Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope


  1. Teresa Steen March 23rd, 2020

    Money is not always related to career. Luck is also an entity for those who take chances. Why not comment on our luck outlook for the day?

  2. Teresa Steen March 23rd, 2020

    Money is not always a subject for career. It’s also a matter of luck. Why not give those who take chances some insight on their luck for the day?

  3. Pashmak June 17th, 2018

    Dear astrologer I not agree with you and I am sick of this situation .these years without kindness without care is so hard .I am feeling sick .

  4. swaroop November 22nd, 2010

    “Lets me hope for the best”.

  5. Adizbek May 26th, 2010

    I like it. but some dates are wrong. i expect more powerful and enjoyable week. just thanks….

  6. Subhuman May 16th, 2010

    The dates are wrong on the career horoscopes. They say Jan 1, 1970.

  7. dona September 23rd, 2008


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