Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility

Libra and Sagittarius are always considered very compatible, and any relationship they share is full of appreciation for each other, enthusiasm and positive energy. They both love talking and freedom but on one hand Libra likes to have well settled things full of peace while Sagittarius always enjoys nomadic life full of fun.

Librans are very charming and jolly people with a stable and subtle attitude. They like to be in a position of authority. Their freedom is significant to them as is their capability to modify whenever they want to. Libra are quick to help with a problem but they do not jump to any solution till they balance the situation. As long as there is a debate arising, Libra are there to be an impartial party to it. As long as no one challenges their decisions or thoughts, they are optimistic and fair, steady and calm. They do not make a flighty decision or conclusion. They weigh the facts and evidences given to them and once they make a conclusion, they stand by it with faith and enthusiasm.

Sagittarius people love life. They are kind hearted individuals with lots of enthusiasm in their persona. They are also very happy-go-lucky people but their words are very frank and to the point that they do not even realize how badly they have cut into someone after their conversation are through. They need change in their life as well as the constant challenge to push them. Sagittarius knows their goals well and directions to achieve them as well. They are capable of an impressive quantity of love and affection yet prefer to give it most when it is not expected or required. Their optimism is high, perhaps higher than anyone else and they are clever, idealistic, humorous and sometimes a bit clumsy. Their immaturity, however, can run high at times along with the occasional mood swings.

Both Libra and Sagittarius love to talk and with each of them possessing a high intellect, conversation between them is charismatic, pleasant and quite fascinating. Their ability to hold the attention of an audience comes quite naturally to both as well as the ability to cause someone aggravation and annoyance. Libra argues over every point whether it is one side or the other in hope that they win each argument. They tend to take both sides to keep serenity between the parties and with their bright smile and calming logic, they usually win too. Sagittarius also argues points given in a debate, but their tactless tongue and strong honesty can stop any conversation or debate abruptly. For them brutal truth is more important than considering anyone’s feelings. They never have a dull moment together. With the least amount of stimulation they talk away to each other for hours and never pause to search for another thought.

Libra’ stability, beauty, charm and calming nature are enhanced by Sagittarius and in return they offer Sagittarius an exploration into the truth. Their need for each other is quite natural and they are extremely compatible as long as they don’t crowd each others independence and social ability. The Sagittarius looks after Libra and helps them avoid indecisiveness and mistakes and Libra try to push Sagittarius to be more laid back and calm. Together they can be quite comfortable in almost all the relationships they make together. Although they both like to be on top of things, the Libra almost always take the leadership role only because Sagittarius is too preoccupied with stimulating conversation, debate over every little point and frolicking through life.

As there are many flavors of different relationships, similarly there are many colors in each relationship –Libra and Sagittarius pursue together. They are both active and jolly people so whether they are siblings, colleagues, friends or relatives, they always have too much to talk about and share. They both love to consume their energy and can always enjoy their adventures together. For love relationship also they have a nice compatibility, except for the time when Libra has to tolerate the brutal comments of Sagittarius and as parents and children, they make a perfect pairing. Since both parents and children are enthusiastic, it gives a lot of chance for these children to blossom up beautifully and achieve their goals. Their business associations also go on well till the time one of them remains enough alert not to make any blunders. They can always achieve whatever they want, if they fall in right place with each other.

Some troubles can hover on such a wonderful relation also, but they are usually not serious ones. Libra always want to settle down into calming and stable relationships with familiar people around. Any hopes that Sagittarius will do so is futile. Sagittarius people are not one to settle. They like to roam free and change the scenes of their life often. This makes Libra uneasy and unsure as to where they stand in the relationships. Libra’s outlooks on their relationships are to look at the big picture and Sagittarius likes to live moment to moment. With a bit of compromise, not much though, Libra and Sagittarius combine forces and have a relationship that is full of charming qualities as well as intellectual conversation and debate that keeps them both stimulated. Their honesty and integrity is strong together and they are able to conquer just about anything.

  1. jjas February 13th, 2021

    i am a libra women and i dated a sagittarius female for 7 months. it was the best relationship i had ever been in. we loved each other and it was the purest form of love and it was so beautiful. we had our days where we would argue, but we would always communicate and try to fix it. in the end tho we ended up breaking up on mutual terms 4 months ago. before we even dated, she was my best friend, and now we aren’t talking because we need to be apart. i still love her and i feel this deep soul connection with her and it terrifies me. she’s moved on tho.. i hope and pray she comes back to me some day..

  2. Charlyn September 27th, 2018

    I have been with a sag for almost a year now! We meet like 6 years ago and had a connection right from the start but we were both in a relationship! He came back to me 6 years later! And I’ve never loved a man so much in my life! He is a awesome lover, the best I ever had! For the most part these are almost exactly right! He gets so moody, and me the Libra’s I am I like to talk about my feelings and he just needs time by himself!! And usually it’s something so petty and small we argue over never anything to serious!! But for the most part we are perfect for each other! We level one another out!! I love my Sag sooo much!!

  3. chatutu March 13th, 2016

    That\’s great

  4. 7703T July 21st, 2014

    I am in love with my libra man after a short time of knowing him. I’m a sag and I’ve always ended up with Gemini men. Needless to say, they all have just faded away. This guy makes it easy to love him. So excited about my future with him. He makes me smile more and more every day I am with and talk to him….I see this man as my future husband real soon….

  5. thefunformat November 24th, 2013

    I am a sagittarius and one of my close friends is a libra. This seems to be almost accurate to me, but for a sagittarius, I’m very pessimistic. 
    I feel as though I depend on my libra friend a little too much, but they don’t seem to mind at all. They like my company a lot. (As least I think so.) I feel like that we have been through a lot together. 
    My mother is also a libra and I’m way closer to her than my father (Who is cancer, who isn’t very compatible with my own horoscope.) 
     l feel like all of my closest friends are libras. (Because it’s probably true.) 

  6. divagal69 May 4th, 2013

    Mmmm yeah I’m still in love with this Sagittarius man that I met about 5 / 6 years ago and I only knew him for less than 2 weeks haha. But he lives in another country and I haven’t had the chance to find him .We teased each other all the time and wow it was so wonderful ! The day before I left it was night and it was so romantic he kept on winking at me but I couldn’t hear a word he said because I couldn’t stop looking deep into his beautiful eyes I couldn’t think of any thing else I forgot about everything else. I was to shy to ask him for his email or anything  I really regret it. I guess the reason why I haven’t gotten over him is because I haven’t met any body else that made me feel the way I feel about him I haven’t met anyone that is like him. Well I hope I meet him again some day.

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  8. nislika81 August 22nd, 2012

    very new relationship, but I feel like we always argue and he doesnt take me seriously. not sure if he is really committed , he seems very distracted, but he does work ALOT. I love his determination and work ethic but seems like its more important than me. Makes me feel like I expect too much. Does he really see a future with me?  Does he want to make this work?

  9. linden October 9th, 2011

    It could be that you have a sag descendant. That would make most sense to me anyway.

  10. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    Im sorry but im a libra and honestly i cant get alone with a sag.Every guy i have been with that was a sag have ended nasty. I get vibes and ill tell my bestie he or she must be a sag and i wi ask the person their sign and they a say sag i just walk away. all of my enemys in life are sag idk what it is with me and sag. relationship wise it was just a sexually arrraction to them that was all

  11. coco February 3rd, 2011

    I think that is some what true..iam a libra female(9/27) iam with a sagittarius female(12/6)the only thing I disagree with is her being frank..I try to get her to be more outspoken&blunt she is the most kindest person you can ever meet&she considers people’s feelings before she speaks,sometimes her kindness can hurt her.I try not 2 be so blunt but she is so sensitive just like the other sag women I’ve dealt with..I guess this was just meant for sag men cause the women are a little different

  12. Tallulah January 5th, 2011

    I was a bit fixated with Scorpios and believed that they were the only ones that could give me the intensity that I wanted in a relationship. I have nearly been out with a Libran man that was head over heels with me, but I met a Leo before and was involved and did not go down that path. The first time I met this man, wa son New Years Eve, we saw each other and he said hello and we literally danced together all night long as if we were the best of friends and I had known him forever. Even though Im a Sag and men say Im a bit intimidating, I am quite shy, so for me to dance with a stranger like that and feel so at ease is a first. It was quite bizarre, but in a nice way. I like Leos but boy they can be a great test to my patience. When they show their feelings they are lovely, but when in childish mode they make my blood boil. I have had the most heated arguments with Leos. They can be so damn self righteous and superior. This idea we Saggies cant commit is rubbish. I want to commit and yes I have made love ALOT but to a small number of people and never married because I knew in my heart they were not right, but believe me, when I meet the right person, I will know it. As I get older I do wonder if it will be a Libran man. They seem to be exactly what I am looking for, without the darker side of Scorpio which doesn’t really impress me.

    Maybe I will meet a gorgeous Libra man one day : )

  13. Maureen December 31st, 2010

    The best lovers I’ve had in my life were sagittarians. I love them very very much. We were so compatible and I never wanted to let go of them. They the best lovers for librans in this planet. I was unfortunate not to have got any of them as a husband. I believe my life would have so fulfilled if I were married to a sag. They are so loving and very romantic. They can adore and respect ladies and not quarrelsome or argumentative. They are so charming and always have peaceful and serene atmosphere. I would have the happiest wife if I had been married to sag. God knows best.

  14. princess September 11th, 2010

    yeah its dam true………..i totally agree

  15. candi May 28th, 2010

    i think that is so true… about the things you say about the couples..

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