Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Aquarius man and woman are highly compatible, forming a deep connection and understanding.
  • Their sexual compatibility is strong and harmonious, reaching each other's sexual peaks quickly.
  • To attract the Aquarius man, the woman should be a confidant, a good wife, and offer more than just financial stability.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 39 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

When two Aquarius fall for each other it is more a mastermind as well as confusing combination where they both consider all odds as normal and normal as odds! They make a friendly association and respect each other’s independence a lot except that their relationship lacks warmth as both are detached in their attitude.

The Aquarius man is an intellectual male with very friendly attitude and extrovert nature. He never has a problem in making friends; in fact, his whole world is filled with friends from all walks of life. The favorite pastime of an Aquarius man is delving into ones inner most being to find out what is in there that he may learn about that person. He never has awful prestige issues but his own independence and individuality is something he stands tall for. In a relationship, he is a very friendly partner who respects and understands his lady but hates to get tied up in knots.

The Aquarius woman is a strong and independent lady, capable of doing almost everything by her own but she is a little confused and dazed about life and its facts. She walks a different path through her dreams than most people do. She hums a different tune to a song that most have never even heard before. She goes through life appearing detached and not very emotional about anything but she is a very committed person. In love life, she is dedicated and faithful, but her lover must give her the freedom she seeks out from time to time and not try to bind her.

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The Aquarius woman cannot have too many friends but she gets along so well even with the friends of her Aquarius lover that they seem to be her friends and her Aquarius man always feel great about this quality of hers. Both are able to converse and get along with the other’s friends and social circles having a natural curiosity and fascination about them, perhaps so much so that they lose the curiosity for each other for the time being. She may prefer to keep her goals different from that of her Aquarius man, but her honesty supersedes this in what she feels and says and also her love for him. They both may have a difficult time in expressing themselves to each other about everything in their world causing things between them to remain superficial and prevent things from getting too deep emotionally but infidelity is not part of their lifestyle.

The Aquarius man is a friend as well as a lover to his Aquarius woman, and, sometimes a friend MORE than a lover. As long as they have significant qualities in the common everyday living, they are sure for a good and lasting relationship with each other. He is not only a great friend with loads of support but also has goal reaching abilities to help his Aquarius lady. The finest moments are when he gives an unexpected yet pleasant surprise to his lady fair and these are actually the moments when he can see her love and commitment towards their relationship. Both the Aquarius man and woman usually share a wonderful relationship. But they are too comfortable with a ‘just friends’ relationship and really don’t need to go any further than that, that a lot of times, this is the very reason not many Aquarius couples marry.

When the two friendly beings like Aquarius man and woman get to feel the higher emotion of deep love, they form an ecstasy in their relationship. The magic of their unison is so strong that it makes their relation a bond that is deeper than love and smoother than friendship. He becomes more responsible and she becomes more stable. They usually join in for same goals which they conquer with ease and happiness in each other’s company. As the silver winters melt in fresh spring, so is their love fresh and friendly all the time with so much new to discover together. The Aquarius man and woman who are completely involved with each other never feel bored or need any other company because deep inside they are the twin souls who actually know what the other needs the most.

The sexual compatibility of Aquarius man and Aquarius woman becomes strong and harmonious after they have found the perfect companion. They automatically know each other’s deep sexual secrets and whether it is a gradual crescendo or a sudden explosion, they reach each other’s sexual peaks rather quickly. The passion comes late but when it comes, it is rather fulfilling and strangely comforting for both of them. When they’ll meet for bedroom games, his eyes get widened in shock, and arousal and she quickly looks around just to be sure of it. Then he’ll shook his head in disbelief and wonder. He would ponder at her body strictly for its aesthetic value, its beauty and its gorgeous lusciousness. Though boredom usually sets in between them early, as there isn’t a lot to explore between two people who possess pretty much the same qualities but they enjoy their physical oneness to an extent of feeling complete. They do not rather waste their time in trying to discover new plateaus in their sexual relationship when all plateaus have basically been exhausted. There are too many other wonderful areas to explore between the two which are both emotional and adventurous.

As both are Aquarius, they both tend to complain about anything and everything wrong with the world and expect or demand change, as long as it is not them who have to change. Both the Aquarius man and woman cannot compromise with their individuality but wants the other to think first for them. The Aquarius woman must be a confidant as well as a good wife and the Aquarius man should better be able to become so much more to her than just a good paycheck and a husband. With a little compromise on both parts, however, this area of difficulty can be worked through. When controversy does arise between the two, they can focus on a common goal and work as friends toward that goal, or separate themselves in working toward their own separate goals until the tension between them subsides.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Good
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Aquarius are so dreamy, but can benefit from seeing their partner for who they truly are, which may be different from what they envision.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for AQUARIUS:
    I hope it helps.

  2. Beatha Kabanza April 9th, 2019

    Nycc explanation

  3. Mike November 5th, 2018

    You can find easily and check your compatibility online for Chinese signs and numerology, just google and you can access multiple. I usually do three at least and check which information is consistent as sometimes the info per site is conflicting and in this way, one can find the more reliable advice. Just when taking multiple advice from different doctors to establish certainty about one’s ailment. Hope to have been of service. This all works perfectly for me and the people I have advice. When checking al three for compatibility and the come out good not one couple has broken up and they are all above average happy with one another. So the practical proof is there as well.

    KR, Mike

  4. Mike November 5th, 2018

    Dear fellow Aquarians, the reason some Aquarians make it and some not is because not all Aquarians are the same when we combine the General Zodiac compatibility with the Chinese signs we can better objectively decide when the union will be perfect.

    I will give my own example. I am an Aquarius-Goat(/sheep) I Chinees astrology the compatible signs are combined as triplets and there is also a secret friend in my case Goat, Rabit and Pig are the compatibility triplet. Secret friend of the goat/sheep is the Horse so if my partner would be either a Rabbit, Pig, Horse or Goat we would make a good couple. To enhance our compatibility check we can also through in the mix numerology compatibility I am a 7 and 1, 5 and 7 are excellent matches, 4 is good, 9 is neutral and 2,3,6,8 are incompatible. So when all these three things come out positive we can safely say we are soulmates. SO there is not only one soul mate but many but we could not reach them.
    KR Mike3v

  5. TheChickNextDoor September 3rd, 2018

    Here is my short story. Im an aquarius girl and some years i go met this aquarius guy,we clicked instantly ,HONESTLY we had so many similarities we both were shook, just like soul sisters but we had also so mamy differeneces in personality like i was too clingy and provocative and he was distant and hidden emotionally ,we either talked for hours and help him get threw his problems or didnt talk at all, in the beggining he liked me i could tell but then he lost interest soon after we talked more,he had reqlly high standards for a woman ,he then started seeing me as a friend and i tried too ,but i really couldnt i liked him kinda but HELL NO i would never say such thing if he didnt first (wich never would happen) . Here and there ,To the today day for some UNKNOW reason he deleted me instantly from his life ,and honestly it hurt going back and asking for answers,i really didnt want to lose him like that ,since i have only friendly feelings and not a lovers ,i mean why , what did i do ,he never gave me the answers ,my bff is friends with him and when i asked her she said that he finds me annoying ,and honestly i aint eating that shit . Like idk all of a sudden there were i was actually out of him and trynna look my life and flirt here and there ,he had the nerve to reject me for eternity just like that with no answers. Anyways i still care for him even tho he dont!


  6. July January 14th, 2018

    I’m not into astrology at all but I found this article fascinating. I am an Aquarius woman and i seem to get along with most if not all signs. Reasonly I just met an Aquarius man and he brought this to my attention. He also sent me to read this article, I found a few things that are not accurate but overall are on point. We’ll see how this turn out😊

    • bmwd July 20th, 2018

      It’s been since January, how are the two of you now? Issues, fun things, advances in emotional departments (as we Aquarian have problems with this).

      Just curious is all.

  7. Freja November 21st, 2017

    Aquarius female here, been with my aquarius man for two years. It ‘clicked’ right away between us, and after two weeks we were already living together. We share very close birthdays too, two days apart, so we celebrate it at once for both of us..It’s the best relationship I ever had. We have the same job, same goals regarding career and life in general. We DO consider ourselves ‘BFF’ before calling us a couple, and that’s what makes life so much funnier and easygoing. Tho we’re planning on getting married later in life, among other things.
    The key is to just let it flow, if both aquarians are responsible adults and honest towards their respective partner,in the end they have a pretty good chance of always being together imo.
    it’s just like finding a twin from another dimension.

  8. KaCee November 17th, 2017

    I married my BFF both of us Aquarius.. My soulmate my everything. Its been 23 years together 13 married. Im his everything also male Aquarius loves hard. I am female of course

  9. Patience Olomu-Disi November 9th, 2017

    I have an Aquarius friend and also being an Aquarius too, we’ve been friends for almost 9 months our sex is great but he doesn’t want to be nothing but friends until he gets things together. Me on the other hand feel that he’s been selfish I wanna be with him but I don’t think he feels the same at times which I might be wrong. What do I do?? So confused

    • Jo November 23rd, 2017

      Cut the chase and ask him directly. Whatever answer he will give u, take it and move on. But let’s hope for the best. Aquarius men are literally like us. Maybe he’s shy to ask u, so make the first move. Goodluck!

  10. Glenda Thrift Harding October 9th, 2017

    What if an Aquarian man and woman have same birthday?

  11. Cammy V. October 7th, 2017

    I’m an Aquarius girl. The Aquarius guy I know,…to me, he is my Kryptonite! I lose all my super powers when he’s in my bubble. The chemistry thing is crazy hot, and yet, I can’t seem to figure him out. But then, most of the time, I don’t want to.
    The article is right.

    “Free you mind, and the rest will follow!”

  12. Asad July 20th, 2017

    i m Aquarian and my wife is also an Aquarian, and we r living like friends most of the time. i m happy with my life.
    most of the things are right in this article.

  13. Ally June 9th, 2017

    I’m 13 and Aquarius and I like this guy who is also Aquarius and is 15 I’ve been friends with him for the longest for about 5 years and I’ve liked him for about 3 to 4 years I want to tell him like him but I’m scared I do things to kind of hint that I like him like make him cookies, bake for his family , buy mothers day cards, and fathers day cards…. Birthday cards.He’s undescribable well he’s like me. We’re great friends but I want to be more than that ,but I just don’t want to ruin something already so beautiful I think about him all the time ,and I personally believe he feels the same way. I just hope I’m one of the Aquarius that get married. What do I do? Should I be bold and tell him?or keep it low key and just keep leading him on?

    • Jaliah June 19th, 2017

      You should do both. It makes no sense not tell him, but you need to be sincere as well. By the way, im a 13 year old aquarius. I’ve met an another aquarius before, but I’m not sure why he hasn’t fallen in love with you…(mine did). Is it okay if i have your number? I would like to be your friend (if you would mind) cause it’s hard finding someone my own age to talk to. I have other friends but only like one or two. I wanna be more social and I’ve never met another aquarius girl before. I hope to get married as well, (to a decent husband, not a crappy one). ? Hugs and kisses! I’m way too much to handle…

  14. Miracel Abordo May 9th, 2017

    I have now an affair with aquarius man..

    • CoCo3556 May 25th, 2017

      AWWW!!! I’m so happy for you!! By the way, I’m an Aquarius girl, and I met my match at 11 years old!!! I’m 13 now, good luck!!!

  15. atobe May 6th, 2017

    am an acquarius woman nd very inlove wth an acquarius man..things were going so well between us bt nw its jst confusing as he says he luvs me bt he dos not make time for us nd ignores my calls ar times. I find myself being da 1 dat wants dis relationship to work bt when talking wth him he is friendly and claims to still luv me but da relationship is jst going down da drain infront of my eyes nd am very worrid.

  16. Sumaiya April 5th, 2017

    I’m an aquarius woman nd I fought with my aquarius partner now he blocked me from contacts. What should I do now?

    • Clemen April 6th, 2017

      Don’t do anything. You can handle this. Let him free. If you really care.

    • crystalannramrattan2 April 7th, 2017

      Omg ? that’s exactly what my bf did to me and now he just completely shuts me out so idk haven’t heard from him?

  17. Monica April 1st, 2017

    I’m a female Aquarius dating an Aquarius male. We just started seeing each other and are really stoked about our possibilities together as a power couple! His ideas are in sync and almost identical to what I want and need out of my mate til its frightening! He showed up as a stranger willing to shovel my snow and dust off my car! We’ve been inseparable ever since! It was awesome to read this and see that we may have finally found what’s been missing from our lives all along: EACH OTHER!!

  18. Etho March 25th, 2017

    I’m an Aquarius. Man dating. An Aquarius. Woman. My b-day Feb 5th hers Jan 30th. We fuss. But always find command grown when we can’t in we r to heated . We give one another space. In talk like friends when cooled off. But we get along for the most part in seem to read an understand. One another well from day one. We both born 91 also. Its like she. A girl me. I. Love it an hate it but I love her never had anything like this

  19. Selby February 14th, 2017

    Good evening
    I am 29 Jan 1979 and my girlfriend is 02 Feb 1992. We are fighting a lot . I cheated And she also cheated. I want to marry and not sure of her trust as she cheated before.

    • Sabrina October 7th, 2018

      You cheated too

    • bmwd October 7th, 2018

      As Sabrina stated, you both cheated on each other Selby. That’s not exclusive. You both are in the wrong for this – even if neither of you accepts it. However; once you lose the trust in any type of relationship – the relationship is practically over, this includes friendships, boyfriends, marriage, etc.

      There’s a small chance that you both could mend things after this with a direct level of honesty, sincerity and truth – but that requires you both to maintain that level of respect for one another that you both threw away when you cheated.

      Cheating on someone else who had done it to you can be a retaliating effect. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I get why the 2nd person would do this, it’s to show the first person what they felt, but it hardly ever works.

      Usually one person is committed to the relationship and the other really isn’t. There lies the problem. The 1st person doesn’t actually value their relationship and will do it all again when things go wrong. Might not be anytime soon, but eventually their behavior repeats, unless they truly learn something.

  20. [email protected] January 3rd, 2017

    Im an AQUARIUS WOMAN dating an AQUARIUS MAN and we are born the SAME day and SAME year.
    Good friends but he is very talkative and I have my faults of debating social issues. We dated while teenagers he cheated. Now as adults in our 50’s we are trying it again.

    • deb March 15th, 2017

      that is nice

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  26. jodieaqua May 28th, 2013

    @borntobearwater  I have an Aquarius man who was born the day after me. It is the best relationship i’ve ever had. We have been together for 7 years now. Your experience reminds me alot of my relationship 🙂   We had a few tough years with him being sick…..but it is the amazing friendship that keeps you together during the tough times. I love him with all my heart! Hope you have a long happy life with him. 

  27. shird530 February 4th, 2013

     @ .com/ well I met sagitarius yesterday and our first conversation turned into an argument but the connection is there. It’s so crazy we will start over today. Lol
    aquarius woman

  28. borntobearwater March 5th, 2011

    I met an Aquarius man who was born one day before me and so far, this is the most intense, amazing time of my life. We are on the same wave length so much it is actually frightening me, since I left a 13-year marriage to a Libra almost a year ago.

    I have never dated an Aquarius man before, btu I find myself so deeply attached to this man in such a short time it is making me a little crazy. We have talked about everything under the sun and are enjoying exchanging sexual fantasies– finally, a man who is as open to new experiences as I am, after a very vanilla marriage!

    The only drawback to this relationship is my own fear (and his, he admits) that the intensity won’t last and we both think we will never feel like this again. For the moment, we’re basking in having found true soulmates, and trying not to worry about the rest of the world.

    This description is spot-on for what I’m experiencing now.

  29. bagaddict August 15th, 2010

    well I have to say that being with a aqua man is never dull. once we got all the kinks out it is really a great, loving, loyal, and fun relationship. we think its funny that we have some of the same traits and we think the same. we are always saying to each other, “get out of my head”. This is one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.

  30. Blue May 7th, 2010

    I think this is some what true, but I was with my husband for 8 years until he past away 2 years ago. We never had a dull moment he was my all n I his. We talked about everything and yes we both had our ways, but we understood 1 another and I miss him terribly. As far as sex was concerned we did reach the highest plateau and damn i never got tired of it, we knew each other very well. Now I’m 32yrs old and alone trying to re-capture a taste of what I had before.
    Love yourself n 1another………….Blue Tears

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