Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra feel a strong attraction towards one other in all the relations they share. They not only complement each other but also share mutual admiration and appreciation for each other. But with that comes the impulsive nature of Aries and indecisive nature of Libra and this can cause problem if they do not open to each other.

Aries are born with the qualities that are adored by most people. They are supreme individuals with strong head and great desires. They are highly independent and hate to be dictated over any subject whether personal or professional. Aries beings are impulsive, quick-tempered and emotional. Due to the impulsive nature of Aries, they are often left feeling remorseful caused by the consequences of their own behavior. Aries are courageous leaders willing to take a risk. They are impulsive and jealous by nature. They are confident that they know better. Aries are great at starting something and not finishing it. They pay little attention to detail. On the other hand, giving a good reason to fight for a new cause, the Aries rise to the occasion.

Librans are charming yet mysterious. With a firm grip of their senses, Librans are very intelligent, charming and optimistic people. They are dreamy and are constantly changing their ideals and weigh all options before concluding anything. They appear to be stubborn and irritable because of their affliction to listen diligently to all sides of a debate and create a fair and just conclusion. But they are basically sentimental, considerate and intelligent people with an answer to all the questions. The Librans are very good at providing balance in their own life and the lives of others. Not only can Librans provide balance they must have balance in order to be happy and healthy. When in argument the only goal of the Libra is to gain peace and justice.

The Aries and the Libra are opposite by nature with one possessing what the other does not. The Aries at times feels jealous of the Libra wishing they could posses what the Libra has to offer, sound judgment and sophisticated attitude and of course the charm that binds everyone around them. Aries is aware that Libra is fair and logical, possessing the ability to think clearly. The Aries struggles to argue with the Libra knowing the Libra is usually right. A Libra may dwell for a while before making a decision causing the Aries to become impatient. Seeing how the Libra has sensible logic the Aries back out of argument fearing the smell of failure on their part. A jealousy may arise in Libra due to the Aries ability to live an exciting life with lots of new opportunities to live without any fear.

The Aries never openly admit that they respect and admire the Libra for their ability to control their emotions. A request from an Aries can often come across as very demanding. The goal of an argument for an Aries is to win or prove that they are right. Seeing how the Libras logic tends to make them right most of the time the Aries’ confidence is often crushed. A Libra can easily destroy the ego of an Aries. Between the two, the Libra is typically the cool, calm and collected person. They love to live life lightly and smoothly. When the Aries’ aggressive nature becomes intolerable, it can bring out a stormy side of the Libra that many never witness. A Libra does what is ever necessary to regain balance in their life. Conversely, the Libra responds to the Aries friend, relative or mate by finding their indecision gradually turning into a firmer purpose, inspired by the Aries ambition into higher achievement.

Together Aries and Libra may color different relations with different shades making each one beautiful and distinct from one another. Siblings, friends and colleagues are always appreciative and competitive in a healthy way. They both together make some very successful associations both at emotional and professional levels. In circle of relations being cousins or relatives, they share a smooth communication and healthy relativity with each other. In commercial tie-ups they can create great achievements together once they put down ego and work for the common goal of success and fame. Love relationships can be equally satisfying and exciting for both of them especially when Aries man and Libra woman are involved as they can fulfill each other’s life completely. As for family, they both enjoy being other as parents or as parents and children and enjoy the relationship with each other and with the little ones around.

Problems that may creep in the relations shared by Aries and Libra are mostly ones which are caused by ego of Aries or judgmental nature Libra. Aries for the sake of winning go to an extent of even hurting the sensitive feelings of Libras and even making them aggressive. They find Libras unsupportive but the reason behind it is usually Libra’s nature to be just for all the people and all situations. Similarly Librans find Aries spontaneous and impulsive heading to win without the concern of outcome. An association between Aries and Libra can be beneficial for the both of them. The Aries can learn how to bring balance and structure to their life, while the Libra can gain some excitement in their life. A Libra can provide the Aries with encouragement and the friendly words they need for their emotional well being as long as the Aries agrees to play fair.

  1. Mudcricket September 1st, 2021

    Libra woman Aries man 30 yrs in and we hit that disagreeable spot! Lol 😆 Honestly if he does not stop that full of himself demands instead of asking like a human. That Libra temper no one sees is comin out!!! Pray for this Man 🙏 lol 😅😅😅

  2. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Libra men are…self-righteous but too much for their own good, imo. I got a free love reading and it was helpful:
    Hope it helps xoxo

  3. Iva February 20th, 2018

    An awful two year on off relationship. Ended up recently,thank god. Terrible

  4. Erica October 31st, 2017

    I am a 26 year old Aries woman & I love my 38 year old Libra. We where best friends for 2 years & that’s how we fell in love. We have now also been together for 2 years & planning for marriage. We have a beautiful Daughter together. Dan is my best friend & my soul mate. We do everything together. We even work together. I believe if the Aries can put her ego a side, Libra & Aries can live in harmony together forever.

  5. New Relationship June 24th, 2017

    I am a 54 year young. Aries woman in a 1st time relationship with a 66 yr. Libra young man we’ve been knowing each other for a few years dating about 9 months , active about 2 months its been great but i dont k ow if its been great cause its been a while for the both of us or we should have waited a little longer its like the relationship has slowed down some?

  6. Marcia kimble June 24th, 2017

    I am a 54 year young. Aries woman in a 1st time relationship with a 66 yr. Libra young man we’ve been knowing each other for a few years dating about 9 months , active about 2 months its been great but i dont k ow if its been great cause its been a while for the both of us or we should have waited a little longer its like the relationship has slowed down some?

  7. Licorpio January 22nd, 2017

    Hi,personally i have never dated an Aries man as a Libra woman but i am starting to like my bestfriend whom is an Aries. Honestly i do not know why i have fallen for him he is cold,selfish,and insensitive. But at the same time we have those moments were he is so sweet that it makes me not hate him. This reminds me of the song “I hate you,I love you…” If there’s any song that describes an Aries and a Libra relationship i would say that’s the perfect one.

  8. jdhutch1980 June 20th, 2016

    I am an Aries woman and my husband is a libra he was just a bestfriend of mine for 5 yrs but now he is my husband and the father to our daughter and son we have been in a relationship now 4 yrs I am happy but I sometimes doubt him when it comes to his flirtatious ways with other woman he says they are all just friends and that’s it but he sometimes can be insensitive to my feelings especially when he says how beautiful a friend of his is or how sweet a friend of his is it flares my fire inside of me then I start thinking he is gonna cheat on me I can never have a good relationship every person I get involved with always cheats it’s never me who cheats but I am the one in the end that wears the wounds and is the one with the broken heart I really hate it when that fire blares inside of me I wish I was not so jealous but I am and I am extremely protective of myself and my heart and I wanna push him away to protect myself but I just can’t because I was in love with that man our whole friendship I never acted on it though because I was in my own relationship at the time me and him were just friends I always leaned on him when my ex would hurt me . He was always there for me anyways even though I have that issue can I make this relationship work can I figure out some way to stomp that fire when it flares out I was in love with him as my friend and I am in love with him still oh what can I do ☹️

    • LibraGal December 18th, 2016

      Wow… this is very similar to my current relationship.Except, i am a Libra and my boyfriend is an Aries. I was the one who has not been completely honest and faithful. We have been dating for two years, and during that time A Sagittarius caught my attention and I broke up with him to pursue a relationship with the Sag. The Sag had many qualities, superficial ones, that I liked. As I got to know the Sag better I compared him to my Aries. The Sagittarius just didn’t measure up to Aries. Aries, when he falls 100% for you can be everything a Libra woman wants. They are romantic, honest, and the sexual connection is amazing. Fortunately, he took me back, but now because as a Libra, I like dressing to the nines and I am flirtatious , I have made him jealous … I wish I could go back in time. Anyway, we are engage now, but he is very jealous and possessive … I don’t know what to do. Anyway, I am sharing this because as a libra woman, we flirt a lot, and want attention. Remember , Libras are social and we are ruled by Venus, flirting comes naturally to us. But we also value family, so if you are married, most likely he is just admiring but he won’t act on anything. Try making him a bit jealous, Libras can also be jealous if they see their relationship being threatened.

    • Teto April 14th, 2017

      He will cheat 100% coz i m a libra and i knw when we say just friends is one with benefits

  9. Librastar82z February 20th, 2016

    I am a Libra woman and I was dating a Aries man. The relationship for me was really draining I tried to fight for him and us and in the end he left me for someone 11plus years younger than he. I still love him very much but to be honest I can not and will not go back to him even if I had the chance. I find Aries men to be players and they love to play females and get what they want . in have never been with some someone so self centered egotiaical and just plain heartless and mean in my life. Aries do lie a lot to and are very impulsive. I thought that maybe if I stuck around long enough he would see I really cared and that I loved him for him but in the end no matter how much I helped him or was there for him it meant nothing and he left anyways.

  10. bliamor November 16th, 2014

    Every thing in this article about aries and libras together is true.. I was in love with a Libra guy. Took 2 years and 6 months of my life. My longest relationship, the first one I actually took seriously and gave it to. Its true there was sparks and was a fairytale kind of love at first.. but he was such a ladies man.. played me a couple times with other girls.. gave him chances after chances to come back. So stupid. The last 3 or so months we were together he was acting weird.. I did it all to get him to be the same again, bought him alot of stuff only to find out he was cheating on me with another girl. Although, It wasn’t much of a surprise because I could feel it in my heart it was that. He was going everywhere with this girl and barely making time for me so I broke up with him, he cried and cried about me but I couldnt do it anymore. The hardest thing is letting go.. I couldn’t take it after we broke up. I wanted him back so bad but I knew he was just going to play me again and again. One thing I’ll never know the answer to is why guys stray and cheat on their “love” but cry when the girl they cheated on leaves.. so ridiculous. I think about him every now and then but then I remember that he’s nothing but a bitch boy. It’s been 4 months since we split I am now doing better than ever. I joined the army and he’s still with that girl.. doing/saying the same old things to her that he told me.. wont be long til’ she finds out how he really is.. he’ll never amount to anything. 

  11. Jfaith August 25th, 2014

    Listen all libra women I’m 40yrs old and I’m a proud libra woman lol please stay away from Aries men or you will be sorry not a good match I’ve been married for 4yrs there were red flags from beginning but I didn’t listen to my gut…they might make great friends, they seem at first to communicate well but when times get tough the tough get going….they can be abusive both physically , verbally and mentally they are extremely jealous and can be condescending…they are also cheaters not at first but eventually…they are great lovers in bed they aim to please and there best attribute they make you laugh giggle role out on the floor laughter…but beware they will eventually break your heart..I’m divorcing him soon they are dreamers they get flights of ideas I think they are schizophrenic and bipolar they have issues that a libra will eventually get tired of..being with an Aries man is not healthy.

  12. Sephora May 22nd, 2014

    I’ve only been with one Aries and I hope that is the last. Never have I met someone who made me feel so low and pushed me down. yes I like guys who are a little agressive and dominant but I’d rather date a Scorpio or An Aquarius, anything but Aries. He was always jealous. Even jealous that past exes looked better than him. He broke up with me often only to beg for me to come back. he always said I’m too emotional, ha! He acted like the macho man, college football player, typical frat boy douche. But behind clouded doors he’d cry occasionally in my arms just cause he loved me…. ? he cheated often, so I returned the favor. Everyone on campus was aware of our popular relationship oh yeah, the couple who does it in public then physically fight each other the next day. Yes we have fought. It was not pretty. towards the end of our 1 year he overheafrigid friends talking outside about how they wish they were dating me instead of him because he treats me like crap. and I deserve better. Oh was he pissed.. he reacted by confronting me if I had ever done anything with them. lol I hadn’t besides share a few classes. two weeks later he broke up with me for the final time. why did I stay, I have no idea. Being immature and superficial the popularity was cool, but being with an emotinal unstable Aries who says he’s in love with me but is abusive? Not cool.. he tried to contact last year, I didn’t even bother to answer.. Maybe I’ll consider an Aries is he is mature and not a tool.   Not all Aries are bad, my cousin is a girl Aries and she is one of my close friends, though I see how she handles her relationships and she is usually the reason they fall apart…. anyways good luck to those of you libras who can do it! 🙂    -love,balance,&harmony

    • Jucee November 29th, 2022

      Thank you so much!! I am dating an Aries and his jealous and abusive side is showing. I thought it would be a good match because my sister is an Aries and we are extremely close but just like you stated she is a lot of times the reasons her good relationships don’t last.

  13. Chief-Rileif September 24th, 2013

    This sounds exactly like me and my boyfriend. i am a Aries and he’s a libra… And everything that this says is true. I am kinda impulsive and very short tempered. He’s very laid back and is right when it comes to deep talks with him. So this is just very awesome on how right this is. 

  14. jasmin1107 June 26th, 2013

    I was cracking up almost throughout the whole passage because this is so true i am a libra n my man is is an aries n we both read it together n it gave us a lil more hope for us we truly love eachother and this is so on point that i cant help to think it is 100% accurate

  15. Libralovesaries January 18th, 2013

    Crazy in love with a aries man and he has no idea… Can’t tell him. To scared how he would react to it or not at all, feel like I have lost a part of me. Wish he was mine-hopeless 

  16. sherebrum December 15th, 2012

    @Spanky I lost my librawomen, and i have been sad since. We didn’t hang out much, but i fell in love with her the first time i lay my eyes on her. Beautiful, intellectual, well-spoken, all the qualities i desire.I hurt her feelings, but i got cought up in the moment. I was so disgusted with my self later on. So i deleted everything that had to do with her. Cell-phone number, facebook, everything. I haven’t talked to her since, but i wish i could lay down my pride and talk to her. I have been hooking up with other girls, but im not happy. They just don’t “do me”, if you know.What should i do??  

  17. Spanky May 24th, 2012

    I am a Libra woman and also a Twin. Some of the things I have read about the personality for a Libra is totally not me. I am so opposite of them.Almost 3 yrs ago I met an aries man online. I used to play a game and one day he decided after about 3 months of invites from friends to finally see what the fuss was about. That is when it happened. The first day in the chat room for the game he seen me chatting with some friends. Finally he got up enough nerve to talk to me. Never before seeing what I looked like or what I sounded like. He said he knew.. from the first time he seen me chatting that there was something about me. We talked for a few weeks and then it turned into months.. It felt like we had known one another for years and years. I have never had a friendship like this. The compatibility was amazing. Everyone would talk about how strong our connection is just by a few things we would say in the chat. It was that obvious. I can’t explain the connection he an I have. But it’s amazing. He is from the UK and I am from the USA.  He said from the first time we talked in chat, he knew right then and there that I was the one he would marry and be with the rest of his life.  We started dating. It was amazing and we spent all our time together, video chatting and even falling asleep with one another on the webcams. phone calls and emails back an forth.  It was just like we were there with one another.After about 6 months it got harder and harder as the feelings got stronger and stronger. The distance got to me. It was hard for me. It was the hardest choice I ever have done in my life was that I decided that we were better off as friends for now. Because I was not able to deal with the distance. But, I still love him with all of my heart. And until he was able to come over the states I didn’t want to be in a relationship, since it was so dificult for me. We still stayed in touch and still talked and still were best of friends. We lost touch for a few months but when we found one another again it was like everything came rushing back as if we hadn’t been split up. He is far from being selfish or careless. He is caring, loving, amazing, thoughtful, honest, trusting. He always looks out for me and has always made me smile. He is the only one who can make my darkest of days be bright. Even being oceans away he is the only one who can calm me when I am so upset that I can’t stand to be around anyone. He has a way with me.  We have a connection and have had it since the first day we met. We both stayed friends and moved on, so we thought, he wasn’t happy with his new girl and said he couldn’t love her because he was in love with me and even though he would try and ignore it and do his best to be happy with this girl, it just didn’t happen, he couldn’t be happy unless it was him na I.  And he always will be in love with me no matter who he was with his heart belonged to me. I know he has my heart. If I was in trouble and had a bad break up. I went to him.  A year ago I was in a relationship that turned abusive. I was lucky to get out of it. He an I hadn’t talked in quite a few months, out of the blue, he sends me a message asking if I was ok. He knew something was wrong and I was in trouble. He was right. I had no one to turn too. He was there even though, we were oceans apart. Had it not been for him, I would have never had the strength to leave. He just knew something was wrong, he said he felt it, could feel I was in trouble and he had to help me. He did.. More then he will ever know. To this day he is still and always will be my one and only. He tells me the gods put us together and even tho they stuck us on opposite sides of the world, we are bond together, and the distance is a test because our love is so strong nothing will stand in it’s way. We have overcome so much already and here we are the two of us. I believe that we are soul mates, because we can sense when the other is in trouble, is sad, hurt, upset, just anything. We feel it for the other.  He loves everything about me and makes sure to tell me every day. I love everything about him. He has the biggest heart and always makes sure he does everything he can to make me feel special. He always puts my needs first and not once has he hurt me or made me feel unloved. He is the only person who actually honestly understands me. He makes me feel complete as I do him. We have never argued, we talk about everything there is under the sun to talk about. Spend day and night talking and we never run out of things to talk about. It is just amazing how much we complete one another.  He is the most amazing man I have ever laid eyes on except for my son. This is just one love story that happened by chance and will continue to be a True Love Story.  I am blessed to have him. I love him more and more each day and can’t wait until the day that we are married.

  18. @lheylove April 13th, 2012

    ” I’m a libra woman and I’ve fell inlove with an aries man. We we’re the perfect couple as our friends said. We have different group of friends because we were not in the same age. But then he join with my friends and vice versa. Things flow smoothly and everything was just like a fairytaile.Our friends were very happy for the both of us and they were very supportive.
    Yet, I know there’s always an end. And IT does happened to us. We broke up with no reason. Now I regret with I’ve done. I’m still inlove with him. But I know I have to move on.

  19. libraagal March 17th, 2012

    All of this makes complete sense. I’ve been friends (you can say a tad bit of lovers) with an Aries man for almost a year. I’ve been wishy washy about the entire thing because I was involved with a Leo in my past. And this was a serious on and off relationship for about 6 years. So I met this Aries and he was just something so different. I’ve never been affiliated with an Aries before and they’re thinking process is by far opposite of the libran. I, as a libra can’t make a damn decision to save my life. I’m just so indecisive he becomes inpatient with me. He thinks I think about things too much and maybe I do. I really do like him bc I find him so interesting cus I can learn a lot from him and vice versa for him. I’m completely attracted to him. As a lover of beauty, I like to say he is soft on the eyes. He never forgets to compliment me and I adore his cheesiness. It’s just the right amount. I lack that though. I don’t really let him know what I feel towards him although I have been making an effort and it’s hard for him to see. the effort I do put in is a BIG deal to me. Him being careless and selfish kinda doesn’t see it. We do argue a lot. And he does get jealous but I kind of like that dominant trait. Well see how it goes. He’s in it it’s just up to me to open up and let him in.

  20. reconscout2 November 4th, 2011

    @kayla175884, since then I’ve left the girl I was with because the Libra girl I could see had a problem with it, and all I want is to make Megan happy, Idk why things are like this, but now im getting ready for another deployment to Afghanistan, and the Libra girl (Megan) will not talk to me, a week ago she was telling me how much she misses me, and can’t wait to see me and misses my voice, and now she. Wont say anything to me, I feel like she doesn’t want to realize im going back and she can lose me for good if something goes wrong guuuuuuah<!! I miss her and love her so so much I just want to do everything I can to make her happy I will toss myself in front of a bus for her… Kayla your bf im sure is a lucky guy 🙂

  21. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @alma wow you are the 1st aires ive heard adnit that. My bf is a aires im a libra and he always starts half the arguements. us Libras would rather let it go but not a aires you guys keep going and going intill the aires snaps…Libras are torally emotional. just learn to let things go becausexit really effects a libra

  22. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @reconscout2 I understand I am a libra girl my bf is a aires man. Airez and libras are so opposite but we are mostly attracted to each other because libras lack what you aires have and aires lack what we libras have. The fact that you are seeing another girl im not surprised every aures guy ive date which is my ex and my bf are so in love with me they hate each other. BuT they bith have hurted me the most out of all guys ived dated. even though they love me. Why is that? honesyly because aires are selfish and careless at times you guys dont realize you are hurting the one you love. But if we were to hurt a aires you guys would notice because in a mind of a aires its all about you guys what you say goes.Trust me i know what im talking about i love astrology lol but remember libras are emotional and were the best match fir a aires but try to understand your libra girl and show her you care, and dont play with her heart, it could mess her up forever because libras sre so sensitive, good luck!

  23. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @jess I am libra girl and i am dating a aires guy for 3yrs now and my ex stills love me and he is a aires. Honesy aires are attracted to us libras so much because were so opposite. We lack what they have, they lack what we have its true trust me! Once you have your eye or a aires you want be able to get it off. But i hope you were careful aires are selfish and careless at times they can hurt you and not realize they are breaking your heart

    ed to

  24. reconscout2 September 15th, 2011

    Im an Aries man named kevin meinberger, and there is a Libra girl who I was once in a very amazing relationship with, once I left for the army things started going south it was so hard, then once I was finished with my special forces training I was home for a little bit, and she came into my home town and we ended up seeing eachother, and even though im in a relationship with another girl the Libra girl and I started feeling it again, then when I was deployed in Afghanistan her and I again had some problems with our new friendship, then when I came back it Happend again we saw eachother and all the same feelings were back and we promised to always love eachother because we always will, and one day when she is out of college we will have a real chance at this. Im still with chanelle the other girl, but I know who is truly right for me and will some day marry me Megan elizabeth Reilly from Sparta. I love her with all my heart and always will

  25. alma March 10th, 2011

    Im an aries female and my boyfriend of 5 years is a libra. And It sounds exactly how we both are! Its true about the balance thing. We argued alot mostly because of me, but we have learnd and keeping learning from each other and even though we are 21 and been dating for this long, we have yet to learn and understand each other better and thats how we keep what we have fresh 🙂 This dicription

  26. jess November 24th, 2010

    Im aries women libra man are horrible they do love puting you down and are to weak for an aries women

  27. nic May 18th, 2010

    i think you should try it i am a libra and my twins father is a aries, and i have always been in love with this person and we really dont know each other. he balances everything for me, except his emotional struggle, we have become friends and i missed him when he was gone. they are good people. i am helping with his emotional struggle now and we both are always on the same page and he listens to everything i have to say. what they our signs is true

  28. jess May 9th, 2010

    i am a 18- yeaR old libra girl and i cant get this aries guy out of my head. We met in class, and every since then i cant stop thinking about him/wishing i had said something to him. i remember him telling me his name and i looked it up on myspace, and sure enough i found a pic of him there. Well, that was about a week ago and i’m not really sure if i should send him a message. i know he likes me cuz he kept on looking back at me in class and smiling, but i was too shy to return his glances. (i know!) i wish i did and now i am left with this feeling if only i could go back in time…but its too late now and i probabely wont ever see him again. Should i just forget about him? or send an e-mail?

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