Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus man and Aquarius woman have different views on relationships, but they can learn to accept each other's differences and build a strong bond.
  • The Taurus man's practical approach to sexuality may not be enough to satisfy the Aquarius woman's need for variety and excitement.
  • The Aquarius woman can attract the Taurus man by being more expressive and affectionate, and by showing him that she is committed to their relationship.
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Both the Taurus and Aquarius are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what they want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways! Taurus is somewhat more traditional in views of relationship while Aquarius takes a lighter and friendlier way for being in an association.

A Taurus man is an individual with a sensible head and a loving heart. It is of utmost importance for him to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around him, and can become demanding or too involved when he is not being successful at this. Being a bit more traditional, he is often less than comfortable dealing with the realities of modern society, which can result in some anxiety. Emotionally, he is in no rush to let his feelings unfold, so when he opens up it is a sure sign that he is serious about the relationship.

An Aquarius woman is a realistic person who believes in her own dreams and believes in her own path. She has air like qualities to her personality is something that makes it clear that even if one suspects to know her well, she is unpredictable. She floats around the mental sphere, dabbling in all sorts of thoughts and ideas but her personality is hard to peg down and her values are as consistent as can be. She is a truly unique individual and is not willing to play by anyone’s rules on love but her own. In a relationship she is very faithful to her mate but can be detached and low at emotions at the same time.

The Aquarius woman seems simultaneously bizarre and intriguing to the Taurus man, which is exactly what makes him so attracted to her. She pulls him out of his practical, sensible reality and forces him to look at things in a more abstract manner, opening up an entirely new world to him. She is strong; she is intelligent and has her different ways which make her personality so attractive and different. With due course of time, he finds her much more aware than she initially appears in the beginning. She makes a charming companion for him with all her heart given to him with true dedication. Her love is tender and inspiring for him which helps him to have a better result in both his personal and professional life. But he may sometimes find her airy and aloof with nothing much to express and this can be somewhat disturbing for a romantic man like Taurus.

A Taurus man is genuinely a gentleman who truly touches the heart of the Aquarius woman and finds his way to rule her deepest emotions. He is possessive but not jealous, which gives a better shape to the relation as he never bars her personal freedom and independence. But at the same time he is always there to take care and protect her from all the worldly complications, to make her feel secure and comfortable. He respects her and always appreciates her views unless they sound too hazy to him. She resents being underestimated about as much as she despises having her limited and this thing is well understood by the patient Taurus lover. He is happy with her to have her own world except for the part that she gets over involved in it and forgets her role towards him and home, as she has to always remember that he is a traditional person and it is better not to play with his temper.

As the days of life keep drifting with love and bliss, the Taurus man and the Aquarius woman truly accept the others’ way of thinking and functioning of their relationship becomes cozier. She teaches her Taurus male to be a bit more easygoing and he teaches his Aquarius lady to be more expressive and attached to the near ones. Together they make a strong bond of understanding with the colors of both love and friendship shimmering gracefully with a melodious tune to make them feel sweeter. They attend to each other without over-shadowing the other one’s personality. Their home is a warmer place where rights and duties go lovingly together and rainbows of the imagination of Aquarius woman and painted beautifully by the real paints of her Taurus man.

As the airy element of Aquarius woman and earthy element of Taurus man meet on a physical level, the experience in the beginning maybe fluttery, and inconsistent. This is because, the physicality of romance is not what Aquarius woman is most focused on, although she may find her curiosities aroused on a regular basis. This seriously contradicts the Taurus man’s approach to sexuality. Essentially, in a committed relationship, he desires a healthy dose of regular lovemaking, but doesn’t require a whole lot of variety from his partner. He cares about the tangible aspects of life, and bases his judgments on what he can feel with his own two hands. Meanwhile, she may begin to drift away, sensing that his needs are a little too simple to make them interesting enough to satisfy. Still, he brings out the sweet, affectionate side of the Aquarius woman that could almost crave attachment, and her respect for his straightforwardness inspires patience on her part making their sexual life smoother and warmer with time. Her approach towards intimacy is some with hurried excitement, some with nervous anticipation. He is often more absorbed with the sensation of his motions coursing through his body in explosive paroxysms.

There are a few fundamental clashes with the pairing of Taurus man and Aquarius woman as they differ in their outlook. He may view her abstract mentality as impractical and insufficient for evaluating to world around her. This results in protective instincts on the part of Taurus man. While she finds him more wrapped in his own thoughts and unprepared to accept the world. Other than this, she may be head over heels in love with the Taurus man, but she is likely to show same amount of affection and commitment to her friends. This makes him feel insecure. When issues reach the surface, both of them can display a powerful stubborn streak and make it difficult to come to terms. If Taurus learns to let go a little and be satisfied with what she has to offer, then this could work and if she contributes more expressively to their relationship things can be even better.

  1. Irie October 30th, 2023

    I’m 12 almost 13 and I have a bf. I’m Aquarius and he’s a Taurus. We have almost been dating for 2 weeks and ik that’s not for very long but I love him he isnthe best thing that has ever happend too me. Everyone says me and him are the perfect couple and I’m starting to believe it. He really is my dream guy he really is the best person and sometimes i don’t believe that u ended being that lucky.

  2. Airah Din July 31st, 2023


  3. ai enjoyer April 17th, 2023

    Did AI write this? Some sentences make no sense 🙂

    • Rachana June 19th, 2023

      Exact copy paste from scorpio man Aquarius woman …every word n this website has no feedback part too

  4. Jessica Alaniz February 8th, 2023

    Thanks this gave me insight on my marriage with my Taurus husband as well as myself Aquarius wife 😊

  5. Luna November 9th, 2022

    I’m typically not really a person who aligns themselves with zodiac signs but this made so much sense to me and it felt so close to my current relationship! I saved this article so I can look back at it. It sounds so much like my Taurus man <3

  6. Elly April 20th, 2022

    Its so simple,if someone pulls away they found a new man or woman their interested in.
    So let go and find someone who is yours only.

  7. Lorraine April 5th, 2022

    Hi, I am an aquarious woman, dating g my boyfriend who is Tauras for nearly 4 months the. He is very grounded, I feel he needs space, so I wait for him to say meet up. Men don’t like to be chased. I wait for him to text, he rely phones. My sixth sense tells me he can get easily bored. Being shown texts from previous exes shocked he’s ended their relationship. I added I can show my e es too, but he said No. I just thought wow how similar are we. But he said he doesn’t want to think of anyone with me.
    I do love him, and usually I don’t let my guard down being protective of my feelings. But he is different, I admire him, he is a gent, I love his company and I don’t get bored…usually I don’t go past three months for various reasons.
    But he is my match, even though I am the spontaneous one, where he is the organised one. I love he is organised, he loves I am spontaneous. If it rains, snows, we enjoy our time together.
    I look at star signs to get clues on my potential partner. The only thing I think is wrong about Aquarious, we are romantic, affectionate to our partners. Yes we love our dear friends and grab life by the horns. But us older Aqaurians know to put our partners before our friends, within reason. Not to forget our friends either.
    I hope my Tauras boyfriend is here to stay! Our likes on nature, politics, values, family and relationships are very similar. A big shout out to the Aquarian ladies and the Tauras gents 🙂 We are both dawm hot!!!

    • Kai June 10th, 2023

      Agree. Totally. I am a Taurus male not fitting entirely in the conservative Taurus sign traits. I would love to have a partner who is spontaneous because it will give me variety to my stubborn work life. I am always happy to see my partner when I get home and would melt away in her presence. As for sex. Yes I need a lot of it and it gives me great pleasure to satisfy my woman. The thought of a Taurus male and Aquarius woman to be together is maturity. Perhaps both needs to be in their 40s-50s.

  8. Adora Morales February 20th, 2022

    I am an Aquarius woman and I’m dating a Taurus man. We’ve been knowing each other for 4 years we’ve been dating for four years but it haven’t transpire into the relationship I know it could be. Lately he’s been distant. And the distance between us I cannot cope with I actually hate it. I don’t know what’s been going on with him we haven’t been intimate in about a week now. I haven’t kissed him I haven’t felt no affection from him in a week I don’t know what’s going on he doesn’t answer my calls when he does answer my calls we arranged to meet up he doesn’t show up then when I talk to him it just seems like he’s not putting his effort into to us anymore. Since we’ve met he’s always been having doubts that I’m messing with other men when we’re not together I’m always the one that’s reaching out to him and wanting to be with him. I don’t know how to do or how to act or how to treat him any more it seems like when I think we’re on the same page he does something to make me feel like I’m on page 10 and he’s on page 2. He says that he loves me but honestly I know that he doesn’t know what love is he never experienced being loved growing up as a child for say he doesn’t know who his father is he doesn’t know anything about his father his mom was in and out of jail you know on drugs Etc and I know I can help him become more loving towards himself and towards others I know I can give him the unconditional love that he needs but it seems like he just in his own world sometime and he forgets about me I just trying to get more clarity learn how to deal with him and how to go about his ways although his ways aren’t good and I know the things that he does aren’t intentional I just need a little bit of advice on this situation please

    • J March 28th, 2022

      I am going through something similar, however we met only 5 months ago. Rejection is an odd thing to feel as an Aquarius. But I don’t like all of the excuses for rejection.
      Just openly communicate with him. That’s my advice.
      Don’t invest if it’s not there. You can’t “fix” someone.

    • Nache April 3rd, 2022

      Maybe you’ve hurt his feelings like where it ticks the most, if he sees you apologizing genuinely it might work, or maybe you didn’t hurt him it could be just that you didn’t open up to him, so can be a trust issue for him

    • Shamira April 9th, 2022

      He’s messing with somebody else. He thinks you’re with other men when you’re not. It sounds like he may be involved with other women and his conscience is getting the best of him. He’s not putting in the same effort as you and you as a woman should not be chasing after him. It’s time to let it go or give him the same energy he gives you, until he get his act right.

  9. Merlin December 29th, 2020

    I am a aquarius woman and my bf is Taurus.
    Because of the pandemic he is not able to travel to me (8.000 km away).
    He’ll be here at the end of January and I don’t know if we will be just friends or will be able to continue the relationship.
    We hang out on the phone once a week and sometime 2- 3 hrs.
    We have so many good memories. Actually we only have good memories.
    But you know the airy aquarius needed space and then missed the Taurus.
    And now we have an agreement as friends to call each other once a week.
    Its stressful because we were used to every day calls and I miss him so much.

    • Musti January 17th, 2021

      Who dont you just say that you miss him alot… and you wana talk to him everyday like you guys used to…

  10. Aquarius &amp; Taurus Romance September 6th, 2020

    I’m a Taurus female who find Aqauarius Men attractive.

    My best friend is an Aqauarius and she is now dating a Taurus guy. She has a lot of Earth in her birth chart, although she wants her Taurus guy to confess his feelings & committ after a month of dating, I told her that Taurus can be slow to make it official, even if we feel the instant connection.

    Aquarius & Taurus can be compitable, the Venus, Moon, & Mars sign within the birth chart can help dictate the longevity of a relationship. Actor George Clooney is a Taurus and he finally settled down with an Aqauarius female.

  11. Cherise April 28th, 2020

    I’m an Aquarius woman dating a Taurus man. It’s been almost 3 years and I’ve never been more in love with anybody like I am with him. They are definitely not easy to handle or be with and at times will test your strength to see if you’re capable of being with them for the long run. The wait is well worth it, no love with be more passionate and intense than the love received from Taurus man. Even distance couldn’t waiver his commitment to me and our future he planned for us. There might be other girls from time to time while he figures out what he wants life but once he realizes it you, you become a necessity to the Taurus man. Meaning he HAS to have you in his life and will do anything to ensure a blissful union and longevity within your relationship. He fucks your mind before making love to the body, and I never wanna lose that connection

    • Pm3h November 24th, 2021

      Aww 😍

  12. Makeila Beverly Collins January 16th, 2020

    I’m an Aquarius woman dating a Taurus man and at times he could be very practical and stubborn and it makes it really hard to reach him emotionally. I love him but I feel us growing apart because he’s so distant he won’t open up to me but I’m afraid to voice my opinion because he gets so guarded when I’m strong-willed so I don’t know and at times he could be very practical and stubborn that makes it really hard to reach him emotionally I love him but I feel Us growing apart because he’s so distant he won’t open up to me but I’m afraid to voice my opinion because he gets so guarded when I’m strong-willed so I don’t know if we will survive but I do know I’ve put it in God’s hands; but this reading did bring some clarity to what I’ve been feeling/wondering about my Taurus Male mate…..

  13. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Aqua ladies, be cautious of Taurus men. They tend to be stubborn and can be quite rigid… It almost feels like trying to lift a heavy bull-shaped rock off of a dreamy Aquarian butterfly. Especially if you’re allergic to passive aggression. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  14. J January 29th, 2019

    I’m an aqua female and im dating a taurus man i love him but he doesnt stimilat eme as much as i would like I love him but because he is so practical and traditional he doesnt really seem interested in doing something out of the ordinary and it can be quite boring

  15. Angela December 20th, 2018

    Just be yourself girl. Don’t even worry

  16. Etiff October 20th, 2018

    Aquarian dating a Taurus man 6 years on and off – whenever he is uncomfortable he just leaves me – maybe 40 times in 6 years and it hurts – I try to move on – once it was 4 months and I did not meet anyone to take his place. I still love him- but fear he will – leave, when his daughters visit he ignores me – and does not hear me – I need caressesing and kisses on my neck and cuddling – he watches a lot of tv and I do not – his 11 year sprawelled on him and me in the corner – I know this is temporary and she will not do this forever – I am bored and he does not give me the attention I crave and I fear I will go find stimulation elsewhere accidentally because I cannot just sit around – I know we both cannot live without each other he always comes back I and I take him. I also feel a bit used – and if I knew this was forever I would not- I feel unsure of his love- we both have been deeply wounded by our exes – he has not shown the same love to my boys as I have towards his girls and I am resentful or I just will never do anything for his girls ? Anyway we both love to ski and same food and music and style – and I did tell him I need attention – I see visions of the future and everything is fine- but honestly if he ever breaks up with me again I have to let it die- I am super loyal and watch my words – I need reassuring daily – I am 50 and he is 46 -/feb 7 and April 30 – it started out so hot – I must seek some inner peace and again I am scared if I am not with him and start doing things with others I will fall for another – because my lover has to my best friend and partner. I have told him – I am in pursuit of my dreams and he shares them with me – I make all plans and he has to drive always – this article was good as were the comments – I really want this to work and I do not do alone – hate it alone and I am the dove – I have never broken up with a man and gotten back together and I have only dated men

    • Chandrea January 18th, 2019

      I am an Aquarius woman. If I May be Frank You seem very needy and one thing must understand about a man is that if he knows that he is your only piece and that he got you open he may put some distance because he knows he has you eating out of the palm of his hand. If You are still with him and you need a little help navigating him in the right direction https://www.facebook.com/StevenNChandrea
      I have been best friend with my Taurus man 12 years together for 6 happily married for 5. Frankly If you want him to respect you.
      1. Get Confident
      2. Want Him Not need him
      3. make him work for it
      4. make him think he is not the only contender
      5. Act like your Go On A Date With Some One Else Only If He wants to come back ( For Example when he supposed to come to the house be sexy a fuck, when he knocks with purse and keys in hand say ” you gonna have to comeback tomorrow i forgot i had another date tonight walk away briskly but before you get in the car turnaround and AHH you know what? not tomorrow either because i have another engagement see you later and so sorry about the inconvenience.)
      6. then really go on date taste see if anything is to your liking he will be calling you! Don’t answer the phone enjoy yourself.
      for every message he leaves you wait 2 days before you call him back and when you do Call briskly And say ” I Don’t really have time to talk so make it quick-what did you need?
      friend me on facebook if you would like more

      • Emmanuel August 1st, 2021

        As a Taurus man u will be playing yourself because a weak men will play this game with you

  17. Molly July 15th, 2018

    Aquarius woman just started dating a Taurus man for a month, and n the beginning he was very sweet and we talked a lot and he kinda gave me the expression that we we’re going somewhere, and that he didn’t want me entertaining no one but him, until I popped up and put together I wasn’t the only one he was entertaining, and then just like that, he changed his number, where did I go wrong 😔 should I be worried? Is he going to call me again? I know he didn’t just stop liking me like that 🤔

  18. A R April 12th, 2018

    Yes It can work

  19. Amy November 22nd, 2017

    I known this taurus man since 6th grade, age 12. He tried to get my attention through highschool & when i was in my younger 20s. Im 38 now. For some reason i thought he was to young for me. Also everytime he tried i was involved with somebody else. Aquarius woman are faithful & loyal when in a serious relationship. Turns out only by 2 yrs. Lol he is locked up at the moment but we been building a friendship. His older brother used to tell me how in love his younger bro was with me. He had e on 3 way & his mom didnt know i was on the phone also. He mentioned my name & his mom bust out with “aint that the lil girl u always had a crush on?!” he did tell me i was his first real childhood crush. U know us aqua women like to start out with building a friendship first. But i do got some feelies for him & ill give him a chance when he is free.

  20. lofi September 26th, 2017

    ugh taurus ! im an aquarian women and ive been with a fair amount of taurus men ! and let me just say that there are two patterns
    one is the typical taurus who is quite not easily disturbed selective and cocky !
    but also shy and very practical and has no clue on how women think
    for those i say … look around alot of girls fancy you ! but if you happen to like a certian one and dont know how to tell her .. always always make it untraditional but also gradual always taste the water before you just lash your feelings ! NEVER be judgemental and controling for she will run away !

    as for the the second pattern the confident palyfull womwnizer who loves to be on spot light
    just dont even bother trying to hit it off with an aqurian !!! ur better off friends trust me

  21. Obi August 18th, 2017

    He is also trying to figure and understand you before he can completely give himself to you and also to know how serious you are. Aquarius women can seem unserious at times if you don’t understand them. Don’t take the car thing too seriously. I know a Taurus man needs to learn to loosen up a bit sometimes. If he is giving you his time and attention it means he is interested. Give it a try. Try to understand him as he is trying to you. Also when a Taurus man is busy with work he might seem a little distant. 🙂

    • JOAN December 25th, 2017

      Wow thanks for the advice

    • Joanie December 25th, 2017

      Wow thanks for the advice

  22. Ahtisham June 15th, 2017

    I am a Taurus man and I love an Aquarius women. I don’t know how should I tell her. Please guide me.

    • pat June 25th, 2017

      Ahtishma just tell her straight out Im an aquarian woman and I know personally that if my taurus man loved me I’d want him to tell me how he feels it would then make it easier for me to open up to him in return.

  23. Kittymeow May 27th, 2017

    Aquarius woman, i fell in love with a Taurus man. It was wonderful at first. Sex was great, he was so loving and i found myself wanting to express my love back in so many ways. We had fun together taking day trips to the beach, learning together how to make fried chicken, etc. Then things got ucomfortable. We were having so much sex it was hurting and i needed a break. He took offense and told me i was depriving him of a need. I thought this was wrong and told him so. Eventually he relented but he was sullen about it. Everything else about the relationship continued great with lots of snuggling and i felt so cared for in those moments. A few weeks later i find out I’m pregnant and i get an abortion cuz I’m not ready for kids yet. He alternates between sulking and giving me hours long lectures about how much he loves me and no one in my life loves me as much as him and that i will never be blessed with this much love by anyone other than him. I know that to be so untrue. He starts going off the deep end. Two weeks later i break up with him because he developed a messiah complex and the night before i broke up with him he stood on the street corner with his arms raised for idk how long “blessing” people as they went by. There was more drama. Idk what happened with him. He told me he will always love me. I still love him but i will not put up with all this negativity in my life. I miss the good times i had with him, it really hurts to miss him.

  24. zakhta May 4th, 2017

    I am a Taurus man and my ex-wife was an Aquarius woman. She was overly reactive, non-practical and stubborn. I spent those 2 years in pain and agony as she was totally unable to grab any circumstances of my life and whatever I had planned for our family. Things fell apart and she demanded divorce even though I was the deserving one to ask for a divorce.

  25. lolo April 28th, 2017

    i am an Aqua… what usually happens is that i am the one who does the calling and texting and i am getting tired and since its a long distance relationship , i freak out when he takes time to reply to my missed calls or texts … but you know what i am just gonna move on without closure … he keeps telling me that he love me and what not … i get bored talking to him sometimes be’cz its more like i am forcing him to talk … he is ok then before u know it he is cold , for what i dont know . i am done here

    • Sunil May 4th, 2017

      Same Exact story: I am Taurus and she is Aqua and our distance relation is almost of an age 11 years. She always done the same thing you do. May be I don’t know how to Express my love because of distance but she always knows that it’s the distance not me.

      After that much time We are getting married and I believe that I will love her the most to her entire life because she understands me even I was not with her.

  26. Nadia April 2nd, 2017

    I am a aquarius women and I’m dating a taurus man for about 9 months now and he is a bit unemotional and me on the other hand I am emotional how do I get him to feel again he hasaid gone though so much that he does not feel bit he very caring he just does not open up

    • J April 10th, 2017

      Talk to him about this… be straightforward and ask questions

  27. Maham April 1st, 2017


    • Anju Saha April 6th, 2017

      Just take him aside and tell him. Taurus men have a heart and they are very romantic. Even if he doesn’t express any reaction I’m front of you, internally he will feel warm about it. He will be totally okay with something unconventional like a teacher student love relation. So go for it.

  28. Peter February 28th, 2017

    I am a Taurus Man, and just started dating an Aquarius woman two weeks ago. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met!!! She has strong Aquariun traits which often make me insecure and feeling unwanted. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I think we could have an amazing future together if we could get over some key challenges.

    • aqua-89 March 1st, 2017

      COMMUNICATE . the key to a successful relationship is communication. I’m an aqua myself and dumped my ex, capricorCapricorn, because of lacking communication, and you can warm her and do not be afraid of talking because of her blunt honesty. try your best to be reasonable while talking to her about you feelings .wish toy the best.

      • Antonio October 26th, 2017

        So I’m a Taurus man who befriended and became close with a Zodiac Cusp. Her traits although majority are of a Aquarius woman. We became So close I fell for her almost instantly, so hard I eventually pushed her away. I gave her space upon her request (earlier this year) and 6 months later we reconnect. During that time away I was able to be free, explore and live a life without her by my side of having her to talk to. It was hard but I managed and now ever since we truly got things back on track. My feelings for her are free once again. Only difference is I’m not expressing it as much as I used to. I fell in love with her. Very deeply. It could just be me reading into it but something feels different between us. I can’t describe it. For the past few weeks I’ve taken her out to eat and we would just chill. I revealed I made a playlist for her so we listened to it. We listened to part 2. She said she really enjoyed them…. Just wanna know from your perspective different ways to grab her attention. She’s someone I just can’t get over with 5 years of friendship and I just want nothing more than to finally show what I can offer. But afraid to push her away again and lose her for good. I truly feel no matter how hard I try to move on, she’s the one.

    • Tasha April 5th, 2017

      Hi, I am an aquarius woman in a fabulously new relationship with an amazing Taurus man. I know that I am typically outspoken and slightly extroverted in opposition to his naturally more introvert nature.
      I can understand that your aquarius woman’s traits may make you feel like that, but rest assured if she knew that was how her actions were making you feel she would be horrified; all we ever want is to make everyone around us feel happy and loved.
      I say you should open up your feelings to her…..we are born communicators…..she’ll love you even more for it!
      Hope it all works out for you both!

  29. Max February 26th, 2017

    I’m Taurus male … my life has been so fucked since I lost my first love Gemini 4 years long … June 7 a soul mate of may 20 basically things have been as bad as they can get for me with periods of prosperity between them … used and abused by all who came after my first love march 13 picies soul mate of may 20 again took me for a ride I got fucked …finally I met my Aquarius feb 7 … never thought it could work she hated me our first date … somehow it’s two years later and she has changed me my life and how I feel about these soulmates … I am her sword and she is my shield best way I can put it .. I could never defend against the things that took me down … she could never fight for what she wanted … only if I met her before these woman robbed and pillaged me for everything I had … that’s life I guess fate

  30. Siren February 18th, 2017

    Sheesh Aquarius Angel – you sound like a job. Try to relax a little.

    I’m an Aquarius in a 2 year relationship with a Taurus. He can be pretty demanding but when he does it I just look at him and make funny faces, then we laugh it off. We both have similar deep seated morals and value systems which allow us to come together on almost everything, even if we arrive there after thinking differently abou thtings. He has a weird relationship with his siblings – they are sort of petty with each other. I stay out of it.

  31. Barbara Goodwin January 14th, 2017

    Aquarius woman married to a Taurus man for 28 years!

  32. Aquarius Angel June 2nd, 2016

    Update: he was such a douche bag! Realised he was playing games with me and chucked him. Beware of Taurus Men and their psychological warfare!

    • Akselillusion February 24th, 2017

      Highly doubt that Aquarius angel, take Taurean men for what the say literally and as they come presently without adding your own spin on things and making assumptions and you may find your next experience a bit more enlightening 😉 ask questions where unsure

    • Akselillusion February 24th, 2017

      dont do your own head in so much next time hahahahaha take it as it comes man!!!!!
      You have a lot of issues to work through before you consider a relationship in my opinion.
      Read the four agreements x

  33. Aquarius Angel May 21st, 2016

    Hey so I’ve read the article to help me figure out this Taurus Man I’m Dating and it as well as the comments have been soooo helpful to say the least. 
    Me and this Taurus have been dating only for a month and we’ve already broken it off twice! But let me start off at the beginning to give you all some insight into our relationship and maybe you could help me through this lol.
    Ok so we met a few weeks ago and he caught my eye straight away. I approached him for something other than dating but straight away he began texting me. He was really complimentary, saying I had beautiful eyes and smile and lots of really nice thing. Seemed very keen to be honest. We worked together a little after meeting on a project of mine in which he pretty much kept to himself. Didn’t flirt at all but if I needed a hand he was there, sometimes we’d find ourselves standing or sitting next to each other but that was it. 
    Later on we texted again but this time I wanted him to, he had caught my eye by his cool demeanor..We had also exchanged words earlier in which he randomly said how he can see I’m earthy and very spiritual how I am so much more than I appear and how others seen me and that’s what interested him. O__O 
    Needless to say that intrigued me..I hadn’t had someone read me so well with only brief interactions. So let me continue…We spoke on txt where I thanked him for his assistance. The week continued with lots of texts…Good morning txt every morning, lengthy talks through out the day. He’d say how he could speak to me all day. We ended up meeting up over the weekend and just sat and talked for hours. He would do things like open my door for me, catered to me all day, bought me food and drinks and he’d find reasons to touch me whether just rest his head on my shoulder, hold my hand as we crossed the road. I did notice a slight analysis trait that day though… He kept bugging me about my parking skills. Which I laughed off but took note of. The day ended nicely.

    The next day however, when I woke up there was no good morning txt. So I didn’t message him either.that whole day went passed and I didn’t receive not 1 message, call or anything. Instantly I took offence as I’m not used to spending a whole day with someone and then the next day being ignored. The Tuesday came around and it was the same thing, this time I messaged him but was replied back with 1 word answers, 2 word answers. This time I really was annoyed, began to wonder well what the he’ll happened between us going home till now I feel as though I done something wrong. 
    I asked him of course and he said I didn’t do anything wrong. Asked why would I say that, buy he didn’t  elaborate. The next day I was near his work place and messaged him to see if he might want to meet up…as I was leaving the area I called and couldn’t get hold of him all day. 
    I then got a message late that evening with a weird jumbled excuse about his phone. He continued like this for a couple more days and I had enough. I messaged him that I didn’t appreciate how he was treating me and that we could be friends instead. 

    Of course he replied early the next morning completely confused as to why I felt the way I do but expressed how much he wants to continue getting to know me. So I stayed in the game.
    I say game because he continued this weird charade for next few days of the next week. I tried to flirt and shake it off as I had read the articles of Taurus men being randomly distant to watch or test females out. But I gave into my frustration again after he made a joke that I wasn’t amused by. Again I suggested friends or nothing at all and awaited the explosion once he read my message. The explosion didn’t come, in fact he was very calm and even hurt if that’s the right word. So of course I now feel bad for overreacting and want to make things Ok… We talk and the next day the morning txt returns.
    Conversations start to flow slowly but surely after that, I spontaneously suggested to go out that weekend but it clashed with his plans. He then decides to reschedule and plan a date for us instead…so the week goes by with us talking more and flirting a bit. We meet mid week and chat for hours. 1 thing i did notice though is when I’d be driving he would staarree at me. I would catch him out the corner of my eye!
    The first time I noticed it I was like wtf! Because I had read lots of comments saying the same thing! And another thing he does is he seems to have this way about him that makes me feel like he’s seeing right into my soul..and then starts reading off these traits about me that he can see. Weird right! any way….so the texts become more frequent and more emotive leading up to our date on the Saturday. 
    We have our date and go to the movies…when we get there he does that Anal thing again! Starts telling me how I should park, like really telling me like a driving instructor! At 1 point he reached for the gear stick, didnt touch it but I said wooh and brushed his hand away like wtf. I can handle his little anal instructions but reaching for the stick is way to far! I stood on the breaks and stared at him saying if he wants to try reaching his foot to the pedals as well 0_o
    The mood was light though so we went to the movies and he took the lead of course. As the night continued we began to get closer. He’d touch my arm, hold my hand just really sweet things. We left the movies and just sat in the car and spoke for another hour. 
    I must admit I was curious to find out what everyone meant by the Taurus male being possessive. and I’m not sure if I saw some signs of it today… as soon as the movie finished he said for us to leave, when we were chatting in the car he looked at the time and said for us to leave now and he meant it. 
    See I new it was because he didn’t want me driving alone so late and it was getting late but it was interesting to see.theres a forceful side to him that is coming out the closer we get… so far it’s just the car… parking and driving home late…He hasn’t inserted himself into anything else but it did make me squint a little… hmm 
    Question to my Aquarius and Taurus males… was he playing games with me before? To test me out? He slipped out something like that today and I’m not sure how to take it. He said something about how he tends to do things or say things to trigger certain reactions to see a person’s true personality… to which I responded that he better not start that sh*t with me but I feel he already has…
    Also this possessive thing..did I get a glimpse of it today and if so what’s to come??! 
    I’m very intrigued by him and I to him…but I don’t want to be leading my self into a lions cage… he’s open yet guarded… mysterious, very charming and definitely a gentleman. He does make me feel very feminine with his strapping build, hight and manly charm but I guess there’s still some questions floating around. Luckily enough he’s a typical Taurus and is taking it slow…occasionally throwing out plans for the future with us but I’m loving the slow pace as it gives me a chance to figure him out too (if that’s possible ). 
    Also he’s not pushed towards anything physical, he kissed me on the forehead during our first couple meet ups. Today we pecked on the lips…I’ll just see how it goes??

    • Bun April 25th, 2017

      How are you and that tarus man? That whole driving thing is dead on. Lol happened to me their so incontroll

    • Obi August 18th, 2017

      He is also trying to figure and understand you before he can completely give himself to you and also to know how serious you are. Aquarius women can seem unserious at times if you don’t understand them. Don’t take the car thing too seriously. I know a Taurus man needs to learn to loosen up a bit sometimes. If he is giving you his time and attention it means he is interested. Give it a try. Try to understand him as he is trying to you. Also when a Taurus man is busy with work he might seem a little distant. 🙂

  34. Tanisha35 April 29th, 2016

    This is the most amazing article that I’ve read about a Taurus man and me the Aquarius woman..  I’m dating a taurus man and sexually the chemistry is off the charts..  He possesses the passion that I’ve been missing in other relationships..   we do have differences, but this article has help me understand him more.. he is very slow when it comes to making moves with our relationshi.. we have been seeing each other for over a year now…

  35. SweetDrea619 March 19th, 2016

    Thank you so much for you very articulate and very well written response to this article. This help me so much I am in the same situation with a long time Taurus friend. I have been a little bit hesitant because of our differences, not sure if it will work, had very concerned about loosing a really good friend.  But you have given me the hope and confidence to move forward to the loving relationship that deep down inside I know we could have. Thank You…….

  36. Kunjus February 26th, 2016

    I am an Aquarius girl in love with a Taurus guy. We have been best friends for 6 years and now in love for 6 months. Yes, it is true that we are entirely different individuals, different thoughts, different vision.. He is a very practical person. We have different opinions and we think in different ways about the same thing. But this very difference is helping us to keep talking and sharing each other’s views and ideas. There is no end to our conversations. We speak day and night. We can go on talking for hours. Still we feel like we have a lot more to discuss. During the six years when we were friends, we didn’t even fight for a single time. We understand each other perfectly. There will be no other guy on this earth who can understand me to this level. Even he feels the same. He says this often to me that till this day in his life, there is no one who is more understanding than me, with which he is more comfortable than me. The best thing that I like in our relationship is the transparency and honesty in our relationship. He is a completely trustable guy..very committed and dedicated. I never knew that guys can be so faithful and committed. He can discuss anything and everything with me. And I ensure that I understand things from his point of view.
    After we started taking our friendship to the next level, that is love… That’s when I started seeing a different face of him. He as my best friend and he as my lover are completely, entirely different. When we were friends, though we both used to get jealous when any other guy or girl comes, it was within limits. But as a boyfriend, initially I felt he is too demanding and over possessive. His watchful eyes will be always on me. My smiles, my talks, my facial expressions when I talk to other guys, everything was monitored. I felt very uncomfortable. Me, being an Aquarian is very friendly. Smiling, laughing and talking with colleagues and acquaintances is my usual way of communicating. But that doesn’t mean that I am close to them or even interested in them. It’s just that I am being friendly. Everything was questioned. I felt suffocated. I felt irritated. I was completely 100% true to him. I have never even thought about another guy. I didn’t even try touching another guy. When I am so true to him, why is this guy not trusting me and keep questioning. That’s what I kept on thinking. We fought thrie. When fights happen, it get very fierce. Our way of fighting is also different. He keeps on talking angrily. He expects an answer from me. But I feel that both people talking when both are angry is not a nice idea. So I will keep ignoring his angry words and demands for explanation telling that we will speak when he can listen.. But somehow fights will start and… That will be really a very worse fight.
    Now after three fights, we learnt how to fight properly. We know what is acceptable and what not is acceptable to the other person when we are angry and fighting. And it’s going really smooth….
    When it comes to sex, oh my God… He is beyond words. How he makes me happy in every other thing, same way he makes me extremely happy in sex also. Who else will know me better than him? I feel inadequate to give him happiness and pleasure…whatever I do, I don’t know, how will it be equal to what he gives me?. He is the best guy I have never known in my life till now. I don’t know a better guy than him. I am lucky to be his girl. I don’t want to live a life without him.
    Taurus man is very patient. He is patient enough to understand the Aquarian. He is a stable anchor. He is capable enough to help you see things in a practical point of view. He is a very good companion, guide, friend and lover. Communicate, talk, understand each other. Don’t irritate him more when he has already lost his temper. Learn and understand how to behave when he is angry. Because, his anger is temporary and will last till he feels that he has expressed it completely. After that, he will calm down..without any ego, he will bend to any levels. Don’t take advantage of him when he is bending. Be careful when you discuss about disagreements. If both of you don’t try to understand from the other person’s point of view, fights will be really bitter and may end in breaking of the relationship. Understand that the reason for his possessiveness is love, love towards you..that he doesn’t want to lose you. He feels very insecure when you smile and talk to another guy interestingly. That’s why he is getting irritated. He doesn’t have a problem in you talking to people. The problem comes when you talk to them interestingly, which either give the other guy a thought that you are interested in him or the other guy is interested in you. After all, when you have a 110% true to you guy in your life, why do you even want to talk to any other guy on earth unnecessarily? Why would you even want to do anything that hurt him? If you understand his way of thinking and move forward, the rewards are so high. You have the best guy on the earth who will take you to extremes of happiness mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually. 

    • Obi August 18th, 2017

      Nice. Every Aquarius woman needs to see this.

  37. Aqua24 October 22nd, 2015

    I just broke things off with a Taurus guy after realizing what I was getting myself in. He seemed caring and stabled at first but I later found out he was a self centered, know it all jerk. He wanted me to be the stay at home person to depend on him while he act like he was the man of the house. He also drank a lot of liquor and became a manipulative, pathological lier. I’m so happy this guy is out of my life. I’m an Aquarius and we can normally sense things early and I did. I have a big heart and I refuse to get mistreated, and unappreciated.

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  40. Liyah8121 January 20th, 2015

    So true .

  41. Aquarius-Mercede September 17th, 2014

    I’m an Aquarius and I think I just might be in love with a Taurus man. When we first met things became really intense and passionate quickly. But since I was at a vulnerable stage in my life and also very sexually deprived, I took it for what it was, just sex. But then he’d call or text engaging in conversation. Then other times, well majority of the times he wouldn’t answer my calls or respond to my text messages. It’s as if he has to be in control at all times. So I deliberately distance myself so my feelings aren’t bother by him. But I keep letting him back in. Only now he’s becoming more of a selfish lover. I like him a lot but he also confuses me. Not sure how to talk to him without coming off like I’m complaining. Geesh this little thing we have here seems so toxic. 

  42. sbee May 12th, 2014

    I(Aquarius) have a friend with benefit with a Taurus man since November 2013. I could not agree with what this article said. I have dated a Taurus a long time ago and we ended it within a year because of our difference outlook. We had an accident and I went with an abortion. He opposed it and got upset because he wanted a kid. After broke up, I realized I made the right choice because I am in a happy place now.  However, I’m with this next Taurus, we have agreed that we stay on this track, not to falling in love with each other. I always let him know immediately when I’m with other guys but I never slept with them. Yet, he still stays with me.  I’m afraid that one day I find someone else, and I do not want to hurt his feeling. Some of my friends said that he really likes me, – possible falling for me which I do not want that happen. One way or other way, – both signs must meet the compromise then everything will work out. 

  43. Aphroditee December 13th, 2013

    @jennfellows I am in the same situation right now, with my Taurus guy, but I want to say something, and take my own advice. He loves you, love him back, and follow him to the ends of the earth and back again. Compromise, pray, and have faith. And remember, you can’t pray and worry. You’ll laugh about it 30 years from now, when you are married and old. My biggest fear is, losing my independence and freedom. I am a bird and need to fly.

  44. jennfellows November 17th, 2013

    I am an Aquarius woman dating a taurus man.   He is so hard to read.  He tends to be over dedicated to his traveling job and it is hard for me.  I,  like many woman, have been in some tough relationships where it makes it so difficult to trust.  No matter how often my taurus boyfriend tells me he loves me, misses me or says he is going to put more effort into our relationship I still have this horrible feeling that I am going to lose him.   We don’t do much together because he works a lot.   He lives 4 miles away from me and is getting ready to move to his next job 60 miles away.   Do I go forward with this and trust that he  DOES love me or should I let him go?  It wouldn’t be so hard if he actually followed through with what he says he’s going to do.   Advise appreciated.   

  45. Eulalahpink May 6th, 2013

    Chris Brown and Rihanna nuff said!

  46. hamburgerdear_18@yahoo.co.in April 29th, 2013

    i am an aquarius female…and use to be a stern feminist..then i met a taurus guy…oh he was obonoxius ….he  told me he loved me one day…and somehow i believed him…but watever he did irritated me to the very core….since den…eight yrs have passed and he still irritates me…but today i seriously cant live without him either…we meet everyday and theres nothing non amazing bout our relationship…as time passes he is becoming irresistably sexy…and handsome…his unadultered dedication…love and passion for me has kept me hooked on to him for so long..and i thank god each day when day  watch him after office seating on his bike waiting for me..for giving me such a gorgeos life partner…..

  47. PurebloodSagittarius March 30th, 2013

    My father is a Taurus and my mother is Aquarius, they have been together for almost 30 years and this is what I suggest that your watch out for if you really want it to work: My mother (Aquarius) was VERY possessive of my father.. She always freaked out if he ever looked at any other woman, even women that were in the family. She also always believed that she knew when something was wrong even if it had been going normal all day, she knew by the “look” in his eye, and she always thought that he was mad at her when he wasn’t. This was the one thing that really annoyed him. So if you want it to work, control yourself. A warning about my father, he really was always quiet, not really “manly”.. If my sisters were fighting and my mom needed his help to control them he would just stay where he was sitting. My mom usually freaked out when he did that. My parents relationship was really an innocent one, really almost closer to being a good friendship. They both would always joke with each other and confide in each other for the truth. 

  48. whitey333 August 30th, 2011

    I start this off by saying I’m a complete novice with astrology because I don’t believe it’s viable (or maybe the other way around), but most of this article seems pretty on par. One thing to add, if you EVER wrong an aquarian woman, by wrong I mean neglect/ take for granted, she will NEVER forgive/forget. And it is likely she will find the mental stimulation she needs elsewhere, and depending on that person “revenge” ensues. This revenge will be dependant on what you regard in the relationship and since taurus is more for stability, she will destabilize your life. Completely. At least that’s my experience with my soon to be ex wife. This is after being together for 6.5 years, married for 3. She may be able to stay as a friend, but with what she has done, it’ll be much harder for me, the taurian. They can be ruthless : /. Just a heads up, don’t piss them off heh..

  49. greg March 19th, 2011

    i am a taurus man dating an aquarius women for about 7 months now. we sufferred 4 breakups during that time but always got back together.we are deeply in love with each other and are soulmates we both agree. it definitley takes alot of patience and compromise for an aquarius and taurus relationship to work.but all relationships can be difficult at times.but love conquers all. if you truly love one another then do whatever it takes to make it work.best of luck and god bless

  50. Shelley March 17th, 2011

    I’m finding this site and these comments very positive!
    I’m an Aquarius woman who met a Taurus man online. We’ve exchanged hundreds of emails and are going to meet for the first time this coming Sunday!
    He’s already pulling out all the stops to wine and dine me and I know we’re going to end up making love!
    I am so excited about meeting him as, although we haven’t met in person yet, I’m falling for him already!

  51. Barbara Butler March 9th, 2011

    This was a true description of both signs.I’m a aquarius who was dating a taurus male.Although I loved him with all my heart and I know he loved me. Our relationship did not work out. These were all the problems we faced.

  52. Yvonne & Devon February 17th, 2011

    Wow!!! Best article I’ve come across on line!! This is so true! I’m an aquarius woman dating a taurus man, and it’s already started rocky. He does try to please me, especially if I have some concerns about the relationship, and I have to be very patient with him. I suppose as long as both of you try to work at it, the relationship will improve. No relationship is a perfect forever after!

  53. natt12 February 10th, 2011

    I am an aquarius woman (taurus rising, moon in capricorn,venus in pisces) and my boyfriend of a year is a taurus (cancer rising, moon in aquarius, venus in gemini) and I am having the same issues. At times this relationship is very difficult and when arguments start they get bad, is there hope for this match?

  54. Tim February 9th, 2011

    This is exactly true!!! its scary. I just had relationship with an aquarius woman and at the beginning it was amazing on all aspects. We fell in love fairly quickly. The problem with our relationship was that she felt like she could do whatever, whenever she wanted and also have a serious relationship with me on the side. She thought it was ok to hang out 1 on 1 with other single males and that may have been her outgoing ways but she had too much of a problem compromising to do away with those certain things to obstain a healthy relationship. This is a very, very difficult combination but it could work ONLY if they both can compromise. But that is a very slim chance. Im living proof!!!

  55. Damaris February 5th, 2011

    I am an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend is a Taurus but on the cusp of an Aries because his birthday is April 23. We have only been in a relationship for about 2 months now but we were friends for a while before we even started dating. Things between us are absolutely amazing, he is sweet and understanding and always aims to make me smile . . . we are very different but very alike at the same time . . .our strengths balance out because we both take the lead in different situations . . . i think it helps that we were both in long relationships before this that didn’t end too well because we exercise a lot of patience with one another and appreciate each others company . . . btw SEX is AMAZING!! . . . tried a relationship with a taurus male previously and it was horrible, he was so concerned with himself, jealous and over emotional but the sex was still great. Aquarius women exercise patience with a good Taurus man and you’ll find yourself happier than ever 🙂

  56. Britney Monroe January 11th, 2011

    Im an aquarius woman dating an aquarius man and wow um good job! Hahaha he is hecka possesive and its annoying but evn then i cant let him go! I think the biggest prob with taurus and aquarian relationships is their so diffrnt that it takes time to get to kno eachothrs personalities and PATIENCE IS DEFINATELY KEY…and alotta prayer! I dnt really beleive n this stuff but uh….right on the money honey! Hahaha!

  57. conniee November 11th, 2010

    I am an aquarius woman dating a taurus man and it can be very difficult at times to understand him but when we are loving each other it is great. i find him possesive of which i donot have a probelm hoping it does not becomes over bearing. He is very kind loving , and honest. I broke up with him once for 4 months and now we are back together again and going strong. He supports me with everything that i do and is a strong tower of strength for me and I love him dearly. I will not give him up for anyone else.

  58. Tamika September 24th, 2010

    I am an Aquarius on the cusp of a Capricorn, my birthday is Jan 21st I am dating a man who is on the cusp of a Tuarus in some cases and a Gemini in another. His birthday is May 21 We have been dating for 2 years now and I have to say I have experienced the compatability the oracle has stated to be true on the aspect of both signs. I am shocked because it is as if there talking about the two of us. This is the best relationship I have ever been in and I totally agree with the oracle. I always went to ask oracle before I went on a date and I can truly say I am done now marriage will be soon I found my soul mate.

  59. Monique July 31st, 2010

    Scary. This is truly my husband and I. We had to laugh about it

  60. Amanda May 5th, 2010

    I am an Aquarius women dating a Taurus man for 2.5 years and going. It may have more bumpy memories in the beginning than memorable ones. This article is true on some levels. I am now finding, we are different and we are both trying to accept each others way of thinking. It has been brought up many times we think differently. Now I am afraid I am going to lose him, because I may be “unconventional” for him, sex is amazing but I bet I am lacking. I don’t wanna lose him, but I can’t tell what the future holds…

  61. Dave Challa May 1st, 2010

    What ever you say, Aquarius women are of evasive tendency in company of a taurus man and the relation can never last but endup in mess.TAURUS MAN BEWARE OF AQUARIUS WOMEN.SOME OTHER SIGNS FOR AQUARIUS WOMEN ARE VERY GOOD MATCHES,EXCEPT TAURUS MAN.

  62. Sally March 26th, 2010

    I am looking to begin dating a Taurus Man. I am an Aquarius Woman. I have never dated a Taurus Man. Do any of you believe it will last?

  63. Lauren February 28th, 2010

    This article is genuinely helpful and the closest assessment of the astrological pairing I have come across on the web to date.

  64. Irshad January 18th, 2010

    The information which i read today was really good, but she is no more in my life….

  65. Your name September 3rd, 2009

    I can not believe I’ve found a reading that truly matches me and my boyfriend. It’s almost scary. I’m taking notes to learn how to deal with petty arguments which will make for a happier union.

  66. Dawn August 14th, 2009

    This is the best and the most descriptive and in fact, true version of taurus man and aquarius woman relationship….i have been researching on this topic since this is the best article i have come across till date wow!

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