Libra Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Libra Woman in Bed

A Libra woman is an intellect at heart, and remains assertive to fully understand her partner’s needs. Libra women are a good judge of character, so it isn’t easy to lure them into the bedroom, unless you’re skilled at seduction. A brilliantly observant mind and luscious curves will always be a charming asset of every Libra woman’s sexuality. She’s exotic, in her displays of affection and her refreshing candor is mentally stimulating and physically enticing in bed.

Libra women seek out thrill, and excitement in the bedroom always choosing partners who are strong headed, wild and intelligent to carry forth an erotic conversation. To stop a Libra woman from becoming detached in the bedroom, it is necessary to compliment her with romantic gestures, and woo her with a fine dining experience. She loves being touched, and will enjoy experimenting in the bedroom especially if you kink is role playing, with a lot of teasing.

A Libra woman can blend well within a social gathering, and will often engage in verbal debates of the highest intellect. But because she needs much more than physical intimacy in bed, she can easily get bored of mundane sexual activities and lose interest. Libra women can be quite indecisive and take flight if their independence is threatened at any given point. They thrive on communication, and are attracted to men who possess a utopian mindset.

A Libra woman’s eccentric nature will cause her to break routine by indulging in unpredictable sexual encounters. She seeks balance in her life therefore dislikes emotional confrontations, and prefers an unbiased approach that is both practical, and intuitive. A Libra woman is an old romantic who cherishes red roses before date night, or a spontaneous romp under the moonlight. She prefers experienced lovers between the sheets, and likes being in control during sex.

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