Cancer Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer man and Libra woman make a fascinating and befuddling association with a lot of respect and consideration for each other.
  • Cancer man instills a sense of peace in the Libra woman's mind through his emotional nature, and the physical relationship helps her feel free from worries.
  • The Libra woman can attract the Cancer man with her tender nature, lovely smile, and intellect.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Cancer Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 98 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Through the elements of Water and Air, Cancer and Libra make one of the most fascinating and befuddling association of all the zodiac signs. Their relationship teaches them the biggest lesson of life, i.e., compromise, resulting in ever-lasting happiness. They both are sensitive to each others feeling and accommodate well once they are together and committed.

A Cancer man is very moody person with sharp and intuitive mind. He is usually popular in his friend circle for his lovely sense of humor. He is true analyst and before taking any important step, he always focuses on shortcomings related to the situation. Though he may look cold occasionally but basically he has a very affectionate and warm nature. In a relationship with a Libra girl, he greatly admires her tender nature and her lovely smile which he milks with his humorous attitude. But since their approach towards life is usually different from Libra woman’s balancing nature, a few problems can crop up.

A Libra woman is a lady full of life, tinkling smile and has some deep understanding of all facets of life. She is known for her loveliness and her warm nature. With all the graceful feminine characteristics, she has intellect at par matching to the male logic. She is one woman who can handle family and office with smooth perfection and fresh thoughts. In love with a Cancer man, she admires him for his protective nature and jolly nature. She adores him for his intelligence and his way of tackling situations. Also she stands beside him to see him flourish in all aspects of life and remove obstacles off his path.

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A Cancer man gets fascinated by a Libra woman very easily. As he approaches her with his sensitively humorous attitude, she reacts positively to his approach, giving a good start to the relationship. She not only offers a lovely mate but can also be extremely sensible and give a lot of creative inputs in the business affairs or job of her Cancer male which are always welcomed by him. At times his heroic nature impresses her extremely and she esteems his determination with all her heart. Usually she will be the one to come with the concept of marriage in their relationship, which may not be equally appreciated by the Cancer man at first as he is very cautions regarding every part of life. The over exciting attitude and extravagance of Libra female are the things that irritates him and he may sound either cold or strict at times. However, a bit more of sensibility on her part can make things easy for both of them.

Even the Libra woman is bound to feel attracted towards the Cancer man because of his considerate nature and his ability to make her smile. She feels secure and free whenever she is with him. The chivalry exhibited by the Cancer man brightens up her dull mood. He is also very sympathetic towards the mood swings experienced by his Libra girl as he is compassionate and understands them well. The serenity shown by him makes her bloom in the shine of his love. Once seriously in the relationship, he also looks around for permanence and agrees for the marital knot which makes her feel safe and loved. But the insecure nature of the Cancer man makes her feel bonded and suspected which dampen her spirits. Moreover, she sometimes also finds him to be secretive which forces her to look for the reliability of the relationship in long term.

As romance deeply flourishes between these two love birds, the Cancer man and Libra woman will make a perfect match with so much of consideration and respect for each other that it even inspires others. With her tinkling smile and his great sense of humor their home is always a dwelling place for laughter and happiness. Their flowers are always fresh and their eyes are always brimming with love for each other. The Air of Libra woman keeps the Water of Cancer man cool and composed. He gives up all his insecurities and tells her all that his heart holds while she forgets the whole world and fall deeply for her Cancer man showing strong loyalty and affection. As spirited are their sunrises, as romantic are their sunsets with the fragrance of care and devotion lingering around them.

Physical relationship helps them to keep the mundane tensions of life at bay and understand each other more closely. When the Cancer man completely dedicates himself in a relationship, then he expresses his emotion physically, without being bogged down by any kind of fear. He can prove to be a great lover because he can instill a sense of peace in the mind of the Libra woman, through his emotional nature and balances her problems with his soothing touch. The physical relationship with the Cancer man helps her to feel free from all the worries of life. He thoroughly enjoys the physical relationship because she infuses immense amount of tenderness, which helps him to relax and experience a lot of joy through it. She makes him comfortable and shower immense love on him both physically and emotionally. He would do anything to retain the kind of feelings that are triggered by the Libra woman. There is a purity in their intimacy and a bond that connect their hearts straight. At times lack of passion between the two, can invite some problems in their life. To avoid such situations, they both need to maintain strong loyalty towards each other.

Though both are very affectionate in nature but there is a key difference between the styles of loving of both the Cancer man and Libra woman that could easily become a bone of contention over time. He expresses his love in a personalized manner, while she is definitely more intellectually inclined. The possessiveness and stinginess of him, makes her dull and her argumentativeness and temperament makes him detached. There is always a chance of building huge walls around one’s self, restricting the conversation between both leading to strong disliking and differences. But if a little caution is taken, he can be extraordinarily caring and supportive, and she is ready to accommodate and compromise!

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility Rating

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Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Daria May 30th, 2023

    Currently have a weird online relationship with a guy. Ugh not sure what I was thinking going into it but we talk every week and he’s great. Just my indecisiveness gets in the way of a lot more steps forward. He’s patient and understanding But still wonder if I love him or if I’m just lonely…

  2. Just April 18th, 2023

    I like a cencer man but I always being cold towards him because i don’t want to break my heart again and I think he probably guess that I have crush on him he show a little interest in me too.but recently a Sagittarius woman got his attention and they laugh and jok around alot and after that I noticed they have serious talk and I think maybe even they are together
    I think there no hope

    • strawberrycherrie September 10th, 2023

      girl yes get over him he did not deserve you anyway keep your head up queen

  3. Peace March 4th, 2023

    I’m a Libra dating a Cancer for 4 years and 4 months, April 23 makes it 5 yrs..This write up is definitely true and it speaks alot about my relationship, Thanks for teaching me more

  4. Doja November 11th, 2021

    I am libra and I have crush on cancer man

  5. dintle August 16th, 2021

    i am a libra female and he is a cancer man, we started dating in high school and we experience a lot of things ,then we broke up because of some silly things but then hear we are again we again together and forever ,when ever we start to communicate both of us can feel the love and bond he is my smile keeper and without him i am nothing n without me he is nothing ,everything that they wrote up there is the same thing that is happing in our love story i pray that no silly things shall come between us because we love each other so immensely

  6. Jam July 9th, 2021

    he is my first love I am a libra woman and he is a cancer man but now it’s complicated I miss him so much, hoping that he never forgot me he always in my heart. is in my heart. I hope he’s happy, maybe not for me, maybe for others.
    why even though I’ve met someone else, he’s still the one in my heart he doesn’t disappear. even though he hurt me before, loving still prevailed. I’ve moved on but why until now I want to know if he’s okay if he can still remember me.

    • James September 30th, 2022

      Caner males never forget… both the good and the bad. He will always remember you and will cherish the good times you spent together and rue the bad times… but he will never forget you…
      Speaking as a cancer male.

  7. Martha Breen-Smith June 20th, 2021

    I am Libra female and have been with my wonderful Cancer second husband over 20 years! Yes, all relationships require compromise, but no one could have Been a better partner, adventure partner, or caring step -father!

    • Goo June 21st, 2021

      Can I ask your birthday date and your moon and rising sign?

    • Racquel Mensinger June 15th, 2023

      I am a libra woman and I’ve been with a Cancer man for over 7 years. Recently, we had some relationship troubles. He always wanted to move to South Carolina but I was never a fan of moving there. We both live in PA- our hometown. My life is crazy with a lot of responsibilities and I have been trying to juggle everything but it’s hard. I know I was neglecting our relationship and I know I’ve hurt him. As a result, he said he is moving to South Carolina. He says he’s turning 40 and it’s always been his dream to move to South Carolina and start a business. He said he needs to do it now before it’s too late. Plus his dad lives there and I know his dad has been pressuring him to move. He wants me to move but i am the primary caregiver to my mom who is unable to live alone. He offered for her to go as well but she is frail and weak and I don’t think she wants to move. He wants to do long distance and even offered to marry me.
      What should I do? My stomach has been in knots since I found this out. I want to be with him but I can’t leave my mom or worse yet- put her in a home.

  8. Sharon May 4th, 2021

    I met my cancer man at 19 , I’m literally 23 and we’ve been inseparable since , I’m a Libra with a Scorpio cusp and I do believe him being a water sign balances me out .

    Because let’s be honest ladies we are crazy

  9. Carolyn Wells January 24th, 2021

    I’ve been dating a cancer man for a year, I think we would be married by now if not for pandemic, he loved me first and told me so and it took me a minute to love him back, but now I’m hooked he is my yang and I’m his ying. When we disagree he say I’m not your friend I’m your husband to be. The description about him is so right on and for me to as being together. He make me laugh alot and he tells me I’m funny to, even though we are not together physically we are so together mentally😁😁

  10. Asia January 15th, 2021

    I met my cancer man when I was 19, and he’s been a huge part of my life ever since. We’ve had some good years together and great years apart. Now, we both are single and pushing 30 and want to settle down with each other… he was my bestfriend before becoming the love of my life and in his words I’m his “everything” he loves me and I love him, he accepts me and understand me, doesn’t try to change me. It’s worth it

  11. Denise Dunn January 14th, 2021

    I am a Libra woman who has fallen in love with a Cancarian man. We have a very close connection and also have great respect for each other. Sadly this lovely man is no longer able to have a sexual relationship and consequently he does not want a relationship with me. He’s asked only to be a friend for life. What can I do.?

    • Libra January 30th, 2021

      move on with life.. you are worth more!

    • Kay February 21st, 2021

      Denise, you’re a queen. Move on, keep him as a friend. You will find the right love for you.

    • Safiya April 2nd, 2021

      I have the exact same problem with my Cancarian man. Its the weirdest thing isn’t it? The initial connection was incredible, but as soon as the sexual aspect had bump in the road, he was gone

  12. Aki November 23rd, 2020

    I’ve been married to my cancer husband for 15 years. We were friends first for 5 years. We laugh a lot. He can be cranky and I can be argumentative. We make a great team. He’s my best friend. I just adore him. We compliment each other very well and learn from one another. The description above is spot on for us.

  13. Jada Downing November 22nd, 2020

    Y’all help me out I’m in love with this cancer man and he never talks to me we talk once I. While but not for long he would snap me and then Leave me on delivered for a couple days then respond

    • J December 5th, 2020

      Giiiiiirrrrrrl leave his ass..if he can’t make time for you, why you making time for him?
      I may not know you BUT YOU HAVE A HEART, You deserve better and you’re only cock blocking yourself by wasting your energy and love on this man, when a decent man is trying to find you…

  14. IrvChi October 15th, 2020

    I’m a Libra and I’m in love with my Cancer guy. He’s the best. We’ve had our differences, but worked them out through communication! We’re getting married in December!!!

    • Lilly October 25th, 2020

      Congrats!!!! I currently have a crush on a cancer man but I don’t rlly know what to do haha
      But anyways I hope u 2 will have a wonderful marriage!!

  15. Vicky September 21st, 2020

    I have a crush on a Cancer man and I myself am a Libra. From the moment he came into work he was nice to me, he helped me, and told me I’m doing the best when no one really did. I’m just hoping the more we interact, the closer we’ll get to be together.

  16. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra are ruled by Venus…they always need love/peace.
    If it helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  17. Roberta Smith June 7th, 2019

    I’m 64 Libra woman seeing a 52 cancer man. We have been together for 4 years. He was married when I met him he lost his wife two months later. He took care of her during her last months on Earth. I did not see him I respected his wishes while he took care of her. Needless to say it’s been a rough but I’ve tried to be supportive because I respect this man and he took care of his wife who was dying of cancer and I work in a cancer office so I just was there for support. 4 years later we are still seeing each other we have had some break periods. He would disappear and quit calling me at times. This last time it happened he told me he was depressed, which is what was going on. Now this man is taking care of his dying father. This man is treating me with more respect then I can say. I would do anything for him. He gives me money, he brings groceries he’s always there for me. He had never let me down he’s so good to me. The age difference bothered me at first but this man as acted more mature than any man I have met my age. We seemed to feel what each other is feeling. We seem to know each other’s moods I love this man. I realize it’s now after all this time. The issue is I live a good 45 minutes away from him he has a strenuous job and I am not allowed in his house since his wife died there 4 years ago. He’s got a lot going on trying to pack up his father’s belongings while he’s on hospice and I want to help him but he won’t let me. He tells me what he wants me to do and I respect this man and I do what he says. I’m an old-fashioned woman and he is an old old-fashioned guy so it really works perfect for us and we’re connecting and knowing what each other is feeling is just amazing. There are times though that he seems kind of cold and I’m really warm and affectionate. He tells me it’s me, but when I sit next to him he always has an excuse to get up so we always are on opposite ends of the couch until bedtime. I know with him there’s always a time and a place for everything. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what he wanted out of this relationship but he gives me compliments all the time and tells me he loves the way I treat him and take care of him when we’re together. I trust him respect him and know he has never been with another woman since I’ve been with him. I just wonder if we are going to get past this with him not letting me in his house. It would be hard for me the first visit to knowing that she died there. I can’t expect him to always come and see me and I can’t move from my place for another seven months. I’m not worried about the time because we’ve been together this long and things are still very hot for us. I just wonder if it’s going to ever evolve into anything.

    • ice December 10th, 2019

      I’m a Libra woman,, I just met a Cancer man two days ago and he’s absolutely nice but he’s separated though.. so it’s just two days,, he would compliment me and say things in which obviously means he’s interested but I’m not showing any interest at all coz it’s too early to engage in such situation.. anyway,, with your situation,, I don’t know how I can put into words what you’re going through.. you’re an amazing woman with that patience,, because I’m impatient.. maybe I can wait if I really love him,, but him putting walls between us and being distant not once but twice will make me raise white flag and leave.. I can see how much you love him,, I think he feels something too but not as deep as yours.. Libra is about fairness,, and what’s happening between you two is unfair.. I wish he can reciprocate the love and efforts you give him,, you deserve it..

    • Adorn January 17th, 2020

      You know the caregiver is always over worked when it come’s to caring for loved ones. It that’s time to get yourself together after a loss such as a spouse or parent. Give him time, keep doing what you’re doing. If he’s good to you don’t make the house a issue. If you want him to continue to treat you well you have to allow him time to heal in his time. All will be well. Healing takes time.🤷🏽‍♀️ Be blessed 🙏🏽❤️

    • Rosa saa April 9th, 2020

      So what ended up happening? If you don’t mind me asking

  18. ELLE July 8th, 2017

    I am a libra and my fiancee is cancerian, we have been together for 6 years, it is funny as I am moodier than him, I fell in love first, I said I love you first, I must admit I think that scared him very much that he grew distant, the first 3 years of the relationship was very rocky, as a libra I am very big on compromising and giving in and my cancerian man took advantage of that however when I have showed him that I can bite him back with his own claws I think he was taken aback, don’t be scared to tell them what is sometimes that is all they need as a wake up call,We broke up for 4 months I was having none of the hot and cold attitude anymore, and I wanted stability I wanted to know where I was at and where I am heading but like in any relationship I think communication is the key when we decided to get back together we laid a different sort of foundations, we spoke about what happened about our break up, we kept no secrets from each other, It was very hard to crack his shell, so my only advise if you are dating a cancer be patient especially when times that he is down you got to be the one to raise him up as insecurities fly high, also they don’t tend to shower you praises and affections directly, so bring it out from them, girl don’t be afraid to ask and don’t give this nonesense of getting offended if he tells you the truth that the orange shirt your wearing is not doing anything for you, learn how to read the hints , trust me as a libra who loves to be showered with attention and praises it was a lot to adjust LOLS, but I learned that my man will go side to side to give a compliment than a direct compliment example if I ask if the dress looks lovely on me he would just smile and say the colours looks nice on you, or will say but you always look good no matter what love so he finds that it isn’t necessary to compliment you because he sees you as a goddess even in your daggie clothes lol, they are more of an action sort of a person so be ready to learn to read them -like he would sit next to me and just give me a quick squeeze or bring home flowers without any occasion, when they fall in love they are very generous with their time and affections, my fiancee will call me couple of times throughout the day when we are both working and as a libra who likes time out it really grates on the nerves sometimes but at the end of the day his sweetness makes up for it, he understands my mood swings, spoils me beyond belief and I applaud him for his resilience when I get too difficult to deal with, we love travelling together, we love staying home together, and though we have different values and beliefs we still able to sit down and talk about it and most what was written applies to us to a tee

  19. Shawn June 3rd, 2017

    Congratulations for respecting your own boundaries. Bravo!
    It would be wise to ask yourself if you are willing to continue this relationship as is or ready to move on to something better. Whether he loves you or not is not as important as whether or not he can love you the way you deserve to be loved. The worst thing you can do is stay in a relationship hoping the other person will change. Accept them for who they are while honoring your own needs in the process. Perhaps it’s time to put him in the friend box to leave your heart open for the kind of love you long for. That man is out there waiting to find you.

    • Jay the cancer July 12th, 2017

      Fuck off

      • brandie pry March 1st, 2019

        😂😂😂 damn no wonder u r a crab dtfo!!

  20. Spica May 14th, 2017

    You sound as a pretty well balanced libra. I know we have a hard time letting go… You have to understand that Cancers…are cancers. Wonderful, charming, truly caring, giving and romantic… at the end of the day, THEY have the need to belong, to be nurtured and feel loved – so he will keep coming back to you because he IS GEETING what his inner soul needs… But, in your case, it doesn’t seem he’s bonded to you as he cannot be there for you. The fear of commitment makes him be that way…which means that the relationship wasn’t strong enough when you got to be in your hard times to make him go together through it… It was, I guess, bad timing…
    He keeps coming back because you’re giving him what he lacks…but is not enough to make him treat you as a serious addition to his life…
    I lived through it…6 years…with lots and lots of tears that shadowed all the joy and happiness…
    By all means, each relationship is unique…but there are certain traits that are very similar and you can recognize the pattern.
    Think what is important to you, evaluate your options, dig deep in yourself and see how important this man is for you and how is your life with and without him…and I am sure you will be able to decide, once you have all your answers…
    Personally, I am a believer in us, Libras, being able to make things go the right way – but timing has a lot to do with it.
    I am falling in love with a Cancer as we speak – that’s why I snddd up reading your message – but this time I will be more cautious and time everything a little better, in the hopes that we will achieve the beautiful relationship is described above…
    Good luck, and most important, TRUST YOUR INSTINCT!!!

  21. LibraSF April 3rd, 2017

    I need advice. I am a Libra female and have had a friendship for 4 years (and brief love affair 6 mos) with a Cancer man. The affair was during an intensely stressful situation in my personal life; he was a colleague of my attorney. The affair was during a very bad time for me. He was hot and cold emotionally and as he was opening a law practice was very stressed out. We met at a time when I was extremely frightened and under incredible duress. He pursued me then was very dismissive towards me. I purposely broke off the affair due to him being unkind and cold when I really needed help. I am self sufficient and successful but at that moment in time really needed a mans protection and a friend. He was so uncaring that I did not speak to him and purposely avoided him (for over a year) because I was in love with him and he really hurt my feelings when I was at my lowest and
    most vulnerable. He would call and try to say nice words but the damage was already done as he was uncaring when I needed him most and I TOLD HIM SO VERY DIRECTLY. I told him he was my boyfriend, we were dating and intimate and when I really needed him he took a cowardly way out. I told him to never speak to me again. I told him I was falling in love with him and he hurt me deeply. I made sure to avoid him and a little over a year passed. He saw me at my attorneys office and once again began calling and texting. He has never told me he loves me, but when we see each other or are together he is very soft and sweet now. He tries to become physically intimate but I refuse as I want to feel safe in love not something disposable or only for sex. I have been gentle and honest with him regarding my feelings about casual sex; which is not going to happen. He still calls, texts and takes me to dinner, etc. He never says anything regarding a commitment or a relationship. My life is back on track and amazingly successful and happy. We speak a few times during a week, see each a few times a month. We are both caring and sweet to one another now. We both go on dates with other people. He says jealous passive aggressive things about my dates. It hurts me to know that he is going on a date with another woman but I’m resigned to this fact because we are not a couple. I always try and say something kind and encouraging when he tells me he has a date. He is awkward and shy/withdrawn and works intensely (or is at his mothers) so I wonder why he shares “I have a date…” with me. I’m not sure why he tells me. He sent me flowers for my birthday Oct. and took me for a very beautiful romantic dinner at Christmas and we walked in the rain under his big umbrella arm in arm after dinner. And talked and kissed. (Nothing for Valentines Day.) My question is: What is he doing? Does he love me or not? We see each other and have a happy time. We are upbeat and playful together. Then he always moves towards kissing and wants sex but that is when I leave because I am not a casual sex girl. (I figure he can get sex from whatever woman he’s says he’s dating.) What is he doing? Does he love me? He has never invited me to meet his mother or brother.

    • Chrishma April 23rd, 2017

      I am a libra woman married to cancerian man for 6 yrs. this is not a easy match to share marital bliss. Since u are independent and successful, if u have a better option to share your life with, in my opinion its better to avoid this cancer man. I also want to tell u that, let the decision be yours own, so that you won’t regret taking others advice. Another important thing you have to know is, librians have difficulty in taking decisions.

    • Bri August 31st, 2023

      No he’s playing mind games and you’re too beautiful for that as a Libra myself please leave him alone because it’s not fair for him to do him while he gets mad for doing you like he can’t have his cake and eat it too so please as libra it’s not worth the wait you will continue to hurt yourself by staying

  22. Shaman sharma March 27th, 2017

    Well i am cancerian man…..i feel cancerians are very difficult understanding…..i myself know how my mood changes…once a second i am smiling the Odr i am sad….moods really shift a lot…also they issues with their confidence too….they really are shy human beings basically by their own nature….i really sometimes feel it very difficult expressing my anger or if i feel something bad….showing love on the other hand is easier thou…people feel they are cold….but they love the people they love more then anything else…

  23. Shaman sharma March 27th, 2017

    I am a cancerian man and my loved one is a Libra girl…..well we are in a relationship since 5 years….initial 2_3 years were very good…sometimes i find her dominant and not understanding especially when in anger and me being a cool person,who doesn’t easily expresses his emotions….and i know my self very well….i stay in my nutshell,lonely and alone when hurt,i prefer being with myself only which affects her…..mood swings wich cancerians go through i do believe is very difficult understanding

  24. Shana February 15th, 2017

    I am married to a Cancer man and I, a Libra woman. We have been married for 15 years and together over 20 years. We have (2) children from our marriage and I had (1) daughter before we married. Well for the past (2) years we have been struggling, it was tough at the beginning because we were so young, however the past (2) years after counsel and marriage renewal Nothing was working. He had detached emotionally years prior and I finally stopped caring, decided we needed to Divorce. Well after some separation and me dating other men during the separation. I have since come RUNNING back to him! lol There is NO one in the world that will love, adore, cater, take care of, delight in me like he does. And our sex is AMAZING!! Without him knowing it, he showed me his patience and soft pursuit but no pressure for me to return, but always an open door. So take it from me, it is a GREAT blessing for us Libra (lovelies) to be cared for and loved by a Cancer man. We are his muse and motivation.

  25. Erik Hane February 3rd, 2017

    I very much appreciate and cherish the thoughtfulness of a the Libra females I know. I just met a Libra female with a lot of similiar intrests so thanx. Your description gives me hope that we can have a pleasurable experience. At this point of my life my heart really needs a break

  26. [email protected] May 6th, 2016

    Seriously i have never beleived in astrology but reading this article left me stumped…this is so so so very true…

  27. Kemnitz March 17th, 2016

    My name is Aimee and I am a Libra I never had experienced true love till I met Jason he is a cancer he changed my life. I felt the happiest when we were together. Though we were young and had so many obstacles in our way I felt invincible. Loving him has been the single most amazing experience I have been through. So even though I ended our relationship never did I ever experience that compassionate feeling that deep connection or absolute pleasure of true happiness. He loves with his whole heart and to experience that once in your life can never be replaced by another. So I reconnected again and it seems like no time has passed. So if you get that opportunity to have a cancer man who  wants to be apart of your life. Give it a chance and amazing things can happen to you. My heart seemed to skip a beat when he held my hand. I felt like we were made for each other.the piece of my life that made me complete. Take a chance listen to your heart experience every moment it will change your life. It changed mine. Thank God for second chances. I will never let him go even if he ends up with someone else I know he showed me how amazing life can be and for that I am eternally grateful. My life is better having the opportunity to love him and him love me. Priceless!!! Thank you for showing me true love does exist

  28. TammimB January 28th, 2016

    @well were not all like what you described. I mean can you be a bit more descriptive because im from New York and I’m a cancer man. I’ve met other cancer and I can tell you were not all the same, I mean every single human being on the planet is different and no one is perfect. Plus I was raised by a Leo, Leo’s and Libra get along well and even though I’m a cancer I’ve inherited some aspects from my Leo dad and Taurus mom

  29. Leghari August 7th, 2015

    Now i know Shintaro and I are compatible. Thanks guys

  30. CarmaIndigo August 5th, 2015

    This article is very close to the truth of our love and relationship. I was and still am astounded to read each paragraph over and over and to feel the emotions that hold us so dear to one another. The ying to my yang.  No one else has ever captured my soul. My heart beats for him always. I hope everyone can feel a love so strong for just a brief moment in their lives we would all be truly happy.

  31. BelusEnlil March 22nd, 2015

    I am a Cancer man and my soon to fiance is a Libra woman and so far we get along great, I hope we continue getting along, because I am really crazy about her and she is crazy about me. I really love her calmness and laidback nature. We will be getting engaged in October of this year and get married sometime in 2016. I was with a Scorpio woman before I met my Libra Love and it was a disaster! My Libra Lady is the total opposite compared to my Scorpio woman. I know I have my mood swings, but I am confident that things will be different with my Libra Love, she is amazing and I love her so, she is everything I have been looking for in a woman. Til next time guys and gals, good luck to all.

  32. meshia2986 March 18th, 2015

    I have met the man of my dreams, the cancer man is a very respectful geniius guy and he shows me more than enough respect and its okay for me to say that i think i may have found my soul mate. He wants to get married to me sometime next year we have yet to decide upon a date i am 3 years older than him. He understands that he wants me for me he appreciates me. It was quite challeging for me to find a man to want to deal with my mood swings  and my ways of me being not wanting anyone to bother me my frustrations.I sure hope that this guy is my soul mate and we live a happy lifestyle to love and cherish one another. I sure will keep everyone updated. By the way im a Libra women & hes my cancer man hopefully it works out for the best.

  33. mintosh December 1st, 2014

    This is so accurate I can’t even.. There is this guy that I like he is a cancer. He is so funny. Somehow this website got all my crushes figured out. XD

  34. JonJHernandez June 26th, 2014

    I am 25. Asian. I’m a cancer. I am so jealous to see you all women have a cancerian man as your partner. I’m very worried being single. I feel like I don’t stand a chance with anyone. Sob. =(

  35. bovie June 19th, 2014

    i went through all of your posts, these are so true. i’m a libra woman and i have been in a relation with a cancerian man for 10 years since our high school days. we started living together for last 3 years. Things were really smooth until we started living together but discovering a person day by day is like  a new lesson. Cancer man are so detach at times that i hardly know how to react with him. he love his solitary confinement. sometimes he show his affection, however sometimes his extreme cold nature freezes everthing as well. its really frustuating to handle. well, being a libra woman i always love social life while his not into it. for so long i have learnt to deal all of these is to learn him and love him more and libra women has the power of charmness and adaptable, so we can make it. more communications and understanding will lead both of you to never to lose eachother 🙂

  36. bovie June 19th, 2014

    i went through all of your posts, these are so true. i’m a libra woman and i have been in a relation with a cancerian man forb10 years since our high school days. we started living together for last 3 years. Things were really smooth until we started living together but discovering a person day by day is like a a new lesson. Cancer man are so detach at times that i hardly know how to react with them. he love his solitary confinement. sometimes he show his affection, however sometimes they his their extreme cold nature as well. its really frustuating to handle. well, being a libra woman i always love social life while his not into it. for so long i have learnt to deal all of these is to learn him and love him more and libra women has the power of charmness and adaptable, so we can make it. more communications and understanding will lead both of you to never to lose eachother 🙂

  37. [email protected] May 1st, 2014

    I’m a Libra woman and I’ve been inlove with a cancer man for about a year, our relationship status is like ridding a roller coaster. It’s consists of up and down, I tried everything just for our relationship to workout. But it didnt, I guess were just plainly uncompatable.

  38. RakRoc October 26th, 2013

    I remember responding to this post like in 2009 or 2010 about my Cancer boyfriend but couldn’t remember my login info.  I spoke about how good our relationship was how caring he was, sweet, kind etc.  We dated for 7 months before I finally spoke up and we agreed being boyfriend/girlfriend.  Well the relationship barely last 2 months!  He all of a sudden became detached and would become hot/cold as he did  when were were just friends thinking it would change when it was official.  There would be times where he would be in town (we lived 30 minutes apart and saw each other 1-2 times a week) and I would know from other people.  I just couldn’t take the inconsistency anymore and decided to break up with him to keep my sanity.
    I actually dated another Cancer man a few years before this one and he was my first love.  Again it started off well, he was dreamy, loving, and caring.  It was magical, love at first sight!  Then all of a sudden he stopped communting with me.  I would send him a text or give him a call and he would not respond.  He did not respond for 1 month and it was during the holidays (ouch).  I was devastated!  Then we met up and he told me he was dealing with some things in his personal life including with his ex girlfiend and he wanted to start over with me.  I declined.  Cutting off communcation cold turkey like that was just unforgivable, and scary.  I couldn’t trust him anymore.
    Let’s just say I will not be dating a Cancer anymore lol.  Libra women beware!

  39. RakRoc October 26th, 2013

    I remember responding to this post like in 2009 or 2010 about my Cancer boyfriend but couldn’t remember my login info.  I spoke about how good our relationship was how caring he was, sweet, kind etc.  We dated for 7 months before I finally spoke up and we agreed being boyfriend/girlfriend.  Well the relationship barely last 2 months!  He all of a sudden became detached and would become hot/cold as he did  when were were just friends thinking it would change when it was official.  There would be times where he would be in town (we lived 30 minutes apart and saw each other 1-2 times a week) and I would know from other people.  I just couldn’t take the inconsistency anymore and decided to break up with him to keep my sanity.
    I actually dated another Cancer man a few years before this one and he was my first love.  Again it started off well, he was dreamy, loving, and caring.  It was magical, love at first sight!  Then all of a sudden he stopped communting with me.  I would send him a text or give him a call and he would not respond.  He did not respond for 1 month and it was during the holidays (ouch).  I was devastated!  Then we met up and he told me he was dealing with some things in his personal life including with his ex girlfiend and he wanted to start over with me.  I declined.  Cutting off communcation cold turkey like that was just unforgivable, and scary.  I couldn’t trust him anymore.
    Let’s just say I will not be dating a Cancer anymore lol.  Libra women beware!

  40. Sage-Von-awesome August 11th, 2013

    One of my best friends is in love with a cancer man and she is a libra girl. They are totally perfect for each other but she still wanted to know. Since I’m the one in my group of friends who actually is into this I got to do the research. When I told her what I found she was so happy. Sadly I also had to tell her the bad stuff. She was pretty upset but thankfully the “love of her life” talked to her and now they are together. It’s so sweet I want to throw up! 🙂

  41. Librak433 July 31st, 2013

    So lets start with the…I NEVER post on these sites! This one, however, took me by a major surpriCan I met this cancer guy when I was literally ready to give up on anything less than a soul mate. I’ve never dated a cancer man, I could care to remember at least. that being said…outta no where I was totally done and giving up and here rolls in my cancer manJune have a only met by phone, though almost 3 weeks later this post “appears” to bre crazy accurate!! It defines the struggles we have mildldefaced, yet the strength of the connection and intimacy I have alreadY felt. Crazy as it is, I believe this one may be my match. The above theory is correct on almost all terms at this point. I’ll keep you posted, as my favorite guy is home soon!!! Believe in love and play kind!!!

  42. [email protected] July 21st, 2013

    cancer men are so useless for libra ladies,they pretend alot and also do not luv deeply and they are so fucking stingy and all the think about is themselves and how to collect the libra womans money..omg i hate cancer men

  43. positivity September 24th, 2012

    Well some of the information is true. I met my cancerian app. 2 yrs. and it has been a rollercoaster ride. He is afraid of committment and I want that, he becomes very detached at times. I thought he was involved with someone else but from my investigation that has been proven incorrect. So I now wait patiently to see what happens if we have a future or not. Life goes on whether it works yes or no.

  44. HarryH September 14th, 2012

    Wow! Super accurate. I am a Libra woman madly in love with a (much) younger Cancer man. He is amazingly hot, and seems to feel the same way, but I have to be careful with him. He occasionally detaches, then comes back. I think he likes the whole cougar/shiksa thing. I know I do. He is HOT!

  45. […] more information on this love compatibility profile, this time we actually took interest in Ask Oracle’s page on the Cancer Male-Libra Female couple. They are not affiliated with us but they do shed light on a lot of misconceptions about Cancer male […]

  46. ArianneloveMason19 September 5th, 2012

    I am crusH on this cancer Guy and his a year younger then me and ever since theschool year last year never had ever
    Crush on a cancer before but moment we look into each-other eye
    It was love am first and I am bisexual libra girl 
    I wasmince madly in love with a taurus woman 
    She say she felt same but she never made her move 
    That when i felt in love with a cancer man 
    His name is mason 
    My name is Arianne 
    Could it work between us two 
    Could it ? 
    Because he always know how to make me 

  47. mizz-latia May 30th, 2012

    im libra and i ust start talking to this cancer today and he like we are going to be happy together and i just told yes we cuz i just got finsh read about us and it said we are compatibility 

  48. alonzo_ross April 22nd, 2012

    I’m here to say this is sooo true!! I am living this right now!!! And I’m happily in love!!!

  49. chiku November 9th, 2011

    “very true” m a libra female, i met ma cancerian 4yrs ago n it ws love at first sight ! as mentioned above he is d reason i smile , d way he loves me make me feel m d most beautiful gal on earth as life has its hard part too we also suffered wid down as he is quite insecure abt me n it ws a phase wen i thought i lost him but d feeling we shared is inexpressive we both cant live w/o each other n last month we ve completed our 4th anniversary . And m praying this smooth n loving relationship continues as it is now till ma death n m dead sure dat i ll marry ma cancerian only! 😀

  50. alys987 September 11th, 2011

    The things you say are just as this page says they will be so the positive ones are too. Can you focus more on the good stuff that will keep you together, in my experience the love, laughter and security offered by the cancer man is worth compromising. I think maturity has something to do with it. Libra, maybe all women, want everything now to feel more secure, the cancer man can show that delay doesn’t mean never.
    Please don’t feel negative or criticised, it may be her mind is one of the things you find attractive, the stuff you view as criticism she may just see as facts, they are not intended as evaluation or judgement, just attempts at useful insight, her words may be useful, it might just be the delivery you really don’t like. If you have been through counselling it sounds like you both love each other and want to succeed. Any relationship needs good communication, understanding (so sharing of concerns) and if the cancer man could do his best to limit the impact of his moodiness it would make a difference too 🙂

  51. KuroiTsubasaXD August 24th, 2011

    @MetalShell Maybe you could have a nice discussion with her. Don’t try to be defensive or anything, and dont pick at her, just listen to her. Having a baby is a big thing. Being a libra and having experience with my libra friends, AND having a cancerian boyfriend, I know that if i’m stressed up, I’ll be cranky and I’ll refuse to listen to anyone, even my guy. All it takes is a little listening and a little compromise. And pampering her up a little when you have the time, like maybe a massage or something, that helps in calming her down. It shouldnt be hard to get a compromise out of her if you’re not overly pushy or obvious with it. 🙂 good luck!

  52. MetalShell August 11th, 2011

    What sort of drama did she cause? How long to you guys try the relationship out?

  53. MetalShell August 11th, 2011

    Hi all! So I see the Libra women dominate this page eh? That’s fine, I’ll help spread the diversity. I’m in need of some serious advice and I’m just wanting feedback on how irrational or rational I’m being…
    I am married to a Libra, coming up to 2 years. (like most of these relationships, we rushed love quickly and got married just after a year and pregnant shortly after.) We currently have a 22 month old little girl.
    We definitely had love very quickly, but it didn’t last long before we started sorting out problems. We seem to constantly go through ups and downs in the relationship, in terms of dealing with our conflicts. Financially, she still hates my conservative attitude, while her spending leaves me concerned (especially since we can barely make bills and food with a baby.) She still dislikes my wanting to take time to think about things, while I hate being rushed to make decisions. I still feel her drive to be intellectually superior leaves me being criticized too often.
    Now those are our main problems, but we have taken counseling many times throughout the years and we are probably the closest to the best we’ve been, but I still have difficulty dealing with these issues (which haven’t been resolved, but get pushed away until they rise up again.) My question is “shouldn’t this be much easier? because I’m thinking of a separation..”

  54. Libra_36 June 10th, 2011

    Wow! All of these thoughts shared are soooo true about Libra Woman/Cancer Man!! It’s very scary! I have been in a on again, off again relationship with a cancer man for over 20 years and he is my bff, hands down! But, we had some problems… trust issues. Which resulted in a bad breakup. It is so sad, cause I can tell him anything and he listens (Now, that we are not teenagers! LOL). I miss him in more ways then one! Who knows, we may find each other again. Only time can tell!:)

    • Norman Sparrow September 3rd, 2017

      Miki Howard and Gerald Lever…. Perfect pair

  55. tima123 May 27th, 2011

    OMG this is so true, me and my baby have been together for 3 1/2 years and we had so much breaks ups but then we took a year off but then we started talking again and were going get back but “when hes ready”… but honesty as a libra women i really cant see my self with anyone but him. I love him so much he makes me smile like how the article said.. just by bascially looking or being with him makes me smile 🙂 ;; cancer and libra love is amazing. I really cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him 😉

  56. Dakotajasper May 12th, 2011

    omg! this really hit the nail on the head!!! i also read though the other comments and i see me and my cancer man in almost all of it. i met this cancer man about 4yrs ago and i he filled my life with joy and happiness ture love at first shight and it was the same for him. saddly at the time i was with someone else 🙁 i was going to leave this other man for my cancer but things didn’t work out. finaily i left him and went to persue my cancer but then he was with someone and it broke my heart. i did everything to forget him (even asked to say mean things to me) but i couldn’t because you can never forget and happiness like that. then by some mircal the universe gave me my wish. now 4yrs later we still feel the same about each other and from what i know i’m safe to say that i see a long happy future togeahter. you know the saying “if you love someone let them go if they are yours they will come back to you” he did i hope we’ll have the same kind of love that most of you share!!!!!!!

  57. classylibra April 11th, 2011

    you should go slow we libra’s tend to rush love. Love takes time.

  58. Empress April 6th, 2011

    I have been in love with the same cancer man for 2 yrs. We had sex and it was amazing but the relationship just never happened. We have both told one another how much we love eachother but he always wants to take his time and “see what happens” I already know we would be great if we just gave it a chance. His caution is fustrating. It hurt me that he can’t let go and trust his heart. I don’t know what to do to assure him that this is right. I’m losing patients but I really can’t let go. He is strong, confident, loving and honestly one of my best friends. please can someone give me some advice. I really think he’s the one. I don’t want to screw this up by being pushy but I want to give him all of me and I can’t because I don’t want to get hurt while he is “taking his time”.

  59. Kristen April 1st, 2011

    Wow! that is an accurate description and by far the best I’ve found online for cancer man & a libra woman. I’ve been with my bf for almost 3 months now and the first time we met the sparks flew & the chemistry has been unbelievable & amazing! we both are taking it as cautiously as possible because we ve both been hurt in the past, but with chemistry like this its too hard not to fall hard fast <3 Everything described us perfectly & I know both of us are in it whole heartedly regardless of caution & I truly hope he & I make this a forever love <3 the rid bits of what can cause conflict I've.noted & will do my best to keep my cancerian man happy xo

  60. jibbers February 13th, 2011

    This rings true, a positive outlook, peace be with you!

  61. Jay January 29th, 2011

    I am a libra and my bf is a cancer. We have dated on and off for three years. The first time lasted 11 months, and we broke up because we had to. After we broke up I had a son and after I gave birth, we got back together. We have been together ever since. He is the love of my life and I don’t know what I would do without him. Most of the things said in this article are true. The relationship between a libra woman and a cancer man all depends on the demnor of the two people, not the zodiac sign. I completely believe in zodiac and usually live by my horoscope, but you can’t always base a relationship on your zodiac sign. Every libra is different and every cancer is different. My bf and I plan on getting married soon and I couldn’t be happier about it. We fit together like two puzzle pieces.

  62. meka January 11th, 2011

    im a libar women and im in love with a cancer. man he is my heart he so understanding with me and takes he’s time with me. we been together for 4months now and im so happy to have him.

  63. dynamiic January 4th, 2011

    am a Libra woman and have dated 3 cancer men,the relationship doesn’t work out because we never understand each other,now am with another cancer man and he seems so cool and caring,i love him so much and i hope he love

  64. Sherwin November 22nd, 2010

    I’m a Cancer man, and my Libra girlfriend found me. She is way too much drama for me. Thank goodness I am no longer with her!

  65. Steph November 17th, 2010

    Well it is sure nice to get a positive outlook on this sort of relationship. Even tho these signs might not be perfect for one another it seems quite hopeful. I have just met a cancer man and who know … :o)

  66. lauren November 4th, 2010

    im a libra female and i always find my self dating cancer men. crazyness

  67. Shasha October 21st, 2010

    I met my cancer man on my 26th birthday and it was love at first sight. He asked me to marry him 10 days later. Years later we are still going strong. He is the reason I smile and laugh everyday. The idea of growing old with him makes everything seem fine. I never knew I was capable of loving so much. I am the most secure libran woman because of him. I wish you could all meet my beautiful, precious husband – the cancerian.

  68. zini September 8th, 2010

    my x husband is censerian! and he cheat on me! i was truely in love with him! but he fuck another bitch. and then i devorced him. he is a mother fucker! libra womans shoud stay away from censer guys!

  69. kadisha September 3rd, 2010

    dis is sumthin ik is true, becuz im a libra women andd my boyfriend is a cancer, we been together for bout 5 1/2 months andd im very proud to be with him. im truely in luv with him.! =].. we both very much have da same mood swings so we both can unerstand each others problems ., hes very much heroic hes always tryna save me from the most crazyest things in our ups and downs. where teens hes 16 im 15 andd u can say teens kno alot bout luv andd hate andd we can tell any story in our life bout da luv we bring..

  70. LIbra August 13th, 2010

    I disagree , Im madly in love with a cancerian male, Im a libra female. Everything is accurate i asked about marriage first he didnt really have a answer. But a cancer male is old fashion you have to be patient. And anyone who tries to make another person jealouse for wanting something , that means they dont really love and trust the person . they are to impatient. sorry my english sucks i speak arabic 🙂

  71. peace August 12th, 2010

    I have loved this libra woman for about 13 yrs now. Though I know she loves me back…we have yet to generate the relationship I know will be beyond our deepest hopes…By the way I am a cancerian…any advice on how to captivate her…trying to melt those walls she has verbalized to me…drop me some of that libra wisdom…thanks

  72. Ola August 6th, 2010

    what u said abt a cancer man is absolutely correct, bcs i am a cancerian.

  73. raka July 18th, 2010

    this was quite guiding. thanks for the knowledge. wud be nice if u can also throw some light on Cancer man’s “on now” “off now” mood swings dat almost follows a pattern. wud like to knw wat actually goes on into their little heads when they go recluse for months at times!!

  74. Jessica July 13th, 2010

    I love this!! And I love my cancer man even more!!

  75. Brenda June 21st, 2010

    i am a libra woman and i have just started seeing a cancer man and it is love at first sight. i think i want to already b w him forever. thank u for telling me how to deal w my cancer man

  76. Brooke March 14th, 2010

    OMG this is completely 100% true of my relationship! I’m completely in love with my Cancer Man!

  77. Arlynn March 9th, 2010

    This is helpful. Your insights helps me on how to deal with my cancer man who I love dearly!

  78. aliya March 3rd, 2010

    I feel like you were telling my story! I am a Libra woman who was engaged to a Cancer man and it didn’t work out. It is extremely accurate!

  79. Chanel Lebron February 20th, 2010

    I find this to be a positive outlook on the Cancer man Libra Women. I’m in Love,Lust, and Living,with Happily with my Cancer man! Since 1989!

  80. Franny January 22nd, 2010

    This was great! It really explained everything the way it is in real life so thanks for the info! 😀

  81. arel October 12th, 2009

    I find this (cancer man-libra woman love compatibility) true & accurate ^_^

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