Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in 2023

A crisis in the Virgo man's family is a source of stress for you both. As a couple, set some boundaries and don't feel guilty about enforcing them. You both want to give generously of your time and talents but you cannot do that if you are frustrated and burnout. The Pisces woman needs to insist on a mental health break if outside sorrows or cares are starting to spill into your partnership. Make decisions that are good for your health. Sign up for a gym or take a course together. Get outside your own space and find new people and ideas to engage you

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

Virgo and Pisces is a magnetic combination. They have much to learn from each other. With balance established in the relationship, and with love and compassion, they find it easier than most couples to work towards their goal. Virgo appreciates Pisces’ gentleness and sympathy, while Pisces admires Virgo’s intellect.

A Virgo man is a person with sharp intellect and sensible approach who prefers quality over quantity. He is very nitpicky, analytical, pessimistic and judgmental towards everything around him. Through the eyes of a Virgo male all that is there have got a problem. He focuses on the problems with himself, his friends, his family and the big one the problems of the world. But he usually has solution to all problems with his stable and practical ways. He needs a woman who is sensual, but also intelligent. Who can understand and respect him and solves the problems with him.

A Pisces woman is as lovely as a rose and as delicate as a dream with brightest, most gentle and poetic approach towards life. She is often swimming in her mind, which is full of dreams. Even though she has a gentle nature, at times she can be stubborn. But she does not go looking for trouble. Her motto is to let sleeping dogs lie. In a relationship she blooms well in the tender care and gentle attitude and provides by her man. Even when she goes through phases of despair and insecurity, she never loses her calmness but cannot tolerate depression for a long period of time.

It is always hit or miss for a Pisces woman and Virgo man when they fall for a relationship. He is very practical and realistic, while she is expressive and emotional. There is an initial attraction between the two, but for all the wrong reasons. He needs order and correctness, while she loves chaos and frenzy. If he finds an unstable Pisces female, a volcano can erupt. He tries very hard to fix her emotional inadequacy, but he soon learns that it is his own insensitivity to her gentle nature that creates her emotional instability. He feels defeated not knowing how to bring his lovely Pisces lady back to reality. The Virgo must regain order, or he can drive himself crazy trying with all unpractical things.

The Virgo man is very set in his ways, and if he believes that he is right, that is the end of all discussions. If the Pisces woman is seriously involved with a Virgo man she has to be careful as he is very critical in nature and most of all he hates the flirting nature of Pisces woman. He likes order and stability and is practical to very large extent. For him it is hard to step in the dreamy world of her and involve in the unpractical dreams with no real outcomes. A lot of men are drawn to the magnetic beauty of Pisces woman, and on top of it she loves and thrives on the attention she gets. If he is a man with a jealous streak, he may question her or even turn around and leave quickly.

At first these two seem so different from one another, and they truly are different, but the magnetic love Virgo man and Pisces woman feel for one another overcomes all of their differences. Only with understanding comes perfect balance and through this balance flourishes a beautiful and exciting relationship. Pisces woman’s love is the magician that pulls her Virgo man out of his own hat. With each passing Valentine, she becomes more stable and secure under the stable flame of love offered by Virgo man and he starts envisaging wonderful dreams with his dreamy Pisces maiden who can even dream of a stone to be a pearl of love. Their unison makes them more complete in all aspects and they both forget their own selves to merge into a purer form of unity of two bodies and one soul.

Virgo man and Pisces woman blend Earth and Water beautifully and work harmoniously together in the bedroom. She makes him feel alive, while he makes her feel safe. He is able to lose all self control with her, which benefits him greatly. He finds a new heightened awareness with the Pisces woman. The loneliness he once felt, no longer exists with her. He is able to open up to her and show his true self because she is one of the only women he trusts enough to show his vulnerability to. Deep inside of him he knows that the Pisces woman will not take advantage of his vulnerability. Their ability to feel safe with each other allows them to open up to one another causing an untouchable beautiful true love to occur between them. Love makes Virgo man and Pisces woman’s soul crawl out from its hiding place. These two could bring a tear to any eyes with their ability to love each other. The best thing to hold onto for them in life is each other. They are definitely a love story waiting to be written.

In a long term, the relationship of the Virgo man and Pisces woman is not very smooth and almost needs all possible efforts they can give to keep their relationship. He is very pessimistic and can be critical at any point but she can take depression for a long time. Such behavior of her Virgo man makes her cold and non-cooperative. While on the other hand her ever dreamily swimming mind can frustrate him and he may feel of her as unrealistic and irritating. Both have to understand each other giving space to their difference and being patient with their partner. He needs to lower his blaming prospective while dealing with his delicate Pisces woman and she should make sure to be attentive when her man is referring to her. A few of such contributions can actually create a large difference and keep the magic of love alive!

  1. Lala January 21st, 2023

    I’m a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon, and Sag Rising woman and just started talking to a Virgo man I met online. It hasn’t been a full week and we’ve gotten together 3 times, 2 of the times to just snuggle up in his bed, hold each other, kiss and go to sleep for a few hours in the morning. The chemistry is definitely there, it’s just something about him, he’s funny, very vocal about how much he really likes me and has stated multiple times that he wants me to be all his. I just really like being around him. I can tell he is a little toxic but I do like a little toxic because I too can be. But I’m anxious to see how this goes, he’s 2 years younger than me and the last Virgo man I gave a chance to was my oldest dad who was 19yrs older than I and he was terrible for the most part but wish me luck. Whew chile.

    • Briuan February 27th, 2023

      I am a pisces woman who just started dating a Virgo man. It’s been 3 months and I am wide open. I found myself asking God , if it’s for me please let our union be strong . Wish me luck as I’m wishing you all luck ❤️

  2. Liz Heynce November 3rd, 2022

    I am currently dating a Virgo man and am pisces. I can tell you the last time I felt like that about a person. Was when I was at college dating my first boyfriend who was pieces aswell .
    I feel like a kid again at 33 year. He’s very attentive, very tall and handsome. His house rivals mine with order and beauty.
    And the attraction between us is heavenly, in bed we just want to hold each other tight for hours. Once we were late for work in the morning because of this cuddling. His shoulders broad and I couldn’t see the other side of the room . I just burrowed deep into his chest .
    The story telling part is true. He could write a book , but he refuses, talent going to waste. Had I known this before I wouldn’t have wasted time with a cancer man who left me with two kid’s to fend for ourselves and found a home with another woman withing days and moved ewith her.
    But Virgo men are truly good hearted people.

  3. No March 1st, 2022

    Lol Virgo woman with Pisces woman =100% comparible

  4. Zamiya January 21st, 2022

    Few months ago I’ve recently met a Virgo man when I started working in a new office. He’s driving me crazy day by day I’m falling for him. His caring nature, his sharp intelligence, the way he speaks everything makes me wonder how can someone be so perfect. I have started getting so attached to him not sure what he feels though. But I am trying my level best to keep a distance from him because we are from opposite castes and eventually nothing would be possible in long run. Don’t know where this will take but the memories I’m making with him seems like a fairly tale to me.

  5. Anonymous ivan July 29th, 2021

    I really liked this comment because Im the same way as he. Reach out to me or give me your email. If you want that is

    • Reyna December 24th, 2021

      I met this guy and he’s so intelligent and mysterious, it drives me crazy but I live for it, he invited me to go thrifting and ofc I said yes! He kissed me under the rain and walked me to my car and said “see u later babes” UGH as I thought that was only in movies, we’re now going to 1 year dating. I love him , he makes me feel alive and young .

  6. Lovedaily February 20th, 2021

    I’m a full on pisces… And I just started dating this virgo guy like on Wednesday… We talk like everyday… And I really enjoy our time together… But since the time we’ve known each other… I’ve learned that hes addicted to smoking… And he really loves drinking also… Most of the time, when he drives he’s always busy with his phone… When I tell him to put it away he says his gonna be fine, I shouldn’t worry… He just too stubborn and he makes me feel weak because everytime when he tells me to do something I have to jump and ask you ask how high… I really don’t know what to do…

    • Samoya July 20th, 2021

      You have to both come to a understanding of each other and ask what do u both except out of the relationship you are and and actually meet those expectations and the phone thing it’s a mans thing it’s a in habit with him it just takes time and tell him u don’t like the fact he’s always on his phone and when you both are together it’s about time with u and u only and when he’s not around he can do what he needs to do as far as having his alone time he can have his whole phone thing u know

    • Lynn McLean November 11th, 2021

      I have been married to a Virgo for 20 years I have had black eye’s broken ribs, etc if he asks you to jump, stay still and ask him to jump, for the last 8 years of my marriage I have been very happy, however, pisces females need to be more strong xx

    • Devon Denham January 20th, 2023

      As a Virgo guy my self he may smoke n drink but he’s not doing bad stuff behind your back n for the phone I don’t agree with your man’s should put your safety first it’s not about how well he drives it how well other people are driving he can’t have blind faith that there is always a safe and careful drivers cause people are stupid n reckless plain and simple keep eyes on the road unless your already slowing down we all need to put the phones away while the cars are in motion if your eyes aren’t on the road then there not watching a kid running out in the road let him see he can say a kids life n he will realize that it or maybe not but it’s a valid point

  7. Lovedaily February 20th, 2021

    I’m really sorry☹️☹️ I guess pisces women really can take depression for long huh😔😔

  8. Rose September 3rd, 2020

    Its eerie that the same day you posted this 8/9 is the day he basically shut down and told me he wanted to take a break. He emailed me and called me at the same time to break up with me. It literally took my by surprise. We have been together 10 plus years (a break up few years in between) and this was our second go at it. This was the close the door next chapter for me. I thought with the second go and time vested we could make it though anything but I guess not.

  9. Jazmine August 9th, 2020

    My Virgo is draining the life out of me,I’m a a full on Pisces,he hits me up with memes,I care so much for him but think its time to walk away,but I can’t,right now he’s not even speaking to me,he had a robbery and a vehicle accident…when I saw it I had chills,he withdraw when he’s fighting his demon’s and seldom open up to me,that breaks me cause I’m so into him and he seems like he doesn’t care at all. I don’t know what else to do then give him space and time

    • mm August 28th, 2020

      felt this

  10. Tina August 5th, 2020

    I’m dating a virgo guy. I like how accurately this article describes our relationship for the most part. Although, we have our fair shar of problems… He has insecurity issues I guess and is super self conscious. It’s all about HIM AND HIS IMAGE. Worst part is that most of it never makes any sense… Like he thinks that people in a restaurant or some cafeteria exist ONLY SO THAT THEY CAN LOOK AT HIM WTF. He doesn’t like it when there are too many people around in such places because he thinks they will leave everything on their lives and ACTUALLY CARE to think what this random person (my virgo) is upto lmao. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of the insecurities he “possesses.” I don’t remember where I read it, but it has to do with his capricorn moon or something. He likes to criticise a lot, likes trashing other people for no apparent reason. It’s fine when those people deserve it, but that’s not the case usually. He reminds me of a libra acquaintance I had. He had cap mars and lot of virgo in his chart. I don’t know, I really like my guy and he’s a good guy, but he has these image issues and he’s the first virgo I’ve known who’s like this. I have 3 friends who are Virgos, my uncle is a virgo… None of them act this way.

  11. Melissa May 2nd, 2020

    Me a 26 year old pisves girl. I like how this article describes our relationship. When it’s good, it’s HEAVEN!! but when it’s bad, it’s just too bad :(( virgos being workaholics is very accurate description. He has certain issues, like not giving time to those closest to him. He has got two best friends.. I feel like he has a tendency to ignore them most times. He has similar behaviour towards his family, especially his cute sister who always makes sure to call him every week or so. His friends have always been there for him when he needed them the most, but it has happened so many times that they ask him about meeting up. .. like having a little get together sorta thing because it’s not that often that they get to meet each other. This is what happens, they ask if him if he’s free and he seems to never give any clear answer, doesn’t EVER bother to take initiative from his side as usually it’s because of him that their meet up plans get cancelled… It’s like plans cancel because of him & that’s it.. , now it’s AGAIN upto them to ask him later. It’s always his sister who calls him, like if I have to give a number, then it’s like fifty to one ratio… That’s how rare he cares to call her as if it’s somehow already understood & accepted amongst his friends & family members that only they must do the work of maintaining such “mutual” bonds. His friends & his sister are quite busy & well off people themselves in their individual lives, so it’s not like my virgo is the only one “working”… When they ask him if he has time to call or “when are we going to talk, it’s been a while”… he gives answers like “uhmmm” or “hmm don’t know” or just exhales as if he’s too tired from work, so those guys, out of politeness & love for him, themselves tell him “we’ll talk when you’re free” & one would expect that in such situations, he would consciously take out the time for them but HE NEVER DOES THAT, as if he just forgets about them totally. I feel blessed that at least he seems to text me every two or three days, calls being once in four days or so. Other thing I noticed right away, initially when we first met, was his tendency to be too much concerned about really little things, like things which don’t even matter.. as if this tendency never let’s him relax or those around him relax. This was exactly the same case with my ex bf, a gemini. By the way, both virgos & geminis are mercury ruled signs. This “need” never let’s them have fun. I read that these two signs are likely to have anxiety issues. Also, they both LOVE WORDS. That’s something almost sacred to them. Ex gemini was smart in some things, but mostly a lot of stupid… A sensible argument was neve possible with him, first because he was out of touch of how stupid he was, all the time thinking as if he was the only one who was on some quest for knowledge. Second, because THEY ESCAPE when confronted & instead of communicating straight forwardly, used to send me quotes of famous people. It was like there were things which are REQUIRED to be communicated to each other in such moments, instead of facing those mild conflicts, used to send me quotes like what the actual f**k!!? My virgo is different in the way that he goes quite, tries to avoid it by silence. He too loves reading quotes of famous folks & one more thing, along with the lust for words, both are obsessed with emoticons, not the emoticons which we get in our keyboards already drawn, but those kinda which were used before them, the ones we make using punctuation marks. I’m an aries moon & have a lot of aquarius in me, [{with a scorpio rising}] …so may be that’s why I’m not that much of an scared escapist Pisces who avoids serious talks, but my virgo never accepts his faults. He doesn’t say anything directly, like he would show there’s no issue from his side, but the passive aggressiveness oh god.. If I tell him to be more participative in communication with his close ones, it’s like I offend him in some way & then again it’s just SILENT passive aggressiveness. The intelligence part too of these two mercury signs, in both their cases, I’m easily the more intelligent one. I know other virgos who’re just more mature than him, but don’t know how should I help him evolve. Tried enough, same treatment with me too… Nothing from his side, no initiative. I truly love him but…

    • Melody June 23rd, 2020

      Omg our stories are so similar. My boyfriend for 3 years.. virgo.. is exactly the same way. My birth chart is water dominant. Pisces all the way.

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