Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer woman and Scorpio man have magnetic attraction and deep love compatibility.
  • They make an amazing duo sexually, nurturing their love with emotional attachment and pure lovemaking.
  • To attract the Scorpio man, the Cancer woman should show her sense of humor and be loyal and understanding.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 350 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

The attraction between Cancer and Scorpio is magnetic, deeply felt, and has the potential to withstand the test of time. The warmth and caring nature of Cancer feel regenerating to Scorpio, and Scorpio sense of an all-encompassing love appeals to you Cancer deeply. Both have the similar ways of expressing their love and make each other feel “at home”.

A Scorpio man is an invincible person. He is an extremist with calm and steady surface and smoldering passion within him. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpio male lays his subtle strategies to enhance his career and personal life. He is one person who loves luxury and comforts immensely. He can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. In love with a Cancer woman, he is a passionate lover who knows all the synonyms of romance and eroticism. Though he is a great lover, but together with it he is very jealous and suspicious in nature too. He can be passionate just about anything, including sex, love and family. If you look at the surface, he will look totally calm and composed. Just look beneath that outer layer of his and you will find his smoldering passion.

A Cancer woman is enigmatically feminine. She is a gentle and kind lady with a good sense of humor and capturing aura of delicate personality. Her feelings are sensitive and tender and her loyalty is spotless. Though, she may not look very strong, but she is a tower of strength for her dear ones and perfectly able to manage herself, if alone. Patience is her dearest virtue and flexibility is her biggest weapon to win in all circumstances. Being in love with a Scorpio man, stirs the deepest emotions of the Cancer female making her a perfect match for a passionate male like him.

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Cancer woman is always an interesting lady for a Scorpio man. She is full of such feminine mysteries which a curious Scorpio man always wants to unfold completely but gently. She has a reserved outlook in the beginning which attracts him but soon she shows him her great sense of humor which makes even a serious person like him to smile. She brings colors and joys to his life and provides him with a companion who is always by his side to love, care and understands his feelings. She is actually one person who understands him well deep to his soul and knows what goes on under his cool and composed surface. Loyalty is the biggest trait that makes him feel comfortable with a Cancer woman. Though to his dislike, he can find her to be possessive and bossy at times and also has to tolerate her mood swings but with such love and loyalty in return, he understands her value and keeps a cool temper while dealing with her mood swings.

The Scorpio man is one male who can easily win a Cancer woman’s heart. He appreciates and understands her very well and soon converts their understanding into a romantic endeavor. He deals with the wounded feelings of her with great compassion, understanding her dreadful heartaches and soothes them out with his passionate love and thick blankets of care and devotion. He gives her the protection and care which she craves for deeply with such intensity that it makes her feel complete in all dimensions of her existence. He is one person who cuddles her like a baby and respects her like a lady. She needs to understand that his chief faults are his suspicious nature, jealousy, and a desire to dominate others, especially the lady love of his life. To overcome these demons eclipsing his golden heart, she just needs to be a bit more patient as with time his confidence increases and he starts giving space to her being sure of her wisdom and trustworthiness.

The Cancer woman and the Scorpio man makes one of the best possible pair with great compatibility and warmth that is both emotionally and physically very intense and rich. As their love grows and they soar high with each other and experience an undoubted confidence in their relationship, she gives her complete trust to her Scorpio man and he grants her with the gift of forgiveness, which he never gave to anyone. She helps him to be reborn and discover his true personality, charm and magnetism with her unlimited devotion and tenderness while he helps to remove all the fears out of his Cancer damsel’s heart and teaches her to fly high fearlessly with his undivided attention and care for her. Their home is a temple of love where they both keep each other on pedestal to worship and offer their devotion, care and affection throughout their lives.

Sexually, the Scorpio man and Cancer woman makes one of the most amazing duo. The Water from both the signs mixes so well, that its serenity and soothing feel keeps nurturing their love. The Scorpio man’s love nature is more intense and yearning than that of most men and hers is more romantic and sensitive than that of most women. Both of them long for a certain degree of security in a relationship which they get from their emotional attachment and enhance with the purity of love making. Cancer female’s heart is almost always turned on by sensing peace and coziness she feels by being held in her Scorpio lover’s arms while he needs loyalty, that he can get in plenty from Cancer lady love. He enjoys it when her heart starts beating terribly fast during the act and her face getting so flush. Most times she wants so much to match his torturously delicious movements with her own, but she holds her emotions firmly. Actually she must let him know how much he drives her crazy and how much she is in love with him. As they become aware of each other’s unspoken needs, their physical mating can be a truly transcendental experience and their sexual union becomes a strange mixture of eroticism and purity.

As this is always a very wonderful couple but nothing is actually perfect and to reach perfection some amount of sacrifice is always needed, they must first conquer together their most negative traits: Cancer woman’s baseless fears and possessiveness, Scorpio man’s burning jealousy and revenge compulsion and also their mutual financial caution. If these differences are passed by successfully there can be hardly any Scorpio-Cancer relationship that is ever broken. As both of them are outrageous in nature and tend to retreat into solitude when angry, to have a healthy relationship they should rather openly talk it over to find solutions. Otherwise, a very lovely relationship may end up abruptly, after which they invariably miss each other very much usually throughout their lives.

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Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
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  1. Cancer Woman April 19th, 2023

    Ahh this fits so well with me being a Cancer woman and my man a Scorpio. He was persistent for years trying to get my attention, being as we work together. Waited for me to be available and saved me from heartache. That was 6 years ago. He gives me a sense of security and passion that I crave. And yes, the bed sheets are on fire. I am always prioritized – which was a new to me.

  2. Daniel January 19th, 2023

    Im a scorpion man and im the one who suggest open relationship to my cancer gf, so what does this makes me?

    • Willow June 20th, 2023

      Not in love

  3. Antoniette Richards October 9th, 2022

    I have been dating my Scorpio 2 years and I just adore him . The love this man gives is unmatchable ! Great sex life as well he is a 20 hands down 🥰😍🤪

  4. My love April 18th, 2022

    I love his soul he’s so precious and sweet I never felt so at peace. Happy and at home with someone as quick as he made me feel safe.. He definitely my soul mate

  5. Nikki January 18th, 2022

    I love this and it explains a lot about the both of us. This was helpful

  6. Emotionally annoyed house wife December 24th, 2021

    Wow definitely gave me some answers…this article is will written..I’m actually impressed! My relationship I find is in a difficult place emotionally….how will we fix it I wonder! I trust no one around me because their relationship foundations were built falsely…He is my warrior my protector my husband…I’m the calm loving woman by his side but I’m tired of this role…I’m so stressed I know this is forever but I’m not sure of this hurdle…not how to mend it anytime soon! All I have is hope of a day in the far away future when thoes scars are just that and we could be happy again!

  7. Mpret_2510 November 27th, 2021

    Well researched and well written article, better than most other websites. The moment I saw my cancer gal, I knew her like I have known her forever. She has that emo kid personality to her, many people in our common network/circle automatically think she’s a bitch, without even talking to her. That IRRITATES me to the core. She doesn’t really talks to everyone, it’s actually her two friends who know others in the common network, she is friends with those two.. because of which she is connected to the rest. She has a default expressionless-tough-woman face to her, she doesn’t get bothered by what rumours others spread about her. AND I LOVE THAT, you don’t meet such cancer women everyday, she’s special. It’s kinda flattering that when we first met, and each time we meet… she always gets nervous af, and that chill vibe of her personality starts to fade. She writes beautiful poems, one time she was reciting one of her poems out loud to a group of people(context required here which I can’t explain coz the comment would get long)…. And when she finished reciting, she looked at me, didn’t move her head.. only her eyes, what I mean is that look wasnt obvious to others. When she did that, I smiled, tilted my head slightly and made a “👌🏻” gesture to her.. This was when we were still getting to know each other. I have many other such “romantic” instances stories with her, but in summary…. we are both falling for each other, I’m going to ask her out on a date in a few days, will take her to a non-cliche place.

    • Drea January 7th, 2022

      This is such an amazing heartfelt response. It literally made my heart skip a beat. Love the part where you mentioned after reading the poem, she looks over and you both made eye contact. The connection is everything. She was looking at you for validation and reassurance. Such a beautiful thing.

      -The “dramatic” Cancer Woman 🤣

  8. Omg... November 16th, 2021

    This is the most dramatic comments on this site i had ever seen, so long comments and some are totally dramatic and some doesnt got something to do with the article at all wth. Thats probably what happens when you mix cancer (drama mother) with scorpio ( drama king)…..

    • Mpret_2510 November 27th, 2021

      You need to read properly then, comments below aren’t just randomly sprouting out of nowhere. Someone comments something (cringe, in the case below) and others start reacting/calling out that comment, which makes it a lengthy sequence of conversation.

      People calling out a cheater who’s accusing her guy of BS (while she being the one who created the mess) ISN’T
      “drama kings/mothers” being dramatic. This always happens in online forums, usually there’s one phase of readers reacting to the article, the other phase is readers writing their stories & reacting to other stories…. which also brings a third phase in which people argue.

      Scroll down enough and you will find such “dramatic comments” every now and then. It’s kinda cringe that you can’t seem to fathom what’s happening & go on to call *everyone* drama queens, I mean you should know the context if you have read the comments. I know a lot of cancer women who create drama, but I also know some great ones who are the most AWESOME women I have ever met.

      Pretty sure if the target in comments below was scorpio men instead of cancer women (like scorpio man accusing his partner of BS, while him being the actual cheater), you wouldn’t have called women calling him out as drama mothers.

    • Omg... November 27th, 2021

      @Mpret_2510 , u sound dramatic too in ur too long comment lol, i wouldnt continue reading it as it sounds useless, doesn’t deserve more time or attention.
      Maybe the also phrase sounds too weak to make me ? Btw the comments are dramatic arent my opinion only just me, if u don’t like my opinion then u don’t need to read, and yup i still have sane opinion i had, Also maybe i can’t read everything properly but i can read ur start of the reply on my comment is the most dramatic one 😉?

  9. ♋ Sun ♒moon♋rising November 12th, 2021

    @curly hair
    if you are woman, then retards like you make all women seem bad in today’s society. Stop with “giirrrllll” bullshit, any self respecting & truly loyal PERSON would have dumped her ass the moment she suggested such a thing. Can you not see the hypocrisy & manipulation in her comment!? I can bet a fortune that she wants to bang someone from her work or some new guy who has suddenly entered her life. You shouldn’t get into astrology if “his sign is scorpio, they have trust issues” is your explanation for OP’s situation. You are the kind of woman who destroys other relationships because no one guy gave you attention

  10. T October 29th, 2021

    Comments down here explaining cancer women are stupid and I hate scorpio men, they are not loyal. My relationship of 3 years went down the drain because he dumped me out of nowhere. All I did was suggest him to try an open relationship, it wasn’t like I was going to do anything lol.. it was just a thought. He’s one of the most intelligent people I have met in my life, he’s very good looking & was such a wonderful partner. I’m just shocked how could he suddenly do this to me!!… no warning or sign.. just removed me from his life, just so indifferent towards me. I loved him..

    • Kejai October 30th, 2021

      That man cared for you, and you showed by “just asking” that you were playing games & wasting his time. What don’t you understand?

      People think because we stack bodies that we’re getting them in groups or clusters – nope!
      We’re serial monogamists mostly, can have Another You in a minute. We’re loyal AF until you aren’t… So go ahead & check that experience off your bucket list before you try another Scorpio.

      But really, ask yourself what you want from it. Don’t start off holding hands & making plans with a Scorpio & expect them not to flip when you suggest something more casual.

    • Wolf_111 October 31st, 2021

      “tHeY aRe nOt lOyAL”

      “aLL i diD wAS sUgGeSt hiM oPeN rELatiOnShiP”

      “i aM jUsT sHOckED hOW cOuLD hE SUDDENLY dO tHiS tO mE”

      Do you hear yourself wamen? Amazing how you are trying to change the narrative by calling HIM disloyal & presenting yourself as some victim. What’s next? Gonna become a feminist or what? American culture I guess… This isn’t a zodiac situation, you are just a cheater… he was your meal ticket, your backup… And you wanted to bang your colleague or something like that. Now don’t go on calling scorpio men things, all scorpio sun males on this goddamn planet are NOT the same. All the guys here need to read your comment to understand the mind games people like you play. And I am not going to go on trashing all cancer sun sign wamen or all wamen in general…. People like you give the good cancer wamen bad rep, and give another excuse to guys who are jerks to trash all wamen in general.

      Also, PLEASE FFS, EVERYONE, LEARN ABOUT YOUR MOON SIGNS (the real you) & OTHER STUFF IN YOUR CHARTS. I am sick of this retarded sUn siGN mY cLaN bROthErHOOd BS.

    • Curly hair don’t care November 12th, 2021

      Giirrrlll.. his sign is SCORPIO.. they have trust issues… a suggestion for an open relationship basically just made him feel rejected, Portrayed, and crushed… it’s not gonna work!

  11. Straight from Jupiter March 30th, 2021

    I am a sagittarius(sun-moon both) woman, i have a thing for cancer & gemini (sun/moon sign) people or people with overall dominant energy of these two in their chart. It is because these two signs’ energies have been so freakin OMNIPRESENT in my life. I really enjoyed reading the expert opinions in the heated discussion below, actually i was quite amazed by seeing cancer women being sensible for once, very rare…. Gemini, cancer… the archetype of these two signs is a very young soul sort of vibe/energy. Although, that actually depends more on one’s moon sign, rather than sun sign. Like an aqua sun or a cap sun won’t necessarily fit their archetype if their moon signs are anything between aries to virgo. But an aqua moon or cap moon usually are indeed very old soul like( trust me, ain’t nothing better than those aqua moons.. & scorp men with that moon are PURE HEAVEN). And ultimately, it depends on each person’s soul evolution & will power.

    So, i wasn’t surprised that the two smart cancer sun gals below had sag & aqua moon. Gems/cancers though very different as signs, yet very similar when looked at in the broad scheme or at least that’s how they look to us last 4 signs lunar positioned folks. They are shy, nervous, contradictory & afraid of “falling in love.” I cringe when people say gems are unemotional, no they are not, they’re f**king scared of love because they’re extremely sensitive. And of course the sign after them represents motherhood. Cancers are different in the sense that they will be more open to “falling in love” experience, but they are super insecure. It’s the fear of rejection & fear of “opening up/showing your real self” to people. This is a common theme with all the moons signs from Taurus to Virgo. Very young soul like people, insecurity, victimhood, Mother Teresa complex & narcissism are all common throughout these lunar positions.

    Most of the gems & cancers, and those with mix of these two energies in my life have a pattern of just FLIPPING around for no reason, without any concern for others. My girlfriends with these energies, yeah yeah I know (-_-) it’s the same stuff written in comments on this article too… Can’t forget the scorpio experiences, unknowingly hurting your scorps because F L I P, pretending that nothing is wrong or avoiding the shittiness of life or living in a bubble, wondering “what went wrong” & how could it, since you were “so extra good”….. Pfffff huh, MAN IT’S ALL THE SAME, I just keep on coming across this same BS. The latest being the tragedy drama of my cancer friend(overall equal gem-cancer in her chart), who recently got her bubble burst. She was crazy for this scorp guy at our work, and OOPS, there came the most special person of his life (which non of us knew about) CRASHING every fangirl’s hopes in our bigasss office when he got almost killed in a (workplace) accident. Yeah, it’s a long story, but I wrote this more for myself, I just have too many people of this energy in my life, it’s annoying how similar you all are, and YET none of you tries to perform some goddamn self introspection. I’ll post this comment on both gem(F) -scorp(m) & crab(F) -scorp(m) articles.

    • 🦍🍌GORILLA🦍🍌 March 31st, 2021

      Hmm really interesting. It’s always gratifying to come across somone else who matches you in the zodiac knowledge, otherwise most people don’t know anything, neither are they even interested in knowing more. I would love to hear the full story of what happened with your friend & the scorpio guy with the whole accident thing,… Would also like to hear specifically about the “most special person”

      • Straight from Jupiter April 5th, 2021

        It’s a long story, but basically the scorp guy((has a pisces moon)) was new & was an instant crush of some women ((and some men too)) at our work. One of those gals being my cancer sun gem moon friend/colleague. He was cool with everyone, although I could see how people or more accurately, women, felt special when he talked to them.
        My cancer friend is an overthinker, worrier, super sensitive person…Her virgo rising contributes to it, she has a tendency of staying in her head for too long, she makes shit up which didn’t happen & creates issues just coz it’s fun (( I know coz she literally does that & smiles/laughs about it in front of me, probably the gemini in her))… Also, the forced positivity & sPReAD lOvE irritates me. Her mother teresa complex makes her come across as fake. Idk what it is, may be she feels secure by serving to others when nobody asked her to, but the moment someone needs actual/genuine support, she’s gone.

        I don’t think she wants to be all that, but i think the problem is she’s too guarded & insecure about herself. So even if somebody is genuinely concerned & wants to help her, she cuts them off because it is “about her.” Then she goes further into her positivity bubble by writing dumb sPreAD lOvE, lOvE yOsELf captions on her social media posts. Her situation with the scorpio guy was one of those rare instances when she felt less insecure & more “exposed.” It’s coz that’s how he is, he talks right to your inner person or your real self. She liked him. The thing I have noticed with taurus to virgo moons is that they think “dumping” your emotional baggage on your partner or close friends is love/friendship. That’s why they so desperately guard themselves all the time & when finally they relax with someone who’s close to them, they expect them to tolerate their immature/cry baby behaviors. Idk, but this ain’t the definition of love to more universal sign dominant energy folks, especially sag/aqua/pisces moons or higher symbols version in case of scorps.. ((cap moons are an exception, but even they are far more mature)). These “mundane” matters cringe them out, they would either force you to evolve or just won’t be around you anymore.
        Me, my cancer friend, another male colleague & the scorpio started to have decent regular interactions. My friend was more open when with him, he even listened to her childish banters. But he would always also bring her attention to the solutions to her problems & not just treat it like a regular thing she went through ((which SHE preferred, basically dumping it all & then doing the same shit again))…. He would tell her stuff like “you would have to stop doing xyz or improve yourself in abc if you really wanna get out of it”…… This meant a “let’s talk about you” scenario. Mind you, this was all very casual from his side, nothing romantic, as this is how he was with everyone. She used to often text him after work, like after 9 or 10 or around that time & talked about “deep stuff” or some other philosophical stuff. The next day PHOOFFFF, acted as if she never talked to him, even snapped at times. Then again texted me or him later that “she felt xyz, so she did what she did”….Scorpio was initially fine with all this, but he quickly realized that what she was doing was creating drama, to in turn make herself the main lead of it. So he didn’t tolerate it for long, like the rest of us, and started avoiding her, not feeding her ego. This made her the most restless I’ve ever seen LMAO… What then happened was that she sent him a passive aggressive text “to be relax, not be annoyed & stop being tensed in life”… Followed with those dumb happy face emojis and went on to a 1month leave. Funny thing was the text applied more to her than anybody else coz he wasn’t sulking or even cared about her. To him, she was immature, so he avoided talking to her, THAT WAS ALL. That text made the situation far more awkward than it actually was. He showed me the text & was like “wtf is going on with her, does she think I’m angry or something hahaha stupid”

        A month passed, he never even mentioned her or gossiped ((which she probably expected him to))… She came back to work, acting as if everything was normal & that she didn’t remember anything. He was still the same with her, nothing more than a “hi”… After a week she started to ask people indirectly if “anything” happened in her absence. Didn’t get the “specific” answer, obviously. A few days later, there was a fire accident in a particular section of our workplace. Scorpio was also there. One of our colleagues who was handicapped ((his right leg)) couldn’t get out, so Mr scorpio went in without a second thought. He successfully sent the handicapped guy out, but got stuck himself. The way got blocked & the fire got worse. Shit went down so quickly. He had to jump out of the balcony, the height wasn’t too big, but was enough to break a lot of his bones. He suffered some burns & many fractures((his handsome face was safe btw lol))…. We took him to the hospital, it was one of those rare occasions when I got panicked, I even cried a bit coz he’s been such a great friend of mine, I legit thought he would die. Ms cancer cum gemini was already too overwhelmed, but what happened in the hospital was even more “shocking” to her. His words before going unconscious((on the way to hospital)) were “Where’s she, where’s she?”…. Ms crab legit thought he was asking for her, at least this is what I got from her expressions. But when we reached the hospital & were waiting for docs to inform us his situation, there came the MOST GORGEOUS HUMAN i had ever seen in my life, crying yet serious, desperately controlling herself from breaking down & failing to keep herself together with each passing moment. Then this young woman called out his name & asked where was he. All eyes were on her, turned out she was his WIFE ((she’s a pisces btw))… He always heard our stories & gave us advice, but it was at thatbtime we realized how little we knew about him.

        I won’t be writing about it here, but cancer friend did go a bit crazy after seeing his pisces wife. Other stuff happened too, yeah… same old cancer cyclical behavior for me. I’ve plenty of other cancers in my life & so far only 3 of them were evolved((so anyone reading this, regardless of your sign, you can ALWAYS evolve)) , rest 15-18 of them, same drama. Even while typing this long comment, I was cringing so hard.

      • 🦍🍌GORILLA🦍🍌 April 20th, 2021

        Oh, oh damn. Thank you for writing, really appreciate you putting the time and effort to tell what happened. Your cancer friend seems to have unresolved issues. I have known some great cancer women, and many bad. I do know this behavior very well, and the mercury (gem-virgo) influence is obvious, but still at the end of the day… it comes down to you as a person, meaning that one is more than just their birth chart blueprint, if they are willing to evolve themselves. Also glad my scorpio bro jumping into fires like it’s nothing, keeping up the sign’s reputation lol

      • Anum Malik May 25th, 2021

        Really interesting 💖

  12. Rick November 29th, 2020

    Hello ladys,
    I’m a 55 year old scorpio male I was married for 20 of those years to a cancer widowed now. We have two daughter’s and they love the hell out of me. The problem my girls and wife always said it was the way I talk to people that I’m to honest and straight forward in the way I talk to someone I guess it sounds like I’m mad. I’m never mad I just tell it like I see it. and that sounds like I’m being rude now they know how I talk they just say shut up dad your being rude when I’m talking to someone. When they told me that I started thinking about the woman in my pass and their rite. I had a girl friend that asked me something and after I answer her she says why you tell me that couldn’t you lie or something . I’m always looking ahead learn from the past is hard if you lie

    • 🦍🍌GORILLA🦍🍌 March 31st, 2021

      Difficult to say anything Sir, if your family is constantly telling you that, then I guess you should work on recognizing what goes wrong & why are they so adamant about you being like that. If you really are rude & you don’t realize it, then you might wanna try being more polite. The girlfriend from the past part is kinda funny & even the way you write is funny😂😂…. Focusing more on self awareness might help, and yes always keep learning & keep on moving ahead, that’s the saga of the blink of a time we call life 😉

  13. Single4eva August 1st, 2020

    You ever felt a sudden attraction to someone but you know nothing about them. There’s this energy that brings you two together, its like love at first sight. This is how I felt when I met my first bf. I’m a gemini/cancer cusp but my birthday fall under cancer. He is scorpio/sagittarius cusp but his birthday fall in scorpio. You see, we fit together like a glove being compatible with our main sign and with our cusp too! I didn’t believe in zodiac signs, but after examining my past relationships, I find myself falling and falling hard for certain zodiac signs.

    I never had a sudden attraction, and the only time I had it was with him. It was at a party, and he stood out. Later in the night, he walked me to my car and asked for my number. Within a week, we started dating and I NEVER felt that way, the way I did with him. Then we hit a speed bump, he was moving 2 hours away to a party school, UCSB. I noticed he teared up little, because we had to end this thing we had. But then he asked me if I was willing to fight to make this relationship work, I said yes. We kissed and I gave him my virginity. I still don’t regret it. I wasn’t a conquest, he truly cared about me.

    Throughout our relationship, we rarely argue or fight. We were always happy and affectionate towards one another. We kissed and make love a lot, and there’s always this strong chemistry/bond that tied us. There was some things, I didn’t like, how he’s immature at times and sometimes I can get irritated. But for the most part, we were happy. Even when we attended these ridiculous college parties, we were hand in hand, we would get drunk together and have a good time. As time goes on, I started attending frat parties at USC and he started doing his thing at UCSB. Out of no where, he dumped me. There were no signs. It was sudden. We have had issues in the relationship, he was really jealous of my study group, which were made of guys from the frat and he got particularly close to a pretty smart girl. We never cheated on each other, at least as far as I know.

    I was devastated about our break up. Till this day, I still think about him. Its been 10 years and I sometimes wonder if he thinks about me. We were so happy together. We rarely argue and fight. We both had strong emotional intelligence and we were supportive of one another. We definitely fit the Cancer and Scorpio duo because I find myself missing him so much. I even compare him to the current men I date, they don’t live up. This sh#t sucks. You would thing as time passes, you would move on. Goddammit, why do scorpio men have this effect on us?!?!

    • Keely August 1st, 2020

      I know what you mean about Scorpio men, and I’m so sorry that happened to you.  Yeah, it took a long time for me to get over him.  It’s been six months.  Now out of the blue, I get an email from him to the effect “I’m so lonely.  I don’t know what to do.”  I didn’t even bother to email him back.  See how he likes his own medicine.  He lives in my apartment complex so he sees me sometimes when I go shopping across the street.  Ok so I didn’t email him for a whole week this time.  Then he saw me at the store and rushed right over and said hello and asked me if I got his email.  I said “Yes, I did.”  He asked me how I was, and at the time I was meeting my friend for coffee so I told him “Sorry, I have to meet my friend for coffee.”  So he said “ok I’ll see you later.”  When I got home, I haven’t emailed him for a whole week and don’t plan to email him.  I’m trying to avoid him too by going to the other entrance to the store instead of to the regular entrance.
      One of my female friends said “Well, maybe in your doing these things, he’ll get the message and also maybe he’ll realize how much he hurt you.  I get so sick of these men who try to weasel themselves back into my life.  “I’m so lonely” he said.  I felt like saying “Well, why don’t you go visit your friends in Portland if you’re so lonely.”  He was my dream man and we had soooo much in common, but I’m soooo over him.

      • Single4eva August 1st, 2020

        Wow, I love you were able to move on. What is the reason you are avoiding him? Did he cheat on you? Or did he treat you badly? I find the connection between a Scorpio man and cancer woman is intense. I always have deep bonds with these men.

        In fact, I was roaming this website for clues on how to date a Scorpio man. I met him at work, we don’t have much of a relationship so I couldn’t post it on here. So I shared my experience with my first love from 10 years ago.

        The Scorpio man from work calls me at least once a week. We would chat for an hour or so but he won’t flirt with me. When I say things flirty, he laughs it off and DOESN’T FLIRT BACK. My experience with scorpio men has always been direct and to the point. He does make the effort to talk to me. 2-3 weeks ago, we were on the phone for 3 hours! Talking about life, politics and coronavirus. I cannot tell if he likes me or just enjoys my company. Any advice? Can someone help me snatch this guy from work? He is so gorgeous, tall, smart and witty. The only downside, we work together in the same department. I understand you shouldn’t date someone you work with, but I can’t help it. This my first REAL job at a fortune 500 company. The position is challenging, and I would find him helping me navigate the system on who to contact or which tables I should extract data from. He doesn’t need to help me, but he puts in the effort and try to share as much information I need to know.

        I hope you find a scorpio man who treats you right. It is incredibly rewarding and memorable. You will never forget them and the experience is other worldly.

      • Kejai October 25th, 2020

        As a Scorpio dude, lemme tell you – don’t chase. The things women do when they’re chasing is exactly the type of behavior that’ll get you labeled a Bed Buddy, not a future wife or life partner. Your chasey, flirty behavior is a turn-off if he isn’t thinking about “just sex” between you two. He keeps stepping back when you do that, hoping you’ll “reset” and just be yourself, which is by far the more attractive set of behavior.

    • Ashlyn August 2nd, 2020

      Ummmm, well it would be a bit too much to give any conclusions on your story because first of all, we’re getting only YOUR side of the story & even that isn’t specific. If everything was so perfect acc to u, then why do u think he dumped u. I’m a cancer sun, have an aquarius moon & rising….and have lot of sagittarius in me. Nothing other than my sun & mercury is in cancer, and personally, I avoid other cancerians. Now obviously we can’t generalize everyone, but still, I can’t help but notice similar behavioural patterns in so many cancerians on this site or other forums or those whom I know in real life. Secondly, true scorps are there for u FOR ETERNITY. And if he dumped u “out of nowhere,” then know this that he THOUGHT abt it, made the right call & it was most likely FOR THE BEST. The first thing which will come to any scorp’s mind reading your post is that if even NOW you can’t seem to understand what was the issue, then there was definitely a GOOD reason for him acting that way. The case of @Keely is an easy to tell toxic situation going on with AN UNEVOLVED SCORP. Know this that scorpio has 7 stages… The last three stages (the Wolf, then the Eagle & finally the Phoenix) are the evolved stages… The rest 4 like serpents or lizards are much more common, so she’s definitely dealing with a lower energy scorp & she SHOULD NOT & MUST NOT let him enter her life. After messing with her before, he tells her “I’m so lonely. I don’t know what to do.”
      Hahahaha it’s like how more OBVIOUS COULD IT BE that he’s back again to mess with her life. My brother is an evolved scorp & it cringes him out when he sees other lower energy scorps behave like that. He probably would say something like ” what a goddamn beta male behaviour” 🤣🤣

      And contrary to most people on these sites, who have one experience with a certain sun sign & give “expert opinions”… I happen to know quite a number of scorps & also have decent zodiac knowledge. My elder brother has taught me everything in life & he’s an Eagle. Then, I have two really good male friends who are also scorps & they’re pretty evolved. I’ve also known 5 bad & really bad scorps. One of the many things common in the above three evolved scorps is that all of three of them have been through BAD CANCER EXPERIENCES. It’s interesting how many other females on this site, including both you & @Keely have similar stories & it’s quite obvious that many of cancerian girls here CAN’T GET OVER THE SCORPS IN THEIR LIFE. Another thing is that cancers seem to be a out of self awareness, even though they’re very much emotionally aware/sensitive to others’ emotions.. (I could go on with my explanations & research, but then it would make my reply lengthy)…. It’s been 10 fucking years, I know it’s easier said than done & my apologies if it sounds harsh BUT YOU NEED TO GET OVER THE PAST. You said that this job was your first real job, so it would be better if you concentrate on your work for the time being instead of risking it with this other scorp. If he’s an evolved scorp & if something is there from his side, then he’ll MAKE SURE that you become his…. but from what u tell that he’s not flirting back & only has been nice/helpful to you, then don’t bother yourself by overthinking. It will only create unnecessary shit in your work.

      • Shanaya August 6th, 2020

        @Ashlyn u put it perfectly. I’m a cancer with a sag moon(taurus dominant chart). My really good friend is crazy about this scorpio guy at work. And I’m glad someone else also shared my opinion on cancer girls’ lack of self awareness issues. I avoid cancers, but my friend is an exception…. It’s because we know each other since childhood & actually SHE is a major part of many reasons why I avoid cancers. I think the issue is we are water signs, so we naturally get that “connect” with other water signs…Because other signs don’t have that “sensing the feelings/vibes” thing going on so strong, so I guess it’s easy to misinterpret that connection as love when we unexpectedly find it in someone else. It doesn’t help either when that “someone else” has such a magnetic & smooth vibe to them, which is often the case with these serpents. Plus it’s even more attractive coz they aren’t bound by social politeness or fake courtesies etc they call out bs & stand their ground for what’s right.., but it’s a huge problem with cancer girls’…. They can’t stop being nice to every damn person. Sometimes all we need to do is be clear & put the jerks in their place, instead of unnecessarily being a mother to dimwits. But the crabs don’t do that. My friend lets herself get into trouble or rather, a better way of putting it would be that SHE INTENTIONALLY CREATES DRAMA, then acts like a poor damsel of some soap opera & how the world is so cruel to her. And it’s not this part that scares me about her…. it’s the part where when I look at her, I realize she DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF WHAT SHE DOES & HOW SHE BEHAVES. She seriously lives in some other reality like those geminis. I heard a top level astrologer reference the facts in a video that cancers are number one in the list of passion crimes & he’s one of the best out there, been doing his work for 30+yrs. My friend really THINKS SHE’S THE VICTIM in the emotional games she plays with everyone. She’s crushing over this guy hard. It’s around a year since they have known each other & I’ve met him too, great guy… is good at comedy & makes others laugh hard with his stupid funny acts, is really a chill dude, gives off a fun “but dangerous” vibe. He’s humorous & all yeah right, but definitely has that vampire charisma going on. I think he knows that about himself, so tries to be less intimidating. From what I can understand, he doesn’t consider her anything other than a colleague, may be a friend at best, but nothing else. He does help her, but that’s something which he does with other colleagues too. My friend thinks otherwise…. She tells me all these stories about him… When I ask questions which might break her bubble like him being cool like that with others too, then she ignores or changes the topic. It’s as if her liking for him overshadows everything else. I’ve met him a few times when we’ve all hung out or in parties & I would say he is someone on whom her emotional manipulative games would not work for sure. I guess that’s probably the reason why it’s not working out for her. I can definitely see him getting annoyed or seeing right through her drama. I have tried telling her to not waste her time & energy anymore on him as it would only hurt her feelings. What worries me is that it’s quite highly probable that she would start losing it at some point in the near future & start her usual drama….. Doesn’t seem like she would listen to my advice, she might end up confessing her feelings or something to him. Then, OBVIOUSLY, he won’t have same feelings towards her or even have any idea of how she was feeling all this time. Then she’ll blame him for “leading her on” & begin her self victimization thing. And in all this passion, she will turn on her psycho b*tch mode. This is what she has always done since the time we were kids…. Stupid catfights with other girls, then acting like the worst possible things happened to her, then projecting her “enemies” as some cruel villains & then out of nowhere she’s again friends with them. I’m a tomboy coz of my sag moon, I usually avoid female company all together, lots of unnecessary mind games & back bitting. The few female friends I have are awesome, actual friendship.

        The other thing is that recently we came to know somehow that he has a “really really” good female friend, a Capricorn woman. We don’t know much about his personal life, despite knowing him for almost a year now. All we found from some mutual/common friends was a pic in which he was with his Capricorn friend. Well, honestly… my first thought was DAMN SHE’S GORGEOUS. My friend also saw that pic & although she tried to hide her reaction… I knew it. The issue is that I found out 11 days ago from my mutual connections with him that the Capricorn woman is his girlfriend,.. no surprises. I haven’t told this to my friend as of yet, it’ll only make her crazier…. but I also want her to face the truth & look at life as it actually is. I would definitely not hide the harsh truth from her, but I also don’t wanna speed things up, it’ll hurt her bad. It got worse when an accident happened on their workplace a month ago & during that he saved her from the glass falling from above by pulling her away from it, and up close to him. There’s no coming back from that I guess coz I’ve met that guy & he has this way of looking into your eyes, he doesn’t even realize it. Can’t blame her in this instance 😂…. That’s why I’ve been researching the internet as to how should I proceed further. I do have 3 male scorpio friends of my own, 2 of them have pisces wives, the third has a cap wife. All of them young & happily married. Let’s see how it goes for our situation, I’ll try my best to help her evolve & coming to this site proved super useful, especially with the self awareness point.

      • Single4eva August 8th, 2020

        @Ashlyn Wow, harsh, condescending and unnecessary long.

        Honestly, I think he dumped me for another girl but I honestly don’t know…. He didn’t end up with her after our breakup. When he dumped me, I don’t think it was planned. It was sudden. None of our friends saw it coming, and we had mutual friends. I can only tell you my side, and that we were happy together. I did not cheat on him, although he didn’t like that I hung out with the frat guys, I always made sure to him, my loyalty is his was known. He partied a lot at his university with other women, but he would always call me goodnight even if he’s drunk at 1AM. I don’t think he cheated, who knows, it was a long distance relationship and we were stupid young. And yes, I think about him time to time, shoot me and let me be.

        I understand people should move on, and I have for the most part, but I also do miss him every now and then because we had such great chemistry and bond. I share my vulnerability on the internet, so other cancer women can connect to this feeling of missing a great relationship that abruptly ended. I wasn’t asking for advice when I shared that experience. I wanted others to know my experience dating a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp,

        Yeah, I won’t mess with the scorp man at work, too much is at stake. He gives me mixed signals and plus, dealing with a break up with a scorpio is recipe for disaster especially in a work environment. I work too hard to get where I am at. Landing this job, only to fu*k it up over a gorgeous scorpio man lol But after speaking to my friends about it, we concluded he does have interest in me, but he’s just as confused. There’s a lot of little things he does that shows he’s interested that he doesn’t do for other co-workers. Also, I think he doesn’t want to jeopardize his career dating me either. We’re put in a difficult spot. I’ll just fantasize about our relationship from afar. He’s soo gorgeous and thoughtful, UGH! I can’t help but ogle.

    • Shanaya August 10th, 2020

      @Single4eva there goes the crabby nature again. IT WAS NOT AN ATTACK ON YOU. This is a huge issue with all cancer girls I know. I think u misunderstood the point here. It was about the moving on problem with us cancer women. She used your post as an example to make that her point. I mean going through the comments on this article is itself a proof that there’s a pattern of female crabs stuck in the past. If you go into more esoteric knowledge of zodiac signs, then you would know that Pluto is number one in “sudden transformation” or the surprise element. Uranus(Aquarius) represents this principle, but it comes second. First is Pluto… So no, him dumping you was sudden for all of you, NOT FOR HIM. Nothing, literally nothing scorpio men do is by chance or random….be it lower energy serpents or spiders… Or higher energy wolves/eagles/phoenixes. He thought about it alright & it’s actually a good thing that he didn’t hurt you by cheating or something. He must have sensed it & that’s why ended it. Think about this way that if “according to him” something was off, then he avoided all the conflict. Your memory of him is of great connection & all that, not of him being some cheater or liar. Isn’t that a good thing? It was good till it lasted, you have pleasant memories of him to this day. And allow me to make this comment unnecessarily lengthier 😉…. The Universe sends Scorpios in our lives to transform us, a person doesn’t stay the same after a scorpio experience. A bad scorp will be cruel & wreck your world so bad that you’ll have no choice to either fight & evolve as a stronger person or die… While a good scorp enters your life also to evolve you, in a different way. There’s something about them isn’t it? No one’s able to forget the good & bad experiences with them. When you’ll look at your life as a trajectory, you will forever remember him & he’ll always have that special place in your heart. He made you believe in true love, he made you experience what that soulmate connection is (which is usually viewed as most of as non existent & something only shown in movies until we experience it ourselves)…. Breakup with them is a recipe for disaster, the scars never heal… But some learn to live with that, while others degenerate into chaos. Don’t you think a person becomes way more mentally stronger than they were earlier, when they go through a scorpio experience & are able to rise above from it. Most are not able to rise. I’ve read so many forums of scorpio men with Pisces women & Capricorn women. And this is factual info I’m telling you, there’s hardly any bad experiences in those comments. If I have to give a figure, it’s 90% successful in cap women scorp men comments & 85% successful in pisces women scorp men. But that’s never the story in cancer women scorp men comments(70% or less), even though we’re supposed to be compatible. And it’s most of the times, cancer females wondering what went wrong. These are the similar patterns, and I think @Ashlyn was talking about the importance of cancer females to move on. You seem to be a sensible cancerian, so I hope you got it. Same goes for other girls here, who might have got offended with our comments

      • Single4eva August 26th, 2020

        @Shanaya Here comes another “expert” opinion. Did I say she attacked me? No, I said it was harsh and condescending, because it was, telling people to move the fuck on and saying its been 10 years, and I should get over it. Yeah bitch, that goes without saying, but we cancer bitches like to think about the good times we had. Like this articles states, “they invariably miss each other very much usually throughout their lives.”

        And no, it doesn’t feel good even if he dumped me for another girl or didn’t cheat during the relationship. It’s a shitty feeling no matter what. I had exes who cheated on me, and it helped me with closure and moving on. And yeah, I reminisce about our great moments too. Rejection is a rejection, you sound like one of those girls differentiating the difference between hard slap and soft slap. Slap is a slap, don’t get it twisted.

        I had issues with a lot of her assumptions, like a scorpio wants a partner for life and they think their break up thoroughly. But that’s NOT what happened. It was unplanned, he made up his mind right then and there when he dumped me. There was no indication leading up to it and friends told me hadn’t planned on it. I also had issues with her thoughts on my co-worker who doesn’t flirt back = he doesn’t like me. Ugh, he works with me. Of course he isn’t going to flirt back because he’s a COLLEAGUE. We’re in a METOO era. Btw, he still calls me and we still talk for hours, he still hits me up, initiate the conversation, and he still goes out of his way to do favors for me, but doesn’t want to make a move cause we fucking work together. I’m trying my best to keep my distance.

        I didn’t bother reading the rest of your comment especially with that opening statement. Don’t assume shit and think of the worst, there are external factors that you ‘experts’ probably left out, and choose your words wisely.

    • Ashlyn August 20th, 2020

      @Single4eva I apologise for my comment. I should have kept it short. Sorry if I offended you in any way.

      • Single4eva August 26th, 2020

        @Ashlyn Thanks for not lashing out. Yeah, I was a bit irritated with some of your comments. You obviously didn’t mean any harm by it and it was meant to “help me.” I appreciate the feedback though. Just be careful with your words because it can sometimes be taken the wrong way especially when we’re talking about touchy subjects like relationships, rejections and breakups.

      • Eagle-29-10 September 4th, 2020

        I don’t know about other scorpio men, but I really liked reading the two “expert” opinions on this thread. Perfectly described my three cancerian ex girlfriends. And that was EXACTLY my first thought after reading that he broke up with her “out of nowhere.”

        Two of my cancer ex gfs, STILL, to this day stalk/harass me after being married to a strong gold hearted Capricorn woman & both don’t have even the nearest idea about what went wrong. It makes me cringe even hard, coz I tried ending those relationships on pleasant terms,… the least I expected was them to be aware of their OBVIOUS mistakes & stupid behavior. I don’t think the neighbouring signs placements help for the cancer sun signs either. Because the cancer with gemini or leo placements too is pure DRAMA. Sagittarius with capricorn or scorpio placements… Or Pisces with aries/aqua placements figure better.

      • 🤪CANCER SURVIVOR 🥴 October 14th, 2020

        @Eagle-29-10 bruh no shit my experience has been similar. I had one PSYCHO cancer chick chasing after me for years. Thinking about all the drama and victim emotional games she played makes me depressed. My brother (also a scorp) had even worse situation than mine. He had 2 SERIOUSLY CRAZY cancer chicks on him for a long time. And one of them had a sister who was also a cancerian. She just messed up matters for him for fun. Not saying all cancer women are like that, but my personal experience is them acting so extra nice & have Mother Teresa complex, unnecessarily getting into others’ matters having nothing to do with them. Also, they had a hard time facing rejection, the psycho mode used to get so triggered all the time…. Anyways, my brother has been happily married to a pisces girl for 3years now & I married a Capricorn girl. I think cancer girls with libra moon, aqua moon, and sag moon are fine. But that’s just my opinion, no one’s the same.. there are all kinds of people under each sign.

      • Scorpio Survivor November 27th, 2020

        @EAGLE-29-10 Of course you enjoyed reading them, you weren’t the butt of their assessment. Sounds like you didn’t try hard enough to end those previous relationships. Sounds like you’re unintentionally leaving hope, and enjoy being chased by these two cancer woman especially if they’re both contacting you after marriage. Total ego booster, your cappie wife must be so proud. Try harder, and be assertive instead of beating around the bush, which Scorpios have the tendency doing…. which comes off deceptive.

        I dated two Scorpio men who lead me on; both married. Both led me on because it strokes their ego to manipulate woman’s emotions. In fact, I dated one for 2 months, we went on numerous dates, but he did not invite me into this home, which was a red flag. The other married man, we casually dated until a mutual friend told me he is married. I confronted them both why would they lead me on, they both responded: “It feels good to be desired” and some lame excuse their marriage is falling apart; they’re still married to their spouse to this day. Busllshit lie they tell their victims. I contemplated contacting their wives but I just wanted to put it behind me and move on. Probably not the right call… Who knows. I believe in 2nd chances so I hope these two Scorpio men learn their lesson – naïve of me to think. Pardon me for being insensitive, you sound a lot like them. Leaving out important details to make yourself holier than thou…I see through it… Because y’all ambiguous and deceiving AF.

        Don’t fall for it ladies.

      • Eagle-29-10 November 30th, 2020

        @Scorpio Survivor HAH I WONDER IF A WOMAN HAD WRITTEN SOMETHING ABOUT 2 CRAZY GUYS HARASSING HER TO THIS DATE & IF SOME STUPID GUY HAD REPLIED TO HER, ACCUSING HER OF “LEADING THEM ON TO FEED THEIR EGOS”…. a whole army of offended keyboard warriors would have jumped by now to punish him for his sins.

        How could you possibly frame any assumptions based on such a vague comment I made. The “expert” opinions(which BY THE WAY have been posted by sensible cancerian ladies themselves) happen to perfectly describe my ex gfs. I don’t know your story, so I won’t jump to dumb conclusions based on “sun signs.” …Seems like you had bad experiences with lower stage scorpios. Did you not read the comments talking about 7 stages of the sign?? I myself cringe when I see other DUMB scorpios trying to be all cool ~validating~ their stupid existence with the sign. Doesn’t mean every scorpio is like that. IT’S HOW THE WORLD WORKS, too many stupid people exist, so one has to seriously work hard to find a goddamn good person. I understand that you are angry with those guys & it’s tempting to dump that anger on some stranger who happens to share the INCREDIBLY BROAD category of a sun sign. It’s tempting & easier to think that everyone must be as bad as them. Kind of like identity politics tribalism. Next thing you know, you might even get into the whole SJW feminist man hating bullshit. I can give my personal experience about my own sun sign, it’s usually 3 or 4 out of 10 scorpios I come across on average who qualify for the evolved stages… Rest of them, same clowns who read random five lines about hOw cOoL tHeiR siGn iS & go on to post retarded social media posts/stories/status about that… The above replies happened to perfectly describe my ex gfs, and that is all I said, NOT “all cancer women are like that” …. One thing all the other comments & this particular thread seems to have is a common theme of not accepting rejection. I could make some idiotic comment like “how about not being so damn stupid right from the start to let yourselves be fooled by players, irrespective of their sign”… but I won’t do that because I don’t know the whole story, all I can do is sympathize with you for bad experiences & “give you the hope” that there are evolved people of all signs, whether scorps or cancers or any other sign… Although the frequency varies with each sign.

        And about the not giving all details thing. I did that to not make my comment lengthy. I thought mentioning that they were “crazy” was enough. And I also used the words “stalk & harass.”…they have different meaning than “leading them on to boost my ego.”.. . Why is it that despite using the word “harass,”…you still didn’t take it seriously?? Well coz it’s a guy saying that isn’t it??, nobody gives a shit right!?

        Here are some details you asked for. Didn’t even had sex with the 2 psychos I talked about who harass me to this day. The only RELATIVELY sensible third cancer girl was with whom I had something for a while. She had all the insecurities described in above comments, she had her flaws, but she was a good person deep down. That was the only reason why I tried to make the relationship work & help her in improving herself. But having a good heart doesn’t mean you can’t be lost/indulged in stupid insecurities. I tolerated it all, but then the crazy started to take over more & more, leading to her creating rubbish weird stories in her head about those close to her. It’s like people who don’t want to look within & straight up live in denial of their own issues, tend to accuse OTHERS of having those issues. Then she accused me of cheating & other wild nonsense. Nothing was true or even LOGICAL. That’s what broke my heart & that’s when I decided enough was enough. It became a lesson for her. She ultimately had to ACCEPT her issues & resolve them. She realized how selfish she was in our relationship & sent me an apology after 3.5yrs of me ending it all. She wrote in that apology that it was too late for an apology itself, forget about the possibility of us even being back together. But that she had left her older toxic self for good & it was because of me telling her the harsh truth about herself, which others avoided telling her. ***She was the one who was NOT a psycho out of the 3 ex gfs I mentioned***
        Let me tell you about the 2 psychos, dated the first one for ONE MONTH, ONE UNFORTUNATE F**KING MONTH. She had a virgo moon & lot of leo&cancer in her. Didnt bang her, didn’t spoil her with my money she was so fond of. Her transition or switch from seemingly sensible to obviously crazy was so damn quick, I couldn’t believe how could someone even live pretending all that she did in the beginning. She loved to mess up with other guys’ heads, as if her having cancer & leo in plenty wasn’t enough, her virgo moon made in 10x worse. Go enlighten yourselves with moon signs & other interesting stuff, besides “vague sun signs”.. She also fit the stereotype of girls not getting along with each other. Always bitching about her female friends & random females on street, always nitpicking, then pretending to be all saintly in front of the same people. Unnecessarily creating drama with other females & also bringing me in the picture for no reason at all. Lying to me that other girls said xyz & then lying to those girls too about what I said in return WTF. She always got simps around her, so I guess she wasn’t used to it, because SHE COULD NOT ACCEPT THAT I REJECTED HER & even called her out on her behavior. She tried to resort to violence which I somehow prevented, then kept on sending me creepy stalkerish messages for far too long after I ended it, twice got letters with knife in them, etc.
        The other cancer sun girl (with cancer moon) was no less. Didn’t have any sexual adventure with her too, she was a work colleague. Showed her interest in me right off the back, we hung out, I was just being me(which she REALLY seemed to like), she self declared herself to be my gf, I jokingly took it as okay alright… but I concluded after some 15-20 days of hanging out & 2 dates that we weren’t compatible. Seems fine right? Two people not compatible, I politely ended it, definitely not expecting what happened next. She couldn’t digest a goddamn polite NO, went on to spread rumors to co-workers how I sexually harassed her. Thankfully our boss was a smart lady(btw she was also a Capricorn), and we got proof of my innocence. She started crying like a kid when she was caught & even confessed to doing the same to an ex co-worker who was fired for the same reason. She lost that job, but stalks me to this day. A female colleague also told me that she was obsessed with me from the first day I entered the damn office. She also sent my crappie wife crazy messages when she became my girlfriend.

        I hope this clears any doubt about blaming the guy for criminal behavior of some woman. Here’s a video
        by a smart lady explaining why “SOME” women (NOT ALL) resort to these tactics when rejected. About my Capricorn wife, I married the woman after 7 months of meeting her, and we both are pretty young (I’m 25,she’s 26), so it’s a serious soulmate sort of love that we made such huge decisions so quickly. And it’s been smooth as fuck. Best decision.

  14. Ady March 7th, 2020

    I met a Scorpio man and he is wonderful! Powerful, independent, intelligent and a great lover! There is nothing to complain about these guys they have a huge beautiful heart! They do need space as we Cancer woman need space! Give them space don’t suffocate them and they will always come back! Be patient with them and love them unconditionally! Don’t try to control them ….you will not stay a chance! I date other signs but no one came close to Scorpio man! This article state exactly what it is the compatibility between a Cancer woman and Scorpio man.
    These guys also need a strong ,independent and understanding woman! Good luck to all of you!

  15. Keely November 1st, 2019

    Hi Spirit, the answer to your question about “Are Scorpios that secretive they would hurt and play someone like that.” is YES. I had the same thing happen with me and my Scorpio man. He lied to me from the beginning. He wouldn’t give me his phone number. He said he was unsure what ethnicity was his mom so I asked him what is her maiden name. He didn’t want to give me that. Then he had given me his email address, then later said “Oh let’s change to this other email address instead.” He lied to me about where he was working for months. Finally, his mom said “Oh he hasn’t worked there in a long time.” Then he lied to me about where he was going at night. He said he was with some friends when his mom said he had obtained the radio DJ position at the University that he was looking for.
    So no, you’re not making too much out of this. I’m just glad that I didn’t let him get into my pants before I’m ending the relationship, although he tried his damnest to do so even to the point of trying to trick me, which didn’t work. The making out and necking was absolutely great though. I’m so sorry he hurt your tender Cancerian heart. I’m also a Cancerian Lady and sometimes I wish I didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve. He’s going to be gone for a month in Virginia in active military duty, He emailed me and I won’t email him for a whole month. He’s going to have to say he’s sorry and talk about how it hurt me before I’ll even consider having him back in my life. Good luck, dear. 🙂

  16. Keely October 22nd, 2019

    I have been seeing a totally Hot Scorpio man for about two months. We hit it off right away. We have so much in common that it’s unbelievable. He’s the most romantic man I’ve ever met, and I feel such a connection with him, physically, that is. He has hurt me so much in these two months that I contacted a psychic. The psychic said that as long as I continue to see him, he’s going to hurt me. It turns out he is so self-absorbed in his career that he frequently just leaves me by the wayside. We used to chat every evening. Then for no reason at all, he stops replying to my emails all day. I tried to tell him “Maybe you could have said Keely I’m going to be really busy today and tomorrow so I won’t be able to chat,” but I didn’t even get a hello, and this is after a nice romantic evening of kissing. He knows I’m a loving, loyal Cancerian lady and has called me incredibly sexy and sweet, but I don’t know why he’s acted like this. It’s like he’s toying with my emotions, but I really sometimes think he’s just clueless. I guess our relationship falls into that 1% of Scorpio/Cancerian relationships that don’t work out. Then I think maybe it’s because I didn’t put out. I know he’s a very sexual man, but he’s done this before……..just communicating and being romantic, and then all of a sudden neglect for several days. I’m just so into him that I don’t know what to do at this point. Help! :-/

    • C October 22nd, 2019

      I think you should focus on yourself more when that’s what he’s doing. Don’t be codependent, what with your clingy crabby claws, I see you😉. I’m a Scorpio and sometimes I disappear off the face of the planet and don’t talk to no one; not my mother, brother, sister, or lover. Not like it’s perceived as healthy, but sometimes I just feel like I need to. In that time it lets me focus entirely on one or two things so that I don’t mix things into my emotions that shouldn’t be, like love and work or school. I can’t study and give someone affection at the same time or both will suffer, feel me? I’ll ignore messages from people. Doesn’t mean I don’t like those people though. I think it’s just how we are as people. Our vision’s always on the horizon even if our arm’s around your waist. Some might dig that because they’re like that too, many likely don’t. He’s not trying to settle down clearly, so don’t build up imaginable scenarios. You could show you get him by letting him be autonomous and wish him well until he emerges again. You’ll definitely be on his mind. I mean forget zodiacs, its just a little common sense- don’t take things too personally.

      • Keely November 1st, 2019

        Well, that’s what I do when that happens, but this situation has nothing to do with my “clingy crabby claws.” It has to do with common courtesy. It’s like we’ll be chatting online and then he’ll disappear for two hours, sometimes for half a day without saying anything. I’ve even explained to him “ever heard of BBL and BRB?” I tried to make him understand that disappearing without an explanation is just like leaving someone hanging and makes them feel unimportant to that person. If I know I’m going to be gone for any length of time, I’ll say “I have to go out but should be back around 7:00.” It’s just the right thing to do. I’d never leave someone hanging like that, wondering what they may have done to make me upset. And regarding disappearing for a week with no explanation, if he were to be thoughtful and considerate and tell me “Keely, I have to take some time away from chatting or seeing you to get my thoughts together. I’m feeling stressed” I’d definitely say “ok, I understand. Please let me know when you’re back online and/or when we can see each other again.”

        C, I invite you to read the information at the following link.

        No, it’s not normal to disappear like that. Please especially read #03. “Disinterest or Laziness.” and unless he comes and sincerely apologizes for his actions and agrees to talk about it together, I’m going to do what the author of that article recommends: I’m gonna drop his ass.

  17. Cancie August 8th, 2019

    I hate when this Zodiac stuff turns out true but I’ve never felt more complete until I, a Cancer woman, met my Scorpio man. Before I even talked to him or knew his name, I felt a huge and weird attraction to which I’ve never felt before. I used to dream of just hugging him and now I’m dating him a year later and I feel so happy. I also thought the “sexual” part of the zodiac for Scorpios was overrated until he proved himself (No man in the past 5 years previous could make me finish). I’m completely wrapped around this man! I come to find out that we are a great pairing for zodiacs, so again I hate that it was right because I tend to not believe in these things… it’s usually just for fun.

  18. Riddhima April 13th, 2019

    I jst know one thing that Scorpions r the best for Cancerians …….Waiting eagerly for my Scorpion man to come in my life and make it Heaven ……Plz everyone pray for me 😁🙂

  19. cr3do February 26th, 2019

    I met my scorpio man through a dating website. We connected instantly. Our banter bounce off one another like old friends. He knows me so well we would finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. I can’t help it but smile every time he texted me. He would text me EVERYDAY “good morning” or “how are you? How is your day going?” I love his reassurance, resilience and self-confidence. We would text at work, at the gym, late at night.. etc. We sexted for hours between work like preteens going through puberty. The chemistry and connections we shared was out of this world. The attractions we had was magnetic. We continued to talk and dated for 2 months.. There was something odd about our relationship. He didn’t hesitate to take me out on dates but he never invited me to his home, and he refused to sleep with me despite the make out session and the endless teasing and dry humps in his car and at my apartment. TURNS OUT, HE IS MARRIED!!!!!

    Cancer girls make great PI. I searched him on google, somehow managed to find his home address which had another woman occupying that space (his wife). I found her facebook, found pictures of them together. Next day, FURIOUS and feeling betrayed, I mustered up the courage to confront him in person. He admitted he is in an unhappy 7 years marriage. He couldn’t leave his wife, because she would take half his income if divorced. WHAT?! I quivered and cried, he held me telling me he’s sorry. He continued to hold me, kissed my forehead, and comforted me. He confessed to being selfish and he uttered “I love you” for the first time. He told me he deserved this and I didn’t deserve to be with him. He could understand I never want to see or speak to him again.

    A huge part of me wanted to contact his wife, but I care about him too much to destroy his life. I even considered being with him despite his marital status but I would end up hurt anyways. He will never leave his wife for me. What was I even thinking? I made the best decision a person who is starstruck in love can, I cut him off. Halt all communications. And yes, I effing miss him. I miss his kisses, his D***, his touch, his company.. his everything.

    The purpose of this story, go with your gut. If someone seemed off, please investigate and question the relationship. Good luck everyone.

    • Riddhima April 13th, 2019

      Sooooo sad to hear …….Bt I am feeling v angry about why ur scorpion lied to u …..😡😡😡 If he is unhappy he must divorce n move on with u … can he forget u ? I wonder how u r living without him 😫😭 As a Cancerian girl I know how emotionally vulnerable Cancerians r 🤐😭🥺🤧

      • cr3do May 1st, 2019

        We cancers are ride or die type of bitches. He was making 230k as a software engineer, considering that his wife did not work, she would take half his income if they divorce. I was making close to 100k. I was willing to support him with my money to compensate his. I even proposed it to him, but he kindly rejected my offer and told me that he loved his wife too much and the thought of leaving her wasn’t an option. WHAT? He is in an unhappy marriage, why continue to stay? I understand my part is morally corrupt and questionable. I bare the consequences of my actions, which showed how much I cared for him and how much I have fallen for him. I was willing to make sacrifices to make this work. In hindsight, I’m glad I blocked him and move on with my life. Months later, I met a sexy and wealthy Capricorn. There is hope ladies!

        You will find someone! Yes, scorpios are my favorite men to date. They do hold grudges and have trust issues, which is the reason for his cheating. Just be careful with these men, if he catches you being unfaithful, it will be difficult to bounce back the relationship.

    • Riddhima August 26th, 2019

      I’m v happy for u 😃😄
      U did right 😁🙂
      Thanx for ur advice 😇😊

  20. Bruhh December 5th, 2018

    We can’t comment on this site anymore or what?? I’m just checking by this cmnt

  21. ChaoticSilverLining November 5th, 2018

    I (a Cancerian woman) recently started seeing a Scorpio male. I understand and agree with most of this article. It is so hard not to give him every bit of me. He makes me feel so comfortable I just want him to hold me forever. He gets me to talk about things I normally wouldn’t share. Especially so early in the relationship. I am slow to sleep with someone, but the desire to make love to this man occupies my brain for a considerable part of my day. I love feeling this way but it also frightens me as i do not want the feeling to dissipate.

    I always get to know someone before I sleep with them and sometimes that takes month for me to get that comfortable. The problem is i feel like I know him already. I will insist on waiting a few weeks, just out of self-respect. I know after making love I am in love, and i don’t need to play my brain like that.

    I am already infatuated with the guy, so I am going to redirect my energy into something creative as to not get swept away too quickly. xx

    • Moon Maiden December 5th, 2018

      It’s ok to be like this with a Scorpio. They actually like it. They appreciate it. It makes them feel needed and secure. Just don’t be a doormat. Scorpios like feisty people 😈. This article is so accurate. Cancer Women and Scorpio Males are true soulmates.

  22. Zeleninka September 16th, 2018

    I am cancerian woman (11th Jul) together with my scorpio man (28th Oct) almost 12 years (married 6 yrs) and we love each more than on the day when started dating. We are 100 % emotionally connected and able to speak without words. The article describes us pretty well and as every couple we have to work on communication every day. Sometimes with scorpios it is not so easy but cancerians know how to do it 😉 If you love your scorpio man and he loves you too make everything to work it out. It is not easy but worth it! You will feel like in heaven! 🙂

    • Toy September 21st, 2018

      Oh my god! I’m a cancer woman also 7/11! I met a scorpio man (11/16 ) just a week ago and I know its soon but God it feels like I’ve known him much longer. Our kisses are the sweetest most passionate. Now I’m at a place where I just want him to want to date me. He told me he likes my smile and that he wants to make me smile for the rest of my life. I could of melted right there! IDK what to do. I’m trying to keep my cool but he makes me feel like a warm puddle.

      • Moon Maiden September 21st, 2018

        Scorpios always tell me they feel like I’ve known them all their lives after we talk. (I have 5 in my life right now). It’s the Cancer intuition. It’s a magical thing. But, don’t fall too hard too fast for Mr. Scorpio. Let him chase you. They love that. They also like a girl who is feisty. So, don’t be too sweet to him or he will think you are a pushover. Just be honest, trustworthy, loyal, and sexy. Good luck.

  23. Nadean Waite September 6th, 2018

    Scorpio males are hard to understand at first..but if u can be patient and get to know them properly and get underneath the aggression and miserable behaiour they are the greatest lovers and partners ….u have to know how to handle them …

    • Moon Maiden September 21st, 2018

      Yes! They so are ! Bonus: as a Cancer girl it’s much easier for me😊. Every time I start to hate my sign, I remind myself of this. It’s nit as hard as people think. Just be honest, trustworthy, loyal, and, if you are looking to have them as your lover, be sexy. If that’s too hard for you, you likely aren’t a good person and thats why you will always have trouble with Scorpios. Don’t hurt them!!!! Or TRY to hurt them.

  24. Jordyn June 26th, 2018

    I believe that when you get in a relationship with someone, you should already love them for the way they are. By super passive, I mean, I loved to talk things out. He, on the other hand, just loved assuming and knowing that he can hit me because I’d never leave him, at least that’s what he thought until I actually left. He even told me himself, two years later, that he was in the wrong and he thought I would never leave him no matter what he put me through because he thought I was going to be there. Nope. Lol. And he still tries to play around and be possessive. Ive only talked to him once again, and it’s good now the way if is, since so much time has passed, but I’d never go back to him. I know him so well, enough to know through that one conversation that he’s still the same.

  25. Heather June 26th, 2018

    This is so me and my babe. We dated 23 years ago and ended abruptly, mainly due to miscommunication. Life happened and here we are reconnecting and falling in love all over again. I know we’re both scared…but we can’t help ourselves.

  26. Jessica February 20th, 2018

    I’m a cancer woman with a Scorpio man. We’ve been together for about a week now. I can’t figure out how to tell him I’m gay and that I’m using him to get rid of my mom’s nagging about being single. He’s a cool guy I’m just not into dick like that

    • John February 21st, 2018

      Uhh..he’s a Scorpio sweetie..just tell him you are gay and from time to time you have no problem letting him join you and your lesbian friend and that you will allow him to have an “open relationship” with you..Most Scorp man see that as a relationship made in heaven 🙂

      • Nadean Waite September 6th, 2018

        Exactly loool that is a Scorpio males ideal

    • Willow September 3rd, 2018

      Your a complete jerk
      . I’m a cancer woman and would never purposely use anyone like that.grow some balls and grow up

  27. Jordyn February 4th, 2018

    My ex is a Scorpio. We dated on and off for three years. First off, we met at work; his eyes, the way he glared at me was always so magnetizing and hypnotic. I could never forget those charming eyes. He also had this million dollar smile, a handsome face, and attracted A LOT of females. I approached him for his number and that’s how we started talking. He’d take me to parties, then ghost me for a week or so, intermittently, and then he would just text me out of the blue. I got tired of it and starting talking to another guy, a Cancer, like me. And I think that’s what really caused him to chase after me. By this point, I already thought the Scorpio and I had nothing because it was so easy for him to ignore me, and we never even argued! He started hitting me up more, and we started hanging out more. Eventually everyday was just about him, him, him, and me, me, me. The sex was always amazing and passionate, and his kisses were always so juicy! We were so in love! I was actually the first girl he ever loved in his 20 years being alive. Then came the point where he started becoming possessive, jealous, aggressive, and abusive. Every time his mouth opened, he’d say anything to degrade me. He wouldn’t even let me show my face around to anyone anymore. If a guy even looked my way, it meant I must have fxcked him, because I’m such a slut. No way in hell did I have pictures or social media because I was to only need him. No matter how good I was to him though… I was never good enough. It was the same thing for months… it was always him being one sided and aggressive while I stood quiet. I’m super passive, by the way. After 3 whole years, I realized my worth and never looked back. For a few months I struggled with not seeing him, because I truly loved him. I took classes, not in my GE requirements, with him just to make sure we studied together and passed. I spent every second with him and changed everything about myself to be his idea of a good woman. But then I dusted it away at last and I found beauty, peace, and happiness within myself again. He did stalk me for a month though, until he got scared away by my brother and my father. And I did get myself a Sagittarius. We have been together for over 2 years and have always been consistent. He is everything my ex wasn’t; he is so patient, so warm, and so amazing. Everything is always about communication, teamwork, and amazing sex!! Trust me, love with a Scorpio is undeniable, but when you meet a mature Sag, your life is going to change forever and the excitement is always going to last with him!!!

    • Zoe June 19th, 2018

      Okay I happy your happy but you should know that when a cancer and Scorpio are in a relationship it is necessary that the cancer woman dosent just stay quiet and not defend herself. Staying quiet and never doing this may have turned your relationship into the bad and abusive one it was. Then he would’ve still gone through the jealous and possessive time but it would’ve passed with a little bit of time.

      • Moon Maiden September 6th, 2018

        This is very true. Scorpios like a person that sticks up for themselves and shows they have a backbone, and are even feisty. Yes, they like to dominate, and that’s fine. But, there is a big difference between that and someone being abusive to you.

    • Sum June 22nd, 2018

      Sorry I am scorp and married to a saggi. I simply don’t like her passiveness. That makes me more bitter and unattached. I have been trying to tell that to her. But she hasn’t come to terms yet. Maybe you too did something similar to your Ex, I am not sure and just guessing. But yeah sometimes talking is helpful.

      • Jordyn June 26th, 2018

        Im a Cancer with a Sag. He is a little passive in bed; he hates the thought of hurting me. Lol, but he is super blunt, funny, and works super hard for everything we got right now, and I truly appreciate it. He’s the way I believe a man should be, and he’s so loyal. And to answer you, my Scorpio ex was just psycho and a compulsive liar. He wanted me to have no social media, even thought I never posted anything racy. I was with him all day and somehow he’d come to the conclusion that I’d be cheating. It was an everyday thing. Imagine putting your all into someone, but he/she hits you and degrades you all the time. I held on for too long. I took classes out of my major to make sure he passed his test, cooked lunch for him, and massaged him literally every night. He stalked me, beat me til I swelled up, almost ran me over with MY car after he dragged me out of it, and stole $300 out of it. There’s no talking it out; it’s only him being right or being right. I got tired of it and left. There’s nothing more towards it.

      • Jordyn June 26th, 2018

        I’m super passive as in I liked talking situations out together, as a team. I don’t resort to violence like a kid to get my way. I always try to defend myself before the hitting starts, but it’s either his assumptions are right or always right. There was never him being wrong. But if you’re talking about not being passive in bed, trust me, we did all sorts of stuff, esp since I was so in love with him. Scorpios love being in power, esp the one I was dating. I wasn’t allowed to have social media, let alone wear makeup. I had to be at his house at a certain time, he even set up my work schedule for me, and would barely let me go home. If I dont get to his house at a certain time, obviously I’m cheating, right. Then I’d get a beating. I’d take classes with him that were out of my major to make sure he passed and massaged him every night LITERALLY and always cooked for him. But it’d always be something with him that I could never understand. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how many hours I spent with him, he’d always say I was cheating on him and degraded me all the time. Imagine giving your all to the person you love and he never sees it. And oh, it was because he was cheating on me, he got insecure. He stalked me, beat me black and blue til I swelled up, on my face too, he almost ran me over with MY car, after dragging me out of it, stole my debit card and pulled out $300. So you tell me, was it because I was being too passive? Lol

  28. Melinda December 5th, 2017

    im falling fast for my scorpio. i didnt know what the attraction was- why so strong and now i know that we are just plain super compatible! i didn’t want anything to do with any man as i am separated from my husband and have had no desire for anyone! last thing i wanted was another relationship and im not rushing but if i have one – it will be my scorpio. whew!

  29. Vikshe September 22nd, 2017

    Very true and well said. Its the same experience that i had with my lovely and sexy Scorpio man. He loves me so much and am i. We had a breakup for 2 weeks where we struggled spending a day without each other. Now luckily we are back to each other. I LOVE YOU MY SOUL(VCK)

  30. Sophia August 6th, 2017

    Hi all well am a cancer girl born July 17th and not to long ago I met up with a handsome Scorpio man he is older than me I 27 him 34 his birthday is October 27th and boy oh boy when saw him the first time lol my eyes got stocked their madly in love tried to snap myself out of it many times which didn’t work we met on site and from there I was the one to reach out first and we’ve been talking a lot lately about anything without whether it be sexual all areas of life now I tried not to chase after men but for him I had to push and not let that opportunity slip although he from another state he’s already willing to come see me which I would admit exciting but don’t want to get to excited lol he done talking about he want to have kids etc with me and am like wtf madness but I’ve been thinking about him a lot and when we aren’t talking I do miss him if he happens to be the one for me I hoping we stand and last the test of time

    • Madame 312 December 28th, 2017

      So what’s the update?

      • Sophia December 28th, 2017

        I been catfished it wasn’t the person I thought it was from the start girl when I told you I got so f…ing pissed I couldn’t control myself that made me came off the site as well delete my account ect that’s been the last I’ve been on sites and blocked him.I also try not to make these sites with horoscope matches get me carried away to be dissapointed.

  31. Susan July 19th, 2017

    It’s crazy. I’m reading all of these stories about the first time meeting your scorpio man and I felt the same way! It was almost like love at first sight. We had a summer class together. At the start of class we had to introduce ourselves and talk about our most proud achievement so far during summer. Being overly honest I said finishing 5 seasons of The Walking Dead. Lol. By the way, if you haven’t watched it yet you should. Unless you aren’t into zombie/gory stuff. I’m usually busy with school and family so I barely have time to watch an episode. But anyways, he stops me during our break and I was soo shy I almost avoided him. He asked me about The Walking Dead and asked me who my favorite character was and the whole time I could barely look into his eyes. It was so penetrating and intense. Just thinking about it my heart races. We went into class and I swear I could feel his stares. Unfortunately, that was our first and last conversation. He dropped the class and I never got his name. It’s funny because this whole time I was wondering what sign he could be and I realized after reading all these comments and having the same experiences as those above me he is DEFINITELY a scorpio. No man can have an effect on me that much. I still think about him til this day..

  32. Trudy May 28th, 2017

    Absolutely true, both the negatives and positives. I’ve been in a cancer woman/Scorpio man relationship for 10 years.

  33. KarmaForYou April 13th, 2017

    I can’t say whether or not this is true but I can say that so far it sounds pretty accurate.? Here’s my cancer and Scorpio story….
    I’m 22(Cancer July 11th) him 22(Scorpio Oct25) okay so I must say first I love a football player the way they look is amazing to a girl like me . Just so happen he has always played ball in college and I use to talk to him while he was playing at a community college. I went up to HIM FIRST(he was star struck to even see me go up to him because all the other guys where handsome too but I picked him) I asked one of his teammates to tell him to come out of his room because we were outside talking and he had walked inside. Well he did. We talked . Exchanged numbers and become GREAAAATTTTTT FRIENDS ! but I felt like he was soooo smothering at first and I just didn’t believe he ended up falling so hard for a girl like me. So I’m 2013 after we met and hit it off I got cold feet on him and dipped out. Well later in the year he sent me a message saying HE WOULD WAIT ON ME. I said no way he is going to wait on me to be with him no way he wanted to be with me this bad. I just felt like I went up to him so I should’ve been that way but he was! I was taking it as he was joking. Well I’m 2015 I hit him up again after me and a guy I was with broke up because he was using me as a throw away bag.? I ran back to him. And guess what he was ready to have me back with open arms . But I left him again because me and my ex didn’t leave one another alone UNTIL MY EX WENT TO PRISON AND GOT LOCKED UP! And the person I am I knew my ex was a dangerous person so I left him alone so he wouldn’t hurt him but instead I’ll take the lick for him and me texting(because my ex found out me and the Scorpio was texting) he threw my phone and slammed my head against the wall choked me all type of stuff just cause I had had a conversation with the Scorpio but we were still friends we had been knowing one another SINCE 2013!!! It was 2015 and we still were not about to hate you each other. But I blocked him and like a fool went to my ex until he left to go to prison . When my ex went to prision I begin conversating with him again in 2016 and he just was so excited that I had messaged him lol he was so buttered up behind it I was laughing so hard I was just flabbergasted that a guy like him (Scorpio 6’4 310 ) would even be still single. Well we hit it off FINALLY!! And I we were good but a cancer gets cold feet a lot! And in order for us not to hurt you with our playful ways our heart will make us leave you alone ! Completely . I’m the type of girl who can leave a guy alone FAST!! Once I’m done I’m done. My emotions might be strong but I’ll cry them away and feel better about it! I left him for a third time for my Sagittarius! Why I’m the world did I do that?? He was so hurt omg the words he told me played out in my head five million times . I just broke up with the Sagittarius and he completely left me alone lol I can be a asshole a lot of times so ! It didn’t bother me tho I laughed? I was so happy I was done with him because now I could focus back on the Scorpio, –at the time I thought he was a libra?But that’s another story, –continues story… well he is the type of person who does NOT WANT TO SEE ME AT ALL ONCE I HURT HIM HE IS VERYYY SENTIMENTAL !! Omg so sentimental it’s a shame ! And I’m more of the keep my feelings together type of girl I can hold myself well under pressure when it comes to expressing feelings, so this was knew I was like is he GAY CAUSE HE IS JUST TOOOOOO NICE ! He was like no I just can’t believe you came back but this time we gone do it right. Lol 2017 we trying again but I know we will last cause I love him forreal. He has my heart always have had my heart and we are celibate and until we decide to be married. He is focusing on going to the football league and I’m focusing on finishing up nursing school. lol I’m a flirt tho he made me turn on my read receipt and all so he can be very dominant that’s very true that’s just who the Scorpio is but their love is like no other man . We have been talking for 4 years and only been together for a complete of months since the first time we tried but I know it will last it was all in the matter of me sticking there with him and being loyal that’s their biggest thing is loyalty! Each time I would deal with another guy I would cut him completely off and this was only so I couldn’t hurt him . And they are very forgiving . And yes we have to mend the relationships most of the time but they won’t settle for anything less than a cancer women lol it’s crazy cause he always tells me even after all that I’m going to marry you, we will have children. I want to spoil you wen I’m done with school or when I go to the league … that’s the kind of guys they are. The RIGHT ONES BUT CANCERS ARE SOOOOOO STUBBORN!! With this mate we have to embrace them . They love to feel loved .

    • oct29scorpio April 3rd, 2018

      Jeeze, it isn’t okay in any relationship to string someone along like that, especially not for a number of years! It’s incredibly selfish. Don’t take us for granted or you’ll quickly be wondering where ever it is we’ve gone off to (someone else)!

    • Aryan June 17th, 2018

      Wow, reading your post was such a stupid idea. Generalizing ppl on their zodiac sign’s basis is not logical but in my experience, cancer women have ALWAYS BEEN IRRITATING DUMB AUNTIES, the name of this sign is so PERFECT.. “CANCER”.. IT’S ALL REALLY CANCEROUS TUMOR SHIT… it’s funny how u complain abt him being “dominant” for wtspp crap, while u are just a fool he’s wasting time on & btw u shud know u are a cusp of cancer and leo, just for “knowledge”

      • Zoe June 19th, 2018

        okay I get you upset about the comment I am too but you don’t have to act like an asshole about it. All the Scorpios I met were actually nice and you definitely aren’t. Unless you can meet every single cancer woman then you shouldn’t be judging a WHOLE GROUP of people online. It’s petty.

      • Moon Maiden September 6th, 2018

        Don’t generalize all of us. You don’t know all of us.

      • Sensible guy December 5th, 2018

        Funny how “2 other cancers from the same clan” came specially to reply to the guy’s comment & defend “their sign”. He himself said it that generalising is stupid but you replying to criticise him, ignoring the main comment of the stupid woman is quite ironic – “not all of us are like this” – – rip, I won’t say much but there’s a reason why pisces female & scorp male is called the “soulmates pairing” of the zodiac. It’s interesting how cancer always gets sidelined when the other 2 water signs are being talked about everywhere, be it such forums, videos, zodiac posts etc

  34. Katie April 12th, 2017

    I fell in love with my Scorpio when I was 13 years old. He was a picture in a middle school year book. Two years later I met him face to face at a local hangout. We exchanged maybe a couple of words and then I had to go. He chased after the car as I rode away. A few days later he showed up at my house. He walked almost twenty miles to just see me… Its been 25 years and I still love him like the first time I saw his picture

    • Suzy July 19th, 2017

      Awww, that’s so sweet. Lol.

  35. thaklungayusha March 31st, 2017

    Ehyyy It’s really true! I am excited for this…

  36. Vanessa February 2nd, 2017

    Wow this is completely amazing my boyfriend and I are exactly like this description. We have been together for 3 months and I can say that we are just like this. We love each other very much and understand each other. We show compassion towards each other and we know that we are meant for each other and that we will have an amazing future together.

  37. Daryan07 June 2nd, 2016

    I am a Cancer woman (23 years old) and my boyfriend is a Scorpio (25 years old). Our relationship is pretty new but I can still say this is all 100% true and even though we haven’t experienced all of these aspects YET, I can already see it happening. My best friend of 18 years is a female  Scorpio and we have always been this way with each other. One thing I know for certain is Cancer and Scorpio are almost complete opposites, and in the strangest way this makes it work so naturally. Cancer is the scorpios strength emotionally and is always the one to mend the relationship when there is a falling out (which there will be), but even if cancer and Scorpio go weeks without talking, they find their way back to where they left off. Scorpio is the grounded one, and keeps the cancer grounded.  When I am questioning my sanity I always call my BFF and she can tell me honestly if I am being ridiculous or not, and she is the first to be proud of me for my accomplishments too.
    One thing I have experienced with Scorpio  ( with my best friend and boyfriend) is that they like to be the chaser. 
    In other words,
    They want to be the one who smothers their partner and be dominant, while cancer needs reassurance because we are scared to lose them. I feel this is the most confusing and maybe the only negative thing in a cancer Scorpio relationship. 
    You have to let Scorpio come to you and then return the love, and when you accept this as a cancer… that’s when things will go smooth.
    Scorpio are loyal when they have their heart set on a partner, and they are very grounded in their relationships.

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  41. TammimB January 25th, 2016

    @ashley225 are you Muslim 

  42. moonchile May 7th, 2015

    I’m a cancer woman. I’m amazed at most of the comments as to they’re exactly what I’ve been going through with my scorpio man. We met about 6 months ago on my job. I had a bad breakup with a Capricorn man before this so I was focused on getting him back, Not meeting someone else. He’s older than me in his 40’s. I’m 31. Our attraction was instant and intense. I’ve never even thought about an older guy. As older guys don’t much appeal to me. But he is wonderful. I feel so drawn to him. The down side is he’s in a relationship with a woman. Actually with numerous women but our attraction is kinda unspoken. He tells me he loves me but I dismiss it as jokes. He tells everyone how he feels about me. I think, “how can you when you don’t know me?” But I secretly deeply love him as well. He gets so jealous when I talk to others or give my attention to others. I find it cute. I get mesmerized when I gaze in his eyes and it’s like he reads my every thought or desire. This is a painstaking situation as I just want us to be. I want to be able to give myself to him fully. Sometimes, I have to try so hard to restrain myself from touching him and kissing him. Things are so innocent between us I don’t want it to change. I don’t want it to get worse. It could always get better. I guess I’m venting my frustration on here because I want to know what do I do with this kind of thing. Having to hold back so much emotion for someone when I know things would be great! But I also can’t play second fiddle to anyone. 

  43. wjddud1009 December 22nd, 2014

    I’m a cancer girl born July 12 and my boyfriend is a scorpio born on October 27th. This article is just so cute and because we’ve only started dating very recently, I can’t say this is correct just yet but we do share great chemistry. I met him at work, I worked there long before he did and I must say, I never believed in love at first sight until I saw him, I fell for him the moment I laid my eyes on him. I was with a Gemini, Taurus and Aquarius before and with all of them I had to lead the relationship but with him, I did ask him out first but after that he took the lead and boy, is that refreshing! I’ve always wanted my man to take the leash but they never did, however this man seems to know what I like… even though I’m he’s very first girlfriend! He was saying b/c i’m he’s first girlfriend he didn’t really know what he was doing but he felt very comfortable around me and that it feels as though we have been dating for a long time. I agree with him 100% on this and because I’m so in love with him and am very content about where we’re going with this, I truly wish for us to last a lifetime. We didn’t have sex but we did some other things that involved sexual interaction, and I have never felt so much pleasure even though we didn’t have full on sex. I love this man and he loves me, he makes me feel loved just by gazing at me. Wish every cancer girl would meet a darling scorpio like mine 🙂

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  46. […] Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – There are currently 257 responses to “Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment!… […]

  47. […] Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – There are currently 257 responses to “Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment!… […]

  48. 456123 August 17th, 2014

    scopio fuck bed. connection amazing when one. scorpio man cancer woman. pisces scorpio. really carring outgoing and suitable for witch or orackle really hilarious and funy especially born 12 – 14 november. dont know special qualities maybe mariage but striky and forward. Met in woolworths for 3 years then plit becuse of my familky situation no s or mother. sss.  but the relationship is eally good one. sexy. Same thing… however man and pisces where really hilarious and funny.  So met again and deviantart and nightwish works anthing outy but not homeys or homey. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good.  Dream come true in regards to show movies and closenesss like mother sister. Great planner and dealer- towards tability not like a pices cancer so pisces o but cancer _ not good. saggitarious worth it. especially when hot o hot o sexy with al. sa

  49. Alise August 1st, 2014

    Astrologist so im thinking really good aries really serious with a scorpio ladies and cancer is a saggittarious not a pisces leo so aries sagitarious might even do then an show ofdf pft. Really good aries in fact fire and sexual and kissing and supportive and alone with a few interests that works in india or indonesia or somewhere like weekend getaway in a traditional taking a bath buying a corset or a chemise where u can use that make up to attract or fashion to ur advantage like stockings or underwear in a girly manner when he is so middle ground. Back get it the scene so im thinking aries got it somehow better off as a right match right and also more actibe nut not based leo – aries” based on a date first meeting in an hour not going to the southland movie not having it in the car like aries in the house in the car plus imaginatively thinking at work or near work with flowers with tickets and beince nice polite words where here its just like yeAr im an one lets go out but not out ill just sit there and watch a movie. or lie there and watch a movie with nothing going on around. Just like my sister. ( or my mother; so i agree with the aries on this one as an old stuff that works get ur book ur ideas or facts and get it somewhere on the irst date and second maybe even longer time when here is just like tara pop o pop o so anything aound means a no:( really good impession of an guy who is one year olde but also aies and older knowledgeable also indian and takes a girl out to his house to meet his family no father just a mother cause someone passed away no sister and no brother so looks really loving. And not stupid. Really considerate and even suitable for a long realtionship. And sex is outstanding for now cause they r creative and cuddly.

  50. Alise August 1st, 2014

    Cancer is fine fire scoprio is not a good kisser good hands good touch but no no more???? so im saying yes to trying but 3 out of 5 cause the pisces cancer is a darling and actually sees whats going on around so he kinda keeps up to his interests and activities wherethere the pisces – scorpio aries leo leo is so not off guard and doesnt lead u to sex to try just looks and thats all when im saying its either there or no im saying no cause ive seen a pisces and he is more kinda caring and o so he can kinda relate or come into situation with a movie with going out with taking care of friends family gf wherethere this one is not just dickhead lke decan 3 and 3 but also not an straight forward person not active not active as in the sense of bed or geting close or trying to come into the serious contact or link with the she partner where she is trying to also get together have a future have a relationship move out or move into the house so im thinking the sex wouldvebeen nice but not to his eyes or mouth just like  his hands like n get it so im thinking without naming a letter a bad experience on the first date when no hotel no wish no wish where you wana be heading and also lyer about money about practicality when there are sparks and using that to ur advantage to blend in no just going into it or offering to come dine in a restaurant like steak house or fridays romanticly or sexually or physically being opt out from the room people and the show audoence about so no Im thinking the rule goes as it says normal one and thats all scorpio maybe but it gets worse when scxorpio becomes a mouse. or in this sense when scorpio my dad libra and bull so forth so get it off turned.ur decan ur light into something like ….. remote to control a man so im thinking that sex maybe good but kiss and touch ok; also toooo slow cause there r ones that u would like to get to know further one but this one seems to think he is the only one in the room no jealsousy nothing where pisces scorpio is even comparible more jealous then you like one. So aries atleast has it but not when u have an aries to excuse urself to get off ur get on or not thinking where ur going or what ur willing to do like i just said. So my advice girls eyes and years thats all. a tak pft

  51. anndere April 17th, 2014

    I am a 18 years old cancer woman that hardly get over with scorpio man. attach is the best term rather. The heart-breaking day comes and I was crying so miserably (im expecting this day would come and I even practice myself but the pain is very penetrating) 4 weeks had passed after the breaking up and I couldn’t get him out of my head. Its funny how everything written here are spot on. HAHAHA!. suprisingly. Astrology says Cancerian seeks for romance which is true. Easily breakdown emotionally and the mood swing. But the funny part is how it describes perfectly the scorpio man. He is secretive and calm but there is smoldering passion beneath of his composure. Thanks to him for touching my heart and my romance-seeker had been rid-off and this silly longing wont bother me leading me to misinterpret my feelings especially boys’ kind intention. Now I am one-sidedly loved him because thinking of him even if we’re living in different world is way very weird. I cant hate him because he believes in me that I can endure the pain when he said what he wants even if it means of hurting me. He didnt leave me confuse and all and it made me love him even more. Maybe at this point he is the only man who made me feel this extreme emotion that’s why I am very attach to him. The thing I learned most while being with him is to never afraid of future. Have faith in God’s will for both of us and live. So reading in horoscope is very helpful but praying is really the best because meditation leads you to make rational and wise decision 🙂 

  52. ashley225 March 5th, 2014

    my bf or u can say my future husband 🙂 is scorpio and im cancerian..we both know ech other from 4 years and we have an amazing type of romance or u can say sex….he always cares me like a baby and kinda typ of jealous, if any any one compilments me he becomes jealous because he doesnt want any one beside him 2 have a look on me or appreciates me or cares me..he wants me just for himself..he is so much passionate about me my whole personality or u can say he is crazy about me 🙂 but i knw his nature nd try to cover tht up 🙂 and i am totaly of him and loyal to him to extreme..he keeps me with him on fone if he is soo busy in meting or any where else but still he remain in touch wth me 24 hours..we have sex every second day but his need for me never fulfill,, all tht tym he wants me…he cant live without meeting me …i also have same feelings for him.. he cares me sooo much even more than my parents..we truly love each other and soon we got married…Inshallah 🙂 

  53. LunarMaiden January 27th, 2014

    Cancer girls are stronger than you think.

  54. Princessalwaysbeingstronger December 18th, 2013

    Im a cancer woman and i have a crush on a scorpio man, we are good friends but how do i aproch him to be in a relationship?

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  56. ConfusedCancerLady November 20th, 2013

    Hello, I am a Cancer lady (7/10) I have been talking to a Scorpio man (11/14) since March & it has been really serious. We aren’t together because he is 4 years older then me. He says he will wait for us to be together & that he does love me. Which I believe. The only thing is , is that we are both very jealous (wether he likes to admit it or not) anyway he doesn’t like for me to talk to other guys & I dont like for him to talk to other girls… but he does talk to another pretty girl , (a Virgo). Yes , I am jealous but I know that we aren’t together. I asked him since he is talking to her , ” I can talk to someone too?” he said ” It’s only fair” That kinda hurt but I didnt let him know that.. I have allowed myself to open up to him & trust him , which I dont really do. Then he told me he doesnt trust me, Now that felt like a slap to the face after all me & him have been thru but that didnt stop me loving him I told him we just need to work on that & he said ” I know, & Im sorry” Anyway , my Scorpio said that him & the Virgo lady weren’t serious & on the same level as we are. I believed him until recently… I’m really inlove with him & dont wanna lose him , but Im not gonna stick around if he’s just gonna sneak around & lie to me. He has told me a lot of things , things he hasnt told anyone else.. We haven’t talk in about 3 days which is the longest we’ve gone without talking.. He used to be different in the begininng & would text me first & he was the one who told me how he felt first & told me he loved me first.. I feel like this he could be the one & I’m willing to try & not give up. I feel like he doesn’t wanna hurt me or lose me … but also doesnt wanna hurt this other girl because thats just the kind of guy he is , but I’d rather him be 100% with then drag me along & really break my heart , he is my first real love… HELP PLEASE! Let me know what you Cancer ladies & Scorpio men think.

  57. Sourkid November 14th, 2013

    This is one of the sorest points of my life. I was 16 when I met him and now in 25. I consider him the one I loved the most, and after several misunderstandings (because of the cultural issues with my family—-them not allowing me to see him or leave the house at all) and then him breaking my heart, my Gemini venus decided to have amnesia about the whole thing. I erased him from my memory, and I thought I was over him. That was until about 7 years later when I was dragged to a psychic who said he “loved me very much”. The thing is I never asked her about him, and she is not the first person who has said this. At the time I was read by this psychic I was slipping into major depression again due to the stress of my career. So it was a nice message to get, only….now I realize I never got over him. I erased his number from my memory (that was forever ago) and I don’t think he’s much of a social network person so I don’t know how to get in touch with him. However, I added a mutual friend of ours on FB back in 2009. I can’t know for sure if they’re still in contact but now I wonder…has he been stalking my profile through him??? I don’t know how to feel about that, but how else did he hold on for so long? I now live several states away from him so anything seems impossible right now. I dont know what I’m looking for by typing this, maybe I just needed to vent. This is a sore point of my life for me because it’s one of those reminders that I have never been in control of my own fate. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe in a god anymore. 
    Tommorow is his b-day btw. 

  58. allyj879 October 12th, 2013

    wow.. so many others out there loving a scorpio 
    its been 3yrs now and i am in love with my scorpio man. we have had are ups and downs. we hit it off immediately and we never stopped talking to each other, after the first 3 months we got together, but unforunately that didnt last long as he had gotten back with his childs mom to see his kids more. its been 3 yrs and as much as we both try and move on we cant. i wanna move on as she is still in his life but he wont allow me too, he says he loves me and wants to committ to me after he has more money to support me and live with me. im tired of waiting but as much as i tried talking to other guys and moving on he has my heart and i end up hurting other guys cause i cant love anyone else. i miss him dearly and go through so much with him…. its like should i wait or should i try and go

  59. passion10 May 11th, 2013

    I am having this cancer girl working with me. Its not like love at first sight. I was not intrested at all in her. But i dont know when it happened but now i am in love with her. Truly I love her. Her caring nature i like most, she made me laugh, her decent looks, she likes a food a lot. Tries every new cuisine. Loves to read articles, sometimes makes me boring but I like to sit with her, and i dont know when i fell in love with her. I love her now but dont whether she loves me or not. she is somewht moody. I can bear that, Till now waht I learned about her is that she is really a genuine person. I love when she scolds me like an old lady but the other moment she behaves like a child. I thinks of me as a child but then at the same moment she shy. I always thinks about her. I think I can go comfortably around her. But first I need to win her heart, made her trust me. And I am also not sure whether she is single or not. But then also i love her. Passion for love is not cheap, its just the scorpio way of defining the love. Lets hope I get what i want.

  60. moonstone76 February 17th, 2013

    I have another question, do you think he thinks about me? I feel that he does. Attention any scorpio male, what is your opinion about this? My cancer sisters what do you think?

  61. moonstone76 February 17th, 2013

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been reading the threads for a while now and I like what I’ve been reading.  I get to read both sides from a cancer like me and from a scorpio male which is very interesting.  
    Well as my story goes, I’ve come across a scorpio male at school and I can’t seem to get him off my mind at all.  I could talk to him everyday but I don’t I have to limit myself to once a week. First because I am a student and he is an advisor and one more thing I am married to a virgo.  We are all adults here, he’s a little younger I think maybe 4 yrs just like my husband.  Let me mention now before I forget I am leaving my husband.  I’ve been ignored and neglected for about 5yrs by him and I am now leaving.  I think it’s by chance that I met this scorpio, but at the same time I just wonder if he is just nice because what he senses and the fact that its his job or if he has a genuine interest.  
    He stares at me all the time its almost like he watches everything that I do or who I talk to and everything.  He always smiles and speaks when he sees me.  Ok so like it mentioned earlier I go talk to him like once a week, so once I did not go see him for like two weeks and you know he pretty much came looking for me. I would see him and he would stare and I would speak and go on about my day. I would see him 3 or 4 times that same day passing by me or something to make himself be seen by me and I would ignore him.  Then I will go see him and we talk I close the door to his office so we can talk after each conversation he gives me the best hug that money can’t buy.  Mind you there is no kissing involved just hugs and they all started after I told him about my dad’s passing. My husband didn’t even hug me like that that. I told him that I am leaving my husband a few months and that I was moving out it was almost like he got excited and was helping me to find a place but I had to tell him that I can’t move yet that I have to stay with him a little longer. OMG he sounded so deflated when he said so you are going to just stay with him, I felt so bad I told him June was a more like reality for me to move because I still need to get a job and a car again. He said June is so far away.  I just wanted to kiss him all over just to smooth over the wrinkles I just formed.
    But the thing is, I know what I’m feeling and I just hope that my intuition is not off about him. I know when he wants to see me, when I’ve been away too long I can feel it. It’s in the way he looks at me. I don’t feel this with my husband and honestly I never have.  This is completely different than anything I’ve encountered.  What I want to know, which is or could be pretty obvious is that he’s really likes me, right? Do you think he will wait until June to make his move? I am done with school in about a month and we will not see each other for a while or not at all.  I know I will miss seeing him because all I do is think about him. I put my number in his phone one day, he hasn’t but will he call or text me if he won’t see me anymore? I feel that I’ve made enough subtle hints to how I feel, will he make a move? Or should I make a few more?

  62. Lovee__IsTheCancer February 12th, 2013

    my first love was a Scorpio & all i can say is I’ve never loved anyone like him EVER & its been 17yrs … that is alot of time to love someone els, we have never really gotten over eachother .. & we never will. Im a cancer woman & i know i broke his ass down, he RIPPED me out of my shell & exposed me, rebuilt me & made me one hell of a woman… Our love was TOO intense, like Bonnie & Clyde type shit. We were DEFITNELY meant to be. He touches me & sendss shivers down my spine & when we look into eachothers eyes its like this firey passion that takes our breathes away. THAT right there the”magnetic love”. 

    • oct29scorpio April 3rd, 2018

      Ah that’s wonderful! I hope I can share a love like that one day.. It’s very personal I’m sure, but what did he do to rip you out of your shell? I have a cancer interest who I feel I’m working out from hers, but I’d like to just .. rend and throw her out from it so to speak lol

  63. rikreal98 February 3rd, 2013

    IAm a Scorpio male and I do agree our sex drive is well,

  64. scorpiolove13 January 15th, 2013

    I see alot of you woman having trouble with scorpios and some are happy. And thats good, keep it up. Some off yall say that all they wanted is sex.. well just like every other signs theres some bad ones that makes us scorpios look wrong. A scorpio man likes a challenge. One rule for i give yall, dont give it up the first night. Youll make him want you more. And plus if he stays around that meeans he really likes you (hint hint) or if he goes away well he just wanted a one night stand. i have not dated a cancer woman yet but would love to one day. The only thing that worries me with this relationship is that we scorpio can hurt poeple with our words real bad. And the cancer woman been really sensitive could really hurt her. And i think its true because my mom is a cancer and i have to freinds that are too. And i sure do hurt them sometimes :/ thats the only thing i dont like about been a scorpio, when we get mad we just say stuff with out thinking and hurt people. but the rest is true i like sex money power and specailly been in love 🙂 <3 

  65. Sumiya January 3rd, 2013

    Me too a cancer woman and ma BF was a Scorpio. Everything was realllly great, perfect guy he was, i dated many men, but he was THE BEST.. whatever written is absolutely correct, he treated me as a princess.
    But my possesiveness ws the only reason for our fights 🙁 he would patiently hear evrything but I tended to go overboard which led to fights.. 
    Tip for the CANCER FEMALE: the scorpion guy will truly n honestly love u always.. dont be possesive and create unnecessary fights.

  66. Giggles December 19th, 2012

    Hi, well i have met and i am still best friends with a scoprio guy and oh my, they make the best friends ever!!!, we have been friends for 3 years and well it got the better of us and we now have a baby boy, we have been told our friendship will not last because of this, our baby is now 6months old and we are still best friends, i can tell him anything and everything as he can tell me anything and everything, yes we have had our ups and downs in our friendship but we always worked it out, i think the longest fight we had lasted 20mins before we started laughing and forgot what the fight was about!!!, but i do have to say he doesnt get jealous at all, i have told him a few times that other guys have tried to pick me up and he laughs and says good luck to them but then he always says to me before i go out for tea with my family NO GUYS!!! then he laughs, we know we are single and we can see who ever we want but for some reason we dont see anyone, people think we are mad and say we are in a relationship but we both have been hurt before and rather stay as friends, if u have anything to say or add about this please do, i would love to keep him as my friend, we have a lot in common ???

    • oct29scorpio April 3rd, 2018

      This is 6 years later, don’t know if you’ll read it, but you should really marry or live together if you have a child. Their care should be the number one priority, above how you and your friend feel about it, and having a familial environment will exponentially help your child’s mental health. It already sounds like you two have the chemistry to easily do that… It seems like a no-brainer.

  67. kellystar July 19th, 2012

    i am sorry but scorp people are very insecure and jealous..


  68. CostelloHime July 19th, 2012

    Lol my phone wouldn’t let me finish xD! 
    Anyways this is true to me right now and so far. My boyfriend and I have known each other for 7+ years and recently have admit to one another that we want to be with each other. The only downfall of this right now is that it’s a long distance relationship. Me being in the united states, and him being in Japan.
    We are both jealous types but we’ve promised to make this work. And as of the moment, everything said here has been true. Me being a Cancer and him a Scorpio 🙂

  69. CostelloHime July 19th, 2012

    This is so true to m

  70. LibraAphrodite June 26th, 2012

    I’m sorry to inform you but your man born Oct 4th is a Libra not a

  71. JenJen626 May 21st, 2012

    I found my Scorpio and i must say that these feelings i have for him i have never felt with anyone else before. I never thought i could connect with anyone like i do with him… It’s such an amazing feeling. 

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  73. kdb111452 February 3rd, 2012

    I am a Scorpio male, let me dispel myths about a true Scorpio male.  First and foremost a true Scorpio male is a gentleman.  Yes we crave and enjoy sexual encounters, we love sex, but a true Scorpio enjoys making love than having sex.  There is a difference.  One he finds his true mate for life he is truly devoted and will not betray her.
    Jealous? Give us a reason and we will be!  Possessive?  Yes, if the woman loves us we are possessive of that loving nature.  Home is where the heart lies, so does the Scorp.  We love adventure, travel, but home is our castle.  Home is our lair, don’t mess with it or you pay the price.
    We are difficult to trust because we are slow to let others know who we are as a person.  But a Cancer woman will break that ice faster than two shakes of a lambs tail.   Yes, a Cancer woman and her true characteristics will slightly tame the Scorp.  I have never had sex with a Cancer woman, but now I am making love to the most beautiful Cancer lady I have ever met.  She cannot keep her hands off me, and vice versa.  I crave every minute to spend with her simply because she is not a fake and understands my needs.  I have no desire to stray.  She made me a better man.

  74. toxicbunnywarfare January 16th, 2012

    Cancer female 7/9 involved with a scorpio male 10/4, he’s about four months younger. Anyways, Ive always noticed my scorpio in earlier childhood years, he stood out a lot! But I met my scorpio face to face in my sophomore yr in High school, about a year later I found out through my friends that he was just crazy about me, he loved the way I looked and we never even spoke a word to each other before!!!  We started dating soon after,  His eyes were just so out of this world pale blue^_^  I eventually took his V-card and then found out that I had to move out of state with my mother five days after… by then I had already fallen for him, but lost contact.Two years later I came back into town, and found him again, we slept with each other and I have to say, WOW! When it comes to sex, he can blow any other guy ive been with out of the water!!!  His intensity  the way he treats a womans body is just  pure amazing.  we loved to play the public sex game… now with my scorpio, he has mad ADHD, I would call and he would call back eventually,,like…. 3 days later to two weeks later. But one day I called… I never received a call back for months =( I was so hurt I was looking to get my love back but I found out that he was infatuated with another pretty female. Maybe all he wanted was sex. So I moved on once more I found someone else I cared deeply for, for four years( a Gemini) while in college and with this jealous gemini, I remember walking in the cafeteria , it was early in the morning, not many souls were sitting around there, but I looked up and saw from a distance that it was HIM!!!! I heart started to race!!! But I told myself to not forget that he didn’t return my calls. So I left it alone, but a second later sure enough he stopped me. I was so happy once more to see him again. I started getting pretty everyday hoping he’d see me. But I didn’t flirt or act upon the attracted I felt for him, I still had enough respect for my previous BF.  One day he followed me out to the bus stop, he knew I was waiting for my BF to come pick me up, but a subject I didn’t think he would ever bring up.  He informed me that he told one of his class buddys that I was his ex, the friend asked him why we  broke up and he didn’t have an answer… “we never broke up” he told me,  He asked me why I never called him back!!! What kind of game was he playing at??? But oh yeah!!! He had adhd… poor guy. But hello? I moved out of state… I told him that . and he just smiles and laughes. Gosh his smile and charm can make any girl melt before him. He leaned in for n asks for a hug, I refused at first because I have no clue when my jealous BF will roll up, so I told him if he wanted one he’d better do it right then, so we hugged . he smelled so good. By this time I replayed a self note in my head that I have a boyfriend and all he wanted was fun and sex!! Nothing else!… now when they say that scorpios can be tactful and mischevious…. They can be!  He sees my bf roll up and as im trying to get in the car, he has his arms wide open for a second hug!!!! Purposely making my bf jealous. I HATE when ppl act jealous!! And he knew it! A year later I became available again. Him and I exchanged numbers and soon after the sex happens again. But this time I tried to keep my emotions out of it. I met a virgo who showered me with romance affection n gifts!  My scorpio called me one day and told me he had something to ask me n if I wanted ot come hang out with him, I had to tell him that we couldn’t ‘mess’ around anymore and he got furious with me =( and that’s when I knew that he actually had feelings for me, after an hour long conversation he we both came to an understanding. The virgo ended being a woman beater and instinctively I ran to my scorpio, a real man who would never hit a woman and is against it by all means. For months the scorpio asked me out continuously, and I would say no. but when I was finally ready I asked him. We’ve been on and off for about a year. And the reason why that is … LADIES IF YOU HAVE A  SCORPIO WHO CLAIMS THEY DON’T CALL BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK…. Please read this…. Scorpios are known for the love for extreme seeking, may it be sports drugs or something weird like having a secret fetish…IT IS POSSIBLE… in my case my scorpio had a intense relationship with a drug. It was a powerful one and it just ate away at his life, one that he had to have otherwise the symptoms would get worse, I wouldn’t hear from him for days n I would get so upset because he kept it a secret from me for so long… WHEN SCORPIOS ARENT PROUD of what they are doing or where they are in life they tend to hide.. underneath that strong calm and collective scorpio lies an emotional being….i loved him dearly and hate to see him hurt himself and the ppl around him… he almost died a few time and I just couldn’t handle it anymore…everytime I tried to leave him and my pain for him behind… something kept pulling me back until the last time… I finally was putting my feelings for him at rest and LEFT. I cry n pray for him still that he’d be ok. and  I often question the love I gave to him, I was possessive , clingy and naggy on every little detail, how could he possibly love that? I could be making a mistake…. But at the same time I feel like I may be a source of his stress along with many other things he keeps bottled up inside.   They are secretive but if given the right environment and time im sure they will learn to open up and learn how to express whats really bothering them…Good luck to you cancer scorpio couple out there.

  75. Mz.raindancer January 14th, 2012

    im a cancer female and I dated a scorpio man and honestly i truly never loved anyone more than that guy but we stopped talking for 4 monthes because of school. ive never been so happy with anyone but now im deppressed and its killing me so deeply it’s like the scar tht never heals right. i tried dating other guys but its not working I wonder if he thinks of me? i told his cousin (my best friend) tht i still loved him and even she’s surprised (i usually get over guys) anyone know what i should do?

  76. hummm December 14th, 2011

    and i thin k if he stops starring …it wud be so easy for me to move on but he DOESNT STOP STARRING @!!!! ..its beeen 3 months , and eye contacts all along !

  77. hummm December 14th, 2011

    so there is this guy , hes a scorpio . i am a cancerian and i do feel very very attracted towards him . i feel a string pulling me towards him . i see him everyday in college , and the thing is that i want too see him . Every morning i wake up , hoping to see him . I find him starring at me ALOT . He stares ALOT !!! .ALmost every time i see him , he looking at me . He knows me through a friend . We have had our hi hellos . But the thing is that he stares me alot for the last 3 months . He knows i like him . But he hasnt approached me yet! . i dont know whats his problem . If hes not interested then he shud not be starring . but he stares ALOT !!! . and i want to move on but i cant . I convince myself to move on but then i have that eye contact with him and i come back to the point where it all started ! .I actually care for him . I get worried if he misses his class or has a fight with some one . Its been 3 months now and to be honest im tired of liking him , wanting to see him everyday . i want to MOVE ON now but i cant ! :/ ..and what i dont undersatnd is if hes not interested then why does he stare ???? …because of him , i avoid talking to random guys the best i can . If he sees me talking to a guy , he gets all curious . He peeks and stuff. BUT I WANT TO MOVE ON !!!!! soo entagled ! ..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help ! ..what do i doo ???? …iv started feeling that i belong to him only . ITs not good , i shud be with a person who cares for me . WHAT DO I DOO do i move on OR should i even try to move on ???? …PLEASE HELP ..cuz its hurts ! , it hurts to like some one this much ! ..some one who maybe doesnt give a shit about me …PLEASE HELPPP !!!!!!!!

  78. adhitee November 29th, 2011

    im a cancer woman and i love a scorpio man . i love u my chOcoboy shiv.. i think the luckiest couple is the cancer woman and scorpio man..

  79. Queeter-Bugg November 24th, 2011

    I am also a Cancerian female with a Scorpio male. Out of all of my relationships this has been the best and longest that I’ve been in. Im pretty sure everything that was said about us is true. I can’t possibly see us falling apart unless something were to happen like betrayal.

  80. stuart November 22nd, 2011

    I am a scorpio man is in love with a cancer woman. we were in a relationship for two then a pisces man came into her life which made me to break up with her. she started saying i am always a good friend to her. we met only once and all talking and sharing is done through phone and chat But after one year, the pisces man dumped and we have started contacting again bt she still tells i am her friend but we loved each other from the day one. she is upset and heartbroken. i want to be with her. i love her. she doesn’t say anything or shares anything, she knows i care for her and i love her. please help with suggestions

  81. CaseyJean October 20th, 2011

    I have been friends with my friend that is a Scorpio for two years now and we work together. At the moment we are not talking and it’s been three months since we have last talked. Everytime I Have gone to go talk to him he just walks away and doesn’t say a word. Luv when we are at work he reprisaly runs into me, or if he is in my way won’t move till I ask him too. I don’t know what I should do. I really love him and I just want everything to be fine between us again. What should I do?

  82. shawtyready October 3rd, 2011

    IM a scorpio male I’ve been dating a cancer female for going on a year now and i most say im in love with her and i feel fine i love how clingy she is she so emotional she give me the chance to express the intense emotions that i crave to feel there is nothing like the cancer woman i would die for her..but on the flip side the clingy ways can be a bit of a problem for she can become very selfish for ur love witch is so cute and witch u love to give but it can be kind of annoying when ur doing something important and she call u literally 200time trust me this precious priceless. Woman love will come down on u in measures u didn’t know existed

  83. Scorpioman September 16th, 2011

    I am a Scorpio Male (11/19) madly madly in love wid a Cancer Girl(7/1). The comments above reiterates that what i feel for her is true. i think she is my soulmate. never ever felt like that before. i think of her 24/7 and fantasize doin everything wid her. she is driving me crazy.

    comments posted here and at just reflect wht m goin thru. just wanna spend ma lyf wid ma cancer girl.

  84. carmenlv September 4th, 2011

    I forgot one MAJOR problem with my ex scorpio man. He is a tit-for-tat kind of man. Very revengeful! Love to make you suffer the consequences of any action that he felt wronged. He often refer to any issue or thing that I did as an offense. And, just like the law, there are consequences to every offense.

    This behavior is NOT good. As much passion for love that the scorpio man has for his cancerian woman, equally is that passion for anger when he feels crossed or insulted by the cancer woman. Cancer woman needs to be aware of this because it can lead to physical or/and mental/emotional abuse.

  85. carmenlv September 4th, 2011

    I am a cancer woman who has had an on and off relationship with a scorpio man for 23 years. Yes, there is a lot of passion with these two water signs. However, there is a lot of control, possessiveness, jealousy and demanding ways with the scorpion man.

    For the cancer woman, who likes to be secretive and protective of her past, scorpio man’s suspicious ways digs and digs to get her to come out of her shell which she retreats to in order to protective herself.

    When scorpio man does this it causes serious conflicting and confusing feelings for cancer woman. Cancer woman wants to trust her passionate scorpion man, but scorpion man has the tendency to be very condemning and judgemental and can use harsh words towards tender cancerian woman. When this occurs it creates uneasiness for cancer woman. So what does she do because she is so emotionally driven, she detaches herself in order to protect herself.

    Scorpio man is too clingy and smothering at times. Cancer woman likes a little space at time to rejuvenate and refresh her moodiness ways. Allow her this time and space so that she can come back and be that attentive, affectionate tender lover.

    Cancer woman loves hard with every fiber within her. Protect her, cherish her, treat her tenderly, respect her, shower her with love and affection and you will have a loyal and devoted woman for LIFE.

  86. Spirit September 2nd, 2011

    WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO “if everything else is ok…”, “forgive him and also FORGET about that…”; However, he is not available. I haven’t heard from him via phone or IM. Moon-Maiden, I love him and I can’t stop thinking about him… I am not sure what i should do? I am not the type of person that would do anything but write a letter to myself and remain in my space with the hope that he will contact me… If he doesn’t then I know it was all a game and find away to move on… I WOULD LOVE TO CALL HIM BY HIS REAL NAME!! Smile and again THANKS!

  87. Moon-Maiden September 1st, 2011


    what’s in the name Spirit if u r really connected to that person. i understand you got hurt…but the reason may be….as you said..[I could understand, in the beginning, he didn’t reveal his real name because we met online]…may be after sometime he truely loved u and may fear losing you once he disclosed his identity. u must give him a chance,if everything else is ok… he might even be feeling bad for not having said that to you…coz one who hurts feels more pain than the one who is hurt. and what i suggest is …since he now knows that you know the truth…dont EVER bring that topic to him if you truely love him. he will open up once he is comfortable..or else he may even not say anything about that. so what? everyone has some limitations…and trying to accept them with that is what love is. this is what i would have done if i was in your place. forgive him and also FORGET about that…i think that will do wonders for both of you.

  88. Spirit August 30th, 2011

    Is Scorpio man that secretive he kept his real name a secret?

    There is so much confusion going on in my mind.

    Recently, I was doing some research and discovered that the Scorpio man I had been connected to for two years deceived me; at least, that is how I feel because he did not tell me his real name. Yes, the name I had been calling him for two years IS NOT his legal given name. I indirectly told him about my investigation, but, I never told him what I found… however, I guess he figured it out because he put me on hide and DISAPPEARED!! I have not heard from him nor have I seen him online… ‘Did I mess up and get too much in his personal space’? I am not the one who hurt him; I am the one who wants to love him… the least he could do is tell me WHY.

    Hell, for TWO YEARS, I did not know this Scorpio man’s REAL NAME. I FEEL SO FOOLISH and HURT!!! I can’t stop crying. I feel deceived because I really thought he liked me just as much as i liked him… at least that is what he said when he informed me that he never thought he would meet someone like me especially online… LIAR!! He knew I was feeling him with all my heart… I could understand, in the beginning, he didn’t reveal his real name because we met online; but, as time went on and we started sharing our feelings and started getting physical he should have come clean. Am I wrong? Am I making a little thing out of nothing? Are Scorpios that secretive they would hurt and play someone like that..? WoW, so mean and cold… Can someone shed some light on this for me?

    I haven’t been in the dating world for a while and now I am wondering is it worth trying to get close to him again, or just write him off? Hurt Cancer.

  89. Moon-Maiden August 28th, 2011

    @Samkaz Thanks Sam 4 your wise words. even i felt the same but things turnedout in a diff way. he completely shut everything out even though we never ever had any diff of opinion or arguments in our 3 year relationship. thought..may b thats the way he handle things. turned 18 this June 28…hope i get more stable and mature with age.

    and one more thing..[Otherwise, a very lovely relationship may end up abruptly, after which they invariably miss each other very much usually throughout their lives.]… it true?

  90. Samkaz August 26th, 2011

    i think that scorpio actually dont allow himself to get em0tially attachd to u becz of some prblm or may b age diff. May b he just take u as a good friend..

  91. Moon-Maiden August 26th, 2011

    i had a chat friend who is a scorpio guy. we started off casually nd soon it turned out to be interesting. within a week or so..he said he is deeply in love with me. even i felt the same for him. we exchanged numbers and used to speak for hours. there was an age difference of 8 years between us. i had no issue but he felt that i’m too young and he cannot spoil my life but we deeply loved each other. from the conversations v had i always felt that he was very crazy about me. we never had sex but he was like crazy to have one with me. he used to alwayz say that he has so many issues to be sorted out and also coz of the age diff. he cant have a relationship with me but says that he loves me very much. long story he is married to another girl. no issue about that as i alwayz wanted him to be happy.

    any scorpios out there or anyone….pl..let me know one thing…you scorpios consider yourself very passionate in whatever you do including on earth can you easily forget the one for whom u deeply felt and connected to and get into a relation with another girl. is it so easy for you guys. he used to say that he was very passionate about me. is that what u call passionate love. pl. advise. btb…i’m a cancer female.

  92. nataliadrake August 13th, 2011

    Two months ago I met a man in the parking lot of the grocery store he pulled and spoke to me I said hello and went to my car while I was about to start the car I felt someone staring at me and it was him. We talked and he this magnetic aura about him very charming so I gave him my number we talked for an hour or so then the next day. We made plans to hang out that Saturday he came by and picked me up we went to his place and to make a long story short well we had sex. This was a big deal to me seeing how I am a forty-two year old widow who has not had any physical contact with a man since my husband was sick with cancer diagnosed in “08” Anyway while it was happening I felt so awkward not knowing what to do and he did all the work and he started talking through it all which is not what I am used to at all. When it was over I sat there stunned that I did feeling so damn guilty like I cheated on my husband and I got dressed it I did not say much. He took me home and I said that we should have waited three months to get to know each other better to know what the other person likes and all and he replies “What difference would have made?” From what I have been reading about Scorpio’s in general well it is so eerie this man has the ability to be so damn charming when we are alone but so mean and nasty that he would cut you off at the knees and the lack of chivalry also. I want to get to know him but would it be worth the work to do it I know that he’s got a heart underneath at that ice that is covering it but as much as I want to give it a go and it won’t work without him putting in the work. I have not heard from him in three weeks and I have left messages on his phone not every day just at the end of the week just to see how he is doing nothing more no replies. I’ve been totally honest with him telling him that I like being around him just for him and not for what he’s got. When I met him he was driving an Escalade and he’s got another new car and he just went off like I told him that he wasn’t worth shit. So I feel like I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t with him and I feel like I waited two years out of respect for my late husband and now this what did I do to deserve this? I am a Cancer female.

    • Chris December 5th, 2018

      He sounds like someone who might not be worth your time. He’s taking you for granted, probably out of insecurity or fear. He’s doing that typical Scorpio disappearing act. At the root of that act always lies fear of commitment, insecurity, or doubt. Coming from myself as a Scorpio, this guy sounds like he needs an ego adjustment. It sounds like he only cares about himself. He should have been more considerate of your history as a widow; that struck me as pretty insensitive, especially if you two had already made love instead of waited and you felt guilty. He could have expressed empathy with your thoughts and feelings better. He sounds like an ‘unevolved’ Scoprio and I would be cautious giving your heart to him, being the sensitive and loving Cancer who you probably are. Both Scorpios and Cancers can really claw each other apart emotionally if either of them isn’t mature enough for the relationship. They won’t even realize that they are until it’s too late.

      • Keely November 1st, 2019

        Chris, your posting makes a LOT of sense. The Scorpio I described above, from what I understand, he also has the inability to feel empathy. No matter what he’s done, I’ve never heard him say “I’m sorry for hurting you.” I think he could very well be an “unevolved Scorpio.” He’s also very self absorbed. From what I understand, he grew up without a father and the only male role model he had was a grand-father who was a sloppy drunk. So he’s probably totally clueless about what it takes to have a good relationship with a woman. He didn’t even say good-bye to me before he left for active duty in Virginia. And he lives in my apartment complex. :-/ Now, Chris, he has the nerve to email me from Virginia to tell me how it’s going with him there. It’s only at the bottom of the email that he asks “Oh and how are you doing?” He sure has taken me for granted. I’ve read that Cancerians can be so attracted to their Scorpio to the point that it can be addictive. It sure has been difficult for me to cut ties, and this pain will last for a while. Thank you for your insight.

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