Libra Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

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Libra and Pisces is one of the combinations of signs that require a fair share of adjustment, simply because their love natures are quite different. However, both of them are gentle, caring folk in love and these qualities certainly give their relationship a boost. But Libra is more outgoing while Pisces loves to be around familiar things.

A Libra man is charming yet mysterious. He is dreamy as he is constantly changing his ideals and weighs all options before concluding anything. He knows what is going on in the world and listens to any debate with an open mind. He appears to be stubborn and irritable because of his affliction to listen diligently to all sides of a debate and create a fair and just conclusion. But he is basically a sentimental, considerate and intelligent man with an answer to all the questions. Hi smile captivates the hearts as well as his charisma and sensitivity makes him irresistible for any woman.

Pisces woman is very thoughtful, dreamy and extremely vulnerable. Her sympathetic nature overtakes her more often than not whether it is towards a friend or a stranger. Pisces lady’s womanhood is adored by most men. She appears meek and fragile to the monsters of the world and most men will feel the need to protect her. Pisces woman has a tendency to get pulled in two opposite directions. This inhibits her decision making capability and makes her weak willed. Pisces woman stands behind her lover through thick and thin whether she believes in what he is doing or not.

Both, Libra man and Pisces woman have their own kind of intelligence and if they are able to fall in love, which is not an easy task, they surprisingly fit well together and compliment one another with their differences in qualities. His intelligence coupled with her deep passion and emotions give a cozy feel to the relationship between them. They have a lot of the same opinions and are equally sensitive to one another. They both agree that conflict should not be an issue; however, if it does manage to rear its ugly head and a resolve does not come easily, he is the one to walk away and perhaps never turn around to look back. If Pisces woman can be more outspoken about her problems, her Libra man can soften and be there for her.

Libra man gives his Pisces woman the exact romance she dreams of. They both crave peace and harmony to be had with any good relationship and jump to the ability of staying in each others arms where it is safe away from the coldness of the world. To keep the balance of peace and tranquility makes for a very cozy and happy relationship. In fact, if Libra man knows he has hurt his Pisces woman, it causes an ache within him that he is not able to endure. To avoid such situations, she should do things differently, perhaps question him a bit more instead of jumping to conclusions that this is how he is, and then maybe she can help in avoiding such obstacles. But as it goes, more obstacles form between the two making their harmonious bond more unstable than before.

Both the Libra man and Pisces woman enjoy a good relationship as they help each other in times of need and be cordial with each other and never lose their calmness. Their blending eliminates all the differences and mysteries of their lives making them one. The harmony that flourishes in their home is more romantic and poetic then compared to any other zodiac sign. The warmth and protection provided by him vanishes all the worries and insecurities of her and the care and devotion given by her makes him stronger and more resistant to irritability. They both generally have cherubs singing for them once they feel secure in their relationship. Their oneness has the brightness of sunshine, softness of breeze and calmness of water that last for them throughout, making them a blissful and content couple.

Libra man and Pisces woman create a magic in their sexual intimacy with blend of tenderness and eroticism. They create a romance through their sexual intimacy that helps diminish or lighten any controversies they may have. He knows just how to display his love for her by filling her heart full of so much affection she will never have to crave it again. She learns to trust him with all she has got as she gives him the same fulfillment, knowing just what he desires. Respecting each others’ feeling and understanding the depth of oneness, their physical love becomes a beautiful experience of gentle pleasure, the kind of intimacy that makes them tremble with anticipation for each other. Both of them long for a certain degree of security in a relationship which they get from their emotional attachment and enhance with the purity of love making. Their sexual personalities fit well together and come naturally. Sometimes so naturally that it is an ecstasy that others can only dream about. The expression of their sexuality together flows evenly. It may change with their moods but it is always something to relish and savor.

Libra man has a way of changing his mind or ideas whenever he feels the need to do so. This leaves the Pisces woman wondering if he is vicious and cold. Although he may appear to be, it is not at all the case. He also finds his Pisces woman lost in her own dream world carelessly but she is not at all indifferent. These things create arguments between them. They debate back and forth and as she listens for his apology and gets his silence instead it tells her to be patient and she takes it seriously. In debate, he says something to weaken her further and she ends up turning away from it all. As long as Libra man and Pisces woman are fair with each other and are outspoken toward each other, the lines of communication remains open thereby giving them a chance to grow a strong bond between them.

  1. Hsu Nandar January 17th, 2024

    The last paragraph is so true but I advoided argument and been silence whenever he changes but he still caring my feeling if I become silence All my wish is to be his wife and meet him in person I love u Ray Although we r ldrs I still wanna be ur wife and take care of u always one thing diffence with other boy is he never talks about sex once til now it been long time we dated he never asks if I’m virgin or not like other boys I can’t understand him sometimes I only revealed his face after one month dating and knew my name after two months dating…our relationship is totally silence and cold

  2. Classy December 5th, 2022

    Currently reading this in the arms of my libra man. He is so sweet and affectionate. He is my safe place 🤍

  3. Dave July 21st, 2022

    Astrology has not demonstrated its effectiveness in controlled studies and has no scientific validity.

  4. KATHY WAGNER June 17th, 2022

    Wow. The same story as mine. I’m a pieces woman. My male Libra is my dream guy and my biggest pain in the ass. Our arguments are mostly over me taking short vacations. He doesn’t want to go and he hates it if I go without him. Arguments are never resolved. He walks away and finds somewhere else to be for a long period of time. I mean months.
    However, lol, I love my alone time so I let him walk away and I don’t get ahold of him for a few months and then it’s by text. If it wasn’t for the great sex, I wouldn’t text him back at all.

  5. Elle veeh April 5th, 2022

    Wow. I’m reading this right now because I really am at a point where I really don’t know if were meant to be together. I’m a Pisces woman with a Libra male I’ve been with him for 9 years and we have 5 babies (yes its great sex lol) but he’s always picking at my wrongs, walks away from arguments yes you should when it gets heated to avoid saying anything hurtful, but it should eventually be resolved to really move past it. He gets more than jealous if any male shows me attention but thinks its ok to be friendly with old gfs which honestly I don’t mind its just the standard he holds for me are way different?!

    If I try to spend time with friends or go out there’s always a reason I shouldn’t, but if the shoes on the other foot I’ll gladly help him so its a good time, and I don’t want to sound like I’m perfect because I’m not, but I used to do a lot of things I didn’t know hurt him but once aware I changed it. But to receive I’m asking too much?

    I hope somebody understands this because I feel like I’m going mad. I’m really at the point where if I walk away I won’t give a fuck because I really did put everything into this relationship including still recovering from losing a child to forgiving him for cheating.

    I’m too grown now I feel it.
    I just wanna be happy.

    • Jacey May 24th, 2022

      I have the exact issue with my libra man. You aren’t going mad at all.

    • Ceecee May 30th, 2022

      Wow you are totally walking my life and we have 5 babies. It’s annoying bc it’s like he can do it but I can’t when it comes to outside relationships. We’re going on 11 yrs and you are not being crazy or delusional they can be one sided

    • Saniyah October 25th, 2022

      I understand but if he’s friendly with females leave if he doesn’t want you doing the saMe thing he does leave!

  6. Amanda December 6th, 2021

    I’m a Pisces woman and I have been with a Libra man for 10+ years he is my soulmate and my safe space. It is truly the realest love I’ve ever experienced. We talk everything out we understand each other’s boundaries and the man when he speaks moves me every time first time we met I was in a dark place his words moved me from the strength in his words I cried. Being with this man was the best decision. They do not disappoint.

  7. B November 27th, 2021

    i’m a pisces woman and i’ve dealt with this physical abuse . now i’m wondering if i should give this libra man a chance . i just met him , he’s soo sweet literally does all the things i want my man to do without even asking . He surprises me a lot . I am soo comfortable with him , he makes me feel like i’m special to him . so it’s like . is it all a lie . ugh love for me as a pisces has been sucking lately

  8. Dee Dee November 12th, 2021

    I’m a Pisces woman and I think I’m dating a Libra male. I’m not quite sure. I’m afraid to ask. To be continued.

  9. george March 29th, 2021

    i’m libra man and after reading last comment, i don’t think i’ll ever date anyone anymore, if i have a chance to get out of control and become malicious to my loved one i would rather stay alone, but i have pisces best friend we are inseperable. we are like escimo brothers, i think sometimes my sense of humor enoyes him and then we make retarted bro eye contact after which we laugh and bully other kids, as for girl pisces… idk never dated one or never dated anyone

  10. Sylvianne Labonte February 14th, 2021

    So I’m a Pisces woman I do not hold grudges I’m actually super forgiving. Though mY trust will be lost. My vest male friend is a Libra this horoscope describes us perfectly . We do love each even maybe be in love with each other . We are both open with our sexualities and would be in a poly relationship since we both love so much. Jealousy wouldn’t be a deal breaker I look at him and literally see the male version of myself except for his extreme stubbornness and anger issues. We are both extremely honest to each other we both know each others past almost 100% .Our love for each other is so much more than all the romance and sexual desire there’s a bigger connection than all that…and as much as I’m in astrology I think this can happen between any zodiac signs ..the key is to get to know the person you wanna be with notice details the tiniest things. Thatll save your relationship. No matter who youre with …be honest with your feelings communicate remember details and the small.things learn from each other and be truthfull…just remember NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE MAN WOMAN OF ANY SIGN ….OTHERS WILL FIND THEM ATTRACTIVE AND WANT TO GET WITH THEM…THEY WILL FIND OTHERS ATTRACTIVE AS WELL AS YOU WILL,..but if you can’t trust them then don’t be with them end of discussion

  11. Jacquelyn Hipes February 2nd, 2021

    My husband and I have been together 5 years. And honestly this is spot on. Sorry you ladies had shitty men.

    • Tracy Washington May 18th, 2021

      Im a pisces woman with a Libra man and it is absolutely frustrating… he is insecure of himself as a man, horrible communicator and gets defensive when I dont agree with him or if i try to come to him with an issue. Ive been avoiding the inevitable. He can never hold himsself accountable, Everything is someone elses fault. This balance and fairness they speak of is only according to his own distorted view as he is not open minded at all. MY particular libra man must have been a defective one.

  12. Ashley January 21st, 2021

    The love of my life was a libra he was so toxic and the devil disguise. We had a beautiful daughter together literally the prettiest kid get stopped where ever to tell us how beautiful she is. But back to the bad he beat me, cheated on me and used me like his personal bank account. It was not a good match. If you are a Pisces woman run as far and fast as you can from this devil with a smooth smile and words. The sex was great though…lol but other then that and the every once and awhile he kinda loved me it was a horror story.

    • siyar June 28th, 2021

      i am a libra .i love a pisces woman.i am not as cruel as your husband.Tell me what should i do to attract her.

  13. Kavyashree January 17th, 2021

    I’m Pisces women and I’m in love with libra men. He cares me alot and he always guide me in a good way.. But he don’t like when I talk to other men, nd he put restrictions on each and every thing. He is over posessive, what ever but I’m in love with him I can’t live him. But we fight every day every sec. Thats the problem.. In my home, my parents opposed for my marriage coz of compatibility

    • Kay January 19th, 2021

      I’ve never heard of this combination in my life

  14. Nelisiwe December 24th, 2020

    Hi I’m pisces woman I’m married wit libra so we have problem all the time we fitghting the caurse of fight is a step children so he diced to separate our mariege so long time I try to berg him coming back to solve our problem but he don’t want so I don’t know can I deal with him

  15. Robyn January 13th, 2020

    🥀I’m a Pisces woman in L❤VE with a Libra man who is so kind, fun loving and patient.
    The only flaw is his becoming jealous when other men speak to me.
    He becomes angry and tells me to visit that person, or makes an excuse that he is busy.
    I feel we will not make it because of trust issues.
    I’m not going to deal with his insecurities. We are adults not children. I cannot fix a broken man. I want the best for hom, even of it means with someone else.
    I’m not into head games.

    • Mons August 21st, 2020

      Oh, I hope you’ll be patient. Myself here (pisces male) now with pisces women. Now we share deep emotional connections, without criticize each other. We undestood each other needs in silence.

      • Karima December 18th, 2020

        I’m a Pisces woman that dated a Pisces male and he was wonderful but I seen all my flaws in him. Meaning I felt like I was dating myself. It became predictable and that’s what lost me

    • Michael November 1st, 2020

      I am a Libra man. I’ve long passed any kind of thoughts or feelings of jealousy. You should tell him how it makes you feel! I realize other men will want to speak with and flirt with an attractive woman, and it doesn’t bother me at all when a man finds my girl-friend attractive as long as he doesn’t disrespect my relationship with her. If she were to accept an invitation, I would eventually know somehow, and she can be on her way permanently. I am loyal and I do not put myself in compromising situations. We do not own nor control others. It’s a compliment for a man to want to flirt with my girl-friend. Almost everyone enjoys and appreciates that as long as it is polite and tasteful. All this being said, if you flirt back and lead other men to believe they might get the opportunity to romance you … you should be single. Boundaries should be clear and you too must respect your man and the relationship just as he must respect you and the relationship.

  16. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Pisces are so emotional, I think the fish need to remember not to get frazzled by the Libra (can be all over the place).
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for PISCES:
    I hope it helps.

  17. Elle June 18th, 2019

    I’m a Pisces gal, and been with a Libra guy for about half the year now. And everything that this article says it sounds like I’m the libra guy and he the Pisces girl, for some reason he keeps telling me he is afraid that I may one day decide to just up and leave. Idk if that’s the indecisive part of me, or if it’s bc I’m just fickle. I love my alone time, my own space, and he is more of a “always together” kinda guy, and if I don’t give him attention for a day, oh boy, it’s war, like he’s the one on the period and bleeding. I don’t meant to criticize him, and I like the fact that he cares for me in his way, but sometimes I feel it’s just a bit too much, where I find myself wanting my own space, my own time; like I can’t breath. He isn’t being demanding, he can just be a bit of a drama queen. Idk. Maybe it’s just me. Idk

    • michelle childs November 21st, 2019

      Hi I’m a Pisces girl who’s been in a relationship with libra man for a few months. I totally get you here! He always wants to see me and do stuff with me, which is lovely, but I also enjoy my own space. It’s just who we are! Add to that I have a jealous ex and 2 girls, and I feel I’m trying to spread myself pretty thinly!
      I guess we have to be honest about our needs and that it can make the time we do spend with them all the more special.

    • Leanna Peters January 20th, 2020

      Nope.. You are not being too much… It is imperative that you express exactly how specific actions and reactions make you feel with your partner, so they have a clear understanding of what your needs are. And also explain to him, because of your nature it hurts you when he doesn’t respect your boundaries and need for space. It will never be a personal attack on him. But it is necessary for you to function happily within the relationship. You need your space to decompress and flow. And it is your nature, and process. And him giving you the space to complete that process, makes you feel loved, and respected, which enhances your love, admiration and respect for her or him. I’ve gotten a bit muddled by who is the female and who is the male. But whom ever is the Pisces.

  18. Erin October 3rd, 2017

    Hi guys I am a Pisces women. Im currently talking too/ seeing a Libra male. We just recently started talking about 2 month ago. So far everything was great. funny thing about us is that we met on POF a dating website haha. I’m the one the sent the first message and that’s not me AT ALL but it was something about him that made me say go for it. Well i shoot my shot and bam he caught it . At first we both thought each other were catfish just because we were both good looking and I never saw him around before. We finally hung out in person. Instant sparks has flied. He shows me the love that I’ve been looking for. He gives me compliments all the time. We talk to each other just about everyday. From texting each other memes, Snapchatting, Facetime or just talking on the phone. We make time out for each other . This is my first time ever dealing with a Libra. I’ve been on Google , to Youtube just to see if we are compatible. I don’t usually depend on my zodiac sign to determine my relationships but I really want to make it work with him. He’s a very nice guy inside and out and i just want to smother him with all my love.. Here’s the catch he is moving back up North in January which sucks cause i felt like we just started to connect on another level . I did long distance before and I got cheated on in the process. Idk what to do . He knows that I like him A LOT but I’m not pushing the whole relationship thing just because I’ve been played too many times and I just want to make sure I’m not rushing into anything & this is what we both want. I know he has strong feelings for me. He enjoys my vibe and company. Being that he’s moving makes it more difficult. Any advice for me ??? :((

    • reno October 26th, 2017

      hi erin.
      i have friend that was married. has twin boy.
      she is pisces, and husband is libra.
      she always say that her husband is not very her.. rude, rigid.
      but she can enjoy they marriage, and deal with it.
      she say she will get more happiness if she married with me, haha. i’m virgo man. 31 August birthday.

      what i tried to say to you is, when you want to get another level with him, try to connect heart of yours, connect the ego, emotion.

    • JACINDA February 12th, 2018

      his name wouldn’t happen to be Roger would it? He is a POF man whore and can manipulate women into falling for him quickly. I hope not, if so, RUN!

    • fahd July 31st, 2018

      Hi, I am Libra male, what I understand is that you did not express your love for him and that is the reason he is clueless about you and may be moving forward and not returning. As a Libra, I really feel emotionally attached or detached. If I am emotionally attached to someone, I will share my feelings with her and she will share her feelings with me. If there is no emotional feeling, I just walk away. I even leave a person altogether if I get the hint that I am irritant to that person not alone making her to be away from me. I feel other person lovable if she only shares with me what she feels and I definitely charm her to the fullest. Rather than letting him to express love, you should try to tell your feelings about him and I reckon this will be beneficial.

      • cindi October 22nd, 2018

        That should not be hard for her….Pisces spit out there feelings on a drop of a hat…if they cant say it…look at her face….it WON’T lie….we cant keep good or bad feeling inside…won’t work….My Libra man loves attention….and we compliment each other so random YOU CAN FEEL THE CONNECTION AS IT HAPPENS:) I had to realllllllly focus on what made him tic….I too thought of him to be rude, crass, just not into me….so I let go….my man came back … thing I have found in this relationship that Pisces women FEEN for….HONESTY….they are so honest it can hurt….but you cannot fight with honesty…so cheating ???? he will ltell you or just walk away….

    • Len. August 17th, 2018

      Hi Erin.
      I’m Len.
      I’m a libra man and I also am on POF.
      My advise to you is to be completely honest with him about your feelings, Nd try to communicate clearly.
      No one can read his mind; the best you can do is be direct about your feelings and intentions, also be careful not to project past hurt into current love.
      Good luck, live it all the way whatever that means to you.

    • CINDI October 22nd, 2018

      I connected to a Libra man 9 years ago with the same experience you have….I really had to let it go with what was going on and it didn’t work no matter how much we liked each other…I would say to him…Don you are either the one, or the messanger….He says Lou, Iam the messenger….so 9 years later….out of the blue shows up at my job and says, you remember that question? Iam the one!!!!! They think a lot and sometimes so hard to make a decision they don’t make one at all. But once it was his idea it was a gooooo….If it was meant to be, I let it go and it came back….sounds dreamy to us Pisces….but dreams do come true. I would not do a long distance if I have been hurt before, since I can create some shit in my head….but we do know when we know….so PISCES FRIEND…FOLLOW YOUR GUT…WE ARE THE BEST AT IT:):):)

    • Mindy August 8th, 2019

      Hi Erin, I am also a Pisces and libra man. And every single thing you said about your relationship is what I’m going through. I truly believe in the love you found and the one that I found as well. I hope you find a resolution to his move so they can make it work.

    • Tori September 5th, 2020

      He’ll cheat they are natural flirts.

  19. Peach Pie March 4th, 2017

    I’m dating a Libra man and he’s has very compassion, he will argue until his face turns blue, I’m a strong willed spirit and i won’t back down. After he yells his head off he wants to eat his peach, the oral sex is deep and i can’t argue that. If he applies being more compassionate the way he makes love life will be less complicated. I’m a Pisces that loves to look good smell and takes top pride in being classy, on the other hand he doesn’t care what he looks like, i hate the dusty tennis shoes and sloppy jean look, he doesn’t take pride in looking groomed most of the time, i rather see him in his mail man uniform than seeing him looking like he doesn’t give a damm! He’s a good provider even after 44 years of being together off and on i do love him, i really want to make him shine under all the dustiness there is a diamond. Please less arguing and more communication we could leave a wonderful life.

    • Peach Pie March 4th, 2017

      Girl good for you, he needs to pay attention to himself, most women want there man to smell good and look nice, sounds like he needs a make over. The cave man look is out! Take pride Mr. Mailman your Peach Pie wants you to shine.

  20. October's 1st March 4th, 2017

    I was in a relationship with a pisces woman for 6 months, the best thing that happened to me in 2016. We were friends first for almost 3 years. Our relationship ended abruptly due to my lack of communication and expressing my true feelings to her and letting her know where she fit in my life.

    The beginning of our relationship was magical, everything I ever dreamed of in a woman, a real woman. However, i was sometimes detached, cerebral and failed to express my true feelings to her, I ignored all the red flags, i got complacent and comfortable with the space we were. I thought that she will always be here, I failed to connect with her on a different level, I failed to cater to her emitional needs.

    I knew of her past relationship with her sons father of 6 yrs. It was filled with ups and downs, trust issues and I think she brought some of the wounds from the past into our relationship. And might be back in the picture again thanks to my stupidity

    We broke up cus i went on a trip with my daughter and her mother’s family and I did not feel the need to tell her. She felt betrayed when she found out and could not tell me how to make it up to her, she says that she does not see a future for us. (I know how pisces hold grudges)

    I am soo disappointed in myself because she held me up to a high standard, she thought the world of me and never thought that I’d take her down that road.

    Even though it’s been 2 months since our break up, not one day goes by that I don’t think about her or miss her.

    Hinde sight is 20:20 and now I know that I let a good one go. I will do anything to right my wrong and i pray that God restores our relationship.

    Fellas if you find a pisces woman hold on tight and don’t be like me.

    • Pisces April 2nd, 2017

      I’m a pisces woman, and wish you could talk to the libra man I just broke up with. I know he’s going to feel the same exact way very soon, and I’m worried when he finally does it’ll be too late.

      • reno October 26th, 2017

        i’m wondering why pisces women usually don’t get good relationship with libra man ?

    • Shirley Phillips June 27th, 2017

      yes we hold grudges. We give a lot and we put our men on pedestals. Its a lot to live up to but unfortunately once that trust has been broken it can NEVER be restored. You only have one shot with us. So sorry this happened to you. At least you have the memory of love. Many do not. Best of Luck to you!

    • Febuary18 August 15th, 2017

      So I was dating a Libra man, whos bday was October 1st, I however loved that he often participated in family outings with his ex and her family. I love the dynamics of that, I did however lose faith when I found another womans shirt in his bedroom, next to his bed, we had been seeing eachother loosely for a year already, and he was pushing for us to move into together, I was dragging my feet scared to upset the seemingly perfect balance we had in our relationship. Then I found the shirt, and I crumbled inside, but I never told him. I mean he knew I found the shirt, he was there, he just quickly threw it aside and laughed it off nervously. I never pushed. Then suddenly my daughters dad showed up and promised the world to me again, so hurt, I let my Libra go. He immediately jumped into a relationship with the woman whos work he took me too for our first date., to make jealous, probably the owner of the shirt. THey’ve been together ever since. Every time I see him I crumble. I regret letting him go. I thought he was unreal though. I have never had anyone in my life that ever made me feel so alive, so beautiful, so right. He made my world burst right open to all the possiblities that are out there. <3 I wish I would have just talked to him about how hurt I was. I felt so betrayed. I had been betrayed so many times. I just didn't want to face it again.

    • sbqfrnco September 10th, 2017

      mayanqueenpisces so sorry out happen. I’m pisces woman dating libra man. you and better fight for her don’t let go. yes pisces we get mad is but if she truly loves you. ask for second chance and let her know how sorry you are, and the you mean it from the bottom of heart. that you will make sure to have open communication with her no matter what. she will find way to forgive you . wish you the best. because I keep really open communication my man. and talk about everything regales what it is. we have amazing relationship.

  21. Lvmimie January 9th, 2017

    I am pisces sign… and I am still in relationship with a Libra guy… we almost break up but it was not because he wanted to left me … it was because our religion.. both of us have different religion.. actually i can’t accept the reality that we are really different… our family can’t accept our relationship… I have been dating WITH him ALMOST 2 years…. he really great , he always. there for me whenever I need or not him I’m not saying that he so perfect but he made me feel perfect… I have many bad of altitudes, such as bad temper, always saying bad word, made people hurt their feelings and so on… but he can’t accept me…Do u think can he and I stick together until the end… I am not sure ….there’s so many problem that we must to overcome… I am scare to lost him actually

  22. LovetobeinLove58 August 10th, 2016

    From everything I’ve read (I might want to add I’ve never even met a pisces but they sound very fascinating) I feel there’s something you should consider if you are a pisces and considering getting into a relationship with one of use Libra…
    While a lot of similarities and differences are regularly discussed, what I think you should know about the difference between the two signs that really is worth considering.

    While Libra is often described as social butterflies, and hence should come with a lot of social graces, I believe we are the sign with the least amount of Emotional Perception, while Pisces is the sign with the highest amount of Emotional Perception.
    I think it takes Libra a life time to realise the concept of ‘ulterior motives’ and how certain people make a move after having planned it for months, and how devious and deceptive some people are.
    I think if a Libra guy says to a girl has has feelings, if she doesn’t fairly quickly reply that she also feels the same way, he assumes she doesn’t like him. We tend to take things at a very thin face value.
    I personally, at thirty, have only realised that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, you might tell a girl you love her, and she might say she’s not interested, but she is and is hoping he can pick up on subtle hints and vibes… but the guys heart is broken because she said she isn’t interested and he’s figuring out how he’ll move on…
    When it comes to Pisces, being the last sign in the zodiac, they have a highly evolved sense of the things you can’t see, the unspoken. They can sense your vibes, moods, true motives, etc. very easily and have a difficult time expressing it verbally.
    So it pays to be careful when getting into the Libra-Pisces relationship. Remember Libra can’t see that much below face value, and is not aware of a lot of the stuff going on ‘under the surface’.
    And Libra guys, don’t be so quick to give up on a chick that doesn’t give the immediate ‘yes’ – she might be far more interested than you know.

    • Ebony February 7th, 2017

      This is sooooo on point with me and a Libra man I am doing now. I’m literally sitting here thinking if I should call him or make him wonder why I haven’t called as to not seem so pressed but this post is making me dial at this very moment. Thank you

      • Ebony February 7th, 2017

        Talking to now not DOING now* lol

  23. Fahab April 23rd, 2016

    I want to share my experience with you all. I have been with this libra guy for 3 years of my life. we broke up because we were mentally very different from one another we had a different approach towards life. But those three years there was so much passion… We fought in extreme loved in extreme. It was a love hate relationship. we couldn’t stay with each other and couldn’t stay without. I still do love him deep down. I am a pure Pisces with a cancer now. Cancers are amazing and gentlemen. my cancer male loves me crazy. But my heart always yearns for my libra guy. libras are great but not for us. I have cried alog for him. It’s like one thing in my life that I want more than anything is him. To be with him and in his arms. I miss him still. I am getting married to my lovely cancer guy but still the guy is in my mind. 
    He will always be there for me no matter what. We broke up because we were tired of our conflicts. And I know he equally loves me. Sigh :'( 

    • vetagale August 7th, 2017

      Wow! i was with a cancer guy for 6yrs, the father of my too kids,literally only good from that relationship is our kids. He was the worst relationship i have have

      Now im dating a libra who is amazing. However im already having some small issues.
      can a libra defends his spouse if needs arives?
      Why does he behave soo sneeky at times.

      We have been dating and remaining celibate for 3mnths. Is it in his nature to have this type of relationship.

      We would be talking about x. then change he change that shit to y soooo quick.

      Problem is im already falling for him, i love open n really hard so i need to be sure.

  24. shyel February 24th, 2015

    It’s all true until I jumped into conclusions which made him tired so he broke up with me =( I should’ve read this article before that. It may change the situation a bit.. I still love him so much. It’s been almost a month since we broke up… This article is really like our relationship. So so true that it hurts :'(

  25. eyes_like_pisces August 24th, 2014

    @A.J.  or other Libra’s willing to advise.
    Lately I’ve been wondering if the Libra can really stick with and be committed to the overly emotional pisces? I mean can that be a deal breaker for any of you?
    If A.J.’s right Libra’s want to fix the problem and offer guidance when we cry. Can you elaborate?
     I dont know about you other piscesans but when I cry my throat swells up and I feel incapable of speaking. Then my Libra gets mad and acuses me of being uncommunicative. ~ anyway, I want to know how other libra/pisces couples handle this kind of conflict? Personally I would just rather pretend my outburst didnt happen and move on, but libras (at least mine) seem to want to talk through it, and take it personally when they shouldnt. It seems like our approaches clash. So what works for you couples out there?

    • §WØRĐ February 6th, 2017

      Hi A.J.
      Actually i have the same problem but me n my bf we have long distance relation but whenever i cry out may b due to probs with parents or bf or anybody my throat also swells n pains like hell out n unable to speak a single wrd.. i keep quite or i just write down what i hve to say. N rather tell ur partner about ur throat prob so that next time he won’t think u r not responsing.
      By the way i knw libra n pisces relation is quite struggling one.. but trust me if u learn it urself n try to handle small points than u can succeed in ur relation.
      Me n my bf argue on any point bt if we feel we r moving towards a fight anybody among us apologize n immediately other1 also feels sry.
      N we just say don’t make such mistake again n everything is again very lovely within few minutes.
      Simple strategy do not stretch the relation so much that it ends up. Try to stop arguments make situation n mind cool. N then with sweetness cariness lovingly softly n in very simple way (if mistaken) apologize or (if he has any confusion) clear it out… You will never b apart if u behave maturedly when other partner behaves childish n vice á versa…
      Best luck try it…
      In our 4years relation me n my bf had arguements struggle cries happiness understandings but not even once we broke up…
      We tried solving problems and we r still n much closer to each other.

  26. Pisceswoman143 May 15th, 2014

    Hi guys , I’m new to this but I needed some advice . My libra man is 31… I am 22. Big age gap I know , but we get along so great, he’s my other half . I cant see myself with anyone else but him . He is just like the article decribes . About a week ago , I began to nag him on me feeling unwanted and put on the back burner , he has been going through a patch , he’s currently in a mens recovery home for drugs and alcohol . Despite this , he is a good man , caring and loving . We had been going , well I had been on him about how I was feeling , each time , with him telling me he needed to focus on himself so he could better himself . I should have listened to him & just supported him more instead if nagging. Well two days ago , he texted saying he didn’t want to hurt me and those weren’t his intentions , but he felt like he needed to be alone . I replied and asked him if that was is it , after all the support , love and respect I’ve given him, a break up over a text was all I got . He replied and said ” No of course not silly , I appreciate everything you’ve done , I just needed to tell u ” . TheN Said he needed to be alone so he could focus on himself . We haven’t spoken in 2 days , I live at his house btw . Have I lost him? Should I leave him alone like he asked ?… I’m so confused . Help please . 

    • fahd July 31st, 2018

      Better to leave him alone because the more you force him to be with you , the more he will be away from you. He is really state-forward and that is why he told you about his mind. Better to leave him focusing on himself. Pushing him towards you won’t do any good for you. If you let him go, he might return towards you. Otherwise the chances are rare.

  27. Shacoon April 2nd, 2014

    Hey… Im a libra & i found my Pisces friend at my work she was going through a abusive & complicated relationship with her cancer she had kids with. At 1st we both seemed to get along you know nothing out of the ordinarry then as time progressed we both kinda begain to open up more&more to eachother. she is so amazingly magnetic, attractive & beautifull but i dint really think much of it considering she had been with her patner for a verry long time not to mention im only 21 with no kids & really not that intrested in having any. we started getting more pysical at work & we were really trying to keep our touchyness & sexual remarks between eachother as the boss might soon realize time was stopping for us when we came together but the clock still spun very fast might i add haha. we met at my house 1 night unaware what was really about to manafest when i went to kiss her i saw time stop THATS NEVER HAPPENED even to this day i feel like something happend at that momunt. we slowly just became essential to eachother. I have never felt a love this magical ever & certainly never will again she came to me when i needed it most & she said i did too.i have never felt so comfortable & empowered! I soon learned i will do ANYTHING for this woman! Once the blind in love state solidified I knew i will love her in this life & the next. Im so in love with her today I wish we could be toghether 4ever. I have also realized from this if she finds her way out I do want to help her raise her kids. we even have an angel we both saw (cosidered a good omen) I have never seen anything like what i saw 1 day working with her. She described seeing the angel just a few days after i did. Its a blessing i am able to help her day to day, although she is very pinned & cant leave her situation i will never give up on her. no matter what happens i will be her friend. there is so much destiny taking place between us i dont know what to make of it. some1 told me the stars brought us toghether & that makes so much sense. I hope 1 day the cancer she lives with will face justice for abusing her to no end. It would be me doing this if the kids dint need a father & if a ladie dint tell me to let my pisces friend take care of him. Im so worried tho she gets hurt worse n worse & sadly i dont have enough to bring her & her kids to a real home. I have seen the divine intervention take place linking our lives & so i pray. my story with the ladie of mist has touched my heat&soul with a divine presence most people dont know is out there. I swear by it all when she entered my life my spiritualism & her guardians showed me that spirits do exist linking us before we even know the other person. Although our guardians cant always protect us they will come when they are trully needed most…..    

  28. besty-A. June 17th, 2013

    Life can be very displeasing especially when we loose the ones we love and cherish so much. in this kind of situation where one loses his/her soul mate there are several dangers engage in it. one may no longer be able to do the things he was doing before then success will be very scarce and happiness will be rare. that person was created to be with you for without him things may fall apart.That was my experience late last year. but thank god today i am happy with him again. all thanks to DR AKPAKPA, i was nearly loosing hope until i saw an article on how DR AKPAKPA could cast a love spell to make lovers come back. There is no harm in trying, i said to my self. i contacted him via email: words will not be enough to appreciate what he has done for me. i have promised to share the good news as long as i live.

  29. davidjmf February 10th, 2013

    Hello everyone I am a libra man…..and I do love a Pisces woman…’s just well 18 and she’s 17…..and last year was a really rough year I had just gone through practically the worst experience in my life….my girl cheated on me…and she was my best friend….since then I’ve been a complete and utter mess my confidence is shot and I don’t know what to do anymore…I’or practically going nowhere. This girl is smart,creative and well she beautiful I love her….but I feel this ache in my chest when we argue or I think I even did something wrong….and for some reason I am always sad around her I just can’t be cheerful around her and I have no idea why…I can’t seem impress her no matter how hard I try…i know Im depressed not the best looking guy out there and I definitely lost my charisma last year…I just can’t get to her in anyway…we do talk every now and then but only about things of our past really sad things really I wish I could’ve done something for her to make her smile back then…she hates it when I’m depressed or bring up my past but I just can’t help it I’m a mess to anyone out there I need advice…I wish I could’ve of met her sooner maybe back then I could of captured her heart but now I simply can’t do anything at all…please help me I can’t take this anymore. 

  30. Bigbear23 January 16th, 2013

    Ridiculously true from the blog above to everyone comments on Pisces and Libra’s love compatibility. You all inspired me to continue on, some more than most. You all write so well, made me feel like I just met my pisces woman again. For those who pointed out that it’s hard to realize if your partner even has the same passion for you. Its true, I feel my pisces is mad or falling out of love with me, this thought alone eats at me. Reading this blog again 2 months later has eased and slowed down my vendictive thinking process. We libra’s plan ahead all the time, after my relationship with a Leo I now lack passion for true love. She left on vacation and came back without acknowledging that she was in town. A week later finally in contact she felt she needed to ignore me and pretend like we never had anything prior to her vacation. Being as faithful as i was through that month really took a toll on me. Planning for the future and then knock down from your partner as if it never existed. Around this time my pisces woman always stayed in contact with me. She waited 3 years for me no matter what I told her. I am more confident, couragous, motivated than i have ever been. Just sometimes those thoughts of making yourself vulnerable with love scares me. Now that I’m writing this, i shall tell her in the morrow. My point being is that there is truth behind this blog. My pisces knew we shared a connection and stayed with me longer than any other woman without my knowledge. I knew in my heart that she was it. Good luck only follows those who act upon opportunity. I’m glad she is in my life you all should love your libra man or your pisces woman. The truth has never lied to us. Thank you guys you all are truly special individuals. Happy New Year!

  31. mscfp January 4th, 2013

    You have to love to hate your Libra man.!! I know I do.!! I love my Libra man to death, he is truly the other side of a Pisecs Woman. I have NEVER, i repeat NEVER been in such a romantic, crazy, stressful and complete BLISSFUL relationship as this one.! I met my Libra man when he was just about to turn 18.! We have been together ever since.! I couldnt leave him alone when i met him, I was so attracted to his “sexy boss man” personality.! All the females wanted him, but like I have come to know, if a Libra man wants you too, he may play with the other girls but he only has one in mind to be his.! I had to grow and realize this about him; and I love that he has chosen me to be on his side. As for being a Pisces Woman, we crave this affection so it balances out perfectly.! On the other hand, He is very mysterious and as a previous post said I know He does like the fact that we do not know the complete picture…But hey, I know he does not want to loose me so I am just excited and anxious to see where we end up I definetly see marriage and I know he does too…Im ready and He is my soulmate.! It will be 4 years Sept 2013..!

    • Makem0311 September 12th, 2021

      Did you ever get married to the Libra?

  32. pilgrim November 14th, 2012

    As a male Libra I have had this “Majical” friendship with “Dee-Dee”
      for nearly four years.
        She does in fact “read” my mind,
     but in such a caring way!
       Dee-Dee has seen me me thru many ups and downs and has
        giving me the strength and courage to go foward at times when
         I was ready to give up, ie; my company folding, my wife leaving
    home to europe, a bad m/c crash.
        I am realizing that this girl loves me and that it is only a matter of time before we consumate our relationship. I am finding more and more that I love her also and that romanticly I am told that I should
      “hold on to my seat”.
       My hope is that romance will not destroy our frienship.

  33. jkakhil October 15th, 2012

    @hima saju
    i dont belive in all these ..non sences.. 

  34. riverageegee August 10th, 2012

    Wow!!! I really thought I was crazy. but, reading all of the above post, was like having a weight lifted.  I was ready to give up.  I thought for sure he was not interested in me.  We have been dating for five months and he could be so loving and the next minute be so cold.  He is so strange to read.  I cannot get a handle on it.  He makes sure that I am always taken care of no matter what.  But, when it comes to him and expressing himself, it just won’t happen. It drives me nuts……. Thanks for the input.

  35. precious0925 July 1st, 2012

    I have a feeling she really did love you but like you said you did not return the love the way she deserved.  A pisces woman always loves deeply and they are very romantic and passionate people too.  Trust me when a pisces woman tells you she loves is because she feels deeply for you, and trust me she loves you.  Most of them take a very long time to tell you they love you but when they do make sure you let her know how you feel if you feel the same way back, or she would never open her heart again to you.  You will have to work to build that trust again to let you in her heart again.  Pisces woman loves very deeply as much as a Libra male do, but from reading your article and the way she expressed her love to you, it seemed she really did love you. 
    I have a feeling she did sense that you did not return the love and that is why she walked away from it.  Did you ever try approaching her and just appologize to her and let her know you still do love her.  As a pisces woman I prefer a person who can be themselves around me and honest.  I will love you for it. 
    Also a little tip…don’t ever try to make a pisces woman jealous by using another woman and tell her you have someone you are seeing, trust me she will walk away and feel you broke the trust she had in you. Arlo, sometimes you can’t let pride hold you back of not letting the person know how much you care about them.  Sometimes in love we have to go after what we believe in even though it might hurt us.  That is what love is all about TAKING CHANCES. 
    I really and truly believed she did love you and I have a feeling you two are both SOULMATE material.  Listen, go for it and let her know how you feel before it’s too late.  If you really and truly loved her the way you say you do, then there should be nothing holding you back.  Go get her tiger.  GOODLUCK and all the best!!!

  36. VJ. June 30th, 2012

    @rlo Thank you for writing such beautiful words, you have inspired and touched me greatly. I yearn for a love that is as strong and passionate as is reflected in your memories and I hope that a day comes for me when I feel such intense emotions. I am a pisces and I fantasise on a whole new level – I used to think i was just a bit strange, but apparently it’s in my nature! A libra man has recently caught my eye and I have yet to actually have a full conversation with him but I have already intricately searched our compatibility (mind you this is far from the first site I have analysed). This seems so crazy to me, but I put it down to my age and lust for companionship, affection, passion, protectiveness, stability, family and above all a love that will imprint on me with the depth that you speak of. I was ready to stop fantasising and planning our first conversation to the very last word and finding any sense of courage to start up a conversation when I had come to learn he was a libra, and there was so much negativity with the relationship prospects that I thought i’d just give up, my only hope now is that if I am lucky enough to successfully spark up a conversation with him, that he is exactly like you for I have never even posted a comment on a completely random blog thread in my life until I read your words. Even if it doesn’t work out between this libra man, I will never question getting to know one, because of you, Thank you. I hope that you are able to find such passionate love again in your life and I am deeply sorry for your loss, you have a certain magic in your soul – at least with your words, and I don’t know many women who would be able to forget that, given the experience to just see.

  37. rondi1625 March 23rd, 2012

    Maybe you should be HONEST and TRUTHFUL and not hide your feelings or play MIND GAMES with her.  As a PISCES Lady we love hard.  Sometimes we just need to hear the person voice on the phone we love…being a SOULful pisces, for me hearing the man I LOVE voice soothes my SOUL somtime as my VOICE soothes his SOUL, lots of times I can hear it in his voice…when I speak to my LIBRA man he TOUCHED MY SOUL sooooo much….but as always they cannot make up their mind what they want….a PISCES Lady needs more…all she wants is TRUTH and HONESTY from a man….mine play mindgames with me…so time to CUT LOOSE if he cant STEP UP to the PLATE so to speak….GOOD LUCK!!!

  38. swanky-baby March 12th, 2012

    @rlo Hello: Did u ever heard of the word second chance ?? why dnt you try see if she still Loves u.. Maybe she does maybe she doesnt but you will never know if u dnt find out from her.. so my advise is look her up and find out if she is your SOULMATE …B4 its too LATE.. Sounds to me like she did LOVE u… but like u said u were nt open enough with her about your TRUE FEELINGS…Take a chance ,Its nt like u can lose her all over again…GOOD LUCK!!!

  39. rlo July 21st, 2011

    I agree with the article, as the most special girl I met in my life was a pisces. To be honest, I could write a book about her and not be bored at all. Not sure about the readers though!

    There are some aspects to this beautiful woman that I found confusing, at least at first, and I think it is not easy to get a clear impression of the pisces within initial time periods. They do operate on a higher spiritual level, even though they may not seem to be doing so. She liked to argue, and appeared, at least at first, to like to take the lead role. But both points were not as they appeared, as the arguing aspect was more to do with expression, honesty and showing personality.It’s like a system of allowing one to stay healthy by expressing the feeling, letting it go and not keeping things bottled up, so the mind and body can move on and breathe. When I looked into her eyes in the when she was expressing herself, there was passion, but not one bit of meanness in her.

    Sometimes she’d appear to take the lead(in general things), but I only realised after it ended with her that she would probably like me to have been more hands on take the lead role and be more myself. It’s a bit of a front that she has, sometimes appearing to be blase, because perhaps it is the only way to survive for someone who is deeply caring in an often harsh world. As a libra it is seemingly important to get a clear understanding of a person, and with the pisces woman, more layers are always being revealed, and the mystery is both confusing, a little infuriating and hugely enticing.

    She is very creative, very smart, hugely sympathetic, and as a libra she just had moments of sublime beauty that frankly I could not resist. The pisces women have such beautiful open eyes, you cannot help but fall for her if you see her looking at you with affection, or letting her feelings be known.

    Pisces women are some of the most spiritually mature of all the signs, and it will take a libra man to have a certain level of self honesty, clear communication and confidence in order to make this a successful relationship. Pisces women are very telepathic and can see through bullshit with ease, they appreciate your honesty, even it is misguided or stupid rather than a slight bit of pretension. This pisces woman is older than me, and perhaps at the time I had some spiritual development up to do, although at that time I could not imagine what that could have been. Even more than 6 months after having last seen her, she still inspires me. Both in the 3d world and as way of understanding love. I have found it hard to move on to other relationships because frankly I don’t find the other people/signs anywhere near as special. I even wrote poetry for her!

    I think it is possible to mistake the pisces passive nature for her being not interested – but that is not the case. She is just passively natured, so libra guys will need to trust the affection is there and express your passion with her.

    The pisces woman may think that the libra man is not caring about the issues she talks about and shares. But that is not the case, the libra man does not always physically show his deep compassion, but he cares alot.The libra man has an intellectually engaging side and likes to speak with others, especially if he senses they are down, to try and make them feel better.

    I feel regret, as she ended the relationship. She said she basically did not have strong feelings for me, which was an absolute killer. First time I met someone I truly cared about, and her response broke me. The bit I regret is not being myself enough, just showing who I am, instead I was a bit inhibited.(which she probably translated as boring!)

    The pisces is a very visually orientated, so if she cannot see or sense it she questions whether it is there. Both signs have the potential to get the wrong impression of eachother, and it is down to you male libra to express yourself more, to be open and proud of who you are.

    I feel very happy to have had her in my life. I thought I had been in love in my life before I met her. But after meeting her I realised that I did not know what that word meant.She is the first woman I truly loved and I probably always will.

  40. Carissa April 6th, 2011

    Wow, this compatibility is dead on, my libra and I have been together for 8 months, I’ve never looked at a compatibility in that time. It is so dead on, i swore he wasn’t human because of how calm he makes me its so weird. I could be irritated about something such as the house or him working so late but the second he walks through the door, I’m automatically calm. Its very peaceful between us, he is very detailed with his thinking process, he wants to know how every little peice fits into something to work. Me being a pisces i’m to dreamy for that intense thinking of how things work but, to my surprise he interest me in many things, i thought that didn’t even seem interesting. I completely belive the fate, I don’t think the pisces and libra realtionships happen often but sometimes fate makes it that way and you know it is fate. I had a dream about half a year before i met my libra, about him, when i first saw him and he had the same eyes as the mysterious, intellectual man in my dream i knew from that moment there was something beyond words between us.
    I love my libra guy and couldn’t ask for anything else, he fulfills every need in my exact pisces nature.
    Its true deep love between these signs.

  41. Mistie February 7th, 2011

    It is amazing to me to read all the blogs. I truly believe in my heart that my libra is the love of my life. It is truly a powerful deep love. We always said it is so rare to have found this and very thankful. My concerns are when libra’s turn off or cold. Because i am a pisces woman.. i feel we show our emotions through our heart and sometimes a libra man loves that but the sign of tears and depending on the day he could be easily irritated and unconsoling or he could hold you tight in his arms. Also being secretive for libra’s can come off as manipulation or hiding. It leads to a question of “we share everything” why now? I agree completely with the amount of love between these two signs and I also agree that libra’s though patience tend to pick and choose when they truly want to be. I love my libra but he has taught me at times how alone he can make me feel.

  42. A.J. January 22nd, 2011

    we don’t hate tears.. we jus don’t like it when the occasional cry becomes more of a routine. we need a stable strong partner. and we’ll normally be the first to walk away in a fight because its natural for the pisces to either disreguard our guidance in trying to solve the problem or just not listen. also all the anger a pisces can unleash is like a slap in the face. cuz libra’s ARE emotional. just hide it better lol. but otherwise the strength of your love will be the main factor on whether it will work.

  43. Kait January 14th, 2011

    My Libra man fits this to a T, if our relationship gets rocky he’s always the first to walk away… My Piscean sensitivity always gets the best of me when we get into arguements. Do all Libra’s hate seeing tears? The best thing about it is that we know our love for each other, and we’d never know what to do without the other one. We’ve been inseperable since the day we met. I’m young (17) as is he (19)but in our hearts we know that we’re meant to be. He’s the best thing in my life (he’s really loving reading this as I type too:)) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  44. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    – still let you believe it was all “your” idea;] lol. but our intentions will never be bad. and lastly to to the fishy above me (kate) you had better figure it out quick cuz if you decide to back out now he’ll never fully forgive you. “how can i KNOW i can trust you after you hurt me so..” will always hang in his mind. same goes for disloyalty… (cheating). and at the first sign of uncertainty he’ll be gone. i really hope i helped or you at least you enjoyed my endless babble;] hehe good luck to you all

  45. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    – at last second. we will thank you dearly for showing us all the fun we may have missed out on. romance is the libran’s forte so to speak. we know it better than any and affection is a BIG part of it. if you refuse our embrace you may as well have ripped out our heart. to the fishy that thinks libras are easily manipulated… you’re cute.. lol;] sorry but we’re 3 steps ahead of you and know exactly whats going on. we’re masters of manipulation. we can get you to do what we want how we want it and-

  46. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    -that my pisces and i are getting married this coming april. i know for a fact we’ll forever be together. she has my heart. the libran heart is fragile, be sure not to drop it. also believe it or not libra’s love the occasionally solitude despite others beliefs.. “i just want to be alone!!!” is a cry of the libra. use this time to get your own alone time in cuz otherwise we’ll be hurt if you choose times that we seek your company. as for plans.. if we set plans ENFORCE them. we’ll always want to back out-

    • Malik February 17th, 2019

      Hi, I would like to listen how is going on your relationship? I have Pisces girlfriend but she is afraid to get marry caz of culture differences. Plz share us your experiences so I can make comfort and fearless to her. Thanks a lot

  47. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    -communication is KEY. my love and i have agreed to try and not hide our feelings as much and it has allowed us to grow immensly. sexually we are kings;] and we take pride in it. with a libra all you have to do is ask if you wanna try something new, and we’ll do whatever it akes to make that wish a reality. plan on making a night out of it (or day lol). beware our extemely high sex drive if you fear you can’t keep up cuz we’ll expect a very active bedroom life. i’m also very happy to announce-

  48. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    -we will not hesitate to show an almost scary protectiveness to any who pose a threat to our loved one. thus giving our pisces the safety and comfort she desires. yet.. we will never show the same fight in us when ourselves are in this position. which works out with my relationship cause thats where my girl steps in and does it for me as i’d do for her with something as simple as an insult at our expense. us librans DO change our minds often for our surroundings and society is always changing.. –

  49. A.J. January 8th, 2011

    as a libra man i agree we are mysterious. in a way we find it amusing to confuse others with the vast concepts of our mind. although.. once we realize we are angering or hurting you we will “ache” and be quick to stop and beg for forgiveness. i also believe this coupling is best suited when our lil fishy is younger by a few years. i am 20 and the love of my life is 18. it doesn’t seem like much but you’d be surprised. feeling needed is something a libran loves, granted we avoid most or all conflict-

  50. Kate December 29th, 2010

    I’m due to marry a Libra man next year after 4 years together. It started off intensely romantic, I feel extremely comfortable and at ease with him. We share similar tastes, attitudes, sense of humour but recently I have been feeling more and more irritated by him and then feel guilty about feeling like that! His secrecy drives me mad, his inability to lose his temper and stick up for himself, his plodding, planning, researching every detail of every decision – I’m starting to crave spontaneity and impulsiveness. He is very clingy and I love being alone, he phones every day and wants to know the finite details of my day and I can’t be asked to talk that much. He is the kindest man I have ever met, he makes me laugh so much, he’s a generous and passionate lover, he’s very supportive – I find myself listing the pros and cons on my fingers. Should I be doing that 6 months before getting married? Is it just me being a cold fish?

  51. Jamie November 28th, 2010

    I love my libra man!!!! Definite soulmate connection 🙂

  52. Shalini August 13th, 2010

    hey guys I am a pisces female and ever since I have known myself liking any guy , I’ve always liked a libran. Dont know why !!! I think its cuz we always have so much passion and chemistry, all the play arguments and intensity. I love the way they are so calm but witty =) Could’ve been in long term relationships with them but just happened to work our the other way because of long distance and such… but they’re amazing. I am really drawn to gemini men , I know we are not supposed to be good , but excellent chemistry , ahh well =)
    maybe I’m not truly a pisces.
    Currently and since 16 I have had 1 libra lover but I dont wanna be with him then After 4 other libra lovers !!! To all pisces girls, remember the key to getting a libra man , is to make them smile always and let them poke fun at you , but ignore them always =)
    I have alot of experience with them , I KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THEM EASILY TO DO WHAT I WANT THEM TO DO , but they’re irresistable . LIBRA MEN ROCK !!!

  53. Tania July 14th, 2010

    I totally love my Libra man – I met him when I was 19 and I have loved him all my life, it was sad I got married to someonelse when I was 29..and now once more we have met and I am getting out of my marriage I cannot wait to be with him – He means the world to me and always did since the time I was a young 19 year old. This man is magical I love him to death…

  54. lost and confused June 24th, 2010

    Im with a libra man and i swear its the hardest relationship i have ever been in..We love eachother but seem to argue all the time its never ending..Im only 17 and he’s 19 its hard for me to trust him beacuse he has cheated on me once before and i let him back in my life now its this girl that i hate they call eachother bestfriends which i dont see the point of one of them because i should be his bestfriend but he doesnt see why he cant talk to her or why i dont like him talkin to her but its like this she likes to start shit she say she dont want him but thats not wat i see everytime i look around she’s right their with him like thats his gurl she knows i dont like her around him and she knows i dont like her but i guess thats why shes always around him plus i think she likes him i jus lost…another thing he always breaks up with me and gets right back together with me in the same day or the next day..were always together but in being together all the time we argue like no other i hate arguing with him but i want to be with him he’s my first love and i want it to stay like that i need help!!!!

  55. Sha April 28th, 2010

    I love my libra man. But he’s very secretive. I’ve been with him a year and a half and I have still never meet anyone in his family. We also planned a trip together and he cancelled the day before.
    Says it was because he had to handle some buisness and that comes before going on any trip,which is understandable,but I still feel like what about me.We have good communication but I just feel like since he’s always so busy the ralationship is based on when he has the time. So he calls the shots mostly on when were going to see each other.What about When I wanna see him?
    He also has children and I don’t. We have two very different lives but I still think it can work if he
    Thinks about my feelings and put me first sometimes or atleast have a day for just him and I atleast one day a week.He’s the first man I fully trust and that I never worry about him cheating.He’s very responsible and he’s a family man. I love those things about him.He’s also affectionate and he lisens to me. My only problem is him opening up to me more and making more time to go out together. I like to go out and do fun things,I can also stay in and be a homebody at times but he likes to be in most of the time. Just not my thing.I love music,dancing and just enjoying the outdoors. He claims he’s doesn’t have to go out because he’s over that part of his life, which would be fine for me if we lived together but we don’t. We should still be having fun! I feel like I know him but he doesn’t know me because he doesn’t want to go out to do the things I enjoy doing. And did I tell you he’s a Dj very ironic.he use to always invite me out but not so much anymore. Claims he doesn’t have time to “watch me” because of the guys coming up to me in the club. He’s needs to be focused on his work.I know it’s weird but we do love each other and try to make it work. I hope it does.

  56. hima saju March 28th, 2010

    my man also a libra…he s verrry affectionate and caring..i am very lucky ,,libra is absolutely nice….he is vwry romantic…i agreed,,,tis companion is the most beautiful…all the best dear libras n pises…

  57. rh March 27th, 2010

    i want mine to work out….and he is just the way its described….and i have made mistakes of not being outspoken…but im opening up but his responses seem to be so slow that its killing me!

  58. Fanci Walcher March 22nd, 2010

    Hah. My Libra man is absolutely amazing! You left out how ROMANTIC Libra’s tend to be. And everyone knows how affectionate and love-craving us Pisces tend to be. I’m completely at ease with my Libra, and I’m sure many of you will be too 😀

  59. Merie March 19th, 2010

    My Libra will think I’m silly for responding to this post, but he understands that it’s my way of seeking assurance…I love him very much and I know I’ll remain loyal to him through think and thin. Wow, what they say about Libras is so true. Mine is fair and kind…he never has a bad temper. I’m simply in heaven. I never want to be apart from my Libra. I become pensive easily at times because of stress from work…I also worry my libra will find someone else better for him than me. He assures me he’ll never leave my side. I’m his, always and forever.

  60. guest February 12th, 2010

    You will argue but the marriage will last.

  61. Saqib January 16th, 2010

    Well, am getting married to a Pisces woman in 2 weeks from now…….. hope that we don’t argue 😐

    • Malik February 17th, 2019

      dear Saqib, I hope you had not have argued wit your Pisces. My girlfriend is Pisces and she is afraid of bad circumstances and decrease of love after marriage caz we are from different culture. Please share me your experience so I can make her comfort and she accepts my propose. Thanks a lot!

  62. sheila January 12th, 2010

    My Libra is my true love. Were going to be married this year and I have never experienced any relationship like it. We fit together very well! Being a Pisces I will swim away as soon as I feel someone is trying to put me on a hook. I married before and it took me a long time to get out of that fishy net!!!! Libra is different, I haven’t had to turn myself into a shark in order to escape, and I don’t know why, LOL!!! It’s seems to be no threats since I have decided to take the bait. My Libra has served some pretty tempting bait for me. I’m hooked unless the waters change and then I will have to swim away into the deep sea where all Pisces go to safety, and wait for another, and remember what not to repeat to avoid getting that hook in my mouth! LOL!!! 🙂

    • Malik February 17th, 2019

      hi Sheila, nice to hear your compliments. Now it is 9 years gone and I would like to listen your happy marriage how is it going now on? I hope all is going well. I am in love with Pisces but she is afraid of differences between us which is culture is biggest caz we are from different region.. Plz share me your experience so I could make comfort my Pisces.

  63. sheila January 12th, 2010

    Wow so very true!

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