Libra Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Possessing a gift for communication, a Libra woman shines in a social environment. Her charm and friendliness make her a delightful companion, and she knows how to strike a balance between justice and fairness. Although she embraces femininity and elegance, she also has a wild side. 

Personality Traits of a Libra Woman

Great listener

Thriving in social situations requires her not only to show her charm and intelligence but also to listen. People who interact with her appreciate her attentiveness and the ability to soak up information and ideas like a sponge. 

Conflicts and confrontations are not her forte, as she prefers to listen most of the time. When communicating, she selects her words carefully to ensure that they will not offend. She makes fair decisions by listening to everyone’s side of the story.


Being in love is one of the greatest joys in her life. She goes bonkers about romance so much that one can say she is in love with being in love. Becoming love-drunk is common for most Libra women.

A die-hard romantic, she loves the imagery of smooching in a photo booth while making silly faces but also ensures a fine balance in relationships by dining out at an elegant restaurant.


Known for having a logical mind and good judgment, she seeks fairness and justice. Listening to what people say and encouraging fair solutions makes her a great mediator. 

Possessing a legal-like brain encourages her to analyze every situation to organize important matters and to avoid irrelevant things.


Striving to attain the best experiences for everything she does means that she exerts all her effort into an endeavor. Using logical and rational thinking, she creates scenarios that work out well for her.

She nitpicks in most situations when making decisions, but she considers everybody to ensure her decision benefits all. 

What Keeps a Libra Woman Interested?

Seeking equilibrium in her life means that she enjoys laughter, fun, and joy while ensuring that everyone around her also shares in the jubilance. Finding a companion who is open-minded and does not get jealous is her ideal partner. Seldom does she settle down for the long haul? When she does, her marriage will be unconventional.

Socializing is high on her list of priorities. By listening to her life stories, you make her feel loved and valued. When not surrounded by people, she enjoys alone time since it provides her freedom and peace to work through issues.

She appreciates surprises and gifts, as well as plenty of compliments about her beauty and charm.

Dark Sides of a Libra Woman

Having an affinity for beauty makes her superficial. Her social skills allow her to determine people’s weaknesses, awakening her tendency to be manipulative so that people do what she wants. Relying on her in serious situations will leave you disappointed since she is unreliable.

Attempting to balance the scales when making decisions tends to make her indecisive. She struggles when balancing the pros and cons of situations. Taking the easy route is her go-to strategy when completing tasks because she can be lazy, whether due to physical or mental challenges.   

How to Attract a Libra Woman?

Look your best

Desiring to be surrounded by beautiful people and nice things means that physical beauty is very important to a Libra woman. Eye candy is her favorite type of dessert, so make sure that you look your best in her company. 

Apart from ensuring that your appearance meets her stringent expectations, you need to possess charm. Most Libra women are beautiful, so they tend to gravitate towards attractive men who will complement their beauty. Having an interesting personality to match your good looks will make her believe that you are her ideal partner.

Listen to her

Conversing and being flirty come naturally to her. She feels that she can express those qualities only with a companion who listens to her. Engage her in a conversation that stimulates her mind and discusses various subjects while not forgetting to listen to her views.

A good communicator and listener are some of the key traits that she looks for in a partner so that she can bounce ideas off him. She tends to run through the pros and cons several times, so be patient and listen attentively. 

Be polite

Not one to engage in conflict and arguments, a Libra woman does not want a man who is rude, aggressive, or feels the need to yell. Dealing with heavy emotions is not for her as she is a peace lover, so speak to her gently and calmly.

Since she aims to strike a balance in everything she does, she expects you to do the same. That means you will have to give and take. She is attracted to men who are open-minded and level-headed. Go out of your way to be friendly and extra polite to make her interested in you.

Organize fun activities

Keep her interested by organizing spontaneous activities. A Libra woman loves adventure and anything that makes her feel good. Make her laugh by taking her to a comedy show or bring out her excitement on roller coaster rides.

Fun for her also includes basking in luxurious goods since she enjoys the finer things in life. She will feel that you care about her if you take her to a fancy restaurant or buy her a lavish gift. 

Don’t pressure her into commitment

Her charm and beauty make her popular amongst most men. She is indecisive and wants to feel that her options are open, so pressuring her into commitment is a mistake. Give her the time she needs to decide about you. Rushing her may push her away.

Signs a Libra Woman Likes You

She honors her commitment

Canceling dates at the last moment is common for her and attributed to her indecisiveness. When she likes you, she will not struggle to make up her mind about meeting you for a date that she agreed to.

Pinning her down is difficult. When interested, she will make it easy for you to get her number and to schedule a time for a meetup. 

Her smile is genuine

Drifting from one person to another like a social butterfly results in her putting on a fake smile when interacting with people she does not find appealing. Revealing a genuine smile to you is her way of letting you know that she finds you attractive.

Revealing her bottom teeth usually means that she is faking a smile. Her genuine one appears when her eyes close slightly and crow’s feet appear outside her eyes.

Her flirting will be shameless

Resorting to flirting in social situations comes naturally to her, but she will do it shamelessly when interested in you. Flirting with you in that manner stemmed from you making her feel comfortable to show that side of herself.

She tells you what she thinks

Although she absorbs a lot of information by listening to people, she reveals her opinions only to people whom she likes. Avoiding conflict prompts her to be careful about what she says, but she will not be afraid to tell you what she feels or thinks after realizing that she is interested in you.

Signs a Libra Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

Even when dating evolves into a relationship or marriage, a Libra woman will remain flirtatious and sexual. Once she stops being flirty and sexual, it is a good sign that she has lost interest. 

She may become controlling and will not hesitate to argue and engage in conflict. Canceling plans at the last minute or avoiding making them will be prominent in her behavior towards you. Instead of conversing with you and opening up, she will be withdrawn and may even ignore you.

Do not be surprised that you need to initiate contact, whereas before, she was delighted to do it.

Libra Woman – Family and Relationships

Like socializing, motherhood comes easily to most Libra women. She is capable of multitasking to ensure everything remains in order at home while being straightforward when communicating with her children. She treats them with respect but also expects the same in return. Her parenting style is an infusion of humor and curiosity while teaching her children independence.

A Libra woman loves being in love. Apart from seeking a loving and caring partner, she insists on advice and support from him. Her ideal relationship is harmonious and free from conflict and arguments. A Libra woman does not respond well to a jealous partner, and some prefer an open relationship.

Libra Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Preferring a low-drama atmosphere, a Libra woman thinks of her co-workers when engaging in tasks and tries to make them fun and enjoyable for everyone. In corporate environments, she may struggle to navigate boundaries between the people she manages. 

To her, the bigger picture of a project is far more important than the details. It’s common for her to spend the first decade of her career hopping from one job to another while deciding what she wants to do.

Negotiating a large salary is one of her setbacks. She may cringe when you choose to talk about money since she struggles to take an active role in managing it. Her affinity for luxury items motivates her to make money, but spending it leaves her with just enough to survive.

Libra Woman in Bed

A Libra woman is an intellect at heart and remains assertive to fully understand her partner’s needs. Libra women are a good judge of character, so it isn’t easy to lure them into the bedroom unless you’re skilled at seduction. A brilliantly observant mind and luscious curves will always be a charming asset of every Libra woman’s sexuality. She’s exotic, in her displays of affection and her refreshing candor is mentally stimulating and physically enticing in bed.

Libra women seek out thrill, and excitement in the bedroom always choosing partners who are strong-headed, wild, and intelligent to carry forth an erotic conversation. To stop a Libra woman from becoming detached in the bedroom, it is necessary to compliment her with romantic gestures and woo her with a fine dining experience. She loves being touched and will enjoy experimenting in the bedroom especially if your kink is role-playing, with a lot of teasing.

A Libra woman can blend well within a social gathering, and will often engage in verbal debates of the highest intellect. But because she needs much more than physical intimacy in bed, she can easily get bored of mundane sexual activities and lose interest. Libra women can be quite indecisive and take flight if their independence is threatened at any given point. They thrive on communication and are attracted to men who possess a utopian mindset.

A Libra woman’s eccentric nature will cause her to break the routine by indulging in unpredictable sexual encounters. She seeks balance in her life, therefore, dislikes emotional confrontations, and prefers an unbiased approach that is both practical and intuitive. A Libra woman is an old romantic who cherishes red roses before date night or a spontaneous romp under the moonlight. She prefers experienced lovers between the sheets and likes being in control during sex.

How to Resolve Problems with a Libra Woman

Talk in a calm manner

Losing your temper and anger outbursts are not the way to resolve problems with her. Keep your cool when talking to her. After discussing your issues in a civilized manner, listen to what she has to say. Being attentive shows her that you value her input and are serious about resolving issues.

Mention how you feel without blaming her

A Libra woman is used to compliments, not insults. Bringing up her negative traits and blaming her for problems is the wrong way to engage. Opt for a way that shows how you feel about issues but does not incriminate her as the instigator. 

Top Ways to Get a Libra Woman Back After Breakup

Showering her with lavish gifts is one of the ways to get her attention. Once she has given you a chance to state your case, ensure that you listen to her needs. She appreciates a partner who hears out her issues and communicates that he understands them and will work to resolve them.

Show her your adventurous side by taking her out to do something fun. It will remind her of the fun experiences you shared when together and will make her believe that is how it will be once back together. Give her space to feel freedom and time to make up her mind about you.

Libra Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Libra woman with Taurus manFinding mutual understanding will be critical if they want the relationship to survive.
Libra woman with Gemini manDespite not always being a perfect couple, they are a great match and can last for the long haul.
Libra woman with Cancer manRestrictions in the relationship lie in the things they want from their partner. In most cases, they are unsuitable.
Libra woman with Leo manBoth need to find a balance of respect to enjoy each other’s company but tend to have a lot of fun together.
Libra woman with Virgo manPatience from both partners is required, but problems may arise when the Virgo bruises the Libra’s ego.
Libra woman with Libra manCommunication will develop to the point of mutual enjoyment and will continue as long as there is respect. A great match.
Libra woman with Scorpio man They will awaken each other’s darkest sexual sides, making the relationship exciting.
Libra woman with Sagittarius manBoth benefit by building their lives without negative influences and will enjoy their sexual relationship.
Libra woman with Capricorn manThe success of their relationship depends on the timing when they meet each other. Lack of respect is common between the two, making the union a struggle.
Libra woman with Aquarius man Share a strong understanding but do not last long enough to fix what was broken.
Libra woman with Pisces manIn most cases, they fall in love fast, become one fast and break up just as fast.
Libra woman with Aries manWhen they fall madly in love, they resolve almost any issue that arises. Perfectly suited for each other.


Finding joy in adventure and attending social events is where a Libra woman feels most at home. Seeking fun and excitement in her professional life spills over into her dating life as she desires a man who is open-minded and allows her to express her wildest desires.