Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Both Libra and Cancer are very sensitive and accommodating in nature and that makes up for a great beginning in any bond they share. There are also key differences in their styles of dealing with life and their views are mostly not in peace with each other. But since Cancer are extraordinarily caring and supportive and Libra are always ready to compromise, they can always count on each other and have a happy relation.

Cancer are full of delicacy and sensitivity with a touch of sincerity that makes them irresistible. They have the capacity to adapt to all situations and be patient and very composed especially when they are emotionally and financially secure. They are fully equipped people with hard shell determination to achieve their success which is generally in terms of money. Peace of mind and security are some of the most important things for Cancer. If the Cancer loves someone then those people can definitely count on them whenever they are in any kind of distress as they reciprocate well to love given to them by being sympathetic and loyal towards the dear ones. Hospitality comes to them naturally but sometimes Cancer seem to be self centered despite their sensitive nature.

Libra are normally cheerful, affectionate, outgoing and optimistic folks with a lively nature. They are also quite the outbound and gregarious creatures. Libra hide their passion well behind an elegant smile and a convincing voice. They are great orators with answer to almost every question of the world. They can strike the right chord with almost everybody. It is common to see Libra acting as pacifiers wherever there is any sort of disagreement and they are often appreciated towards for their ability to make just decisions. Libra are not as innocent as they may seem but they are a gentle soul and hate to do injustice to anyone. They like to maintain a balance in everything they do with all due respect to everyone.

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The relationship between Cancer and Libra can be most interesting and challenging association of all because it is a difficult kind to bring into harmony. Cancer are introverted by nature and Libra are exactly the opposite. The extravagant lifestyle of the Libra sends the Cancer into a state of tizzy, and this causes a lot of problem in any relationship they share. They should quickly try to erase their problems so that they can remain happy with each other, instead of bickering about their innumerable differences. Initially they have a lot of problems because none of them makes an attempt to understand each other. But they also appreciate the jolly side of each other’s character and enjoy it to the fullest once they are together. The Cancer might fall sick frequently but they are emotionally tougher than the Libra who cannot handle themselves well in difficult situations.

Also due to the Cancer’s arrogance they do not like to give in so easily for anything even if they are not proceeding according to their plans. So at times Libra has to intrude and stop Cancer from pursuing futile dreams and Cancer might get disappointed due to this. Money is another issue wherein these two usually have differences. Cancer gives a lot of priority to money unlike Libra. The Cancer feels that it is very important in life to be secure both emotionally and financially. And when there is a slight disequilibrium between these two factors then they can get very irritated. But when they possess both kinds of security, they are transformed into one of the most compliant and tender human beings anyone could possibly ask for, including the former, who sometimes ask a great deal of people, expecting everyone’s character and personality pluses and minuses to be well balanced.

Cancer and Libra can enjoy any relation they fall into if they are ready to give away some of their basic grudges. Friends, siblings, colleagues and relatives usually share a nice bond with each other with lots of smiles and many helpful and soothing words of care and affection for one another. Business may not be a very nice idea if the finances are to be managed by Libra but if finances are with Cancer and sweet talk works fall with Libra, then they can definitely get some great successes. Love relationship is romantic for both of them till the time Cancer can cooperate with the extravagance of Libra and Libra can be more sensitive with Cancer’s moody swings. Parenthood is cherished by both of them and they make very loving parents and also disciplined children with intelligent minds.

There are some basic problems that leave room for disagreements and arguments between Libra and Cancer. Libra do not like to maintain any kind of secret from the Cancer. But Cancer are suspicious and are always on the hunt for new ways through which they can dig out more Libra’s secrets and this seems to be wrong in the eyes of Libra. Most of the times the Cancer likes to remain silent and when they want to hide their fears they take the aid of their immaculate sense of humor in order to distract people. Libra tends to seek logic in everything and in this process they might not be able to identify and appreciate the sensitive nature of the Cancer which upsets these sensitive creatures. The Cancer do not like to listen to any kind of criticism, especially when it comes from the dear ones. This attitude bothers Libra and after a certain point of time they might lose their patience with Cancer, and it may cause a lot of unhappiness in the relationships they are bonded in.

  1. Dineo April 1st, 2022

    I want to know more about Libra girl in a relationship with cancer boy

  2. Bums January 3rd, 2022

    Cancer lie bad bad bad

    • Joey February 20th, 2024

      Not all! You can’t lump us all in that can you??? No for real I’m a liar!

  3. Theodore Bellamy June 6th, 2018

    Thinks for the information, I am a Libra man that married a Cancer woman, the experience is was great I felt like I married my best friend, they our a hand full of emotions and have alot of emotional support to give it is true very family oriented. As of the being quiet part is true to certain extent, that’s what made me fill insured, and I went outside my relationship and my marriage. I say this because instead of being honest with her and telling her how I truly felt. I did the next best thing. And now I truly miss my her. Understanding today that no matter what am feeling I need to be honest with myself and tell the truth. Instead of trying to staddle the fence or my emotions.

  4. loopzy August 6th, 2015

    Hi I’m a libra woman completely in love with my cancer man we have known each other since elementary and just started a relationship 10months ago I know he’s the one for me although he has so many mood swings. How do I keep my cancer man happy so that he never feels like ending things and be happy with me. He tells me he’s in love with me and wants to b with me forever and have babie.but when he get into his tantrum it feels different what can I do to change that.

  5. sososexxy March 25th, 2015

    So I decided to wade into the warm, gentle waters of this beautiful crustacean to see if I could nab myself a fine catch,  well the waters quickly turned into a monsoon..waaay too much emotion, completely too much on the mood swings, up, down, sideways, over..enough already!. Everything turned into drama, drama, drama the first few days it was cute, then it became tiresome. I don’t like all that emotion, emotions are messy and best kept to oneself or minimized, not maximized, I have found that the cancer is not for me & to add on my cancer was a little liar that always seemed to be full of excuses ( I don’t recall lying being a cancer trait so that may be just her) at any rate, I’m throwing this one back, no more seafood for me, no thanks I’ll pass

    • Eula January 30th, 2021

      This is to mr. Soso sexy Of March 25th 2015 I have been a Cancer woman over 50 years I have been with a Libra man 11 years And the only time I ever had Such mood swings when he was lying because he was being such an Unfaithful man Not all cancer women or that way And It’s just not cancer women it’s all women Next time set back Look at the things you’re doing to cause her to be in such a foul mood before you judge Thank you Sincerely Cancer woman over 50 years

  6. Charlyd August 25th, 2013

    Iv been dating my libra man for almost 2 years now and all I can say is he puts up with all the crap I throw at him, my insecurities kill our relationship 🙁 he shows me everyday that I have nothing to worry about But I still dig up something to winge about !! Help !! Lol

  7. firedragongold August 4th, 2012

     I am a Libra man and she is a Cancer.  I’m 35 and she is 30.  We are the most incompatible people for a relationship.  She is the most lazy woman I have ever met.  I have been with her for 8 years and at her age of 30 she makes 9 dollars an hour.  I expect more from a cancer, a desire to Accomplish.  She is also the most jealoius person I have ever met.  She is so clingy that I can’t even talk on the phone without her ease dropping and commenting on every detail that doesn’t even involve her.  I will never date another cancer again as long as they are like this one.  

  8. MzChynah July 2nd, 2012

    I am a Libra who loves her sign as much as she loves life and her Cancer mate!! I feel like he completes me and the time we have had apart has done nothing but confirm this!!! He actually brought up the marriage thing years ago and I was shocked…and a little scared at first…lol…we went as far as getting the license etc but never went through with it because we both wanted to wait for many reasons. He has shown me more than any other guy has ever and his heart is bigger than life!!! We both have the ability to cut iron with our mouths and I have been known in my younger dumber days to fly off the handle with him and I know at the time this was very overwhelming for him. I thought my intentions were good at the time but he saw it more as being a control freak/ B*tch..we both also had a lot of outside influences and stress so the timing was terrible!! Fast forward to now…we are older…experienced a lot more…on my end since he has me by 7 years and now I know better and what I had…so I appreciate him now…I mean we both do because he wasn’t an Angel either!!! The communication is much better and our outlook on life overall has changed for best…and I feel this time around we are ready to take over the world…TOGETHER!!! I am so glad that we have another chance to do it how it should be done…I feel soooo blessed..I want to spend my life with him and I know the feeling is mutual now!!! I know things wont be perfect but reading this has given me more insight on how to deal and work around the rough edges to make a smoother sailing for life!!!

    • Chelly May 2nd, 2017

      This is me…?? we got this lol

  9. bonnieb June 16th, 2012

    Hey, been married to a Libra for 29 years, eight months, six days and six hours.  Yeah.  He’s an everybody loves me party guy, I’m a possessive, the home is where everybody ought to find all necessary sanctuary smotherer.  Verrrrrry Rocky.  It’s terrible.  I won’t give up a bit of what I’ve put into my house, he dosen’t want to give up a place to crash.  I’m antisocial, jobless, and suffering empy nest syndrome, and he’s just not interested in staying in with me because  I’m boring him to death, but he just can’t bear a messy house and hates doing laundry.
    Some Libra guys are like Ferraris. They look good, and they handle well, and they move fast.  But God, the cost is way too high, the maintenence is exhausting, and you can’t get rid of a used one, cause they can’t be fixed after they’re thirty years old.
    But we just can’t give up the devils we know.

  10. Dynojustin April 28th, 2012

    a libra looking at me(cancer), but i checked out the astrology status that we are not compitable, i have no confidence to start the relationship. seeking some solution here. any idea?

  11. nataliadrake December 31st, 2011

    I’ve been well talking to a man a month ago online so far he’s been one big question mark first he tells me that well his birthday is the day after Christmas so I thought that he was a Capricorn but then he tells me that his real birthday is Sept 26th. At first I did not know what to make of it I enjoyed talking to him we chatted every night and the first time I asked where he was from he told me that he lived in Washington so I asked him state or DC he tells me DC. I was fine with that seeing how I live in Jersey but I soon found out that he lived in Washington State. Right now he is stuck in London it seems that he had his suitcase stolen with his identification, important papers, and other personal items. Me being the kind hearted person I am well I did not have much money but I felt bad for him being alone in a foreign country without any food so I wired him about fifty dollars to help him out. He then tells me that he needs money to pay for the taxes on a shipment about fifteen hundred dollars each day he would badger me about asking my friends and family to loan it to him which I found it odd. I asked him if I was unable to help him out would he still want anything to do with me he assured me that he would and that he was not interested in my money. But now that I have changed my mind and I told him what problems I am facing financially he still won’t let up about it. My thing is this we are at the beginning of something why in the world would you ask someone you do not know for that much money or for any money at all? I liked talking to him and as much as I would like to believe that I can make this work once he gets home I am not sure if I want this. He’s a Libra and I am a Cancer

  12. Libra_36 December 10th, 2011

    I feel the same as you Dee(@daisystar70),I use to date a cancer man 22years ago and this guy still calls me asking me for time. Were engagement for two years and he decided to end the relationship due his cheating and other very complicated issues. We are both now married, but he still find a way to keep in touch. I have always heard Libra and Cancer are not compatible, but there is a reason this person is in my life and wants to be in it forever.I do feel he is my soulmate, just not sure if we will ever get back together. He is the Love of my life! It’s just soooooo complicated! A very strange relationship!!!:)

  13. daisystar70 October 31st, 2011

    I dated a pisces, virgo, capicorn, and libra, and I was most compatible to the Libra. I fell in love with him, but I was so young things didn’t work out, because he was immature; however, if he would’ve been a little older I feel we would still be together today. The compatibility is overwhelming, and when we made love we fit like a glove; it was PERFECT! I never had an orgasm until I was with him, if you don’t call that true harmony, I don’t know what you will call it. We had so much fun together, and made each other laugh. The crazy thing is he is married; however, he had to let me know that he’s never met anyone like me, and I was the best love he has ever had, and just maybe if I didn’t let him go we would be together still. Now, that’s wishful thinking! If you do call that compatibility, this man is married, and I’m still on his mind! SMH!!!! Boy, did I do him good, and he did me good, too in so many ways! I loved this man, and never loved like this since him!

  14. KuroiTsubasaXD August 24th, 2011

    I’ve been dating a cancer guy for the past 2 years. Somtimes its hard, but mostly, its all calm and smooth and it feels entirely secure and loving. We do have our disagreements, but mostly we have discussions, not quarrels. 🙂

  15. abcdefg October 22nd, 2010

    y doesnt da earth just swallow us up?cancer women wid libra men???????!!!!!!!YUCK!!!!!

  16. Nikki ann Chestnut August 16th, 2010

    i had the worst marriage ever with a libra never want to date on again @ first its godd then it clashes they cant handle your mood swings….

  17. mari April 28th, 2010

    I’m with a libra man and he’s the best he deals with my moods very well and I’ve learned to give him his space when he needs it. Hoping to get married and start a family soon I am soo bblessed to have such a great man in my life.

  18. Synnasia February 15th, 2010

    I’m in-love with my cancer mate, but we have sometimes where he wants to be disconnected from the world how do I handle this

  19. Marie Marsh November 10th, 2009

    Hi i have been married to a Libra for twenty years, it has been very happy and loving.

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