Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in 2020

Domestic troubles are in the forefront in 2020. As a couple, you have to sacrifice your time to resolving matter involving theft or an accident. Understandably, this is causing you stress but don't let it create a wedge in your relationship. The Pisces woman may be called upon to utilize creativity and insight to craft a solution to a problem at home or at work. The Virgo man's intelligence attracts the attention of many, earning a host of well wishers and new friends.Let new people into your life, including new couple friends, and you will find it an immensely rewarding experience.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

Virgo and Pisces is a magnetic combination. They have much to learn from each other. With balance established in the relationship, and with love and compassion, they find it easier than most couples to work towards their goal. Virgo appreciates Pisces’ gentleness and sympathy, while Pisces admires Virgo’s intellect.

A Virgo man is a person with sharp intellect and sensible approach who prefers quality over quantity. He is very nitpicky, analytical, pessimistic and judgmental towards everything around him. Through the eyes of a Virgo male all that is there have got a problem. He focuses on the problems with himself, his friends, his family and the big one the problems of the world. But he usually has solution to all problems with his stable and practical ways. He needs a woman who is sensual, but also intelligent. Who can understand and respect him and solves the problems with him.

A Pisces woman is as lovely as a rose and as delicate as a dream with brightest, most gentle and poetic approach towards life. She is often swimming in her mind, which is full of dreams. Even though she has a gentle nature, at times she can be stubborn. But she does not go looking for trouble. Her motto is to let sleeping dogs lie. In a relationship she blooms well in the tender care and gentle attitude and provides by her man. Even when she goes through phases of despair and insecurity, she never loses her calmness but cannot tolerate depression for a long period of time.

It is always hit or miss for a Pisces woman and Virgo man when they fall for a relationship. He is very practical and realistic, while she is expressive and emotional. There is an initial attraction between the two, but for all the wrong reasons. He needs order and correctness, while she loves chaos and frenzy. If he finds an unstable Pisces female, a volcano can erupt. He tries very hard to fix her emotional inadequacy, but he soon learns that it is his own insensitivity to her gentle nature that creates her emotional instability. He feels defeated not knowing how to bring his lovely Pisces lady back to reality. The Virgo must regain order, or he can drive himself crazy trying with all unpractical things.

The Virgo man is very set in his ways, and if he believes that he is right, that is the end of all discussions. If the Pisces woman is seriously involved with a Virgo man she has to be careful as he is very critical in nature and most of all he hates the flirting nature of Pisces woman. He likes order and stability and is practical to very large extent. For him it is hard to step in the dreamy world of her and involve in the unpractical dreams with no real outcomes. A lot of men are drawn to the magnetic beauty of Pisces woman, and on top of it she loves and thrives on the attention she gets. If he is a man with a jealous streak, he may question her or even turn around and leave quickly.

At first these two seem so different from one another, and they truly are different, but the magnetic love Virgo man and Pisces woman feel for one another overcomes all of their differences. Only with understanding comes perfect balance and through this balance flourishes a beautiful and exciting relationship. Pisces woman’s love is the magician that pulls her Virgo man out of his own hat. With each passing Valentine, she becomes more stable and secure under the stable flame of love offered by Virgo man and he starts envisaging wonderful dreams with his dreamy Pisces maiden who can even dream of a stone to be a pearl of love. Their unison makes them more complete in all aspects and they both forget their own selves to merge into a purer form of unity of two bodies and one soul.

Virgo man and Pisces woman blend Earth and Water beautifully and work harmoniously together in the bedroom. She makes him feel alive, while he makes her feel safe. He is able to lose all self control with her, which benefits him greatly. He finds a new heightened awareness with the Pisces woman. The loneliness he once felt, no longer exists with her. He is able to open up to her and show his true self because she is one of the only women he trusts enough to show his vulnerability to. Deep inside of him he knows that the Pisces woman will not take advantage of his vulnerability. Their ability to feel safe with each other allows them to open up to one another causing an untouchable beautiful true love to occur between them. Love makes Virgo man and Pisces woman’s soul crawl out from its hiding place. These two could bring a tear to any eyes with their ability to love each other. The best thing to hold onto for them in life is each other. They are definitely a love story waiting to be written.

In a long term, the relationship of the Virgo man and Pisces woman is not very smooth and almost needs all possible efforts they can give to keep their relationship. He is very pessimistic and can be critical at any point but she can take depression for a long time. Such behavior of her Virgo man makes her cold and non-cooperative. While on the other hand her ever dreamily swimming mind can frustrate him and he may feel of her as unrealistic and irritating. Both have to understand each other giving space to their difference and being patient with their partner. He needs to lower his blaming prospective while dealing with his delicate Pisces woman and she should make sure to be attentive when her man is referring to her. A few of such contributions can actually create a large difference and keep the magic of love alive!

  1. Sarah March 21st, 2020

    I’m a 27yr old Pisces female. Reading all the comments here, it’s funny how similar most of our stories are. I was in a 3.5yr long relationship with my ex bf leo. My apologies for not being so aware of how “other placements of a person’s chart” work😅, but I do remember my sagittarius bestfriend telling me that he had a virgo moon & too much leo energy in his chart. She did a good job explaining me his behaviour. He was a nice guy, but he had attention issues, you know acting like a child sorta stuff… It’s adorable initially, but then you realize something’s wrong… SERIOUSLY WRONG. It was always all about him, his life, acting like an a**hole in public for his ego to feel stroked. Worst was his nit-picking, crazy ocd. He actually thought that by his annoying nitpicking, he was doing everyone a favour 🤯🤮…. I always envied my sag friend, she has been with a scorpio guy for 7 or 8 years now &they both are in some real love, I’ve seen her become a woman from the stupid girl she used to be😂… Oh am sure she’s gonna be his wifey. Well, now the situation has changed, GUESS WHAT I’M IN LOVE WITH MY VIRGO SWEETHEART. We met at a museum. .. Now that I think of it, I had almost cancelled my plan that day to visit the museum, but still went & it turned out to be way more than what I had expected. I saw him looking at some paintings…such a neat, good looking guy,.. I was peeking you know, trying my absolute best to check him out without him noticing, but WOOPS!!! he immediately noticed & gave the brightest kindest most beautiful smile to me. From his perspective it was probably just a courtesy, but from my perspective it was BUTTERFLIES IN STOMACH. Throughout the museum exploration, i was looking for a chance to somehow get in close proximity to him, without making it creepy
    ….ya know i felt like not letting the opportunity go, what was wrong in giving it a try. Finally it happened, i was the one to initiate the convo about the paintings & all. We had a really good time thereon, our tastes so similar, yet so different. Became friends, exchanged contacts. One thing I would like to point out, with virgo men it’ll most likely be the women proposing, they tend to not notice that stuff. Obviously i asked him out after sometime of being “friends”… He smiled, blushed, didn’t know what to say, and I don’t think he had any idea 🤣… But all in all, we’re presently very much in LOVE!! HELL YEAH… Ironically he’s a virgo, but doesn’t find faults in people like the description of this sign says, it’s like he’ll “help” others by being with them in solving their problems or explaining them their issues, not necessarily making them feel bad like my leo ex used to do. But then again, i do know those virgos who’re worse than my leo ex… I think this is how to differentiate the evolved ones from the unevolved, if that makes any sense.

  2. Samantha February 12th, 2020

    I thank God for bringing my virgo bf in my life. I’ve had plenty of toxic relationships, seriously dated two cancerians and was married to a Taurus for 4 years. There was also a scorpio guy. Don’t know if all taureans are like this, but my ex husband was the most irritating personality in my life. Oh my god I get angry just thinking about that stupid worthless of a human. They LIE FOR NO REASON, aND THEY ARE SUCH DRAMA QUEENS, BEHAVE LIKE DELICATE PRINCESSES. It’s like they care about their unnecessary make up more than movie actresses. I’ve seen these traits in two of my friends as well. It’s correct as fuck that taurus is the opposite sign of scorpio. They are nothing like scorpios & I don’t think they can ever be, even if they wanted to, it’s like they just don’t seem to get it… Well, I also know two good taureans, one being a lady whom I admire highly, so may be I just had bad experiences. The cancers were no different from those taureans, they’ve a habit of acting innocent & playing emotional manipulation with everyone. That didn’t work out with me lol even though I tend to be forgiving, but being a water sign, it is so apparent that I couldn’t tolerate those cry babies for long. The only thing I think about to this day was our little thing that happened with the scorpio. It was back in college days (btw I’m 35 years old). Nothing serious happened actually, but those 19 days I spent with him in december were one of the most memorable moments of my life. It was a bad timing, he was about to shift somewhere real far after new year. Our first meet was in an empty classroom, well he was busy in his own world on the board. I stumbled there by mistake. It felt like we knew each other for a looonnngggg time even though it was the first time we met…There was just that understanding oh god I can’t even explain how magical it felt to both of us. We did spend Christmas & new year together. And it was beautiful, we didn’t actually date, it was like peace in each other’s company. Both of us knew that it was wrong timing. He even told me around Christmas that why did I have to come to him now out of all the times, when he was leaving. We went on a walk on the wintery night of Jan 3, went back to that classroom where it all started….then I dropped him at the airport. We hugged & KISSED, he then just left, turned his head one last time, those eyes & gave a smile… It was the first time I felt so weird, like a pain in my heart as if I had felt the same thing for him many times before, but each time we both forget and then meet again….. Okay I’m gonna stop my stupid stories now… Fats forward. Having been through almost all bad experiences, it was an year back when I met Mr.Virgo and damn I’m in love with this guy😛 We both have an inside joke that I tease him with “Are you God”… That’s because he’s just so uhmmmm how can I describe it, so perfect… It’s like everything is fine as fuck with this guy. We share similar interests, he likes to write. I like to read his work :)) We both love playing video games together, Hah I give him a tough time there… Well, jokes aside.. I’ll do anything for this guy. And so will he. He once said “you’re my rain”

  3. Sep2gal January 13th, 2020

    My virgo guy left me for a pesces gal. WHT did he see in her c’mon. Both r jerks it would never work trust me🙄,. This comes from a beautiful intelligent virgo gal. We r smartest

  4. PiscesSun_CapMoon January 2nd, 2020

    Well heres my story. Met my virgo(has a sag moon) man at a funeral !! Yep, you read that right. Credit goes to his scorpio friend. There were a lot of people there, the person who died was quite known. In this whole situation, i felt a really strange feeling like a pair of eyes were staring at me. At last i saw it, thankfully it wasn’t paranoia but this real “being” standing so far, but those eyes looking right into me as if he was up close… I think I caught his attention somehow(it’s a completely different energy betwn 2 water signs, magic mysticism idk) or he probably caught my virgo looking at me or maybe it was both. Now this is exactly how our first interaction went, i see these two men walking towards me, one of them showing unease most likely because of having no idea what his friend was about to do, the other one still locking eyes with me with a smirk on his face. I don’t know why but i expected something like that from the way all of it had been playing out so far. They stopped, the scorpio said something like “hello, would u mind telling if your birthdate by any chance falls in Dec/Feb or march”. Obviously I was like wtf? ,..( I’m 27 feb born), he surprised the hell out of me. The virgo kept on apologising hehehe :)) he seemed so calm, gentle & pure. I had an instant crush on him 😍.. Then we three had a brief convo, by the end of which I ask the scorpio how did he guess it. He said he would tell if i would help his virgo bro to not let the funeral situation stop him from asking out a girl for date…. 😂It was so awkward, but so obvious. We both were blushing, then exchanged contacts. I never felt so completed until I met my virgo man, we’re opposites, complement each other so well. I can talk about all my so called “unreal dreamy stuff” with him without fear of judgement. He’s so patient, it’s amazinggg. Quite a shy person, the sex could’ve been a problem, but i brought him out of his shell:) He definitely misses to notice a lot of obvious stuff until u tell him. It might seem cold but, it’s just that he’s so into his work… the scorpio used to tell him such things which he needed to work on and rightly so, he was already a gem, now he’s even better ❤️. I remember when all three of us used to hangout, talking about all kinds of knowledge. That scorpio(had an aqua moon) was quite a character & extremely intelligent, he loved acting crazy evil scientist to make us laugh. He was so mature for his age, indirectly made us all develop as persons, yet he seemed so distant.. so alone so sad. It was like he never belonged here. scorpio-pisces is famous for being the ultimate zodiac match, I think only I was able to see him behind all that. My virgo kind of missed to notice that side of his buddy, until our mutual friend left us forever in a fire accident. He sacrificed himself, but saved eleven lives. Our lives, our personalities changed when he was with us, but they went through a transformation with his death. And here we are, me&my virgo..
    Our bond stronger than ever,he’s my soulmate 🙂 as our friend used to say “there’re many realities, you both are lucky that you were able to end up together”… Love my virgo forever

    • Alisha January 9th, 2020

      Am a Pisces dating a charming virgo man☺️ I love him truly for many reasons, but here I’ll mention his negative points. He’s a bit robotic, it’s like he needs to be LITERALLY SHAKEN UP to make him realize what’s right in front of him. His basic approach is kinda vague, the impression he tends to usually give off is like “why can’t people say or tell what they want, how would I know..why r they so stupid”… Well I would say that’s a pretty narrow way of looking at things. How about the kind of romance u want. Should that also be TOLD? “hey dear it’s 8 53am, we’ll make love at 9 10am..haha now wait awkwardly & then pretend like it’s a perfect romantic scene”.. It’s frustrating but It actually comes from the innocence associated with his sign, the virgin.. thus the name. And I understand him, it’s not like one can’t improve yoself. His plus points are way greater,&hes working on the bad points. He needs to be more self aware, not in a virgo way, but actually be aware of himself & about and people he cares for. My elder sister is also a pisces with cap moon, with a scorpio with aqua moon. And looking at them seems like the kinda stuff that one would expect only in movies. Just my sun & mercury are in Pisces, rest EVERY DAMN THING is in aries (moon, venus, mars, rising).. But my sis & her scorp match so well. She’s all Pisces(sun, mercury, venus, rising) & he’s all scorpio(sun, rising, Mercury, venus). Interestingly her Mars is in Aquarius & his Mars is in capricorn. You can literally FEEL THE CONNECTION they share with each other. Both have attractive fit bodies. All they do is have sex sex & sex all the fucking timeee 🤣🤣 Both of em r smart af. BESIDES HAVING SEX, they talk about science, dark stuff, human psychology, time travel, consciousness, secret groups, aliens & other stuff that usually goes over my head OR they’re always on some adventure, travelling & then HAVING SEX. My robotic virgo guy once said, “looking at those two feels so hypnotising & unreal”… And that’s a BIG complement coming from someone like him 😊😊💕 he’s such a cutie.

    • Sep2gal January 13th, 2020

      Yeahhhh stay happy while it lastsss(ISN’T FOREVER). Coming from an experienced smart virgo gal. No one’s better than us virgo gals. Not capriconz not taurus not sagittarians n also not those pale waterry vampires ……………….. End of storyyyyy

    • V February 20th, 2020

      Reading the stories above made me jump outta my seat. Damn I have some great memories. I’m a sun & venus in virgo guy, cancer moon married to a pisces for 7 years now.I had a scorpio friend with same aqua moon. Heck he’s the reason I got into zodiac😂… He was an eagle, lot of wisdom, much more open than typical scorpio. We used to talk on so many topics. One thing about him which always impressed me the most was his analysing abilities or judging people’s character… predicting stuff & people’s behaviour. He did have a lot of scorpio in his chart, along with some sag influence, but with that aqua moon idk… even though he had dislike for humans, yet he still liked people… in a detached sort of way. With all that disgust, those eyes had so much love for humanity & nature. Trust me, talking to him gave one this “sense of purpose” as if.. u know.. someone’s telling u to get up & do something meaningful, something bigger than yourself. Would describe him as “electric”. A problem with this combo is that they operate like a facial recognition system. Just that instead of facial I should put “everything”… Noticing things from eye movement, lower jaw position(yeah) to the way a girl moves her hands through her hair while fixing her pony tail. This isn’t something which they vocalise or explain to u, but this is how their minds work & it isn’t even 5% of what they see. Problem is that they’ll reach conclusions, ASSUMING that u also observed the whole fucking shit. HELL NO, that’s some stuff to keep up with!! And by the way, they do that in minutes, unconsciously.. And they’ll be like “didn’t u see that”..lmao fuck no bro I DIDN’T SEE THAT & THAT. Libra moons are the somewhat similar regarding the objective or detached approach, they’ll understand them to some extent. And gemini dominants or gem/sag/cap moons would love their company. They’ll listen to u when the world is against u or when u are labelled as crazy by everyone… well, he did. Although they’re quite open, there’s still so much hidden. You’re just too stupid to notice. They NEVER let that control go, though they’ll convince u by acting funny & mad that nothing’s hidden. With all the qualities associated with this combo, it’s a really sad situation to be in… .others can’t even begin to understand that, and they know that, so they don’t expect anything even from their closest ones.. i won’t talk about it here anyway. I do regret not being there for him when I should’ve been & not paying attention to the so called craziness… . when he actually showed emotions, when he was being the most of himself.. Just an innocent soul, like an outsider came from some other world. Well he never said anything, I realized it on my own, way later…but his feelings must’ve hurt. That detachment fascinates me, expecting nothing at all, not even worth getting angry at your close ones for hurting u, like losing all hope in them as if it’s pointless. He married a Capricorn woman(both are soulmates, just so perfect) . We aren’t in touch, but I do remember him calling me by my last name for the first time when we left college, like a totally different person. “You are a good friend Mr. Wilson, I’ll miss this time & these memories.”. Never expected that to be the final goodbye, but i did feel weirdly sad when he said that. I thought he got busy in his life, so didn’t care much to stay in touch with him.. While he probably intended to end it like that.

  5. Selenophile November 27th, 2019

    I’m personally Pieces women and I’m in love with a Virgo Man. I was surprise when I read about that Ms Pieces amazed with Mr Virgo intellect, it is so true!!! And this man will never gave up if something happen, he will protect someone that he love more than himself, As the article said about Mr Virgo is almost real in life……..xoxo

    • Alisha January 9th, 2020

      YES!!! MY VIRGO GUY IS THE SAME WAY towards those he loves. Funny thing is having a lot of aries in me, I go on talking like a chatter box and he listens everything with so much interest. At times I joke that he doesn’t have to be so attentive to my blabbering, but he goes like “nah that’s none of your concern. It’s about me & mah gurll” 😊😂

  6. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    I’m a Pisces (with a Virgo) and this is definitely relatable.
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    Hope this helps. xoxo

  7. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    I can relate. My good friend is also a Pisces (with a Virgo) and she’s the same way.
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    It might help you, like it has helped me. xoxo

  8. Eddie July 3rd, 2019

    I am a Virgo man, and i am in Love with a Pisces Woman. I work with her, she is married and i am in this mess smh. Feeling is mutual, but wtf do i do? Patience???

    • Sandra Fields August 5th, 2019

      You need to cut off the relationship until she’s free. I’m a pieces woman we get bored easy, at first we feel so in love but after a while we just wake up one day and no longer want you. Because another dream has raised.

    • Antonina Wegener August 26th, 2019

      dear Virgo, i am Pisces woman and i understand her as no one else. She will not chit if her family relationship is good. Tell her you love her and you want to be with her. don’t push her,talk gentle, express your feelings to her and ask her what does she think to do about this. Pisces don’t like to hurt people that’s why it takes time for her to prepare things in her current marriage. she wants everyone to be happy and not hurt..

  9. Jeni March 23rd, 2019

    I met him. I kinda love him but I am confused. Is pices and Virgo a good match. He gets on to my nerves at times. He is kind and caring but way too loving to handle.

  10. Aria March 23rd, 2019

    He is very caring but very affectionate always willing to cling and that suffocates me

  11. Julia Northrup January 4th, 2019

    I am seeing a little bit of a Virgo man he’s 76. I’m 49. The weird thing is he dated my mom first? Then about a year or two later, one night he just took my face and kissed me! I was shocked. I’ve see him two more times since then. I’m a Pisces he doesn’t want relationship. Am I wasting my time or should I give him a chance?

  12. Shannie January 3rd, 2019

    Oh no! It definitely seems like a bit or miss relationship by reading the comments! I’m a 20 year old Pisces girl who has recently met a Virgo man and he is the first man to ever make me feel good. I normally have a really hard time trusting men but he has totally knocked my walls down! I’m really nervous though as Not only have I never been in a relationship before but I’m not from the richest family and I know he might be looking for perfection which is certainly not me. But it seems like my own self doubt will be the biggest bump in our relationship… I’m just really nervous

    • Alisha January 9th, 2020

      Well, you’ll never gonna know or improve yourself unless you try. If you don’t, then you’ll later regret it forevaa. Plus, it’s just your own doubts, may be you’re just over thinking. Just don’t be an asshole, relationships require work from both ends and also, don’t try to be something which you’re not only to please him. Work to change yourself to better the personality 😉

  13. Lisa Alfred July 26th, 2018

    I met my Virgo husband on a dating website. I knew from the moment I met him that he was my “KING” even though he was working my nerves!! And it was our first date.


  14. Supreme886 November 14th, 2017

    I love my Virgo Man, I am a Pisces woman. He is my soul mate. We are better together than with anyone else. he is my best friend and lover. I love the way people stare at us in public, its like they cant understand our love for one another. We had a lady come up to us in the restaurant and told us that she wished she could find a love like our own. It’s beautiful to have someone who completes you in ways you didn’t even know about until you meet them on that level.

    • Chele December 16th, 2017

      How long have you been together?

  15. Dhunt November 1st, 2017

    This article made me smile. I am a pisces woman married to a pisces man for 18 years. This article describes our relationship to a T. My husband was so shy when I first met him. But for me he came out of his shell. Our love life is always fireworks. He is the best lover I’ve ever had. He makes me feel safe and loved. My husband is my best friend and the love of my life.

    • Tanya January 15th, 2018

      I was thinking this when i read it. My kids father is a Pisces and so am I. The entire time I was reading it ,I thought about him. It don’t match the Virgo men,ive been talking to.

  16. Kirsten Martin July 27th, 2017

    I am a Pisces woman with a Virgo man and we have been together for 5 years. I am super fortunate for the love we share and the experiences each of us have shown each other. I showed him music festivals, parties, and travels while he showed me how to be a more
    Genuine, more caring, and considering person. I have met a lot of virgos, but none can compare to the person I know and love. Everyone is different even though some carry personality traits that you may not agree with. I like to believe that we balance each other out when we have the patience to try and understand where one another is coming from. As long as the love and understanding is there, any person can be compatible. But I wouldn’t count on judging anyone based on their signs, but for who they are as a person.

  17. Johnathan July 26th, 2017

    I met a Virgo man just a few days ago and we started talking and just spent all of last night talking about everything our wants dreams expectations and plans it might be a bit crazy to say but I feel like I’ve know him forever

  18. LittleGirl579 June 18th, 2017

    Am Pisces and I met this Virgo last December and we become instant friends. He has asperger so makes it hard for him to socialize. He likes being alone but is prone to depression. It means so much to me that he lets me in and trust me. I am the only one he really talks to besides his family. I truly want him to be happy BUT the thing is I am an introvert too so I have hard time trying to interact with him. I am afraid I will annoy him. I have always been running away from Virgo men cause they are perfectionist. And I am far away from perfect. I am highly aware of my flaws and look for a partner who turn blind eye to it. This time, with this virgo, I stay only because I don’t want him to feel lonely. As time goes by, I care for him and wish to stay by his side. I hope everything will work out.

    I see your point. Our dark trait SURE IS DARK. But ig it variies from person to person. I let my dark side comes out only when people treat me like shit. I believe in an eye for an eye. BUT with my scorp moon, I’m more like and eye for a headXD
    I have dated a another Pisces and HE IS NOT LIKE THAT. HE IS THE MOSTTT AWESOME GUY ON THE PLANET. He’s kind, considerate, compassionate, would do EVERYTHING for me and ppl he cares about, he can be bossy and possessive but I find that cute lol. If he knows I don’t like something, he’ll make sure to get rid of it. He’s unbelievably perfect boyfriend material. He got bipolar disorder though. When he’s down, he’s so down that it tortures me to see him that way. I always try my best to help him. The only reason we broke up though was he moved to another country. We both decide to stay as friends.

  19. Christine June 16th, 2017

    I’m a Pisces woman of the age of 68 I have been seeing a Virgo man at the age of 70. Our chemistry is definitely there, I believe with both of our experiences in life and our ages that we are able to want to truly understand and nourish a relationship between the Virgo man and a Pisces woman. He has missed the loving feelings that he has wanted for so many years I have wanted the love of my life. We know life is too short and that we may be chronologically in our late 60s but the ceiling that we have for each other is totally amazing. We are talking we are laughing we are smelling the flowers we are communicating we are sharing and we are loving. Thank you my dear dear sweet Virgo man for coming into this lovely ladies world and making this journey in life together.

  20. Jeff April 18th, 2017

    I recently got back in touch with a Pisces woman who I was attracted to from the start. After talking I find myself more and more drawn to her.
    She is smart, gorgeous and listens to me with appreciation. I in turn listen to her with great interest as I see she is sensitive yet smart enough to know it.
    I feel she would be the perfect partner for me as she has seen be out of my shell to start believing in life again.
    I Love her ,I want to say it sooo bad ,but it’s crazy since we just reconnected.
    I have never felt this strong about any woman.

    • Jas April 21st, 2017

      That is so sweet to hear! I am a Pisces woman who is dating a Virgo man. My aunt is Pisces and her husband is Virgo and they’ve been married over 30yrs now and have a great relationship.

  21. James February 12th, 2017

    I am a Virgo man and Ive been dating a pisces for about 4 years its been a steady lasting relationship. Whenever im not with her i feel anxious, and thats something thats never happened to me in any other relationship im about to pop the question on valentines day. Im a triple virgo and shes a pisces with cancer moon and leo ascending. And when i first met her in college noone trusted her, which I saw that she was lonely. Everyone was so mean to her so I decided to talk to her and become friends with her cause I was curious about her. Sooner than later i asked her out and we went to a restaurant and i brought a bouquet of colorful roses. Its been kinda tough Ive realised that noone is perfect. And that you have to try in a relationship. I agree with this.

  22. Davida Roe February 10th, 2017

    I am a pisces woman and I completely agree with what has been said here bc I am actually about to marry a virgo man. And he is the love of my life. Yes he is shy and kinda up tight but not when he is around me. He is slowly become free spirited not nearly as much as I am though.

  23. R February 7th, 2017

    They say opposites attract, but I’m not buying it with my experience in friending a 25 year old Pisces who suffered from PTSD, depression, etc. Yes, we had harmony and things in common, but our characteristics of how we go about life annoyed each other. She is carefree and random, while I was more structured and reliable.

    I’m a Virgo man who for the 1st time friended a Pisces women, and I’ve come to realize I could never put up with such a sign. Maybe it was the mental illness factor, but the character traits for a Pisces would put any Virgo on constant worry, as Virgos like predictable order to be communicated to have a sense of knowing without worries.

    This one was so behaviorally unpredictable, random, had a tendency for self-destruction, relied on weed too heavily, completely irresponsible by always running away from serious problems, carried unrealistic ideas, very indecisive to a point of being aimless and lost, rather express volatile emotional reactions rather than communicate their expressions, etc.

    Yes there is a balancing harmony between the two signs, but their complete opposite approach to life will bring out the worst in the other. A Virgo and Pisces match is the worst match ever!

    • Erica Williams February 7th, 2017

      first let me say I am sorry you feel that way about the Pisces Woman! I am a Pisces and everything that you have describe in you letter is the total opposite of me. However I believe that you should not give up on these beautiful souls because of one bad apple… you can meet two Pisces born on the same day but that doesn’t mean that they will act alike! Think about it… not only that I believe that if you love someone you both should try really hard to work at the imperfections!

    • INGRID PATTON March 21st, 2017


    • Anirudh April 6th, 2017

      I am a virgo man….I can’t help but agree with you.

      In my case it was worse, she was a piscean and knew I was deeply committed to her and she used the fact to manipulate me to get what she wants, I was literally blind in the start but then gave up at the point when it was unbearable for me.

      I have dated many piscean women before..then tend to try to make you feel jealous about talking the other men they like or simply their exes.

      Virgo men can be simply, neat and committed and I could give a leaf out of my book to some of these piscean women, you may bullshit us but you will only do it once. 🙂

    • Jesse April 10th, 2017

      Sounds like your forgetting this isn’t a perfect science and it’s going to be different for each individual … unfortunate it didn’t work out for you bud but my lovely Pisces girlfriend… is the perfect compliment to me as a virgo male. Sometimes being challenged out of your stubborn ways can be a good thing.

  24. Angel January 18th, 2017

    Wow Miss Chutney! I’m a Pisces woman and just got out of a relationship with a Pisces man. I think it was the SAME MAN!!! A total psychopath/sociopath! He did exactly as yours did. I had to block him from all forms of contact, and he comes to my home now, so I have to move because of him! I think these manipulators, narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, are gaining more and more popularity. They fall for women who are either just out of a relationship, single with kids, or simply an easy target with compassion. They tell the exact same stories they tell to you to their new victim, and they definitely are never to blame for the relationship ending. It was a HUGE lesson!

  25. Mary January 6th, 2017

    I’m a Virgo woman, in love with my partner, who’s a Pisces man. We met 17 years ago (2001). He is a widower and I’m a widow. He has a daughter who resents anyone who comes between her and her daddy. This is the hardest relationship I have ever had. He loves me and we are happy together, but I get bad vibes every time I’m with the two of them. It is difficult to explain to his daughter that I’m not a threat to her. She does call me her stepmother, but in a resentful way. I have grown to accept this because I love her too. Her mother died when she was 7, so she fights with that every day. I don’t try to interfere, (try to be a mom), I’m just a friend in this, because she already resents me, I don’t want to make our stepmother and stepdaughter relationship worse than it is already. Even now, after 17 years, she still won’t accept me. Could it be that she’s Capricorn? He feels sorry for her, so I have to watch what I say. Some relationship, huh? Thank you for listening.

  26. miss.chutney July 1st, 2016

    To all the Virgo ladies reading this, run, don’t walk, if a Pisces man ever approaches you!!! Run as far and as fast you can!!! These men are the most horrible, vile creatures on Earth. I have never met someone so hateful and full of spite as this Pisces man who literally lied throughout the whole “relationship” we had. He was so quick to rush in and rush out. He lied to me, used me, manipulated me, and I was so blind to see it. He dumped me twice when I had already caught feelings. I tried to at least be kind and civil even after he broke my heart, but he couldn’t even find the decency to even act like a normal, cordial human being considering we worked in the same place and had to see each other all the time. I’ve never met such a selfish, manipulative liar in my entire life. He has all the makings of a psychopath by acting charming and decent in front of others, but with me, he was a completely different person. He said so many awful things to me, admitted to using me, and treated me like I was subhuman when I treated him with nothing but kindness, love, and respect. Twice he’s tried to even cause a car accident when he saw my car on the freeway, long after he dumped me. They are truly psychotic individuals, even when they are the ones to break your heart. To this day, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He parades his new victim around whenever he sees me and tries to kiss her and act fake in front of me. Why? I have no clue other than the fact that he’s beyond petty. I make every effort not to be anywhere around him, yet he still manages to find me and act like a total creep. I never had trust issues with people until this #$%^&* came into my life and completely sent my world crashing down. I suffered such depression after all the pain and trauma he caused me, and have only recently have begun to slowly improve and heal.
    Don’t give these guys a chance. They pretend to be be decent and like they’re really interested in you, but they will pull the rug out from underneath you so fast. Stay away from these men. They’re all psychotic and have deep-set anger issues and will blame you for every single one of their shortcomings. They’re obsessive stalkers too and won’t leave you alone, even long after they’re done with you. They feed off of attention, so ignore these guys. Don’t be folled if you cath one looking in your direction. They’re just a cesspool of hate and manipulation looking for new victims to ensnare. These are the kind of guys who become serial killers and the stuff of LifeTime movies. Stay away! Be warned!

    • anne.B January 6th, 2017

      Just because you had one lousy relationship with a Pisces, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all Pisces men act the exact same way he did. People are people. Period. Everyone is different in their own way, even within their sign. All I got from reading that post was: “This Pisces man treated me horribly, therefore all Pisces men will treat you horribly.” If you had talked about more than one person, sure, make that connection. But that was only one guy. Jeez!

  27. Chisano March 7th, 2016

    I love, love love this post.
     My journey with my Virgo, interestingly enough began three years ago, and it is been one hell of a journey. When we met (and we had met online), he had been fresh out of a relationship that lasted, often on, roughly 4 years. I liked him because of his honesty and his intellect.  And we struck up a friendship. It was much longer after we became friends, and I begin to feel more than friendship towards him. At the time, I had believed him to be  A bit different than he actually was. He had his insecurity about how he was standing in the world. I Feeln love with him for who he was, not for what I wanted him to be. At this point in our relationship, I was extremely insecure, but I knew something about him was just perfect. Around mid December I asked him to be my boyfriend,  and he said he would, but first you need to come clean with me on the things that he wasn’t quite honest with the beginning. I didn’t respond right away, mostly because I didn’t see the messages. Immediately he got scared and kind of freaked out saying he was sorry for keeping it from me, I would understand if I never spoke to him again. I smiled and said like that would keep me from you? And I explained to him that I fell in love with him for him.  Not too long after that we decided to meet for the first time, it was nerve-racking, I’m a girl from a small town Wisconsin. He’s a guy from a big city in Ohio.  Nevertheless, I boarded the bus took the seven hour trip down to see him, and it was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. After I left I was sad I missed him.  We talked pretty much every day for about a month after that, every other month he would visit me and then I would visit him. While after that a hard time hit, someone dear to him passed away. He withdrew, he stopped responding to my calls, and worst of all, he stopped visiting.  It wasn’t long after he started communicating again, that hard times hit me, one after the other after the other. I started getting really depressed, I started wondering why he would even stick with me through this hardship.  I started trying to make him leave me. I would say things intentionally to hurt him, that he leave. He stuck through it. He made me feel  like I was important, like I mattered. He took every punch I threw at him (metaphorically speaking),  and responded every time telling me that he loved me, but he was there for me, and that he would never leave me hurting like that. It is taken me three years to realize that yeah,  I found a good guy, and we may have our problems, and we will definitely have our fights, but at the end of the day we have each other, and we are definitely deeply in love. 

    • Anirudh April 6th, 2017

      Threw punches at him.

      Wow…I have my share as well but it was right in the start and no wonder I nearly gave up. Do you Piscean women tend to like to torture your man mentally like that??

      I was reading the comments trying to find a replica of a piscean woman who I have a real hard time with and I didn’t have to work hard for it.

  28. katrnq September 8th, 2015

    @Hzxx7z I am saddened by your letter. We’ll always have that one that got away… 

  29. sexcupid69 June 23rd, 2015

    @Lala Land it’s been years since your post, but as a Virgo man, I’m not the jealous type. I’m overly affectionate, and move to quickly, but I never demean another person. I’ll rock anyone’s world, but if they don’t feel safe or comfortable, I pretty much over think life and hate myself.

  30. sexcupid69 June 23rd, 2015

    @virgo1323 dude, you’re nuts. I’m a Virgo man, and telling a lady that she did all the work by reciprocating a kiss is ridiculous. I’ve been with plenty of ladies, and it never started or ended with a kiss for me. It was always conversation. If you can get a Virgo to open up to you, you’ll never find a better companion.

  31. Hzxx7z June 4th, 2015

    The Virgo Man / Pisces Woman 32 Year Love Story
    I write this true love story down to encourage that Virgo man, who’s desperately in love with a Pisces woman, to step out of your comfort zone and tell her. Don’t wait forever and miss out on the greatest love of your life. And also, to encourage that Pisces Woman to re-assure that Virgo man that you truly love him and you’re for real, he doesn’t have to doubt you. He may just think you’re acting spur of the moment, and he’s afraid you’ll break his heart when you get bored with him. Tell him that’s not true, and ask him to just give love a chance: You’ll show him one day at a time. And when that trust is made, he’ll never let you go. He’ll love you all the days of his life. 

    I was the Virgo young man that loved a Pisces girl, with all my heart, but I never told her, for the 7 years she lived across the street. She said she loved me but I didn’t believe her, it was too good to be true. Over 2,000 days spent together and I couldn’t accept that such a beautiful girl could love me, though that’s what she said. She and her parents moved away that summer. She came back twice to visit me, but I was afraid. I did nothing. I lived in heartbreak for so long that I had to move on or die of a broken heart. From time to time I would still try to look her up after the Internet came to be, but I couldn’t find her. She was lost.
    I woke up one day, no longer a teenager, but a 46 year old man still in love with her as I ever was. I’m not sure if it was going through my old toys or seeing that Star Wars was coming back, but I relived those moments of when she was sitting across from me, and I finally understood I’d made a huge mistake. The best I thought I could do was find her online, though I hadn’t been able to for years, and send her a letter about what I’d felt, and how it was the biggest mistake of my life, to not tell her so long ago. I knew I wouldn’t get her back, but at least she’d know and my soul would have some peace. But it was more than too late. Instead of looking her up, I looked up her Father; and through his obituary discovered she preceded him in death. She was killed by a drunk driver in 2001: she’d been gone for over 14 years. Tragedy has taken that closure away from me, don’t let time and circumstance take love away from you. This is what I would tell her today, if I could. 

    If you were here today, this is what I would tell you, Bobbi Jo. I would start by saying I’m sorry, more sorry than you could ever imagine. When we sat together on my moms patio table, and you told me you were madly in love with me, I thought you were pulling my chain. You were the most beautiful girl I ever knew, how could you possibly have any feelings for a teenage guy as awkward looking as me? But as a 46 year old man, knowing more about love and life and feelings, I understand how the over 2,000 days we spent together, talking, playing, eating, laughing and learning about each other, from 3rd grade to High School, it’s more than possible that you loved me just as much as I Ioved you. You just can’t share that much of yourself without feeling something in your heart for another human being. You didn’t just come back to our old neighborhood, twice, in the years after your family moved away, to reminisce; you came back twice to see ME, and I threw both opportunities away. Not once did I say, “Wait, I can’t live another day without telling you what you mean to me.”
    I went to two proms with a friend,  instead of the best friend I ever had, which was you. I dated a string of girls between high school, college and onward, and they all had the same thing in common: they weren’t you. At one point I didn’t date anyone for over 6 years. What was the point? I searched for you online for many, many years but couldn’t find you. It was if you’d vanished into thin air. 
    My Mother told me that the human heart can love more than once, and it doesn’t mean you won’t still love the person that took a piece of your heart with them.  I gave up on you. You gave up on me. We fell in love with other people and married them. We had three kids a piece. But I always thought about you, in my quiet moments, for over 30 years. 
    I had this fantasy that, if nothing else, our families would someday meet and we’d talk about the fun times we had growing up on Stevens Drive, and what we learned after years of life, just like we used to. But I now know that will never happen, and it’s really hard to accept. It’s like someone has made a mistake, you can’t really be gone. My eyes well up with tears when I think about how you died alone, on that Florida highway, a Jane Doe, an unknown nobody. You were more than a somebody to me, you were everything to me. You were the queen of my world, and I would have thrown away everything I had, or hoped to gain, just to be with you for the rest of my life. 
    I will always regret the chance I threw away; and within my mind, have mercilessly played scenes of how my life could have been different had it been with you. Had I just told you how I felt, or even sang you the many songs I wrote about you, maybe everything would have been different. I have cried off and on for over three  weeks, since I found out about your passing, realizing what I’ve lost. Feelings I thought were buried deep in the past, never really went away. I’ve had a lot of conversations with God at 3am and later, on my basement floor, and on my way into town as I drive the many lonely miles each day. I don’t understand why our lives went different directions other than because I just didn’t speak up. 
    It’s a summer evening and I see lightning bugs flash in the darkness; and I can’t help but think about you and I racing around to see how many we could catch. Time stood still. Days lasted forever. It was like a movie. But now, it’s like I’m watching the greatest tragedy ever made and I can’t shut it off. It’s a nightmare. 
     I can only hope you have rest in God’s comforting arms; and that somehow, across this great divide between Heaven and Earth, know how truly sorry I am, and how eternally I loved you and still do. 
    Farewell until my final sunset. 


  32. PiscesGirl357 February 25th, 2015

    I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with this Virgo man for almost 4 years now and we’re going through a really rough patch right now. In the beginning it was all good. We met on facebook, exchanged IM IDs and used to talk every day for hours on end. It was 9 months before we actually met in person. He is my first boyfriend, and I’m afraid it was apparent from the onset that I was very inexperienced and inhibited. We’d meet 2 or 3 times a year (he lives in a different country), and every time we’d fight about something. He’s your typical Virgo, very critical, and I’m your typical Pisces, very sensitive. He would hurt me without meaning or realizing it, but he would always apologize after noticing I was hurt. I’m very shy and have difficulty opening up, and I’m also depressive, so there you’ve got your lethal combination. We’ve grown slowly distant over the last 2 years or so, which had something to do with me being very stressed and depressed owing to some problems at work. Last year we only saw each other once, and even that was hurried. He came over here some days ago and we spent two days together, and he was noticeably colder and more distant than usual. We didn’t really had the chance to talk about it, it was as if we were prancing around it, and then the morning he left, while he was driving me to work and amidst various items of small talk, he drops the bomb and says, ever so casually, that our relationship is ‘devoid of content’ (his exact words). I was caught unprepared (I mean, this doesn’t seem like the right setting to have this kind of conversation), and we agreed to discuss the matter during the following days. This was on Monday (the day before yesterday) and I haven’t heard from him since. I really fear this is the end and I don’t know what to do. I love him as much as ever and I am willing to do anything to prevent a breakup, but does he still care for me? Can this relationship be saved? Or should I just give up on it and move on?

  33. Angelfish40 February 1st, 2015

    Alex believe me you will meet again. I as a teenager dated a virgo boy i am a pisces woman he was my world and due to an interfering jealous friend of mine he broke things off i was devastated, every guy I dated after him had similarities to him but I always felt something was missing in my life even after getting married and having children i felt a void my marriage failed and we got divorced. then one day out of the blue 22yrs later after we had dated the virgo boy now a grown man got in touch he never forgot about me and there wasnt a day went by he didnt think about me and i was the same about him I would hear a song that reminded me of him or I would find myself drifting back to all those years ago when we were teeenagers. since he got intouch over a year ago our love has grown stronger everyday at first it was hard for both of us cos we both seemed to be so different and we would fall out either over him not being sttentive to my needs or me finding him to be so frustrating not knowing what he wanted  we overcame it and we are soulmates we rarely fall out we understand each other and know when the other needs space we are totally devoted to each other he is my bestfriend as well as my lover and we are planning ln getting married in a few yrs 

  34. kinks13 January 25th, 2015

    Very very true. I first met my Virgo in 2010 and from the word go I was besotted with him. Our conversation ran like wine and from that moment on we have been inseparable.  We moved in together after 7 months, engaged after a year, married 18 months later and a year after that we had our first child. My little boy is now 6 months old and although my Virgo needed a little encouragement on how to help with the baby and some home truths about his distance he is now the most incredible father and supportive husband. Always there to listen to my irrationality and to tell me it will all be ok. Which every time he is always right. I couldn’t be without him now. I feel so secure and safe even if the lack of affection  an be a pain but a little talk and nudge in the right direction usually gets us on track again x

  35. PiscesHappilySwimming October 9th, 2014

    I loved reading this article and all your folks responces! It’s funny I met my first virgo in January, but I guess I wasn’t ready or I was really shallow back then to see what a gem he really was till now. We’re both in college. Its been three weeks now since we really started pursing each other, and I’ve never been so happy. Its been the cute honey moon stage where we both know we like eachother and just adore spending time together; its beautiful. Ever since college I kinda threw out timelines and traditonal courting or anything involving waiting and its sooo nice to have someone really into me and not trying to just get into my pants. I have given this guy mulitple opportunties (night on the beach AND cuddling up in the tent) and he still hasn’t even kissed me yet. Not even a cute forhead peck. If anything I went for the cute jaw kiss and thats all contact I got. But I’m just going to kick back and really relish this. Its so crazy to find someone this perfect and I haven’t been this content in a long time. I’ll defintly keep you folks posted if theres anyone who cares…and I really hope he dosen’t look this up. 

    • Anirudh April 6th, 2017

      yes thats probably my alter ego you are with. 😉

  36. Aeya21 September 20th, 2014

    @SensualVirgo83 you know, if you called her back after your interview and explained to her why you didn’t come to see her off then, then she would’ve understand it. Look, she texted you after 4 days okay? It means that she was waiting for you to contact her. But you just said you have nothing to say. But oh well, what’s done is done. Maybe you guys weren’t meant for each other. Or maybe you’ll meet someone better in the future. And same for her. 😉
    – Pisces Girl

  37. Amboise September 1st, 2014

    That is so beautifully correct
    i just want to say I am a Pisces woman  and my husband is a Virgo man
    we have been married over 26 years 
    and 2 adult children later 
    we are still so much in love just like when we first met

  38. eelanc July 4th, 2014

    That was quite a story 🙂

  39. SensualVirgo83 June 14th, 2014

    Hello everyone, I’m a virgo man under the spell of a pisces woman… lol I never seen it coming. We met at work which I usually dont like getting intimate or personal with anyone at work because everybody is always in your business. When I first seen her there wasnt much of a connection. Mainly because I wasnt looking to meet someone new(esp at work) I just got out of a rough relationship so I was still down about that. So after a year working with this girl she gives me mixed signals that she is interested in me, but us virgos have a hard time picking up on that. She would always flirt with other guys so I didnt really think much of it when she made a pass at me. So one day she asked me what my nationality was and so I told her and we shared a smile that left me thinking that maybe she is interested in me. fast forward a lil bit we were friends for a year and she would always do nice things like bring me food on my break and leave me notes with candy to help me get through the day, and all those sweet lil gestures slowly but surely touched my heart but I didnt know how to show my appreciation to her. People at the job thought we going out but we weren’t at the time. and she would always look for me and follow me around, and me taking my job serious was a lil annoyed because I was trying to get work done. Not knowing that was just her nature I was insensitive towards her feelings at times, I had a chip on my shoulder and it showed and I would push her away when she was just trying to get to know me. Virgos dont trust easily so it was hard to let a new person in our lives. She was still persistent and would still make an attempt to show she was interested. We started dating 2 years ago we were still working together and we went out on a date that was the first day we met as friends. She called it (our friendaversary) lol so after thinking about it for awhile I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend, and her response at first was, uh you sure?  I replied, yeah, Im sure I like you, and you make me smile which not many people can do. So she said yes but still looked unsure if she wanted to be in a relationship. She was in a 8-9 year relationship with her bf from high school and they were still bf after they broke up. She said she was over him but still has love for him. I understood the bond they had and didnt try to tear that apart. Fast forward 4 months later we spent christmas together 2 years ago and she invited me over to spend it with her family. She came up with the idea we should write letters to each other for christmas and read them on christmas day. I did write her a letter and when I handed it to her she said Im sorry I didnt think you were going to write me a letter I forgot to write the letter ill go write it now. I said its you dont have to and she insisted and wrote it anyway. When I read the letter a tear came to my eye. Her words ensured me that what she felt for me was real that she’s glad she took the chance and yes when I asked her to be my girlfriend, ans she’s grateful that I took the time to spend christmas with her family instead of my own. She also said that she hasn’t felt this way since she was 16 which was when she met her first boyfriend. One day we had an argument about her ex trying to get back with her and I asked her if she wanted to be with him, she said I could never forgive him but I do have love for him and he will always be in my life. I didn’t feel it was my place to give her an ultimatum knowing how close she was with him and his family. So after the argument we had about her ex trying to get her back. We went to spend the night together, lit some candles, drank some wine, and played soft music. It was magical, after the mood was set we were relaxed she told me that she was sure she was where she wanted to be. Virgos need assurance that their time is valued. We dont ask for much. A couple weeks later she went on vacation back home where most of her family was after that she was going back to school and quitting her job. After she came back from her vacation it felt like she was being distant, we didnt speak for a week after she came back. So I asked her If everything was okay between us. She didnt say she wanted her space which I wouldve understood we do too. But she started acting distant towards me. I was trying to guage if I had did something or said something that made her act this way. She said she didnt want to hurt my feelings or break my heart. But when things get difficult or I start to fall in love I run away. Which she told me she started falling in love with around christmas when we spent the most time together. I was falling for her too more than i would admit. She said “thats I do when I get scared I run away” thats how I am. I knew when she said that I wouldnt see her when she started going back to school. She went on vacation again two months later back home. When she came back she wanted to see me at work. I was getting interviewed for a better position at the time. So she was calling me to go see her and say bye. I told I was in the middle of something I cant right now. She said ugh fine im leaving! and hung up on me. I didnt text or call her after that and she text me 4 days later sooo thats it your got nothing to say now. I text her back I have no words for you. So that was the end of our relationship. I was devasted I didnt want it to end but it was going to anyway. I felt disrespected and like I didnt mean as much as she said I did. Its been a year since I havent seen or spoke to her i tried emailing her, when she replied she said she doesnt want to talk to me. That what we had was just a fling and she’s over it, Even tho we didnt start having sex until 3 months after being in a relationship, and that she’s working things out with her ex who cheated on her! Til this day I think about her everyday. My feelings grow for her more and more each day. Everything reminds me of her every song I hear reminds me of what we had. She was special to me I just never had the chance to show her. I even wrote on song about her. I have done things for her Ive never even thought about doing for anyone else. They all go unappreciated and that kills me! She was my first love.  I dont think I could ever get over or want to. I dont know what to do anymore she ignores me. I dont understand how could u just stop caring for someone who never hurt you. I will never understand. People are who they are and we must accept and believe in fate. I believe one day she will come back into my life, even if its just for closure. I would make the best first impression i never made. Mainly because Im a better person and in a better place in my life than I was before and its all because of her. What a learning experience! Lol

  40. bethaburrito May 20th, 2014

    I met my virgo man a little over 2 years ago. Our relationship has been a roller coaster of high highs, and very low lows. When we fought, it was always because of a lack of understanding each other. However, when we don’t fight, our love is extremely fulfilling and I really can’t be happier. We have grown to understand each other better; I know that he is critical and pessimistic, so I ignore the bad things he says and keep a positive attitude because I know that he will come around. He knows that I am emotional and my feelings are hurt easily, so if he has an issue he talks to me about it as gently as possible, with a dose of humor to lighten things up. If anyone out there is going through a rough patch with their virgo, just hang in there and stay optimistic. Give him space to process his emotions, and when he is ready he will come to you. Just remember that when he is in dispair, you are often the only thing that can pull him up out of himself and into the light. I think a pices and virgo match is the perfect example of “opposites attract,” and I know that me and my virgo compliment each other perfectly and will be in it for the long haul. 

  41. xana-otthi May 14th, 2014

    I m pisces gal n hez a virgo ….i Love him aloott .. He said he loves me bt ..wo apni x ko nai bhulta….dix ix nt very big ixxue for me bt therex a big iixxue ..I wnna commited wid him bt he….never said dat he’ll marry wid me .., n I never started dix topic jxt bcz if I said dat… May b he mind it n leave me n I dnt wnna lose him…so wat can I do ??  🙁  n I knw he’ll never stop thinking abt his x … Bt I’ll gv my bxt …ill try dat he never again think abt her bt for a single tym he tell me dat he wnna marry me 2… 🙁

  42. JonLJ March 15th, 2014

    @Virgo1323 I’m attracted to a Virgo man; I’ve told him that I’m offering him my friendship (this is how we can get to know each other).  Should I just ask him out 1st or give him space.  I’m so confused because I told him it’s going to be fun getting to know each other…I told him I appreciate him for his kindness towards me & for opening doors for me to walk through.  He seemed distance afterwards. ..I then let him know that I’m not ignoring him, I’m giving him space to ask me out on a 1st date.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  I thank you in advance. 
    Ladi Pisces

  43. hihello January 14th, 2014

    Virgo man here-
    I realize I’m responding to an old post, but for those of you (pisces ladies) that are having trouble with the way a/your virgo man is reacting or behaving, you may want to TRY BEING REALLY STRAIGHT FORWARD. If you need or want something from him- talk to him and say “I need ______”. Don’t leave room for misinterpretation because the virgo is often susceptible to over-analyzing.
    If he is upsetting you… tell him he is upsetting you because he is doing _______, __________, and __________. Explain why it is hurting you or making you uncomfortable. This will hopefully give him your point of view and will cause him to be more understanding of your needs and feelings. This has always been my experience anyway. When I’ve been in relationships and there have been problems- there was no moving forward until clarity and honesty were put first so that I could understand my partner.
    Depending on the guy, this might even upset him initially, but give it a little time. He’ll come around if he really cares. 
    Everything works out in the end and if it hasn’t worked out- it’s not the end. 🙂

  44. lilianavar November 29th, 2013

    In grade 11 my parents made me switch schools because i had developped social anxiety. On my first day of school i walked into my homeroom only to see him(E) there. I couldnt believe that of all the millions of homerooms they could have put me in, they chose that one.
    I felt anxious and really nervous. He talked to me and was very nice. But i started skipping homeroom because i was too nervous to see him. He did write in my year book and i quote what he wrote ” if you ever need anyone dont come to me, j/j i will ALWAYS be there for you. He once again humbled my heart. I couldnt believe he forgave me for all the things i did to him. 
    One day he saw me in the hallway going walking. I was avout to head to the cafeteria to skip class again, when through the cloud of people he saw little old me. He had become quite popular now. He was on the football team and i was now tormented by anxiety… he asked me what class i had. I reluctantly told him and he immediately knew i was in the wrong place and without worrying if hr would be late, he walked me to class until he made sure i walked all the way in.
    After high school ended i saw him but 1 more time. I ran into him as he was working at the photolab at my local superstore. I was nervous he was calm andwe greeted eachother. This time i wanted to keep in contact so i looked for him online until i found him and i wrote him. We exchanged emails but he was in love with a woman who worked with him and they were on and off all the time and he was having a tough time because his girlfriend was having a hard time choosing him or rekindling an old romance. I listened to him, i supported him and when she chose him again, i never heard from him again… but i think of him and how i could have been happy once, except i ruined it. And the once co fident 

  45. lilianavar November 29th, 2013

    I was 13 years old when i kissed a virgo man for the first time. Im sad to report that its now 17 years later and im still in love with him.
    He fell in love with me back then. He was the son of my mothers best friend. Pur families were such good friends that we saw eachother constantly. Finally one night when we were left alone, we kissed and fooled around. When our parents arrived that night he wanted to continue holding my hand or hug me when my parents were not looking. Because of that it scared me. I knew i was going to get into trouble, i wasnt allowed to date. So i did yhe worst thing ever. Imade him hate me. I pushed him away and eventually ignoring him and even worse i started belittleling him. Our parents stopped being friends because of my attitude and i move away.
    2years later at 15 i saw him again by accident. I had just come back from overseas and my parents signed me up to go to a christmas party for kids at a ranch. They loaded all children from babies to 16 year olds on a schoolbus and low and behold he was there. My feelings came back of regret for what i had done. I expect him to ignore me or worse for all that i had done to him… when he saw me the first thing he did was approach me and he hugged me and At that very moment, i knew that years ago i broke his heart and he melted my stone heart by forgiving me and hugging me like a long lost friend.

  46. DreamyDreamer October 18th, 2013

    @virgo1323 First, thank you for replying almost a year after I posted. I totally forogt I even posted a comment. But, there is an update…my Virgo is seeing someone. He even mentioned marriage and was talking about the chick like she was the best thing since sliced bread (all the while knowing how I feel about him). We never got a chance to actually have that conversation I mentioned before (almost a year ago) because he wanted to overshadow the conversation talking about this other woman. It threw me for such a loop, I didn’t even know how to respond and I pretty much haven’t said anything since. My feelings are the same, in fact, they have intensified but, I don’t think I can emotionally handle anymore. I just want to throw in the towel. I feel like I’m being played with and I don’t like it. My big sis told me that I should fight for him  but, I feel like I’m all alone in this. The funny thing is he will be in town for the holidays and he is actually planning to spend time with me…which angers and confuses me because if you have someone and “happy”, why even bother seeing me? Why spend time? That will just make life harder for me. I feel like I’m getting mixed signals and no signals at the same time. At this point, I don’t want to make myself any more vulnerable to this man than I already have but, I do want to let my feelings be known…what is a girl to do?!

  47. virgo1323 October 17th, 2013

    Dreamer …hang in there, I’m a virgo man and I admit that sometimes we can get cold feet when it comes to jumping into a relationship, we come off as much more distant than we really are and usually this is very intentional because we are scared.  If your first kiss had that much chemistry don’t be afraid to make the first move (well second move!) …give him a short kiss and then back away, this will tell him that you’re interested and it also gives him the opportunity to take it further …and in the beginning of a relationship virgo guys like to feel they are in control of the situation but sometimes its hard for us to jump in …by kissing him first you’ve already done the hard part so reciprocating is easy for him.
    And as for getting to home plate I wish you the best 🙂 …and remember virgo’s live their whole life in their heads except in the bedroom …that is one place we feel compelled to express our true emotions without words 🙂

  48. Xylopika January 27th, 2013

    I’ve  never seen a more accurate description of my 5 year marriage. A person that knows us couldn’t have described it better! We are divorcing now, but we could have so easily worked it out but it would have taken effort. 

  49. littleyellow November 10th, 2012

    I met my Virgo man a little over a month ago, and we were immediately drawn to each other. We talk everyday, even if it is just to tell each other goodnight. A week after we met, he began a new career, which involves him working three weeks out of the month. I also have a pretty impossible schedule, with a combination of school and work. The good news is, he makes time for me and I make time for him. This is my first experience with a Virgo, and so far I am very impressed!!! I am a pisces girl, he is my virgo man..

  50. DreamyDreamer October 14th, 2012

    Wow! I have read all of the previous posts and it give me (Mar.19) hope for my Virgo (Aug.26). We’ve been knowing each other for 10+ years and we were pretty young when we first met. We lost touch because he moved but, we reconnected in college (thank God for the digital age). We never had a solid friendship but, I had always been drawn to him-never could quite put my finger on it. I must say I wasn’t the nicest to him in the beginning either. But, he came to visit me in school and we shared our first kiss. To this day, my mind is completely blank from the moment before we kissed. I just dont know how it happen but, I am SO glad it did. It was in that moment that I honestly think I fell in love with this man ( or really strong lust). I’ve never been the type to have sex with just anybody (at that point only 1 partner years before) but, if he’d insisted, he could have gotten it LOL…and that’s where the bliss pretty much ends. Today, our relationship is a little bit of this and too much of that. Completely unbalanced. I feel like I am always going out of my way to make him know that I absolutely adore him and I really would like for us to make strides to have something a little more official and long term. But, it seems like he is avoiding something. He is constantly trying to assess me and my life. He scrutinizes everything. For example, I sent him pics from a bday celeb. I had and out of all the things to talk about, he decided to ask about what color my hair was and proceed to comment on how he didn’t think the color of my hair matched my complexion. This has actually happen 2x. I don’t get upset because I KNOW I looked cute andI’m time enough for him but, no one wants a person that they are feeling to make comments like that. Aside from that, we alway argue. It can be over something SO small and we’ll spend an hour going back and forth over it. Most of time, there comes a point in the arguement when I just burst out laughing because it is so sad it’s funny to me. It completely throws him off but, I just want to lighen up the conversation and make it positive. After several attempts of trying to make this man know that I’m falling for him, I am starting to get bored with the chase. Partly because I don’t really care to be the one doing the chasing. The other part is I am big on communication and this man is EXCELLENT at putting his words together in such a way that he says alot without really saying ANYTHING! I’m just tired of it. Then, he complains that I am aggressive. I don’t know how else I should be when my emotions are tied up into someone who is aloof. Every time I try to get close, there is an arguement or something that causes us to go right back to square 1. In the very near future, we are going to have an intentional conversation about where we are going in our friendship/lovequest and once that is clear, I think we will be just fine. P.S. for all the girls who have been able to get to the home plate, I am SUPER jealous. If that kiss was any indicator of what is possible, lord forgive me for I will sin over and over again! 😉

  51. shoeluvah81 September 12th, 2012

    I am a Pisces woman. I have been strongly connected to a certain Virgo man for a looooong time. In fact, I haven’t physically laid eyes on him in a few years. We dated years ago but, we would still keep in contact with each other and hang out whenever the time presented its self. No matter where I am in my life, I have and believe I will continue to hold him so dear to my heart. When we are together it is like fireworks but when we are apart my heart aches. I compare every guy I meet to him. We didn’t work out because he is very jealous. He is also brutally honest but, I don’t mind that. But, he can’t trust me and that insults me because I am so honest with him and I care for and respect him more than I have ever cared for someone I was dating. Me, being a Pisces, I keep a lot to myself. I feel like, if I tell you I care, I shouldn’t have to repeat that every day. I regret I didn’t tell him when he wanted to know because I feel like it will be a while before I see him again, IF I ever do see him again. Before I ever met him, I prayed for someone like him, God fearing, handsome, hardworking, beautiful smile, well groomed hands, excellent father… The list goes on and on. I miss him so much. I was a girl when we met and the last time we were together he told me, “you are a woman now and my feelings have not and will NEVER change for you.” I was speechless. All I could say was, “Foreal?”. One of my dreams is for us to be married, living nicely and enjoying life together with a head full of gray hair. We would look into each others eyes and say nothing because they would speak for us. So, wherever he is right now, I want him to know that I care. Forever and ALWAYS.

  52. Flux30 August 24th, 2012

    I want a pisces woman. I have never dated one, but after reading this…I think she could be what my Virgo self needs.

  53. McPHANNY August 14th, 2012

    I am very much interested in astrology so all this is mindboggling to me.

  54. McPHANNY August 14th, 2012

    Wow. All this is so interesting.

  55. gottalovejoy July 31st, 2012

    I am Pisces woman (march 18). Two times in my life i have come across a virgo man. The first time he fell head over hills in love with me and i never got there. Now without looking I come across this other Virgo man and we hit it off from the start. He is everything I could ever want. The way he makes me feel is amazing words can not express. Problem is I need to end it.

  56. vhasue July 21st, 2012

    lols. Just understanding will do everything in these two zodiacs as they are purely nice people. Both zodiac can be flirtarious as virgo is ruled by well-communicative Mercury and pisces is ruled by lovable Venus. But if they find the way to understand difference of each other, it is untouchable. 

  57. MsEvangeline July 17th, 2012

    I have gotten my heart broken from a cancer and Leo and honestly the anger guy was my true love. Now a Virgo man is coming into myl life and he isn’t so bad. He is so loving and attentive. He wants other men to look at me cause he sees that he won me. So it’s so great but I think what bothers me is how we tend to have out ups and downs a lot because I still kinda love the Cancer man that broke my Heart. I have finally gotten him to open up and he also finally got me to open up. My problem is I’m real big on horoscopes and these things scare me ino thinking that when he does ask me to be his ill be afraid we will crash and burn. I’m a very emotional Pisces woman. I get depressed constantly, and constantly he tries to bring me up. Which isn’t easy cause he’s nearly given up from all my I’m like this one day and like another another day. Which I can’t help at all. Im pretty sure he’s already fallen in love with me because he loves everything about me. He calls me his Princess, he’s very attentive, respectful, gentleman like, and calls me his perfect match. But because of this horoscope  I’m awfully afraid to crash and burn. Can someone reassure my confidence. I want to love again. I want to give this Virgo man a chance. Knowing that he wants to marry me since he’s 25 and I’m 20. I know he’s fallen yet I barely in the I like him stage still a little afraid to take it to an actual relationship level. Hope this makes sense please help with some comforting advice.

  58. Virgo-Man6 July 15th, 2012

    Virgo Men are not conceited.  We’re confident in our ways but know that we’re flawed and hate rejection.  9 times out of 10 he probably thinks you’re amazingly hot, he just thinks you’ll reject him.  LOL!!  I know because the love of my life is a Pisces and that’s exactly how I felt.  I never thought she would’ve given me the time of day, and we ended up together.  She obviously made the 1st move 🙂

  59. PiscesGirl08 June 20th, 2012

    I am a pisces woman and my man is virgo. We’ve been together for a long time and the description fits us pretty well. I really am SUPER emotional however i do like to stay very organized. If I am not organized I get upset! LOL and I am very much a dreamer. My boyfriend and I are polar oposites. Even the way we dress is completely different. I wear bright happy colors and he wears all black. We look so silly together because we get crazy looks from people. But we both love how oposite we are from one another because I love how intelectual he is and he loves how caring and soothing I am 🙂 we learn a lot from eachother. 

  60. maja16 May 7th, 2012

    it’s so true, made me think so much that me and my boyfriend been with hardships in life, my virgo bf (sept.17) and me pisces (march 16) we do have a lot of difference, he is not romantic like others, but I can feel he sa sensere and sensitive. Understand him, and me (dramatic one) learnt that I don’t need to have his time, the quality of spending time with each other. We’ve known him fro 9yrs now, since we were high school, and our relationship been like on and off for 6yrs..we always find ourselves coming back with each other even we lost communication 2 yrs ago. It’s a long way still….pisces and virgo this is what you call… opposites attact… 😀

  61. TikiGirl41 April 23rd, 2012

    I’m not gonna lie…. I was in a 6 year relationship with a Virgo man and I hated it! He is too much of a perfectionist and very thorough in everything he does, (which isn’t always bad, but bad for the impatient Pisces woman like myself…). He was a liar and a cheater and a loser. I’m in a relationship with a Leo man and I love him so much. He is dominant, which I like, he is masculine, which I like, and he makes me feel loved and safe. Yeah he is a little stubborn sometimes, and very bipolar but I know deep in my heart that he loves me and would never hurt me. He has never made me feel low, he has never put me down, and he never put his hands on me. My ex Virgo man did all those things. And something I have a problem with, (the Pisces description), every time I read about a Pisces woman there is constant implication that we are ditzy little daydreamers 24/7. Some Pisces females may be, but I’m certainly NOT. I don’t daydream 24/7, I’m very logical, very practical, and I have characteristics of BOTH Pisces and Sagittarius. And I’m certainly not sensitive by any means. I’m actually kind of cruel sometimes. Just saying…

  62. rishikadebjani March 1st, 2012

    I think this is very true. I am a pisces and have attracted some virgo men in my life. The one that was most intense was from a virgo who was much older than me. It was weird cause he was married.He would pass all these subtle hints to show his liking. He was nice but i was aghast since i didnt expect it from someone who is more than a decade older to you and married.but i guess attraction is not determined by these factors, sometimes you just like whom you like. but towards the end when i was leaving the place where we worked together, he behaved in a very mean way and took out all his personal/professional frustration on me. It was odd, i dont know if all virgo men are like that or it was just his way of showing his sadness at both of us parting..i guess i will never know…but one thing is for sure, i have been much at peace since that episode got over..even though his attraction still gives me jitters when i think about it…sigh..

  63. CG February 7th, 2012

    for the most part it’s true for me I’m deeply in love with a pisces but she doesn’t know it and she had a long and difficult relationship with a leo and they eventually broke up for good I hope it stays that way I don’t want her to be hurt any more but I hope that the last two paragraphs are true and I get to be with her and it’s not as hard as some of you and the article said and stay with her.

  64. pisceanlion January 20th, 2012

    My Virgo (August 31st) has all the qualities I as a Pisces (March 9th) don’t have and wish I did. We are both so patient and inlove with each other. I’ve never been so connected to another human being in my life as I am with my handsome Virgo. We do have tension sometimes, but we find it easy to push past hardships with each other. 

  65. pisceanlion January 20th, 2012

    @baggins I couldn’t agree more! I’m so thankful I have my Virgo to love and understand me when I don’t know how I feel, all he does is make me want to grow and learn 🙂

  66. hahahaha December 30th, 2011

    my point is that you are stupid if you cannot get pisces women easy as a virgo!. Virgo is made for pisces and pisces is made for virgo. Taurus-pisces cannot be more romantic than virgo-pisces.

  67. virgo7thpartner December 29th, 2011

    I sweep all pisces women and the face color doesnt even matter. I am an Asian virgo and i find many white pisces women trying to get attention from me. It is really weird that almost ALL pisces women want my attention. This is why God exists. Anyways my best friend is Aquarius so i learned how to seduce a girl easy and act well. Getting pisces women is extremly easy for me; all i need to do is get on diet so that my eyes that reflect integrity and sharp intelligence look bigger and prettier. And doing anything that is related to pisces’ feet as well as massage is what turns on pisces women. I look so cute according to girls, and excellent memory that helps me to pretend that i am ‘caring’ about them helps me to be liked by many people. lol. i am a virgo i need attention from opposite sex. That is all. My soul mate is my super sensivity Pisces woman. I will not cheat on her even though i have ability to do. I like way she challenges, disagress, and pisses me! i just like everything about pisces women except for flirtious nature.. well i am too but it is different! i have no intention of doing something nasty when i flirt with other girls. But other men have nasty intention so i hate when they attempt to flirt with my girl by any chance. i know our love is untouchable and permanent 

  68. Love0317 December 21st, 2011

    I am a pisces woman and have never dated a Virgo, everything sounds great about it. I absolutely love the part where it says, “Their unison makes them more complete in all aspects and they both forget their own selves to merge into a purer form of unity of two bodies and one soul.” Thats what i’ve always imagined but never could find the words to explain.

  69. Aug23 October 2nd, 2011

    To Charles, I’ve heard the same crap from others how terrible Virgoes are. The facts we are the builders, problem solvers, turnaround specialists and doctors of the world and good leaders. men born in late Aug and early Sept are the best men. A few: Warren Buffett AUG 30, Lee Kuan Yew SEPT 16, Michael Jackson AUG 29, Sean Connery AUG 25, Kobe Bryant AUG 23, Andrea Bocelli SEPT 22, Our standards are higher so people blow us off as negative. The worst sign of the zodiac for both sexes ? ARIES. Astrology is defined as man’s response to planetary stimuli. Long live Virgoes Charles

  70. 7755 September 30th, 2011

    I am virgo man and in relationship with pieces woman !! I really try to save money and have best possible budget , and whenever I try to talk about money (what I think is important between 2) I just get her upset and she always says I don’t wanna talk about it !! We are in good financial position but i don’t like 2 just spend ! She likes something she buys it ! Help pieces woman ! What 2 do to work together !! Thnx

  71. Sweetness. September 5th, 2011

    This Explains So Much To me. Im A Pisces Woman And Most Of All My Ex’s Were Virgo Men And They All Have Been Up To 3 Years C:

  72. sweetfish August 18th, 2011

    I been in love wit my virgo male for 3 yrs and I hve learned that the best way to deal wit my virgo male is too be patient let him come to me..sometimes its better to just understand them and listen,yes they can be harSh but we as pisces is very soft at times..- but at thee end of the day I can’t live without my virgo

  73. fairytale-island August 18th, 2011

    @smooth dats so tru I felt like I was the only one whoever felt like dis…I love my virgo male but its seems as I’m alone in this world like I’m loving but no love in return like he’s one person on min and the next I dnt recognize him

  74. smallfish May 19th, 2011

    This article is so true.

  75. Sceptic April 5th, 2011

    Ok, I really don’t believe in all this, but it does give a very accurate description of me (virgo male) so maybe there is something to all this, can’t say for sure until i find more data on the subject. Anyway, i have read some of the comments you all posted here, and all of you actually believe in this zodiac stuff but choose not to listen to it. It plainly states that virgo males are realistic and down to earth, so it is extremely easy to get along with them. If you have a problem with them confront them with enough data and evidence to support your claims. If you want them to respect you and be interested in you present them a challenge. What virgo males don’t like at all is unproven data, lies and confusion. If you want a male virgo to like you, to love you, or if you just want to work out a problem with them, speak to them honestly and truthfully and have the data to support your claims, they will respect you for that and listen to what you are saying.

    As one of the most screwed up versions of the virgo male population i can guarantee this aproach works with us.

  76. lizz March 3rd, 2011

    I’m pisces women, and my husband a virgo. We’re celebrating our 10th year anniversary together this March 2011 and i never regret that i’ve chosen him and i love him as much as i’ve known him from the beginning.

  77. Jay February 14th, 2011

    Im a virgo male, I have to say I really don’t agree with the nagging and seeing life as nothing but problems, I hardly ever nag and I never make nit pick or judge others, I’m pretty understanding, hurting someone else’s feelings is the last thing I’d want to do. Anyhow, my best friend is a Pieces, I completely adore her, she’s beautiful, intelligent, funny, interesting the list could go on, it’s quite sad reading negative comparabilities because we get on so well. Trying my best to get with her fingers crossed it’ll all fall into place 🙂

  78. Bil - Virgo January 24th, 2011

    I am a single virgo man and I just want to ask the pisces ladies that I had written my first poem for my dear future lady love (pisces only). Will she like it?

  79. smooth January 17th, 2011

    I met a Virgo man about 3months ago, he was someone I somewhat knew in the past. We fell for each other rather quickly, but now things have changed. Im falling more and more, but he seems to be going the opposite way. We got to know one another long before sex, and once we had sex it was intense. Now after sex, he has become distant. I keep replaying our weekend over and over to find where something went wrong and I can’t find anything. It truly was a perfect weekend. Very romantic, full of surprises, I even was treated to breakfast in bed. I’m hurting so right now, cuz I just cant figure this out. Im very attractive with a nice body, and cool personality. I have men falling all over for me. I fit the pisces woman to a tee. Im so lost and emotional right now about this. My heart is broken and I just want to know Why?

  80. chilosa325 January 16th, 2011

    I am a pisces woman and i am madly in love with a virgo man. He is my world. I fit the description of the typical pisces woman to a tee, and so does my love. When things are good between us they are great and amazing, but once we make each other mad we can say some pretty hurtful things to each other. I know what i say hurts him, but not as bad as the things he says to me. He seems to be the perfect guy for me since he fits all the things i look for in a mate. It is so true about doin the “deed” also. He makes me feel like no other guy has ever made me feel!! Even though we are complete oposites and he does love having everything done in a certain special way like making his bed( which drives me insane) we do open up to each other and have the best conversations. The crazier part of our relationship is that i was in an off again on again relationship with another virgo, who at the time i thought was my one and only, but he hurt me so badly it was a waste of time trying to put that relationship back together. Then we met and things just took off and we’ve been inseparatble since day one.

  81. ms pisces December 20th, 2010

    i’m so inlove with this sexy virgo man, the thing is he shows intrest sometimes and draws me close to him and then he seems to run away from me like he is scared to get close, what i read seem like him and i. when we have sexy it is the bomb, its like we are made for each other, he enjoys and so do i. the thing is i hope and pray he open up more to me and say his feelings cause sometimes i wanna just run cause my feeling get hurt, i been knowing this man for two years and to me this relationship should be farther then what is, i can say a virgo man takes time a patience.

  82. sala October 11th, 2010

    hmmmm…dats all correct. i love dat vigo man

  83. Dream September 29th, 2010

    I am a Piscean woman and I am in love wit a Virgo Man , who is 3 younger to me.I look attractive and currently seeing a guy. I was never attracted to younger guys….always look for well settled and mature guys. But I dont know why this Virgo man’s smile melts my heart. I am truely in love with him. We met in chat room and I suppose I was aware that one cannot fall in love with a chat friend…but it happened to me. I can’t resist him and end up having yahoo cam sex with him. I keep thinking about him…have even taken the risk of calling him up from my number. I really turns me on and…there I started showering my piscean caring nature whicjh he likes so much. I have even disclosed the fact that I am into a committed relation…will be getting married in few yrs. But I think he also started loving me….and wants to see me once before I get married. He is from another city…quite far away from mine and I have never met him personally. I think he couldn’t resist my warm nature and cares for me. Whatever the fact…m a flirt or have tendency of secretive love affairs..I truely adore him…want to kiss him once.

  84. Chrystal September 16th, 2010

    I am a Pisces Woman and my ex-boyfriend (on again off again) is a Virgo. Our entire relationship is/has been a rollercoaster! We are extremely attracted to each other…have been from the start and can’t seem to leave each other alone. We spend more time trying to break up with each other it seems. I am exactly as described above….dreamy and unstable…I loved him…still do…as he provided stability. Our lovemaking was always exquisite. He was shy, very critical, very jealous, pessimistic at times, but faithful, very generous and doting. In being a Pisces…..or just being who I am…it was hard for me to deal with the jealousy and the criticizing. It somehow made me feel that he really didn’t accept me even though he did. Maybe he just didn’t accept my wandering mind and wishy-washy, dreamy nature. The flirting part…..I don’t try to….I just like being nice to everyone, but good grief does it get him mad! He still gets mad and we live on opposite sides of the map now. We are both very stubborn as well….too stubborn to be apart, but too stubborn to be together…..oh well…I’m glad I had a chance to love and be with him…..

  85. Ms.Tracy September 15th, 2010

    well im a pisces women and I always had liked a virgo man for some reason he attracts me like no other sign has ever did I wouldnt call him self centered but just a little bit of what seems to be confidence some of us pisces dosent have that and I guess thats what we need.

  86. Mimi September 10th, 2010

    Im a pisces woman and my ex my Virgo Man. I left me because he thought I didn’t love him. But I do , I adore him. He really did care and love me. We started off as friends and became a relationship. No matter where he was at home or travel he always called to see how my day was and to say good night. He was my prince and I didn’t tell him. I regret it til this day. We work together and have to communicate and see other and it’s so hard. I know he still feels for me, I can see it in his eyes. He said I’m the only who he was able to open up and communicate his thoughts too spite the other woman he had dated. I know him so well. That I sense when something is going on with him. We had a good relationship. But his stubborn. I have dated other men before him and after him. I can’t explained it, But in my heart and soul I feel we are meant to be , since the first day I met him. I dreamed him before I even met him.

    Help Virgo men !!! what can I do ?

  87. Nikki August 24th, 2010

    im a pisces..(Feb.21) and i dated a virgo guy 4 a while…we were sooo incompatible it want even funny…im more laid back and fun loving and open minded, while he was just way to boring 4 me…coudlnt work…he was a great boyfriend besides that tho…very faithful and considerate…

  88. Lala Land July 14th, 2010

    Im madly in love with a virgo man, being a pisces woman. I met him upon accident and it was love at first sight for the both of us. We have both fallen hard for one another and I have never felt like this about anyone. Since meeting him, I cannot stop thinking about him when he is away. It drives me crazy in thought. When he’s away he (out of town work) he becomes a different person. More withdrawn and mean to me. As though, he doesnt know how to feel away from me. Its confusing and it hurts my feelings. When he returns or knows hes on his way home, he’s so nice and loving..We have the best sex I have ever had with anyone. Its emotional and intense. Hes moving quickly, wants to marry and have children and that scares me. He says he doesnt want to loose me because he travels alot and hes very jealous. Im not arrogant, but I am attractive and he hates for men to flirt or look at me. He doesnt believe I really love him. So what do I do.

  89. DH Reed July 13th, 2010

    A Virgo Male, like myself, is so logically twisted they are constantly following their own internal energy back and forth and mixing the beauty of life’s structure with understanding. This distracts them from the opportunities of love in the world, as they cannot always factor the power of emotions into reality. They need a little nudge and a hint that their is a beautiful and creative world waiting with pisces, because when a Virgo male connects logical power to emotional insight, they transform into very emphathetic and hyper sensitive lovers constantly harmonizing with their lover’s spirit. It’s the one bond that doesn’t need words, and they communicate on an enlightened level. However, a more hurt Virgo will be slow to take this up, but give it time. *Virgo enjoys astrology more than any other Zodiac.

  90. Bajrang agrawal June 30th, 2010

    Me being a virgo can advise u not to give mch attention to him as the more u will b attentive towards him the more he will avoid u….so try to show ur love bt in a controlled manner…dnt b over involved in the relationshp…best wishes

  91. Perspicuous_Pisces June 24th, 2010

    I’m a Pisces female. I’ve recently discovered my attraction to a Virgo male. He’s very attractive and appealing to me. By me being very attractive (and I say that humbly), I’m used to men approaching me 1st. I tried to wait until he noticed me, but he never did. So I took it beyond myself to approach him. We exchanged numbers…. we’ve conversed a few times, but I think he’s a bit conceited. like, if don’t show that I’m interested in him by calling him 1st, texting him 1st or going to see him 1st, he would never take the initiative to communicate with me. Although I’m very attractive, sometimes I feel that he’s not attracted to me because I’m not “as perfect” as the Virgo male wants me to be. It’s a little irritating because I REALLY want him to show interest. And by me being a Pisces, I’m trying not to get emotional about it.

    PLEASE HELP GUYS … especially Virgo males

  92. Chrissy June 23rd, 2010

    Harshini and baggins, totally what you said…me too:)

  93. baggins May 25th, 2010

    Ive never been as in love as I am with my Virgo man. I am a Pisces woman. He completes me in everyway and makes me strive to be a better women

  94. CLEOPATRA April 27th, 2010

    I am just beginning a relationship with a Virgo and all you say seems to be true. He is now becoming more and more interested in geting to know me better, whlst I am drawing away and afraid to go the extra mile!

    I have been badly hurt by a Leo male,so wonder if this is infuencing my new relationship and making me very cautious. Their birth dgns are so near each other!

  95. Harshini Nitin January 2nd, 2010

    It is absolutely true.The last 2 paragraphs especially.It really brought tears rolling down my eyes as it is exactly what is happening in our life. “These two could bring a tear to any eyes with their ability to love each other. They are a love story waiting to be written” .My husband Nitin is truly “the one” made for me.

  96. YOUR MAN October 24th, 2009

    MAuh you wil always be my baby..

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