Gemini Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini man and Leo woman share a strong bond, but Gemini's love of variety may threaten Leo's desire for attention.
  • Their sexual relationship can be alluring, but Gemini's infidelity can cause problems.
  • Leo woman can attract the Gemini man by showing her natural attraction and not trying to restrict his independence.
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A Gemini and a Leo makes a strong bond of attachment and friendship. They share a common sense of fun in love as both of them are playful lovers. But Gemini’s love of variety may leave Leo feeling a little threatened, simply because Leo desires to be the center of attention.

The Gemini man is impossible to pin down. He is strongly intellect but at the same time it makes more sense to Gemini man to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none simply because it might involve doing that thing forever. He is very intellectual being and likes to play mind games. He is wandering sort and is much happier moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. Gemini man basically has a boyish heart which never truly grows up. Even in a relationship he hates getting tied up and gives the same freedom to his lady as well.

Warmly generous and truly feminine, a Leo woman is soft but strong woman who stands tall. She is a born possessor and leader, tends to try to tame almost everyone around her. A Leo woman is definitely something very different and attention follows her everywhere whether she wants it or not. Flattering a Leo woman is just the right key to her heart. Even though she needs her lover to be stronger than she is, she wants to possess him as well as have faith in its entirety. He is needed to cherish her, at least when “expected” and in turn, let her shower him with affection.

A Leo woman makes just the very similar kind of match for the Gemini man. Gemini man and Leo woman share in expensive tastes from the conversations they speak to the clothes they dress in. They are very much into travel and the arts and would not think twice about spending the money they have to possess such things. To go along with this lavish lifestyle, the duo seems to equally possess the ability to get what they want. A Leo woman needs to tame her Gemini man in some manner and show him just how unique and special she can be which she does by putting forth that loving quality she is so good at. This is not a difficult task for her as she is naturally appealing to most. If she does indeed love him, she needs to keep up with his mind as well as with his body.

A Gemini man makes a very stimulating and encouraging partner for his Leo woman. In love with her, he enjoys talking, and his Leo appreciates the easy flow of communication between both of them. Gemini man compromises and lets her take the spotlight in the public eye. This won’t be the most difficult task for Gemini man as he is not overly possessive to begin with. He merely sees this as another part of the amazing qualities that make up his Leo woman. Moreover, he himself is a charmer and with his smooth talks that he does with a silver tongue; he can influence his Leo woman for anything he wants. As much as he likes to wander and move about in his ever changing lifestyle, there are things he senses as intriguing and special. His constant change of pace is difficult for Leo woman to pin down but once she makes him realize just how amazing she can be, he stops dead in his tracks and once he realizes she is the only woman he ever wants, he becomes the most reliable partner.

Gemini man and Leo woman has a unity that is fun and amazing at the same time. Their differences keep things interesting in that one enjoys entering into the other’s world. The fire of the Leo woman provides enough warmth to her Gemini man, to keep him intact and make him steadier than ever before. Similarly, with his airy nature, the Gemini man teaches his Leo woman to discover new aspects of life and enjoy every moment. Together they can create a paradise where love and friendship both exists unconditionally with complete faith and devotion in such a way that none feels tied or insecure. They create bliss of happiness around them and stay completely attached to each other promising never ending love and faith in their unison and enjoying everything that world has to offer to them.

The sexual relationship of Gemini man and Leo woman can actually turn out to be a very alluring one to most of the passionate couples. A satisfied Leo woman shows extreme passion and affection to her lover. Her sensuality flows with ease if her Gemini man shows her the finesse and delicacy she craves. Gemini man has just what his Leo woman needs as well as being a great lover through entertainment and imagination. This makes a highly satisfied sexual relationship in the beginning but with time, this relationship, however, does not go without compromise on both sides. Gemini man’s inability to stay as true to his Leo woman as she would want him to be causes her to turn her cold shoulder to him. This includes infidelity as well as mere flirting. Gemini man must stay as true to her as he can be. Although their love making occurs quite often, Leo woman’s insatiable hunger is not completely satisfied with her Gemini man in the state of mind he is in, therefore he must at least show her quite often that he can’t resist her and give her complete devotion and physical display of love.

If there is going to be any long term permanency in this relationship, Leo woman has to work hard in taming this wild and wandering creature. The frivolous lifestyle of Gemini man is not tolerated by her. He is not so easily tamed however. His charm and silver tongue gets him out of almost any situation he doesn’t want to be caught in. What he didn’t account for is the fact that Leo woman has one up on her Gemini man. Her sense of natural attraction turns his head before she even tries to rope him into her life. She only has to convince him that she is not after his independence. This will be difficult for her to do as she actually does want his complete and undivided attention, but if she can compromise this and let herself be a strong part of his world then this relationship can work. For a long term relationship there will need to be compromises on both parts and even an external factor such as a family or financial commitments.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility Rating

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Ask Oracle Rating: Good
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  1. Nathan August 17th, 2023

    Gemini man here I’l I’ve be married to a Leo woman for 10 years now ore relationship is amazing. I will love this woman, but lately I think she is cheating on me with her coworker. She’s doing things that seem very strange to me. I can’t put my finger on it but I know my wife. 🤔

    • Molly November 15th, 2023

      Hey is she cheating or not?

  2. K July 5th, 2023

    Date a Gemini man at your own risk, these men are unpredictable, and cannot be trusted. They will gaslighting. Make you fall madly in love, and let the games Begin they seem very confusing, immature and all over the place. We always need a lot of attention and they will give it to you, but it’s still not enough because they always want to be in the street, they will call or text you frequently, but you will know something is up. They love variety especially the younger ones who are not matured yet it’s most likely they will hurt you really bad to the point of no return you will get tired of the back in forth one minute they love you woman, and they don’t. I personally ran out of patience and decided to come first and have a look at.

  3. Brice May 28th, 2023

    I’m a Gemini man in love with a Leo woman. We’ve only been together for six months and I’m already considering marrying her. I know she is the one Leo and Geminis are a perfect match. She gets me like no other.

    • Cass June 13th, 2023

      Absolutely love to hear this. I am a Leo woman and recently met a Gemini man. There was an immediate attraction and I’m excited to see where it goes. Everything so far as been extremely comfortable.

  4. Unbothered May 10th, 2023

    I’m a Leo woman who, briefly they did a Gemini recently at first everything was good. They went downhill real quickly. He chased me for a good seven months when I give up like him soon as I fell I guess he lost interest I mean I’m pretty sure he would love some things because I’m not saint but that’s what makes me unique someone who can’t handle me. Most men can’t not even a Gemini. It was fun while it lasted I know for a fact he’ll be back, but when he does, I’m definitely going to give her my ass to kiss.

  5. Zoey G May 3rd, 2023

    It varies from person to person. I’m a Leo woman and had a Gemini man stalk me for two years. I wasn’t interested in having a relationship with him because I find him manipulative and not genuine. However I recently met another Gemini man who is respectful and kind…and even though I’m attracted to him…I’m scared out of my wits to enter into a relationship because of the previous Gemini. In my opinion Sagittarius is a better match – yet to find one though.

  6. JayTee February 4th, 2023

    I’m a black Leo woman and 2 of my past loves have been black gemini men. My experience with geminis have been that they are childish, cheaters, users, and are very entitled. They want to be completely taken care of even financially, and they seek out women for that. They are the “pay me for my time” type. Maybe there are some decent gemini men out there but I have yet to come across one that checks all the boxes.

  7. Brandy Bennett January 28th, 2023

    I’m a Leo woman and my husband is Gemini, I couldn’t love anyone more then I love my hubby. He is my soulmate and we get along so well. Perfect match.

  8. Brown sugar October 4th, 2022

    I’m a Leo of color me and Gemini husband was courting for a year and then we talked about I said o would be he asked to move in and I told him I don’t believe in shacking ., So maybe she wants you to ask to marry first then move in .,,my husband is 60 and I’m 43 we love each other so much we have never been since we started dating maybe a week ,, we are crazy about each other I’m sure she if with she maybe old school nothing wrong with that.,

  9. Robert Myers May 19th, 2022

    I’m a caucasian Gemini man whom has been in love with my Leo lady of color for 3 1/2 years. Were both middle aged and had our bad experiences with other companion choices. My issue is I have expressed how deeply I’m in love with her and she has told me the same, BUT i’ve asked her to move in with me consistently over the past 6 months, and she consistently tells me she has to work things through before she will move in. I own a $400K home verse her rental house that that is in a bad part of town and might be worth $40K at best, and is in need of a lot of work. I also provide her with money or anything she ask for, and then some.
    She will also not allow me to come to family events, or visit her home. I’m very concerned about this, and I’m getting to the point of great hurt, even though I’ve never LOVED someone as much as I LOVE her. If I don’t text her and call her daily she gets angry, so that alone tells me she very much cares about me, and loves me as much as I love her. So what can I do or say, to convince her to live with me, and be confident that I will continue to give her a better life then she has ever experienced. She has asked me to marry her, and I have told her I will, she even showed me the ring she wants (which I have already bought). But if I can’t even get her to live with me now, it concerns me alot that even if I ask her I’m still concerned she won’t live with me.
    LOST Gemini MAN!

    • Lillian June 10th, 2022

      Be careful your not being used. But as a Leo woman if I care and love someone I will gladly bring them wherever I am. But maybe her family has a problem with skin color and she doesn’t want you to get hurt emotionally and physically. Give her more time and sit down and have a serious conversation about what you are or aren’t willing to accept. Good luck though I how it works out for the two of you❤️

    • BraveHeart Jones September 28th, 2022

      Coming from A Beautiful Woman Of Color, those sound like red flags my darling. You should be with someone who puts forth as much effort and has no problem reciprocating the love that you so freely give . And not to mention the fact that you’ve been together that long and can’t come to any family functions IS CRAZY!! A girl could only hope to be so lucky!! Some people don’t appreciate what they have until it’s GONE! I wish you the best of Luck in your relationship endeavors. And if things don’t work out and you’re ever in NYC . Look me up on Instagram@ FancyFierceATL

  10. CIA March 6th, 2022

    My experience with A Gemini Man , it was an on & off relationship for 2 years. & recently he told me he was done with me ( which he always says) but this time I guess he really meant what he said & i haven’t heard from him nor did he give me an reason why. i asked him to come over one day & he blocked my number. I saw pictures of him & a new woman on social media. On top of all that. He told me that the 2 years we been together was the best. I’m confused

    • AB March 6th, 2022

      Gemini man here. If he left you or stopped seeing you finally there’s a reason why(pissed him off or had some red flags or didn’t think it’s suitable). It takes a lot to leave or stop and especially block a person but yeah if it’s at that point he’s hurt.

      • CIA March 7th, 2022

        Yeah he is hurt , I want to fix things but I’m blocked

      • AB March 7th, 2022

        You know most of our lives we’ve gone through a lot of things that hurt us bad (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually).
        Whatever has driven him to leave you has been painful enough that he can’t take it anymore or else he’s just a player.

        My Leo woman of 3 years comes with a lot of things I struggle to deal with but I choose to be with her and she’s getting better but it’s a grind. I’ve walked out of the relationship a few times and threatened her multiple times because I can’t take the bullshit sometimes.

        If he’s blocked you it’s definitely serious and he doesn’t want to talk to you. The new girl could be a distraction or to make you hurt. Give it some time 6 months to a year he might be better/calm about it all.


      • CIA March 7th, 2022

        You right. I know i have to give it some time. We both hurt each other but I was the one always forgiving when he left & came back. He’s just acting like he don’t love me anymore. That’s what hurts.

      • AB March 7th, 2022

        He probably does still. It’ll be hurting him inside

        Again though, if it’s painful he’ll want out. We don’t like doing pain, all we want is just smooth sailing.

        I hope it works out for you both in time.


    • Kelly March 29th, 2022

      Yeah I hear you!! My Gemini man always says he would never try to control me, but when I disagreed with him on political views, he got pissed and blocked me! To me that is childish and crazy.

  11. PainGemini December 7th, 2021

    Im a gemini and she is a leo. We met online and talk day to night. We havent met yet. But we will meet soon she said and she get nervous everytime we’re facetiming each other. Im so in love with her with her beautiful eyes. We talk a lot when she is quarantine and sometimes i was busy but i always trying to find time for us. And then she freed from quarantine and she got busy all the time. No time for me at all. Totally different and i get confused. Btw, she said she likes me first and the first one to confessed. She dont text me and took so long to reply and she said sorry because shes busy and i tried to understand her. I get bored ofcoz but because i love her… soo yeah.

    I spam her messages to show how much i cared and she replied that she also like me too. But she doesnt seems interested in me anymore. 2 days ago i ask her to facetime her and she didnt reply to me, im sad and says what i feels that i dont like to be ignored. Its 3 days now she didnt reply to my messages. Its really sad because we promised each other not to hurt each others.

    I get enough. I delete her phone number and everything. I cant do anything but swallowed the pain. I move on.

    We’re geminis not all bad. We’re bad because of the past. Maybe my venus is in taurus hahaha

    • Kelly March 29th, 2022

      I’m Leo he is Gemini and what you describe is identical to my relationship except in reverse. He is the one causing the turmoil and doing the blocking! You Geminis are difficult to figure out.

  12. Christina (Lioness46) December 6th, 2021

    Lovabletori… I am a Leo woman qith a Gemini man 11yrs younger than me but ive known for over 20 yrs. It jus happened that we got together. We have been together since 2016 but he me go a couple times in between 2016 and 2018 for someone else. But the last time i let him i let him go in 2019. It was my biggest mistake because I never realized how much i loved him until i was the one who left. He took me back and our relationship and love for one another gotten stronger. My only problem with him is that he has a problem with communicating with me. For example…he comes to visit me and he compulsivly jumps up n leaves with no regard to letting me know he left or is leaving. No messages…no texts no phone call. He doesnt respond to my messages until i cool off. Mind u what he left for wasnt another woman. He couldve drove his aunt home in a different city but his regard for common courtesy or acknowledgement that he should let me know is not there. No matter how many times i tell him im more mad because he didnt say nothing to me then ignored me. Its been happening alot lately n hes making me crazy! I feel like he may have found someone else but i have no proof. I dont know how to handle this situation because i cant let go. There more but one prob at a time… anyone have any opinions or advicr for this Leo woman.

    • Aaron Andrew Smith Sr December 12th, 2021

      There seems to be a commitment issue w/your Gemini man. My Leo woman is 9 yrs younger than me but possess far more wisdom than me and I submitted to her being “in charge” because I recognize her abilities. My issue is that demeaning way she talks to me with and the “I’m always right” she smashes in my face. Maybe, just maybe could it be how you talk too him? We Gemini men love the appearance of calmness under fire when actually we are terrified when we lose control. When this happens we’re either thrown out or we leave.

  13. Rican October 26th, 2021

    Well I’m an Gemini man I not the one running but my Leo woman been on and of with me for 6 yrs. This year first yr she been putting so much effort she left me in may ask me to go in an country trip in June left again and came back this week. She say I love you and want marry you but honestly I know if she going to leave again. If she do I just done. I am in love with her. But I just don’t know.

  14. Ordinary Tea August 7th, 2021

    I am a Leo woman head over heels for my Gemini man(2nd Gemini husband 😏) Most signs find Gemini’s to be hard to keep up with. Maybe because the drastic change in their temperament and actions. Me personally it what keeps me on my toes. Yes challenging I’ll admit. Despite all of these things it grounds me to have a tangible item to have to keep up with. Leo women bore pretty quickly. The fun between this duo( doing absolutely nothing or absolutely everything) is unmatched and the most natural bond. It comes so easy. I agree ☝🏽 if Mr. Gemini left I don’t believe he was using you. I believe he actually favored you quite a bit, they tend to sort out what a person needs mentally, sexually, financially, spiritually and physically. I believe he provided those things for you as a act selflessness( Gemini’s) aren’t purposely selfish. He just couldn’t find a reason to stay. Maybe no compromises were made on your part or his. Or maybe you guys didn’t have “the TALK” which is extremely important and NOT in the heat of the moment on both parts. As uncomfortable as we are(Leo woman) accepting direction or criticism when we trust that the intentions are pure we may pretend not to hear but while alone we’ll sulk over the brutal truth and change immediately. I’m sorry about the split beloved. DO NOT LET THE NEXT ONE GET AWAY 😘

    • AB August 7th, 2021

      Wow, Ordinary Tea hit that right on the nail. Gem man here. I feel like you described my relationship with my Leo woman. We weren’t doing well because of certain things but we had that hard conversation a few times and she finally listened, I’ve already tried to leave her about 4 times because I felt like she wouldn’t change or we couldn’t make it work. She’s going to counselling now.
      I didn’t really understand why she wants to do absolutely everything or nothing together 24/7 I’ve always done stuff alone it’s how I heal and disconnect, I’m still figuring that part out but she does stuff on her own now.
      She’s helped me financially while I’ve been studying and I really hated it because I’ve always looked after myself and felt unlike a man because I’ve always been the provider but she changed me in that way.
      It’s been a roller coaster and it’s almost been 3 years but I’m so comfortable around her and we just be out true selves (bloody idiots sometimes) and everyone see’s how happy we can be (the highest of highs but the lowest of lows).

      • Ordinary Tea August 7th, 2021

        Rough pits…. Don’t let them break your bond. We absolutely mean well! If we like you 😂. Leaving a Leo woman u will find quite hard. If she wants to keep you she may not say it but, she’ll put herself in harms way to make sure ANYONE she values is 👍🏽. Which is why she sometimes feels the weight of the world on her shoulder. Funny thing AB. I’M normally a loner as well but I noticed a fixture in my life has to be permanent or absolutely absent unless I choose otherwise. I know it sounds crazy 😜. My Gem is sitting here sulking as I type. Ready to run out the door 😂. Because I’m staring at my phone. All is well on the home front another day of cat and fish.

        That pretty Lady

      • AB August 24th, 2021

        Its crazy, I really love this woman. It’s really funny that we can be in the clouds one moment then hating each other the next. I just desperately want to have balance so we can start a family and buy a house all I see is the future. I’ve got 2 boys already and was unmarried 7 years prior to meeting her and need that routine again. We live a wasteful life sometimes.
        She makes it hard, wants to be financially free but doesn’t want me to work hard for us to achieve that, so much conflict.

        Anyways its sunny and we’re stuck in lockdown so it could be worse off I guess.


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    • Lisa A Means February 18th, 2022

      Everything you said totally rang true to me. Leo woman 9 years older than gemini man. Friends first. Friends with benefits. I got bored with gemini, took away benefits but wanted to keep the friendship. Nooo gemini man can’t handle that. Boohoo. Doesn’t want to see, hear ,or hear about me. FEELINGS HURT, LEO PRIDE HURT. TERRIBLY UNFAIR. 😔 😟 🙁

  15. Tiny July 13th, 2021

    Im Leo woman,with a relationship with Gemini man,two weeks ago he message me that he needs to split up with me due to he has a lot of trouble incountered in life.I dont know exactly what his problems,i just accepted his decision and no contact with him.4 day after he wrote me for break up he message me again saying that he is going to travel back to Turkey where he lives.and he said he don’t know if he is going to go back here.and thankful for me for making his life ao good when he is here.I really dint understand maybe he just using me while he is here to be not lonely being alone.I hope and pray he will be happy for his decision and he can find woman that he really needs in his life.its so painful in my part but i dont have right to hold onthe decusionnof anyone.but only to respect it and look forward for myself.

    • Juss B July 29th, 2021

      Don’t worry, it’s nothing you could’ve done. Because realized it or not he probably felt the same when it came to you having that same (Alone/Lonely) feelings [And he wanted to fulfill that while he was there for an with you]. We as Gemini’s we tend to pickup on those thing very early in conversation, and we tailor our connections accordingly. He simply just miss home. But as far as never coming back… His experiences he had [ NOT YOU] left him unfulfilled.

  16. Anderson June 24th, 2021

    It’s so accurate I wondered if I wasn’t just speaking to myself. So spot on!

  17. Shalini June 8th, 2021

    I am a Leo ♌️ woman & the man I just started dating is a Gemini ♊️ man . This is so true . The feelings I am having for this man is so intense . I have never felt this way in my life .

    • Nicole June 15th, 2021

      I married mine 3.5 years ago. Passion is intense but the other parts are true too. He has secrets.

  18. Taylor May 19th, 2021

    This is DEAD ON. I’m a Leo woman with a Gemini husband. I have to share this with him. I can’t believe how true this feels.

  19. Lex May 8th, 2021

    I am a Leo woman, just started dating a Gemini man, we hit it straight off, long may it last.

  20. Juliana Patrick February 1st, 2021

    I had a Gemini husband and I am a Leo for just a short time It wasn’t because of incompatibility. He was killed. But let me tell you your discri option about my Gemini and I Leo is amazingly accurate! I gave him the challenge that he desired and in return he rocked my world! It was beyond words or fantasies! Once tamed by me I had the rock of Gibraltar!

  21. Tshidiso January 4th, 2021

    I’m a Gemini Man and in a relationship with a Leo Woman. She’s possessive and likes things to flow her direction but we deeply love each other ‘ we share quality time together and love being around each other…

  22. Kath September 7th, 2020

    Wow funny you say this.
    My ex Gemini ran off with a Leo woman. I
    Did tell her everything but she’s decided to stay with him which I thought was a silly move but never mind. Let them deal with it.

  23. Ingrid August 5th, 2020

    Leo lady with a Gemini man here! Been together for over three decades. We get along great! Understand each other very well. Easy going couple.

    Geminis are smart, charming and funny. They draw people in with their knowledge in just about everything. Extremely entertaining folks.

    Leos are kind, friendly and honest. People like to be around them because they’re lively and fun loving.

    Good sides: we like the same things (stimulating/intellectual conversations, nice clothing, going out together, parties, enjoy each other’s company).

    Bad side: Geminis can be sensitive, moody and very indecisive (annoying)! Leos, (I’ve heard) can be “bossy”, loud, blunt and never wrong!

    Aside from all of that, we’re best friends to this day!!

    • CSAMOIBA13 November 9th, 2020

      We just started dating. Most amazing few weeks of my life. I wish we stay together forever.

  24. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Leos shine bright like gold. They just have to learn to soften and “let go” more.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for LEO:


  25. SexyDark&Lovely October 21st, 2019

    Wow…this is very interesting and true about the Gemini man. I just met a Gemini man over the weekend and I’m a Leo Woman. The conversation was very refreshing for me, because he was very honest about what he wanted. He stated that he only have friends and that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, because he travels a lot and want to stay focus on his career. And that he would be ready in about two years. My thoughts were wow…very honest and it was very easy talking to him, but I also had some red flags; however, at the end of the night I heard him say that he wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship. He did not ask me for my number he just said I will see you around. My response was maybe, I’m really a home body.

  26. Rebecca April 5th, 2019

    I am a woman I am in love with a gemini. We have been friends for more than 5 years and we started dating since 2017 after he confessed that I am and that he was always the girl of his dreams. Our bond is so strong that we have gone through a lot, but we know that we will never leave no matter what happens. It becomes difficult of personality differences, since I am Fire and he is Air. So you can imagine that it’s hard for him to lose control because I have a very strong will and it’s a power struggle between us sometimes. I am bold, but he hurts my feelings easily without remorse, which has brought me closer to ending the relationship. But there is a great strength between us, a very intense relationship and we plan to get married and remain as soul mates for 3 lives.

    • Nicole June 15th, 2021

      Yes they can hurt you a lot and not acknowledge it. It’s frustrating.

  27. slooking December 12th, 2018

    Married since 15 years Gemini Men to Libra women. Gemini men in love with wife’s sister a leo women. How to tell her and will she accept love. its difficult and stupid but love does not have any limits.

  28. coolmathgamesx June 16th, 2018

    Honey leave it alone, if he has a whole girlfriend Aries love to flirt it makes them feel superior, but on the other hand Aries Capricorn not capable at all, Leos woman can be self driven to think if he just had me je wouldnt want anybody else, not true we have to live in reality, if its meant to be the universe will drive yall together….i wait 15 yrs for my Aries sounds far fetch but so true, if your meant to be together it will be. Fire signs always find themselves drawn together.

  29. Lovabletori December 23rd, 2017

    Leo lady to Leo lady….. Been datingone for three months now. Yes it was confusingat first.. His term was do I want to rock withhim.. Meaning date without dating with benefits is how I saw it but he explained different. OK I’m all in at this point. Gaining feelings but feel like booty call n craved mental stimulationn more conversation.. He began disputing things n I go back at him but we argue come back apologizen began again.. Somethingabout their charm… He also says can’t let u go u meana lot to me.. Lol.. The way I do it is I’m strong with my convictions n don’t back down on my goal values n feelings they mean a lot to me.. If he wants u that bad he wil disagree but will alwayscome back n willhave thought aboutwhat u said n if it’s beenthat long let him knowits either this or we can part. In retrospecthe will understandbut act like he doesn’t.. Let him knowu need stabilityin ya like n u not here to hurt him but to love him.. Play his mental game.. Sad to say we haveto do this but it works..they are loyal… My guy says same thing aboutmarriage but as I let him knowwe needs to. Call it quitsbecause my goal frombeginning I toldyou is to get married n if thatnot your goal for the future I’ll kick it withyou until god sends me that right one for me.. He didn’tluke that.. He said oh heck man.. Well not those but I can say what I want but you the type of womanthat might make me want to marry you so don’tput it like that but I stood my ground.. Then said OK I hear u.. I’m not staying in this and you are dead set on not marryingme.. Mind you we are ten years apart… But don’t act like it.. Don’tthey have that youth about them you love…… No matterhow old they get… Anyway u a Leo boo … Stand ya ground n if he walks away he’s not for you n move on… Guarantee hell return.. You have stolen his heart n n with them they are loyal… Your worth it. N so much more.. Never compromisewho you are for a man.. Your in control n they lime that but let him thinkyou think you got the balls as I’m told but give a littlen let him thinkhe controls something.. You’ll have him for life.. Hit me if u needme… Me n god are in control luv. It’s a headachebut it works.. They do things due to their past. He has to trust u n know youll him unconditionallybut won’t put up withhis mess.. Confidenceis everything on your end

  30. Luccii August 27th, 2017

    To be honest , I don’t believe in love and hardly give myself the satisfaction that anyone does. My gemini(most would say the relationship is all apart of my imagination, because I refuse to make the first move. He has to make me believe that he desires me or all bets are off) has come out to a point of trying his darnest to get my undivided attention. I having my moon in pisces and Venus in Aquarius, truly am a dreamer st heart and hard to get at best. He has exchanged the longing stares and proved he isn’t the least bit concerned about me ignoring him. I never persue men, because I am a total dominatrix in and out of the bedroom. A total bitch to live with and agurumentive to a fault! He has this sexy smile and shy manner, that causes me to soften just a bit, but at the end of the day I love to be chased! I can put my all in but want my man to prove, that he cannot do without me. I kinda feel bad for this playboy , I have the most will power and will wait till the end of time to get what I want. Gemini men are not hard to get if you play the hand you are dealt with a patient purpose. He has closed doors behind us and held doors open for me nurmerous times… He feeds me (which is a major turn-on for any Lioness) and he has the sexiest way of showing his vulnerable side that kinda makes my panty wet with thick clear sticky goodness! I feel for this man, in that I know I am all he has ever wanted, and with Venus in Aquarius and Leo in my sun sign I need oodles
    Of space and freedom without a hiccup!!! He is going to be dinner and I am going to rip him to pieces, as soon as I see him lose his mind over my unshakable resolve and utter patience… I love when q man begs. I plan to make all his efforts embedded in his mind forever. He is truly sexy and desirable… This strong libido and insatiable need of mine between the thighs is going to crush him right into my will, and he won’t mind one bit…
    Leo ladies, plqy hard to get forever!! It mau be two weeks or two years. We are loyal and couragous. Don’t let these snacks Of Women make you feel you have lost… This man got every female we know mad as hell about me!!! Hahahaha!! Make him sweat sugarplums! Talk dirty and be naughty if its in you… Tease that man until he is ripping your clothes off with his eyes…
    #Unbothered Leo Conquered The Untamable Gemini!

    • AB April 21st, 2019

      Damn, Gem Man here

      This is exactly what happened with my Leo woman, we were seeing each other for a while but because I never knew she actually interested in me I never chased her, we didn’t get together for a while but once I asked her out then it became more frequent.

      She’s still learning about sex (and herself) and I’m hoping that one day I could make her climax and make her feel complete among other things. I feel bad because I always Nut and I think she’s getting close but it never happens

      I’ve been soo loyal to her because I think she’s worth it, I hope that I can make it work forever and we can make some children and they’ll get the loving that I was never given and I can learn to show that same love

  31. Pinkye June 23rd, 2017

    you are far a different Leo from me….

  32. LeoLady June 21st, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman dating a Gemini man on & off three years now. It’s been long distance relationship. I must say this article rings truth! He does not want to be held down and is very flirtatious to the point he’s flirted in my prescence. After we were alone I let him know I will not be disrespected. Flirt if you must, but not to the point it’s disrespectful. He says I’m just jealous. In fact, he always says…”you can’t get jealous honey when I’m nice to another woman. I’m all yours.” Does this sound familar to anyone?
    When we argue he says he’s done and I say the same. His words can be very cruel so I oblige by snapping back. However, days later we’re missing each other and inevitably apologize to each other and admit we love each other. He says no matter what he says or does he can’t get me out of his mind…he can’t get rid of me…lol. I feel the same. Moving forward, how do I set a boundary for myself as to the amount of time, energy, effort I’m willing to contribute to this relationship if it doesn’t go further to marriage? How do I get him to feel that I’m not pinning him down although I need more of him? It’s very difficult for me to go All-In without commitment. I know He’s missing out by not giving me what I need. The last thing I want is to be made a fool of. How do I know how far is ok to go with this Gemini man?

    • Pinkye June 23rd, 2017

      Just be yourself. Don’t allow anyone to treat you different than what you expect. There are so many men and women of any culture that can meet your expectations, Just be patience

    • Dwane August 20th, 2017

      Good morning, Im a gemini male as far Flirting …we are very charming and it comes off as flirting even when our woman are next to us we dont see it as flirting
      As far as not pinning your mate down…some advice to you will be…be very firm with him in PRIVATE let him know what you dont like and what you will not tolerate and mean it. The key is give him freedom to move around and make his own decisions also dont nag will be surprised if he loves you eventually he would want to be home or near you more

  33. elainie pitt May 21st, 2017

    yes dating gemni man possible married don’t know when but yrs 2017 ‘ yes meet when went out town but feel for him different from relationship that had in pass we much seriouse about one another its like we know how nwe feel what we thinking very much in love we think about each other all time. miss him whole a lot been married before thinking glad over between me @ my ex because never know happy all about. every one be by my self or shouldn’t feel way feel we want get adoption baby that why know this real love we want wait for love only come once follow your heart . don’t listern dumb people wow?

  34. Mia April 18th, 2017

    Hey y’all.. so I’m soo excited.. I’m a Leo women who is interested in a Gemini man.. since we passed by in the halls in high school..I was like.. Who is the fine tall glass of chocolate milk.. I also told myself one day..never knew that day would come ( I’m 25 now) .. but back then I didn’t approach him nor did I have the want to because boys weren’t my thing until senior year.. so fast foward to summer 2014 and Instagram was poppin.. I found him through a like on a picture and I was like FATE.. lol.. but.. I slid in thoes DMs and we had a great conversation.. like everyone said effortless.. so if course we eventually had to meet.. soooo he came over and we just hung out.. haha.. hell why am I lying.. WE HAD THE BEST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.. tf is wrong with us Leos.. oh yea I forgot.. everything.. but it’s like we were married in a previous lifetime.. like when I tell y’all he had sex with my mind.. body.. and soul that day..mmm.. I still think about it to this day.. but everything was just soooo easy and I didn’t understand easy.. but in the fall of 2014 I got into a serious relationship and cut everyone off.. and I mean everyone.. including him.. he still would check on me in the 1st yr of the relationship .. but when he realized it was serious he took a step all the way back.. also he had a kid not even a whole year after we stopped dating (having sex).. so this baby could have ended how I felt about him then the sex would have died out.. but since I was in a happy home it didn’t matter.. but fast foward to now and three weeks ago I ended the relationship .. on a count of physical attraction to be zero.. even months before the relationship ended.. but call it what you want I’m back out there and Easter Sunday.. I assumed he still had the same number.. (glad I didn’t make an ass of myself) .. but he did .. and again.. effortless .. we spoke all day and night Sunday.. and some today.. he told me how he couldn’t get me off his mind and how strong he felt our attraction was.. I expressed some feelings to him too.. but I just know at this point we have to meet up again.. and of course I want to make love to him hell I want to fu#k the sh#t out of him like he has never had.. just to ensure he doesn’t want to leave.. but I’m not sure if thats the route to go.. he just makes kitty jump thinking of him.. and I know it’s more than just SEXUAL & PHYSICAL.. on a count of some of the personal conversations we are having currently .. soooo.. wish me luck and I will try and keep everyone updated.. I just know for sure my young vibrant energy ( he is 28) and love laughing and making abilites are gona keep him entertained.. and I love planning things.. I’d rather know what we are doing then run into surprises.. also let me say this.. that clingy shit is for them August Leos.. July Leos.. or atleast the ones I know.. including myself don’t need that all the time in my face.. take yo ass to the store.. or go hang with your friends.. then come back tonight ready for a long night.. Idk what it is but I feel this to be the beginning of greatness.. wish me luck..

    • J July 3rd, 2017

      I’m an August Leo n I don’t need them all up n my face until it’s x to be either lol. .. I’m starting a relationship with a Gemini n it’s so mentally simulating he’s already got me n we haven’t even been involved sexually.My stomach is in knots with anticipation with what can be. ..I wish u well.

  35. Jason Wells February 13th, 2017

    Hey I liked this Leo lady for 3 years now(im gemini). And the beginning did not go very well. We both work in a orchestra group, I’m a singer/trumpeter?pianist and she is a percussionist. I had no idea that Leo’s love being bossy and you just have to let them have it, so I gave her attitude and told her in many fields I’m way better. That pissed her off, just that one single thing.. She still hates me( as if you give her a knife she’ll stab me)!!!!! Can anyone please tell me how to cool her off and to get closer her? pleaz!

    • Jonny February 19th, 2017

      Yeah, I’m a Gemini. Also have a Leo woman in my life. We were together for 3 years. Had I not flirted and went astray we would never had a hickup. That being said. I screwed up. 14 years later. Can’t stop thinking about this girl no matter what. She hits me up out of nowhere. After 1 month were back in love. All I did was back off. Let her make her mistakes and she got ahold of me! True story. I couldn’t believe it at first. We now cantbe separated. I didn’t know then that this is who I wanted. It wasn’t til she was gone til I figured it out. And just like it says about Geminis. I got what I want and I wont loose her ever.

    • K February 28th, 2017

      You fucked up. We are proud regals and take words to heart. She might have cut you off forever in her mind but we soften over time so u can use charm and flattery

    • Tonya March 23rd, 2017

      Compliment her. On sincerely though. And maybe not be a dick and say you’re better. Lol. Coming from a female Leo ?

      • Renex March 27th, 2017

        I’m a gemini men When i’m studying in tenth standard.
        I met a leo women actually she was My 3rd cousin..we talked a lot.. Enjoyed a lot we become committed in relationship easily.. But after few months .she went abroad with her parents. At first she used to call me from there. After 2,3 months she stopped it. And mailed me we can break up
        But actually i cant leave her.. Bcz i loved her a lot now i’m doing my engineering 4th year. But still i cnt forget her.
        In every 2 years each she used to call me 4 times..and ask everything like a friend After that no reply.. In this year.. No. Response yet..i dnt knw wot to do .please help me

    • Sharna March 23rd, 2017

      The key is to not see it as a competition. Leo’s have an amazing insight into life and if they have the courage to share those insights, the people who appreciate that and can meet her there with respect will win her heart. It is not about being bossy. That same quality of passion and leadership quality transfer into deep Sensuality in the bedroom and eldewhere. So, let her know that she is adored. You don’t have to worship her. Just put your ego down and allow her to regain her pride. She may come back to you.

    • N March 29th, 2017

      Shower her with affection AND flattery, time, gifts/dates, but dont be TOO demanding cause that gets annoying. Give her time to come to you and hit you up after these great dates you take her on (doesn’t have to be expensive, but if it’s not it should be extremely thoughtful) i’m a Leo woman.

    • Heidi April 12th, 2017

      I’m a Leo woman we loveeee flattery, you can not over do it!! Start complementing her!! Show her your teasing playful side she won’t get you out of her head.

    • mia April 17th, 2017

      hahaha.. just give her time.. if she hasn’t already come back.. but her something nice that means something to you both.. but if she has not come back yet .. her mind is made up.. sorry love..
      Leo Women..

    • Ray June 17th, 2017

      Just say you’re sorry? and that you didn’t mean to offend her that way.

    • kim k June 21st, 2017

      Leo women are most forgiving. A sincere apology (for hurting her feelings) goes a long way. Make her laugh and tell her what type of sexual experiences you would like to enjoy with her. Those 3 things will get her attention if you’re able to do it with finess.

    • Pinkye June 23rd, 2017

      She is just over reacting, must be stubborn,,,,,stubborn is one of our traits, just let her know you didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and be genuine about it, That is all it takes…believe me we can easily forgive but ya! not forgetful,…it doesn’t take long to forget too, We don’t dwell on frivolous things.

    • Tiny July 13th, 2021

      I like the way you think of being to be chase with Gemini.i wish i can do the same .Im leo im so soft hearted hard for me to play Gemini man maybe gets bored at me for being so open book to him.he left me and thankful to me for making his life so good when were together.its hurts me a lot but i can do nothing about his decision but to accept it.

    • Brand October 14th, 2021

      I’m a Leo we love compliments and a lot of attention start there
      An apology wouldn’t hurt even if it wasn’t your fault 🥴

  36. msnz911 November 25th, 2015

    Tout nouveau tout beau…

  37. Katarinaria November 24th, 2015

    I am a Leo woman with a Gemini man and I must say that he blows my mind. Fresh out of a two year relationship that had been heading downhill for months, I found out that he had feelings for me. Of course, I was drawn in by his wit and charm early on and had crushed hard on him. Little did I know that he cared for me as well.
    Both of us work in the same department in a large store. We met by that chance as he applied to a store forty-five minutes from his home instead of one closer due to a friend of his. Our department is also one of the hardest to get into, making our meeting twice as fateful. According to him, he was smitten from the start! Both of us vividly recall his first day when we were paired together to fetch an order – it had been raining and we fought with lawn mowers for a good fifteen minutes as I showed him a part of our mutual job. Little did either of us know what would happen months later or what our conversation that day would spark. 
    Our relationship so far has been a whirlwind. No day with my Gemini is ever the same as the other. Fun, loving and easy going, we’ve settled into a warm and loving relationship. As a Leo, he gives me all the affection I could ever want and never had I had to ask for it. On the flip side, his Geminian exploration and in-depth conversations help to fuel my own adventurous spirit and creative ideals which makes for a powerful and playful pairing between us. Though we both tend to be shy, we are very social together and adore seeing new places. There is never a dull moment!
    Not every match is one made in Heaven but I know this thrilling relationship is one I adore moving forward with. After all, my Gemini is quite the Gem of my eye. So ladies…if you happen to find a Gemini man, be sure not to let them go. They’re very worth it, if you find the right one!

  38. Lady-Lion January 26th, 2015

    I met a Gemini Man about 5 years back.  Our children were on the same sports team.  At the time I met Mr. Gemini he was actually coaching and my first impression was that he was a bit of a hot head and actually I was repelled.  Three years later our paths ended up crossing again and our kids ended up on the same team again.  This time he was not coaching which lended to more possibilities of conversation.  One evening at a team function/party I finally got to speak to him, we talked for quite a while.  He actually devulged some personal info, I was surprised and happy to listen.  When he excused himself I felt like someone ripped my soul right out of my chest.  I was floored being the leo that I am, how could he have such an affect on me.  Did I mention we are both married, an NO nothing has ever happened.  Obviously there were the moments when we would look at each other, smile, and just generally would stand close to each other and not speak…. just to be near.  I have thought about this Gemini every day since the last time I have seen him.  I started to do some research and I understand my attraction to him now.  Gemini Men have to be the sexiest men…. ever.  I have no intention of ever trying to contact him, I would never hurt either of our families.  I will however tell you this…. this Gemini Man was meant to come into my life and I may never know the reason why but I know in my heart this Gem is a soulmate of mine.  I still think about him everyday.  Please remember I AM that controlling leo woman (lol).  I must have known him from a previous life and I can tell you that there must have been love or a strong connection between us in another time.  When he does see me at events, he is always very near and makes sure that I see and acknowledge him, and I do.  Cheating will never be the case, but it is a very very powerful feeling to meet someone you have this much of a connection with and never get to explore that.  So for all of you that get to experience your Gemini Man/Leo Woman adventure, be thankful and keep reporting back to us on how awesome the sex is…..please.  🙂

    • LeoLady January 26th, 2017

      What sign are you married to and what is your month/day combo?

  39. bewitchedLEO025 November 4th, 2013

    There’s this gorgeous gemini man that I’ve been trying to get for about 4 months and literally, the moment I saw him I knew I had to have him. So I went for it. We had MAD chemistry. We flirted, texted, talked on the phone, and hung out alot; everything led up to us really liking each other, but for some reason, he will not allow us take our relationship to the next level.
    We’re constantly playing Cupid with each other and it’s obvious how we feel, but just when I think I’ve finally caught him, he slips out and I have to play the entire game over again. He’s very free-spirited, hates being caught up in anything serious and enjoys his freedom. He loves the thrill of things and constantly in on the move, and it’s very frustrating to follow him. I just want to make him see that I don’t want to be “just a girl” to him, I want to be “his girl”. If he asked me out, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. I don’t want him to think that I’m forceful (even though I want to be) because I know he’ll run away, but at the same time, I don’t want to be the one constantly chasing after him. It makes me feel like I’m the only one who wants something more out of this.
    I know if I really want him, it’s going to take time and I have to constantly be throwing out bait to lure him in, but the wait is killing me! It’s tedious work and I just want him now! He’s a total charmer and ladies flock to him very easily and he’s so loveable that no one can NOT like him. It makes me worry a lot! I’m scared if I give him too much freedom that he’ll find someone else, but I don’t want to smother him either. I’m trying to find that perfect balance, but since he’s always changing, I’m always on my toes trying to make all the right moves to keep him interested, but I am determined to make him mine. I’m really stubborn too, so I know I won’t give up ever until I get what I want. It just hurts a lot to feel this way after trying so hard and so many times. BUT this Leo chick will not stop until she claims what is rightfully hers. 

  40. Jey254. October 26th, 2013

    My ex is a Gemini and conversations with him flowed and were so stimulating! I mean we would go on for hours and never get bored. He was into excitement and spontaneity just as I was. I noticed he was insanely flirtatious and witty, so to keep him intersted I would come up with all these games, and being the thrilling person he was, he would play along quite nicely. In turn, being the flirtatious beast that he was he would shower me with witty complements that I loved because I felt they were honest and logical at the same time. As time went by I knew he could not be tamed he went as far as flirting with my roommate openely infront of my friends., I let it slide but in the end I knew that he would never stop. I started resenting him. Things became boring too, cause I felt like he depended in me to make everything fun and bring the excitement in the relationship, which was quite a burden if you ask me. I also felt like I was just an option that he settled for after being rejected by the one he really wanted but then turned out ti be a great partner more than he would ever have imagined. This hurt my pride as a Leo. I do not take kindly to being “an option” and “settled for” so that and other reasons led me to breaking up with him. He tried to get me back but I was adamant, and constantly refused his persuations. I don’t think I’ll date a Gemini again, I think as Leo women we want to be challenged not someone who just goes along, showers us with complements and always flirts around. A Gemini is good for a teenege fling (like mine was) but not a longterm partner, in my experience.

  41. scurlsarp July 5th, 2013

    From the very moment I first set eyes on my Gemini man, I fell helplessly in love. I had to do a double take, and I could not help myself. I asked my friend damn who’s that boy??? I was excited to learn it was her brother, and the first thing she told me, was biatch don’t go there. It was too late, cause I had noticed him do the double take thing as well. It was on and cracking!!!
    This escapade moved rather slowly, which was just fine by me, perfect timing as well, cause I was trying to let go of a bad relationship with my son’s father. That is another story, where fire and water just don’t mix.
    My Gemini man and I would sit and talk for hours. It was awesome. We were very good at entertaining one another. We still are when we find the time for each other. I do not remember how the sex came into the scene. I think I must have been drunk. He has never been able to keep up with me sexually, but I do not care. I love him just the same. One day he is going to be mine. All mine. I say this, because during our long talks in the beginning I had once told him, that a Gemini man is best off waiting until his thirties to settle in with a committed relationship. When I asked him to commit to me, he reminded me of my own advice. When that day comes our sex is going to be perfect.
    We have had some real ups and downs along the way. Our first couple of years were in the closet with family, and friends. We were good at keeping the relationship a secret. Until one day, we were finally caught, and exposed by his brother-in-law. This brother-in-law an over grown big kid Aries man, waisted no time on letting the cat out of the bag, this was done by humiliating me, picked on me, and embarrassed me in front of everyone. This was where Gimini and I had our first set back, because I was far too embarrassed to show my face at his home. Ever since we have been out of the closet we have had set back after set back. Almost as if a test by the gods. For the most part I have been to blame.
    We have been sexually active off and on for six years now. I am a very forgiving, and strangely patient Leo woman. Only with this man. I am understanding in his flirtatious character. It stings me a little, but I pretend it bothers me not at all. This handsome guy is nine years younger than I, and I remember rather clearly what it was like to be that age.
    You see… I am unlike most Leo women you might know. I have at least twenty years experience in astrology, I have come to understand the good/bad in most of us. We are only human.
    Some very good readings I would like to suggest:
    Everything written by Linda Goodman.
    Linda Goodman’s Love signs volumes I and II are the best insights, but she has several books.

  42. Apdelga1 June 16th, 2013

    I have started to date a Gemini man and I notice the sex drive isn’t there we have been to 4 dates and the most has been kissing and yes I don’t just want sex but we are two consenting adults and the chemistry in bed is very I important to me he keeps telling me he wants it to be special and that’s all not all he wants and I just want to jump him I don’t know I just hope he wakes up before something that barely started is Gone. 

  43. AnneBonny April 1st, 2013

    My gemini is texting alot, actually. Just last week I asked him if I could go to a Concert and meet friends without him – (not Because of clingyness) It `s just that He’s always up for fun, we have great time together when we spend it. He always respect me asking for something like that, giving me the same freedom. I love that genuine and caring side of him.
    When Iam out or he is out he always calls or text, (if he hasnt falled a sleep or if he isnt deeply into something else;). In the beginning I was texting him alot, but after all these years (7y) it`s him texting me more. We do it as we please or when we feel like.
    I think their way of loving us is when they are out on a journey somewhere in the world or in your living room all alone, and get reminded of us? It took awhile before I Understood his way of love, but .. Think this went up for me when he “always” camed back telling me: I saw this ring who would look great on your hand, or that fruit that you like (This and this that reminds him of you in some kind of way). Have you noticed all the details that they notice? All they can connect in the details they see in you, just the color of your eyes and what they can say about it? It`s awesome when you look into their way of loving, too. It melts my heart!
    But he has his sensitivity and the anger that some Gemeni have too. It took a while before he realized that I was an honest person. I have my pride and will not be bored, taken for granted etc. And yes, he had to see that I was special for him for real before I could dare to go deep into this… But I love to tease him (self-irony-push), and when were in a typ of stupid “silent mood” after a fight, none of us can look into each others eyes without totally laughing.
    I really love my gemini! :))))

  44. AnneBonny April 1st, 2013

    Well They need their freedom – as much as we need love. The geminies I know is warm, intelligent, curious and makes fun around and laugh all the time! Never run out of topics, and all the fun? Love em.

  45. HoosierMama March 7th, 2013

    @HoosierMama  BTW.. my hubby and i will celebrate 7 year on st. patricks day… he’s a wild one.. gorgeous and egotistical.. and it actually tames my possessive gene.. lol.. its not always 50/5- .. sometimes 90/10.. but we’re always working.. even if it means.. shutting up.. hubby and i turned to ‘swinging’.. it works for both of us.. yet we can’t get enough of eachother.. i’m happy with or without.. but can’t live without it to see my gemini that happy.. i love my gemini who spoils me in EVERY way.. I can’t stand to be apart from him a day.. he is truly  my best friend.. three spouses between us and we finally figured it out.  its got a lot of FIRE.. we play hard and fight hard.. but we are the best of friends and the best lovers we know.. and have ever had.. this just worked for us.. thanks for reading.

  46. HoosierMama March 7th, 2013

    oh my GOD.. He’s my Gemini REBEL stud muffin and i’m his Lioness Goddess… this is spot on.. even in spots i woudn’t care to admit.. but wow.. i was blown away.. My hubby who doesn’t get into this, is blown away as well.  We’re gonna read this later tonight.. I must say that I am BLOWN away.. This actually helps us to understand eachother and that it’s OKAY.. and expected due to our signs.. WOW.. Thanks

  47. shimul February 8th, 2013

    I’m a Gemini guy and know my Leo girl when I was in high school about 12 years ago. Met her in a wedding and became really close very quickly, after few days later I realised I’m in love with her madly but couldn’t tell this to her. Though I didn’t know she was in love with me that time and for some misunderstanding we got separated. After a year later I couldn’t get her out from my mind and wanted her badly in my life but found out she is with someone. Then also I waited for her and hoped she would come someday but after 6 year later she got married and had child and I also left the country after few years. I wanted a new start in my new life and after 10 years of knowing her I fall in again with another girl. Though the relationship didn’t last long more than few months and my Leo woman was still in my mind. So, I found out her in social network and started having conversation and finally we meet again after 11 years later in person. Now it’s been 12 year since I know her but still I want to say today that still I love her madly.
    I believe everyone get a true love once in their life. I know many years passed out, a lot thing changed but still would say, I really really truly love her like as I did earlier and I’ll do it. Really want her in my life even if after many year ….

  48. greengem February 7th, 2013

    I must say, theres alot of gemini bashing that goes on in these forum’s and I’m wont to stand for any of it anymore lol. First off, YOU leos come off as SUPER easy. It’s seems like all you really need to do to get a leo woman to get with you is feed her some ego snacks and BAMME!. And I’m speaking from experience here. The more I get into astrology, the more I understand why you guys are like that. I guess it’s the whole passionate lion jungle queesn thing. Before, I thought all leo women where super sluts. Like jennifer lopez who went through a phase where she was getting with mad dudes i guess in her search for love. Nooow, put your self in my shoes…i’m the sign that thinks about and analyzes everything. If you have my private parts in your mouth within the first hour of meeting you or we’re having sex within the first thirty minutes of meeting, and you start texting and calling me like we bout to get into a relationship?C’MON!!!! And you know I told my friends now. After we laugh about it, i’m not thinking about starting a family with you, not after those experience’s which has happened to me enough times for me to notice there’s a pattern here.
    OKAY…unfaithful, liar and cheats…NOW, no sex drive????C’MON… First off I feel sorry for the guy up there that was only having sex with his leo girl two to three times a week to zero times a month. I bet all the money in my bank account she was cheating on you that whole month bro. I wish she would have just broke up with you instead of cheating cause that sucks. You prolly have a capricorn moon or something. I was once with a leo chick with a capricorn moon and her sex drive was GARBAGE!!!! She was in my acting class, didn’t she like me until we where rehersing together in my aprtment and within 45 minutes we where kissing and I was tryna get her top off but she wouldn’t let me. This went on for weeks until I lost interest, i’m sure feels like alot of you here. My guess is the leos that are on here complaining are creating the drama you’re complaining about subconsciously. Cause its true, you looooooove drama. You do, you do, you do. But I still love you, i guess that how you keep your fire burning or something. Anyways, when dealing with a gemini, watch your actions cause we’re analyzing that shit.

    • Maria April 11th, 2017

      That is funny well what about you, u also seem by what u post that u are very easy men. U talk shit about woman yetl you never think how u come across when u sleep with woman on the first date, man are slut too, why isnt the moral compass put on u man also when u sleep around, and when u sleep with a woman the first time, what does that say about u also???? By the way jlo married several of her bf so it isn’t fornication when u get marry, so for correction you also seem easy, and if u are doing this with woman and u didnt get marry you just another easy fornicator just in male form!!#!

      • C.S. Oliver July 14th, 2017


        Greengem (provided he’s, still, alive) is a moron, and the color specified in his title befits the level of his maturity. Nevertheless, why entertain such ignorance – specifically that posted four years ago?

        These contemporary media platforms, consistently, seduce our emotions – thus suppress our natural-given rationale.

        He realizes that he comes off as an idiot, as does everyone else – so, let him be what he aspires to be.

        P.S. Anyone who desires, complete, partner/mate compatibility might try pursuing those not only with compatible western zodiac signs but also those with compatible Chineses zodiac signs, as well – ‘just sayin’….

        Your friendly, neighborhood Gemini.

        Best Regards,

    • Maria April 11th, 2017

      Seems like u done it with several leos on the first date which makes u also a male slut and a easy target because u wasn’t strong enought to tell these leos no!!!! So ur weak and trust me just the wat ur expressing urself says alot about how lacking as a man u are, a real mam walks away doesnt taste the candy and than talk crap about the candy lol, but ur right if these girls didnt see the crap of a man u are, i hate to say those girls were lacking or bored lol don’t think they wanted a relation with u either, we woman lovr a challenge and u seem like an easy target lol so u should remove ur speck out of ur eyes before u judge others!!!!!

  49. greengem February 7th, 2013

    (I posted this somewhere else, I guess this is the right place.)
    Hello Lioness80, you have alot of deep insights and like most leo women you seem very intelligent. I never realized why I behved the way I do until I read your comments. But, it is true that I do crave my space. I wish I had known how to express this to the wonderdul women I wanted to build a deep loving reltionship with in the past. I’ve hurt some really good people because of this when that was never my intention, I just crave air like you crave love and affection. I do this with my long time friends too not just the women i’m in a relationship with. I see myself as a constantly evolving human being and if you really think about it nature is designed this way too. Geminis are truely natures child. But, I can also see how this can be interpreted as fickle or unreliable.  I’ve never cheated on any of my past lovers and I’ve never had the urge to. I do hve my moon in leo and I think this is important to consider. I know some super faithful geminis and I know alot of habitual cheating leo males. I think this is where the moon and venus comes in. fyi, any sign with a sagitarius in their venus WILL cheat on you. With that said, astrology isn’t the end all be all. How you where raised and who influences you the most matters too. But I do love my big sexy cats… I can spot you guys a mile away with your extra long stares and high sense of fashion. I haven’t had the pleasure of being in a relationship with one but on the hunt for one now lol. I don’t supoort you dating other men while you’re with your gemini though, thats just wrong. And you’re only asking for it if he ever finds out…for all you know he might be in love with you already.

  50. lioness80 February 4th, 2013

    (Orginally posted in wrong thread, this is the right one)
    hi everyone,
    I enjoy Ask Oracle because I swear this website is spot on! Let me share my two cents. In a relationship with a Gemini Man and a Leo Woman, it’s a lot of fun, excitment, mystery, and the sex is amazing. I have learned this as this is my second go with a Gemini Man.

    In my first experience (which is the only man that I truly ever loved), I was clingy, investigative, and called/text/emailed a lot. This is no good for the Gemini Man as he craves, needs, and loves his independence. With this particular Gemini man, he never verbalized to me that he needed this and with every gemini man, he disappeared. Came back as nothing was wrong and I couldnt move forward. I felt that he hurt me, in a time I needed him and his affection the most. I ended that relationship and to this day, 9 years later, still think occasionally about him.

    The reason my friends that we love our gemini companion is that they are so mysterious, but in fact, this is the reason why we are frustrated and scared of them too. Think of Gemini as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jekyll is the resonable side of the Gemini man that we love. He is smart, quick tongue, witty, charming– essentially everything that a Leo woman desires in her mate. Mr. Hyde is ravenous, endless, wanting, needing, and turbulate. He thrashing and crashes and destroys what a Leo wants the most, which is him in his entirety b/c we like to possess and own everything. The Hyde is what we cannot “pin down”.

    In fact, in reality the Hyde is actually the feminine side of Gemini in which it is his secret box that he hides away and that secret box thrashes about wanting to be heard and seen but never does as the Gemini fights to contain it and does a rather good job. Perhaps everyone once in a while, like in my experiences with a Gemini man, they will let that feminine voice out but only for a second as it will rescind back into the box.

    Verily, I say to every Leo Woman or Leo in general our best “play action” is to give the Gemini his independence. Even if you have to pretend that you are out and about enjoying the world when in fact you are home watching tv, let him think you are out. The more a Gemini man feels that you are just as detached as he is, the more he will likely be back to give you affection after a brief hiatus. He might even tell you that he loves you. Be cautious by his affections.

    As a Leo woman, we want to believe in everything, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Guard your heart because remember the Gemini man can just up and make a fast decision and leave you desolate, high, and dry, so never give the Gemini man all of you as they do not want all of you, ever. Learn to enjoy his flighty personality and share in his desires for fun, travel, and art. These are strong links between the two signs along with a fantastic sex life.

    But at the end the best idea I have seem to come up with my Gemini men are to give them space and independence. It is definitely hard but I’m still learning.

    What do you all think?

    my last Gemini man relationship lasted for a little under a year (8 months)
    this current Gemini man we are at 4 months (he has disappeared once so far and came back loving me stronger but only because I have to pretend like I dont give a care in the world of his disappearance act). The only way I say to counteract this is “only if” you are not in a committed relationship (which im not currently), do date other guys but only give him the best. This is what I do and I find helpful for when he decides to disappear

  51. Chynnah October 6th, 2012

    Whoa, where do I begin? I’m a Leo woman currently dating a Gemini man. This has been by far the most interesting man I’ve ever encountered. My gemini friend is pretty mysterious, I don’t know how to take him due to the multiple personalities. This is my second time around with a gemini so I know a little bit about them based on the last encounter I had with one. Although he and I had great chemistry and were very compatible, I found out that he had a lot of game with him. He was a very charming type of man, but he kept me wanting more because there was just so much to him. One thing that I’ve noticed with gems are that they can’t stay in one place very long. They don’t like to show their emotions and will completely shut down and withdraw from you then return as if nothing has ever happened. One thing I don’t do is play games and I don’t like them to be played with me. I really like my gem friend  but he would Neva know the extent. I feel like I had to educate my self on gems in order to understand how they/he works. I’m about 5 sec away from ending things with him due to the constant tests,  mind games and the ridiculous disappearing acts that they pull. I’ve never had a man take me through so many changes and were not even official yet. I feel like that say all the right things but its only to get what they want then they withdraw and reappear and expect things to be smooth when they return. My gem friend has been missing in action for about 5 or 6 days now. We went from Talking and texting everyday to seeing each other 2-3 times a week to nada. No contact or nothing I’m not understanding it because he initiates the times we do spend with each other. Before I could ask he’s already set plans for us. I’m lost because I try to give him much space as possible because I’m by far clingy and i have. Life of my own. We’ve been dating for about 4 months and he wants to know if I have feelings for him but yet won’t dare share with me what he feels for me. I really enjoy when he’s not so much hot and cold. How can he say he wants a future with me but yet go into hiding with me for days at a time? I can’t see my self having a future with someone that keeps shutting me out. My best friend who is also a gemini says he may be acting this way because he might have developed strong feelings for me but isn’t ready to show it. I just don’t know what to do but there’s one thing in mind and that’s to just jet him be. It’s not that I don’t have patients because I have a lot but who wants to invest in a future with someone with this type of unexplainable behavior. If he’s falling for me then he needs to let it be known or else…

  52. Alex1375 August 10th, 2012

    Hello guys, I am a Gemini man- I dated my Leo woman for about 4 years, everything was great at first, traveling vacations, gifts, lots of affection and very good sex. After a while the sex part started to fall apart after the second year. Before we would make love atleast 2-3 times a week, then it became 1 and eventually to almost nothing a month. I was frustrated with this, she knew i had a high sex drive and i stayed loyal to her . Now i will admit to confessing to me flirting early in the relationship but after the first year i realized she was my lady lion and stopped that non sense. HERES THE CATCH, as soon as we almost hit 4 years like a few months before, she decided to part ways over a text message? very low standards if you ask me. I asked why? She lied saying it wasnt the same anymore, so after 2 months of me completely cutting her out my life she decides to come back to me asking for another chance, we spoke about it for about 3 weeks and officially got back, now down the line I found out she actually had fallen for someone else by her sister. She denied and denied until i showed proof then she admited. I also noticed she became a party addict while broken up, and 3 more months down the line had to find out she cheated on me with her guy friend and needed proof for her to admit to that also or else she wouldve kept lying. So I decided to break it off with her and I havent spoken to her since then, yeah she cried and begged for a chance but the way I saw it, it wasnt the first time she lied, Shes lied about 9 times to me and i needed proof all the time for a confession, SO BE CAREEFUL WITH YOUR LEO WOMAN GUYS! THAT LOYAL CRAP IS NOT FOR ALL OF THEM, THEY JUST KNOW HOW TO LIE!!

  53. james-j July 4th, 2012

    Sadly my beautiful Leo lady cold not tame this wild gemini beast 
    Her attention seeking and insecutiries just came to much for me to handle but my heart has not fully let go yet 
    Leo lady puts alot of effort into a relationship and is very caring and considerate
    her sexual appetite is immense however she tried to hard to tame me and scuplt me to become someone i am not and my attraction dwindled. She did not allow me to roam with curiosity. She wanted to pack her gemini man into a pretty box with a bow and keep him next to her bed forever.. the gemini man wont stand for that!   He needs freedom. The leo ladies need to realise this and give her man freedom. he will love you deeply if you let him be the person he is..x

  54. Nenee87 June 6th, 2012

    This site is freaky!! I’m a Leo who is going out with gemini! We met nearly a yr ago when traveling in australia. Since then we have broken up as I moved away from where we met! We have since met up again and are back on track! Have to agree 100% with this artical! It’s as if the writer has come and lived with us for a week and wrote this on their findings with us!! I defiantly need to be showered with attention, and can get insecure when I don’tfeel like he is giving me enough which i knohe annoys him at times! But I am always there helping him get motivated and pushing him when he gets lazy so that things he starts get completed! We both love traveling and all the above that says we share a love of! And as a Leo, I must admit my sex drive is hard to handle at times, but he is willing to help with that most of the time :)! We are best friends and make the most of every moment we have together as he has a heart condition! I have Been out with a lot of guys, no Gemini’s and I can tell the difference in how well I get on with him! He is defiantly my missing puzzle piece! This article is amazingly true!! Freaky!!!Xxxx

  55. cottoncandylulu April 29th, 2012

    I was in this scenario and I fell deeply in love.

  56. kelly25 January 7th, 2012

    Well I started dating a Gemini man at the end of Nov 2011, and yes he has his flaws (dont we all) however this man is a gentleman, its so refreshing to date a man that likes to treat me like a lady. Just little things like opening doors etc and most of all actually listens to what I say!! He is very complimentary.
    From the moment we met the conversation has never stopped, and we had discussed all sorts.
    Im just hoping that this one lasts 🙂

  57. [email protected] December 21st, 2011

    gemini man is full of love

  58. romantic-guy December 21st, 2011

    As Well As My is concerned with Leo Girls.I FIND OUT ABOUT Leo girls that They Are so jealous of me Because Leo girls do not tolerate that someone listens to me carefully and pay attention to me in Leo girl presence.I enjoy it.Gemini Man Will Win From Leo girls due to charm and talent.east and west gemini is the best

  59. romantic-guy December 21st, 2011

    As Well As My is concerned with Leo Girls.I FIND OUT ABOUT Leo girls that They Are so jealous of me Because Leo girls do not tolerate that someone listens to me carefully and pay attentiont me in Leo presence.I enjoy it.Gemini Man Will Win From Leo girls due to charm and talent

  60. Goyokiki December 16th, 2011

    @Jennifer HI Jennifer,

    Im a Gemini man Im kinda involved with a leo girl who left me for a guy over seas. She continuiously contacts me while she is possiblly with him and even said she broke up with him so we could try again…any insight?

  61. Goyokiki December 15th, 2011


    you guys have mad fun right? Im in a conundrom wit a leo woman that left me for a dirty goth boy shes 35 and Im 45 i miss her interaction and im miserable with out her..any kind words?

  62. True-Experience December 8th, 2011

    @revelations I totally agree with your analysis. I’m a Gemini man and am truly on my quest for finding a stable woman to build a foundation and family with. I think astrology is a tool to allow us to search on a deeper level on what moves us as human beings. What moves us are experiences in what we learn and how we grow. I think our partners reflect that; where have we grown and how can we evolve. With compatibility you are absolutely right you can have perfect matches in astrology and they’ll work out beautifully but those same matches can end on inharmonious terms. With that said I do feel air has a better balance with fire because it brings a level of stability for both. The Gemini Leo relationship has the makings of a powerful relationship; I had one that I miss dearly. But I have been feeling a connection to Leo energy as of late which has churned my curiosity. So there is definitely truth within these connections but as revelations shared there is more to it then just the signs its the overall effort to put forth in making this work.

  63. Revelations December 3rd, 2011

    Horoscopes also end up becoming placebo effects on people too I notice, which is another sad factor.

  64. Revelations December 3rd, 2011

    I notice a lot people who are writing negative things and some good about this compatibility between the Gemini man and the Leo woman. Although it is possible that these two can work out and fall in love according to astrology and horoscopes, but that it is just the case. It is only astrology and horoscopes. If you have the commitment, the communication and all of the things that make a great relationship work, then it will work. Following the stars all time won’t lead you anywhere in the long run… In my eyes you can follow the great stars and cosmos all you want , but there is one creation that is bigger and better than any star, which is human beings.
    Humans are the ultimate creation… although we are aren’t as big as the stars and space, and we aren’t as all mighty, powerful, and ever lasting, we are the ultimate beings of the universe because mankind is truly the most powerful and beautiful thing the universe has created. No atom bomb, no star, no space ship, no planet in my eyes is as beautiful as the capabilities, intellect and wisdom to think, live, love and laugh as man and woman can.
    Although I do have some great belief and knowledge of astrology and horoscopes, I know for a fact that the star don’t have as much power as the power of human life. I’m not a religious man at all and don’t believe that god or some divine power chooses are lovers and the success of our relationships between two people at all. I just know that each and everyone of us shouldn’t outline our lives over what a mere astrological horoscope has to say about us.I have met and seen many relationships that have been successful through compatible horoscopes but I have also seen many people with horoscope signs that have horrible compatibility, but yet they have fallen deeply in love and are definitely soul mates, as well as couples who had compatible horoscopes who just didn’t work out. I also notice that some of my main characteristics could almost go with any of the other signs if constantly read over and over. Maybe there is some sort of truth to horoscopes but there is for a fact some of lie to them as well.
    If you wish to live your life by the boundaries of the stars be my guest. In my eyes however humankind , man and woman are even stronger and more almighty than the stars themselves. I never asked to have my sign, I know that none of us have asked for our sign and just the concept that we can’t love or find the soul mate of another person just because their sign isn’t completely or not compatible at all is a saddening to see.
    Some people end up reading about horoscopes, end up obsessing and creating these false preset conditions for their love lives over and over. Asking a potential lover or friend their birthday just so they can see a insight on how it will play out is just sad… and weak. I used to do it all the time. But now I notice, horoscopes might be cool to read sometimes but in the end they are just fun to read and just that. The basic root of finding horoscopes interesting are that they are fun to read, nothing more and nothing less.
    Just understand that we shouldn’t limit ourselves just because what a star has said, because despite our size we as humans are much more magnificent and almighty than any star. Understand that possible is FACT and that impossible is just an opinion. There is no such thing as impossible. Impossible is a word created by the weak and the man or woman who has given up- which is the ultimate failure.
    No relationship should be bounded by the horoscope or your astrological sign. Because we the almighty are capable of so much more. If you want a relationship to work out you will make it work out. But to blame a failure of a relationship on a astrological sign is just giving up. Never blame your differences and weaknesses in your relationship just because of what some star said.
    Impossible is an opinion. The only thing you should wish for is to have the strength to accept what you can’t change, have the courage to change what you can change and the wisdom to tell the difference. I hope whoever reads this understand what I’m trying to say. From a “gemini” man who is falling for a “Leo” woman. Non the less an almighty man who is falling in love with an almighty woman. Mankind > Stars.

  65. Martaharie September 30th, 2011

    While I love this site and it does give some great insights to the personality traits of signs, we must remember that sometimes we go through relationships that leave their mark on us. Good and bad, causing us to change slightly. I am a Leo female and I love my Gemini man with all my heart (met him on a blind date 8 months ago). He too is a man of few words but when he says, “I love you” I know it’s for real. He is a man with a boy’s heart but can have a jealous nature (past hurt). I have never met a man so committed with all he does, work & play. I know that if it is to work between us I need to let him have his space and not let my Leo ego get in the way. The sun does not rise and set on my command (even though I think it should) and he never forgets me while he is away. Our life we are creating together is beautiful and full of mutual respect with a great amount of love and passion. We do have some hurts that have followed from other relationships (we’re both in our 40’s), but so far we have been able to talk through them all, only making us stronger. I look forward to the future with my Gemini. (Sorry if I’m too mushy, still in the love bubble)

  66. Gem2madd September 21st, 2011

    @cleopatra111 Gems are typically very slow to commitment.You should try communicating more to unearth his hesitation. Make sure the communication is very open and very honest. Alas, be prepared to handle the truth. Good luck to you.

  67. Cyclops612 August 10th, 2011

    I’m a gemini man that was smitten by a leo woman. But, as quickly and as deeply as we fell originally, we fell apart just as bad. I thought her affection would calm me down, but as soon as I felt we weren’t on the exact same page, I went the opposite of calm. I also felt she was passionate and a good lovemaker, but didn’t keep up with my sex drive, and I was afraid to be stuck not being fully satisfied all the time.

  68. DinoBunny July 28th, 2011

    Im a Leo female and I just fell for my Gemini. He wants a family and everything with me 😀

  69. Author
    Ask Oracle June 29th, 2011

    @ms-leo (Marcia)
    From my perspective, nothing special will really happen if you get into this relationship. I mean more or less your life and situations will remain the very same.

    When there is nothing to be gained, then why care so much about it?? You really need to focus on other important things in life including a good health and a stable work life.

  70. Ms.Leo June 28th, 2011

    I dont know what to do. I dont want to get hurt. I dont think he’s dating anyone else. I need advise. HELP!!

  71. Ms.Leo June 28th, 2011

    Im a Leo woman and is dating a Gemini Man I been knowing him for 5yrs now. I want to be in a relationship and he knows this. He so layed back and dont really speak his mind about us. I mean its like Im guessing on what the hell we are. I dont speak on my feeling anymore because he know already. I am digging him so much I think I am in love with him.

  72. the-fairy June 13th, 2011

    hello.. well i am a leo woman and my lover is a gemini man. we were deeply in love but got separated due to sme reasons..i stil lovd him lik mad.after yrs then,we’r back togethr and ryt now we r sooo in love with each other..
    its true that he hs diffrnt personalitiz, but thts the best part of it..u jst dnt get bored ever..its lik dating difrnt guys but in turn loving the same.. lik most, he is a flirt..but tht should nt discourage u but instead u shud keep attracting him so that he feels like keep flirting wth u..
    he is caring loving good in bed or simply a perfect soulmate…
    loving someone should be accepting him wholeheardtedly.. whichever way he is, if u love him, u will find urself living a blissful relationship with the one u love <3

  73. alexandar June 7th, 2011

    yara, now to answer all the leo complaints. I am a gemini man, and I have dated libra, supposed to most compatible with gemini, but honestly speaking, if you only care about attention, jealously, and look into selfish reasons for relationship, then relationship gemini wont last, but If you are into love, and once you know a gemini loves you, then this love is like a romeo and juliet story. trust me , libras are good for geminis because libras have common things with gemini, but deep and intense love can only happen between a leo and gemini. no matter you complain about, leo s have the biggest heart in the world, geminis can do that once you show your true heart and you will just enjoy each and every moment with him. Yes ares is good for you for compatibility, but none can love you like a gemini.

  74. alexandar June 7th, 2011

    oops, my grammar is all messed up. I suppose I was trying to finish writing the comment as quick as possible. I am not that bad in english actually, I am an university student. My apologies If I had hurt your feelings, Redstorm, mam/unty/sister/dude/ bro, I did not generalize leo women. My mom is a leo, and my first gf was a leo. But I have noticed leo women in this blog bashing out at gemini men, if you read the comments you will see they are so full of themselves. I just tried to relate that with what astrology says, and astrology does say geminis are smarter. Ofcourse astrology also says leos possess leadership qualities which is bigger than anything.

  75. [email protected] June 6th, 2011

    Alexandar — for a man who thinks he is smarter than all female Leo’s….perhaps you should give a little more thought to your spelling, grammar, and usage of words. You are coming off as very petty and un-educated. Not an earmark of an intelligent man.

  76. alexandar June 6th, 2011

    Gemini man offence but I see leos highly superficial, loves drama and attention, to an extent, self-cebtered and arrogant when it comes to relationships as well. i have notices in this blog, gemini men are all expressing their love and adoration and saying positive things about leos, but leos are bashing at gemini. That is so gemini men, if you think your leo women are like that, just dont be arrogant , just remember they could not match your intelligence. women here complaining about lack of sex drive should know , proven by psychology , its the woman who is not attactive , thats y geminis might not have sex drive, but leos here love complaining dont they.

  77. cleopatra111 April 24th, 2011

    I’m a Leo woman and I just started dating a Gemini man. He has a high sex drive and seems to have the typical wandering Gemini qualities. After reading a Leo qualities on this site, yes I qualify with being passionate, a leader etc. The problem I have is, I have fallen in love with him, despite myself, how do I get him to fall in love with me? Maybe he does already, he feels something, if only he would show it. He is definitely the strong silent type. It’s frustrating but then again very appealing. I’ve never dated a man like him before and I hope I never will. He’s never married and I can see why now. He says he’ll phone but ends up forgetting and then apologises profusely later on. I am thinking of moving on from him. He might be good in bed but having anything long term with him has the same chances of me winning Lotto actually winning Lotto might be easier. This has been an experience for me and has taught me a lot. I’ve gone along for the ride, just for the hell of it. But once bitten, twice shy. I won’t be dating a Gemini man again.

  78. Yara April 6th, 2011

    Leo woman here,the problem I’m having with my Gemini man is that he is not giving me the positive feed back and praise I need. It seems that he is always pointing out my flaws but never reinforces what I’m great at. I know I’m strong, loyal, beautiful but it would be nice to hear it!!!! Luckily our sex life is pretty good otherwise I wouldn’t even bother…

  79. Eric April 5th, 2011

    I am a Gemini man and its true we are natural flirts we just like the attention. But if my mind and heart is focused on someone that’s where my attention is. I’m just starting to date a Leo that I used to go to middle school with. I had a crush on her way back then and 14 yrs later I’m expressing it. I hope believe she can tame me because we seem so compatible. She is beautiful and her mind matches her looks. I’m loving it. I’m going to have her read this Leo-Gemini compatibility piece. Shouts to her if she reads this. Hey Miss Kidd!!!!!!

  80. Leelee April 5th, 2011

    Im a leo woman, dating a gemini man. What can i say? He’s a loving, fun caring man. My gemini fucks like an animal. He knows what he is doing,.. He is both introverted and extroverted which i adore. He allows me to have my shine. Yes, they are natural flirts(Gets on my nerves) but if its you that he wants he is not going anywhere:)

  81. shelia March 23rd, 2011

    Comment for Matthew how is your sex drive?

  82. Matthew Morgan February 19th, 2011

    I am a Gemini Man.Like a dream i find myself falling so deeply in love.I do not get up from the dream,instead i fall deeper in love and now the girl does not pick my calls does not respond to my message.I really do not know the cause of our problem if at all there is any.I do not sleep at night and yet she will not give me the chance to find out what is wrong so that we can make ammends.Please let anybody out there advise me on what to do i am going crazy.

  83. carlito February 6th, 2011

    i am a gemini man and for some reason i fell quick for a leo woman but she seems to not be understanding to my needs or feelings and thats making me wanna stray i have a high sex drive for a gemini and i need constant stimulation plus i am a big flirt and i cant help it its mainly harmless tho but i am getting to the point where i am ready to roam again and walk away from her i can be faithful but if you dont show me the attention i need then i am outta here

  84. pink345 December 14th, 2010

    Leo woman here, married to a Gemini man. He is a wonderful provider, very intelligent and charming with a great sense of humor. In the beginning I had trouble with his moodiness but then I can be moody as well so we learned to give each other space. Unfortunately things have become very boring. I have an insatiable sex drive and constant need for affection and attention, and he just doesn’t feed it. He has become too comfortable with the mundane routine we have fallen into…and I need more excitment and passion. We’re at the point where counseling is needed.

  85. Jennifer December 8th, 2010

    I am a Leo Woman married to a Gemini men.He is very faithful to me. He is a great father. He is always teaching my son to love me and adore me, like he does. I’m very dominant with him but gentle in telling him the things. We can talk about anything. He is more the romantic type I guess always bying me gifts. He doesn’t make me feel atractive, but he does make me feel confortable at all times. He is very caring. Very inteligent. The negative is he always starts with a great idea but can’t finish it without my support. And when it is over, he has a mess behind that never gets cleaned. He doesn’t have a good sex drive.

  86. vmarciaro November 7th, 2010

    Gemini men have several different personalities. You never know who he will be if you are married to one. People that dont know them only know the one sweet one. But if married to one you will have several different personalities to deal with.

  87. machelle October 12th, 2010

    I am sure the lioness can! I`am dating a gemini man, and its as if he can read my mind,I`m ready for the ride.

  88. Brandon August 31st, 2010

    Very good insight! Let’s see if this Leo can pin me down!

  89. j August 28th, 2010

    it sounds like a challenge

  90. sanbaby June 16th, 2009

    I agree 100 percent gemini men and leo women are just like this

  91. Stephanie March 27th, 2009

    this is the best site ever, so very acurate…a keeper.

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