Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

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Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility in 2021

A father figure or mentor of the Gemini man plays a pivotal role in the 2021. One or both of you could have the opportunity to travel which would be advantageous in exposing you to new ideas and systems of belief. If you are traveling, be aware that complications could arise, including restrictions or accidents. The Taurus woman is intensely focused on professional goals and feels close to a major break through or promotion. As a couple, be aware that there may be not skirting family complications. A relative's recent poor decision could have wide reaching consequences that pull the two of you in. Work through the stress together and you'll be stronger for it.

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Relationship - Complete Guide

In a relationship of Gemini and Taurus, if the woman is Taurus then definitely the relationship is easier to follow on. There is always a strong pull between these two and they instantly get connected. Though, to keep up the relationship, large efforts are needed from both the sides.

A Gemini man possesses a sharp, inventive mind that is able to perceive all sorts of interesting facts about people. His interests range far and wide, and he may find himself skipping from one thing to the next to keep him mentally stimulated. In a relationship with Taurus woman, he can often find himself bored of her stable and consistent nature, though this may not lead to infidelity, it could lead him for looking around a bit with a wandering eye. Possessiveness and suspicions really get under his skin, and quickly sends him on his way.

Basically a Taurus woman is consistent and always appears to be a patient and stable sweetheart but occasionally she can be moody and broody when she is discouraged or full of rage or when she is pushed past her limit. She excels in the home, where she creates a beautiful and neat environment and whips up amazing meals and baked goods. In a relationship with a Gemini man, she respects her mate and expects him to do the same with sincerity. Her heavy sensuality is her most seductive quality, and serves as a nice surprise to her Gemini male.

In the relationship of Taurus woman and Gemini man, the Taurus is most likely to closely attach to her Gemini man. While he enjoys her companionship very much, he is simply not of the mindset of finding that one right person to spend his life with but in a long run, she is one lady who suits well to his needs. But he is in no rush to make it happen quickly and would rather wait for the things to develop on their own out of sheer enjoyment. But for her, a relationship cannot be developed without looking far into the future and she does not care to waste time on simply learning new things from a slew of lovers. If she is in a relationship, it is because she believes there is hope of it lasting forever and for this she holds in her Gemini man strongly in the relationship.

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The Gemini man shows one side of his personality one day and then shift into another personality the next. This creates a lot of excitement and curiousness in Taurus woman, keeping her around him. They are both initially intrigued by the other because they are so different from each other. She likes to make plans in advance and then stick to them like glue, but he prefers to take things as they come and may change his mind about something at any instant. The Gemini man, who is quite adaptable, may indulge his Taurus female by remaining as consistent as possible around him, but that just means that his other side is running a muck when he is away from her. She wants to possess all and not just a part of him, which requires adaptation on the part of both of them.

As with the time the relationship of the Taurus woman and Gemini man becomes flowery and stable, he learns to be around his Taurus damsel and learn a lot more romance in his life. There is always a lot of freshness in their relationship as the imagination power and twinkling ideas of Gemini male brings a lot of newness to their togetherness and these new ideas are beautifully nurtured by the his devoted Taurus woman. She now knows how to keep him around her with her gracious attitude and he now understands how to make her feel secure and comfortable. Their mutual powerful projection creates a strong unison and finally they both blend one in one single dream, that they live best to with each other.

When the Air and Earth try to blend physically, the Earth needs Air but Air loves to flow freely. Therefore, the Gemini man has a much more casual approach to sex than most men do, which can be a particularly bothersome problem from the Taurus woman, who needs a strong physical expression which is both rich and passionate. His form of showing affection comes out in a lighthearted verbal way, but Taurus places a lot more importance on being physically shown than told. He adds imaginative ways and she adds total experience to their love making trying to make it a fulfilling experience. She might imply, through subtle cues that she desires to possess him, that she wants him to be her very own. This is a fundamental turn-off to him, and may make the sheets feel shiver cold at the end of a session. He may respond to her possessiveness by suddenly pulling away or showing interest in others, which hurts her almost beyond repair. The implications behind their sexual behaviors may show them that their relationship goals are quite different.

The relationship of the Taurus woman and Gemini man is more a friendly one than a passionate bond as he takes everything in a lighter way. He has shallowness in his expression of love; moreover he is always in a mood to move a round. This is a very disturbing fact for her who seeks stability in each aspect of her life. On the other hand he finds her, stagnant and a lot more possessive than he can hold on. She have to let go of some of the control she’s accustomed to if she truly wants to make things work with her Gemini lover. He may relinquish half of himself to her, but that’s about the most that she is going to get from this man. If she can help him look ahead a bit, and if he can show her to live in the now a little more, then this pairing may have brighter chances.

Rating: 3
  1. Kat April 5th, 2021

    Taurus women and been married to a Gemini man for over 10 yrs. Some things are true. They are very smart and love to keep busy. They don’t really give compliments but mine is super stable in his commitment to me. When I wanted to leave he always wanted to stay. He’s never cheated and he’s a hard worker. He may be a cusp sign(born may 22) so he could have some taurus traits. My biggest annoyance is that he’s not very affectionate. You really have to be confident in yourself to handle it but I love on him, giving him hugs and cuddles all the time and he’s very stoic and manly so it’s kinda funny to feel him soften up a bit. Although he’s not affection I’ve never doubt his love for me. He said he loved me a week after dating and I will be his wife one day. That was 12 years ago. Granted we have our issues but he’s like my best friend and no matter what happens I will never regret choosing him.

  2. Haha February 11th, 2021

    Yeah! Lets be Melania and Donald, losers 😀
    Simply ‘match made in heaven’. All those fixed signs are pathetic in general and I can only laugh at another divorce.

  3. danielle Thomas February 4th, 2021

    I’m a Taurus woman and my husband is a Gemini man. He’s 7yrs., older than me. We’ve known each other for 40 + yrs., and dated when I was a teenager. I broke it off because I wanted to date other people.,he didn’t but I did. We went our separate ways. He married someone else, I married someone else. We seen each other 20+ yrs.,later. we both divorced our spouses and married each other. We’ve been married for 9 yrs. My Gemini man is quite, smart, and loves to read. We get along great together he treats me like a princess. He looks at me like he’s still in love with me after all these years later. He says he wanted only me when he first saw me. And we are the best of friends more than anything.

    • ReRe March 3rd, 2021

      I’m a Taurus woman dating a Gemini man the last 6 months. I’m 32 he’s 41. We are so totally different but our sarcasm and sense of humor is the same and I believe that’s what keeps us going. He wasn’t very affectionate until about 2 months ago. Being with him has taught me patience to the max. He’s always on the go. Loses everything. Gets frustrated easily and I rescue him without saying a word and he brings out y playful adventurous imaginative side and I love him. He’s my kind of different.

  4. Taurus woman January 17th, 2021

    I agree with this. I’ve just come out of something with a Gemini man. It was great to begin with but the moment I wanted him to commit he couldn’t because they can’t be tied down. He was very affectionate to begin with and enjoyed spending time with me but then became inconsistent and no matter how many times I tried to tell him we had become more friends than lovers, he didn’t understand. He’ll probably end up alone as he doesn’t have a life plan and wings everything and I actually think he’s ok with that

  5. Zandra January 4th, 2021

    I am also a Taurus woman and my guy is a Gemini we are 10 yrs apart. He brought light into my life and I must say he’s the same way with his feelings. Most times I feel like giving up but I know I have to wait on him when we do be together it’s like I can’t get rid of him. I love him dearly we have 6 and a half months in and watching him the way he moves as a young man the streets is his thing but not like that so he realize that he has me as his one we talk about anything but the most that I really loves about him is how he loves his daughter that is a man that I wanted in my life. My kids adore him a lot so being an older woman with a younger man this is my first rodeo with a relationship like this but it’s not about the sex with us it’s about listening and being there for each other he don’t have much but when he do I have nothing to worry about. After hurting from my 7 1/2 yr relationship with my past ex I wouldn’t give up this guy for nothing because he’s been more than my best friend my lover and my soulmate I thank God for sending him my way.

  6. reg December 24th, 2020

    I don’t fully agree with what’s stated here. I am a female Taurus. And I have just started dating a Gemini male, we’re a couple months in. Maybe we’ve gotten somethings figured out as a person because of our experiences. Both of us have been in not so great past relationships and we’re really honest with each other. We’ve had many serious and emotional conversations about ourselves. Our fears, our past and what we want out of life. I think I’ve found my match. We can talk about anything. We haven’t had an actual fight and honestly don’t think we will. Because we sit each other down and if one is still being jokey the other will end up understanding and start being serious and listen. We don’t agree on certain things but we respect each other greatly. We don’t need to change each other. We’ve told each other that. We have our own opinions and we listen and he’s actually changed my mind on a few things and vice versa. He always wants to spend time w me and is very touchy and affectionate which I’m so grateful for because I’ve wanted that. He’ll stop by my place everyday and when I went on vacation, he was already texting me and we’d fall asleep on the phone at night. I think that our zodiac signs definitely play a part in our personalities but I gotta say, this Gemini man is head over heels for me.

  7. wish501 November 24th, 2020

    I’m soooo glad that yall shared your stories because I kept questioning myself why am I so insecure about my gemini darling. We’re only at 2months, fought a lot, but I know I really love him and he loves me deeply too. We’re really just trying to figure things out I guess. And all your stories really enlightened me so much because I feel more confident and trust that we can make it work now. Idk if its a right move or not, but I told him I’m going to wait for him to figure things out. About him wanting to go around meeting others before coming back to me. Because he said he was stressed to be tied down in our relationship. Probably because I was being too clingy. Im still trying to change those insecure thoughts of mine too. I do trust him a lot. So I’m just going to trust that we’ll figure this out

  8. bullet November 9th, 2020

    I am also a Taurus woman with a Gemini man, we are more than friends, but he hides his feeling for love, i can barely see it in him. But once you understand your Gemini man you can feel that he is in love but never expresses it. You jus got to let him be, they love their space..

  9. emily August 17th, 2020

    i’m in love with a gemini man and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, although all the horoscope predictions would say otherwise i really do believe he is my soulmate. jeremiah if ur reading this i love you with all my heart and i hope u stay in my life forever

  10. itscxldxvtside May 15th, 2020

    I dont think ya’ll have learnt anything from oracle ,its clearly explained in detail but there you are giving up and complaining ,you also have to make an effort to make it work,the two arent perfectly compatible ,or rather show him what you feel..here i am a gemini male trying to look for tips to get my taurus damsel or atleast make it work then i just see people complaining about male geminis ,thats not fair

    • Denisse May 18th, 2020

      I’m a Taurus in love with a Gemini man and he is my soulmate the man of my dreams. All couples have to give the 💯 in a relationship to make it work.

    • Aditi September 30th, 2020

      I’m a Taurus woman and my ex is a Gemini. He was exactly as described here. He stopped loving me and he was the only one I ever loved.

  11. Na'jea April 23rd, 2020

    I’ve been dating this Gemini guy for over a year now. He drives me nuts. We argue all the time, and I’ve tried leaving him on several occasions to no avail. I always come back. Smart, handsome and odd.. I love it. But his ass is all over the place.. he’s not very consistent at all. And pretty much runs by the seat of his pants.. plus at time he come across as a know it all.

    • Blessing November 19th, 2020

      This is how I feel with my gemini. He drives me crazy but I just keep coming back… I hate fighting and arguing. It’s draining. But I’ve agreed to spend the rest of my life with him and we have a 5year old son. So I really want to find a way to make this work. #StableUnstableTaurus

  12. Sylvia Mohammed March 21st, 2020

    I met my Gemini on the chat line. First and last tjme for everything. He never even gave me a compliment in a year that we talked. His intelligence and outlook…and his touch made me melt like chocolate. Any time I would get in my feelings and say something nice…he ignores me 😢. He never even gave me a chance. I finally threw in the towel after being ignored for days. Of course I told him about himself through text and still silence. I don’t think he’s going to ever like me the way he touches me….if that makes sense. Why do we fall for people that can’t catch us?

  13. Sylvia Mohammed March 21st, 2020

    I met what I thought was an intriguing Gemini man. First time ever meeting someone on a chat line…..He never really showed me that he liked me. He just wanted me to figure it out. As a Taurus woman the physical connection was great. I’m a sensual woman but I’m guessing that didn’t rub well with him. All he ever wanted to do was have sex. He couldn’t even give me a compliment. He took me out once out of a year. Maybe I should’ve taken a hint a long time ago. I feel a little dumb but I would yell at him through text how angry I was to be ignored. Never get a response. I am embarrassed and ashamed because I’m always showing my emotion. I know he doesn’t like that….For that reason I’m going to try and be strong And not call him. I’m weak for his touch. That’s all he ever gave me. His intelligence and outlook on certain things turned me on. Why do we fall for people who can’t catch us??? I want to move on and hopefully never meet another Gemini man. I don’t want to ever feel this way again. 😢

    • IshMel September 8th, 2020

      All geminis aren’t the same, what he did was just plain stupid, i’m a gemini and i’d compliment you in anyway i could, i’d love to find myself a taurus as willing as you, but signs don’t really matter all that much, it’s the person themself, so don’t give up on us geminis because one did you bad😌😊👍🏽

      Ps. from a gemini with love❤❤❤

  14. Senior February 29th, 2020

    I’m the boss who fall in love with my own Superviser, the cutie Germini, I really can’t ignore his charming smile but how come if I’m his boss I have to keep my look as the boss. But I really fall every tmr our eye meet, and I feel that’s he feel the same way too Just we didn’t split out.
    You know because I can’t function if I want to make a move so I searching around till I found this prediction. But the predict above give me 2 way of thinking
    1- go ahead and win him over
    2- ignore it
    Omg … I’m so crazy now , his smile and his calming behavior really possess me

  15. Ky February 5th, 2020

    so, i’m so excited reading and writing this bcus i’ve just started talking to this gemini guy. he’s 21 and seems very very mature. before i even had interest in him, he was cautious of any potential red flags (we’re online for now so things like me texting or flirting with other ppl is a no-go) so he wanted my full devotion to him in order for him to be devoted to me.. keep in mind we aren’t even dating yet 😭

    he’s very cute and says all the right things, flirt, tries to make me feel good and yes i’m a taurus girl, i really want to feel the honest and i want to be able to trust him because i have my fair share of insecurities and i really want to believe him when he says i’m pretty or cute in this pic and not just have him say it you know?

    i think his longest relationship was 2 years online but he literally just got out of a relationship in November and it’s currently February and he’s making it seem like he’s in love with me and we only started to talk in January 😭

    srry for the long text, but i really want it to work deep down. i’m already adjusting to him but he seems very different than any of the gemini guys i’ve read in the comments and even in the article itself. but i shall keep an update. the only advice i got from reading comments is to stay mysterious like not texting and replying so fast and to gradually let him get to figure things out for himself.

  16. Jamie-lee January 18th, 2020

    I’m a taurus woman and you are 100% correct.

  17. Emma December 7th, 2019

    Taurus are very headstrong and strong-willed.

    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for TAURUS:


  18. Shanika November 15th, 2019

    I’m a taurus woman and my partner is a Gemini male the discriminations are the total opposite the Taurus female sound like him and the discriminations of male Gemini sound like me!

  19. Shelly Bronson August 2nd, 2019

    I think no way in hell it can ever work. The Gemini man does no wrong acording to him.

  20. Gary February 19th, 2019

    I’m a Gemini Man, pure Murcury. I AM EVERY BIT OF THE OPPOSITE of the description in this match up… I infact am a mirror of the female Taurus… This is pure BS !!

  21. K December 5th, 2018

    This sounds exactly like a Gemini & Virgo’s relationship just worded differently, wtf.

    • Marie January 21st, 2019

      That’s probably because Gemini men are so damn consistent in their ways it creates the same problems for other more passionate signs… like Aries too :/

      Rating: 3
  22. NITO November 24th, 2018

    I’ll be honest, I’m a Gemini male and although a lot of these traits used to be true, I have now matured and grown to be a more understandable and adaptable dude. Yes, it has taken me some break ups with some really amazing people, and an incredible amount of self reflection and discovery, but I see that a lot of these comments put as all in the same basket and that’s just not true. I, for one, and not perfect but damn… when I love, I love deeply.

    Yes – my mind races 24/7, Yes – I like to keep busy and always have projects and goals, but I also want that person to commit 100% to. I want kids and a wife. I’m 29 but I’ve been through some serious shit. We don’t all cheat! We don’t all get crazy if we don’t get our way. And for the record, one of the issues in my last relationship was that “I wasn’t jealous” so go figure lol..

    At the end of the day – I believe it ultimately all comes down to communication & compromise.

    • Lucy January 10th, 2019
    • Marie January 21st, 2019

      You gave me a little hope for my relationship. Thank you.

    • Prisca Alex November 12th, 2019

      Wow…. This is so amazing to hear from a Gemini Guy

  23. kitty January 24th, 2018

    @undefined damn. Sorry about your taurus. Most taureans need that intimate connection. Crave that emotional connection.

    • Prisca Alex November 12th, 2019

      So true… I believe what we Taurus women need is that strong connection, bonding and stability in a relationship, once we get that we are the best women you can ever find in the universe.

  24. San December 26th, 2017

    Im a Taurus Female and I dated a Male Gemini for 3 years and it was the most amazing and heartbreaking relationship I’ve ever been in. Just like they described. He got bored and did his thing, and I thought after the first time it was just a phase, the 2nd time well… Idk. And then he gave me a ring and continued to be unfaithful so. As much as I’d like to think we could’ve worked out. It really wasn’t meant to be.. I mean. Come on. Lol

  25. Sicilian beauty October 24th, 2017

    I am Scorpio and I was married to a Gemini man for 33 years and he wasn’t very romantic. I like to cuddle and I am more sensual and touchy feely. I realized after he divorced me that it was a good thumb even though I loved him and he hurt me by abruptly wanting a divorce out of nowhere. He wanted more fun but seemed like he never wanted to do much if anything fun. We adapted to each other but as far a deep sexual connection there wasn’t one. So best thing he did was let me go but he dud it in a hurtful way.

  26. Zach September 29th, 2017

    My Taurus woman was exactly as described…except for the passion and intimate part. She never really connected to me, even after dating for nine years and 16 years of decent marriage and two wonderful children. I was always on the outside of her emotions, even after many attempts to connect and grow closer on my part. That led this Gemini man, a habitually monogamous family man, to look outside the marriage for companionship and emotional release. We are divorced now and she is a reluctant co-parent who resents having to share her children with their father.

  27. Bull Headed September 29th, 2017

    My Gemini man and I have been married for 5 years now! It was difficult at first but now we’re the best match for each other.

  28. Dpna August 2nd, 2017

    I was with my gemini man for more than four years. We even got engaged this May. But now we are separated. Our expectations from each other ruined the relationship. I am still in love with him and he does not want to see me again. I am shattered and am not accept that it ended very bad.

  29. Tatianna June 20th, 2017

    I have been in a serious relationship with a Gemini man for over a year now and I must say that this analysis breaks us down to the T. I actually took some of the facts here and presented them to him and you know what? He agreed too that it was true. He is a great adapter and I have learned to be less pushy. We are doing amazing!

  30. Mimxy June 7th, 2017

    So I recently met a gemini guy about 2weeks ago and We can’t stop texting or talking to each other. It’s crazy. We haven’t had time to go out and chill(all my fault) but I am so drawn to his charming, lively personality. I can’t even explain it. However, I’m a Tauruean to the core and with all these comments……:-)

    • Bob January 4th, 2018

      How is the relationship between you two till now. 🤔

      • petrina October 21st, 2018

        mine lasted 8 weeks

  31. Shameka Hope April 18th, 2017

    My Gemini man with whom I love with all my heart as a Taurus woman he wanted to get married within one year I got scared and move back to my hometown we stayed in contact on and off for 17 years now I have decided he is the one whom I would like to spend the rest of my life with so I’m going back to get my Gemini man

  32. verse314 March 31st, 2016

    I gave my self all to a Taurus woman. But the Taurus woman I met was far from the one portrayed on here. And reading the comments the men and me aren\’t similar except one. A Taurus woman does not like it when a person can\’t take responsibilities for their actions. Yes that\’s annoying. I truly love(d) Kathryn she is my happy ending. Although I agree with this analysis. Truth is we were both willing to make it work. I adapted to every one of her flaws brilliantly I swallowed my pride. I wasn\’t the most stable man. But dammit for her I tried. Her strengths were my flaws and her flaws were my strength. She lost faith in relationships and said fuck it. She had a pattern. I showed her she was worth fighting for. We were Epic together. Both flawed. But when my flaws came to light she wasn\’t as patient. Other people opinions mattered so much to her. I adapted. I\’m opposite but I adapted. I ultimately had to leave because in order to be the man I need to be for her. I had to become more stable financially which is hard to do when she wants all of me. She is my motivation my anchor. She never let me bullshit myself and I love her always for that.

  33. Vengeance October 3rd, 2015

    As a Gemini man I will say the Taurus females have different characteristics from a Gemini for example most of  them are very insecure in their relationship goals as well they are very insecure to risk it all at the beginning. As a Gemini man we have the skill to bring peoples best side, We are very secure we don’t always think before takin an action we are very dominant we always want things to be our way. This is why Taurus and a gemini can really have many conflict because we want things to go fast and Taurus want things to take some time. In order for this relationship to work there has to be mutual understanding and a lot of communication, it is very necessary for the Gemini man to make her Taurus female secure and make her realise that you aren’t gonna hurt her, you most make her feel special make her feel secure this makes almost any female confident around you in order to achieve her trust . It is necessary that you talk to her, she won’t tell you she’s insecure, If you make her trust you and feel secure around you she will most likely open her heart to you. You most be patience most Taurus females like things to go slow, don’t rush her it will scare her and everything you had work so hard for will go back to the same, in order to achieve a Taurus heart you most slowly move into her heart. Make her feel so happy and loved when you around her this will make her want to be around you more often and soon you’ll see she could be yours. If you really like/love this woman you most definitely give her stability and don’t always put your freedom first over anything, if she sees the effort you are putting for her she might well change some things just for you this relationship requires a lot of work although. This could be a good relationship to challenge yourself challenge your limits if she’s worth it for you than give it all for her 


    • Noko May 29th, 2017

      Well said, i fully agree with you here. Actually, i just felt the connection as i am a Taurus woman, in a relationship with a Gemini man. I must say, its not easy?

    • nicholeonek July 7th, 2017

      Hmmm thanks for sharing…it was nice to read from what a man had to say

  34. GabyE April 11th, 2015

    oh, i want to mention that his high-school sweetheart is a taurus woman and they were married for 28 yrs. now that i got to know him the only way it worked out for so long, is she disappered and became his shadow. by the things he told me about her and what i experienced with him, i believe it to be true. they had 3 kids (which i’m sure she’s not sorry for) but she spent 28 yrs hoping that one day her gemi guy would grow up and follow through on his word/promises. he was 49 when i broke up with him, so he didn’t grow up one bit. now i will become the one he blames for his actions on his future relationships. 🙂 
    i got to see him for who he really is (in 3yrs) and leave vs 28 yrs. i’m sure she put up with his abuse for the kids sake, because as soon as the youngest turned 18 she left him and he was devastatingly shocked… shocked…shoked! he said out of the sudden she just left me, really out of the sudden? definetely a one sided relationship for sure, because i’m sure she tried to make him see her side and gave up. ladies pay attention on how he treats or talks about other people, because one day that will be you.
    you guys sorry for my long story, i think i had to vent. i just hope you ladies that are trying so hard to be with a gemi guy don’t lose yourself in the way and value yourselves more. hope you see things sooner then i did and not waste your precious time. literally…what didn’t killed me made me stronger!

  35. GabyE April 10th, 2015

    guys my story is a lil long, but i’ll try to make it as short as possible. there’s a good ending though 🙂
    I met my gemi guy on an online dating site. he kept on trying to get my attention, but for some reason i didn’t like him – finally i gave in. i guess i found his determination appealing and sweet. we chatted and then talked on the phone, after a month or so we met in persons. i liked his sense of humor and his charm, but was never sure why i could not relax with him. he was always pushy, taurus like to take their time and not be rushed into anything. anyway…
    the first time i slept with him, nothing happened, but i found it very sweet that he didn’t try anything – we just cuddled and slept. when we finally had ‘sex’ IT didn’t work and he blamed me. i was so humiliated and was ready to break up. BUT he apologized and convinced me that it was his ex-wife’s fault for messing up his head (always someone elses fault never his). that’s the worst for a taurus woman a person that does not take responsibility for their actions.
    it went like this for 3 years. i broke up with him so many times, but i did love him and kept on going back to him – but soon as i did i knew it was a mistake. he convinced me because he said he was married to his high-school sweetheart and wanted to change his old ways and make it work with me. he asked me to have patience and help him (i empathized), so i stayed.
    things went well for a while and then again he would do or say things that went straight to my core and he would act as though it was a joke. he used to tell me that i took things too seriously and can’t take a joke. he would always stab me in my heart and joke about it, leaving me lil by lil less of me.
    we had horrible fights and the next day i would see bruises on me. but i was in denial and started to believe that it was my fault. none of my friends or family liked him, because he was an ahole and didn’t even try to be nice – he was only nice to me. so we only hung out with his friends and family. things only got worst for me, because they were getting better for him, as he shaped me into his ‘slave’ it’s sad but true. we would do only what he wanted in order for the relationship to work.
    the last time i was with him was when we went to reno for his bday (5/25/14). one of his best friends drove with us. i took the back seat in the car, because they hadn’t seen eachother in a long time and they were catching up. so i was in the back seat quiet while they chatted away. his friend said, wow what a great girlfriend you have, she just sits back there quietly. uh, that hurt and angered me so much, because it was true. i was becoming into this person i didnt like at all.
    we arrived and met up with 2 of his other friends – so it was me and 3 guys :/ we were drinking and it was late, so my bf told me we should go to our room. (it’s important to mention that sex was ONLY on his terms) so that night i was determend to change things around. i took a shower and fantized how the night was going to be :). but when i came out of the bathroom he was not in the mood. but i started to caress him and he didn’t like it. we got in a fight because i asked, why is it only when you want and when i want IT doesn’t work? he didn’t like to hear the truth, so he gets up, grabs me by the throat, stands me up and tells me he was going kill me and i said go ahead. he threw me accross the room and for the first time i was scared for my life! he was following me around telling me to calm down, which made it worsts. i grabed the phone and called security and locked myself in the bathroom. i was taken in an ambulance to the hospital with a concussion, broken hip and sholder. he was taken to jail by the DA. to this day he says i made it happened, yeah i threw myself so hard accross the room and did all that damage to myself? never responsible for anything bad that happens. 
    Also, i was married (for 6 months) to an other air sign ‘aquarius’ both very horribly similar. it might just be my experience but i think air signs are not a match for earth signs.
    currently i’m happily single. after i heald from my injuries, i had a mommy make over (cosmitic surgery is not for everyone) and i feel great – like i can begin again. i love the way i look and feel! myself esteem is better than it has ever been! this is my happy ending. good luck to you all!

    • Queen B April 13th, 2017

      I feel so sad about this, pls take heart am also a Taurus girl dated an Aquarius boy he was so foolish n felt like the perfect one so am moving on..I have badluck in the a Gemini just came am so scared..but I believe all we be well with us Taurus women ,we are royalty n beauty. Take care dear.

  36. JMG511 February 19th, 2015

    With the slippery slope that the internet can be – a friend shared a Chinese zodiac link with me, which lead to me reading about other zodiacs in general, which lead how various people in my life possessing whatever sign they may are allegedly supposed to relate with my own – aaannd here I am.  I wasn’t seeking answers because I’m not a big believer of this sort of thing.  That said, I’ll be honest and say after reading this page: touche, Ask Oracle, touche!  This is SO undeniably accurate, that it compelled me to comment. 
    I digress! I’m currently with a remarkable Gemini fellow whom has a talent of making me want to simultaneously squeeze him tight with love, and give him a good boot in the rear to shape him up!  I love him so, but I’m almost convinced his type is the design and side project of an opium-fueled Lewis Carroll creator – he’s indeed quite the perplexing riddle of nonsensical madness.  Despite me being the epitome of perfectly perfected perfection that I am, and THE most modest person I know – I’m sure I have moments were I drive him equally loopy. 
    It’ll be a year of knowing him next month, and while there have been some occasional turbulences, it’s been a darn good (almost) year.  Regardless of some of the dismal things I’m reading here reflecting the poential chance of our own future, I’m pretty optimistic it’ll continue on well – one way or another – however that continuation transpires with that fickle, Gemini fellow of mine.

  37. SunnySideUp February 17th, 2015

    Just got into a relationship with a Gemini guy two weeks ago and so far he’s been a dream. He makes me feel special and loved all the time. I’d never considered him as a potential partner though, he was cute and charming, but I’d never thought of him romantically until our friends started observing his special interest in me and told me about it. I fell for him after we got into the relationship. That’s the funny part. And unlike most Geminis, he’s quite calm and reliable, which is just what I need. got a

  38. TrueTaurusChick September 28th, 2014

    I am so glad I read this article and your comments! I totally agree with everyone comments. I met a Gemini man about 18months ago, we instantly connected. I find him the most intriguing, sexy, charming man I’ve ever met. But then like his split personality comes out and I have never been with someone so unpredictable, moody and who can be very spiteful. We had our arguments and I think the unpredictable ness, make me as a taurus women very un easy. I need my stability and need to know where I stand. I hate not knowing whats going to happen and what to expect from him, or how he will be one day. But i have never felt so drawn to someone in all my life, I love him and hate that there is a part of me who can’t let him go. We lasted only 3monthe and I was crushed when we broke up, slowly I moved on but could never forget this Gemini. Recently he has appeared randomly into my life and we are giving it another go. I am insanely attracted to him and the sex is incredible however warning flags have been alarming in my Tauren head. I don’t know whether to give it a go or leave while I still could get over it ? It’s really important that I concentrate on my studies this year. When we are good I’ve never flet more exactic but when we are on dangerous waters I’ve never felt so down and affected by him. He will randomly flip out and project his bad times on me which isn’t fair , I reel him back in and he will apologise and there I am butter in his hands. he does get jealous and because he is so atttacted to me he has insecurities about infedelity- I reassure him that I would never do that. I am quite  good at giving him his space and not telling him what to do or asking too many questions . But i hate how he affects me so intensively on a positive or a negative. The one thing that has always held us together has been the sex. He is crazy attracted to me and find my taurus suductivr ways irresistible which I love. But I don’t know if we should put up with the constant roller coaster of happiness and pain all the time I don’t think it’s good for us taurus women and breaks you down. Unlike other Gemini men that I have read in these comments, my Gemini guy does want to commit and wants a relationship- it was his idea to be official again. And so he says he is wants to make this work. But you know those Gemini men think one thing one second then arent so bothered the Next. I don’t know what to do, I love this man , for some reason that still I cannot answer myself . Why we taurus women can’t let go or understand this magnetic pull he has over me !!! But I don’t know if it’s worth the roller coaster of emotions!? I know I will always be sad if it ends and know that I can live without him because I have done so before anf that is my taurus strong nature. however I know that I can never forget him deep down, he was my first love and now I’m back in round 2 with him ?? Please help me fellow taurus sisters! What do I do? 

    • MARIAH CHILDS July 13th, 2017

      Hey dont feel bad i am now married to my Gemini lover and we been on and off. We just have that connection and learned that communication is what our relationship mostly needed. I would say go for it if u BOTH LOVE EA H OTHER AND IS ON THE SAME PAGE. My husband does be fine one day and differe.nt the next we both are learning to communicate what makes us moody and when we want to be bothered and dont want too. My husband does need to work on opening up more to me communicating his feelings and i need to be wayyyy less pushy and possessive towards him. I have so much e,pectations that it causes problems bc i like things to go my way but learning everything cant go my way

    • Halo January 27th, 2018

      sis…leave him trust me. I’m a taurus woman who was with a gemini man for 2 years and you will forever be uneasy with him. he’ll also move on quicker than you do and you will feel like dirt. good luck hun.

    • Anoohya Rao August 14th, 2018

      If you really love him go for it. Because, not only a gemini man and a taurus woman,but also every other different combinations of sun signs have conflicts. It’s just that how well you adjust and maintain that relationship. The answer from me as a taurus woman would be- If you can adjust with his ways and understand him, nothing else is required. You can make it happen. When you are in a relationship with another man of a different sun sign, all his ideas may not match with yours. The only quality required to be in a relationship is Understanding.

  39. tbag August 14th, 2014

    taurus women have no flaws, nothing wrong with you but there’s always something wrong with us gemini males period. don’t make something outa nothing. we straight talk, no beating around the bush, why can’t you taurus’ do the same? if you wanna break up tell us straight.

  40. tbag August 14th, 2014

    taurus women have no flaws, nothing wrong with you but there’s always something wrong with us gemini males period. don’t make something outa nothing. we straight talk, no beating around the bush, why can’t you taurus’ do the same? if yous wanna break up tell us.

  41. doodlefish July 8th, 2014

    Thank you so much for posting @Happythoughts92.  I’m a 40 year old Taurus woman.  I’m currently getting divorced from a Libra.  When I was 21 I fell in love with a Gemini.  It was the most loving and bonded relationship I’ve ever had.  It only lasted 6 months because one day his inner twin showed up.  It was like hitting a brick wall.  Very cold and he started doing drugs and cheating.  So strange.  My heart was broken.  And still is.  Now that I’m back on the market and searching.  I keep finding myself looking for someone like him (in denial about it of course).  But I’m sooo scared to be crushed like that again.  I’m on a dating website and I’m going to go forward with persuing Geminis.  Hopefully, with a mature Gemini and being nearly 20 years later, it will work and I can feel that love and passion all over again.

  42. Happythoughts92 June 12th, 2014

    When I was younger I was with a Gemini for two years. He was my first love. it was the best relationship I had ever had. He was very affectionate and always there for me. We ended up getting engaged but sadly it never went past that. Three months before we were broke up he had began using drugs thata when I saw the other side of him the mean hateful side of him. Worst heartbreak of my life. I hadn’t been with another Gemini since him until now and that was 8years ago. 
    Dont get me wrong Gemini guys have always caught my attention but the fear of one hurting me again well I just didn’t wanna take a chance. Until my friend introduced me to the one I’m seeing now. The day before I was suppose to officially meet and hang out with him I was doubtful of it going anywhere past that day. until I saw him the second my eyes hit him I was hooked. Something pulled me like it had before. Grabbing all my attention I couldn’t help it. From that day til today almost 3months I’ve been wrapped around this mans finger much like I had been with the other Gemini. we are almoat always together besides at work. i love this man so much And I’m so happy I i was wrong and it lead somewhere. Geminis are my weakness when it come to signs we blend well together. I can deal with my jealously a lot better now I know taurus are bad about that but if you can comtorl it and give him his space from time to time. And he can respect you and lead to give you the psychical love as much as the verbal this really is a beautiful relationship. 

  43. Kaymaria April 15th, 2014

    I’m a Taurian woman and I’ve been in love with a gemini man for a while now. We first started dating in high school, were together for 5 years- his eye began to wander, we broke up for 4 years and have recently picked right back up where we left off. We clearly still live one another but I don’t think he’s ready for what I have to offer too his life. It’s only been a crew months but man, he is wishy washy! Cohen we can communicate with one another, it’s awesome, were old friends agAin and our live is air tight- on the other hand though, he’s distant and secretive. I’m don’t as possessive and clingy as I was when I was 15 and I realize red flags. Though I love my Gemini guy, I may just have to hold onto pour friendship this time around and not expect much more than that. were dont have to be right under eachother every day or even see one another every day…I just hate being shut out when I’m trying to make an effort :/

  44. Gottalovejanice March 11th, 2014

    Im 21 (i know that may be too young. But hear me out) im dating a 24 y/o gemini. I have no idea why I fell for him. Half the time we’re great and the other half I have to hold my temper down. On our 2nd month alone, I had a bad breakdown. I’ve only ever been mad 3 times in my life and that was the third. I never knew i could ever hit and throw that kind of fit until that happened. I try to break it off all the time because I just know he’s not the one for me. I want stability and damn security. But for serious, i ask him to try to fixate his damn eyes straight while im gone and he says “i wont, ill only be looking, theres nothing bad about that.” IM LIKE WHATCHU SAY BITCH” im sorry i know i may sound childish, but really? He says he wants a steady relationship with me, and he’s “trying to win my heart”. How the hell are you going to win my damn heart if YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE DAMN DEFINITION OF SECURITY LOYALTY AND FAITHFULNESS. One thing though is he’s so damn persistent. I try to break it off he does everything to get me back. Oh my Gooooood. Hey Taureans, help? 

    • Katyana April 16th, 2017

      I’m 22 Taurus , he’s 32 Gemini , I can tell you from experience no matter how many times your pack your bags he won’t let you leave. Even when he’s the one telling you to pack your shit , he will tear you down as a person , make you hate yourself and question why you’re on stupid. If you’re lucky he won’t be aggressive. But I find when the 2nd twin ones into play he’ll rough you up like someone that owes you money. But after the evil twin is done and he sees you crying and pack bags, his soft side come out and he begs you to stay . Almost 3 years I don’t know how to leave either .

  45. SpringLadyMay February 5th, 2014

    I am currently seeing a Gemini man. I am surprised that he is so into me, because hs is not the typical guy I would date. In fact, I contemplate at night how to break things off with him, but still remain friends. What I love about this guy is he always knows the right things to say and when to say it, a real charmer. What I HATE about him though is that he is a mama’s boy to the 30th degree!! That would be fantastic if we were say 12, but at 40…smh not a good look. Additionally, he is just way to soft & “pretty” for my taste. Most taurus women such as myself are ladylike but can be almost like tomboys at heart. This guy is 40 and still can’t change a flat tire, and has no desire to learn! He gets pedicures and manicures weekly. I don’t even get pedicures YEARLY much less weekly. He shaves in weird places like his pubic hair. He wears jewelry and his hair is way to perfect. In 2014, u have to be a little more manly in order to not be mistaken for being gay (which is completely ok if you are, just be honest). Ironically, this guy is quite the ladies man. Always has a stream of ladies ready and willing to do as he says, and his past girlfriends have all favored models. Again, none of the above is my taste. I’m down to earth ,I make sure I look nice but I’m not obsessed with my appearance. I judge people first and foremost on personality, not their nail-care. Finally, I need a man that I can feel safe and protected with. Not a man that can’t even rescue me from a flat tire. No thanks.

  46. kambal July 12th, 2012

    As a Gemini, when we feel we’re being told what we can or cannot do we can become headstrong and standing our ground using argumentative jiu-jitsu is our way preserving our spirit. We can appear distant. It’s not that we’re emotionless, it’s just that we tend to keep sentimentality compartmentalized. Also, the more immature a Gem, the more our negative traits can be “triggered”. But a mature Gem has the understanding that communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with a Taurean (or any other sign for that matter). If the relationship is genuine and mature, a Gem will try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and try to resolve a conflict. Maybe not at first, or until prompted. But someone whom we just had an arguement with expresses a desire to meet us halfway, a Gem above all else would want harmony. The key is we want harmony. An impatient controlling, domineering, manipulative, or possesive individual is definately not our cup of tea, or anybodies. That personality trait we percieve in other’s get’s our “guard” up! Yes, we’re afraid to commit, especially when we feel our significant other is apt to push our buttons! But if you’re patient and thoughtful, we appreciate that tremendously! We wan’t pleasant company and when we mutually commited in our relationship and goals, we do find the practicality, steadfastness and spirit of a Taurean complimentary. 

  47. nupur14 May 6th, 2012

    I met this guy like a month ago and he is Gemini. I like him so much because is he so full of life. But I’m not sure he likes me or not? I’m just confused. Also, I belive in astrology alot so after reasding all these comments and compatibility im really worried that should I forget about my feelings for him or just give it a chnace? He makes me so happy and he just an amazing person. I never felt so happy and relaxed with anyother guy. but I do hate that one time he’ll be texting me for like 15 min continuously than suddenly no reply and suddelnly he’ll call me out of no where. Im just confused but I know for sure Im really falling for him. May be Is should just stay friends ?

  48. atvlns April 25th, 2012

    this article is really true. but sometimes you may want to check your overall birth chart. i am a taurus woman but i have so many gemini friends. they are more of my soulmates and are compatible in so many ways, maybe because of my gemini moon, aries mercury, gemini venus, and aquarius mars.
    i do have my taurus stubbornness and stable or grounded personality, but somehow my best friends since high school are more from gemini, libra, and aquarius clan, than virgo or capricorn team (though 1 best friend until now has a virgo sun with gemini moon too).
    i also notice that gemini friends with pisces mars are really good matches for taurus (me) because the way they behave in getting something is like a pisces which is kind, passive, romantic, understanding, and taurus likes pisces. in return they are comfortable with aquarian mars which approaches things more rationally and assertive. besides, some of gemini friends i know have pisces or cancer moon, so it mixes well with my sun sign, taurus.
    so if you are a taurus woman with more airy/fire signs in the chart, while your gemini man has some water/earth signs, it is a good match. but if your chart is full of similar earth signs, in the long run both will start to part ways because gemini man could get bored or trapped while taurus woman can lose reasons of why this person should be a match for her because of his fickleness and uncommitted ways.
    i also read from another website about marriage for taurus women. according to the survey, taurus women tends to choose taurus men but they also divorce gemini men the least.
    so, in general, i think taurus women still has a good chance with gemini men, better than sagittarius men definitely.
    for me personally, gemini is an easy match but sometimes as a taurus, i long for a virgo or capricorn man which is more conservative and as grounded as your core is. then again, my gemini moon and etc, can’t stand it sometimes and want a more interesting, easygoing, and witty person. your match should have the overall compatibility from birth chart.

  49. sweetaurus April 2nd, 2012


    I’m a taurus and my Gemini friend have casual sex and it’s great. We used to date so we have a good connection. It didn’t work becaus he was a lying dirtbag, but now we are good friends. I love him as a person and but he says he’s in love with me and wants to be together because I’m so sweet. Bu I just want the sex and companionship I would never take him serious enough to date again because of our history. I see some good in him which is why I keep him in my life and the sex 🙂 but I just think it’s just an ounce of goodness becAuse he can really be a jerk. He just stood me up last night no phone call or nothing. I’m starting to get bored with this routine behavior. But yeah I think you two could just have a sexual relationship I hink it will really be grea too because we are both so attracted to each other so it will probably be the same for you and the two of you will have so much fun together too, until she gets tired of you if your anythingg like my gemini

  50. sweetaurus April 2nd, 2012
  51. Ddzlgemini6486 February 22nd, 2012

     I’m a Gemini man and I truffle with a fast track mind that is alway racing and I recently met a Taurus woman and I am finding my self sewn to her . I’m nervous and shy to approach her in my normal flirtatious manner for the simple fact that I get really possessive and relationship relationships. I’m not about hurting feelings either .is there such a thing like casual sex between these two signs or would it be wrong of me to satisfy my needs with her in fear of a relationship. I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with her , but I’m all over the place .could someone shed some light on the situation for me???

  52. LadyPatience February 20th, 2012

    I too am attached to a Gemini Man.  We’ve been married for 7 yrs (together for 13) and Strangly enough our relationship is not completely like that of your typical Taurus/Gemini Love. When we argue it is like the Clash of the Titans but we only argue maybe once or twice a year.  Things have worked because I learned to bring down the “Bull” in me.
    Something to think about ladies (and i often have to remind myself)  You are with a GEMINI being (2 sometimes 3 personas in one person). Everything you know and learned about men DOES NOT APPLY to them!!!  You have to deal with them individually and treat them as such. We are able to handle Gemini’s because our patience allows it!! We are able to love them because our hearts are genuine.  But our problem is comfort.  Being with a Gemini Man means we have to step outside of our comfort zone….. and thats where we faulter.    
    If you want to keep a Gemini Man….. a few simple things……  (*)Curb the Jealousy…  It was the greatest thing i had to overcome (its hard but doable) (*)Stop over analyzing EVERYTHING, every move every word every action.  In his case, actions doesnt speak louder than words. He often never means what he says but after he said it he has to commit to save face (*)LET THEM BE AN INDIVIDUAL(s)!! Learn to let loose and not “seem” so attached.  If they feel trapped or locked down they will want to regain thier individuality by proving they are still in charge…..   (*)When they go out… dont ask where, with who, how long, and dont ask to go (all the time). Gemini’s can be faithful as long as the “feel” of freedom is not lost. And when you go out dont stick under him like your the mother bird protecting the nest! flirt (lightly), disappear, mingle, make him come look for you (but dont get yourself in trouble- and you know what i mean Taureans). (*)Be mysterious…. Despite what we believe they really dont want to know everything.  Go to the store, around the corner, anywhere and challenge yourself to not tell them where your going… and if he asks, be sassy and say something clever. In that sexy way you do, say “Dont worry about it” or “Wouldnt you like to know”. It keeps them guessing and turns them on (*)never stop flirting- their mind is what we are freaking. You stimulate his mind and the rest will follow…remember that!! Send dirty txt, keep up on current events, sports or whatever he likes. He’s more turned on by mind play than physical (which is hard for us to understand because we’re sensual beings), (*)(to them) be spontaneous  – We’re planners so we kinda cant help it!  Dont tell him you planned anything….. make him think you made it up as you went along! Change your look, attitude, hair as often as you can. He’ll think you’re exciting and full of surprises (*)He is young at heart which means if you want attn you have to trick him into it.  Play games – sex, board, mind, anything that will allow him to be fun and carefree.  Invite over friends and show him your not starved for his attn (*)Lastly, they are opportunist….. If they want to do something (as much as you dont want to) do it when they ask!! Once the moment has pasted 9 times outta 10 you wont get it back!!!! 
    Everything else you have to play by ear.  You’ll find they will be a bit more patient with everything else if you learn to flex in those areas….. And in return you will have captured the heart of a GEMINI man who will adore you enough never want you to be hurt by his hand.  I’m no expert but being with this man for so long has opened up my eyes to understanding me.  Reading your responses reminded me what has worked, why things are good and how it’s lasted so long.  I cant be sure what will happen from one moment to the next…. And i cant predict the future but thats ok! cuz being with him has taught me that i dont ALWAYS have to be in control and i dont ALWAYS have to know whats gonna happen next!!  Hope my expeiernce has helped someone!  Good Luck and Much Patience my Taurean Sisters……

  53. EmiliaEades December 31st, 2011

    I have been with gemini boyfriend for 11 yrs. now and like the article says we have had some ups and downs but the relationship has been the best and longest relationship I have ever had. We instantly connected on a physical and emotional level I being a Taurus woman wanted to settle down as soon as possible and my Gemini boyfriend wasn’t having any of that, so we decided to take things a lil slow too slow for me. I feel that with my determination in keeping this relationship with him has shown him that I am in it for the long haul. We now have 2 children together and he is coming around to the idea of marriage. regardless of the title or not I love that man with everything in me, and I know for a fact he feels the same way it took years to get here and trust and believe I wake up to a diffrent side of him everyday but it keeps thing interesting for me and our relationship. He’s my best friend and I am His… Thanks for the article. 🙂

  54. ckpmpvc November 25th, 2011

    @Taurus Lady
    Oh, Don’t be discouraged. You are not the only one who feel the insecurity given by Gemini man. I am in the excat position as you are and sometimes I just want to let go but we can’t can we? Taurus women hold on to relationship for as long as they are able to. I pray that he is faithful to you because the thing we Taurus women are hurt the most is by infidelity of the man we love. But remember that we have to deal with that insecurity within us ourselves. It is our nature, not necessarily caused by them. May you be successful in this relationship 🙂

  55. ckpmpvc November 25th, 2011

    Sound very familiar to me as I am in a relationship with a Gemini man for a year now. On and off but still very much attached to each other. He travels around and can’t stay at a place for long even though he has said he wanted it just yesterday. He can’t ever make up his mind is the problem. I think it is a challenging and tiring relationship but if both are willing to be a bit flexible (in this case it seems the Taurus woman needs to do more job to make it work), it is a great match as Gemini men are special in their own way. They just don’t like to express and be controlled. They think they are always right when they are dead wrong. I suggest do not take Gemini man’s words too seriously or continuosly dwell on a subject. They don’t like to make small things big. They are actually simple, no big talks or being difficult because they tend to withdraw and just fly away when that insecure side of them takes control. All in all, I love him very much but I have the least sense of security inside and often feel hurt by his insensitivity. But actually they have the other side that is so wonderful. It is just that they are governed by two personalities and get confused themselves. And believe me, age doesn’t chance them much. The man I am with is already 50. You would expect him to outgrow that confusing personality. When there’s love, you would allow yourself to be flexible to make your Gemini man feel good about the relationship. Don’t give up without trying.

  56. TaurusNaya November 12th, 2011

    I have been in love with a gemini for 2 years now and i can say all of this is true. he is afraid to love me although he shows it. As far as him settling down you are right its far from now. but one thing i can say is i love him unconiditonally and i dont plan on leaving him. I am not a quitter and i am willing to do whatever to keep him in my life. im a strong taurus and ready to submit to my gemini

  57. truetaurus2heart May 31st, 2011

    Thank you for so much for that. I realize that i am fearful I also know that even though I say that i forgive him I really have to mean it. I want to experience the Love that we had for one another but in order to do that i have to stop being suspicious and worried bout his gemini ways.

  58. Author
    Ask Oracle May 31st, 2011

    @truetaurus2heart (Keinita)
    Its time you must seriously think about getting rid of baseless fear and suspicions. Fear has no role to play in making a relationship or a marriage successful. But forgiveness, compassion, truth, diligence have a lot to do to experience a great Love.

  59. truetaurus2heart May 30th, 2011

    I ama taurus woman and have been in a relationship with a gemini man for 8yrs. I must say that this sounds so true about the compatibility of the two. I have been through so much with this man and honestly as being a taurus woman I have been keeping our relationship together,and he has been working on it also.I’m starting to feel that by me being so stable and such a homebody is a turn off to him,but when i change that up and start to mingle he had a problem.
    Recently i brought up the fact that we should get married he agreed but just knowing the fact that neither one of us can leave each other alone is one of the reasons. We have been together a total of 17yrs(i was his first)and its always something new and exciting. We love one another but we feel out of love with one another a few years ago due to infidelity on both ends. Its hard for me to trust him without being suspicious but in all i still love him and I’m sure he loves me. I’m still planning our wedding for next year….

  60. ame87 May 29th, 2011

    taurus girl, with a gemini man for 6 months now. We just got out of our relationships and we know how we were when we are commited, so me and him decided to take open relationship.

    i liked him, but as i was not ready for any serious things i treated him like my brother. But Suddenly last night after watching a movie, he told me about all his feelings and asked me to take things seriously for him.

    i was shocked and couldn’t say a word. HE does not want to get married, so do i.. but he wants serious relationship? why can’t we be more light… all i did was standing stoned infront of him, stoned. i did not know he was into me that deep..

    if i say no, i think he will move on to other girls but i am not ready for anything and not ready for him to move on too… geezz..

  61. alalrox77 April 19th, 2011

    Two years ago I was in love with a guy, (not a gemini). But then a gemini guy persued me over and over again. At first, I found him annoying and didn’t like him at all. But he persued me every day for two years, wanting to kow more about me. he asked me out several times (which i denied), but he was real persistent. I finally fell out of love with the other guy and starting liking the gemini. But the gemini already started to flirt with other girls. I was hurt, a little angry but got over it quickly. He still chases me but I know better than to go out with him if he’s just going to cheat on me. I try to find different people and he tries to find other people but I still kind of enjoyed him yearning over me even though it was really annoying at first. Even though he talks to other girls more I still know he has a crush on me even though he doesn’t pursue me as much as he used to.

  62. jeffersonsummersett@yahoo.com April 19th, 2011

    @mattysmommy. i’m so sorry to hear that. thats a sad story. I truly understand that you still love your gemini man and don’t want to let him go. but out of respect need I remind you that gemini is the sign of the twin. they have dual and split personality. they change their minds rapidly. one day they’ll say one thing and the next they’ll say something totally different. thats the way they are. and thats likely the cause of your gemini man is the way he is. I know it’s hard but my suggestion to you is move on if he don’t want to be commited. because it sounds to me like you’re a good woman. and a good woman like you don’t come a dime a dozen. being a gemini man myself I never been with a taurus woman and if I had one I most certainly will be commited to her and not skip out on her. i’m married to a sagittarius woman and I find that relationship to be difficult

  63. Bullpark April 3rd, 2011

    i just met a Gemini guy and it was amazing. It was not like romantic or anything, but we just set down and share our knowledges like works, study, people, philosophies, politics and religious ideas. i never met anyone who i can so easily share knowledges and care so much.

    he is craving for new perspectives and informations and i love researching and collecting informations. our conversations jumps from here to there, jokes around lightly. He told me i am so easy going and feel so comfortable to be with.

    IT is quite funny cos i have been transformed and shaped by Sagiterius and aquarius men i met before. I usually follow and give in myself to others rather than control anything, accept whatever comes from others. And i think that is why i could go out with him quite well. Anything he suggests sound very interesting, not really expecting much but i would like to have him as a good friend 🙂

    All my friends were Geminis i have been influenced by their great personalities since high school, so it was not hard to read what he wants to see from me. All i need to do is keep updating and stimulate and study, be professional lolll wish me good luck 🙂

  64. Roxy March 26th, 2011

    I have been in a long distance relationship with a Gemini man for 8 months now. We fell in love with each other right away. It was amazing at first.
    My Gemini man does NOT communicate. and I am the type of person that needs to know what is going on. (thats our main problem) He says that I over analyze things. Is this a Taurus trait or is it just me? We both get jealous of each others friends -perhaps its because we are in a LDR and we dont get enough time together to get to know each other more(?) He does NOT tolerate being told what to do (I made that mistake a few times and OH GOD!) I love this guy, but he drives me crazy. We argue then the next morning its like nothing happened. A couple months ago we had to take a break for a couple of weeks. and we are currently considering calling it off. It shouldnt be this hard to be with someone. As a Taurean, I see the pattern (previous relationships)where I try, try and try until the end. I will hold on until I know for sure it wont go any further. Im exhausted and I love him, I dont know what to do. I know he is frustrated too. 🙁

  65. Taurus Lady March 13th, 2011

    As a taurus, the reason we hold on to so many things is because they are the significant foundation of who we are. Memories are things we like to keep and being able to keep them proves the person we are.

    Currently I am in the beginning statges of dating a Gem guy. We had numerous flings for the past 4 years and now something serious has finally happened. hes fun, flirty, and loves to talk. On the other hand he gives me the impression that he cant be trusted with another woman. If the tables were turned I would be kicked to the curb if he knew i was secretly dating other guys. NOW THATS SOMETHING TAURUS WOMEN DONT UNDERSTAND. I love my gem lots but i pray this works well. I can admit there are times when i just need to let go and be free, I hate having jealousy traits and i wish there was a way i could prevent them

  66. skandl March 5th, 2011

    well ima Taurus woman ive been talkn 2 this Gemini man for almost two mths we get along great when we are 2gether but he is 2 busy for me i need all my attention so i try 1 casually break it off & he doesnt want 2 also he has a sagitarius mate @ home i know its my first time dealin wit this kind of dilemma i only agreed cuz i dnt want 2 fill any shoes but im not bread 2 be a mistress 2 jealous & territorial but i really like him & the bedroom booms we talk bout everthang idk wat should i do????

  67. CherryPop February 13th, 2011

    I Love My Gemini Man!! Yes He Is Reckless And Has No Sense Of Punctuality, I Love Him Irregardless!! Flaws and all, I have never been happier with another man, we have been together for 5 Years Now… We Are Getting Married In 2months Time, The Sex Is Great,Today is Valentines Day And I Love Him More Than Ever <3

  68. gem_of_a_man December 13th, 2010

    These two signs are mutually incompatible. I am a double gemini painfully, married to a taurean for 4 years. A case in concern is ‘U2 – With of Without you’, so is the case with people coming together from these two signs.

    Of these 4 years, we’ve stayed together only for 5 months. Letting go, is easy for gemins, as they find something else to do. Quickly.

    Geminis would never brood, and hang on to painful memories. Why do Taureans want to hld on to their ego and attitude so much is something that I have never been able to understand!!!

  69. dream91344 November 19th, 2010

    I’m a Taurus female and have been living with my gemini husband for 19 years, I will just say it gets better, but be careful not to over expose your gemini man, it will damage him and keep your friends to yourself away, you’ll need them for support and for those intense conversations you love to have, cause you will only bore him with all that after a while. over all girl you got a good man and you help bring out the best in him, but it takes time.

  70. Mrs. Gemini October 24th, 2010

    I’m a Taurus woman who loves her Gemini man more than I could ever explain. However, I’m in agreement with almost every1’s comments. It’s been 4 yrs & counting and I, too, deal with constant issues with my man and battle with whether or not we should really be together. He leaves me either seriously crushed or extremely ecstatic inside @ times. But, the truth is, I just can’t see my life without him.

  71. love My Gemini man October 3rd, 2010

    To >>> matty;s mommy

    1st of all love you son. always keep in mind you are a mother of a little boy bot a high school girl.

    be loyal to your real husband. dont just call him ~”my son’s father”

    why the hell on this earth you married your son’s father??? you did felt the same with that man too no??

    just stop wandering. you didnt prove your self as a proper wife atleast try to prove your self as a true mother.

    think about that child?? did he ask you to bring him to this earth? NO!! then why you spoiling that childs life and emotions? have you put ur self in a childs place.

    no child on this earth want to see his mom or dad flirting with other men or woman. it affect the child.

    think about you son!! be a good mother and being desperate woman.

  72. sassyone37 September 20th, 2010

    Wow….. First experience with a Gemini man “Gem” shouldn’t be anywhere is the name. Met him on 6/26/10 was single (he 35- me 37) and definatly not looking but we hit it off so well it was amazing. We have been together everyday/night since. We talked about moving in together marrige and all of that. He is handsome, charming and very smart. My taurus intuition told me there was a player underneath all the charm but of course I hoped I was wrong. I broke off a 10 year long distance relationship, I let him meet my daughter and all of my friends who also thought he was the one. Although I always prefered being single I wanted to give this a chance because I thought he was worth it. I am a very sexual person and the one problem was he never wanted to have sex? I think he just did it enough to keep me around…… Then he started talking about threesomes and that was the only way he was truly turned on? This is a guy who two weeks ago told me he loved me? First let me say we both live in Las Vegas and for anyone that is familiar (ugh) you can imagine dating/living in a city full of options. (I am writing a book on the subject now). So anyway, my best friend came to town and me, him, her and a co-worker decided to make dinner and hang out. We were all drinking (him drunk) and he begged me to stay the night with him and I told him I was leaving because my best friend is here and its late so we all left. I received a text from my co-worker whom he had met before and who had hooked up with his roomate a month before. So get this!!! After we left he called/texted her asking her to come back over and be with him!! Can you believe this? I am so devastated that words cannot even explain… Not only that but my best friend (who truly thought he was the one too) had to be a part of this drama that took place. Of course, he is calling and texting me begging me to forgive him and he was drunk and really messed up…. I feel that this is just who he is…. I don’t doubt that he cared/loved me but how can you do this to someone you love? We are not in a commited relationship so why not call someone else? Why my friend??? Next time I meet a Gemini I am going to run for the hills. Sapposed to go talk to him tonight so he can explain but there really is no explanation for what he did? Should I even waste my time or should I just let it be over from here and move on…..? I would appreciate any comments.

    Thank You,

  73. maltesegirl September 7th, 2010

    I met my gemini man when i was 14 and he 19, he was my 1st love and we were together until I was 19. Everything was good at first but after a few years he moved away to get a better job and visited me every couple of weeks, during this time I started having fun with my friends, going out, etc. We kind of drifted aprt and i ended up moving abroad. After 6 months I returned, he collected me from the airport, I was 20 at the time and he 25, we spnt the day and night together, the next day he confessed that he had been having a casual relationship with some girl who was now pregnant and he felt trapped, but couldn’t bring himself to leave her because of the child. I excepted it, although heartbroken, and left him alone. Fast forward to present, 16 years later, I found him on facebook. He called me straight away and the emotions Ive been going through are crazy, I still love him as much as I always did, he is still with the same woman and says he never forgot me and regrets so much. The situation is so tricky now, partners and children involved, but the love is still there, he thinks its fate that were back in touch, who knows what the future will bring, I just hope its me and him

  74. Gemineye August 18th, 2010

    I don’t know why the horoscope or anyone else hasn’t at least said this much about the Taurus Female…THEY ARE NOT SO INNOCENT 24/7 EITHER! They crave attention just as much or more as a gemini does!! When other guys have been around, she has done things on purpose to strive for attention even if in small ways! Where I am perfectly fine with girls leaving me the hell alone! haha, I mean most of this stuff is true but I have to at least point out….I love this girl with all my heart…truly…but I am up and down and all around and w/e but…when I really want to settle down and be with her it doesn’t work…because she’s always trying to combat what she thinks “i’m up to” and it’s never anything crazy…..all I can say is…if these two signs don’t lock themselves in a room together and have sex it seems like the second you leave the room….things begin to disappear….BUT I am not giving up because I love her. I will find a solution, if it is the end of me. <3

  75. TaureanBabe August 18th, 2010

    I direct my comment to Gemini Dude of January 9th 2010. your words are like daggers at my gut because as a Taurean, i am guilty of that power play and refusal to compromise. I guess in my relationship that began 9years ago, i always felt that i could keep things together. However, while the initial phase was amazing, our son entered our lives and things changed. culture, religion, family came into play and again when my man would speak, i listened but did not hear…so to speak. It cost me dearly. and as a Taurean…i still have not managed to fully recover from the split. We used to have the ugliest of fights but always fixed it. our break up was messy and i was a mess too as he was my first love. however, TODAY i still cannot bring myself to HATE him. i still find myself holding that candle, refusing to accept that it has dwindled into oblivion. that he has moved on. Whatever his interests are, i hope one interest will come that will last 4ever. at least it will succeed where i failed.

  76. hemmo July 25th, 2010

    my gemini man is my dream man.within 2 weeks of dating,he told me he loves me and he proposed.it was just to good to be true.he posesses all the physical qualities i want in a man.he is charming…but he is a very busy person.before we started,we talk on phone and he is either in my country or the other.so that means he can only see for 2 months in 12 months.i dont want that.i tested him and he failed woefully.he got so mad that he said he was wrong about deciding to get engaged with me.i was heartbroken.i cried for days.i cud not stand being without him so i apologised.he took several to get back on track.i love him so much.he is the only man that has ever made me feel loved.but he is not stable.now he is saying we should go to wherever he is going together but that will affect my job.and he is a very jealous person…what do i do now?

  77. dealreal81 May 29th, 2010

    Wow!!!! You all have said a mouthful!!!! I just got off the phone with a Gemini man that quiet as it’s kept I have EXTREMELY DEEP feelings for and not even sure why because he doesn’t have much to offer (as my other Taurus sisters have expressed lol smh), but I’m a sucker for personality so I have great interest in him. @Chicmagic couldn’t have said it better about being able to fight your Taurus nature. Honestly I think that’s why I’m done with him after this day. Instinctively I am drawn to his personality, love being around him and we have great conversation but this is not enough for him to even step outside his box and work on having a relationship of longevity. I’m tired of compromising myself; I believe that our birthdates are aligned with the universe so I read up on signs in order to operate in the relationship with people’s INNATE character. For example, I’ve read and learned that Geminis do not like being tied down and the two that I’ve been interested in I played my role accordingly; I never pressured them about being in a committed relationship until TONIGHT. I was living with one recently and felt like I was living with my homeboy!!! The one I just got off the phone with was someone I was crushing on when I was sixteen and he crossed my path last year. I respect that he’s not running game and pretending to want to be in a relationship just to have sex, but I had to get a better understanding of where “we” were going tonight. We are not going anywhere lol and I deserve so much more. I deserve to be with a man that is so interested in me that’ll he leave his box and make “us” “official”. The one I was crushing on at 16 speaks so vaguely to the point that if I were naïve I would get sucked in by his charm only to be hurt in the end because at the end of the day if you listen closely and not selectively you’ll have hear that Gemini man express in some kind of way that he didn’t want to be in a committed relationship. The grandma and grandpa that have been together “forever” gives me slight hope but I’m still falling back!!! I get that things take time to flourish but to not even treat me special enough to set your sight on me because he doesn’t think it makes sense is BULL and I don’t mean a Taurus!!!!! I’ll leave this one to God!!!!!!

  78. Natzkie May 9th, 2010

    I totally agreed w/ Isris T about her lovelife w/ an Gemini man, well to be honest im in a relationship w/ a Gemini too yeah its so confusing but lots of fun if i keep myself a flexible one our relationship is like an ADVENTURE when we’re together and because i felt that i loved him every now and then i can forgive him in every mistakes i found out what he did its kinda painful esp. the flirty side of him but that’s their nature the unbelievable thing is we’re on for 3years & 8months now and its the longest relationship i ever had so called MAGIC apparently yes until now all i have to do is to support,understand him always, aside from being his gf i wanted him also to feel that as if im his faithful best friend so for all the taurean women out there who wants fun, excitement its cool, awesome and amazing to have/keep an GEMINI lover…=) one more thing be more PATIENT

  79. IrisT April 21st, 2010

    Lol!!! This is such a shocker! I am a 17 yr old taurus girl and i jus got of the phone with my gemini man. He’s 17 as well. I kno im young but i agree with the ENTIRE article! From reading that and others comments i feel i should share my experience being involved witha a gemini man ; OMG drama will never go away with us! At least not for long. I met my gemini man at the end of may 2008! It’ll b 2 yrs in May that i have been in love w/ this guy. Oh trust and believe we hit it off pretty good when we 1st met. idk what it was about him but i’ve never been attracted to any guy as much until i met him! Charming sweet hilarious sexy & all of the above. i could just keep goin. W/in 2 months i fell in love w/ him & was vey infactuated w/ him! But that wasnt all, what made us so complicated, we were distant from each other! I live in indianapolis & he lives in anderson,IN which is like 25-30 mins top from my house. To answer “anonymous” If long distance can work? Well i was against that too until i met him. But whenevr him & i would hang together, we would always have a good time! No fights whatsoever. What bought us closer more was how affectionate we were towards each other. Meanwhile, we would fall out, & like the article said, taurus women like stability. Thats my middle name! I often have problems w/ change & when he would do things that i wasnt familar w/ so i would get suspicious. My gemini man is very attractive to the point evey girl wants him! Ugh i couldnt stand it. Females were my biggest problem w/ him. W/ us not bein around each other majority of the time i would become jealous. I would go bein nosy on the myspace/facebook pages jus to see who all he talks to. I find it hard 2 trust him bcuz he would lie to me but at the same time he was very manipulative w/ his way of keepin me shut up. I feel as if i was gettin played so i was jus stop goin to his pages becuz i would start arguments about what was said from him & the other girl. If we werent arguin about his girls, others would b about stupid stuff or why we couldnt b official. It made me so mad cuz he we are playin bf/gf but we cant hold that title. I felt that mayb if we were together then mayb all this messin w/ other girls would stop! There was alot that i nvr brought upon to him about other girls && rumors up to this day bcuz i kno how that will affect us so i leave it alone. Arguing w/ a gemini man is a tough battle. They will NEVER give up until their point is across & when they let u kno how right they are. And you would think a taurus is stubborn && mean & debative…well i finally think ive met my match! We were also off && on. We’ll fall out for 1 month, then 2, then 3, and omg how devasted i was throughtout the entire seperation. I didnt get how i would b so miserable w/o talkin 2 him when all he did was hurt me?! Its a love/hate situtaion. I hated that i loved him so much. I would rather him be in my life driving me nuts instead of not having him in my life at all. ITS CRAZY! =[ I nvr understood how we just start off all good then the fights, falling in n out, and dis gemini man has put me through excruciating pain! Taurus are strong but sometimes i felt like i couldnt put up a fight. It was takin every ounce of me. Luckily me && him are still tight as ever now. Yea he’s put me through hell and alot more, and vise versa. Gemini men are so “UNPREDICTABLE”! Thats what i love about him the most. Just when i thought me & him were done, he’ll randomly call me && we’ll make up/vise versa. That showed to us, there’s something there between us after all.Im stubborn but when it comes 2 him, alot of my bad ways change. Yes indeed after all our faults, battles, etc, we fell in love. Of coarse i fell in love 1st but hey at least im not in this alone. We’re still distant but not as nearly as much we were before. We talk everyday! We spend time together. Our parents arent quite fond of us but thats a whole ‘nother story.

    I totally agree w/ the article sayin that these 2 signs are not made in heaven. Believe me its tough && this is only the beginning w/ us since im goin 2 b 17 && he’ll b 18 this summer. Now i dont think a im borin but when im 100 percent comfortable w/ someone, i am a handfull of fun. I havent reached that point w/ him yet bcuz i still get the butterflies. But everyone who thinks that these signs cant make it, well i kinda disagree. They’re alot of work no doubt, but if u 2 really love each other you’ll find yourself fighting hard 4 one another. Im a taurus girl who’ll fight until there’s nothing left w/ in me to fight w/.Ill make a way outta no way! I’ve realized, my gemini appreciates that! The gemini && i are still not official but im tryin not 2 look at the future as much && enjoy him in the present. When the time comes. im sure we’ll b together. w/ in our drama, we both feel it was worth it. There’s hope!

  80. nluvw/agemini March 28th, 2010

    omg!!! this is so true. me and my gemini guy were so perfect in the beginning and then all of a sudden he tells me he doesn’t love me anymore. we lasted nine months and its taking a whole lot for me to move on. to me he was everything i have ever wanted in a guy but he i guess didn’t see that in me. but its like when we broke up i couldn’t stop myself from trying to save what we had. i even cried several nights over this guy. i don cry over anything!! some how some way he found his way into my heart. i just don’t get why after he has hurt me he wants me around but he doesn’t know why?? if some one could explain that to me i’d appreciate it. all of that said, my grandma is a taurus, my grandpa is a gemini, been together FOREVER!!! mayb there’s hope.

  81. ash March 21st, 2010

    This is all true you gemini guyss! They fustrate mee,! Ad much as I try to get alone you i always say something wrong. A Gemini man would comment and say this is bullshit. Its a fun relationship but never long term!!

  82. ash March 21st, 2010

    This is all true you gemini guyss! They fustrate mee,! Ad much as I try to get alone you always say something wrong. A Gemini man would comment and say this is bullshit. Its a fun relationship but never long term!!

  83. Taurus Woman March 16th, 2010

    I wish I read this sooner….EISH !!!

  84. Taurus Women March 3rd, 2010

    No man ever forgets being with a Taurus woman. The memory of them is like an indelible print in your heart because they are just so damn intoxicating…. and sexy.

  85. anonymous February 26th, 2010

    I wonder if a long distance relationship would work for a taurus woman and gemini man. From everything I’ve been reading (both the article and comments,) and my past encounter with the gemini man, the stability that taurus instinctively creates is what drives them both insane. If the distance between them automatically disrupts any kind of stability, and taurus uses that distance to focus more on career, perhaps this relationship could last?

  86. gemini man February 21st, 2010


  87. ako_si_pat January 27th, 2010

    hi bam!!! haha.

    babe tignan mo oh, parang tayo ung pinagkkwentuhan nila. hahahaha!! sikat na tayo! yey!!

    i love you 🙂

  88. LaLaLaLisa January 20th, 2010

    Wow, I really needed this clarification! I googled Taurus Woman & Gemini Man & upon reading this I felt like my questions have finally been answered. I am so attracted a Gemini man but it has been 5 months too long, time to cut him off to keep from wasting any more time. It wil be hard since he is so charming and a pleasure to be around but the withdrawls of not seeing him as frequently as I’d like will soon be a thing of my past.

  89. PTabor January 17th, 2010

    I am a taurus woman who has been dating a gemini man for 5 months. I am 51 he is 52. There are many times that I have to pull things out of him to communicate with me. His humor doesn’t make sense to me. It took him three months to have intercourse. He has a lot of litle boy in him. He also lives with his 93 y/o mother. I enjoy being with him, but other times I can’t wait for him to leave. Such a confusing relationship. Deep down he his not a future mate. For the meantime, he keeps me company when I want it.

  90. GeminiDude January 9th, 2010

    Okay, I finally realized that instead of complaining I must focus on my own faults.

    I read this relationship advice e-book and now realize what went wrong. I know that I have some serious attitude problem and more so with Taurus woman I was madly in love with. I was unprepared and things happened so quickly that I could not handle them well.

    Most women crave for attention and admiration and this factor is much more important for a Taurus woman. And when she contacted me about one year after breaking up, she was probably giving it a second try but I didn’t want her back and was already in another relationship.

    I wish I knew all this stuff 9 years ago, but it’s never too late. It makes sense to learn things and then act upon them. I think brain and planning plays an equally important role in relationships and it can be useful to take professional advice when in trouble.

  91. Chicmagic October 9th, 2009

    There’s definitely something magic about when these 2 signs get together, no doubt. “Magic” is exactly the word we used to describe us, but it proved incompatible at the end.

  92. GeminiDude October 9th, 2009

    I am Gemini man, and I once fell in love with a Taurus woman. Thats 9 yrs ago. Anyway I had a very bad time with that girl, mostly cuz in my case I got attached to her.

    She had a sweet voice and I agree with the article that I tend to wander here and there cuz I find a lot of things interesting and challenging but I was always there for her, always. She tested me a lot, may be I didn’t get through a few especially the friends’ test. She had no clue what she was upto and then involvement of her friends made things more pathetic.

    Initially we instantly fell in love, it was real magic. But soon we had a lot of arguments, I don’t know why but she brought nonsense stuff to discuss from here and there and I could never convince her.

    May be she didn’t “see” a bright future with me, and actually I am pleased that she didn’t, we were incompatible. She and I had different priorities in life.

    But there is one thing I am still confused about, one year after breaking up, she appeared from somewhere and apologized for what she did with me etc. etc.

    Consequently I am now more detached and cool about everything. It has been 9 yrs but I am not sure why I have not been able to forget her. She was the most frustrating girl I ever met but still don’t hate her. 🙁

  93. Chicmagic October 7th, 2009

    I am a Taurus woman who just recently came out of a “relationship” (of some sort) with a Gemini man. My experience was EXACTLY the same as mattsmommy’s entry of Sep25. I was also having a “situation” with my children’s father and my Gemini & I were intensely connected spending much of our time together…but he frustrated me to no end…red flags going off constantly in my head. I don’t think he’s able to give me what I need as a Taurus so I broke it off, then back on again, then now off again. I was neither happy in it or out of it yet in the 3 months end to end we were together, I am still recovering after the whole thing. We reached that fork in our path & had to flip a coin sort of speak. I am completely devastated without understanding why it is affecting me this much when really, he doesn’t have much to offer my Taurus needs. I also learned that it is very true that I (Tauruses) need to learn to live in the now & sometimes need to stop looking so far ahead. I still miss him but for the sake of getting over it, I’ve cut off all communication & very slowly, getting better. I don’t believe a relationship should be this difficult to enjoy. So, mattysmommy, I suggest you do the same. The compatibility assessment you see above is very accurate. For any other Taurus out there considering a relationship with a Gemini, it is intense but the outcome may not be worth the pain in the end unless you are able to fight your Taurus nature.

  94. mattysmommy September 25th, 2009

    im a taurus women, and i have been in a “relationship” with a gemini..dood,..and he is the most frustraiting humane being on this planet,..but god i just cannot bring myself to leave him/stop wanting him..a few months ago he confinded that he wanted a relationship,..and we talked about being together well…i was going thru a “situation” with my sons father,..and i wanted out but i couldnt find myself out at the time…and then got back with the gemini dood again..and this time he doesnt want a relationship,..just friends but when we spend time together we have fun,..and were so damn connected its unbelieable,..i cant even find myself thinking about anyone else,.and then what wa sirritating we would act like bf/gf we would spend the night with each other call each othe ron a daily basis,just honestly have a good time and have sum really amazing sex but we didnt need that to like..be together u knoe..its tough because in the past this “thing” has been allabout sex no strings attatched..idk what his deal is i cut all attatchments with my sons father and now im all alone..a week ago i was in a emotional state and asked him what we were he couldnt answer it,..he said he wanted me but he didnt..what does that even mean?PLEASE SOMEONE..so he said we were going to end it,..and find myself crying whenever i think of him or feel the presence of him..i am very hurt because he said he wouldnt do this we have been through so much,but i dont know what to feel or what to do i just want him back,..he really doesnt have anything to offer my tauras side does crave,..but i dont even care,..maby its for the best,..i just want to take care of him and love him and just god,..i want him back any any advice at all please…im dying inside

  95. abi June 5th, 2009

    i am considering a gemini man. i believe that from the first time we met, there is something there. i believe that it is true with him too and we both are so aware of each other. we just don’t seem to admit it “yet”. reading your match compatibility is helping me decide. thanks a lot!

  96. MYKIE May 4th, 2009

    im in this relationshp wt a taurean woman and to tell the truth, its the first relationship i have ever committed myslf to (noting tht im a Gemini) i totally find all ur readings very accurate because all you have said is happening in my life besides the infedelidty.. i love her a great deal and what trully caught my heart is the fact y that you mentioned this is a perfect relationship, and believe me, we have realised this though everything we have been thru..

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