Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility in 2021

It may be time in the 2021 to face the hard truth that you need a break. Your relationship has taken a lot of wear and tear. Neither of you is to blame for that. Family members of the Cancer man or friends or business associates of the Taurus woman have been leaning in and asking a lot of each of you. Your present situation is a testimony to the need to set boundaries. Some time alone, exploring spiritual goals and hopes for the future, could set you back on the right course. Taurus woman absolutely hates it when Cancer man dismisses her insights out of hand. For the Cancer man especially, avoid vices or remedy a habit that has gotten out of control.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Relationship - Complete Guide

The strong Taurus and sophisticated Cancer can always make an interesting duo with a perfect blend of Earth and Water. As both of them share common interests and needs they are quite compatible, with Taurus a little more stubborn and Cancer a bit more moody, this can cause occasional tiffs but usually the association is peaceful.

A Cancer man is a very ambitious and strongly gritty person. He has big dreams and enough courage and cautious nature to fulfill them. As a person, he is deeply nurturing and caring but at times he can be seriously moody and critical. He is generally nice, quiet, and shy, preferring to stay in the warm atmosphere of home than go out. In relationship with a Taurus woman, he enjoys getting pampered by her and return gives her a lot of respect and admiration together with all the tender loving emotions. Family is very important to him, and he doesn’t allow many people to get close to him.

A Taurus woman is one of a kind elegant and peaceful woman who is usually very calm, cool, and collected. She is powerfully practical and does not allow petty emotions to get to her. But the stubbornness of Taurus female is as strong as she herself. On a few rare occasions she is finally pushed past her emotional limits and it is not good to witness her in her extremities of any emotion. She wants a strong man who she can be proud of and Cancer man always suits her choice of a mate as together with these qualities, he is quite compassionate and understanding also.

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The Taurus woman becomes committed to her Cancer man to an extreme of loyalty and love, once she is completely sure that he is truly worth her time. This relationship often picks up slowly and gradually develops into deep trust and understanding. She is always humble and patient with his mood swings and support him in his rough days. When the days are brighter the Taurus woman also admires the jolly nature of her Cancer man and enjoys each bit of his sophisticated and well mannered humor. Her pampering nature keeps on reassuring him, which makes him feel comfortable in her company. But she is very possessive and stubborn to an extreme. So to maintain a healthy relationship, he needs to take care of her demands and will and should be himself very expressive in matters of love.

A Cancer man is a very compatible partner for a Taurus woman in almost every way. He gives her the respect and love that she craves for and guides her in her problems whenever needed. He can easily resist the stubborn nature of his Taurus lady and usually keeps her calm enough to just enjoy the tenderness of their relationship and avoid all possible arguments. He displays his love both verbally and physically in so many imaginative ways that it keeps the spirits of his romantic Taurus female on a spark. But for him, the family ties come first and his lady second and this is usually that hurts her deeply as she always wants to be the best thing of her man’s life.

There is a great potential for success with the relationship of Taurus woman and Cancer man. Basking in the sunshine of love these two develop such an intimacy that melts away all the distances and differences to make them one forever. She becomes less introverted, more emotionally giving, and less stubborn. He becomes more secure and hence more ambitious; make more decisions based on logic rather than emotion, and like his lovely Taurus damsel, also be less introverted. Both of them share such a pleasant blend of Water and Earth that their roses always remain red and their daisies always smell sweet. With the warmth of Cancer man and passion of Taurus woman their unison becomes so pure and supreme that they continue to live in it with never ending compassion and romance.

Sexually, Cancer man and Taurus woman is very well-matched and provide each other with a happy and healthy sex life. They both make a perfect example of ideal blend of Earth and Water where one needs the other to complete itself. The Taurus woman’s needs are fairly uncomplicated, with an emphasis on the physical and sensual side of things. Both of them need attention, lots of reassurance and affection and treat each other with care and sensitivity in the bedroom. One fundamental difference between the two’s approach is that Taurus desires a healthy dose of passion while Cancer needs some emotionally charged displays, but these two things naturally develop as their closeness increases and complement each other over the time. As the sensitivity and passion increases in their love-making they experience a complete satisfaction and oneness that does wonders to their relationship. She is easily satisfied and does not have any hidden fantasies or complicated needs, which is very encouraging to him, who can have a whole slew of hidden insecurities. These two provide everything the other needs for long-term sexual satisfaction.

In the relationship of the Taurus woman and Cancer man though most of the things are smooth and flowery but sometimes their little differences create a long term issue or even forever breakdown. She is always admired by him for her patience and strength to deal with situations but her lack of reasoning makes him furious and though she appreciates his determination and great art of loving but when she finds his closer bonding to his home, she becomes gloomy and over-possessive. When the two get into an argument, she can prove to be painfully stubborn while he responds by retreating into his shell for long periods of time, making it even more difficult for the two to resolve the issue. Communication is the best way out for these two to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

  1. Tauressa April 18th, 2021

    I was with this cancer man in a love-hate relationship, and yes everything written above is true lol. However, I’ve decided to finally break up with him for doing the same mistakes over and over again. Being a Taurus woman I hate sudden changes, and I gave him too many chances and I think I’m so done with his actions and reactions. Every time he goes back to his shell when I want to discuss something serious about being hurt from his actions or decisions I felt alone (he turns off his phone then later says sorry) and I call that running/hiding away from the problem lol. So now, I am more peaceful and happy without his moody and needy personality. Our break-up was full of hate and yelling lol. Blaming each other and was totally a mess. He even told me that he has no plans of reaching out ever again (angry method to diverse the issue instead of recognizing or be responsible for his own mistake lol) but keeps coming back out of the blue. So yeah, that’s how our relationship ended. I don’t hate him ok? It’s just we all have our differences and maybe he’s not yet ready to fully commit. That’s what I think, and for me, I have no time to foster such baby acts. I’m so busy with my goals :).
    Love lots,
    Tauressa 🙂

  2. Idk March 18th, 2021

    I am cancer man (33), met a taurus girl (37) at work. We go out lunch together for 6 months+ the spark Between us was great. We laugh and gift with each other. She understands my emotions and take care my feeling very well, and I take care of her need at work. We have so much in common. She seem like not in any relationship and we never talk about relationships. So we are just “work husband and wife” as everyone in the office call us. Until one day I cannot hold my feeling anymore and confess to her. She whisper me saying she is the same way but she doesn’t do relationship. Also she told me she is “aromatic”. Things didn’t go well after. My emotions swing me back to my shell and I don’t even know how to talk to her anymore. A year passed by and recently she tell me she had a life platonic partner and she have not initial any conversation with me anymore, most of the time I have to be the one initial a talk. And we rarely go out lunch anymore. I am still very upset and don’t know where went wrong. My heart broke little bit every time when she talk to other people instead of me. I still love her so much.

  3. Seoyeon February 2nd, 2021

    Just saying for people; this is just zodiacs. Like it doesn’t mean if you’re a Taurus woman and you meet a Cancer man, this will happen. Though, it is very likely lol
    I like someone (he is also my ex and we’re very good friends) and he is a Cancer. We are suuuuuper close. But he said it didn’t work out, so we broke up. I am still super in love with him smh. Someone can relate n help? :’)

    • Kishan Graanoogst March 17th, 2021

      I suppose I can relate, I am a Cancer man. I was always engrossed into horoscope and just for the fun of it see with whom I’m compatible with, I met a Taurus girl and I slowly find myself falling head over heels for her. But we had a rough start, I wasn’t ready for her commitment at first and I was still shaky from a break up, I just needed a friend. But when I thought was ready, she wasn’t. :). So we just stayed friends for a while until she sneakily captures my heart again. Slowly. So every moment I cherish, and see where it goes, who knows maybe something happens. You Taurus sure like to take things slow 🙂 sneaky

  4. Ariana Garcia October 25th, 2020

    Wow wow wow, so I’m a Taurus female and I recently met a Cancer male, we hadn’t talked about our signs, we had only talked to get to know each-other; it was automatic understanding, so much communication and openness in regards to our goals and wanting to form a family. I have a daughter of my own and he has no children, he didn’t skip a beat to want to be there for her and raise her as his own (she’s only 7 months) He’s extremely loving and caring and opens up so much more when I compliment him, and “boost” his ego, it’s so emotionally rewarding being with him. We can go on and on about things we like about each-other and it’s basically us agreeing with what we like about each-other… he’s so ready for the commitment, I feel, because I have a baby & he wants the family, the house, the peace…I barely looked up our signs yesterday but all this makes so much sense…I’d like to add that he has no problem putting me in my place when I’m being stubborn, he’s not a force to be reckoned with and neither am I but there’s absolutely no walking all over one another…also… WOW! THE SEX IS INCREDIBLE!

  5. Hellen Clairvoyance August 4th, 2020

    I am a Taurus women and I just met a Cancer man & let me tell you, it was love at first sight.
    I love everything about him. But I am realizing he is very needy emotionally whereas I’m more physical. But his understanding let’s me know that I must give him a tremendous amount of love. Cancers need to be wanted. Them being ruled by water makes them want peace and serenity which helps the Taurus relax and not be so uptight.
    I believe a Taurus and a Cancer man are completely compatible.

  6. Enoch January 14th, 2020

    OK……., as a cancer i want to put my last and final conclusion on this website based on my experience and observation.

    I had a relationship with a Taurus woman for more than a year and I took my time to figure her out for six month, even though its not enough time to get to know someone fully but its well known to me that i don’t need her in my life anymore. I do like Taurus people but i don’t believe in their loyalty nor do i trust them in any way, I admit they are better for cancer along with Capricorn, Virgo and cancer woman in terms of loyalty compare to other astrological sign. But it doesn’t mean a cancer man needs a Taurus woman in his life just because she is more compatible with him. The Taurus woman i have been with is a dream to have a family with, she has a wonderful carrier and amazing skills, i mean she has everything but she also has a BAD HEART, what irritates me every time is that she want me to believe that she is best match for me so i can not let her go or find another partner no matter what. however the reason for our break up is she CAN NOT be able to shake the biggest issue i had in a relationship “TRUST”.,SHE IS NOT DEVOTED OR STRONG ENOUGH TO MELT AWAY MY INSECURITIES. . so I decided Its better to be alone than having her by my side. I AM THE TYPE OF GUY WHO RATHER WANTS TO BE ALONE FOREVER THAN BE WITH A PERSON WHO DOESN’T GET IT.

    Of course Taurus woman and cancer man is an interesting couple, but not as expected. I had high interest and expectation for Taurus the second most compatible earth sign for me, but only to find out we are completely different people with different ideology and perspective in life. Based on my experience its quite easy to understand her every need however she cant understand me.
    I already said some good stuff about Taurean on the comment section below, but i never mentioned about the bad and the deal breaker.


    => Taurus woman has NO respect for cancer man other than offering faithfulness and love. That’s because he doesn’t challenge her at all. Cancer prefers normal, simple, easy, strong and disciplined family, well Taurus believes a man has to be a man but man enough to challenge her and put her patience to a test that’s because she wants to win and show her strength, otherwise she loose respect for him as most women do. As a result she will be hesitant to accept what he said.
    So i ask my self a question is it worth fighting for a woman who doesn’t willing to listen a dame thing about what i have to say ? no, absolutely no, there are many bad side to Taurus they don’t even now themselves.

    => To be honest she values ONLY success in her partner more than anything, all the Taurus woman i know their loyalty is based on money and material you provide. She will love, respect and fallow you anywhere you go if you have plenty of it. She will enjoy sex, intimacy and other things wholeheartedly anytime as long as you provide what she demand. TAURUS WOMAN VALUES A MANS WALLET THAN HIS LOVE. She will suffocate him because she always get mad at anything he says and do if he don’t have enough wealth.

    => Taurus woman always protect her own interest, she doesn’t know how to protect her partner from harm or risky situation, unless she is concerned somehow.

    => Do a Taurus woman sacrifices her personal need for cancer man or for the sake of love. Absolutely no. Cancer man will never ever find the type of love he desperately desires, instead he will find strong and hardworking partner, nothing more.

    => Taurus loyalty for her closest friends is greater than the loyalty she show to her husband. It means she is faithful to her husband but loyal to her best friends. Oh my God !! Taurus women always say “YES” and “OK” to her best friends whenever they need her no matter what. She has no exception or limit for the things she offer them. She wants to be the best thing in her friends life. she wants to be needed everywhere. This is a big problem for cancer, because cancer man won’t allow people close to him. well, if Taurus continues to let Cancer down in this way then she will always become the third important person in his life, she is not worth his time, but its OK he will adopt to live in this way as long as the association is peaceful.

    => Both married or unmarried Taurus women has a special need and desire of meeting interesting and mysterious peoples outside her relationship.She gets them closer in order to find whats interesting and attractive about those men and wants to compare those traits with her current partner. I believe she drives this behavior from opposite polarity Scorpio. we all Know that Taurus woman do not change partner to partner quickly they rather stay with a chosen one for a long time, but they do meet interesting peoples who captures their interest, even tough its not that sexual, she will connect and enjoy the attraction by making them close friend. she has a way of making peoples close to her to connect with them in better way for the sake of friendship without notice. Have you ever take a closer look at Taurus closest friend ? have you ?


    The only major advantage in cancer and Taurus relationship is the peace and the comfort that comes from understanding. True love will not blossom because Taurus woman see everything as her benefit and true love cost her more and makes her do things she actually wont do unless she experience it with the right partner. most of the time both Taurus and Cancer have a general understanding to address the problems and work them out , well that is a good thing for the relationship to stay strong.
    Once the relationship is broken between cancer man and Taurus woman it STAYS BROKEN as long as i can understand, because Taurus woman will not sacrifice her needs for her partner, and he don’t care about her any more because of her excessive egotistic behavior.


    Truly the perfect man for this sarcastic woman is Pisces man, period !!!. Its a beautiful relationship for both, even though he is DRAMATIC he puts her in her toes and knows her every tricks and she will impress him with her strength and patience. they need each other dearly. believe it or not Taurus woman knows this fact.


    the relationship between this three water and earth astrological sign is so ,….

    Brings happiness for both
    Brings the best in each other
    Brings enormous good changes in each other
    Everyone gets space
    The love is deep, profound and mutual.
    And there is a highest level of respect between this three couple.

    Taurus woman will have deep love and more patient for a Pisces man more than any astrological sign.
    Virgo woman will have more time and full trust for cancer man than any other sign.
    Capricorn woman will sacrifices everything she had for a Scorpio man. isn’t that beautiful ?

    • Rachel May 20th, 2020

      Hopefully you find your happiness and peace. You seem very passionate about your outline and like any heartache we have in life, hope you find peace.

      Taurus woman

    • Dianna July 13th, 2020

      So sorry you had this experience. I am a Taurus female and I can tell you we are not all the same. I wouldnt want you to go around avoiding Taurus woman because of one unfortunate experience. We dont all take on all the characteristics of our sign. I am with a cancer man and no one but my children come before him tbh I shy away from friends I’m to easily used and dont trust many people. I’m also not materialistic I could careless about expensive things and gifts dont get me wrong i deeply appreciate if they are given to me but i would much rather have my mans time then money. Please dont think I’m boasting about myself I just wanted you to maybe understand you can have to completely different people born under the same sign.
      Best wishes

    • Peetra August 3rd, 2020

      Enoch, your relationship didnt work because she might have love you however not enough; in the meaning she didnt think you were the “one”. Taurus women are people who are hard to impress, they fall for daring, adventurous people even tho they know they are not the perfect match for those kind of men, it is what attracks them first. Cancer is almost never that type of guy, and you probably never made her feel the excitement she craves so much. My guess is Taurus woman will go and try to be with her heartbreaker Aries and will let a lot of things slip and be less stubborn just so she can keep him but when the relationship between the two falls apart she will be ready to make a commitment to someone who isnt a heartbreaker and treats her with lots of sensitivity and connects better emotionally like a Cancer man.
      This all aside just because someone goes astrologically good or even great together they can be very different.
      For example taurus goes super good with virgo. Iam a taurus and i had a virgo man friend and we had similar humor (his would go overboard sometimes). We had lots of fun but i could never be with such a critical guy and we didnt share the same values even tho our opinions ussualy matched. He was the type to go and be with every hot girl he could get, to try things before he settles for someone like me the loyal housewife who stays at home with children while he cheats occasionally.
      So ….i must say you just managed to find a taurus girl who wasnt: suited: for: you! And thts it, it doesnt mean cancer and taurus cant be great friends, because if not lovers, you coulda definitely stayed friends with tht girl as youve said she treated her friends better than you…btw tht isnt an original taurus thing we do.

    • Lala September 29th, 2020

      Rip 💀

    • Despacito October 12th, 2020

      I have been in a relationship with a Taurus woman since March and feel her in every aspect as you describe. Covid it has been her explanation for avoiding physical contacts. She eludes me, wants me with her almost every day , multiplies me meetings with her Children and remains physically distant. My patience to keep this level of deception is wearing thin. Yet I still hold on. I previously was 17 years with a Virgo and she died of cancer last year. Like you say …everyone and everything come first before me. Maybe I will let go. Maybe I’m not strong enough to be he man.

    • Taurean December 17th, 2020

      Wow she really hurt you huh! I find this comment comical in some aspects, Especially the part of Taurean women having “no virtue”. My Husband and I have are the total opposite of the things you typed. Taurus women aren’t all bad. You sir just happened to run across a BAD person. When it doesn’t add up you simply subtract. I also noticed not once did you belittle the Cancer man. No one is without fault when a relationship go bad it really takes two.

    • Tiffany Wright December 20th, 2020


    • Shazam December 28th, 2020

      my god 😱😱😱 are u a researcher 😄😄 ,u might be correct but not absolutely, I think you don’t understand taurus women completely, as u were in relation for an year , but life is not decided in just one year , it takes a life sometimes to understand, but my conclusion as a cancerian male having Taurus female is very different, one thing which I noticed in my relation which is 3 years old and still running, that Taurus women can never left thinking about you , she is emotionally involved to u , but yes if relationships are in critical condition, she will never initiate, but yes if man initiates , she will never ever reject that initiate, she will grasp it , she will hold you again with love n passion…
      so pls correct ur conclusions that the Taurus women has no virtue , it’s totally wrong 😔

    • Nathaly Garcia January 8th, 2021

      Damm! You wrote a lot. Took a lil bit to read this. Ok well I’m a Taurus Women, some of your points are very valid but not for the reasons you believe. Anyways not all women are like that, it has a lot to do with security, been with my Cancer Men for 16 years now, high school sweethearts. We have had ups n downs. But have fought through it. My opinion is you have to be more confident in yourself, that insecurity projects in relationships an it will have anyone not so sure about you………Also truthful kind communicating is so important. Not fighting over who is right. Anyways just wanted to say not All Taurus Women are the same.

      Wishing you the Best in your Relationship!

      Take care ✌️

    • Ke ke January 23rd, 2021

      Who hurt you?

  7. Emma December 7th, 2019

    Taurus are very headstrong and strong-willed.

    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for TAURUS:


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