Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 – Highlights and Focus Areas

  • On the health front, chronic and mysterious illnesses may crop up in 2023. It is advisable to take care and consult experts on health matters. Check with your insurance providers and ensure you are covered for unexpected visits to hospitals and medical care.
  • There is a need to stay connected using phone calls, meetings, letters, e-mails, texting, social media, and even video calls. Expect frequent travels and trips. 
  • Spiritual sojourn is in the cards. You may find yourself drawn to looking inward and you may tend to take a dive and seek the inner self, leading to a phase of introspection. The meaning of your existence and the validity of your choices will be contemplated and questioned.
  • A change in surroundings is possible, perhaps a move or a job relocation or just domestic repairs and renovations. Pay attention to family matters and work to resolve some ongoing conflict.
  • Not one of the best year as it may present challenges on several fronts including health complications, mild depression and rough patches in love life

2023 looks to be an exciting year for Capricorns! As the year begins, you are likely to find yourself in a position of power, with the potential for great success and new opportunities. With the help of your strong determination and ambition, you can turn any challenge into a success story. Your hard work combined with your natural charm and intelligence will help you make the most of whatever comes your way. Be prepared and stay positive, as this will be a year of growth, discovery, and adventure!

Your family, your roots, and the home that you have built for yourself become a source of joy in 2023. Opportunities to buy or sell or renovate real estate for financial gains may present themselves. Home is where the heart is. You are drawn to a nostalgic setting, perhaps a childhood home or important setting from your childhood. You could use some extra quality time with a caregiver, a mother figure especially. You’ll find peace in time spent with relatives. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or do anything special. Just savor the time spent together.

You are weighing a decision that impacts your finances, a purchase or repair that can’t be put off. Do what needs to be done. Delaying could cost you more than you care to pay, in money or in safety. Avoid risky decisions though. Weigh all options fully.

Luck is on your side as you make some exciting plans for your future. You may need to enroll in a course or training program to gear up for what you’d like to do next. Seize some of those exciting opportunities that are right on the horizon, waiting for you to jump in! Believe in yourself and your ambitions. Find a spiritual core to guide you, maybe even consider some new religious beliefs learned by listening to old and new personal mentors. For some of you this may result in long-standing family problems being resolved.

Professional worries are weighing on you. You need to self assess and ask yourself some difficult questions about where you want to be and what work you want to be doing. It may be time to make a change but first you need to deliberate fully. Don’t make any hasty decisions. Whatever is decided now cannot easily be undone. If you are feeling unsure, talk things over with someone truly trusted like a sibling or another close relative. Channel present fears into creative expression. Let your artistic side show via drawing, music, poetry. Even if not shared with others, it would be a good creative release.

Your partner’s family may be going through a time of crisis. Offer as much assistance as you are able but draw reasonable boundaries to keep from getting caught up in excess negativity. You need to be patient with yourself and with others. Some changes you are anxious to see occur cannot happen overnight. Being self disciplined and continuing to work hard will make all the difference. Use all the feedback you get — positive or negative–to grow as an individual in moving towards your dreams

You are ready for some new and extraordinary experiences. You are seeking an outlet for your creativity, ready for a project you can truly sink your teeth into that will fully engage your intellect. Getting out and being among new people could connect you to artistic and spiritual outlooks that are all new to you. Though your social life offers all kinds of drama and excitement, don’t forget to be attentive at home as well. A relationship could be in trouble unless you invest some time and TLC. Be honest and show how much you care.

Your relationships and allegiances are shifting, with new connections entering your life that offer your opportunities for success. Enjoy and make the most of networking events. Let your true talents and charisma show. Don’t hold back from discussing a passion of yours, especially an idea you are keen to pursue but need help moving ahead. You could find that you have more well wishers than you ever anticipated. Be careful in travel though and with where and how you store treasured belongings. Don’t let all the excitement happening in your social life ignore concerns that need addressing at home.

Solar eclipse of April 20, 2023 falls in your solar fifth house. This eclipse highlights events related to love — romance and children, such as birth of a baby or problem’s to one’s children. You may find plenty of dating opportunities, however, caution may be advised as your love relationship may take a wrong turn causing you much pain and sadness. 

2023 is a year of growth and fulfillment for Capricorns. With a little hard work and dedication, you can achieve success and reach your goals. Keep believing in yourself, be open to change, and trust in the process. With patience and determination, you can make 2023 a year of great accomplishments.


  1. Anonymous July 3rd, 2022

    how can this be?

    99% seems true the rest feels yet to happen or especially in case of love and opportunities.

  2. June 14th, 2022

    nice data! Capricorn baby here

  3. Landscaping January 10th, 2022

    Still hoping for a much better year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lia October 11th, 2019

    Am a Capricorn and it all sounds so true thank u

  5. Leslie June 1st, 2019

    I m a capricorn.. worried about having surgrry to my knee due it a good year to tackle the ptoblem…

  6. Lethu May 2nd, 2019

    Hello. My name is Lethu. Reading this it actually is true bcos I am currently going through most of the things said here. I just lost loved ones people who were close to my heart and also health wise I haven’t been well lately but I’m taking good care of myself. I hope Success and financial breakthrough is the next coming thing in my life. Thank you.

  7. Noel February 2nd, 2017

    I have already passed through most of these levels and I was wondering how I have got to reach all my wishes, for they are coming true.

  8. Lewis77 March 22nd, 2016

    Reading through some of the comments can’t believe there’s peeps out there going thru same as I am, the readings work for some n not the others but are also precise in some ways n not relevant in others, feeling like total failure is common amongst most of you, nothing works you’re always depressed you have no confidence, find me on Facebook my name is “Llewellyn Rodney Lewis” I’m January 9th 1977 also going through a hellovalot, I’m just thinking perhaps we can put our heads together to figure out what to do to get our lives on track, any interested fb me

    • Raine Griffin January 17th, 2018

      Hi Llewellyn,

      My name is Raine, and not to be rude, but I am a good couple years younger than you. I am on the 8th 1994 and I feel like I am also going through a bunch and this yearly horoscope has really hit a spot! My life is just beginning though, but my whole outlook on life has changed completely for some reason, I stopped eating meat, I’ve become such and emotional and physical feeler??? If that is even something….. I care for everything abundantly and really feel as if I am beyond my age spiritually and mentally. What is happening to me! Just thought I’d ask you, because we are one day apart besides the 17 year age gap…. Do you think, irrespective of age, and regardless of gender, us Capricorns are all connected somehow?

  9. preetkaur October 10th, 2015

    Mostly true and accurate. Amazing. Love it. Thanks a lotttt

  10. babygirbenda January 7th, 2013

    I just want 2013 to be able to return home without any debt.  I have done all I can do, and now its time for me.  I am depressed, don’t leave the house, and today, on my birthday, I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, nor a way out.  Its been 6 years of downhill battles and I strongly believe I cannot take anymore.  I pray for 2013 to offer opportunities for me to return home, paid off student loans, and just having peace and never being lonely again in my life. I am tired of crying.

  11. [email protected] October 24th, 2011

    As per the readings,my career graph is not matching at all as i am jobless since a month and not getting any job opportunities yet.

  12. omar April 8th, 2011

    l am hoping that everything it’s been said to come ture .. lam tired & looking forward for the Surprises !!!! hopefully what lam looking for…

  13. chandini kistama February 20th, 2011

    im pretty sure it’ll be a year to remember………..
    by the way we capricorn rocks!!!!

  14. Sorah February 5th, 2011

    I am having a pretty good time being a capricorn .I am in the field of science and tech. why the fuck is this now turning up way!!!

  15. Rana Tariq Mehmood February 5th, 2011

    it was 1956 instead of 2011

  16. Rana Tariq Mehmood February 5th, 2011

    I was born 4th Jan 2011 I am in depression since 2008 when i will be out from this quagmire

  17. fahad hassan December 27th, 2010

    my date of birth is 9nth jan 1983 i just wana ask u that could i go to abroud 4 studies pls pls reply me i wil b so thank ful 2 u i will b wait ur answer

  18. What'sItToYa? August 17th, 2010

    Am a Capricorn born in Jan 1974. Retrenched with others in the same business unit in May 2010. Kinda hoped for some kind of upheaval like a retrenchment to get out of the office rut. Like the holiday but still unemployed. Wanted to free lance but finding it difficult. Maybe being born in lunar year of Ox is making year 2010 suck for me in terms of getting a decent job.

  19. saleem syed May 8th, 2010

    This year i well satified as per susan told us, i am very happy compare last year

  20. Talisha March 6th, 2010

    This has got to be CAPRICORN all the way…..I started to wonder if she’s one!!!! I have to say that I was moved especially, considering the things that I’ve experienced this past year….Just to shed some light,I’m in school for my dream profession which is nursing and due to graduate in April. This would add up to a year of studying. Well, in the process of trying to obtain this (oh boy) MY MOTHER GOES AND REST on me now I know she had to take her journey….And as a Cap of course I’m strong but, I was like dog gone not NOW… So with that I had my fears about succession after my journey but,all in all if I hide feeling good…Reading this put it all together and thanks for the encouragement!!!! Talisha

  21. ruby February 18th, 2010

    nothings fits…. I am educated until the upmost of the ladder, I do have a position that is more than secure and rewarding, as for the love stuff, here also nothing fits. recipes for disaster, these horoscope. as for my partner, a taurus, and also nothing, but not hing fits

  22. zahahmedir February 17th, 2010

    I want to know only when i get married.Tell my future.

  23. SuZyQ February 16th, 2010

    07 was a great year! 08 was a bit challenging! 09 was a bit challenging in the beginning and ended on a strong note! 10 has been weird since the beginning! I don’t understand things like I usually do and I’m feeling ways I’ve never felt!

  24. Suzz February 11th, 2010

    I totally agree with previous posts. I am a December Capricorn and 2009 was just 1 of the worst years of my Capricorn life. 2010 so far has not been any better. I give Astrology until the end of February 2010 and then I will give up on Astrology. I do not give up on anything until I am absolutely forced to but I will and will never look back…..

  25. sally December 29th, 2009

    please correct my spelling-lol

  26. sally December 29th, 2009

    I agree with a few of the comments. 2008 and 2009 were not good years. I honestly believe that 2010 will not be much better but we have to play the cards we are dealt. Astrology cannot predict accurately in a turbulent time like this — you do you’re best 🙂

  27. Emee December 19th, 2009

    My 2008 and 2009 were pretty bad. Hoping 2010 will be better!

  28. bob November 19th, 2009

    Bullshit 2008 & 2009 were the worst years financially and love wise of my life. So much talk of relief and change and no matter how hard you try its never inline with these predictions. Cainer said I was to have the most amazing month in August 09 and my best mate of 20 years died and I nearly lost my business…this shit sucks.

  29. vineeth May 28th, 2009

    well hope this year something good happens for us the capricorns

  30. elizabeth December 29th, 2008

    they said 2008 was going to be a good year for us well for me it has so far well i hope what they say about 09 is true to cause i believe in it thank you elizabeth

  31. Rocky December 17th, 2008

    Good to know that 2009 will be rewarding year for us.

  32. Krishna Kumar December 31st, 2007

    It seems we (Capricorns) will b having a ball this year (after all the setbacks of previous years). I have an understanding of Vedic astrology too, and I know there is no contradiction, but one supporting the other (Western astrology).

    There is nothing like full of happiness in life (even if Jupiter stays in Makara, actually in Vedic astrology Jupiter is in Sagittarius now). So hiccups are always there.

    Still whatever, I feel happy to know that year ahead is full of promises…..

  33. camille spangler December 24th, 2007

    Susan Miller says that this year will be superb for Capricorns. Why do you talk about sorrows, especially with Jupiter in Capricorn?

  34. prasad chennubhotla December 21st, 2007

    Felt very happy to see the forecast. I thank you profusely for the
    free service. It motivated me brought confidence and I will follow
    the directions and guidelines given by you, in the forecast.

    thank you very much

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