Aquarius Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Using her intelligence for out-of-the-box thinking to ensure humanity prevails is one of the ways an Aquarius woman occupies her time. Not one to conform to societal standards, she takes pride in being independent. Although she has an unusual way of looking at the world, she is friendly, an independent thinker, and open-minded. 

Personality Traits on an Aquarius Woman


Being kind and compassionate towards members of her community and seeking social justice for equal rights, poverty, and world health comes naturally to her. She cares tremendously about humanity and strives to heal the world.

Although on a mission to save the world, an Aquarius woman can lack empathy for her closest friends. 


Her mind is cluttered with original ideas that tend to impress people. Having the ability to form and understand abstract concepts can lead her to stand up and defend her opinions. 

Having the ability to think out of the box means that she enjoys debating topics such as religion and politics. Surface-level conversations are not for her, as she prefers to get on a deep, emotional level when conversing.

Free Spirited

Expressing herself without feeling limited or constrained is an environment where she thrives. Her desire for freedom and equality makes her a free-spirited person. 

Being independent and thinking for herself is the only way she knows how to function. The freedom to express her opinion is one of her highest priorities.


An Aquarius woman’s creativity blossoms through in her art, which she uses to express herself. She often uses her creative mind to come up with solutions that are different from everybody else’s. 

What Keeps an Aquarius Woman Interested?

Engage her in deep conversations that stimulate her mind and allow her to express opinions. Attending to people who need help is one of the ways she satisfies her appetite for making the world a better place.

Getting into heated debates about taboo topics so that she can use her intellect gets her excited. Talking to people about various topics is enjoyable for her and one of the reasons she has a large group of friends. Organizing protests that fight for freedom of speech and educating people about a common cause is where she enjoys spending time.

Dark Sides of an Aquarius Woman

Expressing her opinion and being impulsive result in her rarely caring about the repercussions. Wanting to express her thoughts means that they are unfiltered and can hurt some people. As you start to believe that you know an Aquarius woman, she does something unpredictable that surprises you. 

Do not be surprised to discover that she is an extremist who crosses the limits with her outbursts of anger but can also feel depressed and sad. Although open-minded, she can be stubborn, and changing her mind is extremely difficult once set. Her evolving identity does not make her inconsistent in who she is; rather her actions portray her as inconsistent.   

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman?

Communicate with her

Attracting her will require good communication skills. Showing her that you communicate on her level will show her compatibility.

Take her to an interesting place and engage her in a witty conversation while remembering to be friendly. Show your intelligence through conversation, as she will deem you to be her equal. Keep the communication positive but listen to what she has to say. An Aquarius woman loves to get her points across.

Ask for her opinion

She will not keep her vast knowledge to herself as she loves to discuss them. Ask her opinion on a matter and watch her launch into a full discussion of how she believes it should be solved.

Even if unfamiliar with your topic, she will perceive it as a challenge to come up with an answer. After she has expressed her opinions, show that you value them and that they are important to you.

Be positive

Talking about your problems or pointing out her mistakes is one of the ways to rub her up the wrong way. Talk about positive topics that make her feel good because complaining about how she does things will make you seem off-putting.

Make her feel special by telling her you admire the causes that she is fighting for. Focus on talking about her passion for everything that she does and how her caring temperament is healing the world.

Stand out from the crowd

Show her that you are different from everybody else by standing out from the crowd. Originality impresses her, so show her that you are your own person, who thinks for himself and doesn’t conform to society’s norms. Achieving that can be done in your clothing.

Instead of choosing the latest trends, you should combine clothes that give you your own unique look. If you have a unique opinion, new career, or lifestyle, make sure that you let her know. She enjoys listening to things others consider to be ‘out there’ and peculiar.

Become her friend

The adage of best relationships started as great friendships is extremely applicable to how an Aquarius woman begins a romance. Being in an intimate setting might make her feel restricted, so she prefers social situations where she can interact as friends.

Engage her as a friend first so that she becomes comfortable with you to give you an opportunity for alone time with her. 

Top 4 Signs an Aquarius Woman Likes You

Pays more attention to you than others

A social setting is her playground, and she enjoys talking to different types of people. If she spends more time with you than others, it’s a good sign that she is into you. Although you may notice her liking for you, she may not. 

Showing her that you are interested in romance could make her reject you, so start by being her friend. If she rejects you, back off respectively, and carry on talking in a friendly manner like nothing happened.

She initiates contact

A sure way of discovering that she likes you is when she initiates contact with you after you’ve met. Seeking out your company is unlike her since she has a large group of friends, so she will rarely do that only when you have piqued her interest.

She includes you in being eccentric

One of her most prominent traits is being eccentric. She may have quirky hobbies or interests and will have no issues about revealing that side of her. When interested in you, she will invite you to participate in one of her eccentric activities.

She will meet you one-on-one

Avoiding uncomfortable situations is vital to an Aquarius woman. Being intimate with a stranger is not her idea of fun. Once she feels you are friendly and she is comfortable around you, she will want to have alone time with you.

Signs an Aquarius Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

Including you in her eccentric hobbies will be a thing of the past when she is no longer interested. Meeting up with you alone will make her feel uncomfortable, so she will make excuses to avoid it. 

You can forget about her initiating contact with you anymore. If she talks to you, it will be as a friend, and she will have no desire to talk about deep conversations that reveal her opinions. Since she is not shy about expressing her opinions, do not be surprised if she tells you that she is no longer interested in your company.

Aquarius Woman – Family and Relationships

Being part of a happy family that is filled with love is important to her. An Aquarius woman is in love with the idea of having children, but she may get frustrated after realizing that they do not conform to her version of a utopia where children can look after themselves and behave the way she wants them to. However, she does get tremendous pleasure in teaching children and encouraging them to pursue their free spirit.

Trusting others does not come easy to her, so she is slow to commit. She desires a man who is open and communicates but is also willing to take risks. Her desire to be unique also shows in the way she expresses her love for a partner. 

Aquarius Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Known for intellect and innovative thinking, an Aquarius woman prefers to be in a career that provides her flexibility, freedom, and an opportunity to be creative. Not allowing anybody to stand in her way means that she will achieve success. Born to lead, she focuses on growth and equality in the workplace. She is visionary and likes to engage in activities that have a positive impact on humanity. Becoming a doctor or a volunteer are some of the options she chooses.

Pursuing causes that are close to her heart is more important to her than making money. Not being money-hungry means that she does not have a lot of it. When she earns a significant amount, she prefers to invest in worthwhile causes or startups involved with innovative products.

Aquarius Woman in Bed

An Aquarius woman is experimental in bed, free-spirited by nature, and fiercely independent. She has no inhibitions therefore is willing to explore her sexual preferences, even if it means practicing every move in the Kama Sutra, or being an exhibitionist. Liberal in her thoughts, an Aquarius woman believes lovemaking is an adventurous venture that should be mentally invigorating, and physically satisfying. She is a woman of substance who is incredibly good at seducing her partners and enjoys intimate foreplay.

Wild and childish deep within, an Aquarius woman needs conversations that flow, and sexual advances that are spontaneous. An Aquarius woman will openly convey her needs to a partner in bed, and surprise you with her exotic moves all the while indulging in oral sex before intercourse. Sex for an Aquarius woman is not a daily affair, mostly because she only responds to sexual urges when she feels aroused enough. New positions, erotic verses, and a little bit of role-playing will brighten the mood for your Aquarius woman. 

Without consistent communication, the Aquarius woman feels emotionally disconnected. Not one to follow a routine in the bedroom, Aquarius women distant themselves from partners if they feel they’re losing their independence. They don’t like sharing their personal space with everyone and often get lost in pensive thoughts. For an Aquarius woman, sex is just a measure of love but not the very definition. So she will separate the act of lovemaking as a basic necessity to promote a healthy mind and body. 

If you don’t want an Aquarius woman to feel suffocated, give her space and maintain open communication. Since sex needs to be a mystery for this zodiac, avoid monotony in the bedroom. As a partner, it is necessary to avoid dishonesty and don’t subjugate her actions, especially in the bedroom. Build a friendly bond with the Aquarius woman in your life, take her out for fancy candle night dinners and make her laugh often. 

How to Resolve Problems with an Aquarius Woman

Communicate openly without blaming her

She will appreciate you expressing your deepest emotions, as she prefers to communicate on that level, but do not blame her while raising issues. Making her feel guilty for the problems will infuriate her and will close her off from communicating with you.

Be direct

When she expresses her opinions and feelings, they are unfiltered. Being direct about how you feel, while not nagging about her, will help her to understand your feelings. She will use her creative skills so that you two meet on common ground.

Top Ways to Get an Aquarius Woman Back After Breakup

Give her space and a chance to miss you. Cluttering her freedom will make her feel restricted, resulting in her rebelling. An Aquarius woman does not appreciate partners who try to hold on to her or get her attention. She appreciates straight talk, so ask her what you can do to make it up to her.

Avoid the past by talking more about future memories and the quirky hobbies that you would like to take her to. Inexpensive gifts or taking her on a road trip to eccentric places will definitely pique her interest. Get involved in one of her causes. It allows you to spend time with her, and she will perceive you as a carer for humanity. 

Go to one of her social gatherings and chat her up. She is more likely to talk to you in that setting and will feel that you are a friend who seeks a friendly conversation.

Aquarius Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Aquarius woman with Taurus manComplement each other, but the relationship rarely survives long enough for them to recognize their creative strengths.
Aquarius woman with Gemini manShare a passion for intellectual understanding and make such a great match that their romance candle can burn for a long time.
Aquarius woman with Cancer manNot your usually happy couple and lack of intimacy will lead them to seek other partners.
Aquarius woman with Leo manThey are extremely passionate together, but finding a cause that they can both support will deepen their emotional world.
Aquarius woman with Virgo manUnlikely to find each other appealing and the lack of chemistry will prevent them from ever starting a relationship.
Aquarius woman with Libra manPossess a strong understanding of each other and should give romance a shot after getting through several exciting experiences.
Aquarius woman with Scorpio man Both are outcasts and rebels, but the Aquarius will have to deal with unwanted emotions from the Scorpio.
Aquarius woman with Sagittarius manThis is the ideal match for an Aquarius since the dynamics will start as a friendship before evolving into a full-blown romance that could last for a long time.
Aquarius woman with Capricorn manAn unlikely couple that lacks emotional contact. Meeting each other at the middle ground will be key, but even that may not be enough.
Aquarius woman with Aquarius man Learning to respect each other and the fact that they know one another better than anybody else will result in a relationship that lasts. 
Aquarius woman with Pisces manUnderstanding each other’s personalities will be challenging, but finding an emotional balance could make their fairytale come alive.
Aquarius woman with Aries manA pair that lacks emotion, but can fill the gap with physical tenderness to try and make the relationship work.


Unfiltered and innovative are the best ways to describe thoughts coming from the mind of an Aquarius woman. Desiring her freedom means that she does not like clingy people but enjoys socializing and expressing her opinions in a debate. A man who will show his eccentric side will grab her attention, but he will have to be a good communicator who can engage her on an emotional level.