Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio are beautifully attracted to each other due to the qualities they possess. The luminous energy of Libra and strong intensity of Scorpio stands in stark contrast but makes the relationship proactive. Scorpio wants soul in love relationship while Libra is most interested in companionship and outward expressions of togetherness.

Libra man is much more sensitive and yielding than most men. He hides his passions well behind a debonair smile and a persuasive voice. He is a great orator with answer to almost every question of the world. He keeps his distance while analyzing others around him. His delicacy allows him to feel pain in his heart much quickly. He is a romantic and extremely charming and can pretty much get any woman he wants to with just a flash of his warm and natural smile. Once he captures a woman’s heart, she becomes a die hard lover for him.

Scorpio woman is strong, independent and her beauty exudes through her qualities and magnetism. She hides the truth more often than not, often giving a different meaning to mask what it is she is trying to hide. She appear to be drawn back but it is a mere act, actually her silence is her mystery. It creates a magnetism that attracts others to her. Although Scorpio woman always wants to dominate any relationship, whether in business or in love, she holds back, temporarily so as to let her companion control the relationship in the beginning and then take over with time.

A Scorpio woman is a wonderful woman who easily attracts Libra man by her mysterious beauty and magnetism. Moreover, her intensity to love and her loyalty is unmatched which makes the Libra man fall for her even more quickly. She has an aura that makes her man feel great about having her in his life. She respects him a lot and considers him to be the most important person in her life. Normally, she is extremely patient and helps him through his many mood swings. But for that he has to pay a price because love of a Scorpio woman never comes without price. She demands equally intense loyalty and love from him and respect which she strongly feel he should owe for her. If not treated well she can turn into one of the most dangerous and revengeful woman.

Libra man has an innate ability to attract any woman he wants and even Scorpio woman is allured by his charm. But she gets to know just how sincere or playful he is being with her. She knows if he is just toying with her or if he is sincerely interested in her. Whether she chooses to act on her Libra male’s less than noble antics is her decision. Their ability to debate with one another is high on the roster and they can spend huge amounts of time doing so. It can end quite abruptly, however, when Scorpio woman is tired of it all. But he is also one person who gives her the most romantic relationship of all. He respects and honors her and appreciates her intellect. He gives her a new airy approach towards life which makes her feel light and easy breaking all the boundaries around her.

Libra man’s unconquerable optimism along with the strong intensity of the Scorpio woman, strikes a perfect chord. He has the potency and compassion she needs, while he adores her innocuous nature. As they deeply discover the miracles of bonding, she starts giving the Libra man the peace he needs, this also helps her to calm her jealousy and suspicious nature. Likewise he is always ready to provide his lovely maiden the excitement she needs, this shakes him from lethargy and bring more colors to his life too. Their true love is a sacred flame. That burns eternally and none can dim its special glow or change its destiny. The love of Scorpio woman and Libra man speaks in tender tones and hears with gentle ear. They give affection and trust to each other with open heart, conquering all their fears and intertwining their hearts forever.

The sexual relationship of Scorpio woman and Libra man is on a higher level. Scorpio woman has a deep sexual passion that needs to be expressed. She enjoys showing Libra man that his normally superficial sexual nature is not enough for him. He soon realizes that his libido matches hers and the ecstasy created is more than satisfying. He is vulnerable and sentimental as well as extremely romantic and affectionate. Their passion for each other drives them to places they thought only dreams could come from. Their love and desire touches their body and soul making them complete only in each other’s arms. She loves these qualities in him. Her need to possess him completely is fulfilled initially but when he makes her realize that love making is so much more than that, they reach an even higher level of intimacy. Scorpio woman’s relationship between sexuality and spirituality is a very strong bonded one. This haunts Libra man and touches him deeply creating an even closer connection between them.

To love a Scorpio woman is to be completely devoted to her and have a passion for her that burns deep. To marry a Scorpio female is not to be decided lightly, however. She is intense in what she desires and craves for. Her needs are fierce and she expects complete loyalty from her partner and may not entertain Libra man’s easy going nature. If she so much as suspects differently, he can rest assured she will show her anger and her jealousy. It is not to be a passing argument, so do not expect it to just blow over. Her torn heart enrages her and she gets her revenge on her man. To create a strong bond between Libra man and Scorpio woman, they need to suppress their egos somewhat and learn to adjust to the others needs and desires. An enormous amount of loyalty and devotion is needed but the results are sexually and spiritually heightened many times over.

  1. Profile photo of Lovestoned
    Lovestoned May 14th, 2017

    Being a Scorpio woman..Me & Libras ALWAYS become friends..some of the closest friendships I have! We just click & get when I met this man & we got down to what our signs were, I know we would be friends before we were! Instant connection

    When we first met I was taken back by his beauty! He is tall & so handsome..just a very attractive guy that everyone notices, Just instantly had my heart skipping beats..BUT I was in a relationship at the time so the hidden feelings I had for this man, were to be hidden! I knew we both felt something as time went along & we became friends but because of the people we are, we didn’t pursue those feelings! I would never cheat or play games with anyone I’m in a relationship with & I know he is the same person..but the friendship we created was just so intriguing I couldn’t ignore it

    I ended up leaving my ex..not for this libra man but because I wasn’t happy! Everyday the voice in my head said “he’s not the one..leave” & I couldn’t fight it anymore & left..we tried for 2 years! My ex is a Capricorn..we had a great connection but I was bored with his ‘follow the rules’ attitude & he made me feel was hard & I hated hurting my ex & ending it but I just knew..he wasn’t the one

    About a month after my break up, me and my libra began hanging out..One day he randomly asked me out to hang with him and his heart skipped a beat! Inside I was ecstatic..outside I was calm! Of course I couldn’t show him I was thrilled being that us Scorpio’s won’t show that right away

    We had a great time & just meshed so well..we also shared a kiss that night..Instant fireworks!!! I knew I liked this guy but that kiss we shared blew me away! & I knew he felt the same was something powerful! In just one kiss! We continue to hang out & share the most romantic kisses I’ve ever experienced..the way this man holds me when he kisses me makes me melt in his much happens when we kiss, I day dream about it..the type of connection when kissing I’ve been looking for..

    I feel like this scared us both off for a second..we knew that there was something extreme in our kiss that intimidated us both! We had a small disagreement over a situation that happened & I wasn’t sure if we would come out of it..we kind of said “maybe we should stay friends” & it tore me up inside! I cried about the thought of losing this brought pain thinking we wouldn’t be anything more..

    That’s when I knew I couldn’t let him get away! I knew I had to drop my ego & chase, which is Scorpios don’t do! But I did it for him because my heart felt something very powerful! Soon after I confessed I truly liked him & I didn’t want to just be friends..he confessed the same..said he felt we could “start fresh” & we did! Only been a few days but I’m infatuated with this man..he is gorgeous to me! Looks aren’t everything but the way he looks just makes my body tingle! He makes me laugh & jokes with me..we have so much in common! When we go out, & most of the time we have on similar clothes..same band on our tshirt..or same color! It freaks us out but just shows the connection we have even when we don’t try to connect, we do! & when we are together in bed its mind blowing..the first time was seriously the best feeling I’ve ever had! I said it in the moment because I was in was like….magic! He said the same & we just got lost in eachother..literally left everything that was hurting us or bothering us go out the window & we were off into another world!

    This love might kill might..or it might be the best thing that has ever happened! I don’t know..but I do know it’s something worth taking the risk for

    • Profile photo of Lovestoned
      Lovestoned May 14th, 2017

      I also wanted to mention how much of a rockstar my libra man is & how much it reflects who I truly am! When I left my ex I left for something more exciting..something so wild & crazy that it made nothing else matter & here he came! He has brought out my TRUE self..a self I kept tamed because who I thought I was was too over the top..too wild! But this libra man of mine has showed me something special..he’s showed me that life is so much more fun when you live carefree! When you enjoy the true assets of life, concerts..festivals..laying in the people..dancing! He has brought out who I put away, out of fear it was too much! He brought me back to life..literally makes me feel alive

      This is the man the higher power sent to me! I asked for something to bring me back..something or someone who can match my rockstar tendencies & not make me feel crazy for it!

      & the higher power sent me a Libra! Wow..such a beauty

    • Profile photo of hakstars
      hakstars May 24th, 2017

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwww……. xxXxx ?❤️

    • Profile photo of hakstars
      hakstars May 24th, 2017


    • Sne June 3rd, 2017

      You’re so lucky! God bless you both. Hope u two stay together forever 🙂

    • Baldwin July 8th, 2017

      Beautiful. I wish you n my felow Libra everlasting love and happiness.

    • Cee July 13th, 2017

      Wow. I’m reading your story and it’s like I’m reading my life. My ex is a Capricorn I am a Scorpio and this man I am in absolute love with is a libra.

  2. Libra Man April 29th, 2017

    Well I think I found my soulmate… a scorpio female. The first time I laid eyes on her she was stunning. The first time we crossed paths I almost ran into her, but she gave me this huge smile. She’s got that penetrating stare that doesn’t hold back. Her presence is powerful and the way she carries herself is amazing.

    Being a libra male, I am very analytical. But I was reading up on scorpio women and she is doing everything that has been described. The first time I talked to her, she was cold and abrupt. I figured there was no interest there. I didn’t think too much about it and did my own thing.

    Then she started catching my eye more. Started crossing my path more as a way of getting my attention. Started staring at me from across the room. She did these mini-interviews with me, which I always just laid everything out on the table for her. I always feel honesty is the best policy. I gave out all this information about myself, but she would barely reveal anything about herself. Slowly though, she’s been opening up to me. Every time we talk I learn a little more about her. We have started to develop a really great friendship which is awesome, but the attraction is definitely there. Those eyes just grab a hold of me and I can see it in her eyes the way she looks into mine. There is something there. She is absolutely gorgeous.

    The only problem is she has a boyfriend. I also have just gotten out of a terrible 4 year relationship with a Leo, which is surprising because we’re supposed to be extremely compatible, but we couldn’t make it work. She caused me so much pain that I could not overcome.

    Now, I am working on developing a better relationship with myself and understanding my thoughts and feelings. I have been extremely patient with her and I feel like it’s been paying off. I am just going to give her the time to reflect on her own feelings and find out what she really wants. But it’s getting harder and harder because everyday it seems like my feelings getting stronger.

    We just have so much in common it is scary. She is everything I envisioned in a partner. The way our relationship has developed already, even though only friends, feels so natural and organic. I just feel so comfortable around her that I could tell her anything. I opened up to her right away which is very difficult for me. I feel like she feels the same way and is very comfortable around me too. She offers me great advice. She tries to make these sly comments to me, which I love because I can handle it and it does not bother me at all. I think that is another one of her tests.

    Reading about a Scorpio female and their harsh comments does not bother me at all. Little does she know that what me ex-Leo put me through, nothing she could ever do or say would ever put me in as much pain as what that woman put me through. I got over my sensitive side really quick. I am sensitive, but also very strong. I can tell by her eyes that she also is strong-willed, but she’s also a sweetheart.

    I love those little playful comments she makes to me too. It is sexy as hell, so is she. Her body is amazing and her smile is too. I don’t know how much more I can handle! I just know in my heart we are going to end up together and this could be the one I envision everything with. I think I found the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with!

    • LadyScorpio May 9th, 2017

      I wish you and your Scorpio woman will end up together one day. I’m a Scorpio female going through a terrible time after a spring romance with a libra man. It couldn’t work as much as I wanted to or we wanted to…one thing I’m definately certain though,I’ll never date a libra man ever again.

    • Cee July 13th, 2017

      To Libraman
      I think you should tell your Scorpio sweeathert how you feel. You never know she might be feeling the exact same way. 🙂

  3. Tai April 10th, 2017

    Literally the biggest waste of my time. I like a take charge, assertive man & thought he pretended like he was, my Libra definitely wasn’t it. He had no passion, no plan & was not a leader. He wouldn’t take initiative or do ANYTHING without asking me first. This was just my experience, maybe yours will be different.

  4. Joe Smith March 29th, 2017

    Yes, indeed. It is true. Libra men are sensitive, caring, and loving. We only seek to be loved in return, like any other human. I love singing, writing birthday cards, and making a person feel special at least once. Alot of girls have told me they love my voice, thus I have tried to learn singing. It’s fun. In the relationships that didn’t work out, I know I have helped them. They know it. I am okay with that. I am deciding between a Pisces, Scorpio, or Leo right now. Does it really matter? Gee, I don’t know. I’ll just continue to be caring and sensitive in my relationships.

    • miz March 31st, 2017

      Hi Joe,
      Go for a scorpio girl 😉

  5. Lman2017 March 16th, 2017

    After reading every single comment I’ve come to the conclusion that people just want to hear what they want to and that there’s no such thing as true zodiac signs. Half of the libra men sound like douche bag teens, can’t spell and don’t seem very charming. And the Scorpio women are all over the place and just sound like every other woman who can’t make a decision on what they want. Fun to think about, but not true. Oracle is for profit btw.

    • Noah Castillo June 15th, 2017

      I’ll have you know that we librans are prob the most down to earth people you will cross. You must not know the difference between confidence and being a douche because believe it or not we care so much more about others n there needs than ours just a lil newsflash hotshot

  6. Profile photo of JessJus
    JessJus February 26th, 2017

    I`m shocked no one actually talked about the sexual encounter with their libra man…let me be the first to say its so addictive and feels like magic over and over. this relationship is so sexual.. right after my first time with my 3 year libra boyfriend we both fell in love about 10 times harder i dont know its so weird its literally what libra/scorpio couples were born to do best and enjoy most. we both feel the exact same way so this is not a one sided feedback. hope this helps happy Scorpio/Libra couples 🙂

  7. Profile photo of LaraSuJe
    LaraSuJe February 15th, 2017

    For me and my Libra husband it was love at first sight it was so intense I still remember the first words he told me and the tone of his voice and just that alone is enough for me to love him forever. you can just tell if a libraian man truly loves you as a scorpian woman thats very true you can hear it in his voice his passion is inconceivable. I feel so special with him because hes a very charming person and everybody cant stop looking at us when we are together there is nothing better than being with someone just because he chose to be with you when his options were wide open. I should have just trusted him from the beginning because thats a big tell of how loyal he is. hes the best father to our 8 year old son I could ever ask for. thanks for this true and positive info it really made me proud that millions like us share the same story.

  8. Profile photo of mary
    mary February 14th, 2017

    I`m so surprised by this article it feels like its about me and my husband. we have been married for 7 years and our love to each never died down since we got married hes so romantic he notices all that we have in common and lives by it .he cares so much about me and always puts me first. I have been with 3 men before him and not one of them is close to him I love him soo much. every day is valentine`s day with him and whats so awesome about our relationship is that we we are both born in October so we have that unique bond with each other.
    thank you for this article its the most accurate one I`ve read.

    • Vas March 2nd, 2017

      I’m a Libran and about to find out.
      While I attract different fine ladies one Scorpio in particular has captured my imagination. I sincerely wish we connect as it feels so natural, intense and perfect.
      Its early days but I hope she feels the same way.

  9. Shirley Exclase Wee February 1st, 2017

    its help me alot.. thank you so much because there is this libraian man was so serious to get married with me which i could say actually im still reconsidered him to be my future husband.. but i think he got everything that i coukd say a guy that had the responsibility to take good care of me for and i could she just like what u had explained that he is good enough to be a husband.. again thank u for good and positive thought between a libraian man and scorpian women like me.. thank alot to u..

  10. Mou Roy January 26th, 2017

    Thanks for this positive thoughts..i was scared bcz i have seen lots of negative article about my relationship as i am engaged with a librarian guy.So now onwards i am relaxed and also will follow some tips, because i was little confused about his nature..???

  11. Erneto Sánchez January 26th, 2017

    You have opened up my eyes, Im looking to open up a relationship with a Scorpio women and this teaches me something so wonderful and inspiring, your words have touched my soul about what to expect, thank you, very well explained

  12. Angel Muskan January 10th, 2017

    nice really very nice and helpful to me bcuz i’m getting marriage with libra boy.thank youoooo……

    • Jose Luis Salazar January 22nd, 2017

      Best of luck to you guys señorita, I just married my scorpio girl and I LOVE My Life!!! ?

  13. Profile photo of tejjuu
    tejjuu June 3rd, 2016

    wow… 🙂

  14. Profile photo of SeptemberLibranm
    SeptemberLibranm May 23rd, 2016

    I’ve NEVER had a scorpio partner…
    But hope this helps…
    My dad was basically the only person person I knew for 15-20 years. At first he and me really had a hard time understanding eachother. When I was a teenager I felt a bit closer to him and when I hit my 20ies I found him to be very good company.
    After a while he understood me better I realise the longer we were together the more we trusted eachother and became better friends we was scorpio – I guess it’s not a love match but at least it can give you the idea of how people can relate to one another.

  15. Profile photo of anongirl
    anongirl December 21st, 2015

    I’m a scorpio  talking to a libra guy and he’s loyal . i’ve dated a libra in the past that wasn’t loyal at all. it just depends on he guy. the libra in the past was always lying. i advise being a libras friend first and getting to know him for 2 years before a romantic relationship to find out if hes trustwothy.

  16. Profile photo of Jreed32
    Jreed32 June 21st, 2015

    wow, it amazes me how this is on point! I am a scorpio currently talking to a libra and I must say…whoa. Usually I don’t like to get attached to the men I talk to, but he definitely reeled me in with his charm, and I don’t even know how. He’s got me doing things I said I wouldn’t do. And he lives in Texas while I’m in Tn, so my trust is pretty much on a rollercoaster right now! He talks about his ex, which brings out a bit of jealousy even though he says they will never be. He says he hates lying, and so far he has been honest. He really wants to see me when I’m ready, but I haven’t set a date yet. I really like him, but I’m sooo scared. its really weird, but he calms me. I’m trying to take it slow, but it’s hard. And if he were here, or I were there, I feel like the sex would be great!! I find myself wanting him all the time!!! And I think about him, even when I went on vacation and that never happens. I barely thought about my Granny on that trip lol

  17. Profile photo of ryuukiee
    ryuukiee March 30th, 2015

    I’m a Libra guy dating a scorpio girl and I have to say wow! … this article is so on point ahahah. I love being romantic and cheesy a lot to my girl because I do sincerely love her.After struggling and trying hard to get into a long sincere relationship I told myself, that I would try to be open more and not lie which in my opinion quite hard for us libra men to do. As my friend also suffers some relationship pains because of her libra boyfriend. I know that love is hard to understand sometimes.. especially for me being really young (19) but I wanna take chances and not let go of my girlfriend and try fight hard for her hoping one day we might be together in marriage hopefully!

  18. Profile photo of scorpia23
    scorpia23 February 26th, 2015

    I was with a Libra male within 6 months sleeping over my place everday  . It was going good felt right.After a month of being in a relationship, he cheated with his ex.  And begged for forgiveness sending me flowers Saying “i didn’t realize what I had”. So i forgived him and he later lied about stupid things.
    they are liars 

    • Lman2017 March 16th, 2017

      Being a libra man this can be very true. I will not deny that. But I can say when loyal and we make a pact with ourselves. That loyalty does not falter. Now whether or not were telling the truth about that loyalty. Well, that is the question, isn’t it?

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  24. Profile photo of mtri3
    mtri3 October 27th, 2014

    I have been dating a much older libra man for roughly 3 months now.  Welll what u guys said really strike a chord in me. He really seems to be ths perfecf gy at first!!
    I never thought of doing things i ever did for any man i could (being a scorpio whos been hurt, i tend to shut any emotional entanglement). But came along this prince charming, ohh myy!! I literally fell hard and fast for him. Its true that l8bra men tend to b flirtatious / indecisive/ unyielding / detail / and they are constantly charming) all which are quite unexceptable to us scorpion women), ;but i really do feel that once u love a person there is nothing that stands in ur way
    Us scorpion women r not easy to handle either *jealousy issues are the biggest prob for us* yess libra men still mantain their looks and charm never dies no matter what age they r; trust me
    But once u realize that underneath all that charm n fluttering nature, libra man are just like us humans (with flaws and vulnerability). 
    In my opinion: once u dig underneath all ppl are weak n at the end of the day they need some1 to love. Libra men r not exception. We just need to compromise and know that love takes efforts. Not for the faint hearted.
    Good luck to us all. And know that zodiacs dont determine ur soulmate choices. It is efforts and efforts all the way..

  25. Profile photo of crose19828
    crose19828 July 23rd, 2014

    Hey…I am a Libra man…..recently I met a scorpio woman….a lot of what I read seems to be true in this situation….we seemed to have clicked right away and we both were attracted to eachother……we talked non stop everyday…..but out of nowhere she just quit talking to me…..maybe she doesnt buy my intentions…..I dont know…..its like I was drawn to her very quickly …..and now shes pulled back or who knows…..its pissiing me off but at the same time attracts me to her even more….

  26. Profile photo of
    nola80 June 29th, 2014

    I am a scorp woman and agree with this assessment.  Things did not work out for me and my Libra man, and in fact he brutally hurt me to the point where I sometimes feel permanently scarred.  And although he wronged me and I often wish for his swift and painful end, I still in some ways consider him to be the love of my life.  I don’t attribute what happened to us to the fact that he was a Libra and I a Scorpio.  Instead I feel that I should have been more careful with my heart because it was clear from the beginning that it would not end well.  Unlike a Libra I can’t be in a relationship just for fun.  I would be willing to date a Libra again, but I would be more cautious next time.

  27. Profile photo of
    taara87 June 11th, 2014

    I’m currently dating a libra man..he has major ups and downs that I sometimes get confused. He’s controlling and possessive, yet he wants his freedom at times. He’s a big ladies man and I’m not having it. I don’t want to give up on him but it’s effecting my happiness and being positive. Today I’m truly heart broken because he can be quite selfish. 

  28. Profile photo of
    xo_franc3s February 27th, 2014

    @Melancholybby the thing with libra men is that it takes a very long time to get them to open up and “talk” they keep to themselves just because they are definitely afraid to get hurt even if it may not seem that way 

  29. Profile photo of
    xo_franc3s February 27th, 2014

    I am a scorpio and my husband is a libra we were high school sweethearts we met when i was in the eigth grade we fell inlove the second we laid eyes on eachother yes we had many pointless arguments. But we stayed strong for many years and are currently still fighting for eachother everyday i guess i can say without any hesitation he is the love of my life and is the best thing that has ever walked into my life ,so anyone who has any doubts should definitely read this they couldnt have explained it any better 

  30. Profile photo of Melancholybby
    Melancholybby December 2nd, 2013

            I’m recently talking to a libra I didn’t want to at first but he saw me and kept insisting to my friend that he wanted to meet me and talk to me so I give it a chance  I have a boyfriend currently and Im seeing the libra guy secretly at night we hangout outside and he is charming very cute handsom the only thing is he’s so secretive I feel like I don’t know him as much as I like to but he does love to steal kisses from me which I don’t mind but I would love to get to know him. Sometimes I can’t trust what he says being a Scorpio(Oct30)young lady I’m very suspiciois and  i have a hard time trusting his words. Or anyone’s 
    I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop thinking about him after we didn’t talk for three days he wanted me to chose between him or my bf and I thought wow idk . Cause I don’t really know who this libra(oct11) man is. 
    He seems passionate and he says he s a provider. Which I think is true my step dad is a libra and he was a provider but also had bad temper. I’m afraid I’d have to talk more to this libra til I actually wan a start a relationship with him.

  31. Profile photo of
    Pejudyho74 May 9th, 2013

    I am a Scorpio woman and was in a long relationship with a libra man. It ended a few weeks back. And it didn’t end well. 

  32. Profile photo of
    Glowils May 4th, 2013

    I broke up with a virgo last yr and now with a libra.he makes me happy and healed all the wounds the virgo guy left in my heart.He is so cute sometimes i wonder how he fell in love with me.well im cute too though lol.
    Hes always there wen i need him and always trying to find out the reason why im quite and moody.However just like most scorpios im so jelousy and sometimes i just reflect my past and get angry with him..i feel hes going to be just like all the exes have been,hes so charming,hard working and business minded.Im so glad to have him…
    I love Wilson,,,my sweet libra…

  33. Profile photo of
    Honest April 11th, 2013

    I(scorpio) had two relationships with a Libra man, one long term (5 years) the second 6 months. I will NEVER date a libra. I for one find them to be liars, cheaters, untrustworthy, selfish, sneaky, fraudulent, and very competitive( especially with the scorpio women). They hate  on others so much, it’s disguting. Personally,i find these traits for both men & female Libras. If you must: Good Luck! Libras R phony! The relationship will either be a lot of WORK or short live. 

  34. Profile photo of
    haaniscorp September 20th, 2012

    you r so ryt i m also in relation with libra boy 
    he always speaks that m little bit passionate abt all our stuff buh wat i do i always like thiss ,i seriusly dnt knw how to handle him without hurting him 
    i m deeply in love with him …….. <3

  35. Profile photo of
    focus_intent_power September 12th, 2012

    i must say, i am truely fastinated by the way that the connection was phrased. i am a scorpio woman and i feel the exact same way about my libra. he is sept. 24th though, so he does have some virgo qualities, but it always depends on the actual person. i dated a guy with the exact same birthday as my current boyfriend, right before him. it kinda freaked me out. but my man now is exactly what i thought my ex would be and more. everything i could ask for in a man. my ex was very sneaky and lied to me the whole way through. but my current boyfriend keeps it real with me and tells me how much he likes me and cares about me. i think i love him and it has not even been 2 months. but as a scorpio, and a woman, in general, we are very intuitive, so i saw right through my exes deciet, and i see the sincerety in my current boyfriends eyes. and i am not one to lie to myself and just “try and work things out” when i can sense that my lover is not equally invested as i am. i know when it is time to walk away. but hope all works out with me and the rest of you all, follow your intuition and your heart, it will not stear you wrong. 😉

  36. Profile photo of
    spiralmind June 7th, 2012

    I agree this is the first time I’ve ever seen a positive image about libra/scorpions.
    And after reading comments it has gave me more hope 🙂

  37. Profile photo of
    spiralmind June 7th, 2012

    I agree alot to most of the comments here. I’m in a situation at the moment with a scorpio woman and it brought me to this site which then spurned me on to comment.
    I met her 8 years ago, we dated on and off for 5 years but we never really hit it off due to distance between us. Below the surface however we had a deep connection and over the years going our own ways we have always had eachother at the back of our minds.
    She contacted me 6 weeks ago after 3 years off silence and we met again 3 weeks ago and hit it off straight away.
    Whats strange about the whole situation is that due to my new career I now live 30 minutes away from her as opposed to 3 hours previously and it felt like things were put in place.
    Last week we had our first argument which I dreaded and I upset her which I regret so much and now she has not spoken to me for around 4 days, she said she was going to do this.
    The whole situation has left me hurting so much lately dreading a break up this early. I’ve begged her for forgiveness, asked her to think of what we could be throwing away but she has continued to give me the cold shoulder. Yesterday I sent her roses saying sorry and I left it as a last gesture from me.
    I now know I will have to wait for her to come back out of her shell if she ever does but after reading this page it does give me some hope that she needs her space and may give us a second chance.
    The traits of us both are so true as stated here and reading the comments confirmed this. I hope they apply to our situation and we can move on from this because we do have something special in a typical libran/scorpion way.

  38. Profile photo of
    shimmer April 27th, 2012

    One of the few sites that says something nice about Libra and Scorpio match..
    I think it’s 50% of zodiac and 50% of a mindset match though. My hubby, a libran, and I, a scorpio, are very well matched on a mindset level so its less hiccups for us.
    I love the fairness of Librans. They always give as much as they get. So it’s really a relaxed relationship after a small time of turbulence if you are able to accept each others differences..

  39. Profile photo of
    paullllllll March 28th, 2012

    I’m libra and the thing with guys like me is that we are too self absorbed and selfish. Trust me, we are. and that’s just being a libra, add to that any deep thinking occupation like being a writer or free thinker philosopher type personality and you can kiss the libra goodbye for weeks and months on end, enough to drive any woman to tears and suspicion.
    I am currently friendly with a scorpio and it goes like this:
    Everytime i’m with her and i happen to get distracted with anything around us she will remark, sometimes with a mean sting. She can be abusive that way, but it’s fine by me as i love her, but i notice she lets a lot go by of the things i happen to notice.
    Scorpios are good at objectivity, probably the best of the zodiac, they certainly can concentrate better than the rest. LIbras on the other hand are dreamers, we belong to a neither region of space and time and everytime we act our nature when in company of a scorpio they will go nuts. This is because scorpios seem to lack a capacity to understand broad and deep thoughts, she certainly gets headaches from my far fetched ideas lol. But i do notice she’s very practical, a practicality so honed and expressed it’s like she would deny anything that can’t be weighed or measured. Scorpios i find make a suitable wife for a writer, or at least a nice assistant. taking care of business while the writer himself can indulge fully into fiction.
    So there, hope it was of some help

  40. Profile photo of
    TamaraScorp January 16th, 2012

    My libra man was my first love, we were 19and 20. It was intense and mind blowing and insanely immature. We broke up in a very drastic and dramatic way, of course. Then reconnected out of the blue over 20 years later. It was instant, complete, and the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. We are the same, but we have grown and matured and we don’t take one moment together for granted. This article expresses exactly why we work together so well. He’s an amazing man that gave this crazy Scorpio peace and happiness and I would move heaven and earth for him. 

  41. Profile photo of Maribaby510
    Maribaby510 January 9th, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio woman, I met my man (Libra) at the club, at first I had no type of interest in him. That same night after the club we we’re chatting for a while– then BAM! He stole a kiss from me, the most amazing kiss ever!! Ever since then we’ve been together 🙂 I definitely agree with everything in the compatibility description. I can be very possessive, controlling, and full of jealousy! Though I’ve learned to control em through out time. My man on the other hand has a bad temper, he’s like an undercover jealous possessive guy.. At first he wouldnt open up to me, it was frustrating. But the key is COMMUNICATION. Everything is really smooth now 🙂 I’m truly happy, though I catch him in little lies here and there it’s nothing we can’t fix. This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Take things slow and enjoy yourselves.

  42. Profile photo of
    Shamek25 December 16th, 2011

    Hey, I am a scorpio woman (Oct. 25) and i met a libra man (Oct. 12). He is so confusing and charming me so much. He is a ladies man has a lot of women friends and Im jealous. I believe that he explains bc he doesn’t want me feel that he is a cheater, but I feel that he is very interested in me and that we can really go somewhere in life. I feel that even though we just really started dating seriously but knowing each other for about 3 years things can go very far with us maybe even marriage. He is very persuasive in making me feel like am hiding my love for him and other things far as men he wants everything that I want from him in our relationship that we decided to take things slow so I just hope for the best. I like this because it’s so true everything that was explained describes us to the fullest. Thanks.

  43. Profile photo of
    ScorpioQueen September 20th, 2011

    So great to get some reassurance! I just recently made it official with my Libra! We were friends first and I kept dating other people and not giving him the attention he wanted, and then I realized that HE was the One all along! He loves me and I can tell thru the patient ways he looks at me. He also gives me so much reassurance that I am his One & Only. Im about to turn 27 and I have to admit that after all my past relationships this is definitely the right fit for me. His Powerful Nature along with his Calm demeanor are so attractive. We are a POWERHOUSE together!

  44. Profile photo of
    7611150248083 September 10th, 2011

    @Sylvia.hi i think thats true. i just met this guy he is a libra & im a scorpio girl, i dont know him at all . now he just changed over night he is ignoring my calls but he coudint wait to have sex with me and now ooops no longer there not even a three weeks seems over.

  45. Profile photo of MadisonDayna
    MadisonDayna August 22nd, 2011

    Qualities is his cunningness he’s always coming up with something. He always keeps me entertained and leaves me wanting more and the other way around too.I am just so ready for this week, so I can see him Tuesday and Friday. Since I go to the middle school and he the high school we don’t see each other much. All the same I love him deeply and truly and every night I go to bed he’s on my mind and I can only hope for the same

  46. Profile photo of MadisonDayna
    MadisonDayna August 22nd, 2011

    I have fallen head over heals for my new sweetheart. I of course am a scorpion and he the libra. We get into arguments some times and then I’ll say I won just give up he says on one condition and we make up by kissing ever so lovingly I am almost 14 and he 16 but age is just a number just like my mom and stepdad who are 30 years apart. One of my favorite qayilities

  47. Profile photo of
    Rosee July 28th, 2011

    To add on he broke it off with his girlfriend.

  48. Profile photo of
    Rosee July 28th, 2011


  49. Profile photo of
    Rosee July 28th, 2011

    Ok so I might a Libra in June and since then we have been texting a good amount. I didn’t want to text him too much though because he was dating someone, well they broke up a few days ago and he texted me and told me that. I feel like there is a connection but he really isn’t the relationship type and to be honest I’m not either. We both have never been in a real serious relationship before but we are gonna be attending the same college, he is a couple of years younger than me so I’m not really sure what will happen. I will say this though we did end up seeing each other at the air port this morning and he was supposed to land at a different air port but then his agent changed it to where I was taking off. My flight left at 11 am and his was running 20 minutes late but we still got to see each other for a brief period of time. Do you think that means anything haha or is it just a coincidence? I mean so far he seems like a great guy and I’m definitely attracted to him. Please let me know what you think, thanks!

  50. Profile photo of May 20th, 2011

    hmmmm…..he is Libra, born on 15th oct and i am scorpio born on 13 nov. yea Librans can be sooo principled n a bit difficult but loving… i’m sure loving ma man, he is d bomb!!!

  51. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle April 27th, 2011

    @lolly1 Love happens when we break off all the barriers and obstacles against it. Jealousy, possessiveness, anger, neediness, fear are some of these. Love dies in presence of these negative qualities.

    Its easy to overcome these but only with full commitment to Love. Jealousy happens when one thinks too low of oneself. At the back of mind some comparison happens and classifies people as inferior and superior. An easy fix is that you need to start respecting yourself for who you are and express gratitude to everyone. Love yourself first.

    Similarly anger happens when we perceive obstacles towards achievement of our goals. There is this extra energy which needs an outlet. An easy fix is a daily exercise routine which will not only make you more attractive and healthy but will also provide an outlet to get rid of negative traits.

    Thing is whether you are with this person or any one else, you cannot fully experience this wonderful thing called Love until you get rid of these negative traits.

  52. Profile photo of Lolly1
    Lolly1 April 26th, 2011

    I met a Libra man (25 September) and I am a Scorpio woman (17 November), typical one at that. I have been hurt in the past, have a very fiery temper and if feel like I am not being heard or taken advantage of I go off, like a psycho bitch from hell. I have all the other wonderful qualities of Scorpio woman; like honest, loyal, faithful, committed friend, but my jealousy gets in the way, therefore my temper. My Libra man was warned from the beginning how I am, but he is now having second thoughts, because he says I push his buttons and he is worried he may not be able to control his temper if I push him. He ended it, then came back and now needs time to look inside himself to see if he will be able to handle me, so as it not to go down as a distructive relationship. We have both been hurt and in our late 30’s, but is it worth hanging on to someone that can’t accept me as I am (though I am trying to calm down), or move on to a more placid man and who can control himself?

  53. Profile photo of
    Doll-Doll April 22nd, 2011

    Basically, we women are very simple. We seek for sincerity and honesty from any men we gave our attention to. And, if things are working perfectly good between you and your other half. My advice is never forget to practise open and honest communication. Understand each other well and cherish your wonderful relationship. Things will definitely move to the right direction. Forget about all this mind and emotional games. If you notice her doing it, be straight and communicate openly to her. If she continues doing it, she is not worth your time. Good luck, Sree.

  54. sree April 12th, 2011

    OMG you guys have put me into a big confusion, yea i am LIBRAN guy who got introduced to a Scorpio gal a week back. It was a kind of love at first sight for us still we are taking everything very slow. I liked her … hoping for the best. wish this works out for you…!! But now Confused ..!!

  55. kellie April 11th, 2011

    i think this is so true!!!! i love the comments also!!!!! but i cant say nothing besides this is very true

  56. Vanessa April 6th, 2011

    I am a scorpio woman in love with a libra man. I couldn’t agree with some of these post more. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and I don’t want to get off. When I met him he was a complete ladies man and a plethora of lady “friend” . Boy have we had some ups and downs. Libras are so much fun. They are very spontaneous and this entices us scorpios. Libras can also be moody,controlling and possesive. The passion I feel for my libra is u measurable. The best advice I can give Scorpio women is, don’t be quick to give up on this relationship. Scorpios are not patient tolerant but when the initial waves settle you will find the cham love and romance your desires. There are up and downs be patient and communicate. This is key. I love my libra.

  57. Doll Doll April 1st, 2011

    Z&A, Generally, if a man is sincere and worthy, he will not treat you such and make time for you, no matter what. Libra men are slick talkers full of lies. Don’t get yourself confused. Move on and leave him alone. He does not deserve your attention, at all. Just remember…on thing for sure, it is his total lost of losing you if he continues treating you such. Take Care !

  58. Darling March 31st, 2011

    Very interesting comments I read. Ya..I met this Libra man online for two weeks. Somehow, my instincts tell me never fully trusted this man. He told and promised me a lot of material things I never asked or talked about.’s just his ways of attracting women; assumed all women are materialistic. A slick talker, secretive, charming, romantic but still he’s someone I can never trust eventhough we had awesome time together on our first date.

    Me, a Scorpio woman, on our first date, observed him discreetly in my own ways and acted gullible, stupid and naive. By doing this, I caught him off-guard many times and detected all his lies. It was indeed an amazing & awesome first date I had with him. He’s a player in dating game. It is my first time getting closed to a Libra man with whom I don’t think I will get his honesty and sincerity as much as I can give him. So, I’ve decided to strike him off as my potential lover.

    I got close with a Virgo and Cancer men before I met a Libra man. My heart still goes to my Cancer boy-friend who likes to go into his shell whenever he feels threatened. This trait does not impress a Scorpio woman like me who is bold, brave and likes discussing things when it calls for. Yes, I do need my own space sometimes but I will always tell him that before I go into my private mode. And, I expect the same from him to my disappointment.

    Virgo carries similar trait but not as clingy as Cancerian. Me, likes to be clinged and glued all the time and Cancer loves giving this.

  59. jessica March 29th, 2011

    I’m finding the libran man I am attracted to to be very confusing!! He said I need to figure out what I wanted – then when I came back to him and confesed my depth of feeeling, he withdrew, went cold and has completly blocked me out!! I was SURE he felt the same way about me, but this behaviour has left me confused and insecure!! Is this just his way or has he lost interestand moved on? (very quickly) Please, any unsight would be most helpful

  60. z&a February 7th, 2011

    please help! i am a scorpio women and my partner is a libra man. please tell me do you find that if a libra man is going through some problems he likes to deal with them on his own…he becomes withdrawn and does not want to communicate with anyone? he tells me he loves me but he wants to sort deal with his problems alone…this has left me confused!!!!!

  61. suman chauhan February 6th, 2011

    how compatible iam with a libra guy???
    iam scorpio girl{12 nov,1991}
    he is{15 oct,1991}

  62. MEASHA January 31st, 2011

    i am a scorpio woman and me and my libra been together for 4yrs, he was very possesive and jealous and he was a cheater in the begining,and a ladies man, alot of female friends, we fight and argue, but we always become one again…he could be very selfish at times but in his eyes, he is not selfish, smooth, charming, sence of humor and sexy…well dressed, always smelling good,,,i love my baby…

  63. nessa January 11th, 2011


  64. nessa January 11th, 2011

    my gosh! i read the post an every bodies shared their thoughts it’s so dang awesome to hear so similar feelings about our libra men everything they felt i did also threw me off guard i had to have this man smile that shines so hott sweet i fell in love but oh boy we have had our ups an downs in our 2years but we rise above it cant or want to get away we learn off each other but it was inner work and team work cus it felt like a lot of i made him listen to me read this page an when i was finally done reading to him he chuckled an agreeed with it saying possessive scorpio

  65. Sylvia December 5th, 2010

    I just recently got out of a six year relationship with a libra. Im a scorpio and it just did not work!! we are married (seperated now going through divorce) and we have a daughter. Everything this post said was so funny cuz its true. im extremely jealous but loyal and he was very wishywashy with what he wanted and very selfish! we are however still friends just realized fianally we dont work. so i wouldnt advise it as a love match but to all yall if you can make it work more power to you good luck but it is a very VERY bad matchup.

  66. tru_scorpio September 23rd, 2010

    OMG! This is soooo on point! My man that i have been with for 11yrs is just like this and so am i. We went through some ups and downs in the past boy oh boy!! but we are very, very close now and things are much better now. He is very charming, romantic and very good looking too. in the beginning he was a ladies man 100%. It was very hard to deal with because I didn’t know if these women was just friends or more than that. I was really jealous about that. In some way I feel now, just thinking back about it, I really think these women was taking advantage of his kindness. In the beginning he was with a woman that he only knew for a short time and then one day I met him. He left her to be with me and believe me it was love at first site, I didn’t make him, it was his choice. She still tries to stay in contact with him too and as kind as he is he still has a friendship with her. I don’t like it but I trust him, its her i don’t trust even though he says shes with someone else and he isn’t interested in her, i believe she has an major obsession with him and is waiting for the chance to try and get him back. Oh well i LOVE my libra and he loves me. but for anyone else that is talking to a libra watch out lol his smile, smoothness and looks is magnetic! Its easy to get fooled and jealous when hes just looking or being nice or social think before you act

  67. nisha August 4th, 2010

    Well i just started dating this guy hes a libra and of im a scorpio..hes nice, kind and so smooth with his words evrn though i knew him from some years ago he always seem to suprise me with how kind and romantic he his…us scorpio women often fall for a guy quick and hard so im trying to take it slow but everyday he woos me more and more…we’ll see what happens i guess

  68. Dakota July 30th, 2010

    I read this and thought “Oh my gosh this is so acturate” (for me and my boyfriend) and had him read it and he agreed. Love it!!

  69. Evita April 8th, 2010

    Oh, and he seems somewhat selfish at times.

  70. Evita April 8th, 2010

    I met a Libra man- oh yea, I’m a scorpio woman- in December of 2008. We lived in different cities about 2.5 hours away, but saw each other as much as possible. He asked my father if he could marry me in February 2009. The wedding was supposed to be May 2010, but we got married the next month. We have many fights and arguments, but always come back together. I’m currently 5 months pregnant. And I think most of our fights stem from me not knowing anyone in his town, and being slightly depressed about wanting to go back home. I know we moved really fast and that not all people no matter the sign are the same, but just take it slow, and I hope the best for you.

  71. Miriam March 19th, 2010

    I am a scorpio woman and I just met a libra man. I am very attracted to him and he likes me alot as well. We had a passionate deep kiss on our first date yesterday. I am excited about my new guy friend. I hope it works out!

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