Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer woman and Virgo man share a strong emotional bond and a touching experience.
  • They blend Earth and Water to create beautiful meadows blessed with love.
  • The Cancer woman can attract the Virgo man with her empathy, closeness, and understanding.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 116 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Care and nurture is the strongest theme in the relationship of Cancer and Virgo. This pairing is one of the better combination of Water and Earth. Both the Cancer and Virgo crave for security and dependability in love relationship and since they both are capable of delivering these things to each other, the relationship usually go on well.

A Virgo man is basically a very caring and lovingly dutiful towards his dears ones and the ones who really need him. He is very practical person and a fairy tale romance in not his cup of tea. He always believes in quality rather than quantity including romance. He neatly adjusts to the concept of partnerships but always needs his personal space so that he can concentrate on his goals. It usually takes a lot of time for him to get into a relationship but once he is there, he has the simplest and warmest way of expression. In relationship with a Cancer woman, he is completely dependable lover with a stable heart.

A Cancer woman possesses oodles of charisma through which she can easily impress people but still she is humble enough to extend her support to the people in distress. She is modest, superbly imaginative and definitely very emotional. She has all womanhood qualities and grace together with her fluctuating moods which can be a real distress if not handled properly. If she loves somebody then she can wholeheartedly make numerous sacrifices for them. In relationship with a Virgo man, she proves to be a quality mate who is ready to be his companion in all deals of life.

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The involvement of a Cancer woman with a Virgo man is usually a strong emotional association and a touching experience of many dimensions. He enjoys empathy and closeness given by her for a long time. She stimulates the imagination of her man and stirs his mind with promises that she keeps forever. She understands him well and respects his dreams. She is always there to cheer him up with her lovely sense of humor and decent taste of things. When she is not around, he misses her terribly and feels very lonely. But it is difficult for her to draw a line between possessiveness and general concern for her partner which can suffocate Virgo male, who needs his own space at all times.

The Virgo man makes the Cancer woman feel that she won’t be left alone and ignored, to starve and pine away from loneliness. He knows and understands, and looks after so that the relationship is kept polished and not allowed to rust. He can display a very calm and composed temperament in a bid to conceal his sensuality. The practicality of Virgo man always helps the Cancer female move out of uninvited troubles and keeps her safe in his vigilance. When in need of support, he always provides her with strong emotional and physical support. Though he is not dreamily romantic but his stability and loyalty, makes her comfortable. He might also try to condemn her, beneath the mask of politeness which can hurt the tender Cancer woman tremendously. But if apologized truly, such things won’t make any permanent damage.

As the seeking of love becomes deep in the relationship of Virgo man and Cancer woman, together they can blend Earth and Water to create beautiful meadows blessed with love. Their togetherness brings the magic of both words and emotions as he loves to express and she slips smoothly in the ocean of emotions. With each passing Valentine, she becomes more stable and secure under the stable flame of love of Virgo man and he starts envisaging wonderful dreams with his dreamy moony maiden who can even dream of a stone to be a pearl of love. Their unison makes them more complete in all aspects and they both forget their own selves to merge into a purer form of unity of two bodies and one soul.

When the Virgo man and his Cancer woman get involved in making love to each other, they blend quietly into a deep and absorbing union. When emotional state of Cancer woman is stable and when the Virgo man has his own tranquil self, their physical intimacy is a peaceful consummation of desire for both of them. As they fill in deeply, he provides stability and she gives emotions to their oneness making their love making more sensual and satisfying. The submission of her makes him more confident regarding their relationship, stirring his emotions and giving a flame to his passion. Restlessness is one element that they might exude and it can be quite contagious. When too much of restlessness fills up the atmosphere then she might get into the silent mode which he might not appreciate. This is when Virgo analytical talents would be very useful, and her perception would help. Yet, perversely, these periods of sexual frustration may be the very times the two of them neglect to call upon their own best qualities to clarify the breakdown of communication between them.

The relationship of a Virgo man and Cancer woman is always friendly enough to cope up the differences. Most of the couples at least stay friendly if they cannot cope up the odds of a love relationship. But the basic problem is that neither can they live together very peacefully nor can they stay happy without each other. He always needs his space and staying alone is a part of his personality to conceptualize and execute his goals. While she is very possessive and when she finds him so detached, she starts feeling insecure and becomes cold towards him. Though they both enjoy their togetherness and are very friendly and helpful in each other’s as well as other people’s case but they need to take care of their peculiar habits to avoid strain in their relationship.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility Rating

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  1. moss April 25th, 2024

    HOMOPHOBIA ! what about virgo woman and cancer woman?
    or virgo man and cancer man? and what about non-binary people ??

  2. Shravani July 15th, 2022

    Seriously every comment is by a cancer woman
    Are Virgos too busy to read this amazing article ?!

  3. Clyde Blessing June 6th, 2022

    I am a Virgo man talking to a lady who has cancer it just seems that we have so much in common the same views on things but yet we are different in a lot of ways but most mostly we are in sync with one another I’ve never been in such a relationship before with such an individual and they can finish my sentences , an know what I am thinking an feeling . And yet I have to be the same way with her . I really never took the zodiac signs very serious trying that meeting this person here I don’t believe in all of it but I do believe that there’s characteristics within our traits yes . You at the same time I never believe in a soulmate till I met her . Like I’ve said before I have never met a woman like this in my entire life and I am 54 years old she is literally shaking my world

    • Kelly Creel December 9th, 2023

      I love that!

  4. Stephanie August 29th, 2021

    I have just cried whilst reading this. As a camcerian woman I feel so insecure when at times my Virgo man doesn’t want to see me and just wants his own space. I feel much happier knowing it’s just part of who he is and that I haven’t necessarily done anything wrong. I love him from the bottom of my heart and feel that he loves me too but he never says it (wish he would) x

    • Whitley Robertson September 23rd, 2021


    • Dixie Shelton October 25th, 2021

      Wish mine were that way at times. He likes being stuck up my butt. Lol. but, I couldn’t ask for a better man in my life.. He’s absolutely everything I could ever hope for..

      • M. Enigma May 6th, 2022

        Mine is the same way ☺️ and I absolutely love him! I do have to tell him sometimes that it’s ok if he goes and does something without me, especially if it is something I don’t like doing or if he’s going with someone I don’t personally like being around! Its been 5 months of bliss and there’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for him!

    • Miriam November 3rd, 2021

      Wish everyone else was blessed with a wonderful hubby like my Virgo man ….we are just made for each other

    • Sunflower January 7th, 2022

      This is how my Virgo man is.. I love this man to death but he gets on my nerves when he doesn’t communicate that he just needs space to Himself to work on his goals and it has nothing to do with me so I won’t feel no type of way about it!

    • rubina yaqoob February 22nd, 2023

      hey dont be sad just pray please please im cancer my virgo man block me for no reson i love him more then my life i heart broken every seci want to just die for my love please pray for me eamil me if u like *******

    • Olive queen April 5th, 2023

      When a guy loves you he says it

  5. Megan October 8th, 2020

    I am a cancer and my partner is a Virgo and later this year are planning on getting out first house together.
    For the most part I would say this is spot on, I always have been an emotional cancer and my partner is very strong in dealing with my sometimes rollercoaster of emotions. However he certainly can have his own mood swings particularly based around his work which I like to think I handle very well.
    However I would say that he is the clingier of us both. We both like our own space however he isn’t as fussed on space from me. When in the house I can quite happily get on with work or something else where in the house, whereas my partner tends to like to be physically close, which I don’t mind and I wouldn’t say I need space from him just that I can do it for practical reasons. We are both pretty secure in our relationship and neither gets doubts for the others love for one another despite having negative previous relationships.

    • who? June 18th, 2021

      what do you want a fucking medal?

    • Ruth August 22nd, 2021

      Thank you for sharing. I am starting a relationship with a Virgo and your words helps me understand what I am getting into. Many blessings!

  6. Leslie October 3rd, 2020

    I am a Cancer woman. July 1st. I like to think that I am
    a developed cancer who is in tune with her emotions, I am prone to brooding if someone hurts me but I have learned to be more direct and assertive with what I want or with what bothers me.

    I have been in an off and on relationship with a virgo for about a year and some change. I know my Virgo
    Man so well, I am his biggest confidant and I listen to all his issues without any judgements providing him with insight and possible solutions. He does not express his love or gratitude to me verbally although he has slipped up a couple times telling me he loves me, I feel his protection and his support and love
    through small gestures and the amount of quality time he spends with me + he handles and understands my mood swings pretty well.

    Problem with our particular relationship is him taking advantage of the fact that he knows that I will always by his side. I am 25 and he’s 27 with a child by another woman before we met. He seems to think that he will always have access to me no matter what he does. One time a couple of months into our relationship he told me that he was ready to fix things with the mother of his child which lasted like 3 weeks and he was calling me again. I took him back. Just recently he pulled the same stunt again saying he was rekindling his relationship with her again, lasted about a month and now he is calling me again.

    I wrote this story for you hopeless romantics like me. I know you may love someone and want to keep them regardless of the pain someone may have caused you, you need to recognize your value, I understand that I have a gift of listening and making people feel heard and understood on a level like no other person can. We are hardcore Empath’s. But we also cannot tolerate people who want access to our gifts while not acknowledging our importance and value.

    This Virgo man is an amazing individual despite the drama and baggage. I envisioned a whole lifetime with him. I have standards and once I let it slide, TWICE it is a pattern. He is currently blocked on my phone and calls me on private all the time.

    TREAT YOU. Love yourself most of all because if you don’t no one else will. My cancer’s are all magical. Love you all!

    • Dust June 24th, 2021

      ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the reminder sista. Much appreciated.

    • Ruth August 22nd, 2021

      Thanks very much for sharing. I am 65 and getting into a relationship with a Virgo. You are so correct, we have to love ourselves and respect ourselves because we have so much to give. It took lessons over 2 past marriages for me to learn what you already know at 25.

  7. Mimi April 19th, 2020

    Like the article said, I don’t think this couple can work out unless both partners are stable and mature which is, let’s be honest, a small amount of us. I dated a 20-something year old Virgo for a short period and it was disastrous. He was hot and cold with his emotions and too focused on nitpicking my arguments into contradictions, despite him asking for a relationship but ghosting me again and again. I got fed up with his immaturity and commitment issues, so I kindly asked him to block me. Never heard a word from him since. Now I’m going 6 years strong with a Pisces guy and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful man.

  8. Ajsexy89 March 1st, 2020

    Keep them at bay but don’t down play your emotions, just learn to distance yourself when he needs his space. I to am a cancer woman loving a virgo man its wonderful because i value my alone time. I love virgos lol

    • Teresa April 7th, 2020

      I’m a cancer women 48 dating a 50 virgo. We knew each other in high school dated for a little bit. 33 years later were dating. Had Sex one time he has issues with his grown children his ex wife and when he’s upset I send him funny dirty quotes and tells me that I’m pushing him away..

      • Mimi April 19th, 2020

        Everything this article says is true. However I dated a Virgo for a short period and it was a fricken DISASTER. He was annoyingly fickle with his emotions and very critical of how I contradicted myself, even though he would want a relationship but would later ghost me again and again. I tried to be sympathetic towards his situation but later realized his commitment issues were a reflection of his immaturity and incapability to properly communicate like an ADULT.
        If you’re both adults and he still acts like this, please don’t waste your time. We shouldn’t be acting like therapists or mothers to these grown a** males. I’ve been with my Pisces guy for 6 years now and I’ve never felt this loved and understood before. The treatment I get from him is night and day compared to my ex.

  9. Sonja G January 12th, 2020

    Yes I agree, I’m a cancer woman seeing a Virgo. I must everything started off so good in hot between us talking, texting daily, and seeing each often.Then he got cold on me become distant I was confused. Then I became distant towards him. He started question my actions. But still seeing each not as frequently. Stop talking as much and now I’m pregnant .. and we tryna rekindle things. But I still was always interested. But didn’t know how he felt really he will tell me but show another

  10. Emma November 24th, 2019

    My cancerian element doesn’t seem to quite fit with Virgo… I need my inner hearth to be fulfilling and warm. But with Virgo’s “particular” ways (everything has to be just right, at all times)…it can be emotionally draining.
    I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

  11. Dixie May 28th, 2019

    I’m a cancer woman seeing an incredible successful Virgo male. He constantly chases after me and I’m not quite sure if he loves me yet. I really do care about him a lot, and I’m just keeping my emotions at bay when I’m with him because I’m afraid of losing him

  12. Pdilly May 7th, 2019

    Wow, I found my true love in my Virgo man. I am a cancer woman and yes he was very hard to get he always kept his distance even when I knew he was mine and loved me dearly he was still distant. Until recently he thought I was going to leave him because he was getting deployed but there is no way I would leave him because of that. I have been in this for years standing by him supporting him I would never leave him. But when he found that out I saw a change and he’s all in now. We are getting married and he is my best friend. The best man I have ever known. They are worth the wait and the difficult times of wondering if he will ever be all in or not. I learned patience and he taught me to love. This site helped me understand him more. And I am thankful.

    • Sunflower January 7th, 2022

      Man, I love this so much.. I’m dealing with a Virgo man and he distances himself but I’m busy as well so I don’t mind it but yes he always comes back.. but you can tell we both have feelings for each other and can tell in the way that he acts when together but the only thing that bugs me is when he does need to distance himself for work he doesn’t tell me he just doesn’t it then comes back after he is finished and picks up right where he left off at then I make a fuss about it so he can knowledge my feelings then he apologizes. But I feel your right it does it a lot of patience but I hope all this waiting I’m doing will eventually deal to something more.

  13. memyselsfandi February 25th, 2019

    P.S. Some Cancerians (me included) also like to have time on our own, to clarify our emos. That should not be too much of a problem. And both have more conversation material on the long run.

  14. memyselsfandi February 25th, 2019

    I am an cancerian woman and I can only say, that Virgo’s really are careful, when it comes to their emotions. Yes, they can be cool and pretty on top of things, also direct. But they like to see things from a distance. I am lucky, to have had an uncle as a Virgo. Sadly he passed away very young. I did not know him too well, until my mom and I took care of him. I noticed so many similarities. Mabe because my ascendant is Virgo? And my aunt is also a Virgo, but a different decade. All they need is some time. My aunt never was able to say “I love you” on her own, until we said it, over and over… Now, she says it willingly. And she was married to my Scorpio uncle for more than 50 years. I myself was involved with a Gemini man for almost ten years. This year we’ll get our divorce, because he is a narcissist. My dear granny was a Gemini and the sweetest person in the world. I have noticed, that we as water signs need to keep our emos more at bay and also see things more neutral. That can save a lot of heartache. And we should loosen the feeling, that we are here to save/better, or love people unconditionally. That is wrong and only kills us, day by day. Work on your vibes and watch out for yourself first, so you can be aligned with yourself. That as well is so important and a great deal of help. Never ever get involved with someone, if you are not. noone wants someone, who seems needy or unbalanced. And don’t chase after them either! Or finding excuses… If they want you, you will find out. If they don’t, it is their loss simply, because we as cancerian women really can be THE one!

    • Ruth August 22nd, 2021

      Very very well put. Thank you so much for your input. Many blessings.

  15. Ladyl May 14th, 2018

    I can agree with the post and comments. I been in a long distance friendship/”situationship” with a virgo man for almost 2 years. I tried forgetting about him because he wouldn’t give me commitment and started dating someone else. That didn’t work out so me and the virgo started talking again.
    Sometimes I’m not sure what he feels or thinks about me because he doesn’t speak about his feelings. He doesn’t really open up much and expects me to know how he feels about me with out him telling me. At times he can appear cold, but he slowly opens up to me but doesn’t let me in too much. I really care about him and want to see where it will go, but I know he thinks logically so long distance doesn’t seem ideal to him.

  16. Felicia March 14th, 2018

    This comment is correct. I dated a virg o man for years and I loved him dearly. We were like soulmates. He understood and took good care of me. And long the years i got moody and before and and angry at my behavior got married and had baby on me. Years later we reunite and talk and I had a baby nevermarried. For the first time I my life i wish I can turn back hands of time and stay with my virg o man I would havebemarried17yrs noe. Just wishful thinking. But we are friends for life. He knows me and I know even to this day.

  17. Chanelle March 9th, 2018

    This is one of the most accurate readings I’ve ever read, this is definitely my life right now. you’re good! he’s a Virgo and he says that I’m the total opposite of him, I’m demanding, and petty which makes me discouraged, its only been a couple of weeks but I feel like we have a good relationship but there’s alot that I have to fix myself. He’s hard to read, he makes me feel like he doesn’t like me because he tells me about what he doesn’t like but then he doesn’t leave me alone either.. I’m confused, we have great conversations, he’s so down to earth and I really don’t know where to go from here, I know what I can offer, I just hopes he is open to it, and can accept me in all that I am. I am wondering how we can mesh our personalities together, I think he’s scared to trust and I am too, it’s just that he’s so laid back and rational and I’m opinionated and think with my heart so it makes thing weird between us.. sorry about this long post lol, I hope you can give me some advice.

    Btw I’m a cancer woman.

    • Vanessa love March 11th, 2018

      I’m in the same predicament I’m a cancer he’s a Virgo and I think with my heart. He acts like he don’t need me but never leaves me alone. I think he’s just scared but yess this posy is very accurate

      • LaTanya M Staten January 4th, 2020

        Im a cancer woman and ive been dating a virgo man for 7 months now. Hes thoughtful and caters to my every need. Goes above and beyond. Hes just a little slow on the emotional side. I think hes scared of love. Im not sure. I know he likes me. Hes even slipped and said he loves me a few times. I just have to figure out how to open him up a little more. I know its in there. Hes so devoted. How do I ooen up his steemy passionate side?

    • Monalisa April 5th, 2018

      I’ve been with my virgo man 13 yrs.. Married going on 5 yrs… Just give him his space to think and he’ll come and let you in on his thoughts.. I’m a cancer woman myself.. It was hard at first but as yrs rolled by we managed to figure things out… It’s one hell of a ride if your into adventures…

      • Janet October 11th, 2019

        😭😭😭thank you. Going on 5 .he got me going crazy

    • Mimi September 7th, 2018

      I am married to a virgo man. Patience will get you there. Calm down and give him love and his space. With passing time, he’ll adjust with u.

      • Janet October 11th, 2019

  18. Catalyst June 30th, 2017

    Girl, he’s playing you. He knows he has a loving woman, a young woman, and a woman that will (and already IS!) give him all that he wants.

    Why would he want a relationship?

    Especially when sex is already involved. He gets his physical needs meet, has his pretty young plaything, has you as a friend, and if you are a true Cancer like me, you sacrifice yourself left and right to be there for him when he wants you (support, cheerleading, care taking–like making him a meal, humor and love). Suddenly, he’s “unbusy”, when he wants that from you. For that moment.

    It’s been 3 months…plenty of time to find out which direction he wants to go with you. You need to present your goals and desires to him. Or better yet: ASK HIM ABOUT HIS GOALS.

    What does he see for his love life in 3 more months? In a year? Does he desire a full, real relationship? Marriage?

    If he doesn’t communicate (EXPLICITLY, not give calculated, vague hints that he’s counting on you to dream up and complete) that he sees you in his future, or asks about what you want in return, then he’s not serious. He’s just enjoying this “moment” (and only a moment) with you. He’s had space….3 months. So don’t feel pushy or possessive asking about his future.

    Don’t leave it up to chance and for him to “decide” when he’s done with you. Either he wants you as his woman and will tell you, or he doesn’t. And DO NOT read into his behavior…he KNOWS you are completing the narrative in your mind, and reading into things, giving him credit for something that he is not really showing/giving/telling you! He’s 17 years OLDER…he is not some shy teen boy that can’t ask the girl he loves to the dance. He’s a grown man…he will (and SHOULD) say it if he feels it.

    So as long as you accept it, give him what he wants emotionally and physically without you expecting much in return, while giving him CREDIT for much, much more…he will not change.

    He will lead you on, until HE is tired, or find a woman who DOES expect him to be true to her. (Frankly, I got the impression that he was married or hiding another woman when I first read your story.)

    A crush is not love. Sex is not a relationship. He needs to fuel you as you fuel him and commit to giving what you need as well.

    Be young, but not naive.

    Good luck!

    • Africa R Carey July 13th, 2017

      Omg gill well put amen..
      Everything you said was exactly right on.. I am a very strong line at woman and I’m very practical and I’m very intuitive and let me tell you too many women I mean way too many woman put so much into trying to read a man to see if they can find something or what is he meant mean or does something mean this or does something else mean that let me tell you men are very simple they are more simple than women actually when a man wants you and when he wants something he’ll want it faster than you when he know he wants to be with somebody he’ll know before you know so a man can play the s*** out of women because women think that there’s more into it than it really is and it’s not so a man.. tends to take that weakness and use it but little do they know it’s more simple than they ever think either he wants to be with you or he doesn’t they will tell you faster than you will tell a man that you want to be with him they know before you know that you guys are going to get married or that you’re the one before you do so don’t ever let a man play you because there’s nothing to read into…
      So what you wrote and told this girl is so right and so many women don’t even get it that’s why a lot of things happen in relationships or women get their heart broken or they spend all this time trying to dissect with something means and it’s pointless.. it’s as simple as saying one plus one equals two.. I’ll tell you what’s more complex I’m trying to find ways for us to get to other planets you know what the easiest is no one what a man wants and doesn’t want..
      Lol.. I have this little saying I’ve said for my whole life I said like Moses parted the water for the Jews I said I really believe it was a man that parted the water for a woman that means that a man will do anything he can and do whatever it takes if he wants a woman or wants to be with the woman that man will climb the highest mountain and swim on the ocean and he will walk across water for you so women stop letting men get away with too much s***

  19. Lila June 4th, 2017

    Ive been with a virgo man as a cancer woman for two years. Sometimes i find it astonishing how accurate these are.Ive tried to break my habits of being really possessive but it is so hard because when he doesnt reply to me for a day(hes an engineer hes busy), my mind constantly comes up with ideas of why he is not replying and it makes me feel awful…

  20. Charles richie April 6th, 2017

    Well there is this young lady she a cancre i think she really do like me but im not for sure but i really do like her ad well .

  21. Omesha March 27th, 2017

    I love my Virgo husband. But don’t get so caught up where he is your all. You will loose your mind. Literally from being love sick. Virgo needs space and freedom. And well us Cancer women loves to bath in their sensual love. Well get a hobby that will allow you to indulge to pass time. Also be ready to go, when they get home. Trust me he missed you the whole time. And has thought about how he going to ravish you. Stay energetic, and even tempered. Keep it sexy and sassy and a little nice. A lady , them a temptress. Virgos will always keep a cancer on their toes.

    • Chanelle March 9th, 2018

      I agree.

    • Lip Gloss May 17th, 2018

      I totally agree!! Me and my Virgo are the same, but I got scared and placed my past and insecurities on him and we’ve been bumping heads ever since!! Smh, but we can’t and won’t leave each other alone!!! I wish I would’ve read this sooner I swear we’ll be on a cloud by now!! Post is VERY true!!

  22. Sensitive Lady March 8th, 2017

    Hi I am cancer woman who is in a deep crush with a Virgo man. I am divorce 2 years ago of a horrible Taurus who destroy my life in many ways. I meet this Virgo guy few months after I divorce. He was incredible caring and loving but I am always shoot him down even though I like him and I find him incredible attractive. I am very scare of a new relationship. He is so patient with me and understanding. We are so similar and many ways but I am not sure if is going to work as a relationship

  23. elizabeth March 7th, 2017

    I’m a cancer woman and in love with a virgo man. I just want to confirm everything that is said on the article. My virgo man and I are very much competent, we’ve been together now for 5years and we are still madly in with each other. Virgo men are very gentle, loving, caring, hard working, loyal and very supportive. I’ve dated other star signs before, but I’m very competent with my virgo. He understands me very well and he knows how to calm me down as a cancers.

    • Lesley March 14th, 2017

      I am a cancer and I just found out my Virgo husband of 5 years was screwing his employee for almost 2 years in his office. Loyal is not a word I would use to describe him.

      • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

        Sorry Lesly, that’s horrible. My husband is a libra -Virgo cusp. He has the best of both worlds, I guess and I’m a cancer woman. We’ve had our issues before marriage and we both went through our flirting phases and seeing others. But once we decided to settle down, it wasn’t hard for him. I’ve noticed men in general are curious of other women and we both decided before marrying to see other people but always ended up back together. We are going on 6 years and I really believe the pre-exploration got it out of our system of curiousity. Has he ever cheated while you two were dating?

  24. MUNEEB FAROOQ BHAT February 28th, 2017


    • Cece March 12th, 2017

      Maybe it’s only for you, I am dating a Virgo man right now and our relationship is going pretty well so my advice to you would be that if your cancer woman doesn’t like you then just keep it to yourself and deal with it but don’t let other people down by saying bs like this. Thanks.

      • Sunflower January 7th, 2022


    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      Love is expressed in different ways by many people and even though the signs may give us some idea of compatiability, it doesnt tell us about all the various personality types. Truth be told, there is no such thing as Equally-mutual love, no one can love one another the exact amount. Her capacity to love may not be to the same degree of yours. Don’t fault her for that, she may not know. Instead teach her instead of insulting her. If she is still with you that means she’s trying. My husband grew up in a loving & nuturing family, I didn’t. Mine was very abusive and toxic. God used my husband to show and teach me unconditional love. It wasn’t easy. You never will fully understand why someone loves differently but try. It will make a huge difference. 🙂

    • Sunflower January 7th, 2022

      How long did you make her wait for you to love her with your words and actions coz sometimes cancer women don’t have patience..

  25. Cancer January 22nd, 2017

    I’m a cancer woman and I’m 10 years older than my Virgo man. He says that we are we are made for each other, and I do feel like that, but I pushed him away because the age difference. Even though many people thinks I look around 33-34 i do feel 40. But when we are together everything is wonderful. I just don’t want to be the cougar ?

    • Leese January 26th, 2017

      Go for it, life’s too short, live day by day, which I know is hard for insecure cancer, however seize the day xx

    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      I’m a cougar! My HUSBAND is 7 years younger than me and I tried running from that years ago, it obviously didn’t work. He is much more mature than I am and wiser in years. Age doesn’t mean much after we hit 25, it’s irrelevant from there. If you two love one another , don’t let 10 yrs stop. Men have that age gap with women all the time. Why can’t women? You go girl!

  26. TheDude09 October 18th, 2016

    I am a virgo male and i fell absolutely head over heels with a cancer woman. She was 7 years younger but that didn’t matter, we clicked from the beginning and for the most part most of this is true, we only seen each other for about 6 months until unforseen circumstances pulled us apart. In that short time I fell in love with a beautifully, sensitve, caring and loving soul. She knew just how to care for me and in return i made her feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. We seemed to have a connection beyond a physical one, it felt unlike any i ever felt with another individual. She was the jelly to my peanut butter. It is almost a year since we haven’t any contact and i wonder how she is and imagine what it would be like to at least just talk to her again. I miss her so much.

    • Meg December 29th, 2016

      You should contact her, maybe she feels the same way but doesn’t know how to show it.

      Some women just need to know that their man will fight for them at all costs. Whatever it is, just apologize and tell her you miss her.

      -a cancer woman

    • Penelope January 31st, 2017

      I just read this. I am just getting to know my Virgo, and I can feel your pain. I hope you heal quickly.

  27. Thisisit January 26th, 2016

    My ex girlfriend is a cancer woman and boy was she full of contradiction and bossy to a degree. she was also a master of speaking with her emotions rather than using words, another trait that i disliked but managed to get through it. All that aside we were great until i started being stupid (i didn’t cheat). Now I miss her and lm not the type to fall in love so easily. Heck i never understood what it meant to be truly in love until we started seeing each others.

    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      Don’t let stupidity stop you from love, that’s stupid 🙂

  28. pooh123 September 18th, 2015

    Hello.. All of is so true… I have had 3 bad relationships before I started dating my virgo man.. It is just 1 month and I am so completely blown by him.. He always pampered me and cld not  stay away frm me!! It all sounded so perfect like my world stopped when he was around… It was always nly us.. He always wanted me to be around him and never go away..We were just so perfect everyone were excited for us. He wld proudly hold me in front of his frnds n family n make me feel so spcl.He cld never stop admiring me. And then suddenly he recently broke up and did not try to contact me for a very insecure reason of his own.. like out of nowhwre he aksed me for time and I just cld nt let him go.. and we are nt being talking since days was so sudden like in couple of hours he changed everything and I cld nt even dream abt this happening ever! It was all picture perfect.. All i evenr knew was we both love each other the most n the very next momment he brokw up no arguments no talk no discussion just all of a sudden and i am still shocked..nd I truly terribly love him!!. I am so confused will he ever be back!! I knw he loves me.. will it all be good? Should I have hopes? M just 20… do they realize their mistakes..will he overcome his insecurities I knw he loves me!! Shld I keep trying.. plsss help me.. I so lve this guy.. 

  29. James7 July 3rd, 2014

    Yo I’m a 21(22) year old Virgo man I’ve been with my cance girl for two and a half years(February 15, 2012)…. And I believe everything depends on the person not the zodiac sign of that person…. I hate being away from my  20(21)cancer gf/wife even for a few mins…. I’m not a momma’s boy and if I could get paid by staying at home to be with my girl then fucc work…. I had alot of girlfriends and friend girls but when I first saw her my mind, body, and soul knew she was my gift from God, my queen and my other half and I didn’t lose my virgenty until I was 18 to her… Yea she pisses me off sometimes because she emotional and I’m a laid back guy… But she the only person that matters to me and if the world was against her then the world would have to get through me first… I’m in college right now and working two jobs and I(live on my own) still make time for her(lives with her mom and dad) and treat her as if we just started dating….  But I will complete college to provide her with a life where she works for fun…. I am a God fearing man and I will succeed… So women never compare one man with another or a group of men because we all are not the same…. And I will marry my cancer queen… Peace

    • Catalyst June 30th, 2017

      That’s so beautiful. A man’s man at this day and age. And from such a (relatively) young guy!

      But you are ALL mature, and have your head in the right direction. She will appreciate you forever…her King. 🙂

      Other men…..take notes! Haha

    • Chanelle March 9th, 2018

      you’re right, yall are laid back lol, we think with our hearts most of the time and it aggravates all.

      • Lady Love September 19th, 2018

        We (Cancer Women) tend to react…instead of chilling out and responding. We fight about principles. I just started dating a Virgo. He actually helps keeps me chill. He is A LOT younger than me, but he is soooooooo MATURE. As for my personality, I am different than other cancer women I know. I am not possessive or jealous at all. I am very much a loner, so often I am happy when I have time to just be with me. I am looking forward to discovering how my new relationship with my virgo man will blossom. We contend with age and personalities.

  30. LittleFox April 7th, 2014

    I am hearing a lot mixed stuff about virgo. One post caught my attention, 27 and 40. For those of you whom are complaining about how bad a virgo man is. Is he even a man? Or a child? When virgo are immature, all the stuff you’ve mentioned in yiur comments is completely true. But. Such as in the case of 27 and 40, the relationship is perfect. Its all about maturity. I am a FULL blown Cancerian. No joke. And the virgo man I am “with” (some difficulties as I may be going away to college and he is a sensitive touchy feely person (lots of hugs and cuddles) he wants to be with me really badly and vice versa but we are trying to take things slow)) he is VERY mature (childishly mature like I am) and…I dont want to jinx myself…but my dream…I cant see it as complete without him…the reason I mentioned the 27 40 is, I am 19 (20) hes 29 (30) we’re 10 years apart. But he is DEF mature. So that is why I ask you all. Is he REALLY a man? Or just another Immature? Check his maturity levels cancers. Is near the full moon. Our psychic abilities should be at their peak. Use them.

  31. ohlydia December 12th, 2013

    Wow, here goes.  Met my virgo man for the first time a couple of years ago; a friend of several family relatives.  Ran into him this past fall at a party, ended up spending the afternoon with him and “bam” – can’t get him out of my head.  Mutual attraction is very strong; we both admit to each other.  We are both single – he is divorced and I a widow.  I am very independent and not looking for a heavy relationship and I suggest a “casual” relationship (like fwb) – He tells me he (and I quote) “sucks” at relationships and that he will end up hurting me and doesn’t want to hurt me and his relationship with my family is too important that he fears our failing relationship (before it even starts !) will jeopardize that.  Says “Casual” is out of the question because (and again I quote) “we both know once we get together, it will no longer be casual.”  Says he really likes me a lot but “we can’t” ………”don’t have room in my life right now for a woman”….  We have mutual friends so when we see each other out on the weekends, he asks me to dance, always walks me to my car with a goodnight kiss that tempts me revealing how awesome sex will be with him but if I try to take the next step,(I invite to dinner) I get – “you know we can’t”   Well – Now after reading a little astrology on virgo man,  I do understand more about him BUT is there any hope for us?  I think his fear of failure is holding him back.  Virgo man moves slow in forming relationships, is not into casual relationships, but is this “party” ever going to start?  or should I just give up?

  32. Lovely-Lucy March 7th, 2012

    I’ve been dating a Virgo man that lost his wife of 28 yrs in Feb.2011 for 6 months now. We are very in love but he is becoming argumenative and negative (or he has been this way and just now showing it, or the love blinders are just coming off me) I don’t know if this is a typical Virgo trait or what. I’m a Cancer that got divorced after 22 yrs. in May 2010, and I know I can be unreal stubborn sometimes and so can he, he treats me like a queen, dotes on me constantly,our sex life is the best I’ve ever had.However, for the last 2 wks. I just can’t get the 2 negatives I mentioned out of my head. My ex-husband was like that and it was the 2 things that got on my nerves bigger than hell. Am I just getting picky here? I welcome any and all commnets…
    He is kind, loving,supportive and he talks about us spending the future together. Anybody got any suggestions? He is 55,I’m 56, we met through an online dating site.We are only apart 3 days a week max.

  33. mariamansari January 22nd, 2012

    d’aww :’) <3 I feel the same way with mine.

  34. mariamansari January 22nd, 2012

    That’s legit! I gave a Gemini guy a chance and we worked out pretty well for a while, until he changed into an asshole…Like, I don’t know, he just got out of the warm beautiful love we created and decided to be a cold jerk. His ego got the best of him and maybe he just wanted freedom to be on his own but whatever… Geminis just don’t go with Cancers and I learned it the hard way. I don’t care about him anymore.Instead, I have fallen into the arms of a Virgo and he is caring in a not-so-obvious way… and it’s so sweet. 🙂 

  35. ms.natalie January 4th, 2012

    I am a cancer female, and am now dating a virgo man. When we first met,he seemed to like me, then came up with some bullshit excuse that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Three weeks later, I found out he is dating someone!!! He def sounds a lot like what I have read about a virgo man, needs his space, doesn’t know what he has in front of him, etc. He has a heart of gold my virgo, but was just selfish at times. Me being the typical cancer female that I am, I got insecure by the rejection at first, than gave him the cold shoulder, but somehow, I forgave him after he called me, and we remained good friends. Then him and the other woman broke up, and a few months later, he spilled his heart out to me, and apologized for being the way that he was with me, and now see’s what he had, and want’s to settle down with me. I am very weary of this because I don’t want to get hurt, but for some reason I am crazy about him!!! I don’t know what to feel, but everything is telling me to follow my heart. I have never felt this way about anyone it is crazy!!! And the sex is amazing!!!! JUST SAYING!

  36. argos5 November 14th, 2011

    To also continue the point I was originally making. Don’t merely look to a person’s Sun Sign, there are various other signs cast on one’s existence, like their Moon and Rising signs, which filter through that Sun…. it will largely help explain why a particular sign is shifted a particular way. Imagine if you ladies dealt with a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon… holy hell! >.>

    • Gilly June 22nd, 2019

      I am Dealing with a Virgo-Leo cusp. He’s everything that a virgo man is, kind considerate, empathic, great intellect, absolutely gorgeous. Compassionate to a fault. But, our toing and froing has been going on for 3.5 years, with absolutely, from what I can see, no hope of us ever becoming official. We are really great together, everything with us just falls the right way. We don’t live with one another, he needs his space and I need mine.
      Last year I got really sick and he was absolutely brilliant, in the way he supported me. Then, without warning he just became moody and defensive about everything and I couldn’t do anything right. So I told him to take a hike. He became Vegan during that time and started hanging out with his man buddies. This man is 45 years old and still likes to act like a lad.
      So, 3.5 years of this backwards and forwards, not really knowing if he will ever see my worth?? IM DONE!! Theres only so much you can push a person till they finally snap. Haven’t told him yet, because I honestly don’t think he would care too much, so Im just going to fade out and walk stage left, out of his life. Im done with being his doormat. Ive given him time, space, Ive never acted jealous, or insecure. Ive given him 3.5 years of the absolute best of me. Oh, by the way he’s 8 years younger.

      • Dixie June 22nd, 2019

        i genuinely love my virgo male. he’s six years older than i am. he does the same off n on thing with me. acts like he wants to get close, n then backs off exceot for to look n see where I’m at if I’m not trying to call or text him. he just passed my work place for absolutely no logical reason yesterday. n he I’m pretty sure told me a silly lie that i had caught him in. i was told to tell him how i feel, because he doesn’t know i love him.
        would it make a difference uf i did? I’m a cancer moon

  37. argos5 November 14th, 2011

    Virgo Man here. I wanted to share my thoughts as a Virgo Man who is seeking the path of enlightenment. Many of you here are looking at this pairing in a singular form.
    Sun Sign – Cancer (with) Sun Sign – Virgo.
    I’m not saying any of you are wrong… Virgos do need their space and find themselves in this bi-polar method of wanting comfort and wanting space.
    We are definitely one thing: Perfectionists. We want something perfect, whatever we choose to focus on. If the relationship is our focus, we will be the greatest asset designed by the rules of being a Gentleman. A romantic? Oh we will definitely figure out the best way to accomplish this.
    Our insecurities will often get the best of us, this is why it greatly requires we have the time, means, and understanding in ourselves to find true balance. Without that balance, ALL of you will experience this “relationship hell”.
    As much as a Virgo can be a great guy, he has the greatest capacity to be a jackass without knowing it. For all my years (I’m only 26, mind you) of studying and understanding relationships… it all comes down to how well the Virgo Man knows himself. Ignoring your own astrological patterns was a horrible existence… there was much I needed to learn and to correct.

    I cannot apologize for my Virgo brothers, because I know there’s a chunk out there who are sniveling assholes and don’t know themselves enough. But I’m doing my best, for myself and for people in general— to be a better overall man than I was yesterday.

  38. djkhalsa July 29th, 2011

    Hey this Concept Is rocking its all true ……….Nd life it going as like this

  39. always-me June 24th, 2011

    Sorry i didn’t get to complete my comment any way just when i am about to say forget this relationship he sucks me right back in with those three magic words. I don’t know what to do i love him but he got me so confused he can be so sweet and so mean should i stick around or let it go oh yeah he 21 years older than me also

  40. always-me June 24th, 2011

    So true i am a cancer woman and have been dating a virgo man for a little while and the relationship is the craziest i have ever been in. One minute he loves me the next minute he does not even want to see me i can’t figure him out. Just when i am about to say forget this rtelationship het sucks me right back in with t

  41. leamarie99 April 16th, 2011

    Nisha- wow, i feel the same way, it’s like my heart melts everytime I hear from him…

    SweetCancer- HELL YEA!!! GO FOR IT GIRL!!!!! And tell us how it goes 🙂

    Greg- communication problem: can u be more specific so we can give advice? thanks 🙂

  42. leamarie99 April 16th, 2011

    Woah!! This is the most accurate reading I’ve read about Cancer women and Virgo men… I am a Cancer woman, and I’m seeing a Virgo for the first time, and let me tell you, it is crazy!!! Not a single man could interest me or catch my eye for the LONGEST, i was totally cool being single… then this VIRGO walked into my life, and now i’m SMITTEN… why? I couldn’t even tell you!!!

    And it’s funny b/c I get mad over little things and I end things with him (my crazy cancer moods)… he tells me I’m crazy… but he’s quick to take me back! And then we get back like nothing ever happened. He makes me weak in the knees, anything he wants I’ll do for him, b/c there’s just SOMETHING about this Virgo man, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced…

    Anyone else feel that way? He is quite slow to jump into anything serious but hey, patience is a virtue, so I’m gladly taking it one day at a time

    • Chanelle March 9th, 2018

      I’m having this same experience. I just met him a couple months weeks now, and I love our connection, but he keeps calling me
      “crazy ” ” bipolar ” but he doesn’t leave me alone, I asked him why not.. he said ” things can be fixed ” I’m just confused. He hides his emotions and is so laid back, and I’m not..

  43. greg March 27th, 2011

    I am a virgo man I have been married to the same cancerian women this july willl make 17 years, Mind you she and I have been together a total of 30 years, my wife was 14 when we started dating I was 16, she is 44 I am 46.I don’t know what I would do without her.I have never trusted anyone as much as I trust her,The sex throughout our entire relationship has been incredible. When we were younger we focused our time around sex, I would find her to be insatiable! After being with her all this time we still have not overcome this communication problem,If we could master this communication we would have the perfect relationship.I love my wife. But im starting to get weary and I know she is as well. Anyone have any good advice??_

  44. sweetcancer March 11th, 2011

    Hello, im a cancer woman and my virgo male friend I had a major crush on him back in high school. its been almost twenty yrs and now he wants to go out this weekend. I still have a crush on him. Should i give him the time or date? I have been sexually attracted to this guy since high school…so i know if we go to dinner, its going down!!

  45. cancergirl March 10th, 2011

    hi, im a cancer and my BF is virgo, we’ve been dating for about 2 months now. first time sating him, i felt like the whole world was ours and then a month ago he’s back to holland (now we’re having long distance relationship). since then, many things has happened. he never talk to me if i didn’t inniciate to contact him first etc. i think he doesn’t seem to care anymore. when i asked him why? he just said he’s busy with his work and asked me to be patience.
    what should i do? coz i always think that he probably has another girl by himself now. and for your information, he’s changed a little from the why he talked on the phone.
    should i leave him and find another guy? help me please.. thx

  46. nisha March 4th, 2011

    wow i scared my 1st relatonship didnt work but we still friend just meet another virgo im crazy about and scared, but he all i can think about. i need help, do i give him a shot sometimes i fell like he dont like me and right when i feel that way he turns so charming and my heart melt i have it bad it’s like love at first sight with him.

  47. Houston February 23rd, 2011

    I`m a virgo man and I agree that sometimes virgos talk emotionless which means only one thing- we seek attention, since cancerian seems emotional and she will responds to that blunt statement or may be it is because of something else his work etc ask him about his work . Virgo men cant be whores even if we say we are, we are not, why?? virgos are picky & need perfect conditions which they cant find in a one night stand and damn!! Virgos are slow, bottom line. Virgos need space and like to see progress in their life, always give them some goals lets say plan for a vacation or plan to buy a house etc etc. Communication, Virgos are damn sensitive and stupid, they dont want to ponder their heart because if some one hurts them it will linger in their mind for a long time. Ok if you blame Virgo,he takes it as his failure to provide everything as a partner so it hurts his feelings just say “you did your best but it didn’t work you may have skipped something” put it nicely or say its all my fault ( just say) he will accept his mistakes right away, he will never let his partner feel low because of his fault if he doesn’t again it will haunt his mind for a long time like a 3 fork devil.

    I may be wrong, I cant simulate exact situation because I never had a GF sorry if I over analysed some parts, If it helps then great


  48. Canceriantotheheart February 7th, 2011

    I met this virgo guy over a year ago when I was living in Chicago and we fell in love instantly. It was like a click, we just looked at each other at a white sox game and we felt the need to meet, I can’t explain but later we talked and we both agree that it was just crazy, we couldn’t stop staring at each other so we start talking and we go on a date – we did it on the first date and it was the most mind blowing sex I’ve ever had and we felt that crazy conection… I was holding it to me that day after the sex, when he looks at me and says I like you too much already and I’m melting inside from that day on. The shit is (yes, because perfectness does not walk together with love) I’m living 10.000 miles away from him now. We stayed together for 1 and a half month and since then, we are emailing. We are not together at all but I know he is the love of my live and I can’t get my mind off him. He sends me emails telling that he misses me and that I’m his dreamgirl. Everything about us was very strong, we went from complete strangers to lovers in a week and we were as bonded as a 1 year old couple could be, only we have just met. Everybody around us was amazed. But, as everything as strong and crazy as our relationship, our fights were the worst, ever. From I never want to see your face again to get out of my house you asshole! Anyways. We both regreted the missed time we spent fighting. I can’t help but ask: is you relationship with your virgo guy / cancer girl is as strong as ours? Is it healthy? Also, do virgo guys get ever cured from being a menwhore? Do cancer girls ever stop being stuborn and learn how to lay down her arms and surrender?

  49. Melo February 5th, 2011

    Well guy im hapy u found someone. But me as a cancer is perfecyly fine with my virgos man space. I gove him his time. Me and him are just fine. I love him and he loves me. Fot my relation is petfect yes it has some rocky roads but wr fix it. So sone cancer girls and virgo guys cant be but some can. Yes im sensiyive but I know how to mange it . Virgo man is not the blame for everytjing it should be fifty than of some are not going great. My opinion . I love virgos and im happy ith mines

  50. franky January 23rd, 2011

    virgo men are arent so bad iam virgo i am searching for cancerian girl who shoud be loyal and very loving

  51. Guy January 17th, 2011

    I am a proud Virgo male and I had an on/off relationship with a Cancer woman. Alot of what is being said here about Virgos is true. However, it is the typical nature of a Cancer to blame the Virgo for everything, everything is our fault… they don’t take the time to think about what the Virgo does to sacrifice for the relationship. The Cancer woman I was with I never had sex with, as she “claimed” she was a virgin at over age 22. The personal alone time that I needed for myself, I gave to her, while she was a few states away in college. Not only did I put my life on hold for her, I sacrificed everything that I could. I made her into a better person. Before she met me she was basically a bump on a log in her moms house. Now she’s a college grad and working, soon to move out. But I don’t get any credit for any of that, I just get a bunch of name calling, blame, and disrespect. She says that I have many qualities that she wants in a husband, but that I’m not good enough to be a husband. My current girlfriend would disagree! At the end of the day, this Virgo/Cancer pairing just does not work. Cancer need to stop blaming Virgo for everything while not assuming any responsibility for anything themselves, Virgo needs to cater to the Cancer’s every need, and MAYBE this pairing has a snowball’s chance.

  52. lola January 7th, 2011

    my aunt and uncle are cancer fem. virgo male. they were together..he takes “trips” and comes back.. they got married..then divorced..then remarried..finally in their forties and it seems settled. im proud of them for forgiving each other and looking to God for guidence!! Go love!!

  53. Lee December 30th, 2010

    Take note my dear cancarian sisters, that not one virgo man has commented. In my opinion, he will never step up to the plate in a relationship with a woman…other than his mother that is. Virgo men are married to their work and their mothers.

  54. cuddlycrab December 24th, 2010

    This is so eerily accurate! Exactly how my virgo and I are! I’m weak in the knees whenever I’m around him and my heart beats like crazy! He says he feels the same way about me. I think it’s one of the strongest attractions in the zodiac!

  55. grace December 19th, 2010

    it’s not that my virgo doesn’t understand communication he’s just a bit reserved & a little antu social which is fine by me. I’m just worried that cause he’s nine yrs older that I’m being kept a secret from his friends. Granted I say this cause I always assume the worst cause we just became official & he hasn’t changed his fb status. I know I’m being stupid but I can’t help it. Oh & the real enemy to cancers ladies is geminis. Ciao

  56. Cancer+Virgo=Love December 8th, 2010

    I have been with mu hansome virgo man for quite sometime now. we both met when we were both at a time in need for companionship, both of us had relationships that had ended around the same time. We got together on an intimate level but than things just automatically went further and further until we fell in love with one another. But for some reason he put some distance between us and we stopped seeing eachother for a while. Than one day i get a knock on my door and there he is! Just out of the bule shows up after not talkin for sometime and once again whisks me away because he missed me so much! Ever since that day we have been perfect! He is very head strong and so am i so our personalities clash sometimes but it always gets worked out!
    i completely relate to what is wrote here about cancer and virgo compatiability! i gave learned that he needs his personal space, but when we spend time together its like nothing else in the world is going on around us, even in public! Its like im the only thing he can see even in a room of hundreds of people! I wouldnt trade my virgo man for any other man in the world!

  57. lady edlina November 2nd, 2010

    Lady G… Oh ya.. forgot to let you know bout this..act to your virgo man like, you just dont care about the past, but dont you ever tell him that you’ve forget what ever he has done! no, not a good idea for that.. coz if you say that, your virgo man will take you fogranted over and over again..just keep it to your self, let the past teaching you, how to be strong.. i know its bloody hurts! ive gone thru that to, he cheat on me, by meeting his ex behind my back.. at first i cant bloody take it, but when i realize back why do i have to waste my time and tears for someone who doesnt appreciate you, and took you fogranted..get you self on the track! dont let your virgo man hurts you again.. now its your turn to hurt him back by ignore it, and ignore him..creat the doubts in him, al the time… a virgo man cant see thier partner happy, they will tend to feels unsecured.. hurts the virgo man by playing the ignare games..loves you self more, start form now on.. go to the spa or do something to make your self more prettier. learn to love your self ok…oh god, i seriously know how you felt.. but never too late.. chane the attitude of give patient and at the same time work hard on smart, and dont get into emotional zone, coz you know why, he loves to see you cry, and the virgo man love to see you down with emotion, coz he can control your just like a remote, and hurting you over and over again…dont let him do that to you.. hurts him before he hurts you…like me, im not married yet.. im still with him waiting for my time to get out from his life soon..i never once cheat him before, but now im goin to.. and i just did it, and the result, he’s at home waiting for me, and lately he has change a lil bit.. but whats the point, coz that wont cure me that all! the cure is, when the day i get the hell of his life.. then i’ll be happy forever.. just cant wait for that moment…

  58. lady edlina November 2nd, 2010

    Lady G… hi… dont waste your time with a virgo a cancerian, tpical cancerian, and a cancerian will do anything and secrifice to all their love one regardles on what zodiac they are…like a cancerian,they are not materialistic, they r very understanding when come to their LOVE partner. all they need its security, to secured the cancerian’s heart.. thats all! but if you r with a virgo man, you cant have all this, and ending up, you with full of tears, and hurts.. my partner now, he’s a virgo, god…. it tooks me sometimes to learn about his attitude and emotion… virgo man, they r very emotional, they can be silent wanted us to give the attension but once he got your attension, thats it, he will repeat that over and over again during the argument… they’re not heartless,they r just being pain in the bud wants all the attension.. thats suppose to be on woman not a man.. but a virgo man, god i tell you they’re sooooooo emotional, and they always tend to hurts us’cancerian..they cant even comunicate well, when come to a crisis in the relationship..they cant even admit their mistake.. so, my dear, my advise to you, you gotta learn to be him, so call “heartless”… seriously it works for me, and now i did that most of the time.. and i cant give a shit seriously, i know how you felt, being neglated in the marrige… feels suck..things are goin to be better between you and your vigo man, if you change, try to be him.. get your self back, and get your confident back by ignore it all their nonsense! try to chill out with you best friend and all, dont think too much ok.. he will be the biggest loser, if he loose you later on..if you love him. go on proceed that way, if not you’re wasting your time, by secrifice a lots of things.. coz they wont realize it untill you your self change!remember this they’re still a human being, and there’s no words for them being hardless..just that you need to focus to how to safe your marrige. and more more thing, remember this, the virgo man, they easily feels unsecured,let it be.. let the virgo man feels that way, teach him something drastic, and plz dont give a shit towards all his nonsense now or in the past, let it go and move on try to hide your weakness with virgo man..let the virgo feels unsecured all the times.. trust me it works.. keep it up, and just dont stop doin that till you get easy by doin that..i know it is not an easy things… try hard… good luck to you LadyG… GOD BLESS YOU!

  59. Lady G October 23rd, 2010

    My Virgo took 8 years and three children to realize what he had in front of him. As a cancer woman, I am finding it hard to forgive him of the pain he put me through for some other females…. how do I get over this without wanting to hunt them down and hurting them in return?????

  60. Rip October 15th, 2010

    This is dangerously true.

  61. Abegel October 13th, 2010

    I am 27 years old, Cancer and my Virgo Man is 40. And we are a perfect match! I love the way he loves me, the way he cares for me, exactly how I wanted to be cared for. Hearing him says “You Make Me Weak” is melting me inside. We are both into each other, and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

  62. Lwazi October 11th, 2010

    Cmon people live and let brother is leo and girlfriend left bcoz he was abusive and controlling.same applies to my leo uncle who even compelled her wife to quit her job.i dated a leo woman who never knew the difference between pride and stupidity.look deep and you will see that we humans all have our dark to let live does wonders for your the way im dating a cancer woman and its sublime.not perfect but fantabulous

  63. Emily September 22nd, 2010

    A virgo man seems to doesn’t like a commitment or it maybe take him much longer time(not reasonable time) to decided. Anybody has comments about it? Thanks!

  64. louree September 21st, 2010

    if you want to be beat up for no apparent reason, get a virgo man. They aren’t perfect, but somehow you are supposed to be and I find them truly heartless. They don’t seem to be capable of meeting you halfway-ever. It is an exhausting combo…I say don’t waste your time, go for a pisces or scorpio they at least understand communication. Virgo’s only know criticism and fleeing. I see it in my brother, I lived with a boyfriend, it just isn’t worth it from my perspective, and seriously as a cancer, you can’t help but be sensitive- to deny that aspect of your personality will only harm you. But they can’t tolerate it, any of it for a second. If you want yo-yo, then ok, but life could be richer with a different sign, honest. You never quite measure up with them, WHO NEEDS THAT!Get a man with a sign that adores ya!

    • Chanelle March 9th, 2018

      yeah, I’m in a similiar situation. He’s a virgo and keeps telling me about my personality flaws, I’m like you can’t expect me to be anybody other than who I am like what do you want from me. I took a step back, and he was like ” why are you doing this to me?” I’m like ” because you don’t like me being “dramatic”, or “bipolar” im not going to say anything at all. Its weird like what are your flaws, are you perfect? why should I be?

  65. Emily September 19th, 2010

    100% true! It points out the major points between the cancer woman and virgo man. I hope that our relationship resumes after his’ personal space’ . He needs time to solve his issues. I demanded him to do something which he is not quite ready since his job is not insured.

  66. ashu September 4th, 2010

    i love verey much virgo man, hi is upset with me but i am miss verey much.

  67. laila August 13th, 2010

    well im cancer n i love a virgo man i break up wt him a month ago but now i miss him dont know how to bring him back,i dont know if he miss me or not

  68. Laurie August 9th, 2010

    Omg this sooooo true. Wow!!!!! Me and my Virgo Bf goes through this all the time. Wow!!!!

  69. steven July 20th, 2010

    I’m in a relationship with my 2nd Cancer partner, and all of this applies 2 the both of them…

  70. roxanne May 25th, 2010

    wow i’m shocked at the accuracy of this site. this applies to me and this virgo 100%. now this all makes sense, why he does what he does, and why our on and off relationship always seems to get back up on its feet in the end, with not too much hurt for me at the end of it all :]

  71. JC April 10th, 2010

    Wow I’ve never seen anything that described my virgo and I so perfectly before. We’re apart now but hopefully our relationship resumes again after his ‘personal space’

  72. Kailya February 1st, 2010

    Well, I am only 16, but me and my Virgo go through this alot. He hurts my feelings all the time, and right now, we have been apart for almost 3 months. We started talking again and I am hoping we can work it all outt.

  73. anitaaahh! June 18th, 2009

    omggg! all this is soooo true!
    me & my virgo have gone through alot of this!!

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