craziest over him. I would have done ANYTHING for this man and I can’t say that about my other exes (libra and pisces)

      If you love him very much, you need to give him his freedom. I could never do it…. but maybe you can. He never cheated, but he will talk to women because it is in his nature to be so outgoing, and sag has a very bright and sexy energy…. to everyone…. so very attractive women will talk to him!! But the weird thing about them is that if you fully believe him, he will not cheat. They believe highly in morals and what is good.

    • Joy January 8th, 2021

      Due to the write-ups online concerning scorpio and sag, I have be so distant but I threw caution to the wind some months ago and decided to date a sagittarius guy.

      It’s like the best decision I’ve ever taken in my life.

      Please ditch the sun sign compatibility because it is not 100 percent correct and focus on being the best for your partner.

      That is the only thing that can make any relationship work regardless of what the sun sign.

      NB: I found this link helpful and reassuring for me. I thought to share with you. Hope you find it helpful too. Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

  24. Peter October 11th, 2018

    I don’t know guys but not everything in zodiac signs is 100% correct , true or facts !
    I’m Sagittarius man and I really like a Scorpio women so much …. but every time i see the compatibility between us it’s makes me sad and when I compare it to all the responses her it’s different for the compatibility content up there
    So I have questions is it can work between a sag man and Scorpio woman in a last long relationship like marriage!?

  25. Deanna March 3rd, 2018

    I’m a,Scorpio female dating a Sagittarius male. So far everything is awesome. Just been 2 months. I’m crazy for him.

  26. ScorpioVenus February 26th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio woman dating a Sag man, we’ve been together for only 8 months. When we first started dating everything felt like a dream, we were the perfect match never had a fight for 3 months, that is until we had our first fight it was a snowball effect afterwards, we couldn’t seem to stop arguing about the smallest things, I’ve been going through a tough time in my life having constant anxiety attacks and lost my job, my life is a mess and he’s helped me tremendously. We’ve tried breaking up so many times I’ve lost count but the love he gives me is insane, he’s extremely caring, loyal and honest , he also has a lot of scorpio and Taurus in his chart which I think makes him a little more grounded and jealousy usually comes from his side. I’m the one always wanting to go out and talk to everyone and be social (probably because of my libra moon) while he prefers chilling with close friends, he’s an artist extremely invested in his work and I understand it’s his passion but it almost consumes him completely at times. When it comes to sex he’s hands down the best I’ve ever had and most of the time it’s how we try to fix our fights. We’re extremely alike and insanely passionate, he’s the only guy I ever thought about seriously getting married with, especially because I don’t really believe in marriage, he’s the closest thing to perfect I’ve come to know butttt he recently broke up with me (again) and this time feels different he has been distancing himself and i can feel him slowly detaching himself from me and my heart feels completely broken because just the thought of losing him for good gives me an immense amount of anxiety, I’ve attached to him and made a home in his heart but I also know that there’s no way we can stay together fighting the way we do, it gets crazy and we both have really bad tempers, I have no idea what to do I’ve never had a relationship like this before, with the most extreme highs and lows, I just want us to work out and be good for each other because I’ve seen what we’re capable of and it’s definitely out of this world

    (Sorry for the long ass story but this is my first ever online rant and probably the last)

    • juniperbean April 16th, 2018

      I hear you. Unfortunately, that’s the dynamic between water signs and fire signs, it seems

  27. Tonya November 14th, 2017

    Fire, very much in love. Sometimes to hot, 🔥 but this has been a almost 30 year friendship….soulmates, old souls

    • Karolina December 24th, 2017

      I so damn wish ( I’m a scorpio woman and literally have no friends whatsoever)

  28. Zainab August 14th, 2017

    A big Noooooooo…..

  29. Yomeris July 9th, 2017

    Hi, scopio woman who’s been dating a sag man for 8 years now and i would like to say that tbe issues that arise in this article are issues that didnt arise for us until we were 4 years into our relationship, but unfortunately, we have yet to fix them. He and I have had a lot of things happen between us that has strained and strengthened our relationship but sometimes i worry about how hard i have to work at this…and then hell show me some affection and ill be so completely in love. We are a mess. But i love my baby.

  30. Em June 29th, 2017

    I’ve been dating my scorpio/sagittarius guy for almost a year (it’ll be a year next week!) And he’s doing an over-nighter next week for our one year and we’re going on a lunch date and icecream and walking around town. Thing is, he’s super silly and never takes anything seriously – especially in bed – unless he’s extremely horny. Then he’s like a sex MACHINE. When I try to be seductive or anything like that, he just shoots me down and tells me to wait until we get in private. But it always takes me forever to get him in the mood. Not because he doesn’t want me or anything but because he has attention problems and is generally not as horny as I am. Thing is, i want to seduce him and make him want me so much that when we get home, he can’t take his hands off of me. How do I do that? I’m a Scorpio and he’s a scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. He’s a lot like sagittarius with some scorpio qualities.

    • J E January 16th, 2021

      Congrats on a year, it’s an accomplishment. I know this says 2018 and I hope it worked out. If you’re still together, and it’s been a year, you have to sit down, tell him your boundaries, and let him go. If he loves you, he will still be there, if he doesn’t he will disappear. BE UPFRONT. You can’t coral a Sagittarius, read their description.

      As far seduction , we love it when we are surprised and he woman takes control sexually, we love being seduced. Just plan the event , get creative, then do it!!!

  31. Jerica Smith May 6th, 2017

    I am a Scorpio female, madly in love with my sag man going on seven months. I’ve never been with anyone like him, his touch ignites a fire in me that I’ve never felt before. I can feel his energy and his passion through his kisses. He’s everything to me. It took a few bad disagreements to get here and we seriously almost killed each other. With my rage and his temper it got bad really quick but we were able to calm down after that and really have a serious discussion like two adults to settle our differences. I love him and he loves me so breaking up wasn’t even an option for us. He’s asked me to marry him and I’m afraid but I honestly can’t imagine being with someone else. This article was head on about the flirting thing too. He’s so fucking friendly… I hate it but he tries his best to reassure me that he wants no one else so I just shut my mouth. *rolls eyes discreetly*

    • Tracy Hayes June 26th, 2017

      I swear I am going thru the same thing for eight months now. We both have tried to walk away but this is some kind of magical bond. I am learning to chill out a little bit. I would love to exchange stories.
      [email protected]

      • jruiz1109 January 17th, 2018

        I can totally relate!
        Chill was something i never thought i could do, but ill do it for my Sagman. He’s brings me to another level of life.

    • jruiz1109 January 17th, 2018

      This is awesome!
      I feel like I wrote this myself. I’m glad I’m not alone. I have learned to shut my mouth and roll my eyes…lol
      In a good way, because as you know Scorpios can be very vocal. 😉
      Thanks for sharing

    • juniperbean April 16th, 2018

      This all seems to be a fire sign water sign dynamic. An intense combination, that requires a lot of investment to create success.

  32. Drea April 22nd, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve been knowing this sag for over 10 years now & he’s recently started flirting with me. At first I didn’t know how to react, although I’ve always found him very attractive. But I’ve shared so much with him about my last relationship, I felt kind of awkward. But the more I see him and briefly talk to him, the more I want him. I almost feel in love ?. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I did just come out of a relationship (after 13yrs) (I’ll never go back too), so I could just be horny??‍♀️ I really like him though. I get butterflies just thinking of him.

    • Karolina December 24th, 2017

      well he probably started flirting with you because he wanted you and now that you’re finally free….

  33. Blue April 17th, 2017

    Lmaooooo…omg! sounds so familiar. I was madly in love with a sag for 5 years, he was my best friend i could tell him anything however me being a scorpio my jealous nature and his “free spirit” caused fights lol scorpios and our mouths and sagittarius tempers are a bad combination to say the least. Needless to say sagittarius are my weekness and I’ve come to the realization I’ll forever be single as a result of it lol. Fyi im talking to a sagittarius now Lord help me!

    • Keeva October 30th, 2018

      What’s the verdict? Need an update.

  34. VALERY March 21st, 2017

    i`m a sag man currently in a relationship with a Scorpio lady, like seriously at times i feel she’s not giving in all her all. the truth is I’m deeply in-love with this angel, she’s my princess. i can’t say much about the future but i strongly believe time will play for our favor. we’ve being dating for four months now, another coincidence is our names; my VALERY and hers VALORINE , to me i know i gonna love this pretty to the moon she’s my besty…

    • Cheryl April 12th, 2017

      ?this is crazy…all his fantasy is about in love with him and he says he is too but find it very difficult for him to commit.Dont know if its because he once was there.Cant wait any more…think its time to move on…can be very frustrating and doesnt seem to understand your feelings only his.?

  35. D. February 6th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman, had a short lived affair with a Sag. I was in love with him and he told me he loved me too, but long story short. I caught him in a huge lie and I wanted nothing to do with him. He begged me to give him another chance, but every time i did, it’s like he didn’t appreciate it. I wanted him to win me back and it was like he would just take me for granted. I just couldn’t make it work with him. I just couldn’t trust him. Nothing he said was meant anything. I still have feeling for him, but I knew he would never change. Anyway, I recently found out on fb he got married, and i was with him only 3 months prior to that, so that tells me he was cheating the tire time he was asking for another chance. (It’s funny, but i noticed that there are so many single Sag’s on single sites. hmmmm i wonder why that is. I think they have a hard time committing.) It seems that every time i meet a guy, he’s always a Sag. Ugh. It never works out with them. My ex husband was a Sag. he gave up on our marriage. An ex-boyfriend, also gave up on us, he changed his mind about moving to AZ with me. Recently a nice guy I had a brief encounter with, suddenly stopped speaking to me. Later when he had the nerve to talk to me and apologize, he told me he hadn’t gotten over a friend, that btw, was never a girlfriend, that was a friend of his 30 years earlier. Like, Really??? I’m so sick of meeting Sag’s. Oh, I just met another Sag. I’m not sure…

    • v February 18th, 2017

      Saggitarius gyus are not trustworthy…………..m crying for him from last 4 months daily, he was married, he promised me he will marry me as he wants to give divorce to his wife from so long, he called my parents also n told them he will marry me, i was in USA that time, then i came back to inida, few months he continued with me, then one day he left me without saying anything…………n m here crying alone, praying to god that please tell him that i still love him,..No one can understand my pain, no one…………..still m writing here.

  36. Sag+Scorp January 2nd, 2017

    I’m a sag male and I’m in a relationship with Scorpio female. All I can say is that it’s all I could ever want. Life is filled with colors. We have a great understanding and love is absolutely great. We have up’s and down’s but at the end we love each other crazy!!! We have this crazy attraction that is out of this world. Believe it or not, Scorpio goes with better with Sagittarius than any other sign in the zodiac, all you need is a little understanding and compromise. Not to mention, Scorpio and Sagittarius are the 2 strongest and most powerful signs in the zodiac.

    • Karolina December 24th, 2017

      Ugh.. I wish

  37. sumon21 July 29th, 2016

    I am a sag male been on a relationship with a scorpio girl for few months, I  have to say there was noone like her who terns me on like a fire. we had understanding and great attraction towards each other but the intensity was so great that we got careless to our basic job towords life. when i have to be on the force of my life it seems like she kinda odd frequency for me and my luck is not so much fevouring with her, i want to fly free with her but there is so much pressur in the relationship to continue and blocking both of our life path. i followed my intution and broke up for no reason and yes, she is there, after that leaving her happy life with her family 🙂 … me ? I took my college got drunk, smoke weed completed degree then found a pices girl from my childhood circle in fb, she loves me so much and the relationship was so fast and compromising with her, i thought of marriage tried to give my every bit of time to her as she told me to she will adjust anything for me even in physical matter as she is not that kinda excitable like me in that department. I was so deep in love that i just ignored the whole reality tried to do anything to keep the relationship going but atlast everything is god’s will. I’m irregular in texting her, already flirted with many girls before and told her something rude..  I lied about my job status at the beginning of our relationship thought that it did not matter atlast as i was planning to do something else in my life but is she so fragile inside that she made a mess thought of me as a playboy cheater.. and we are through, I tried to explain but it’s just irritating to her and she has not that belief to continue with me.. Only I felt deep inside what I knew or what I felt about her.. ultimately everything is for the better and good for everybody and we take a part to someone’s life for a lesson to that person and also something for us.. yeah..this is life 🙂 

  38. sagiman79 January 4th, 2014

    @Sweety I can relate im a sag and women would flirt with me. I wouldn’t flirt back  (out of respect for my at that time girlfriend) wouldn’t shut them down either. After they said there piece I would say im involved and im happy, ive never cheated on my wife but the way i would interact with women made her jealous I wasnt trying to be but it happened.  Now im working to show her she’s all the woman I need a prove that I can be me again. I kinda lost my way but never stepped out on her

  39. sagiman79 January 4th, 2014

    Im a sag I met my scorpio in 95 when we were kids. Now we are married and I still love her from that day I told her I love you….all those years ago I was 17.we have a 13  year old a 9 year old I have to admit I lost sight of some things.  I forgot to be a friend instead of a husband.We are still together 2years of marriage. It was rough for us both but ive made changes and god will see us through. Im deeply in love with her and cant imagine my life with out her we had problems on both ends .ive never cheated but she things I did other than that we good and trying to build a strong lasting meaningful relationship/marriage.  I wish all of you the best

  40. [email protected] November 24th, 2013

    hey there i met a sag in october its now november i like him to much. sometimes feel like we dont spend enough time anyore because he goes to college and is working. but i also dont want to have sex with him yet because i feel like he doesnt want a relationship and i dont want to be his fuck buddie untill he decides to make me wifey….. .     what the hell do i do?  everytime i c him i just want to ride his dick hes to cute to nice to me and says the right things all the time i need your help ladies wat do i do?

    • v February 18th, 2017

      NO NO……….MY ADVISE

    • Lyric Martin April 16th, 2017

      Lmao girl! I met this sag lastnight. We go to the same college. I’ve been stalking him on social media for weeks and finally he come and sits next to me at this ball and tells me to bring my friends and come turn up with him afterwards. I did. I ended up staying the night with him. I made my friend give me a pep talk first bc I didn’t wanna have sex with him and ruin our potential, but damn he is a good ass kisser. Idk how long I can hold out ? Hang in there!

  41. Memoyah November 7th, 2013

    I just met a Sag 2 weeks before in my work place,,, I know stupid. Anyway at first we were just casually talking now & then, but I don’t know what attracted  me about his presence! He is just so manly adorable & I very much enjoy talking with him & I can sense that he really cares about me! 
    Im trying to slow down… Ugh relationship..? Between us but I think he wants to know what is this called
    I really like it when he smile,,, it makes my day! And the way he flirt with me is soooo cute!
    it’s very risky to make a relationship in the same work place, and other reason is he is from another country..
    I don’t care about he’s nationality it doesn’t matter, however I’m afraid my family won’t accept him

    • v February 18th, 2017


      • shiladitya September 22nd, 2019

        hey v,girl i see your post i felt really sorry for u but pls dont give up ur hapineess and hope …

  42. rossibob April 8th, 2013

    hi i am a scorpio woman,with a sag male. he is a true sag,we been together for 2 yrs now,not living together yet,but we will withot a doubt.the chemistry between us is electric,he only has to look at me and omg, its amazing,its the same for him,we so tune in to each other. we get on most of time but he does so like to talk,h always up beat and happy,i make him happy, very spontaneous and easy going ,and bubbly,i never met a man like him,he,s mine and im keeping him.we been travelling last year,and he going to china in oct to work for a while,o im going to,try stopping me.when we met he bought me a drink in the pub,lunch time,2 oclock and we left the pub 9.30 that night,we knew then what we got was amazing,he can be a pain but so can i,im a true scorpio,i attract men very easily i feel them watchin me, nd if they get chance to speak to me they do,but in commited to andy for rest of me life,and he to me,how cool is that

  43. scorpio_86 January 27th, 2013

    I am a scorpio woman, and a TRUE scorp with my sun, mercury, venus all scorpio. My husband is saggitarius and a very TRUE sag also with his sun and mercury in saggie. The first night i met him we hit it off instantly, he was in the army and deployed to overseas for 6 months a week after we met, he would call and e-mail everyday. When he came back we spent 5 days together, having now spent a total of 5 days and been on 2 dates and i moved interstate to be with him and we moved in together. Everyone said we were crazy, we were both 22 at the time but we knew, the first few months we lived together we fought constantly there were arguemenst and makeup sex everyday! Then on our first year anniversary, having lived together for 6 months and that’s all-he proposed and now we have been together 4 years and married for just over 18 months. The sagittarius man is very different and a bit complex in their own carefree way i think, but it’s a perfect compliment to themore pessimistic, serious nature of the scorpio. I think it’s a great combination and ive never been happier!

  44. Ginskie32 January 26th, 2013

    I’m A Scorpio Woman and my husband is Sagittarious! Weve’d been Married already for 6 Yrs now and Counting! and still very happy and so much inlove! First year of marriage is kinda tough but we made it.

  45. scorpiosj October 27th, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio Woman and was with a Sag man for 2 years. The first time I met him, I fell hard for him. We just clicked. He took me to an italian restaurant and we watched a movie. Honestly, I wanted to jump into bed with him the first night, but I controlled myself. :p When we first had sex, it wasn’t great. But, he learned and it was amazing. He was the first person to make me climax. He was always eager to have sex with me. He loved to explore too. We went to a clothing optional retreat. We travelled together everywhere. He was always willing to be a ear for me. He always wanted to take care of me, even to this day if I need any help or money he gives it to me. He motivated me to be my best. He always believed in me. Initially I was jealous, but I figured out I could trust him (it helped his friends crazy girlfriend had a big mouth and would tell me everything), so I never worried about him cheating. The reason we broke up was because he didn’t want to make a commitment. After 2 years, he still couldn’t decide if he wanted to marry me. He kep telling me to wait. I realized now, 2 years after we broke up, that he really didn’t love me. He just got comfortable having me around. He cared about me, but not love. It hurt me after we broke up how quickly he got rid of our things. He also would never invite me any of his special events. He also never posted pictures of us together. His family liked me, but it seemed like they encouraged him not to be with me. He was Persian and his family expected him to marry Persian. We are still good friends, but we will never get back together. It makes me sad that I saw us being together forever, but he didn’t. We did have sex after we broke up, but it wasn’t the same. He still eagerly wants to have sex with me, but he hurt me so I get disgusted with him.

  46. LightEyes August 20th, 2012

    i recently just ended a relationship with a Leo man..after the breakup his cousin decided it was the perfect time to confess his attraction to me..funny thing is I always had the same strong could feel it Everytime we looked at Eachother! just a sexual attraction that was very strongweapon after his confession we ended up sleeping together! the sex was insane! it was mind blowing..we were so connected so into Eachother that we couldn’t stop makilivedoved that night! I loved every second but now we are left having to keep it a secret bc if my ex (also his cousin) finds out it will be drama! so we’ve been keeping it a secret but we can’t stay away from eachother..we have this strong craving for one another && it’s so sexy! I don’t know where our relationship will go but I will always remember this beautiful Sagittarius man! 

  47. johnhere September 23rd, 2011

    Im a Sagittarius Male. I met a scorpion girl through social network. We talked a lot over phone, then she interested in me and in my work. I’m 28 she is 21. At first she said she loves me, I rejected because our religion are different. We lived in India, here mostly arrange marrage will happens, within the same religion. I said if our parent accepted I can marry. She was crazy about me, always wants to go outside with me. I tried to convice her a lot but nothing happened i changed. I started to love her, I brought her to my home and my parents also liked her. she helped me a lot in my work. We made lots of great works together and it was a great time for us. Sometimes she says “I am a good person, she never deserves me. For me a nice girl is good and all..” she was little crazy, always says something crazy. but i loved her. she is studing Postgraduation Now what happend is she got new crazy friends like her, so she wants to do all crazy things like to smoke cigarate, drinks, weed…. Im really worried about her and I said you can just try it but dont do it always. I gave lots of freedom to her. but she wants to be single and realised I will get hurt of her if i marry her. she asked me to better brake up. I tried a lot to convince her. but her decesion is very strong. I know she still loves me. But now we just broke up. She wont come back again. If I calls her she just avoid me.. So I dont like to call her.

  48. Lynze March 22nd, 2011

    Well i met this guy at a funeral thought he was hot which was a month ago and he came over yesterday and i think we hit it off and think he might think were together but he never said anything about that part im scorpio and hes sag. Could he maybe think were together?

  49. molly March 10th, 2011

    i am a scorp female and ive been on and off with my sag guy for 11 years…ya. we are finally in it to win it. its obvious weve had ups and downs but what we have is honest, real, and that allows us to grow together.

  50. girlygirl March 3rd, 2011

    I am scorpio female dating a sag male and I have to say that he is a ball of fun, very outgoing and he brings out the best in me. He is honest and I value his opinion but, the flirting may get on my nerves. I am the jealous type but, so far so good. He hasn’t yet given me reason to be jealous but it has only been 4 mos. We are moving in together monday so we’ll see how it goes. I’m real nervous, but I love him because he is so easy to love.

  51. Sweety December 31st, 2010

    Well, this article is very very accurate….this sag guy has asked me out, and from what i know of him, he’s very honest about his past as well as outlook to things….he’s extremely faithful but tends to be a little carefree and too fun loving at times which makes me highly jealous as i am a scorpio woman…..i don’t know if things will work out for us in the long run or not but fingers crossed…..!

  52. Zohrab September 5th, 2010

    I am sag man and i m in relationship with a scorpio woman, we are good in relationship but she likes sex more then me,but when i ignore her she become melt like fire into ice, hahah any wyz i like her because she is very much romantic and sincere and loving, but i dislikes her because she is very much jealous and it is very necessary to hold her fingure always. scorpio women always left behind never take step forword in any case in any matter in any problem she just wait

  53. Alexxx August 23rd, 2010

    Im a scorp lady, been wit my Sag male for 3 years…… sex is amazing… was dificult in the begining but after comprimses and a lot of love we worrrrrrk things out 😀

  54. bitchcake May 6th, 2010

    I know of a Sag male who is just like this !!! I am a scorp woman and i do frequently want to rip his head off……but hes so damn cute 🙂

  55. Nicole February 15th, 2010

    From what I have read, if your birthdate is close to the beginning or end of another sign, the “cusp”, then you can share traits from both yours and the other.

  56. Zaafar January 17th, 2010

    I’m a guy and I was born in November 22. Technicaly I’m a sagittarious but I think I could have some Scorpio in me since the date is so close to Scorpio. I’m very loving and have very strong feelings in my relationships but I am also very easy going. I’m not at all promiscuous and I know it’s very wrong. I don’t flirt with many girls and I am a one-woman man.
    Could someone have two signs or am I just imagining things?

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