Cancer 2023 Career and Money Horoscope

2023 – Work, Opportunities, and Finances

  • Financial success is yours yet there is discontent and disenchantment
  • 2023 is promising for growth, promotions and career success, you finally have a sense of dreaming coming true for you.
  • Plan your travels thoroughly as there may be communication gaps and unexpected changes leading to problems and disappointments.
  • Students can expect great learning outcomes and rewards for their hard work.
  • Stick with your current job and you will be rewarded as the moment of success arrives in the year 2023.

The year 2023 brings to you conflicting themes as far as money and finances are concerned, dear Cancer. You may find yourself pulled in different directions and have difficulty making decisions. It’s important to stay true to yourself and listen to your heart. There will be opportunities to make money, but be careful not to risk it all. Take things one step at a time and not bite off more than you can chew.

You find a great deal of personal success in the workplace as your managerial skills are noted. Expect some recognition in the form of a raise or promotion. Enjoy the praise. You’ve earned it and deserve the positive reviews that higher ups offer you. Your reputation is unassailable. Colleagues of all levels admire the work they see you achieving. Keep up the effort at this pace and you will be fast approaching your dreams.

As a result of these recognitions and rave reviews, you find yourself in line for additional responsibilities. A new contract or weighty assignment may seem intimidating. Keep in mind that you are being trusted with this project because you have proven yourself. That said, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice as needed. Don’t let your recent glory go to your head. You have plenty of exciting chances at professional advancement still ahead. Remain humble and hardworking. Others look to you as a good example. You can continue to be that good example but not losing sight of what you really want. The praise is great but the feelings of self realization will be all the better when you get to the goal posts you’ve lined up for yourself. The only real competition that matters is with yourself.

A boss or authority figure plays a monumental role in your life at present. Most likely, this influence is for the good, connecting you to opportunities that might be difficult to reach on your own. If the chance to travel arises, grab at that option. It would expose you to new vistas and outlooks. A fresh perspective on the world could be gained via a spiritual outlook that is exotic and appealing to you. Keep an open mind and it will get you far. Career transformation is a possibility but you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Be flexible but make sure you perform a quick reality check before leaping into anything new. Is it really the right move? Are you qualified? Getting a certification or taking a training session would be valuable. Don’t be above admitting what you don’t know.

There may be a financial habit that needs addressing, some way you are spending money that could be redressed. Trying to curb little expenditures so you can put some cash away for later. Balance your spendings and earnings.Be cautious with how much you lend to others and to whom you offer a generous loan.

Assess the direction in which you are moving, on both the personal and professional front. A relationship at home or in the office could be causing you stress. Work through conflict with as much diplomacy as you can muster. Be aware too that sometimes all you can do is walk away. Forge new connections via coordinated networking. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain admirers and supporters once you share your passion and vision. Try a new social setting–a club or group that you have been eyeing–to come in contact with new people. Take care to avoid accidents while traveling. Be careful with valued possessions.

You’re worried about something coming undone, a relationship or project that you’ve built. It may be that the connections in trouble can be repaired. Be diplomatic. See how much of the conflict you talk through. Go with your gut as you make a professional or political decision. Get your mind off your cares with some simple leisure time in the arts or via participating in sports. Ask an agent or broker to help you resolve some financial missteps in your past. Learn your lesson from an unwise decision but don’t let the past weigh you down. Move forward with confidence.

2023 is going to be a year of “finding the right balance” for cancer! You can expect your finances to be stable, and your career to take off. Make the most of this positive energy and enjoy a wonderful year ahead!


  1. Tiff April 6th, 2010

    Geez, that pretty much summed up the first four months so far! Very accurate. I love this site!

  2. Joyce November 11th, 2009

    A very interesting read and yes, most of this I can relate to as a capricorn woman with a cancerian man. I feel like I’m getting whiplash with the constant mood swings and he always makes me feel I’m in the wrong if he’s unhappy with something. I have to be the one ready with the apology in order to keep the peace. But the physical relationship is great although I don’t really like to voice my feelings unless its in a physical way.

  3. Lhiansie October 15th, 2009

    i realy appreciate of what ive read about the relationship between a cancerwoman and a scorpio fact that is really true, actually i`m a cancer woman and my boyfriend is a scorpio man.i learned something on how to deal/bring strong relationship. we`ve beeb 2years in our relationship thank you so much!!!

  4. v October 14th, 2009

    No woman is better for a scorpio male than a cancer woman. Period.

  5. Lynette October 1st, 2009

    I’m a Cancer female(week of persuader) and my boyfriend is a Libra(week of theater). We’ve been together over a year now and were doing great! We have a lot of things in common. We always work together on projects or tasks to achieve our goals, such as were both in college and were helping other with our homework, he likes to fix and work on cars and I’ll be helping him out with the tools etc. etc… Were a team and we have an open conservation about anything and we share our feelings together. He loves to socialize with his friends, he has a funny sense of humor, have parties, and brings me along everywhere he goes. I’m a little private but can adapt to his surroundings, giving, loving and sociable(shy at first) then after while I get comfortable with the person or them. Were the couple that the spotlights is on us all the time because (more than any other match-up of signs, this astrological pair brings a warmth and sense of stability to those around them.) <- That is so true about us! So basically, in my opinion, it all depends on the Cancer woman on how open she is with her feelings and sometimes they get suspicious of there Libra man because of there previous relationships that bruise Cancer woman heart and shouldn’t be judging there current relationship as if it was like there previous relationship.

  6. Wendy September 5th, 2009

    I’m a Cancer and my husband of 19 years is a Scorpio. I am more in love with him now than I’ve ever been. We do act like kids and are very romantic still!!
    I think what you wrote is very true.

  7. Michelle August 24th, 2009

    I am currently with a Scorpio man also and this article explains the connection and passion between a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman Beautifully. I’m a Cancer as well, and when i first met the love of my life i felt that same deep connection and we both fell in love instantly. Some people ask, “Does It Exist?” Well,yes it does. Thank you.

  8. Anthony August 5th, 2009

    I’m a Libra man and I recently met a Cancer female. I like her, but she is extremely suspicious of me and questions all of my actions. While I understand her concerns, it’s hard to see this relationship going anywhere because of her deep suspicions and insecurity. She is also pessimistic and serious. I guess this is a classic example of the dynamics of a Libra man/Cancer woman.

  9. angel July 24th, 2009


  10. sexygyrl June 30th, 2009

    I am a capricorn woman along with a cancerian man some of the comments r so true I have been thru some and still going thru them I luv him.

  11. Layla May 14th, 2009

    I just started dating a libra man, i’m a sagittarius woman. I am 27 and he is 22. He treats me like a princess. My heart was wounded last year when my ex abused me and then left me. He was a Cancer. I abused him as well, I’m not going to lie. We both hurt each other, we cheated on each other, and it was one of the most difficult times in my life. I thought about committing suicide often while I was with him, my Cancer man. It was that bad. Not knowing it then, him leaving me was the best thing he could have possibly done for both of us. I have been healing for the past year, learning about myself, attaining my independence, remaining single but dating. Then this libra man came in my life. It was a gradual thing, liking him. It didn’t happen overnight. But the night we did express our likes for each other, not directly, but through a mutual understanding that we were attracted to each other, he swept me off my feet. I like him so much. He treats me well, and always has something to give me everytime we see each other. He always answers my phone calls and tells me nice things everytime I talk to him or am around him. We have been spending the past 6 weekends with each other because we both work during the week, so the weekend is the only time we can truly spend time with each other. And we’re together every second. I can’t get enough of him and I hope he feels the same way. I am seeing him tonight actually, I have friday off so we are spending the weekend together again ♥, I really am so excited. He is wonderful, truly. But then again, I do get insecure that this is just a cover he is putting for the beginning of the relationship. I am scared he will hurt me because my ex boyfriend hurt me so severely. We will see, but I am ready if he does break my heart. But so far he hasn’t and so I give all my love to him and he likes it 🙂

  12. Tawana April 23rd, 2009

    I just started dating a Libra, so I will update you on our progess. I think he is a great guy. I am a cancer.

  13. Chloe March 30th, 2009

    this was very insightful and true because I am an aquarius and i have been datin a cancer for almost 2 yrs. and i always wondered why we argue so much and its because we take different approaches to the same situtation and yes I could be a little well a LOT more understanding when he is giving me “advice” on things but i never looked at it that way. I’m usually always right! LOL!

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