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  1. Jessica June 14th, 2017

    I am a Leo and I was involved with a Cancer guy. We were together for 2 years and some couple of months. I officially broke things in April. He was not himself anymore. He was treating me so bad. It wasn’t physical though. He just become this cold guy who didn’t care anymore. Now, the problem is I still love him a lot. The fact that I still love him hurts me so bad. When I try and tell him he always suggest I go for counseling. Counseling for what? For loving him! Talking to him these days is a waste of time. I try a lot to move on bit it’s crystal clear I still love him a lot. So Cancer guys, any advice for me?

    • phyllis June 18th, 2017

      listen to the song by Mary Wells “I’ve Got Two Lovers” and Sharon Jones-“100 Days, 100 Nights”. These were the songs the ancestors gave me in regards to the Leo female and Cancer male relationship before I consider leaping in. Nevertheless, I empathize with you and I not even in the relationship yet. I see it coming just based on the songs and your comment. Be strong and Prayerful Sistah Lioness.

  2. Profile photo of Chandrika286
    Chandrika286 January 4th, 2015

    I also feel same.

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    Briarei May 8th, 2011

    I agree 100% with everyone’s comment…

  4. Nathan k. April 12th, 2011

    I might as well read a fortune cookie with this generic style of astrology.

  5. Christina February 28th, 2011

    I agree with Amber. This past month I have read alot of reused horoscopes or repeats. Sometimes a horoscope I read for Cancer shows up a day or two later for another sign. About to refer to another site I think for insight.

  6. Amber January 23rd, 2011

    Why are the horoscopes being reused….this one is old. I remember reading it before.

  7. hollerrr June 28th, 2010

    Can Ask the Oracle please get a real astrologer to answer questions? I am so tired of these juvenile popularity contests that have no astrological value.

  8. amber February 2nd, 2010

    why do the weekly horoscope for cancer always sound the same????

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