Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

There are not many common grounds in any relationship followed by a Capricorn and an Aquarius but they certainly have the differences that are worth admiring in each of them. There is a certainty in the behavior of a Capricorn but Aquarius can make things shocking or surprising, which varies from person to person.

Appearance means everything to a Capricorn. They are quiet shy people and silent kind of people who often follow the crowd. A Capricorn sacrifices the love of their life for career advancement but they are very dearly attached to their family. Their determination is followed by outstanding patience. Capricorn can be very shallow and unwilling to be what they are, thinking it may destroy their climb on the social ladder. Capricorns are masterminds at masking their emotions and feelings. They are considered to be selfish — to some extent they are — but not kind of mean people rather Capricorns come across as very serious people. They cannot tolerate illogical or irrational thinking. Taking risks are highly forbidden and even their jokes have to have practicality to them.

Aquarius is an oddball by nature. This is over looked by their eccentric personality. They are known for their ability to shock people. They usually do something when people least expect it. Aquarians are also very flexible and able to change into many forms. They are very intuitive and often scary psychic. They can easily become detached from the rest of the world, seeming to be very unreal and emotionless. An Aquarius can easily fall into the category of a manic depressive, caused by their dramatic mood swings. They can be viewed as insane and genius all in one conversation. But logically they are great people who know how to live their life to fullest and they can easily match up with people around to feel comfortable and admired.

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Aquarians are very determined and full of purpose but they do not take things as seriously as the Capricorn. Aquarius are more extreme in the manner that at times they seem to enjoy breaking the rules. The Capricorns often find themselves shocked by the things the Aquarius does. In one way the Capricorn and the Aquarius are alike. The Aquarius makes judgments based on sound fact and solid principles. The Capricorn respects this about the Aquarius. The Aquarius is typically blessed to always know the truth and many others do not understand this. Astrologically these two are not the best of matches. Their relationship is much better if they are able to appreciate each other. More than likely it depends on their personal chart and horoscope. The combination of an Aquarius and Capricorn causes the Aquarius to become more sensible and may be the Capricorn finds some form of meaning in life from the Aquarius.

Capricorns are typically too busy trying to accomplish their goals that they often miss out on the truth of the matter. They avoid all and any ways of foolish thinking. An Aquarius is typically doing what they want. A lot of times the Aquarius does seems foolish to Capricorn, but there are often original and genius and that’s what Capricorn needs to remember. The Capricorn is very critical of the Aquarius. They disregard the theories of an Aquarius as foolish delusion dreams. In all actuality everything the Aquarius does is based on fact. Aquarius actually wins the brains in this duo. The Capricorn is just better mannered. Together they can always create miracles in all kinds of relationship if they decide to overcome their differences.

Capricorn and Aquarius can prove to be great business associates as the genius logic and creativity of Aquarius is unmatched while stability and money mindedness of Capricorn makes the backbone of their ventures. They may not be very appreciative friends and colleagues as Capricorn may always find Aquarius weird. But in any family relationship either of sibling or parents and children they can always share a lot and complement each other. Capricorn parents can teach discipline to their Aquarius children while Aquarius parents can show their Capricorn children the way to fly high in life. Same goes for siblings as well. In love relationship, it is a better match with Capricorn man and Aquarius woman rather than vice-versa.

The problem that they face together is that they have very different approaches and it is hard for each of them to consider other person’s way to life. Aquarius thinks so far ahead into the future that it may take years for their thoughts to become a reality. This is why they are viewed as average thinkers who are only capable of dreaming by the Capricorn. While Capricorn is so practical and believes in tried and tested methods that Aquarius finds it boring to be a part of Capricorn’s life. Because of their totally different ways of thinking there are often problems of communication between the Aquarius and Capricorn.

  1. Pss January 17th, 2024

    I’m a cap woman and have been friends with a Aquarius man for around 5 years and I also have started liking him or have a major crush on him after I got to know him better.( After 1 year of knowing him)
    We share and talk with each other and have fun as well.
    But today when I talked with him he said that he’s been dating a girl for 17 days and ik her.
    In this situation what should I do ? Should I give up or what …
    By the way I’m sad now and kinda depressed as well .
    I even told him congrats but my heart hurt when j told him that (both of us are in our 20s)

  2. Emma November 24th, 2019

    I love my Capricorn man…very masculine, dedicated, loyal. He brings out my inner feminine goddess! I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

  3. BabyKay January 4th, 2018

    I am a Cappy Female and was with an Aquarius male. We were together for 5 years until he cheated on me. I was the more serious one, responsible, had my act together while his head was in the clouds and had dreams to be a recording artist while i had dreams to buy my first house. In other words i was more realistic than he was. We have a child together and even our parenting skills are different. I’m protective, loving with rules and he lets our kid do whatever he wants and lets our child walk all over him.. Aquarius man was a big total womanizer and his ego was his everything.

  4. Adani30 July 30th, 2015

    I have dated 2 Capi-Men back to back, and both of them were predictable liars and ho’s who had no clue what dating meant. The first one wanted the luxary of having my time, and saw me as his “main chick”, yet screwed around with several random females to boost his ego. I have to say, after three attempts before I even chose to date him, he proved me right as to my initial gut instincts said RUUUUUN! Let me not forget that he lied about his age by 3 years along with the fact that he did NOT have a job. lol, smh 
    The second one was really confused. We’d been dating for 2 months when randomly, a young woman happen to show up at the same place we were on a date at, and immediately started crying when she saw him. I asked WTH is that all about? He lied and said that she was crazy, they just dated for a couple of months, she wanted more and he didn’t, but it’s over…
    Welp, the beauty of being an aqua-girl, is that we have more common sense than most. We tend to be the MOST INTUITIVE, and people are either intimidated or intrigued by our keen sense of reality versus BS. I like to call it my Spidey senses. Long story short, I found out the 2 months was really 2 years of a relationship, and while attempting to string me along, he was stringing other females along too, still is. Funny enough, these other females are younger, so I would have to agree that young 20’s Aqua-girl and 30’s Capi-Man is more compatible than a same age match. Capricorn men need someone gullible and airy; someone willing to easily adapt to their predictable ways.

    • Realistic Wise August 17th, 2023

      I wouldn’t judge all Capricorn males, off of the 2 you dated and put up with until you couldn’t. Did you cut off contact with him when the girl saw you guys out and started crying? Or did you continue, and found out later? (Ignored red flags). The first step in not picking a-holes, is being accountable for the toxic men you’re “choosing”. Heal the parts of you they’re attracted to. Because if you don’t, you’ll say the same thing about other zodiac signs, when the real problem is who you’re choosing to date, even after getting early signs (red flags), and sticking around. W.A.D.R.

  5. Lashadiamond April 14th, 2015

    I am in love with with a Aquarius man we start dating in 2010 than we broke up because I was to young to know what love was now that I am 20 we got back together in February this year I know I can be mean or act like I don’t care but I really love this man but now he said he need a break and I’m so sad I really care dor him and I want to get married to him I hope this work! Yall hold on to what yall have you never know what you have until it’s GONE #FACT

  6. Michele0183 October 8th, 2013

    I am an Aquariys woman and secretly in love with a Capricorn man. Ive known this man since i was around age 11. I didnt nit start to deal with him on a mental level until maybe 5 years ago. Then came the sex. I cant seem to shake this man. He is always there to give me his honest opinion. I have anxiety and he actually comes by my house and rubs my temple and hold me until i fall asleep. It seems as though he understands me too well. I honestly feel as though im a female version of him. When he comes by and i start to watch him, i automatically go to rubbing my legs. Something i didnt realized i did until he pointed it out. I be wanting to jump on him. Lol. When he sexes me im like a kid in a chocolate factory. I cant control myself. I want more. I have never got eccited by the presence of a man, like i do him. It seems as though he knows exactly wat do, how to do, wen to do. Then its this look he gives me while he pleasures me as though he is almost reading my mind. As though hes saying i know how you r feeling. I know you love it. I just think to myself im in love with this man and he dont even know it. Ill let you all get back to your lives. I could go on for days plus im feelin some type way jus thinking about him. Its been a Pleasure!

  7. klanjan March 20th, 2013

    I just am in love with this aquarius for more than a year now. No doubt she’s elder to me bt she never makes me feel that way. I dont care what shit you got to say about our compatibility. No mattr we’re different, all i know is i love her, sooo muchh!! i could never imagine life without her. seems impossible to me now. I know she loves me too, and i could spend millions of years with her right. Everythin’s just perfect! Fights are obvious. It happens in every relationship, you cant deny.. I just anna be with my girl and i believe in mysel that i could keep her happy, forever! 🙂

  8. shika March 18th, 2013

    @Janna After reading all the comments i really want to hold on to may cappy man, but the problem is that his faraway from me.. yes long distance relationship… but he is the sweetest guy i have ever met, he tell he loves me everyday, but thr fact that i m an aqua girl… i get tempted with the guys that are here with me… jus because my relationship gets boring… however, this is the first time i have stuck to a guy for so long.. there is something about him that keeps me coming back to him… i havn’t fallen in love but i do know that i have real strong feelings for him… he has asked me to marry him… but jus like someone had said earlier that us aquarians love our freedom and social life alot, this is keeping me from saying yes… i hope his for real the person he shows me he is… i want to spend the rest of my life with him coz i know his the one… but i think i need to cut down on being aloof and for once respond to him… lol! m going around in circles… jus too confused… how about some support from my aqua sisters and cap brothers…

  9. Sophantra October 1st, 2012

    I’m getting the feeling that im falling for an aquarius woman…really really getting the jitters about this.

  10. DanniAqu July 17th, 2012

    So i am totally in LOVE with a Cap and im an aqua, and i definatly had issues with him at first! i thought he was a total jerk and stone cold, but as i got to know him, i loved everything about him, and while we still have our arguments about differnt things, i respect him in every aspect of his life and mine. so if anyone is having dificulties with there Cap, hold on tight to them because they are DEFFINATLY worth the fight! 🙂

  11. MsBerry92 July 16th, 2012

    I’m soooooo torn, between an cap man & sag man. I wanna be with the cap I love him dearly I wanna spend the rest of my life with him BUT he’s not messing with me, won’t even give me a chance to love him. It’s like he drags me along altho we don’t talk at all he know how to build me up to break me down without even knowing, I don’t even think he loves me he say he does but not like I love him. I cry as I write this because it’s crazy with me and him and I read this, it’s like knowing you can’t be with the person you wanna be with cuz you already know it won’t work 🙁 Than the sag man I’ve just met 🙂 is everything I could ask for and want in a guy but I’m so stuck on the cap man. If I move on with the sag I’ll never get to know what me and the cap could’ve had but wat if I let the sag go for da cap and the cap never comes along, never know or care to know how much I love him, IM JUST SO TORN…I’ve been single for almost a yr now frm a cap man and no it didnt go well and no i didnt learn my lesson because hey I’ma fool for love I guess, how do i kno if astrology and love compatabilty can tell me bout my love life??? But at dis point advice ANY advice will help me!!!!!!

  12. Keswells June 17th, 2012

    Ive been dating a Capricorn man now for 6 months, instant chemistry between us which was quite scary as I dont fall easily but we love spending time together, going out, cooking or just relaxing and watching football lol….We dont always agree…but we value eachothers opinions, he is affectionate and caring and has already told me that he is in love with me…sometimes he can come accross moody and a bit dettached…he is about to meet my family and have a feeling this will go well! I’m looking forward to also meeting his family, as parents normally love me I think if on both sides this goes well then things could progress ansd especially for him it will reconfirm his feelings as I know he is very close to his family…so we will see

  13. Awua June 9th, 2012

    I think this relationship works better when the Cap is at least 30, & the Aqua is at least 27. Any earlier, and they’re just on completely different wavelengths, although I’ve known a few cap-aq high school couples who got together & stayed together for a long time.
    Caps after 30 are frequently awesome. They’ve usually made it & are now ready to cut loose & have fun. Meanwhile, the Aqua still has a great sense of adventure, but has settled down a lot & calmed down some, too. Aqua’s not as settled as a Cap & Cap isn’t as adventurous as Aqua, but they’ve become more alike, enough to get along well from then on.
    What’s funny is with a lot of Cap-Aquas is that they become more alike they longer they’re together. Check out any of the older Cap-Aqua couples that you know, and see if they haven’t become more alike with every passing year!

  14. Capjay October 27th, 2011

    I’m a Capricorn man hitched to an Aquarius woman. While I naturally tend to be drawn to Virgo women, I almost always enjoy the company of Aquarians both sexes. It’s true that they’re unpredictable and somewhat strange, but they’re also some of the friendliest people I’ve known. My Acquarian’s unpredictability and disorganized lifestyle frustrate the heck out of me, but her general optimism and carefree attitude are a great balance to my tendency to be “pessimistic” (I call it a never-ending exercise in long-term planning, ha). Things can get difficult when we’re out of sync, but when we’re on the same wave length, we have the best of times. Our partnership works best with me taking care of the day-to-day business, like finances, while she decorates the house and decides what sort of social events we’ll attend.

  15. BIMETALLIC August 5th, 2011

    hey need some assistnce plx

  16. Megan December 29th, 2010

    It’s really kind of interesting reading your comments Jenna and belladona. Im currently with a Cap man, my last relationship being with a Pisces who was two years younger than me. That one turned out badly as he was too needy, too controlling and over the top jealous/possesive. My Cap man however is a totally different story. We never ment for the relationship to get to the dating point but the chemistry is totally undeniable. He’s a bit predictable as far as daily routine and his mood shifts can be difficult to deal with but it’s a relationship that just keeps getting better. We’ve only been dating for two months/almost three, and I’ve only known him since September. It was something that most people would say we moved wayyyyyy too fast but for us it
    just seemed to be normal. Also, thanks for the insights into the other signs 🙂

  17. Janna December 5th, 2010

    You are sooooooooo right!Balladonna. I just had a Libra string me along, and with no warning he made up a b.s. excuse and dumped me. Aries cannot even help themselvs, and they like to argue, since they know everything. Virgo men are ho’s who do not think there is anything wrong with being unfaithful, Leos are not only egotistical, but lazy as hell – especially in bed! Pisces are too needy. Scorpios are just depressed and don’t know what they want. What’s a girl to do? And let’s not forget about Geminis – they like to use you and keep you upset!

  18. belladonna November 3rd, 2010

    I am an aqua girl with a cap guy. I’m a few years older than him and even though he is younger he is surprisingly mature when he needs to be, which i respect and i love the fact that he is incredibly driven in his career. I initially had fun flirting with him and thought we would just be friends, but we had amazing, undeniable chemistry and we quickly jumped into a relationship. It has been a year and a half and we really love each other. We spend a lot of time together and we’re very good friends as well as fantastic lovers. We are VERY different- sometimes he is predictable enough to make me CRAZY.. He does a lot of the same things EVERY SINGLE DAY and its maddening and i get sooo bored sometimes. The good thing though is that we can give each other space without being too possessive. I still get a little jealous but it has calmed down since we are getting to know each other. I have dated men from the rest of the zodiac and so far he is the best man i’ve been with; hes super sweet in a sincere way (and i can see through b.s.) and im nearing the point in my life where i want to settle down and raise a family and he is someone i can see myself marrying and that’s saying A LOT for a non-traditional aqua girl like me!!! 😉 a note on aquas with other signs- scorpio men HELL no..they are demons who will drag you down to hell with them. aries- cheaters, libras-cool but like to string you along and play mind games even if they like you, cancers- ew too clingy and too girly and i’m a girl!! virgos-slutty and insensitive, taurus– NO! sticks in the mud, possessive and will NEVER forgive you for anything. leo-like to lie and have too big of an ego, pisces are sweet but like to dwell on emotional things too long, sagittarians are horny and will do anything for sex 🙂

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