Leo 2021 Career and Money Horoscope

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2021 – Work, Opportunities and Finances

  • Growth and new beginnings will be the key areas for you in 2021, dear Leo. Often finances occupy and preoccupy you. You may hit a jackpot in lotteries and investments. Stay away from risky ones though. It will come to you so no point chasing the wild goose.
  • A change in surroundings is possible, perhaps a new office, promotion, change of role and new promising business partnerships.
  • More meetings and more opportunities — both personal and professional — allow key people to enter your life. You can find success in Mercurial spheres such as creative writing, accounts, trade & commerce, analytics, advertising and communications.
  • A good year for father-like figures, bosses, those in power and authority – their success trickles down to you as well and you feel alleviated.
  • Unlike previous few years, your relationship with government agencies and top corporations improves benefitting your bottom line and cash flows.

2021 is time to make some important financial and professional decisions. Don’t rush into anything. Think all paperwork and legally binding contracts through thoroughly. It would be wise to seek out some legal experts to look over documents. You are excited about a new project but be sure to look before you leap! It is easier to do it right the first time than try and undo it. You may find yourself out of place in your current surroundings. A change of environment would do a world of good. Get out of town, even if just for the day or the afternoon. A new setting will help you get in touch with your plans for the future.

It may be an year to commit to a relationship which has implications for your personal finances. Before moving in together or tying the knot, talk about a budget. Do you share the same priorities in terms of spending and saving? The time to figure this out is before you make the next phase of a partnership official. Trust you gut but don’t forget to temper your own feelings with some needed listening. Seek out the friend of relative whose advice you can always trust. There’s no reason to go it alone. That person knows what you want and what your dreams truly look like.

You have a lot of issues to firm up, many decisions that need concrete action. While reaching a verdict is imperative, it is important not to get there too soon. Attend meetings with experts on the subject matter. Get a full education on the issue. Force a sense of logical and rationality onto your conclusion reaching. And certainly talk to relatives and loved ones before you sign any paperwork. If there is a move or relocation, either because of a real estate purchase or a new job, talk it over with everyone involved. You want to make sure all those close to you are onboard.

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You may be feeling worried about money, anticipating a bill that needs payment or a purchase that is practical in nature and cannot be put off. A temporary tightening up of your speeding should do the trick. Work to find a balance in your spendings and savings. You should try and put away a little bit for a rainy day. It would help with future bills, so you are not in an anxious place about payment. And remember that not everything has to be serious minded, that you can lighten up and have some fun without spending a lot of money. If you are in good company you are bound to enjoy yourself.

Assess the direction in which you are moving, on both the personal and professional front. A relationship at home or in the office could be causing you stress. Work through conflict with as much diplomacy as you can muster. Be aware too that sometimes all you can do is walk away. Forge new connections via coordinated networking. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain admirers and supporters once you share your passion and vision. Try a new social setting — a club or group that you have been eyeing–to come in contact with new people. Take care to avoid accidents in travel. Be careful with valued possessions.

You’re worried about something coming undone, a relationship or project that you’ve built. It may be that the connections in trouble can be repaired. Be diplomatic. See how much of the conflict you talk through. Go with your gut as you make a professional or political decision. Get your minds off your cares with some simple leisure time in the arts or via participating in sports. Ask an agent or broker to help you resolve some financial missteps in your past. Learn your lesson from an unwise decision but don’t let the past weigh you down. Move forward with confidence.


  1. Annie-Belanger January 14th, 2015

    So which is it?  In one paragraph, it says “This is not a very good time for my career” and two paragraphs later it says “This is a very good time for your career”.  Bloody ridiculous, playing off the credulity of the gullible.

  2. subratadas October 22nd, 2013

    whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or any change in this year

  3. Santhosh prabhu March 28th, 2011

    Whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or i want to search for new job, pls advice

  4. julita February 20th, 2011

    Pls tell me, if our plan to open a business is good at this time and to change the job.

  5. genevive January 21st, 2011

    this kind of website is awesome….its prediction are all true…even in my career and love life its predicts everythings that will surely happen in my future..it give me some tips how to solve my problems and what is the first thing i must do…

  6. Lisa luy October 2nd, 2010

    Life, love, family, most, short about money.

  7. patel December 3rd, 2009

    i am married to a leo man. i cant thank god enough for this union in marriage . my husband is a wonderful man and i love him so dearly . i dont want anyone else except him. i hope to die first before him . i simply cant bear to be without him . true, there are moments that i did flare up but i never want to lose him ever.

  8. Bri November 23rd, 2009

    I’m a leo women dating a pisces guy. I’m having alot of trouble in that open communication area. also, he never wants to do anything. He would rather stay at home forever if he could. We are suppose to get married but I don’t know. What’s the point? I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

  9. fatimehhamoud November 16th, 2009

    I wanted back my first love,am i going to get married,will i have children,will i be rich will i be happy at my old age,will i wed to the man that i love for 42 years,his name is hassan wazni in belgium,am i sierraleone.

  10. lisa lee November 13th, 2009

    Leo wife, I truly feel for you, your situation sounds just like mine, except I’m not married to my pisces guy. I feel like I’m in a maze and sometimes just can’t get out, its hard for the leo women, who are dating pisces men, they do not really know how to articulate their feelings, they keep everything bottled up inside as if we can read their thoughts, we are very straight forward people and pisces men are not, and they hate to be cornered – they can’t deal with intimacy or really talking abou their feelings, which communication is a MUST in any relationship. I was too afraid of having the same situation that you are experiencing reason why I won’t marry him. Its frustrating because I know you love him very much and probably trying to encourage open communication which alot of times probably blows up in your face or he has mis understood what you were trying to say. Good luck – PRAY to GOD that HE WILL help bridge the communication gap between the two of you.

  11. sherin November 11th, 2009

    I am getting married to the love of my life in a month… and well hes a leo!!! a true leo!! and hes so perfect for me…hes my soulmate..i dont think any other sunsign would be this compatible for me..i am head over heels in love with him… i have never felt so complete in my life ever…so all u arians out ter ..find urself a leo and live happily ever after :O)

  12. Fisher November 8th, 2009

    I’m a leo and my husband is a pisces I love him deeply but I am finding it hard to cope with our relationship I want it to work yet he cannot seem to get past playing on my emotions we are at a stalemate no one will budge. I can’t make the the move because he will get the wrong impression and we will be back where we started. How can we accepted each other as we are. He won’t move unless I move and if I stop he will too. So no one is truly helping to lift up one another in our relationship. Please someone help.

  13. gyanendu das November 3rd, 2009

    i want to change my job. i hv already interviewed by a company. still there is no information.being a leo and my d ob is 22nd aug 1978 i hv achance or not

  14. Manjunatha B September 6th, 2009

    please predict accurately about my job opportunity and love issues.As iam made desparate attempts with many astrologers to know about my future.really iam feeling hell and seeking a calm and peaceful life

  15. K.K.JOHNSON January 31st, 2009

    sir,according my horoscope,is there going to be any changes in my job this year?please let me know

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