Capricorn 2020 Career and Money Horoscope

2020 – Work, Opportunities and Finances

  • Strong finances, new opportunities, promotion and praise at work place, gaiety and gala at home makes it a kicking year for you, dear Capricorn!
  • You’re able to glean insights on company strategies and apply your expertise where it’s most needed. You become a rising star as you cruise through.
  • Position yourself so that you’re ready to take on any growth opportunities that present themselves. If you believe you have skills that have gone untapped, find a manager who will give you a chance to prove your worth.
  • You may finalising on a new project, a new joint property or just a vehicle for commute.
  • Sickness or issues related to father or father-like figures is indicated. Same goes for higher authorities, government, taxes, insurances and so on.

Get to the source of what you truly want and the money will follow. It is a matter of really believing this and making plans around this notion. It is time to set up structure, to hammer out deals, to approach partners. Talk things through with a close companion–a friend or relative. Don’t sign any contracts without getting your significant other on board. If you need perspective and to clear your head, try a new environment. Even a short getaway could do you wonders. Don’t get caught up on minor monetary setbacks. They will be redressed in the longtime. Keep the big picture in mind in year 2020.

Accept the need for learning and growth. You are not falling behind. You are where you need to be. Don’t let others’ goals define you. You have your own plans for yourself and you are in touch with what truly matters most to you. That said, it is an year to take a breather. Study something new. Engage in some research, academic or spiritual. You could use a little time alone to recharge. Explore something outside of your personal norm. A new spiritual path may become appealing to you now. Don’t write any idea off prematurely.

Process a complicated issue involving health concerns, either your own or a loved one. Trips to rehabs or hospitals may be required. Stay confident that this phase will lead to new opportunities. There is good luck to be found but not in the places you usually look. Reassess a plan and bring it more in line with your long term vision of yourself, your work and your life. Rest well as you have plenty of work to do. The work will be pleasurable as long as you proceed with confidence towards your dreams. Change is here and inevitable so work to accept it and see the good in it.

You are looking at new career options and several possibilities have caught your eye. Entertain various options but don’t get carried away. You need to be realistic about your skill set. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your knowledge via a course or a training program. It would be a nice detail on your resume should you decide to explore an opportunity that is before you. Be aware that you might need to spend money to make money. Invest in some new interviewing clothes, a new haircut or some accessories that help you feel prepared on the job search.

Patience is key. You are feeling antsy, ready to move, maybe even physically relocate. You need to look before you leap though. Acting with haste could lead to a choice you will regret in the long run. Be disciplined in your approach. Stick to a routine. Curb habits that get you off track from achieving your dreams. You may be wasting money in places you haven’t even considered. It would be wise to draw up a budget so you can see how your money is being spent and how you can save more of it for a rainy day or a fun getaway.

It’s time to let go of what cannot be changed, once and for all. You need to release negative energy by putting the past behind you. Monetary mistakes or professional errors do not have to follow you into the future. Engage in some self assessment. Determine what you want most and how you intend to get there. Candid self assessment will pay off, even if it is difficult that be completely honest about strength and shortcomings. In order to truly put the past behind you, spend a little money updating your wardrobe or trying out a new look. It will be just the ego boost you’ve been looking for in year 2020.


  1. vineeta prasad September 7th, 2018

    my name is Vineeta date of birth is 10.1.1968 time of birth 1.20 A.M. want to know my prospect of career .

  2. November 5th, 2014

    Dear oracle
    Thanks for ur horoscope service but unfortunately my horoscope does not match with my real life.according horoscope2014 i should be in good situation but it not like this .would u please tell me why?

  3. jain.jyoti@123 May 6th, 2014

    My name is jyothi Chandawat I actually wanna no about my career I am an interior designer I have Completed my graduation so please can you tell me about my career and love life too.
    Jyothi Jain.

  4. sarika23 December 12th, 2013

    Dear Sir,My dob is 23.12.1990..Can I knw wen will I get a professional job or the placement.I am really worried for that and i wanted to know about my love life as well…pls let me know soon
    Thank you

  5. dorina August 4th, 2013

    My birthday is 29.12.1986 and i want to know if i will be employed in the next months in 2013. Thank you!

  6. emmanuel83 October 3rd, 2012

    Dear Sir, my name is Emmanuel, please i want to know.more about my luck and my lifestyle, my D.O.B is 25 .12.1983, thanks

  7. anush88 July 19th, 2012

    Dear Sir,
    My dob is 15.01.1988..Can I knw wen will I get a professional job.It’s going to be an year since I am in search for it.Thank you

  8. thomaschristy67 May 16th, 2012

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Thomas Varghese DOB – 25-12-1967. I wish to know whether there will be any good changes in my work in future.

  9. December 22nd, 2011

    tell when i get job or govt job in my life ever

  10. Vivek kumar October 28th, 2010

    Hello sir
    my name is vivek 11:15.i want to know my career.

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