Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces basically have a healthy relationship in all fields of life. Both are inclined to look for the best in the other, and this ideal strengthens their bond. Though it becomes troublesome sometimes as Sagittarius is frank and direct and their brutal remarks can hurt the fragile emotions of Pisces.

Sagittarius people are quite the independent creatures. They are a social butterfly as well having a plethora of friends and seek a different adventure from day to day. One may be amusing and eccentric while another may be overly curious and serious about life. They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures. They seek out the truth no matter what it takes and lets responsibility fall by the wayside if it gets in the way of this exploration. Sagittarians are the people who love life, good friends, good conversation and what lies ahead, altogether. They are very easy going and extremely adventurous. Though relationship always attracts Sagittarius people but being tied to them is something they find difficult.

Pisces are very gentle and loving souls. They believe in adaptability and flexibility and are ready to make any sacrifices for their dear ones. They are lovely dreamers with their heads in clouds but their feet on ground. But they cannot make their own decisions, especially when pressure is applied. They seem to be pulled in every direction and tend to take advice from anyone and everyone who offers it. Pisces are also quite whimsical and keep on jumping from choice to choice or idea to idea. As a result, they often have trouble trying to figure things out but they are warmly tolerant and never become judgmental in any situation. Let them live their lives as they can and one can see a charm and charisma they possess and a laid back attitude in that nothing really bothers them.

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Controversy arises between Sagittarius and Pisces when the former throws their truthful yet harsh words towards the Pisces. They cannot stand how Pisces can sit there and ignore the facts when they are presented. They cannot stand that Pisces tends to bend themselves around such facts to make the situation seemingly better for them. Facts are facts to Sagittarius, and anything other than that irritates them to no end. However, if they try, Pisces can learn from the Sagittarius and see the light of the truth and learn to deal with it instead of running away from it. Sagittarius can learn from Pisces in calming their words down to a softer, more subtle and much less harsh tone. Pisces admires the idealistic ways of the Sagittarius and are deeply touched by the way the latter portrays such ideas. When Sagittarius takes these qualities to a higher level, the outcome tends to become highly unique.

Rather than trying to grab hold and pull each other out of their comfortable lifestyles, they would be better off going and doing what they want and do best; then bringing a piece of that world back to their companion to show them that it is indeed real and it may not be a bad experience or place to discover from time to time. They do no good for each other if they try to shut the other one down. Their best bet is to let them live their lives the way they want to, occasionally returning to each other to give a synopsis of how things went. It is the best way for their any relationship to work.

The relationship, these two share can be pretty interesting on all levels, whether they are friends or colleagues or they are siblings belonging to same brought up conditions or lovers just discovering each other. They can always see their differences and can appreciate them in each other. In family relations and relatives, they are not much to see each other as Sagittarius keeps on moving around and hardly shows any interest in tugging in with old people. As parents, it is better to have Pisces parents and Sagittarius children as Pisces are over devoted and concerned. But talking about business venture, it is better they keep away as Sagittarius is easy-going while Pisces is indecisive and together they cannot go well with financial dealings.

Sagittarius should learn that throwing harsh words towards the Pisces is only going to hurt them and Pisces should know that bending the truth to make a situation seem better only infuriate the Sagittarius causing argument and controversy. Accusations fly and Sagittarius thinks of Pisces as a liar when in fact ‘bending the truth’ is not the same thing at all. On the upside of things, they share an interest and a fascination with faith and spirituality. Although Sagittarius finds their inner truth on this level and Pisces feels the strength from it, they share in the discoveries together. If these two can concentrate on the positive and simplicities of their qualities and not so much on what makes them different from each other, their relationship may possibly work, but it takes some effort on both the sides.

  1. Dot March 10th, 2023

    I have been friends with a Pisces mail for like 7 years. i think I love him and he thinks he loves me too, but we both know that’s not true. I say this, because when a man truly is into you (loves YOU) there is a certain way he’s going to move. I know he dates other people and I don’t care, because he always comes back to me. Recently, I stopped being so avalable to him and now he’s chasing me. I’m trying to make room for someone else to step up and he thinks I’m waiting for him lol. And I agree with the comment above that I want to see him happy even if it’s not with me. My pisces also gives me the best hugs where I just melt, but then reality comes back and says, ‘what are you doing?” I’m in ghost mode with him right now. Somebody help me.

  2. Neaveh February 17th, 2020

    So I’m a Sagittarius women and my one friend is a Pisces and i think I love him. We have so much in common but the thing is that he loves someone else and helped him get her because I wanted to see him happy. When me got the girl I told him that I think that I love him and I also said but I know that you don’t like me and I just want you to be happy. He said that he respected that. I still want to do friends, but I love him and now I think it’s going to be awkward. I always text him. He always gives me huges and I don’t know want to do.

    • Ginny March 11th, 2021

      Dam I’m also a Sagittarius woman and have a Pisces friend I liked him once but I guess over times things changed recently we have been hooking up he has a girl he likes though and I have a boyfriend tbh we prefer spending time with each other because a relationship would complicate our friendship he asked me why I never told him I liked him I really didn’t want to destroy our friendship I love the hook ups though i know it’s cheating but don’t judge no one is perfect it wasn’t even planned I never thought him and I could go this way

  3. Sagwoman2032 February 1st, 2020

    I’m a Sag female (Virgo moon) and I Can NOT keep a pisces friend. I’ve been close with several but they allow insecurity to cloud their judgement. 2 of them left long term relationships and got with new guys and it felt like they both SOUGHT OUT reasons to hate me because they felt like their men wanted me… However both their men disgusted me and I felt like they were scumbags. In the end both tried to shame me and go OFF on me about things that they later admitted weren’t even the problem. The other friend I had was in a long term relationship, again with a complete scumbag who ALSO disgusted me with his blatent disregard for anyone but himself. He expressed a sexual interest in me (ew) and instead of making HIM pay the consequences for his bs, she instead tried to change ME, asking me to cover myself more (meanwhile she wore LITERAL booty shorts in front of my bf- wouldn’t normally bother me, but don’t be a hypocrite) and asking that I stop dancing and singing all the time because “He really likes that and I don’t do that” and altogether trying to make me submissive and not be myself… And all of them have admitted that they are intimidated by me because of my vibrant personality and because they think I’m ‘gorgeous’ (uuuuhhhh, they have all also been charismatic as Pisces normally are and GORGEOUS)… I’m tired of fellow females of the Pisces variety getting insecure and making ME pay the price for it instead of the people actually igniting said insecurity and I just wish they would understand I’d love to help them in doing so and if their bf DID ever actually try something I’d probably leave physical evidence of my distaste AND would be telling them about it immediately and help them leave that situation however I could. I don’t want your sloppy seconds scumbag bf and I would NEVER be somebody’s side dish ESPECIALLY if the main course is supposed to be my bff.

    • Keyonna November 2nd, 2020

      Facts now that’s the truth I’m a Sagittarius female as well and I totally agree 100%

  4. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Pisces are so emotional, I think the fish need to remember not to get trampled by the wild horse that is Sagittarius.
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    I hope it helps.

  5. Saggie1 July 29th, 2016

    @Isis22 I’m a sag woman and had a pices boyfriend. The chemistry was definitely there for us both. But the relationship didn’t last. His ex girlfriend kept texting him wanting him back and true to pices nature he got all confused and couldn’t decide. Of course I didn’t know this was happening at the time. Anyway instead of breaking up with me he cheated on me with her. She then managed to find a way to contact me and I’m sure took great delight in telling me that he cheated on me with her and even sent me the proof. So I ended the relationship. Now they are together and I’m guessing happy. While I’m left wondering what was the point. He could have just been with her from the start. He could have just ended it with me and been with her instead he had to cheat on me. Pices men allow other people to make up their minds for them. They are easily swayed. Also I found they have to have a secret life no matter what it is which will drive saggies insane being the truth seekers of the zodiac. We can feel it when something isn’t right and we know when someone is hiding something so I don’t see how the saggie female and pices male could work x anyway good luck to all and if your in a relationship with a pices man I hope it goes better than mine xxx

    • EL February 21st, 2020

      Wow, sounds familiar. I’m a Sag female and I was in a relationship with this Pisces guy for years but unenounced to me he had started seeing someone else while still dating me. They had gotten married and I had no clue. He still had his apartment and had me coming over, all the while I never knew. He had been married six months before I discovered he had gotten married. I felt so stupid. And he kept telling me he still wanted to be with me, claiming he was finagled into getting married. SMH, unbelivable

  6. sumon21 July 29th, 2016

    I am sag boy been on a relationship with a pisces girl for few month, and I will say there is not one and only truth about relationships. our relationship was mature and very understanding and compromising but I felt like overwhelmed all the time. she demands a constant care all the time and very sensitive to my words, felt like i can’t be myself around her – I mean can’t focus my total energy on something, like a vibe of dizzyness blocking me. The sexual attraction was great 1st  but she felt like kinda unexcitable to me. I am very much physical but although she tried to mach with me I felt like the relationship is going fade day by day. she loved me a lot and told me that although she is not comfortable but she will adjust anything for me and I did the same for her giving her every bit of time i have to keep the relation on but evrything is god’s will, I lied about my job status at the biginning of our relationship thought that it did not matter atlast as i was planning to do something else in my life but is she so fragile inside that she made a mess thought of me as a playboy cheater .I’m irregular in texting her, already flirted with many girls before and told her something rude.. and we are through, I tried to explain but it’s just irritating to her and she has not that believe to continue with me.. Only I felt deep inside what I knew or what I felt about her.. ultimatly everything is for the better and good for everybody and we take a part to someone’s life for a lession to that person and also something for us.. yeah..this is life 🙂            

  7. ladyarcher June 16th, 2014

    I am not caught up in the horoscope but I am a saggitarius. I have a pisces friend who lies a lot and he has married a saggitarius woman not sure once they move in together what will happen. Best love  I have had was with a gemini man. I was attracted to him the day we met and he says the same(out of this world).

  8. Sounddeaf June 4th, 2014

    I am a Piscean Male. I am rather picky when it comes to the person who i pledge my absolute devotion, but one day i met a Saggitarius. She wowed me to a point of absolute captivation and i fell in love with her. When a pisces love this deeply, there is nothing that can sever the bond that he creates with the person whom he decided to give his love to. She is indeed everything i could possibly want in a woman and i was willing to take on the world just to prove to her my love. She and i argued allot because my attention span wasn’t the best. I spread myself thin as well, being a pisces we tend to have a hero complex and believe we could help everyone. She definitely had a voice and wasn’t shy on it being heard. She is a ball of fire and passion, sometimes too hot to handle but i always knew that i was the only one who could handle her, unscathed. I didnt prioritize her when i should have and we seperated. However that passion and love that was built between us could never be messured by anyone else and we always found each other again…attracted and in love fully. She is the most amazing, most extrodinary woman i have had the pleasure of knowing. 

  9. KeshaU September 2nd, 2013

    In my 2 experiences with Sagg men as a Pisces woman ( my bday Feb. 24), the match is Terrible. i find it a curse honestly. I will explain why…
    I met the first (#1 )Sagg (his bday Dec.4) when we was 15/16 yrs old. When we first met he had to have me and I was very curious about him. He seemed so mysterious and he is so handsome I couldn’t wait to get to know him… I was a private school girl finally going to a public school and he was like the bad boy to me. Anyway, after a month of school he asked me out, I was soo happy but realized he was too affectionate. The next day of him asking me out he was kissing all over me. I mean evey 5 mins. I had saw myself being 16 and pregnant so I thought it was best to break it off. He was heartbroken and asked lived loved him. I was really thinking this boy is crazy. But I did still like him very much so we stayed friends…. As he became stronger I became weaker… We would spend everyday and night with each other. I grew to love him deeply and although when he was with me it felt as if he was just as much in love; once we got to school he was a different person… He would flirt with other girls in my face and not care how I felt because we wasn’t technically a couple and then he would throw it in my face that I’m the one that broke us up. It was a mess because during school we acted mutual but at home it was just him and I. I started to feel like he was the only man for me, I was beyond loyal to him. I would talk to guys but he was the only guy i would allow to kiss me or touch my body(eventhough i was a virgin the whole while)and this went on until we was 21/22…. He would say that he cared for me and would marry me in the future but he just isn’t ready for what I want. He knew I wanted to get married before sex and I just wanted commitment. 
    At 20, I moved out of state heartbroken because in my heart and soul  I felt like I was leaving my soulmate behind but in reality he wasnt showing or acting like he wanted to be with me. So I tried to move on, I didn’t say goodbye, I just left. He saw a post on FB that I had moved. And we started talking again… He started saying how much he misses me and that he’s ready and he loves me and that he wants me to come back to him… I took it as an insult and pretty much told him that he is a manipulator and I won’t speak to him ever again… Months went by and he appears… Text here, call there, then I start expecting more attention then it stops. I’m heartbroken all overagain with same guy. For Xmas break I visit my mom and decided to reach out to my Mr . Sagg. I changed my number so when I called he didn’t know it was me. He said that I sounds like his fiancé and to confirm he knew it was me I made him say my name… After that phone call he said that he would call me back and I didn’t tell him when I was leaving so Im thinking he would call the next day but days and days past and he hasn’t called. How could he call me his fiancé and then don’t call…. So I’m broken again! Lol!! After a week I decide to call him and the next day he comes over…. And it was horrible after not seeing other for 2yrs all we did was argue… After I poured my heart out telling him that I feel he is my soulmate, in return, he told me he would never want to be with me but we can stay friends… He leaves and for the last time once again I’m confused and destroyed… For a month, every week he would reach out to me via text but I never replied so he eventually stop…. That leads me two Sagg #2
    I met Sagg #2 (his bday Nov.25) when I was 18 in college and he was 22. The moment he laid eyes on me it was obvious that he liked me. Well, I didn’t like him physically wise but his persona drew me in… Because at the same time I’m dealing with the emotions from Sagg #1 me and Sagg #2 are building a solid and close friendship… He would be the person I cry to when Sagg #1 would break my heart or after arguement. He became the person I depended on. He would tell me how I deserve better and should allow a real man to show me better although we both knew he was talking about himself… Sagg #2 eventually got a GF and I always felt he only got with her because he couldn’t have me. Well, are friendship grew in 4yrs but during those yrs while I was out of state we would talk on the phone for hours and there was a 3hr gap time zone… Eventally my love for him as just my best friend grew to something more. So after Sagg #1 broke my heart, I connected with Sagg #2. Two months later me and Sagg #2 was a couple and at 22 I lost my virginity…. In the beginning things were beautiful. I was falling in love and it seemed he was already there… He explored my body so deeply I knew he loved me. Then overnight he completely changed… Our long conversations stopped, he no longer had patience with me, and suddenly he didn’t have time for me. I became from number 1 on his list to not even being written down within months… I had stayed home for him and he eventually told me that he would not be able to give me what I deserve and that his feelings for me has changed…. Overnight, we became enemies and not only did I lose the person I lost my virginity too but also my best friend….
    This just happen 2 months ago and I have never felt such darkness, sadness, and defeatness in my life…. Sagg #2 took completely advantage of my fragile and naive heart. I trusted him and he lead me astray… Once again I’m a broken hearted Piscean…

  10. [email protected] July 1st, 2013

    I have been exclusivly dating a Pisces man for 8mos now. These comments have been very helpful in allowing me to understand him better. I too have doubts and insecurities sometimes regarding our relationship,but knowing the painful relationships he has had in the past,2 divorces and 1 broken long term relationship,has let me see why he is moving forward with me at a snails pace! I tried a couple months ago to tell him I thought I was falling in love with him and he instantly went into panic mode. I calmly asked him why that frightened him so,If there’s one thing I am good at it’s calm rational conversation,and he said because he thought his heart might be broken. I then told him what I was looking for in a man,a committed relationship with a kind,gentle,good man,not a perfect one. Then I told him I was far from perfect but my intentions and desires were pure. As I got up to leave to go to work,he half crawled onto my lap,laid his head on my shoulder,put his arms around me and held on as if he thought I was gonna float away. NEVER SAID A WORD!! Held me for awhile. But I think as women,not just Sag women,we need to understand that most men show their love and affection thru their actions,not words. Especially a Pisces man,who have difficulty talking about their feelings anyway. We still see each other several times a week,spending the night every time,and his love making is the most passionate I have ever experienced. I just needed to make myself slow down,as I am not a patient person,and he is slowly fulfilling my needs. I am learning to see his particular way of saying how much I mean to him. Oh,and on the nights were not together he calls me. I have contact with him every day or night or both!! We laugh easier,converse like we’ve known each other our whole lives,and just enjoy watching tv together in comfortable silence(sometimes holding hands,sometimes not). I’ve met his entire family,he’s introduced me to his friends(my family lives far away,but they know of him)and I have dinner at his Mom’s house at least once a week. I’ll end with just this. Communication is absolutely key in any relationship,not just between a Sag woman and a Pisces man(altho it helps tremendously!!!) We are still in the stage of our relationship where we are learning what makes each other tick. I have not mentioned the “L”word to him since. Not neccessary,as I’ve already thrown that out to him. He’s sticking around and coming out of his shell(Did I forget to mention that his shyness almost paralysis him?) I am learning to be more patient and he is becoming more open. And like he says to me all the time,”It’s ALL good”!!! Good luck to us all!       

  11. leah2013 June 18th, 2013

    also I am kinda seeing a sag guy, more as friends but according to our mutual friends he likes me. we’ve been intimate once but he mentioned that he wants to be single which sucks but atleast glad he was honest. iv been single for a while now so its not I’m what looking for. Instead I’m gonna see what else is out there although he seems to be really close to what l have been looking really not cool but ok i just hope he doesnt change his mind when its too late. 

  12. leah2013 June 18th, 2013

    In response to the sag lady breanna, coming from a pisces female. I think that he is trying to let go because he doesn’t want to make u choose. See life is unfair and sometimes pisces take real long getting over that fact. When pisces commits to an idea or person we are extremely passionate. its all or nothing. he also clearly enjoyed spending time with u. he has spoken to u and been honest about what he wants so its up to u to decide if u do decide u want to focus on family and work moreover ur relationship with him then let him move on..

  13. Isis22 June 10th, 2013

    Im a sag woman and have been off and on with a pisces man for about 8 years well not really off and on we never officialy dated, but we always find away back to each other. I work 6 days out of the week and he feels that I dont have enough time for him. I am a woman of my word but when it comes to that physical aspect I do not have the time for that at this moment. I am working to try to secure a future. I am looking for a partnership not a relationship I want to build an empire with my mate. Him on the other hand just want my time which time is special because its the one thing that can be shared and not taken back. Anyway he is currently in a relationship and him and her has been together for about a year now. No matter what happens when I call he comes well he use too that was our signature thing. I recently invited hime to my family gathering because they adore him, but for the first time he didnt show nor call Im not one to keep calling and texting I am good for walking away and not looking back, but this situation seems to be different because lately I been missing and dreaming about him and not one day goes by that I dont think about him. I have always had love for him but I dont think I have been in love with him. I am bit confused and thats not likely of me I always have a handle on everything I am the go to woman for advice and this is blowing me so Idecided to vent by blogging about it. By the way we have never been intimate either. I dont want him to move on but at the same time I dont feels as if I am ready to commit to anything else besides work and family. Should I leave him alone? or go get my him and make mutual changes?

  14. mareeleyn May 28th, 2013

    I’m a pisces woman and my guy is our relationship i dont feel any emotional reliability towrds him..we are in 5 years of being together as couple but we keep on arguing things thats why everytime we fight i broke up with him..but he was the one who fixed  everything in our relationship because he dont want to lose me..sometimes i really feel that he dont love me he was just after of the make love that we do..i dont have any problem in terms of sex..he is very intense evry time we have makelove..i really dont know why i cant find him the needs that i want..i caught him cheating with other girls but he keeps on saying that it was just for fun and theres nothing serious between them…sagitarius man are very appealing with others thats why temptation is falling them around..

  15. midori29 February 27th, 2013

    I am a pisces with a sagittarius man. Alot of things in the article are true BUT I think my relationship can work because I am a slightly different type of pisces. I like space, friends, flirting, social activities, parties, fun, travel, the arts, and adventure just like my saggitaruis. We have amazing sexual and physical chemistry.  We have alot o fun. We are both artistic.
    So I think this article falls a little short because there are two types of pisces women. People think I am introverted, but I am not. Its okay if my saggitarius flirts, as long as he does not touch or cheat, he can flirt away. I am a pisces with a huge ego and I think I am the bomb.
    Actress Sharon Stone is a pisces and model Cinday Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and they are hardly introverts! A Sagitarius man needs to look for an extroverted, gorgeous, social, ultra feminine and confident pisces woman and there is no battle of wills. Its a match made in heaven. I love my saggitarius man just the way he is, social, independant, adventurous and sexual.

  16. Jerk December 11th, 2012

    I can say this is true, especially the 2nd time around thing.  I’m a sag that met my pisces woman 23 years ago, when I was in the military.  In the end it was the fact that 6 inches = 5,000 miles that tore us apart.  Now, 23 years later we are back together and the 2nd time around for us is amazing.
    The experiences each of us gained over the many years we were apart has made us truly respect each other now, there is little compromise between us because in the end we each know what it can be like out there and how great it is to be together.  I still treat her like I did 23 years ago, she treats me likewise.  
    If your a sag guy with a Pisces woman, buy flowers for no reason, listen to her dreams and help her to take the risks to make them come true.  There is no greater thing a sag man can witness than the smile and life in a pisces lady’s eyes.

  17. Akilah-delpeche August 15th, 2012

    Can a sag women handle the inconsistant behavior of a libra man

  18. spyder27 February 26th, 2011

    what you have mentioned is possibly a pisces and with a sagi guy. our chemistry is so intense and the relationship was beautiful..but i cannot stand his flirty nature and goin behind my back..he claimed he love me but becos he needed to straighten his life out after the mess he made i.e. his ex gf and me found he cheated on us..he just dumped me like tat to seek the truth in his life..after reading this now i understand why he is like that..i think i shd just move then keep bending for this guy while waiting for him to get from the moon…he is so fickle and flirty…

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