Leo Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Leo Woman in Bed

A Leo woman is sensual, and oozing with sexuality who loves being center of attention. Leo women adore compliments, and love extravagant gifts from their partner. Incredibly kind-hearted, a Leo woman is straightforward and loyal with a good sense of humor. An ideal partner for her would be someone who knows how to arouse her erogenous zones. Her lovemaking skills are bold, and she will be loud between the sheets.

If you’re thinking of dating a Leo woman, always remember she loves being chased and spoiled. She thrives in luxury, and needs a partner in bed who’s energetic and appealing to the eye. Her sexual drive is high, her desires are rampant and if she chooses you, it’ll be one of the best sexual experiences of your life. If you pleasure her inside out, she will reward you with dirty talk, some strip tease and an erotic lap dance.

Despite being a skilled lover, and adventurous in bed, a Leo woman is often ignorant and can be a tad bit kinky. She will expect a lot in the bedroom like indulging in rough sex, that isn’t always appealing to most partners. She can spoil and tease you one night, and the next she can dominate you in bed the next day. Those who prefer tender lovemaking should avoid dating a Leo woman who can be fiercely demanding, and carnal in her methods.

A Leo woman will entrust her heart to you so it is best to always be truthful. She will be possessive and insecure if you don’t give her the attention she craves, in the bedroom and outside. Since a Leo woman looks for luxury, being financially stable is a necessity and if you couple that with honest gestures of appreciation, and admiration, especially gifts then your Leo woman will be bound to you for life.

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