Weekly Love Horoscopes

  1. Ethan December 14th, 2019

    Free LOVE Tarot Reading… Pick a card: https://youtu.be/mlO1kFAl6VM

  2. Cs December 6th, 2017

    My Leo keeps coming back most on his own 3 years , used to be engaged . His family doesn’t like me the reason because I will not let them run me. They have always run , ruined his personal life . He is 44 . I am late 30’s , we have our child together, believe me when I say before , and After our child together he always comes back . Why ? I’m still not getting why he does . He got so mad because I was honest with him as I am always , told him about my friend of 12 years , and yes male friend . He even left a message saying I’m going to leave you alone , because I do not know you could be beside him right now laying in bed together so I am just going to leave you alone . We have been through so much together . I having cancer and finding out while was together , even his family physically assaulting me , at his place .

  3. Sherry July 20th, 2017

    Most Aries really love themselves more than anyone.. They really like you a lot but they do not love the person….if you do decide to leave him he really would not be hurt

  4. Gene June 20th, 2017

    I am a Taurus woman,I been in a relationship with a Aries man for 15 years and its been hell I have been taking care of his mother since we been together,him and his family. He has cheated on me,lie,use and etc.Now I truly believe that he is trying to be in a relationship with some girl from the Internet that lives far away. When he was down in out I always had his back so now that he is getting on his feet I believe he is trying to move out of town with the internet girl.

  5. sudhakar_agrawal_2009@yahoo.com September 17th, 2012

    when will i get marriage ?

  6. san_mis098@rediffmail.com April 13th, 2012

    Actually i am telling everything tomy collique. So I am nervous

  7. san_mis098@rediffmail.com April 13th, 2012

    Ib beside everybody insulting me also mat be seems I leave the previous job.

  8. san_mis098@rediffmail.com April 13th, 2012

    Can i get the new job within one month.

  9. danna November 20th, 2010


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