Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus man and Sagittarius woman are an odd combination of Earth and Fire, but understanding and compromise can make it work.
  • Taurus man and Sagittarius woman have different approaches to love making, but they can make their sexual oneness a pleasant experience.
  • Sagittarius woman can attract Taurus man by being honest and open-minded.
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When the Taurus and the Sagittarius associate with each other in a love relationship, they make a rather odd combination of Earth and Fire. The connection between these two of may seem a bit unusual, due to vastly different styles and needs in love, but understanding and compromise can make it work.

A Taurus man is a highly private individual who is usually relaxed and even-kneeled, except for the cases when his patience is tested and then his fury is definitely something unhealthy to be witnessed. He knows how to work hard toward a goal with tireless dedication, and only requires a minimal amount of recognition from others to carry onward. In fact he is a deeply grounded person who does not appreciate interlopers in both work and relationships. In a love relationship, loyalty and commitment are absolutely essential for him to feel happy and secure with his lady fair.

Open-minded, free-spirited, and vivacious, she is interested in adventuring and searching out new philosophies in her life. Her passion and zest for experiencing new things might result is a bit of reckless behavior that can get her in trouble from time to time. But she is incurably optimistic and has an amazing ability to come out of difficult, trying situations in a short period of time. She rarely has a hint of malice to her and speaks out her mind in such a way that can make her come off as insensitive. Romance and frills are not exactly what she seeks but in a relationship she proves to be a responsible and committed partner.

A Sagittarius woman is drawn into a relationship if it seems to be exciting new adventure for her and she feels that there is a great capacity for deep companionship with a man, and definitely the Taurus man provides her with both specially if they already share a good bond of friendship. She makes a very frank and open minded partner for him. She always proves to be a great company and support in all the things and more prominently when they are outdoor tasks. She deeply admires and enjoys the reliability and stability of him but sometimes her flakiness can really get under his skin. She may also have to face his stubbornness and even his fiery temper if she does not give proper attention to household stuff.

A Taurus man, who is practical and ultimately a very safe choice for a Sagittarius woman may not appreciate her appetite for adventure, but he is someone who sincerely enjoys her company and is always an admirer of her honesty. He provides her with best love in its raw form and loads of care to keep her safe from all the worries and rough patches of life. Usually she enjoys it but sometimes she feels very much bounded and caged. On the other hand, being brutally honest about her thoughts, she gives him a sense of relief in being true to him but her words do not always ring true when it comes to promises and obligations and this can upset him in a long term relationship.

As the Fire gives its warmth to the cold Earth, a soft fragrance of love, fumes up from its core, filling the life of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman with pleasant attar of affection and togetherness. With due course of time and their ever increasing understanding, she delicately steps into the premises of their home and starts enjoying her homely adventures, while he becomes more open and learns to enjoy the world beyond his home limits with his beautiful Sagittarius lady. While he provides her with peace of life and mind, she makes him more rejoicing. They understand each others’ needs well and flourish a more promising relationship then even imagined, holding their hands to never give up or break up.

The sexual life of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman is usually an exciting one as these two sincerely focus on and enjoy the purely physical side of sex. But beyond that they both have quite a different approach to love making. He views physical intimacy as a way for him to connect with his lover on a deeper level and deepen their emotional connection while she looks at making love to her man as something that is genuinely fun part of their relationship. She is passionate and sincerely enthusiastic, but does not get bogged down with being overly sentimental. She is more likely to view sex as something casual that does not have to go along with a relationship, while he is less likely than other men to pursue meaningless sex. But once they are actually with each other both in physical and emotional awareness, they make their sexual oneness such a pleasant experience that gives them long lasting closeness and connects them in an even more beautiful relationship. She uses her fingers to softly, and equally gently, finger, caress, and tickle his body. They both feel terribly silly and vulnerable, yet also very good, very aroused. It’s important to note that these baseless fears often disrupt them from achieving a wonderful loving experience.

The relationship of the Taurus man and Sagittarius woman is not so smooth. She likes it outside, but he likes it inside. She looks on the bright side while he looks on the not-so-bright side. She wants to have lots of fun, but he cares more about being productive. While these two may be able to bring out new, undiscovered sides of each other, they simply do not have enough in common to make it likely for this to last. She is fiercely independent and ends a romance as quickly as it started if she suspects she is stifled or repressed. He might find himself growing jealous and suspicious if she spends too much time away from home. The only way this pair can work is if he learns to loosen up and enjoy venturing into new and uncharted territories and she learns to give some more devotion to home and family.

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Ask Oracle Rating: Avoid
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. run away 3D July 7th, 2023

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  2. Jyoiti December 31st, 2022

    Taurus +Sagittarius best combination
    I want taurus man in my life

  3. Inna November 14th, 2022

    I met my taurus man , IT was like love at first sight . He is a sentimental and affectionate person , very honest . He respect his lady and do his best to make her happy . Yes he is my man 🥰🥰 not the one who plays tricks … He is a stright forword and responsible , when he truly love u he gonna till u also u can see the love in his actions .

    • Angela December 26th, 2022

      Agree. Totally. The differences don’t begin to outweigh the awesome. And, don’t get me started on the awesome. 😉

  4. Audwin Johnson August 18th, 2022

    I’m a Taurus man with a beautiful Sagittarius young woman, we talk and smooth out our rough parts to compromise, and we’ve been dating for a few months, as a couple we are still learning each other sides, our pass are different but we are what we need for each other because it is our differences that reminds us what we are missing. There’s nothing in our way but ourselves but at the same time it is ourselves that we need each other. She’s doing amazing job with our daughter and we Go out the sex and love is amazing, Every other time we learn something slightly knew about each other and we embrace it

  5. Eve July 18th, 2022

    I am dating now a broken hearted taurus men, who always says to me that he still love his ex, and he wants to go back to being a playboy, and me as sag woman who loves adventure and challenge wants too see if I can steal his heart and feed him his word… Let’s see who will fall and who will loose
    #playboy meets an ice queen

    • Jay August 29th, 2022

      PERIOD BABY!!!

  6. jmj27152 July 14th, 2021

    That’s crazy cause I’ve dated a few taurus men but it never got to the point where we actually were a couple, but currently I’ve been with this taurus man since Dec of last yr, he just turned 34 and im almost 37 he has no kids,, and here’s the kicker, he wanted me to have his first child smh.. unfortunately, I’m not pregnant yet and think it’s for the best cause I highly don’t want any miscarriages or unhealthy pregnancy when we can’t come to an agreement.

    it was fine but now I’m starting to think that he’s a liar and doesn’t know how to communicate when I express my feelings. I don’t think they know how to consol a woman when they’re in the wrong, oh and he’s very good at going days without talking to me and he hit me up first, Big Turn Off! I like communication, like talk to me so I’ll have an understanding, then u won’t hear my mouth. He’s not good at that. You can’t tell me that you’re gonna do something then don’t, and you know us Sagi hate liars with a passion. I’m a full Sag 11/22 & I’ll be damn lol. I’m moving on at this point, I mean I’ll still speak if I see him out in the streets or friends perhaps but it’s not going the way I want it and to say that taurus are Loyal and Romantic, nah! lol, probably the women. I see why Nicki minaj left Meek Mill lol.. I’m trying a leo again or a libra. We’re more compatible cause Leo’s have good passionate sex also and they’re Romantic, but I’ll see I guess.

    • jmj27152 February 25th, 2022

      If you’re a Taurus, no

    • Ieshia Bryant June 5th, 2022

      Girl I need your number or social media information. I’m going through the same exact crap . Smh . He is driving me NUTS!!!!!! He is toxic asf . And thinks he scares me by yelling and hitting his fist and trying to threaten me by saying “well this our last time talking” & then I said OKAY GOODBYE . Then moments later he’s calling me trying to say sorry. Smh

      • Dee July 6th, 2022

        I can help read situations I have dated many Taurus men my social media is thereal_milf on instagram message me I can help

    • Zami June 26th, 2022

      It’s not every Taurus man 😒 due to that I’m a Sagittarius my partner is a Taurus and we have a great understanding there no joke yes he is over protective of me.

      Most time I want to leave but it so addictive that if we don’t talk for a day we both get mad at each other.

      We Sagittarius woman need to see the view from there side of life to truly understand a Taurus Man, there caring, passionate love for a Sagittarius woman is sweet.

      I’ve been with my Taurus boyfriend 4years now we both enjoy 😉 every moment we get to the fullest.

    • Sarah July 5th, 2022

      Girl, Leo’s are my fave!! Lol best relationships I’ve ever had were with Leo’s…and the best sex lol I’m talking to a Taurus guy now, still early and I’m debating if I even want to go down that road with him…previous Taurus relationships did not end well 😕 horrible communication and broody, resentful even when they let things build up and refuse to talk. Ugh…

    • Sarah July 5th, 2022

      Aww, Leo’s are my fave!! Lol best relationships I’ve ever had were with Leo’s…and the best sex lol I’m talking to a Taurus guy now, still early and I’m debating if I even want to go down that road with him…previous Taurus relationships did not end well 😕 horrible communication and broody, resentful even when they let things build up and refuse to talk. Ugh…

  7. jmj27152 July 14th, 2021

    Well sex is nothing when you don’t have mental stability

  8. Aria June 21st, 2021

    I am a sag women dating a Taurus man, well its very new and we have been friends for 8 years prior. He always had a crush on me but I never saw him in that way. So far its been good, he is responsible, funny and stable and I am used to unreliable and chaotic men. We will see how it goes but the sex has been great so far 🙂

    • Mica July 3rd, 2021

      Girl im a sagittarius too and dating a Taurus as well girl mine Is a liar a sneaky sob I catch him everytime on his dirt and when he gets caught up thats when it’s over for him and ten makes it all my fault what a narcissist the man I fell in love with 3 yrs ago I no longer know who he is and im so in love him that now I dnt know how to let him go even at my breaking point and we all know us sagittarius woman at our breaking point isn’t a good at least with me it isn’t cause I bottle up everything inside then I blow up… I hope u lots of luck with ur Taurus girl just keep an eye opened they know how to play a good game till they game smacks them in the face

      • jmj27152 July 14th, 2021

        That’s crazy cause I’ve dated a few taurus men but it never got to the point where we actually were a couple, but currently I’ve been with this taurus man since Dec of last yr, it was fine but now I’m starting to think that he’s a liar and doesn’t know how to communicate when I express my feelings. I don’t think they know how to consol a woman when they’re in the wrong, oh and he’s very good at going days without talking to me and he hollered at me first, Big Turn Off! I’m a full Sag 11/22 & I’ll be damn lol. I’m moving on at this point, and to say that taurus are Loyal lol, probably the women. I see why Nicki minaj left Meek Mill lol.. I’m trying a leo again or a libra. We’re more compatible.

    • Anamae July 30th, 2021

      Omg this is me right now but instead of eight I’ve been friends with mine for 6 years

  9. jaimie May 13th, 2021

    oo na , di na kami compatible ni rheyban.

  10. Marie Butler November 12th, 2020

    This article is more accurate then most. I am a Sagittarius woman in Love with a Taurus Man. He is younger than me and I have known him for a long time, but I never really knew him. When i got to know him I fell in love with his stable personality. I am perfectly happy staying home with him. He understands me and I understand him. We really don’t fight that much.
    I have read so many articles that claim that our compatibility is pretty much zero but that just is not true

    • Crystal Carrell June 27th, 2021

      Hello Matie Butler,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I have also read so many dark and dire articles about how Taurus and Sagittarius are not compatible and as you pointed out, this is not true.

      I am a Sagittarius woman and I had a beautiful relationship with a Taurus man for a number of years and the sexual chemistry we had was celestial. We were highly compatible and we never had fights.

      I also find that many astrological websites paint Sagittarius as these fly by night, unfaithful social pariahs and that could not be further from the truth. Most Sagittarius people I know are extremely serious and conservative.

      The only reason why my relationship with the Taurus guy ended was because of his meddling mother. If not, we would have still been together.

  11. Mary Flores July 20th, 2020

    I am a sagitarius woman and was married to a Taurus man, oddly enough I have stepped into another relationship with another Taurus man, but this one fills the description to a T with the article. I am very much adventurous and impulsive and he is stubborn, but we have a lot of compatibility sexwise. It is amazing. And we also balance each other out.

  12. XO June 12th, 2020

    Im a Sag woman and married a Taurus man. We have been married almost 6 years.. We eloped after 4 months of knowing each other.. Now we have 2 kids together and 3 kids in all. This article is spot on!! He is extremely a home body and doesnt like to do much but his regular routine. I rather work, do fun things here and there, but wants me to be a housewife and be with the kids. I feel trapped! I’m not as free as I use to be. He is an excellent provider and always have “some” things figured out… he is extremely stubborn though. He is a very faithful guy. Only thing about our relationship are our communication.. We can get so heated it’s ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s frustration from having young kids but it’s not easy. Overall, he gives me the world, provides very well for our family, loyal, faithful, determined, dedicated, smart, and great advisor. I just wish he can understand that I am not a routine person and I love changes.

    • Crystal Carrell June 27th, 2021

      Getting married and having three kids can make any woman feel trapped. I don’t think it is about astrology but rather about setting boundaries for yourself. If you have young children, you will have to wait until they get older and more independent before you can have your freedom again.

  13. Savannah Weber April 28th, 2020

    This is extreemly accurate for me. I want to be with him and everything came so fast. He was so head strong and out going and i wanted to take things slow. That didnt happen. I sent him a long message telling him why i left when he wasnt ag his place. Like why does a guy leave yoh for an hour and hang out with his friends. Like i could be home right now with my son. I felt like i could spend my life with this guy. He hasnt texted me in a few days. His cousin messaged me. I think it has something to do with him. It just feels like drama. Like yes i did express some stuff like with a lot of energy but still. Thats exactlly how i felt the first day we met.

    • Eye candy May 23rd, 2020

      I’m a Sagittarius dec 16 female my dude is a Taurus may 18 I’m 27 he’s 26! I can say they tend to be a littler jealous they don’t know how to really express feelings without breaking down. But our sex is amazing our vibe is so great it’s like we can’t be without each other he balances me out and i balance him out keep each other motivated. We talk about goals and building together. He always complements me and makes me feel like I’m the diamond in his eye. We our four years in and i can definitely feel a proposal and hope to bring many more years together

  14. MARITZA DUFFLART March 28th, 2020

    I have a relationship with a Taurus man. I’m Sagittarius. He said when we met that he was looking for fun. I told him I wanted stability a relationship. He said let’s go slowly and see where this goes. I have no problem with that. Even when he doesn’t want our kids to know about our nightime activities. I’m ok with that and we respect each other time with our kids. But here comes my problem, he claims that his daughter is always next to him and he can’t call me. I work I healthcare and because of the crisis that we are going through. We haven’t been able to see each other for about two months next week. My conversation with him was about him forgetting about me. He claimed he didn’t. So I said to him” that’s why I’m still waiting for a phone call” to which he replied ” I’ve hardly had a minute. When I’m not working my kid is next to me.” So I was fustrated with his lack of communication and I said to him, “Thank you. I forgot I was just an option.” He hasn’t been in touch with me since that day. I know two days are too soon to get in touch with me. Or me with him. Should I wait a week and ask him if he still loves me, or if he wants to persuade our relationship? Maybe I should move on and don’t even say anything to him. We can’t see each other in person because of the covid-19. I want him to be safe with his teen, since I work in healthcare and my kids are scared I get sick and they’ll get sick.

    • Vanessa April 1st, 2020

      You’re a Sagittarius woman? Take my email [email protected] I’m a Sagittarius woman and it sounds tough. In my opinion I think although signs have a lot in common, some are different. I feel like I have so much to say on this topic so please email me

    • XO June 12th, 2020

      I’m married to a taurus man. They lack communication. It’s hard for them to REALLY tell you the truth about their feelings. Taurus men honestly show you how they feel. If he is ignoring you… trust me someone else is occupying their time.

      • Stephanie Cox May 5th, 2021

        Amen to this so much, my ex and daughters father was a nightmare, wasn’t romantic or affectionate. No dates or flowers

  15. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their heart is wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  16. Bev October 2nd, 2019

    How can I get this Taurus guy to forgive me, for saying something totally irrelevant and voicing my opinion what is what
    I think his really mad at me and I’m a Sagittarius lady really like him felt a strong connection

    • Idelan November 20th, 2019

      Bruv! I’m going through the exact same thing! I’m out here pulling all the strings lol. Pamper him and show him how sorry you are. Also lots of sex

      • James February 19th, 2020

        Am weakk lol telling you the truth though. 👍

      • kim February 19th, 2020


  17. Gavin May 30th, 2019

    I’m 22yo guy Taurus, I started working with this really short and cute girl thats a Sagittarius. I pretty much am everything said above but I would open up and go anywhere for her… Like I’ve gone so far out of my comfort zone for her that it’s kinda scary… But every moment with her is like a breathe of fresh air so I’d say is worth it. And I think I even love her cause I’ve never let anyone this close my whole life. I turn everyone down. If she only knew…

  18. melissa May 3rd, 2019

    My taurus and I have gone thru hell and back, however he is the perfect ying to my yang. We both compliment each other beautifuly, and since going and growing thru all our hardships, there is no leaving. Our love is extremely strong and we both cant wait to grow old with each other. He is a bit jelous but he has quickly realized not only am i fiercly independent but alos, fiercly loyal!

  19. Charles April 27th, 2019

    Sagittarius female, are good opposite for Taurus male

    • Ann April 27th, 2019

      So do u thinks i have a chance? We broke up and he is seeing someone bur we still talk and get together

  20. Charles April 25th, 2019

    He deeply love Sagittarius and would do any things for her, sag just love him back. He sleep out in the rain, if that the way she said it got to be. This Taurus love his Sag.

  21. Ann December 28th, 2018

    I’m a Sag women age 39 and I’m dating a Taurus man age 39
    We met online and text for hours then decided to call eachother we actually talked for 24 hours straight. On the high from our conversation we decided to meet for drinks. We had a awesome time talking, we ended up going to a movie. We didn’t watch most of the movie and kissed and made out the entire time. Once we got to his place we talked then all of a sudden he picks he up and takes me to bed. It was a amazing night. From there we talked and hung out a lot. After a month he asked was I seeing other men I replied that I had. Back story Im going through a divorce first time single in 23 years so I had some friends was trying to enjoy single life when I met my Taurus. Ok so I responded I had slept with a guy or two since we started dating. He asked if we could be exclusive after one month. I didn’t really want to but I agreed because of the connection and me really liking him. I did continue to date for a few months and ended up getting caught. Had I know trust was most important to a Taurus I would have been more honest and said I didn’t want to be exclusive just yet, but I was afraid I would loose him. So fast forward I had been good then I sent a text with the wrong name of an ex friend to his phone like Good morning and a different name. Then I cheated once more because we were fighting about money and I felt like he wasn’t there for me. So bascally I cheated within the first 4 months of dating then nothing the the text about 2 months ago. Then this last incident 2 weeks ago. I really love him. It may be hard to belive, but I truly do. It took me some time to realize it but he is the only man I want. of course he doesn’t trust me but he is willing to be my friend or have me belong to him like property. We do have amazing sex. Not sure if that’s why he keeps me around. We fight and break up a lot too which makes me insecure. I wonder if he is just keeping me around till he finds someone better. All the cheating is out of my system but of course he doesn’t believe me. Am I wasting my time. Will he ever trust me? Will he make me his girlfriend and just keep calling me his friend? He says I cant see other men and he isn’t seeing anyone. Can he actually forgive and forget? Help

    • Sher February 16th, 2019

      Hey, Taurus is one of the most rigid and stubborn signs. Guess what? one thing that they hate the most is CHANGE. Changing his mind in trusting you again might never happen, just maybe. But it all boils down to your decision anyway

    • Wm_adoro March 15th, 2019

      He’s better off without you.

    • Erin March 30th, 2019

      I’m a Taurus. I wouldn’t take you back. I would probably always love you and wish you were the person then that you are now but you’re not and never will be. I had a Aries that ALWAYS cheated on me. I do believe we are soulmates. Maybe not in this lifetime but eventually we will get it right eh? I love her so freakin much. From the moment she opened the door. But poof……………

      • Ann April 27th, 2019

        But why …. I was married 20. Yrs first time single was afraid to commit at first. He is the first guy I fell for after my marriage

      • Ann April 27th, 2019

        I was married first relationship after divorce. I messed up but I truly love him. I was scared to commit so fast.

    • Lovely Archer April 13th, 2019

      You fucked it up girl. He deserves better than you.

  22. Gracie December 20th, 2018

    Im a sagi woman & i’ve seen about three Taurus men in my life and am seeing one now. I always seem to get along with Taurus. Because we can be so honest with each other and have the exact same thoughts sometimes 😂 I’m always so attracted to tauru men because they’re so mysterious and I have really nice sense of style. We can both be really materialistic as well. Taurus men are sweet but I feel like once they start liking me they back of a bit & I do that as well so we haven’t spoken in a week but I know he’ll text me 😂❤️

  23. CutiePieSag July 29th, 2018

    I dunno if people still read these things anymore, but I’m a sag woman & I have thing for Taurus guys. I think they have a thing for me too. Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if I married one. Last May, this Taurus and I started becoming friends and a couple months ago he told me that he liked me, which utterly shocked me. So now, were hanging out and stuff. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling…

  24. mars bars hars November 6th, 2017

    i wonder how many days it took her to write that essay..;’) so extra

    • Lacie BY December 15th, 2017

      Lol I was thinking the same like really who has time to read that? Not I. Didn’t even read first line.😂

  25. ngocthaomarwa August 3rd, 2017

    hi, im sag gal and i know exactly what situation these sag(s) gal is in. I’m just broke up with my taurus man. It’s start with me, could not stand for his jealous. He made up his own story whenever im out with my friend (which is a boy). He started to doubt me everytime i’m out with my friend. Thinking that me and friend are having sex etc. He keep calling me each 30min. As a Sag. Im not into it. So i dont take his phone and he started to talk heavy words on me. He show me his doubt that he knows me and my friend is having sex (which is NOT), he said like he knows FOR SURE that i lied to him lol. Sooo childish. He doubt me a lot and keep asking me like those stuff on his head is real. Ex: Did you having sex with (…)?, why dont you pick up my phone? – Did you do something with that dick? Did you too busy with your hand so that you could not pick up your fucking phone? Etc… Pretty frustrated. Then, even though i’m still in love with him toooo damn much. I have to decide that i have to leave him. As a sag girl. I hope that you all could understand that we are caring a wind’s heart. We never settle down because someone tells us to do so. that’s why it is hard for us to get in a relationship with some one in a deeply way. but once we are in, there is nothing could tearing us apart. Sag’s love is so unique that deserve for those who dare to chase after it and own it. When we know exactly that our heart belongs to someone, we would ONLY have the image of that person in our heart. And rarely broke up for no reason or chasing after someone else. (if you did chasing after some man, it’s just your feeling for your love one is not strong enough, i can guarantee that). In my relationship, sometimes i met some guys that soooo in love with me, he pretty strong and could sneaky kiss me from behind and hold me tight in his arm. I kinda love it – have to admit that but i’m just doing nothing to him. i let him do it because Sag is SOOOOO polite to say NO. I let him do that with NONE emotion on my face. i like him but i know that just a small feeling that i know it will pass quickly (There is ONLY taurus on my mind i must say.) My taurus man, in some way, knows that someone is chasing after my and his jealous is growing bigger than ever. He hurts me with his word. After almost 3 years together, the first time in my entire life i could say break up to the one i love (normally, i used to be the one who guy chasing after me and it takes a lot of time to own me – may be years but when we’re in love, i always to choose to be the one being dumped. i think, it’s very harsh to get my heart so they deserve to have the right to dump me because once im in love, no matter how ugly and poor and mean he is, i will accept all of it and still giving him the best in me that i will not ever leave them or dump them. And plus, i cannot break up to some one entirely 🙁 You will see in few next part.
    Back to my break up. It hurts me alot when i do so. Also hurt him too. He keep calling me, show me he is hurt a lot, keep in touch with me, asking me (nicely) about my live without any doubt or jealous. I have to admit that he is quite nice and gentle ai that time. and i failed with my break up plan. Im too weak and cannot leave him entirely. Im letting him take care of me, show his caring and love to me. i started to re-think.
    We were love in distance for more than 1 year before we broke up. The time i broke up with him, he is still far from me in distance. So after the time he showing his caring and love and desire to come back with me, he suddenly got home and find me. Im such a coward when i showed up and met him. I know im so in love with him too much that im not sure about this break up stuff. He loves me too and then we having sex, spending time together. Everything perfect after long terms of times we were apart. Then he back to his jealousy. he knew that this time he have me back and he is owning me again! Im so pissed off and then decided to block everything from him except Imess. So after few months, he realize that he can contact me via phone, so he text me pretty often. That shit happens again. I have a second thought that me and him could back again. He back again. This time he showing even more desire to come back to me. He asking me for a second chance and he tells me that he soo in love with me, he could not forget me. But sudden…

    Yes. That fucking taurus is playing shit on me!!!

    He was back home again and we have sex once. after it i’ve made up my mind pretty sure that im so in love with him, he is too. So i decide to get back (but im not tell him yet). But when i ask him out, he said that he have a date with a friend. I asked him who, he didnt tell – it’s strange cause he never lied to me or hide anything to me. i started to doubt. 2 days next, he post on a picture showed hickey on his neck in instagram story. My friend saw that and send that to me. Im sooooo shockkkkkk !!! OMG he cheated on me??? Howwww? He dare? Shit shit shit. Fuck fuck fucking dick. He just slept with me 2 days ago and then he met another girl? Fuck you Zodiac sign. Loyal Taurus =)) Bullshit!!!. He also tagged that girl’s name on a comment on facebook. He said the picture is cute and want her to born him a child. A friend of me saw that and too and send it to me. Im so angry that i’ve never get angry like that before in my entire life. I ask him why, he refused to answer it. sometimes he said that she’s just a friend. When i ask him about the hickey, there is only silence. He cannot deny it. He cannot tell a lie anymore. So he decided to remain silence. Im so disappoint then i’ve made up my mind that i could not seeing him again in my life. I hate him in every inch. He knows that but how childish he were, he said to me that is the way he fight me back for what i’ve done to him. To show me how hurt he was when im with another guy, that i let someone hold me in his arm. He also said like i fucked that guy but i swear that’s not gonna happen but he dont believed. He said i deserve to be pain and hurt but i pretty think he is telling bullshit for get away with his false. it’s only a sophistry of him.
    Such a super coward of me when i decide to met him again nearly. it’s been 5 months from the day we broke up, he still contact me sometimes, use his old trick: care about me and show his kindness. He also said that he broke up with that gal. I believe him (How stupid i am). He said he still love me, i believe him because im still love him too. We were met once more. Had sex and then i saw her name on his phone. he called her. Im so disappoint and ask him why, he said she a friend now. I dont understand. He said when he in love with me, he ignore girl and now this is his exception? Im so sad. I cried a lot. I know he love we both. but he loves me more. He just keep that gal around in case when i really leave him then he will come to her. But i cannot stand it.
    Taurus man is so greddy and hurt me bad. i know that i stupid when i met him. But i know each time i met him recently, i just told myself that im getting used to it. I fool myself that im not losing him. He is stil here. I started to talk to him less. Learn the way to live by my own. Im getting used to the lonely feeling even though i do not want to communicate with anyone. I isolated myself to him and the rest of this world. Sometimes when i feel i miss him too much i still text him shortly and ignore the message he reply. I keep fooling myself that he still around and i train myself to forget him slowly. i will keep doing it until the day i completly forget him and stop texting him. It’s growing slow but firmly. I do miss him alot and want him back. but i cannot accept him for what he have done. It’s unacceptable to me even though im love him too much.
    This love hurt me tooo bad although im the one who start this break up stuff. Im still isolate myself to everyone even ones who want the best things to me. I cannot understand myself. My idol is Miley Cyrus and her also gone crazy after the brake up with Liam. Am i like her? Im i crazy like her and destroying myself?
    Thanks alot from reading this. This is my story that i want to share with you the sign of taurus cheating. Im on web few day lately and only search for the key :”Is taurus man cheat?” and sort of. i read a lot of story that being cheated by taurus man. pretty similar to my story. Then now i want to share you my story to warn you.
    Im 20 years old Sag girl WAS in love with 20 years old Taurus man for almost 3 years and now we’re break up. (or in an unclearly relationship huh?)

    • Tan August 10th, 2017

      RIP English

    • Donrell December 21st, 2017

      Look I’m a tarus and im a guy and I’m loyal I haven’t even seen my girlfriend in person even know she stays like 45 min away from me but I still don’t talk to no girls. I am also sorry about what happened too….. I don’t want that to happen to me in the future I just want to live in a long happy life with a family:(

  26. manjot May 31st, 2017

    please tell me…. I m saggistarius girl dob is 5 december 1993 and I was in relationship with tauraus man dob 10 may 1990 we have physical relationship but after 9 months we breakup nd suddenly after 6 months he calls me…nddd fight again… nddd comes after 2 months but then after chat of 1 month he block me….nddd said that I will never call him….. I don’t know he has doubt on me that I have physical relationship with some another guy ! can you tell me …will he come back or not

  27. Monojit May 19th, 2017

    I am Taurus Man who loved with Sagittarius woman. I loved her too much, she also loved me too much..but once her family is know about it she break up with me..what to do?? I was try to communicate with her but she even did not give any reply to me, now she told me many word that I can’t imagine, also blocked me fb, wp. every were. this is happening since 1 yr.. I can’t forgetting her. plz help me and tell me what is the solution? which is the better path for me?? I will be wait for your reply

    • BlackGoddess November 13th, 2018

      I’m a Sagittarius Women, replying to your situation. Once a Sag, is done their done… It’s unfortunate situation however that’s how we are.. No communication and or Bye.. We don’t allow no nonsense.

  28. manjot March 17th, 2017

    hi m saggistarius girl having physical relationship with tauraus man…. 4 years but we have painful break up..nd after 6 months he come back…but after 1 day he break up wid me and again 2 months he come back and having chat of 1 months he again break up wid me …can anybody tell me what the hell is happening?? will he come back

    • Stephanie March 19th, 2017

      Don’t keep talking him back. He keeps coming back because he knows he can. You deserve more.

    • Jenna May 1st, 2017

      I am in a similar situation here.All we do is fight fight and fight.He is a Taurus and I am a saggitarian. He and I break up 3-4 times a week. Right now we are going through a huge real sort of break up.This has happened before too.ALOT of time. Few weeks, few months later we patch up.That is our story. We fight, break up,block each other and patch up.

      • mahoganytate48 May 24th, 2017

        I feel you! We have the same story. Fight, break up, block, and make up. Constantly

  29. Walter February 2nd, 2017

    I’m a taurian guy who just ended a 10 year relationship with a Sagittarius woman she absolutely gutted me I wasn’t jealous gave her all the space she wanted constantly fixed things for her paid for everything she wanted but she couldn’t respect me and constantly put foot in mouth only to shrug it off and carry on as if nothing really mattered I so loved that woman but hello its move on time and that’s what she did good luck to her 10 years meant noting broke me bad

    • Rachelle April 10th, 2017

      She is selfish and immature. If you are confident and move on, it will drive her crazy. Sagg women, we don’t like to feel we are forgotten. Your best revenge is being happy and moving on. She does not exhibit Sagg traits. We’re brutally honest but love hard. If we commit and in love, we are loyal. We are flighty but land back at love. She just sounds immature. I’m sorry for your heart. You deserve a better woman.

    • kim December 28th, 2018

      Im a sag women 39 and If you were not jealous and was giving and helpful and gave her space. That’s exactly what a true sag wants. Must have been some other issues.

      • Ann December 28th, 2018

        Also he is really jealous and doesn’t like that I like to hang out sometimes. Loves being home. Also he is very cheap when it comes to me. And doesn’t like spending money on me. Doesn’t give gifts hardly ever

  30. SweetiePieSag January 25th, 2017

    Thanks for the help.

  31. SweetiePieSag January 25th, 2017

    So, I’m a Sag girl. I have a thing for my opposites. My Taurus is really different from me and I appreciate it. I’ve known him for 5 years. We talked before, but this time round. We are actually considering being in a committed relationship. Tbh I think he’s my first love. He’s a lot more open with me now, like he tells me how he feels and what’s going on. He also has a daughter. But he isn’t being a deadbeat and I think that makes me like him a little more. When I’m with him, he brings me peace like I can actually relax. But I want to do more than just lay with him, you know? I wanna go out and do stuff with him. I’m just not sure how to ask without it seeming like I don’t enjoy his company. Also, how can I talk to him? Like whenever I’m around him I get really nervous and can’t speak, but I’ll text him all the time.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS, help me out guys.

    Also, last year around my birthday was the first time we’ve seen each other in two years. I didn’t really want to let him go because I missed him SOOOO much! One more question, why am I afraid to show him my affectionate side?

    • Taurusguy December 15th, 2017

      Just ask him if he like to go to the Movies and you will buy. He would Love you for that. Than Take him out to dinner next time he will Love you for that. I am a Taurus man and we love our home and we do not want to lose it why we do not go out much. Baby steps is the key

  32. SweetSag October 29th, 2016

    Hey, guys. I’m really young and wanted to know if y’all would help me out. 

  33. ellekay April 30th, 2016

    @chocdiam Yes! OMG me too. Except we are arguing at the moment. His cards said I was the one. Weird. Hahaha

  34. littledeer April 28th, 2016

    I’m a sag gir, 17, l and I’ve been dating a Taurus boy, 18, for a while now. I’m generally a pretty carefree and restless person, and my feelings for people seem to last a week tops. We had gone to high-school together for a year but we never really talked. I just remember being sooo attracted to him, there was something about that boy. Then about a year later we hung around each other with some mutual friends and his arrogance and sarcasm just heightened my attraction, I’m quite the sarcastic asshole myself. I kept catching him looking my way and when our eyes met he’d immediately look down shyly, regardless of his confidence. He was all I could think about and I didn’t even know him, I felt so silly. It wasn’t even just the attraction either, there was something about him that I just wanted to get to know. We quickly became friends, our mutual love for weed definitely helped the process, and I quickly found myself liking every little thing about him, even his flaws. But I wouldn’t date him, I’m kind of a goody-goody, I got straight A’s in high school, started college at 16, always have a job, pay for my own things, etc. He came from a very loving and generous family, he’s the baby and I’m the oldest. I told him I wouldn’t date a loser and in just a few months he cleaned up his act, got two jobs, is finishing school early with good grades, and bought a car. I was so insanely proud of him and I told him I didn’t want him to feel unhappy or pressured, but he said he felt great getting his shit together. We’ve been dating 2 months and I could not be happier. I’m so in love, I’ve never experienced it before. He says the same. We’re both so open and honest that it makes the relationship very easy. He’s stubborn and can have a bad temper but I always calm him down and vice versa. He’s perfect for me in every single way. I have bad anxiety and he is so affectionate and delicate and sweet to me and always knows exactly how to calm me. He’s very patient and understanding, his personality is the exact opposite of what I’d expect to be good for me but he is exactly what I need, he brought out a new side to me and I love it.

    • Mitchyy February 10th, 2017

      Just wondering if you took out weed and its affect on the minds perception etc would you still like him etc. Just Curious

  35. LovetobeinLove58 January 19th, 2016

    The big bag theory! Penny and Sheldon ha ha ha ha!!

  36. jgoodwill December 7th, 2015

    Im a Taurus and my wife is Saggitarius. This is true but… We been 19 years together so in a sense no rule is definitive. 

  37. Man And Woman Fishing | Go Fishing September 21st, 2015

    […] Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman … – Love match compatibility between Taurus man and Sagittarius woman. Read about the Taurus male love relationship with Sagittarius female. […]

  38. chocdiam August 29th, 2015

    @Milan This is so me. I just met a Taurus and I feel he is the one. I run from commitment as well but with him I’m willing to take risks and give him my all. Hopefully things work out for us!! ☺

  39. StephRod December 3rd, 2014

    I am a sag (Dec15). I’ve dated other taurus men. My ex was one and he was a really good person and took care of me but it just didn’t work. This other guy (April24) was kind of cocky and way too conservative. I don’t like taurus men born in April. My bf a taurus (May15). I’ve known him for about 6 years now. When we first met we dated for about 4months. He lived in my building for a long time and I always thought he was cute and sort of mysterious and that attracted me to him. When we first dated I liked him and left behind all the other guys that were after me but then I felt like he was too close minded and didn’t think outside the box. I thought he was mentally lazy and he wasn’t ready to be serious. I left him and he tried talking to me again for like 5 years! I dated other guys in the mean while and kept in mind how close minded he was and hated taurus guys but last year something so random happened. We met up randomly and just became friends. He seemed different, he listened, he understood and gave me feed back and let me in. All those years of chasing me worked because he now loves me so much( I played REALLY hard to get lol). and I never ever expected to love him the way I do. He is such a good person with good intentions. He takes really good care of me and we can travel together! Yea we do argue a lot because I’m always right and he fails to see that lol. He thinks I take control too much and honestly it’s something im working on. Theres nothing not to love. Taurus men born in May are my favorite. I know he has potential to be a great father too. I’ve dated a Leo and had great sex but Taurus men really care about pleasing you as much as Sags care about pleasing their mates. He makes me “come” first! We have great passionate sex. I think that is true though, that sags have more casual sex and taurus men don’t just have meaningless sex that often.

  40. Yan24s May 24th, 2014

    I’m a sag and I’m dating a Taurus man He tends to get jealous sometimes and tends to boss me around. He said I need someone to boss me around because I’m so disorganized and all over the place. this is the first time we had a arguement which he later on apologized about. Other than that we get a long great I’m not sure where our relationship will lead. I haven’t met someone so caring and attentive like he is so that definitely caught my attention. Im hoping that everything goes well. I like to imagine the good side of everything. 

  41. […] would have never found each other. In a city of 646,449 people, there is no way that two witty, astrologically-incompatible, cat-loving, TV binge-watching lovebirds who are absolutely perfect for each other would have sat […]

  42. […] would have never found each other. In a city of 646,449 people, there is no way that two witty, astrologically-incompatible, cat-loving, TV binge-watching lovebirds who are absolutely perfect for each other would have sat […]

  43. emsterthehamster April 14th, 2014

    This post truly defines what i have with this guy i recently met. How we met was pure coincidence. Then we met again the following day, apparently we live nearby! And our birthdays fall on the same date but different month. I would say that we are 180 degrees completely opposite of each other. But our differences was the key that sparked our friendship and hopefully someday, something more. I find myself liking him more and more each day as his personality really intrigues me. He’s always so serious in uni, everyone says so, but around me he’s really fun, all smiles and cheerful which made me feel even more special. I believe that the day we met, could be the prologue of something amazing. 
    Whatever happens, happens 🙂

  44. Pleiades March 9th, 2014

    Hi @ I read your last few posts and could relate to your feelings towards your ex Taurus man, a lot! Many of the things you described were uncannily similar to mine.
    The ones that stand out were his ability to make you feel nutured and loved, and the intimacy aspect. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as close or comfortable with someone, and it was cosy and familiar, so it was also very hard for me to walk away from.
    On the downside Taurus men are not really gutsy, or terribly ambitious and they are people-pleasers…I found this suffocating on my personality who is always honest about what I think, and I am very ambitious too- something he was not. I also think it is a sign of weakness to live life as a ‘people-pleaser’ as you only get one life, so, you should for the most part put yourself first! Very admirable of Taurus men to do that but after a while it becomes tiresome!
    I cannot warn Sagittarian women against this combination enough…I personally tried really hard at it, but at the end of the day, a Taurus man and Sagittarian woman are like chalk and cheese. It just does NOT work! As much as a Sag woman can try to adapt, if she does, she’s just not being true to herself!
    Sag girls you are lively and need the mental stimulation…don’t settle just because you find him comforting, (I still have hope I will find another comforting, man in a non-Taurus form!) far better to be alone, happy and in an honest relationship with yourself!
    Best of luck!

  45. saggie February 27th, 2014

    and PS again…
    I also wanted to say to Pollyanna, that my taurus man had strong ascendant and moon signs, and I think this contributed to our compatibilities, but much of what you say I agree with.
    His form of communication initially was often talking in riddles or talking as if a situation happened but he wasn’t part of it.  I started making him realise this to get to the truth of every convo, and it really got a lot better over time, but by the end of the relationship I was more of a therapist than his partner.  
    He really did many considerate, kind, caring things for me and was always very loving, so I ended up feeling guilty about stating things I was uncomfortable with, and eventually I found myself getting angrier and angrier.  He did try and work at his life, but after 3 years I also realised that it was easy as an open, honest person to be strung along by someone who appears to be amazing on the surface but is actually just taking their time to sort out their life, while mine was pretty sorted and I had a lot to offer.
     It became be a game of me leaving and him as I became frustrated, then we’d get back together. Our chemistry and compatibility made it very hard to leave this relationship. It has been the most intimate I have had, and he has also given me insight into myself in new areas, but it has also been the most shaky relationship in terms of not feeling like it had solid foundations.  These guys move slowly, and can keep you believing in them for a long time, but whatever anxieties you feel deep down, listen to them as they are real.  Then decide if you want to be second guessing someone’s thoughts for the rest of your lilfe, as this creates distrust as well as you lose confidence in the person and I found myself losing my sense of joy,happiness and spontaneity.
    I have realised more about myself through this – namely, the person I am with can never be passive and lacking in drive, needs a sense of fun and adventure, and his other relationships should reflect him as honest, open and with healthy boundaries.  He also needs to have other friends as mine made me his whole life, and while I still enjoyed my friends – it felt like all my spare time had to be dedicated to him. Financial security is another area I have overlooked, but this definitely adds a lot of pressure to a relationship and I plan to include this in my checklist.
    This may sound like a heartless way to look at things, but in life we need to take care of ourselves to be the best person we can to everyone else who is important in our lives. If our careers involve giving and caring for others, we need this strong healthy happy relationship even more!
    In my opinion I think as a saggitarian I feel love very deeply, and I am 100% loyal and committed when I am in, but my relationships are a head/heart combination, and if i feel violated in any way, I am able to see how this is going to play out in the future.
    I then rationalise the value of the relationship, giving the person a chance, but don’t abuse my good nature as it will eventually come to an end.

  46. saggie February 27th, 2014

    PS, one also needs to watch with these charmers as they constantly say what they know you love to hear, and it is easy to just sit back and enjoy it and then suddenly you realise you are in too deep.
    When they seem too good to be true, it isn’t true!  My opinion only.

  47. saggie February 27th, 2014

    I’d like to say that I’ve known a Taurus man for over 3 years now. In many way we have been very compatible especially with regard to the outdoors.  He is unfortunately a passive man who has spent his life trying to be pleasing to all, with an underdeveloped sense of self, and his family have enjoyed mothering him and he has enjoyed letting them do things for him (which he could have done himself).
    We have had some amazing times together,and he has really felt like my best friend, but over time his passivity with sorting out his life and his inability to see his own lack of survival and strength, has made me lose confidence, as well as respect.  What has made is worse is that the more he pampers and nurtures me, the more irritated I get, as it feels like he is just trying to keep and please me.  We have had many discussions, and he is always statements that he is changing blah blah blah.  
    Just give me someone direct, and honest with stimulating conversation please.  I can’t do the endless talking about minor details anymore either.  I am going to miss the good stuff we have enjoyed, and there has been lots of it,  but know I can’t sacrifice my individuality and I want my happy, free spirit back again..
    I read somewhere that initially they chase you and then you realise they have you eating out of their hand, how true this has been, but it is now in the past. A rollercoaster ride which has now ended, and I feel heartbroken and miss him but relieved at the same time.

  48. Pleiades January 18th, 2014

    Fellow Sag-females…I warn you… DON’T do it!
    I have dated three Taurus men, and it has never worked out, mainly because they are so bad at communicating their true feelings. The last of the three was my longest-term relationship and it was the worst break-up I have had to date. The main reason being is that my Taurus-ex went into silent mode when tragedy struck our relationship. Taurus are not good with dealing with emotions (and the drama that a Sag woman can often provide) and tend to run-away from any form of confrontation… this is not necessarily good for a Sag woman who can be a bit of a drama-queen but always laughs afterwards. Let me tell you something now, your Taurus man will not be laughing!
    (Before I continue I should say another Sag female has commented on having several relationships with Taurus men too and these have not worked out. In turn someone has commented that she should change her ways as the problem lies with her (not the Taurus men)…this is NOT true! This proves my point well, these two signs are VERY incompatible, no matter how good it looks at the beginning…) 
    At the beginning it was so exciting with my Taurus man, he made me feel special, he was romantic and charming and he could not have been more attentive (something us Sag girls LOVE!) He also loved showing me off (like a trophy-something a previous Taurus boyfriend liked to do too!) I was included in everything (like nights out with the lads) and he was keen for me to meet his family too…He loved my natural Sag-honesty too, and how it made everyone surprised and amused…(it was sad that many years on it would be something that he would grow to despise me for and feel resentful about…) My Taurus ex also loved the fact that I was a great conversationalist. I loved chatting away and it was something that initially he admired in me. Towards the end of our relationship I think he was resentful that I was so outspoken in my ways…well, what did he expect? He was dating a Sagittarian woman after all!!
    Less than a year on in our relationship, I noticed that the private Taurus man (the one away from his friends) was a bit of a little boy. He sulked and got depressed easily, was pessimistic and worried constantly. Worst still the women in his life (like his mum and sister) treated him like a lost little child that needed looking after (a bit pathetic when he was a 32 year-old-man)…I was surprised and found this not only emotionally draining but stifiling. Sag women are naturally optimistic with a zest for life and this man managed to wear me down…
    A few years on we had gone through many peaks and troughs in our relationship. The most common thing I noticed was emotionally we were never in synchrony. When I was feeling happy, he was low and vice versa. None the less, I had grown used to the stability that my Taurus man provided and sacrificed having to hear his criticism towards my personality, to try and see the positive in our relationship- another thing that he was far less inclined to do. I found him to be quite selfish in his ways. If something suited him (only) he was more than happy to go off and do what he wanted regardless of how it affected me and how I felt. I started to question the longetivity of our relationship, but we did love each other.
    I stayed on with my Taurus man as I always thought that despite our problems he would provide the future stability that I needed. I never realised how committment-phobic this man really was and how far he would go to (in terms of making statements) to avoid admitting or confronting his true feelings. An avoidance of truth is so so bad for an honest Sag woman, who needs this in all her relationships, to trust individuals and be happy.
    My Taurus man went as far as proposing to me after we had been together for 5 years, but that’s when things suddenly turned. Not long after being engaged, he started putting obstacles in our relationship to deliberately start arguments…one time he announced in front of our friends and family that the wedding was on hold! (without even telling me anything first!) When my fiery personality rose to the bait of these type of actions (and in later circumstances finally submitted to pure and utter frustration) he used my outbursts of emotion to attack my personality and call me ‘unreasonable’.
    I was one very sad, and confused Sagittarius woman. I felt like I had given him my all, and he had broken my heart in such a callous, and unecessarily cold way. Once he had broken my trust by doing this, I could never warm towards him again. The relationship had come to a dead-end.
    The sad truth was he was too scared to admit the relationship was over (from his point of view) a long time ago. I have noticed this from previous relationships with Taurus men- they can be very cowardly. You would never know it from the outset, but when a situation is not agreeable to them they don’t have courage or integrity to admit this and face up to a situation (like a Gemini or Aries man would) they will take the easy route out and escape, even if this means turning round and blaming the other person for anything, so that they look like the victim and the other person looks like the bad person. They will also never ever admit to this (even when caught out by others) as they are proud and extremely stubborn. (I say this as even the friends and family of my Taurus-ex could see what he had done and sympathised with me, but he continued to try and make out the relationship had gone to pieces because of my nature).
    To summarise, I don’t think (unless either the Sagittarius woman or Taurus man- has a strong ascedent sign or is born on a cusp) that this is an astrological combination that works at all.
    I walked away from my relationship with my Taurus-ex and I am so happy I did. My life has been a lot better and I have learnt (after being constantly told how much of an annoying person I was) that it wasn’t all my fault, I was just being me (a very typical Sagittarian gal, who is open, honest and has ambitions in life).
    Sag women are strong minded and very independent so I never took kindly to being criticised for not being more domesticated or being told I should be more passive.
    For Sag women that find themselves in a relationship with a bossy, dominating Taurus man- I offer one piece of advice… get out whilst you can.
    For Sag women who are thinking of dating a Taurus man I say steer well clear. You will only end up wasting your time and will get hurt.
    Taurus men are appealing. They look like god’s gift (in the sense that they are calming, masculine and down-to-earth) and at the beginning, they are real charmers and can say and do all the right things, but when a Taurus man gets fedup of who you are (a Sag women who has a wonderful larger-than-life personality) he will be worn down by your energy, and will find you irritating, worst still he won’t be man enough to admit it. Taurus men are much better off with less spritely women. Capricorns and Scorpio women suit them well.
    This is my advice to all Sag women who are at a crossroads with their Taurus men. Really think about it. If you are sacrificing more of your individuality than you should…AND if he doesn’t see it or appreciate it, don’t just settle as you think he is a safe bet…get out!  I hope my story has helped you.     

  49. Kidnotkidbutkid September 22nd, 2013

    In my case, the Taurus didn’t/ couldn’t hold my hand.. but i still feel like i will not love anyone else but him/ someone like him. 5 years passed and i am likely to be forever alone LOL it’s not so scary. Living is not just for finding a match :> 

  50. Kidnotkidbutkid September 22nd, 2013

    It’s true, sincere, faithful & greatest love. And it can last until the end of the world :> (i’m a female Sag and i have experienced it)

  51. Sage-Von-awesome August 11th, 2013

    I’m a Sagittarius girl who is dating a Taurus man. He is my other half and we are super happy. I’m not the super adventurous type but I still love to travel. He is actually more adventurous than I am. We’ve been friends for three years and I’ve liked him forever. He finaly had the guys to ask me out about four months ago. I thought he was joking but it turns out he has been wanting to ask me out for a few years. All my friends think that we are a weird couple but we are evidently cute together. His sister died the year we met , he is kind of depresse even today. I do my best to make him smile, but sometimes I get fed up. My best friend is always calling to check in on us, some might say that she is kind of nosy. My bf fits his sign to a T. He is sweet and thoughtfull and I love him!

  52. Eulalahpink May 1st, 2013

    I’m a Nov.24 Sag Venus in Libra and I absolutely fell in love with my childhood friend May 3 Taurus venus in Taurus.  We linked back up on Facebook and even though I was in a relationship I left it to be with him, but he disappeared after he told me he was going to be there to support me and he wasn’t going anywhere.  He was very convincing and reassuring that he was supportive of me and my decision.  His energy was perfect for me, very grounding and assertive, yet gentle and sensual.  He would have been a perfect match for me, I have never felt such chemistry in my life and doubt that I ever will again.  I was absolutely head over hills for him.  Come to find out he was pursuing a Oct. 18 Libra that we went to school with and they ended up going together.  I swear he was the one for me and now he wants me back after I guess being undecided or playing mind games.  (I think a little of both) He realizes now how much I loved him as a friend and valued our friendship prior to me wanting him in a relationship, and he feels bad knowing that I would have excepted and loved him for him.  Oh well I guess time will tell what the future holds as of right now I am pissed to the highest level of pissivity.  Word of advice once a Sag has given you their all and you screw them over that is IT!!  Absolutely, totally turned off by the whole situation even though I believe he was my soul mate and still care for him dearly.  Aside from how the situation went down I am turned off completely by knowing who he has smashed recently.  I don’t want to know who’s leftovers I’m getting. Ew!

  53. StephyBear91 September 21st, 2012

    @Ron Im like your lady too Ron, I’m more of a homebody, yes im free spirited but i like my security, i have insecurities too

  54. StephyBear91 September 21st, 2012

    @Tini I too have just started talking to a Taurus Man, I am a sagittarian gal, It’s a little weird though like we connect in the sence of wanting to be together, both loving affection and romance but we do have a few differences though…. We both want it to work out in the long run but because we have not met each other yet, we have doubts it might not work out once we see each other and spend time together….. 

  55. StephyBear91 September 21st, 2012

    @Malee How do you guys make it work though? My guy is a taurus and I’m a saggie girl, we have a connection but we do have our differences as well, how do you and your partner work out in the long run?

  56. PLandry July 28th, 2012

    I fell deeply in love with a taurus man 10 years ago.  I wish, to this day, that I had never ended the relationship because of silly actions.  I have been married to an aries man and the sex was horrible.  My feelings have never and will never die for the taurus.  It was the best sex I ever had.  He was very intimate, affectionate, and caring.  He always did whatever it took to please me mentally, emotionally, and sexually.  Our bodies felt as one.  I really think that taurus is the perfect match for sags.  The leos and aries just didn’t work for me.  They always loved me so much more than I loved them.  They did make good providers, but the sex was bland.  Sex with a taurus is to die for!

    • jmj27152 July 14th, 2021

      Well sex is nothing when you don’t have mental stability

  57. bigguy July 9th, 2012

    I am a taurus man, I recently started seeing a sag woman, Ive known her forever!! and I honestly never seen this relationship ever happening. Now that it has, Its nothing but love!! This page has it to a tee though. Its like we cant keep our hands off each other! unlike other taurus though, I dont watch tv.. LOL, I Enjoy going out and doing things, and appreciate nature… (outdoors) Im not so immature to get jealus without cause though.. But can if givin a reason to be i guess.. We both have two kids, And it seems so far, im the one trying to get her out to do things!! I dont get into camping and fishing and stuff, but i love sports.. and really enjoy mma. She hasnt got to see my temper though.. I am good at holding it in.. but its true we do have a temper thats unhealthy even to witness!! I do love her though!! And I keep her safe.. thats how i won her over i think.. and im grounded, she loves im always calm and relaxed, she says she loves how i take my time. If her words are true, my loyalty is hers FOREVER!! 

  58. optisag May 23rd, 2012

    i am a sag, nov 28, a bit older;) but i do enjoy younger men – out of the many guys i have MET (not dated or slept with) over the past few years seems the 2 i have really fallen for are both taurus – they are both gorgeous and sensitive and sweet, all traits that i really fall for – that is why i logged on here to have a look at our compatibility…

  59. BRIANA349 August 30th, 2011


  60. natyler April 26th, 2011

    I’m a sag.and i use to date a sag.it didn’t work out the relastionship and some good and ofcouse some bad but,i just didn’t work out .Now i’m dating a taurus man he is 32 as of today lol and i’m 26 when we meet it was a instant connection like i have experienced ,i’m more of the women that is hard to get, i never show a man my interest that day that i meet my boy friend i counld’nt had the interest as much as i tried ….lol anyways he is the type that is very arrogant!and that dew me more to him …..cute…. was’nt to much so he manage to give me my space it gets to teh point that i want to see him and i love my space i tend to get board easly but never is it a dull moment with use he is sooo funny and entertaining i love it and take about being on a intellectual level great and the SEX ****indescribable****** the BEST ever the vibes that we have its as though were at one with one another ….lmbo….its true ….

  61. miss-k April 21st, 2011

    wow 3 months ago i met this taurus man we met through a friend,i must say all i read here is true its like am reading about him and i, am hoping i can understand him a lil better now.

  62. thoko March 31st, 2011

    Very true, spot on, my man is a taurus and me a sag. This really made me laugh.

  63. Cristian March 30th, 2011

    I’m 24, Taurus man. I have 5 very good friends. 3 of them are Sags. One of them is a woman who’s been my friend for the past 8 years. We met from time to time, even with 1 year brake. We started as friends but then tried a short relationship for 2 weeks or so. But I’m very sensitive and she was to rigid back then, cruel. I got hurt. We never tried anything, but occasionally we both enjoy flirting with each other. We play very nice, like when we go out I tell her: “you are beautiful, can I kiss you” … she smiles. But I feel she doesn’t want too. Because last time she did I didn’t wanted to see her for a very long time. She hurt me that bad. But I was kinda of emo back then. I matured quite a bit, and her quirks and emotional moods don’t scare me, I actually love them. When she is like that I just hug her and kiss her. But we are friends, lol. We meet like every 2-4 weeks, and every time she walks home happier than she came. She always tells me: “I’m so glad we met, I feel so happy now”. Anyway we are great friends, and probably we will be more then that. But I give her space, last thing I want to do is put her in a cage. We communicate deeply and things are great. I love Sags women, they are so delicate and elegant and feminine and stuff. I’m a fire personality myself also ! but when I’m near her I become this balanced oak tree for her. I don’t know, she get me that way, and I love being an oak tree for her. This horoscope is sort of accurate. It took years to make ours work, and I know sex is fantastic, haha I told her, and she knows it also

  64. Astrobuff March 8th, 2011

    ive noticed that more evolved sags-the ones who have learned tact and how to lay their words like gold and not blunt, broken glass- have better chances of impressing a Taurus. And the Taurus who values creativity and can live vicariously through the optimistic sag has better chances of catching the eye of the sag. Remember, fire can’t exist without the grounding earth: it provides the ions that fire needs to burn.

  65. babyjmiller23 February 16th, 2011

    This is somewhat right, but sometimes, i feel my husband and i switch personality assets on this, lol!

  66. in suspense February 8th, 2011

    Ok I met a Taurus on a dating site and it was explosives going off when we met in person.He was absolutely gorgeous.He has the most cutest country accent,he is short and I dont like short men,and very arrogant! I loved all of it he was built and he drives an import and so do I (so I was laughing because I guess he thought he was going to impress me) His body even covered up was amazing and he had beautiful eyes.I was so attracted to him that I refused to hug him.What I love about him is that he has a layer of country and family oriented ways but he has no children.He answers very short and simple and he doesnt talk much but when he does he is considerate and affectionate.The sex is a scream the whole session NEVER HAD THAT! He kisses and caresses and now I am trying to be patient and just see.But I am excited .We’ll see what happens.

  67. resj0718 January 13th, 2011

    Sag Woman, Taurus Man. Ohhh the sex if transcendent.

  68. Noname January 3rd, 2011

    I am a sag and my bf is a taurus (we are in early 30’s) and we are absolutely perfect for eachother. We balance eachother out and fit together like a puzzle. I am very free spirited and he is grounded in his thoughts. He is my rock and I love his stability, that is something I think all sags NEED. He doesn’t say much but I say enough for both of us, lol. I know when he does finally say something sweet or meaningful, he MEANS it. We give eachother plenty of space and thats probably one of the reasons our relationship works so well. We have trust and respect towards eachother. He doesn’t have any jealously issues, but that could be b/c he is mature and I don’t give him reasons to be jealous. This is by far the best relationship I’ve ever been in (and we are past the “first 3 months of bliss” phase) and I’ve dated enough to know. My only complaint is that he isn’t the greatest communicator and often holds things in. But, we are working on it. 🙂

  69. Sagittarius Nerd. December 13th, 2010

    I’m a 16 year old sag who’s just gotten into a relationship with a Taurus the same age. This reads us both very well and all the things that might ruin the relationship are irrelevant due to our personalities. We have an extreme a lot in common and want the same kind of future life. He also shares my fun loving personality and likes to venture out with me to a certain extent. He is also more positive due to the way he thinks.

    Also although I’m a Sag who loves my freedom I personally have a fear of being alone and although I’m all for women’s rights I happen to want to be a housewife so I think we’ll last.

  70. Laiza December 10th, 2010

    yeah, that’s true.. I’m a Taurus and my friend is a Sag. even sometimes I can understand Him, but still he’s been a good Companion as well.

  71. Sarah October 31st, 2010

    I’m a 20 year old Sag gal who loves a 23 year old Taurus. We’ve been together for almost two years now and we’ve learned a lot from each other. He’s wonderful at giving me freedom and space but still keeps me close to his heart. I’ve learned to control my free-range emotions and nomadic ways and embrace some of his needs for consistancy. I’m open about everything; I have to ask him to find anything out. The key is that we’ve discovered and grown to appreciate our differences (we’re are opposites after all) and how to overcome our frustrations with them. I think that the compatability horoscopes get a bad rap. The match can work – it just takes the right two people to work. And its pretty great when it does.

  72. Simone October 9th, 2010

    I wish I would’ve looked into this six years ago. I am in the process of ending a relationship with a Taurus. He moves too slow, thinks too slow, has no morals but thinks he does. He’s content to sit in front of the T.V. all night long. Yet when we first met he was always down for the ride. Go figure.

  73. Ron September 28th, 2010

    I’m a 46 year old male Taurus in love with a 49 yr old Sag woman & we’ve been going strong for 5 years now. I left my long time Aquarius girlfriend for her, which was supposed to be my perfect match. True on describing the Sag lady to a tee except she is more of a homebody & prefers to be in the kitchen, with many old fashioned values I love. Sex has always been a fantasy, always fun & experimental for us both. My opinion is it depends a lot on the age of the person. We’re older & maybe more in relaxed moods now. Maybe if we had met 20 yrs ago things may have been diff since I was a short fuse & she was less committed. This time I was the committment phobe & she wasn’t ready to marry but we did, so I wouldn’t put a lot of emphasis on this. It’s all about chemistry.

  74. robert September 23rd, 2010

    Im a Taurus Man and I must say that it was very interesting reading the comments The Sag Woman have about the taurus male is great :)It gives me hope 🙂

  75. Milan September 10th, 2010

    I’m a Sagittaruis woman and I like my Taurus Men. We really mix good with each other. I run from committment but I will change my ways for him. Am I moving to fast?

  76. Tini August 22nd, 2010

    I’m talking to a Tarus guy I’m a Sag woman && he is remarkable… the only thing tht they may have right is the sex… we haven’t been talking long so I hope it doesn’t turn out like this… but he is just as free spirited as me… it might b how their personality is which determines whether your relationship will work or not… <3

  77. John D. May 5th, 2010

    Hey “Belle:”

    The only constant in your “6 failed Taurus attempts” is YOU. You better start taking a good look at yourself, because I’m thinking the problem may lie closer to home.

  78. Aditi April 30th, 2010

    M hvin mad & crazy Lover with Taurus sign & I think if the love is sincere , It’s a great combination ….

  79. Belle April 14th, 2010

    Doesn’t work. Sag female, 6 failed Taurus attempts, stifling, jelous, controlling, insecure, explosive tempers, judgemental homebodies. Only += Great intimacy.

  80. bebe February 10th, 2010

    hey that’s like me and my ex! i’m sag and he’s a taurus guy =) i loved him to death cos he gives me this sense of security when we’re physically together. HOWEVER, when we’re apart, i simply could not stand the way he communicates, seemingly distant and his words couldn’t seem to make me feel happy and loved 🙁

  81. HUNH? January 22nd, 2010

    This says your relationship is most likely not to last, but I know of a couple where the wife is a sag and the hus is a tau and they are strong together!!???

  82. JOAN ADAMS January 18th, 2010

    im sag hes taurus he keeps me grounded in a good way,yes we argue ,move on quikly, sex is fantastic,hes so manly and strong ,i love the smell of his skin,he thinks i live in a fairyworld ,might be right dont care whatever our differences are I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IT SCARES ME ,SO YOUR WORDS ARE SO TRUE

    • Kim December 28th, 2018

      Wow so true with my Taurus

  83. Brittiany January 9th, 2010

    I can not stop laughing!!! this is exactly like me and my boyfriend im a sag and hes a taurus

  84. Malee August 21st, 2009

    This is so true in every single way! I have a taurus boyfriend and I’m a Sagittarius =)

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