Leo Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Regal and bold, the Leo woman is a lioness, with an intense appeal that is strong and awe-inspiring. Governed by the planetary ruler, the Sun, this woman comes with survivalist instincts and takes charge of her life in a steady, continual and vigorous manner. Brimming with vibrant energy, and joy, this woman takes deep delight in exerting her autonomy with absolute resilience and will tackle a problem head-on, with very little apprehension and plenty of courage. If you want to know more about the Leo woman, here’s a comprehensive guide on her personality traits, relationships, and financial holdings.  

Personality Traits of the Leo Woman

Passionate & Practical

Incredibly passionate and loyal, the Leo woman is a fiery comrade who yearns for companionship. She is outspoken and will always be blunt and direct in her approach with an inherent childlike curiosity that makes her quite impulsive. She proves to be a pillar of strength for her loved ones during troubling times, and will not shy away from stating facts since she’s result-oriented in the way she handles all her problems. 

Adventurous & Dramatic

Sporting a vivid imagination, the Leo woman steps into every room with a keen sense of vigor and will indulge in thrill-seeking adventures. Her sporty enthusiasm is energy driven and she won’t hesitate to throw in a few dramatics because she believes the world is her stage. Boasting a heart of gold that’s generous and responsive, this woman always gets what she wants and her personality exudes confidence which makes her quite intimidating. 

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Expressive & Flirtatious

Incredibly independent and self-reliant, the Leo woman comes with a notorious charm and a devil may care attitude while pursuing a love interest. You’ll often find her associating with different kinds of people because she’s incredibly comfortable in her skin to interact and express her opinions openly with little to fear. Nothing can go unaccounted for when it comes to her feelings, because she seeks honest acknowledgments.    

Dominating & Direct

Being one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, the Leo woman is a brilliant combination of an analytical mind that comes with steadfast willpower. But she can be quite dominating in her relationships, both personal and professional often taking matters under control if all hell breaks loose. This woman believes in making an influential difference, so her direct approach is unswerving and focused on giving and taking instructions. 

Queen of Socializing

Quite the party animal, a Leo woman is blessed with a charming appeal that is inhabited by a childlike spontaneity so her witty and fabulous sense of humor catches the eye of people around. She likes being the center of attention, has a flair for the dramatics, and has such a colorful personality that it is hard to resist her bright, warm smile. She maintains a dignified composure in public and will love to jostle a crowd with her enticing anecdotes.  

What Keeps the Leo Woman Interested

Self-assured and active, the Leo woman is rarely concerned about what someone thinks of her and she is quite unwilling to conform. She prefers a partner who is liberal, free-spirited, and dynamic in his ways with a sexual prowess that is hard to resist. If a man is affectionate and bold, and won’t hesitate to surprise her with romantic gestures, then she’ll remain invested in the relationship till a commitment comes her way. She likes a partner who will admire and appreciate her sensuality, so if you’re stroking her ego from time to time, and let her take the lead with ease, she will instantly be turned on. 

It isn’t a surprise that the Leo woman is egotistical so pitching a dent in her pride will result in her losing interest right away. She doesn’t like being manipulated into making ends meet, and won’t tolerate emotional indifference in a relationship. She easily gets turned off by flamboyant personalities who consistently undermine her efforts, and she will rarely give in to someone insecure or reclusive. She prefers being around energetic go-getters because the lioness won’t stand for insolence and immediately is turned off by needy lovers who want to hog away her limelight. 

Dark sides of the Leo Woman 

Even though she’s an ardent force to be reckoned with, the Leo woman comes with her own set of insecurities that can cause mayhem in a relationship. She can come off as arrogant and abrasive owing to her brash and straightforward tongue but the lioness does have narcissistic tendencies. She may remain preoccupied within her own space for too long and this makes her quite selfish at times. Her aggressive response can be hard to deal with when beliefs are being challenged, and opinions are being thrown about in a situation. Some Leo women can be extremely lazy, self-centered, and crude so not only do they reserve a fine line of followers, but also enemies. It is easy to fool a simple-minded Leo woman because she can be gullible and susceptible to flattery and will be on the constant search for pleasure-filled activities. She has a tremendous drive to perform and outshine her competition but if her indomitable feats go unappreciated, then she will sulk in a corner and often question her abilities filling her mind with self-doubt. 

How to Attract the Leo Woman?

Let her take the reigns

Since she’s naturally vivacious and can assert her presence just about anywhere, the Leo woman looks for flexibility and creativity in her relationship so she prefers a partner with healthy self-confidence who isn’t insecure about letting her take the reign. 

Spend lavishly and spontaneously

Attracted to extravagance and luxury, the Leo woman shouldn’t be confused for a gold-digger because she’s self-reliant. If you have a penchant for premium wine tasting and upscale restaurants, give her a taste of such precious fineries. 

Compliment her achievements

Apart from showering her with fancy treats, stay attentive to her needs and find ways to bolster her confidence towards her passion. Constantly remind her of her powerful spark and compliment her achievements, because the lioness will honor her commitment. 

Give her your undivided attention

Always make time for the Leo woman, and despite her tough exterior, she’s incredibly sensitive so she’s constantly on the lookout for someone who is going to listen to her. Give her your undivided attention and let her be the center of attention.

Make her feel special and appreciated

Embrace her adventurous spirit and splurge, not just on luxurious outings but take her hand and ride the tallest rollercoaster with her. Capable of being extremely possessive, calm her fiery nature by telling her how much you love her, and why.  

7 Signs the Leo Woman is Interested

  • The Leo woman won’t hesitate to approach you, flirt and start a conversation with you when she’s interested or thinks you’re attractive. 
  • The Leo woman will be blunt and direct in her approach because this woman won’t shy away from revealing her true feelings for you. 
  • The Leo woman will praise you and pamper you with lavish gifts, and won’t hesitate to stand up for you in front of anyone, wherever she goes.
  • The Leo woman will post everything about your relationship on social media, right from date night pictures to meeting your family videos.
  • The Leo woman will talk about herself a lot, but she will open up and tell you things that not only make her happy, but also her inhibitions.
  • The Leo woman will want to meet your set of friends, plan outings with them or throw house parties just to ensure you get to socialize and enjoy.
  • The Leo woman will want to take vacations with you, and will plan extravagant weekend getaways and dinner dates just to surprise you after work. 

Leo Woman – Family & Relationship

Always at the center of the social circle, the Leo woman is a true lover and remains utterly devoted to her partner, and friends, and family.  This woman radiates warmth and comfort as she floats about the room, just like the belle of the ball. Sporting a high sexual drive, this woman treats marriage like an adventurous enterprise – she’ll want the dream wedding and a spectacular honeymoon afterward. In marriage, the lioness will build a strong image of herself not just in front of her in-laws but also in different social circles boasting a bold stance, confident voice, and a distinguished personality. 

Despite being tough and hard-hitting, this woman is all emotion with a simple mindset that follows through with traditional conceptions. As a mother she is lively and affectionate, often keeping her children engaged in extracurricular activities like – sports, music, dancing, and science clubs. This woman is a proud mother, who likes to nurture creativity and confidence and is a lifelong learner. Her willpower and ambition are immensely motivating for her children, and she is fiercely protective of her family. 

Leo Woman – Money & Career

Though she’s quite a spendthrift, the Leo woman is particular about money because she craves financial security but from an emotional perspective. This woman doesn’t plan for the rainy day and will make generous investments in friends and family because she often seeks validation in her relationships. She is driven by a deep sense of insecurity and tends to liberate herself by spending on extravagant fineries. The material acquisition doesn’t matter but the amount spent is what makes her feel good so it isn’t a surprise that the lioness has a high credit card balance or suffers problems with debt. 

But just as much as the lioness likes to spend, she also strives to earn to achieve complete independence. She has a natural understanding of what it means to be a leader, shoulder the weight of the gun barrel with absolute resilience and work diligently to achieve the highest record. She is an excellent candidate for corporate leadership roles therefore a career as a marketing strategist or interior designer would suit her tremendously. She loves working with a team of loyal followers so a career in the entertainment industry or a sales & marketing associate in a technology firm would be appropriate. 

Leo Woman in Bed

A Leo woman is sensual, and oozing with sexuality who loves being the center of attention. Leo women adore compliments and love extravagant gifts from their partners. Incredibly kind-hearted, she is straightforward and loyal with a good sense of humor. An ideal partner for her would be someone who knows how to arouse her erogenous zones. Her lovemaking skills are bold, and she will be loud between the sheets.

If you’re thinking of dating a Leo woman, always remember she loves being chased and spoiled. She thrives in luxury and needs a bed partner who’s energetic and appealing to the eye. Her sexual drive is high, her desires are rampant and if she chooses you, it’ll be one of the best sexual experiences of your life. If you pleasure her inside out, she will reward you with dirty talk, some striptease, and an erotic lap dance.

Despite being a skilled lover, and adventurous in bed, a Leo woman is often ignorant and can be a tad bit kinky. She will expect a lot in the bedroom like indulging in rough sex, which isn’t always appealing to most partners. She can spoil and tease you one night, and dominate you the next. Those who prefer tender lovemaking should avoid dating a Leo woman who can be fiercely demanding, and carnal in her methods.

A Leo woman will entrust her heart to you so it is best to always be truthful. She will be possessive and insecure if you don’t give her the attention she craves, in the bedroom and outside. Since a Leo woman looks for luxury, being financially stable is a necessity and if you couple that with honest gestures of appreciation, and admiration, especially gifts then your Leo woman will be bound to you for life.

How to Resolve Differences with the Leo Woman?

Creative and energetic, the Leo woman has a tremendous drive to perform and outshine others but that means she can be quite the drama queen, and will often be bossy. Being passive-aggressive around the lioness will ensure those temper tantrums are controlled, and always recognize her efforts by giving her compliments now and then. Ambitious and driven with an animalistic charm, this woman has a larger-than-life persona and will always search for acceptance and veneration in a social circle. But she has a generous heart that is untamed and young, so give her the freedom to spin around the center stage because she makes for a loyal and steadfast companion. 

Leo Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac CombinationSnapshot Compatibility
Leo woman and Aries manA highly energetic relationship that is intellectually stimulating and emotionally consistent but there’s a struggle for dominance.
Leo woman and Capricorn manHighly ambitious relationship with a motivating streak, but financial instability and emotional dependency can be problematic 
Leo woman and Aquarius manDynamic union of intellectually sound individuals with a shared love for adventure, personal independence, and social interactions.
Leo woman and Pisces manA deeply motivating and intuitive union that thrives on romanticism, and sexual intimacy however financial instability can persist.
Leo woman and Taurus manAn intellectually satisfying relationship with mutual respect for professional ambitions but emotional dependency can be problematic.
Leo woman and Gemini manA highly intellectual union that is long-lasting because of intense sexual intimacy, intellectual harmony, and emotional independence.
Leo woman and Cancer manA deeply passionate union that is intuitive, sensitive, and thrives on intellectual harmony but financial discrepancies will persist.
Leo woman and Leo manA dynamic, bold, and highly intellectual union that thrives on mutual independence but is driven to be emotionally egocentric.
Leo woman and Virgo manA friendly union that functions on traditional values with a good sense of integrity however financial instability can be problematic.
Leo woman and Libra manA highly dynamic and adventurous union that is long-lasting and thrives on passionate intimacy, intellectual creativity, and social harmony.
Leo woman and Scorpio manA deeply enriching bond that is prone to personal indulgence, with high levels of exotic sexual intimacy and intense intellectual harmony.
Leo woman and Sagittarius manEnergetic, and intellectual union with a soul-to-soul connection, that thrives on a sense of adventure and is emotionally independent.


Boasting a dynamic and mesmerizing persona, the Leo woman extracts respect and adoration from her family, friends, and colleagues. Despite her temper tantrums and her domineering streak, the lioness is a big-hearted woman with a tempestuous nature. She craves being in control and you should let her because her intense sense of duty will shoulder responsibilities time and time again. If you want a successful relationship with the lioness, then give her the freedom to lead, listen to her talk and boost her self-esteem daily. 

  1. Frank August 17th, 2022

    Leo women are completely possessive and have no interest in you having any friends aside from her. Everything revolves around her needs. The jealousy of a Leo woman is deeply disturbing.

    • mamicara July 19th, 2023

      I agree and I am a Leo woman

  2. Samantha March 29th, 2022

    Haha , obviously this is written by a Leo woman, who else could say so many positive things about them? Selfishness shines through. Not all leo’s are like this listed on here. People from Every zodiac signs do have these traits, so maybe it is not a zodiac sign but the personality

  3. Eddie P Naquin Jr November 27th, 2019

    I wish plan date with Gorgeously Goddesses Daughter’s lifestyle changes better marrying me more than who is Importantly Girlfriend and promised Honestly and Seriously trust them and me , I am Deafness Male and July 23 1970. I am Leo and I’m gonna with her is Leo match me.

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