Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Libra man and Capricorn woman have high value on partnership and commitment, but express love differently.
  • Their sexual relationship can be vague and subtle, but compromise and understanding can lead to passion.
  • Capricorn woman can attract the Libra man by showing her loyalty, devotion, and independence.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 112 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Both Libra and Capricorn place a high value on partnership, and are equally committed but in different ways! Capricorn is somewhat more reserved than Libra when it comes to open expression of love. Eloquence and romance are important to Libra, while practical expressions of love are important to Capricorn.

A Libra man is a good listener. He uses logic and intellect in reaching his decision and once this decision is reached anyone is hard fetched to change his mind. His smile has a splendid magic that can trap anyone at first glance and his aura is splendid and very pleasant. He is basically a sentimental, considerate and intelligent man with an answer to all the questions. He needs balance in every aspect of his life and is always fair with people around him. A Libra man in love is one of a kind romantic male with so much to express and usually avoids any kind of conflict with his lady.

A Capricorn woman is a true leader. She is a very decent and strong female. She is very formal and generally avoids sloppiness and improper behavior, especially in public. She likes people with ambitions and self-esteem and herself is also a deity of both the qualities. She enjoys climbing the social ladder which allows her to feel important. She is very much attached to her family and loved ones. She cares for them and protects them in all the possible ways. In a relationship, she is a very devoted partner and wants her man to be a good provider and stable person.

Eloquence and romance are important to Libra man, while practical expressions of love are important to Capricorn lady. She appreciates her man’s commitment to her, deriving a sense of security from it and he feels at ease with her. She exudes a charming air of competence, which is a definite turn-on for him. If she trusts her Libra man, he will be surprised at just how gentle and loving she can be. His willingness to adjust and adapt brings a definite strength to the relationship, and she appreciates and acknowledges that quality in him. He needs Capricorn woman’s dependability and support and not her confines or career minded ideals. If she presses him — his wounded ego may not heal quickly. If she is the one to get over first and turn back in his arms, she may have to use some gentle persuasion to do so.

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A Libra man is most irresistibly charming gentleman of all the zodiac signs. He has an open mind when it comes to his career oriented Capricorn woman. A mature Capricorn makes for a good career woman with her earthly common sense, practicality and manners of a well to do woman. He supports her in every sense of the word as he soaks in her loyalty and devotion for him. The down side to this type of a relationship would be if she were to treat him as she treats her career. He wants his independence and cannot bear to be tied down or restricted. Libra man must learn to juggle this issue with finesse and delicacy, and try not to reject her too harshly. She’ll change and turn cold and bitter towards him and his mere charm and tenderness may not be enough to warm her back into his life.

Walking together on the life’s wary road, the Libra man and Capricorn woman find each other’s trust and discover love’s beauty eclipsing their entire world where their love comfortably takes solace in its tranquility. Each time they stare into each other’s eyes, their blood rushes fast through their veins and their heart skips a beat. They both love helping each other in all possible ways throughout their lives to bring out best of them. They are blessed with the gift of strong mutual respect and commitment which helps them to overcome all the difference and be grateful to the sky that keeps on showering them with purity of trust. They love the things they do together whether big or small. They admire the influence they have on each other which makes them a completely different person in their company. Their oneness create an angelic peace in their existence making them fall in love with each other more and more with each passing day.

The vague and subtle nature of the sexual relationship of Libra man and Capricorn woman is predominant but it is possible with some compromise on both sides. They both have to be able to recognize each others desires and give an effort to really try to close any gaps between them. Another must is the need to tone down each trait that offends the other. Intimidation can run rather high between Libra man and Capricorn woman and therefore must be subdued to make this work. Because she is much more passive and quiet in her sexual expression she looks for the deeper connection and the slow sensuality that grows to a heightened passion. He is not so deep and tends to appear somewhat detached from the whole experience. This leaves her empty and lonely, wondering if there is more out there to reach toward. If he can just learn to show his Capricorn woman how passionate he could be it becomes worth for both of them. She shows him the wonders of her affection and just how deep their desires can reach. He is able to learn from her, just how to reach his inner most passions and how to bring them to life. Similarly, she learns to be more outspoken and expressive.

The relationship between Libra man and Capricorn woman is not an easy one, but the good outweighs the bad. He is moody with erratic and multiple swings from day to day. He is happy go lucky one minute then turns around and show his anger. If she tries to push him into a restricted corner, she sees the angry, nervous and off the edge side of him as he turns and walks away. Her best bet is to leave him alone to let him regroup. She has her bouts of mood swings also, but they are not so plentiful, nor do they swing so wide from side to side. She needs her Libra male’s happiness and open minded nature to help her along. With some effort from each of them, this can work out to be a beautiful and deeply passionate love. It is definitely worth trying.

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  1. D k December 7th, 2021

    I’m a Libra man spending last 20 years with a Capricorn woman both in mid 50s both look and act 10yrs younger and have raised children of which the youngest is in mid teens. I’m not sure if we’d got together if we’d not had a life before meeting cause I’d not have tolerated her and probably her me too. I’d always noted that Capricorn girls were the most spontaneous and selfish of people and I’d see the cogs speedily whirling in there heads (only my perception). Now I have aged, lived a little if you will. Now I see a mental work of art and when in the presence of a Capricorn female “I switch myself on” for a minute or two (I’ll explain later).
    My wife and I seem to be opposites, she’d often gasp ” we have nothing in common” and I’d reply “what do you want from me babe”, nothing she’d answer. Now I know she was telling one of those lazy little white lies she likes to tell cause she did want something she wanted me to be there, to be her family, to stick around.
    My wife is a highly educated lady who has berated me for not being as formally educated as her, her dream for me remains a dream! I’m not one to worry what others outside think of me as long as im not seen to be rude.
    Still, I challenge her at scrabble from time to time just to exercise some dominance and wit😂 it’s not something I gloat about cause really “SHE IS THE BOSS” and I’m good with that. She’s earned it from me and I’m comfortable in my own skin.

    My wife harvests a lot of negative fears, the total opposite of me. Embarrassment, What’s that! To my amazement some are self imposed by a need to be perceived as being successful, wow. I can’t stress how important it is to know ones self cause when you do you can get a feel for what others go through by putting your feet in their shoes. Caring about it is a different matter though! I do care for her, love her for her qualities except her indifferences and her quirks (fantastic) they she gives me a story everyday and doesn’t have to open her mouth. She grounds me and makes me want to come home just by being her. She probably thinks she’s working hard for it as well cause she cares. Reality is she didn’t do anything but be herself, and me, I only give up my time for her.
    Imagine if you will the Ying Yang symbol and what it represents. Well may symbolize Libra man Capricorn woman, two cardinals, one light airy one heavy earthy, day and night sun and moon. Total opposites who come together.

  2. Rahila Shah April 19th, 2021

    i am Capricorn women and my husband is Libra
    we have been married for 16 years now i am so deeply in love with him but he push me away sometime i feel he dosent care but after breaking up 3 times i am again in love with him and ready accept all his flaws because deep down inside i admire his ambitious nature although is take away my share of attention but it make me feel excited for sex when i saw him fighting so hard for ambition he is very successful business man but it give me internal and sexual pleasure thinking how intelligent he is . yes my ultimate goal is to make him happy . he seriously gave me all the financial security and mental security no matter how many times i broke up with him he never left my side and came back without westing time and complains i love him so passionately that can compromise anything .

  3. C & J December 4th, 2020

    Hi, thank you for this wonderful information. I’m a Capricorn and my boyfriend is a Libran it has not been long since we started seeing each other but I can see a lot of traits similar to these. We both love each other and with every time that passes we learn to understand each other. I hope it evolves to something very beautiful and lasting

  4. Sandra M November 20th, 2020

    I am a Capricorn woman and I have been married to a Libra man for a looong time. We dated for two years, lived together for three, and have been married for 23.
    During our dating years I broke up with him twice, I swore I would never see him again and somehow we would end up together again.
    During our living together years I left him three times and the last time I SWORE I would never go back to him, somehow we ended up together again. That was the last time….since then everything has been good, of course the normal getting on each others nerves, bickering and fighting over dumb stuff, but overall it has been good. Our sex life is wonderful, and the older we get, the better our relationship and our sex life is! We have two wonderful grown kids together. We have gone through rough patches and low, dark valleys in our marriage but, here we are going strong. It hasn’t been easy but with work and dedication from both sides it can work beautifully.

    • Mica Ashley January 16th, 2021

      I am a Capricorn about to marry a libra man… i have known him for long but we never really dated. I have always felt that despite tge fact that he loves me so much, he does not see me as an equal. Am always on defensive mode with him and for the life of me i do not know why? When he asks me normal questions, i feel interrogated.. we laugh about this but i wonder if that phase will pass… every other aspect of our relationship is beautiful 😍 and i cannot wait to start a life with him. (Super grateful)

      • James April 10th, 2021

        Wow I’m a Libra male and me and girlfriend kinda mimic you and yours. I sometimes feel that she’s on defense with me and I now I get a different feeling now. She just really passive as am I. Really a big reflection of myself in her. But also learning a lot and am willing to continue to take on what she’s teaching me.

    • Mo March 6th, 2021

      this is really helpful to read. i’ve known my libra for like 8 years now, all of which have been long distance. this is our fourth time together and sometimes I’m embarrassed that i keep going back. but it’s good to know i’m not the only one and that i’m not completely crazy. thank you for sharing. hopefully we can get to 23 years.

  5. Jaideep September 8th, 2020

    Thanks. I need more about Capricorn. Can we talk

  6. Bulu & Mulu September 7th, 2020

    I am a Capricorn and my boyfriend is a Libra. It has been an up and down journey. There are some tough times, but we are finding our way back to each other. It takes patience and work from both sides. We learn so much from each other and we love each other deeply.

    • Sha September 29th, 2020

      Yes loving a libra is not easy i have been married to one for awhile and its been a long haul but love my husband very much we have made it through alot of storms together things I never knew about him i have discovered over time but I will stand by him and pray he makes it through getting his ego together. I pray it works out for you all as well also libras are wishy washy they say one thing mean another, thats one of the biggest issues I have with my husband, and I just get silent and go to myself when he acts up and he don’t like it so he gets moody

  7. Saras June 22nd, 2020

    I’m capricorn and my husband is libra. We have to keep our ego aside…its works. But I want to know about our career and wealth.

    • Jaideep July 6th, 2020

      Plz guide me. Are Libra man really good husband for Capricorn.

    • Sha September 29th, 2020

      Let the heart lead you by making the
      Mind and the heart become one you can achieve this goal

  8. Satyalaxmi Singh March 4th, 2020

    I’m Capricorn and he is Libra we have been in a relationship from 3 years and all the reasons and characters of us is same with all this because we are so different we are having problems but if we work on it more it is written “With some effort from each of them, this can work out to be a beautiful and deeply passionate love. It is definitely worth trying.” yes it will be worth trying. Thank you for your help.

  9. Brandon Shipp January 18th, 2020

    Ok I’m a libra man and I can see how a lot of these negative comments could be true, but it’s not the case with all of us. I did cheat when I was younger. After I had it done to me and new how it felt. I’ve never did it again, but I dont lie period. I do procrastinate some but I always complete task and I complete them within any deadlines. As far as responsibility goes. I work support my kids myself and help friends or anyone I care for. I dont think you can just all libra’s because a few bad ones. I’m also not typical of my sign though I’m content being alone. I can be just as aggressive as passive when it comes to an argument or debate. One thing I will say is even though I’ve always been this way for the most part. The things that have changed took a while and a significant amount of self reflecting before I even acknowledged them as flaws

    • Sha September 29th, 2020

      Well i have to give you much respect you must have got rid of ego and let the mind and heart become one

  10. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra always crave love/peace, they are ruled by Venus.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  11. dangelo.dd21 August 29th, 2019

    I signed up for this just to tell you that your all wrong so so soo wrong a libra man must’ve broke your heart before because trust me if your worth it to him he’ll do all in his power to keep his mate he’ll even compromise so either you wasn’t worth it or he was an immature libra

  12. lorraine May 10th, 2018

    ooooohhhhh f***, who do I listen to?….you two….or the above?

    I called it off earlier, before I found out out to late, but godamn coulda be such a love story

  13. ramon April 23rd, 2018

    @undefined thats true i had to quit after one year

    • Sha September 29th, 2020

      Libras are very narcissistic

  14. Cappgirl April 10th, 2018

    Capricorn please don’t. You are too much for this flaky, lying, insecure, emotionally immature, lazy, woman masquerading as a man. Please believe that whatever personna he’s presenting is false. He will say absolutely anything to appear upwardly mobile and you’ll find out too late that it’s all smoke and mirrors. And he will never accept responsibility for wasting your time. I beg you to move on now.

    • MYV8ROX April 16th, 2018

      I am a Libra man…she is right

    • Myv8rox April 16th, 2018

      She is right….I am a libra male

    • Lanie May 7th, 2018

      Im starting to feel it but im starting to fall for him too…

    • Ashley J December 17th, 2018

      Same qualities for mine but in a different but incredibly narcissistic. But I’m a Capricorn. Fuck a narcissistic man, that doesn’t make me cry and beg. I know about that shit.

    • Chris April 8th, 2019

      Just because you had a bad experiwnce with a libra does not by any means mean we are all the same. I’ve had bad experiences with capricorns but yet I’m with one now and we are very happy together.

  15. emmanuella March 1st, 2018

    am I cap with a Libra husband.pls these two sign are not compatible especially when he is a divorcee,Libra man is a social butterfly they love their friends more than their wife,they love their love child even more than their wife.pls cap woman disease from this Libra man he is not the right man for u.the only good thing they do is to take u out to a joint to eat and drink but cannot give u that money to take care of ursef as a woman.they cannot take care of ur parent or even the wife.even not sexually compatible.

    • Roger B March 25th, 2018

      People are not bound by their zodiac signs. I am a Libra and will not cheat with anyone if I am in a relationship. Individuals should not generalize on people the do not personally know…

    • britney April 8th, 2018

      umm, no! you do not need to depend on a man to take care pof yourself or give you money, do it on your own and be independant sometimes…. and not because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean everyoe will, i am still trying and trying very hard…. if anyone reads this… love is worth a try, never give up

  16. Michelle January 7th, 2018

    I’m in a relationship with a libra man settled in London.. he is a divorcee with two daughters.. we were childhood friends and now in a relationship.. I find him very lazy and easy going and never bothers about settling in the future.. I want to end this relationship but I am very fond of him. Pl suggest what can be done

  17. Bee Bee December 27th, 2017

    I’m a cap woman..being in relationship with libra man for 12 years.. once we married.. he cheating behind me but yet still denied even have a proof .. I’m regret .

  18. ScalesOfLove November 23rd, 2017

    Hey everybody so I’m 25 yr old Libra she’s a 24 yr old Cap we hit off and begin having good conversation via Facebook She is very beautiful but my main attraction already is her intelligence she’s a teacher she seems to just have it together I’ve been reading up on our compatibility and the only thing that worries me is not having that financial stability that it seems is a REQUIREMENT for a CAP woman I’m working on it though I just started electrician school so the money flow will soon be on the way our first date will be dinner and a movie its been a while since I’ve been on a date and I do just want someone that I can be consistent and persistent with and really give thing love thing another try I plan on surprising her with roses and lillies and I told her too please let me open her doors for her I want that traditional “Notebook” movie love with the courting a woman which seems to be rare with my generation oh and like I said she’s a teacher so she makes good bank which is not intimidating for me but even with the little money I insist on paying for the dinner and movie and again the flowers are a surprise any advice on my approach and share some helpful hints

    • Janine January 12th, 2018

      Hi Scales of Love,
      As a Cap Woman, i believe that if you show intelligence, and your plans to be able to be a good provider, your Cap Woman will stay.
      We luv romance, and this will be in your favour
      show interest in her career.
      Share your goals, and how you plan to achieve them
      you have chosen a good career, and she will luv to support you emotionally and with assistance, so ask her when you need help
      Paying for dinner is great, it does not have to be big and fancy,
      its the thought that counts, as long as she is spending time with you

      Good Luck ! 🙂

    • Satyalaxmi Singh March 4th, 2020

      She also needs your time and love.. Focus on that more.. Not only in money.

    • Teresa Zappey September 8th, 2020

      I’m a capricorn woman. You are wise to bring her flowers and open doors. We are very traditional and like to be treated like queens…cause we are if course. Don’t push or expect sex right away…we hate that and may never date you again for it even if we do succumb to you we will be upset about it for pushing us. Once we get to know if you are worthy we will let you know we want you because we will seduce you and our powers of sexuality is so great that we will trap you. Because we know this we are very selective because our hearts are deep and we don’t like them broken. If you break our heart or betray us or are cruel or dishonest or neglect us, we may forgive you once but don’t do it again because trust is so very important to us and we will leave you. We may cry and need time to heal and try again. A capricorn woman finds it hard to trust once she’s been betrayed. You will regret for the rest of your life losing her because she was so special. You probably will try to get her back and tell her how sorry you are. To all the capricorn woman don’t take him back. Been there done that, it never works. We make wonderful partners but horrible exes. We want no contact with our exes because it serves no purpose but to upset us. We dont like to be upset or angry and avoid conflict to our detriment but if you get us angry it will not be good for you. Trust me if we’re angry you really screwed up and are in the wrong. It would be best for you to apologize right away sincerely and make amends. We have a strong sense of justice and you will suffer the consequences even if it’s to lose us.

  19. Tay November 19th, 2017

    I’m in an impossible relationship with a Libra man, believe me I love him deeply but he doesn’t show the same compassion and it kills me…
    I want to leave him but I can’t, I love him too much to leave him

    • Janine January 12th, 2018

      If you are unhappy, speak to him,
      give him a chance to change
      if he doesnt
      then leave
      no one deserves to be in a relationship where they feel unloved

    • K1226 September 7th, 2020

      Tay I feel you, I am a Cap in a relationship with a Libra man. Sometimes it breaks me when it seems like he doesn’t seem to be showing the same love back. I think Libra men need space at times. Caps have a tendency to be a bit possessive of their man. I like this poem by Khalil Gibran

      “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

  20. WildeRhose November 16th, 2017

    A few months ago I moved into a new area. So recently I met this really cute libra. He’s a few months older than me, but he is so kind, and genuinely funny. So I developed a little crush, and now for the first time in ages, someone actually likes me back.He asked me out last night, and I, elated, of course said yes. However, I am HUGE on zodiacs and astrology of that nature. So I go and look up our compatibility. And after going to 5 different sites and getting similar results, and then coming to this comments section with a multitude my capricorn sisters professing nothing but heartache and strife with their libra? With a gracious few that saved my faith in what may or may not continue to be a relationship? I’m extremely fearful of what this relationship will end like.. and how soon? And to make mastters worse, We are both aware that I am to leave soon, sand the debate is, if a long-distance relationship is persued, how can I trust him to stay loyal to our relationship? And if not, should we even go into a relationship period?

    I am aware that although these zodiacs are meant to help, they are not the final deciding factor, annd that anything can happen. But these are usually pretty accurate for me. I hope all goes well.

    • Janine January 12th, 2018

      Remember that mostly unhappy people are sitting on social media, the happy ones are with their partners, living their lives

      so in many instances on different social media platforms, comments will often be more negative than positive

      Follow your heart, the universe has introduced you to each other 🙂

      Long distance is hard on both of you, and hopefully the trust will be strong enough to keep it alive

      All the best 🙂

  21. sammy888 August 1st, 2016

    This is true@Amcc

  22. Wensday12 June 24th, 2016

    I’m a capi women and have already had my heart broken by a very indecisive libra women a couple years back buuuut now I’m in a serious relationship with a libra man and its so much different than the last time, the conversation is more engaged and he takes time to reasure me when I’m insecure and we are just so happily coexisting together. He doesn’t try to change my stubborn and he is alctually a very strong base for me… must be because his moon sign is a scorpio

  23. LovetobeinLove58 June 7th, 2016

    Ahh, what to do… in “Libra Male Capricorn Female” it’s like ‘Oh Librans are jobless and can’t get it together’ – over at “Libra Male Pisces Female” it’s all ‘He’s always at work, never has time for meeeeee…’
    You don’t marry someone if two people don’t speak the same language –  you only speak English, he only speaks Greek, you don’t understand eachother – You will see him as sex-mad, he will see you as gold digger.
    It’s not true; Libra intrinsically understand the greatest happiness in life is love, especailly romanic expression – Capricorn intrinsically understand true love is about caring; taking care of peoples’ needs. Libra and Capricorn should always admire each other, but never fall in love:
    LM: I love you
    CF: What?
    LM: Oh I am so crazy about you, you’re so pretty!
    CF: So you only like a woman for looks? You only looking for sex isn’t it?
    LM: No, it’s not like that
    CF: What job do you do?
    LM: Well, I work at a department store part-time, and busk part-time, I like playing the guitar
    CF: Before you go telling girl you like them why don’t you find a stable income that can support a family?
    LM: Well I’ve never really thought about it… anyway love conquers everything
    CF: What is love if you don’t intend to properly look after people?
    LM: Ummm… etc.
    If you want to rock the astrological boat, and date a different element, Libra can date Taurus and Virgo, will have much more romance in the relationship than with Capppy – and Cappy, Libra is worst match for you, resist that urge to help that poor libra guy he doesn’t have good job and going nowhere, he won’t appreciate your actions, but feel your cold shoulder and won’t like it.

    • Tee February 7th, 2017

      Lmmfao ???????????? and I love everything about being a Capricorn that’s crazy

    • drewski2586 March 13th, 2017

      as old as you post thats not true to all libra. i am a libra with a excellent stable job and out of debt. i live a stable balanced life and had my best and longest relationship with a cappy. our love for each other flourished and it was amazing until she started questioning our relationship day in and day out though i was around her everyday. then she started bringing up some petty shyt and take it to the next level. It drove me up the wall with her low self esteem, always thinking im cheating. despite our problems i loved her and still love her till this day unfortunately it just didnt work out. 2 i appreciate everything the ladies i date do and even recognize the little things and show my appreciation, you just had a fucked up relationship. seems a little personal. anyways through my exp. its worth a try. we almost were married but too much doubt shows me that you cant trust and whats a relationship without trust?

  24. Summer Rain May 2nd, 2016

    Nice to hear that there are some matured, thoughtful and human like Libra man are around. I hope your relationship with the capri lady worked out good. 

  25. Summer Rain May 2nd, 2016

    we are too forgiving, caring, loving and giving…it doesn’t hurt to give us something in return: some kind words maybe? I dated a libra man for nearly two years and can’t remember him giving me anything : ) not even a cup of coffee ( I paid his bills, bought him things that he needed he didn’t have to ask I did things because I cared for him in return I expected appreciation, kindness, and respect alas that didn’t happen… we are human we automatically have some basic expectations : )

  26. Summer Rain May 2nd, 2016

    Every words you said are true I know a Libra man who is so vile, crafty, manipulative, rude, aggressive, lazy, freeloader, user, abusive, selfish and arrogant. He uses women to get things that he needs. 

  27. Summer Rain May 2nd, 2016

    so sorry to hear your experience and I can totally relate to it. If you got out of it and moved on with your life then I am truely happy for you.  It was the right decision you made. I was a victim of similar expriences that you had I am just lucky that I never lived with him I met him three times and kept online relationship and most of it was a disaster and horrorsome! And everything you said about that person’s character is a classic Libra male traits ( lazy, jobless, moneyless, rotten mood, horrible temper, abusive, sweet-talker, arrogant, and they do like keeping a lot of woman in facebook and in other social media and sweet talks to all of them and if you get jealous he will call you names and will abuse you and yes he will say sorry after messing up big time!!Who need this kind of crap in life?

  28. […] Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – Hey I’m a libra male , I’ve recently became interested in a capricorn female .. I like her A lot .. I have no patients whatsoever when ito comes to sex I feel … […]

  29. MadMaxx October 19th, 2015

    Im a 25 y/o Libra man and I recently became interested in a unbelieveably gorgeous (think model type) Capricorn lady. She seems to be just as intelligent as she is attractive…perhaps even more. Typical Libra is extremely attracted to intelligence. Anyway I came here to see what our compatibility might be like and WOW. The compatibility seemed managable but these comments are SOOOO depressing.
    Idk what type of Libra guys you all are dealing with but so many of the traits described are so completely unlike myself.
    Let me first admit that from time to time I do catch myself lying simply because my counterpart might be extremely intimidating. I have to make something up to make myself seem better I guess to try to match just how awesome and together she appears to be. While I am also awesome, I am far from together lol. This is an insecurity that Im working on but Im aware of it and therefore, never let it get the best of me. Honesty as well as my womans trust is my safe place so I am quick in admitting my lies to her and the reasoning behind them. Libras are naturally moody so idk what to say about that. Ive never had those two issues of mine be relationship ruining problems because Im both aware and mature about it. Seems to me you ladies arent dating horrible libras per se, but horrible, immature people in general.
    A real Libra MAN (not boy) NEVER stops loving his woman. He loves and shows affection towards her on day 5000 the same as on day one. He will do ANYTHING to please you even if it means sacrificing his ego from time to time and admitting that youre so awesome he doesnt feel like he deserves YOU. He often does have many female companions but is DEVOTED TO YOU like the last woman on earth. There is absolutely no reason to be suspicious or jealous of a mature Libra for that reason. He can be a bit detached from times but his detachment is from the world, never from you specifically. Perhaps he’s in deep thought. The scales do tilt from time to time and your libra will do things extreme to reach his balance. He is very open and communicable but will often fall into speechless spells. Note that it most often is not a problem with you he just needs his alone time so dont fret. Give him his space and let him come back naturally. He will absolutely ADMIRE YOU for that and when the time comes for him to be communicable again, he will let you know exactly what the situation was.
    Anyway loves, Ive written a book but hopefully with good insight. Stay in love and stay blessed you CAPRICORNS!!!

    • Kitty June 26th, 2019

      Am a capricon women , I did the mistake what you said I shouldn’t . He took his own time being alone I thought of caring him much and didn’t give the space what he asked for and now he lost his temper and we’re apart. Am still hoping for him to get back . I don’t know whether this is right or wrong but I can’t get rid of the love he showered on me. Still hoping !

  30. amaboo9821 September 17th, 2015

    I am a capricorn female and dated a libra male for 3 years. He was extremely loyal to me, almost to a fault (if there is such a thing). My biggest issue was his temper. He would go from hot to cold in a split second and I couldn’t keep up. The other issue is that we always seemed to be complete opposites. If he was in the mood, I was not. If he was happy, I was upset and vice versa. I do believe that if you feel strongly for someone, you will do what it takes to make things work but the only way to do that is to understand and respect the differences. Sometimes opposites do attract and the very strange nature of the libra male captures our capricorn attention. We do like a challenge and one thing is for sure, the libra will never allow you to get bored. If the relationship is casual with the libra male, that one can get a little tricky. We have no problems earning a man’s affections when it’s deserved. We do however have an issue with never receiving reciprocation. Sometimes we expect a compliment or a certain reaction and they are not ones to give it, so we get frustrated and turn the other way. But if you look at it from their side, they get frustrated because of our high expectations.

  31. ChristalBlue44 September 23rd, 2014

    I just left a year and a half relationship with a Libra man. It started out wonderful.  He was so sweet, wanted to be with me every minute he had a chance, and made me smile and feel loved.  
    But then I started catching him in lies.  Number one being that he had never been married, when he is currently seperated.  I found a letter he wrote to a woman who lived above us and he begged me not to leave that time as well, or say anything to her. He had a Facebook account, and for some reason decided to lie to me about that as well, like that even mattered.  Why lie???
    Then his phone started ringing in the middle of the night. It was just lie upon lie upon lie, not keeping a job more than 3 months due to his temper, constantly overdrawing his bank account, one minute in a great mood and the next twisiting my words and throwing things all over the house and calling me terrible names and telling me to get out. Not taking care of his business, and blaming me for that.  It isn’t my fault he didn’t have a license and didn’t pay his fees or do what he needed to do to straighten out his business.  He also accused me of spying on him when I never did that.  That was a huge red flag right there. The next day was always “I am sorry, I want to work this out.”  
    But the last time, almost 2 weeks ago, when the next day came, I had my stuff packed and his sorry didn’t matter anymore.  He was always sorry, and would me nice for about a week, and back to the same old jerk.  I, nor anyone else, deserve to be treated like crap.  I miss his humor, but other than that, I don’t miss anything about him and am glad I got out of that situation. I missed my smile way more than I miss his.  It may be a coincidence that he is a Libra, but the description fits perfectly. I just have to do better about reading red flags.

  32. Tracy-V September 16th, 2014

    i mett a man twenty one years ago and we ended up together for four yearsn had aa beautiful baby boy together. there had always been something extremley special between us through the years even after we broke up after the four years. i always said he was the love of my life. something i could never explain and his feelings were the exact same. ppl would say they saw something in us they never saw in any relationship before. anway we both got married to someone else and neither marriage worked of course after his marriage being seven years long and mine being fourteen years.we just got back together may second of this year and our love is still out of this world unexplainable. we have always had to work hard at our relationship and everything involved in us. nothing has ever came easy to us for us but the love and passione are so strong we come out of each battle stronger and more understaning of each other. we are the love of our lives. and i have tried and tried to figure it all out cuz its such a crazy out of this world love and experience that me being me i have to understand everything that goes on and how and never believed in horoscopes ect ect was always told it was wicth craft ect ect but after reading this i am stinken blown away.this is him and i. to the t. im just amazed how one hundred percent this is on and thanks for helping me figure my crazy brain out on the how when and why. sincerley. tracy

    • Edmon February 21st, 2017

      This is Beautiful.

      My person is a Mature Libra Man, even one that has just gotten seriously involved with a Mature Capricorn Woman.

      Indeed, this selfsame Capricorn Woman is my Twin Flame, even my Complementary Half.

  33. treklaw June 17th, 2014

    Kid, as a Cap I can tell you we are VERY patient. If she’s talking to you and has invited you to meet her parents, she feels you and she wants to be with you. We feel it’s important for a man to wait for us because we know we’re worth it and if we give you our bodies you get everything so we need a full commitment. And you can always ask.
    Hope this helps.

  34. Kid101 April 25th, 2014

    Hey I’m a libra male , I’ve recently became interested in a capricorn female .. I like her A lot .. I have no patients whatsoever when ito comes to sex I feel like it doesn’t matter when it happens b/c sex doesn’t determine how successful the relationship is , you can have sex with someone on the first day and be with them for 20 years or you can wait 6 months and get dumped the next day. But w/e with this cap she has all the patients in the world it’s been 4 months and all I ever get is a kiss n a hug-_- , i guess since being a libra i need reassurance that she likes me so I ignore her for a day or so and she notices immidietly and text me , she invited me over to meet her parents and eat dinner but I didn’t show up. She recently got out of a relationship and has told me she wants to start off slow and be friends but idk I DONT wana be this girls Friend I like her wayy too much , but I feel like she’s not that into me …if she doesnt like me I wish she would just like tell me so I can stop pursuing her.  I just want to know  what should I do leave stay , hang in there Idk I just don’t wana look like a sucker 

  35. Amcc March 12th, 2014

    I am a capricorn women with a libra man for 5 years.  Run as fast as you can from these men.  Libra’s are notiorious liars and cheaters.  They have a lot of female friends and they are cheating with every single one of them.  They also sweet talk you in the beginning but then after they have you, you will never hear a kind word from them.They never want to talk about an issuse and never discuss problems in a relationship.  Libra’s are selfish ,lying, cheating , but it may take you a while to figure it out because they are so good at lying.

  36. minshook February 22nd, 2014

    im a cap woman and im madly inlove with a libra man. most comments tore my heart apart but some inspired me that he’s worth it. i’m scared of what’ll happen in the near future because sooner or later our relationship will be long distance and im really worried “what ifs” are coming out of my mind trying to visualize. he kissed me last night and today he told me that he’s sorry of what he did, and he told me i deserve to be respected and not to be exposed to things like that, we’re both 16.
    I want our relationship to last because i love him so much. i know we’re both young. i believe in astrology compatibility that capricorn women and men are not that compatible but everyday i always try remind him that i love him.
    it hurts reading comments from other capricorn women based from their experience dating a libra man.

  37. Mrr January 17th, 2014

    I am a libra. I used to be happy go lucky. Womenfolk would be attracted to me in no time. Sometimes i would get atleast 20 females a day looking at me with those ‘” oh he is adorable” looks.. (Good pass time counting that in college) .i fell in love with a capricorn girl. She was so so beautiful. My ideas of love had been just beauty ( shallow you may say) .. And i never cared about anything but being happy… Capricorn women are Serious, having fun in their life is not on their list. . libras smile has no effect on them at all. They NEVER loose focus. They NEVER take it easy when you desperately need it.
    i married this girl. she loves me to death. yet the cap women is absolutely unable to bring peace in your life. She is the chaos most of the time that you want to run away from. 
    i lost my job in recession And she became a nagger. I almost killed myself looking for love from her but this woman cant do it if she feels financially insecure. Mind you, i think she atill loves me more than anyone else. But the differences are huge . She is classy i am easygoing…libra male is not the husband material cap girl is looking for.
    2 sincere advices: befor u marry her atleast have enough bank balance to feed both of you for a year. Never loose a job, have a big home. 2.) hire a housekeeper. She works a lot if u dont and becomes a nagger.

  38. TawnyCapricorny August 30th, 2013

    ok…in order for the Capricorn/Libra to work out…
    that Libra has to be in a place of high stature (popular or famous) Capricorns like to be on top…
    he has to have power…my Libras were popular, high up in their jobs, or when i was in college captain of the basketball team.
    I love Libra men…and I keep in contact with all of them

  39. b1114 May 12th, 2013

    As a Cap woman with a Libra man, I can very strongly relate to some of the posts of Cap woman. My man insulted and cursed at me just now for beginning to read the comments before finishing the article. He gets very wound up, doesnt let me get a word in, to the point where I cannot believe how stupid I am for putting up with daily verbal abuse. He goes on and on and ON. Thinks hes so smart. Says horrible things to me, and one minute later, says sorry. Frankly, I kinda hate him, and am scared of him.:'(

  40. [email protected] February 3rd, 2013

    Compatibility should not be based on our astrology signs.  I totally agree with erikarenee and flynn; this libra guy am communicating through the internet, i can feel compassion in him, if i calls his phone and he does not answer, i would let him know that i called, he would reply by saying I’m sorry, i was like wow, he calls me sweetheart. i feel the connection. by the way, our signs are compatible, smiles…he seems very loving

  41. MissFit April 5th, 2012

    I am a capricorn woman and for some reason I always run into libra men…and those are the main ones that I am attracted too…but I dont think anyone should go off the astrology signs about who you choose to be compatible with. Not all libra are men are moody some are actually quiet, boring, and can be homebodys just like us capricorns.  Compatibility, should all depends on there past when it comes to friends and family, you should never get into a relationship if you dont know a person’s past then you can outweigh the good and bad then decide to be with that person. Usually, people rush into a relationship without taking the time to get to actually know one another. It takes two to make a relationship work and I mean being there for one another emotionally, physically, and intellectually. If those are missing from both partners then the relationship will fail. We both want love and support from one another so why not make it work. 

  42. Morganatorx3 February 22nd, 2012

    I’m a Libra woman with a Capricorn man, and it isn’t so bad. He is very protective and loving towards me. He gets jealous very easily, and hates it when I joke about him being with other people. He isn’t as humorous as I am, which can cause us to argue sometimes. But no matter what I know that he is right there when I need him. We’re actually arguing right now about a stupid joke I made about him being with another girl who I know he would never be with. Of course he didn’t understand how sarcastic I was being because of how serious he is about our relationship. And I respect him for that. He’s my whole world. Not a day goes by that he isn’t on my mind. I love him regardless of flaws<3

  43. judiloveslibrarobert September 27th, 2011

    @cappy and all the other cappy girls like me. My libra..i met him 27 years ago and was just sooo crazy for him and let him do whatever he wanted and he hurt me pretty bad. We just found eachother on facebook and boom the same thing. He was all hot and heavy with me and told me i never left his mind, i was his soul mate, the one who got away, etc.This went on for 5 weeks and now he wont return my calls or even email me. This is how every libra man i have ever met is. They suck you in with that charm of theirs and watch you flap in the wind when they are done with you.

  44. Garykw August 21st, 2011

    I beg to differ on the above….I am a true Libran man, romantic in every sense of the word, needing balance in my life and symetrical in most things I do. Even down to the city I once lived Milton Keynes, if you stood in the centre of the city and looked one way you would see Conniburrow and the other side of the city is Fishermead and the architecture of the estates are the same. I used to work for Safeway years ago and the displays that I made as a Wine Manager and a Delicatessen manager were always beautiful and well balanced. To arrive at my story I was married to a Capri lady for 5 years, I left her because I felt that she was too strong for me and as were the original description says above which I post here (The down side to this type of a relationship would be if she were to treat him as she treats her career. He wants his independence and cannot bear to be tied down or restricted. Libra man must learn to juggle this issue with finesse and delicacy, and try not to reject her too harshly. She’ll change and turn cold and bitter towards him and his mere charm and tenderness may not be enough to warm her back into his life)…This is exactly what occurred with us, right to the T. I Was not strong enough to stand up to her, even though I was in love with her I respected her and idolised her and she has been an excellent mum to my boys and brought them up in a fantastic manner. It was my doing, I just felt so inferior to her I got the impression that she felt that I was not strong enough so with very little questions asked I jumped ship. Nearly 20 years later and aero contact with my boys I realise that it was one of my biggest errors, I should have tried harder, but then again we all make mistakes and we all learn by them. I am 52 now and the mere fact that I made a mistake and taking into consideration my need for easy going relationships with a partner who shares my dreams, visions, creativity in life I would not choose a Capricorn again. I would probably choose an Aquarian or a Gemini as they appear to be my love match much more than a Capri.

    Reply to this message if you want to know me on facebook.

    Below is a poem I wrote called the Zodiac…enjoy


















































    GARY 2010

  45. MnM21 July 30th, 2011

    I’m a Libra male dating a Capi woman, and I can honestly say that in comparison to any other relationship or fling I’ve ever had, this easily set’s itself apart. Although we were best friends for a couple months before I realized I was in love with her, and her the same, she has always been an important figure in my life. I do agree that a good portion of Libra’s are emotional in comparison to other sign’s, but that’s the beauty of our nature. I can say from experience that I do have odd swings, but not drastic ones as to where I’m angry or upset, it’s mainly stress. One thing I’m concerned about constantly is her happiness, if it’s just for a moment, or something that she can look back on and always smile. My Capi girl took me away from a downward spiral and I’ve constantly showed her that I appreciate each and every day I have with her. I can easily say that this girl is the love of my life, and I can truly see that she feels the same way through those ever glowing, expressive eyes. She’s always the high point of my day, and never once have I had a bad thought or thing to say towards her. We’re always extremely playful, and teasing, but in the end she knows that I set her aside from anyone else in my life. This is to all the Capi woman, and all the Libra men, if you love someone, you fight for it. Yes there will be little arguments, but if you can set your differences aside, it’s easy to attain. Once you set someone so high up in your life, it’s literally impossible to see them out of it. A loving relationship will always manage it’s differences aside. My Capi girl has made me one extremely happy man, and I hope that you all get to share in that same experience .

    • ScalesOfLove November 23rd, 2017

      Hey everybody so I’m 25 yr old Libra she’s a 24 yr old Cap we hit off and begin having good conversation via Facebook She is very beautiful but my main attraction already is her intelligence she’s a teacher she seems to just have it together I’ve been reading up on our compatibility and the only thing that worries me is not having that financial stability that it seems is a REQUIREMENT for a CAP woman I’m working on it though I just started electrician school so the money flow will soon be on the way our first date will be dinner and a movie its been a while since I’ve been on a date and I do just want someone that I can be consistent and persistent with and really give thing love thing another try I plan on surprising her with roses and lillies and I told her too please let me open her doors for her I want that traditional “Notebook” movie love with the courting a woman which seems to be rare with my generation oh and like I said she’s a teacher so she makes good bank which is not intimidating for me but even with the little money I insist on paying for the dinner and movie and again the flowers are a surprise any advice on my approach and share some helpful hints

  46. shana1229 July 18th, 2011

    I will admit I’m a capricorn woman, and my boyfriend is a libra. (Only been together a month) But he is the sweetest, kindest, all around, most beautiful man I have ever met. We have our disagreements, but we get thru them. I think he is a true blessing. Makes me feel good about myself, always wants to spend time together. I hope it works out. I would be lost without him. I can be myself with him, I can TRUST him. And we both appreciate one another. <3

  47. CapriGirl June 9th, 2011

    Ana is a hater
    True though
    Capricorn Woman
    Capricorn Women are #1
    capri B

    You ALL Nailed my libra “man” They may make someone else a good mate but NOT for me!

  48. Martha March 30th, 2011

    I have been married to two Libra men and currently in an eleven year relationship with a Libra man. Yes, many, many Libra traits were the same but there are definitely differences and I attribute those to their different rising signs and moon signs. One thing I find interesting is that all three had a problem with alcohol. All were (the first two are deceased) or are in recovery.

  49. natural libra March 27th, 2011

    aye im a libra male n love with a capricorn female been 2gether for 5 yrs…hell yea we argue but it comes with a relationship..honestly if libras didnt argue with their girlfriend it means WE DONT CARE!!!((in most cases)) lol…hell yea we have mood swings but guess what so do caps…and for the 1’s talkin like they neva loved a libra and giving bad advice “in order 2 hate someone u gotta love them 1st” ESPECIALLY if u was inna relationship with…NOT ALL LIBRA MEN r the same!!! good day lol

  50. ace February 12th, 2011

    im a libra man crazy in love with a capricorn woman. i dont get what anyone is saying. the first time i looked in her eyes and held her inmy arms, i knew i was done! she is so lovely and only inspires me to love her the way i should. if based on her, i think caps are the shit and i cant imagine doing anything to destroy it. if any one has never held one in their arms, u dont kno what ur missing. listening to everyone only makes me want to share these things with her so we can be on the lookout for bs that can tear us down. i really want to be with her. i believe if two people love each other, really love each other, they can write the rules themselves. i would most definitely do what i have to do to keep this lovely woman in my world. with the insight to what people say are problems between libras and caps, i believe we can use the information to make our relationship stronger. but i love her and no matter what this horror scope says, i will remind my cap everyday how i feel about her and i will use the power of that love to break down any barriers that could stop us. anyone who has found true love, dont let anything break u down and take that love and ask god to bless it and secure it and u wont go wrong. god made man in his image and a man who finds a virtuos woman finds a good thing. god made no mistakes when he created woman for man. with god we are above the horror scope stuff, we become new beings with new life. anyone in love, surrender your relationship to god and allow him to bless you and your mate. i love you cappy!

  51. ian January 25th, 2011

    I’m a libra male and every single comment on here does not descibe wat i am like at all i hold a job a license a car pay my rent on time i hardly ever drink or party like a animal non stop i’m not the type 2 get jelouse or controlling and never think bout cheatin so i have no idea how all these comments be the complete opposite 2 what i am it really shocked me 2 read them all i haven’t dated a capricorn before my last relationship was a scorpio and was a living hell compared 2 wat most of these comments saying its like jail u’s really dont know wats its like when u have a 100 kilo maori girlfriend that just fights with you constantly hitting you thinking your cheating on them while you are working your ass off for money just so you can give it to them and all they make you think ur good for is a root and sum money what you capricorns whent through with sum strange libra guys is kindergarten compared 2 wat ive been through so dont judge all of us so quick and for running away ive allready met the devil nothing else scares me 2 this day cause it aint gonna get worse than wat it was like for me having the worst 7 months of my life so capricorns have a 2nd think bout it

  52. shawn January 20th, 2011

    im wiid a capricorn….no matter wat ill fucking love her till i die =)

  53. keyaa January 6th, 2011

    Wow, this is crazy. I’m only 17 years old and I am a capricorn. The guy that I’m in love with is 19 years old and it is very true what they are saying when it comes to love connection between cappys and libras. He is so charming and sweet, supportive and helpful. But yes he does have mood swings, but its never to the point where he calls me bad names, he loves me and starts to relax again. Yeaa I’m attached. And I find it crazy how I’m reading these comments and most of yall ladies are kinda attached also. I guess its that tender love and care they put forth. He is difficult when it comes to one thing, and says he’s gnna work on it, but actions speaks louder than words. I dnt believe I’m getting over him anytime soon, that’s my baby. I dnt know what it is. Our bond is so powerful and we always stick upp for each other.

  54. Lena January 2nd, 2011

    My libra has more mood swings than any girl ive ever met but the good times we have are more fulfilling than anything ive ever experienced. 2 years going strong and i expect it to last much longer!

  55. skitzo December 29th, 2010

    this is a toxic relationship @ cappy. dont let the rush of emotions over power your grounded mind. if it hurts get away

  56. cappy December 26th, 2010

    I am a capricorn women who is deadly in love with a libra man. I always swore i would give the world for him if he let me… He just may have feelings for me too, but he is not that crazy or in love the way i am. And its bleeding my heart! 🙁

  57. capri B December 17th, 2010

    skitz0 obciously when its over for us caps we know its time to move on, its the player in libra that needs to quit the game. once a capri understands libras nature, the cheating the lying the laziness she’ll let him play but then its her ” game ” and its goin be one hella project to run. libras are trouble makers when it comes to relationship becuz when it gets serious their mood flips like dozens of timea a second. appearently the loving libra is what attract us, but when it comes to being practical thats where we get shocked. cuz to make it work we look at it as a project and so we get down with this business until its done. but while were determinant and stubborn till we achieve our goals Libras keep swinging their moods enough to let ua question their intention and trust. like seriously capricorn ladies dont waste ur time.

  58. skitz0 November 26th, 2010

    and how come its all the capricorn women cryin an cant let go, yet the libras are are sending out red flaggs tellin they homies to head for the hills.

    LISTEN LADIES THERES A TREND HERE!!!!!! another thing i learned from his relationship is he was done for years before it finally ended. (i actually witnessed these conversations a few times a week) he would tell her he hated her, didnt wanna be with her, get out of his house….and this cappy just took it, for years being treated like that. and BEGGED, BEGGED him to stay with her. if she wuz willing to take that abuse and not walk away on her own well thats her damn fault she wuz in a horrible relationship for YEARS!

    so u so called “proud” capricorn girls need to realize when the relationship is OVER! stop hurtin yourself, cuz even though he hasnt left, more than likely he has moved on. and your possesiveness will only push him away faster. SO JUST LET GO!!!!!!

  59. skitz0 November 26th, 2010

    i am a capricorn woman and am madly in love with a libra man. but thats as far as it goes.

    i’ve known him for a year and a half and saw the falling apart of his relationship of 6 years with another capricorn woman. and damn glad i wuzn in her position nor would i ever wanna be. i know he’s a liar and a cheat cuz we were homies first and lovers second so he wuz dumb enough to let me see that side of him. of course im no angel either…but not as good a liar, he coached me on how to lie to my spouses to cover up wut we had going on on the side.

    i love him from a distance and shrugg off his charming phrases that i guess have other broads head over heals….lol….”wouldnt it be amazing if one day me and you ended up together” he said while still with his girlfriend…..”we were made for eachother” he said recently….for all those reason i stay strong and when i do start to feel weak i go into hiding for a few months.

    but he always finds me and we are right back where we left off. he’s my kryptonyte and he knows it!

    in my opinion libras are more in love with the idea of love i think they enjoy that rush of new emotions….i have to admit im a love junkie myself. this just works for us. so i dont think we will be done for a long time. but as far as a conventional relationship i dont think itll ever happen, as much as i love and care about him not only as a lover but a friend. i enjoy wut we do have so why ask for more

    sorry to all ya other cappy girls fallin for this bs. u need to get ya game up and know when u being played!

  60. Debbie November 17th, 2010

    I have been dating a libra for a bout six months now. He is so cute I just love him he really
    Let’s me know how much he loves me every day….. But seriously if we base our lifes
    On these signs we are going to go
    Crazy…yea some of the traits are true
    But it depends on what star u were
    Born under…..

  61. Sherrie September 19th, 2010

    I’ve been with a Libra man for 15 years. It started off good….. but now it pure hell… they are cheating whores and liars. They will try to avoid answering question or dealing with problems in the relationship.They are very jealous hearted when they see u doing good. They will try everything to stop u. Run Run Run far away….. If I could do this all over again I would never dated him… I probably won’t ever date a Libra again.

  62. Lindsey September 16th, 2010

    Iam in love with my Libra man he is very moody with harsh mood swings and cuts me down alot Its a rather tough reltionship he wont be held down I would say run run away from a the spell of a libra man it can work but well they are very moody

  63. Lovin'Libra August 23rd, 2010

     I am a Capricorn female in total love with a Libra male. We were together for about a year and a couple of months, and boy that was the best year I’ve ever had in my life. 

    We started out great and everything was like a dream but because of the fact that we work together, we had to stay somewhat… On the downlow. He is my supervisor and 4 years older than me… But we were always on the same page about everything. We went everywhere together and he would always stay over until it got to the point where he lived with me. Clean man, no complaints..but he dressed really kinda… Old fashioned… At that time I was 18 and he was 22. So for a 22year old man to dress the way he did, kinda… Threw it off… So I decided that I should give him some tips on what would make him loook more cute, desireable, or whatever…

    So he started buying shoes and sneakers that complimented him very well and would buy me matching pairs..and since I am a cosmetologist, I would teach him how to do his hair and I would line it up and cute it for him… Because he knew he looked even better than he ever did in his life, he decided to go out alot and leaving me on the side alone at home. He continuously went out until bam… He fucks an ex co worker who I was good friends with at the time…not knowing we were cool. He didn’t tell me anything until I asked him and that was it. Gave me full explanation and I trusted him. 

    New years came around the corner and he decides that we should go to San Francisco to celebrate but we both got off work late and decided to make it there in time for the fireworks. We made it… But everyone was exhausted so we missed out on the fireworks. So then we decided to drive back to his hometown which was in Stockton and hang out with his friends… Blah… I made a funny comment and he flipped and just went off and took me home…40mins away back to Sacramento. Arguing inside the car about dumbshit and I loved him so much I didn’t want to leave at all… Right when he got infront of my house… He said GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY CAR! and it hit midnight. And I was crying in front of my porch when it hit midnight.

    I didn’t eat or work for 8 days cause I work with him! I lived offf of coffee and water. Lost about 11 pounds within those days and on the 9th day when I went back to work, I had to see his face and I would just be in straight tears of course without him seeing me. But he would just look for the longest time and turn away…

    That same night I decided to go out and party and just go to my friends house and drink a bit, and I did and incidently, it was around the corner from his house at the time…I didn’t even know. So I drive by and he looks at me in anger asking in a text why I was stalking him… I really wasn’t… And he said then prove to me that you are around the corner and so I met him at his house… And we sat inside of his car and talked. 

    He knew how to win my fuckin heart back with that charming smile, his words of love and wisdom… And his promise of faith and loyalty. And so he did… And broke up with 2days before my birthday…. Got back together 2days after my birthday and broke it off again 4 days before valentines day.

    Dummy me, after that we argued over little stuff here and there throughout the relationship. And bam once again… He cheated on me with another coworker… That hurt like a bitch. When I confronted him, he kept saying I’ll talk to you later on about that and denied the whole thing. So again I trusted him….which now puts me In a state of confusion. Questioning myself to believe him or not. Later on that same night, he kept asking me why I was so controlling and NEVER have I been controlling towards him… I just asked him a question… And he broke it off with me.

    Hurt again like a birch, but I was so in love and determined that he could be mine and will stay faithful. So one day after like a couple months of us just on and off.. I missed him so much by my side that I called him and told him that I wanted to go over to his house… Before we did anything… While he was eating dinner… I saw a condom wrapper on the tv stand and I said to him in respect, nice wrapper and he turned red as a rose and was just silent… That night I knew I had to walk away from him permanently…so I ended it with him and walked him because he did not chase after me whatsoever…

    It was just awkward moments at work… Trying so hard not to bump into one another and just avoiding the fact that he even worked there. For a whole year and a half I dated approximately 11 guys to get my mind off of him…and he fucked around with girls and found himself a girl who he called his GF for about a year as well. They came into our workplace and held hands and kissed and did all that in front of me.. Like I didn’t mean shit to him. It hurt like a bitch and I did cry but that just made me wanna forget about everything which was what I was trying to do this whole time… 

    I finally accepted the fact that he was super in love with this chick who was 3 years older than me who had obtained her masters at the time and was fascinated by her so much he even DITCHED work and called out a couple of times just to hang out with her…but I never said a word to him, I just left it as is and went on with my life…doing what I could to get over him… 

    About 3 months ago I was at a barnes and nobles looking through cookbooks… And this chef who had the same name as him just brought back so many memories… 🙁 and it was a year and a half that we haven’t spoke, not even at work… So outta my brave heart… I texted him a quote the chef always said and the quote I would always say to him back in the days..

    He texted back… I had a different number by that time so he asked me who it was .. And I said it was me.. And he texted me back and forth for a good 15 mins and just stopped. I was happy that he texted me back and that’s all I wanted.

    But then he asked me to go outside for a smoke break 2 days later and he was cracking jokes like the old him…and asked me if he could text or call me sometime to hang out and just go to a bar or something and I said sure thing… Cause as of this moment… My feelings for him were like… Just happy that he was happy in love though I was in love with him… So he hits me up on a Friday night and Im super drunk at a club already and I text him back… He was at a club as well and we started off from there and when I got home it was about 4am… And I called him.. And he was asking hoe I waddling and everything and see if I wanted to hang out because he doesn’t work Saturdays and neither do I….so I was kinda like… Is he cheating on her or is he not with her anymore… Confused me but my intentions were just to be friends… So he picks me up and takes me to his new house… Best believe I checked everywhere for woman belongings… Anything in the bathroom or his closet. So I’m still drunk literally pondering around to see if there was anything but nothing at all… I ended up kissing him that night and it was better than what I could remember…put me in shock and again I was addicted to him. 

    But I played it off like I didn’t care…so next weekend comes along and bam I text him and this time we took it into the sheets and ever since then, there has only been one weekend where we didn’t hang out cause he had his nephews bday. 

    It has been a year and a half… And he pops back in my life and there’s no relationship but I love him so much.. He kisses me goodnight and kisses/hugs me goodbye… 

    I am now 21 And he is 25 turning 26..I need advice…and if I’m doing the wrong thing… Idk whAt to do and these past few weeks, I have just been sooo stressed over not knowing what’s goin on in his life…..

    Help me…

  64. florence_capri August 19th, 2010

    maybe these guys are carefree in nature, and we capris being opposite but i feel Libran man are very loyal,balanced,clean hearted n gud persons……:)

  65. florence_capri August 8th, 2010

    one of my teacher is a libra, it’s so tru that they hav mood swings…… they can be nice sometimes but the other moment they sound lik strangers n worse……..why they r so unpredictable…..urgggggg

  66. garnik July 11th, 2010

    I’m a Capricorn woman and the love of my life was a libra man. The relationship hurt like a bed of nails but I would give anything for the joy I felt in his arms. I remember when he said we would always be soulmates. I love him my whole life.

  67. proud libra July 4th, 2010

    seriously, lets say two guys were born on the same exact day, same exact year. what are the chances of those two guys being exactly the same? very, very slim. its not just about your sign, its also about the life you have lived so far. im a libra who grew up without a mother, i am extremely clingy. im not outgoing at all. and i would rather sit at home with my girlfriend than anything else. and yeah, ana is a hater. there are faults in every sign, and if even if you are paired with the best possible match and sign compatibility, the relationship is still going to take some work. you need to sacrifice just as much as your loved one is sacrificing for you, but as long as its balanced out, in order to maintain the relationship. i dated an aries for two and half years, complete opposite of me. but we clicked beautifully. but towards the end, i was giving out more than she was, and she would never want to talk about our problems. and eventually she left me. i believe if she had tried to work with me, we’d still be together…

  68. Do i dare admit I'm a libra? June 29th, 2010

    You can’t just take the bad qualities and assume someone born around the same time is going to be the same person. Not even give them a chance. They may have certain similar traits, but if you base your relationships on these arbitrary statements, no matter you/your partners sign … good luck in life.

  69. ErikaRenee. June 21st, 2010

    I’m a “Capricorn”, and my boyfriend is a “Libra”.
    In all honesty, our relationship is beyond prodigious. He’s beautiful, and compassionate.
    It seems as if, he’s MY balance beam, and I love how he “deals” with me. We never fight, only argue, and even when we argue he will be a gentlemen and surrender.
    He CONSTANTLY caresses me, and even if I get totally annoyed, he’ll draw and say sorry(really cute). He’s not the most prudent human being, and he always seems to “copy” me, I adore him.
    He ALWAYS listens to me, and our relationship is built on 150% trust. We never go through each others phones, we never stop each other from “going out”, we never ask each other questions about our doings, we put ALL THAT aside and focus on each other. 😀

    Any who, “astrology” doesn’t determine a relationship- at all. A relationship is determined by two human beings. Simple.

  70. kill u June 11th, 2010

    just wondering that who is regulating this site!!!1 why some responses are manipulated…….hmmmmm strange!!!1

  71. florence_capri May 3rd, 2010

    ana, i would just lik to say that if their is spying in a relationship…..i think it’s not worth to continue. Spying means lost of trust and for a gud relationship it means lot of trust…..:)

    I don’t know anything abou libran man and capricorn women relationship, but just can say it’s not easy becoz libs are air sign and capri’s are very ground persons….it goona be really hard……:)

  72. This seems positive May 2nd, 2010

    This pairing has intensity and a mate-for-life philosophy that can overcome obvious differences. First off, Capricorn is not likely to swoon over Libra’s obvious charms. The Goat has a cavernous depth of cool that keeps Libra guessing. Libra quickly realizes that being whip-smart and capable will win the Goat. Libra likes the extras of romance, while Capricorn isn’t likely to invest in love ephemera. But if a bond emerges, Libra can rest assured that Capricorn’s gifts will be ones of lasting value. Both are marriers, and while it’s got built in frictions, this pair can find a harmonious balance. Capricorn minds the structure of the relationship, while Libra adds the flourishes.

    What intrigues Capricorn is Libra’s social finesse, something they see as an asset for climbing the ladder. Beyond that, the Goat knows the value of a good, clear mind, and is entertained by the Libran wit. On dates, Libra brings ease to conversations, and that allows the reserved Cappy to open up. If the Libra is female to a status-minded Capricorn male, she could become Venusian arm candy, not fully respected in her own right. Capricorn tends to say ‘my way or the highway,’ a sentiment abhorrent to Libra’s diplomatic nature. A Libra caught too often in the lala land of indecision could be putty in the hands of the strong-willed goat. Capricorn loses respect for the people-pleaser, or a Libra that is all talk and no action. While the extremes of these signs together spell disaster, many Libra-Capricorn couples learn to respect what the other has to offer.

    It’s likely that the Goat wants to ‘talk shop’ a lot, but as a cardinal sign, Libra understands ambition. Libra just goes about it in a different way, prefering paths of least resistance. Capricorn might think Libra a layabout, but if they observe over time, they’ll see just how much the latter accomplishes. At home, Capricorn can be a hoarder and packrat, while Libra prefers an airy spaciousness. Libra likes to stay above the fray, while Capricorn sinks into dark moods from time to time that are unshakable. Libra’s instinct for saying the right things may help, but sometimes the Goat just needs to be alone.

    With the traditional home-loving Goat, Libra comes to life, having found a loyal mate for all time. And Capricorn is drawn into the pleasures and beauty of life by entering Libra’s world. Once a commitment is made, their differences round things out, and bode well for mutual fulfillment.

  73. lina April 30th, 2010

    wow dating a libra man..and these are all the problems i forsee in the future. this just confirms. damn.

  74. Capricorn Women are #1 April 13th, 2010

    Okay – Ive had a 2 libra men and are just now realizing that they are Librans and now understand the Consistent-Inconsistency!! I had the same situation as the female earlier in the comments the Libra man stole my car keys, would take my car go out all night, did not also get his license but somehow acted as if he was “taking care of me” as capricorn women we appreciate a man who can take care of us, but u libran males need to be able to take care of yourselves, be men, and u definitely need much better communication and business skills if u plan to ever be successful- its true I still love him to this day and im supportive as “hes in jail right now for that attitude put him there” but i love him and want to see him do better and he is undeniable hahaha lol but i dont even know what to do because now i have an acquarius who is much more responsible not perfect, but faithful and my libran is screaming out for this “forever LOVE we have???” You are very caring but the libran males are whores which makes it hard for Capricorn women to let the trust guard down- almost impossible but we are going to be a good woman to u if we know u regardless so Good Luck in life Libra men!! We love u forever –

  75. Jubilee April 8th, 2010

    I’m a Cap Female and was married to a Libra man for 10 yrs. THE WRONG HELL EVER! CAN CHARM, DANCE, AND ROMANCE YOU OVER WITH HIS EYES. THE PROBLEM WAS I WAS AT HOME WITH KIDS AND WORKING AND HE WAS OUT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT PARTYING. the more I tried to make him grow up and be a man with a family the meaner and more abusive he got. At the end he would take my phone, keys, and leave. I was left with the kids one day and sore never to go back. He is still possessive and angry till this day, broke still hanging in the bars.

  76. Capricorn Woman March 24th, 2010

    ok, so i have been involved and married to a libran man for a few years – absolute torture… he says i have a big mouth – i want things done my way – im a perfectionist – i am controlling, I check up on him and i keep him from his friends(yeah, sounds really bad) – but dude, if you cant handle the heat then get out – they say the good outweighs the bad between Caps and Libra’s but errr… i beg to differ, i hope we stand the test of time – else we will bring out the worst in each other. Can Libra men also stop being so childish and argumentative…

  77. A Libra Person March 3rd, 2010

    I m a Libra man & love with a Capricorn women.She tells me that she have Family problems through that she ignore me since last 6 months,never talk never reply me,but I still Love with her as then but she dont.She just Kick me as a Football.

  78. Hmmmmm January 23rd, 2010

    Yeah but Tiger too is a capricorn and Paul McCartney is a gemini nothing on this site says their match is not compatible thus your reasons for incompatibility are wrong.

  79. True though January 22nd, 2010

    Since Cap do like to control I have been known to spy, though I like to consider myself to be more observant than a spy, as far as boredom goes thats a matter of personal taste as far as jail, if Libra kept busy with a job they could have freedom every once and a while!

  80. Ana is a hater January 22nd, 2010

    Ana you’re a hater, why does it have to be capricorns fault? Thus the problems with Libra’s don’t take responsibility and unreliable

  81. Caprica January 20th, 2010

    I am a capricorn woman and I sort of had an interest in a guy until I realized he was LIBRA! My brother is a libra, love him to death, but his relationship/life skills are whack! Just very weak when it comes to business life matters, paying bills, not overdrafting on bank accounts, he just doesn’t handle his business he has been without a license for years just because he will not handle his business in making it a priority to pay his fines which are a few hundred dollars, he’d rather settle for not having a license or a car in a community where you need one!?!??!?! The lack of career ambition I can get over, at least he has a job, goes to it and has kept it for years, if it works for him cool. However irresponsible as all get out, ran my phone bill up a couple thousand dollars, Cap woman BEWARE!!! I could not IMAGINE marrying a man like this. Cap women we work hard for our money not to WASTE it on mediocrity and foolishness….Cap women RUN RUN RUN like Forest Gump! He is not worth it, we may be ‘boring’ but we got our life on straight and like it that way!

  82. KATHERINE January 6th, 2010


  83. Lindsay January 4th, 2010

    i can only speak from my own experience… i am a Capricorn woman in love with a Libra man, and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. He doesn’t seem to find me a bore, even though I am more of a homebody than him. I love him dearly && trust him blindly. And i dont stalk him or any of that, I honestly have too much pride to even stoop there. I believe its definitely worth a try.

  84. ana December 22nd, 2009

    If your looking for a life in Jail, just marry that Capricorn woman, she will bore you to death and spy on you and follow you around…Your friends will disappear from sight she won’t even give you the phone messages….Libra if you love yourself run away from Capricorn….Look at Paul McCartney and tiger Woods they both have Capricorn wives….They are bored with them….run away

  85. ana November 22nd, 2009

    Libra if you know whats good for you…Run away as fast as you can from capricorn, she will torture you later in years…

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