Aries Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Aries Man and Libra Woman Compatibility in 2023

A change of environment would do your relationship a world of good. The Aries man may be feeling weighed down by the an environment of unhealthy competition in the workplace. It is necessary for you as a couple to rise above the negative of outside forces and situations. Spend time together. Make sure meaningful plans for the future. The Libra woman may have secret ambitions to share, plans that have not been revealed as of yet. Be supportive of one another and of your own ego. A financial downturn is no reason to let your partnership take a hit. Weather this brief storm together.

Aries Man and Libra Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

When the well balanced and charming Libra falls for an innocent and adorable Aries, they usually blend in harmonically with Air giving right amount of oxygen to keep the flames of Fire high. Though Aries may envy the Libra at times but it’s more of a mutual admiration rather than disagreement.

Aries man may look very stern and insensitive but he is actually sensitive. He wants everyone to like him, which he usually earns from his attractive and manly personality. He is born to win and he wants everything to be more than perfect for himself. He has instant strings of love and attachment for his Libra woman but for her things should be analyzed and balanced well. His feelings are raw but at the same time pure which is usually appreciated by the Libra woman. An Aries man always admires his Libra female and is completely trapped in her tender feminine magic.

A Libra woman is no less than a charmer who can get miracles done just with her divine smile. She has the basic instinct of tactfulness and clarity of thoughts, perfectly blended with her charm and gentleness. She is one person who can guide anyone through most difficult roads without dominating and dictating the turns to be taken. This makes her a perfect match for an Aries man who hates to be controlled. She always startles him with her marvelous magnificence and strong balance.

The Libra woman is quite a lot of lady with powerful amalgam of luscious sophistication and masculine fortitude. Aries man is one person who loves to take the challenge of the Libra woman and smoothly win her heart with raw courage and romantic nerve. Having her as his lady love, he is blessed with a constant admirer, a perfect home-maker and a lovely adviser who never wants to over-shadow his decisions. She is a true companion for him with such poise that he can’t free himself from her magical grip and delicate grace. The only one thing that sometimes irritates him is that his Libra lady doesn’t supports him blindly and tries to balance each and every situation around him. But she is one lady who never criticizes him and when needed can be a great listener to all his problems and stand by his side to make him stronger and studier.

The Aries man is one person who can be influenced only by the lovely Libra lady and can reach great heights of success. He usually loves all the qualities of his Libra female, and is always ready to patiently listen to the things that she wants to discuss about. She adores the way he treats her and keeps her engaged in one thing or the other. He can fill up her with much enthusiasm and make her feel the life in a way, she never felt before. He gives her the freedom she deserves and showers her with as much appreciation and compliments as possible. Though sometimes the selfish attitude and constant demand of Aries may disturb her but he is always ready to apologize and stand by her side to fulfill all her needs and make all her wishes come true.

Their deep love is reflected in their every action and thought. Care and affection comes to them naturally with all the long rosy talks and delightful smiles that tinkle forever in their lives. The charming maiden can bring new flame to the Aries ambitions giving him incredible energy to become a campaigner for all manner of goodness and glory. While this Aries gentleman provides the charming Libra lady with the support, assurance and affection which is out of her measures, throughout her life. Their unconditional love provides ever lasting fragrance to all the airs crossing their sweet home and special warmth to the fire in their hearth.

The blend of fire and air provides ultimate happiness in their physical relationship making it more and more intimate and warm day by day. The feminine nature of the Libra woman and the passionate nature of the Aries man create a great chemistry for the physical intimacy. Her femininity and his masculinity harmonize beautifully and smoothly, in the most natural way. Simply thinking about it always sets his heart to thumping. He must take the lead in their sexual togetherness, as in every other way. If she allows this, and understands the needs behind it, he’ll be the most sensitive, romantic, sentimental, affectionate, and passionate lover she could imagine. It can be so natural, yet so wildly astounding to feel each other slide within. The knowledge of it, the awareness, and one simple move can be a moment of moments. She always loves some sort of teasing where neither party acknowledges what happening. In rare moments it almost takes her breath away with excitement. It can be pretty wild and exciting for her to have her man looking at her and wanting her and make love to her. As soon as he understands her sexual needs, the relationship reaches a new level of contentment and intimacy.

For the Aries, love is necessity of life while for Libra it is an equally shared feeling. He deals with passion while She likes to balance each and everything. But still the freshness and courage of Aries always attract the intelligent Libra and her charm and gentleness easily traps him who is ready to experiment with new things. Though the argumentative attitude and the temperament of Libra is a challenge for him and can cause differences in their relation. At the same time the egoistic behavior and selfish approach of an Aries is something a Libra cannot justify and finds very tough to handle.

  1. Eve April 13th, 2023

    I’m sorry, once again, not all Libras are Created Equal. You can be if you’re willing to dig deep and feel and accept and become that Beautiful Libra Woman that you are and that you were meant to be with such Confidence and Own IT!!! God gave you a Gift!! Now, find it and OWN it!

  2. Cathy November 10th, 2022

    I’m so sorry you went through that. Not all Aries’ are bad though. Men, just like women, cheat on good people. So not all Aries are bad. Have faith there’s decent men out there

    • Joe January 30th, 2023

      This takes an open Aries man and an open Libra woman, who can be on the same level of intimacy with each other. You don’t have to be perfect, just open and willing to stay connected. Let your bs go and be ready to love, and not look elsewhere (this one is hard for me).

  3. Mars to your Venus September 8th, 2022

    As the Aries, I am completely mesmerized by the Libra woman. Her body language, her skin, her beauty…just a pure goddess. Her submissive feminine energy is such a turn on and really drives Aries to step up and be the one to make her feel beautiful and loved

    • George Gallagher February 2nd, 2023

      That’s exactly how I feel about my beautiful Libra wife.

    • Eve April 13th, 2023

      Oh, Wow! Keep Going… And we Libra women what?

  4. kyleigh September 5th, 2022

    i am a Libra and dated an aries and he cheated on me with a beautiful blond and never talked to me and let his friends make fun of me when i would try to hang out with him.

    • Eve April 13th, 2023

      I’m sorry, once again, not all Libras are Created Equal. You can be if you’re willing to dig deep and feel and accept and become that Beautiful Libra Woman that you are and that you were meant to be with such Confidence and Own IT!!! God gave you a Gift!! Now, find it and OWN it!

  5. K June 6th, 2022

    I feel you ten years. His Sarcasm, selfishness and constant interrupting drive me to leave.

  6. Shraddha May 12th, 2022

    I’m so happy for us. We fought with all the problems we had in first few months and now its absolutely flourishing so well We are so in love!!
    Give it time understand Aries teach them how to love. Be kind to them. They will love you unconditionally.
    -A Libra woman

  7. Spanishwater April 6th, 2022

    I’m a Libra women and have an Aries man and I feel like he envy’s my drive and when I accomplish things I say I will do. Idk if it’s because it hurts his ego or something but he tried to belittle me on the sense of making me feel dum so he can feel superior to me because I’m becoming more accomplished than he is. He talks down to me whenever he feels any type of way even if it doesn’t have to do with me just do boost his ego and he can feel alpha but in reality he’s a weak little boy smh . It’s disgusting the way he talks to me when I’m celebrating an accomplishment and I’m at the last straw … ladies take your time with these men

    • Aries man April 6th, 2022

      No, that’s not his problem.
      Nor is it men’s problem that women are vocationally successful.
      The problem is that the more vocationally successful women become the more often they typically “lord it over” their significant others. They/You get arrogant. Arrogance is the perverted/twisted version of confidence. (no such thing as over-confidence; that’s arrogance) And Aries (both sexes) are far more likely to tell others where they’re wrong, etc, even when knowing it’ll get the other(s) angry.

      • Gail Ochie April 6th, 2022

        This lever gives up on her Aries they are totally under balance and once more once more than one potato chip to make them successful use women for their success very dominant is so quick to tell you where you wrong and blames you for it when it’s their issue even though I love my Aries for the rest of my life I love myself even more the Libra

      • Aries man April 6th, 2022

        Sorry but can’t understand the translation.

      • Gail Ochie April 30th, 2022


    • Alisa July 30th, 2022

      Trust me, he is the narcissist type of Aries, they are mostly like dat…. Sorry sis

      The best way to make him feel superior is to hide ur wins from him, dnt let him know you have more than him

  8. Cathy February 21st, 2022

    Hi my Aries husband is so self centred. I am a Libran and i ignore him and I make him make the first approach to me whenever he disagrees on an issue . I am mostly silent nowadays and I have learnt not to argue with him. I walk away or keep silent they find out that they are ignored and then they do come around. Never argue with an Aries male..They can b loving and helpful only when they want something from you, they can be charming too. They are not aggressive or abusive physically. They can be reserved too.

    • Aries man February 21st, 2022

      To be fair, all 12 signs are selfish, unless mature.
      The difference is that Aries don’t try to hide it, and Librans are the best at hiding it.
      But on your strategy, yes, that is the most effective method with Aries.
      Your motive? I’m choosing not to comment on that.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        You are a sweet when she doesn’t drink she’s not intoxicated she’s waking up to BS and a broken heart that was caused by his own character go to sleep dude we can argue in the morning

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        I never said she is.
        I said that your broken English etc made it seem like YOU are.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        I was sleep until ding ding ding lol.
        Now that I’m up I asked for forgiveness because I was sleep but Aries and Libra is a very strong people very compatible very intelligent the yin and the yang to each other’s Souls and that’s not to be taken lightly maybe your Libra is immature maybe she’s a girl and maybe you have a I don’t know a young man’s mentality you want more than she wants right now you have to be fair about the situation to what’s really going on no one knows but you two Aries women are just as bad very dominating. You have to remember where the Libra she has to be included she has to feel included even if you don’t include her we cannot read our mates when you don’t include us or act like you include us pretended fake it but when you guys have something driving you in that head you don’t know how to share that moment and you have to remember when you would have Libra we will come to the conclusion and when we keep having to come to a conclusion it’s time to go is easier to just go then you try to figure your mate out when your mate should be just as open as she is so but truthfully Sagittarius is what you guys are loyal to trust me I know I don’t get it sagittarius’s are annoying but you guys find loyalty in that I don’t get it

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        99% of the time when people say “trust me” (or “honestly”), don’t (or that means the other times they’re dishonest).
        Fine, I’ll quit conversing with you because you’re remaining immature. Bye Gail.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022


      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022

        Just pray for enlightenment dude. I feel its you! And she had not decided to ever be yours….u assumed! Libras dont play with true 💘

    • Gail Ochie May 12th, 2022

      I’m divorcing mine he’s an a****** turns out he has a wife and kids around the corner of course he loves them and he loves hard of course but when they’re gained they’re 100% gaining and if they choose you as their victim and you don’t catch on to it you’ll be a victim for life mine has to go I’m suing him for fraud

      • Aries man May 12th, 2022

        Your story sounds self contradicting.
        Please don’t reply.

      • Gail Ochie May 12th, 2022


      • Aries man May 12th, 2022

        All 12 signs have their different ways of expressing selfishness.
        All 12 signs have their different motives for why money may be lusted after.  Still? I think you meant steal, and that’s far less true about Aries than about a bunch of other signs, including Libra.
        Conniving? Definitely not Aries, but definitely Libra, and some others.

      • Gail Ochie May 12th, 2022

        steal or misuse of funding for self gain. Aries are attention getting narcissistic liars. fraudulent at times…depend on the upbringing. I am paying 3,000 d0llars plus for thisss rat’s narcissism. we know this is not for every aries the other I know may blow stuff up lol just speaking…issues of that you Aries flows uhg!

      • Aries man May 12th, 2022

        These descriptions sound far more like you. Are you saying you’re an Aries?

      • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

        😂😂😂😂😂 Libras are not scandalous but survivors

      • Aries man May 13th, 2022

        Libras lie the most, then Scorpios.

      • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

        Bull ies like the lever they may not tell you anything they may let you be right it’s all about game they have a little narcissism too but Scorpio and Libra are not compatible to the same lies their game is totally different and brutal sorry my best my best best best friend is Scorpio and she is a brut and I love her to death 😁

      • Gail Ochie May 12th, 2022

        aries had better never cross a libra…i all one can tell you from ratitis

      • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

        You are not Aries 😆 you not describing clairvoyant Prince charming liar at all you’re taking up for him and trying to make the Aries or the Aries woman look good there’s no such thing their assholes they’re narcissistic self-centered everything is about them always has to be a game and investment oh not with my money but your money are you sure you know the Aries at all and I hope you didn’t write a book when they do love you they do love you but if they do want to use you they will use you simple straight to the point I am not an Aries I’m only a Libra Libra’s don’t have to lie we love we love hard and we love our Aries but those bastards just won’t do right they always have a reason to deal with you or they don’t need you if they don’t want it if they don’t want to deal with you they won’t if they want to block you they will assholes simple Aries but for Libra we love hard but you cannot mess with the Libra and thank you going to get away with it Aries we will deal with you we will love you and love you hard we will give you every second of the day will let you walk on red carpet for the rest of your life but when we catch you screwing us over you better believe you’re going to get it from a to z from the first day we met you so be careful fooling with Libras Aries stick to Sagittarius is y’all make the greatest a****** couple

      • Aries man May 13th, 2022

        My bday is April 1st. Not joking. See, I told you that Libras lie.Will try to find a way to block your responses/account because I’ve had enough of your nonsense.

      • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

        Libras will not tell you anything but they will not lie to you they’ll tell you what you want to hear though that’s not lying that’s telling you what you want to hear whether it’s true or not you want to call it misleading lying we just don’t like b******* keeping it 100 if you feel that we’re wrong and you’re right then so be it it’s what you want to hear right but you best know that Libra will always test you we don’t like lying we don’t like liars we don’t like to engage in lying so obviously you don’t know Libra and you’re full of the same narcissistic games you’re right and we’re wrong we’re so sorry

      • Aries man May 13th, 2022

        Ha. You just lied. You say that you as a Libra don’t lie but instead only tell us what we want to hear.
        Well, what we want to hear is sometimes lies, so you lied.
        You also lied because you almost always told me what I didn’t want to hear. Bye.

      • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

        But don’t you feel better that’s what we do we make you feel better about your silly self LOL labor is a smooth and very persuasive you’ve got to love it many do including you 😘😂😂😂

      • Proud Libra March 16th, 2023

        Gail and Aries man.. You guys are cute! So… Did you finally rent a room somewhere together? 😅❤️🎉

    • Gail Ochie May 13th, 2022

      Notice how they won’t let you talk always got approved their point hold on hold on hold on mine says I never get my point across you just get tired of it and you being silent because it’s called abuse

      • Aries man May 13th, 2022

        Please quit being abusive with your lies and overtalking.

      • Gail Ochie May 14th, 2022

        Only Aries understand Abuse

      • Aries man May 14th, 2022

        Another lie from a typically lying and indirectly abusing Libra.

      • Gail Ochie May 15th, 2022

        Only your weakling will find that a Libra will abuse bother no one don’t start now won’t be none we will finish it we’ll give you what you gave and what you started we will finish the B’s even when you thought there was nothing in the old brain you Aries are so funny you only destroy yourself

      • Gail Ochie May 14th, 2022

        Or you will do what…not talk for 30 days to gain control Ariesboi

      • Aries man May 14th, 2022

        You’re so toxic it’s not funny anymore.
        Wasn’t allowed to log in so I’ll have to choose the old fashioned way of ignoring you…

      • Gail Ochie May 15th, 2022

        It’s best excuses not needed

  9. Mubaraka May 7th, 2021

    my husband is aries and i m a libra woman we got married since 1 years 2 months , we both are not staying together right now as my husband is from srilanka and i m from india, due to pandemic covid 19 he didnt took me alongwith him to take care of my parents, as they both were unwell. But after leaving from India, my husband sudden changed,,there was a change in behaviour, not used to call, or pick up my phone, not to text me, this is happening from last 4-5 months, and now he is not at all completely talking to me or texting me. Why So? what will be the reasons behind this?

    • Cisgardner May 7th, 2021

      He has another family…or another relationship; they lie but not good at it, they tell half tuths and may speak in parable, or by telling you an amazing story. With Aries men when they speak you have to hear them the first time they scattered their truths out and you just have to watch because you’ll never know what’s true and was not true with them or what they’re trying to do you have to always ask and not assume with an aries or let It go like I always give my Aries the alternative the bye bye bye bye bye if he’s not legitimate you not taking my money they’re good at getting money they can find it just pray for your Aries that he’s true they love family they take care of everybody so you just going to have to learn to talk to your Aries and not assume with them and listen to what he says to you so you can find the truth yourself because they normally tell the truth in parables LOL.

    • Aaliyah July 27th, 2021

      I sorry that’s happened to you and I wish I had answers😔

    • Yolanda February 20th, 2022

      I’m a Libra woman and married to Aries man for 7 yrs. It’s really hard to keep Aries man interested. But Aries man love to chase, don’t smother him. Act like you don’t care. But if it’s not working move on life is too short to chase 1 man if you want have 2 3 or 10 men if you want 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Typical Libra woman: unfaithfulness Be like Aries, quit the Aries man if he’s not good enough, before being with another man.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Or did the Aries man push her away by not paying attention to her because he’s so self-centered they keep secrets to himself that only matters to him and no one else everyone has to pay the price for the adrie’s behavior because we don’t know what the hell y’all thinking and going through only y’all do but everybody must paid Libras are not on Facebook unless you make them we are very loyal to the Core

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Ummm, while being with a man being with many others is NOT being loyal.
        Librans typically will not quit a relationship until succeeding with adultery with other people where at least one of the others they have while still officially being with someone, succeeds. Once they have a commitment from one of their adulterous relationships they will then quit their relationship with the one they are fake committed to and immediately after become fake committed to this other. Librans refuse singlehood.
        I’m talking about the immature Librans, not the mature ones.
        Just like there are immature Aries and mature ones.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        That’s not a Libra character we are strong mothers we are strong leaders we care for real I don’t know what you got that one got away we are loyal to the cord to the end we will fight hard for our families and we let no one in our Circle to hurt us we will kick them out of the circle you got to be strong to be with a Libra I do admit weaknesses we cannot deal with it that tends to get a little boring but even if it was boring relationship Libras go all the way out I don’t know what you got I pray against what you got and pray that you find a truly real because that’s not leave her mentality at all very strong women and we love hard we don’t love millions of men we don’t even like that but it depends on the upbringing so that can be blamed on Libras and libras are true beings of love and we can love one man very hard you got jipped

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Libras definition of loyal is different than Aries.
        For Aries, it means not trying to have a relationship with someone while in a relationship with someone else (or telling their partner in advance that the Aries plays the field).
        For Libras, it means staying with someone relationally while also having sex with others, unless one of these others would be “leveling up”, in which case the Libra would first make sure the latter is willing to be committed. Once the Libra gets that assurance only then they leave the former, for the latter.
        Whereas for Aries, we will quit our monogamous relationship before joining someone else, except for those Aries who tell their partners in advance that they have multiple relationships.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Bullshito… Aries are opportunist always have been and great players and you know that I admit that you guys love hard one time one time my Aries has another family right now lives with them where I live with my mama so what do you say about that Aries why you think the Libra is out having sex because she wants to just randomly have sex with men no she’s an adult if her man is not with her within what is she have so you want to make your Libra look like a w**** but you still yet have not said nothing about yourself and the rule is who’s making love to your old lady while you been out making love is what I’m getting is what I’m not getting from you you need to be truthful cuz Aries live everyday hard that’s what they’re do because they are opportunist and you got hurt in your own game it sounds like when you really fell in love with this girl now she became a horror if you men will pull y’all’s part Libras are no problem the only problem you will have with a Libra is loving too hard is loving you too hard and giving a damn for you we are basically a one man’s woman but you men teach us what we need to know you never wanted to eat a woman what she should never know a Libra will dominate that situation and move on when she’s tired trust me I’m near that door but I will do it legally now him there’s no telling who he’s been sleeping with no telling he says no one but how can you tell when you sleep in the same house with your baby mama and kids why the wife stays with her mom what kind of relationship is that Aries

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Gail, chill.The Libran mentioned about having other men (up to 10) while still with this Aries.
        I merely pointed out that this behaviour is normal for immature Libras. I am referring to having other men while “loyal” to one, in order to avoid singlehood. That is theft of that Aries’ time and resources. Either fix the relationship, or quit it, before then being with others.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022

        Abandon ship Aries…my way or the door You guys are Charming you should be Charming I don’t know about you I’m I’m a little worried you should be charming and persuasive easy with the women like a Aries would know how to do very lovable likable and may deceive, at the same time but a lot of times to the Aries you mean well.
        when it hurts people so many people and as for your little girlfriend… it seems like she was a little loose goose anyhow.
        Every Libra is not the same it depends on how we are raised, but for the majority we are loyal to the cause to the death of us!
        Aries if, you screw that up and don’t understand that maybe you wouldn’t raise as well as most Aries sorry 🍯

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Aries never quit

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Ah, another trait of Libras is being liars.
        At least with Aries we tell you truth, even if hurtful, or we refuse to share information, which is not lying.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022

        In increments maybe👈😂

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Aries is the game player not the Libra but the Libra can deal with that Aries which is game that’s what you don’t understand the problem is what have you been doing that you not discussing you just ticked off because you found her Aries play all day all they do is stink me-me-me self self self how can I cheat as long as I got everybody in my pocket I’m good let me keep doing what I’m doing and ignore everybody cut them off and still call that love that’s what you guys need to work on trust me I know question again what have you been doing?

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Your English needs some work and/or you’re inebriated from something or other.
        It’s more likely the first option I listed.
        Regardless, the point is that what you typed is not understandable and therefore I’ll need to ignore you for the time being. Take care.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Boo is 4 in the morning I don’t give a damn read through the words first of all Bob must be legal then I must be suing somebody and trust me I’ll win that too my English is great you need to work on voice box because I’m not typing the damn thing second of all

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Well congrats, you finally typed proper English.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022


      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        Mr. Aries I’m not your girl I didn’t break your heart you need to be wasting this typing on somebody that gives a damn sounds like you screwed up and you don’t even want to confess that’s why she gone that’s the truth now isn’t it now you work on your animalistic while you trying to call someone out of character at 4 almost 5 a.m. in the morning which shows that you need counseling over your b******* and you’re getting it because you’re lying on your Libra you’re lying

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        Wow, what anger.
        If you can’t handle the truth then choose ignore.

      • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

        You really need to be with a Sagittarius they’re bigger bullshitters than we are but you guys love that you might need to get you a Sagittarius Aries are compatible with the two but for some reason y’all put up with more crap from them and you call that lawyer all they do is dog you how do you write to the Libra LOL you woke me up now but I’m going back to sleep night night inebriated I laugh my butt off when I was only sleep from this ding ding ding ding ding ding

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        As I just replied to your most angry rant, you Libras are liars.
        You lied yet again, about Aries and about Libras.
        Sagittarius? Don’t go off-topic.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022

        Satts are wicked. You dont know yourself do you?

      • Aries man February 21st, 2022

        P.S. Oh, and I didn’t wake you up. Turn off your notifications if it bothers you. It’s daytime where I am. Immature people react like you did.

      • Gail Ochie February 22nd, 2022

        Your 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Gail Ochie February 21st, 2022

      That’s because he has another wife he’s full of s*** trust me I know Aries are full of Cit he has another woman probably another family they all do the same with the phone stream stream stream Aries string you along you have to have thick skin to be with an aries I tell you that much if you don’t have something to do problem is us leave is like the focus on time and we can’t do that with a Aries forget his ass and do you

  10. Sarah Cumbie April 19th, 2021

    My aries man is so loving understanding n patient..makes me feel loved n wanted every day.. he flirts w attitude n that turns me on lol.. positive vibes for u n yours..he’s my perfect match!!

  11. ELENA E BURKE April 12th, 2021

    I am a Libra woman married to an Aries for 32 years and together for almost 35 years. It is sometimes difficult, however if there is forgiveness and compromise it can work. Both signs are fiercely loyal and passionate. If there is true love, you can work through anything. Best of luck! P.S. Aries and Libra are opposites, however each other’s marriage house.

    • Lilian April 16th, 2021


    • Eishika November 9th, 2021

      🥺❤️happy to know that, thank you!

  12. Irene February 9th, 2021

    My Aries makes me feel so special all the time, even when we fight, it’s an overload of cuteness, we fight mostly because he feels so possessive. Each day he makes me feel so loved! I hope and wish I make him feel the same one day!

    • Lilian April 16th, 2021


  13. Teyansh February 9th, 2021

    My Libra is my o2 I cnt live without her

    • Lilian April 16th, 2021


  14. Sylvia Gichohi November 25th, 2020

    I am crazy about this aries man. Look at me here reading about compatibility

    • Eishika November 9th, 2021

      Same lol🥺❤️

  15. Samson September 24th, 2020

    Our love has not fully penetrated yet, but for the past year it has been magical. My Libra is the best thing that has ever happened to me, difficult but worth the stress.

  16. Firstborn May 18th, 2020

    well, I love my libra very much. so much that I cannot explain how I feel.

    • Rodman November 19th, 2020

      that’s so cute

  17. Courtney March 17th, 2020

    I’m a Libra woman and I’m married to an Aries man. We bicker every now and then, but our love is deep and nothing like I’ve ever felt before. He supports me and assures me and has unconditional affection for me and our marriage. Although I can be a bit much most times with my argumentative attitude and temper, he’s in the same boat with his selfish acts and it drives me crazy; but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want anyone but my Aries man by my side. We love one another dearly and are looking forward many more years in harmonious relationship ♥️

    • Riya August 14th, 2020

      Do you people fight on daily basis?

  18. Melody February 16th, 2020

    I recently got into a relationship with an Aries man. When we first met the passion was something I never experienced. He chased me, he wanted to be with me everyday. He always wanted sex, in public together he sneak away just to give me attention. After he has asked me to be his girlfriend the passion has died down. Afraid things are becoming boring. He doesn’t care if we don’t see each other everyday, in public he doesnt act the same, I’m still heavily involved in his family life but seems like things are becoming routine. I care about him, and when we first started talking I never experienced the love he was giving. Now he cant even say how he feels about me. help

    • Aries man February 16th, 2020

      Libra woman you gave your body too soon to the Aries man.You Libran are the most effective at manipulating others, which is why he kept having sex with you, in addition to you looking hot.You should have implied beforehand that things would be expected in return from him and made certain he understood but done it in a way where he would feel it’s his choice instead of him being manipulated. There are 2 things Aries (of both sexes) hate the most: being lied to (which Librans constantly do) and being controlled/manipulated (which Librans also constantly do)This Aries man figured you out and took off.

      • Anju March 13th, 2020

        Ok i am a libra female, as far as I know , I never try to control my counter part. We libra always try to give our body soon is we are too naive. We think that, the guy we met is our soulmate.We are a scale, we balance our life, by balancing things and workwork, not people. We too have feelings. We give and give without having any thoughts of taking back anything.

      • Aries man March 13th, 2020

        //Ok i am a libra female, as far as I know , I never try to control my counter part. We libra always try to give our body soon is we are too naive. We think that, the guy we met is our soulmate.We are a scale, we balance our life, by balancing things and workwork, not people. We too have feelings. We give and give without having any thoughts of taking back anything.// – Anju You sound like you’re either a troll pretending to be a female Libran, or you are deluded, or you are attempting to be extremely manipulative and lying in the process. The ONLY correct things you said are: “We libra always try to give our body soon…We are a scale, we balance our life, by balancing things and workwork…We too have feelings”

      • Alisa July 30th, 2022

        I concor to ur reply, I am a Libra woman, most of my sign are manipulative and lies a lot; maybe he figured out and decided to move on😂

    • C. J. April 17th, 2020

      You may have to start making yourself not as available. He probably enjoys the chase. Try not do be as available and see how that works. I hope it gets better for you.

    • Gail Ochie July 23rd, 2020

      Aries like moneeee, attractive like Women with intelligence and that can teach him but not lead…noway! I married my Aries and Love the good and bad……but am concerned about his balance…slow down smell the roses. He would rather buy the rose shop and make money lol.
      I am Libra and he is Aries and we complete each other we understand each other’s intelligence and yes I do have to let him lead…no choice : ) even though I feel that me being a Libra I see things quicker and farther but that’s where the helpmate comes in. it’s not my job to overpower him it’s my job to assist him and make sure that he’s on the right path and as his mate, I’m also concerned when I don’t see that he’s well in his health or certain things are bothering him as his helpmate; he needs attention. I feel that we both are powerful, the fire & the air yes… if you mess with the Libra and you lied to a Libra we will blow your damn flame out okay but yet and still, we won’t lose the love and we’re forgiving of our Aries.
      They are sometimes a little difficult with understanding their thoughts in their views but very playful and Loves laighing like the Libra, they love to take care and they love to love in the Libra does too. We both are very open loving and caring we give our last and we never asked for a dime back to me that says the real Christians true Christians it’s better to give than to receive the most people don’t get that and libras, if you’re in the Libra Circle you in a Libra Circle for life until you screw it up and then they’ll give you a long handle spoon but won’t get rid of you. We love to love not hate but we will deal with you if you messing with our Circle we love our families and children and so does the Aries and together collectively they love to take care and love and make money there’s a high future with the Libra and a Aries if you understand each other’s intelligent have a blessed day!
      I am very Attractive to my Aries loving our humanity of the People. Aries Love the Spot Light, and the Libra Loves to follow in his shadow.
      Team work, makes the Dream Work!

      • Aries man July 23rd, 2020

        …generally, your analysis is correct about us Aries men, so your man is the typical one. 

        Oh, I’m mostly interested in Aries women so please tell me about them from your perception as to what they want but won’t (initially) tell you. 😉

    • Anonymous August 13th, 2020

      Sorry to say this but a bit of hot and cold behavior works for them. Keep aries men on their toes. If you’re a Libra, that should be easy.

    • Angela February 23rd, 2021

      If your Aries man is cooling down thats probably not good…make him fight for him that other men would gladly have yiu (should be easy for a Libra female!) by showering other men with attention and he will see just how desirable you are. Perhaps even tell him you worry the two of you arent compatible and “I dont really know if we have long term potential”…make him afraid to lose you. I love my Aries but I do worry about some of our “issues” which just makes him fight all that much harder for me. Plus we have killer chemistry (sex 4 times in one morning! …I didnt even realize that was possible to do). His honesty and passion are rare to find and he always always knows when my feelings get hurt which is hard cuz a tree could offend me haha

  19. Sag_sun_capricorn_moon December 29th, 2019

    What the fuck man, just 61 comments here. Ya’ll missing out on a lot of knowledge. Scorpio men forums are where everyone seems to be hehe :))) I’m a sag btw, like researching zodiac stuff+ my parents are this pairing, so came here but not much material here, except a this good article 🙁

    • Aries man December 30th, 2019

      Thanks but I prefer to avoid Scorpios and Librans….Happy New Year!

    • gigi October 5th, 2020

      The Scorpio likes to screw, that is the only relationship they have

      • Sag_sun_capricorn_moon October 10th, 2020

        LMAO go read the comments then. You’ll find movie like love stories amongst all the comments & OFCOURSE there would be bad comments too. I just made an observation, I’m not any of these signs, be it libra, aries or scorpio. You idiots who generalize everyone based on one or two experiences won’t understand that there’s way more than sun sign pop astrology bs. I’m into esoteric & I read these threads for fun& research purposes. Sorry if an objective observation by a third party hurt your egos, but that’s the truth what can we do 😉🙂

  20. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra are ruled by Venus…they always need love/peace.

    It helps, here is a free 2020 Forecast for LIBRA:

  21. Millie February 6th, 2018

    My soulmate was an Aries man and we bickered a lot but loved each other dearly. I am a Libra and I try to be fair in everything. Sadly he passed after 9 glorious years. But there are different kinds of Aries men and women. Genetics play a role in who we are too!

    • Ars.Nova February 4th, 2019

      So do moon signs. I am an Aries and while I get along with other fire signs, and have a strong sense of understanding with other Aries, there are still some Ive met who I did not get along with.

  22. Honey love November 16th, 2017

    I had an aries man for three years. Everything was perfect. I ran from the commitment. I have a sag man now. We are best as friends but we love each other so we’re staying together until we’re ready to truly let go. I just came to read the comments. Most Aries men like to chase so the harder you are to open up the more committed they will be to solving your mysteries. As time passes they will fall in love and everything will be perfect. If they act out it’s because they are hurt.

  23. Sarrah November 10th, 2017

    To a tee

  24. Shruti September 18th, 2017

    I dont agree so. Got married and divorced him. Now happily married to a virgo

  25. Bess August 14th, 2017

    Utter bull. I ve had 2 Aries men and both were selfish, cheating, lying users who didn’t give a damn about me no matter how I tried. I’m seeing a Pisces man now who , despite his moodiness and temper always listens,he’s honest and a gentle and passionate lover but he hasn’t fallen in love with me.

    • Aries man August 23rd, 2017

      Aries believe what they say, so Aries don’t lie.
      And not keeping promises/commitments is not lying, unless they were aware in advance that they would misbehave that way…Aries sincerely believe they will do what they say they will do since Aries make decisions based on emotion instead of thinking things through first.

      Whereas Librans are the biggest liars and manipulators out of all 12.

      • Gigi May 7th, 2021

        LMAO I am not here to say the Libras cannot manipulate or control we are very very G.damn good at that but when we love we love for real we know when to pull back and let our men be men we wouldn’t have it any other way if he doesn’t know how to lead his ass need to go simple we love men that are leaders born leaders without micromanagement and the Aries is All that so you’re telling the truth but I also beg to differ that’s the issue with being a girl versus a woman which I am a true woman of married LOL
        And I’ll tell you something else you have to be very very damn careful with Libra we will let you bring your damn lies and your hatred for a long time but when we get sick of your behind We Will blast you from day one of your lies in your hell you have to be very very careful fooling with a Libra we’re very protective over our families we love our men and help us better beware we don’t play family first we are very much family women you can say dictators all you want but we love to have our families balance that’s the only way to see it mind your business don’t start none won’t be none simple point blank spoken from a true Libra LOL I love this show or this commentary however we put it 😁

  26. Biswaranjan Sahoo February 5th, 2017

    Hi, thanks a lot for the each n every detailed summary written for both the side. ,An Aries Man with A Libra woman….all the lines are so damn matching.. unbelievable..Love u the writer….

  27. jbvika01 August 21st, 2014

     This is like a cheat sheet which is always insightful to my relationship 

  28. Aries612 February 28th, 2014

    I swear I thought this was written for me and a special someone for it was word for word on point! I had to read it like four times to make sure I was actually reading this! You’re good!!!

  29. Shawnte123 January 7th, 2014

    @Carterrodney09 who hurt you?

  30. carterrodney09 December 10th, 2013

    I just have to say all you libra bitches are stupid and you all sound stupid im a sag i had to sign on just to let you hoes no them Aries niggas dont give a fuck about non of you they just keep you around for the conviencecof sex and nothing else and i can guess that most of them niggas dont have a job they need you for that to there only good for one thing fucking an nothing else they are the most selfcentered people on the earth

  31. charminglibra April 17th, 2013

    Omg … I’m being trying to figure out why I love my Aries so much. And he loves me. But I guess I should stop making it so hard. Maybe I need to but on lock…

  32. LibraLadyMonet October 21st, 2012

    all these things are on point exactly … I met a aries yeserday night at my bff bday party… I was staring at him for a minute  then later we dance that night. When I first seen him he did look stern and in sensitive untl we actually talk after the party. we talked and he was rubbing my feet and legs bacause we where dancing all night. complementing on my legs. Also telling me If he really wnated he could take me from my man. So we just laid down on the bed in hotel room waiting for our ride. He said i bet I can hold you better than your man and I said bet lol he was right. it was something different, too bad im in love with my current libra bf.  But I keep on thinking about him fo some reason that draws me to him and I cant help it at all.

  33. ArchAries September 25th, 2012

    Yes I’ve got to say this has hit severall key points about the relationship between me and my lovely Libra lady, who would be miffed at me using the possesive just now 😉 ,most importantly how we met I first noticed her when he was so gracious to pass me her notes when I was late for a class without knowing me and she remembers me for standing up to our professor in class and she does tend to soothe my “war-like” impulses while . at least from my perspective, I keep her moving towards her ambitions even when she’d rather take a break and admire the scenery.
    Were I see we differ from the usual Aries/Libra cases is that my attraction remained dormant at first, aprox 3 year, and then when it mannifested it was a long “battle” to gain her approval but I’m glad I fought it and we became a couple/team.
    Initialy I didn’t think of her as a romantic but surprise surprise, my intial impressions of her were wrong and now I’ve discovered that I also pay a lot more attention to love and matters of the heart which is just the way I want it with her in my life.

  34. cheelovesmusic July 28th, 2012

    @cheelovesmusic I mean I don’t think he was over me. And something tells me he still isn’t and now I’m afraid I really hurt his feelings and that’s why he is ignoring me. Plus my tarot readings conclude that he does have feelings for me and I need to be nice, but I’m still curious as to what other people think I should do. As of right now I’m letting him be until he wants to talk to me but he always wants to talk when I’m busy and I can’t drop everything for him and when I don’t he ignores me. And I think if I asked him how he feels he would probably admit to loving me but I honestly don’t want to ask. I want him to tell me. because he is so different than other aries and he is secretive and won’t tell you how he feels until you ask him what is going on. I’ve never met an aries that can keep their mouth shut like that, no offense. That’s one of the things I love about aries is that they voice what they think and how they feel. Well the ones I know do. And thats a lot how I am. At least with me he is quiet (like he is hiding). Maybe he thinks I’m going to judge him? I don’t know. Does anyone have any advice? Or ideas of what they think he feels? He really confuses me. Not many people do. That’s why I keep thinking about this, he is oh so mysterious.

  35. cheelovesmusic July 28th, 2012

    @Aplibra Or you should talk to him about it. If he responds.

  36. cheelovesmusic July 28th, 2012

    @Aplibra You know, every aries (male or female) that I have met tends keeps things to themselves. Even about relationships. And they are honest about what they want. When they want it. they can be pretty selfish. And I know they are good people but they confuse themselves and once they have you they wanna let go and then come back. Either that or they stay and you cannot get rid of them ever. That’s how my dad was with my mom. That’s how a couple of my exes were. Some were waay too clingy. I usually end up wanting to be with the aries that like to come and go. But if he is ignoring you he could either be busy, or he really doesn’t care and doesn’t have the heart to tell you. Or maybe he is playing mind games. I know a lot of aries that are super manipulative. Then they feel guilty later. Idk if he is avoiding hanging out with you I think he might be playing mind games or maybe he doesn’t want to hurt you. Aries reaally confuse me too. The only way I can figure them out is in person and looking them in the eye (like a human lie detector lol), because they make no sense over the phone. Plus they try to avoid drama and they don’t WANT to hurt people (even though they do). So if he feels he would hurt you he might just ignore you. But then again he may just be busy. From what I read though it seems like a game (texting you back about certain things and ignoring others). I think you should leave him alone for a while. If he doesn’t come around after you have text him multiple times (nicely) then he is just playing games and you deserve better than that. Don’t ignore him though, but just play it safe and seem distant and like you don’t care as much as before or at all.

  37. cheelovesmusic July 28th, 2012

    @cheelovesmusic Oh wow I made so many spelling errors. I’m sorry haha I was typing fast so I wouldn’t forget any details.

  38. cheelovesmusic July 28th, 2012

    Okay, so we got back together and suddenly we stoppped talking altogether. no texts, calls, not even conversations in person. His reason was that his friends didn’t like me. Then he decided he wanted to break up because he wanted to be single and the relationship was going npwhere. I put my wall up and turned to a hardass and cussed him out over the phone, which is how he dumped me. After I did that I text him saying I could not believe how dumb he was for breaking up with me over text and haha yeah i was furious. he responded with”Don’t even try the shit u said hurt me enough. im done you apparently dont know how to handle a break up” so i said well you have broken up with me before and this is your fault because if you didn’t like me you shouldn’t have even tried. and he just kept saying how his friends didnt like me and blah blah blah and he waned to be single. and i told him whatever. so we didnt talk for about four months and i got over him quickly, because i have the attention span of a fly. i dated other guys but i didnt rub that in his face. he however got a new girlfriend a month later and paraded around with her and everytime he saw me he would give me the dirtiest look i have ever seen. one day i walked up to his friend (who i didnt know was his friend at the time) and started bitching about how i didnt care about the fact that he had a gf but i cared that he is making such ugly faces at me and he busted up laffing and i guess his friend told him so i thot he hated me. so we didnt talk to eachother for four months. one day out of the blue he text me and was like “hey i just wanted to see if you wanted to come over and talk. i anna b friends i dont want you to hate me.” i didnt respond because my phone was off. ten minutes later another message from him “if you dont want to talk tell me to just fuck off and i’ll understand.” i still didnt have my phone on bcuz i was at work so i didnt respond. 5 minutes later i get another message “i take it you dont want to talk…” and 30 minutes later i turned my phone on and i had deleted the number so i didnt know who it was texting me like this so i said “woah, wait who is this” he responded “if you deleted my number you don’t want to talk to me” so i said “dont give me any crap, u might have the wrong number” he was like “oh its me”. and i knew it was him, i just wanted to be sure. so i was like “well i jus got off work so if u cud wait an hour, ill b over then” he said “cool im down”. so then when i went over and all we did was talk and he hugged me a couple of times and told me how beautiful and sexy i was. and i teased him and was kind of rude because i wanted to test him and he didnt tease me back but he laughed along and then after a while he looked relly sad and started mumbling everything he said. i asked what was wrong and he stated “oh nothing, do u wanna watch a movie?” and i said ok. and we were on his bed and i was in front of him at the corner of his bed and i cud see out of the corner of my eye he was staring at me. it was like an intense gaze so i just started joking and playing with his dog and when i turned around he looked away quickly. he did this four times that i noticed. i just thot he was mad at me for making fun of his outfit but he didn’t seem mad. he seemed really sad. and when i left he mumbled “no hug goodbye” and i cudnt hear him all i heard was no so i was like “whaaaaaaaaaat you’re mumbling” and he mumbled that about four times until he finally just hugged me and thanked me for coming over. and i was like sure i had nothing else to do. and he didnt text me after that. i would have to text him and i would tease him the whole time. and then stop texting him randomly because it was kinda boring. but one day i asked him why he wanted to be my friend. and he said” i didnt want you to hate me” and i said ” why the fuck would it matter if we ever talked again? why would that matter to you?” and he said “idk it jus did” and then we stopped talking. and then a week later i was about to go to bed and it was really late. and he decided it would be a gr8 time to text me and ask how i was doing. i was like oh hes probably drunk or somthing. so i text him “i was about to go to bed”. he said “oh wat are you doing tomorrow?” and i replied that i was working and then i would be doing nothing. and i don’t remember how we started talking about sex but we did and we decided to be fwb. and i was relly bossy throughout the whole conversation. so the next day i went over there and the first thing he did was pick me up and start kissing me and then we fooled around and afterwards we cuddled and then we messed around some more and then cuddled some more and we talked a lot. but he would NOT look me in the eye and that pissed me off bcuz thats just something i do and idk for some reason it made me self concious. but yeah and he will ignore my texts now. and after we had sex i started talking about other guys and he got really quiet. and i thought he was over me and just wanted sex like i did but the way he was acting was really childish and made it seem like he still had feelings for me. and now he is ignoring me and i feel really bad about the whole thing. like maybe i just shouldnt have talked to him. and part of me would love to get back together with him, and the other part wants to kick his ass for ignoring me. and i don’t know wat to do with him because i have other guys that are asking me out and he said ” i dont want to date ANYONE until im ready” and he went on about how great and fantastic i was and i thought it was only his dick talking. but idk i have this gut feeling that he still has feelings for me and i hurt him. and i do tarot readings for myself and the cards were saying things about romance and harmony, justice, fate, destiny, karma, and he came up a lot. and a first i didnt want to think that he had feelings for me but the way he looks at me when he thinks im not looking is how he used to look at me when he would tell me how much he loved me, which he did a lot. and im a lot younger than him so i think thats also part of why he doesnt want to date me. but idk i have feelings for him. i just don’t know what to do with him because he is ignoring me but im sure on like monday he will want me to come over to hang out but idk he ignores me when things get too intense, like he shuts me out. and he never acted like he was proud to b with me either so i’m just confused. should i talk to him about how i feel? or let him come around and tell me first? because either way ik he cannot stay away from me but he can ignore me when im right next to him…plus he lets me kiss him and he does watever i tell him to do. its pretty amusing watching him to that because hes a hardcore rocker type dude haha but yeah im just confused. neither one of us has mentioned any feelings. we did talk about our relationship but he lookd really sasd so i changed the subject. idk. what should i do. i feel like just asking him, but hed either tell me or ignore the question and i dont want to make him uncomfortable because i could care less if he does love me. im just curious. and i feel like i hurt him so ugh haha im confusig myself here. I just want to know if any of you guys think  he might have feelings for me and won’t admit it. idk you would kind of have to see how he acts around me, he is confortable when we are having sex and then after when i start talking about things or teasing him he gets all sad and starts cleaning and being all weird. like when i said sumthn about how a guy on tv was so cute he decided he was going to vacuum and steam clean his floor but that he didn’t want me to leave. haha i really do not understand why he did that. and that’s just one example of how weird he is.

  39. cleoheartsyou July 26th, 2012

    @cheelovesmusic I know exactly how you feel. I am not a stranger to dating and men line up to be with me, but no one has ever made me feel as complete and utterly in paradise is this aries man. Yet he is so difficult to figure out! We are not in a relationship but every time I see him the chemistry is off the charts… and not only sexual, but a deeper love connection. Most of the times we do NOT hook up and just talk, though. It is a very respectful interation. I make him laugh and he does not deny loving me but is so uncomfortable about clearly admitting it or showing it. When I pull away, he always comes back, always. I really think the only thing we Libra women can do is be patient and do our own thing. The hardest part for me is that it has almost been 2 years of this on and off thing for me… but I really do not want any other guy. So, as a Libra, it is hard to be alone so often and forced to be independent. I have a lot of great things going on in my life but that one thing really missing is my sweetheart. Not sure if anyone else has a better suggestion… ? 🙁 xo

  40. Aplibra July 23rd, 2012

    I am a libra woman who started talking/seeing an aries man.  While talking he has said he wants to make an effort to make this grow with me and he wants to spend his free time with me.  Everything was going well until we had sex on Friday.  Apparently, mother nature did not leave as I had thought and when my aries guy went back to work, he became freaked out.  So Saturday, he tells me this.  He also tells me that he wished that we had waited so he could tell me about his issues with this (an ex had a yeast infection and another ex had something going on when he tried anal with her).  He told me not to be sorry when I apologized for the mishap.  I also went into fix it mode.  I told him that I wanted to continue to see where things go inspite of his “issue”.  He was working so he didn’t text me back right away.  So later, he did text back and he said we were still good (I asked).  It was short text exchange.  Later that night, I asked if he wanted to come over after work, he said he was going home to sleep (fair enough).  I asked if he wanted to hang out on Tuesday (no response)  Yesterday, I sent him a text saying I was thinking of him.  He responded with “hello there beautiful” which is what he always has done.  It was a short exchange again.  I asked if I had overstepped when asking about Tuesday…no response.  I figured it was because he was working.  I haven’t heard from him since yesterday.  I sent a couple more texts to reach out to him between yesterday and today(how’s work going 4pm; hey how is your night going 11:30pm; hey sweetie how are you 11:45am; picture message 2:35pm).  We met online and he has hidden his profile from all searches as did I.  He doesn’t know that I have.  I don’t know if I should leave well enough alone or continue to pursue him.  From what I have read of aries men is that they will be honest with what they want.  I hope he isn’t playing mind games with me.  HELP!!!

  41. Sweety27 May 27th, 2012

    Everything written on here is exactly how my relationship was/is been with my aries man. We had a long relationship until a few times a some problems come. I am not sure whether our relationship is on dead or will be back in each other arms.
    Btw i am libra woman born on sep 27 was with aries man born april 9. Our relationship is always fresh , satisfying and lovely relationship. We both cared each other deeply with lots of puting our emotions promising each other that we both die for each other. He treats me like a lady and i love to be treated that way.  I love our lovely beautiful memories which i definately put in in my heart. It was amazing sex like almost everytime we meet . Hot hot hot !!! Our relationship’s main problem was he got a very bad temper hurting me a lot of his words and of his jealous gets him easily he always trying to breakup and comes back to me . It hurts me deeply because i take things seriously and i get so cofused after that ! But when seeing how my relationship was with him its soooooo unforgetable i feel like i would never will have passionate relationshipship like this ever.
    I wish he could control his emotions 🙁 . And I love him sooooooooooooo much <3 <3 <3 My aries man is my true love 🙂 

  42. [email protected] March 5th, 2012

    Chee: He is telling you how he feels and what he is doing. he is not cheating on you. Stop waiting by the phone and go live. He loves it when you are living not just for him but for yourself. He knows you love him and care. That is why he wont leave you alone for good. When Aries ppl tell you that they are going thru something. Trust me when I say this, (Both of my sisters are Aries and my Man) They ARE. Every Decision has to be on point and there is no room for error. If you are around and something goes wrong; he will probably blame you for worring to much because he is worring about you and your reactions to his problems. And your emotions are causing him not to handle his problems. Give him distance and just send a “How you doing today”. This tells him that you are not just his lover but more of a friend to his needs. Friends give space. Lovers hover. This is my experience and advice.. Good Luck

  43. [email protected] March 5th, 2012

    Aries men can be very selfish/prideful when they are going thru something that they feel that no one can help. They will rather not have to deal with other people emotion/s while they brood. My Aries man has so much going on, he would say things that are not meant to hurt me but to purely tell me where he is at with his emotions. We talk and I advise him in the best way that I could to guide him. And he loves that about me. Once he is done with his problem and feels like he received sound advise. Then we are back to us all over again. “The Rollercoaster Ride” but it is a fun ride. I know he’s not going anywhere and He know I wont budge. I give him enough space to Brood and then I send him a reminder that I am here to help with wonderful loving gesters to make him smile. This is always 1 or 2 days of brooding. I wont let him think that no one is not there for him. Go With your instinct Libras.  He loves to be the only one on you mind and the only one that can love him the way he needs. Libras are the Art of Love.  Keep showing him that you are his Friend and Lover. No one is like you and would deal with his Brooding. NO ONE. 
    Jais George: Leave her alone, she will come back when she sees that you have moved on. Tell her what you want and If you does not comply and does want a man that loves her. then leave you alone and dont call. Tell her that she is being selfish and not thinking about the love you have for her could go to someone else.  She will see it and will come running or she will run away for good. Don’t be scared to let go. She has been thinking about you and what she has to do to let go of you every time she sees you because you have a life that does not include her. Now, you have to make sure that you want her, because if you do. don’t break up with her. to us you must want someone else and playing us like Yo Yo’s. We hate it when you mess with our hearts. We will get cold and never talk to you again regardless of how good you are.  Stay with her. We love to be reassured. Don’t break your promises. We give and give. We want to receive something back in return. Fidelity. Don’t leave her. Don’t. You did it too many times.

  44. cheelovesmusic February 28th, 2012

    @cheelovesmusic He also said it was not an official goodbye and that he was not breaking up with me because of anything I had done so i am taking that as he wants to be with me but is going through some problems of him own and does not have the energy for a relationship but that is why I am confused because it was a sudden change and I know he did not cheat on me or anything but i just do not want to waste my time and like i said before I really would like some input on whether or not waiting for him is a good idea, grrr I am so confused.

  45. cheelovesmusic February 28th, 2012

    I am a libra girl and I know I can be naive sometimes but when I was with my aries sweetheart everything felt complete and I felt so safe. I could look into his eyes and only see him. If I had a bad day all I had to do was call him and he would listen to everything I needed to say and then tell me how much he loved me and when we touched I would get goosebumps and I love him with all of my heart. He balanced me out like no other man before, but I am so confused by him because a couple days ago he said he missed me and loved me and then the next day he broke up with me saying he needs to be alone to figure things out in his head. I told him I’d always be there for him if he needed a friend and he said thanks and then kept trying to hug me even after breaking up with me. I am pretty sure he still loves me and I trust what he says but it breaks my heart to wake up every morning and remember his heartbeat and breath on my neck and the warmth of his body when we hugged and kissed and know i cannot do that anymore. I’m just hoping that if I wait a while and give him space he will come back to me and realize i am not too young to handle him ( hehe big egotistical brat) and it will make our bond stronger and he will fully trust me and know I was serious when I told him I loved him. I miss him so much aww I’m getting teary eyed over this but I just hope I am not wasting my time because I have never loved anyone as much as I love him. Can anyone give me advice or let me know if I am just letting my heart rule my head and this will end in disaster? 🙁

  46. smartjais February 25th, 2012

    @vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae Ok guess you are right.. I was thinking too much and making it complex. I will just focus on the friendship for now and see where it leads. Thank you very much for your advice.

  47. Author
    Ask Oracle February 25th, 2012

    @smartjais Well, humans are like that… unpredictable 😉

    You don’t have to worry about what she wants from you, she’ll tell you. And you don’t have to confess the same thing again and again. I would say focus on the friendship for now and take it to a level where you two are very very very comfortable with each other. Have fun 🙂

  48. smartjais February 25th, 2012

    @Missmonet No what I am wondering is why is she back in my life suddenly if she rejeected me once?

  49. smartjais February 25th, 2012

    @Missmone  No what I am wondering is why is she back in my life  suddenly if she rejeected me once?

  50. Missmonet February 25th, 2012

    @smartjais lol im a libra women. lol i hate it when some guys wait so long to tell me that and i already feel that way

  51. smartjais February 14th, 2012

    Hi  Needed some help. I am a Aries guy who is madly in love with a Libra girl. I have been in love with her for the past 6 years. I was in touch with her and we talked a lot and spend a lot of time together. She used to flirt with me all the time and give me positive signs all the time. I finally after waiting for a long time told her that I loved her around a year and a haif back. She said no and suddenly she stopped talking to me all together. Now a year later she again is talking with me and she is again talking to me like the best of friends, she gets excited when she is with me, also flirting with me like before and giving me all the positive signs for me to make a move. I am confused what to do? I still love her a lot but am afraid if I confess my love again she will again stop contact or something. kindly please advice as I am having real trouble understanding what she wants?

  52. Camryn November 21st, 2011

    Im a libra woman, and the aries man Im involved with, has also become distant and I don’t understand why.. Is it because he’s grown ”bored”of me? We’ve discussed being in a real relationship, and how we were made for each other, but Im not ready for that because of personal issues that don’t really include him. Its been like this for maybe a few months but I really do like him, but Im not going to beg him to communicate with me.. Also I can’t stop thinking about him.. I guess I love him 🙁

  53. luckladylibra August 24th, 2011

    Hi, I found this quite true. I am a libra woman and I am in love with an Aries man, but about four months ago we had a falling out that was so dumb. I simply asked “exactly what are we doing?” Only for him to reply “idk” this made me upset and thus yelling at him and getting emtotional, I was only concerned with my feelings after being hurt so many times in the past and being single for two years. It was so bad that he told me he regretted me happening to his life and to never speak to him again. Now here we are four months later, we are friends but he only forgave me and won’t forget about what happened. Last night during one of our most recent text conversations he told me that he no longer has feelings for me because of what happened. It was because of a third party person that does not like me overheard the conversation a friend and I were having on the phone about it and got on facebook and spitting all these lies to him, claiming that she and I were friends when in reality we aren’t. I was angry at him for not coming and talking to me instead of entertaining her bs. I want him so bad and I pray about it a lot. We agreed to meet and see each other next month and just hang out for a bit, but I don’t know what to do anymore. He always says things to me about me having a boyfriend and I don’t and I don’t know why he thinks I do. I mean I am attractive but I have been waiting around for him. What should I do?

  54. markesha1021 August 24th, 2011

    Well while this is quite true, I’m dealing with an aries man who forgives but can’t forget. We had a falling out four months ago because I asked the question “exactly what are we doing?” and he replied “idk” this made me upset because I’ve been hurt by a leo male three times and just wanted to be sure that what he and I was getting into was sincere. He said I blew up at him for “nothing” and there’s more when this was going on he said he needed 2-3 and I gave him that, only for him to say three days later that things couldn’t go back to the way they were. After talking to my Leo ex, his friend overheard our conversation and got on fb looked him up and made up some lies, which had him believing she was my friend when in reality we’re not. He got so angry with me that he said “I regret you happening to my life.” now four months later we are friends again, I’ve been waiting around hoping things can work out, but he says he doesn’t have any feelings for me because of what happened, but we are supposed to see each other next month since I hadn’t seen him before the falling out. I love him because of who he is, and I won’t tell him he was wrong because he’s never going to own up to I apologized for being concerned about my feelings, not for the way I felt/feel about him. What should I do? I’m a libra female and I’m also 4 years older than him

  55. Sam Ellis-Dixon April 11th, 2011

    I luv this!! I have been with a Aries man b4, but never hav I read such specific detail. And might I add accurate!! I know he luvs me yet is sumtime stubborn. The connection is undeniable, and our chemistry is awesome!!! We will get married soon, and can’t wait to treat my man like a king, and I his libra queen!

  56. lady gaga, MFs! April 8th, 2011


  57. innocent libra lady April 6th, 2011

    plz somebody help me…some times my boyfrnd wants to get break up, he is arien….

  58. Rahil April 6th, 2011 libra girl my boyfrnd is arien, sometimes my boyfrnd ask me to get break up..n again he comes back in my life…what to do…? i really dont understand what is his problem…somebody help plz..

  59. Rahil April 6th, 2011

    god its just so true, i dnt b’lieve it..its jst the same what we are…..

  60. Tanisha March 27th, 2011

    This passage is 100% tru to

  61. Monica March 14th, 2011

    OMG!! I soooooo believe in this lil passage cause im a libra and my mate is an aries and we be bumping heads all tha time… Simply because im not tha type of woman who feels like a nigga is tryna controll me def not me… but at tha same time mayb i need somebody too put me on lockdown a lil lol…

  62. Bold & Sexxy Libra Lady March 8th, 2011

    One More thing Mahalia:

    You have to Teach him how to sex you correctly. We are natural born Leaders. Lead Him to Lead YOU.

  63. Bold & Sexxy Libra Lady March 8th, 2011

    To Mahalia:

    Stay true to your feelings for him. One thing I notice about my Aries man. He is testing you to see if you are going to stick by his side thru the BS. But make sure he is able and wanting to handle a woman like you. Always apologize for your actions but not the way you feel. Stay honest, never lie or deceive him in any way to get an answer. You are a charming Libra Lady. Take some sexxxy as- pics, send them to him with everything you feel. He will see you beauty and wont be able to resist your words. So choose your pics and words carefully. They take all you say to heart. So get to his heart with sincerity, gentalness and unconditional love with out say you “Love” him. Admire and adore him in your words with all you are feeling. Remember, he has to be # 1 in your life and none other. Keep you on his mind. Do not let you slip away. Express to him that you are not “Clingy or Needy”. You are very attentive to his needs and want the best for him. And You Are the BEST for him. Just alittle advice. He will adore you for it. B&S Libra Lady

  64. Bold & Sexxy Libra Lady March 8th, 2011

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so inlove with my Aries man. He brightens my whole day when I talk to him or text him. He Knows exactly what to say and do to make me forgive him for making me feel so lonely for the 2 day of silence. I love this article. It described our relationship to the T! When I am pissed at him, I go way off at the deep end and then apologize so quickly. He then forgives me so fast. Just as quick as I forgive him. I admire him and I love his impatient patiences. His opinion matters to me like no other. He give me advice as I give to him. The passion is so intense that we both give to each other. All I can think of is how to make sure his every wish is given and he makes sure my needs are met. Aries men Rock!! We are the only sign that will understand them and can charm their pants off!! GO Libras!!!

  65. Natali March 7th, 2011

    it’s absolutely true article, I’m agree with evrth what it says. But I would like to give one advice to a Libra woman: if u really love ur Aries, u should ALWAYS be agree with him and admire him!!! ALWAYS!!!
    I made a mistake, once I disputed with him, but he understood this like disrespect and inability to support him….(((( but in real it wasn’t like this((

  66. Mahalia February 23rd, 2011

    I just want to say that being a libra woman inloved with my boyfriend who is an aries, is totally confused sometimes as to where i stand with this man. He keeps on reminding me about how much of a man he is and yes i have acknowledged that more than enough times. For instance i find that our sex life is one sided being that he just wants to get straight to the point when doing it, i feel like im being raped because he does not entice me to want it and it hurts when he penetrates me, its just because he wants it and that’s why we should do it. He is a selfish prick but i love him to bits because he knows how to spoil me but gosh our sex life needs help it’s just too boring!!!. He’s also just too secretive which works on my tits sometimes because i wanna be certain for sure that i am his one and only, he keeps talking about us getting married but find it hard to understand as to why he has not popped the question yet pls im begging you to give me answers as to what to do with this man. P.s Mahalia

  67. Jeff February 6th, 2011

    I don’t even stars, but this is accurate.

  68. tara January 24th, 2011

    I’ve been with my Aries man for 7 yrs. and this is our relationship to a T!!

  69. Kay January 18th, 2011

    I’m a Libra and my fiance is an Aries. This describes us perfectly.

  70. S November 18th, 2010

    I just started dating an Aries man and I feel like I need to “let him go” or something. He acts interested and then I won’t hear from him for days on end. When we are together it is so powerful and when we are not, it’s like we are strangers. He went from telling me he felt like we were kindred spirits on the night we met to barely speaking to me. The other eve I finally pinned him down for some dinner plans. I got a text about 8PM “gosh! I just left work. I still need to hit the gym. Catch up with you another time.” In my mind this screams “you are just not important enough.” I am not needy and I am not goin gto beg – I am going to move on. If he wants me, he will find me.

  71. Sonia November 9th, 2010

    So scary, i couldnt believe how true.

  72. lordmikkel October 3rd, 2010

    wow this so true,iam a aries man and i love a libra woman,we are great but we are not equals and that is the only problem we have, thank you

  73. hadeeza September 24th, 2010

    its an amazing experience,my boyfrnd is an aries man and i am a libra woman,i luv every word on this passage because is sooooo very true.with the show case of this passage,im able to work with it and guess wot?it worked

  74. Tai August 23rd, 2010

    I would like to say that I am a Libra Woman and, I am with an Aries Man and this is so on point about us. Its so amazing !!

  75. jelly boo July 14th, 2010

    I love that passage it is very true Im a libra woman that is in love with a libra man and boi it stay quite interesting

  76. LadyLorraine May 21st, 2010

    I really like this page. My best-friend is an Aries Man and I’m a Libra Woman, we’ve been friends almost four years and it’s like this was written about us.

  77. ragpicker April 7th, 2010

    I could not believe what I was reading..! I could have written this about my beautiful lady as I am a aries. Thank you … you made my day. Ragpicker

  78. sarah September 19th, 2009

    I just wanted to say that I read mine and my boyfriends love match and it discribed us to a T! We have only been together for a year. But we have been on and off for over 9 years! We are finally one the same page. That goes for both of us. What I read is very true about us. I will definitely recommend your site to others. Thank you.

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