Leo Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 – Highlights and Focus Areas

  • Growth and good fortune with wealth gain, better reputation, promotion and success is what is in store for you in 2023, dear Leo.
  • On the health front, chronic and mysterious illnesses may crop up in 2023. It is advisable to take care and consult experts on health matters. Check with your insurance providers and ensure you are covered for unexpected visits to hospitals and medical care.
  • Expect heavy inflow and outflow of money and you will be required to do the balancing act to stay above water.
  • 8th house is specially highlighted this year for you and may bring unhappiness and depression
  • Your home and assets including properties and belongings are a matter of concern and problems.
  • Worldly pursuits take over as spiritual inclinations take a back seat

If you’re wondering what the future holds for you, look no further than your Leo horoscope for 2023. This year is full of potential for success and happiness, so make the most of it! Here’s what you can expect in the coming year.

Make extra space in your life for a father or father figure. This is someone who you have relied on in the past in a mentoring capacity. A journey, long distance or just short travel, would prove immensely fulfilling. You are ready to stake out on a new career and the advice offered could help you do that. Be open to the need to increase your skill set. It may be time to enroll in a single class or even a whole course of study. Taking a pay cut to do something you love is the right gamble, just as long as you have talked the idea over fully and your significant other is also in the loop.

Take care of your health, especially digestive issues. Make careful decisions around food. You are feeling open to new spiritual ideas. You are trying to define your own sense of purpose, of what you want to achieve and how you can hope to do so. Connect to a higher power would power your plans all the more. This is a time of good fortune so trust in yourself and make the most of it.

This phase needs to be one of resting and recharging. It is time to take stock of your health. There may be a habit you need to kick to move ahead healthily and happily. Join a program or get some counseling if you need assistance in making that change. A useful focus would be some charitable work. Offer time volunteering in projects that you hold dear. Think about ways you can give back to your community and to loved ones. Act selflessly and you will feel renewed.

Stress could prompt bad decision making so be vigilant in monitoring your own choices. Steer clear of vices and gambling. These could cost you in multiple ways. Instead, get in touch with your spiritual side. Meditate. Attend the gathering of a faith congregation. If you prefer, make time to be alone and journal or use art to get in touch with your feelings. Get plenty of rest. Action packed days are ahead of you, offering many opportunities and requiring purposeful decision making. Think about who you want to keep you company in the days to come. Invest in the relationships that keep you on track and make you feel heard and valued.

You experience a rise in rank and status, one that is richly deserved given all the hard work you have put in of late. Enjoy the praise and celebrate with loved ones. Let your passion for your work show. This will attract new supporters. You may find you have more well wishers than you ever thought. If a leadership role is offered to you, don’t pass it up, even if you feel out of your element or a little underprepared. You can do it but confidence is required! Among all of this excitement, don’t forget to check in with family, especially with kids and caregivers.

It’s time to make some changes. They could be complicated to set in motion but cleaning up relationship problems and unresolved decisions will pay off. It may be that your romantic partnership has hit a stumbling point. Talking things through could work but don’t feel guilty if you simply need to walk away. You need to make your peace of mind a priority. If a separation is in the works, handle it as diplomatically as possible. An outlet for your creativity will be deeply satisfying. Take an art class, pick up a musical instrument, try your hand at writing poetry.

You are in a nostalgic mood, ready to reconnect with your personal past. Revisit a setting of great personal importance. Travel to a family home or a childhood landmark. Going back to tie up loose ends is wise. It will help you move forward. Don’t underestimate the cares and concerns an elder is experiencing. Do all you can. The help you offer could just be advice with a renovation or purchase. It’s time to make changes. Those could be changes in a relationship or in the choices you make about profession and spending. Face the past and you’ll be ready for the future.

The solar eclipse of April 20, 2023 falls in your solar tenth house.The solar eclipse in the tenth house will make individuals more career oriented and aware of the importance of their social reputation. During the eclipse in the tenth house, you will want a claim at the limelight, and seek outside validation of their success. Furthermore, you will develop a drive for bigger goals that are still tied to public approval and recognition. In the worst cases, this eclipse may cause challenges to parents, bosses and authorities.

2023 is set to be a fantastic year for Leos. You can expect plenty of good fortune, happiness, and success. Keep your head up and stay positive, and you’re sure to achieve everything you’ve been hoping for.


  1. Aaron January 10th, 2022

    Lookin forward to a better career opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

    • Donna January 10th, 2022

      Thank you for this

  2. Val Bounds January 4th, 2020

    this is nice thank you had some horrible years so for me I hope this is going to happen this year its time I had some happiness after the last fifteen years or so

  3. Navash October 1st, 2019

    Wow…everything basically resonated with me

  4. Donna May 16th, 2018

    The part about my job is spot on. Just wish you advised as to whether I should change it or not.

  5. Victoria January 17th, 2017

    its only been a few weeks into the year and i already felt 80% of these things! I’m super happy with this ! thank you

  6. Maud January 8th, 2017

    Thank you so much

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    I am trying to conceive from last 6 month.will i be able to conceive this year?

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    Will i have. A baby this year?

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    Hi, willI find the job of my life this year, as I have been looking for job and so far nothing

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