Libra Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Pairing two Libras at best is pleasing and harmonious and at the worst is bit unbalanced that makes both of them feel uneasy. They truly understand each other and have very similar partnership needs and expectations. Togetherness is of utmost value to both and their similarities can be the foundation for a powerful bond.

A Libra man is a very charming individual who likes to be in a position of authority. His independence is important to him as is his ability to change whenever he wants to. He can be quick to help with a problem but does not jump to any solution till he balances the situation. He likes to win his arguments and stops at virtually nothing to do so. His lifestyle is one of order and balance and if a woman end up falling for this man, she may not be able to walk away easily trapped in his charisma.

A Libra woman is charmingly persuasive, giving and delicately discreet. She can stay immensely calm and even adapt herself to virtually any situation. Her loyalty is unprecedented and she has a wonderful elegance to her manner. She is a lady in every sense of the word. She is one woman who can handle family and office with smooth perfection and fresh thoughts. She has a graceful sense of argument in that she can, and most likely will, win whatever she gets herself into. She always admires and respects her man and stands by him in all situations of life.

When the Libra man and woman get together, they sense the genuine love between them. They both treat each other as equal. She has the same charm which traps his heart well and since they have same needs, she well understands how to deal with his moods. She lets the masculinity of her Libra man enhance and he appreciates her and her feminine qualities while showing her a love that she can appreciate right back. Libra female can give her Libra male a gentle push on his inner strengths and help him to open to new opportunities and new way of love and affection. She should be careful in not overdoing it, however. This surfaces his male opinionated tendencies and makes him think he is above her in intellect and delegation. As a result there can be some differences caused and make things problematic.

Libra man gives his Libra woman the romance she craves for. He respects and understands her like no one else. When their relationship is going well, positive radiance can be seen coming from them. They possess a genuine passion for each other that strengthen their bond immensely. They both give a wonderful feeling of peace to each other as well as intellectual conversation and debate. They are able to work through any criticism together and even, perhaps put a delightful positive spin on the end result. It won’t take much of an effort to form and keep a strong bond between these two Libras. But when Libra man is down, he is really down and needs alone time in trying to regroup and look toward and this can be a depressing time for the Libra woman also who is by now habitual ogf his sweet talks and lovely humor.

Love is music in its purest form, and the souls are the notes on the page and the melody in their heart. As both the Libra discover the reality of love, they rediscover their soul and oneness in such a form that their intimacy becomes miraculous and they unlock the doors of their hearts to be loyal and true towards each other forever after. They give an exciting glimpse to all the possibilities they share in their life and also have the power to discover a satisfying substitute for their once seen dream. They both encourage each other and magnify each others’ virtues. As they both involve deeply in love, give some time to each other, keep patience and milk their relationship with lots of tender loving care; they watch it bloom into something wonderful before their eyes that stays for eternity and it is their oneness!

As they become sexually intimate, Libra woman becomes the fire that burns the passion within Libra man’s soul. Their actions speak louder than words and represent their deepest longings. With their similarities so in tune with each other, their fondness of one another and upper levels of mental parallels, the sexual nature between the two Libras is unprecedented. Together, they possess this exquisite channel that feeds their imaginations as well as their playful nature in the bedroom. Their lovemaking never gets boring or stagnant as they are always changing their ways and creating new ideas. Libra woman lights up like a candle burning when Libra man touches her and melts down like a candle burning every time he takes her in his arms. If anything, it is go through a lack of involvement and slow down periods as Libra man immerses himself in his work or Libra woman gets pulled away by some outside source. For the most part, however, they desire each other and if any aloofness is to be had, it is only temporary. With a little patience this can be easily overlooked.

Libra man and woman should be careful in combining too many of their similar qualities. Too much of a good thing is not always best. With similar good qualities, come some similar bad qualities as well. Too much independence is not good for a close knit relationship. There is too much of a possibility of infidelity in that if the two Libras are apart too much, their need for affection and intellectual conversation may be found elsewhere. A lot of arguments or debates, with both striving to win, no matter what sides they take can be mentally straining and can lead to problems. If one senses they are being treated unfairly by the other, a torrid emotional anger surfaces. The only way to heal such a wound is be more alone. But if discussions stay light and sociability can occur together from time to time, there is no reason this relationship can’t flourish into a wonderful love to last a lifetime.

  1. immaculate grid August 2nd, 2023

    If you’re in a relationship with a Libra or considering one, focus on understanding and supporting each other, and remember that every relationship requires effort, communication, and compromise to succeed.

  2. Queen June 28th, 2023

    I and my bf are Libra.. our birthday is just two days apart.he is just like my twin am really enjoying the relationship

    • Thomas June 30th, 2023

      What do you like about him?

  3. N. October 4th, 2022

    My boyfriend is a libra and so am I our birthdays are a week apart and he is 3 yrs older than me. We are TOTAL opposite we are learning to know each other flaws . But I can say at the end of the day it’s an Amazing relationship and he’s the part about them Wanting to be in that authority position is so true

  4. Stan Hausam September 27th, 2021

    I am a 60 year old Libra man, I lost 2 wives that passed away. I now have a 39 year old libra girlfriend since July 2021.
    She is totally blind for 3 years & I got prostate Cancer in 2018.
    I’m learning to give her alone time. But, when I’m with her BTW I’m living with & her.
    I love her with all my Heart & the closeness, the touching, cuddling & kisses I give her.

  5. Sarah H July 31st, 2021

    me and my ex are both libras ofc and our birthday is 2 days apart! At first I thought having a guy who is the “male version” of me is not all so great. Yes, we liked the same things. Yes, we were in love. When times were great, it was the BEST, we even talked about marriage. But when we argued, he was not the same man. Turns out he was just a narcissist, hypocrite, selfish, and very careless. Being too similar, does cause issues.

  6. Chichi May 17th, 2021

    I had a libra man I am a libra too, we share a birthday although his a year older, 23…. We had been in love fr 6 years since I was 15. But we didn’t make it because we are just too similar, we both love and hate the same things, I couldn’t take it anymore, becoz we would always fight and argue for even the silliest things. I got fed up and broke up with him. Now I found an aquarius man who appreciates me for who I am, we have a lot of differences, but we still have a great unique connection that I never had with that libra man, It is true when they say opposite poles attract.

  7. Ck February 19th, 2021

    We’re both Libras, have the same passion in alot of things, we met online almost a year ago😀 we went through a rough patch, decided to stay friends within a few weeks he came back apologising ect, I layed down what needed to be said and we seem to be getting on alot better now than we ever had lol … when we went through a rough patch, he had his guard up alot which was very hard, he came to his senses once I left 😂 sometimes it’s hard having thr same horoscope as each other 😂 I’m sure it will all work out in the end 😀 7 years in the difference

  8. Trinidy April 17th, 2020

    Amazing. I met a libra man our birthdays are 4 days apart. We are both the same age. 38. It’s like love at first sight. I am not going to tell him because seeing as he’s a libra as well he should be able to feel my feelings towards him. I am also really thinking about moving by him just to be close to him. Also loyalty comes from both sides. He’s a astrology geek. But I love it.

    • Monica June 20th, 2020

      Wow!!! I have a Libra guy I’m talking to and I was considering moving close to him. Lol I’m a Libra as well…I would love to chat more with you about your Libra and how it works for you all.

      • Tru October 29th, 2020

        I’m with a fellow Libra, we share the same birthday but he’s 4 yrs younger than me. We connected and bonded straight away, first over the phone, then video call. The next interaction was when we met and what an immediate bonding moment that was. We felt like we had known each other for years. We’ve only been together for a couple of weeks but in my soul I just feel like we are meant to be. He gives me space, I do the same for him. He works away so we’re often apart but there is never a day that we don’t text or speak. Before this I didn’t believe in love at first sight but I feel this is so right!

    • Kim March 25th, 2021

      Me and my Libra man where born same month /day same year… it’s been rough🤦‍♀️

  9. John March 15th, 2020

    Hello I’m a libra man 61and I have a libra women 47 our relationship is like a dream come true. We match very well. Yes we have our ins and outs but we seem to be more aware of our feelings. Being two libras is a great match. Our love life in the bedroom is one that can’t be beat we have a great love life because we know what each other is in need of and looking for. Our signs is a match that has no end. Everyone has a problem in a relationship at one time or another. But if you can work it out it only gets better and better. I’m in the best relationship of my life. So a libra man and a libra woman is a great match both understand each other because they share the same qualities and traits.

  10. Valerie Costilla February 24th, 2020

    My husband and I have been happily married for 11 years September and October and of course we had our ups and downs are fighting arguments but we balance each other out. I might be a little crazier sometimes but it’s ok though because I know he’s going to have my back and I’m going to have his and our sex life is great, if it gets boring spice it up

  11. Bernadette February 24th, 2020

    Just seen this wow is all I can say I am a Libra women I feel deeply in Love with a Libra man our Birthdays are 6 days apart… He made me fall inlove in a way I never thought possible, our sex life was so Fucking good ummmm. Financial reasons got in the way he became a bum and I was tired of him not trying so anyway arguments caused him to leave me.. A whole lot of disrespectful stuff he continued to do … So fuck it I got into trouble got put in a halfway house for 2 yrs got clean aloso 2 yrs sober….I love it but my heart still loves him and I think I’ll always miss him.. Cause when we we’re good we we’re on point… Curious I know I’m stubborn and since we are so much alike could us both being Libras… Have caused us not to work cause I’m telling u our bond was out this world….

  12. Oluwaseun February 5th, 2020

    Am a libra and my woman is libra also but we aren’t seeing the same thing even bored in our sexual lifeal and we are about to say goodbye to ourselves.

    • Travis February 19th, 2020

      Hey Oluwaseun just saw your comment I just couldn’t pretend to not see that, I can relate it sucks I know I’ve been through the same thing you’re going through I know how it feels and when we Libras love we love

      It sucks how much when we first met them the spark was there now we’re in it, it’s no longer the same.
      You ask yourself “where did we go wrong” we’ll I personally believe that you’re not supposed to with someone who shares the same star with you. It took me long to realise that, I’m currently with a Leo not because the internet told me we make the best match, no… I was with her before I even knew that leo and libra makes the best combination, I’d say it’s Devine intervention that one day something just told me Google Libra + Leo and before I even got to finish, it popped up

      crazy I know so I looked it up I was shocked
      Let me not waste time but my advice to you is take it easy on yourself

      meditate, breath and don’t try too hard I know we Libras like forcing things but guess what ?

      It’ll never work at the end of the day regardless how hard we try

      It’s very rare to find a Libra with a Libra
      You know why?

      Because we’re not meant for each other
      Sooner or later
      It will not work out.

      So yeah take it easy, I know it’s hard but love will come to you

      I hope I helped you in a way, God bless you and I really hope things do work out for you .

  13. Pratistha Roy December 24th, 2019

    Oh *sign* … I’m a Libra and my man too ! 🌸 This is so much true….

    • Valerie Costilla February 24th, 2020

      Me and my husband are both Libras September and October and we’ve been happily married for 11 years, of course we had our ups and downs fights arguments but we always stick together we balance each other out I might be a little crazier sometimes sometimes but it’s cool though cuz I know he gots my back and I got his. Oh and our sex life is great, 👍

    • A July 26th, 2021

      My birthday is on Oct 12 (female) and my ex’s birthday is on Oct 21. Im 21 and he’s 19. When we first met everything was amazing, magical and unreal. He had a few red flags but they weren’t a big deal back then. Long story short, i moved away to florida from New York and we had to break up. It hurt him really bad and it hurt me too. We both didnt want a long distance relationship but we stood in contact.I ended up moving back to New york, 7 months later. He kept begging me to come back and i did. He didnt tell me he had a girlfriend. He lead me on made me believed he would make me his girlfriend. His girlfriend left him when she found out he played both of us. He cheated on me with 4 different girls. He told me he loved me, he cared about me that he cant lose me. But he kept doing the same thing over and over again, it was a cycle.i forgive him and he strays. He was the best boyfriend i ever had. I fought hard to stay with him but he would verbally abuse me and belittle me. He told me he didnt want a relationship that if i wanna stay with him i need to accept the other girls. Im too stubborn and i dont share so i said no. I did so much for this kid and hes still currently a problem. I have a hard time letting people go. I know what i have to do but i dont want to do it. He still tells me he loves me and that im important to him. But i can feel that he doesnt care about me anymore. He texts other girls in front of me and hangs out with them behind my back. In the beginning of the relationship i trusted him alot i had no problem him hanging with other girls as long as hes loyal. But he broke my trust so many times. Sorry for the rant

  14. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra always crave love/peace, they are ruled by Venus.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  15. Ty November 11th, 2019

    Oh wow this is so spot on it’s freaky I’m a Libra and so is the man I’m dating and this is us in real life wow just wow

  16. girl libra lovely October 31st, 2019

    so true. dating a libra man and everything,EVERYTHING is so exquisite…*sighhh* loving him is sheer bliss..

  17. Akani September 30th, 2019

    I am a libra man, just broke up with my aquarius partner of more than 10 years two months ago.

    I met this beautiful attractive lady last week at work, it was love at first sight, she slept over at my place last night for your information, out of nowhere I just asked ” Love what’s your star sign? ”

    Her answer: Aquarius…

    Night made.

  18. Danita August 23rd, 2019

    I am dating a Libra man the first time I too am a Libra. So far everything is wonderful the sex is magical, the conversation is wonderful. When we kiss it’s so intense and intimate. I have dated an Aquarius a Taurus a Virgo and a Gemini and have never felt sexually connected as I do too my male Libra. This is the first Libra I have ever dated and so far it’s explosively wonderful. I almost didn’t date him because he is a inch shorter than me but I’m getting over that LOL. Guess I’m vain?! The only thing I worry about is what I’ve read about leaving a male Libra alone for too long they will stray! If this were to happen I can shut him out with a snap of my fingers and move on. I feel he would be the one hurting more. I usually get really bored in a relationship but so far he is keeping my attention and I’m loving it! I hope this lasts.

    • Sheek Alston October 19th, 2019

      I am a Libra man, and I have never had the urge to stray when left alone. I think it’s in the individual to stray or not. When We love, we love hard!! Libra men in my experience, to not set out to cheat, but we do not like conflict, and we are quick to walk away for a while to be to ourselves. Good luck with yur Libra man!

    • MissyJay April 29th, 2023

      This is so me and how I’m feeling about my male libra!

  19. Bobcat Taylor October 6th, 2018

    I’m a Libra oct1st the guy I’m dating is oct 7th
    So far it’s good just remember to be u even if ur the same sign ur still different people stay true to who u are and I wish y’all the best of everything good that’s coming to U .

  20. A libran August 14th, 2018

    If we read all the comments above, we can make out libra women missing their libra men after a break up. Is there any libra man missing his libra woman?

  21. Bashirah July 28th, 2018

    I’m a Libra women plus I loved my Libra man but he’s always switching on me. One minute he seems to love me than he don’t. But he finally left me and I need him so bad. But I have my pride so I let him go. But I’m hurting inside when he touched me I feel like I’m burning inside . No other person never made me feel that way

    • Johnathan August 15th, 2019

      The Compassion of the Libra and the social status of being friendly draws most women to the Libra man his warm words soothe the mind and comfort the spirit my belief is that the Lord and Savior was a Libra conceived on December 25th born nine months later into a Libra this allows a spiritual connection with all zodiac signs that is hard to find with any other that is not a Libra the scales that balance emotion does not allow the liro to overthink relationships they are considered black and white compatible or not no in between this allows him to close the door if he feels that it is not moving in a righteous path

    • Natasha Edgar February 11th, 2020

      Thats how i felt

  22. Juanita ramirez October 14th, 2017

    I’m in love with a libra and it’s like I got two in one! My best friend and lover. He is my mr.right but he was a vicious libra in beginning just like myself. It’s baffling how there can be another person with similar traits. Let me warn you how we libra women don’t like to be told what to do!NO MEANS YES!!!!! At end we come to understand we need our other half to gives that direction we Fear we don’t need!! Enjoy ur other half!! Communication is the key.

    • Peanut cup July 16th, 2021

      Hey are y’all still together

  23. Cassie September 29th, 2017

    hello I’m a Libra woman,in a relationship with a Libra,, for 2Yrs now we’ve had our ups and down buh it seems like our love grows Stronger everyday,, I feel scared cos am Getting too attached with him,,Hv tried to Break up,,like twice buh,,We still get back to each other arm’s.. How can I Stop this Craziness??

    • Johnathan August 15th, 2019

      The Libra is a balancer of issues and can always find a common ground to have a relationship continue the lovingness that you and social status of talking and being a friendly person makes the Libra hard to get rid of because there’s always a trait in the Libra that is worthy of keeping a round,, the only way you can really get rid of a Libra is to have something to replace it of greater value this would be hard to do if your heart is still in the relationship the Libras love to serve and please the spirit when in distress

    • Peanut cup July 16th, 2021

      Wow I been talking to my libra man for a week now he 42 I’m 30 we friend but he seem like more than a friend to me
      Anyway us libras it’s tru when we love we love hard . You in love . Mines told me I’m not going nowhere in mma still put up with your shit and kiss your ass period

  24. shania777 June 30th, 2017

    To..Chewie fearless

    He knows that I am not that easy to get..
    Told him 100 times…if I would be interested about sex I could do that with others(don’t have problems to find anyone)but I like him for the way he is…and he knows this….don’t think its about sex thing..

  25. shania777 June 30th, 2017

    Can anyone help me?
    I am a Libra woman and i really like a Libra man actually can say I am in love with him.We work together and spoke 6 months 24/7,non stop texting,callings.We met 4 times and on our 3 meeting we kissed and all following week I could feel distance.but last time we were much closer.we kissed passionate and it lead to sex but I stopped it.and he understood.later on that day (Friday)he texted normal..but when I got back to work on Monday he totally ignored and avoided me.i tried to talk but could feel cold and s been 2 weeks now,no calls ,no text…i texted how is he?and no reply..just don’t understand what happened?what should I do?ignore him too?will he come back?its killing me when I see him happy to flirt to other girls while I am in tears.I am really a good girl I haven’t been with anyone over 5 years.he just get close to me and I believed him every well he said he got feelings for me and was terribly jealous..he is 24 …i am 32 …thanks for answer

    • Chewie fearless June 30th, 2017

      Ok this is simple. He was offended when you stopped the sex. He told you he understands, but that’s a lie. He was frustrated, and upset. He probably felt he deserves sex right now. He spent more than 6 months with you? All I’m sayi as a man myself if I was spending so much time with someone, and finally finally we are about to have sex after all this time. And that person just stops. I would be like “wow fuck this” I would tell her it makes sense and I understand, and then I would drop her ass quick.

      • Kimberly Bell December 8th, 2017

        I really have to agree. If the shoe were on the other foot….I’d stop persuing and find other replacements just in case. Sometimes as Libra female such as myself we tend to push the envelope we push it so far it actually falls off the table and we can’t understand why or we want to do over Sometimes we just screw up and in this case you push the envelope off the table. You have to really understand that he also has a choice in the matter and that a Libra man sometimes it may fall to your favor sometimes it won’t.

    • MissyJay April 29th, 2023

      You know Libras cut off is super strong. He’s cut you off and yes he will try to come back don’t let him cause you will then be stuck in a vicious cycle of his Beckon call only when he wants and never when u want trust me I do it all the time to men it’s the manipulation in us Libra and the charm that wins them back sad to say I’ve mastered that craft and 🤣🤣 and I tell myself some justifiable bs that only I can understand to keep them at distance until I want them near for my gain. DONT DO IT LET HIM GO!

  26. Xerxes2017 June 9th, 2017

    My bday is 30th of sept, my girlfriends bday is also sept 30. This is going to be an intriguing adventure. A higher power caused us to meet because we live in 2 different states, not normally traveled. 🙂

  27. Mishu June 5th, 2017

    I wannna know about my man who is decided by my parents he is 29th Sep n I am 10th oct. libra sign is Air so does it mean he won’t listen to me as I love to demand n I wanna be commander. I like when ppl listen to me n I always do what I want.

  28. pin December 24th, 2016

    I’m 12oct and my girl is 30sep can we Mary way people comment to Libra Libra are not sanding good. please advise

    • Marianna January 7th, 2017

      My bf is 12oct, I am 23sep. We are comparable. I don’t see why you couldn’t. Best of luck.

  29. poshjugs666 October 24th, 2016

    WoW!!!!! Very good article. Remind me of relatiosip with my Libra Man. HE very big strong charming libra men and he know how to provide for me what i need the most inside. When i firtst met libra Man, He filled me up with such joy and fun and stimulation! my good ness. Libra man knows that as a libra man,  there are things that grow on your body sometimes that yo cannot control… its true!!!1 so libra man is hairy gooch that we shave to gether sometime in the shower and now my goochy is fresh like a newborn!
    ps: i wish my dreams will coming true too alex  tang ! since me and libra man have broken in lasst year i am single man looking for some one who knows how to fulfill me send me a message some time please and we can work on our libra relationshop and may b one day some day some time soon somewhere maybe in the shower we could shave my goochy hair til it is nice and fresh! good bye alex and good by friends

  30. Covergirl404 September 8th, 2016

    This is so true but in turn, it can be hell on wheels. I am a libra Oct 3rd and my ex is Oct 16. When we first dated, we was so compatibility and the chemistry so strong it was un breakable. We understood and respected each others space,…perfect! The sex was out of this world, we completed one another. Until this shift happen. He felt like I was out of league so to speak and he just stop caring. When we was out in public, it made it worst because people couldn’t believe he pull a chick like me. I didn’t care about any of that because I only love him. But that didn’t help. He just became more lazy. Then when I lost my job, he didn’t bother to help me at all!! So it was continuous arguments and break ups and make ups. Until he felt like he wasnt the man I needed him to be and left me for someone else (drown graded, no shade) on Christmas day 2013. I was so heart broken which lead me to deep depression. As I tried to cope with this day by day, he kept contacting me, telling me how much he love and miss me. Like a foul, I fell for it while he was still with the girl he left me for. This was an on going off and on thing for 2 years after we broken up. He was playing with my emotions so deeply to the point I was losing my mind and had to seek medical attention  (along with other matters). So getting the help I needed and moving on with my life, I found love again. This time it was a Scorpio. He is very respectful, loving, and committed.  He understood my situation with my past and willing to move forward. Now while I’m at peace, here comes the Libra wanna pop back up again !!! Singing the same song blah, blah, blah. Dating the same sign has it best and worst. Just be aware because dating the same sign is like dating ur wrost enemy too!!

    • Johnathan August 15th, 2019

      it sounds like you were in a social status that was above him and he knew he could not provide the balance you wanted financially and libras do not like to feel inadequate they like to show their woman that they’re a leader in all aspects because you were in a higher social status of beauty he knew that there would always be another guy trying to get your attention that could supersede his financial obligation to you this caused him to second-guess his emotions and pull away because he did not believe he could be everything you wanted

  31. March 30th, 2016

    I wish my dream will coming true

  32. JMc July 25th, 2015

    A libra man, who is an old flame from more than 15 years ago, sent this to me. The message he attached said it blew his mind how accurate this is about us, right up to the end. I have to admit, he’s right!

  33. lk1978 May 6th, 2015

    I was crazy in love with a Libra man and I’m sorry to say he broke my heart. His b_day was Oct 13th mine the 14th. And unlike the people on top of me I don’t have my happily ever after. What I do have is a broken heart for the second time from the sweet Libra man. The first time he cheated on me and moved out.a week before I fond out he was cheating he convinced me to quit my job and go back to school so I did. The first time I have ever trusted anybody that much so a week later I look up a creepy neighbor who has kids that are my daughters best friends and I’m using my Libra man’s lap top and I see all these instant messages and I find out he is cheating on me. Then my daughters friend walks in and tells me the creepy neighbor has kissed my daughter on her mouth. My whole life fell apart in 5seconds.  Do you think he cared he’ll no. So stupid me  a year later we get back together and I’m like fuck my friends I love him. So its hard but he charms my friends tells me all of our friends we are going to be married. I was scared so he told me all the time I love you I will never leave you. Well 8 months into it he dumps me again

  34. May 5th, 2014

    How true is this … I will do the libra man thing for my libra woman and hope like there is not tomorrow that she has a good fill of space and loves me again and want me back … But very stubbon libra lady can be  as it takes a lot to make the decision … This is truly hard to handle as only a libra would know !! 
    We live and work together 24/7 overseas .. She needs space so we had the logical libra conversation Including “I don’t love you any more” Now I only see her at work during the week and I worry that my best friend and true ‘other half of me’ will move on 

  35. _val_ium March 17th, 2014

    Lee is  a libra, whole milk drinker and poineer of the internet. 
    p.s. he hugs trees , what a hippie i mean come on. 

  36. LibrAviator December 5th, 2013

    My life turned around ever since my Libra wife came into my life. In my late 20s I had given up all hope for a happy life, my life haa been a blessing ever since I met her for the first.

  37. pambatman July 2nd, 2013

    yo , sup ?wicked  article 🙂 , Most accurate .    I don’t wanna sound like a tree-hugger but thanks a bunch for the article ….it has its moments 😉  .
    peace out 🙂

  38. prettyreddguh February 17th, 2013

    Thank you for this amazing eye-opener on a Libra man and woman’s compatibility… The majority of everything in this article describes the man I’m dealing with and myself. I now have a better understanding of us and how we work…I can go forth with things with a new perspective  . I feel at peace… Again THANK YOU

  39. ntimi December 31st, 2010

    thank u so very mch nw I realise tht all wat my hubby nd I hv gne thru is jst librians being librians

  40. truly librawoman February 2nd, 2010

    Thanks for such a lovely article. I’m seeing some semblance of the positive traits in my personal relationship with a libra man.

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