Aquarius Man Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Determined, and free-spirited, the Aquarius man is a wild force of nature with eccentric ideas and a strong desire to seek the truth in everything. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign with a mind that assembles a revolutionary approach and brings forth fresh perspectives that can challenge the status quo. Here’s a comprehensive look inside an Aquarius man’s quirks, romantic entanglements, and compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Personality Traits of the Aquarius Man

Unbending & Non-Conformist

Despite the tranquil demeanor, the Aquarius man is truly a non-conformist because he isn’t boring or ordinary. Like an inquisitive child, he will question and ponder which often brings about a rebellious streak in his personality. Whichever way the crowd is heading towards, the Aquarius man will walk the opposite way and is often compelled to occupy a space that’s unfulfilled.

Thinker and tinker

The Aquarius man has an individualistic personality, with fierce ideas that break through the norms, representing a unified collective mind. He is like a child who loves to tinker with gadgets and has an inclination towards machines, and therefore computers, audiovisual arts are significant in his life. He is a thinker, and will likely contemplate complex world-building scientific theories.

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Humanitarian and Ideologist

The Aquarius man is charitable and has humanitarian leanings with the constant desire to improve the plight of the underprivileged. He will mingle with different kinds of people to develop a deeper understanding of their predicaments, of both the ostracised and the elite. Fascinated by the finest ideals of human potential, he is often left disappointed by society’s constant failures.

Independent & Unpredictable

The Aquarius man is confident and will enjoy his personal space which makes for an independent mind, and soul. Blessed with a witty sense of humor, he is unpredictable and unhinged with the ability to surprise his peers. Spontaneous and adventurous, the Aquarius man is far beyond the average intellect and will likely be the oddball in a group.  

Aloof & Objective

The Aquarius man can multi-task and has a visionary imagination that’s filled with innovative ideas. He will avoid human contact altogether with a cool aloofness that allows him to reflect upon newfound knowledge. Developmental activities fascinate the Aquarius mind, and he won’t turn aside social work because this brainchild is determined to put his sentiments in action just to bring about a change.


The Aquarius man is adaptable, often blending in with ease with the ability to lighten up the atmosphere everywhere he goes. Despite being compassionate, he will fall in and out of love rapidly, so relationships are a challenge for the Aquarius man. His heart, though filled with love and empathy, is changeable and quite prone to indulging in secret affairs.


The Aquarius man believes in transforming innovative ideas into realistic applications, and his avant-garde style has a strong effect on the masses. His non-discriminatory perspective makes him a great life coach, especially since learning is an integral part of his radical life. Incredibly charismatic, he will be practical in his approach because he is a realist who is honest in thought and practice.

What Keep the Aquarius Man Interested

While some people might not engage in intellectual contests, you’ll realize a typical Aquarius man lives off the energy of that riveting debate. He is likely to chase a woman who’s unorthodox, and eclectic in her thoughts, especially if she isn’t afraid to indulge in his eccentricities in the bedroom. Since his personality is equivalent to that of a bouncing ping-pong ball, a woman who has a grounded demure, packed with a creative edge will certainly be a likable love interest for the Aquarius man.

The Aquarius man gets easily upset with mundane activities, and won’t be fond of women who criticize his passion or are high maintenance with their eyes on materialistic acquisitions. He stays away from cynical minds, and space huggers often exposing those who are dishonest, and unfaithful. This zodiac is a gentleman, with a crazy animal spirit within, capable of expressing his sexuality through different alternative orientations. But he seeks a partner with whom he can build a more spiritual connection and avoids being tied down.

Dark Sides of the Aquarius Man

Like any other air sign, this man needs physical intimacy, however, can simply fall out of love, or fall in love with another with an unpredictable twist. The Aquarius man is unforgiving who will immediately detach himself, often showcasing a cold and rigid demeanor that comes with unwavering tenacity. His relentless adherence to higher ideals can make him ignorant of a given situation when he disregards his commitments in relationships.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man?

Build an Ethical & Moral Backbone

If you’re ethically sound and follow a strict moral compass, the Aquarius man will instantly feel glued to your magnetism. Nothing excites this man more than watching a woman follow her set of rules that may be unconventional, yet honorable and humanely significant.

Have Intellectual Conversations

A lover of books, ideas, and concepts, the Aquarius man strives to build his relationship best with a partner who is equally apt at verbal sparring. You can appeal to his inner eccentric by supporting those fundamental ideals and beliefs, with uncompromising loyalty.

Allow Him to Cultivate the Friendship

The best way to build the bond is by initiating a platonic, progressive friendship that evolves into something deeper, and more meaningful. Since he will be reluctant to commit, play it cool and remain patient before anything.

Avoid Emotional Confrontations

The Aquarius man showers his attention on someone who has an individual flair, and an out-of-the-box perspective. But he respects a partner more if there’s minimum emotional fuss, and far more intellectual depth so avoid sudden outbursts and confrontations with this man.

Participate in a Humanitarian Cause

A higher purpose just clicks with the Aquarius man. There is an honor and dignity in being self-less or so believes the Aquarius man. If you’re compassionate, with a heart of gold, the Aquarius man will instantly build a connection with you because of his humanitarian outlook. Since he needs consistent stimulation, you can partake in charitable undertakings, and break routine for a spontaneous run (e.g. green marathon)

7 Signs the Aquarius Man Likes You

  • The Aquarius man will enjoy conversations filled with witty humor, and comical gestures with the intention of sharing countless details of his life with you.
  • The Aquarius man will plan adventurous trips to exotic destinations, invite you for activities that revolve around his passion and share long dialogues.
  • The Aquarius man will showcase his affection in private, saving it for those sweet moments when you’re both alone and can surprisingly be romantic.
  • The Aquarius man will let you into his personal space more than once, sharing his most private thoughts, dreams, acquisitions and insecurities.
  • The Aquarius man will try to flirt with you with an adorable charm that will somewhat be awkward and humorous but will make you feel special.
  • The Aquarius man will call you his best friend, since he’s prone to building a stronger bond as a friend than indulge in romantic gestures for show.
  • The Aquarius man will pay attention to detail, listen to your wild ideas and will encourage your social undertakings by being part of such welfare gatherings.

Aquarius Man – Family & Relationships

Freedom-loving, the Aquarius man prefers being independent of serious commitments and therefore can often disregard the importance of emotions in a relationship. Once he is in sync with his emotions, there is depth in the relationship that culminates in marriage. Because of his willful nature, he easily gets bored and will often remain detached unless he’s living in an unconventional domestic environment. A crowd-pleaser, the Aquarius man gradually grows into the role of being a father and maintains harmony within a household.

As a husband he is prudent and a wealth keeper who believes in the riches of a sustainable lifestyle, that is filled with intellectual growth and spontaneity. Marriage is a long-lasting affair with this zodiac if you’re looking for an emotionally undemanding partner, who can keep a cool demeanor in provocative situations. As a parent, the Aquarius man is generous and a good listener but he can be a tad bit overprotective. But he is an energetic father, who will encourage his children to find their own path, all the while guiding their steps along the way.

Aquarius Man – Money & Finances

Since he is energy efficient, the Aquarius man is ingenious when it comes to making money with entrepreneurial skill sets. You’ve hit a jackpot if you’re dating an Aquarius man because he prioritizes meaningful affairs, often investing his time and energy in charitable jobs. This zodiac is a disciplined wealth keeper, who is thrifty when it comes to spending money on materialistic acquisitions. He aims for a simple life and will not splurge on luxuries, instead will ensure his basic necessities are being catered to. The Aquarius man makes for a reliable treasurer and will provide a financially stable life for his family and loved ones.

Aquarius Man in Bed

Bedroom fantasies can never turn sore with an Aquarius man who will treat a woman like a queen, always eager to wait, comfort and pleasure. Fiercely independent and free-spirited, an Aquarius man yearns for a partner who’s equally dynamic, self-sufficient, and creative. Incredibly patient, an Aquarius man can go without sex for months, but when in the mood to play, he will want to try every position he can find in the Kama Sutra.

For most Aquarius men, the biggest weakness in bed is a stimulating round of foreplay that is also mentally invigorating. If you’re thinking of a sensual massage and soft kisses that play all the way down till the crotch, you’ll have an Aquarius man squirming for more. To successfully seduce an Aquarius man, find his erogenous zone, try a blindfold and drive him crazy with every nibble and each suckle.  

An Aquarius man is stubborn, detached, and passive if you restrict his freedom or are pushy. You won’t be able to build a mentally stimulating connection with an Aquarius man in bed if you have a pedestrian sexual outlook. If left to explore, the Aquarius man has a voracious appetite for sex and can be very experimental. However a sexy body isn’t enough to sway an Aquarius man in your direction, but if you’re imaginative and enjoy role play, this will surely hit a home run.

Aquarius men get easily distracted and bored if there’s monotony in the bedroom. They may not lack the experience, but they are not decisive and will devote too much time to foreplay. To stop an Aquarius man from becoming distant, a tactful parley of erotic words, and rhythmic motions, especially if there’s music in the background will help both partners achieve the highest level of ecstasy.

How to Resolve Differences with the Aquarius Man?

Because the Aquarius man demands independence so it is best to never confine him to mundane routines. You should avoid emotional confrontations and blackmail with this zodiac since he’s not prone to jealous outbursts. He is a cerebral man, yearning for a partner who can bring a sea of change in his life and nurtures his scholarly mind with absolute patience.

Aquarius Man Compatibility Chart

Zodiac CombinationSnapshot Compatibility
Aquarius man with Aquarius womanAn intellectually progressive union that is direct, visionary, and comforting but the lack of emotional depth can pose a challenge
Aquarius man with Capricorn womanStrong bond unified by their love for knowledge, and innovative growth but with emotional confinements
Aquarius man with Aries womanA passionate relationship with a shared love for adventure, and spontaneity with prosperous companionship
Aquarius man with Pisces womanA deeply motivating and spiritual union that thrives on compassion, but emotional dependency can upset the balance
Aquarius man with Taurus womanAn unconventional relationship that comprises of creative thoughts & independent wellbeing but can become monotonous
Aquarius man with Gemini womanA highly adaptable union that is long-lasting with a high degree of intellect, sexual intercourse, and progressive growth individually
Aquarius man with Cancer womanA deep connection that brims with compassion, empathy, and intellect but both signs can be rigid and fixated
Aquarius man with Leo womanA vibrant union that thrives on dynamic activity, physical attraction, and sexual energy with absolute independence.
Aquarius man with Virgo womanExcellent communication in this friendship where both possess a high moral backbone, but there are emotional ups and downs
Aquarius man with Libra womanDynamic forces who are considered soul mates since their passionate bond is intellectually rewarding and unconventional
Aquarius man with Scorpio womanA compulsive and indulgent union that can suffer from lack of communication, mistrust, and physical constraints
Aquarius man with Sagittarius womanBold, and untamed relationship that is intellectually harmonious and thrives on pioneering accomplishments


If you’ve come across a typical Aquarius man, be ready to witness his quintessential curiosity that revolves around the insistent urge to learn more. He’s an excitable companion who will want to be a loyal friend, before being a devoted lover. Once he’s found the ideal partner to settle with, he’s a faithful lover and a realist who can make your life, comfortable, endearing and spontaneous.

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