Aquarius Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Aquarius Woman in Bed

An Aquarian woman is experimental in bed, free spirited by nature and fiercely independent. She has no inhibitions therefore is willing to explore her sexual preferences, even if it means practicing every move in the Kama Sutra, or being an exhibitionist. Liberal in her thoughts, an Aquarius woman believes lovemaking is an adventurous venture that should be mentally invigorating, and physically satisfying. She is a woman of substance who is incredibly good at seducing her partners, and enjoys intimate foreplay.

Wild and childish deep within, an Aquarius woman needs conversations that flow, and sexual advances that are spontaneous. An Aquarius woman will openly convey her needs to a partner in bed, and surprise you with her exotic moves all the while indulging in oral sex before intercourse. Sex for an Aquarius woman is not a daily affair, mostly because she only responds to sexual urges, when she feels aroused enough. New positions, erotic verses, and a little bit of role playing will brighten the mood for your Aquarius woman. 

Without consistent communication, the Aquarius woman feels emotionally disconnected. Not one to follow routine in the bedroom, Aquarius women distant themselves from partners if they feel they’re losing their independence. They don’t like sharing their personal space with everyone, and often get lose in pensive thoughts. For an Aquarius woman, sex is just a measure of love but not the very definition. So she will separate the act of lovemaking as a basic necessity to promote a healthy mind, and body. 

If you don’t want an Aquarius woman to feel suffocated, give her space and maintain open communication. Since sex needs to be a mystery for this zodiac, avoid monotony in the bedroom. As a partner, it is necessary to avoid dishonesty and don’t subjugate her actions, especially in the bedroom. Build a friendly bond with the Aquarius woman in your life, take her out for fancy candle night dinners and make her laugh often. 

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