Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

The strong Taurus and sophisticated Cancer can always make an interesting duo with a perfect blend of Earth and Water. As both of them share common interests and needs they are quite compatible, with Taurus a little more stubborn and Cancer a bit more moody, this can cause occasional tiffs but usually the association is peaceful.

A Cancer man is a very ambitious and strongly gritty person. He has big dreams and enough courage and cautious nature to fulfill them. As a person, he is deeply nurturing and caring but at times he can be seriously moody and critical. He is generally nice, quiet, and shy, preferring to stay in the warm atmosphere of home than go out. In relationship with a Taurus woman, he enjoys getting pampered by her and return gives her a lot of respect and admiration together with all the tender loving emotions. Family is very important to him, and he doesn’t allow many people to get close to him.

A Taurus woman is one of a kind elegant and peaceful woman who is usually very calm, cool, and collected. She is powerfully practical and does not allow petty emotions to get to her. But the stubbornness of Taurus female is as strong as she herself. On a few rare occasions she is finally pushed past her emotional limits and it is not good to witness her in her extremities of any emotion. She wants a strong man who she can be proud of and Cancer man always suits her choice of a mate as together with these qualities, he is quite compassionate and understanding also.

The Taurus woman becomes committed to her Cancer man to an extreme of loyalty and love, once she is completely sure that he is truly worth her time. This relationship often picks up slowly and gradually develops into deep trust and understanding. She is always humble and patient with his mood swings and support him in his rough days. When the days are brighter the Taurus woman also admires the jolly nature of her Cancer man and enjoys each bit of his sophisticated and well mannered humor. Her pampering nature keeps on reassuring him, which makes him feel comfortable in her company. But she is very possessive and stubborn to an extreme. So to maintain a healthy relationship, he needs to take care of her demands and will and should be himself very expressive in matters of love.

A Cancer man is a very compatible partner for a Taurus woman in almost every way. He gives her the respect and love that she craves for and guides her in her problems whenever needed. He can easily resist the stubborn nature of his Taurus lady and usually keeps her calm enough to just enjoy the tenderness of their relationship and avoid all possible arguments. He displays his love both verbally and physically in so many imaginative ways that it keeps the spirits of his romantic Taurus female on a spark. But for him, the family ties come first and his lady second and this is usually that hurts her deeply as she always wants to be the best thing of her man’s life.

There is a great potential for success with the relationship of Taurus woman and Cancer man. Basking in the sunshine of love these two develop such an intimacy that melts away all the distances and differences to make them one forever. She becomes less introverted, more emotionally giving, and less stubborn. He becomes more secure and hence more ambitious; make more decisions based on logic rather than emotion, and like his lovely Taurus damsel, also be less introverted. Both of them share such a pleasant blend of Water and Earth that their roses always remain red and their daisies always smell sweet. With the warmth of Cancer man and passion of Taurus woman their unison becomes so pure and supreme that they continue to live in it with never ending compassion and romance.

Sexually, Cancer man and Taurus woman is very well-matched and provide each other with a happy and healthy sex life. They both make a perfect example of ideal blend of Earth and Water where one needs the other to complete itself. The Taurus woman’s needs are fairly uncomplicated, with an emphasis on the physical and sensual side of things. Both of them need attention, lots of reassurance and affection and treat each other with care and sensitivity in the bedroom. One fundamental difference between the two’s approach is that Taurus desires a healthy dose of passion while Cancer needs some emotionally charged displays, but these two things naturally develop as their closeness increases and complement each other over the time. As the sensitivity and passion increases in their love-making they experience a complete satisfaction and oneness that does wonders to their relationship. She is easily satisfied and does not have any hidden fantasies or complicated needs, which is very encouraging to him, who can have a whole slew of hidden insecurities. These two provide everything the other needs for long-term sexual satisfaction.

In the relationship of the Taurus woman and Cancer man though most of the things are smooth and flowery but sometimes their little differences create a long term issue or even forever breakdown. She is always admired by him for her patience and strength to deal with situations but her lack of reasoning makes him furious and though she appreciates his determination and great art of loving but when she finds his closer bonding to his home, she becomes gloomy and over-possessive. When the two get into an argument, she can prove to be painfully stubborn while he responds by retreating into his shell for long periods of time, making it even more difficult for the two to resolve the issue. Communication is the best way out for these two to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

  1. EL GOAT ANTWON July 25th, 2019


  2. Mama June 22nd, 2019

    Been with my Cancer man as a Taurus woman for more than 18 years. We met in our early 20nties we are now in our early forties, there are ups and downs but we get each other so much and to be away from each other even for a day kills us. Love him as if we met Yesterday.

  3. enoch October 31st, 2018

    More than anyone in the entire zodiac sign, Taurus woman is the only one who can truly match cancer man’s loyalty, perhaps may be Capricorn. But in terms of loyalty and faithfulness this compatibility is the finest of all relationships and unbeatable by any combination. It truly serves its purpose.

  4. anonymous April 30th, 2018

    as a cancer man, taurus women are among the only ones ive gotten along with. logical, reasonable, compassionate and full of love and respect. love these women.

    • Lolita Cunningham November 29th, 2018

      Thank you from a Taurus woman

  5. xavier November 23rd, 2017

    i am a cancer guy and my wife is taurus \ we have been married for close to 30 years and the best married life. If i was 30 again and had to marry i would choose her once again. Most of what is written above seem to be 90 % true and factual. Thank God for giving this great lady and a great life.

    • Nancy Sherman November 28th, 2017

      What about her made u say i do?

  6. Lucifina October 15th, 2017

    I am a Taurus female.. I love my Cancer man.. We get along and on each other’s nerves but we care too much for one another to stay on each other’s nerves

  7. Renita October 12th, 2017

    to consider that i myself am a Taurus woman i see that yes we can be very stubborn but not all of us are bound to cheat though i will say she was in the wrong but you have to consider we can tend to be lonely me and my Cancer boyfriend barely see each other but at the end of the day i know a smile or a wave will suffice. WE as women can feel neglected, yes she could have talked to him, yes she could have helped their realationship by haveing self impowerment but she did’t there in my opinion is no need to target all taurus females and girls like that. All that was said above is said with respect,and a fight for my opinion

  8. maddy October 12th, 2017

    m cancer 28 india…….nyone interested

  9. Daylight October 8th, 2017

    I know a taurus female who cheated on her cancer male boyfriend. Her reasoning was that he didn’t give her the attention she needed and she felt like she was the only one putting in all the effort in the relationship. Well, what does she expect? The relationship started off rocky to begin with. I don’t think he took her seriously because she had no respect for herself on the first date. Now, I understand that whole feeling neglected idea, but, if you’re gonna cheat, just save your partner the heartache and break up with them first. The sad thing is that she cheated on him with another cancer male. She swears this relationship is the best thing that’s happened to her. Don’t know if it’s going to last but I have to say that I wasn’t surprised and I should have expected that out of her. They say taurus are loyal but it’s all lies. They try and justify their actions whenever they’re in the wrong and are way too stubborn to realize it. But of course they’re always right and we’re always wrong.

    • Daylight October 12th, 2017

      Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m not saying all Taurus women are like this. I just haven’t met one who has proven me wrong.

    • IrishGirl November 22nd, 2017

      I’m a Taurus female…. I am EXTREMELY loyal. I will not even hug another man if he is not in my family. I love my cancer man and only have eyes for him. I would not so much as LOOK at another man that way – I turn away from anything remotely sexual on tv to do with other guys b/c I do not want to disrespect my wonderful man. Even when he is not with me. I give what would want and that is what I expect in return. And I’m honest to a fault – even if it is something someone wouldn’t want to hear – I will try to say it nicely but I will be straightforward. I think age can have something to do with it (I am 34) as I have seen some in their early 20’s (immature) not live up to the standards of what they can and should be. This goes for all signs. If someone is immature and not grown up yet, things may not be fully how they should be. You do always have to take into account each individual. How they were raised, if they believe in God, if they were cheated on multiple times in the past can affect them or if they were sexually abused as well. When it comes to zodiac signs info…. it is “guidance” – as in MOST are this way, but some will vary along with personal experiences to shape who they are as well as their moon sign in addition to that as well. Hope this helps!

      • enoch October 31st, 2018

        GOOD LORD… I mean WOW, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but YOU MAKE ME FEEL PROUD AND DEEPLY RESPECTED for who I am. So on behalf of all cancer men on this page I want to say THANK YOU IRISH GIRL for what you did to honor your cancer man.

        With all the quality’s she possess, Taurus woman will NEVER NEVER come second in cancer man’s life, that means he must go an extra mile and Wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice all of his personal needs for her. That is her tribute for her undying loyalty I guess?

    • Sharon S February 16th, 2018

      That is very unfortunate that you experienced cheating. I am a Taurus woman and I have never cheated nor will I. I consider myself very loyal and honest. If my man were not giving me what I need out of the relationship I would have discussed it with him and if there was no change then I would leave the relationship before ever cheating.

    • enoch October 31st, 2018

      Cheating should not be the answer for the anger and dissatisfaction raised in any relationship. We are modern people, so we have to solve our problem in more civilized manner. But I don’t think you all understand what the word “ATTENTION” means either, it looks quite easy to answer just by looking a dictionary, but it has even deeper meaning in women’s world, it means everything to her. So watch out please.

      It’s very important to understand that All women needs attention above all else, they wanted to be HEARD, APPRECIATED, ADMIRED and DESIRED for what they do and who they are in general. These are the basic needs in Female Psychology, and God given rights.

      These are the ways men are expected to show and give LOVE to her. Without these things a woman does not feel LOVED. Instead she feels NEGLECTED and NO LONGER NEEDED. It’s the purpose she is living with you in the first place.

      Not only Taurus but every woman in this world is prone to cheating as long as these demands are not met. So guys be aware about the ways how to show your lady the attention or love she desperately needs. She won’t tell or ask you about it, you must know it before entering in to any relationships, because these are some of the ways showing her how much she is needed in your life and how much she means to you.

      The worst thing about it is that most guys wrongly interpret it and ended up in disagreement. AS WE ALL KNOW DISAGREEMENT LEADS TO FRUSTRATION, AND FRUSTRATION LEADS TO ANGER AND ANGER LEADS TO REVENGE. So All you have to do is take some time off to be with her and hear what she has to say and give recognition of the effort she has making for both of you to be happy. Is that simple??

      Just like a man needs RESPECT from his lady, a woman needs ATTENTION from her man to be fully happy.

    • Lynda Weathersby November 5th, 2018

      Why do you care???? Where is your LOYALTY FRIEND? Very judgmental friend!!! You GOTTA be jealous!!!!! Pray FOR you friend…. DON’T expose confidential info THAT was shared in trust. ## soundslikefrienemy

  10. Wayne Arless Rhodes September 5th, 2017

    Diana and I are planning to get married this end of the month, we have been going steady for over a year now I’m 63 and she is 21 years old hey I don’t care what you think it is not about sugar daddy or money she won’t let me spend any money on her coming here to live. She is so independent, and stubborn, and yes she is possessive and jealous, won’t let me out of her site. I love her, everything about her is so perfect for me. She keeps me calm and feeling like a real man with mutual respect fo4r each other we never have had a cross word about anything.

  11. Wayne Rhodes July 14th, 2017

    This is so true in every way shape and sound with me being a Cancer man and my much younger girlfriend a Taurus woman, I have never been so in love with any woman in my life as I am with her she is so perfect for me and so loving and in the bed room she gives me all of her everytime we make love rich sweet love. She is the best kisser I have ever kissed, she is so hot in the bed room this lady is on fire and will let me as many times as I want to do it, never says no, sometimes four, five times, off and on all day. She can not be silent making love neither can I with her she is so wonderful and passionate. I’d die if something happened to her. My beloved Diana

  12. Jaymie July 11th, 2017

    This is so accurate its scary.
    I fell in love with a cancer man and am still so so in love with him .
    Unfortunatley he passed away about a year ago . Ive dated an aquarius since then and it was no where near as amazing as dating a cancer.
    He was so perfect in every single way possible and will always have my heart.

    Taurus women , do not date an aquarius .. ive dated a few and they all ended horribly.
    But ive dated one cancer man and im so crazy stupidibly in love with him still to this day.
    Rip my sweet angel

    • Lori September 4th, 2017

      Oh my goodness, I’m SO sorry you lost him. Cancer men are so amazing and cannot be replaced. I think you might be forever in love with him, no matter how many years pass 🙁

    • Renita October 13th, 2017

      i know, the Aquarius i was with cheated on me twice with the same girl who is my best friend hes been with a couple of my friends 3 to be exact, see i was fooled by his smile eyes, humor,personality and looks. The first time he asked me out i had a super huge crush on him (middle-High school)he had just broke up with a girl that both of them didn’t like each other i was scared and said yes then he went to the dance that i didn’t go to m=with my friend and when i asked about it he said they were dating completely mindless of my feelings,coming up the Christmas dance months after that i still liked him and lurked around and hung-out with him whenever i could he was telling me about him wanting to make a legit move with her it hurt so much but i kept that love come well after valentines day they
      broke up and i went to a volley ball game with my best-friend *HIS TWIN* and there he asked me out again middle of the game,what got me us that he knew i liked him his words were “i know you like me ” i said yes blinded once again making my self vulnerable to him. when the weekend came i had people texting me about hims asking me out that when we got back the prior Monday he was back with her (mind you the girl here is also a Taurus born less that a day after me) at thins point i gave him the cold shoulder ignoring him never looked at him, no hugs nothing. Never stopped my feelings though i knew that i was better that that then they broke up again he moved on to a cheerleader so did she to the school “bad-boy” after he and the girl broke up he went to my other friend which broke me and she knew it i was sad the rest of that day the next day i came enlighten because as a strong Taurus woman i let g=no man get to me. Apparently he broke up with her for some girl the broke and it went on

      Luckily when my shoulder finally froze i found someone to defrost it before i was frozen. Whom is a cancer we talked as friend through most of the third nine weeks, come April 14th we started dating mind you this is eight grade ending we go all summer no contact with each other because his phone broke but the Aquarius texted me weird stuff and hearts and pictures of us from 6th and 7th as id trying to get me in one snap he was in a bubble bath TMI but when school started again i was stoked only to find that because i was accepted in AVID we had no classes together though we are super awkward and shy around each other as said we are still strong coming up one one year!

      I know most of that dosen’t really matter but hey.. oh well

  13. Bam June 10th, 2017

    I just started my 1st relationship with a cancer man and so far this is 100% correct. This just confirmed what I knew. I’m excited to share forever with him and I’ve never had that before.

  14. Mimxy June 7th, 2017

    I had my very own cancer man. We were happy, young and in love. Unfortunately the way we started off soon led to the demise of the relationship. I was in a LDR with an Aquarius but I was feeling so insecure (Aquarians can seem so independent and adventurous) and this cancer guy was so smitten and wouldn’t buzz off :-).
    Before I knew what was happening, He had charmed me with his sweet,homely nature. He stayed next door in d teacher’s lodge and he was always ready to help out. He treated me like a princess. He would cook, clean and fix things. He never let me lift a finger. We shared similar interests. He would listen and he was oh so compassionate.He truly cared. All perfecto. So what went wrong?
    The problem I had with him was that he never wanted to grow up. He wanted to party and brag abt stuff with his friends, chat with girls on social media and flirt. Not so bad ba? Maybe, except he started having sex with another teacher that knew about us but always hated me for some reason (me) and he also made a move on my best friend. He claimed he did all these cos i hadn’t officially called it quits with my ex. ( which was something i intended to do in person and not on the phone). So we broke up. He claims he loves me up till now but he recently got himself a baby mama and that….. i can’t deal.

  15. Jessie May 23rd, 2017

    I am blessed with a Cancer man, so far things are just as posted, and our wedding is soon…. I have never been so happy in a relationship as I am now <3

  16. Chantal April 29th, 2017

    Finally I found a cancer man , We love each other very much
    I can’t wait for the big day
    I am a Taurus woman ” Good luck everyone “

    • Michelle May 26th, 2017

      Hi chantal i just wanna ask is your cancer opened up to you about his feelings immediately? Thanks

  17. stephanie April 9th, 2017

    hi am taurus lady, born april 26 1991, 10:00am. stays in nigeria. Seeking for cancer man. …

  18. Tessy March 23rd, 2017

    Wow! So touching. After reading all these comments and articles, I wish to find my very own cancer man. I pray it happens soon enough; I really don’t know why I haven’t come across any. So sad though! Am a Taurus woman.

    • Derwin Richardson March 26th, 2017

      Hi Cancer man single in Atlanta GA seeking a Taurus Queen

      • stephanie April 9th, 2017

        hi derwin, am taurus lady 26 april 1991. Stays in nigeria. How’s atlantan.

  19. happy March 21st, 2017

    Ok so im a Taurus female.. Meet a cancer man online 3 months ago we text daily but he doesn’t want to talk on the phone. He invited me to go away for the weekend in April but shows no signs of wanting to meet me before that weekend???? Is this normal? He seems like a nice guy but I’m starting to think he is just playing a game….

  20. Benigno March 9th, 2017

    Hello, as the articke said i am a cancerian man with a heart aiming for a taurean woman. and i think i’ve got to the point that my locig cant reach the sittuation and my heart is about to burst out.
    Here’s the deal.
    I meet with this taurean lady about 3 months ago, and i fall for that quick wit behind those big round eyes.
    we start off fine just a nice chat about things we do in our line of work, but then i made a mistake, last month i spit it out of my chest and said directly that i liked her, but she just make her “not so interest” face, and from that point she avoid meeting me phisically, she still reply me texts, but whenever we meet she just ignore me and run away asap, there are times when she look at me with that cold eyes telling me to get the hell out! just like she is telling me “i dont need you!”.
    Is there a way to bounce back from this kind of situation or i just need to kill that feelings again just like how cancerian usually do.

  21. Aveek Mridha December 20th, 2016

    I’m a cancer man and I’m in a relationship with a Taurus woman.we love each other so truly and even made love yesterday.but things changed when due to her parent’s force,she wants to discontinue our relationship.she still loves me as I do too.don’t know what to do.

  22. TammimB November 23rd, 2016

    @Ashph Hey I was wondering if you got my private message which should help you with your situation 

  23. Ashph November 22nd, 2016

    Hello. I do not know what I really want to achieve from this comment but I am a Taurus women and my partner is obviously a cancer male. We have been together for almost two years. In the beginning it was magical. I felt like we were connected in so many ways. Conversation, sex and normal activities were just so fun and affectionate with him. I am now feeling a huge disconnect. I feel like we really have nothing to say to each other. The affection has kind of faded. I blame that on him, because once he stopped and I had noticed, I then stopped. Help is what I’m looking for I guess. I don’t know, i feel like we both have lost some of our zodiac characteristics before we met due to previous relationships.

    • sunnyylucknow January 8th, 2017

      Give him another try if he understands worth of this relationship then he will never hurt you again

    • unknown helper January 19th, 2017

      I’m cancer man and I can help you. He’s cancer and cancer’s mood often changes, he may have a hard time now. You just have to hug him (hug is very important for us) and tell that you love him. That will definitely work. You may will see tears rolling down on his cheeks. Another tip: never ever be a passive even if he’ll be. Encourage him at that times and don’t forget hugs (hugs always work) talk to him as much as you can.

  24. TammimB October 21st, 2016

    @Seriously wait if he was born at the end of July doesn’t that make him a Leo. This forum is for Cancer man and Taurus Female, Not Leo man and Taurus Woman 

  25. TammimB June 17th, 2016

    @TammimB scratch that I just realized that I met a Taurus girl in middle school she was Brazilian and she was a major asshole to people. Especially towards me, not that many people liked her. Not even her friends, she was also super annoying and a Justin Bieber fan girl 

    • IrishGirl November 22nd, 2017

      zodiac stuff doesn’t really apply to children. lol. you really have to grow up first and become stable in who you are and have actually experienced life a bit. zodiac stuff will be VERY unstable in people until at LEAST their 20’s b/c as you grow up you don’t really understand exactly who you are or what you want in life yet. Trust me – I know – b/c my zodiac traits only got stronger later in life. I am 34. Traits of honesty and faithfulness developing around age 20…. but who I am really started to solidify right around the age of 26. Now, as an adult female Taurus, I am honest to a fault, I don’t take sh*t from people but I give them the benefit of the doubt as much as I can, I try to be fair about ‘everything’, I analyze the hell out of stuff, I love love love to love lol, I’m giving, loyal, dependable, stable, creative, stubborn, jealous, possesive, fun, smart, and passionate. These traits will ‘likely’ come out in her later…. Until then – kids will be kids – and kids can be stupid. lol

  26. Kisakdaichi April 17th, 2016

    Now I know Shintaro and I are compatible.

  27. TammimB April 16th, 2016

    I’ll have you Taurus woman know that a relationship between a Cancer man and Taurus woman isn’t that bad. Im a Cancer man and I’m not sure if I ever met a Taurus woman but I do know that my mother is a Taurus, and she has always loved having a Cancer son like me. Another reason Cancers and Taurus’s can be together is Will Ferrel and his wife, who have been Married for a long time or Toby Maguire and his wife. 

  28. TaurusGirl_16 January 1st, 2016

    Hi I’m Taurus woman and was dating a Cancer guy. At the beginning we argeed to be friends with benefit and also being best friends. He is the sweetest,funny, helpful, caring, and amazing. He satisfy my needs fully. It just he is so confusing at times when it comes to his feelings. Definitely communication is a key but apparently we can’t even communicate properly because everytime we try to talk about our problems or issues. I know I’m typical stubborn and blunty honest that send him to be in his shells for a long period of time. I just wish I know how to crack under his shells so he actually could talk to me. I forgave and supported him as well as treated him good. He always treated me good, but he just couldn’t be straightforward with me after everything that was happening . I’ve been thru a lot with him but know him for 3 years. He came back into my life and picked up where we left it as. I swear I thought it was over for good. But this time I’m not 100 % sure but I just want to be done with this. That would be hard because I still care for him and love him. Everything we’ve been thru for half a year, he confessed me that he love me and declared that I’m his best friend and lover. It’s like he has an forgotten memory that we aren’t friends and called me pyscho. But the funny thing is that he know I’m difficult, crazy and all that yet he still wants to be with me. I don’t get why Cancer guy just couldn’t talk about where they exactly stand, being honest with their feelings, and all that. Is it possible that he is being real about his feelings toward me? And I mean would Cancer guys meant if they love or like someone else ? Sorry for the long story. I’m trying to understand how I could get him to talk to me instead of ingoring me for days and was angry at me . I just want to teach him a lesson that he shouldn’t play with girls feeling like that .

    • DJ May 8th, 2017

      See that’s your problem. Your just trying to talk to him just to get back at him. And he most likely senses that. Hence the reason he doesn’t respond. He may have affected your may not idk. But either you said yall agreed to be friends with benefits that means no feelings of love involved. You can’t blame him for you falling him. When yall had an agreement from the jump. But I know he’s a good guy that’s why you did. But that’s not his fault.

  29. DaveP October 19th, 2015

    Hi I’m a Cancerian male and a while back I met a Taurus female on line. By the end of two weeks of chatting with her; made me have feelings that I had not felt in a long time. She really touched my mind and sole that she got my trust fast. She said a lot of the key words to attract a Cancer. I did the first move and now I think I really scared her away. I would also say that she gave me a graceful rejection by telling me I was a great guy but that she was broken. How can I get her too charge back in my direction.

  30. Cancer_Male87 June 8th, 2015

    @paulame, dang thats tough. :/  As a Cancer man myself I can say that I’m proud of being a faithful lover to whoever I may be with. I hate cheating and I believe communication is key in a relationship to keep the spark alive for many years. Is this Cancer man that you mentioned… He seems like a bad boy or a player to me… Sorry to be judging someone I don’t know but that’s what it seems like to me. How are things going for you know? If I may ask

  31. Cancer_Male87 June 8th, 2015

    @megavickky, hi megavickky, how old are you know? If you don’t mind me asking you. Just be with who you really like. But be careful with who you chose. If you’re only wanting to be with a guy because of how much he turns you on then that can be a big time problem in the long run… First love yourself and respect yourself. Learn to do this because otherwise bad boys might take advantage of you and you won’t even realize it until it’s too late once you’re heart can’t take any more abuse. I’m not saying I think this Virgo guy you like or liked is/was a bad guy but usually when a girl just focuses on the passion and sensuality in relationships that isn’t very healthy at all. Peace

  32. Cancer_Male87 June 8th, 2015

    @Taurusgirl7, how are you going to be judging a whole group/sign as being the negative way you claim all Cancer men are based on only one or two bad relationships you’ve been in? I’ve had my run-ins of meeting negative and ass-hole arrogant Taurus women and just because of that i don’t go around claiming that all Taurus women are like that. Please grow up and open your eyes. Maybe the problem is you not knowing how to detect mature men from immature men. There are negative people in all the zodiac signs. I’m a Cancer male and only thing that’s a flaw in me is my moodiness. But I’m not moody all the time nor do I get moody out of the blue. It usually takes something that offends us that makes us crabby but the more mature a person the better they deal with their flaws. We Cancer men can also be some of the most passionate and caring lovers in the zodiac. If we stop being like that then it’s most likely because we feel and notice our partners aren’t giving us the affection they once were. We don’t just give our best to anybody, we give it to those that we believe truly deserve it. 

  33. Cancer_Male87 June 8th, 2015

    @freckletone, hi miss, I have a question.. Have you and this Cancer man ever spend time together face to face? Have you guys ever gone to visit one another? It sounds like you two only communicate online? Or am I wrong? I’m a Cancer man myself btw.

  34. Cancer_Male87 June 8th, 2015

    @Carribean-Venus, well it has a lot to do with how mature the Cancer man is. Anybody who is not s mature but rather immature individual will be a waste of time if you are the much more mature one in the relationship. There will be heart aches, there will be arguements, etc. no matter what sign you are. Every sign has its immature individuals. Another important thing is communication within any relationship. Without great communication the relationship will not work out. Trust me. 

  35. Bassant May 9th, 2015

    @tatbantank Hi,I’m taurus girl
    but I don’t know even u will see this or no,because that was from 2011 :D..anyway…my advice for u is to tell her that you love her
    and in a romantic way,and mention to her all the reasons that u have written,I think if I were her,I would think about that and think about who is the best for me,and telling her the truth is also good for u,because maybe she loves u too but u don’t know and If she not it also will be good for u as u will try to move on and love someone else,but I’m sure she is going to regret that,because there was also a cancerian boy loved me once and I didn’t care for his love and now I regret that I lost him and how he treated me in a good way
    anway the decision is yours,I’ve given u my advice

  36. freckletone June 14th, 2014

    I am a Taurus woman, and me and my Cancer man have just broken up. We’d known each other for two years online, always had a spark between and became very good friends. Due to some circumstances, I decided to stop talking to him and that was that. A month later he gets back in contact. Issues were still there so I stopped us talking agian. Another month later he is back in contact with me and we become such good friends. Best friends. My feelings go from crushing for falling in love with him. This went on for about four months but then issues arised again and once again I decided we need to stop talking for good. 5 months went by and boy did I miss him but I was doing ok. He got in contact again but it was very brief as I knew I couldn’t be friends with him so I didn’t give him much response. Another month goes by and he contacts me again ask to talk about what had happened between us and our friendship starts up again. Finally, he tells me how much he had missed me and that he realised how much loved me. Out of the blue and completely unexpected I had my cancer man. However, he was due to move away three months later to the the other side of the world for work for a year. But he was adamanant with his love for me, that he wanted to marry me and that he would come back for me. Well, 6 motnhs into our relationship and three months into him being in this other country he has decided he wants to stay out there for good (he has a lot of home issues that he doesn’t want to return to) thus ending our relationship and we now have no contact. I am devestated but at the same time, I do have a inkling that this won’t be the last I hear from him. For some reason, he can’t stay away and I can’t keep him away. We are definitely soul mates but unfortunately, circumstances just seem to get in the way for us. I am not going to wait around for him, but I know this probably isn’t the end of our story. Personally, despite his flaws and my own, the taurus-cancer relationship is definitely the best one I’ve been in, despite how angry I am at him right now 😉

  37. swiftlyslow August 14th, 2013

    I am a taurus Female been together with my cancer for 11 years have two kids together. I have quite a few insights-communication is a key part to building a healthy relationship-but is also needed for maintenance of it-we taurus ladies are quite good at maintaining things. The first step is making sure you both want and expect the same things-being on the same page is very important. Speak up-in a healthy relationship-if something is bothering its best to talk about it instead of holding it in. These cancer men hold in out of strength-can be a little damaging to the health of the relationship. respect your partner-there wishes and desires have value-let your partner know you are making an effort to keep their ideas in mind. Mutual respect is essential. Compromise-disagreements are a natural part of healthy relationships.but its important to find a way to compromise if you disagree on something-try to solve conflicts in a fair and rational way. Us taurus ladies can be very uncompromising-can be damaging to the health of the relationship. Using flattery can usually get us to compromise or do something we don’t want to do or feel we can’t.  Be supportive-offer reassurance and encouragement to your partner-also let them know when you need their support-healthy relationships are about building each other up-not putting each other down. Respect each others privacy-just because your in a relationship does’nt mean you have to share everything and constantly be together. healthy relationships require space. Set healthy boundaries-by setting them together-you can both have a deeper understanding of the type of relationship you and your partner want-boundaries are not meant to make you feel trapped or that your walking on eggshells-creating boundaries is not a sign of secrecy or distrust-its an expression of what makes you feel comfortable and what you would like or not like to happen in the relationship. respect each others individual likes and needs. Even healthy relationships need a boost every now and then-you many need a boost-go enjoy a simple fun activity together. talk about the reasons why you want to be in the relationship.

  38. Taurusgirl7 July 16th, 2013

    Well I’m a taurus woman and have been with Cancerian man for over two years. It started so well I felt so lucky to find him and then after 6 months everything slowly started going down the hill. I would just like to tell you the real truth about Cancerian men as we now live together. They are moody, lazy, selfish, you always going to be doing all the housework at home, book holidays and generally look after everything, which now drives me crazy, he won’t help you in anything. Romantic?it only lasted 6 months, he isn’t very romantic at all now, tight with money, moody, no presents, no suprises, nothing. Already feel like taken for granted.
    He likes to feel sorry for himself though..When he sulks for whatever reason there is nothing you can do or make him feel better. He can be quiet for days. 2 years not even a sign of engagement ring, he was engaged twice before and now I think perhaps he is a commitment fob. I always wanted to be with Cancer because of this so called great compatability but it’s totally not true.

  39. green_jelly_bean68 February 25th, 2013

    @Cancer-In-Me  Hi, I just wanted to say that I agree totally with you that Cancer men ARE NOT WEAK emotionally, OR any other way. I have been with a Cancer man for the last thirteen years. Knew him and loved him 17 years before that. He has saved my sanity MANY times with his reasurrance. And yes, I am a Taurus female. And our words do draw blood. But I watch what I say and how I treat my Cancer. I love him more than life itself. I have a best friend I would fight for who is also a Cancer. Cancer people are the shit!!! And I mean that most affectionately, and with much respect 🙂

  40. Jamiexojenn February 4th, 2013

    My question has to do with my relationship. I have lovedthis girl my whole life and had just become single, when I startedtalking to her again. She was in a relationship that was ending and I had to move to the u.k. In the days before I left I hung out with another girl and then left. Once I was there and she had been single for a good month I decided to come back. My feelings grew stronger for her and I needEd to give it a shot! It’s been a month now and tonigt we got into an argument. all over the other girl,who I told to beat it a while ago. She said I hurt her, but wen I tried to apologize she said it wasnt good enough, because I kept saying im sorry you were hurt and then but blah blah … Bcuz I said but, she thinks I don’t mean the apology.
    She walked out tonight. Came back n is sleeping on the couch ! Wat do I say?

  41. 225cancerman January 9th, 2013

    Im a cancer man and I have a Taurus girl, I met her 4 years ago and tha first time I laid eyes on her I knew she had to be mine. Note: at tha time I met her she had a bf, but as always I swept her off her feet and she started creepin with me. Later we confessed our feelings but she ended up leaving to another state with her bf..we lost contact for a min then we connected again when she came back to visit her fam.Once again we lost contact then I found out she got preg and had a baby….later down the line she moved back to the state I was in and we reconnected once more this time harder than ever. Now I moved to another state and left her but now thT im here everything iz starting to fail, we argue daily about tha stupidiest things. She acts soo damn stubborn and I hate the fact that she won’t express herself to me….i came to the conclusion that I should go cold turkey on her for a while but idk if that will help it hurt…i need some opinions and feedback on what I should do, from someone who iz a cancer male or female Taurus.

  42. Cancer-In-Me January 7th, 2013

    @lucas king,
    if you think Cancer men are emotionally weak, that show just how little you really know about them Professor Dickweed.  Cancer men are one of the only signs that have the capacity to take the world on their shoulders and trod forward and lead people through tough times. Yes they have baggage, but it’s usually everyone else’s “secrets” or “problems” (or just y’all’s shit!). As far as “uncomfortable situations”; we don’t avoid them or seek them out, when when (not if) they come we thrive on them plain and simple. Oh and suck my B@LL$. J/k, you had a few good insights though, ill give you that. But you had so many errors I could write a thesis, but I won’t. I have work. However of ANYONE wants the truth or perspective on the Cancer male psyche, ask me. I will give you the uncensored, genuine truth. 

  43. megavickky November 7th, 2012

    Hi, I’m a taurus and the guy that I totally like is cancer. we have been having a long distance relationship for about 4 years now we met in a camp when I was 14 years old, back then I totally was in-love with him. But the thing is I only get to see him like 5 times a year and to me that really isn’t a relationship.We have alot of chemistry but their is one thing I dont have with him is he doesn’t turn me on if you know what I mean. It’s not that he isn’t hot or anything but i have to make the first move!! even in our first kiss! And the first kiss was a year after we had been dating lol…. And when the visiting is done and he goes back home I get really sad for like a month. I’m always thinking of him though but I’m thinking of breaking up with him cause I’m starting to like a virgo guy and he totally turns me on! what should I do?

  44. paulame October 29th, 2012

    Ok Ive know this guy sense freshmen year in high school, 1995 or something like that we where friends around one another other a lot. He had a crush on me back them and he still do, he added me on facebook about 2 years ago I accepted but I was in a relationship where my BF was so jelouse that I deleted him. I’m almost a year single now so I added him and he accepted we chatted then he gave me his number we talked and text he wanted to see me and I said cool because we have always been freinds. His relationship status on facebook says in a relationship and he asked me if i was single i said no and he told me he wasnt. I told him im a good girl and there was nothing to worrie about( i really dislike cheating). He came over to my house in the daytime the sun was still out my 16year old nephew was home but as soon as he came in he was all over me. I told him no and to stop because he had a girlfriend but he didnt stop. He said he has wanted me since high school and he didnt come over to have sex but i think he did. I felt bad, but i couldnt stop him and the only way i could have was to get violent. this was all in the same day 10/24/2012. I had never done anything like that before so ive been messed up since that day my emotion and feelings are confused becasue now i wish he was single so we can be together, his touches and kisses where so intoxicating. I read up on Cancer men and Taurus women and wow. I dont know if i have ever been with a cancer man before. I dont now what to do. I didnt post everything I feel so theres a little more but thats the synopses.

  45. deadseen April 1st, 2012

    i am a cancer man.i have to say something about the cancer men! we go all quiet after an arguement is because we don’t want to ruin the relationship further, and letting ourself to have some time to cool down and think through…and amazing thing is i had fell in love with 3 taureans! the past 4 years! 2of them shares the same birthday too! and taht was so amazing! however i think i fall for the one that dosent share the same bday as anyone of them most deeply… it all started in high school, when i first added her on facebook to msn, to having her contact number; she was in the same school as me though..then once again something great happen! my ex classmate from the same school was in teh same class as her! and i went to her previous class during year 3 of my high school! and she too went to my class in the year 3. we were never in teh same class.. however, teh friend of mine was just living a few blocks away from her house !then we started to get along with her, playing basketball with her after school. firstly there was only a few guys including me playing with her, but suddenly it turns out to be around 10 or more guys joining in, who were also me ex classmates. majority of them were fond of her. we were liek having a competition with each other.. and i am one of the closest guys she had.
    but its really sad to say that after i went to a camp in tioman island, she went out with soem of the guys; my ex classmates. and i believe they told her something about me that kinda change her way of looking at me. we actually text everyday like mad that my phone bill is exploding! but after a few days after the camp, she told me taht we shouldn’t be texting that much anymore, which is kidna liek a ”friendzone” sign..and i remebr once when i asked her soemthing liek am i her cup of tea, but she replied something like neh, you are not my cup of tea or bla bla??? and then she was like texting alot of guys too from other classes
    and one of them stead with her without me knowing until one of my best friend that know her well told me, after when i and her didn’t talk that much, whichi is after she said not to text that much.and one thing that is great is i know her best friend. and i am her best friend’s best friend! her best friend was a girl as well, she was in teh same class as me for 2 years, she is a cancerian too! thats is jus fabulous! she kidna helped me alot with her.. and the taurean girl taht i like started dating another guy after sometime… i was feeling of giving her up cause i think the guy is way bette then me.. however she broke with him and kinda liek started to hang out with me after a few months along with the cancerian best friend.we always went home together and had lunch etc.. and she shares alot with me and we were liek close again! we went to study like almost everyday just few months before my big exams.and that was the time when my cancerian best friend just broke up with one of the guys friend that liek the taurean girl..which he is also my best friend. and i will skip some of the things now, and i found out that during teh vacation when we all went to take up part tiem jobs, the taurean girl know a guy which is 7 years older then her, and started dating him. it was so heartbreaking after i know it, the worse thing is i saw her folding his hands once, after she passed me something after my work. i literally threw my wallet on the floor after they walked away.i dont understand why she date this basterd that actually had a girlfriend back in indonesia! and she know that he have one gf! i texted to somehow convinced her to break up with her but she is too stubborn to think about the consequences, as i know he will break up with her very soon cause he is jus a freaking player! if he can do this to his gf in indonesia, he can also do this to her! and yes indeed after a few months or so? they broke up.. iwas like yea i knew it..but i and her already in a stage where we were kinda like strangers.. but however one day wehn i saw her tweets, which can tell she is really upset about something.. i text her right away and ask what had happened, however she deny that she is upset with a smiley.. but i know she isnt so i told eh that i know u arent! and she kinda began to get annoyed…i know i am annoying for the constant texting to her about her being upset..though there is only 3 texts or so? and after the last msg i sent at around midnight, she didnt even reply me the next day… and now i just hope we will be like back then and maybe in a relationship? cause i think i really like her that much…i actually plan a surprise present for ehr on her bday but had not been preparing it cause i dont know why i had been telling myself she isnt worth it, maybe its because of what my friends told me? and i yesterday just inda liek confessed to a taurean girl, the girl that is having the same bday as the other… but i dont really feel that liking towards her. and i confessed because my friend constant saying that the other girl isnt worth it for me… and encourage me to confess to this girl which seems to like me??however i am friendzoned ytd.. this girl msotly put a heartshape after a msg if not smileys and it isnt any april fool trick or whatever.. i hope someone can tell me  what to do

  46. Carribean-Venus December 6th, 2011


    Thank you so much for your insight. I know that I didn’t ‘paint’ my Cancer in the most flattering light. He can also be very loving, faithful, attentive, extremely empathetic and thoughtful. This is why I fell in love with him. With Taurus women, we’re very guarded in terms of who we give our hearts to. I couldn’t have allowed myself to fall in love with him, unless I felt that I could trust him with my heart.

    As for [us] Taurus women, yes we can go from being warm-hearted, nurturing, very affectionate and loving, to being stubborn, obsolete, unyielding and quite vicious with our tongues! Like you, my Cancer man would hide out for weeks when this happened. We suffer from a ‘diarrhea of the mouth.’ We blurt things out without thinking. But unfortunately it’s usually due to pent up anger. We’re not very good communicators. We don’t address things when they NEED to be addressed at the time…instead, we hold back…and then release a VENOM! I’m still working on trying to improve this this.:) Why do we do this? (especially with Cancers), well Cancers have mood swings, sometimes changeable personalities,unpredictability, some flightiness, and to a consistent, compulsive planner, predictable sign like Taurus, this can cause a certain level of resentment. I’m working real hard to embrace ‘change.’ We don’t deal with sudden changes very well!

    As for my Cancer, I don’t think that I have the patience level to invest in him emotionally…and I certainly don’t want to lead him on, or ruin him for someone else.

    What do I want? I love him, but I know in my heart that I can’t be with him at this point in my life. Career-wise, I tend to be more self-focused. Making him top priority, while compensating for the way I deserted him in the past will prove to be too much! I don’t want to take on something that I can’t execute or deliver ( typical Taurus trait)…just to let him down in the process. I don’t want him to resent me or any other woman for that matter. I care about him too much for that. I hope he finds someone special.

    Thanks again,
    I just needed some clarity.

  47. themicroflyer December 5th, 2011

    This all sounds so familiar, both from you as a Taurus women and the typical cancerian trait. The thing with cancerian men is they can be emotionally weak and feel sorry for themselves. They will never approach a situation head on and will instead skirt around it or avoid it they can, remember we are crabs.
    Playing games is typical of cancerians as they try and avoid situations that make them feel uncomfortable.
    I understand where you are coming from in relation to your trait as a taurian. Being calculated, logical and methodical is exactly how my ex is, which prompted me to come onto this site in the first place.
    In my honest opinion I think you are right in saying you probably wont love anyone the way you love him, as cancerians reach a deeper level in relationships, but knowing how Taurian women are and the way cancerians can be, I would walk away unless he can be open, honest, less dramatic and insecure and most importantly learn how to communicate. A lot I know, but we all have weaknesses and they should never be used to hurt each other.
    In relation to the Taurian bull, would you say that taurian women can be vicious with their words as I had been in a relationship with one for a year and a half and hell had no fury when she was ready. I would always run for the hills and come back a week later. This went on for a while and the last straw was nearly five weeks ago. We have spoken and seen each other a few times, but we havent spoken in five days and letting go is hard as we are both waiting for someone to make the first move.
    I hope all works out with you, but I think you already know the answer….Good luck

  48. themicroflyer December 5th, 2011

    This all sounds so familiar, both from you as a Taurus women and a typical cancerian trait. The thing with cancerian men is they can be emotionally weak and feel sorry for themselves. They will never approach a situation head on and will instead skirt around it or avoid it they can. W

  49. Carribean-Venus December 5th, 2011


    How do I prodd my Cancer man gently when I don’t understand how to move with him?

    I am a Taurus woman. I’m usually 100% certain about what I want. But with this Cancer man, I’m not quite sure. We met 5 years ago. He fell in love with me, hard! The feeling was mutual on my part as well. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Taurus sign, but we prefer to take things real slow. We only allow just a few people in our inner circle (granted we’re given enough time to get to know you to let you in). He wanted to spend every spare time he had with me (despite the fact that he worked 6 days a week). I had other obligations such as working and volunteering, and I just needed some space. He kept asking me if I was seeing someone else, and that I was just simply looking for excuses not to see him. He also accused me of leading him on and taking advantage of him. He stated that he was doing everything for me, and I reciprocated nothing. Which was quite the contrary, I would never cheat on anyone! And as far as generosity goes, I would give a stranger the shirt off my back. I felt that he was too much emotional work. He had way too much emotional baggage from previous relationships, too. Serious trust issues. So I cut him off without an explanation. It was too much for me at the time! I’m usually direct and honest, but in this case, I felt overwhlemed, and he was emotionally draining me.

    Five years later (this present time) we got in contact and spoke. He seemed bothered by the way I ended things. I think he needed closure. So I was completely honest as to why I ended it. I didn’t hold back. He wanted total honesty, so I gave it to him. He also wanted to know what I thought about marriage and children, he wanted to see me, and thought that I would be a nice girl for him. He caught me off guard. I was suprised. I told him that I wasn’t sure. We lived in two seperate states. I didn’t think that went over very well. He didn’t get back in contact w/me. So I contacted him a few months later on FB and requested him as a friend. Nothing! I sent him an apology via message/email. Then …Poof! he accepts my friends request.

    My feelings for him are very strong. But I don’t know if I can deal with his insecurity and hypersensitivity. With Tauruses (esp, with most Earth signs) we’re constantly balancing emotions and logic. My heart tells me that I don’t think I could love anyone the way that I love him (yes, even after 5 years). But my mind tells me that in ‘reality’ this is a relationship that may be doomed to failure. As a Taurus, for me, finances come first, taking care of my nuclear family comes second, and relationships come in third. Something tells me that he’s going to want to come in 1st all the time! This concerns me.
    My question to you is, how should I move/deal with this?

  50. themicroflyer November 18th, 2011

    Thankyou so much..surprisingly it has made me feel that bit better, despite actually feeling that this could be the straw that broke the camels back. Maybe we need time apart to see if we really meant anything to each other. I just wish she would make the effort for once as constantly coming from me, makes me feel weak and pathetic.
    Sofar as your cancerian man, just keep prodding him gently. We are hard on the outside, but snesitive and caring on the inside. Good luck…

  51. Feather November 18th, 2011

    @themicroflyer . . Thank you for your reply on my post about my cancerian guy, i appreciate that 🙂 we have made progress recently & have spent our first night together with him staying, which was nice to spend that quality time, a little anxious as to whether it will go any further from here now, though i did recieve a txt message within 3hours of him leaving to check if his snoring may have kept me awake, cute 🙂 so am hoping this is a positive sign 🙂
    In relation to your taurus girl, being one myself i can only offer some advice as to why she may be reacting that way with you based on why i would do that myself. Maybe she is feeling vulnerable, as strong & tough as a taurus girl can come across, we are very sensitive & soft hearted under it all, though we dont always know how to express any hurt we may be feeling from another, no matter how minor it may be, so we tend to become aloof, distant & sometimes a little snappy. I personally have been guilty of this myself, & dont mean to be. Even if you ask her if there is something you may have done to upset her, being a taurus she will most likely dig her heels in & be stubborn insisting nothing is wrong, but try not to give up, just gently & genuinely push her a little more & be as sincere as possible, that you truely care for her & how she feels & that it hurts you to know that you may have offended her in anyway & that unless you know if you have done this, you arent able to “correct & fix it”. As simple as it sounds, taurus women can be very stubborn & sensitive all at once & in their hearts just truely want to be reassured that your love is genuine & stable, out of fear that they may have their hearts broken too. I hope this helps a little, & i wish you both the best & hope you are able to work things out, it sounds like you have an amazing connection 🙂

  52. themicroflyer November 17th, 2011

    I met my Taurian fire snake almost 16 months ago. We work for the same company and would always say Hi and exchange pleasantries and nothing untoward.
    Over the course of a year and a half working for the same company, my long term relationship fell apart and with ex and I.
    I casually asked my taurian friend if she wanted to come out one weekend and smell perfume, but this was an innocent gesture. We went out and had a great time and started doing things together over the course of two months. I was not looking to get into a relationship as my last one lasted for five years and was pretty cut up why it ended. Anyway, I then realised my Taurian friend really liked me and would tell me that she had for a while.
    We quickly got involved and the relationship became intense and we fell in love with each other almost immediately.
    She is totally affectionate, loving, caring and the most amazing cook. But something happened very early on in the aspect of, that she can be extremely vicious with her words and always wants things her way and when she doesn’t, woe betide me.
    I am a sensitive cancerian, probably too sensitive, but thats how I am and wear my heart on my sleeve, whereas she can be quite cold and harsh and carry on as usual.
    We have split up so many times and I am always the one trying to make it better. We always get back together after her locking off gets tiring, but our last and current break-up seems to be the one.
    I love very much, but have spent the last two weeks trying to work her out and understand why she is so vicious towards me. I don’t have the strength anymore to make the effort, but just wish maybe once she would say sorry and make the effort. Taurian women should I just leave it?

  53. themicroflyer November 17th, 2011

    Cancerian men find it hard to say how they are feeling, which in the end can either drive women away or mad. He likes you, but rather being straight with you, would rather play games (Its a trait unfortunately) but mellows out with age.
    I’m sure if you start not being so co-operative, he will realise and shower you with gifts.

  54. venus_babe November 3rd, 2011

    I am a Taurus woman who has a Cancer dude who has been chasing me for more than a year now. Yes, they are emotional. Perhaps, too much for me. I like a solid, reliable, ambitious man. A man’s man. This dude is unreliable (never does what he says he will), always late, is manipulative, way too clingy (to the point that he stalks me by driving by my house at night), dated women and slept with them in an attempt to try and see if I would get jealous (lol, in his wildest dreams). He does have many good sides to him but unfortunately they negatives outweigh the positives. I need to be with a man who I can respect. He has very few attributes that I look for. Though he says I am perfect for him. He calls me whenever he needs business advice, even gets me to look over his books for him. Not a bad dude in that he would not be unfaithful if one dated him, but I simply cannot bring myself to overlook his clingyness and need for constant validation. I almost feel like he needs a ‘mother’. For me to mother him. Which I have no inclination to do, simply because I do not see him as a ‘suitor’. For those happy in Taurus – Cancer combos, good on you. Bless you all xx

  55. Feather October 23rd, 2011

    Im a taurus girl who met a cancer guy nearly 18mths ago, we hit it off from the word go & had an intense but short dating period, we had both come out of long term relationships 6mths previously that were very similar in hurt/wrong doings by our ex’s. He wasnt ready for a relationship at the time, so it was just “casual”, but it ended shortly after, but we’ve stayed friends since, even though we didnt physically see each other, we kept in regular contact on facebook. 7wks ago we started to see each other socially, the first few wks it was once a week, then it got to once every 3wks, each time ive noticed he’s been quite nervous around me, a side of him i hadnt seen previously when it was casual & has been very considerate while out going for a drive a few times, such as am i hungry, is the a/c too cold, asking how my day is etc, which i thought was really sweet of him. As nothing physical has happend since last year, He got quite flirty in a txt msg saying he’d like to kiss me, so when i saw him next & the kiss didnt happen, i sent him a light hearted cheeky txt after he left about the kiss, he joked back saying that he wanted to but felt a bit shy & that i could always make the first move, so i said that id keep that in mind when i saw him next. That was 3wks ago, i seen him the other day, but i didnt try to kiss him as he seemed distant. Though each time i see him, he wants to know everything about my life, my living arrrangements, what ive been upto that day, notices my nails if ive had them done etc. Im at a loss as to whats happening here? i dont know whether his feelings are getting stronger & thats why he’s slowed things down to think about it or whether he’s not all that interested anymore? If anyone could offer some advice or insight into this id appreciate it, thank you 🙂

  56. cakssienm October 16th, 2011

    PLSU I KNOW THIS CANCER GIRL CALLED ABENS WHO IS GHANIAN I NVER MEET SOMEONE WHO LOVES TO TALK BEHIND OTHER PEOPLES BACK, AND THEN ACT LIKE SHE LOVES THEM, WHEN SHE MEETS THEM THE NEXT DAY. CANCERS OFTEN like to make yourlife and theirs complicated, because they are emotionally unstable, and have no real concept of reality of love. everything wiht them is MIND GAMES. THEY EXPECT YOU TO GUESS HOW THEY ARE FEELING , instead of stating what they are feeling toward you, like CHERYL COLE who is a CANCER, they are good at MASS EMTIONAL MANIPULATION. NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH THEM. THEY ARE BIG TIME TROUBLE MAKERS.

  57. cakssienm October 16th, 2011

    i seem to have bad experiences with cancer, everything is very much on thier time schedule. one cancer name samual, stood me up by an hour, and only told me he would be late, when i was waiting 30 mins for him. Said somthing about his mother. CANCER BOYS ARE MUMMIES BOYS. THE second one told me vis text to get a vibrator, since i texted him, at 1030pm staing i was bored, and and my so aclled friend who is a miserbale bitch and has a bastard child out of wedlock, told me i deserved that commit. and then oddly that same guy rang me at 11am woundering what i was doing, his a fucking bastard, and I hope he marries a muslim fucking moroccan bitch and she atkes all his money and will to live when she divorces him. He is the most, selfsih, egostical person i have ever meet. he needs a brain transplant and should slep with his mother because he is so connected to her. so ladies if you ever come acroos a msulim MOROCCAN GUYS who is BSM Driving instructor who lives in PADDINGTON , AND HIS NAME IS YSEN, YSEN. RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

  58. cakssienm October 16th, 2011

    i have to say,cancer men are BIG BABIES. i did an acting lesson with one, and everything he does is for him to get female attention, his moroccan and MUSLIM, and seems to think this make him special. CANCERSlove to PLAY MIND GAMES. one time i was speaking to him ( I called him-stupid thing to do), and he said Taurus women are controlling , because his MUM is Taurus. I often get the point, that he wants me physically, but is not sure emotionally about me. I know this for a factin one of our acting lessons, he was stanind b ehind me and he had a HARD ON!, i was shocked by this and he quickly dashed to the toilt, I guess to releave himself, and I tried to stay away from him, but he kept sitting nexdt to me. His about 30yrs old now, and I think being the person Iam, im passionate, loving and caring and some what quite at times. I and he knows we could be goodor even great for each other sexually/emotionally. I just believe he would be a waste of good time and my love, because he can not emotionally connect with me , without it being sexual on his part. There are several times, he’ll catche me on my own and start saying , “we have a connection “, like his expectig me to get on my knees and bow down to his every command. I know being tauurs that I deserve ever lasting love , that is true and genuine. I know that he can not give that to me. so Ysen if your reading this connect to yourself emotionally, and maturally and you might experience true life in your life time. lol

  59. Author
    Ask Oracle August 5th, 2011

    @VenusGoddess You are right about Hormones but then why just one particular person??

    Its not even Love, because ‘thinkingness’ and ‘fantasy’ is not what we call Love.

    A simple way out of this situation is, take up a daily body exercise routine. Focus on your health and fitness. Whenever thoughts/feelings come up for this person, know that they are false perception of reality. You can even Laugh and make fun of it, as the entire situation is actually comical and there nothing so serious about it. All the best 🙂

    • Tashasamona January 12th, 2018

      Thank you for your reply to VenusGoddess. I feel like I’m in a very similar situation as a Taurus female fantasizing about a Cancer guy. I been doing this so much til I find it hard to move on and truly be interested in somebody else b/c part of my heart is still with this Cancer guy. 😩

  60. VenusGoddess August 5th, 2011

    I am i Taurus girl…not exactly a woman yet lol and well im having this trouble forgetting an old cancer crush…this article is spot on about us but… it was like 3 years ago i liked this guy then suddenly i look him up on facebook and i see his picture and now I CANT GET HIM OUTTA MY HEAD!!! i mean i even moved from tht town!!! >:( i tlked to my friend about it and she said tht i might be in love…so i said I CANT BE IN LOVE DAMMIT! IT WAS 3 YEARS AGO!!! i thought i had lost all feelings for him but some how…somethin happened… i no he used to like me but.. im not sure if he feels tha same way and even if he does.. i dnt even live anywhere near him :’( (any adivce on how to deal with this..or any answers about what tha FUCK is goin on!) (oh and i’m only a teenager so maybe its just hormones?.. hopefully )

    @ seriously oh and we have tha same day!!! :D…just wanted to say tht 🙂

    • Tashasamona January 12th, 2018

      Omg.. Aside from a few differences this is so me. I met a guy 21 yrs ago. We were both only 23. Anyway we used to spend HOURS on the phone, sometimes we were up til 4am. I had a really demanding job at the time & we weren’t able to see each other much. Only wound up goin a couple dates before we lost contact. (Completely my fault btw) Anyway I contacted him 9 yrs later b/c I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was very happy to hear from me. He even told me that he belieed his life wouldve been different if we had stayed in touch,but unfortunately he had a son he was rasining on his own & a new gf. I was still immature at the time & decided not to stick around b/c even tho he said all the right things, the fact was, he had a gf. I moved on & happened to get a new # while I was at it. NOW, it’s been another 11 yrs. (21 yrs since we first met) & I still can’t get this Cancer guy out of my head. I heard he’s married now but swear part of me feels like I missed out on my soul mate. I fantasize about this guy a lot & he has no clue. Lmbooo

  61. lovestrucktaurus August 1st, 2011

    I am madly in love with an incredible Cancer. I of course am a Taurus and am defined by all qualities Taurean! We both are married. He is somewhate older and very attractive having appearance qualities that I have never been attracted too in my past. I am married to a very special man that unfortunately cannot stay faithful to me. We have two wonderful kids whom I raise pretty much alone due to my husband’s job nature and travel time. My cancer love interest happens to be my mentor and I was caught by surprise that such passion for him began. Perhaps its a coping mechanism following the development of apathy in my relationship with my husband and his sex/porn addiction/infidelities, I dunno… but I welcome the apathy for it has replaced pain and emotional lability that used to leave me in deep depression. These now 6 month old feelings for my Cancer man used to be a wonderful retreat for me emotionally. I looked forward to such feelings even, however now, I am distanced from my Cancer love due to work and our relationship cannot grow unless someone comes forth with obvious effort. With my Cancer love interest, I feel safe, secure, and we amazingly have so many things in common that makes this connection even more strong which is hard to get over. He is an amazing man, very accomplished, kind, gentle, and adores his family. The attraction is definitely mutual however I’m doubtful he would consider being unloyal to his wife and family. I can’t shake these feelings. We spent lots of time together in a medical work environment requiring some close contact at times and much alone one on one time. None of which makes these feelings leave any faster. I’ve actually prayed for the feelings to simply go away, but they keep lingering and its become an obsession. I know that I love him in the purest of ways… a love that makes me know that I should let this go because I genuinely adore him and do not want to cause him any pain and to be in a relationship with me with simply do that – cause pain to him family, therefore causing pain to him. We have not directly discussed our feelings, however I have invited him on a few occasions to publicly/casually spend time with me but no progress other than some spoken interest on his part. I truly want to discuss our feelings however I believe it could end our friendship which I also want to be longterm. I admire him a great deal. I have never experienced anything like this and it honestly took me by surprise and now I’m stuck with feelings that I can’t shake and honestly want to grow. I want to be with this Cancer man. We would be very happy together and passion would be endless.


  62. Author
    Ask Oracle July 10th, 2011

    @hightower (Peter)

    Your romantic relationship with this woman has not yet begun and the confusion has already set in. 😛

    Love is a game of patience. You must give her some time, may be 6 months or more, to get over her past relationships and to look at things and you in a different way.

    Meanwhile you can learn more about Love and Relationships. You can also take up a daily body exercise routine, this will not only make you healthy but also raise your confidence levels. All the best 🙂

  63. Hightower July 9th, 2011

    I’m a Cancer male, I have a friend that is a Taurus female (Didn’t know this until 2 months ago).. I’ve known of her for about 7 years. She worked at a sandwich shop years back, we talked while I was waiting, I was interested in her but being a Crab I hid in my shell and never said a thing to her, plus I figured she had a boyfriend because she was beautiful.

    Fast forward to now, we work in the same building and get along great. Some people think that we had something going on just because of the way we are around each other. Several of my co-workers have said that she only talks to me in a different way then she does to them. The times we have been out with groups from work, people thought we were a couple, I always playfully replied “She wishes we were together”.

    About a month ago she broke up with her boyfriend of one year. He constantly wanted her with him every day she had off. She wanted him to go out with her and her friends since he was unemployed and had nothing else to do. I believe he always said no, I think it was because he is 6-7 years older then she is. She had told him a couple of times that we would meet to talk or go out with common friends for drinks and he would get PISSED! At just the mention of my name… NOTE: I had only met him once about a couple months into their relationship; he had a “know it all” personality which didn’t go smooth with me. I never said a thing to her because she was happy.

    Now that she is single, I’ve started to become more interested in her. She has also been asking me about guys I know at work if they are single. I’ve built up the courage to ask her out, but don’t know if I’ve been put in the “Friend Zone” or when I should do it because of her recent break up. I stuck between cutting board and a shell cracker… I want to see things progress because we get along so well.

    Does anyone have any Suggestions?

  64. MRS.CORBIN June 23rd, 2011


  65. POO BABII!!!! April 6th, 2011


  66. teeshajackson50 April 1st, 2011

    I was recently intoduced to this cancer guy whom they say is really sweet. We havent spoken since we were introduced but i always catch him staring at me from the opposite end of our table in our schools cafeteria, and i think he has figured out by now that I liike him. So now he comes over to me and my friends and says hi to the girl who introduced us, however he has been extremley affectionate with her, to the point where shes like whats up with him. I know he puts on a show for me, but why ?? Do immature cancers try to gain attention this way, and does he want me to chase after him because I definately wont be doing that. Does anybody have any advice??

  67. Bellbellz April 1st, 2011

    I am a taurean female and two months ago I met a cancerian male online. Everything in the above mentioned analysis is so true and spot on it is scary!! The physical attraction and passion I feel towards him is unbelievable. Unfortunately he is just too hard to figure out so I’m giving up! He says he is this elusive with everybody, and that may be true, but it feels like he is making me chase him and playing games with me. I feel I am investing so much emotion into him and trying too hard to make him connect with me on an emotional level. Shame because it sounds like we are a great match!

  68. TGirlT March 26th, 2011

    tat I had a similar situation, Im a T-Girl and I met this Cancer guy after my boyfriend and I broke up. We were just friends and talked a lot on the phone, but spending time together was like, it wasnt in the cards, like once he came to my house attempting to surprise me. I never even heard him knock. Then we made plans to get together and something very officially imporant came up and ended up taking him longer to do than he expected, that very same day my ex called me out of the blue and wanted to get together. I agreed and the ex and I ended up getting back together. It wasnt that I didnt REALLY like the Cancer guy, it was that I didn’t know that we would ever be more than friends despite what I felt. The ex and I broke up again and this time the Cancer came and staked his claim. We really took the time to get to know one another and spend some time together and it was magical to say the least. I started pushing for a definite commitment and it seemed like he went way back and forth with it, sometimes professing devotion and plans for the future, other times seemingly mocking my feelings for him. I think he did this because of the ex situation. In his heart he never trusted that I would be all his and I guess in his heart he never wanted to be all mine. Interestingly enough, when I asked him one time how he felt about me, he squarely stated that “I’ll always come back to you”, to which I answered “I dont want you to always come back, I want you to never leave”. We’re not together now, we probably never will be together and Im in a relationship. My relationship is functional, I cant say if it will last, but I can say that in my mind, I always go back to him.

    Im not saying Im right, but I am admitting and being honest about how I feel. Few things in life are permanent. I wouldnt badger her to be with you or even speak ill of the boyfriend, but if they do break up, respectfully give her time to get over it while letting her know that you do want her heart. Until then, patience and logic.If she isnt showing mutual interest then try to let it go.

  69. tatbantank March 23rd, 2011

    can someone please give me some advice on what i wrote before this one?

  70. tatbantank March 21st, 2011

    @Ask Oracle, i’ve tried so hard to leave her alone but i just cant, just like i said before, it’s something about her that just keeps pulling me back. And i dont want to her to leave him for me, i just want her to see that im different then the other guys and the current guy she’s dateing now. The so called boyfriend she’s with now i know doesn’t love her as much as i do cause 1. she’s to me all day everyday 2. he doesnt even call her or text her like a real boyfriend should 3. they are always argueing over something stupid because of him. One more thing i forgot to add, she’s only going with this guy because he looks good to her (stupid right) he has no personality at all, he’s just there to be there. One thing about me, i actually have a personality, i make her laugh, smile, comment her on how beautiful she looks to me, he doesnt do any of that stuff. I am so sure that she is the one for me Oracle, i just came at the wrong time :(, but do you kind of see what im saying though, even you can agree with me that i would be a better boyfriend for her, you might as well say im her boyfriend without the title, but then again, i cant wait much longer on her, i’ve been waiting since july a i refuse to wait another year for her to realize that she has a man that will actually treat her like a girlfriend should be treated.(anymore advice that you can give me?)

  71. Author
    Ask Oracle March 20th, 2011

    @tatbantank, its not what you call Love. Its just attraction full of pride and arrogance.

    If she can drop her boyfriend for you, one day she will drop you for someone else. Respect her and her choices and stop wasting time.

    Focus on other important things in your life.

  72. tatbantank March 19th, 2011

    I am a cancer man (july 14th) and i am so so so deeply in love with my taurus woman (may 14th)yes i know we both have birthdays on the 14th hahaha but anyway, my story is very different from the ones above. I first met my taurus woman in school a few weeks before summer break, when we were in school kind of sort of talked but it wasnt much, it was more of a “hey” talk. So fast forwarding to summer break, i commented on one of her statuses on facebook which lead to us taking more on facebook. Well i finally got the courage to ask her for her number and she gave it to me. so now its the week after my birthday and i texted her…. i was sooo amazed at how quick we connected, it was almost like i already knew her. so after a few weeks of talking to her, me being a cancer i fell for her quick, no matter how hard i tried i just couldnt get her off my mind, we would text each other all day from morning to night (sometimes i would call her at night after i got off work). so now we’re talking on the phone more often and this is making fall me fall for her even more, she was telling me about absolutly everything about her life, past relationships and how her previous boyfriends did her wrong and this is were i REALLY fell in love with her, but then one day she dropped the “B-Bomb” on me, she had a boyfriend. When she told me that i felt like giving up because we had so much in common and i really really wanted to be with her. but it was just something about her that i made me stay. Usually when a girl tells me that she has a boyfriend, i stop talking to her, but this taurus woman had my heart and i just had to keep chasing her because in my heart i knew that she was the one for me. fast forwarding to now, we’re talking like we used to in the summer and my love for her is more stronger, but there is this one thing that still bothers me and that’s her good for nothing boyfriend, they are always argueing over the things that he should be doing as her “boyfriend”. he doesnt half as mush of the stuff i do for me her, i always make her smile, laugh, and make her feel good, all her does is make her mad and for some reason she’s still with him. I’ve waited 9 months for her and now im just starting to think that im waisting my time, all the girls i’ve talked to about my situation has told me that im a GREAT AND VERY ATTRACTIVE GUY and if she doesnt realize what she got by now then i should leave her, but i love her sooo much i just cant and we both love each so deeply, the only thing thats holding us back is her stupid boyfriend. if she really loved me she would be with me but i guess that’s not always true. all i want to know is what do you all think about it my situation and can you give me any advice?

  73. nokuthula March 7th, 2011

    my cancerian broke up wit me ystday witout giving me a reason nd im hurt dont know wat to do cos i dearly love him. Hes not ansaring my cols.

  74. Marlene December 31st, 2010

    Okay, my only fear to be with this cancer guy that has been trying to get me to tell him “yes” is that he’s whole attitude towards me would change, as in he’ll be less interested, and not wanting to show how much he wants me anymore, would that happen with someone such as a cancer????

  75. Fonny December 29th, 2010

    I met a Cancer man 4 years ago and fell in love with him on sight. He was married so I put him out of my head. This year we met again and he kissed me. I was startled because I was sure he was married, he told me he was. I told him to stay away, he didnt, he pursued me every day and told me he loved me. He left his wife and moved in with me. Now he has moved back to his old house to spend time with his children. I dont know what to think or what to do. We talk, but when it comes to really telling me whats going on in his mind he clams up, and makes decisions without me.
    He was my perfect man, now I am not so sure.

  76. sweetspot December 12th, 2010

    @Chery! Please don’t worry about Cancer flirting. If he is serious about you, that flirting will always be a distant second place and won’t threaten your relationship one single bit. If you tell him, “I want to be able to trust you. Can you please make this simple for me?” and give him a deep, meaningful, reassuring kiss, he will respond – IF he is serious about you. Or else, you have not won him over yet.

  77. Chery December 11th, 2010

    I hate cancer for being flirt we had already relationship but he always flirt with somebody how can i trust cancer man huh!they are not faithful!

  78. never mind December 4th, 2010

    im a cancer men . im in a relationship with a taurus girl . i like her a lot and the relationship is working 🙂 thanks god i have her ! we oftenly had fight but it emds with SORRY

  79. Alax December 2nd, 2010

    Hello guys 🙁 I am cancer man fall in love with taurs girl in very very first look I meet her on internet strange thing this I have meet many many girls befor her I & I am very flirty guy but after this girl she changes my life & thinking now I hate flirting even if I see any girl I feel I am cheating with my girl we are togather now for 4 years she is taurs & I am cancer & I am extream careing person well thing is fot her I have change my self alot but till now she don’t know did she love me which is sadest part of my life in all 4 years I wait for just 3 words form her ( I love you ) till now she naver say me this but my love for her pure & I can wait as long as my taurs sweetheart wants

  80. LOLA212 November 3rd, 2010

    I am a taurean woman whos 24 born 8TH MAY hes a cancer born 2nd July
    I feel like i have met the one
    we just clicked
    We’re alike in many ways

    we understand eachothers humour and both are very much home people and lve our family.

    He told me straight away hes never met anyone like me thats so intuned with him, i told him i feel the same.
    We want the same out of life
    Match made in heaven
    I feel like my time has come….they say u knw when u meet the one and u do!

  81. mahogany October 8th, 2010

    I’ve been speaking to a cancer male for 7 weeks now i’m taurus female, we met online and have both signed of the site. We seem to share a lot in common. I like this guy – but- the communication between us seems slack to me, on his side anyway. The emails and texts take ages for him to answer, and you’re talking about maybe twice a week or less! He asked to meet up and we set a date and at the last minute he couldn’t make it (family issues or something). I understand that but why the lack of communication between us? I want to get to know him but his unresponsive moves towards me make me doubt his loyalty. Am I asking too much? Or does he like me so much he can’t speak? None the less I’ve sent him a text to let him know I don’t want to be seen as chasing his ass! I’m looking for balance in my life. Put it this way I know he likes me I’m different to the women he’s had before I am what he’s looking for, and him me. But this cat and mouse game has to end soon my pride wont let me take much more disrespect i feel from his side to go on any longer. So if he doesn’t ring me by tonight I’m deleting his number and email address from my thoughts. it’ll be slightly hard on my side but someone has to make a stand soon. If he wants me he’ll have to tell me, but there’s only a few hours left. I’m not angry just disappointed, I need a man!!

  82. TaurusQueen October 7th, 2010

    Now I am a Taurus female and it is so true what this says…… Right now I am fighting an emotional battle with a cancer man…. He is so hard to read….. When we are not together its a argue…. He is extremely jealous and every guy im with he think its my man. Now I never really asked about his passed relationships to really understand why he is the way he is. When we are together he’s romantic sometimes . He would hold my hands just sit and stare at me and sometimes just hold me if we are laying together….. I know I can kiss a great kiss so it turns him on extremely so he tries to avoid kissing me with tongue outside especially around his friends… If u know what I mean.. 😉 …. The sex is good … He wants to get me pregnant but I just cant seem to understand why?????? But I really like him a lot but don’t feel the security ….. His secret ways make me feel like he is hiding something and snooping around my back!…. And I feel that way because I have heard from people that he doesn’t know I kno see him with other females …… Cancer men are hoes fair to say, because they try to avoid anything which requires them to open up and a Taurus possession will try to force them to which sometimes can cause them to run away!……. When me and my cancer man argue he ignores me he doesn’t even respond to me at the moment until like late in the day when he might think I’m over it and calls me and talk all nice on the phone and act like we didn’t just have a argument…. I feel like giving up on many occasions but IM trying to put effort into something because Taurus are veryyyyyyy prideful and have one heck of an ego!!! I love a challenge and I think that is why I’m still here with him and I am going to conquer …… I love the thought of knowing I have ur mind body and soul and if a guy is not giving it willingly it makes me want it even more….. I don’t like guys who I can easily get and guys who are a sucka…… Ok that’s a lot lol

  83. TaurusQueen October 7th, 2010

    Now I am a Taurus female and it is so true what this says…… Right now I am fighting an emotional battle with a cancer man…. He is so hard to read….. When we are not together its a argue…. He is extremely jealous and every guy im with he think its my man. Now I never really asked about his passed relationships to really understand why he is the way he is. When we are together he’s romantic sometimes . He would hold my hands just sit and stare at me and sometimes just hold me if we are laying together….. I know I can kiss a great kiss so it turns him on extremely so he tries to avoid kissing me with tongue outside especially around his friends… If u know what I mean.. 😉 …. The sex is good … He wants to get me pregnant but I just cant seem to understand why?????? But I really like him a lot but don’t feel the security ….. His secret ways make me feel like he is hiding something and snooping around my back!…. And I feel that way because I have heard from people that he doesn’t know I kno see him with other females …… Cancer men are hoes fair to say, because they try to avoid anything which requires them to open up and a Taurus possession will try to force them to which sometimes can cause them to run away!……. When me and my cancer man argue he ignores me he doesn’t even respond to me at the moment until like late in the day when he might think I’m over it and calls me and talk all nice on the phone and act like we didn’t just have a argument…. I feel like giving up on many occasions but IM trying to put effort into something because Taurus are veryyyyyyy prideful and have one heck of an ego!!! I love a challenge and I think that is why I’m still here with him and I am going to conquer …… I love the thought of knowing I have ur mind body and soul and if a guy is not giving it willingly it makes me want it even more….. I don’t like guys who I can easily get and guys who are a sucka

  84. Seriously October 6th, 2010

    This could not be more bang on! This is me and my fiance down to an art I cried almost every line i read because its like someone was righting out our relationship, we could not be more happy together… we always get comment about how good we are for each other and we work so well not just as best friends but as a team together in this world!! I could not have asked for a more perfect man!!….He is at the end of july, and i am in the middle being born may 11th… I always know how to make him smile, and he always knows what to say to bring me back down to earth!

  85. ThatDude September 30th, 2010

    Im a cancer man and im really feeling my taurus woman…this assesment is so on point it dont make no sense lol. I think my taurus woman caught me at a point in my life where life has molded me into the man that she was waiting on. We compliment each other so well and even though I hate to admit it I can get a lil sensitive at times but she just rolls with it and the love making is chart breaking!!!

  86. craven September 23rd, 2010

    I am a Taurus girl who thinks she is love with a cancer man …the only problem is every time i think i am getting close to him some how i end up taking a couple of steps bck…..he has been so hard for me to get to no me n to b honest i am thinking of giving up as i carnt take the whole saga of guessing how he feels….cancer man are so secretive and I ask myself y havent i walked away n everytime i do he just finds a way bck….so i dnt no if cancer n taurus actually work n if so i think its after many years.

  87. Jim July 7th, 2010

    Hey! your assessment is so accurate that I feel I must comment. I am that cancer male and just as you wrote: I dont want everyone knowing how I feel 😛

    please keep in mind we cancer men are infact just as you would assume.

  88. Cancer... June 1st, 2010

    i’m a cancer male and my girlfriend is a taurus.. we started dating 2 months ago, we had lots of things in common. her mother always had negative thoughts about my family, so her mother doesn’t approve of me being with her daughter.
    because of this, me and her daughter took things a little bit too fast considering our age(we’re both teenagers).

    now, i’m having some trust issues concerning her male friends at school considering that she goes to school 45 miles away even though she lives in the same town as me…

    she is a type of girl who isn’t certain of what she wants to do with her life, she is afraid and is paranoid about our relationship.. she fears that my trust issues with her might ruin our relationship…

    i have trust issues because of my past relationships… they always ended up with the girl breaking my heart, it has really matured me mentally…

    i don’t really know what to say, before i met her, i knew for sure that i was not going to give my heart to a girl that easily..
    but its as if i unwillingly let her have it…
    Now, i know for sure that i love her, but if my thirst emotional needs is not quenched, it might ruin our relationship…

    what i need to do is to have more trust in her, i need to be able to not worry about being cheated on..
    you taurus girls need to be able to guarantee your cancer man that if he gives you his heart, you wont cheat him, that you wont break his heart, that you wont use him. Prove to him, that you have a future together, show him that if he loves you, he’s on the right path.

    Alot of comunication, trust and security is needed if you are going to make this relationship work.

  89. brown May 17th, 2010

    i met my cancer man last yaer,and it felt like he was the one ive been waiting for all this time even though we did not agree on lots of issues we still love each other with passion and soul.i felt like i just met my soulmate and i realised that he was the love of my life.but he left me for the pregnant ex and i keep hoping that he will come back one day as love like this is hard to find,because what we shared was special and he also used to say it he was everything i ever wanted.he was a good cancerian man of my dreams.

  90. TaurusEmerald April 28th, 2010

    To Hammany—

    Taurus women love your sensitivity. But sometimes emotional meltdowns make us uncomfortable. Be strong when it’s needed in terms of stability, emotional support, and security. Be our rock, and we would love you to death! But trust me , we love the benefits of being with a Cancer man such as great sex, great kissing, and cooked food!

  91. taurusgal March 28th, 2010

    I’m a taurus gal, and I always end up being attracted to cancers. For example, there was a total stranger who played some eye games with me at my university library… acted shy..it was unbelievably cute and very amusing for me to watch. Turns out he’s born on July 8th.
    Not everyone captures my fancy…but if they do, they’re probably a cancerian. 😀

  92. Lady Jai March 25th, 2010

    I (taurus woman) just started talking to a cancer man. He seems just what I am looking for. So far he seems like a hopeless romantic and he wears his heart on his sleeve from the past realationship experiences that he has told me about. I believe what the Zodiac says about Cancer men doing things or making decisions based on emotions and Taurus woman being more practical and thinking before they make decisions. I mean why would he open up a joint bank account with a girl who tells him that she can’t get an account, then get’s upset when she overdraws the account. If it were me, and someone said something to me about not being able to open up an account it would have sent red flags. He seems very affectionate and genuine, but it sucks that he went around showering his past girlfriends with gifts and was pampering them like they were queens and each and every single one of them doged him out in the end. So he has trust issues just like me.

    The fact that he did not have a mother in his life, I think has made him go around looking for love in all the wrong places. That is how he whined up getting hurt in the end because he was just giving his heart out to anyone. The same thing almost applies to me. I did not have a father growing up, so I was/am always looking for that attention from a man and whind up getting dogged out in the end or getting my feelings hurt.

    I have always wanted a manly man that can take charge and protect me and he seems like the type of guy who will do so. He has a little jealous streak, which is fine with me.

    I think that we will make a good match or couple. We are still going through that get to know you stage and I just want to take it slow. Plus my mother likes him and that is good because she does not like anybody.

  93. Mel E March 9th, 2010

    I (Taurus female) am dating a Cancer male and in the beginning things were SO AMAZING! I was single for several months before we met, got out of a long term relationship with a Leo prior, and when I met my Cancer I was soooo grateful. He spoiled me, made me breakfast everyday, and gave me massages all the time. I was hesitant to let him in b/c of my prior relationship baggage and I wasn’t looking to settle down or get hurt for that matter but, he made me feel so secure. I didn’t consider marriage or commitment but deep down I will always be a relationship type girl. He wooed me, almost like he was trying so hard to get me to be his- he knew I had a wall up! Well, I fell for him, and we’ve been together for about 4 months. I feel like now he doesn’t give nearly as much effort, the attention is there only when it’s convenient for him. It is like a cat and mouse game. He is very sensitive and I am VERY stubborn! I want the love and affection he gave in the beginning, I crave it. When he doesn’t give I feel insecure and angry. When he does come around I act stubborn and put a wall up. I hate to feel rejected- it’s a pride thing, it has nothing to do with him. Maybe he’s just not the right Cancer for me??? Thoughts?

  94. angel February 6th, 2010

    I (a taurus) have been in love with a cancer for 10 years. 10 years we have played a cat and mouse game of catch me if you can. There tends to always be some obstacle in the way the prevents us from actually being together, however the passion never fades. In the end we always come back to one another. The passion, the intensity, the only word to describe it is BREATHTAKING.

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