Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

The case of Scorpio and Sagittarius is of two side-by-side signs with just opposite elements and with two very different ways of expressing love, trying to relate. The result can be awkward and a little messy, but can certainly work with awareness and understanding if Scorpio becomes less suspicious and Sagittarius becomes more responsible.

Scorpio man is a superhuman being with a blend of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that is challenging to avoid. His mind is sharp, critical, cautious and skeptical making him unique and interesting. Scorpio man likes his freedom and independence but is not really much of a social butterfly. He can read others avidly and without trying but still has a suspicious and possessive attitude that is not always easy to appease. Once the Scorpio man is sure of his woman’s loyalty, she can cherish it to the end of time. He does not believe in infidelity and as long as his woman continues to believe the same, he is hers forever.

Sagittarius woman is a very open and adventurous lady. Although she is extremely optimistic she blatantly come right out and be brutally honest with anyone that she comes into contact with whether they ask for it or not. She is not one to sit in a corner nor is she about to stay home when there is so much out there to be experienced. Sagittarius woman is highly passionate about the things she loves and that include her family, loved ones around her and her man. She needs a lover who can tolerate her outgoing nature as well as be calloused enough to deal with her cut-throat advice.

Sagittarius woman is highly independent and adventure oriented lady with her wings always soaring high. She can be an excellent friend for the Scorpio man but not a woman to have him if she does not become somewhat stable. This is not a problem for her to do, however, if he knows when to give her the space she deserves. Sagittarius woman can be a great companion especially when Scorpio man wants to take a new decision or out of the box idea. Everything from new ideas to new destinations, appeal her. She is not a person who can take domination and nagging easily. She is highly independent and such attitude of Scorpio man can make her deeply upset. But such small reasons are much easily appeased when honest communication is utilized. Anything more, is a huge hindering on their relationship and there is no compromise when trying to fuse the two.

This relationship needs some work to keep it positive. Scorpio man is not one to possess neither a woman lover who likes to leave his side frequently nor does he allows his Sagittarius woman to cut into him whenever she feels the need to do so. This, alone, can end a budding romance that has not even had the chance to get off the ground. Scorpio man needs to really control his possessiveness toward his Sagittarius woman and let her discover whatever it is that she feels the need to discover out there in the world. They need to straight up with each other and know that communication is the key. If it bothers him that much that she needs to explore her independence from time to time, the best thing they can do is talk about it. If they can somehow reveal the reason for their problems and they can work them out, it is the best thing for them.

It is a gorgeous pleasant surprise for both of them to be in such a relationship which has so much to do with. Sagittarius woman gets on with sharing of ideas and adventures, charming her Scorpio man with her wonderful conversation. She teaches her Scorpio man to become more open minded and tolerant of people. She helps him to experience something he has never experienced before, a free spirit. As the relationship progresses, the Scorpio man decreases the anxiety in his Sagittarius woman, by helping her to understand the realities of world. It helps her to feel more mature about who she is. He also helps her become less of a worry wart. As the love grows with the blessings of time, they continue to live in peace and prosper in their oneness that they admire.

The initial sexual bond of Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman is intense and highly fascinating. Sagittarius woman is blunt as to what she wants and Scorpio man’s desire is intensified as a result of her fire and open passion. Her sexual expression turns him on far more than anything he had experienced before and as a result increases the intensity and elusive levels of affection and sensuality of the Scorpio man. Sagittarius woman heightens her arousal for him causing an explosive bond that is unprecedented. She should be careful in being too frank, however, and try to keep to herself in criticizing him too much. With such remarks during their connection on a sexual level, his sensitivity can be hurt causing him to back away from her. This can make the Sagittarius woman jealous or suspicious of her man’s lack of affection for her and may even accuse him of infidelity. She is not one to hold back when angered. She accuses him even if she knows deep in her heart that he is as loyal to her as she is honest and blunt with him. So to avoid such circumstances Sagittarius woman is needed to be verbally soft and make their love making an exotic experience.

After arguments arise, the Sagittarius woman is less apt to deal with the consequences of being separated as she is such the social butterfly. Scorpio man, on the other hand, is used to it. He is also able to easily read his Sagittarius woman and knows that it is just a matter of time before she swallows her pride and comes back to him. She is always willing to make amends as long as her Scorpio man listens. As far as the financial aspects of their relationship, there is none. Neither Scorpio man nor Sagittarius woman should even bring up the subject. Keep things separate and leave it at that, plain and simple. The connection between these two is not easily maintained unless they both work at it. If the desire is strong enough and they can make it work they are able to strive toward anything and be successful at it.

  1. 🦂 February 22nd, 2023

    As a Scorpio man who doesn’t get jealous I can tell you why. We feel like “the man” when we have a loyal and honest feminine beauty. We love to see other men jealous of us! We love when our woman puts on a sexy sundress and rocks it through a crowd. We love when other men and women stare at her and say to themselves, “how did he get her?” It comes from a mindset of abundance and takes time to fully appreciate. One of favorite things is to watch my Sag woman turn down men in front of me. I feel like a God!

  2. EP October 12th, 2021

    I’m a dead-ringer Sag Female and was married for 13 years to a Scorpio. It was awesome initially but he was super jealous and flaked out on me when I needed him the most…kids, support for the family and we were both working. Before I knew it everything was up to me. I was the breadwinner and Mommy and Daddy and he even got jealous when I had to take on a second job because it took time away from him…AND because it was freaking fun job. He wanted fun but cut himself off from it, thinking he was more mature or something. He also got jealous when I decided to quit drinking as I needed to go to meetings. He wanted me home and assumed I was having an affair. That sealed the deal on the marriage and I had to leave. Years later I’ve learned that the difference with a Scorpio that I can get along with or not is the depth of how comfortable they are in their OWN SKIN. My ex was definitely not. he was a powerhouse but wimped out on even having a dog as it was too unpredictable. My new man is a blast as he is so suited up as a Scorpio, knows his powers and admits his weaknesses and doesn’t fake anything like my ex had to in order to keep up appearances. The confidence factor is a big thing to look for ladies!!! Age 61, from my experience 🙂

  3. Louise October 10th, 2021

    I’m not sure why but, my scorpion man doesn’t seem to get jealous nor does he get possessive at all. I’m not really complaining.. however sometimes do wonder why not a little jealous ? Not the crazy kind of jealous but when other men try give me so much attention he acts as if it doesn’t bother him at all. My friends say that he is just hiding jealousy from me. Idk ? Doesn’t everyone have a little bit of jealousness in them ? People tell me i need to back away from him and not be sharing every little thing with him…. then that will change. Yes , I get jealous some times. I use not, but we were spending intimate nights together every single night to slowly not being intimate maybe 3 to 4 times a month ?? Why ??? He has just different excuses.

    • Scorpio11 January 19th, 2022

      A common factor amongst us Scorpios is our possessive side, we ourselves are not big fans of it, and it’s a well known fact that Sagittarius women value their freedom, so we fear that becoming possessive will scare them off. He’s trying not to scare you off, make no mistake he is jealous, best to talk to him about it directly, you’d be surprised how much he’ll open up.

      • Scorpio sun / Sagittarius moon March 25th, 2022

        Exactly! Scorpios are aware that are traits aren’t positive.. we are always trying to hide or control or emotions. If he seems super distant or even ignoring situations that should make him jealous .. well I promise he is jealous. If you admit to feeling jealous sometimes I’m sure he will reciprocate and open up as well. It’s all about getting them to drop their ego and feel safe and loved for being their true selves

    • IG April 1st, 2022

      He cheating I’m with a Scorpio man right now and the traits described are so true he’s sensitive as shit jealous as hell very possessive I can’t go nowhere but to work without him and then he on my phone til I clock in. This will burn an establishment to the ground before he let another man say anything to me.

  4. Nayeli July 13th, 2021

    I’m a Sag women dating a Scorpio, hard for me to read him yet to determine if there’s hope for our love interest. The connection is definitely there, but his possessiveness & jealousy makes it a little challenging. I guess only time will tell if this will last and flourish into something so beautiful or so ugly.

  5. Sadiiq November 5th, 2020

    Honestly I searched this because I always got similar issues as stated in this tale with my sagittarius woman and we both seems like we can’t let each other go apart cause we feel like we can’t find partner like us. We have never ever loved someone like we love ourselves,but this issue of possession and adventure is the problem. Out of option always and it sucks…

    • Coco smiles April 24th, 2021

      Hi Sadiq it’s now april 2021 are the 2 of you still together and if so how are things going. I’m a Sagittarius woman with a scorpio man and trying to learn how he may be deep inside without asking, so I can get a leg up on our growth.. I’m kinda at at a wall.. IDK

      • dr_khan4u May 5th, 2021

        hey @Coco smiles
        I’m also a Scorpio men with sagitarrius wom an, what you want to know about the characters? follow me on Instagram ~ drkhan_4u

    • Carol June 10th, 2021

      As a Sagittarius woman I disagree with Scorpios possessiveness. I personally loved it. I felt so loved and I knew deep in my heart it was because he loved me. I never felt restricted by him. The only thing I am afraid of is the part where is says Scorpios have no purpose with a Sagittarius as we are blunt with our feelings and emotions, there’s nothing to figure out with us. We tell you what you feel. Is this boring or does this lead a Scorpio to want out? The sex was mind blowing. I do agree that Scorpio teaches the sag woman to be more responsible and tactful. The communication is a tough part for sure.

  6. Jessica Wolff December 23rd, 2019

    Andra not sure what the hell you are talking about. All my ex’s were Cancers and they are a horrible match for the Sag woman. They all cheat and are liars. Cancer and Sag are a horrible mix. I’m loving my Scorpio so very much. Ladies do not listen to her please. Cancers are just that…. CANCER!!!!

    • Sadiiq November 5th, 2020

      The relationship between scorpio man and sagittarius woman is 100% strong and the both gonna love to the core and may end up confessing they have never felt loved like the way they feel together but the problem comes when the two birds wanna act to their almighty God’s creation. The nature @Jessica wolff

  7. Andra March 4th, 2019

    it is an ill fated relation as the Scorpio men have an above average sex drive and generally seem interested in their personal satisfacion, though curious about the world as long as they get their money they are very shallow and do not want to be included in groups, sadly they do not make great fathers either always acting too mysterious and awkwardly putting people off I would highly recommend a Cancer for the Saggi woman even if they get each other partially he will never cheat whereas Scorpio will

    • Moe June 7th, 2019

      Scorpio men are most faithful of all signs
      What are you talking about
      You cannot generalize from one bad exp

    • ScorpionDeathLock September 12th, 2019

      Scorpios never cheat. Loyal to the bone.

    • Yogesh September 18th, 2020

      Are you alright. Scorpion are the one of the honest and loyal one please keep your suggestions to yourself and don’t give wrong information.

  8. Gem October 5th, 2018

    I am a Sagittarius woman and my bf is scorpio. they got the intellect, compassion, and weirdness of personality right, but he is the complete OPPOSITE of not wanting attention! He’s always saying hilarious stuff that sometimes annoys the people around us and constantly begging for attention, and even though I feel like this should be really irritating, I can’t help but laugh hysterically at whatever he’s saying. He’s super sweet and always looking out for me, and although sometimes I worry about other girls flirting with him, he proves again and again that I have no reason to be nervous about him straying. I am super in love with him and I hope that we can continue to grow closer as a couple

    • Cici March 17th, 2019

      They start off very nice like that and end up being manipulative.

  9. Blurp September 2nd, 2018

    I burst out laughing reading this because my Scorpio bf isn’t super intellectual or critical or skeptical. He is honestly a weirdo but he’s adorkable and I’m happy being with him.

  10. Em July 23rd, 2018

    Im a Sag girl with a Scorpio man. They stare a lot. Like just stare at me all day all night. Studying me and analysing. He looks at me so sharp with those eyes that he can see my soul. Unfortunately he wont find any secrets because i have none haha.
    Yes the sex is awesome. He gets aroused very easily if i touch him or kiss him or if he touches me i get very turned on. We always end up making love. Then he cooks something and feeds me. I go out shopping and i end up buying something for him. I like showering him with gifts because i like giving. We both talk about conspiracies and aliens. We can talk for hours, make love for hours, and we can look at each other all day without saying a word.

    The downside is he has a strange somewhat negative view of the world and i always try to make him see both sides. I try to teach him but he doesnt like being taught, he has an ego problem. He confuses me and he drives me nuts because he takes forever. Im fast. I wanna do 10 things at the same and i always achieve my goals at the end of the day. But he can be lazy, not as determined and messy. I tell him to do something and he takes hours or probably years to get motivated. I can focus on so many things where as he is fixed on me. He just focuses on one thing He thinks im too dramatic and harsh with words especially when im angry. But i always end up running back to him and he is always waiting for me.
    I think he loves me but has a hard time saying how he feels. But i know he does in the way we kiss.
    I hope we stay together. If it means i have to fight the world or fight my demons to get to him. I will.
    I hope he will do the same.

  11. Saggirl June 20th, 2018

    I(5th dec)recently have a crush on scorpio man(26th oct), but i was afraid of him, he look so cold-hearted.

  12. Christina March 9th, 2018

    I need help. I’m a sag, I’ve been with a Scorpio man for almost 3 years. When we met, I was a tramp and I told him that so he knew what he was getting into.
    But I was only 22 at the time and I was.really messed up i.d never had anyone truly love me and had grown up on the street and with dirtnags, while he had morals and values I didn’t know the diff.

    He was madly in love with me. And I cheated on him. A bunch of times. He gave me everything and I was so unable to love and ignorant and selfish I didn’t value it or even know how to i thought I did. I cried and I went on about how screwed up he was when he’s treat me so bad and id tell him how much I loved him as I believed i did.

    I was also a heroin addict when we met. And during the course of “us” I went downhill. He’s 55 years old also so he’s very sharp. He pleaded and begged me to stop it, to choose HIM. He couldn’t control his anger at me. He waited over a year and then he started to get cold. Well, I’ve now been off the heroin only 5 months. And we are still together, he tells me he will love me now and in the afterlife. He wants to spend his life with me. But the passion, the attraction, want,desire he intensely had for me, seems to be gone!! He says that’s not true or that im crazy. But that’s why I fell in love with him to begin with!! Now, it’s gone. He’s rather wait til I’m gone and watch porn alone than be with me. I understand his “tool” isn’t working at full capacity like was, but to go from the man who Needed only me, wanted only me, all the time. To trying get me out of the he can be alone all along acting oblivious to what he’s doing, I can’t handle it! I know I hurt him very very badly. I feel like I took his soul I hate it and now I HATE CHEATERS and would Never ever do that to him again. I drive him crazy every day now freaking out about the way he acts and avoids me and that doesn’t help things a lot. And yea he lies a lot dumb things. Sometimes I think what if he’s getting revenge on me subconsciously? He says he isn’t. And it’s been 2 years since he changed but I want the man I fell in love with i want that spark in his eyes back!!

    Anybody have any suggestions? I know I’m very lucky he still loves me after I did what I did to him
    My email address is

  13. nonie January 26th, 2018

    I met this scopio man im a sag woman.everything describe about him its so true.Loyalty being very important to him and he got to tell he was not in a relationship and not looking for either.but somehow he have this “vibe ’til whenever thing”.theres this enormous energy i feel with him,i cant describe open and adventourous and hes reserved and studies me.all he would say is that he respects me and that he is not with anyone.i feel something strong for him but i wanna be chilled and let him the same hes a very chilled person i know he wont.he confuses me.i just feel he will leave me hurt.

  14. LovemyscorpioSaggal January 19th, 2018

    Hey all, I read through the comments and saw some good but also some bad. Just wanted to reassure anyone who stumbles across this post- true love between a sag woman and scorpio man IS INDEED POSSIBLE! And oh so worth it!! I’m a sag woman December 8th birthday, (I don’t like the hoopla about the oculus-whatever I’m a sag.) fit all the typical sag traits. My first love was a Capricorn- it was amazing at first, he took me on adventurous dates. It wasn’t until we lived together I saw and was disgusted by his huge EGO oh my god he was so entirely self-absorbed to the point he thought he himself was a gift to all of society! And he wasn’t even that attractive or as wonderful as he thought- constantly talking himself up. Forbid me to have any friends that didn’t also think he was amazing. I strayed as sag’s do when we feel trapped and cheated and left him, I couldn’t take it and thought that was how commitment was I wanted no part of it. Time passed and I lived it up in my early 20s (was with the crapricorn from 18-20) parties and hopping single life wanted nooo commitment and ran from anyone that tried. THEN. Out of no where one of my mutual friends of my ex who I hadn’t seen in awhile was out at the bar I was at. He was always very quiet among our friend group (we all went to the same college) and I never paid him much attention as I was with my ex, and he suddenly took interest in me and fireworks went off. His eyes, theeee most intense eyes. Love making was out of this world amazing- I had been with other men after my ex and NONE compared to this scorpio. We started our very intense courtship, he was very quiet and reserved and mysterious. I questioned and quizzed him like a cop and eventually he cracked and let me in. Best. Thing. I ever did. I had grown tired of my single life and quickly fell hard for him. He was always honest with me and told me he had fallen too. We moved in together. I will say we have had our fair share of arguments-he can be very possessive and I can be careless with finances but COMMUNICATON is key! If you want to solve any issues with your scorpio don’t dance around the subjects be up front and talk it out-even if at first they don’t want to. You have to work to make this work. But like the post says with the blessings of time it CAN and DOES. We have been married for 10 years now!!! Have two beautiful children, a house in the woods, and a love that we built up to be unbreakable now. And I’m so happy I never once thought about cheating on him, and I’m secure he wouldn’t cheat on me. I still can’t manage our finances but he can’t deal with other parents and the social obligations that come with our kids-we make it work! Play up each other’s strengths and don’t dwell on the weaknesses. Also travel together when you can!! Sag women need to travel and the scorpio man delights in making you happy. Just wanted to let people know this pairing can work, but you have to work at it-time is key and also that you are ready to settle down. I love my scorpio!! 💗

    • Mauricio August 4th, 2018

      This is very encouraging for me a Scorpio man looking to meet a Sagittaruis woman.

  15. Destinee D. August 15th, 2017

    I came here because , I met a friend which he is a male Scorpio and been known him for a total of 3days now and he tells me how much he likes me thinks how beautiful I am . I told him flat out that right now I am not in a relationship but , in a complicated situation still living with my EX !! He knows and tell me he reads me knows that I’m being fully honest !! We have been seeing each other a lot texting and long phone conversations !! We can’t go without talking and I feel the intensely energy between us. He also , does things to test my honesty and loyalty !! I feel soon he will be very jealous he makes remarks calling my Ex my man out of nowhere which is frustrating !! I’m hard for him more and more everyday !! I know soon he’ll go in his disappearing stages but , just hope I don’t get hurt in the end.

  16. Keilah c. August 7th, 2017

    I love my Scorpio man so much ! ^•^ we had a rough start him being too suspicious less trusting, with being patient and understanding, I get to know him better and he changed from this bad man to a good one. He even admitted he changed all because of me. 🙂 and the risk is worth it! In the end he is more loving than I am! 🙂 <3 success lies in patience for sags!

    • Tamara Ball October 23rd, 2017

      Really how did he start off because I just start dating one in July at times I get confused cause he don’t respond to me

  17. trish August 4th, 2017

    I was married to a Scorpio…2nd marriage for 10 yrs…but rocky….he was ALWAYS suspicious of me…I worked hard but he was the one jealous….cheated on me…. good worker…and now successful and married now since 82, that’s 19, for you youngins! He married a employee he hired (virgo) and they have been together well… oh, one never knows!

  18. Brandy June 26th, 2017

    I’m a Sagittarius and the guy I feel like I’m in love with is a Scorpio

    I’m 19 and he’s 24. We met my first year of college and it’s been a roller coaster ever since. He was the first to tell me he wanted more from our relationship but it didn’t show because he would disappear for weeks then would pop back up when he felt like it. It would annoy me because I felt like he was playing games with me and he lied to begin with.

    His words never matched his actions. By then it was too late though. I had already fell deeply for him so even though I would be mad for him not coming around when I wanted him to I couldn’t help but smile and be affectionate when I finally did get to see him

    Even after that I still had my doubts about him wanting to be with me. He still did the same things so one day I decided to have a long talk with him and asked him did he see his self with me and was it because I was younger than him and he let me know my age wasn’t a problem and he did see his self with me but he wanted to “find” his self which I was all for but in return I told him we couldn’t continue to have sex because I get too emotional and he agreed

    Maybe a few days later he calls me to come over and I tell him he doesn’t deserve to see me and that he knows we’re not having sex because he can’t handle everything that comes with me and he goes on saying he wants all that comes with me (which I feel is a lie)

    Long story short I didn’t go see him. After that we didn’t talk and it was a few weeks before the end of the semester so when I went home I didn’t let him know what day I was leaving or anything so a few days later while I was home he randomly calls and asked where I was and gets upset that I didn’t tell him I left and hangs up on me mid sentence

    After that I felt bad because I did miss him but I felt like the feeling wasn’t mutual. I called him a few days later and just asked him how he was doing and we just had a friendly conversation.

    I texted him for Father’s Day bc he has a son but that’s about it. We haven’t communicated much at all this summer and it’s mainly me who always calling and texting him so I decided to just leave him alone even though it hurts a lot because I think of him everyday.

    Deep down I just wan to know if his words were ever true but I’m not sure how I’m going to get those answers and even if I do…. will I believe him. Idk what to do

    • Cherry July 12th, 2017

      Omg…..this sounds like my life. Im a sagittarius women and fell in love with a scorpio boy…. Let it go….. If its meant to be it will be… Dont force it….dont waste time… I invested my entire 20s in a in and out relationship. I regret that to this day.

    • Kacy December 12th, 2017

      Are you from Kansas? Let me know please.. I have the same experience

    • Kacy December 12th, 2017

      Brandy are you from Canada? How old his son? Reply me.. please. I have the same experience

  19. Jacqueline May 31st, 2017

    OMG you guys! Candice I hear your pain! I have been in a wonderful relationship wth the most enduring, magnetic, fantastic, dynamic scorpio. I love him so much and he is perfect in so many ways. He is protective and I feel completely safe with him. He has a fantastic relationship with my son and he is a great pro vider BUT he is very very very jealous and possessive. My life is a cage. I have no wings and I just went FULL SAGI on him this weekend. I took off and went to a party without him. Both of us were invited to it by our band members but he felt so insecure around them because they were guys, he didn want to go. I was just so fed up with having no friends or being allowed to go anywhere or do anything that I just went off on him. He gave me an ultimatum that if I went to the party he would move out and I would never see him again. He pays for eveything and our bills are huge. I went to the party. He was gone when I got home. I was so angry and hurt that he didn’t understand my need for friends and independance. He went out and had sex with someone the next night. The next day I was so destroyed by him leaving and I missed him horribly. I love him so much but this is a huge problem. After the storm passed and everything cleared, we both were in tremendous pain. We cried and cried together over it all. We say how our relationship had gone off course and certain issues need to be resolved. So, he has moved out but we still love each other and have the most amazing friendship. So we are working through our problems. He is giving me my freedom. I know this is so hard for him, but he is looking at his insecurities and I am exploring my freedom. I hope that it works out. He is super cut up over me going to the party. He sees it as a betrayal. I see his one night stand as his need to feel justified in his revenge. I forgive him. I can see his side of things as long as he can see mine and we can move forward. I really hope that we can. I love his desire and passion but I do not want to be suffocated and caged by it.

    • Amit Kumar June 11th, 2017

      Being a Scorpio I can tell you one thing, you’ve lost his trust. Something that you should’ve talked out with him, you walked out on it. Scorpio are too experienced to know that once a thing is done, there are more chances of it being repeated than otherwise. It doesn’t have to be necessarily true in all the cases but Scorpio don’t take chances in love. Not so easily. You’ve failed to set the right precedence. I’m not saying that you are a bad person or you did something wrong but you’ve definitely made your Scorpio suspect you even more. Very few can make a comeback from where you’re stuck.

      • oveanblue June 15th, 2017

        Wow! Thanks for your knowledge. I have a new Scorpio friend and Iam going to have deep under standing of him. I would never go out to a club without my man. Iam a sag. This is like days new. Thanks.

  20. chriss May 30th, 2017

    funny thing is i cant see at all the jealous or possessives in my scorpio man…the fackt is i feel his emotions are hidden from me…im nomore sure does he love me…im the one who shows hugs, kisses im the one who is telling him how much i love him…first he said and also showed me deep love and i was in heaven i have to like pray for touch and that makes me very upset and makes me feel my heart is getting broken..what the heck i do ..leave or stay

    • Amit Kumar June 11th, 2017

      Talk to your Scorpio. Scorpio will always give you the true feedback if you assure them off genuinely being concerned and willing to take the truth in good spirit.

    • oveanblue June 15th, 2017

      Wow! Thanks for your knowledge. I have a new Scorpio friend and Iam going to have deep under standing of him. I would never go out to a club without my man. Iam a sag. This is like days new. Thanks.

  21. Candice May 24th, 2017

    I’m a Sag woman living and in a relationship with a Scorpion man, it’s difficult. We met when i was in the height of my social life. I was free as a bird… and now i’m caged like a bird. He doesn’t even allow me to go to out for more than 20 mins. I’ve had jealous and possessive boyfriends before but this is just insane. What’s worse is he accuses me of being jealous and at times i am but he the master at it.

    • oveanblue June 15th, 2017

      He’s not your zodiac match.
      It will never flourish.
      He is your opposite.
      Sorry I’ve been their.
      I’ll never date a Scorpio man again
      Iam very wise Iam 53.
      Aim for Aries. ???

  22. Bobbi May 4th, 2017

    I’m a sag woman and went out with this Scorpio man a few times. He’s nice but always texting me and asking me what I’m annoying. He’s also had the nerve to invite himself to my place a few times and I told him no… I want to get rid of him. I told him I am no longer interested in in dating or going out. He was like, “oh yeah I know school and work comes first. I will see you next week”. Wtf? No! I could go “full Sagittarius” on him, but that would hurt his feelings.

  23. Marco May 2nd, 2017

    This is very true in my relationship with my love we may be different but at the end of the day I love her and will be there for her.

  24. Ariel April 18th, 2017

    I’m 24 and I’ve been in love with a Scorpio man since I was 16.Our relationship is so unstable.We shouldn’t be together but we love each other.Its crazy but true I fell in love with him at 16,18,20 and 23.Each stage of my life his love has been a driving force.

  25. Carla Daniels April 11th, 2017

    My husband and I read this and couldn’t believe how true it actually was! We are totally opposite and our relationship is sometimes a war zone! But at the end of the day we’re still each other bestfriend

  26. Danny March 15th, 2017

    I am Scorpio and she is Sag. This is completely our story. Everything is so true. We been married for two years but sometimes situations go out of control. I really love her so much. But sometimes her nature of being “Butterfly” and The way she mix up with other people gets me into fear of loosing her. I know I am wrong here otherwise as per our signs we should have been separated long long time ago. I really want to go to end with her but many times things are not smooth between us and I hate it the most. I have tried many times to change myself but I failed. I am still trying but I know I will break down again.

    • oveanblue June 15th, 2017

      I’ve read that every zodiac has a combat ability sign that matches

      The Scorpio compatibility is Nobody.

  27. Brandon January 3rd, 2017

    God Bless You. Them you for sharing. Everything will be okay, Brother. The Gods will not let you down.

  28. Dmarko January 5th, 2016

    Kind of you to say, appreciate you.

  29. J3g12 December 31st, 2015

    Hey… That is one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever heard. I’m a Sag lady and have never been acknowledged as that bird as I should be. That girl should appreciate that you know her. Wow!!!

  30. Dmarko November 26th, 2015

    Scorp, ascending to Phoenix. I will never be a Phoenex however. If I claimed to be one that would prohibit me from exploring and learning. I would become lazy with content so I will continue to pursue the next level everyday I’m here on earth. I can’t speak for the young scorps on this page but they are in need of some humble pie.
    I absolutely adore the female Sagittarius in my life. She is inspirational on all levels, motivating me to be a better person every day. I met her 10 years ago. I was 24 she was 18. Fell in love w her and her Scorpio daughter who was 8 months old at the time (her birthday is a day before mine). We worked together and were friends first. Everyday I could see the pain in her eyes, swollen from crying the night before. Finally I asked her “why are you so upset all the time? Your too beautiful to be this upset”. She explained to me she was in an abusive relationship with the sperm donor and so I offered her a place to stay to get away from the horrible situation she was in. I slept on the couch and gave the two of them my room. I was working multiple jobs at the time and was never home so it was perfect for them and I respected her space completely as I just wanted her to feel safe. Although I was very attracted to her, I never let her know. It was more important to me that she felt comfortable with out any pressures from me or anyone for that matter and to regain her health. Couple of months there after she approached me over margaritas she made and it was over after that. The fire was ignited and there was no turning back. We both really appreciated each other’s presence and adored each other completely. Since our foundation was built on friendship respect was always first. I thrived in owning the responsibilities of becoming a father. I was challenged. Maintaining this beautiful relationship with her and being a father at the same time brought the best out in me as pressure often does.  We were together for two years before our first real fight. We had relocated back to the city from where we had met in the mountains and we’re living with her mother. Her mother was with a man whom was completely out of control. He despised me because I was working, bringing home money and food for the family as a whole while he sat on his ass. We were just trying to save up so we can get our own place. One night he insulted the spaghetti dinner that she made for us all and I couldn’t stand for it.  I defended her and he hated me ever since then.  He hated the fact that I stood up to him and challenged him in his own home even though he was bringing nothing to the table. A few weeks later we got into an argument and he sucker punched me, kicked me it was basically the first time I ever got beat up. After I was assaulted I turned to my girlfriend and I asked her to call the police.  She didn’t do so because her mother told her not to, so she didn’t. Looking back I feel bad putting her in a position to have to choose between her mother and I, nevertheless I felt betrayed. The distance started to grow  between us after that I resented her for not choosing me. It was one of the most selfish and devastating things I ever could’ve done to this sensitive Sagittarius. The space grew and grew and about the five-year marker  she said she wanted to take a vacation and go back home for a while. Of course I agreed.  I thought the space would be good for us. She came back two weeks later and said she was moving back home it was the hardest thing for me to deal with.  I packed them up and moved my family back into the mountains and stayed in the city. She said that she was living with a friend up there except it was harder and harder for me to get a hold of her. So one day I reached out to her friend and her friend told me that she hadn’t seen her in three months. I finally got a hold of her, told her that I spoke to her friend and at that time she admitted to me that she was living with another man up there, I  was devastated. Then she changed her number and nothing but silence for four months. I never felt so bad in my life to be without them both was like being away from the sun, think about never feeling the warmth of it’s rays, always being cold. That’s what it was like for me. When I finally was able to sleep my dreams owned me. I continued with what I need to do kept putting 1 foot in front of the other and eventually I had to just get angry about the situation because if not I just would be sad forever I felt like so I told myself I hated her and not long thereafter I found the didn’t feel any pain anymore I was over it. Literally within days of this she showed back up with my daughter in her arms. Of course I took them back I was so happy to just be in their presence and I miss them so much but her and I never resolve that issue we just pretend like it never happened and I started to resent her again. She’s great to me for another four years but I just was so afraid to love her in the way that I wanted I was afraid of being betrayed again. I held back and didn’t give her what she deserved the biggest mistake of my life ultimately she ended up feeling invisible to me the love of her life, how selfish of me. Then in a freak accident I broke both my legs and she was there for me, she took such great care of me. I was unable to get off of the couch for two months all she did was love me, everything that you can think of she did for me and I brought up when she left me last. Stung her again bad, really bad. I seen the pain in her face. I was hurting this sag the women I love so much. I realized how selfish I had been all those years and decided immediately that I was gonna change to be a better person. That I was gonna love her without fear and made the adjustments immediately. As soon as I started walking I got two jobs and went to work trying to provide as much financial stability I could.  Understanding that that’s where most of her stress came from as I was out of work for two months, unable to work. . Unfortunately as the gods would have it I was too late she was already disconnected I had no idea I just felt like something wasn’t right you can’t hurt a Sagittarius like that and expect them to be loyal. That a huge mistake on my part. Then I caught her cheating on me and it was over in a flash all of a sudden all the efforts i made weren’t aclmowleged and didn’t matter I  let us die in those years of nothingness. We were apart and got back together briefly of course we are immediately sexual and it was off the charts like it always had been our sex life has always been non comparable to any person I’ve ever been involved with. The passion is too deep and unparallel. Then she told me we were moving too fast and that the pain was so much that she didn’t know if she could over come it. That’s when I knew that my stinger was still in her even though I had made the adjustments. She couldn’t open up to me she didn’t trust me and why should she? She then said that she loved me but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to be involved with me if she couldn’t be 100% in it because I deserve nothing less. She expressed to me that she knows what it felt like to have nothing and sit with somebody on the same couch and she couldn’t do that with me as that what I did to her. Her blunt directness was cold but never needed more I appreciated her honesty, she asked me for space. I know now that I was addicted to the emotional attachment but that was selfish of me. A relationship is so much more than that and I wasn’t giving her what she needed you put any flower in a dark room and any light weather be good or bad light will attract that flower and that was inevitable.  I did this to myself and was just as responsible as she was for where we are at now. We are apart now and I think about her more times in the day than I can count. I love her so much I miss her so much I’m still in contact with my daughter but all I see is her through her it’s the toughest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life. Take it from me Scorpios, selfishness is not the way to go. I had it right because I’m from a house full of women so  know how to respect and treat her but it takes more than just knowledge it takes daily effort and you must forgive to stay open. She craves and deserves that attention. I can attest that this relationship was something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and probably will never experienced anything like it again. She is the love of my life and I truly feel my soulmate. I just have to sit and wait and hope that she can heal enough to trust me again. Prepare myself, for if there is another chapter to this love story, I will love her like I’m going to lose her. She will never be in question of my loyalty, companionship, friendship or love ever again. It’s a promise that I made to myself that I fully intend to keep. Should the Gods bless me again. If they don’t, then it would’ve been the hardest lesson I’ve ever learned. I will never forget her, or the way we laughed. Most of all the way we loved. The only way this relationship can ever work between a Sagittarius and Scorpio is if they are both givers along with the never-ending pursuit for ultimate closeness through communication.  Understanding one another and being each other’s strengths where there are weaknesses. This balance and trust beyond the word trust is key. With this game plan the two can reach the stars and beyond I know that for a fact. Don’t claim a Sagittarius for your own Scorpio she’s a bird and she can only be acknowledged for her beauty while she’s in flight.  Cage her up and watch her die, don’t be so selfish and let her fly. I don’t know where my story will end but I know when my life truly started. The day I met her. I have lost my best friend. I hope she finds me, the real me, un afraid to love her whole heartedly and unconditionally as she deserves.  
    I love you 11/29,

    • Melrose December 3rd, 2021

      @Dmarko it’s been 6 years since you posted about your relationship.. any updates?
      I hope you’ve found happiness. 💕

  31. PleasurablePisces November 15th, 2014

    Ike and Tina were a Scorpio/Sagittarius couple….. that’s enough for me…

  32. Stazzyboo November 10th, 2014

    I am Sag woman and although this recap covered a lot of my qualities I more evolved than this break down. For one I would never cheat, I am as loyal as it comes, I don’t even look at a man in wrong way when I am in a relationship. I am brutally honest but I learned I should hold my tongue back or show what I need through actions. Cheating for me is the ultimate deal breaker, I am currently interested in a Scorpio man so it makes me feel better they are as loyal as I am. This did give me insight on how to behave or not to with a Scorpio, I will be more careful with what I say. I am a very affection woman and I think I will actually love the possessive nature, I like when my man shows me I am his world.
    My ex was the opposite of that (he was a cancer), he wouldn’t even kiss me in public or in front of people so women would always think he is single and he would accuse me of cheating even though he was the one who behaved like a cheater. The Scorpio I am currently interested in has been a friend for a while but I had to stop seeing him because my ex was convinced the guy was in love with me, I am pretty sure he was but I never looked at him as anything other than a friend; my ex jealous got really ugly to the point where it because uncomfortable seeing the Scorpio so I severed ties since I was loyal to my partner.
    When I became single last year he was in a relationship and now we are both single so I messaged him on FB and we started to chat but he goes on it maybe once a week so it will be a few days till I hear another reply back. I am going to ask him for update cell# and suggest to meet for drinks over next message.
    I am setting no expectations but we share the same genuine kind nature, I just love his energy as I am sure he does mine. Looking back now the guy was totally hitting on me every time I saw him but I didn’t realize it until I severed our friendship. Last time he saw me I lost some 60 pounds, now I regained it plus some extra. However he has seen me at my worst weight before and flirted so I am hoping it won’t be a set back. I do have cut hair now and dress oober chic and he was seen my in my pajamas with make up down my face looking like a slob and he didn’t seem to care. Anyway we will see where this goes…

  33. debra-garcia September 6th, 2014

    My girlfriend is a saggittarious and we’ve been going out for a couple months now.She is somebody that takes my breath away everytime I’m with her.We get along so well and love the way she makes me feel. She makes me want to be a better man towards her and honestly that has never happened before.Well tonight she has accused me of not paying attention to her,so we argued about it and tried to talk about,but we ended up insulting eachother. Little does she know that I’m a bit of a workaholic and busy trying to make better living so we can be comfortable together but instead she thinks I’m probably paying attention to somebody else.Well anyways I really wish it does work cause I do love her so I’m gonna be patient.

  34. 456123 August 17th, 2014

    scopio fuck bed. connection amazing when one. scorpio man cancer woman. pisces scorpio. really carring outgoing and suitable for witch or orackle really hilarious and funy especially born 12 – 14 november. dont know special qualities maybe mariage but striky and forward. Met in woolworths for 3 years then plit becuse of my familky situation no s or mother. sss.  but the relationship is eally good one. sexy. Same thing… however man and pisces where really hilarious and funny.  So met again and deviantart and nightwish works anthing outy but not homeys or homey. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good.  Dream come true in regards to show movies and closenesss like mother sister. Great planner and dealer- towards tability not like a pices cancer so pisces o but cancer _ not good. saggitarious worth it. especially when hot o hot o sexy with al. SA omg ! true…. light ha

  35. houalex5 June 29th, 2014

    i am a scopio man who dated a sagittarius woman… we broke off few days ago due to her family issues!!.. i still love her madly as i think of her everyday.. she told me she loves me still but cannot be with me because of the intence pressure from her parents as she fight with her mom every night …!!! it is said .. love has no barriers. is it that this relationship and the love we had wasnt meant to be?? 
    i just need help.. thank you

  36. Lulu13 March 26th, 2014

    I’ve found the best way to permanently get rid of a Scorpio who dangles you for years is to embarrass or insult them in front of their friends or family. After trying many approaches to getting the Scorpio to leave me alone, so far this one has proved the most effective; I haven’t heard from him in a decade and counting, yay! Now right afterward you may feel like crap and like you’re in withdrawal from this Scorpio you think you need; but stay strong it will pass and eventually you will be grateful not to have that unproductive drama in your life

    • Amit Kumar June 11th, 2017

      You’ve just trained your brain rather than listen to your heart. Whatever suits you but it’s not just Scorpio, insult anyone in front of their family and they’ll leave you. It’s because they realise that you’re not a good person. Whatever works for you though..

  37. cool-sag March 19th, 2014

    I have been inlove with a Scorpio man since  I was young. He was the man of my dreams and because of our age gap I kept it to myself. He was very promiscuous. He had relationships with my relatives and my girlfriends and it hurts me a lot because I knew all of his promiscuity, u see I have supported him wholeheartedly in secret and surprisingly his girls would tell me and I am absorbing all the pain. I thought we had that strong soulful connection but since i am a strong woman, I always stick to what is right. Years passed and we see each other again, his stares bring chills to my bones but he was already married so I finally moved on and got married too and then the fate twisted, we became very close and seems like the universe conspires and brings us together even more. I begged, pleaded, challenged him just not to bother me anymore but my heart always melts everytime I see him. I always feel his pain despite of his being overbearing, manipulative and seducer. I hated him as much as I love him. We are both married now and the love we have is too painful. We are totally opposite but everytime I run away from him I keep on coming back for him. I just can’t read him and his negative traits are driving me nuts. If I stay and understand him it could mean my total self destruction. He can see right through me and he is always playing games with me. How can I tell if he loves me too? I am happy now with my sag hubby but I just can’t keep him out of my system. What to do? How can I run away from him?

  38. CrazyScorpio March 4th, 2014

    Hello evrybody.
    I have read all the comments and i was thinking it is time for me to join the conversation.
    I am glad to hear that the Sag and Scorpio can work together.
    And i think i am in love with a Sag Woman. We know each other for a short time about 3 months or so.When we two go out we have a lot of fun.I am a funny person i like goofing around and she enjoys that We also can talk for hours.And it feels like there would be a chemistry between us
    But she is allready in a realtionship with a Leo for around 3 Years and they seem pretty happy together. 🙁
    And i would like some advise.

  39. Lulu13 February 27th, 2014

    Scorpios are really great as friends; loyal, supportive, always ready to listen, take you out to your favorite places. You think it would be a great relationship, and maybe you’re already a little in love with them anyways, and you think they might be too. But somehow once it goes romantic, everything changes. No more free flow of conversation, communication. Everything becomes closed off, stiffled. It becomes a game of offense and defense; and while us Sadge ladies love actual board games, bets or competitons; we absolutely abhor the emotional games Scops seem to thrive on. Maybe it’s their way of testing us or attempting to control us for their own security. Sooo not necessary, and makes us want to run for the hills. If we’re with you, we’ve already decided we want you; but with Scorp their games just seem to suggest they haven’t decided; and who has time for that.

  40. damay January 9th, 2014

    i was engaged with scorpio man for almost 3years… yes, very.. very difficult, we have different orientation+different culture… many.. many.. conflict in our relationship (till now).
    i realized that i’m bit “ridiculous” but in opposite he is used to be very..very serious in front public.
    it’s not easy, to match our mind in the same direction although we have a same vision and comitment. 
    be more patient, honest, opened, tolerance, share to each other. i think is the best solution. i admiring his wisdom, and respect him. in other side i transfer my energy-spirit and passion to him. for the happy ending. May God listen to my pray 😉

  41. ariesgal1 December 15th, 2013

    Scorpios are despicable… They are hypocritical, fake  and evil. Hellxll your talk is cheap. If you don’t like someone then you don’t stay with them. Knowing scorpios I would say your a sad loser who has got no one and to make yousellf feel better you’ve put down the only person you can get. When you care for someone even a little you give them respect and consideration. What you said reflects more upon you than her. You will come across someone who feels the same for you… Then you will suited to each other. Scorpios are just pathetic. They can only ever hurt or take advantage of someone that cares about them. Scorpio only care when you look out for number one and that yourself- if you put them first that is what you’ll get. They are just poison for the fire signs. I feel scorpios take advantage of the fire signs because we are genuin, sincere and fight fair. Considering scorpios character they need someone who plays dirty… That keeps them in check. I know some scorpios with big egos, no character and no substance. Scorpio has to put others down in order to feel they are worth anything because they know they are not…. and that self-loathing it’s understandable. Some scorpios are the most… how shall I say “disgusting examples of humans” as they stoop so low. There are some scorpios who have never achieved anything in their life and still think they are something special. They are quite simply ridiculous, spiteful and repulsive!!! A SCORPIO CAN NEVER BE LOVED ONLY HATED… INDIFFERENCE IS THE BEST WORD!

  42. Shelin July 15th, 2013

    of course your ages speak a lot….you both have alot of growing up to do

  43. Shelin July 15th, 2013

    Hellxll….you are kind of an asshole…if you don’t see her as the most beautiful woman, & think she is worthless and not even good in bed than sounds like you are wasting her time and yours…and it sounds like you got the wrong sag woman (I’m not the right one for you either thats not what im saying…I think you’re a dumbass and I have my own Scorp) she’s a cheater…once a cheater always a cheater but some sags are not that way… Me myself am loyal to the core and will also not tolerate being cheated on..I know my worth and my man does too…you and your girl have lack of respect for each other that’s all it is…but dude cut her loose if she’s gonna cheat and don’t be such an angry asshole….I wanna punch you in your face because she’s a a worthless cheater and you keep putting up with it but dude honestly if you were that much of a jackass to me I would not cheat on you…I would say adios

  44. SagiN21 June 13th, 2013

    I have quite the dilemma and need to know what is up with my Scorpio man. I’m a Sagittarius woman in her 20s who has been seeing a Scorpio man who is a couple years younger. Everything was intense the first month with his behavior. But he was romantic, emotionally available and it looked as though our relationship had the potential to become exclusive. Mind you, we have yet to sleep together if that makes a difference. Everything was moving along until there was a death with a friend of his. Understandably, he went through his grieving period, but this also effected the amount of communication between us. It lasted a couple of weeks to the point where I had to ask if he wanted to continus seeing me because I was getting no response to calls/texts. Being a Sagi woman, I’m very forward and honest. I simply asked if there was still an interest because if not I would move on – and I did this so in a calm manner. I really did mean it. No hard feelings. He responded in person saying he had just been distracted and that his mind was not in the right place at the moment however he still liked me. I said great do your thing, just checking to make sure I don’t hound you if you’d rather not continue. Several days passed and still text messages went unanswered but when we saw eachother at work (yes I forgot to mention we work together) interest showed once again. 
    Now, I completely get when someone is going through a tough time, but I still find its no excuse not to respond back to them. It takes a few seconds. But I’m trying to figure out if my Scorpio man is no longer interested, playing control games, or should I back off and allow him to take care of his personal issues. 
    I do not understand how it went from the point of him saying his parents and friends wanted to meet me to him acting so distant. Was my Sagi forwardness a turn-off? Did I become ‘too available’? And what can I do to get the relationship I had with my Scorpio man back to how it was in the beginning?
    is this a part of a Scorpio man’a control? What is it exactly? What is the best way and effective route to go in order to win him back?
    i think I should shut down completely and change my behavior because I’ve been too accessible. And I’m not one for playing games but if its needed to get him back to where he was intensely after me what should I do?
    eagerly seeking answers and my scorpios heart…thank you in advance for your guidance all…

  45. solomio June 7th, 2013

    I am sag woman and I have been talking to scorpio man for about 5 years now. When we first met I did not understand his ways but I quickly caught on that since he is young and single he was going to live life to the fullest and not let a relationship tie him down. He told me that he was not ready for a serious relationship and I didn’t want to pressure him. I respect that he told me in the beginning. We are both young and believe in preparing for the future not just on settling for less. Atleast, he has taught me to look at life in a different light.
    A little history about myself… I was married at a very young age and all I knew was that I had to be with someone. I never imagined living alone. I ended up divorcing my husband of 5 years only because my head was not in the right place at the time, like I said I was very young.
    Anyway, back to my scorpio, I have learned (from him) that I too should live life without worries or regrets. Our relationship has had its ups and downs but mostly he is too afraid to get too close. I know this and I don’t want to push him away so I give him his space. I keep in mind that since I know he can be moody and complicated at times he is still worth the wait and will always be. Sometimes we have deep meaningful conversations and other times they are short and sweet. At first he made it a routine to contact me around the same time and day so I always looked forward to those times. Now routines vary from time to time but I know he will always be there to remind me that he is still thinking of me 🙂 He is so amazing!! And  he too makes me feel like I am the only one. He has been loyal to me and eventhough we don’t see eachother much I want to know that he will always want me. According to the scorpio diagnostic when they fall they fall hard and stay untilll they become extremely hurt and then they take vengeance. I would never want to hurt him and I like to communicate to resolve issues. Often, I have to keep myself from contacting him as much as I would like to and I miss him so much when I don’t hear from him. I guess I just needed to vent a little to others who may know exactly what I am going thru. I read a lot that sagis and scorps aren’t the best match but it’s the same for every sign, every relationship, it takes work and effort from both parties to have a loving and caring relationship. You both have to be in love and both have to add fuel to the flames 😉 Good luck my fellow sagis/scorps and God bless. Til next time!

  46. riot April 12th, 2013

    I’m a Scorpio and I meet a Sag girl in chat room…
    She told me about herself all through, she gave me her number as I beg 3 times and she send me her most beautifull and sexiest photos as I asked (beg) for them,,,
    I lost my PC and NET conection for about 3 damn weeks then I decided to send her SMS, SHE answered but suddenly she asked me to delete her pictures if I have them yet??
    I told her that I would not do that because I fu*kin love her to death/and she respomded : when u love someone u would do whatever she said”
    She is 22 and I am 29, I asked for marriage at the very first conversations but she told me she wouldn’t think of marriage till 27 or later and she also told me she is going to explore the stupid damn World…
    Now it’s about a freaky year that day and Nights I SMS her my feelings toward her but no response, u belive it? A total year of SMS and no response
    I would not think of anyone anyone else until the end of the World, But Her.. She changed My view toward Life She saved Me Once or Twice and now She is in deep Silent deeeeeep deadly silence
    I’ve never had a girl in my life because I was not ready to handle a girl to handle an Angle
    The only thing I want and I ask of GOD is that She talk with me once again , Just talk

  47. HardCandy1208 March 14th, 2013

    I’m a 36 year old Sag woman… Reading these comments are hilarious but true. Think of Sagittarius women as sirens its terrible but true. 99.3% of men cannot resist out aura. I’m dating a 34 yr Old Scorpio man. He is amazing, caring and loves so very hard. He always has up the “hard face” but is a teddy bear. I love how he makes me feel and has a weird quirky sense of humor. He loves to be I’m ccontrol… So I let him think he is. Our sex is amazing, intimate and passionate… 
    Sagittarius women let me give you a little advice. Realize that no one compares to you. in most cases he will look around and try and figure out how the hell you ended up in his heart. WTF did you do to get there?!!  I didn’t figure that part out but once I realized I was in there you HAVE GOT TO SOFTEN UP!! He is sensitive to what you say to him. Leave that hardcore super bluntness for everyone else but him. Letting him know what & who YOU COULD BE DOING… Is not cool. Be honest, they hate liars. Communication is the key and that’s with any sign anI any relationship. WHEN YOU GET PISSED WHATCH THAT TONGUE SAGITTARIUS!!! Save that Ginsu knife dialogue for someone that you do not love! Take 5 minutes before you cut into your Scorpio … He wont reciprocate the eviltries but he will file every mean thing you say away and shut down.  He isn’t a cheat, he isn’t a whore but just know women are drawn to this man. He can stare into your soul and make you feel safe. You make him nervous he may never admit it but you do.  Him being the man is important… It’s ok fiery lady… As long as he has the ability not to lead you off a cliff… Let him and see where it takes you. Intimacy is a must with Scorpio men they need to know you outside the bedroom better than they do on the bedroom… That’s what makes the bedroom more explosive. Also, as we Sagittarius women do things for a reaction…. That has the reverse affect on a Scorpio man. He will do exactly what you don’t want.  Choose your battles wisely everything isnt worth the argument. 
    Sagittarians are rarely lucky in long term love because we can be abrasive, outspoken and unpredictable. It’s ok to be that way … It’s you. Just have a more bridled tongue when it comes to the one your heart beats for. Took me a bunch of trial and error but… I figured out.

    • Cici March 17th, 2019

      That’s the thing though. Why do we always have to change for them but they can’t change for us? I understand we are mutable but it can be exhausting and emotionally draining.

  48. hellxll December 30th, 2012

    Oh and im going to agree with lavascorp. Perfect advice, when diving into a relationship with this sign… know your the best thing that ever happened to her and the worst thing thats ever happened to you if you get serious.
    The best way to have a relationship with a sag is to NOT have a emotional bond. This will save your damn life dude… dont piss on my advice

  49. hellxll December 30th, 2012

    THE TRUTH: About sag girls!
    Im a scorpio 23 yr old male dating a 19 yr old sag, 4 months now… and hell yes, im superior to all of you dumb signs. That said… death is fun… that said…
    Im dating a sag girl and shes ridiculous, immature, worthless at times, needy, none responsible, and way to social, way to blunt about sex, and dishonorable. I came into this relationship on a freash note, and great intentions. She has cheated on me, lies and secrets are more intense then my own, she gave me a curable std, turned me into an alcoholic, she wrecked my car, shes not even that good looking or that good of a fuck. Sense intamacy isnt exactly a sag’s strong point… good thing were the best sex of your life sag girls… opening up new advantures for your careless minds…
    But theres one thing that keeps me from punching her in her ridiculous looking face every day, and getting full revenge… and that is she is a diamond in the rough. I know that shes my bonni when i feel like being clyde… I know she needs me, without me shes a lost worthless cause, and i know she will always break her worthless pride to come back to me.
    Shes my bitch on a leash… and with all the negative things i said… i still love her… and hope she never reads this because she will bring it up for the rest of my life and somehow think im commiting infidelity. Even though her less-logical brain knows im loyal as any man could ever dream to be. Peace out

  50. Scorpboom November 7th, 2012

    I guess I’m in a lil trouble myself. I met this sagi girl and we got along in a snap. We went out a couple of time alone and we spent the whole day togather, chatting about everything. She knows how I feel as I’ve already told her but she did not make it clear that she is not interested. So I continued to ask her out few days later and it surprises me she dress up nicely as if we are going on a night out date. 
    at the end of the night while I send her home, like always, we talk about everything and I asked what kinda person will she be with? However she insist that I explained 1st. So I told her that I rather find someone I love, and although many girls are looking more towards a guy with fancy car etc, but I told her that I don’t have all that. The sad thing is, she is looking for someone that is more towards financial support. I felt something die inside me that moment.
    though its quite clear that our view of being in a relationship have different expectation, I still feel that human will always be human, it’s not always about money. 
    So, I continued to ask her out though I kinda get the hint the’s him not her type. The weird thing is that we still hang out from n morning till midnight. 
    Im very much in to her as you can see, however I’m not sure should I just stop everything and not get myself hurt. One very lost scorpio. 
    Funny thing is, I’ve dated alot of girls but i never feel like this with anyone I met. 

  51. onyx101 September 27th, 2012

    @LavaScorp Thanks for the advice, it really help in giving me that boost to go talk to him. I figure he knew a little about my intentions but refuse to say or do anything because he must have felt I am being stand off-ish. LOL. (which I am not) I have never tried to get with a Scorpio guy, so the behavior is new to me. Thanks again, very helpful. 🙂

  52. LavaScorp September 27th, 2012

    @yvette, it is easy to flip the switch on with a scorpio. Just ask him out, if you like him give some sort of physical signal, and he will takeover from there on out. More than likely to the point of overwhelming. LOL. Once again, easy to flip the switch on. Much harder to flip the switch off. A sag girl’s “hard to get” nature will keep him interested, making the 1st move is necessary for how you will end up treating him later. This mixture of liking him but not wanting to surrender your soul is perfect for driving a scorp nuts. He will fall head over heels. The flings of youth often lead the heavy relationship seeking scorpians “once bitten, twice shy” as adults. You will have to make the 1st move. After that, the Romeo in him will take over.

  53. onyx101 September 26th, 2012

    Hi, I am a 26 sag girl who had it hard for years to find someone I really find interesting enough to want to get to know more on a whole other level. I finally saw this guy who is a Scorpio and from the first time I saw him I wanted to know him a lot more, but I cannot find it in me to speak this to him. I tried for a long time to make myself forget him and even told myself that maybe it is for the best why I am not able to make a move, but even after a year, I cannot find someone else that keeps me interested as he does. I so want to have this talk with him regardless of the outcome, I just want to make him know. It has been a while since I have ever come this close to being into someone. I would really like it if someone can gives me a little heads up in maybe what the best way to go about this.

  54. LavaScorp September 24th, 2012

    Oh, and one last thing for scorps considering this match. A bit of advice, sag women don’t value sex in the regard that most due. They value fun, and we are great in bed, so we will get and have better sex than any other sign. Other signs probably have to beg for it after the honeymoon is over.  But if you are relying on your sex life to keep her, it will not happen. We are so good in bed we can get into relationships and keep most signs just based on that one characteristic. This is not that relationship. We are use to going to war, however, for this one, you will have to go to war with yourself. You cannot be an emotional prema donna and have this one stay interested in you. Just a heads up.

  55. LavaScorp September 24th, 2012

    About 5 months ago at work, out of the blue, a sag woman fired an arrow into me. 4 months straight of the best relationship I have ever been in. It is like sag’s have everything a scoprion needs in a mate and visa versa. Perfection. The only problem being we want to own a woman and that is the last thing you want to do with them in regards to maintaining the relationship. Luckly I read up on her when we 1st met and have kept myself in check the whole time. They are so independent when cutting it in half it feels like it is still too much at times. My problem is she had just gotten out of a relationship of 4 years, has 2 kids, and after avoiding all the hard stuff for 4 months she couldn’t do it anymore. Now she is locked on getting everything in order, and I barely see her. Then 10 phone calls a day, she initiated as much as I, have turn to almost zero. If I call I feel like I’m bugging her, if I stop by to see her I feel like a stalker by her own reactions. Yet, if I even hint of I guess I should just move on she freaks out and insists on how much she loves me and she is just going through something and I need to be patient. I hadn’t had a woman for awhile before her. Was just doing my own thing. Now she has got me used to having one around and took it away. LOL. I think about dating someone else, as I don’t want to go back to being alone, but the thought makes me sick to my stomach of never being with her again. I don’t know if I’d recommend this match for a scorpio male or scream at them to run. It seems as if after the initial blaze of ecstasy, the only way to have a relationship with a sag female is to not have a relationship at all. Just spend everyday wondering if she’ll call or show.

  56. 1seven1 July 17th, 2012

    This article is spot on, along with many of the posts made.
    Im a Sag female who was with a scorp male for 4 years, we were young and still finding ourselves and had a complicated, deep, emotional relationship. But after learning more about astrology it really explained alot. I havn’t heard from him in nearly 2 years which is sad as I would like to atleast be friends. Couldnt date another scorp again though!

  57. hallecrackberry July 3rd, 2012

    I have a sagitarius rising ,aquarius sun, and leo moon and i am dating a scorpio man with a scorpio rising. Intensity is not an intense enough word to describe this man and his personality. I get a double dose of everything when it come to loving him. We met in our teen years and we use to play hookie from school o have sex  damn near everyday i got left back because of this connection. lol We lost touch because He had bad asthma that was triggered by living in the city so he was shipped upstate for a while. we continued to bump into eachother throughout the years but we were both in relationships and being that I am a loyal aquarius and he is a loyaly scorpio we never went there. Until we both were available. We now live together and spend a lot of time with eachother except on weekend when he hangs with his friends. I am growing through him and I like to think he is growing through me.

  58. tarotjunkie March 14th, 2012

    Hi, Scorpio male here. I’m 32. I’ve never dated a Sag girl before, but I’m interested in one. I have to say, though, that I’m disappointed that hardly any of these Scorpio descriptions ever mention that some of us transcend the neediness and jealousy. I spent a lot of years overcoming the “traditionally” negative aspects of my sign, and from what I’ve gathered this is actually a thing akin to “graduating” from being Scorpion like to being more like an Eagle. I understand that Scorpio is the only sign that does this, in fact there are three phases – Scorpion –> Eagle –> Phoenix. Have any of you heard this before? Not all of us are still overbearing or overly emotional. 🙂

    • Aryan June 20th, 2018

      There’s another better version of 7 stages of scorpio, much cooler and more sensible. Spider >scorpion >lizard>Serpent >wolf >eagle >Phoenix… Mostly good evolution is when you’re a Serpent in teenage & wolf when you’re in 20s but depends on person to person… Phoenix is toughest to reach

  59. andiotic December 29th, 2011

    Hi, Scorpio male here, 25 also… after reading through all of you guys post, I couldn’t help but wonder – why are we so attracted to Sagittarius?? Oh wait I guess I already know the answer 🙂 but I always told myself “No way I’m gonna fall in love with one!” Damn karma, yeah thats right I’m in love with one. She’s in a relationship with a Libre though but she told me once she was a bit “bored” or something with him, I tried to keep my distance emotionally – failed miserabley at that unfortunately and we don’t meet that much except talk and chat on Facebook sometimes talk for hours on the phone did I mention “hours”? Like 3 hours till 3:00AM She laughs every 5 mins I think which kinda makes me laugh with her too :). Anyway for now I’ve been trying to get along with her like as a friend and not being too clingy about things when we talk – I guess I can’t really, my dilema here is that shes in a relationship already. I just wanted to share my experience online, this is my first ever post since I’ve been going crazy about my feelings for about a year now.

  60. totaljesschaos September 15th, 2011

    This whole thinng describes me and my scorpio perfectly. I have never, and know I never will again have a love as passionate or intense. I’m 21 and he’s 22 but I was engaged to a capricorn (ughhh) about two years ago, and when that relationship failed I was unscathed. I am completely enthralled with my scorpio, annd we’re having probs because he hides his feelings where I am blunt and to the point, then he unleashes all of his anger weeks after said incident. I’m flirty with my male friends..he doesn’t get that I am loyal to him, and I did go too far with the accusations of cheating because of his secretive mannnor. The sex is phenomanal, other worldly amazing. And he makes me feel loved in ways I never thought possible, I love him, and alllllways will! I hope we can reach a common ground and work it out, I can’t live without him! We started dating 9 months ago–spent a few hrs together if not every night since we did. Its dangerous for us sag girls to fall for these guys , these bbeautiful intense creatures

  61. cattac June 3rd, 2011

    I was with a Scorpio for 5 years. I have learnt a lot about life, love and myself. It is true that scorpios have huge egoes and keep many secrets. Sags like to solve the mystery but once I solved the mystery I had to leave. I felt he never showed me his true self and that he had a lot of trouble being open and vulnerable with me.

  62. bella March 3rd, 2011

    Do none of you Sag girls get tired of it though? The moodiness and posessiveness. My blokes not secretive really except he sometimes represses things and then brings them up later and i’m like why didn’t you tell me at the time so we could sort it out? I don’t know what to do, I can’t live with him but I can’t live without him. I can’t stand moody and immature people. And the money thing is a prob too. But we’re in too deep.

  63. Lusine February 27th, 2011

    I am Sagittarius and my ex husband who is also the father of my kids is a Scorpio. we were together for over 12 years and this article just nailed it. It is soooo true, Scorpio man need a lot of attention and when you have kids you cant give them that much attention all the time so thats why he is my ex now lol….now we are just good friends, for our kids sake, but he is still possessive and jealous. I still cant have any male friends, let alone date.

  64. sarah and tyler February 4th, 2011

    our arguments are flighty, quick, heated but fun- great adversary and respectable honorable man, however i am social, seductive and silly its great we have tons of fun together and love to consume wine and products and meals and party but we know how to have low key nights too- passionate always, tires me out-all the romance and sex that is.

  65. Georgi January 30th, 2011

    Hey i am male scorpio… i just wanted to say its really god damn fucking good to be scorpio :)) ahhh yes… one more thing.In life most of the people move uppon their desires(we scorpios know that best).If every single life is individual line moved by its desires eventually regardless of the differences between two people if they desire so badly one another… fuck all the zodiacs if you know what i mean.For example we scorpios have a habbit of sufacating our soulmate… so one time fucked.. two times.. we can learn of our mistakes…


  66. Rrezarta January 17th, 2011

    i just recently got back with my ex we broke up for 3 years but dated for 5 years on and off previously. I guess we grew up in those passed 3 years. Its like we are total new ppl we communicate now and work things out before an argument fires up. Hes a new man in some ways. I still have a slight distrust because of the past but hopefully we work out because i cant live with out him. I never thought we would ever see eachother again (bad breakup) i love our reborn relationship. Goodluck to u scorpio lovers!

  67. TDM January 14th, 2011

    Well ive been dating this scorpio for about 6 months. Hes sooo, let me find the words……. He’s everything i dreamed of i mean he makes me so happy its like if im happy hes happy he does have hes mood swing but nothing major. Hes a go getter n i love that about him. He has a big ego i think thats what attracted me to him. He very motivating n independent.

  68. sew January 3rd, 2011

    I have known my current boyfriend for 2 years, we dated once before but I knew when I met him there was something special about him. We fight and bicker over stupid things(like what we want to do). We’re complete opposites too, but we just…click…it’s weird, you’d think you’d need a little bit more similarities to date someone, but we’re just fine.

  69. Rose December 12th, 2010

    I’m a 35 year old Sag and my boyfriend is a 34 year old Scorpio. We’ve met in April 2009. We have broken up twice and have gotten back together last month. I find our relationship is firey and passionate! I’ve never been loved so much by any other sign: Scorpios are very intense and make you feel like the only person in the world 🙂 I do find that he can be secretive and that breeds suspicion at times. However being a Sag I am too outspoken and harsh at times.

    The key that took us forever to get is communication. He is an amazing lover and my best friend. I’d rather have him around to argue with than to kiss anyone else in the world!!

  70. Tamela November 24th, 2010

    Hello, all! I am a 43yr old Saggie female, and my twin flame is a 30 yr old Scorp male. I am from the states, he is from India. We met over two years ago, and have never parted a day sense. I feel it first should be mentioned, the basic sun signs alone is far from enough to indicate completeness together. A chart, both individually, as well as a compatability chart, will tell you so much more! In any case, we didn’t need a chart to confirm what we found in each other. None of the less, it hasn’t been always easy, LOL! When we fight….WE FIGHT! He is much more patient than I am. I am more impulsive in my feelings and expressing, while he is much more controlled. That leads me to another point….he is also highly! Amazingly, I love it, though when I draw the bottom line and simply refuse to budge (my moon lies in Capricorn), he knows that’s it and relents. We talk at this point, and all is clear. Our intimicy is of a spiritual level there is no doubt. We are twin flames, so this might make a difference as to why we are able to reach these higher levels together. There is no doubt that he is highly possessive….another thing I do not mind in the least. I happen to be quite possessive myself over him. One thing for sure, he could never stand disloyalty or a deception from me, and I could never tolerate disloyalty or a lie from him…not for any reason in God’s universe. He is loyal to me, so loving and caring, and simply beautiful in every way. I would never, for a million bucks, traid my Scorp…then again…I couldn’t anyway…GOD made us twin flames….so we are BOTH stuck..LOL!

  71. jyoti November 2nd, 2010

    hello..Sebastian,your story really touched me.Trust me,i am a saggi girl and all i can say is she really loves you.You may find this absurd,but even though she is far and all this years she might have come across different colors of life,but there was something deep in your relationship,that she kept ignoring to cover her heart break,but knew it was true.Saggi.. girls need a lot of space,which you realized,do not get disheartened,she will always come back to your arms again..because you are the one she is loyal to.I too am in love with a scorpian guy,just had a fight,he is far from me and i miss him.

  72. Sebastian September 13th, 2010

    My ex is a sagitarius ballet coreographer, she is in amsterdam right now and I’m in Montreal. We were a couple 8 years ago but I wasnt ready. We started talking again like 5 years ago on the internet and we have become so close. I wanted, secretly, to have her again but couldn’t say it for some reason. Then 4 months ago she asked me back, or at least she said we should get back together. She’s far, I’m far , but , well, I think we can make it. I don’t want to be intense and make her run away from my intensity, I want to be patient, give her space, but if she was closer I think I would adore her. When she performs she becomes the most amazing creature I’ve ever seen and when we talk she won’t stop laughing.

  73. Heather September 8th, 2010

    Well me and my scorpio man have been together for 12 yrs and married for 2 yrs…I have no doubt that it takes alot of work….We have been through alot over the years but the main thing is communication…Never go to bed mad….Ty for this site its great and has some great insight

  74. charlotte July 30th, 2010

    i am dating a scorpio man for 2 months now, we have this un explained connection very deep connection, we have this explosive passion, we cant stop talking. he says he appreciates my directness sometimes i feel i am a bit to much and too direct. He still claims that he prefers the honesty and bluntness, he has never felt this way about anyone before, he wants me to have all he can give.

    I am older by at least 10 years even though he looks older than me. I look after myself well and am a fasion freak, hes not i hope this last, i have never felt so deep about anyone before its scary

  75. Priestess April 28th, 2010

    But i know its Gunna take a Wholee lotta Work ;from the Both of us ;haha

  76. Stargirl April 19th, 2010

    When I was 17 I fell in love with a scorpio 3 yrs older than me. We were together for 5 years. This was the deepest relationship I know I will ever have. And even to this day we talk, and still very much love eachother. He truely is my soulmate. But…sag girl (me!) is way too wild and the scorpion is far too much of an emotional wreck. Hahaha nevertheless we had some pretty heavy experiences on every level of life…it was totally worth the ride, but do it again…no way!

  77. brooke March 12th, 2010

    i love my scorpio man i like be around him all the time he is great we have alot in common he desire me just as much i do for him and i dont get how we would be great togehter

  78. Jill February 11th, 2010


    I have been dating a Scorpio male for about 4 months. I’m 26 and he is 30 yrs old. I have never been with someone who is so eager for love and commitment. It scares me. He is certainly over-bearing, always right and always next to me when we are out. It is suffocating and almost annoying to think someone would enjoy spending that much time with another person. However, he is focused to make us work.
    I admire that. I have my weaknesses too. I constantly question his need for assertiveness and upset myself when he refuses to empathize with me or others. The sex is stellar. I really hope we do work. Time is the last thing I feel like wasting. Thanks

  79. Karma October 6th, 2009

    I was with a Scropio man for about three years and I really loved him and still do! It hurts to think of us not together sometimes! We still talk but I think that time well take its toll on us and it wont be long before were not talking anymore altogether! I hate that thought! I will always love him!!

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