Gemini Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Gemini Woman in Bed

A Gemini woman is an intellectual conversationalist, a pioneer and quite social when she wants to be. A charismatic figure, a Gemini woman in bed is earnest and adventurous. A Gemini woman in bed is prone to have many fetishes, and will want to be pleasured inside out, more as compared to simply having sex. A Gemini woman enjoys foreplay, so if you want to go down on her just to lick her sweet spots, she will reciprocate the gesture fruitfully by giving you a heavenly blowjob.

An absolute thrill seeker, a Gemini woman will indulge in sensual flirting and erotic conversations, just to set the mood. Known to be sensitive around the arms, you can tease a Gemini woman by stimulating her erogenous zones. Because she is a dual sign, Gemini woman in bed is unpredictable which means one day she’ll want you to hammer her from behind, and the next sexual encounter will have her dominating you, while you’re tied to a chair. 

Gemini women need constant mental stimulation because the act of lovemaking doesn’t excite them. She is prone to tantrums if she’s left ignored or if a partner chooses to dissuade her sexual wants. This causes her to be flamboyant and flirtatious with just about anybody that often causes friction in the bedroom. Incredibly hyperactive, a Gemini woman grows bored easily with monotony so consistently throwing ideas in the bedroom will secure the relationship. 

Gemini women adore extended periods of oral play, even if it involves less physical intimacy and more verbal displays of affection. She will demand variety so being quick-minded, subtle and alert to her needs is necessary. She will choose a sexually daring partner over an experienced one, only because her personality adapts with each person and every situation. If you’re looking to keep a Gemini woman, be an imaginative lover in the slack, because she’ll never get bored or feel insecure. 

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