Libra 2024 Career and Money Horoscope

2024 – Work, Opportunities, and Finances

  • Travel and Relocation: Frequent travel or possible changes in residence could impact your financial planning. Be adaptable and budget for these potential shifts.
  • Educational Opportunities: Students, especially those aspiring to study abroad, will find 2024 favorable for educational advancement and opportunities.
  • Career Recognition: Expect acknowledgment in your professional life, leading to stability and possibly promotion.
  • Corporate and Public Sector Opportunities: Your career path may pivot towards roles in large corporations or public-facing jobs, opening new doors for growth.
  • Investment in Self: With your inclination towards spirituality and traditional practices, consider investing in self-improvement and spiritual pursuits.

Libra, 2024 is your year to sparkle in the career and financial skies, and it’s going to be a hoot! Picture yourself navigating this year like a financial ninja, with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of wisdom. First things first, let’s talk money moves. You know that exciting project you’re itching to jump into? Hold your horses, Libra! It’s like they say, “Look before you leap, especially if there’s paperwork involved.” This year, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and scrutinize those contracts like a pro. Maybe even get a legal eagle to give them the once-over – better safe than sorry!

Feeling a bit like a square peg in a round hole at work? A change of scenery could be just the ticket. Whether it’s a quick jaunt out of town or a full-on relocation, a new environment is your golden ticket to clarity and inspiration. It’s like taking a mini-vacation from your problems – who wouldn’t love that?

Now, let’s talk love and money. If you’re thinking of making things official with your significant other, it’s budget talk time. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between love and money. Remember, a heart-to-heart about finances now can save a lot of headaches later.

On the career front, feeling a tad unsure about your current job? Before you start updating that resume, consider this: learning is earning. Why not spice up your skill set with a new class or training program? It’s like adding a secret sauce to your career recipe. Plus, it’s a great way to test the waters before diving into a career change.

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But hey, if office politics are getting you down, rise above it like the superstar you are. Stick to your routines, keep on delivering the goods, and let the drama roll off your back like water off a duck’s back.

Feeling a bit isolated? It’s time to open up and let your voice be heard. Sharing your feelings could lead to unexpected alliances, so don’t be shy. Remember, there’s magic in being authentically you.

Been dwelling on a past mistake? Time to turn that page, Libra. It’s like they say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Learn from it and move on. Your future is too bright to be dimmed by yesterday’s shadows.

And lastly, if you’re dreaming of that rainy day fund, this is your year to make it happen. Chat with a financial guru, balance those books, and start saving like a boss. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned, and you, dear Libra, are on your way to making those pennies count!

So, gear up for a year where you balance the books with a smile, turn learning into earning, and let your authentic self shine. Remember, in the wise words of someone very wise, “You are the architect of your own destiny.” Go build something amazing!

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Arpit Tambi

Owner and resident astrologer at Ask Oracle with 18 years of experience in Western (tropical) and Indian (sidereal) astrology. Based in Jaipur, he is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. His areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage, and child predictions, as well as professional and wealth predictions.
  1. oamcgarvey December 16th, 2014

    I’m so relieved when I read this horoscope.  I am a substitute teacher and have been trying for years to get a full time job.  If this is accurate, it looks like one might be in my future.  I do see about being concerned with my image though because I just found out I am pregnant and the baby would come right before school starts.  I feel like that could hurt my chances of getting hired with a school if I need a small amount of maternity leave right away.

  2. Da Silva April 7th, 2011

    My curiosity & all my future thoughts are here exposed out by my horoscope. I love always to browse Libra because I belive it navigates me through my life. I love my star!!!

  3. aldino February 6th, 2011

    OMG thats good thats good

  4. annalou joseph yuson January 18th, 2011

    my birtday.october 5 1980 my bf june 30 1957

  5. Monika Aggarwal July 19th, 2010

    Extremely wonderful…….each word of this horoscope is correct ……….mindblowing

  6. felicia December 11th, 2009

    im in love with my hubby (libra) , i am a cancer woman who is/can be very serious at times with our priorities but he loves it. I dont question where is,cause he always want to be with me, or hes out right just telling me because of our friendship. I honor his truth and love his traits, his will and his priceless determination in his morals…I love my libra…

  7. jessie December 10th, 2009

    was reading this article cuz i am actually currently going through a breakup with a cancer man, i am 19 years old, and have just recently started expressing equal interest with a libra man who is 24. according to everyone hes good friends with that know me, he thinks the world of me and basically worships me- he is absolutely amazing. as opposed to my ex-cancer, who simply stopped talking to me yesterday on my way to work and havent heard from him since. it is very hard dealing with this break up but im hanging in there… as another lady said in a previous post about her relationship with her ex cancer man, we both abused each other and i knew it, i dont think he knew or agreed that he was emotionally abusing me but i was aware of both sides and throughout the relationship i too would think of commiting suicide and there were plenty of times when i was just so frustrated and insecure and had no idea where to turn to or how to solve my problems and he was never there for me when i was feeling my worst.

    but this new man, whom i have known for about 2 months or so now, has had the hugest crush on me EVER and i will admit i think he is mysterious and sexy and ridiculously sweet and amazing… i work with him so i see him all the time and i cant wait to see him again!!!

  8. krissy December 10th, 2009

    thanks ladies 🙂 im a 21 year old sag gonna go on a date this weekend with a libra guy. I am nervous but If all these love stories are right, I think it’ll be a great time

  9. Layla December 9th, 2009

    Well, hello! I just wanted to tell all you guys how its been going with my libra man, and yes we are still together, we are now on 8 months, going on 9, woohoo! He is still the best, most sweetest man to me. It was recently by birthday, December 5th, and he got me a piano! A keyboard piano, Yamaha, very nice, and it was the biggest, best surprise ever….since I am a piano player with about 5 years of experience. The only part about our relationship that struggles sometimes, which is ok because on one relationship is perfect, is that I, the Sagittarius, 28 year old woman can quite jealous of other girls, especially the pretty ones that catch my Libra man’s eye, he’s 23. Although I am a beautiful girl and thank God as much as I can for the exotic persian looks he gave ;), I still have my jealous tendencies when pretty girls are around my boyfriend, not all the time, but sometimes. And my jealousy can get us into stupid fights, that upsets the both of us very much. I think I should not be so hard on myself and thus, on him. My libra man is so nice to me and tells me everyday at least once that I am beautiful and treats me like a goddess, or at least he makes me feel like one, adores me, protects me, loves me all the time, he has never stopped from the first day I met him. My libra man is also so smart but in a very free thinking philosophical way. He loves to talk, and mind stimulation is something he indulges in often which is great because I love to be stimulated intellectually and all other ways as well, haha, and he hits the mark most of the time. Basically, when it comes down to the overall of our relationoship, he is the best, and I love him, I feel sometimes he is my soulmate, and I am so excited to what holds for us in the future. I love you baby, so! 🙂

  10. 'Tina December 6th, 2009

    I am excited to have met this Libra Man! I met him while out with my girlfriends for my birthday surprise party and we have been talking everyday..(only 2-wks now) He seems very attentive and interested in everything that I do and wants to spend my free time with me, but he is not over bearing like my past relationship with a Pices Man. Although it has only been 2 weeks, I am anxious to see where this relationship goes.. until next month… have a blessed New Year fellow Sag’

  11. Karma November 29th, 2009

    Wow there are a lot of comments for this match! I love to hear other peoples love stories, its great! I’m on this website a lot and just like to share my thoughts. I have commented on some other matches, This one seems good! I was once with a Libra man but he ended up commeting suiside after I left him! Not good! I loved him!

  12. Vani November 27th, 2009

    lol this is all true. But in the end we did not make it, becuz he was not open with me, he kept many things from me… And nvr wanted people to hav the slightest idea that he was stuck on me. And he was always fantasizing things but nvr good at make them a reality. We were together for 5yrs. and fought all the time becuz of our differences… This type of relation will last a long time becuz a libra will keep tryn, but will most likey not make it… 🙁
    lol dated 3 pisces bac 2 bac, not one made it….

  13. Hope November 11th, 2009

    Well, some of it is true and some of it isn’t. I’m one of the few Librans that are non-verbal communicators. My relationship with a Scorpian man has been going on for about 5 years. I love him. Of course we had few ups and downs over the years, but hey, we made it this far. Scorpios have trust issues, that’s why for you libran females out there, you have make sure that he knows he’s the only one for you. I showed him I meant it when I said “I love you” 5 years ago by going up on stage and shouting it from the top of my lungs for everyone to hear. Yes, it was embarrassing but thanks to that, we built a healthy relationship.

  14. FireMiss November 6th, 2009

    Im a Sagittarius girl and I met this Libra guy 3 months ago. Its almost scary how he has my whole heart and soul. Im trying not to get too attached to him because I dont think that he wants something serious even though when we are togheter he makes me feel like Im the queen of the world…

    We really seem to be the perfect match. Both passionate and loving and fun, me spicing up his life, him being able to make me relax when Im anxious…

    He is leaving at the end of this month for months…or maybe years..So Im trying to act like it doesnt matter too much to me, but in fact, I think about it all the time… If I didnt control myself Id just tell him how much I love him and cry for him to stay…

  15. Suzy November 5th, 2009

    I’m a libran female in the beginning of a relationship with a Scorpio and I’m really scared reading this article. I don’t want to see him ever again. I’m already working on my break up line. I guess it’s just my charm.

  16. Anu October 23rd, 2009

    Hello, I am the gender all the woman have been talking about above…but since the post talks about Sagi woman and Libra man ….so I thought I could pen down a word or two…..I turned 28 last month and I am engaged to Sagi woman…..this is post my 5 year relationship with Leo woman who hurt very badly…. we both abused each other a lot…. We were commited but it never came to marriage as she wanted time and time… and I was longing to get married to her….we were apart for 2 years and she found better people to give her company and I was a loner whose calls were slowly turned down….then i decided to move on to give my love to someone who is really worth it…I met this Sagi woman…she was too hurt in the past and we both were just alike….looking to get committed and married….shower all the love on each other…. Sagi woman is definitely very patient woman who does not looses her temper easily…..they are very kind at heart and certainly not aware of the world that is out there…..but they are definitely the one of their kinds….unmatched….I am really happy after long 5 years……..Libra man expects commitment and loyalty (not just in words)….they want to see it happening in actions….. once u do it they will be ur slaves and will sweep the world off your feet….. they need to nurtured a lot….loved to the fullest…..and they want adulation……after all libra is ruled by planet of Venus….they will fight their life for you with anyone just to keep you happy but they expect the same in return …if they don;t get it…they get hurt and don’t expect them to be with you forever.

  17. Jasmine September 24th, 2009

    Well…I am a little older than the previous folks above (44 yr old woman) and I will tell you I met this Libra man in 2008. He is a GOOOOD man and I love him with all my heart. He is quite a gentlemen, humorous when he does’nt mean to; cracks me up!, very level headed and very thoughtful. He always thinks of me and my kids. I am so greatful that I met him. When I am around him, we don’t even have to say much but there is level of contentment and comfort that I have with him. He makes me feel like a real woman. He has my body measurements down to a science and enjoys going shopping for me for sexy dresses that he thinks I would like. He has excellent taste and rarely am I NOT pleased with his selections… Its going on two years and all I can say is I have not had not one dull moment with him.. I’m Blessed!

  18. Ashley Nicole September 16th, 2009

    In response to ALL my fellow Sag ladies:), Kudos on your romances with your Libra men!!! I am IN LOVE with a Libra man. We fell for each other within a month and he said I love you 1st, while I waited a few more weeks to be for sure;). I broke up with him 2months into seeing him because My “womanly sag intuition” was doing too much “thinking” about us moving too quickly, worrying about if he’s really the one b/c it felt too good to be true, not wanting to fall so madly in love as to give a man that much control over my heart, etc etc. Well, we still see each other regularly, he tells me he loves me just the same even with us not dating, and says that i prefer things with no strings because i’m such a “free-spirited” person. My question to all my Lady Sags is: “How did you handle the charming, romantic nature of the Libra man that QUICKLY swept you off your feet??? Did you take it as genuine? (because you know how we get lol we tend to overanalyze things at times). AND, when your Libra man is sitting with that contemplative look in his eyes like his mind is somewhere, how do you crack the code and get him to really express what it is??? Thanks bunches for your response! Love, a fellow sag woman:)

  19. coolasslibra August 25th, 2009

    Smoldering hot chemistry between them yet equally as volatile as too much air turns a warm fire to a roaring inferno whereas too little will cause the flame to die.

  20. Joseph & Crystal July 21st, 2009

    hell yea from pisces – the bf

    My bf referenced our signs today, and so I looked us up.. I was laughing for the longest time because of the accuracy of this description of us and how it’s almost to a “T”. I showed him a few minutes ago and he was laughing, just like me.

    Libra gf

  21. Nataja July 20th, 2009

    I am a 19 year old sag woman dating a 20 year old libra man. We have known each other for 4 years now and just decided to randomly try and get together. I am so happy I did because we are now engaged and plan on being married in the next 2 years. I prayed for a man like him and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He is the most amazing, thoughtful, sincere, and trusting person I have ever met and I know he is my soulmate. I can’t wait to see what our future holds and I know it will be forever.

  22. Layla July 15th, 2009

    Well, hello, its me again, and yes I am still with my libra man and our partnership is stronger then ever! I never thought our relationship would reach to such powerful heights. I tend to be very sensitive and emotional and while all my other ex-boyfriends were not understanding to my emotions, my Libra man is always there by my side, when I’m crying, frustrated, or happy. He’s always there. I can count on him in my time of need but I make sure I don’t rely or depend on him. I live on my own, well, two other roomates and I made sure that I keep my independence for a while, maybe a year longer, until I’m absolutely sure I can take the relationship to the next level. Or whenever he is ready to take it to the next level. We have had our disagreements, jealousies, and misunderstandings but we were able to communicate in a diplomatic manner that allowed us to forgive, forget, and move on. I’m not saying we are the most perfect couple, but we do love each other. The way he shows me his love is amazing. I never had someone love me the way he does, so unconditionally. He is attentive, gentle, sensitive to my emotions, and so cuddly and loving. Yet he still has his manly side to him. He has strong arms, nice chest, works out, tells me he’ll take care of it because he’s my boyfriend and that’s what he’s suppose to do. I can tell he wants to take care of me and that makes me want to take care of him as well. He seems to hold his own better then I, but I am there for him anytime he needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on. He’s become my best friend. I love him so much. I can’t begin to explain the love the that exudes from my soul every second of the day. I feel I am blessed by God I have met such a handsome, sweet, gentleman. I truly feel he is my soulmate. He just arrived so I have to go, I don’t want him to know I am writing about him, teehee….I’ll keep you updated.

  23. KIera July 10th, 2009

    Hello I’m a sag woman and have been with my libra man for about a year and a half and I agree with the last post my libra man is the most amazing wonderful sweet and sensitive man I’ve ever been with we told each other we love each other fairly soon but I meant it and I know he did to. I know I’m going to marry this man he is an absolute dream even a year and a half later. We fight but I know that’s because we really care about each other and we have very big fights some times but we recover quickly and fall deeper in love. He’s my soulmate I know itmuah frank turner..

  24. Layla June 24th, 2009

    Hi, it seems no one else has responded to this love match of the sexy, sassy Sagittarius woman and the chill, laid back, caring, sensitive yet manly at the same time 😉 … Libra man. Its me again, Layla, and I have now been dating my Libra man for about three months, coming the end of June. I will tell you, we have gotten into a few fights. We had disagreements over deep and more serious issues, issues that you don’t normally bring up in the beginning of the relationship because it’s just too early to. We have told each other that we love each other, and you are probably thinking, “who said it first?” Well, it was me, the Sagittarius woman, and every inch of my body felt graceful, soft, and feminine telling him. I didn’t have any shame in it, I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted him to know how much I adored him, how much I loved him. He was a bit more hesitant telling me but now, ha, now, he tells me all the time, and it makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery. I love being with him, he has changed my life in a way that I view things in a more positive light. I feel like a little kid again. Like a princess 🙂 . He is the most amazing, thoughtful, sensitive, loving, caring, amazing, haha I already said that…hehe, man I have met. And I love him so much. Oh and I forgot, the sex is phenomenal. 🙂 .

  25. khalid June 1st, 2009


  26. Kat May 7th, 2009

    Hello,I am a libra. My bf is a pisces. He was my best friend for years. When he finally kissed me he ruined it with crying.He kept telling me how he is in love with me and how we will be together forever.I am a little scared and confused.

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