Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Aries man and Sagittarius woman have a magnetic attraction and are considered soulmates due to their shared qualities.
  • Their physical relationship is intense and passionate, with a blend of devotion and excitement.
  • The Sagittarius woman can attract the Aries man by showing respect for his bravery and intelligence, while being independent and avoiding bossiness.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 120 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

When both the fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius connect to each other, they connect pretty well as they have a lot in common. Though Aries is naïve and Sagittarius is half philosopher but both enjoy heated arguments which usually intensify their bonding, but at times can create serious issues also.

The Aries man’s youthful aura and confident personality makes him outshine most of the men around him. He is always bursting with new ideas and all new ways to make life more exciting lively. He is very bossy and argumentative at times as he always wants to get things done his own way. He may also be very critical of other people and too outspoken with some ego but he never waits to apologize once he knows that he has not been fair.

Sagittarius woman is a lovely lady with a little outspoken ways to tell the truth. But truth is definitely her favorite word and she hates diplomacy. Once she’s been properly bent into submission, she can be the sweetest woman in the world. She is never consumed by ego or personality. She has great respect for an Aries man who is brave and courageous. She always looks for a man who is intelligent and can give her the necessary protection in life.

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An Aries man in love with the cheerful Sagittarius damsel gets a partner with similar mindset. She has an exceptionally tender and gentle way of binding up all the wounds, whether physical or emotional, of him which he usually gets from world due to his childish attitude. This woman desperately needs romance, because only romance can heal her instinctive doubt. The important thing for the Aries man to realize is that his lady love is as much an idealist about love and life as he is and at times even more. The much homely appearing Sagittarius woman is quite independent person and hates to be ordered or bossed around. Then can lead to some pretty dramatic heated arguments that somehow stimulate the relationship and its intensity.

A Sagittarius woman in love with an Aries man is gifted with a person who is dedicatedly romantic. Though he is determined to have his masculine superiority, independence and personal freedom but he cares about the well being of his Sagittarius woman a lot and if someone crosses her, he will be the first one to come to her rescue. His sense of humor and protective instinct makes him a perfect match for her, who needs security at all levels. He accompanies her in all her activities and appreciates all her talents stimulating her confidence and individuality. Though her blunt comments may bruise the innocent heart of the Aries man at times, but her integrity is spotless.

Sagittarius and Aries may soon realize that they are truly soul mates with most of the things in common with each other. The attributes displayed by an Aries man are exactly the qualities that a Sagittarius woman is looking for in a partner, and the divine care and loyalty given by her is the one he craves for always. By supporting and encouraging each other in various pursuits and activities, these two make their relationship deeper and more meaningful. Their love creates the magic of fire burning each other so intensely and yet delicately that the blaze keeps on making their oneness warmer day by day. With this balminess of love and attachment, they can achieve a kind of harmony that is out of the reach for most couples.

As the fire of these two interconnect, they can make for a very stimulating and invigorating pair. They have a wonderful physical relationship especially and their chemistry is just the perfect blend of passion and devotion experienced by both, the Aries man and the Sagittarius woman. Their sexual rapport can be warm, imaginative and full of satisfaction, as long as they remember to keep the intensity of lovemaking strong. The passionate touch of an Aries man gives her a long-lasting feel of security while her gentle kisses makes him glow like never before. The way these two express and share the sexual aspect of their love can be deeply satisfying for both of them and a warm glow of excitement floods through their bodies. She can sense he has an intensely sexual libido. Passionate not only in her pursuits and her insatiable curiosity about life, she burns with raw sexual passion as well. The exchange of intimacy and flirting occasionally reaches dangerous levels and both truly enjoy it. A delicious thrill sweeps through their bodies and that’s a wonderful chemistry at all levels.

Both, the Aries and the Sagittarius love to laugh and play with each other but neither of them likes to be tied down. Both the partners need their own space and it is likely to come naturally for both of them. Though both, the Sagittarius and Aries have flashes of pride and bossiness but their like mindedness help them to overcome the trivial issues. But neither of the two is stingy by nature, so money never creates problems between them. To make the relationship smoother, she will have to give up the bluntness and carelessness of her attitude and he needs to be more patient and true to his lady keeping his ego and aggression aside.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Avoid
Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Sandra November 27th, 2022

    I’m also a Sagittarius women. One that is literally to a fault. Honest, caring, unselfish. Give my heart fully and way too easily. I don’t get all of this that others are saying. I’m nothing like what others are describing in their comments.

    • raj October 30th, 2023

      with Aries man you will get the best results

  2. Swanruth September 15th, 2021

    Virgo, no. Taurus, big no. Capricorn, no.. Libra, maybe Oct one’s. Aquarius, yes

  3. Suga August 8th, 2021

    I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I gotta say I found this to be a really hot read. I mean I’m sorry but that’s what it was giving for me.
    I Thouroughly Enjoyed That!
    Thank you 🔥

  4. Katie July 26th, 2021

    It’s a near perfect relationship with some caveats.

    1. Sagittarius thinks Aries is too selfish
    2. Aries thinks Sagittarius is too blunt
    3. They both can jump into conclusions without due diligence and sometimes assume the worst
    4. They both are competitive and can compete over career success or money. It works out fine if Aries wins, as Sag is a good sport. But if the Sagittarius woman happens to be far more successful than Aries, then all the hell breaks loose. Aries will make Sag woman’s life a living hell.
    5. Sag is a mutable sign and Aries is Cardinal. So Aries will have to take the initiative every time and this can be frustrating for Aries.
    6. Sagittarius woman is the OG feminist and believes she is second to none. While the Aries man is happy with it, he wants to be seen as the dominant partner. Especially in public.
    7. Aries is in a hurry to get married. Sagittarius woman puts her career first. She wants to become financially stable before she marries.
    8. Sag woman will not be allowed to maintain friendships with other men. Not just professional relationships but also childhood friends. Aries will get jealous real quick and may accuse the Sag woman of cheating even if she as much as calls them to wish them on their birthday . When Sag feels restricted in any way, she will leave.

    Best Part:
    1. Natural compatibility. Physically, mentally and spiritually.
    2. If the Aries man and Sag woman meet in their late 20s or after they have matured, this will be your best relationship ever.
    3. When the Aries Man and Sag woman both have a lot of earth signs or water signs in their chart, it will help them both slow down, practice patience and build a lasting relationship.
    4. They patch up quickly, even after big fights and don’t hold grudges.

    Best choices for Sagittarius woman: Libra Man, Aquarius Man, Taurus Man, Virgo Man, Capricorn Man

    • Jen October 15th, 2021

      This right here, I believe you have nailed it. Thank you for sharing this, so much. It explains a lot for me in my love life right now, and the knowledge makes it easier to work with 😊

  5. Ahmed May 31st, 2021

    ” her divine care ” 🤣🤣🤣 lmao the archer most free spirit and least relationship sign is the one that will give the most divine love 😂 ? they break up in second and jump to another in less and never hardly and rarely decide to compromise. Oh my god what am i going to do now that sagittarius who rarely messages me first and hardly showing interest is finally going to give me some of her divine care?! My life has become heaven and birds and now my bills are being paid wow she is my soulmate 🤣😂

  6. Casper April 20th, 2021

    I disagree. The problem is typically sag woman tends to give much less than what she likes to receive and it’s actually follow the fact you can’t really hurt a sagittarius because they don’t let you in their hearts. Most of what i have seen couples of sag lady and aries man of my friends do seperate as in our society the women rights has become effecting women minds especially sag ladies because they tend to act stubborn and high confident hardly seeing them selves wrong. The article says if they commit to submissive things will be fine and if they decrease being blunt and uncaring. Its true thats one of bad things about sag but is it all? You won’t know unless from long term experient with it. Aries- sagittarius lady match can be last for while or for longer than some bad matches with aries man like virgo and scorpio or so it’s my own and my friends experinces. But not forever or for a very long term. If it last forever it lasts with continues and hard fights and usually it last for a reason
    like kids or money not for love. I used to have sag in past we fell in love but that’s not in long run till she dumped me so i dumped her bad. Now i am getting on divorce with my sag wife after 11 years marriage. We were good at the first 7 years then things became dump. What made me hold that time were my kids. So for every aries man i don’t recommend the sag or virgo ladies. They arent good for very long terms or forever.she will act she was never hurt to keep her ego . So i don’t recommend that match it’s no good one though it’s tricky in start. I won’t trust any single sagittarius lady says she will give her heart and true love anymore. Not these ladies who really into doing that.

    • Krave April 23rd, 2021

      Kinda agrees a little but not in all as the social politics of women got nothing to do with that, it’s their own nature the sagittarius nature which they born with, sagittarius lives for freedom and only for their selves not for relationships but for fun, its so funny that article when it says sagittarius lady will give her aries her divine care and loyalty, and no matter how good and much you give the sagittarius your best they keep the same and ready to leave even worse they would put the blame on you and call it it’s your fault you being possessive and who cheated and started etc lol funny ladies

      • Dee July 13th, 2021

        I am a 75 yrs. old sag women. Are you talking about young women & immature ladies because immature women and men come in all sun signs.

    • B August 3rd, 2021

      Lol I am Sagittarius but I am the one who have been cheated by my exes then they acted innocent and calling me psycho when I am in deep pain and keep crying because I was betrayed by them. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Sarah April 20th, 2021

    I am a sagittarius and my relation with my aries man is perfect. We respect each other and we do everything together. I think you need to see the ascendent of the sag that you complained about ..because sometimes their behavior is affected by another sign they may not be true sagitarius. I love my aries man like i have never loved anyone before. We are very attached to each other emotionally and sexually.

    • Dina April 21st, 2021

      Hello sarah. I am dina I have been studying astrology for 7 years and i would like to say The ascendant is a truly big problem in any relationships, in face the ascendant sign only describeses 10% of your personality traits which is about what is you show in surface, your modeling style, your type of wearing and your way of talk and give opinions etc. The most important planet is sun that describes 40% of who you are then the moon sign which tales part of 30% of it then comes the other planets. The fact that you let your hour of birth judge more than what your month and born day control isn’t a sense. As i said rising sign only takes 10 % of you, and only half of these 10% which means 5% are who get some parts on how you treat others, the problem is not about rising or moon it’s abou that match sag and aries even in astrology is usually hard one, you are putting a sign which is known to be stubborn does hate to be controlled or tamed, honest and hate to commit with a high confidence to another sign that loves to control and hate ego people who don’t like admit they are wrong and usually they tend to lie more. If you search online about famous aries persons like actors and search the people they used to date you would find a lot of aries and sagittarius breakup, mostly with female sagittarius actress and aries is male. Despite most of my researches aries actors had long time with sagittarius actress but i hardly found some last forever it became so rare finding aries actor been married to sagittarius actress his whole life. I know that is a sad fact but it’s remain fact that aries guys aren’t the best for sagittarius women. I tell my experince amd i hope you be careful too because my comment and opinion isn’t only mine and i am not the only woman here who had same experince of women who have commented on this page for years as i just had read following old comments and the new ones… I hope it perhaps able works with you for longer time. I had 3 aries men in my life and i been separated and divorced twice with another bad experince with another 2 aries guys in my teenage. Now I am 55 but i am keeping my heads up and i wish i had known about astrology for long time ago, by the way my second husband when i seen his charts his ascendant was libra and mine is leo so i suppose we should have worked extremely well since we have match signs ascendant especially we also had the same moon sign ? I don’t think so, and it lasted for 9 years till we divorced with continued arguments and jealousy problems, just saying it’s the most problem is about most effective planet which is the sun you have to change very much things in you in case you want it work forever with someone you feel they are different. Now i have a lovely pisces man and god he is amazing i would suggest the pisces for sagittarius both sexs they are tender sweet people and they are total opposite than aries, we match perfectly and we been together for almost 8 years!

      • Krave April 23rd, 2021

        Rising sign got nothing to do with it hun but truly it’s a shitty match and yeah most of the comments describes it all it really sucks i am not surprised since that’s not the first or the third site i entr finding so much hate for pair lol

  8. John April 2nd, 2021

    I don’t know how the most websites says that match work even so work great for lasting life time. I never been hurt in my life as much as from sagittarius women. Aries and sagittarius have many things in common that doesn’tmean it make them successful match. The sugar and salt have many things in common yet they can’tbe matched in one meal. Having a lot in common doesn’t make us successful the libra and aries almost have very few things in common yet it works better than aries with sagittarius. The aries is so different than sagittarius even if they have strong passion and communicate well and common value in start it will always end up they are crushing or if they will live together forever but in very tears hard life. The sagittarius aries is so good in start and extremely horrible in the long run. Sagittarius ladies turn to be cold and later or sooner they will accuse you calling you bossy and stupid and you know what?! They are who will end that relationship running to the next guy mostly…. Thats because sagittarius don’t really commit or compromise in relationship and they are hard to time they are the least sign of the zodiac who are called ‘relationship person ” they will always dumb you for someone else because these ladies are egos they don’t give a f”ck about emotions and they always they never wrong. I have dated 5 sagittarius women in my life well ended with 2 of them married. The first 3 failed relationships was my first she lied cheated she told me i am everything in her life later she cheated second is also same she is polly on the websites games and she not really taking things serious now with my two failed marriage my first sagittarius wife she was always too ego to seee her self wrong. I wont disadmit that passion was great in start and bed is amazing but in life it was like living hell and one sure thing these ladies only give a damn about their own emotions which mean although most aries guys get mad easy but forgive later easy its not same for sagittarius who hardly lose her cool but she also rarely forgets easy she will look at you cold all the time while my second marriage is a woman who doesnt care about anything and ready threaten to leave anytime taking our kids with her. It’s not just me but also almost most my aries friends who dated sagittarius in long term either broke up or separated or divorced and same with my sagittarius friends who dated aries i only have these 2 male sagittarius friends who dating 2 female aries first guy is suffering of bad marriage yet still there second guy is ok and doing best. That makes me think sag male with fem aries works more than male aries and sag fem. So i got to say it’s not best match like how most ppl think and say and who got recently dating at the first of relationship because the sagittarius women isn’t good choice for long terms relationship. No matter how old she got she will always act childish and want something new thinking her self still teenager.

  9. Maria lynn March 30th, 2021

    I HAVE DATED 4 ARIES MEN in my life always loved aries for their energy every one of them except the third i felt they were my soulmate but wait till years come then BOOM! It never last even it last for long never forever and you can even find out o today’s celebrities it’s almost 98% of Aries actors dated sagittarius actress have been separated later or divorced it never last LONG IF IT DID IT NEVER LAST FOR TOO LONG AND FOR SURE NEVER FOREVER BUT TOO RARE. Almost all sagittarius lady aries man relationship failed even my aunt’s relationship with her man after 12 years of marry (including 5 years of them were hard of on and off and eternal fights) they finally divorced.
    Save your energies ladies you are queen you are looking for the perfect partner who will emotionally secure us and match with us, aries might be seem ver good in start like a soulamye but wait the years you are saying your time he will always end up either leaving or hurting you emotionally! And one thing is your marriage might fail in lesser time your dating have been dating because its when you are couples aries will always treat you like queen so he can earn your heart and approval to marry then when you both at one home he will be the boss or he will be mad at you then you got to take care all time of kids while he is gaming and you can never ever try beat him in his carrer having better work as he will get so jealous as he always wants to be in the head top of you which makes you in cage! Or we would be who run away because we are subs but we hate when we ordered all the time over a playful childish men who even get sex in online with someone else considering it not cheating while you are out of home!!
    For all sagittarius ladies i advice you to run i don’t recommend the aries man anymore they will cause you deep emotional hurt or you won’t be the one able to take it anymore, this article is right about points: sex is super amazing, passion is total high! We both have much common like soulmates, but also the article is so so right about aries and sag woman will have intense arguments and he will try all time be the boss. the passion and sex are amazing only at start! Find your self
    taurus / gemini / capricorn men are the best for a sag!

  10. Ari john March 30th, 2021

    I really regretted leaving my cancerian lady for a one dumb stupid sag now she my ex ….

    • Anu April 8th, 2021

      Dare you talk bullshit about sag women.. Not all sag women are hoes, you chose a hoe maybe because of your incapability to find a good one. Such characters are not completely dependent on the zodiac too, people do differ.

  11. Sara March 19th, 2021

    I am a sagittarius women and my husband is an Aries man. Everything in this article is spot on for us, it’s kind of scary how true this is. He is my soulmate and I love him so fucking much.

  12. Sagie1 March 5th, 2021

    I’m a sag female and my aries man turned out to be a drug dealing drunkard! Who lies all the time as I’m sure you can imagine trying to hide his alcoholism and drug deals. Why oh why did I have to get the bottom of the aries barrel!!!
    Sex was good tho.

  13. Missy December 15th, 2020

    I’m a Sag woman (23) dating an Aries man (22) and it is a wonderful relationship so far. I think he may be my soulmate

  14. Stacy July 31st, 2020

    I am currently with an Aries man. Best decision I ever made. I’m 24 Sagittarius.

  15. Devan Gopal June 19th, 2020

    Im looking for sagittarius girl with age 23-29 where leads from love to marriage.
    Im an aries boy age 30.

    • Rachel June 26th, 2020

      Hello, am a Sagittarius girl aged 25 but living in Kenya, east Africa

    • Georgina Carter-leay July 4th, 2020

      Look for an older sagittarius woman… Aries men need reigning in. Just saying from experience (37 yo female sagittarius)

    • Tina July 20th, 2020

      I’m Sagittarius

    • Tabitha November 14th, 2020

      sag women age 33

    • Nicole December 24th, 2020

      hey dave 🥰

  16. Nima February 24th, 2020

    I am sagittarius woman and my boy friend is A a Aries man. We still love each other very much.
    Once upon a time there was boy called Phuntsho and girl called Nima Lhamu. They fell in love each other very much from 1986-1989. They studied togather in a same place but different school. They used to meet every weekened. Also they traveled togather while going to school and back home. Well…after finished their education started
    working in different places of Bhutan. Boy was in south and girl was in the west.
    In those days the communication was very poor that no phone calls and no internet. They hardly made phone calls each other from the office phone, but they used to write letters.
    One day the evil woman started visiting Phuntsho every evening just to say hi for few days. One night he slept with that woman. After one month she told him that she got pregnant from him. Actually she had already got one month pregnant from other man before she met him. As months passed the baby was born in 8 month of pregnantcy. He thought that it was a premature baby was born but it was not. Soon one day Nima heard that Phuntsho married other woman.
    Then she got shocked and broken, sad, bitterness, emotional. Then she wrote him and returned his picture sadly. Though Nima loved him so much as her first love.
    They met many times after marriages like while crossing the road or in the office. They still love each other and sacrificed for their children.
    Nima also got married with other man and she tried to love him very much. But time went that she got disappointment and disagreement with him. He was losing temper and did not love her much and he did not have mutual understandiing . She waited to adjust for 30 years.
    Still then Nima is not happy with her man.
    Actually Phuntsho asked Nima to stay with him in 1997 and 2010 . But she couldnt do because of her kids.
    Well what happened in 2020 Jan, they travelled togather in a same row of the plight without knowing any infornation. They were very happy and said hello as soon as they saw eachother,. Then they had a conversation and shared about how they got married. Again they love and miss each other still. Also they felt bad and regreted about they couldnt make their couple happy though they tried hard to make family happy.
    I just want to share this story not get into a single temtation. One mistakes made our life hell. Still they love and respect each other very much. Still planning to settle down.

  17. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their heart is wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  18. Pamela Adams-Wilson July 18th, 2017

    Wow. A Little story here . I had a boyfriend in high school we were so in love. Things happened and we had to go separate ways. Our families.. we reconnected when we were 22 at that time I was a single mom. It was like we never been apart.he fell in love with my son as my son him. One hitch though he was living with someone else. I bluntly told him I couldn’t do this and reacted so intently to make a decision her or us.. well he didn’t get a chance to make that decision. I made it.. hence I kicked him to the curb. never seen one another again. But always wondering where he was . As he me. We Looked up old friends but to no avail never found one another. Lost my surfer boy my Moon Doggie… 36 years passes by, always been on each other’s minds and in our hearts always held that special love. But FB reunited us . We both are single divorced and have families of our own. We are 2000 miles apart, we actually lived in same places, Oregon, Tennessee Colorado I mean same cities. But it wasn’t in the stars at that time. Well my Moon Doggie and I Finally after talking on phone for a couple weeks bit the bullet and met up. He flew me to Sacramento to meet up with him and it was like we never been apart. Rekindled love. Soul mates. I’m 58 he is 60.. it’s like we never missed a beat. He is aries I’m a sag. We fit perfectly in everyway as we did in high school. To this day he still always wears the st Christopher he had given me back in 1974. Yes I gave it back with these words when we had to separate.. ” always wears this never take it off no matter we will always be together I’ll always be near your heart”.. I am wearing that St Christopher again and my love and soul mate . Yes we are finally getting married… Our children are ecstatic . True love is out there. we found each other again . This time with our hearts beating as one.. thanks for letting me share….. Gidget

    • Hernan August 5th, 2017

      You made me cry of joy and hope…


  19. jon June 29th, 2017

    and february 27th is not even a sag! it’s a pieces. girl, what are you feeding on? LOL

  20. jon June 29th, 2017

    To bhawani,

    I think you are a fucking idiot. July 6th is not even an Aries, he’s a cancer. Either you’re at the wrong page or you’re just fucking stupid to remember your bf’s birth date lol. And it’s hardly even a typo when July and April are two months apart LOL. not to mention march either

  21. HoneyVee June 26th, 2017


  22. bhawani June 10th, 2017

    I m sag women birth feb 27 and aries my boyfriend his birth jul 6 .But some astrologer told me left him . they told Our relationship not going to long last . plz help me how to get marriage .

    • June June 16th, 2017

      I too am a Sagittarius woman and the birth days range from November 22 to December 21. Maybe your mistaken about your sign which would affect any reading between you and this man. Just trying to be helpful, maybe look into your sign a little further. Good Luck

  23. W Harman May 12th, 2017

    I am a Sagittarius woman in love with an Aries man…we are both 50+, and this is the most satisfying relationship I have ever experienced! My man is hard working, successful, adventurous, witty and so romantic. We both agree that since the minute we first laid eyes on each other there has never been any doubt that this is where we would be…our goal is to spend the rest of our lives wandering the world together as best friends, lovers and partners in crime. We will be the elderly couple you see walking together hand in hand with love still shining in their eyes….

    • Ashley Larson May 13th, 2017

      I’m dating my first Aries and it’s the most amazing best relationship I’ve ever had we are getting married next in a week

  24. Sdelile March 29th, 2017

    I’ve been dating and Eries man now for a month and I can tell that he’s cheating already. He told me he was single and promised to treat me like a queen and geez like a true sagittarius I gave him my heart and he said he was afraid of me hurting him and well I guess he meant the opposite because I’m the one that has to pick up the pieces

  25. Angel March 24th, 2017

    I am a Sagittarius woman dating an Aries man. I met him six months ago, but due to our careers we just talked over the phone. Now were are spending time together. He is so helpful and heroic. I can count on him to do what he says and he likes to surprise me. This is the first time I have dated and Aries and it is very nice. He is successful, a good cook, keeps a clean home and has lots of male toys. He is sn eligible bachelor and likes to travel. I am hooked, I just hope he feels the same way about me. We are both independent people but I can settled down with this one and we can have fun together. We are both 40+. I am divorced and he has never been married.

  26. Angel March 24th, 2017

    I am a Sagittarius Woman 40+ and I met an Aries man 40+ six months ago. Due to both our busy careers, it took this long before I can truly say we are in too each other. He has been the chaser and I really like that. It is very scary because I never dated an Aries before and I can fall for him. He is an eligible bachelor. Never been married, intelligent, fun, quick witted, cooks and keeps a clean home. He has helped me a lot. I call him my hero!

  27. Lola March 23rd, 2017

    Im a sag women well young women lol born dec 13 and my boyfriend is an Aries April 3 is his birthday :D. Well honestly anything that it says about sag is truly me ! Im obsessed with zodiac signs. Our relationship is pretty much what any article says about our compatibility. We started out as friends and I just felt like I knew him. Or maybe I met him in a past life who knows . But we have a lot of the same interest and think extremely similar. I will say he has his little burst of temper but I think it’s funny at times . sometimes I think it’s sexy that he gets angery so 50% of the time I don’t really take it seriously lol but I only get angry when he throws his tantrum and just walks away without letting me finish ! And he gets over things so quickly and I won’t be over it because I didn’t get to finish my side . We only stay mad at eachother for like a couple of hours and then we just go back to normal . In the past I honestly did explore my options and didn’t believe love was actually a thing. But some how I fell in love with him. It’s funny because when we were friends he liked me the whole time but didn’t think I wanted commitment. And I can be tactless at times on accident and I don’t really notice until he says something. also remember that certain things could make any zodiac sign act out of character. For me it is my anxiety and panic disorders that kinda dims my fire a bit. But communication is key! To me it is very easy to calm an Aries but that’s just me. I’m still a fire sign so I never find him intimidating . and it’s funny how most people say their Aries plays video games cus mine does to but I love video games as well. He is also the first Aries I’ve met and I honestly wanted to see him show his true colors. He doesn’t like to upset me so he usually tries not to get mad but he does now cus I told him to be free with his feelings.

  28. Fari January 29th, 2017

    Omg im not married but i know thats what i want in my husband ? ?

    • Tiffany Raye February 8th, 2017

      I married two Aries men and this is so dead on it’s scary!!!! My first husband died and five years later, came my second Aries man, who had my attention and soon my heart almost from the start!!!!

  29. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    Don’t take comments of sagittarius and Aries people who are not marrried seriously
    You would see the outcome after a real LIVING
    The lust always exsit and can’t define a real relationship 
    It is not being roomate and the good sex can be the only reason we call it a relationship
    See an honest comment of an Aries guy here : 
    lynx49:I am not a believer in Astrological signs and wonders. However, it is rather uncanny reading that many Aries men Sagittarius women hit it off so well sexually, but perhaps not so much outside the bedroom?
    Interesting that my Sagittarius wife (now my ex) and I (Aries) always had these marvelous, firery, and passionate love making sessions. I cannot explain it, but she had this powerful sexual energy that she could turn on at will and always caused my sexual energy to spike out in the bedroom. She always made me feel so good when we made love. The problem was that outside the bedroom we couldnt agree on anything and she always wanted to be in control of everything and manipulate me all the time with these bipolar personality clashes. That is until I got fed up with this crap and sent her packing bags.

    You can ask his wife how did he feel ,you would hear the complains you can see here under this question.


    • Cody February 9th, 2017

      Please don’t give people the “poor woman” b.s. she 7sed him for sex and manipulated him and treated him like shit TYPICAL WOMAN BEHAVIORS ESP WHEN THEY KNIW THEY ARE THE SEX THAT GETS AWAY WITH ALMOST ANYTHING..CHEATING BEING PRINARY

  30. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    @Madalyn Faith
    Have you been ever in the same situation the Skype was?
    If not take the justice trait of a sag woman and do not advice her over her unfortunate feelings and terrible emotional experience
    I had been there,I’m not a unforgiving one,I have had a difficult life from when I was a child,I have forgiven many faults, I can say they were other men too who broke my heart but I have forgiven them all
    But not-forgiving some body is a fact that unfortunately happens to some people lives , I myself never tried to take a revenge on the Ex Aries while I could
    I hardly think about him ,maybe once in a year on a special occasion
    But he is the person I do not forgive Although successfully could earase many of his memeories even I can not remeber his number or face but the deep emotional pain can’t be forgiven by me

  31. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    @Tha YG
    Just leave the shortcommings dear Aries and don’t get bothered for your precious self to get criticized
    The problem is over totally different life perspectives of sagittarius and Aries while the worlds looks similar on the surface
    Aries world can be much similar to many other signs alike,you can check Libra,Leo,Virgo or…?Although not all the sags are different from you 
    Sagittarius should not get invloved with this kind of man not because you attractive guys are bad ..Oh No….:0
    Because they will be get hurt so deep by you and you will never ever feel that
    They won’t show you the pain
    Take your special selves to your alike natures Aries men

  32. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    @Maxsag @pauline
    Good for you girls….
    The damage ,the questions ,the torture which you could face could be a total mess in your life
    You were wise unlike many of us to get rid of those men……

  33. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    Sorry but you can’t undertsnad Skype
    The fact that almost all sagittarius woman get to know is that the self-centered world of some people like Aries can not be changed modified or get similarized with a world of real selfless-ness 
    Sags always aims on the goals not themselves
    That’s the big differnce which make Aries and Sag worlds tooo different
    When a sag is experssing words of hatered she really disgust but it is not the same with Aries,Libra or… 

  34. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    A sag woman should not waist his time on mixed signals while he can be in the most lively and loyal relationships with other guys
    The self-center nature of some people can not have any sort of similarities with a selfless soul
    The self less try its best to get matched but it wil consume all the precious energy for nothing
    Th ereconstruction process will be a painful experince although will lead the soul to grow

  35. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    Just no offence,The Aries man ruined my life was saying the same things only even 2 months befor eour break up
    Sagittarius selfless nature can’t be comprehended by any Aries alive

  36. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    The fact is Sag woman-Aries man relationship is a dilemma,it looks sould mate like
    The sag tries its best do the satisfications behind the curtains 
    Their words have similarities but are not based on same pillars
    Based on thsi try your best not to hurt her ,although she NEVER won’t show she is hurt 

  37. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    I wish I knew what happened to your relationship
    I was a month or more in the disconnection phase before we break up (me and the aries) and now after three years from our break up it has become clear it was his plan to finish the relationship 
    Hope you’re Ok now and the same things hasn’t happened to you(?)

  38. Jane_85 May 18th, 2016

    I’m an OX,4th Dec Sag woman,He was early April Pig
    I experienced one of  worst , most igonorant ,most bitter,most confusing,most cruel break up two years ago by the help of an inept Aries man,when I was in two years serious relationship with him and I was 29 &…the proposal ceremony was half-palnned!
    I’m sort of Sag that thinks,ie.although I’m senstive and emotional but I try to be logical and do not act tactless or brainless.
    So the “relationship end” stayed as a huge question in my mind.
    How the one that said so..,act so …now is not even curious to see what did happened to me after our break up.
    The worse happened when after 4 months of the end I found out he proposed another girl a Leo girl(who knew I was in his life) in two weeks after our break up.And they got married a month after our seperation .
    We slept together 4 months before his marragie…All was like a nighmare in my head . I had to visit psychologists and psychiatrist to get back to normal days.
    I severly warn every single sagittarius girl to get involved with the Aries that is very very appealing also for sag woman.
    If you are already involved ,you can hardly save your self unless your brain is extraordinary
    I had and wintnessed many Aries man so don’t take my advice as a mere hatred or digust singnal
    Take care

  39. Dac17travis October 25th, 2015

    I’m an April 6th aries man, been with a nov 27th sag for 13 years of adventurous, heated, sexual, passionate roller coaster of a relationship. I love this woman but can hate her too, but I know we are soul mates. Yeah we wanted to break up at times but never lasted lol. I never read into the zodiac signs but after reading traits of an Aries male I realized I’m a poster child of an aries male. Then I read about a Sagittarius and Aries compatibility and it hit our relationship to a T… I’m very interested in this now.. To all the girls wanting to bag an aries man.. Play hard to get but not too hard. And an aries man is scared to commit. Hes going to want to be by your side every day from first encounter withba loyalty like no other or he will be quick to dissapear.

  40. stacyy91 October 12th, 2015

    I’ve been with my Aries boyfriend about 5 and a half years now And let me tell you they haven’t been easy. like most of the comments say, Aries men are very jealous, immature, controlling, argumentative, and cocky but insecure. however on the flip side he can be so loving, generous (time/money), hilarious, and generally there when I need him to be. the biggest issue between us is we are both hard headed individuals that crave love and affection yet we’re not willing to conform to each other so easily. when he gets mad he turns into the iciest person on earth but when hes in a good mood he’s so sweet and clingy it’s almost annoying! I swear there’s no balance with this guy. i love to talk and ask questions and I’m so curious about life but when I talk to him he gets a blank stare and I know he’s thinking about something dumb like video games or tv shows. it’s frustrating he’ll say those things dont matter or they irreverent to our life. I’m just a natural philosopher and he finds it pointless. almost every trip/vacation we’ve been on contains a bad argument that ends with me in tears. I either feel like he’s dragging his feet or hes made a rude comment that ruins the mood. however he can be so apologetic. sex with him is hit or miss. but the sexual chemistry is there and I’m strongly attracted to him. now the weirdest thing about Aries and most contradicting is their arrogance. he is so arrogant and egotistical its so grating; yet he is sooooo insecure. he’s terrified I will cheat on him or that I’m talking to men behind his back. he thinks hes so smart and superior but one little comment about him being wrong or poking fun at his looks will instantly make him bitter and mean. I find myself disconnected from him more and more yet there’s something about him that I can’t bring myself to leave. I love him and hate him at the same time. there’s no one else I want to spend my life with and it drives me crazy that I feel so attached! just a conflicted sag girl:/

  41. joy35 July 10th, 2015

    Hello! im a dec 3rd sag female and the guy im dating is a april 5th male aries. I must say that this is the very first aries i have been with or met. we really get along great and have alot in common, i notice once the aries man is loyal to his sag, we sag is loyal back. i was dating different people while still dating my aries, of course our sag females have to explore options right, but i notice he was a little bothered about me dating, other men, i soon realize my aries man really wanted to get to know me and not just like other men that say things that they dont mean. I really like my aries man, he was the only man stood out from the crowd and i knew he was someone different than i usually date. Give aries men a chance sag, its really about the person. I mean people have there flaws and none of us is perfect. I can truly honestly say, that my aries man is very honest,a great protector, a great provider caring, compassioante, passionate, strong, smart, funny and loyal. I think i have found my dream man, we still just dating eachother and taking things slow, but i know time will tell with us. An aries man to me is really a great catch for us sag’s women, its just depends on the individual thats all. have a great day to all and to my sag’s women out there give a aries man a chance, you wont be disappointed.

  42. terrica20 May 20th, 2015


  43. terrica20 May 20th, 2015

    I am a December statutary is and the guy I am referring to is a March Aries. He is very aggressive, childish, and annoying yet loving. We have never been in an actual relationship but we have been talking for almost 2 years. when he’s around people he is very childish but when we are in private he is the sweetest. We have almost everything in common but one thing I dislike is that I have to back down whenever we argue. He is the most stubborn person I’ve probably ever met but he seems so worth it. our physical relationship is phenomenal! We are both obviously on the same page there, but he confuses me. he’s always there for me when I need him but the way he acts sometimes is very misleading. I know that he has feelings for me but he seems guarded. I’m not really sure if I should wait for him or just leave him alone. also, he has an ex that he still talks to from time to time and I don’t know how I feel about that. but he and I are not in a relationship so I’m not sure if i I am even able to feel any kind of way. As you can see, I’m very confused lol. Its just… The way he makes me feel, I’ve never felt before. like, I feel like we belong together, like he’s my soulmate but I want to know that he feels that way too. I just don’t think he will ever tell me because I know that he’s afraid of being hurt by me. did I mention that the physical aspect is perfect lol. I just don’t know what I should do with this one, I’ve never dated an Aries before.

  44. […] Think carefully Sagittarius – do you know an Aries that really drives you nuts with their constant bickering and gossiping? Now imagine being in a relationship with an Aries who shared this personality type. This would be a short lived relationship that would not end well. The stormy relationship between Aries and Sagittarius in 2014 is explained very well here. […]

  45. alphaeta April 19th, 2015

    I am terribly sorry that you all feel this way about the Aries men you are with. I am an April 5th Aries.  I am not bossy, controlling or extremely jealous.  However, I am a boss, I control my future of being an attorney and I do get slightly jealous at times. 
    Three years ago, I met an awesome female, who happens to be a sagittarius.  At the time she has personal issues she ahd to deal with , and I told her, I would talk to her, on a serious level in 2-3 years.  We stopped hanging out as much but still kept one another kind of close.  Now literally 2-3 years later we connected.  The connection we have is beyond my imagination.  We are both more mature and realize that regardless we will have personal problems going on in our lives. 
    Things have been beyond blissful and it will continue to be given that we have so much in common, and we share a similiar worldview.  That is not to say we are closedminded, because that is the opposite way of describing us. 
    This has been a very patient journey and I look forward to what life has to offer us.  We both have children but this has not been a problem.  We are going on a trip soon out of the country, and we will have such an awesome time without any distraction.

  46. GoldenLoveArrow April 2nd, 2015

    This is all scarily accurate about the Aries man I now pine for <.< It’s true that he lets his aggression get the best of him…Any advice on how to speak to him better? It’s also true that I tend to be too blunt and careless when speaking my thoughts freely, since I offended him without knowing. ;-; (As a Sagittarius) :/

  47. Claire_bear July 29th, 2014

    P.s. Aries men are also 31 yr old husband still plays video games, collects action figures and not believe these warned.sagittarius women must stay away from horrible Aries men.if I also give birth to an Aries child,I don’t think I can take it anymore.i might get a heart attack.

  48. Claire_bear July 29th, 2014

    I just signed up to warn all sag women.Stay away from Aries men.i thought I’m the only sag woman having a problem with my Aries husband until I read all these women’s complaints.i agree! Aries men have horrible temper.whoever made these horoscopes are telling lies because my Aries husband is definitely my total opposite. he may seem romantic at first.later, u will realize he is very bossy,argumentative and violent.he throws things and hits me when he gets mad.always insults me in public.calls me fat.he wants me to do everything his way or he will throw a violent fit.somebody even called the cops on him.he likes to go to bars and never apologizes.blames me not happy anymore.i wanna leave him.always wants to be the best in everything and never backs down in an argument.if only i could turn back time to be with my nice and gentle libra man….

  49. Steve999 June 28th, 2014

    I don’t know what exactly happened to all of you but what ever i have experienced yet is kind a different. i am an 18th april aries and i got a soulmate 28th november sag worlds most beautiful, passionate, pretty and a girl who understands me more then anyone. its been more than 3 years we never broked up, we had many fights. there was also a time when we keep arguing for more than a week, whole day we were being arguing to each other she shouting on me and i shouting on her. but it never ever happened that when anyone of us decided to broke up and move forward. Yes there is an amazing fire between us whenever we are closed loving each other, and this fire is felt by both of us everyday. (lol) actually you know what, i can’t describe her in words, or i can’t describe how good she is to me.. she is just more than i could get. i am too much thankful to god that she is mine. i feel so good whenever i say that she is just and just mine. she is a darling. there was a time when i used to be a sick bastard, jerk as bad as hell. there was a number of people who were hurted by me badly physically and mentally too. that was the time when i used to be aggressive as hell, even i went to jail for all that what i did in my past. i was a chain smoker in my past but then i met her, in starting she sacrificed a lot, every day i used to hyrt her, treat her badly but she kept sacrifising. now i don’t smoke even i am not that much angry now :p her infinite love just changed every single thing which was wrong in me.. and from last 2 years we are so much happy, i just got the perfect match, a sweetheart. its right that this bossy thing comes in both of us. we haven’t marry yet but we have shared all of the things in our life.  we have joint bank account and a lot more in property too.. i don’t think that there would be any thing in which i haven’t gave her space of her own. i never want to be without her. she is just amazing, a little childish it would be more perfect if she will be a little more responsible, she is a bit careless or should i say lazy but its ok for me even if it didn’t changed. 

  50. LoriRich1 May 19th, 2014

    Right!  I was taken aback by that statement as well….Really that was so midieval times…

  51. saywhaaaaaaa April 6th, 2014

    “properly bent into submission” wow… Is it the 21st century or what?

  52. viv0098 January 21st, 2014

    agree with a few things eeveryone is saying. currently dating a April arie and I’m a dec sagg. we both fell in love on the first day we decide to hang out. only 14 days there’s already been a heated argument. for a week have I never been in so much pain from this Aries, with all the mean, bossy, immature words his saying. repeatedly breaking up blah blah blah. because I loved him I ignore and tried to cheer him up me.. it’s useless. overall if they say they ‘break up’ they don’t mean it until you decide to break up too. both of us currently have jealousy problems with each other but yeah they are really immature. they will get what they want and if they don’t they will b bossy as hell. so b careful, because they will break you heart.

  53. Shalanglang January 5th, 2014

    I am a sag woman and I met an aries man a little over a year ago on an online dating website. We exchanged numbers and begin texting each other. He was a complete gentleman and he intrigued me with all our convos. He had explained to me that he had just got out of a really bad break up and how awful his last relationship was. I told him I was perfectly fine with taking things slow. We ended up meeting at a park maybe after about 3 months of texting. When we met there was an instant spark between us. We spent the whole time there with our lips locking. After that day we continued to text and we talked on the phone about twice. Then all of a sudden we both stopped texting each other maybe for 2-3 months. He then started to send me good morning, how are you, and hope all is well texts, in which I would always respond. We all of a sudden started back texting just about everyday since october of last year. We both finally decided it was time to see each other again so we met at a hotel this time. He paid for everything without questioning it (it was the marriott by the way so no he isn’t cheap). We went up to our room he made us drinks and we sat and talked while watching TV. Our sexual/physical attraction is just so strong I knew that it would only be a matter of time before we were all over one another. He was a complete gentleman and I was the one who initiated everything. I already thought everything about him was perfect so I just came in that room with the assumption that the sex would be horrendous and boy was I wrong. He was so sweet and gentle and passionate. It felt as if we have been together for ever, everything just came so natural. The whole time we had sex, he kept whispering in my ear how perfect I was which made me feel even more special because I’m very insecure about my body. He made me feel as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world and I enjoyed every single moment of it. The only thing that threw me off is I woke up at about 5am and he was gone without any note or anything. I texted him as soon as I realized he was gone and told him I didn’t like how he left. He apologized profusely and explained to me why he left and said he’d never do it again. I accepted his apology and told him I had an amazing time. He agreed and said he’d like to see more of me. So we continued texting from then on but for some reason I get the feeling somethings not right. I’ve asked him over and over again does he really live alone and is he really single and each and everytime he assures me he is. But being that My woman’s intuition is very strong and whenever I’ve had a feeling of something it’s always been right, I’m scared that he may still be involved with someone. I’m hoping I’m just being an overly intuitive philosophical sag and this one time my womanly insticts are wrong. This guy has me head over heels for him. I’ve never felt this way about a guy before and I feel like a kid in the candy store when I think of him. I think about him every second of the day, whenever he texts I get super excited, I dream about him every night, and I yearn for his body next to mine. I feel like this guy can really be the one I can even see marriage in our near future and I’ve always been a marriage opposer. This guy has me ready to turn in all my cards for him and I’m only hoping he’s not playing games with my heart. I’ve noticed in some of the previous posts a few bad tendencies that he has such as the bad breakup he previously had all he does is talk about had bad she did him and how broken he his and I keep trying to mend his heart but how long is he going to wallow in his own self pity about a relationship he claims to have been out of for about 2 years now and not to mention he says she still stalks him which is also why I have a red flag up. I’ve made some blunt foot in the mouth comments to him which I’ve regretted the minute after sending him but somehow he never seems to mind or get mad. I feel like this is my one shot at true love but I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m ready to move forward with this relationship and I’m not sure what he wants but he’s leading me on like he his…. (sigh) Please pray that we can get this right thanks for listening

    • Sagie1 March 30th, 2021

      Get out if there girl asap. No man should ever put his hands on you and call you names. Do yourself a favour! Move on to happier times x good luck.

  54. Tezz August 24th, 2013

    I finally found an Aries guy, and he’s sending mixed signals. This is so frustrating.  

    • Sagie1 March 30th, 2021

      Aries men love the chase so play hard to get x

  55. Eulalahpink May 1st, 2013

    I’m a Nov. 24 Sag venus in Libra and my husband of 9 yrs. is an April 9 Aries venus in Gemini and I feel like we are NOT compatiable.  I feel like I have had a roommate over the years.  He has burned through our finances with his video game, comic book, and action figure hobby.  He is immature and can’t be reasoned with.  He takes a lot more than he gives and doesn’t seem to realize it.  Also very emotionally manipulative and controlling when it suits him, it took me leaving him for 3 months for him to get exactly what was going on in our marriage.  I told him I wasn’t happy and he thought it was a game or that we were acting out an episode of Young and the Restless.  When I left he claimed not to remember telling me I could leave him if I wasn’t happy (THREE TIMES).  Very delusional and disconnected.  He is very emotional and clingy, I feel like the man most of the time in the relationship because I am the aggressor.  He is totally comfortable letting me take the lead on every decision that is made.  It is like being married to a child.  On some decisions, I will tell him the best course of action and he will do the opposite and then I am the one who has to make things right afterwards.  Although he is very intelligent when it comes to book smarts and technical things, but very air headed when it comes to everything else.  He will not let me out of this relationship, when I have tried to leave in the past he has threatened suicide and is vengeful when things don’t go his way.  With his venus being in Gemini it makes him cling more when pushed away, they like to be abused I’ve read.  Sexually we have no chemistry because his energy is very restless to me.  I dated two other Aries as a teen and the first, April 11 venus in Pisces, was emotionally scarred had trust issues with women because his mother was an addict.  Our communcation was horrible and he was almost bi polar.  He resented me for having a different background than him and would try to torment me emotionally.  For a few weeks things would be good, then he would start cheating or acting like he didn’t care.   We would always break up and repeat the same thing.  The second Aries was much more grounded, April 16, his energy was relaxing to be around and I could talk to him about mostly anything, but did not want to take me out and didn’t see the need to open doors(basic chilvary), and didn’t see the importance of marriage.  My husband is very hasty about everything, he doesn’t take his time and do anything with caution or ease.  Everything is wham bam, major turn off.  I don’t feel protected or cared for, I believe he loves me but in his own weird way that is not appealing to me.  Before I left him he was a video game junky and didn’t spend a whole lot of time with me.  How bad it is to come home and your spouse isn’t even making eye contact with you?  Now he is making an effort to change, but it is a challenge being married to this “man”.  It is only fair that I mention I did leave him in pursuit of a Taurus, May 3rd venus in Taurus.  (Btw we didn’t have sex and he is trying to pursue me now)  How can anyone blame me after being neglected, if you do I really don’t care anyway lol!  I can’t express anything without my husbnad getting sensative and I feel I can’t get emotional because I am always dealing with his.  A very bland, unfulfilling marriage . Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know how to apply useful criticism and who doesn’t know when to let go.  Yet he is supportive of my ideas and talents, and does encourage me.  We do act silly and joke alot like friends do, but no fireworks are sparking elsewhere.  I will not date another Aries after this one.  Check out “The Secret Language of Relationships” and “The Secret Language of Birthdays” book by Gary Golschneider and Joost Elffers when you get a chance, it will help you break down personalities and compatibilities better.

  56. Pinky4980 April 26th, 2013

    Just to expound on my above comment, the april 11 aries i dated like i said had mother issues.  He would always play mind games and be vengeful when he felt spited.  We would break up and then get back together.  Its like he wanted to make things work, but he would turn bitter or bored a few weeks into the relationship and start being a jerk.  He would try to torture me emotionally and would get mad when i wouldnt get upset.  I eventually out grew this back and forth stuff and he couldnt deal with that.  The April 16 Aries was cooler and easier to communicate with, but he refused to open doors and didnt want to take me out. He thought the concept of marriage was useless.  We made good friends but he was not into treating women.  Never had any major sexual fire with Aries becuase they werent nurturing and sensual.  The April 11 tried from time to time but our fire never synched.  Forgive me if i come back and comment again this is my opportunity to express myself and people are interested in signs.

  57. Enid4980 April 26th, 2013

    I’m a Nov. 24 Sag and my husband of 9 yrs. is an April 9 Aries and I feel like we are NOT compatiable.  I feel like I have had a roommate over the years.  He is not good with money and that has really put a burden on the marriage.  He is immature and can’t be reasoned with.  He takes a lot more than he gives and doesn’t seem to get it when I communicate with him.  Also very manipulative and controlling when it suits him, it took me leaving him for 3 months for him to get exactly what was going on in our marriage.  I told him I wasn’t happy and he thought it was a game or that we were acting out an episode of Young and the Restless.  When I left he claimed not to remember telling me I could leave him if I wasn’t happy.  Very delusional and disconnected.  He is very emotional and clingy, I feel like the man most of the time in the relationship because I am the aggressor.  He seems comfortable letting me take the lead on every decision that is made.  It is like being married to a child.  On some decisions, I will tell him the best course of action and he will do the opposite and then I am the one who has to make things right afterwards.  Although he is very intelligent when it comes to book smarts and technical things, but very air headed when it comes to everything else.  He will not let me out of this relationship, when I have tried to leave in the past he has threatened suicide and is vengeful when things don’t go his way.  Sexually we have no chemistry because I don’t feel secure with him.  I dated two other Aries as a teen and the first, April 11, was emotionally scarred had trust issues with women because his mother was an addict.  Our communcation was horrible and he was almost bi polar.  For a few weeks things would be good, then he would start cheating or acting like he didn’t care.  The second was much more grounded, April 16, his energy was relaxing to be around and I could talk to him about mostly anything, but stilll had a flippy thing in his personality.  My husband is very hasty about everything, he doesn’t take his time and do anything with caution or ease.  Everything is wham bam, major turn off.  I don’t feel protected or cared for, I believe he loves me but in his own weird way that is not appealing to me.  Before I left him he was a video game junky and didn’t spend a whole lot of time with me.  How bad it is to come home and her spouse isn’t even making eye contact with you?  Now he is making an effort to change, but it is a challenge being married to this “man”.  It is only fair that I mention I did leave him in pursuit of a Taurus, May 3, that was a childhood friend, but the Minotaur decieved me, like they are known to do.  (Btw we didn’t have sex and he is trying to pursue me now after he tried to play me)  How can anyone blame me after being neglected, if you do I really don’t care anyway lol!  I can’t express anything without my husbnad getting sensative and I feel I can’t get emotional because I am always dealing with his.  A very unfulfilling marriage and he doesn’t know how to change it.  He didn’t have a father around to give him any type of life skills and his mother spoiled him,  he is the only child.  Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know how to apply useful criticism and who doesn’t know when to let go.  Yet he is supportive of my ideas and talents, and does encourage me.  We do act silly and joke alot like friends do, but no fireworks are sparking elsewhere.  Check out “The Secret Language of Relationships” book by Gary Golschneider and Joost Elffers when you get a chance, it will help you break down personalities and compatibilities better.

  58. lynx49 February 12th, 2013

    To be perfectly honest here, I am not a believer in Astrological signs and wonders. However, it is rather uncanny reading that many Aries men Sagittarius women hit it off so well sexually, but perhaps not so much outside the bedroom?
    Interesting that my Sagittarius wife (now my ex) and I (Aries) always had these marvelous, firery, and passionate love making sessions. I cannot explain it, but she had this powerful sexual energy that she could turn on at will and always caused my sexual energy to spike out in the bedroom. She always made me feel so good when we made love. 
    The problem was that outside the bedroom we couldnt agree on anything and she always wanted to be in control of everything and manipulate me all the time with these bipolar personality clashes. That is until I got fed up with this crap and sent her packing bags.

  59. lynx49 February 12th, 2013

    Your man obviously has issues with sexual intimacy that simply cannot be fixed until he gets out of his denial that he has intimacy issues with you.  In my opinion, you should really hold off on the marriage part until you and him see a marriage counselor together and get this straightened out. 
    Intimacy and sexual contact are important building blocks in a sucessfull marriage and should never be disregarded by either or both partners.  Without sexual love, this will eventually starve out the marriage of any potential intimacy, which will eventually kill the marriage and cause much dissention.

  60. Chris70 December 27th, 2012

    Mine is more of a question instead of a comment. I am a sin engaged with an Aries man. It was love at first site. We are compatible in every way but the intemacy. Both being fire stout oily would think that fireworks would fly but it’s not like that at all. He seems very unapproachable with a wall up in that part of our lives. He talked in the beginning of our relationship how he counseled a friends husband to satisfy her and sounded like he knew how to be intimate with a woman but it is rare for us and when it does its just the same non emotional routine. It makes me feel like it’s a one night stand quickie. When I try to approach him he shuts me down telling me he doesn’t want our relationship to be all about that but it’s not even close to anything let alone all about that. I am stumped what to do. I love this man with all of my heart and have even agreed to Mary him but I have never felt so in attracted to someone like this. With beimiddle ahead aged woman and single most of my life I’m ready to enjoy passion with the one I love.. Any advise?

    • Sagie1 March 30th, 2021

      Sounds more like a gemini than an aries in the bedroom.

  61. mizzb75 December 11th, 2012

    Well im a sag girl and dating an arie man. This will be my third one actually.  I will take the blame for the other two relationships being i was young and supid. This guy is amazing. The  other two were as well. They are very competitive though and argumentiitive. But really  the heated debates always lead to heated makeups wink wink. best of luck to you all. I adore my aries man……

  62. anniegittarious October 12th, 2012

    lol.. had so much fun reading the comments here. I suddenly feel very sane!!! I am a Sag and i have been dating an Aries man for seven months now.
    It was great at first but now he is sooooo bossy i cannot handle it. you always have to be the one to calm down because their anger is vigorous. He expects you to do what he wants you to do at the time he wants you to do it in and that is sooo frustrating as Iam a free spirit and i hate being told what to do.
    We argue all the time and he always calls me stubborn. On the upside he is spontanaous but again this has to be initiated by him or else he will pout when i just go out with my friends.
    I just feel like you cannot win with them and i’m on the crossroads with my relationship. i need him to be there for me not always blame me constanly. 🙁

  63. chin September 11th, 2012

    Hi folk’s…am a sag women…liking a aries man….and on the real i like the way he make’s me feel…been knowing him for a year or so now..and went out with him over the weekend..his touch really took me to another place…and the way he kissed me…i wanted to be in love rt than….but after reading all your post…am like what!!! only because i think can see some of what u all r saying…and i dont run after no dude…i feel like ur the BEE…am the come for ME…(p.s i hope he come i feel like he’s it)well happy buzzzzzing u guy”s…

  64. Uwoduhi August 16th, 2012

    My boyfriend of 9-10 months is an Aries . He’s humor WAS amusing but now it just annoys me . Aries are controlling and jealous . Sagittarius’s can be stubborn sometimes and that makes an Aries upset . When  I don’t give in to what he wants to do he gets upset and leaves . Dating an Aries is stressful . ( Teenage Love )

  65. -mel- August 15th, 2012

    my boyfriend’s a aries , we met over txting but we hardly talked , found him boring , but when we did we found out we stay near each other so we hooked up and we are together since . he made me love him ( does things to get what he wants) lies manupulation etc , but he belives it too hahaha . not that im dissing him , everything good and bad here said about a aries is true VERRY SELFISH its all about them , even the love passion its for himself . A aries man is a man tell him about feelings and his like what? you wanna end this relationship? no?
    then why are we taliking about this? he farts and messes and never packs away his stuff . this sounds like every girls nitemare hehehe yes a guy guy … omg and the fights eeeeeekkk !! but i would never trade him for anybody else. i think he has the purest soul ever , and somehow he keeps me for running to the next person when things get tuff , settels my mind when i convince myself that this is how it is and everything is doomed now . he put my life at ease and i can enjoy the moment whit him.
    in the end i dont belive its just about sag and aries connection , God put us all on different roads so we can help and compliment each other , i like nuturing and doing things for him and he looks after us.
    i can live with his im the best way of living coz he will treat all people like people where as a virgo is the best best they will treat only people they need to use like people.
    i guess what im saying is aries and a sag need each other coz our ways of living is never understood by the others . 

  66. noreen_lyan June 10th, 2012

    Hi everyone! just wanna share mine 🙂 i’m a sag married with an aries. i’m with him for 8 years now, things were surely doing great before having him all day.. i’ve been attracted for this adventurous man but i can’t  stand that long talking with him.. for him it’s all about being first on everything! i can say yes a selfish person too.. well if he hav much he’ll give but if he have little that’s just for him no matter what. He doesn’t know the word ‘please’ and don’t want to know about that. He can be sweet sometimes and u have to be very appreacitive on that.. but without expecting he would do the same way around. I really could get over those but now that we have a child ways are getting too difficult.. i can’t baby-sit on him anymore i would be needing someone to help. And now I’m leaving him.

  67. laila21 April 1st, 2012

    Sorry for the spelling and gramatical errors. I was talking on the phone and typing,,,, *bad idea*

  68. laila21 April 1st, 2012

    The first month of dating, went smooth as a baby’s butt.  Now we argue at least twice a week.  Some are just petty debates that we laugh off after 5 minutes, and some are HEATED.  Normally, whenever I want to go hang with friends or go out, and i exclude him because its going to be a girls night, he gets pissed.  He’s insecure, jealous, bossy, and possesive. His anger is very aggressive, not physically but in a sense that I know I need to give him his space until he cools down and ready to talk without yelling.  It annoys the crap out of me, but I love him so much I can’t help but to deal with it.  I normally just blow him off like I dont care, and thats what makes him even more mad. Something I need to work on. Usually he’s mad at me for no longer than a hour, then he’s over it and back to loving me. We have talks and  I tell him how i feel, and he says he’ll work on it, he’s just get frustrated when i spend more time doing my own thing then being with him. This is my first relationship, so it’s hard letting go of the routine, but if I want to make it work I know I will have to give up some things.  He’s not cheap but he does believe everything should be 50/50, and im spoiled so its hard for me to accept that.  He’ll pay for resturaunt and I pay for fast food, thats about the only thing i feel is fair lol. No relationship is perfect but when the goods out weighs the bad, than you have a keeper.  BTW, I agree with SKYE on most of the things she said, and i do feel she had and immature aries, theres always one bad one in the bunch. Wish you all the best!!!!!!

  69. laila21 April 1st, 2012

    Hello readers, I am a sag women who has been dating an aries for 4 months now. He’s 24 and I am 22. We started talking about a yr ago.  He approached me, and remained persistent until I gave him my number.  After I gave him my number, we chatted through text for every 2 to 3 days. He lived in a different state than I, so apparently I wasn’t the most important thing on his mind. He loved the attention of women chasing him and blowing them off when he felt like it, as well as being a complete d***, because he doesn’t about them.  So our chats, then became every 2-3 weeks of texting.  Im know chaser myself so it was something that attracted him to me that caused me to even bother keeping in contact with him. And according to him now, he was eager to have sex with me. We attempted to see each twice and it didn’t work out because I wasn’t going to chase him and he wasn’t going to chase me.  After 5 months of sparatic texting he asked if I’d visit him, so I agreed.  I was a bit afraid because we didnt know anything about each other but I took my chances.  I went to visit him with some of my friends. We didn’t have much to say to each other at first, and about 2 hours after being in his presence we clicked.  We’ve been loyal to each other since that.  He let me know that night that he is a relationship type a guy but for some reason I made him feel a certain way and I felt the same about him. We’ve been loyal since then.  Plans of getting married in 2 yrs.

  70. Spinster October 14th, 2011

    @PHI let him know where he responsible for his mistake.
    I think he is going to ask for apology .

  71. Spinster October 14th, 2011

    @skye i am an Arian .And Arian are not lazy. they are having something called sleeping disorder.
    for which they like to sleep more hour.
    if they will meditate and watch less amount of TV this prbolem can be solve.
    i think u r talking about guy/girl who is sleeping more.

  72. arieskiller September 4th, 2011

    Although i had bad experience with the Aries man. But I must say that life experiences could have change a person characters. Making some characteristic stronger. So who can I blame but myself. No matter what…life still move on and so is LOVE.

  73. arieskiller September 4th, 2011


    YUP, can’t agree more. Aries men are selfish! Pretend to be goody old goody man, then after they get what they want….they started to demand more than you can breath. Really Fxxx!!! Stay away! its only short termed that they are nice. Never last. And when u popped the truth…they said u r crazy! Strange fetish too. Glad I already dumped him!

  74. Crissy March 30th, 2011

    I don’t think Skye is wrong I think she was dealing with an immature Aries “man” because I dealt with the same thing… But a mature Aries male definitely makes a great companion for a Sagittarius female… Or any female for that matter… They are great guys once they flip that maturity switch… But aren’t we all ; )….

  75. Madalyn Faith March 7th, 2011

    Hi , i am a sag girl and have been dating an aries male for 5 months now. so far so great and honestly i read all these posts , i dont think SKYE : got it . even though you can say these horrible things about him – – your in love or else you wouldnt care to say those things . it shows . and maybe as a sag you need to learn how to forgive and forget – make & mend . were not all perfect but maybe if you guys talk it out it might change cause i know when me & my Aries feel like somethings wrong we talk it out and he changes for me because well . . . he loves me . and but its hard for me to accept the truth and change but im doing it so maybe you should too . All the differences and common ground between an aries & a sag. is right in the end . couldnt describe anything less from imperfectly perfect (:
    So – – Good Luck *

  76. charity February 12th, 2011

    i am a sag girl dating an aries in 8yrs of blisful relationship.he is intelligent and just the best man for me.he gets turn off easily but we are used to mending our broken holes fast.he is so commanding n dat makes a man.they easily ignoq wen upset n gets normal latter.i love him and he luv me too.i also think a sag girl is also compatible with a capricorn man just make a choice

  77. Radha February 6th, 2011

    Im a sagittarius girl dating an aries man for the last 7 years. No body is perfect but i now have someone who is perfect for me. I can fight for justice and morality and win the world but at the end of the day i would like a man who is stronger than me and knows when to draw a line and take over from where i have left if required. We share a lot of common thing however not everything is common.we have always differed n the biggest ones like religion, Vegetarianism etc. My search for my man is over I hope we have our ‘Happily ever after’.

  78. Johm February 5th, 2011

    I am a Aries man dating a Sag girl, we get along great, have many things in common. We have been taking things slow, but I think I have found my soulmate.

  79. Jakeyla Barbin January 30th, 2011

    also he always tries to play the victim when he’s the attacker ! hes a cry baby a man whore and when you guys break up he’ll get with your bestfriend and forget about you,this happened to me! trust me sagittarian women ! if you want somebody be with a:cancer,libra,scorpio,capricorn and a virgo. good luck (:

  80. Jakeyla Barbin January 30th, 2011

    Im a sagittarian girl and i dated a aries man in 08 when we first met eachother it was pure true love we were together for ayear and 2months,i said a thing that wasnt so serious and he got angry and the relationship got worse and i was depressed for 4months ,it was the worst feeling ever,sagittarian women i advice you,dont fall so hard and soo easily,i still have scars,but now im witha capricorn and i feel so safe and in trust,never will i date a aries again,im afraid !

  81. A January 26th, 2011

    i agree totally with skye. i had the same bad experience. i had to walk away eventually.

  82. Kelly January 13th, 2011

    I am a Sag woman, was married to an Aries man for 10yrs and now after divorce have been w another Aries 2 yrs. 2 diff. people w/ complete diff personalities some traits the same yes, but everyone is who they are!

  83. aveyond November 27th, 2010

    i’m a sag girl just started dating this aries guy. i’m friends with his best friend and he introduced us. it was honestly lust at first sight. i couldn’t take my eyes off him. we went to a club, he drove his bike, Jesus, the attraction!! i gave it two months of casual dating, met at the same club again and hit it off spectacularly! he’s always busy at work but then so am i so i don’t mind. i see him at night, the sex is fantastic! although i would really like to introduce more creativity, he can be really straighforward about sex while i like to mix it up most of the time. he is very over protective but i’m ok with it for now, kind of a turn on, and he gives me wateva i want, when i’m brave enough to ask for it. YAY!!

  84. Tha YG November 18th, 2010

    First off my sag girlfriend told me not to be “hood” while posting this but I’m an aries man telling some of u may have had bad experiences with us but what’s funny is the bad qualities about aries men were so easily mentioned without any explanation of any sag wrong doing my only belief maybe
    your loss at such a relationship needs a more 2 sided instead of a 1 way man bashing I love my sag woman and I couldn’t think of a better person to spend life with and she feels the same way don’t u hunny? Yes. See? Goodluck with ur searches in love but u may not realize ure split up with someone who probably was tha best person for ya.

  85. k September 8th, 2010

    i used to be with an aries man, and it was in fact a great relationship. he was so sweet and caring, but things had to end according to him and he doesnt even want to keep in touch as friends. I do miss him but its been a while, yet even though I feel that I’m over him I still feel helplessly weak when I occasionally bump into him, the energy I get from him is that he feels the same way, but is afraid ? to pursue it? NOt sure.

  86. Fanny July 27th, 2010

    I’m a Sag girl and I’ve been dating my Aries guy little over 3 months now and I honestly feel like this is the best situation I’ve ever been in. He is the absolute sweetest guy ever. He’s so attentive and just flat out does anything he can to make me happy. From day one our chemistry has been ridiculous and we get along so great. We can talk about absolutely anything and we’re so supportive of each others’ lives and careers. We haven’t gotten into any arguments yet which, I must admit, is highly unusual for me and guys cause after a month or two they always find some way of pushing my buttons but my guy keeps me so calm with his sweetness that I feel bad even if I’m in a bad mood or have an attitude with him that I find myself apologizing later and then, this is the kicker, he apologizes too! We just took our first vacation together and we had so much fun together. We’re already making plans for our next. And last but not least, the sex is great! *sigh* I try to be realistic but idealistically, I think he’s the one. 

  87. Raven July 26th, 2010

    All signs have a higher and a lower aspect. The transition from lower to higher really only occurs as people mature and begin to understand their own flaws and work to overcome them. As an Aries man, I can say that the transition was very difficult – though I’m sure it’s equally difficult for all signs. Aries has to learn not to buy his own BS, and to let others take the reins sometimes. It sounds like the Aries men that some of you dated haven’t been through this process. Take heart though – there are those Aries out here that are willing to admit when they’re wrong, and recognize that there are plenty of things we’re not good at doing. A person’s Ascendant and Moon play very heavily into their personality as well, but most ‘pop astrology’ seems to only focus on the Sun sign. The easiest way to tell if an Aries is a higher or lower aspect Aries is to see if he can laugh at himself – especially in an embarrassing situation that he’s caused himself. If he can’t, then move on. If he can – don’t let him go! Oh, and for goodness sake don’t let him get bored.

  88. Kita July 21st, 2010

    I am a sagg/cap Dec 22, I am dating a Aries man and it is the best thing that every happen to me, “Yes” we do get it to arguments every now and then, but he always apologizes to me and that is what makes him so special, it is hard for man to admit when they are wrong. He waits on me hand and foot all the time, he cares about my well being and if someone crosses me he will be the first one to come to my rescue, I feel very secure with him. We have been on (3) amusement parks and (2) trips, I LOVE THIS THE MOST. I think he parties to much but the way he treats me makes up for it because he parties with me too. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

  89. pauline July 18th, 2010

    I am a Sag woman and I was recently involved with an Aries man, I found this man to be very bossy, argumentive, very critical of other people, too outspoken at the wrong time, rude, arrogrant and an ego so high it was sufficating. When he could not have his way he would go into a tantrum and state repeatedly we were finished. But a few days later he would call and continue as though nothing never happened or was said. but once you agree to take him he could not pass the opportunity to throw it back in your face again. The final straw was when this man visited my home, i offered him a drink but he refused, so whilst i made myself one he helped himself into my purse and stole £160 that was just drawn out of my account to pay my bills.
    I only found out when I went to pay the bills later that day. i called him to tell him and that was when he confessed, he gave me back the money the same day, although I had to go to his to collect it, but after returning it back to me he then said I should be grateful that he owned up and gave it back to me as he did not have to. I am not saying that all Aries men are like that but there are th few who are not as nice as the signs state.

  90. Sabz June 20th, 2010

    Julian I’m an Aries male and i completely agree with you all we need is a little love and in return we give alot more! Yes there are times that we talk the talk and don’t walk the walk but that’s because we feel or i feel life is about being happy and shouldn’t take life soo seriously, it doesn’t matter where your heart lies as long as it’s content. As an Aries i think we’re too blatent and that’s why we get caught out “if” we lie but truth is we don’t we just smile it off and suddenly for that we’re liars. I been with my sagg for 9 years and yeah we fight who doesn’t but when we make up boy do we make out.

  91. Julian May 24th, 2010

    I’m an Aries male and I’ve had several relationships in life with various starsigns and although I agree with alot of the comments on this site I do feel I’m a hard working reasonably intellegent person I’m fiercly loyal however I do suffer insecurity and feel the need to be needed I’d return it with all I have I’m certainly have many floors. My experience does suggest that for me at least I could not date a capricorn nor Taurus both tend to make me feel worthless, I am young at heart and have to work at being taken seriously. I have recently started to see a sagatarius woman and although she is several years older we seem to get along very well, she is very independent and that is something I adore and at times I feel left out. My wish or best atempt at advise is nuture these Aries as they will be kind and considerate caring and loving and if they feel thy they partner treats them with heart and love that I/they can love someone for all of thier lives with all thier heart.

  92. Maxsag May 18th, 2010

    I have been dating an aries man for 3 weeks and am a sag girl. I am walking away because this man will not take the time to make me feel special! He says that my exes kissed my ass and he will not take the time to kiss my ass! I am leaving! He is also a liar. He lied about stuff to get me to think he is all that and more! But am leaving and no matter how much he says he loves me, I don`t see it!

  93. Sabz April 11th, 2010

    This Message is for SYKE: Hi no offence syke but you keep writing about Aries on how lazy, stuck up and bad they are etc but have you not realised how much you keep writing in detail about Aries.. You must be in love with an Aries as sometimes too much hate can also be too much love at the same time. I’m an Aries i’ve been with a Sag for years and she loves who i am as a person i love her too. Just want to say that no matter who you find true love is about understanding and commitment if those things aren’t in your agenda then please don’t ruin it for the rest of us. I hope you find what you are really looking for p.s I’m an Aries and i’m not lazy. 🙂

  94. shannon d March 9th, 2010

    wow people hate logic a long time aggo a guy looked into the sky at stars and thought they looked like diffrent things and assigned them to months plz explain to me how this is not just insane nonsence

  95. skye January 10th, 2010


  96. skye January 10th, 2010

    sorry sent that wiothout checking spelling……….oops

  97. skye January 10th, 2010

    Romantic? for a while but it doesn’t last………they are into themselves so much.
    If they “feel ” like being romantic ,enjoy it….because more than likely when they feel satified thats it…romance over.
    Go with the world horny,romance? the one i knew was so ful of crap,proped marriage …yuck with a ring that he said had a diamond,although it was barely visable……then pawmed it whe I didn’t agree with his pity trip.
    Imagine, girl, I cannot stress it enough,if any of this holds true for you..haul ass…,do not look back. One thing this world is not missing is men……..there is always always anouther one,don’t let what you wish were true get confused with what you see to be true.
    Not being harsh, just real ok, because they come on like prince charming but its not real, anymore than prince charming is……love you, to thy ownself be true ,the world is so big and its waiting just for you to explore…… not waste time on lazy loosers…….I weill again re-interate…if any of this sounds or turns out to be things oyu see in your current honey…..
    hel, maybe he will be the exception,for you ,I do hope so…….I do love happy endings.(do they actually happen?)
    Please post again ok!

  98. skye January 10th, 2010

    last,they are jealous….and will blame their shortcomings on you .again the one I mistook for a winner.
    That one blamed everyone but his self for his shortcomings,hey he even wanted a school…….so called school to adjust the schedule to fit his,he was so damn lazy to get up,after all life dealt him a bad hand.
    He didn’t have to play it did he,he had a choice ,he chose to play and I do mean play VICTIM
    If your into to pure ass takers that have no idea about giving then you will be ok.
    Me, giving is all good good but giving and never getting…..nope not this cute sag babe!
    We are worth gold,do not second guess yourself,be yourself,they are head strong and sometimes that can be interesting but after a while its simply a boring ,tiring thing.
    This one ,he likes nice things and likes to do things if you make it happen,if it was handed to him, but ask or god forbid expect effort on his part?? Get ready for the biggest bunch of Bs you have ever heard…….appreciation simply was nothing he knew. Loyalty and honor ,words he would use but did not understand…again ,good luck…maybe yours will be the exception.

  99. Karma November 29th, 2009

    I love this website, I go to it all the time just to look things up and I think that these two people can really have a deep and meaningfull relationship espicaly for the Sag girl, I know a lot of us have an inner feeling of needing to be saved! When people are scared of something they tend to act overly brave to try and hide and convince themselves they are not scared! I am a Sag girl and I have had a lot of fear and yes even needing to be saved! Hell we all need to be saved in our lives at some point or another right??

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