Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are wonderful individuals with respect for growth and freedom in all relationships they have. They are similar in many ways and hence they greatly enjoy each other’s company. Each of them appreciates the need for eccentricity and supports each other in all the possible ways to achieve their sometimes dreamy and sometimes risky targets.

Very outspoken and mostly friendly, Sagittarius people are the creatures who are always on their toes. They are generous and kind but tend to cut down quite frankly causing people to want to retaliate from them. Sagittarius is known for their optimism as well as their innate faith in what is good and hopeful. They question everything until they are sure of the truth and they are as honest as the day is long. A Sagittarius is an independent creature who loves the casual and social life. They have many friends and can tolerate just about anything. It is not easy balancing qualities such as optimism and skepticism at the same time, but Sagittarius somehow manages to do it beautifully.

Aquarius appears to have more than one personality and adapt them to almost any situation. Their sense or originality sets them apart from the rest as they choose to do their own thing. One should never try to convince or sway them to go off their path and should not even try to figure out what they are up to. Although it seems as though what they are doing is complete nonsense, their genius minds have a unique way of getting to the successful end the way they want things to go. Aquarius sometimes appears to be out there in left field. They do not like the dull everyday routine that most are susceptible to and they despise insincerity. Once a friend, always a friend is the quote that suits Aquarius the best.

The relationship that develops between a Sagittarius and an Aquarius is one of magic and close-knit friendship. Although they are susceptible to many arguments, they also present each other with a lovely make-up session afterwards. Each quarrel they have is fairly tamed as Aquarius tends to let a lot of Sagittarius’ harsh and crude remarks fall by the wayside, not letting those remarks get to them as much as other people would. Once Aquarius gets furious, it is best to turn away until they calm down and return to their even-tempered ways. Sagittarius and Aquarius tease on the side of freakishness; they push the edge of the outlandish and excitedly gear themselves to outdo the other in the most scintillating of ways. They continue to push the limits with each other making their relationship anything but never dull, in fact to the normal person watching from the outside thinks the two were a circus act. In any case, regardless of the initial nature of their relationship, they almost always have that foundation of friendship.

They have their quarrels, but the sharp tipped arrows of the Sagittarius’ words tend to soften immensely before trying to pierce through Aquarius. There are no grudges held and no bad feelings kept due to past bouts of anger. They may even tend to start an argument between each other just so they can look forward to the making up afterwards. Argument in a relationship is not always a bad thing. Due to the differences between them and the adventurous natures they both possess they have a lifetime of smiles and happy times. They are extreme humanitarians, they both love to travel and seek out the unknown. Social gatherings find them both in the middle of things, good friends and wonderful conversation. Although neither of them likes to be alone, Sagittarius is more adaptable to such situations. Aquarius are pretty much set in their ways and do not easily step outside the patterns they are accustomed to.

They always make fancy relationships, though with different flavors but always something worth keeping. If they are friends or siblings, they are always on the top of every gathering and friend circle, if they are lovers they can always nurture common interests and if they are parents and children, they enjoy the togetherness of family and the excitement of adventures together as well as individually. In any business venture, Aquarius has to act more responsibly but since none of them is good at money matters it is better to stay away or involve in something of mutual interest. Whatever they do, they always have a relationship that is fun, full of life and quite unconventional.

There may be some worrisome moments in the relationship of Aquarius and Sagittarius. The whirlwind that is caused from Aquarius, flames Sagittarius more causing the argument to grow and controversy to arise. On the other hand, the bluntness of Sagittarius can sometimes pierce the feelings of Aquarius making them more detached and cold. There maybe also some arguments related to the decisions made in life that one finds fine and other finds unappreciative. As long as Aquarius and Sagittarius do not think so much on decisions to be made, their connection becomes stronger and more delightful for each other. Their motto is common, “just do it”. It’s the best thing for this type of relationship. Not so much thought and more of a ‘just do it’ attitude.

  1. herryylauu September 28th, 2022

    Both sign-ups are known for being outgoing five nights at freddy’s, and they both enjoy being in control of their lives.

  2. Rihanna January 21st, 2021

    I was 12 years old when I met my first crush , He was a Aquarius . Well… I’m a Sagittarius. We where in school 2020 but Corona came but before all those we were friends when the virus was out me and him and our classmate and teacher did online classes , So one day I couldn’t keep my feelings locked up in a cage anymore so I told him he had the same feelings for me. II was really happy. We started dating , We played Roblox almost everyday I didn’t enjoy playing it but I just kept playing to keep his company. We texted though but he wanted to facetime me and call me but I didn’t facetime him bc I was pretty I didn’t call him bc my Mother didn’t allow me to have a boyfriend. So I kept rejecting his request He started ignoring me being cold and Distant .. In the game Roblox he cheated with many players on me but I didn’t mind bc it was just a game. One day he asked me if We wanted to be friends I didn’t quite understand but I just said yes bc I was busy doing something at the same time. So we didn’t talked for a month and simp … Then he unexpectedly texted me and we got back together .. We stayed together until Nov 08, 2020… Welll… I broke up with him he scammed me and took my Roblox account he didn’t respect me at all we hardly had a desent conversation without him Talking about Roblox, Money and being rich I was really sad I couldn’t take the saddness anymore of seeing him bring a next Roblox character in my house then call her gf and called me sis … So I ended it inDecember 17, 2020 was my birthday I told him he just say Happy birthday nth else right now i’m simping desperatly for his love I do love him but I don’t like his behavior that makes me sadddd I don’t know if I made the right decision can someone tell me if I did and explain more…..*Crysss

  3. She's sad July 20th, 2020

    I met an Aquarian man not too long ago all was well but I kind of pushed him away cause of a previous break up…he came back later on things were fine at first but they got shaky recently and I don’t think things will work out.. I really like him but he seems detached and cold at times,like he has run out of patience for me or something so I’ll just let him go…life right?:-\

    • Damieon September 5th, 2020

      Hello love, well it sounds familiar, im an Aquarius man and find that by you acknowledge you feel the problem was past breakup is infact the truth, you need to let go of the past, it is in my opinion why he turned cold.
      A sagittarius women becomes blind to what is infront of her and the aquarius get agitated from it due to you failing to see he is what he is. Im a shaman now and realised years ago that if you search traits of men and women by starsign then the choice will be made by mind and not sight. Anyone can roleplay to be what they are not but a trait a starsign can not.. Your past choice was a sight not a trait and so a bad choice.. A lesson learnt but u hold on to it. Let it Go… Love and Light… Damieon isle of wight x

    • jovani December 15th, 2020

      hey dont worry thats most aquarius guys are like that we dont mean those things we blame people we dont mean to but we do try are best u just got to know how to deal with it but u can do what ever we arent perfect but its hard for us to do certain things

    • Sandy February 12th, 2022

      I also had a similar case with an Aquarius guy. I don’t know why I just push him away sometimes, and then he started being cold to me and all till I broke up with him. He was always trying to control me too. Please do what will give you your freedom… I notice we Sagittarius find it easy to let go, and we are mostly the ones to break up with the other person.

  4. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Aquarius are so dreamy, but can benefit from seeing Sagittarius in their true state.
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    I hope it helps.

  5. Gerald Steven Hulsey June 4th, 2019

    Im a 67 yr old Aquarian man, Shes 74 yr old Saq. We met in 1979.married 84 divorced 86 (her need for infidelity) Still Love her NOW just couldn’t live w STD potential. Our relationship was like none other when good. But she did things that weren’t “upright”. You don’t choose who we love-but loving someone doesn’t mean marriage is automatically a choice. Love is unselfish. Want is not love. Women expect the man to be respectable, mannered & sincere to who he relates to. Sex is a function (semen delivery system) people crave the high of it. Don’t trade your respect until you know that love who you are on the inside & not just your packaging. I have 4 sons & 4 daughters !! great people all of them.

  6. Francesca M November 9th, 2018

    I’m an saggitarius and I’m dating an Aquarian 12 years older than me and it just works although I can get jealous he doesn’t let me and reassured me that I’m the one he wants to be with. For those saying saggitarius are a friends with benefits sign we take relationships seriously if it’s someone we love . And when we love we love for the right reasons

    • KD July 18th, 2020

      Sag female dated an aquarius man. The relationship in the beginning felt so surreal. We had an amazing connection. We loved each other deeply. We knew each other for 12 year, there was a lack of dependency amongst each other towards the middle and so we slowly started drifting apart. I will alway cherish the time we spent together not sure if i will ever find a connection like the one we shared.

  7. Goddess February 25th, 2018

    Aquarius female here, I dated Sagittarius male for about 4 years. The beginning was great (as it usually is), then about a year into the relationship, it just started to crumble. For starters, he was always immature (funny though) and I knew that when I started dating him, but as I began to evolve as a person and grow up (we were in high-school), he never progressed, he just stayed where he was. It was a struggle being motivated and driven and wanting to better myself while being in a relationship with someone who didn’t want to do much with their life (he was lazy). Needless to say, I feel I dragged on a relationship much longer than I should have instead of ending it while I realized there was an issue, but I felt the need to stay and help. I thought I would help him become a better person and that he’d want to progress in life, but it never got better, in fact it just got worse as time went on. We broke up once in our years of dating (for about 3 months) and got back together and I thought it would be better when we got back together, I thought he’d changed and wanted to do something with his life and with me. But sadly that wasn’t the case, he ended up having another relationship in addition to our relationship, and when I found out I officially broke up with him (for the second and final time).
    I don’t know why I even dated him in the first place, sag men have a charm and are flirty, and I think that caught me. But, my intuition always told me to stray away from him, and when I decided to ignore my intuition, the universe helped me listen to my intuition.

    • Damieon September 5th, 2020

      Absolutely agree love, im an Aquarius man, aquarius soles, our traits, our minds wish to evolve immensely.
      I became a Shaman and i dedicate to my intuition, the reverse side, meaning aquarius man sag women is a little the same, a sag can be very lazy but more so truthful and honest. Admitting they are lazy. I found thier worst issue is holding onto a bad past relationship with another guy. They carry it for life and it creates coldness within an Aquarius.
      Good luck love… Love and light D x

  8. Lori December 7th, 2017

    I think this column is spot-on for the relationship description. I am a Sag and my best friend is Aquarian, and we’ve been friends since 7th grade and we’re now 54 years old. We get along so well and are so tolerant of each other, and don’t judge each other. I think because our signs are such open thinkers and value knowledge and understanding, that it helps us get along. We can talk for hours and never get bored together, and we both have a wacky sense of humor. I truly believe we will always be friends.

  9. Marie Anderson August 5th, 2017

    Sagi woman with an Aqui man. Aqui are afraid of getting played but love that unique Sagi. Sagi’s aren’t use to not being able to captivate their mate immediately. It could turn them off or lay it on thick. Sagi women know we cant pull one over on them or control them like we can other signs. So, there’s no need to throw to many tantrums. It maybe confusing Aqui male has a natral layed back warm spirit, but doesn’t need to call or see you detached something. Our unique style, deep intelligence and openness with sex, takes thier mind than hearts. Neither sign submissive at first but both are willing and quickly forgiving. Its a good relationship. It can work.

  10. ortegam88 September 29th, 2015

    I’m an Aqua woman with an Sag man. I’ve known this man for 14 years. When we first met I wasn’t really into him because I wasn’t into his style. He would me to go with him, but I would just reject him. I had already known that he had a daughter with his previous relationship. As 4 years passed he still kept insisting for me to go out with him, I was attracted to him and vice versa. We could feel the spark, but I was still scared cause of the age difference which is bad but still…made me wonder.
    One night late in December, I was hanging out with my friend in front of my house and he passed by and he started flirting with me, I liked it and he knew it. He dragged me into the dark alley where no one can see us…and we made out. Since then I knew I was his and he was mine I felt it and he did too, but nothing happened because we had just made out… 3 more years passed and when I’d see him we had the desire for each other…but never went out. He knew I was working and whenever he’d see me walk to work he’d catch up to me to give me a ride. He’d pick me up from work and so on. We started messing around with each other, we didn’t have sex until the year after we started messing around. It was amazing the night we  did it. From there on after we wouldn’t stop communicating. 6 months later he had asked me to be his GF and I didn’t know what respond because I was scared of being in a relationship, eventhough I felt like I was already in one… so I stayed quiet and didn’t say a thing. He was the only man that drove me crazy and he knew it.
    Suddenly we started drifting apart again I don’t know if it was because he wanted something serious or we weren’t ready yet. 3 months later he got busted. I missed him so bad because we never said “see you later” or anything. 6 years passed and I had been through a long tough relationship, never married  I had a beautiful daughter and broke things off a year later. This Sag man came back into my life with just one call. I see him and we still feel the spark between us. Nothing has changed, we are still getting to know each other and We LOVE each other. I think that all this time we were meant to be for each other. HE accepts me as Is and so do I accept him. We’re planning to get married pretty soon and have a family. It is an awesome relationship!!

  11. SoSadgy May 9th, 2014

    The sadge and waterbearer compatibility is right on . I’d add that aquarius men are almost always fascinated by a sagitarius woman and is eager to get to know them. Sagitarius women also take interest but tend to be easily flattered by compliments and can lose sight of  her worth if she falls too  quick for  smooth talking aquariuses.  The sadge woman is witty and intellectual and this turns aquarius men  into pudding–but if sadge wants to keep aquarius man on his toes she must be less impulsive with her feelings  and more mysterious like a scorpio woman as they (aquarius) get easily disinterested  quickly. Overrall, they will  start off  with long nights talking on the phone, establishing  a romance based off common interests, sex and humanitarian goals. 
    The aquarius man find sadge highly attractive because her innate traits are quite  similar to their opposite sign gemini, which is one of the signs best compatible with  aquariuses. Generally, aquarius-sadge couples start off great but end up shipwreck because aquarius may find their potential mate a bit too wild for their tastes. Sadge women have a way of unraveling their sex drives too quickly and this can either turn an aquarius man on or off as they can become skeptic of infedility. Not to sound bias, but sadge enjoy “freedom” sex may be a component. The sexy charming sadge is a wild bird—yes, but if aquarius decides to be her partner in crime instead of judging her, then sadge will build enough confidence for both of her and her aquarius man.  
    Words of advice, sadge women must be careful with his sign because aquarius men will make you jealous as they tend to look at women. Sadge isn’t normally jealous but this could make any woman jealous. Aquarius men are known to do things to others but not like things done to them–so careful to not be vindictive sadge as this will cause a heated argument and even breakup if gets too much. If aquarius becomes distant after a while, don’t think too much of it. These folks value their space just as much as the independent sadge. However, because you both value freedom, you’re going to feel its your responsibility to get closer physically and intimately. Be patient sadge. And aquarius, be cooperative. It takes two to tango an according to everything that I know about you fascinating water bearers, you’re also unappreciative. So don’t forget to show your fiery sadge You see and appreciate  her efforts. 

  12. kitiarae April 11th, 2013

    I am a Aquarius woman that was married to Sagittarius man for over 11 years.  When we met his was very soft spoken, and carry himself like a gentlemen.  He was romantic, often singing songs to me.  I enjoy his company but not as much as he enjoy being with me.  He purpose to me several times before I finally would agree to marry him. 
    At the time we share so much in common, I have always seemed them different than most people, but he also saw the world and universe different.  His ideas lean more to the past of the great Greece gods, and my interest lay more in the future, what if.
    Soon after we were married, this romantic Sagittarius show me his other side, ‘The Evil Twin”, I call this twin Lukas, with a narcissistic personality, no longer had my own ideas and plans, and he expected me to along with any idea he had regardless.  We both were still in the military at this time, but he still wanted to be treated special and for me to behave in a way acknowledging him as the man in charge.
    When we met, I have several close friend and many other friends, we would take turn having cook out at each other home, until I introduce the my Sagittarius man to my friends.   He instantly tried to be in the center of each of my conversation, even if he didn’t know the subject, his comments were rude, and no one got his jokes but him.
    Whenever I disagree with him who was often, he would attack me with any words that came into his thoughts, name calling, putting me on a lower level than he was.  As an Aquarius woman I struck back, and I tried to hit him harder and deeper with my words.  He would than go through the house punching holes in the walls, and doors; throwing glass ware against the wall watching it break into pieces
    I retired from the military and soon after he got out of the military.  The evil twin became stronger each day, until the man I have known and love was no longer that man.  The Evil Twin of the Sagittarius became a drug addict and very abusive toward me. 
    I became a prisoner in my own home, he went everywhere with me, to include my doctor appointment.  I was retired and going to school full time to become a teacher, history major, and he worked for an construction company, but still insist that I meet him at the door with a kiss and dinner compare for him.
    Anything that I said was perceived as criticism, and he would yell at me, “I am the man around here, and you will respect me”.   By this time I feeling was total distich and I saw him, more as my jailer than my husband, and I found back, sometime our heated  words resulting in him hitting me, but I refuse to be held down any longer and I stood back up and found back
    Until the day, he told was of my friend, that someone was going to die, either he would end up killing me, and killing his self after.
    I told him to leave, but I made sure there were people there to assist me.   He move back to MI met a Libra woman and 3 months later she was carrying his child, they now have one son about 9 months old and another one on the way.  Of course a divorce was file, and will be finally next month.
    It has been a hard two years for me since our departure, because he left me with the home mortgage and all unpaid debts.  I had a hard time at first, but my life have never been better, I finally got my home mortgage lower, and have been getting repairs made around my home.  My mind is clear, and I feel a strong sense of forgiveness inside of me
    I hope that he has learned something from being married to me, but I doubt it; the mother of his children that he currently lives with, doesn’t work; and is a stay at home mom.  This Sagittarius man has a very evil twin and I would hate to think that she and her children may be subject to abusive behavior from same Sagittarius man that tried to control, mold, and keep me on lock down.  

  13. shirley April 17th, 2010

    my best friend is an aquarius and my brother. we’re close because he gets me and vice versa. he seems more mellow than me at times, i don’t have to be reminded to know how lucky i am to have been born in the same family as him.

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